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Health / Re: Boy Almost Drowned While Swimming With His Girlfriend In Lagos by Uyiii: 11:58am On Nov 26, 2019
Health / Re: Boy Almost Drowned While Swimming With His Girlfriend In Lagos by Uyiii: 11:52am On Nov 26, 2019
Chukwu said: “What drew my attention to them was when I noticed the friend was smooching the girl and then I looked out for the guy and boom he was 12ft below the water.
what a friend! the nigga couldn't even wait for his friend to finish dying before taking over his girlfriend. inside_Life, nothing wey adele nor go see for the other sideangry

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Celebrities / Re: 'Chinese Doll' - Toke Makinwa Wears New Beautiful Look by Uyiii: 6:54pm On Nov 07, 2019
intercontinental oloshoshocked!!

after satisfying your chinese clients today, you'll progress to becoming a germany sex doll tomorrow, bleached mofo!


Travel / Re: Truck, 2 Other Vehicles Catch Fire In Osun, Many Feared Trapped by Uyiii: 6:50pm On Nov 07, 2019
what other sign do you need to know nigeria is gonna be used as hell fire after judgement dayshocked!

9jaa is actually the hell fire talked about in the bible!

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Crime / Re: Nigerians Spotted Fighting Over N3m (video) by Uyiii: 7:58am On Nov 01, 2019
not a news, the fight is worth it!

people have been killed because of 10naira, that's what the people I share this space with can do to you.


Politics / Re: Abiodun Dapo Offers Job To Best Graduating Student, Gifts N50,000 To Others by Uyiii: 7:41am On Nov 01, 2019
50grand for students who graduated with distinction, that's equivalent to one infinix smart-phone. but 60milla to Lambo for winning bbn.

no chill, relax! ain't tryna compare these two facets of life or institutions. I just dey try let us know say school na scam for 9jaa sha and if you're so into it and as such motivated to advance in it, do not overly bank your hopes on societal or government recognition because you'll be so disappointed in this country.

those of you still trusting in school life, reading journals and researching somewhat boring sturvs, I enjoin you to be your best motivator and once any chance show like this, move go where things dey sweet and work.
make we leave the country make dem see better chance bury am finish with hopeless and unproductive ventures since we all want to be stuupid in nigeria.


Romance / Re: Two Young Lovers Cause A Stir Online (Video) by Uyiii: 7:26am On Nov 01, 2019
as I fess see the pichure, I be think say na wizkid. as I look am again, I con say okay e go be boluwatife, wizkid pikin.

this guy is obviously from the balogun family, no doubt my brothergrin! na their way.


Celebrities / Re: Tboss: Davido Is Not Supposed To Arrest Anybody Or Teach Anyone A Lesson by Uyiii: 7:20am On Nov 01, 2019
t-boss is actually soliciting and showing remorse and pity for those women because she's capable of doing such to a man.
birds of same feather do what again??! you know the matter na.


Health / Re: Katie Kleinxo: Lady Who Is HIV Positive Tattooed 'HIV+' On Her Private Part by Uyiii: 7:13am On Nov 01, 2019

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Romance / Re: Man Who Was Seen Peeping At His Fiancee In The Bathroom In Pre-wedding Photos by Uyiii: 7:01am On Nov 01, 2019
the man is already showing her what he's gonna do to their fat-ass neighbor.
I hope she won't be crying foul later in the marriage when clearly with her 'korokoro' eyes, she's getting married to a big-bellied perverted and promiscuous soul who will easily be poisoned with food.

I wish them happy married life shaacheesy!

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Celebrities / Re: Lady Gets a Tatoo Of Her HIV Status by Uyiii: 6:53am On Nov 01, 2019
lmaoo! see another defensive mechanism/strategy activated! prolly she's staying in rape-prone area and has thought it wise to tattoo a std that will increase her chances of not been victimized. if this is true, then she's on a long thing because those guyz aren't gonna peruse what's written on top of a kpekus. even in a consenting scenario, which nigga wan see tattoo then say no, I won't do againgrin!

if you like tattoo all types of hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, cmv and other wicked STDs, with that fresh punäni of yoursshocked! some niggaz are ready to die diaa and bury their head inside.

reverse psyche, only in rare cases does hiv positive people flaunt their status like a ripe mango, I seriously doubt the one we have here and having hiv doesn't mean you can't be fùcked seriously.


Celebrities / Re: Tuoyo And A Lady In Sexy Dance Inside Pool At Kraks House Party by Uyiii: 5:44am On Nov 01, 2019

Chaarle how far?
You con scarce for beer parlour these days
hailings brotherly! na the busy schedules my brother, though I dey come online but hardly comment bcoz I nor go fit keep-up.
I dey stroll reach there sometimes shaa, new-new sobriquets all the timegrin!

I greet you.


Celebrities / Re: Two Instagram Celebrities Arrested In Connection With Mompha — Kemi Olunloyo by Uyiii: 10:22pm On Oct 30, 2019
Who can tell me what a rich man does that a poor man don't do? Remember, the opposite of rich is poor, not average. So if you're not rich, you're poor.
We just need to be contented.
but people saabi confuse people shaa. am I the only person who didn't comprehend what this nigga was tryna put across

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Celebrities / Re: Tacha In A Live Video With Tboss, Explains Why She Took A Break From Instagram by Uyiii: 7:09pm On Oct 30, 2019
This smelling thing should go and sleep already...if u are starting to get bored of her news, hit like...
I think calling her smelly is getting stale already, too much of everything is baad my brother and as evidently so, you just fooled yourself.

she has moved on, signing contracts with nice firms left and right and of course positioning her life. how about you? still doing 'hit like' if you agree with me, old man like you dragging for ftc, looking desperately for likes on NL and you think you have a thing or two to say about tachaasad!

I won't be far from the truth to think you also smell because it's very factual you've been online from morning till now and haven't had your bath since, so you see your life! your body odour is oozing already in my end because I mentioned you.

BOOM! I think you should stfu and get busy with your life, cheers broo.

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Celebrities / Re: Check Out The Price And Pictures Of Most Expensive Shoe In The World by Uyiii: 6:54pm On Oct 30, 2019
the price will be worth it if it can do the following for me, it should be able to of course;

- order my footsteps in the right direction i.e refusing to move a step forward when there's danger ahead and also helping me locate where there's money.

- the shoe should be able to run errands for me.

- the shoe should be able to clean itself and massage my legs.

p.s: I fess know say na woman shoe e go be, men wey still dey find am out to cough out 54k to buy shoe for 9jaa go con buy this one, how much again??cheesy!


Romance / Re: Boy Impregnates Girl And Gets Dragged Out From Class By Girl's Mother by Uyiii: 6:40pm On Oct 30, 2019
The only problem he will have is when he deny d pregnancy but if he accept it, even police will support d guy..
talking from experience, I throway salute ma'amgrin!


Romance / Re: 'doggy Style Without The Sound Of Ta! Ta! Taa! Is A Scam':nigerian Lady Says(pix by Uyiii: 6:25pm On Oct 30, 2019
empty idiotsshocked! see this she--goat now as a case study, you're a goner as a man if you're involved in a relationship with this thing.
nothing meaningful dey their head aside iPhone, wigs and closure, make-up kits,movies, uber and sex.
even the fúck sef, she nor go sabi fúck. offering smelly pussies and empty brains is now their national anthem, Ode!

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Romance / Re: Chilling With My Daughter This Beautiful Evening - Photos by Uyiii: 6:12pm On Oct 30, 2019
I'm sorry op, you never born pikin undecided
Nah girl child you dey flaunt like this? undecided, a girl that will eventually be given out to a man and stripped of your name undecided
Any man wey never born boy;never born pikin undecided
sentimentality aside, no harm in garnishing your postulations with wisdom at times as it is always profitable.

you just dey here, even as new guy dey form troll, who you dey troll don kick start hin life already. girl or boy, he's got for himself a progeny this early and will progress with life from here.

I know say you just wan troll because na girl him get, not necessarily because you don't know a female child like chimamanda is better than male children who end up as thieves and constituting nuisance in the society.

get sense broo! pikin na pikin, how you take train am naim matter.

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Celebrities / Re: Tuoyo And A Lady In Sexy Dance Inside Pool At Kraks House Party by Uyiii: 6:07pm On Oct 30, 2019
tuoyo my nigga, awon pornustar ko strippers clubgrin!
you mean all the chapel services benson idahosa university coarsed you to attend was all for a waste. unsurprisingly though, you're already made in their eyes and will be treated as a star and a 'great alumni' whenever you go say hello just like uti nwachukwu.
in Feb's voice -tuoyo is a disciple of christ and has excelled in his stripping field, somebody shaat hallelujahgrin!

these institutions nor wan know oshocked! if you like display your pènis for fame, as far as it clicks for you, they'll identify themselves with you!

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Romance / Re: “don’t Start With Spending Money Or Buying Gifts To A Lady You're Interested In” by Uyiii: 9:11am On Oct 30, 2019
gone are the days in 9jaa as a reference point when you see the feminine folks stand with a man they truly love and build a lasting foundation with him. this mentality ended in the era of our parents and as evidently so, this is the reason most of their unions(our parents) is blessed with all sorts or riches and is long lasting because they started together from nothing.

I won't really slap all blames on the gold-diggers proliferating the entire 9jaa space as girls today presenting themselves as potential girlfriends and wives, I'll shift the blame also to the retrogressive cascade of the nigerian system.
as unfortunate as it seems, boys are actually trying (graduates and non) to make ends meet and stand out as men in relationships but because poverty has soaked and eaten deeply into the mindset of an average nigerian girl mistakes ostentatious spending on them as been caring as that way of life is alien to them. since buoyant spending on a girl equals care, maturity and love has now pressurised boys not principled enough to trash their legit hustles for illegal ones bringing in fast cash.

the whole essense of my little epistu is to actually tell us there's absolutely no need for a relationship expert on this one as this act is gonna go on for a very long time and in circles not until an average girl in nigeria is able to cater for herself, minimizing the level of her hunger and greed and of course maximizing her attentions to details on what she really wants in a man as expressed by the girls in the era of our parents.

p.s: although they're few, but I know we still have reasonable girls around not moved with what they see but know what they want in a man, kudoz to em' and I am not also against living a good life, but try not to be digging golds and you look so cheap and stuupid because of that, cheers!

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Celebrities / Re: AY Takes Real Warri Pikin Shopping On Her Birthday In Washington DC by Uyiii: 8:35am On Oct 30, 2019
Ay is actually a better movie actor than he is a stand-up comedian! any movie Ay features in, sure it's a must watch for me as he's always cracking my ribs with the warri jibes and allcheesy!

he's a correct nigga, one love.

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Celebrities / Re: Actress Chika Ike's Stunning Look At The Impart Artist Fair In Lagos (photos) by Uyiii: 6:10pm On Oct 27, 2019
an honest question!

why is the shoulder level of igbo women always higher than the norm, is it pride or it's just a natural phenomenon?!

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Attack Dele Momodu For Insinuating Bola Tinubu Will Become President by Uyiii: 10:14am On Oct 27, 2019
mr dele momodu is a heavyweight glorified ass-licker. the faat man literally licks ass for a living, although not a good representation for a real man unless he is a coward which of course he is, his act of licking and digesting fecal matters has obviously been paying his bills and that of his family since time immemorial.

ass-licking is now a natural norm in his life, please he should be allowed to suffocate in his delusional and ludicrous opinions.

faat fool!

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Webmasters / Re: New Haircut: Mark Zuckerberg Mocked On Twitter (Photos) by Uyiii: 8:24am On Oct 27, 2019
if a person's haircut or hair-do measures intelligence, I think girls fixing brazilian wigs their fathers can't afford would have been the most intelligent, but as we obviously know, the reverse is the case!

I also think this is a very stuupid reason to raise eyebrow as I do not find any fault in his haircut. he's a billionaire though, his cough or any minor aberration should be news.

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Celebrities / Re: Cindy Okafor Gives MC Galaxy A Portrait For Making Her A Millionaire by Uyiii: 7:47am On Oct 27, 2019
me am still wondering how Mc Galaxy became a millionaire in a Giffy
cos na only Sekem i know say this guy sing.
ogaa jokes aside and trashing the chase of clout, attention seeking prowess and money miss road acts. mc_galaxy is an underrated entertainer, you knowing sekem as his only hit is entirely your problem.
the nigga is very talanted and I think his versatility and commerciality are some of his biggest problems; he can sing, he can dance, he's a very good comedian and of course can anchor shows.

I've listened to his songs for years and can only allude he is underrated and most of you just want to lend your voices negatively because you see others doing so even without doing a research or knowing the individual yourself, very poor mentality!

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Celebrities / Re: Legendary Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jackie Chan Pictured Together by Uyiii: 11:11pm On Oct 26, 2019


Romance / Re: Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like Kissing? by Uyiii: 10:21pm On Oct 26, 2019
Like it is disgusting. My mouth smell. When I look at the face of the person I am kissing, they always have this goat or fish facial look. It doesn't make sense to me. But why do them girls like it? They want to kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss. They just prefer it to other forms of romance.

Or wait o, is it not that the movies brainwashed us with this kissing of a thing or what?
Just like the way they made me believe in Love? [s]Come on men, money is the ingredient. If no money, Una go soak Garri tire o.[/s]

Well wether the movies did it or not, I just don't give a shit about it. I just hate kissing(I mean it with passion)

Sorry back to you, am I the only one?
First of, I tried fathoming what you spewed up here to make a meaning out of it but realised early enough that no matter the approach I resort to will end up finalising your piece is entirely lacking of anything that begot sense.

notwithstanding, I made it a point of duty to correct and stone you back with the horribly horrible generalizations you made.
you also left me puzzled with your inclusion of garri, like how on earth does kissing coincide with soaking garri and money as an ingredient.
you also said you kiss goats and fish with your eyes open, my nigga you're very maadcheesy!

Obviously all isn't well with you, you're just venting out your frustrations on one of the sweetest acts in love making, albeit incoherently.

I think you should learn how to opine your thoughts in an intelligible manner first before being worried about the smelling mouths of goats and fishes you kiss with your eyes wide open, cheers broo!

So all this English you just blow for your mind makes sense.sad
Don't worry Thunder will soon locate you
I know say you go stuupidly reply me! see how foam dey come out from your mouth, you get epilepsy?grin!

as obvious as it seems, thunder has longed located you and firing you already. thunder don fire your mouth tayaa sotey to wash your mouth and kiss con turn to herculean task for you, your mouth just dey tachaa anyhowgrin!

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Politics / Re: Kiki Osinbajo's Outfit To Lagos Fashion Week (Photos) by Uyiii: 9:54pm On Oct 26, 2019
this one just still dey bleach for inside aso villa, na by force to fair!

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Health / Re: Before & After Picture Of The Emaciated Lady Spotted At Ajah, Lagos by Uyiii: 9:49pm On Oct 26, 2019
How do we know it's the lady? Was expecting to see a story of some sort. All we have is a random picture with faint resemblance and you expect us to believe?
Bloggers. . .
not neglecting the fact that lots of picture effects are very applicable now and in her case, maybe the hip and body mass in totality, but that's obviously the same person. the face and tattoo is a match!


Health / Re: Before & After Picture Of The Emaciated Lady Spotted At Ajah, Lagos by Uyiii: 9:31pm On Oct 26, 2019
it's pathetic and quite unfortunate to use her as an analogy, but this here is the perfect description of the before and after of nigeria!

but dammit, this is obviously not an illness, she looks very malnourished. she was severely starved by whoever dumped her!


Celebrities / Re: Chioma Reacts To Lady Who Said She's Not The First To Get Pregnant For Davido by Uyiii: 8:41pm On Oct 26, 2019
women are actually their worse enemies, very jealous creatures!
instead of this one to channel her attention to looking for funds to get the size of her nose right and of course up her game in her facial make-up, she's here meddling and peddling in the affairs of another, inhaling everyone's breatheundecided!
person wey be say if davido cough like this, she go open her dirty yansh wide like kaduna express road.

see how person carry nose like two boarding-house iron buckets, do face like wetin dem nor dey use again_ yeye thing!

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