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Politics / Re: Burial Of Sobur Olayiwola Olawale Omititi Who Died At APC's Rally In Jos (Photo) by Wfaluse: 10:39pm On Nov 16
May Almighty Allah have mercy on his soul, make the grave comfortable for him and make him stand among the faithfuls on the Last Day


Education / Re: FG Begins Payment Of 8-month Salary Backlog To Breakaway ASUU Faction by Wfaluse: 10:33pm On Nov 06
Any student that will vote for APC next year, will be unfortunate in life.
Including his or her academics
Its obvious you are accursed.

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Family / Re: I Saw A Dead Family Friend Two Years Later by Wfaluse: 5:45pm On Oct 28
I have never believed in reincarnation but my eyes did saw one yesterday

Here's the story:

Year 2020, I think around may according to his parents because I can't recollect, this neighbor of ours and close friend to my sibling was into cultism.
There's was a cult clash at ikorodu that year and he lost his life, I wasn't told I was there life when police released his corpse to his parents and I was even part of those who digged the grave he was buried. Two years ago oo..

Now, this is year 2022, I saw this boy at orile, he wanted to board the bus I was in with my girlfriend. Immediately we both saw each other I wanted to scream but I couldn't I don't know how. But everyone in the bus saw my reaction, this boy disappeared on that spot.

This isn't a made up story, if there's any nairalander at orile bustop around that time will testify to this.

Omo! I still can't believe what I saw, I cried till I got home, my girlfriend was shocked and speechless as well. How did he do that? How did he disappear in midst of people? Why is he not dead? There's obviously something spiritual about this that I'm not told.

His mom has been hospitalized since we got home and I explained everything that happened. He was her only child. This is so disheartening and scary as well

You just saw a jinn. They play a lot of pranks on we humans


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: An Accountant Lost His Job, See Why? by Wfaluse: 4:56pm On Sep 07
An accountant lost his job the other day.

Here is what happened:

The Head of Operations walked in and asked the accountant to transfer a large payment to a vendor immediately.

He highlighted that it was critical that the transfer take place urgently or the company would lose a deal.

The HoO further said that the MD/CEO was aware of the transaction and that she would be devastated if the company lost the sale because of untimely payment.

So, on the instruction of the Head of Operations, our young accountant initiated the payment.

It was eventually discovered that there was a major issue with that supplier since they did not deliver the products. An internal review revealed that there were major reservations about working with that supplier. Indeed, the MD was taken aback about why the payment was made to such a problematic supplier.

The accountant was summoned to explain why he processed the payment and said it was per the HoO's instructions. The HoO strongly responded that he had never given such an order.

The accountant was sacked on the spot for negligence because there was no documentary evidence that he followed the HoO's directions.

While many things could have been managed better with adequate processes and controls in place, that is not the point of the story.

Yes, our accountant was a victim of unfortunate circumstances, but when you understand the type of atmosphere you operate in, you must take extra precautions to protect yourself.

1. Always require written or other recorded evidence for all transactions.

2. Verify whatever information you are provided to act on. Even if it comes from the MDs themselves. "Trust but verify." It is difficult to verify without documentation.

3. Finally, impose a system in which "nothing is urgent." There must be some processing time involved. That is the time when you calmly go over all the pertinent information and documents linked to what is on your desk. People use "urgent" and chaotic situations to commit all sorts of folly.

The above may be difficult to implement, especially in weak-control environments (read: one-man businesses), but they are necessary for your peace of mind.

Who can say? You could be the catalyst for change.
Accountant initiated payment without necessary approval, not even an email? He should be tried for at least gross negligence and suspected collusion. Very naive of him if he truly doesn't benefit anything from the deal


Politics / Re: Tinubu And Shettima Head To Osun For APC Final Campaign Rally by Wfaluse: 6:13pm On Jul 11
Whomever that will vote Tilumbu, may that person life and future generations experience failure, Amen.

I am sure you are a failure already. It is written all over your post

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Crime / Re: Ibukun Olusola Olajide Missing After Leaving Home To Attend Wedding In Ibadan by Wfaluse: 4:49pm On Jul 06
"My cousin Ibukun Olajide that was declared missing since last Friday regained freedom from Spiritualists after God's interventions. He said he left many other victims at the den."

He has been found. His cousin posted this on Facebook a while ago
Politics / Re: Northern Muslims Criticise Peter Obi Branded Praying Mats by Wfaluse: 12:44pm On Jun 30
I went through their most of the accounts and I found out that most of them are APC members. Real Muslims don't have any problem with that.

Tinubu urchins are doing the most.
Seriously? My 6 year son knows you dont pray where pictures of animals or humans are.
Car Talk / Re: Is There An An Acura Owners Group Here? by Wfaluse: 9:21pm On Jun 28
Sorry you can add yourself thru these link I pested now

Link doesn't load. Please recheck
Car Talk / Re: Is There An An Acura Owners Group Here? by Wfaluse: 7:14pm On Jun 28
Kindly add me to the Acura /Honda WhatsApp group. 08082562837
Autos / Re: Accident Free, 2008 Toyota Hylander. Price 7.2m by Wfaluse: 4:11pm On Jun 26
You are a joker…how much is now 2010 tokunbo
As in eh?

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Autos / Re: Neat Used Xc90 Volvo jeep 1.350 by Wfaluse: 3:10pm On Jun 26
Year please and locatio
Politics / Re: Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement? by Wfaluse: 7:00am On Jun 26
Movement ko? They can create hype eh.
Politics / Re: Lawyer, Malcolm Omirhobo, Appears In Traditional Outfit At Supreme Court by Wfaluse: 7:03pm On Jun 23
I encourage him to continue. Let all his family members do same - to parties, school, officr,weddings, etc. Afterall, he now knows that the Nigerian constitution guarantees him that right. I just hope he wont get tired like his mates in Osun state the other time


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Real Madrid UCL Final (0 - 1) On 28th May 2022 by Wfaluse: 10:38pm On May 28
At least they will feel what Chelsea felt after losing two finals agonisingly

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Politics / Re: How EFCC Broke Into Rochas Okorocha’s House Through The Ceiling by Wfaluse: 9:41pm On May 24
Why is he afraid of EFCC? I mean, you knew they were EFCC guys, you were still fretting like chicken wey rain beat. EFCC no dey kill na

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Politics / Re: IPOB Kills Woman, 4 Kids, 6 Others In Anambra by Wfaluse: 7:17am On May 24

The hypocrisy of the highest order from Media and South East.

One of the most tolerant people in this country is Muslims and the Northern state. Northern Muslims have been killed in the southern state in the Christian population, nobody condemn the whole Christianity and the whole tribe in this country from Northern Muslims

Nobody from the Media or Northern state called out the whole Christianity or the whole tribes for the murder of the Northern Muslim in the Christian state or Southern State as follows;

1. The Christians from the eastern state murder the northern Muslims in Anambra.

2. Igbo Christians murder Northern Muslims in Anambra state.

but let the table turn around and some extremists or thugs from Northern states or southern states murder Christians, you will see the hypocrite of the people from the media and from southern states that will blame the whole Muslims and Northern state for the atrocity of some thugs.

When the IPOB started their madness in the southeast all the Igbo tribes supported them.

When the IPOB created the ESN security, all the Igbo tribes supported them

When the IPOB launched attacked and Killed our security personnel, all the Igbo tribes supported them.

And now, when the IPOB launch attacked on Igbo, their people, they are now condemned the IPOB.

As from now the headline, Media, Northern should address them as following;

1. Igbo Christian Today Executed a Hijab wearing Woman and her 4 children in the middle of the road at Isulo Orumba Local Government Anambra

2. Igbo Murdered Northern Christian in Anambra State.

3. Black Sunday in Anambra as Igbo Christian Murdered Northern Muslims

I am totally with you on this. This is pure hypocrisy. And to tell you people are still cheering them on. How quick were they in condeming killing of Deborah in Sokoto and calling for the heads of all Muslims as a result


Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Ohanaeze Threatens Boycott Of Polls Over Zoning by Wfaluse: 6:29pm On May 08

You're daft, a psychopath born by deadbeat damage parents who depraved u of good things of life.
Won't reply u anymore bc you're uneducated

You seems to be the educationally disadvantaged one here.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Eid Ul Fitr To Be Marked In Saudi Arabia, UAE On Monday by Wfaluse: 7:41pm On Apr 30

Islamic months is just like the calendar months and it's either 29 or 30 days. The difference is that we use the moon to know when each month starts and if a month will be 29 or 30. So, looking for the moon on the 29th day of Ramadan is to know if Ramadan finishes that day or if it will be 30. In other words, it can never be more than 30.
Educating. Jazakhalah kayran


Islam for Muslims / Re: Eid Ul Fitr To Be Marked In Saudi Arabia, UAE On Monday by Wfaluse: 7:40pm On Apr 30

Omo grin
I don't know. But I have once asked a Muslim fellow of mine, he told me they will continue with it till they sight the moon. Definitely the moon will come out cause this whole moon thing appearing has already been studied right from the beginning, they have study it in such a way that it has to come out even not on the 30th day but that same week.
Every cycle of the moon is 29 or 30 days. No one searches for moon on the 30th day of the lunar month.

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Crime / Re: Gunmen Open Fire On A Drinking Joint In Anambra, Kill 4 Men And A Lady (video) by Wfaluse: 6:52pm On Apr 30
It actually happened yesterday evening. So much bad news that are unreported is happening in alaigbo, expecially Anambra state, Nnewi south LGA in particular. I'm from the area, last week Saturday, gun men invaded Ezinifite town, my own place (which is a neighboring town to Osumenyi) and killed 3 men and abducted 1 man.
These things have gone beyond ipob, umuoma boys and ebube agu. We should all join hands together and nip this monster in the bud before it gets out of hand.

Village that is sweeter than anything is now turning to blood field.
May God bring peace to the whole land. It pains my heart when the victims of the heartless killings are innocent people

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Politics / Re: Huge Crowd Hails Peter Obi In Computer Village, Lagos (Video) by Wfaluse: 6:33pm On Apr 30
Those guys u see today in computer village, u shall see them no more when 2023 comes calling.. They're just there to pick one or two naira notes that may be scattered in the air..

If u dispute this, wait until other presidential aspirants visit the same computer village, even Sowore or Dele Mommodu would pull mammoth crowd over there..
If people like Jagaban or Atiku go there, there'll be stampede cos they have more cash to display in the air..

Its not compulsory u agree with me!
Sense no go kill you. I wonder what the frenzy is all about. May be just the normal hyping by his supporters.

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Politics / Re: Huge Crowd Hails Peter Obi In Computer Village, Lagos (Video) by Wfaluse: 6:26pm On Apr 30
If the North and South don't vote Peter Obi, then everyone should get ready for another 8 years of hardship.
See another one here. Very warped mentality.

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Politics / Re: Huge Crowd Hails Peter Obi In Computer Village, Lagos (Video) by Wfaluse: 6:25pm On Apr 30
make tinubu come anambra na pls
So that your unknown gunmen will assassinate him. I am sure after PDP primaries, all these noise from you people on Obi will subside

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Politics / Re: APC Presidential Primary: James Faleke Meets With Kogi State Statutory Delegates by Wfaluse: 5:39pm On Apr 27

Decentralised multi campaign fronts

Delegation of consultations to multiple capable lieutenant

Multiple protegés who are showing gratitude and donating time and resources

Tinubu's political prowess must be studied in Universities accross the globe


Words on the marble

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Politics / Re: APC Ticket: 2 Northern Governors Behind Jonathan’s Return Bid - Daily Trust by Wfaluse: 8:45am On Apr 27
Two northern governors abi cowards. The fear of Tinubu is making them to try all kind of political permutations . You all should go for the primary and test your popularity.

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Sports / Re: I Lost My Life Savings #113,000 To Betting by Wfaluse: 3:59pm On Apr 24
An apartments will solve my problems
I will stay with my family
Start going to church
Nothing will make me bet. I don't bet before
I promised my wife this month ending to up the money for the apartment. Pls I need help
How do you expect betting to solve your problem bro? You are still living in delusion if you believe so. Brace your self up and pick up again. You are still young. Thankfully you have a mini bus you can use to make money. I bet it if you work hard for two months consecutively and you avoid all unnecessary expenses, you can save enough to get a decent apartment.

You may also drop your account details . This is Ramadan period.Let hearts that your story have touched and who have to drop for you

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Politics / Re: Muslim Appointees Of Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo (Video & List) by Wfaluse: 4:09pm On Apr 14
These were appointed by others including Buhari. Stop the rubbish propaganda. Osinbajo is going back to Ogun state after 2023.

I tire o. Did he appoint them? The guy is just grasping at straws.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo’s Rccgification, Plot For Theocratic State Capture By Farooq Kperogi by Wfaluse: 2:19pm On Apr 14
I love it when people provide facts even if I don't like their personality. These are facts that can be verified easily by anyone, not rumors and innuendos.
Osinbajo can forget the presidency with these expose.
Oseun baami

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo’s Rccgification, Plot For Theocratic State Capture By Farooq Kperogi by Wfaluse: 2:06pm On Apr 14
Kperogi is a Muslim. He didn't even develop this sort of energy towards Buhari's bigoted and ethnoreligious loopsided appointments that violated the country's Federal character.

Now, he is not attacking Osinbajo on grounds of incompetency but religion, claiming he wants to RCCGify the nation. How stupid people get professorship and display unrivalled stupidity in this manner is beyond me.

You obviously dont know or follow this man. I dont think there is a bigger critic of Buhari in the past few years. I remember how he tore Isa Pantami aside. So know in case you do not know

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo’s Rccgification, Plot For Theocratic State Capture By Farooq Kperogi by Wfaluse: 1:50pm On Apr 14
Well, I am not even surprised. At least, the doubting Thomases will now see the real person he is. And Ojudu will carry his matter on his head like agbalumo. Osi radarada.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Ramadan Day 1: What Did You Have For Sahur? by Wfaluse: 9:29am On Apr 02
Bread and tea with fried egg. Really struggled to eat a little of it though.

Ramadan Mubarak


Politics / Re: Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Is 70 Years Old Today by Wfaluse: 8:04am On Mar 29
Happy birthday sir, the Asiwaju of Nigeria

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