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Health / Important Vitamins For Eye Health: 9 Vitamins You Must Eat by tizzyhands(m): 1:12pm
Essential vitamins and nutrients for clear vision

Important vitamins for eye health are the main vitamins and nutrients that are suitable for the proper functioning of the eye. The human eye is a complex organ that needs several vitamins to help improve your vision immensely. Age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma are common medical conditions that can affect the eyes.

Some factors like environmental factors, nutrition, and age of an individual can have a great effect on one’s eye health.

important vitamins for eye health
Proven important vitamins and nutrients for eye health

We have diligently researched the proven vitamins and nutrients that help maintain eye health. They include:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for eye health as the absence of it can bring about xerophthalmia. It is not common in developed countries. This vitamin helps maintain a clear cornea, located outsider which is found outside the covering of your eye. Also, this vitamin is a component of rhodopsin, a protein found in the eye that enables a person to see in low light conditions.

Furthermore, this progressive eye disease is known as Xerophthalmia usually begins with night blindness. A continuous deficiency in vitamin A can tear your digits and eventually makes your eyes to dry out. Here your cornea becomes very soft therefore resulting in irreversible blindness. Eye afflictions can be prevented by consuming foods rich in vitamin A.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/important-vitamins-for-eye-health-9-vitamins-you-must-eat/

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Romance / Age Difference In A Relationship: Does It Really Matter? by tizzyhands(m): 12:49pm
Age-gap in relationship and marriage

Age difference in a relationship is simply taking into consideration the ages of both partners in a relationship. In relationships/marriages, many people dispute if age should really be taken into consideration. Why want to stop loving your heart desire just because he or she is 10, 20, or 30 years older than you? Should it matter that you are both 20 and feel ripe to tie the knot together?

What about when the relationship or marriage does not work out; is there an acceptable “age” for divorce? Although this may be personal issues to which there’s no wrong or right answer but one can still garner some wisdom from studies and other people’s experiences.

What about when the relationship or marriage does not work out; is there an acceptable “age” for divorce? Although this may be personal issues to which there’s no wrong or right answer but one can still garner some wisdom from studies and other people’s experiences.

Society myths about age difference in a relationship

The society at large holds a negative impression regarding age differences in a relationship which makes people be obsessive with it. And, that is why individuals start developing feelings for people outside their age brackets as individuals think their feelings are wrong. If you both are on the same level of maturity, never allow the attached age number impede your decision. Just like spouses who are the same age, if you are not on the same page, things will certainly appear difficult.

Also, society expects all individuals to age and develop at the same rate not just judging dating outside our ages. It is often said that “with age comes maturity”, which is a mere myth. We experience maturity after several experiences we came across in life as you don’t just automatically become mature on your 25th birthday. Maturity can occur at a very young age, or maybe, you never actually mature.

Furthermore, society makes us feel that we have lived and are continuing to live incorrectly if we haven’t discovered ourselves by our mid-twenties. We all have several plans to achieve a certain thing by a certain age, but the reverse might be the case as we tend not to achieve those goals at that particular time.

Most people do say, “Act your age.” As we all are expected to leave behind our childish behaviors at our grade 12 classes and be grown up “adults.” That is not the case for everyone, though, because we all are different human beings with our natural paths.

Age difference in a relationship among couples

A study by the New York Post deduced that the bigger the age difference, the shorter the marriage. Its dispute here is that couples from different generations have several values and cultural reference points, opposite choices in music/film, very different approaches to their sex life, and very different sets of pals. The article concluded that spouses with a 20-year age difference are 95% more likely to divorce than a spouse with only a one-year age gap.

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age difference in a relationship
Does the age difference in marriage bring about divorce?

According to the Institute for Family Studies Blog, they dispute that the longer you wait to tie the knot, the better; but not too long. The blog deduced that young couples under the age of 25 stand a higher chance of experiencing divorce than couples who married in their late twenties.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/age-difference-in-a-relationship-does-it-really-matter/

Health / Stomach Cancer: New Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment by tizzyhands(m): 6:09pm On Jul 22
What is stomach cancer?
Stomach cancer is a type of cancer that emanates from the mucus-producing cells that line the stomach. It is also known as adenocarcinoma. The rate of cancer in the main part of the stomach has been falling worldwide for the past 10 years.

Also, during this same period cancer on the top part of the stomach called cardia gets in contact with the lower end of the swallowing tube called esophagus has become much more rampant. This particular area of the stomach is known as the gastroesophageal junction.

Furthermore, stomach cancer is rampant among men than women. The stomach cancer rate is high among people over age 50. Most people diagnosed with this type of cancer are between late 60s-80s. In the U.S., stomach cancer is predominant among Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, and Asian/Pacific Islanders than the non-Hispanic whites.

Also, in the world, this disease is less common in Western and Northern Africa, North and South Central Asia but more common in Japan, Southern, and Eastern Europe, China, and South and Central America.

Infection associated with Helicobacter pylori

A Helicobacter pylori bacterium is known to be the main cause of stomach cancer, especially cancers around the distal (lower) part of the stomach. Being infected with this germ for long inside your stomach may bring about inflammation known as chronic atrophic gastritis and pre-cancerous altering of the inner lining of the stomach.

Consequently, it is known that people with stomach cancer stand a higher chance of being infected with Helicobacter pylori than people without this cancer. Also, some people may still have this germ in their stomach but never develop cancer.

stomach cancer
Stomach lymphoma

People with a certain type of lymphoma of the stomach called MALT lymphoma (mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue) stand a higher chance of having adenocarcinoma of the stomach. This occurs because mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma of the stomach is caused by being infected with Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

What are the symptoms of stomach cancer?

The following are the signs and symptoms of stomach cancer and gastroesophageal junction cancer:

Feeling bloated after eating
Chronic heartburn
Having anemia
Consistent nauseating feeling
Incessant vomiting with little or no blood
Feeling of fatigue
Swelling around the abdomen
Loss of appetite
Feeling full after consuming small amounts of food
Having severe indigestion
Presence of blood in the stool
Stomach ache
Unknown weight loss
When can I see a doctor?

If you experience the above signs and symptoms, quickly visit your doctor. Your doctor will then check for the more likely causes of these signs and symptoms first before requesting you to undergo some test.

What are the causes of stomach cancer?

There are many known risk factors for stomach cancer, but how these factors cause cells within the stomach lining to become cancerous is not well known. This is an important subject in ongoing researches today.

Also, there are some changes perceived to be pre-cancerous can occur in the lining of the stomach.

In the aspect of chronic atrophic gastritis, the normal glands of the stomach can either be decreased or absent. Some degree of inflammation can also occur like the stomach cells being destroyed by cells of the immune system. Atrophic gastritis is usually caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. The autoimmune reaction can also bring about stomach cancer. Some individuals with this medical condition go on to have pernicious anemia or other related stomach problems, including cancer. But how this condition might lead to cancer is not actually known.

Furthermore, intestinal metaplasia can also bring about pre-cancerous change. Here, the normal stomach lining is replaced with cells that closely resemble the cells that mostly line the intestine. Usually, people with this condition do have chronic atrophic gastritis as well. The process of how and why this change occurs and leads to stomach cancer is not well known. It might also be similar to Helicobacter pylori infection.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/stomach-cancer-new-symptoms-causes-and-treatment/

Romance / 20 Signs A Man Is Ready For Marriage And 13 Signs He's Not by tizzyhands(m): 5:51pm On Jul 22
How to know he is ready to tie the knot at ease

A man is ready for marriage when you see him things like always being honest with you, committed to you, he doesn’t doubt you, he wants you to meet his family/friends, and he gets really excited when his friends get married are a few of the signs he is ready to walk you down the aisle.

Most guy will be like oh no! I don’t think I will be able to let go my bachelor life and put up with marriage vows as going out with their friends will be limited and they won’t have to stay longer late at night, enjoy a cool drink and party with their friends anymore.

Also, you discover your buddy prefers spending quality time with his baby to his friends as that is a clear sign that he must have been putting things together to propose to his girlfriend and let go bachelor life.

On the other hand, if you’re a lady who wants to speed up your boyfriend into proposing to you, you might be flogging a dead horse but that doesn’t mean you it can’t work. Men fall in love and get married virtually every day as they have their own appropriate time to make that ideal commitment.

Proven signs a man is ready for marriage

You might be thinking it’s not that easy to differentiate between a man who is ready for marriage and the one who isn’t ready. We’ve carefully outlined below the major signs to look out for in your man to see if he is really committed to spending the rest of his life with you.

He doesn’t find happiness in his usual hangouts

If a man is ready for marriage, he usually hangs out like partying in the clubs, bars, and pool halls no longer interest him as his mind is about his wife to be. What if she happens to see me in the club or partying will she be happy with me? A lot of things run through his mind and that makes him feel reluctant in going to those places any more.

Consequently, the book titled “Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others” by John Malloy illustrated how singles scene no longer appeals to men who are ready to marry by taking a survey of 2,500 men. Men between ages 17 to 70 who were about to tie the knot; all admitted they felt increasingly out of place in their favorite hangouts like dance clubs and bars.

He loves being called daddy

A man is ready for marriage if he looks longingly at kids and suggests you would have beautiful children according to Carol Morgan. If your man loves being called daddy then he must have been having affections for kids and isn’t far from making you his jewel for life.

Also, if your guy is a cunning type learn from John Malloy who deduced that most men want to be young enough to teach their sons to play games and do the male-bonding thing.

He deduced that age can have a great effect on a man’s attitude toward marriage as most college-educated men don’t take marriage seriously until they attain 26 years. They can be highly committed between 28-33 years but men who have graduated into becoming lawyers and doctors attain their commitment peak phase as from 30-36 years.

Furthermore, Malloy concluded that once a single man clock 37, the probability of him getting married tends to fade away and after attaining 43 years, he will likely remain a bachelor for life. This doesn’t mean a man won’t feel marriage or fatherhood fever later in life.

He is always available for you

A man who is ready for marriage will definitely do his best to be there for you consistently. He doesn’t delay in answering your calls or replying your text as you’re his top priority. Other men may even offer to include you in most of their hobbies and activities as you’re his significant other.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/20-signs-a-man-is-ready-for-marriage-and-13-signs-hes-not/

Romance / Common Mistakes In A Relationship: 22 Best Proven Tips by tizzyhands(m): 4:16am On Jun 25
Things to avoid in a relationship
Common mistakes in a relationship are the unknown and known things we often neglect in a relationship that may destroy your entire relationship in a blinking of an eye. You have successfully scaled through the dating stage and you’re now happy being in a relationship.

Being in a relationship could be sweet or bitter depending on how you want it to appear. A romantic relationship or mere friendship can never be perfect, no matter how hard you and your partner or your friend try as we all keep learning/growing in a relationship.

Furthermore, you may accuse your partner of having some bad habits, but you’re definitely no exception as no one is 100 percent perfect. You hear or see may couples who end up breaking up because they can’t admit their mistakes and continue fighting until one of the partners concede defeat/walk away. They are little mistakes we don’t take into consideration thinking it won’t count but end up ruining your ever booming relationship and you lost everything.

Others are lucky to have seen the warning signs and act immediately to avoid losing their relationship. Having been in a relationship for more than 5 years, I will outline the common mistakes I made in the relationship to help you avoid making the same mistake and enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship.

Best proven common mistakes in a relationship
Would you have loved your enjoyable relationship to cut short just because of the little things you often overlooked? I have carefully outlined the common mistakes in a relationship most couples or partners never knew could mar their relationship.

Insufficient romance in the relationship

A relationship is a school on its own that we keep learning every day to know what makes your partner happy. Where romance is lacking in a relationship couples bond tend to reduce and lack of trust begins to set in. This is one of the common mistakes in a relationship as you need to take it diligently in discovering what type of romance your partner does enjoy and give it to him or her.

common mistakes in a relationship
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Never walk away

Never confuse this with giving each other space as calming yourself down or clear your head during a heated argument with your partner works wonders. Try to talk to your partner in a good tune by asking if you could take a few minutes to cool your brain is a very good gesture to adhere to than cutting the conversation because you are done isn’t a good idea.

I do like walking away from my girlfriend whenever we have heated arguments so I won’t have to raise my hand on her since I vow never to touch my girl. But my girl becomes angrier when I walk out of her until I happen to tell her to tell me things she likes about me and things she doesn’t like so I can change.

That was when she told me I love walking out of her as it turns her off and I apologized. Now the relationship is as sweet as honey thanks to my jewel for revealing to me where I was failing.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/common-mistakes-in-a-relationship-22-best-proven-tips/

Romance / Why You Are Always Being Taken For Granted: 16 Best Tips by tizzyhands(m): 5:46am On Jun 22
How to know that you are always being used
Always being taken for granted is the act of someone either your friends or family member continuously capitalizing on your leniency to undermine you and makes you lose value/neglected. You may be confident in your behavior or style but along the line, you start realizing people you love begins taking you and the things you do for them for granted virtually all the time.

Also, you might be caring and loving to people around you just to discover your indulgences are being taken for granted; how will you feel? To be candid with you genuinely nice persons are always being taken for granted.

Consequently to worsen the issue, if you are kind, caring, sensitive, and compassionate, you’re always being attributed as a narcissist, addicts, manipulators by the people around you and they are willing to take more from you than they have to reciprocate your kind gesture.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re always being taken for granted in a relationship and sometimes it’s easy to notice. Either way, if you feel that your partner or loved ones don’t appreciate you as much as they should, you are very likely to be right.

Is it your fault that you’re always being taken for granted?

Should you blame yourself or the person that takes you for granted?

A person who indulges in romantic gestures virtually all the time without taking into consideration if his or her partner does the same, or if you are extremely being nice to your partner or a friend all the time without ever letting them know that you’re displeasing yourself just to make them happy, it’s very clear that you would always be taken for granted because they are not aware of the effort you have made to make them happy.

Can you blame your partner if he or she doesn’t have an idea about the effort you’ve taken to always make them happy?

Yes, they may feel special or coddle the first few times. But once it’s being done very often, the good deeds turn into expectations. Failure to continue in the same way may even make your partner or family members get annoyed with you.

The more you put in more effort, the higher the expectations being required from you. And before you realize it, you don’t get anything in return, and yet, you would be expected to displease yourself and do something unique for them always. You might want to end the good gestures after realizing you are being taken for granted in the relationship but you’ve gone so deep that you can’t tap out.

Does communication play an important part in one being taken for granted?
Yes, it does as it’s the only way to stop a person from taking you for granted by letting them know the efforts you’ve tried in doing things for them to be happy.

Try communicating with them that you have gone out of your reach just to make them happy than waiting till when you’re busted to express your anger or frustration to your lover or your family on how ungrateful they are when you’ve been so giving and displeasing yourself for them.

Furthermore, most people are always being taken for granted because they tend to conceal communication within until they can no longer put up with it. And they unleash their anger one faithful day, as their lover or family member may not be aware that they were taking their partner for granted.

Why not inform your partner that you’ve made strong effort to please them or make them happy as you’re not being proud? You are just being candid with them, and there is nothing wrong in that.

In fact, when you inform your partner that you did something special for them will make your partner feel grateful and appreciate your kind gesture as well. After all, we all want to be appreciated for doing the special task for your lover, isn’t it?

Does self-respect have a connection with being taken for granted?
Yes, it does as self-respect is one of those things that can determine whether you can be taken for granted or not. Why won’t you be taken for granted when you don’t respect yourself enough to admit that you’ve done enough for someone? You constantly put in more efforts to do things just to compensate for what, you believe, you are deficient in.

Your intuition keeps pushing you to put in more effort to please others, and hoping you could be appreciated and loved in return. The inability of you not being appreciated and loved makes you feel you’re being taken for granted.

If you actually respect yourself for who you are then why are you always being taken for granted?

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Why you’re always being taken for granted
When you see the following traits in yourself, then you are more likely to be taken for granted and look no further.

Here are the best-proven reasons why you’re always being taken for granted by your lover or family member:

You tend to give more than what you get in return

You find it difficult to stop giving and you don’t even know when to stop giving brings about you being taken for granted by either your lover or loved ones. If you tap out after realizing you have been taken for granted, they will only feel betrayed that you’re the one who has changed for worse.

Consequently, when you discover these traits in yourself, your chances of being taken for granted is higher. These traits and reasons surface little by little before you knew it, you have lost yourself respect and rely on other people to make you happy and achieve your dream. You will then notice that the person whom you love and who loves you in return may not be aware that he or she is taking you for granted, even if they never had that in mind in the first place.

You find it difficult in saying “no”.

Why want to take on more responsibilities or commitments than saying the word “no”? You find it difficult declining some requests from your partner or friends as you may think you’re being nice. But inability for you to say no makes them take your efforts or sacrifices for granted and may dislike you more if you don’t help them again.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/why-you-are-always-being-taken-for-granted-16-best-tips/

Health / Re: Alopecia Areata: New Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment by tizzyhands(m): 2:03am On Jun 16
That's nice
Romance / 23 Signs He Loves You Truly Insanely And 10 Signs He Doesn't by tizzyhands(m): 4:30am On Jun 13
How to know a guy truly loves you
Signs he loves you truly insanely are the major signs to watch out for to know if he actually cherishes you deeply. Do most women want to be sure if their boyfriend truly loves them by asking them “do you really love me”? Others tend to ask, what really do you love or see in me that makes you get attracted to me?

Signs he loves you truly
Also, no woman wants to waste her precious time in a relationship that appears bleak or a guy who is doesn’t care in giving everything. I can assure you after reading this article, you’ll wish you had known this earlier to be certain that your guy truly loves you to the moon. Here are the 23 signs he loves you truly deeply:

He tends to distance himself from you

You might be thinking this is absurd but I can assure you it is one of those signs he loves you truly madly to the core. A guy who is confused about his feelings or doesn’t understand what is going deep within his heart may see himself giving you more space than usual. Never panic as he is not drifting away from you but he is just preparing to give you that diamond ring to make you his entire world.

He quickly replies your text

Why panic when you just send your hubby a sweet text like “hey my jewel, are you back from work?” and he tends to reply you he is home in less than 2 seconds? He might even tell you he is even preparing delicious delicacy for you both to enjoy the dinner together and eventually ends the text by telling you he misses you. This is one of those clear signs he loves you to the moon and he can’t afford to delay even for a second without replying his pearl.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/23-signs-he-loves-you-truly-insanely-and-10-signs-he-doesnt/

Health / 11 Health Benefits Of Coconut, Coconut Milk, And Coconut Oil by tizzyhands(m): 3:34am On Jun 12
What are health benefits of coconut?
Health benefits of coconut are the health importance of it to our entire body. This fruit helps prevent the risk of having urinary tract infection, regulates acidity/heartburn, enhances healthy bones/teeth, prevents skin cancer, helps remove eye makeup, important for pregnant women, and lowers the rate of seizure in epileptic children.

Coconut is one of those fruits that have gradually become a very hot commodity being used for cooking and for beauty regimens. In some years back, coconut was being addressed as one of those foods that expose one’s artery into clogging and a cholesterol packed food that brings about heart disease.

A typical coconut that falls from a coconut palm has a hard and greenish layer known as the exocarp. Immediately after this layer, is the husk which appears hairy and brownish in color, known as the mesocarp. The mesocarp housed the endocarp, which is the outside of the seed. Inside the seed, you will discover a white layer of coconut meat and liquid and are very delicious.

Current researches have shown how highly nutritious this fruit is and the numerous health benefits of coconut to our entire body.

Is coconut a fruit, seed, or a nut?
It can be a fruit, seed, and nut. It is a drupaceous fruit whose outer fibrous husk yields coir and has only one seed.

health benefits of coconut
Nutritional facts associated with coconut water, milk, oil, and meat
Coconut water (8 ounces)

Carbohydrates: 9 grams (3% DV)
Calories: 46 (2% DV)
Fat: 0.5 grams (1% DV)
Fiber: 3 grams (12% DV)
Protein: 2 grams (4% DV)
Saturated fat: 0.4 grams (0% DV)
Sugar: 6 grams
Coconut milk (8 ounces)

Carbohydrates: 13 grams (4% DV)
Calories: 552 (27% DV)
Fat: 57 grams (88% DV)
Fiber: 5 grams (20% DV)
Protein: 5.5 grams (11% DV)
Saturated fat: 50 grams (250% DV)
Sugar: 8 grams
Coconut oil, one Tbsp (tablespoon)

Carbohydrates: 0 gram (0% DV)
Calories: 121 (6% DV)
Fat: 13 grams (20% DV)
Fiber: 0 gram (0% DV)
Protein: 0 gram (0% DV)
Saturated fat: 11 grams (55% DV)
Sugar: 0 gram
Coconut meat, dried (unsweetened), one ounce

Carbohydrates: 7 grams (2% DV)
Calories: 187 (9% DV)
Fat: 18 grams (28% DV)
Fiber: 5 grams (20% DV)
Protein: 2 grams (4% DV)
Saturated fat: 16 grams (80% DV)
Sugar: 2 grams
Fresh coconut fruits could either be young or mature as the young coconuts have either a white husk or a green shell. Enough water is present in young coconuts and it has soft gel-like meat. The mature coconuts are usually brown-haired in color and its water contents are few with firm meat.

Also, the water content in a young coconut is one of the best sources of electrolytes and they are healthier than a mature coconut. Why not drink the water from a young coconut to keep your body properly hydrated after an intense workout instead of consuming most sports drinks being advertised?

Coconut water is also low in carbohydrates, calories, sugars, and almost completely free of fat. It is also rich in B vitamins, ascorbic acid, and proteins. In addition, the fleshy part of the coconut aids the restoration of oxidative tissue damage and has enough proteins, healthy fats, and several minerals and vitamins.

Furthermore, coconut oil has surprising natural healing effects, especially when sprinkling on salads or used in cooking. Usually, pure coconut oil is gotten from the mature coconuts with hard flesh. Its white flesh is then cut into smaller pieces, collected, and finally cold pressed between 90oF to 100oF. Also, most unrefined/unprocessed virgin coconut oils are not hydrogenated and are suitable for consumption.

Consequently, the coconut fruit is rich in a medium-chain fatty acid that helps in fat loss and stimulates metabolism. Coconut oil aids the detoxification of harmful substances from the body and maintains your digestive tract immensely. Its oil is mainly used for cooking foods, making delicious raw, vegan desserts, and for baking.

You can also apply coconut oil on your hair and skin as it makes both your skin and hair look very soft. Coconut oil is used in moisturizing our scalp, hair, and skin.

Best proven health benefits of coconut
The following are the best-proven health benefits of coconut you can’t just ignore:

Coconut helps boost your immune system health since it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasite, and anti-fungal properties.

It aids the digestion of foods and absorption of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Coconut enhances insulin secretion and symptoms associated with diabetes. Its water is rich in potassium, a mineral that helps regulate blood pressure and stabilizes sodium levels in the body.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/11-health-benefits-of-coconut-coconut-milk-and-coconut-oil/

Romance / Re: Signs A Woman Is Interested In You: 24 Best Proven Signs by tizzyhands(m): 2:50am On Jun 10
Best tips ever you can rely on..
Health / Alopecia Areata: New Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment by tizzyhands(m): 3:43am On Jun 09
Facts about this disease
Alopecia areata is a medical condition in which a person’s hair falls out in round patches. Its hair can fall out either on the scalp or elsewhere on the body. Only about 5% of people can lose all of their hair on the body or scalp. Most at times the hair may grow back but may fall out again. Sometimes alopecia may last for many years.

Consequently, about 6.8 million people in the U.S. are mostly affected with alopecia areata and it has a lifetime risk of 2.1 percent. This medical condition affects people of all ages irrespective of your gender and ethnic groups. It often first surface during childhood and may differ in individuals who have it.

Types of alopecia areata
Alopecia areata can cause different types of hair loss namely:

Alopecia totalis: This is simply the loss of all hair on the scalp.
Alopecia areata: It involves hair loss in round patches.
Alopecia universalis: Entails the loss of all hairs on the body.
Have in mind that alopecia isn’t communicable and is not attributed to nerves. This disease most often surfaces in otherwise healthy persons. When your immune system attacks the hair follicles, which are the structures that have the roots of the hair; resulting in rapid hair loss.

What are the signs and symptoms of this disease?
A person with alopecia areata will experience one or more of the following:

Experiencing “exclamation mark” hairs: It involves experiencing a small hair in or at the edges of the bare spots on the head. You discover at the bottom that your hairs get narrower, like an exclamation mark.

Problems associated with your nails: This disease can attack your toenails and fingernails because they contain tiny pinpoint dents in them. It can also make your nails develop white spots or lines, lose their shine, appear rough, or become thin and may split. Sometimes nail changes its shape or falls off. You can also look out for nail changes as they constitute the first sign of alopecia areata.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/alopecia-areata-new-symptoms-causes-and-treatment/

Health / Health Benefits Of Cabbage: 22 Scientifically Proven Benefits by tizzyhands(m): 2:37am On Jun 09
Amazing importance of consuming cabbage
Health benefits of cabbage are the importance of these leafy green vegetable to our overall health. Cabbage is used in the treatment of stomach ulcers, constipation, headaches, skin disorders, obesity, scurvy, jaundice, and eczema. It is also suitable in the prevention of arthritis, eye disorders, gout, Alzheimer’s disease, and diseases associated with the heart.

Consequently, cabbage belongs to the Brassica genus of vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and kale. It may have several shapes and colors like white, green, red, and purple, and has either a smooth or crinkled leaves. This vegetable has numerous vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of your body.

What is cabbage?
Cabbage is known as a leafy green, white, or red vegetable that is cultivated annually and it is a biennial plant. Its leaves are whitish or light green covered with thick and dark green outer leaves. This leafy green vegetable is cultivated worldwide and may be served when cooked or eaten raw as salads.

What are the different types of cabbage?
Cabbage has several varieties which may either be more or less 7 varieties. They include the following:

Red cabbage
Bok choy
Napa cabbage
January king cabbage
Choy sum
Savoy cabbage
Cannonball cabbage
Scientifically proven health benefits of cabbage
Here are the health benefits of cabbage to your body:

It’s highly nutritious

Although cabbage is low in calorie it is also rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Consuming a cup of raw green cabbage usually 89 grams contains the following:

Calories: 22

Calcium: 4 percent of the RDI

Fiber: 2 grams

Folate: 10 percent of the RDI

Manganese: 7 percent of the RDI

Magnesium: 3 percent of the RDI

Potassium: 4 percent of the RDI

Protein: 1 gram

Vitamin B6: 6 percent of the RDI

Vitamin C: 54 percent of the RDI

Vitamin K: 85 percent of the RDI

This green leafy vegetable contains small amounts of other nutrients like iron, vitamin A, and riboflavin. Since cabbage is rich in folate and vitamin B6 which are essential for energy metabolism and proper functioning of the nervous system.

Also, cabbage is rich in fiber and has powerful antioxidants such as sulfur compounds and polyphenols. These antioxidants protect our body from damage attributed to free radicals. A situation where these free radicals are high in your body may destroy your body cells.

Cabbage has enough vitamin C, an important antioxidant that may help prevent diseases associated with the heart, vision impairment, and some cancers.

Have anti-inflammatory properties

Cabbage has powerful antioxidants that help lower the rate of inflammation in your body. It is also found to boost the build-up of cadmium-binding complexes in its leaves which is an important component of glutamine. Consuming glutamine, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent; helps reduce inflammation, allergies, irritation, fever, pains around joints, and certain skin diseases.

It is known that our body needs an inflammatory response to protect us against infection and also speed up the healing process in the body. This is also known as acute inflammation which is a normal response to infection or injury.

A chronic inflammation that persists for long may bring about different diseases like heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Cabbage contains antioxidants like kaempferol and sulforaphane which are suitable for their anti-inflammatory effect.

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Romance / Self Worth: 18 Proven Secrets Of Unwavering It And Self-esteem by tizzyhands(m): 2:03pm On Jun 07
What is self-worth?
Self-worth is a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect. It could be similar to self-esteem which is simply a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities. You might be faced with one feeling or the other when you can’t get your dream job or receive negative feedback on things you never wished for.

Most at times, all these flash negative feelings can linger on and drain you of the energy required to boost your competence and confidence. Have in mind that your mind works in a remarkable way that can either make or mar you. Your beliefs about yourselves can shape you and also direct how you feel, behave, and think.

Notwithstanding, your emotions at the moment can also have a great impact on who you are to become. So you have to be happy always as it shows that positive emotions are held under your control.

You can respect yourself if you discover you are always going against your feelings and beliefs even though you might not get the desired result immediately. But you will start seeing your desired results with time and also learn to say no to people you find it difficult in saying no to and I can assure you they will start respecting you and you’ll realize your self-worth.

How to discover your self-worth and self-esteem
A little realization of your self-worth and self-esteem goes a long way. So, here is how to discover your self-worth and self-esteem at ease.

Be your own staunch supporter

Challenges and failures are normal things to expect in life as there is a little voice somewhere which might be reserving its most negative analysis for your hearing. Learning to be your compassionate voice goes a long way in making you realize your self-worth and self-esteem immensely by analyzing your actions without judgment.

If you are finding it difficult to be there for yourself, imagine that advice you would offer to a friend who messed up and tend to assume you’re in such situation; won’t you love to heed to the same advice you gave to your friend?

Learn to exercise gratitude

Humans have the unquenchable urge that continuously yearns for more. One can always find reasons to be unhappy especially in this world filled with unlimited choices and an unrealistic desire for perfection. Learning to be grateful even if it is the little things you were able to get keeps you going smoothly and averts you the chance of looking down on yourself.

Researchers deduced that you can realize your self-worth and self-esteem by making it a daily routine to always appreciate at least 3 good things in you and you’ll achieve your desired results.

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Romance / Warning Signs Your Relationship Is In Danger: 16 Best Signs by tizzyhands(m): 2:02pm On Jun 05
What are warning signs in a relationship?
Warning signs your relationship is in danger are those signs you have to watch out for to know if your relationship is headed for disaster so you can easily work towards arresting the dangers. Most at times, if these dangers are not dealt with earlier, they might cause great damage to your once booming and joyous relationship.

Also, you hear most couples who split, make reference to why their relationship ended that way as their problems were rarely resolved amicably or they had buried resentment that lasts for years. As a result of this, they argue over and over some things.

You may not know when a little misunderstanding turns into a regrettable act. In some relationships, partners separate and eventually lose admiration, fondness, and love for one another over time.

A healthy intimate relationship should be built on trust, sharing your innermost feelings, wishes, and thoughts. Never forget that all couples have incessant problems and can develop tools to curb it. You see many people focusing on getting the right person instead of trying to be the right person which is really unhealthy.

16 best warning signs your relationship is in danger
Furthermore, I know some doubters will be saying how on earth does he know that my relationship might be crashing soon? If you don’t want to be taken unaware, here are the proven warning signs your relationship is in danger:

Lack of trust

Trust is the bedrock for a lasting relationship. Without it, your relationship will be like a ship without a captain. You might just be saying “I trust you” but deep within you don’t mean it. Never make it a daily routine to always suspect your partner whenever he or she goes out or when a male or female partner calls on the phone.

It is better you tell him or her that you feel infuriated or jealous when opposite sex calls that he or she should limit it so as to avoid breeding lack of trust in your partner.

If you know you are the one with the trust issues and your partner has not done anything to warrant not being trusted, you need to diligently work on yourself before you enter into any relationship.

Most people do experience trust problem because of having been betrayed in a previous relationship and that makes them unable to trust their new partner which isn’t the best.

You can decide to visit a relationship expert or psychologist and explain your problem so as to enable you to get over those trust issues so you can enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship.

If it’s your partner who has hurt you deeply and you still find it difficult in trusting him or her again, then you can easily walk away. If you still don’t feel safe inside your own relationship, it’s time to let it go and move on with your life.

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Health / Urinary Tract Infection: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment by tizzyhands(m): 12:57pm On Jun 01
What is a urinary tract infection?
A urinary tract infection is an infection associated with any part of your urinary systems like your bladder, kidneys, urethra, and ureters. The infection affects mostly the lower urinary tract such as the urethra and the bladder.

Women are usually at higher risk of contracting UTI than men. Severe consequences can occur if a UTI spreads to your kidney but infection restricted to your bladder can be painful and annoying. About 1 in 5 women do experience a second urinary tract infection, while some are plagued continuously.

Usually, a different strain or type of bacteria is found in this case. Some types of urinary tract infection may enter the body’s cells and form a community resistant to both the immune system and the antibiotics.

Urinary tract infections are mostly treated with antibiotics but they are steps you can follow to help reduce your chance of contracting this disease.

What are the types of urinary tract infections?
The type of UTI may depend on the area of your urinary tract infected with each type having its own precise signs and symptoms. It includes the following

Acute pyelonephritis

This type of urinary tract infection affects the kidney. Its signs and symptoms are:

The feeling of high fever
Nauseating feelings
Pains around the flank (side) and upper back of your body
Chills and shaking

This particular urinary tract infection affects mainly the urethra. Here are the signs and symptoms:

Foamy discharge
Feelings of burning sensation while urinating

This type of urinary tract infection affects the bladder. The following are its signs and symptoms:

Feelings of pains around the lower abdomen
Presence of blood in the urine
Pelvic pressure
Incessant painful urination

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Health / Halitosis: Bad Breath Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment by tizzyhands(m): 8:56am On May 31
Definition of halitosis (bad breath)
Halitosis otherwise called bad breath is a condition in which a person produces an offensive odor from their mouth. Usually, the early morning breath most people wake up with is not regarded as halitosis.

Actual halitosis is a consistent smell that does not go away after brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing. Most people find it embarrassing as they shy away from even telling their dentist that they have bad breath.

Also, halitosis is a major issue that leads to psychological distress. Halitosis can affect anyone but it is shown that 1 in 4 people have chronic bad breath on a daily basis. Bad breath ranked amongst the third most common reason while an individual goes for dental care, after gum disease and tooth decay.

Living a healthy lifestyle like avoiding smoking and improving dental hygiene can help provide solutions to bad breath but if the halitosis persists, it’s advisable to go visit your dentist to help detect the precise cause of it.

Consequently, about 25 percent of the people are always affected with bad breath as its major cause is always attributed to its oral hygiene.

Main facts on halitosis
The following are the major facts about halitosis:

*Bad oral hygiene is the most common cause of halitosis.
*Mouth odor can be reduced by keeping the mouth hydrated at all times.
*It tends to affect virtually attack 1 in 4 people globally.
*If food particles are left in the mouth, they are being broken down by bacteria which releases sulfur compounds.
*Daily brushing of your tooth, flossing, and hydration are the optimal treatment for halitosis.
What are the causes of bad breath?
Bad breath is mainly caused by the following ways:

Food particles

When food particles broken down are stuck in your teeth, mouth odor may occur. Consuming foods like garlic and onions regularly can cause bad breath or halitosis. After foods have been digested, their breakdown products are being carried in the blood to the lungs where they affect your breath easily.

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Health / Tooth Decay And Cavities: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment by tizzyhands(m): 1:07pm On May 27
What is tooth decay?
Tooth decay is simply the damaging of your tooth enamel, which is the very hard outer layer of a tooth. It affects kids, teens, and adults. A gummy film of bacteria frequently forms on your teeth. When you consume foods or drinks that have sugars, the bacteria present in plaque form acids that damage your tooth enamel.

Cavities will then arise from the stickiness of the plaque keeping these acids in contact with your teeth and with time may cause the breakdown of the enamel. In most cavities, a hole will be formed in your tooth which is usually caused by decay.

Consequently, cavities can also be called tooth decay or caries.

tooth decay
What are the types of tooth decay and cavities?
Smooth surface, pit and fissure, and root are the three (3) main types of cavities present on your teeth. Cavities completely destroy areas in the hard surface of your teeth usually the enamel, therefore, making it develop tiny openings or holes. These dental caries or tooth decays are caused by several factors like frequent taking of snacks, bacteria in your mouth, not taking good care of your teeth, and consuming sugary drinks.

Tooth decay and cavities are predominant amongst infants, teenagers, and older adults. Cavities and tooth decay can become larger and affect deeper regions of your teeth resulting in loss of tooth, toothache, and infection. To avert tooth decay and cavities from occurring, you have to imbibe good brushing techniques and use a special thread to clean between your teeth properly.

Symptoms of tooth decay and cavities?
Its symptoms are due to the extent and location of the tooth decay or cavities. At the initial stage the cavity is developing, you may not experience any symptoms at all but as the tooth decay gets larger, it may bring about visible signs and symptoms. They include:

*The sensitivity of the tooth
*Noticeable holes or little openings in your teeth
*Feelings of pains when you bite meat or fishes
*Incessant toothache
*Feelings of mild to sharp pain especially when sipping sweet drinks either cold or hot
*Having some black, brown or white stains on the surface of your tooth

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Health / Neuroblastoma: New Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment by tizzyhands(m): 8:10am On May 21
What is neuroblastoma?
Neuroblastoma is a cancerous disease that affects the nerve cells. It usually begins from the sympathetic nervous system and attacks an immature or a developing cell. Neuroblastoma mostly affects young children age 5 and below while it is less common amongst children who are over 10 years and above.

The sympathetic nervous system
This is a part of the autonomic nervous system which includes nerve fibers that run along either side of the spinal cord and aggregates of nerve cells at a particular place along the nerve fibers route. The brain, spinal cord, and the nerves all make the human nervous system.

We all need the nervous system to enable us to move, think and also have immense sensation towards things. Also, the autonomic nervous system is a part of the nervous system that controls your blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, breathing, and all other functions.

The sympathetic nervous system forms part of the autonomic nervous system which includes:

Aggregates of nerve cells known as ganglia at particular points along the path of the nerve fibers.
Nerve fibers that run on either side of the spinal cord.
Nerve-like cells present in the medulla (center) of the adrenal glands.

The adrenals are basically small glands that sit on top of each kidney. These glands produce hormones like the adrenaline (epinephrine) that help regulate blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, and how the body responds to stress.

The main cells that constitute the nervous system are known as neurons or nerve cells. These cells interact with several other cells in the body by releasing minute amounts of chemicals called hormones. This is important because neuroblastoma cells often bring about certain chemicals that can cause symptoms.

Consequently, some neuroblastomas may grow and spread rapidly, while others tend to grow slowly. The cancer cells may die freely and the tumor isn’t found especially amongst very young children. Sometimes, the cells mature on their own into normal ganglion cells and stop replicating, therefore, making the tumor a benign ganglioneuroma.

Several other autonomic nervous system tumors in children
Never take it that all childhood autonomic nervous system tumors are cancerous as some may be non-cancerous.

Ganglioneuroma: This is a non-cancerous tumor that comprises of mature ganglion and nerve sheath cells.

Ganglioneuroblastoma: This particular tumor has both cancerous and non-cancerous parts. It comprises of immature nerve cells that grow and spread abnormally which are similar to that of neuroblastoma and having areas of more mature tissue that looks like ganglioneuroma.

Surgery is usually performed to help diagnose ganglioneuroma and is then viewed diligently with a microscope to be certain that they’re no more cancerous areas which might make the tumor develop into a ganglioneuroblastoma. A situation where the final diagnosis is ganglioneuroma, it won’t require any more treatment but if ganglioneuroblastoma was detected, then it can be treated the same way as neuroblastoma.

What are the causes of neuroblastoma?
Neuroblastoma occurs when neuroblasts grow and replicate without control instead of developing into nerve cells. Researchers are working tirelessly to determine the precise causes of this abnormal growth, but other scientists believe a deformity in the genes of a neuroblast paves way for it to divide without control.

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Health / Re: Exercises And Foods That Can Help Reduce High Blood Pressure (hypertension)? by tizzyhands(m): 7:32am On May 20
Thanks for your contribution, I appreciate.
Romance / Re: Signs A Woman Is Interested In You: 24 Best Proven Signs by tizzyhands(m): 7:28am On May 20
Some nice guys may not end up finishing last mark my word as some girls prefer guys who are nice to rough guys.
Check out this article on the things women find attractive in men. Things are evolving ok. https://relhealth.com/26-things-women-find-attractive-in-men/
Romance / Re: Signs A Woman Is Interested In You: 24 Best Proven Signs by tizzyhands(m): 7:23am On May 20
@questionnaire 72, I concur with you. All girls can never be the same as some will never want to get laid with them.
Romance / Signs A Woman Is Interested In You: 24 Best Proven Signs by tizzyhands(m): 1:49pm On May 18
Signs A Woman Is Interested In You
Signs a woman is interested in you are the physical things a woman does when she is around you to show you that she really have feelings for you and you can’t get rejected by her when you approach her.

Knowing if a woman is really interested in you isn’t that easy for most men as they are scared of not being rejected. I can assure you being rejected really suck and could make one have a bad day while it keeps ringing in your head.

Why not take your time and study her overall behavior to be certain that she is actually interested in you and then hit your target? Most guys tend to abscond from appreciating the feeling of attraction created as it unfolds gradually. Recognizing these signs a woman is interested in you will make you feel happy, confident, and comfortable about meeting new friends.

Proven signs a woman is interested in you

Not sure if she is showing you the green light? Well, if you are curious to know these signs a woman is interested in you then look no further as you have the golden keys below:

Nature of her body language

Reading her body language isn’t that easy as most girls might still fake their body language just to make fun of the guy. You could see her facing you then she is more likely to be interested in you.

But the more she is getting away from you, the more she has her mind fixed elsewhere and you shouldn’t bother approaching her to avoid being turned down.

You tend to notice her licking her lips while talking with you and might even touch you while she talks are one of the surest signs a woman is interested in you immensely. Others might be touching or playing with their hairs, sitting towards you is a clear sign she wants you not that her hair is itching her.

She tells you things about herself

When you see a woman revealing things about her personal life to you like her dad has 2 wives, or she had a bad breakup are all clear signs she is interested in you. If she doesn’t have feelings for you and also trust you, she won’t share her private lives with you. When you see her act like that, then it is a clear sign that she wants to build a strong connection with you.

No person will like to share his or her secrets to someone he or she has no interest in. Never have you taken her for granted because she confided in you, she did that because she wants to let you in.

She wants open space with you

If a woman is interested in a man, she will prefer nothing stands in between you and her according to Vanessa Van Edwards, author of Modern Day Dale Carnegie. Others may try hiding by holding a purse between the two of you.

If you discover she turned toward you, with her purse by her side is clear green light. But if you notice a woman holding firm to her purse doesn’t actually mean you want to snatch her purse as it’s a clear sign she is not interested in you.

Furthermore, you went on a date with a woman and she is less interested in shielding you out than looking out for her purse not to be stolen. Never feel infuriated what she is doing with her purse, but do watch out for her purse position to help you detect vividly the rest of her body language.
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Romance / How To Let Go Someone You Love: 16 Proven Tips To Follow by tizzyhands(m): 8:21am On May 08
How You Can Let Go Someone You Love

How to let go someone you love is simply the act of cutting ties completely with the person so you don’t have feelings for the person any longer.
It is really not easy to let go, someone, you love especially when you remember the sweet memories you once shared together, but you have to take the bold step and move on without him or her in your life.

You might think letting go of the person you love isn’t the best thing as you can’t predict exactly who is at fault. But you’ll thank yourself later in life that you took the right decision in letting them out of your life. Being with the right person could bring about heaven on earth while being with the wrong person could bring about hell on earth.

Most people expect their newly established relationships to keep booming and have the feeling that the future is bright being in such relationship just to realize after a year or two that it’s the opposite and regretted ever knowing such person.
Humans are prone to change in a blinking of an eye so be watchful and get prepared to let go the person you once loved when either heartbreak arises or the relationship looks bleak.

Love is very intriguing especially when you find the one you think you were meant to be forever but could be bitter seeing both of you part ways untimely.

Proven Tips On How To Let Go Someone You Love
Here is how to let go, someone, you love so you can get back to enjoying your life immensely.

Never become available

Why want to stay in touch with the person that hurt you so deeply beyond imagination? You will never be able to let go the person you love if you don’t take that bold step to cut close contact with him or her completely. Be it pictures, phone numbers, and any other things you knew could lure you back to them cut them off completely, as by so doing you’ll be able to let go, someone, you love in no time.

Consequently, even if you guys ended the relationship on good terms, the urge of seeing and knowing what he or she is up to might weigh you down and you won’t be able to let go him or her in your life.

Avoid daydreaming

Never spend time in reflecting about what might have occurred between you both and what would be the outcome if you just forgive each other. Avoid daydreaming whether he or she might change if you decide to take him or her back.

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Health / 20 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cucumber To Your Body by tizzyhands(m): 7:17am On May 02
Amazing Health Benefits Of cucumber Fruit
Health benefits of cucumber are simply the beneficial aspect of this fruit to your body health wise. Improving your brain health and lowering your risks of having breast, ovarian, uterine, and prostate cancers are some of the health benefits of cucumber to your body.

Some people refer to cucumber as a vegetable but it is actually a delicious fruit you must consume. Pumpkin, squash, and watermelon belong to the same plant family with cucumber called Cucurbitaceae family.

Also, cucumber is rich in beneficial nutrients, some plant compounds, and antioxidants that may be used to treat and prevent some medical conditions. They are made up of mostly 95 percent of water just like watermelon which helps you stay hydrated when consumed on hot summer days.

Furthermore, cucumbers are low in calories which promote weight loss and also have unique polyphenols/other compounds that may help lower your chance of having chronic diseases. During ancient times, this fruit has been used as traditional, herbal medications in most part of India.

Cucumber contains some anti-diabetic and lipid-lowering properties that prevent your body from overheating thereby providing a more natural cooling effect to your entire body.

Nutritional chart of cucumber fruit
Amount per serving %DV

Calcium 1%

Cholesterol 0mg 0%

Dietary Fiber 0g 0%

Iron 1%

Protein 0mg 0%

Sodium 1mg 2%

Sugars 0g 0%

Total Carbohydrate 2g 1%

Total Fat 0g 0%

Vitamin A 1%

Vitamin C 2%

Health benefits of cucumber
The following are the surprising health benefits of cucumber to your body:

Rich in nutrients

This is one of the health benefits of cucumber as being low in calories, it also has enough essential minerals and vitamins needed by your body. A 300 gram of an unpeeled, fresh cucumber has the following nutrients:

Calories- 45
Carbs- 0 grams
Fiber- 2 grams
Magnesium- 10 percent of the RDI
Manganese- 12 percent of the RDI
Potassium- 13 percent of the RDI
Protein- 2 grams
Total Fat- 0 gram
Vitamin C- 14 percent of the RDI
Vitamin K- 62 percent of the RDI
Consuming a standard serving size of cucumber will provide your body with about 1/3 of the above nutrients. It is advisable to eat an unpeeled cucumber than a peeled one which usually reduces the amount of some vitamins, minerals, and fiber nutrients in your body.

Also, this fruit is rich in water content which makes up about 96 percent of the water that is suitable for your body. Why not consume unpeeled cucumber to enjoy its optimal nutrients?

Improves your brain health

Since it contains anti-inflammatory flavonol known as fisetin helps improve your brain health effectively. This anti-inflammatory flavonol has been known to prevent learning impairments and progressive memory loss in mice with Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps protect your nerve cells from aging rapidly which is one of the health benefits of cucumber to your body.

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Health / Moringa Leaves: Its Health Benefits, Side Effects And Risk by tizzyhands(m): 8:55am On Apr 30
Moringa Leaf
Moringa oleifera is a type of plant that is recognized globally for its health benefits for several thousands of years. It has enriching antioxidants, antifungal, antidepressant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties in the body. Moringa oleifera is also known as the drumstick tree, the ben oil tree, the miracle tree, or the horseradish tree by many people in the world.

Main Facts About Moringa oleifera
The following are the major facts about this particular plant:

It provides the human body with adequate vitamins, proteins, and minerals content.
This plant is widely found in India but can also be grown in Africa, Asia, and South America.
Moringa plant has some known side effects.
It is advisable for you to consult your doctor first before taking any extracts of this plant, especially when taking medication.

Nutritional Value Of Moringa Leaf
Moringa oleifera has numerous medicinal properties and contains adequate nutritional compounds like:

Folate and vitamin C (known as ascorbic acid)
Riboflavin (B2)
Niacin (B3)
Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
Its fats content is very negligible and has no harmful cholesterol.

What Are The Health Benefits Of This Plant?
Moringa is known worldwide for its usefulness on health and beauty and also to prevent and treat many diseases. They include:

Nourishing and protection of your skin/hair

This particular plant helps prevent hairs against free radicals and keep it, moist, clean and healthy. It is also helpful in protecting your skin cells from damage as it contains protein. This plant leaves have hydrating and detoxifying elements that are suitable for hair and skin health. Also, Moringa oleifera can be used in treating sores and any skin infections.

The pods of this plant are low in minerals and vitamins but are extremely rich in vitamin C. Consuming a cup of freshly sliced pods which is usually 100 grams contains about 157 percent of your daily requirement needed by your body.

Consequently, Moringa oleifera has an increase in anti-nutrients that can cause a reduction in the absorption of protein and minerals in the body. When you take a supplement of Moringa oleifera in a capsule form doesn’t provide a large number of nutrients to your body.

Helps in protecting your liver

Consuming Moringa helps protect your liver against harm caused by anti-tubercular drugs and can hasten its repair effectively.

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Romance / 90 Sweet Good Night Text Messages For Him And Her by tizzyhands(m): 8:01pm On Apr 25
Good Night Texts For Lovers
Sweet good night text messages are special text messages sent to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and to your loved ones mainly at night to show them how special they are to you. This special text messages show how you are feeling towards them and you tend to dream about them while you fall asleep.

Here is a sweet night text message for your lover that will make them feel loved and happy that you think about them before going to bed.

Sweet Good Night Text Messages For Girlfriend/Wife
Why not send your girlfriend or wife these sweet good night text messages to make her feel secure and loved by so doing will make you both enjoy a long lasting relationship.

The sweet fragrance of your perfume makes me lie quietly on my bed thinking of my pretty jewel. Have a lovely night sleep and sweet dreams.

Words can explain how much I need you so badly tonight as you are my comforter and the captain of my sweet dreams. Good night, my lady.

I am always happy being with you as I miss your night plays as you keep jumping on my body and throwing the pillows at me. Have a blissful night my baby.

My heart tends to beat faster at night because I need you by my side to make my night complete. Good night my love.

I would love you to be the only star that will shine on me tonight so I can sleep like a newborn baby. Have a blissful night my joy.

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Romance / 14 Qualities Of A High-value Woman All Men Desire To Have by tizzyhands(m): 7:37am On Apr 24
A High-Value Woman
The qualities of a high-value woman is a must have as it makes you stand out amongst others and you’ll be sought after by all men. A high-value woman is a woman with the following exceptional qualities that makes her sought after by men greatly. Being a high-value woman doesn’t make your value depreciate even though the people around you can’t see your worth but knowing your standards and not crossing the thin line, expressing them in a feminine way, and accepting the consequences of keeping firm on them.

Consequently, most men love a high-value woman who chooses herself first unlike pleasing nice girls. A high-value woman has exceptional qualities that enable her to live a life where she commands respect and admiration from men and anyone that comes into her life.

She doesn’t substitute her standards for any man who doesn’t step up to meet her needs and she is willing to walk away from such a man.

Most men admire such a woman as she challenges him and at the same time, he gets inspired by her and steps up to be a better man.

It’s so unfortunate that most of us don’t realize how precious we are so we tend to accept ill-fate and mistreatment. It is advisable to take out time to explore what you want and what you don’t want.

Men Don’t Love This Kind Of Women
Men are absolutely different as some admire particular sets of girls while others prefer the opposite. Guys don’t like girls who keep coming to them for assistance every time not minding if you are the cutest in the universe but instead learn to avoid depending on a guy for virtually all your needs so as to garner respect from him.

Qualities Of A High-Value Woman You Must Have
I tend to write this distinct post because my younger sister and my cousins came to me complaining about how they were being used and neglected as I do feel for them. Most men would say words like “You are extremely good for me” or “you are damn pretty and lovely but I don’t want a serious date.”

I then summoned courage by explaining to them why they need to cherish themselves and stay by their principles and be that high-value woman every man wants to walk down the aisle with.

Won’t you love to be a high-value woman all guys strive for? If you really want to know how then carefully follow the following tips:

Try knowing your worth

Try doing away with that mentality that you are inferior to others and learn to have this mindset that you a high-value woman who’s no man won’t like to be taken for granted. Having this mentality of inferiority complex tends to impede you from being a high-value woman.

When you start telling yourself you’re a precious diamond and know your worth, you will be the type of woman all men want to have.

Learn to imbibe self-confidence

This is one of those qualities of a high-value woman you must have to attract most men to you immensely. Learn to believe in yourself that you are the type of woman most men would love to spend the rest of their life with. Absence of self-confidence is like flogging a dead horse as you will end up being used by men and you won’t be held in high esteem.
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What Is Acute Myeloid Leukemia?
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is an aspect of blood cancer that begins in cells which eventually turn into white blood cells. Also, acute myeloid leukemia may begin in other types of blood-forming cells.

Cancer begins when cells in a part of the body start to grow beyond control. We have different types of cancer as cells in nearly any part of the body can grow to become cancer.

AML can also be called the following names:

Acute myelocytic leukemia
Acute granulocytic leukemia
Acute myelogenous leukemia
Acute non-lymphocytic leukemia
Acute myeloid leukemia usually begins in the bone marrow which is the soft inner parts of human bones. In AML bone marrow don’t actually mature the way they are supposed to as the immature cells keep developing. Blast cells are the other names for the immature cells.

Since AML is regarded as acute, it can spread quickly to the blood and other parts of the body like the liver, brain/spinal cord, lymph nodes, spleen, and testicles. It could be life-threatening if taken for granted without immediate treatment.

However, how AML affects individuals differs as it depends on particular things, not excluding how well this disease responds to treatment. You may experience a better outlook if:

Your WBC (white blood cell) is reduced when you are being diagnosed
You don’t have some chromosome changes or gene mutations
You are below 60 years of age
You have no history of cancer or blood disorder
Most myeloid cells can grow into red blood cells, platelets, or white blood cells (other than lymphocytes). These myeloid cells are usually the ones that are not normal in AML.

What You Should Do When You Have Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Go for treatment in a cancer center with experienced doctors who are specialized in treating patients with acute leukemia.

Communicate with your oncologist about your diagnostic tests, interpretation of the test results, all your treatment options, and the results you can expect from its treatment. With all these, you are set to enjoy the optimal treatment.

Types Of Blood Cells
We have mainly 3 types of blood cells namely:

Red Blood Cells: This type of blood cell transport oxygen from the lungs to all other tissues in the body, and carbon dioxide is transported back to the lungs for removal from the body.

White Blood Cells: They help fight against diseases in the body. They are different types of white blood cells in the body like granulocytes, lymphocytes, monocytes.

Granulocytes: These are mature white blood cells that develop from myeloblasts which is a type of blood-forming cell in the bone marrow. As the name implies they contain granules that appear as spots under an electron microscope. Granulocytes have 3 types such as neutrophils, basophils, and eosinophils which all differ in their size and color of their granules.

Lymphocytes: They are mature white blood cells that are derived from lymphoblasts in the bone marrow. Lymphocytes are the major cells that makeup lymph tissue which is the main part of the immune system.

Lymph tissues are located around a small organ that is found behind the breast bone known as thymus, lymph nodes, tonsils/adenoids, spleen, and is dispersed throughout the bone marrow, digestive system, and respiratory system. Lymphocytes have 2 types namely B cell and T cells.

Monocytes: This type of white blood cells develops from blood-forming monoblasts in the bone marrow. Monocytes can have its way into body tissues to become macrophages after circulating in the bloodstream for about a day.

Macrophages help destroy some harmful substances by engulfing them. It also helps lymphocytes identify germs and produce antibodies to fight them immensely.

Platelets: They are cell fragments produced in a particular bone marrow known as megakaryocyte. This type of blood helps to arrest bleeding effectively. They help the covering up of holes in blood vessels that are caused by bruises or cuts.

Can Acute Myeloid Leukemia Be Detected Early?
Detecting this cancer in its early stage helps in the effective treatment of the disease. Early detection of particular cancers in patients without any symptoms using screening tests aids treatment effectively according to the American Cancer Society.

Although no screening tests have been identified to help detect AML early and it is advisable to report any known symptoms of acute myeloid leukemia to your medical doctor ASAP.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/acute-myeloid-leukemia-symptoms-causes-and-treatment/

Health / Hepatitis B Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention by tizzyhands(m): 9:45am On Apr 20
What Is Hepatitis B?
Hepatitis B is simply an inflammation of the liver that is caused by the hepatitis B virus. This type of virus can cause cancer of the liver and liver failure in an individual. You can get hepatitis B when you come in contact with body fluids, blood, and open wounds of an infected person.

It could be life-threatening if not treated. An adult who gets hepatitis B might feel relieved as your body fights of the virus within a few months making you be immune to the virus for the rest of your life. That is to say you can’t get the virus again while if he or she gets the virus from birth, then the possibility for the virus to go away is very negligible as you end up having it for life.

What Is The Symptom Of Hepatitis B?
Most people might not experience any symptoms quickly as it might take a minimum of 1 or 2 months for the symptoms to surface after getting infected. You may experience the following symptoms once you are infected with hepatitis B. They include:

Feelings of jaundice like the color of your urine turn orange or brown, and the color of your eyes that was once white in color turns yellow
Stomach ache
Your stool becomes light-colored
Loss of appetite
Feelings of fatigue that might last for weeks or months
Vomiting and nauseatin

What Are The Causes Of Hepatitis B?
Hepatitis B is usually caused by the hepatitis B virus from an infected person.

How Can One Get Hepatitis B?
The following are the main routes to get hepatitis B so easily:

Through having unprotected sex with an infected partner as your partner’s blood, semen, saliva, and vaginal secretions might enter your body.
hepatitis B
Unsterilized needles: Needles that are not sterilized and comes in contact with the blood of infected person can easily make you be vulnerable to this virus.

Read more at https://relhealth.com/hepatitis-b-causes-symptoms-treatment-and-prevention/

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Health / 15 Ways To Boast Your Energy Level Naturally At Ease by tizzyhands(m): 9:04am On Apr 18
How You Can Boost Your Energy Level Rapidly
You can boost your energy level by consuming healthy foods and living a stress-free life. We all need adequate energy to help us carry out our daily functions efficiently. Why not visit a licensed groceries store and request for herbs, a multitude of vitamins, and several supplements to help boost your energy level?

Also, some of these energy boosters are inculcated into foods and soft drinks to make it tastier. Some energy boosters like guarana, ginseng, and chromium picolinate have insufficient or little scientific evidence to back up these facts.

How To Boost Your Energy Level
You might be feeling sluggish during the day, striving to stay alert throughout the day or feeling just stressed out, then you need not to look further as we have proven ways you can boost your energy level naturally at ease. Here are the 15 ways:

1. Regulate your stress level

You can help control your stress level by communicating with your friends or relatives, speaking to a psychotherapist, or joining a support group as stress associated with induced emotions makes your energy levels to be depleted rapidly.

Also, indulging in yoga, self-hypnosis, and meditating carefully are effective ways to regulate your stress level effectively.
Read more and get useful tips on your health issues at https://relhealth.com/15-ways-to-boost-your-energy-level-naturally-at-ease/

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