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Nairaland / General / Re: Ten Of The Longest Snakes In The World (Pictures) by Zenzu01(m): 5:58am On Nov 20
Immediately I saw the topic, I just knew that the post doesn't need a comment to grace front page grin grin

Lalasticlala and snake threads be like 5&6 grin

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Adverts / Re: Upwork Account Approval, Proposal Tips & Profile Revamp Services by Zenzu01(m): 9:03pm On Nov 09
Nigeria sent an email
I don't have my nairaland email again. Please send to adesojimichael007@gmail.com
Adverts / Re: Upwork Account Approval, Proposal Tips & Profile Revamp Services by Zenzu01(m): 3:32pm On Nov 09
yh verified no reviews

which country and how much? you can drop your WhatsApp contact too.
Adverts / Re: Upwork Account Approval, Proposal Tips & Profile Revamp Services by Zenzu01(m): 5:33am On Nov 08
Upwork account with 85 connect for sale
Hello, is the account verified? and which country?
Politics / Re: BBNaija Season 6 Stars Meet With Governor Sanwo-Olu In Lagos (Photo, Video) by Zenzu01(m): 5:01pm On Oct 29
The fact that all these BBN stars keep showing their nudes, snatching people's wives & husband, getting cash & gifts from gullible fans, visiting top government officials and still getting endorsements make me feel that going to school is really a scam when you don't have connection.

Its more like you should have the connection first before considering going to school. Because you will just waste those years learning rubbish, especially when you don't study any of the professional courses.

No wonder a semi-literate Emeka who decided to start business immediately after secondary school ends up becoming more successful than a first class graduate of philosophy.

Or Cynthia who knows how to trade her clitocurrency well ends up buying a house in banana island after acting her second African Magic Epic movie as one of the 20 village maidens while James is still struggling to enter Keke despite acting a blockbuster cinema movie.

This life is only balance when you use what you have to get what you want.

And again, the question is what do you have?

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Politics / Re: PDP Convention: Power Brokers Move Against Ex-Generals’ Men by Zenzu01(m): 4:58pm On Oct 29
Both PDP and APC are crazy.

Only if youths can really unite just this once to push all these oldies away..

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Politics / Re: Buhari: Don’t Campaign For Tenure Extension, I’ll Leave Office In 2023 by Zenzu01(m): 4:09pm On Oct 29
Good of you sir. We've heard you and we'll do just that.

If we campaign for your tenure extension, call us bastards.


Computers / Re: HP Elitebook 8440P For Sale by Zenzu01(m): 3:23pm On Oct 19
how long does the battery last?
Politics / Re: Ali Yakubu Numan Jailed 30 Months For Calling Fintiri ‘Father Of All Thieves' by Zenzu01(m): 3:32pm On Aug 12
A wise man from Africa once said,

There is freedom of speech but I can't guarantee freedom after speech.

This is exactly what is playing in this country.

Imagine Idris Abdulkareen sang "Nigeria jaga jaga" under this regime. I'm sure they would have assassinated him already.

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Computers / Re: Norton Buys Avast For Over $8 Billion by Zenzu01(m): 12:46pm On Aug 11
USA sha like monopoly.......

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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: HIRED by Zenzu01(m): 11:46am On Aug 11
Hello Boss,

I sent you a message via WhatsApp.
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Footballers Who Are Happily Married To White Women - Photos by Zenzu01(m): 8:13pm On Aug 04
Marrying a white woman is very good since both the man and the woman will share responsibility almost
equally but can become very problematic when there is a divorce case.


Celebrities / Re: "They Want To Rush Me"- Simi Says As She Shares New Photos On IG by Zenzu01(m): 8:05pm On Aug 04
I like the way her husband always follows her up on social media grin
Education / Re: Oko Polytechnic Lecturer Gifts His Best Project Students N10,000 (Photo) by Zenzu01(m): 2:30pm On Aug 01
BBNAIJA comes to mind...
Sports / Re: Lewandowski Wins Germany's Footballer Of The Year Award by Zenzu01(m): 10:21pm On Jul 25
Congrats Lewandoski.

Just as Lewandowski won Germany's Footballer Of The Year Award, same way Messi will win the World's Footballer Of The Year Award.

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Sports / Re: Lewandowski Wins Germany's Footballer Of The Year Award by Zenzu01(m): 10:21pm On Jul 25

Is a dwarf

A rich one cheesy


Technology Market / Re: Uk Use Hp Laptop For Sale by Zenzu01(m): 10:12pm On Jul 02
Phones / Re: Who Can Help With This( I'm Ready To Pay) by Zenzu01(m): 6:34pm On Jun 24
pls is this what happens to all easybuy phones when owners default payment

Yes. Till payment is made. And if you think you can flash the phone, then goodluck.
Phones / Re: Who Can Help With This( I'm Ready To Pay) by Zenzu01(m): 6:33pm On Jun 24

Who told you that?
You just want to coerce the OP to continue spending his money.
If am the one with that phone, I'll completely change the OS entirely even if it entails install a custom ROM.
OP, the people you took it to just resetted it and didn't flash it, if they really formatted the phone before flashing a new firmware, you won't have any problems.
Some of these people think all of us are tech illiterates that is why they'll sell a phone at 3x its cost price because you are desperate.

Okay. Good luck
Phones / Re: Who Can Help With This( I'm Ready To Pay) by Zenzu01(m): 8:53pm On Jun 23
This is a phone gotten via Easybuy and you can't flash it because there is a paytrigger app installed on the phone.

The only way to sort this display error and have access to the apps is to make repayment.

I'm a CSR with easybuy. I can help out if you want to. Or you can visit any of the easybuy outlets close to you.


Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Pictured With His Two Sons by Zenzu01(m): 3:07pm On Apr 24
No matter what, have money ooo.

I did not say you should be desperate or commit crime oo but just try to make this money. e get why!!

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Health / Re: Drug Abuse: How It Started Vs The Outcome. Can Youths Ever Say No To Drugs? by Zenzu01(m): 3:15pm On Apr 16
The ears of most youths are deaf when it comes to drug abuse. I even feel more sorry for youths who feel they don't "belong" when they don't do drugs

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Webmasters / Re: For Those Who Failed In Blogging by Zenzu01(m): 2:34pm On Apr 07


Seen. Thank you.
Webmasters / Re: For Those Who Failed In Blogging by Zenzu01(m): 1:44pm On Apr 07
Post your account number.

Gtbank. Thank you.
Webmasters / Re: For Those Who Failed In Blogging by Zenzu01(m): 1:42pm On Apr 07
I think the Nairaland bot is not allowing the the .blog spot to show

http://oreogist (dot) blog spot( dot) com/


Webmasters / Re: For Those Who Failed In Blogging by Zenzu01(m): 1:41pm On Apr 07
if oreogist dot com has expired, it's historical whois data should be found. But that's not the case. Is that link correct?
It iis http://oreogist..com/ not oreogist.com

The main domains I used are Godwingist.com and newsflow.com which were linked to that domain.
Webmasters / Re: For Those Who Failed In Blogging by Zenzu01(m): 12:46pm On Apr 07
Blogging is something that I find very difficult. As a professional writer, I had the thought that blogging would be a piece of cake for me (lol).

I started my first blog newsflow.com now http://oreogist..com (because domain name got expired) on entertainment niche but after some time I became tired of everything because I wasn't having traffic. I even sold out the AdSense associated with the blog (I paid someone to help approve it).

My last post on the blog was updated Dec. 2019. I stopped blogging and continued freelance writing for clients. Then I later picked up interest again to start another blog https://www.opinions.com.ng/ . I settled down to craft out content I posted on the blog but still the same traffic issue.

I later discovered that I really need to understand what blogging is all about before I venture into it. The worse part is that I've paid two tutors to teach me how to blog but I guess I fell into wrong hands. This is why I'm skeptical to pay any online guru to teach me how to blog. They only tell you the normal things you see online.

What I really need now is someone that can teach me how to blog especially ranking my content (lemme gather money first lol)

I'm currently writing as a freelancer but still hoping to come back to blogging (once I have sufficient resources for it though).

I now use https://www.opinions.com.ng/ as my portfolio to direct clients to content I've written. This has a way of giving a freelance writer better credibility online.

So this is the long and short story of my blogging career grin grin
Religion / Re: Has Religion Affected The Society Positively Or Negatively? by Zenzu01(m): 11:29am On Apr 04
It has affected us More Negatively than Positively..

I would have wished to disagree but that's just the truth.
Religion / Re: Has Religion Affected The Society Positively Or Negatively? by Zenzu01(m): 10:57am On Apr 04
I do not agree with many things in the post, but one thing you should know about Christianity is that it stands separately from other worldly theistic views, in the sense that it has a very strong moral point of views in regards to relationships with God, man and self. Now here are few points I do not agree with :

The false notion islam is peaceful
This till ridiculous idea of Islam being a religion of peace is completely off because the blatant truth is, Islam (historically), is a very violent religious movement. And except we want to be hypocrites, Islam's prophet was a soldier who fought and killed for his god (Allah). a
And he encouraged his followers to do so. Which is why Muslims are groups like Boko-haram keep doing what they do.

The Issue of Being sent to Hell

Now the threat of being sent to hell is a form of divine justice establish by God for breaking God's universal laws on morality. And excpet if you are hypocritical in your thoughts, we too have a sense moral justice in our own society. For example : if you kill someone, the penalty is the death sentence. So why is this done? Well, it serves as :
1. A deterrent to others.
2. Gives justice to family of the dead and stops the avenger from seeking justice with his own hands.
3. Helps prevents future occurrences and reduce the number of atrocities committed in society.

And lastly, God does not cast people into Hell; on the contrary, the deeds of people who do wicked things, cast them into Hell. So its a choice for you the individual

You just succeeded to justify Christianity and slander Islam. Yeah, there are a few folks practicing Islam that do evil things, so it is too with every other religions.

Personally, I've been helped for free by two pakistani guys who said they only did because they feel it is right to help humanity.

I can even share screenshots of our chats. So you can attack the bad eggs in all religions but not the religions.

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Religion / Re: Has Religion Affected The Society Positively Or Negatively? by Zenzu01(m): 10:47am On Apr 04

Well said.
Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you.

Trust religious people to attack this simply because they don't believe anyone can be good outside their own religion.

Lol. I'm not even bothered if they attack this or not. I've passed this stage.

Let's just live right for the sake of ourselves and others.

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Religion / Has Religion Affected The Society Positively Or Negatively? by Zenzu01(m): 10:13am On Apr 04
Has Religion affected the society positively or negatively?

My Answer

‘If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.’ ~Albert Einstein

We have learned to fly in the air like a bird and swim in the sea like a fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together. ~Anonymous

This two quotes above have deep meaning and relevance.
Many people do things today not because they know it is the right thing to do but just for the fear of going to hell.

Christianity teaches about the paying of tithes. Most Christians pay tithes not because they want to use the resources to take Care of the Pastors or Priests but because they have been threatened to do so or else face the Wrath of God.

Islam is a religion of peace but many acts of terrorism has been attributed to it because most terrorists have twisted a verse or two to suit their purpose thereby, claiming that they fight for Allah when infact they do it for their selfish gain alone.

Most fights, crisis, riot and even wars come as a result of the different religious beliefs in the world. You see Christians attacking Muslims and vice versa. You hear words like “your religion is not the right religion”, “you are an unbeliever if you don’t follow the teachings of my religion”, “you will go to hell if you don’t follow my religion”.

Imagine if the reward for being good and the punishment to being evil is removed. How many people will still go church or mosque, how many people will still pay tithe or give to the needy, how many people will still be his or her brothers and sisters keeper.

My candid advice is that we should leave religions when doing things. We should do things because they are good and are for the benefit to mankind. We should not do things that are harmful to others.

Remember Jesus did not say heaven is meant for Christians or Muslims or traditional worshipers but it is meant for only those that do the Will of God. This implies that your religion does not take you to either heaven or hell but only your deeds.

Have this mindset from today. Give alms to the needy not because your pastor says so but because it will help save a life from starving.

When you have this mindset, even when your pastor doesn’t tell you, you will do it anyway because you know it is the right thing to do.

©Adesoji Michael


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