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Celebrities / Re: Man Questions His Wife For Following Boma Of Bbnaija On Instagram: Video by Wheezy123(m): 5:42pm On Sep 21, 2021
But forget, how this guy take de attractive to start with biko nu

To me, the guy just dey!! Nothing much about him nah.

This BBNaija mumu don do nah!!

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Politics / Re: Imo Is Capital Of Drug Abuse In Southern Nigeria –NDLEA by Wheezy123(m): 8:37am On Sep 15, 2021
Why Imo State suddenly became notorious overnight A once peaceful and noiseless State. angry

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Nairaland / General / Re: How Can I Boost My Confidence. Help!!!!! by Wheezy123(m): 1:24pm On Aug 02, 2021
Workout/Gym to look good
Dress well and smart
Eat well and healthy
Don't talk too much
Make money by working harder
Pray every morning
Enjoy your own company
Expect rejections.
Motivate yourself.

While u may feel like you're having a low self esteem, others will see u as a "dangerous guy" and won't wanna fvck with u.

And you'll get more female attractions, more respect and automatically the confidence boosts.


Family / Re: DNA Test Palava (What Do I Do?) by Wheezy123(m): 3:29pm On Jul 31, 2021
That child ain't yours bro. Don't give her a dime. She might be takin from u and the real father of the child.

If she needs d money urgently, let her bring d kid for the DNA test.

While awaiting d result, u can get d meds for the kids yourself instead of givin her cash.
Car Talk / Re: Toyota Camry XLE Push To Start Dashboard Lights Flickering by Wheezy123(m): 6:15am On May 18, 2021

Na battery nah, please what year of the xle you got the push to start button ??

It's 2011 model.
Car Talk / Re: Toyota Camry XLE Push To Start Dashboard Lights Flickering by Wheezy123(m): 12:05pm On May 17, 2021
Hi, do you think it's a battery or an alternator ish?? So i dnt get scammed by these electricians.


Charge the battery and make plans for a replacement.
Car Talk / Toyota Camry XLE Push To Start Dashboard Lights Flickering by Wheezy123(m): 11:30am On May 17, 2021
Hello guys, this morning I was washing my Toyota Camry, and I kept it on ignition mode to jam up while washing it.

After playing for about an hour, I noticed that the music stopped playing, but was still connected to the car.

I tried starting the car, but the dashboard lights came up but was just fluctuating/flickering, and the car won't revolve. I've tried it several times still nothing.

I've checked the battery and the green indicator still shows it's in a perfect condition.

What could be the cause please?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Writing Agency Needs A Competent And Experienced Writer. by Wheezy123(m): 11:42am On May 10, 2021

I'm a freelance writer on Upwork, and I have knowledge and experience in SEO.
Career / Re: What are The Best Handwork To Learn In Nigeria? by Wheezy123(m): 5:19pm On Apr 30, 2021
Auto Mechanic, Tiling and Plumbing.

Let me give you a brotherly advice, and I hope you work on it...
First of all I counsel people and I have done that on nairaland for a while... I have met great and good guys...
I dropped a story about my experience teaching in two schools as a corper and would not mind partnering with schools in abuja, but some accused me of looking for teaching job... Never ever mind what people say...
Back to the matter...
As a graduate, teaching and earning 15k, e no bad... But once you have a good (android) phone, go to any car stand of your choice around your area... Listen well, any good car stand and ask to see the manager... Tell him you want to help him market his cars and get good buyers... 90% of car stand managers will sign u on... Tel him you will be paid a small commission after sales...
Pick up your phone, snap as many cars as your phone memory can take, open a dedicated twitter ac, IG ac, Facebook ac, WhatsApp ac, ac etc... Take out time to post this cars, make sure you have the actual prices of this cars... You can add as much as #250k on it... Bring down the negotiations to as low as making #50k if need be just so I can sell. Set your monthly target... I assure you, if you get I client in a month, u make around #100,000k once you start growing, you can get as much as 5-10 client from all over the country and that hits you over #1m for just helping others sell their cars, Note all you invested was your time, energy, phone and data... No big financial capital...
Do not restrict yourself to cars, go for industrial machines as well, caterpillars, mikano gens, any thing, then you look for those big companies that need them and try to call their attention to it or market it to them... You may not sell in 3 months but when you manage to get a client to buy just 1 caterpillars, my brother you will instantly forget that u suffered before...
A friend of mine was marketing a silo for a local wielder, he received a call all the way from kebbi state, the purchase was made in Ilorin, he made #1.8 mil from buyers and #400k from seller... He still got a referral from that deal. Wake up bro...
Within a month or two, come and pay (tite).
I drive uber/bolt in abuja, market cars, sell commodities such as beans, maize, wheat, ginger,onions, name it... In bags and tonnes
And I make nothing less than half a mil monthly...

This is by far the most reasonable advice I've read in a while. Thumbs up man.


Romance / Re: Why Did You Breakup With Your Ex? by Wheezy123(m): 10:43pm On Mar 19, 2021
I only answered a simple question from op,where did you drop your sense before typing this?go back and look for your sense so you can type well next time.yen yen yen and where I come from women don't buy things for men

That's why you'll forever look up to men to buy little things for u. lolz

Don't quote me, I'm doing way better than you dear!! Osho free

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Car Talk / Re: Is My Toyota Camry XLE V6 2011 Model Consuming More Fuel? by Wheezy123(m): 9:27am On Mar 13, 2021

Fuel is now expensive. For N175. N2000 will only get you a little above 11 litres.

I dont want to assume you let that finish, before buying again or you will be fixing your fuel pump soon and dealing with avoidable mixfires due to plugged up nozzles.

Your car should do 21 to 32 Mpg city/highway. i.e 9km/litre - 13.6km/litre.

Use your odometer to calculate this.

Then you can be sure your car is thirsty

Hi bro, Please can you enlighten me on how to use this "Odometer"?? cry
Car Talk / Is My Toyota Camry XLE V6 2011 Model Consuming More Fuel? by Wheezy123(m): 5:19am On Mar 13, 2021
Hi guys, I recently acquired a Nigerian used 2011 Toyota Camry XLE v6 2011 model (double exhaust).

I noticed that a 2000 naira worth of fuel can't take me far. If i buy a fuel of 2000 naira at N175/Ltr, I can't drive round the city and come back home without the fuel gauge turning "yellow".

I thought Camrys are fuel efficient.

Please is it okay? or what can I do about it?

Health / All You Need To Know About Anemia by Wheezy123(m): 5:23am On Jan 15, 2020
Anemia is a condition in which their is little or no red blood cells in the blood. A person with anemia has thin blood. This happens when blood is lost or destroyed faster than the body can replace it. Blood loss from Large wounds, bleeding ulcers or dysentery can cause anemia. So can the monthly bleeding (menstrual period) of women, if they do not eat the foods that their body needs.
A diet lacking meat, dark green leafy vegetables and other foods rich in iron can cause anemia or make it worse.
In children, anemia can come from not eating foods rich in iron. Common causes of severe anemia in children are hookworm infection, chronic diarrhea and dysentery. Malaria, which destroys red blood cells, can also cause anemia.

Other causes of anemia include:
• Accident
• Surgery
• Fibrosis
• Ulcer
• Endometriosis

The Signs of Anemia are:
• Pale skin
• Pale inside of eyelids
• Pale gums
• White fingernails
• weakness and fatigue
In severe anemia;
• Face and feet may be swollen
• Rapid heartbeat
• Shortness of breath

Treatment and prevention of Anemia:
Treatment of anemia varies depending on the underlying cause.
• Eat foods rich in iron: Meat, fish, chicken and eggs are high in iron. Liver is especially high. Dark green leafy vegetables, beans, peas and lentils also contain iron in them.
• If foods rich in iron are hard to get, or if the anemia is severe, the person should take iron (Ferrous Sulfate pills). This is especially important for pregnant women who are anemic. Ferrous sulfate should be given by mouth and not injected.
• If the anemia is caused by dysentery (diarrhea with blood), hookworm, or other disease, do not hesitate to meet or call a doctor or physician.

Many women are anemic because they do not eat enough food rich in iron to replace the blood they lose during periods or after childbirth. It is very important that women eat beans during pregnancy.

Source: https://myhealthetic.com/2020/01/15/a-person-with-anemia-has-thin-blood-this-happens-when-blood-is-lost-or-destroyed-faster-than-the-body-can-replace-it/

Health / Re: Road Traffic Accidents And How To Avoid It This Festive Period. by Wheezy123(m): 8:15am On Dec 19, 2019
Very interesting topic, Admin please send this to the front page. [quote][/quote]
Events / Re: Bride Insists Her Brother Walks Her Down The Aisle Despite (Photos) by Wheezy123(m): 1:29pm On Nov 09, 2019
And how does this affect the price of Beans in the market ? Nonsense !!!

We Nigerians can dwell on irrelevant issues. Anyways, I blame buhari for this.

Mediocrity rules...

I believe you are a sadist and u can never progress in life. I believe u can't earn enough income on ur own because u are simply a sadist. Ppl like u dnt live long.
Travel / Re: Elderly Man Knocked Down By A Hit And Run Driver In Benue. Do You Know Him? by Wheezy123(m): 2:39pm On Sep 28, 2019
Even though i know him i won't give a damn,after all he isn't ma relative.NONSENSE
Oh, no wonder.. you're HIV Positive.. i just read your post on the Health section. Now i know why you're bittered.. Pls go get some anti-retroviral drugs b4 u die off... In 4wks or a month time, go do test and see d result. HIV infected human being
Travel / Re: Elderly Man Knocked Down By A Hit And Run Driver In Benue. Do You Know Him? by Wheezy123(m): 2:35pm On Sep 28, 2019
Even though i know him i won't give a damn,after all he isn't ma relative.NONSENSE
Now i see why God chose not to give humans power.. Cos if i had powers, i won't hesitate to strike u dumb and paralysed. STUPID THING
Crime / Re: Orphan Commits Suicide With Sniper In Ikorodu (Photos) by Wheezy123(m): 1:57pm On Sep 25, 2019
One less coward to share this country with..
Good riddance..

In as much as you purposely typed this, then i declare u pass through what he passed through.. Amen.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: West Ham United Vs Manchester United (2 - 0) On 22nd September 2019 by Wheezy123(m): 4:06pm On Sep 22, 2019
whr is the Man utd team that beat Chelsea 4:0?
Dem de injury
Crime / Re: Man Who Promises To Give Nigerians Security Jobs In UAE Bursted For Scamming The by Wheezy123(m): 10:22pm On Sep 18, 2019
Yawa grin


Sports / Re: Henrikh Mkhitaryan Scores On Roma Serie A Debut by Wheezy123(m): 7:12am On Sep 16, 2019
Mhikytarian is low-key good. But we don't see it that way. I believe if not for him, Man utd would not have won the Europa league trophy. The guy is good bro.

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Health / Re: Alcohol Vs Soft Drink: Which Is More Harmful? by Wheezy123(m): 9:52am On Sep 14, 2019

Not entirely correct. Type 1 diabetes is genetic but type 2 can be caused by several things including consumption of too much sugar, too much carbs, obesity and stress.
No bro, make your researches

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Health / Re: Alcohol Vs Soft Drink: Which Is More Harmful? by Wheezy123(m): 7:39am On Sep 14, 2019
you’re drinking two liters or more of heavily sugared soda (a cola type beverage, for example) per day, after a time (everyone’s body responds differently so it could be sooner or later) you may become diabetic.
A lil correction.. sugar or sugar contents CANNOT make one "diabetic" rather diabetes is not gotten from what we eat or drink. There are two types, Type 1 and type 2 diabetes.. Type 1 is hereditary, Type 2 is when the body (pancreas) is unable to produce enough insulin for the body, so artificial insulin is required.. Now those with Diabetes generally stay away from foods containing sugar and foods high in carbohydrate. Because Insulin regulates the glucose level in the body, so consumption of too much sugar items is bad because it will lead to "Hyperglycemia" due to the inability of the body to regulate the sugar level. This therefore can led to renal/kidney failure, cardiovascular disease and damage to the nerves ... Sugar does not cause diabetes on it's Own. Let's be guided please.. #peace


Celebrities / This Girl Irritates Me by Wheezy123(m): 10:04am On Sep 09, 2019
Am not a BBNaija fan.. but if you're a supporter of this girl, then i hope your kids grow up to be like her.. AMEN �..
Girl lacks home training, so mannerless and un-cultured.. F*cking sl*t. Lol

Religion / Re: 41-Day Fasting Lands Ebonyi Student In Hospitalised by Wheezy123(m): 11:07am On Sep 07, 2019
; >: lipsrsealed

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Crime / Re: Police Officers Shuts Down Shoprite, Lekki. Stop Criminals From Vandalizing It by Wheezy123(m): 5:33pm On Sep 03, 2019
Lets be sure first.. is it Crininal or criminal which one? undecided

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Business / Re: What Viable Business Can N500k Start In Port Harcourt? by Wheezy123(m): 11:25am On Aug 28, 2019

Please share how you did it and made it because a lot of people couldn't make it ....
Let me know if you own a blog
Business / Re: What Viable Business Can N500k Start In Port Harcourt? by Wheezy123(m): 9:56am On Aug 28, 2019
Sir can you employ me in your biz,
Thanks but, i have people taking care of it for me.
Business / Re: What Viable Business Can N500k Start In Port Harcourt? by Wheezy123(m): 9:55am On Aug 28, 2019

No mind am, na dem dey push young boys to flood blogosphere with malicious links, copy and paste spam
To get $100 from blogging and be aiming for $500, you would build your blog DA with consistent original content for like 6 months (at least,, with no returns)
Then you add affiliate marketing, sponsored posts etc but all these won't work if you don't build on your Domain authority
Bro, i don't have much words to say or write. I make alot from my blog and it's my biggest asset and investment now. I only gave the OP an idea for business. I started earning money from my blog after 9months and it's actually a health blog only.


Business / Re: What Viable Business Can N500k Start In Port Harcourt? by Wheezy123(m): 6:56am On Aug 28, 2019

Are you
A millionaire?
I cannot boast of having millions in my account but Atleast i have established other business from the profits of blogging, including import of human/Brazilian hairs.. i also run a rice business.. all my capital was from a blog i started with nothing more than 50k 1 and half years ago... i think if i had saved the money, i would have millions in my account
Business / Re: What Viable Business Can N500k Start In Port Harcourt? by Wheezy123(m): 12:13am On Aug 28, 2019

Bros fear God small na!
Is it Too small?

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