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Politics / Re: People Who Spoke Tinubu Into Power Are Embarrassed – Segun Sowunmi by Unclesamo(m): 6:05am On Oct 07

When I saw u yesterday,that was when I knew some people are shamelessly useless.

U have never supported anything that is right...no wonder u behave like Nigerian used vehicle.

Haaaa!! Nigeria's used Vehicle.

you have no Play in heaven.
Politics / Re: Jim Obazee: Tinubu Appoints Special Investigator To Probe CBN & Related Entities by Unclesamo(m): 8:33am On Jul 31

To investigate the corrupt dealings of Emefiele. Or are you angry that Mr. President is fighting corruption?

Selective Corruption Fight.

Or isn't Former President an accomplice?

Deep down, we all know the Truth, but many have decided to remain blinded to it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is Your Salary At Hand ? by Unclesamo(m): 2:27pm On Jul 24
#320k ... which amounts to nothing in comparison to the subsidy & responsibilities on ground.

Thank God for Business & other streams of income.

Nigeria will get better.
Romance / Re: Men Stressed By Their High Earning Wives by Unclesamo(m): 2:02am On Jul 11
Increase in a woman's income equals increase in nagging, arrogance, and not Kobo contributions to alleviate the family expenditure.

Sometimes, I see a woman education as a waste because it is all to better herself, while the man strive to better himself, his children, his wife, his extended family, and the wife extended family.

Men seems to be serving punishment for an unknown sin, even though the woman was the one that brought us to this cold dungeon we called life.

Every fawking thing in life is structured to the woman's pleasure.

Hmmm, Words!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: At Your Age, What's Your Biggest Regret In Life by Unclesamo(m): 6:36am On Jun 28
I did not start yahoo yahoo on time

Or you should put it as...."You did not start stealing, and being a source of sorrow to others on time".


Religion / Re: 'AI Jesus' Talks Dating, Relationships, Morals — Even Offers Video-gaming Tips by Unclesamo(m): 10:03am On Jun 26
Y'all should also bring an A.I Mohammed too!... Is that one off-limit??!

Stupid cowards!!! Radarada!!! Shiorr!!!

That will cause World War 3
Politics / Re: Emefiele Is A Flight Risk: DSS,OAGF Oppose Suspended CBN Gov's Bail Application by Unclesamo(m): 3:21pm On Jun 21

Baba wanted igbos to riot. He wanted an excuse to declare a state of emergency and suspend the constitution. He also wanted to embarass IMF. And thirdly, he wanted someone in the CBN to finance the fantasy rerun that will never happen.

Great you saw an hidden agenda in another view.

It's all political Hunt.

just shaking my head for everyone applauding TINUBU for this Political game.
Crime / Re: Pastor Chinedu Eze: How I Was Framed By Police, Spent 14 Years In Prison by Unclesamo(m): 12:27pm On Jun 21
So, nothing will happen to the police officer Emmanuel Abazie
Politics / Re: Emefiele Is A Flight Risk: DSS,OAGF Oppose Suspended CBN Gov's Bail Application by Unclesamo(m): 12:21pm On Jun 21
I can't just comprehend this rubbish hunt on Emefiele... if he's in custody, why is Buhari still free.

Very annoying to even see some senseless Nairalander running with the thought that he did all on his own..
Politics / Re: Emefiele Suspension: Pastor Adefarasin Applauds Tinubu’s Administration(video) by Unclesamo(m): 7:00pm On Jun 17
I really pity the ex CBN governor for allowing tribalism and selfishness to overwhelmed him. That last straw pushed at the wee hour of electioneering campaign would've resulted in a landslide failure for the incumbent party had it been Jagaban is not a very strong lion and astute politician. Any baby politician would have lost. I wish Obi and Atiku will come to his rescue because it seems they've all abandoned him to his fate.

WHY is everyone accusing CBN governor
... Do you think The president wasn't aware of his actions.

Buhari should be answering to lots of things.
Investment / Re: How Farmforte Owners Duped Investors Of Billions Of Naira by Unclesamo(m): 7:54pm On Jun 11
I do not blame anyone who fell for this. It is not even greed. How else do you hope of retiring and enjoying without investments? Like that accountant, he must have done his background checks. He must have seen that the company is into actual agriculture and investments. He must have seen that they have a world class cashew farm that even the governor of Edo state, commissioned. Anybody that is serious about investment can fall into this kind of scam. The scam is too clean for you to see loopholes. People that have not invested a kobo in their lives, will come here to mock others.

Exactly the point. "Anyone can fall for it"

it was a well organized syndicate

I would have fallen for it too, but the 20-30% return made me skeptical.

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Business / Re: Pi Network ( I Buy) by Unclesamo(m): 9:35am On Jun 10

Better don’t fall for that. No one buying at that rate at the moment
You also contacted him, but you did not give any feedback on the conversation.
Are dissuading others so that you can sell to him at a higher rate also?
I also have to sell.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Unclesamo(m): 5:36pm On Jun 04
older than your papa Any other stupid question you'll like to ask before you fuck_off?
Oh! this response says it all.

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Unclesamo(m): 5:05pm On Jun 04
crawl back to where you crept out from.

How Old are you

Go get busy.


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Unclesamo(m): 4:24pm On Jun 04
Ewu. Do you earn 800k monthly? No. Do you earn 1m monthly? No. Do you have money to learn any skill? No.

Why don't you go back to winning your normal 2000 naira on sport betting. You dey block my timeline from seeing better comments with your congenital idiocy. Snakes are having meeting, earthworm dey find attention.

If you don't have sub to bet today, you can let me know. I'll sub for you so you can fuck_ off.


This just proved that the young man is not far from the Truth.

I've gone through your rants on this platform too, and I can perceive your level of exposure.

Just change your circle, or expand it.

Don't limit yourself to feel comfortable.


Programming / Re: Everybody Is A Javascript Developer On Nigerian Tech Twitter by Unclesamo(m): 9:09am On Jun 04

I'm a serious self critic. I'll not feel confident interviewing for any job until I feel I'm ready. And to be honest I'm not ready. I have set very high standards for myself. Yes I've read all the advice to start sending applications early, and learning to interview by interviewing, and learning on the job, blah blah. But unlike a lot of people, I'm not in need of money at the moment( lucky to have rich parents) and I have time all day and all the resources to learn, and that's what I'm focused on.

I'm not in any rush. The moment I start sending applications, it's going to derail my learning. I'm currently learning C#, .Net and SQL and building bigger projects with React, Node and express. Also practicing DSAs and leetcoding like crazy. All this will be useful when I am ready to get a job. I already gave myself till November so I'm not in any rush.

Just Calm down...
you hate this, you later liked this.... This is not a trending tech too, oh, it's now the best to be used.

dey calm down, you still have a lot to learn & progress ahead.

Those you are even replying have been into this tech journey for years, you just started LAST YEAR and you're like this!!!

Calm down, Learn Well so that you can Earn Well.
Business / Re: Tribapay Is Still The Most Reliable For Dollar Cards Because Of Customer Care by Unclesamo(m): 7:53pm On Jun 02

If you want to resell your dollar they will just rip your sorry ass.

And their funding rate is not nice anyway.

Their rate is Suicidal..

Don't even think of leaving funds there, na so miss miss e go dey miss.

Nairaland won't be there to help you reach customer care..... I've had my share with all this Alien funding cards.

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Family / Re: Should I Meet Her Biological Father Before Paying Bride-Price To Her Step-father by Unclesamo(m): 7:30pm On Jun 01
Please get this clear
Your father is the one that take care of u not the one who gave birth to you

Is this the Woke Generation theology of defining who a father is?

What if it was the mother that denied him the access from birth by running away with the child, threatening any form of connection, or in the bid of marrying someone Richer?

what if?

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Family / Re: Lagos Court Grants Wives Equal Rights Over Husbands’ Properties by Unclesamo(m): 2:34pm On May 30

The female judge is MAD. This case will get to the Supreme Court. So all a woman need to do in her life is to fucck a man, then she automatically owns half of his life’s hard work.

E no go better for her Mama. Na motor go jam her

Always read or preview before commenting.


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Unclesamo(m): 6:39pm On May 29

Why should he take the vehicle away from his driver?

What did his driver ever do to you?

Omo bone TheModerator, you can’t just come out from nowhere and accuse someone unjustly here.

ME I won’t allow it.

The first time you did it I asked you to say what exactly transpired between the both of you but you instead decided to act the way you did. It doesn’t make an iota of sense.

If truly you’re not all smoke then let us understand your problem bro, what’s your pain? where is the fire? undecided

same devil dey fire & defend his alt

Is Trust so Big to Afford


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Unclesamo(m): 6:35pm On May 29

grin thank God for your life. But seriously, you need to get out there and drive for one month. Maybe you go understand the business better, you may eventually start seeing things differently from the corner cheerfulgiver put you. There's more to this business than dashboard. That thing wey you write about HP make me shame sef.

At this point also, you never knew he's the same person using his alt in defence.

The platform is just Odd.

one just have to be careful.. this place is turning to den of rippers & Scammers.

the other day was Fasas & Felicity bruhaha


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Unclesamo(m): 6:29pm On May 29

You just keep poknosing into stuffs no wonder the moderator is always giving you gbas gbos

I brought this issue in the first place cos I fear for my car
Upon my last inspection car wasn't looking nice though my remittance comes in timely
So I needed advice on how to handle the issue. Thanks

you were being played by same person (corner & Cheerful)... using one alternate to defend the other.

no wonder the annoying defense from him.

how ridiculous can humans be


Romance / Re: Why Do Some People Always Over Keep Low Profile?? by Unclesamo(m): 4:50pm On May 26
I have this my friend, I don't know how he live his life. When he graduated, he doesn't share to people, dont even post it on WhatsApp status for people to rejoice with him. Now, he is currently doing nysc, nobody knows he is doing nysc. He doesn't post pictures. The stupid thing about him. He can post music videos or another thing on is Whatsapp status. I see this as selfishness. Why are some people like this. If you want to keep low profile, keep low profile with sense. At least let people know about some of your achievement, I'm not saying you should broadcast all your achievements, you don't where your helper may come from. May be through your WhatsApp contacts or social media

Please, Go and check yourself.

You are only pained that you don't know his journey.

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Politics / Re: Politics Section Moderator Wanted by Unclesamo(m): 7:00am On May 12
Mr Seun, I'm recommending myself for this position. Kindly look into this.
Crime / Re: $268,000 Fraud: EFCC Arrests Yahoo Boy At His Luxury Hotel In Delta State by Unclesamo(m): 10:11am On May 11
My only problem with Y-boiz is the way the lavish their money n make common needs like food, clothes and Okada very expensive. Cox they don't price those things. If not nothing concern me, make them chop their chicken I go manage my bone

This up here is your ONLY problem.

What about their VICTIMS?

It is well.
Romance / Re: Lady Loses Interest In A Young Man Because He Doesn't Smoke Or Drink by Unclesamo(m): 5:26pm On May 10
True... I met a girl like that last year. She asked me what do I smoke and I asked "smoke?" with smiling face. She said yes, and I told her I don't smoke anything and there is no any reason that will make me to smoke. She laughed at me and then asked the type of beer, gin, wine etc I drink and I told her I don't smoke nor do I drink. She smiled and said "guy, I like you but you will be boring and I'm not planning to spend any moment of life with a boring man. Na where everything end be that.

I bet She's under 27... I'm very sure
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Unclesamo(m): 6:55pm On May 05
I didn't know a lot of agents are here.

So sorry for rattling una. It was not intentional


Dey play...
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Unclesamo(m): 6:45pm On May 05
What I learnt from the Fracases so far is that:

If you are not street smart & know little about cars, never ever deal with someone like that Felicity001 guy... take your money elsewhere.

Giving receipt details gave a lot of details all in a bid of covering his loops. Desperation & Greed ehnnnn

Fasasi1 was just a victim that trusted too much.

in a sane atmosphere... Felicity should be apologizing for a bad deal & transactions, but pride won't let him.

I believe Fasas & other member have learnt a lot...even myself.

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Politics / Re: Hon. Ismaila Maihanci Yushau Dies At 36 by Unclesamo(m): 3:33pm On Apr 22
I wonder when these people will start understanding politics isn't for kids grin grin

I can bet my ass he didn't die a natural death.

But those that are there now started as kids under 50's
Family / Re: Frustrated With My Wife by Unclesamo(m): 9:02pm On Apr 10

Agree to her will of dissolving the marriage... I was once at this point also.
Be stern on it.
if she shows no concern, Please dissolve. if not, you will forever regret.

she regrets being with someone like you.

But if there are resolution to stop the divorce, laid down things in your terms....

Both of you are just cohabitating, and she's just staying because of what people will say

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Sports / Re: How Much Referees Get Paid Per Game by Unclesamo(m): 4:10pm On Apr 10
You guys above saying its too small.u guys are funny.have u converted it to naira?do u know how many games they officiate in three months?do u know abt allowances?

You funny with this bandwagon mentality.


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