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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 2:08am On Sep 03
I got the following message on WhatsApp. Please verify the information contained before taking any steps.

Express Entry A-Z

To immigrate to Canada,we have many routes to achieve this objective but I will be considering the Federal Skilled Worker route under the Express Entry(EE).
Before embarking on this journey,you must have the 3Ps(Prepare,Patience & Perseverance) and the greatest of all His God direction.
Get all your documents and that of your family members ready as EE is truly express(ITA to COPR is within 1-6 months as against the old system under FSW that took several months to be completed).

Step 1-Read the background to Canadian immigration at www.cic.gc.ca
Click English/French which ever is applicable to you.Next click on immigrate.

Step 2-Visit British Council in order to write the English language requirement for the prog which is IELTS General training.
This can be done online or visit them at their centre or your write the French Language test(TEF) at Alliance Frances.
Note 1.if you are married,it is strongly encouraged that both spouse should write the language test.
Note 2.The minimum score set by IRCC is Listening 6,Writing 6,Reading 6 & Speaking 6.
But from my personal findings,the target score for the Principal Applicant(PA) should be L8,W7,R7 & S7 but greater score will be more beneficial(L9,W9,R9 & S9).This score is achievable please.
Note 3.You can boost your point if you can write the French language(TEF) if you wish to but it is not compulsory
Note 4.You must prepare well for the language assessment.Don't stop pushing till you get the desire score
Go to www.ieltsbuddy.com for practice tests

Step 3-You must have your education credential assessed by authorized Canadian body.
Designed organizations for ECAs are CES,ICAS,WES,IQAS,ICES(For all professions except medicine & Pharmacy).
MCC for Doctors and PEBC for Pharmacists
Note 1.For Education Credential Assessment(ECA),It is encouraged that the Principal Applicant(PA) & Spouse evaluate their educational credentials
Note 2.You must evaluate all your academic credentials but if you're struggling to get all of them send to the evaluating body, go ahead and evaluate your highest level of education.
Note 3.Do your transcript runs with your Nigerian institutions yourself pls.
Note 4.ECA reports take minimum of 6-8weeks to be delivered to you and could also take several months if you are not proactive.
Steps 1-3 are the directional compass to start your journey.Without these steps you can't start the process.

Step 4.Gather all your docs like IELTS test report,ECA,Job related doc,Proof of funds,Birth Cert etc.

Step 5.Be ready to go into the express entry pool via MYCIC.Here we have 3 subclasses
1.Direct route based on high CRS Points(You can stay anywhere in Canada)
2.Nomination by Province(PNP)
3.Job offer
For 1 above
Conditions-Age is on your side(18-35),Master's degree,At least 3-6years work experience,Single/Married & above all very outstanding IELTS Score(L8,W7,R7 & S7).With these conditions you can get into the pool with above 400 CRS Points.
For 2 above
PNP is when a province nominate you and this could be achieved regardless of your age.
When you are nominated,you will have 600 points and this will be linked to your existing CRS points.With this you will have CRS point of over 800 out of 1,200.
You must visit the province websites all the time to know when their nomination is available.
For 3 above
Go online and start applying for jobs in Canada.If you have a job offer(LMIA authorized)you will be credited with 600 points as well.

Step 6.If you are selected in the pool,expect Invitation To Apply(ITA) from IRCC.You must either accept or decline the ITA within 60 days.

Step 7.If you accept the ITA,go for upfront Medicals at any of the designated medical centres in Nigeria and be ready to upload all your supporting documents online via MYCIC.

Step 8.Expect your Confirmation of Permanent Residence(COPR) within 1-6 months if all background,security & criminality checks are satisfactory okay to IRCC.

Step 9.Land in Canada to become Permanent Resident(PR)
Note:No 2 applications are the same.
Mr A might be very fast and Mr B could take several months so just ensure you are simple and straight forward in your packaging.
Good luck to you

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 2:07am On Sep 03

I am 30, single no kids.
I have been able to check out some scores. My interest is: I have a major in economics but I have been actively employed for about 8 years in the IT sector how do I file in for the employment area?

So you can work as either an economist or as an IT Personnel. Choose one then. I'd choose the IT if I were you. If you have certifications in IT, even better.

My thoughts though, please verify.
Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 6:14pm On Aug 31

Tnx bro what about the easiest way to get visa and travel over there am still very young and I don't want to reach anything like 25years in Africa not at all.

I didn't use a Visa so I'm not very familiar with the process. I'd advice you to look into express entry or PNP.
Find out what expenses you are likely to incur, study for your IELTS and follow the other processes. If there's any field you'd like to work in, try to see if there's an international certification you can get in Nigeria before coming.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by wyzoe: 6:52am On Aug 31
c/o my husband nairaland account,i am really impressed and more determined to relocate to canada when i read various posts on here, i spoke to an agent who said i can work as nanny in Canada but my papers will be processesed from there and his fees is 800k he also gave another option no deposit till visa is out for 1.5m. I am just been sceptical about this whole thing,i want something i can do my self,i would even prefer getting a school that will accept my 800k deposit rather than paying that to an agent. Pls house are there any schhol suggestions?Or other possibilities of getting it done besides express entry. My husband has given up on my disturbance of me relocating abroad to work and study and gave an advise that,if i find a genuine channel he is ready to sponsor. Honestly me am sick and tired of this naija and i want a better life for my kids.


Conventional wisdom is that you shouldn't use an agent. Apart from extra fees, there is the very real and likely possibility that you'll be scammed.

Instead study the express entry thread https://www.nairaland.com/5187408/canadian-express-entry-federal-skilled



CC: adekunletosin @adekunletosin

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 10:18pm On Aug 30
Keep sharing bro. We will soon join you

Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 10:13pm On Aug 30
I've been a bit low-key for a while, so there hasn't been much to post, at least where pictures are concerned.

I just got into Canadian Radio and I quite like it. My fix for now is Virgin FM. I haven't left it long enough to like another one. Met a neighbor from Bangladesh, very interesting guy. Turns out there are a lot of similarities between Nigeria and Bangladesh.

If I see anything interesting I'll try and grab a picture for the thread but I'm a bit wary of sharing experiences going forward.
Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 10:08pm On Aug 30
@ op please I want to know the easiest way to aquire a Canadian citizenship because I've been dreaming of leaving Africa and please can you also enlighten us on how blacks are been treated in the country.

The absolutely easiest way would be by marriage to a citizen I guess. Other than that, through school, Express Entry or the Provincial Nominee Program.

Lastly if you have enough capital (I can't remember the minimum amount) to establish a business in Canada, you can obtain citizenship.


Edit: You asked about how blacks are treated.

I don't feel like I'm being treated differently but I haven't stayed long enough to say with any certainty. I've read that it could be cleverly disguised with politeness (and these people can be very polite) but I can't say yet. So far, I haven't noticed anything to make me raise my eyebrows.


Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 8:56am On Aug 28
I have reasons to believe op's story.

I know a bro that came here just after completing secondary school. His parent were probably middle class Nigerians. That was also his first time in Canada after the parents returned to Nigeria, as he was born here in the mid-1970's. His dad came here on scholarship and the mum came along a year after and they had him.

In London, there are several cases on Nigerians born in the 60's and 70's whose parents were also on schorlaships.

The parents all returned to Nigeria with the kids in all the cases, and some of them really suffered in Nigeria before getting a chance to return. One I know of personally as he is family. The mum lost his birth certificate not long after they returned to Nigeria in the early 1970's, and the mum was late. It was tough to prove the citizenship even though he eventually got it. Prior to travelling in his mid 30's, the bro suffer in Nigeria nor be small.

This is extremely similar to my story, particularly the bolded parts. Thank you for being open minded.


Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 8:51am On Aug 28

This man left at a really late age despite being a Canadian citizen.

And there's a reason for that. Plenty reasons in fact but none to do with personal or family wealth.
Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 8:49am On Aug 28

When it comes to your families wealth you always ignore it. Answer now. How does a poor Nigerian secure visa to Canada? How does a poor Nigerian afford to give birth out of pocket ? Not to mention paying for a 2 way ticket and accommodation when she was in Canada to give birth ? You have many services that'll give Canadian citizens all the info they need to access whatever they need. Even the immigration officer could tell you once you land. Including ontario works which you now know off. Stop this false rags to riches story. "My story" you're a Canadian citizen. Your "story" was secure with that passport from birth. You're only insulting yourself.

I don't come from a wealthy family, I believe I've mentioned that before. I'm not obligated to go into personal details here but if we meet in person, I have no problems telling you.
I'm also not sure where you're getting this rags to riches story you're projecting.
Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 11:48pm On Aug 27

How did your parents get Canadian visa ? You think anyone can just get Canadian visa. How did your parents pay for your delivery since they weren't citizens or legal residence ? You think it's cheap to deliever a child out of pocket abroad ? Who do you think you're fooling. Stop acting like Banky W with your fabricated rags to riches story. How about when you land ? You're a Canadian CITIZEN. You have access to many social benefits including housing when you land. Canada takes care of it's citizens. Stop it.

Like I said, you don't know my story so stop assuming. As for benefits, you're right but you also need information, information YOU have at the back of your hand because you've lived here for long but I don't.
I just learned about Ontario Works two days ago for instance. The title of this thread should give you a clue.

You should stop assuming maternal.


Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 11:41pm On Aug 27

Nigerians born in Canada or America don't want to go fix Nigeria. At best they may do business there if its mutually beneficial. A blind child born abroad knows its better being a 3rd class citizen in Canada than a 1st in naija. That story is a lie.

You'd have to know all Nigerians born abroad to make that assertion.
The story is not a lie, you don't have to believe it if you don't want to.


Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 6:44pm On Aug 27

He's forming. He grew up rich or at least always had the ability to go to Canada and instantly better his life anytime. Since he was born in Canada and was always a citizen. He's playing the rags to riches guy who grew up and hustled in ajegunle. He's a story teller.

"Story time, story time"

I didn't grow up rich, don't assume. Yes I had the ability to go back anytime, subject to technicalities. Who would pay for it? If you think it's a meager amount to buy airline tickets then it's the first sign that you lack experience of the true Nigerian life as you call it. How about when you land, where do you stay having no family? You have to raise funds for that too.

It's not a rags to riches story, it's just a story. Nothing to it.
Keep an open mind.


Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 6:40pm On Aug 27
Can I add you in WhatsApp for info?

Please ask here, let's all learn. I didn't pass through the normal process so there's not much I know technically.
Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 6:39pm On Aug 27

You're lying. Anyone who lives in Canada knows this story is nonsense. I fail to see what you're trying to accomplish with this lie. You were born in Canada. You NEVER suffered like this guy or lived the true Nigerian life.

What part is the lie Sir?

As for what I'm trying to accomplish, nothing. I'm simply documenting some of the experiences I feel are noteworthy. Not everything or everyone has an ulterior motive. I don't know where you're getting the comparison of suffering from.

It seems clear to me that you need to read the narrative with an open mind.


Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Reveals How She Seduces Him by wyzoe: 4:55pm On Aug 27
Don know the kind of beauty these Spanish and Mexican ladies are made of. Guess God created them on a special day

Our ladies are even more beautiful. With a little self care, they shine.

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 4:18pm On Aug 27
More street views

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 4:17pm On Aug 27
Street views

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 4:14pm On Aug 27
Parking lot of a shopping mall

Inside the grocery store

More of the grocery store

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 4:13pm On Aug 27
A mosque

A bridge

Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 4:10pm On Aug 27
A few random pictures.

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Education / Re: Minimum Requirements Of Becoming A Professor In Nigeria by wyzoe: 2:46pm On Aug 27

Note: I have already written 4 engineering journals, with 2 already published

I think you mean four articles.

@OP your post is vague.

A professor must rise through the academic ranks. You were spot on about teaching experience but you fell short on publications.
NUC has a guideline for any tertiary institutions it regulates. Look for it and you'll find all the information you need.
There's a spread comprising Local, National and International Journals. You must meet this spread to qualify. The spread for international journals is nowhere close to 60.


60 publications in peer-rated journals is not beans
The number is FAR less than 60. It's between 24-32 if my recollection is correct. And these numbers are spread in a fixed ratio between Local, National and Foreign publications.

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 5:07pm On Aug 18
O.P please tell us the difference between Nigeria and Canada, road, electricity, houses, environment in general... What's life like there

The roads are better here. They aren't 100% smooth but you can speed on all of them without endangering your life. The government doesn't waste time in resurfacing roads.
Electricity is constant, so is water. Some days into my stay, I wanted to shower only to find that the water wasn't running so I made enquiries. It turned out that a week before, they had given notice that on the 12th of August they would shut down the water because they needed to do some construction in the area. The water was back in a few hours.

Houses, well the construction is different here. I think an engineer might explain it better but houses here are built to strict specifications. Mine is an old house with central climate control. The vents are on the floor instead of on the walls. There's little or no cement in the interior, instead the demarcations are wooden (dry wall I think they call it), the floor is wooden too.

The environment is generally neat. You won't find much litter outside. In public areas you'd find trash cans every several feet. You also have the bins marked for paper, plastic, organic stuff etc

Hope I've done justice to your questions.

Cheers bro

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 4:57pm On Aug 18
Ewoooo, so d guy really wants to come to Nigeria nd make a change.....shld we tell him��
Anyway let him come we will welcome him with open hands

Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 4:56pm On Aug 18

You were one-chanced.

I believe so but it was my first experience with that sort of thing. I wasn't prepared.


Very risky stuff.



NYSC / Re: Corper Defeats Nigerian Soldier In Push Up Challenge (Photos) by wyzoe: 1:46pm On Aug 13
Even though the corper's shoulders are locked, he is obviously not doing it the right way. The soldier's posture is not correct too but he went down nicely.

Push up is tricky and a lot of people fail to do it correctly even some military men too.
Check out a USMC fitness program or FBI fitness app to learn to do it the right way.

Same thing happened in my platoon, but there was a detail everyone else missed; the corper was cheating. Not cheating cheating, but he wasn't doing the push ups properly.
TV/Movies / Re: Nigerians React As Khafi Faces Sack As UK Policewoman For Having Sex On BBNAIJA by wyzoe: 4:10am On Aug 13
Left a goverment job for bb nonsense...foolish decision.

It's rather unfortunate but then on the other hand, I don't think she believed she would be returning to the job.


Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 12:34am On Aug 11
Emergency Update

This happened just some minutes ago.

I was watching a lecture on YouTube when I heard someone knocking loudly on the door. I thought that was odd because anyone coming to the house would have called (I share a house) and I thought the other guys would answer. They didn't (because they were not home).

So off I go to the door and I meet this young white man, probably in his 20s holding a file jacket with a few documents and an Etch a Sketch. He pointed to his mouth indicating he was mute, then he showed me a document that had his story. The document said sorry for wasting the AC but that he was hungry with two kids, and that he tried to work but it was difficult for him. The document also assured me he wasn't a scam. While I was reading it, I was using my side eye to scan him for any weapons. He didn't seem to have any.

I then wrote on his Etch a Sketch asking if he'd take 20 dollars, he read and nodded and then I went to bring the money for him.

Now, since I came to the house, neither the front nor back door is ever locked and I mean ever. Makes me wonder what would have happened if no one was at home. I'll have a talk with my guys about this.


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by wyzoe: 8:40pm On Aug 10
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Can we see a picture of your unbearded self. Meanwhile apology to your ''olfactory receptors cheesy cheesy

grin I'd like to maintain some anonymity. Besides you'd need two pictures to compare; me with beard and me sans beard.
Just take it from me, e get the way my face be now grin


Politics / Re: Timi Frank: Jonathan Was A Better President, Nigerians Should Apologise To Him by wyzoe: 3:17pm On Aug 10
Nigerians are not serious, they will still say the same about Buhari when he leaves. They said the same about Obasanjo when Jonathan was there.

Collect the nearest cold drink of your choice.

One of our biggest problems is short term memory and selective amnesia.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by wyzoe: 7:29pm On Aug 09
Flight/Landing Gist

So I last flew in 2013, I'd forgotten most of the protocol but my sister who is a frequent (and I mean FREQUENT) traveler came with me and was very helpful. Thanks Sis!

Prior to the day, she insisted I shave my beard (something that broke my heart grin ). I told her it would make me look different from my passport and she said I didn't have to remove everything but she wanted it extremely low (which is practically everything).

Anyway I did so and I look horrible now grin

At the entrance they almost didn't allow my sister enter with me but she talked to me and the man turned to me and said "Can I pay for you?" My sister said yes, but the man wanted to hear it from me. I was perplexed, so I didn't answer. He asked again a couple of times and my sister was like "tell him yes". Na so I dey look from my sister to the man and finally I said yes. The man was like "it's not from your mind". Till now, I still don't understand why he phrased it that way and what he meant. I didn't give him anything but he let us pass.

The bags were around 20kg give or take so no issues. I didn't carry any food, so no issues there either. By the time I checked the bags in and went to look for sis, her eyes were blood red, she was already crying. Me that was struggling to control myself. It would be rude not to join in so I obliged by permitting a tear or two roll down my cheeks (maybe a bit more than that). Anyway, I hugged her and all but she finally controlled it enough to take a pic with me.

First immigration officer asked for money, I gave him 500. He let me pass.
Second officer I met was polite, noticed my name and asked about it, we discussed a little. I had to fill a form at his desk and when I finished he was like "anything for the boys? I was like "I'm sorry", he said "it's ok". I decided bribing them wasn't sustainable grin

Third officer was a lady, she too asked but I didn't give. I got to the waiting area quite early and started reading Inferno by Dan Brown.


When it was time to board we did so without hassle. It was a Boeing 777 from Ethiopian Airways. The route was Lagos to Adis Ababa, Adis Ababa to Dublin (we refueled there and spend almost an hour then continued on the same plane but with a different crew) Dublin - Toronto. That was a really long journey, I barely slept.

At Adis Ababa, the guy checking my passport scrutinized me properly, even asking me to remove my glasses. I'm surprised that happened only once through all the checks I experienced. I look "one kind" now grin

I don't watch TV or movies in general so I can't comment on in-flight entertainment quality. I watched some movies and read some of Dan Brown. As for the food, airline food is never great and it's deliberately done that way. I can say very sincerely that I've had worse (KLM I hope you have improved).

Some uncultured Philistine on the plane decided to avail us of the contents of his/her intestinal bubbles. Needless to say I felt quite upset about the intermittent assault on my olfactory receptors.

There was adequate leg room, even for the taller passengers. I hardly had to get up during the flight.

Landed in Toronto and the kiosk refused to read my passport so I had to do it the manual way. The lady didn't even look at me properly she just took the form I filled on the plane and said welcome and waved me through.
I bought a Chatr sim at the airport. That's what I'm still using but I'll probably change it soon.

That's my story. I'm going to skip some details and jump right to where my friend came to get me. He took me to another friends house where I was welcomed with a Budweiser, cold water and poundo, accompanied by bitterleaf soup. Though I was hungry, I couldn't eat more than a wrap, I was tired but couldn't sleep.
After the meal, we met up with a guy from the North, then a Yoruba man who seems to be an immigration consultant and booked an appointment for later this week. Finally, I was taken to my place.
I'm sharing a house with some Nigerian postgraduate students.

If I remember anything else, I'll edit and add. The trip was relatively uneventful.

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Travel / Re: First Time Canadian by wyzoe: 4:20pm On Aug 09
My body is still operating Nigerian time, which means I'm having a bit of trouble getting quality sleep. Also it's still bright by 8pm but by 9.30pm it gets dark. Anyways I usually wait till 12am or so before going to bed but I'm usually up by 4am (which translates to about 9am Nigerian time) and I find it difficult resuming sleep as it gets bright pretty early. All this will change when winter comes.

Anyhoo, yesterday I decided to stroll around early in the morning and on returning, I saw one neighbor outside smoking. He waved at me, I waved back and decided to approach him.
Turns out he's a Nigerian (either born there or came in as a child). We got talking and it struck me how different people's perspectives can be.

This guy was longing to move to Nigeria. He had this romantic (and unrealistic) notion of Nigeria. Believe me when I say I was quite attentive but at some point, I had to puncture his bubble. We talked a lot about government, he has a white baby Mama and two kids but he says he's not impressed with their women, rather he likes African women.

He felt the system was unfair to him, cheating him and depriving him etc. I had to tell him a few stories about Nigeria. He literally has no idea apart from one or two anecdotes. He said he likes Davido, Wizkid, PSquare (he doesn't know Tuface), but said Sunny Ade is not his thing (and he actually sang some lines). He's yoruba but doesn't speak, not even pidgin.

Anyway, I encouraged him to get a Nigerian passport as the first step and travel down and look around. He's into construction, has two cars, a truck and a nice Chrysler. Said he had his own construction company and offered me a job on the spot. A roofing job at 15/h.
I told him I'd think about it but I'm not likely to take it. It however reinforced the things I'd read online about networking. I mean this was someone casually offering me a job.

Now, he told me he grew up on the streets of Toronto and that between 17-25 he had been in and out of jail. He said he's trying to straighten his life out now and he's in college making straight A's.
In his mind, when he finishes he will come to Nigeria and start to make a difference in the country. I didn't know where to start from. I simply told him that many people in Nigeria wish to leave the country for a number of reasons which I tried to outline.

It's easy to take something for granted if you do not have another perspective. I wish him luck and I hope he's able to visit so he can decide what he really wants.

Oh and he asked me at some point where I was from in Nigeria. I told him and then my people, he did it. He actually asked me if I knew this person, and that person, and that person. He was sure I'd know this one because he's a chief. How about that one. I got tired of telling him that there are hundreds or thousands of people with that same name. Finally I gave him an idea of the population size by states. I think he got the picture after that but I believe he'll do it again.

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