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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 7:38pm On Jan 08, 2013
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:51pm On Jan 09, 2013
Here we go again oooo. NEPA no allow me but God dey
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:54pm On Jan 09, 2013
Akinola wanted to move close to his son but he heard a voice come from the boy. The voice sounded like the boy’s voice but it was distorted and very distant as if it came from somewhere far even though the boy was in front of his sitting

“Come no further. I might harm you”

The doctor stopped dead in his path at this confused as to why his son will say so and also scared at the voice he said it with.

His eyes travelled to Ifamuyiwa on the floor still screaming that he was on fire and he saw no flames burning in the hut. Just the way it was when he entered the hut. He looked outside the window and saw that the weather was not okay at all. In the distance, he saw the lightning and he heard the thunder rumble. The hut was at the back of the house but in the distance the hills were barely visible and the clouds were just barely above it. There was no rain as the evening sun still shone in the sky while the air aroundthe room was chocking. It was as though there was something in it that made the noseburn and the lungs burn.

“Perhaps this is what is making Ifamuyiwa scream” he thought to himself.

The screaming continued by the Oracle and he could understand why, at least he could explain it. He had tried to reap the powers of Sango and the god had visited him and punished him. The fire inside him could not be seen even by him neither could he smell the pains but his insides burned. The fire wasreal and he felt it. He cried and wished for death but he found none.

Ifamuyiwa thought of only one choice, to go to the Oracle of the gods himself, Ifa the messenger and ask to be forgiven, he remembered that his stones were in his consulting room and he tried to get up but found himself falling again. His legs did not belong to him anymore as the lost their strength. He called for help and screamed at Akinola.

Akinola heard the Oracle call his name in a scream and he ran to him.

“What happen wise one?” he asked

“Help me please get me to my consulting room, I am burning up from the inside”

The doctor inside Akinola surfaced and he wanted to take Ifamuyiwa by the hand when his thought fell back to his son. He turned back and this time, Ojoade’s face was staring at him, he saw the boy’s blue eyes but also saw a faint glitter inside it. A glitter he had not seen since the boy was still a baby and hetried to kill him. the thought drove shivers down his spine.

The boy’s hands fell to his side as if they could not be controlled anymore. The boy justsat down lifeless in the room. he looked back at Ifamuyiwa who was still screaming and tried to pick him up but his concern was more for his son and he approached him again. The boy just sat there looking at nothing and he did nothing but sit and Akinola took c
onscious steps towards him.

The witch still stood inside her room and continued to monitor the events, it was of great interest and concern to her.

Interest because she could not actually believe the great god could come habituate a mortal body and bring his powers with him and concern because she feared for her safety. She is the one who carried the lamp over his head and there would be consequences. She might have done it to helpbut the gods are not always rational in their ways and most times, it was better to stay out of their path, especially the ones more volatile. Ogun was another she always avoided.

She saw the doctor get up and walked to help the Oracle and she thought within herself

“If only you knew what he wanted to do to you, you would have set him on fire yourself”

She saw him look back at his son and she remembered when the child was born, she remembered how she stood outside that night amidst the storm and a thought which never came to her crept inside her head. She had told Akinola he should choose if he wanted the child to live or die and he chose to let him live but now she thought again. The way the man looked at his son was not just love, no. it was a mixture of love and some other things. Things she only see in the eyes of dying mothers.

The feeling was a mixture of Love, Concern and raw Fear. The doctor feared his son. And she thought what if the man had not chosen that the boy should live? What if in the time she stood outside that night, he tried to kill the boy could not do it? That explained the fear he had for the boy and that explained the look in his eyes.

She saw him leave the Oracle to go help his son but she knew it was a bad idea. The god was not in his patient mood now and even though his essence had left, there were still parts of the god within the boy. And if there is one thing she knows well, don’t ever touch a god who is already angry. Don’t speak, infact it is better to just stand and watch.

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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:56pm On Jan 09, 2013
As she watched, Akinola moved closer to the boy cautiously and was almost touching him when she felt she had had enough and she called out to Akinola.

“you must not touch him” she said into her pool knowing well that he would hear her.

“He has a god inside him and if you touch him death awaits you.”

She saw the doctor stop in his tracks and turned around looking for that voice when she saw the boy’s eyes light up once again.

This time, he did not look towards his father or the Oracle but he connected to her voice.

She realized her mistake at once. The god had found who committed the abomination and was coming for her.

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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:56pm On Jan 09, 2013
Pray NEPA brings light soon ooo. I have more to type. And my lappy na TV
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by MariaGoretti: 4:20pm On Jan 09, 2013
Mynd, try dey punctuate and make use of the space bar nah, ah ah, person dey pursue you?
I don treat you for "gbagauns" and now this...me no likey o. I love this story a lot...pls update soonest.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 4:22pm On Jan 09, 2013
Mynd, try dey punctuate and make use of the space bar nah, ah ah, person dey pursue you?
I don treat you for "gbagauns" and now this...me no likey o. I love this story a lot...pls update soonest.
Okay ma. The space is due to a change from PC to mobile but I will change
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by MariaGoretti: 4:23pm On Jan 09, 2013
Okay ma. The space is due to a change from PC to mobile but I will change
good boy!
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 4:25pm On Jan 09, 2013
good boy!
Is that all?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by movmentish(m): 4:32pm On Jan 09, 2013
Mynd_44: Pray NEPA brings light soon ooo. I have more to type. And my lappy na TV
Errm.......una never get light undecided
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 4:40pm On Jan 09, 2013
Errm.......una never get light undecided
Na when them carry light I stop. E dey pain me sef
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by MariaGoretti: 4:45pm On Jan 09, 2013
Is that all?
oya take..*hands him #10* go buy Okin biscuit for iya bisi kiosk.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by goldwaters(f): 5:13pm On Jan 09, 2013
Mynd! Mynd!! Mind!!! How many times i call Ʊ? Ur story is wow. More grease to ur elbows. Oya chop knuckle.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:10pm On Jan 09, 2013
Another one coming
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 10:15pm On Jan 09, 2013
I can't get enough of this, abeg post sharply!

You know our babies will be smart and beautiful...grin
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by oyestephen(m): 10:30pm On Jan 09, 2013
Mynd....your mynd is creative oo....I've been impressed with 'the burning cold' and now this....thumbs up bro....
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:42pm On Jan 09, 2013
Now all her thoughts were pulled into one pool. He needed to think and do that fast. If there was one thing she knew, it was that he was not going to waste time in coming to find her so she has to do everything fast. Quickly, she knelt down and said a quick prayer to Oya. If anyone could save her right now, it is the god’s wife while he was mortal and she seemed like the sure bet.

She finished the prayer but still did not feel secure. She heard a distant rumble of thunder in the room and she shook with the same frequency as the sound.

Then a bolt of lightning went through the room. The bolt went from one end to another and it was clear to her that the god is making an appearance in his usual form. He was not trying to kill her immediately but like he set the Oracle on fire, something of that nature would also be done to her.
Her judgment had been decided and now it was a matter of time before it was carried out.

Some of her members heard the commotion in her room and try to come in thinking she was under attack from another coven of witches but she locked them out. Their coming there will only lead to more death to her members. She is the one the god wants and she although she is not ready for his judgment, she would rather face it alone.

She got on her feet, took an amulet of the goddess Oya and wore it around her neck and hoped for favor from her and her husband. The thunder stopped suddenly and the lightning did not come anymore. The room was suddenly brought into calm as the witch could not believe it has happened. In her heart she wondered;

“Is it over? Am I safe from his anger?”

Back at Ifamuyiwa’s hut, Akinola heard a voice warning him against going near his son but why? He stopped and looked back at the Oracle who was still in pains on the floor and screaming for help but he could not choose. The warning had been clear and also in agreement with the warning Ifamuyiwa gave him in the consulting room when his body was used by the god. He looked at Ifamuyiwa and saw the pain he was going through. He had curled into a ball and was screaming. His eyes bulged out of their sockets as he tried to reach inside himself.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck somewhere in the room throwing everythinginto a huge flash of light. Instinctively, he ducked and tried to cover himself. The light seemed to have calmed the Oracle down a bitas he kept quiet and the room was thrown into silence. He looked from Ifamuyiwa to the direction of his son and found out that he was not sitting on the floor anymore. Instead,he was standing upright and in his hand was a hammer which was see through.

The hammer he knew too well, it was something the worshipers of Sango drew on their shoulders, he has seen statues of the god himself holding it. It was his OSE. His gaze went higher to his face and he barely recognized it. It was like another face was superimposed on it and it looked distorted. The eyes were completely red and his mouth was strongly shut and for a brief moment, Akinola could have sworn that when he breathes, flames came out of his nostrils.

He tried to scramble back as the sight of himscared him, scared him even more afraid than the day he saw the baby with his wife’s heart in his hands. He moved backwards and his hand hit a wooden rod which rested on the wall and it fell to the ground. It seem Ojoade had not seen him but when the rod hit the ground, he felt scared. The sound that the rod made was louder that the rumble of the thunder in the room. he looked at the rod and then back to the boy who did not seem to respond to the sound. Infact, it seemed like the boy’s attention was not in the room as he looked towards him but did not seem to be seeing him.

The witch heaved a sigh of relief and adjusted her robe. The robe had been made and owned by an Osun priestess but after thewitch killed her, it passed to her and it is an invisible one. She cut out pieces of it to make robes for her members but right now, it was useless. Perhaps lesser gods might have problems seeing through cloaks of invisibilities but not the one she angered, to him, it will be as though she wore noting. She thought of fleeing and running away but if she was to be safe, she can’t be safer anywhere than her room of power. she had charms and amulet enough to keep even a lesser god out but again. Sango can’t be kept out. He will first raze that house down.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:44pm On Jan 09, 2013
she stopped thinking for a minute and realized that everywhere was still quiet. No lightning except that coming from the distance, even the thunder had reduced. She went to her pool to see if the boy was doing anything there because even as a god inhabited his body, he was still human and doing multiple things would be impossible. She saw the boy standing up and looking towards his father and she saw the rod fall t the ground and the look on Akinola’s face was almost humorous. She managed a smile and then the unthinkable happened.

She felt her intestines turn and twist, her head felt light and she felt her hands drop. Her eyes suddenly went into a daze as the amulets in her room suddenly started burning up one after the other. She felt an energy she had never felt before inside the room and the protective charms gave way and allowed whatever it was that was outside come in. Towards her……..

She knew it. The god had entered her room and it was just a matter of time before he carried out his judgment;…………………………
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:51pm On Jan 09, 2013
Okay guy, if you enjoy this, you should try this link. I am sure you will like it. And please be civil with your replies there ooo. No be my blog oo

Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 10:52pm On Jan 09, 2013
guy you cannot leave this story hear abeg just carry it just a little further...
you are doing a tight job
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 11:02pm On Jan 09, 2013
dubem3: guy you cannot leave this story hear abeg just carry it just a little further...
you are doing a tight job
I like the suspense. I don't even know what to type until I want to. So I am in suspense too
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by MariaGoretti: 4:16am On Jan 10, 2013
ijebabe: I can't get enough of this, abeg post sharply!

You know our babies will be smart and beautiful...grin
sometimes, the opposite happens.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 5:05am On Jan 10, 2013
sometimes, the opposite happens.
that will be epic
i can imagin
i can almost picture...
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by UjSizzle(f): 7:34am On Jan 10, 2013
*grabs Mynd n kisses him* kiss
This is fantastic!
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 9:56am On Jan 10, 2013
sometimes, the opposite happens.
Not in this case, no bring bad eye dey look here o! Ehen.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 9:57am On Jan 10, 2013
uj_sizzle: *grabs Mynd n kisses him* kiss
This is fantastic!
Must you grab him? undecidedgrin
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by MariaGoretti: 6:06pm On Jan 10, 2013
that will be epic
i can imagin
i can almost picture...
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by MariaGoretti: 6:07pm On Jan 10, 2013
Not in this case, no bring bad eye dey look here o! Ehen.
thats biology for you honey.....but in your case, we shall pray ceaselessly...
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 8:14pm On Jan 10, 2013
Update coming. Thanks to you. You know yourself for that hook up.

I loyal die
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 8:25pm On Jan 10, 2013
There was a presence in the room with her, asort of increase in the energy she felt there was more energy that she knew should be present in that room, the room was awash with the presence of something else. She stood there in front of the poll but not looking into it. As a matter of fact, she was not looking at anything at all, her face was like that of an animal which had fallen into a trap and had no escape. She was cornered and there was no escaping the fact now. Her body still in pains from the inside.

She pulled the robe across her body more outof instinct than a need for protection when she felt saw a bolt of lightning rip through the room, the light was bright and full she was still standing so maybe he was still making his entrance but then, she discovered something. There was no thunder accompanying the lightning.

It was strange and not settling, she tried to look into the pool to see what the boy was up to when she felt like she was flying. She felt like she was pulled with such forced that she lost her own weight as she went soaring into the mid air with gravity seeming like it had no effect. She felt like she was flying through the sky at a speed she could not imagine through a very dark place and then suddenly as quick as she was grabbed, she found herself crashing into the ground. The pain inside her had reduced a little and she tried to look around but her eyes had problems adjusting to the change in the brightness. The light from the lightning had temporarily blinded her.

Gradually, her eyesight improved and the firstthing she saw beside her was Akinola on the ground looking at her more confused than anything she could imagine. His face was turning white and his eyes, dilated. He was sitting with both hands behind him providing additional support. Then she heard a scream of fire, she knew immediately who the scream came from. Ifamuyiwa still coiled in a corner screaming his lungs out and begging to be helped.

“Help from who?” she thought to herself.

“Even if the doctor decides to help you, I will personally kill you because this is what you deserve”

The boy now turned and faced her. The OSE in his hand was sparkling with full power inside it ready to do damage without regret or remorse. The power within it was evident and the power of the one who wielded it was even greater. She knelt down, bowed herhead and waited. Then she heard the Doctor’s voice

Akinola had looked at the boy expecting some kind of reaction but none came from him. he just stood there and looked into the distance and then suddenly there was a lightning and as the light dimmed, the witch was beside him. He could have sworn she fell because of her posture. She looked scared but tried to hide it. She had on her all sort of amulet which he really did not understand.

“Could she be the one behind all these?” he thought to himself

His thought went to the night his son was born, how she was the only one who stayed back. She had advised him to either kill the child or not, and just when he was blacking out on the floor, she saw she and some of her sisters carrying a lamp and when she touched him, he drifted off.

He did not think as he made his own conclusions right there and then. From the stories he heard, witches are not to be trusted. They are evil and derive joy from causing people misery and pain.

He looked towards her and said;

“It was you right? It has always been you. You killed my wife and cursed my son because I helped those you put in bondage. When Ifamuyiwa tried to lift the curse, you came to curse and now, you are here to finish off what you started”

The witch who was now kneeling down was now looking at him

“Why do you like evil so much? Why must youalways be happy when others hurt? Why can’t you just dedicate you life to doing good once and be in peace with everyone? I see you are here to finish us all off, well go aheadand kill me. I am ready”

The witch heard the Doctor speak and she could not believe it. Did the Doctor just accuseher of all those things she had been helping with? She was shocked and angry at Akinola right there and then. She ignored the pain in her body and got on her feet. Ignoring the boy looking at her she exploded

“Are you sane at all? Can’t you see that all I have done has been to help you?”

The doctor fired back

“Help me how? My wife, my son, and now the Oracle. Would you deny being involved?

“Yes I have been involved but on your side……”

She barely finished when Akinola interrupted her

“How have you helped me witch? Tell me I want to know”

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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 8:28pm On Jan 10, 2013
“Your wife’s death was not by my hands, you son’s is possessed by Sango as he is a mortal form of him. The gods do that from time to time. They pour their strength into a mortal and use his on this side. But the Oracle had tried to steal his powers and kill you and the boy when you saw me come through you, I came to help you call the god in your son andnot to hurt you. Ifamuyiwa is the evil one here and he is being punished just like I am about to”

Akinola was speechless. His error was now clear even as Ifamuyiwa continued to scream in pains. He saw the witch head towards his son and she knelt in front of him.

After puting the truth to Akinola, the witch thought there was only one thing left. There was no point delaying the inevitable and she walked towards the boy and knelt down in front of him expecting the worst.

The god raised the hammer above his head and the room became illuminated by a series of lightning. Words came from the boy.

“Your intentions were good but but you sinned and for that, you will be punished with death.

Maybe people will learn from you never to interfere in the affairs of the gods”…………………….
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 8:50pm On Jan 10, 2013
butu why?
maka gini?
this not good
not at all
on a more serious note if u kill that woman ehn, you go collect oh, you go collect...big time

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