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Romance / Re: Hisbah Quizzes Jeanine Delsky Planning To Marry Sulaiman Isa In Kano by y3mi(m): 1:57am On Jan 20
The lady don enter trouble.An hausa man is not ready to work anywhere ,not to talk of the US work culture that is very demanding. She go soon find out
WTF you saying ignoramus, what about Ahmed Musa and Jelani Aliyu??
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Manchester United (2 - 0) On 19th January 2020 by y3mi(m): 6:08pm On Jan 19
Liverpool playing against Manchefstar United, V.A.R. and refree. Without the VAR, this would have been 3 -0 by now.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Manchester United (2 - 0) On 19th January 2020 by y3mi(m): 5:54pm On Jan 19


Firmi to the freaaaky no goal just got dissalowed by PDP man u
Politics / Re: Amotekun Will Affect Nigeria's Unity - Arewa Consultative Forum by y3mi(m): 12:17am On Jan 19

But people keep saying it's leopard, which do I follow then?
Bro trust me... Those people are wrong.

Cheetah is Amotekun.

Ekun the king of all the big cats is Ekun,

Kinihun the weakest of all cats is Lion.

Tiger is only native to Asia so no ne identity for it in Africa.
Romance / Re: Some Bitter Truths Every Man Must Make Peace With by y3mi(m): 11:36am On Jan 18
All these so-called ''bitter truths'' can be bypassed when a man is wealthy. Now let's go.

1. No, God will not annihilate you, I am guessing the poster is referring to the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Those are stories. All the gays I know have not been annihilated yet, with rights even far stronger than heterosexuals.

2. You can only be disposable when you are broke, at the bottom of the economic rung and merely existing. If war starts out today, the elites are not the ones fighting, but the poor boys. The likes of Trump and his family, or Buhari and his son will never carry a gun, so to escape this gruesome reality, a man should try to be rich and buy his head out.

3. Well, regardless if I am weak biologically than women, in as much as there is no prize to win with being stronger, I am good. I am stronger than a two-month-old girl, so?

4. Only a broke man that can not get women will interpret rape as a blessing. A wealthy man that has an unlimited pick of women will not see rape as a blessing. In fact, the more sex you have, the less valuable it becomes. Sex is exotic if you don have it regularly, as much as you want.

5. No, the ugliest girls I know do not get more sex than the most attractive guy. This is nonsense. Perhaps, if you argue that the ugliest girl gets more sex with the lowest quality of men, then this is not a contest rich and attractive men will want to win. But if you are referring to qualitative sex, with the best bodies, locations, toys with sweet and succulent partners, then no, they do not. Also, I appreciate that you mentioned girls, not women, which suggest you are aware that a man has a longer time in the sexual marketplace, and can still get girls even in old age if he is rich of course.

6. A sad fact I agree with, which solidifies the doctrine concerning the disposability of the male. Also, men evolved to have a natural soft-spot for women, and women know this firsthand. There is something that doesn't go well inside me if I see a woman suffer, and most men can recognize this feeling. But a rich man can buy his way out, and afford the best lawyers.

7. Another sad fact I agree with, but again, the broke male of every species die quicker than women generally.

8. This is nonsense. This only applies to broke men. A wealthy man's children (all things being equal) will fight to retain his name, which will open doors for them. I await to see when children who got the best treatment in life disown their father. It doesn't happen.

As a man, make money, a whole lot of it, and you can bridge this gap, which further compliments the privilege you enjoy in society you enjoy.

I'd wanted to take on the OP submission by pointing out the holes in all he's posited, most of which are somewhat valid but since you jumped the gun (lol) only to retort with a weak argument.

Your rejoinder appears mostly to be predicated on one factor and that's money!

Now, let's imagine it was one of those ancient era were the non-existence of money couldn't influence, shape, direct nor guide every facets of our lives as it is today? Oh, better still, let's imagine a future world where money as we understand and accept it today had completely becomes moribund, do you think many of your defense to what the OP failed at articulating would still hold water?

Ofcourse not.

I would have responded with a serious epistle if only I can find the time and enthusiasm to respond properly to what the OP. Pointing out the weak points and expanding on it.

Iré o!

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Education / Re: (PHOTOS) Victor Odinaka With 324 Jamb Score Denied Admission By UNIABUJA by y3mi(m): 11:07am On Jan 18
Casdoruche, why the complain? you soon forgot your brother is in the Fulani republic of Zoogeria where the adopted quota system is ridiculously applied, his mark has been cut and given to one almajiri up north who managed to write jamb grin
Investment / Re: Buhari Is Working. See The New Look Of The 2nd Niger Bridge.( Photos) by y3mi(m): 10:37am On Jan 18

pls this bridge is just 1.6km fa!


Its taking almost 10 years to construct it!!!








I agree with you. That's how many are been deceived with time stretched project as this, imagine Lagos/Ibadan express way, 30 years of terrible experience but slowly done in patches. Infrastructurally, the north is far more developed than both sides of the southern regions combined. The Zoo is dismantling itself.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Meet ISIS Leader That Was So Fat, Could Not Enter Police Vehicle by y3mi(m): 10:20am On Jan 18
Wow the Democrats will be so outraged. This is human right abuse. How dare this brutes capture a sweet innocent looking man?
Just as this would be a bad news to miyetti ala, bokoharam and all other jihadists agencies across northern zoogeria

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Romance / Re: Why Are Men Like This ? by y3mi(m): 4:30pm On Jan 17
Brace up , it's a long post on Men's wickedness

Today , I made up my mind to get a national ID card even though , it was no longer a requirement for Jamb registration .

When I got to the Secretariat , I met other individuals who also came for Registration , I took out a sit and waited for a form to be given to me .

While filling the form I was given , a girl my age came to sit beside me , and since I was bored , we started a conversation .

During the course of our discussion , I found out she had registered but the man in charge had refused to give her the ID . According to her , he keeps telling her to wait .

I felt bad for her because , she was one of the first set to register , I even tried helping by reminding the Oga in charge that she was yet to get her ID , the man's body language made me suspect his intentions .

After the registration , the Oga cornered me to a corner grin and ask me to settle him , we know the usual trend !

I did settle him even tho I read the big poster in Front of his office which says registration for National ID was free .

I met the girl standing outside obviously waiting for me , I enquired about her sudden decision to go home without taking her card .

And with tears in her eyes , she told me the man wanted something special from her and you'll know what it is .

She doesn't know what to do , her parents aren't too educated to understand the usefulness of an ID and so she considers forgetting about the Whole ID card stuff .

I'm so angry right now for two reasons .

First , for agreeing to offer some money to the Oga that has a sweet Jeep outside his office for a service that was made free by the Government.

And secondly , for his evil intentions towards a girl probably his daughter's age .

Like , why are men this way ??

I won't let this slide away , this is corruption Buhari was referring to .

As an ICPC member , this Oga must eat his humble pie .

This wickedness must end

Men , when will you all stop this nonsense .?
You no get sense, stereotyping all men. Your papa too abi.

That man's intent to take advantage of that girl is because Zoogeria - a so called country soaked in Abrahamic religion mytheology has nrglected all forms of traditional and cultural values hence moral decadence everywhere. That sexual predator will still attend christian church or mosque this week to pray to the dog of the arabs and jews for blesing thanksgiving, for fotgiveness for all his most recent sins, pay tithe and offering from corrupt money fleeced off helpless people whom the same corrupt government he works for permits his misdeeds, every Nigeria problem is rooted in religion which is why fulanis dont want the zoo to deamalgamate, if we go our separate ways, govern ourself the way we deem fit, all this rubbish will ceaze.
Phones / Re: This Samsung Phone Is Likely To Have More RAM Than Your Laptop by y3mi(m): 4:16pm On Jan 17
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Afterall NBasil, you and an Ibex do have a brain just like every other humans on earth, which functions aren't limited to 'memory functions' only, however still... would you compare the two?
Science/Technology / Re: Brain Freeze: Russian Firm Offers Path To Immortality For A Fee by y3mi(m): 2:22pm On Jan 17
Dumb rooskie. The Yorubas Kaarójiré have since ancient times achieved both tge means for a human to acquire immortality, invincibility, and what I call D.A.P.. etc may not be 100% perfect but by far effective and ahead of whatever R & D all of DARPA, Pentagon, DoD and the red army have spent billions on.

If not for amalgamating animals with humans in thus already expired 100years Lugard's expreiment of a zoo country, the Yorubas Kaarójiré by now would have been pioneering and leading the workd in what I call metatechs.

cc: HardMirror
Politics / Re: Amotekun: ‘To Hell With Their Presidency’ - Afenifere Blasts Miyetti Allah by y3mi(m): 11:50am On Jan 17
Encapsulate! cool

Seems someone said same thing yesterday.
Can you help us with the right image please.
Let's create a new meme.
Thanks in addy.
Ese gan ni o

Omo Jesu don carry d matter go anoda angle o....
Somebody help oooo..........
You, omojeesu and YorubaLord are all ólódó rabata....neither of you is a real Kootuojiré, best stick to your Euro-Arab religion mytheologies and stop misleading others.

Lion: the most lazy of the cat family is Kiniùn,

Leopard: the true king of all felines is Ekùn

Cheetah is Amotekùn

Tiger has no African identity for it is not native to Africa but only Asia.
Crime / Re: (watch Video) A Suspected Yahoo Boy Caught Carrying A Big Sacrifice This Morning by y3mi(m): 9:50am On Jan 17
You all who have commented thus far have no sense including the IG gossiper who posted it.

Let me ask you... haven't humans been carrying sacrifice in this lands long before internet and computer came in?

What would you call those people.... hotmail guys?

Point been, however popular, don't always assume the truth based on the narrative presented by all these traffick-hungry bloggers and IG-parasites
Romance / Re: Refugee Porn Is Taking Over Germany (VIDEO) by y3mi(m): 9:22am On Jan 17
Germans and sex!.. tufia.. they are sexmania
STFU ignoramus. Because the news has Germans involved, then you concluded they are sexmaniac, typical of animals in Zoogeria, they must comment even if they have nothing sensible to contribute.

FYI... When ranking countries with the most sexually hung people in the world, Germans won't make top 20 sef. Americans and the Latino world would compete for the first.

See how Muslim women are fuckíng kafuri penis in Germany chei allahu akbar salamatu
If you're referring to that screenshot, then please you just have to accept it that you're a simpleton, or what Yoruba call an 'ode'! That screenshot is not only misleading, it's also wasn't shot in Germany nor anywhere near Europe. That's a model who has featured in some porn videos depicting US soldiers fvcking the hell out of hijab wearing Arab damsels who are lured by money.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Arrests Person Who Filmed Bombshell Footage Of Jet Downing by y3mi(m): 3:49pm On Jan 16
Truth be told, I am tired of living in interesting times. It's beggining to give me acid reflux. I need to retire to the mountains and turn my back on this chaotic world.
All mountains is claimed to one country or another, best is to come along and let's go to another planet beyond NASA's scope, interested?
Romance / Re: New Member by y3mi(m): 7:45am On Jan 16
Hi nairalanders, I am a new member and would like to make friends, please welcome me to the Nairaland family.
No sooner had newbie got informed about the mad lots residing in the forum than the madness beckons!

If indeed you aren't the damsel you claim to be. You're unerwünscht.

U prolly a scammer......yall dunderheads are just too easy to fool.
Infact the fakes are much more than the genuine ones on a rate of 30 phony member to every 1 real contributor.
Politics / Re: Malami Explains Why Amotekun Is Illegal by y3mi(m): 6:57am On Jan 16
Is having Sharia constitution in the north not illegal enough, for it to begot its Hisbah police in a so called country with its standing constitution. Indeed only animals are kept in a zoo.
Politics / Re: Hanan Buhari: I Can’t Wait For Next Project by y3mi(m): 11:27pm On Jan 14

Maybe it was always the westerners who were behind all this but we don't know.
Behind f**king what exactly, do you mean?
Politics / Re: 2023: Are Atiku, Tinubu In Secret Moves To Float 3rd Force? by y3mi(m): 6:40am On Jan 14

But here in Nigeria, Nigeria Airforce bombed a IDP camp killing over 200 citizens they swore to protect, nobody acted like something happened.

We don't know who pulled the trigger, we don't know who identified the target, we don't know who gave the command.
Is it not high time we start clamoring for the deamalgamation of the expired zoo? Nothing works, N2Trillion for mambila power project, innocent dying now bombed at IDP, SARS murdering civilians, Fulani terrorists aka herdsmen not ceasing, Boko haram aka unknown gunmen still doing their thing... All these for how long, till when?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: This Company Is A Scam! by y3mi(m): 6:12am On Jan 14
Nigeria - the zoo where the security agencies do not work thereby allowing the criminal-minded among the animalized to prey on others who are just trying their best to survive.

As it keeps occuring here, if this were to have happened in a normal country the culprit would have been caught and jailed.

I could remember here on Nairaland the story of one big time scammer who after receiving responds from the fake job ads he sends out on Facebook, claiming he is P. A. to Mike Adenuga or so, only to ignore the makes and attend to females by replying and inviting them over to an hotel for an interview, coerces them with lies that until they sleep with him they can't get the juicy jobs been the he remains the only person standing between the boss and the job, once the unsuspecting lady gives in, he records their video by the flick of a switch that triggers a camera rigged to the fan of the hotel room. The lady whom the job has been promised gets home with the joy of becoming an employee soon in this zoo but only to revieve a message in her Facebook inbox of compromising photos of what happened, with the threat of sending more to all her Facebook friends and the video to her husband else she sends so, so and do amount for it to be deleted. This arsehole was living big, fresh and fat off of married women's ordeal for years until one brave Igbo wife decided to damn his threat and had him reported to the police she has trusted connection to, even despite releasing the video to her husband, thereby ruining her marriage life, the greedy SoB was still led on to think he would get the agreed money just to have all the photos/video deleted, and so he was nabbed. I pray in my heart that lady is rewarded with good tidings by the universe or karma somehow, whoever she is, she might have her marriage destroyed for the risk she took but she certainly has no idea of how many she has saved by her act of valor. I wish the zoo police force aren't as corrupted like and by the govt. folks at the top, for them alone can't fix the country if they understand the power they wield.

OP great job, I wish everyone like you who listened to their instinct to detect job offers with scam-alert can take time out that to warn the rest just as you've done, victims would be reducing, but I can understand the effort it will require to do so, not to talk of the already frustrated unemployed people. So, kudos to you.

Edit your post by adding the scammer's phone number(s) for everyone to see.


Celebrities / Re: Pretty Lady Caught Watching Blue Film In Public. Nigerians React by y3mi(m): 5:16am On Jan 14
This aren't things you yoots should be concerned about. Isn't your so called country burning?
Politics / Re: Hanan Buhari: I Can’t Wait For Next Project by y3mi(m): 6:29pm On Jan 13
Arabic way of life is what these fulanis are using to deceive gullible Nigerians as CULTURE!

Same fulanis who are responsible for largest sub-saharan slavery of native indigenes and the entire destructions of countless african kingdoms in historical past are still murdering us in present day Nigeria in the name of jihad disguised in so many forms. Read more HERE

Genuine Hausas have real African cultures but has been destroyed by the forebearers of the same Jihadists who has been ruining Nigeria since the Brits bequeathed this failed Lugard's 1914 experiment to them

adeniyi3971(m): 6:27pm Really, I don't see any problem in her using the Presidential Jet. After all she's in the first family. Educate me, but to be sincere, I don't think the presidential jet is limited to the president alone, least his family should be entitled too
So what you're saying is that government should be a family affair whenever it comes to the fulanis. What if there's no provision for the procurement and usage of private jets in the presidency or even in government, won't they move about?

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Business / Re: Nigerian Traders' Shops Closed In Ghana As They Cry Out by y3mi(m): 4:17pm On Jan 12
Nigerians if investigated well are the cause as usual

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Politics / Re: Amotekun: Don’t Betray South-west, Ooni Tells Personnel by y3mi(m): 12:03pm On Jan 10
To be honest. I believe to make these guys serious they should be allow to swear or take an oath with traditions so the gods can be against them and strike anyone of them dead when they want to involve their selves in any attrocities so that they can be different from our police forces if not it's just another SARs in the making.

But I do hope they don't compromise if they are well paid but an average Nigerian is greedy.
Hope you see the degree of mental brainwashing you've received, is god and God not the same pronounciation but you've been programmed to regard our ancestral deities as inferior hence 'god' but that of your Euro-arab slave masters as higher, hence denoted with capital 'G'. Let me ask you - all those top govt. officials running ruining things in Nigeria, since they've been swearing with bibool and kworan were Yahweh(Jehovah) & Allah lives, have they ever ceazed from corrupt practice, do you think it will be allowed if they we're to take same oath under any of the ancestral Gods? Answer, don't insult.
Politics / Re: The Countries With The Most Powerful Military In Africa In 2019, Nigeria Is No.. by y3mi(m): 11:48pm On Jan 09

Hello! Oga spare me the trash. Israel is no more important than the least country in this earth before God. Gods own people that was almost annihilated in the ww2, That's squatting in another man's land in the Middle East, without American, Isreal would have ceased to exist. No wonder they're always asslicking America.
Y'all brainfvcks better stop tagging Israel God's own country as though they only have exclusivity to the entity title 'God'. It simply should be Israel: Yahweh's own country, Saudi-Arabia: Allah's own country, Greece: Zeus' own country, Scandinavia: Odin's own country, Italia: Jupiter's own country, India/China/Japan: Buddha's own country. hope you mofos get it now. Stop ascribing God only to the Jewish state of Israel, semites whom Yawheh couldn't save their ass during the holocaust. I like them now for they became wise enough to put yawheh aside and take matters of their existence very serious unlike foolish Africans who neglect their potent Gods to embrace anglicized version of Yaweh 'Jehovah' and Allah to come save them as corrupt politicians burn their existence away in suffering and hardship
Business / Re: Oil Prices Soar After Iran Attacks Airbases Housing US Troops In Iraq - CNN by y3mi(m): 9:30am On Jan 08

Ignorance is your problem

Persians are NOT Arabs

And did not participate in the jihad or atrocities

If they did
Point to one country apart from Iran that speak Persian

I'm waiting

Compared to the many African countries who were bulldozed by Arab marauders to speak Arabic and become Muslim

The Iranians loathe the Arabs for all they have done
And relish the moment to deal with them

America because of greed is on the Saudi side.

You guys should always get your facts

Iran is a stumbling block to Saudi Sunni expansions in the ME

That is why they are enemy no 1
Listen, and listen carefully, can you tell the difference between an Arab and a Kurd or a Persian or an Afghani ? You say Iran is not a pro-Islam, further stating tgat they loathe the Arabs for what they've done to them, then please do tell me why they like other M.E. still clung to Islam like it's the only clout that can give their lives sense of purpose, what is the religion of Ayatola Khomeini? Why do all M.E. countries collectively call themselves the Arab League, including those ones taken in North Africa?

Is Saudi Arabia the only God forsaken place America gets oil from? Who cares as every well meaning blacks who knows true history shouldn't. How and why should Sunni or Shia islam concern us here in negroland, despite the evil they met on us for more than a millenia, we might as well get involve whenever them Chinese begin to fight one another over which Buddhist school of body should be conventionalized just as millions of ignorant blacks express prejudice among themseves based on the difference in the christian demonination they belong to. Hope you get my modafvking point, if you don't then i guess you're the ignorant one here. Read more HERE
Business / Re: Oil Prices Soar After Iran Attacks Airbases Housing US Troops In Iraq - CNN by y3mi(m): 9:08am On Jan 08
Iran are not Arabs..

Being a Middle East Muslim is not synonymous with being Arab..

Indonesia and Pakistan have more Muslims than any other country,does that make them Arabs?
You are one once you start believing in their way of life...just a doctrination away before you start yelling 'death to America' 'kill all infidels' read more HERE.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Offers Iraq S-400 Air Defense System To Protect Airspace by y3mi(m): 8:53am On Jan 08
To hell with the ruskie


Oga shutup Iran are not arab and they never invaded anyone, go tell that to Saudi arabia the USA are taking side with just because of oil, saying Iran are arab7 shows you know nothing so keep quiet.
Don't school me between what features differerentiate between a semitic and non-semitic stock, for as far as you can't tell the difference between a Nippon and a Cantonese, and as long as even you WeyTooWorWor is a black but who forfeits his ancestral believe system to embrace that of an Arab - Islam which isnt even a believe-system but a bloody religion, you are an Arab.

By the grace of God i can now go to sleep with my TWO eyes closed knowing President Donald Trump got my back, no more underground plots of terrorism that goes on and nothing happens as it used to be the case during Obama era, now its fire for fire, if you think you can disturb world peace Trump will TAKE YOU OUT! To hell with Islam!, let them do their worse, they are known for it anyways but they will and must not MISS paying for their mistakes with THEIR OWN LIVES. No more tolerating these known ENEMIES OF PEACE called MUSLIMS, you kill and you get killed simple!. Bring it on IRAN!!!
My nigga

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Business / Re: Oil Prices Soar After Iran Attacks Airbases Housing US Troops In Iraq - CNN by y3mi(m): 8:49am On Jan 08

Oga shutup Iran are not arab and they never invaded anyone, go tell that to Saudi arabia the USA are taking side with just because of oil, saying Iran are arab7 shows you know nothing so keep quiet.
Don't school me between what features differerentiate between a semitic and non-semitic stock, for as far as you can't tell the difference between a Nippon and a Cantonese, and as long as even you WeyTooWorWor is a black but who forfeits his ancestral believe system to embrace that of an Arab - Islam which isnt even a believe-system but a bloody religion, you are an Arab.
Business / Re: Oil Prices Soar After Iran Attacks Airbases Housing US Troops In Iraq - CNN by y3mi(m): 8:15am On Jan 08
Do people even know that General Soilemani was in Iraq bringing a peace proposal from the Saudis to find a solution to the conflict in Iraq and to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia closer. It should be then obvious then that the people that took him out do not want peace in Iraq or the wider Middle East, nor do they want Iran and Saudi Arabia to form a rapport.
If your opinion is true, then nothing more should we blacks welcome more than never to be no peace in the middle-east for the millenia of atrocities them Arabs have wrecked upon Africa. They were the first to enslaved Africans, destroyed empires and kingdoms in the guise of bringing so-called religion of peace only to unleash jihad, and they continue to constitute the sole problems stagnating west Africa today, not the western colonial. Arabs still enslave and trade in black slavery in Sudan and Mauritania till tomorrow so only an uninformed and brainwashed African would defend Iran (Persia) which were once unique before them Jihadi Arabs f'cked them up with i.slam as well just like they did to Indians to carve out Pakistan. Arabs, bane of the world and their far cousins the Fulanis are doing great damage to us here in libya ur ancestral land.

A terrorist country Iran fires over a dozen unguided missiles to coalition forces camps in Iraq that houses the largest American troops base in Iraq, and guess what? NO SINGLE CASUALTY, no single American soldier died. Word from inside Pentagon sources has it that the antimissile defense system on ground took out many of the rockets. Only damage is property, yet some terrorists sympathizers on Nairaland are hailing it as victory. Lol, common, is this the MIGHTY REVENGE Iran promised? Lol,. this revenge has kwashiokor cheesy. America is already fracking its own oil, so if OPEC likes let them inflate oil prices, they will bring it down by themselves quickly when Russia corners and sells cheaper crude oil to their customers. The time of oil prices blackmail by terrorist countries is over. But i just pity the women and children in Iran, because many of them are about to become widows and orphans because of their terrorists leaders. America should please try to keep the civilian losses as minimal as possible, because obviously when the time comes, when power pass power, these evil terrorists will use civilians, especially women and children as human shields like they always do. Meanwhile, the Iranian military below are ready to bomb the White House cheesy
Whoever you are, good yarn!

It is amazing how war analysts on NL thinks it is wrong for the US to kill a man who has killed many US citizens and also planning to kill more
is his life more precious than anyone's
without concrete evidences against him, you all think US will just kill him just for fun?

You all need to stop siding with evil
Most of them are Arab sympathizers and I.slam defenders hiding under unsuspecting handles.
Business / Re: Oil Prices Soar After Iran Attacks Airbases Housing US Troops In Iraq - CNN by y3mi(m): 7:12am On Jan 08
Trump dump BDA and give those Jihadi backers a wipe out.

Iran means business. These western colonialists can't bully everyone to submission. Someone needs to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. At least, Iran has shown the world that it is not a coward.

Omo akin to kii sa loju ogun.


To those unhappy lads quoting me:

Iran is no match to US. No doubt. Iran has done what other nations dare not to do including Russia and China. Bombing US bases means "You are not untouchable. We can hit you, we can cause damages". That is a big actinable statement.

Don't go down the drain like a sissy without giving a good fight. Omo akin kii sojo
Stop applying Yoruba proverb incorrectly here. Ignorance they say is bliss. Are you aware them Jihadi Arabs were the first to colonize annihilate, enslave blacks in Africa centuries before the Westerners came? Ever pondered why arent they no negroes in all those North Africa countries? Ignore international law for a minutes, is Iran justified to retaliate back? Do you those Arabs you are ignorantly supporting hates your black ass than the westerners you ignorant Nigerians yoots love to call racists but can't stop to run yawu-yawu/cyberfraud on. So USA should look idle by while these terrorist choked nations run their operations under various civil disguise. Gtfoh!

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