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Gaming / Re: Playstation Games Account Sale & Games install, Online & Offline Play PS5 & PS4 by yungEX(m): 6:27pm On Apr 02
How much is FC24 Wish you had Ragnarok too. What network do you use to download your games? MTN is terrible
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Standard Chartered Bank International Graduate Programme 2018 by yungEX(m): 10:54pm On Jan 23

I did
Still waiting havent received anything yet
Technology Market / Re: Google Pixel 8a | 8 | 8 Pro and more Gizmos Available by yungEX(m): 1:09pm On Jun 18, 2023
how can i contact you bro?
Politics / Re: NIN: NIMC Workers Suspend Strike by yungEX(m): 7:43pm On Jan 08, 2021
Time to resume their extortion @FIRS, awolowo road. These idiots wont attend to you till eternity if you dont settle them.

Do they at least have many systems so they can attend to many people?
Politics / Re: NIMC Shuts Lagos Office To NiN Registrants by yungEX(m): 7:13pm On Dec 21, 2020

Was it at mtn office or agent?

Not mtn sha. A 9mobile agent. I just want to know if i can get my sim back before i do tgis NIN of a thing
Politics / Re: NIMC Shuts Lagos Office To NiN Registrants by yungEX(m): 6:10pm On Dec 21, 2020
that's how I left MTN ......although I have to go get the bloody affidavit when I lost my Glo and 9mobile line. MTN was my first and simply to check thier database was a tuff call

Did 9mobile ask you for national id card. Theyre asking now. And i dont have�. Will they accept affidavit for national id?
Politics / Re: NIMC Shuts Lagos Office To NiN Registrants by yungEX(m): 6:06pm On Dec 21, 2020
Fools in power!!

The biggest fools in the universe are in Nigeria occupying political offices.

Voters card
International passport
Driving license

Common sense can't tell them to share database so it can easy for one to generate NIN online without going to the office.

I registered for the first national ID. It is no longer accepted. They are forcing us to queue for another one. These sadists love to see Nigerians suffer.

Even some telecoms are also useless. I went to MTN office to do a 'welcome back'. They told me to get a affidavit. I told the lady that my lost line was registered. That she should look into their database to confirm that I am the owner of the line. She insisted I should go and get affidavit. I walked out of their office and aborted the mission of retrieving the line.

What's the purpose of the registration, if you can't check the database to confirm the owner of the sim?

Did they ask for National id ? Im asking cus i tried to do welcome back for my sim today. And they were asking for national id. Sim that i bought and registered wothput national id o
Family / Re: At 26 My Dad Still Flogs Me by yungEX(m): 11:09pm On Sep 29, 2020
You’re a good writer.

How you managed to skip your gender all through the post is orgasmic.
The title if the post says "At 26, His Father Still Flogs Him" not really difficult to deduce that OP is male.


Politics / Re: Edo Election: Ize-Iyamu Campaigns In Ekosodin (Photos) by yungEX(m): 5:06pm On Aug 24, 2020
That's the wrongest place to campaign for him. Ekosodin that Oshiomhole abandoned in his 8 years of reign, Ekosodin is now being developed by Obaseki, with good road networks from Palm Royal Junction to the inner town. And This one wants to advertise his ogas failure there.
Wow! Both newton street (tokyo domain area) and JB?
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by yungEX(m): 9:16pm On Jul 24, 2020
In today’s story.

One thing I always do in life, is that I think of the future and plan things ahead. During the last year of my masters in Germany, I was not sure about my stay in Germany and if my residence permit would be extended. I thought to myself, what if I don’t get the job I like? What if I really cannot cope in this country? What if I don’t complete this study?

What I did was, I took advantage of my student status and applied for visas to other countries. As a student in Germany, you stand a great chance of getting visas to other countries, in the best convenience. They’ll also grant you visa, because they know Germany is a top country and if you already live in Germany, you won’t care about running to anywhere else.

I applied for visas to US, UK and Canada. I got my visas at first try, without hassle. I had a 2 years US visa, 6 months UK visa, and 2 years Canadian visa. All tourist visas. I got my US visa in two days, UK in two weeks and Canada in three weeks. I just wanted to have those visas on my passport incase Germany failed me. “At least I know I won’t have to return to Nigeria, if anything happens“.

I did not use the US and Canadian visas until one year later. I had to use the UK visa because it was valid for 6 months. I would advice other Nigerian students to take this smart opportunity. You never know what could happen.
When you’re no longer a student, it can be harder to get these visas because you’d have to provide other documents and proof.

Even though they are tourist visas and the fees are expensive, it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, it is going to be on your passport. Apply for these visas at least, 1 year before your residence permit expires.

Hi daniel, silent reader here. How possible is it to apply for a student visa for canada after masters in Germany??
Health / Re: Ask The Eye Doctor Any Problem Concerning The Eyes by yungEX(m): 7:32pm On Jul 21, 2020
ok then

Doc, I need your help/advice. I recently discovered that distant things seem blurry. Like its difficult to recognize faces from afar as they also seem blurry and even notice boards that are a little far off. But I noticed one thing, sometimes the vision feels better (clearer than other times). Eg its usually worse in the evenings and when I press phone for like 30 minutes...although the difference is not so major. I dont have any major health issues. Please should I be concerned.
Health / Re: Pls Help; COVID-19 by yungEX(m): 12:58pm On Jun 05, 2020
Sinu-what? What you describe is nothing of that sort. A high fever has nothing to do with a sinus infection! undecided undecided
Just in case, please go get tested. Call the NCDC abeg!
Lol never said I had a high fever. I said loss of smell/taste after a bout of catarrh
Health / Re: Pls Help; COVID-19 by yungEX(m): 6:38pm On Jun 04, 2020
How are you now?
Fine took augumentin for like 7 days. Turns out it was sinusitis
Travel / Re: Living In Germany/life As A GERMAN Immigrant by yungEX(m): 2:13am On May 23, 2020
I live in Aachen, NRW....where do you live?
Here in Aachen, you can easily connect with Val’s in the Netherlands and Kelmis in Belgium.

I have 4 capable African stores around me.
Yam is very expensive like you said, just like in London but I still buy it regularly because I love it with fried eggs.

Clubs too are around but no activities now due to Covid-19.

German girls will hardly respond to you if you said “hello”....probably one out of ten.

Bro are you a lawyer? If you are kindly recommend some nice Llm courses. I'm an Llb 5 student btw.
Health / Re: Pls Help; COVID-19 by yungEX(m): 2:39pm On May 14, 2020
What’s the update
PURITYAUTOZ what's the update on your condition. I cant taste or smell after a bout of catrrh
Health / Re: COVID: Nigerians Should Worry About Weak Health System -Medical Scientists by yungEX(m): 11:44am On Mar 24, 2020

Sorry for the late response. Was on call duty.

When a lady is pregnant there is a hormone produced during the period of pregnancy, it is called the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG). That hormone can be detected sensitively in the blood and urine. Infact it is what we test for in the laboratory (qualitatively and quantitatively) during pregnancy test as Medical Scientists in the laboratory.

Now people usually think that once they do an abortion and a scan tells them the pregnancy is no longer viable, the blood test result should become negative immediately. No that's not true.

Even after an abortion, the results of the pregnancy test will still remain positive for a good period of time because the HCG pregnancy hormones are still present in the lady's blood plasma and will take some weeks to clear off her blood stream.

Oh . Thanks for this reply. I didn't know this
Health / Re: COVID: Nigerians Should Worry About Weak Health System -Medical Scientists by yungEX(m): 9:28pm On Mar 23, 2020

You dey mind them?

LabDNA please I have a question I need help . I know you're a doc nd I've been looking for someone to ask. My babe had a medical abortion with mifepristol and misprostol on the 27th of Feb. (She had her period in the beginning of February) she bled normally. However, blood tests are still showing positive while transvaginal ultrasound shows theres nothing there. Do you please have any idea when her period will return or when we can expect to see negative when she does blood test??
I hope you reply. Thanks
Education / Re: Did You Regret Going For Masters Abroad? by yungEX(m): 12:38am On Dec 31, 2019

It's hard to see someone who did Msc in Health or Engineering course in US and return Nigeria to regret it.

Most of the people complaining did Msc in Humanities Or Business field or Art, and the worst, do it in Cyprus, Romania, Belarus, Sweden, Ukraine, bla bla.

US education is King and has no equal.

do you feel doing masters in law or MBA in Germany or canada is a waste of time and money
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by yungEX(m): 7:23pm On Dec 06, 2019
Thank you all so much for the wealth of information on this thread. I have just been accepted into T. U Dresden to study LLM in International intellectual Property Law in the summer 2020 session.

Is anyone studying, planning to study or has any info specific to the region or Uni? I'll greatly appreciate the assistance.

Many thanks in advance.
Heyy . Pls how much is the fees?
Phones / Re: SOLD!!!!!! Factory Unlocked Iphone 8 Plus 256gb. SOLD!!!!! by yungEX(m): 3:30pm On Nov 14, 2019
Still Available, Good morning
Morning bro do u have 7+
Travel / Re: My Adventure To Liberec, Czech Republic from Germany by yungEX(m): 8:27am On Nov 03, 2019
[quote author=alphaNomega post=83696389]

Nigerians! You can't be a vegetarian if you eat fish/fish products.[/quote
You're confusing being a vegetarian with beign vegan. Vegetarians eat fish, diary etc. Vegans dont eat anything that comes from animals


Technology Market / 2 Weeks 2018 Macbook Air For Sale by yungEX(m): 4:00pm On Sep 28, 2019
Size:13.3 inch
8 GB ram
128 GB sad
Intel UhD graphics 617
Fingerprint technology
Backlit keyboard
Facetime hd camera
Reciept also available
Price: 510k or slightly negotiable

Call or Contact on whatsapp: 08100473361

Technology Market / Re: SoLD by yungEX(m): 8:04am On Jul 27, 2019
Haha crack on the screen,that meins u will...
Computers / Re: Best Deal Ever: Touch Screen, HP, 12 GB Ram and 1 Terabyte Hard disk. by yungEX(m): 12:40pm On Mar 20, 2019
My guy wants thisss
Crime / Re: Dogs Make Out During Official Photo Session Of France President by yungEX(m): 7:53am On Mar 20, 2019
Two dogs were seeing Makin out during the official photo session of Frances president, Emmanuel Macron and the frst lady.

But what is really paining !email is the fact that the make dog is white and te female is black.
Theres no white dog there, even if there was how did it make it worse
Travel / Re: 6 Reasons Why Nigeria Is A Better Place To Live Than Foreign Country by yungEX(m): 4:16pm On Mar 15, 2019
Tax Levy differences

There is heavy taxation in foreign country compares to Nigeria. It is not easy for a common person to accumulate wealth. The more richer you become, the more tax you pay. That's why you see all this footballers running from one team to another.

Its a must for you to pay tax if you relocate to US, even its a big offense for you to owe tax. They may jail you for not paying tax but in Nigeria, tax levy has limit

Please guys I don't understand. Isn't this a big turn off. You don't pay taxes then don't expect standard social amenities. Nigeria is in shambles


Agriculture / Re: Chickens Kill Fox That Sneaked Into Their Poultry by yungEX(m): 11:46pm On Mar 14, 2019
Oga blogger. Softly softly with the lies na or is your name Lai? wink
Saw it on BBCs Facebook...
Politics / Re: . "Lagos Belongs To Yorubas by yungEX(m): 11:23am On Mar 13, 2019
Lmao. Nigerians are funny. Imagine going abroad and beign called an immigrant then coming back to your country you're still called an immigrant. To me no tribe owns anything . Nigerians own nigeria
Sports / Re: A PSG Fan Shattered His Television After PSG 1 - 3 Man Utd Loss (Photos) by yungEX(m): 6:30pm On Mar 08, 2019
Sincerely speaking
PSG is becoming annoying

Same thing Barcelona did to you!

Now man u just did the same

Clubs always comming from many goals down to trash PSG

I just tire for that club. And he be like say Chelsea don even first do them this matter before!!!

But wait o. Am beginning to think of something here o

2007 Liverpool lose champions League final
2008 man u won champions League

2016 Liverpool lose Europa League final
2017 man u won Europa League final

2018 Liverpool lose champions League final
2019 man u won...............

Okay make we check am from this angle
1998 France won world cup
1999 man u won champions League final

2018 France won world cup
2019 man u ................

Football history nor go kill me
If na Pascal or Fortran i sabi for uniben like this ehnnnn I go for happy. Pascal D
Fortran D
Assembly language F

Cultism A
Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy S10: All You Need To Know by yungEX(m): 4:27pm On Mar 05, 2019

I didnt say samsung was the first either oga. I am only stating a personal opinion that samsung is playing catchup with huawei on the screen fingerprint feature. I believe we are all entitled to our opinions na

Ok bro I get now.. no vex

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