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Politics / Re: LET TINUBU BE… By Prof. Michael Ogueke by Yebosola(m): 5:43pm On Feb 05, 2022
Yoruba human

Why should Tinubu be..
when a criminal, a common thief , a druggie and a legit lout .. placed himself on pedals to contest for the post of Nigeria President.. people should not ask questions.. and reject it..
Only Southwest known for supporting louts .. from Tinubu to Mc olumo , to auxiliary.. back to Adedibu..
and still be proud of supporting this himans and yet turn back to claim sophistication grin

Imagine the Yoruba hatred ..

Obi is now mentioned .. along side with Obasanjo , Atiku grin
What a foolishness


Why are yoruba people not writing petitions upon petitions to get peter Obi arrested . And imprisoned for the said crimes and looting Yoruba people said he committed ?
Since he’s not as powerful as Tinubu that has been docked .. neither powerful like Obasanjo that spend years in prison

Peter is a nobody in Nigeria politcs according to yoruba people .. so being jailed ain’t a hard one

Guess if Yoruba people are not serious with jailing peter and making all noise about him..

Then they should shut the propaganda.. becauE it’s not worth it

Apc came to government on integrity and noise on corruption

Two governors are in jail .. what’s happening to their corruption mantra ..

Tinubu must contest and nobody will free him.. h must be thoroughly scrutinized

Yoruba May worship their thief caomfortably .. but Nigerians are not all Yoruba people ..

Seun .. why is it that only Yoruba people are campaigning for Tinubu and osibanjo

When we go see .. same from Northerners..

Toddler,so u haven't seen northern ers campaigning for him,u a blind bigot,Ipob miscreant.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians, What Should We Do To This People After May 29, 2023? (picture) by Yebosola(m): 12:13pm On Feb 05, 2022
What about the CBN governor?

That one is a saint according to our Igbo brothers,awon alawada.

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Politics / Re: Kwankwaso: Osibanjo, Buni Reach Out To Former Governor To Join APC by Yebosola(m): 6:02pm On Feb 04, 2022

Oponu. Save your tears till after the 2023 elections when you’ll even cry more until you jump in the River Niger to end your misery.

Gbamsolute grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Kwankwaso: Osibanjo, Buni Reach Out To Former Governor To Join APC by Yebosola(m): 5:58pm On Feb 04, 2022
Instead of worrying about how Peter Peter Obi as be n insulted should he dare contest n Yoruba matter you Igbo paper carry for head like mad continue bros.

This is 21st century,u still deh with this jargons your forefathers passed to your father,is this what u will pass to your children in this mordern days,I pity your condition,move ahead with your life, Yorubas no send una, continue living in the past.
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso: Osibanjo, Buni Reach Out To Former Governor To Join APC by Yebosola(m): 5:50pm On Feb 04, 2022
what's d madness of this stale betrayal rubbish igbos keep singing Every Time?
It's annoying like seriously

Where did south west sign any agreement with u that they must do anything u do?

Even Jonathan has moved on n he has visited buhari a couple times,even bayelsa voted APC.

U igbos are just bittered souls,that's y u are being left behind,crying more than d bereaved n trying to lump south south into your madness

Betrayal kill those people, political sense is far from them
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso: Osibanjo, Buni Reach Out To Former Governor To Join APC by Yebosola(m): 5:47pm On Feb 04, 2022
PDP are rather re- strategizing. Believe me when I say this. They are coming back strong. Empty barrel makes the loudest noise. I'm sure atiku,dokpesi,tambuwal, have surprises up their sleeve's
,spent forces except Atiku with Large political war chest
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso: Osibanjo, Buni Reach Out To Former Governor To Join APC by Yebosola(m): 5:45pm On Feb 04, 2022
Osibande face your dead useless party and leave PDP alone.

This man look some how to me. Not presidential at all. No wonder Saraki called him mere commissioner

Your cry no b today,Ohanese don warn u tire,market your brothers,enough of invective on who doesn't know of your wretched life,is he the one that exchange your destiny with kerosene?

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Politics / Re: 2023: Stop Issuing Threats Over Igbo Presidency, Yakasai Tackles Clark by Yebosola(m): 2:00pm On Feb 04, 2022

Mumu, did they tell you they are not consulting? You people will just open your mouth and end up saying jargons.

I can feel your pain,NK is the architect of this your nightmare,blame your ipob
Politics / Re: 2023: Stop Issuing Threats Over Igbo Presidency, Yakasai Tackles Clark by Yebosola(m): 4:35pm On Feb 03, 2022

You better keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything reasonable to say.

U r the unreasonable here,they should go and consult and let the primary of both parties decide,y are ibo afraid of primary?


Politics / Re: Sule Lamido: Nobody Can Zone PDP Presidential Ticket by Yebosola(m): 1:35pm On Feb 03, 2022
All of you are mad. For fairness and equity, all political party should zone their tickets to south East. That's the right thing to do. North have been ruling this corntree for donkey years with nothing to show for it. SW have had their shares also.

This is the turn of SE and it's long overdue

Blame Nk for your political misfortunes,he has decimated your 5% to 3% grin
Politics / Re: An Igbo Man SHALL Be President In 2023 by Yebosola(m): 11:41pm On Feb 01, 2022
Who will vote for him?
Because I will rather vote for a zulu than an igbo

Ipob has spoil d chance already


Politics / Re: 2023: Peter Obi Stands No Chance And He Knows It - Deji Adeyanju by Yebosola(m): 7:37pm On Feb 01, 2022
The last time I voted was 2007, so say something else. Peter Obi is a despicable and hypocritical tribal bigot. The scumbag turned the Fashola Anambra "destitute" saga into a Yoruba vs Igbo affair. He also called ACN "Yoruba party" as a campaign strategy against Chris Ngige. He will never the President of this country.

Je ki won rigbo, internet no deh forget


Politics / Re: 2023: Peter Obi Stands No Chance And He Knows It - Deji Adeyanju by Yebosola(m): 4:53pm On Feb 01, 2022
All these idiots that feel they are now relevant because they have followers on Twitter.

If there’s any reason Peter Obi doesn’t stand a chance, it will be because of the stupidity of majority of Nigerians like Deji himself; who prefer senile kleptomaniacs over competent young people.

If there’s any reason Peter Obi doesn’t stand a chance, it’d be because majority of Nigerians like Deji enthrone ethnocentrism and Religious biases over merit, in their search for a leader for Nigeria.

Most Nigerians knows in their heart that if Peter Obi leads Nigeria for 4 years, our story will change forever.

But will they vote for him? Not when Tinubu urchins are running campaign of calumny against him.

When we are ready to fix Nigeria, we will vote the right people until then…

Tinubu for President 2023

Ganduje for Vice President 2023.

What do I care if they empty our treasury.

I think I even need to stop stressing my head.

Campaign of calymy kill u there,what are u and your brothers doing to Tinubu? Praising him on SM, bunch of miscreants.

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Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu With Officials Of APC UK Chapter In London (Photos) by Yebosola(m): 9:56pm On Jan 30, 2022
Who can convince Tinubu to step down for Osinbajo, am searching for the person

If the situation warrant it,he will surely do it,the issue is let see d masquerade behind Osinbajo first,let them lay their cards on the table first

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Politics / Re: The Forked Tongue Of Edwin Clark. by Yebosola(m): 12:16pm On Jan 30, 2022
He is a double tongued geriatric..
But I wasn't that surprised he dumbed ibos for Saraki. He knows ibos stand no chance in hell to pick up the ticket in PDP, it was same sentiments Bode George expressed in his recent interview.
I only wondered how we "SS/SE "was quickly thrown in the mud before the game began. The earlier ibos realize how insignificant they are, the better for them.

Nah them,we SE/SS,have u ever heard we SS/SE before,is their inferiority complex deh make them attached to SE by Force.



Politics / Re: Lagos Fourth Mainland Bridge: Three Companies Reach Final Stage by Yebosola(m): 1:20pm On Jan 29, 2022
Same Lagos 4th mainland bridge format Ambode wanted to use for re election

This man is bringing it up few months to 2023 election

What's your own,face your region.
Politics / Re: Idumota Mayhem: Court Remands Kunle Poly, Two Others For 30 Days by Yebosola(m): 11:46am On Jan 28, 2022

Bitterness and Hatred are written over you. You call a man whose career spanned oil companies in the US and has the American equivalent of ACCA , a Thug? Let's assess your Profile and compare..This 'Pull him down's syndrome must end. I won't be surprised if Ure one of those who rooted for a man whose ex boss càlled a thief publicly thrice. The moment U support Atiku, you lack the moral right to attack Tinubu. Hypocrisy everywhere on nairaland.

U get time for this idiots Ipob miscreants,tell them to bring their 1st eleven,their nightmare is Tinubu as if he has ever rule their region.
Politics / Re: Bisi Kolawole Wins Ekiti PDP Governorship Primary by Yebosola(m): 12:00am On Jan 27, 2022
It would be great if he can deliver Ekiti state from the shackles of underdevelopment and put the state on the map economically and most importantly, improving the standard of living of the people

Good governance in short

But then they all about the money, damn!

Why can’t everyone have a good heart like me, I mean the masses are suffering

I said what I said

Lori Iro.
Politics / Re: Saraki Declares Intention To Run For President In 2023 (Photos) by Yebosola(m): 6:41pm On Jan 26, 2022
You've been abusing and laying curses on those supporting and campaigning for Tinubu for presidency only to come out supporting Atiku and Saraki, the psychiatrist when go cure your craze still dey 200 Level dey count amoeba for lab.

Tinubu, Atiku, Saraki, Kwankwaso are retired thieves and only zombies can vote for them.

200 level? Or he is yet to pass jamb. grin

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu To Flag Offconstruction Of Opebi-Odo Iya Alaro Maryland-Ojota Bridge by Yebosola(m): 12:50pm On Jan 26, 2022
We know the reason for all these show off

Ur type is enemy if progress,can't blame u,ur governor has stole ur destiny dry.
Politics / Re: Why Southerners Must Collectively Reject Tinubu by Yebosola(m): 5:09pm On Jan 25, 2022
TINUBU is just a common criminal.

OUK,TA ORji, Ikeazu are all saints,no wonder your glorified villages are Dubai,stop taking mpurimiri,u no go gree,see the effects on u

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Politics / Re: Dokpesi: Atiku Will Vacate Office After 4 years For President Of SE Extraction by Yebosola(m): 10:22am On Jan 25, 2022

Southeastern ers u mean
Politics / Re: Dokpesi: Atiku Will Vacate Office After 4 years For President Of SE Extraction by Yebosola(m): 10:15am On Jan 25, 2022
see yarning these old thieves of a people must think Nigerians are fukkiin dumb undecided....or maybe they really are!

SE will fall for it,Atiku is their customer dada ni,he can easily blindfold them and lead them to lagoon
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole: I Did Not Call Seyi Makinde An Overhyped Social Media Governor by Yebosola(m): 8:41am On Jan 25, 2022
who are you?

Where do crawl out.
When others are talking you yourself will be talking too.

Ndimmadu self.

Effect of mpurimiri, continue
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole: I Did Not Call Seyi Makinde An Overhyped Social Media Governor by Yebosola(m): 12:14pm On Jan 24, 2022
Who's oshiomole in our political space today.
Oshiomole is a past tense soon Tinubu will join him after 2023.

U people wan die on top of Tinubu matter,bring out your candidate,u no fit,nah Tinubu this and that.
Politics / Re: I’ll Terminate All Revenue Window Contracts On Morning Of 17th March– Soludo by Yebosola(m): 12:54pm On Jan 23, 2022
Nice one those that helped him win how is he going to compensate them hope they won't gang up and work against his reelection? This is practically the reason why we have so many touts in lagos they use them to rig and win election and later compensate them with collecting revenues for the state govt which only ends up in their private pockets mc oluomo is a very good example.

Eleribu ,must u always bring Lagos into your narratives,y don't u use Abia as your case study.
Politics / Re: If Nigeria Is Run Like Super Eagles, Most Igbos Will Never Talk Of Biafra by Yebosola(m): 11:06am On Jan 23, 2022
Nigeria is not doing well because Igbos which are the light of the country are suppressed and marginalised. Even the so called federal character is not being implemented by Buhari govt ....every thing northernised.

I can see Abia is Dubai of Igbo land

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Politics / Re: Emir Of Daura To Turban Amaechi by Yebosola(m): 10:30am On Jan 22, 2022

Hahahaha!!! These attacks on Amaechi ain’t for nothing. He is simply a threat to you cheesy

Stop taking mpurimiri,Amaechi that can't win Rivers where Wike deh
Politics / Re: Buhari Arrives Kaduna On A 2-Day Working Visit (Pictures) by Yebosola(m): 11:42am On Jan 20, 2022

This is Beautiful.

Let's hear from the horse's mouth....

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Peace Airlines, Allen Onyema, says it is untrue to say that President Muhammadu Buhari does not like the Igbos.

Onyema defended his viewpoint on Saturday on the grounds that his airline had hugely benefited from the current administration.

I’m a beneficiary of Buhari’s kindness to Igbos – Air Peace boss

“I thank God for our President, Muhammadu Buhari, it is very untrue that he does not like the Igbo.
Without me being a member of his party, or any party, I am a beneficiary of his support for indigenous businesses.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria has given me destinations they have never given anybody, yet I am an Igbo man, from Anambra,” Onyema said on an interview with Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS).

Furthermore, he stressed that people should not read negative meanings to the good works of the Buhari administration.

“I don’t know anybody, I don’t have any godfather, President Buhari through his minister, Hadi Sirika, has given me China, London, Portugal, the entire Europe, United States and India.
“He’s even given me Jedda, and I’m not a Muslim; the government has given me about twenty destinations to fly to.”

He added that;
“The President wants equal economic development everywhere.”

These are the Great and True Igbo men true igbos listen to.

More from Air Peace Boss below...... in his own words

According to Igbos,onyema is efulefu. Brainless miscreants

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Tours Talgo Group To Inspect High Speed Trains Meant For Lagos by Yebosola(m): 5:14pm On Jan 19, 2022

Are you in anyway related to a Monkey? to hell with you and OUK, TA Orji and your Father whose ancestors are Monkeys

Rule 2 mode,do the needful on this person

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