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Celebrities / Re: Yael Shelbia Is TC Candler's 'Most Stunning Woman In The World' by Ufedolove: 9:46am On Jan 06
Stunning is in the eyes of the stunned!

You have said it all.
Crime / Re: Man Accused Of Rape By Queency Benna Denies Allegation by Ufedolove: 10:27pm On Dec 18, 2020
Sex is the most expensive thing on earth.

That same sex is the cheapest thing on earth.


Family / Re: Should I Take Back An Adulterous Wife Because Of The Expensive Bride Price? by Ufedolove: 7:52pm On Dec 12, 2020

E shock me oo Dem get better culture for marriage oo

E shock me too o. Honestly, I'm shocked.
Politics / Re: Photoshop: Police Share Video To Debunk Allegation Of Fake Suspects’ Photo by Ufedolove: 8:23am On Dec 03, 2020
The video is authentic, but that particular photo is still a doctored one
I'm not sure you read through the post.
Phones / Re: What's The Best Phone You've Ever Used Or You're Currently Using? by Ufedolove: 8:18pm On Nov 28, 2020
Omo, my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. This phone gives me too much joy. I was planning on upgrading to Samsung A71 but I changed my mind cos specs wise, the Samsung wasn't worth breaking the bank for. I mean it was just on par with my current phone.

Battery? Performance? Camera? Fluidity? Beauty? I usually don't like bringing my phone out sef cos of (which phone be this?) That glass back is a killer! Omo, I've never used a phone this long o

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Education / Re: ASUU Agrees To Call Off Strike, To Receive N70bn by Ufedolove: 10:44pm On Nov 27, 2020
My God! See as we are begging for our rights. Is it good?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Noah Harris: Harvard Elects Black Man As Student Body President For First Time by Ufedolove: 3:48pm On Nov 24, 2020
Dude just made history.
Imagine the number of white pucci this niqqq will be swiffing daily grin


Follow my signature to get 200# awoof airtime.

It's not everything that's about puzzy

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Phones / Re: Why Don't You Like Iphone??? by Ufedolove: 10:44am On Nov 24, 2020

The taste is the pudding..asus rog 3 has an endurance test of 120 hours on paper yet smashes sammy’s s20 ultra on real life heavy use...that endurance test is not actual usage..common sense go tell you say phone no fit reach 123 hours on a single charge with continuous usage naa! Your redmi even runs on lcd display! Not even amoled that consumes more battery..you android fans always tout yourselves as being tech smart but the reality is different.

Lol! This one thinks I don't know the difference between endurance rating and actual usage. Okay o
I hear you o

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Phones / Re: Why Don't You Like Iphone??? by Ufedolove: 9:55am On Nov 24, 2020

The 11 pro max will dust your redmi pro in battery performance hands down. Can your redmi outdo the asus rog 3 beast? And yet it beat the 11 pro max by barely an hour... I’m not even talking of the 12 pro max. No let your 20,000mah battery dey deceive you.

O boy, make we dey lie small small abeg. Everyone knows android phones generally beat iPhones in terms of battery and you guys are here yarning nonsense. You no shame sef, you dey compare common Redmi Note 9 Pro to the almighty iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Phones / Re: Why Don't You Like Iphone??? by Ufedolove: 11:03pm On Nov 23, 2020
its not hype, it’s the truth and you would know this if you use one of these phones. You should read on the battery life of iPhone x series.
Okay na. I guess that explains why most iPhone users can't do without power banks

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Phones / Re: Why Don't You Like Iphone??? by Ufedolove: 9:33am On Nov 23, 2020
you obviously don’t know a thing about iPhone battery. I use an xr and i go a day without needing to charge my phone if my phone is on full charge. The new generation of iPhones last longer, I’m talking from iPhone 8 upward

Lol!! What sort of hype is this? This can happen if only you are using lightly.
Phones / Re: Why Don't You Like Iphone??? by Ufedolove: 7:21pm On Nov 22, 2020

If you are buying an iPhone I don't see what concerns you if the OS is closed source or not, A closed source OS cannot be used by other manufacturers, that's why Samsung and OnePlus do not make iOS phones.

If you are buying an iPhone you are buying an "iOS phone" so undecided

Okay to whatever you mean.
Phones / Re: Why Don't You Like Iphone??? by Ufedolove: 6:39pm On Nov 22, 2020
Acquiring an iPhone is costly. Using it is even costlier.
And that "closed source" thing is a huge turn off for me.

And then the hype. Gosh!!! Android is the way forward.

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Phones / Re: Why Don't You Like Iphone??? by Ufedolove: 6:36pm On Nov 22, 2020
iPhones are known to have one of the best battery life out there with the best Standby time in a phone, so all those people complaining about battery are probably using an iPhone 6,6s,7 or 8 with about 1,800+ mAh battery capacity.

Are these iPhones not iPhones?


Crime / Re: Police Officer Kills Man In Ekiti, Leaves Another Critically Injured (Graphic) by Ufedolove: 6:30pm On Nov 22, 2020
This story get as e be. It's hard to believe.
Romance / Re: I Don't Feel A Thing With Condom by Ufedolove: 6:08pm On Nov 22, 2020
You can buy different brands of condom and test them. For me, Kiss was good until I tried durex. I never imagined sex could be that tingling with a condom but durex proved me wrong. What I'm saying is durex might be your best shot.

Aside that, big deeks usually stress condoms, thereby making them thinner. So, if your deek is big, that's a plus for you. Big in this context is anything close to 6 inches.

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Phones / Re: How My Infinix Note 8 Made Me A Pro in Photography . by Ufedolove: 9:38pm On Nov 21, 2020
Honestly speaking, there is absolutely nothing special about these pictures na. Make we dey calm down small small.
Phones / Re: My Xiaomi Phone Allows Me Operate 2 Phones In One by Ufedolove: 11:12pm On Nov 19, 2020
if you receive a call from first space....It reflects on the second space

Let's say yours is different then.
Phones / Re: My Xiaomi Phone Allows Me Operate 2 Phones In One by Ufedolove: 12:01pm On Nov 19, 2020
Same contacts please

That's if you sign in to the same google account or the contacts are in your sim card.
Phones / Re: Don Jazzy Accepts Infinix Note 8 From Davido Over Iphone 12 Pro Max by Ufedolove: 11:04pm On Nov 18, 2020
Hehehe! People actually think a human being would choose any Infinix product over iPhone 12?

Before you reply me, think it through.

Just a tip: an iPhone 12 is expensive enough to buy at least 2 units of the most expensive Infinix phones.


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Phones / Re: My Xiaomi Phone Allows Me Operate 2 Phones In One by Ufedolove: 2:43pm On Nov 16, 2020
One cool feature on the Xiaomi phone is the fact that it has a second space. It's like operating two phones in one. Cool right?

Xiaomi introduced the ‘Second Space’ feature with its MIUI 10 update and a couple of years later, the feature is back with MIUI 10 Stable ROM which has been rolled out to the likes of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Y2, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A, Mi Mix 2S, and more smartphones. For the unknown, the Second Space feature on Xiaomi smartphones makes users capable of having a second profile on the same phone for a secondary Business/Personal/Kids account without giving other access to Play Store and unwanted apps while also keeping all your personal files away from prying eyes.

The Second Space feature on Xiaomi smartphones is also known as Dual device mode and if you are confusing it with the Dual Apps option then it should be noted that while the dual apps options allows you to duplicate WhatsApp, Messenger, and other such apps, the second space allows you to create a separate space on your smartphone to keep anything like personal photos, files, apps, documents etc.

How to use Second Space feature on your Xiaomi smartphone: Step-by-step guide.

Go to Settings>System & Device and then tap on Second Space option.

A Second Space account will be set up automatically.
Now, tap on the “Set” option.

Tap on the “Set Second Space Password” option.

Once the password has been set, tap on the “Next” button.

You will be prompted to import photos, files or videos from First Space to your Second Space. Tap on on the Next button if you want to skip.

Now you will be asked to import apps from First Space to your Second Space on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Once done, tap on the “OK” button and your ‘Second Space’ is ready to be used.

Once the Second Space has been set up on your Xiaomi smartphone, it can be accessed from the app drawer and notification panel with the help of a password or fingerprint.

G- guys will very much like this.

Any Questions grin grin grin


Cos of this feature, my mum and I use my phone together without disturbing each other.

All she needs to do to access her own space is just to unlock the phone with her fingerprint or her password from the lockscreen and that's all. Note that for the password/pin to be able to unlock the second space from the lockscreen meaning that if the first space has 5 characters as the pin, the second space must be made up of 5 characters too. I too gbadun that feature.

Separate apps, separate google accounts, separate wallpapers, separate themes, separate messages, separate contacts. The only shared things are sim cards, network and call logs.

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Celebrities / Re: I Begged A Brazilian For 10 Years — Davido Changes His Instagram Name by Ufedolove: 11:03am On Nov 07, 2020

Me, my family, those you mentioned up there and blacks all around the world don't deserve respect.

Why is that so hard to swallow? undecided
Okay. I understand now that it is you alone who doesn't deserve respect.
Celebrities / Re: I Begged A Brazilian For 10 Years — Davido Changes His Instagram Name by Ufedolove: 9:30am On Nov 07, 2020

The black man does not deserve any respect. undecided

You mean Alinko Dangote, Wizkid, Otedola, Barrack Obama, Jay Jay Okocha, Davido, Wole Soyinka, myself amongst others don't deserve respect or you mean you and your family? I bet you mean you and your family.


Celebrities / Re: I Begged A Brazilian For 10 Years — Davido Changes His Instagram Name by Ufedolove: 9:25am On Nov 07, 2020

How are brazilians white oga

From your first comment, I thought I should give you the benefits of doubt. But seeing this one again just blew that away. In fact, you are just an ignoramus


Phones / Re: Tecno Camon 12 Vs Realme C3 Vs Samsung A20 Vs Xiomi Redmi 8 vs samsung M11 by Ufedolove: 8:21pm On Nov 06, 2020
Remove Samsung A20 from the list.
Crime / Re: Police Kill Suspected Armed Robber In Katsina (Graphic Photo) by Ufedolove: 8:45pm On Nov 04, 2020
Wouldn't it have been better to incapacitate capture and interrogate the criminal to ensure capture of the rest of the gang. Alas, Nigerian police are not skilled enough shooters.

What if the robber was threatening the lives of the policemen? What if the robber was running away?

Did you think it through or you were in a haste to comment?
Crime / Re: IG Tells Police Officers To Protect Themselves Against Physical Attacks by Ufedolove: 5:45pm On Oct 30, 2020
Civilians must protect themselves too

But all these ones na story

When the youths come out, the police will run away.

How many bullets they get?

How many people they fit kill?
You sound like the youth will be out to fight with the police.
Crime / Re: Jailbreak In Oko, Edo: 2000 Prisoners Released By Hoodlums by Ufedolove: 9:53pm On Oct 19, 2020
There are at 400,000 policemen in Nigeria
And suddenly it looks like there is nothing like police again
Just because we said #EndSARS?
Is every policeman SARS?
They want to manufacture anarchy
Sure, they can go ahead

From Abuja to Benin, Benin to Ilorin, Osogbo etc
See the evil people parading with evil weapons and fighting #EndSARS?
And someone will say all is well with Nigeria?

If you are a policeman, would you come out in this situation?
Crime / Re: #endsars: Massive Turnout In Ibadan Today by Ufedolove: 8:12pm On Oct 15, 2020

Crime / Re: #endsars: Massive Turnout In Ibadan Today by Ufedolove: 8:10pm On Oct 15, 2020
More pictures below

Crime / #endsars: Massive Turnout In Ibadan Today by Ufedolove: 8:07pm On Oct 15, 2020
Boys and girls from the hood took to the streets of Ibadan today to protest against SARS. It was a massive crowd. Arguably first of its kind.

Pictures below

Phones / Re: Xiaomi Device: Good Or Hype by Ufedolove: 7:21pm On Oct 15, 2020

pls how good is the redmi note 8?

what's the picture quality like?? is the picture quality of this fon closer to IPhone picture quality or closer to tecno camon quality?

Some one wants to sell a used one to me for 40k. is it a good deal?

Generally speaking, the phone is very good. However, I can't vouch for that particular unit cos I don't know it's condition.

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