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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 300k Job In Lagos Or 120k Job In Nasarawa. by Zaheertyler(m): 1:29am On Jan 25
Don't be distracted in Lagos sha
It never ends well
Make your money and go


Romance / Re: I've Just Been Served Breakfast!! by Zaheertyler(m): 1:26am On Jan 25


This hot afternoon! I served the breakfast sha but it doesn't make it any less painful.

My motto still remains: NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS!!!

I even thought we were going to get married. Back to square one 😭
Too look for another man?
Politics / Re: 2023: Adamu Garba Conducts Online Poll, See Result by Zaheertyler(m): 1:25am On Jan 25
President Buhari senior aide, Adamu Garba conducted Presidential online poll and see how Nigerians reacted below

No be do or die affair
Anybody way win
Good for am
Nobody go sha chop shit
Politics / Re: 2023: Adamu Garba Conducts Online Poll, See Result by Zaheertyler(m): 1:24am On Jan 25
President Buhari senior aide, Adamu Garba conducted Presidential online poll and see how Nigerians reacted below

No be do or die affair
Anybody way win
Good for am
Nobody to sha chop shit
Travel / Re: Pictures Of The New Train Stations In Lagos by Zaheertyler(m): 1:19am On Jan 25

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Romance / Re: Thoughts by Zaheertyler(m): 9:18pm On Jan 24
Romance / Thoughts by Zaheertyler(m): 8:20pm On Jan 24
Foreign Affairs / Re: Swedish Political Party Leader Burned Quran Outside Turkish Embassy (Photos) by Zaheertyler(m): 1:42pm On Jan 22
Is this a HateCrime?

Under police protection, the leader of the far-right Danish political party Stram Kurs, Rasmus Paludan, burned a Quran outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023.

Many are calling the book burning a racist Hatecrime.

Sweden is bracing for demonstrations that could complicate its efforts to persuade Turkey to approve its NATO accession.

Turkiye called off a visit by Sweden's defense minister after the book burning was approved by the Swedish government, sparking a fresh crisis over NATO talks between the two countries.

Sweden needs Turkish approval to join the military bloc.


osystein, HumbledbYGrace,
mukina2 FP
Na him matter
Education / Re: Expelled for Examination Malpractice (pics) by Zaheertyler(m): 1:40pm On Jan 22
Honestly, this is very beautiful. I only wish every other school can be serious with this law.

You cheat, you get caught, you get kicked out.

Simple pathway!

No warning. No room for appeal. Once it's proven that you cheated, you should be out of the school as soon as possible.

Edit: Please, OP, take down their faces and full names. There's no point further embarrassing them. Mynd44, Seun, Lalasticlala, please consider protecting the image of these students.
Very simple like FUTO
Them go just ask you if na your name dey the paper with the evidence
If you say yes
Bye bye


Politics / Re: Electrically Charged Stones (lithium) Discovered In The Democratic Republic Of T by Zaheertyler(m): 12:11pm On Jan 22
Electrically charged stones (Lithium) discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

One day Africans will own up to this things and rise
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Is Stepping On Toes by Zaheertyler(m): 12:08pm On Jan 22
Stop the killing START the healing BUT he have never commend Unknown Gunmen and ipobs. As a diehard APC supporter we'll do our possible best to make sure this Biafra Terriost is disgraced. Peter Obi bought Fulain clothes for ipobs and told them to go to the North and start killing people so that people will think it's Fulain herdsmen meanwhile they are ipobs sponsored by Peter Obi, they dressed like fulains. las las I see the Military taking over, I think that will be more better than a Biafra Terriost to rule Nigeria 🇳🇬 We're not fools in this country. Peter Obi sponsored EndSars to overthrown Buhari out of office but it didn't work for him because u can't dare a core Northerner like Buhari and go sort free. This is just the bitter truth many people don't like hearing. If the whole world like let them vote obi he will never rule Nigeria, Go and write ✍️ it down 👇 it's not a threat it's a promise 👉
The average Nigerian is a thief
I wonder how he intends to stop that too
Travel / Re: Meet The Only Survivor From The Ghastly Accident That Killed 17 People..(photos) by Zaheertyler(m): 12:07pm On Jan 22
I hope people begin to avoid that useless AKTC! That useless company killed my friend! Thy had an accident and instead of calling NOK details on the manifest, they were instead, struggling to cover their company name on the ill fated vehicle and tow it away into hiding.

My friend was alive for 3 days without medical care and passed on. Avoid that useless company with everything you've got! Company of animals! My dear brother Edafe, Rest in peace🕊️
Alot of things are wrong in this our part
Too many carelessness from humans have killed too many innocent people in this country

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi’s Labour Party Recognised By INEC - People's Gazette by Zaheertyler(m): 2:18pm On Jun 09, 2022
With all sincerity, my conscience is PO. But we need to deal with reality.

Did we learn any lesson from the APC convention? In terms of Presidential charisma, PYO would have been the best candidate. But, Nigerian are not matured to select the best. They respond to politicians that come with 'too much money'.

At PO best, he will only divert some vote. But I cannot see him winning.

I would have advocated for the SE to get back to PDP and plot their political future through that platform. PDP remains a national party through which SE can realize their political aspirations.

You might not be the President today, but you can become that in the nearest future

When time reach just play your part and vote
Politics / Re: Peter Obi’s Labour Party Recognised By INEC - People's Gazette by Zaheertyler(m): 9:34am On Jun 09, 2022
God Abeg make Peter Obi President come 2023
Thank you Daddy God

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Family / Re: My 17yrs Old Son Is Getting Out Of Hand by Zaheertyler(m): 6:55am On Jun 09, 2022
You lost them to the streets
Make sure they get university education
The experience might change them
If not
Na God oo
You lost them to the streets
No jokes


Romance / Re: Sex With My Wife Is Very Very Boring, I Need Help by Zaheertyler(m): 6:49am On Jun 09, 2022
Hello naira landers.
I really need your advice on what to do about this.
Sex with my wife has become so so boring that after it i most often time regret leaving whatever I was supposed to do for it. I mean the feeling of it was not worth it at all cry
I've tried all I know, I've read books and bought some for her to help out for our sexual life, yet the improvement is short leaved.

We've been married for Six years with two kids. Yet from the day we got married I can count how many times I've kissed my wife during or not during sex.
I've called her attention to it, if I managed to kiss her I must have begged my way through.
Like a secondary school chap.
------ I enjoy kissing -------- which she knows, she'll promise making a change yet no Change.

Okay, I've come to understand with her that maybe kissing is not her thing as it is for some women. Fine I don't go to that area any more.

All of a sudden, she's not interested in fore play of any kind, which I love to engage in no matter how badly I want to get in because I want the satisfaction to be mutual, but She just want me straight in.
Many times I'm filled with wondering thoughts while making up with her.
Peradventure she agrees to a pre-intimacy after much bagging and persuasion, it's not more than 5mins with restrictions to some parts. GGGGGGGGGGod!
I'll just be like what is this.

I've called her on serveral occasions if something was wrong, if she was going through any emotional stress or something I could help out with or change, response always negative.

Yet no improvement.

I don't know who to talk to, because I'm a very private person and respects privacy.

I'm doing my best to make her and the kids happy, to the best of my ability as God is helping me.
I'm a very charming and romantic dude, the best I know about myself in that area, which she has also told me.
I've never cheated on her, not once and I don't intend to and she knows.

I had to come up here to seek for help because it's getting out of hand.

To the point that I seek her consent if we can make out for the night ( it's not the top priority in our lives though, but it's necessary) she sometimes come up with an excuse which I'll understand or she agrees but ends up disappointing ( i.e sleeps off or not in the mood) and I get pissed off, because I'm left ganging and she doesn't care. My God!
For about a month it's been dry sex and it's making me feel as if I'm violating her, forcing her against her will.
The very last time it was as if I was making out with a dead body, no sound, no moves, no connection. Mahn o Mahnnnn

I'm at the verge of taking the selibacy way, because that was my vow before I married her.
This sex thing is distracting me.

I need advice, is there something about women I don't known because I've read and researched about women.
Your wife na lesbian
When you do your findings you will know
Politics / Re: Check Yoruba People Comment On BBC Yoruba When Tinubu Was Declared APC Winner by Zaheertyler(m): 6:47am On Jun 09, 2022
When I remember say people Dey way wan vote Tinubu I go just Dey wonder if them Dey okay
Osibanjo would have made me rethink
But Tinubu
Never again
Like this 8 years way we just wan finish no do una
Una want extra
Politics / Re: Lets Face The Truth.... by Zaheertyler(m): 10:26am On Jun 08, 2022
I’m Igbo and I’m voting Peter Obi
Politics / Re: Ogbonnoya Onu Is A Hero by Zaheertyler(m): 8:01am On Jun 08, 2022

Abegmake una stop threatening other people it won't help your cause.
Na so una do for 8 years now una don start again.
Which cause
Them Dey threaten greedy snake
Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by Zaheertyler(m): 7:49am On Jun 08, 2022
So is only igbos that travel to village during festive periods, yorubas don't travel abi, others don't travel abi.

Abeg getat.

Travel to where
Ajegunle to epe
Politics / Re: Ogbonnoya Onu Is A Hero by Zaheertyler(m): 7:29am On Jun 08, 2022

Justice was murdered by the inability of the South East, due to their failure to aligned themselves politically
You people are funny
Especially the yorubas
One day all this greed and nonsense life you people are living will bounce back
And e no go tey
Politics / Re: Operation Get Your PVC: Alaba International Market Shutting Down 9th June 2022 by Zaheertyler(m): 7:18am On Jun 08, 2022
Okay this election go sweet

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Politics / Re: Abdulahi Adamu's Failed Coup - The Nation by Zaheertyler(m): 10:37am On Jun 07, 2022

Those people don't know what they doing. How will a Northerner spent 8 years in power and will wants to hand over to another Northerner? I still don't get the logic
Because southerners are greedy
Politics / Re: Less Than 24hrs After Owo Massacre, Osibanjo Eating And Laughing-pics by Zaheertyler(m): 9:51am On Jun 06, 2022
Useless talk... Na only Osibanjo dey the gathering... Mtchew.... The number 1 citizen of the country dey there and other aspirants.

Say no to nonsense talk.

R. I. P to the victims of Owo massacre.
Romance / Re: How Girls Behave When You Want To Remove Their Pant by Zaheertyler(m): 9:47am On Jun 04, 2022
Nna mehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Ladies is this true cheesy cheesy cheesy
E no sweet
Shift it to the side

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Phone/Internet Market / Re: Help I Have Been Duped !!! by Zaheertyler(m): 12:21pm On Jun 03, 2022
So I met this guy on jiji. He sold me Samsung A32 for 75k only for me to get home and detect the phone was bought on loan (MKOPA) and it was locked that same day 28/05/2022. I contacted MKOPA and they said the only way is to get the login info used to buy the phone before I can pay off the loan. I have used other numbers to call the guy but the SIM is no longer active.
I have the guy details. He is an OOU student, physics department and I know his matric no ( I asked of his ID card that day cause of my suspicions).
I thought of involving the police but I don't have any money to process their investigations as per Nigerian standard.
Please what should I do
Go and make trouble wherever he is na
No gree oo until him pay you
Romance / Re: Is Checking Someone's Future Is Real? I Need Advices Please. by Zaheertyler(m): 12:19pm On Jun 03, 2022
Onye kwe chi ya kwe
Thank you
Politics / Re: Borno 2023: You Are A Nobody – Zulum Replies PDP Governorship Candidate by Zaheertyler(m): 12:15pm On Jun 03, 2022

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Family / Re: I Feel Insecure In My Marriage by Zaheertyler(m): 12:12pm On Jun 03, 2022
I feel insecure in my mind!

I will make it simple and short! Currently, my wife claims she is playing a game with a married man who needs a child! Somehow they met but I'm not aware of how, overtime I noticed the frequent call from the man with my wife, she even saved the number as sweetness, I challenged it but she said its just the game, and short often they both go out for the weekend to a place she told me the man got her a catering job, still I let her go cos she said she needed the gains to meet her financial needs which I could not provide at that time, also often the man is a regular caller, they talk at length and at midnight, so I challenged the height of disrespect then I checked her whatsapp conversation, there she and the man made promises to help each other, she will always call him sweet names on the chat, but whenever I question the act she feels very confident and comfortable that I am pissed at it but no changes and no remorse, the fact that she and the man has been going out for the weekend on 3x, I feel something is going wrong behind me and I am not comfortable with the game idea anymore, upon many other reasons and reaction to feel insecure that I can't mention here! I really need your opinion and advice to heal my insecurities. We are married with two kids and being together for 9 years, this feeling is still fresh cos its just happening this year!
Egbon wetin Dey sup?


Religion / Re: Why I Resigned From My Job As A Pastor In Winners Chapel And Became A Babalawo by Zaheertyler(m): 10:48am On Jun 03, 2022
In my formative years, we were three fiery brothers practising Christianity in Iwo town -- two of us very poor, but with strange will to survive. After secondary education and with nothing to live for, first among us was a talented beggar. As the second guy, my mother is late, and my father's whereabout was unknown. So, the first guy and I were living in one of the three houses I knew belonged to the father of the 3rd guy, but the father didn't care about the 3rd guy, though. The first guy is a genius in gathering monies through request for "urgent 2k" -- we lived on this for years.

Miraculously, I and the 3rd guy obtained degrees in science and administration respectively; the first guy obtained a degree in theology and became the chaplain of a university Chapel.

But those days as a fiery Christian, I lost 40% of my hearing. The last time I visited the first guy of a chaplain, he needed me to source urgent 5k for him. Just this morning, the 3rd guy called me that he has bone fractures and is receiving treatment at the Ogbomosho general hospital. He needs money at least for feeding, but none is forthcoming. Let me add that the first guy is in Baptist, I was in Winners Chapel while the 3rd guy is a Mountain of Fire adherent.

Then I joined the ministry in Winners Chapel. Oratory is still my best physical gift -- those in Winners Chapel Adeeke, Iwo in 2005 will remember me by the name Yinka. I had studied the scriptures from "paali to paali"; prayer sessions I handled those days looked like wartime events. While in the university, I was sent to pastor a new church in another town and did so successfully. But when I started full-time ministry, what you would usually call hosts of hell came banging at my door. They would tell me what would happen the following day and they would come to pass. They would tell me Mr A was at my door while I was still sleeping by 6:30am and that would be so.

Later, those spirits told me why I am on earth, and if I neglect my path, I would regret being born. They said I'm a Babalawo by design. I quickly went on overdrive binding "thoughts that may setup their selves against God's knowledge and every disobedience..." Then I would hear strange laughter of a group of persons suggesting the spirits were many. Then I traveled to see a primary school mate who is making waves as a general overseer of a church. All his prayers or deliverance made no difference.

Then voices started threatening me and commanded me to go to a village whose name I never heard hitherto saying that someone is waiting for me there. I googled the name of the town and I found it. I went there because previous messages didn't fail. I met the person and the priestess gave a stern warning that refusing to work for the gods would be a deadly decision. I accepted the calling right away.

But divination is not that easy to learn. I know someone who spent eight years on it. I became a pro within five months by some rare twists of events and within nine months, I became a full-blown Babalawo.

I'm tempted to say that Christians practice something different from what the Bible taught me. In 2020, my daughter was on life support at Bowen University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomosho. The bills were clearly beyond what my 50k salary could handle. I requested for help from the church hierarchy by calling the district pastor, and he said I should follow a correct route in channelling my request. I replied that I first of all called the area pastor who directed me and gave me his number to call. The district pastor started sounding offensive. That was why I came to nairaland and made a thread for help.


A nairalander sent a huge amount of money to me in the following thread to clear hospital bills.


I tendered a resignation letter in Winners Chapel in 2021 with two weeks notice. Before the notice elapsed and till today, I never heard anything from them about my resignation. But when the district church mistakenly paid a sum of money into my bank account after I had left (that money ought to be sent to the current pastor of the church) I told the accountant and he asked me to refund it immediately. While working there, I never had any history of misconduct. They treated me as though I never existed; that action reduced me to a new low, lower than the basest of animals...

The following advice is indispensable: life is not all about money; you're here on a certain assignment.


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