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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by movmentish(m): 12:23am On Jan 18, 2013
**walks into thread with broom** men make I kukuma help clear this dust and cobwebs wey don gather for here......
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 5:40am On Jan 18, 2013
movmentish: **walks into thread with broom** men make I kukuma help clear this dust and cobwebs wey don gather for here......
My PC don crash mate and na village I dey. I will be back updating soon I swear
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 3:37pm On Jan 21, 2013
Oh crap. Now I will never keep up with all the comments that will be flooding in grin

Mynd, now you have to update!
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:42pm On Jan 21, 2013
ijebabe: Oh crap. Now I will never keep up with all the comments that will be flooding in grin

Mynd, now you have to update!
These people chose the wrong week to take this to the front page oooo. I am too busy to update but I will try tonight sha
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Osgee(m): 7:05pm On Jan 21, 2013
Usually, i dnt interrupt a story, i w8 til d end b4 commentin bt if u dnt come n update, i wil b forced 2 do dz * takes ma newest baseball bat n take a mock swipe* i also bliv wil n fancy a visit frm me even if i dnt bring ma bat

Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by billynoni(m): 9:48pm On Jan 21, 2013
@mynd_44.I beg u in any/every name/names u call upon wen u pray,2 come nd do d update coz......u've really held me spellbound with dix piece
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by annastacie: 3:49pm On Jan 22, 2013
the story is not complete but very interesting
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by roqchiq(f): 4:05pm On Jan 22, 2013
congratz mynd, u awakened me from my passivity. Where i usually veiw from the background, i have been inspired to comment on a post, a story, with the most captivating plot ever. I doff my hat!!

A good story is like water to a dehydrated mind. Thanks for the nourishment.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:20pm On Jan 22, 2013
Back to update guys. I am sorry but I had some issues with my PC. I am back now and let's get this started peeps
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:26pm On Jan 22, 2013
Akinola walked back to the boy who had sat up and held him his hands and he heard footsteps outside as the ushers had started wondering what was keeping the oracle in the room for long and they started knocking at the door and calling ifamuyiwa’s name. They stood at the door for a while and then Akinola heard the oracle call out to them and told them he was alright. The ushers were forbidden to enter the hut but the oracle felt too weak to walk so he slowed them in and they helped carry the oracle and the boy out.

Akinola was not interested in any help the ushers were offering and as soon as they helped carry his son to the entrance of the consulting room, he asked them to put him down and decided to go on his way. The oracle fearing that the doctor would decide to tell everyone what transpired in the room he called out to him

“Akinola, why not spend the night here and in the morning, you and your son can be on your way?”

Akinola replied without turning to face him

“We have taken too much of your hospitality and it will be best if we went on our way right now”

“But Akinola, my maids can offer you a bed torest, some food so you would gain your strength to go back to your village. I am worried about you going alone this night andI insist that you spend the night here”

Now Akinola wanted to laugh, he could not believe he was hearing that from the oracle who minutes ago had no problems with killing both his son and him.

“I still have to go, I am sure my patients will be waiting for me already and I am their only help so please permit me to go”

Now the oracle got desperate, he did not know what was in the heart of the doctor and this made him nervous and he walked upto his side, he signaled to his ushers not to come with him and when he was out of range he said;

“I am terribly sorry for what you passed through in there, I take full responsibility and I assure you that it would not happen again. I will not try what I did ever again, not to you, your son or anyone so please just spend the night here instead of risking your live out here travelling”

The doctor now realized that Ifamuyiwa was trying to apologize and since he was in no mood to hear it, he looked towards his son and then back at the priest;

“The clinic where they call me for help sometimes is close by and I can always spendthe night in one of their rooms there. Besides I don’t think I can help my son right now so I will leave him to them to help. The place is notfar from here and we can manage so please don’t bother”

Ifamuyiwa noticed the change in story and he said;

“My friend, you said some seconds ago that you can manage home and now you are saying something else, can’t we put whateverhas happened behind us and move on? Please consider my proposal and tomorrow, you can make your way back home. The boy would only need rest and he will be fine, I amsure he can get lot of that right here in my compound”

Akinola was growing wary of the constant bickering and he felt his anger rise.

“Look, if you are worried that I might tell anyone about what happened today, you can be rest assured that I won’t. I will leave you toyour gods to judge and if they saw it fit not to kill or punish you, it is not in my place to do so. I will leave you to your conscience but Iwill not step foot in your house again. I can go anywhere I want but please do not act like you care about me or my son anymore as it isinsulting. You tried to kill us some minutes ago and now you act like you are the nicest person ever? Please let us go in peace and forget that all these ever happened”

Ifamuyiwa could not argue with the doctor’s points and he nodded sadly as he walked back to his ushers. He was about entering when he said

“At least let me do you one act of kindness”

The doctor answered without facing him

“What will that be?”

“Allow one of my ushers follow you to the hospital. He can carry your son who is in no shape to walk and I am sure you cannot bear him through the distance. When you get to the hospital, he can come back or he can spend the night there with you depending onthe conditions of the night”

Akinola thought about it for some time and realized that he will need help. He could barely carry his son when he (Akinola) is at full strength and now, he is tired. He also thought of the possibility that the oracle might send his usher to kill the both of them on the way but he decided against it. The oracle had seen enough today to try the samefolly twice.

“Okay, send him and we shall be on our way”.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:27pm On Jan 22, 2013
15 minutes later, Akinola was walking on a path towards the government clinic. He thought of the job the head doctor there had offered him once and he thought of his village. His wife’s face came to his view and he wondered if all this would happen if she was alive and there with him. He thought of the witch and her weeping face. Something had made her cry. He had always known her to be a tough woman as a mid-wife she had seen things. He also heard the rumors of her being a witch which that evening confirmed but the tears in her eyes went against everything.

A lot of things did not add up to him and he wished they did. Perhaps if he had been closer to the gods, he might have been able to understand things better or protect himself more but all that was past now and now, he realized he was alone with his son. He had no intention of looking for help anymore even from the witch

The weather had changed from what it was that afternoon, the night was clear and insects chipped all around the bush path theypassed through. The thunder rumbling in the afternoon had given way for a quiet night and in the far distance he heard the sound ofautomobile from the busy road. They had not walked for too long when he saw the bright lights in front of him. they had reached the clinic…….
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 10:48pm On Jan 22, 2013
That oracle is very lucky, mscheew!

Sango must be pissed with the the boy, I wonder how or if he'll punish him.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 11:32pm On Jan 22, 2013
roqchiq: congratz mynd, u awakened me from my passivity. Where i usually veiw from the background, i have been inspired to comment on a post, a story, with the most captivating plot ever. I doff my hat!!

A good story is like water to a dehydrated mind. Thanks for the nourishment.
You get hat?
Well as you no get hat, just doff your head
As for me, mynd knows what's about to happen to him real sooN
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 12:23am On Jan 23, 2013
You get hat?
Well as you no get hat, just doff your head
As for me, mynd knows what's about to happen to him real oo
I just updated na
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 2:07am On Jan 23, 2013
Guy this one short º°˚˚˚°º‎​ .
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Candybob(m): 4:30am On Jan 23, 2013
Great story!!! I like the angle you brought it from. I watched this chinese cartoon 'Mullan' and the thought occured to me. What happens to the gods our ancestors followed (assuming they were real), since we are all now mainly christians, muslims, agnostics and and more or less atheists? They would have no 'pedestals' and be really pissed! undecided
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 7:48am On Jan 23, 2013
I just updated na
It wasn't there when I made the comment.
I just fell asleep and posted when I awoke.
Nice one but am sure you know we want more
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 8:23am On Jan 23, 2013
It wasn't there when I made the comment.
I just fell asleep and posted when I awoke.
Nice one but am sure you know we want more
And I will deliver. I am busy but I will find time
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by bongila(f): 10:44am On Jan 23, 2013
Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Mehn.... Mynd_44 this is simply mind blowing.
O boy,am I hooked Please update ASAP.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Ollyfad(f): 2:02pm On Jan 23, 2013
The boy is goin 2 piss sango if he continue 2 gt in d way o.bt d fada suld av a beta undastanding by nw.in al stil as gr8 nd mind blowin as eva
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 9:24am On Jan 24, 2013
Ollyfad: This story is gr8.i was lyk wtf! Sango's reincarnate?if dis story is wel editd wole's d gods r nt 2 blame no go stnd am o.cnt kip d truth evn dough he is my role model.oga mynd thumbs up jawe,i nid more updates.
''...Wole's d gods re nt 2 blame no go stand am o.'' Are u sure Wole wrote d gods re nt 2 blame? Sorry bt It ws written by Ola Rotimi n nt Wole. Luv!
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:22pm On Jan 24, 2013
In the forest not too far from the village, Ojoade searched for the plant he knew he needed to cure his patient. The plant although would not heal the woman totally but the combination of the plant’s ability and his inherent powers was enough to heal the woman of her internal bleeding. His own power could have cured the woman of whatever but this particular woman had been cursed by a coven of witches she had insulted and they had made sure she did not go away without suffering. The plant’s leaves will serve as a sign of respect. A sort of sacrifice to be made in return for her well being and this plant speaks of nothing but respect.

It had been decades since the encounter in the oracle’s hut and the little helpless boy had grown into an old man. A man greatly feared by all in his community, one who even the sisterhood of the witches accord respect and honor for within the old man, the powers of the great god Sango was inherent. He had discovered his strength earlier in life when his father told him of his childhood and since then; he had lived a controlled life.

Control when in company of other people was important for the safety of everyone while his father made sure he did not keep any Unclad fire around the house anymore. When he grew to an age where his mates were getting married, he was busy harnessing his strengths. He had left his father’s house and care to go live a secluded life. There, he grew in wisdom and strength. He developed his focus and a way to focus his will into one strong thunderbolt and even turn it around. When he was still an adolescent, the followers of the god had come to meet his father demanding that the boy come and become a follower like them. They had asked to teach him how to use his power for the followers of the god and also make him a priest but the stories his father had told him of the god put him off towards the gods themselves. After all, it was because the god had wanted an earthen vessel he killed his wife.

Akinola said;

“My son will choose his own destiny and I don’t think serving the interest of an unknown god is an option”

Sometimes they would not come for years and sometimes they came as often as twice a week but when the time came for the boy to choose, Ojoade chose to follow his father’s profession and become a doctor instead. He seemed to find joy in helping the sick and assisting his father was his only goal until he grew up into a man who was capable of starting a family. Akinola had tried to marry him off to a young lady in the household of the king but it did not work as his son always seemed to be more interested in helping people. He had learnt the uses of the various herbs, leaves and barks from Akinola and he had perfected the art but Akinola also noticed something about his son.
He tended to absorb the powers of whatever herbs he touched. He drew the strength of the leaves and barks and when he touched a sick person, the powers absorbed are passed into the body of that person giving instant relief and cure. A cure more efficient than anything both Akinola and the government doctors could think of. The more plants he handled, the more illness he could cure by just his touch. His healing powers was not the only thing that amazed his father but once a while, the boy would go alone to the mountains and from their house, the father would watch a display of lightning and thunder come from the hills.

The ground would rattle from the sound and the night sky will be lighted up as Ojoade harnessed his strength as a thunderer. More and more times, the followers and worshipers of the god would come to him to serve the god and he would turn it down until one day, they got a very strange visitor. Someone Ojoade had not seen before and Akinola thought would never show his face ever.

The oracle had come to their house with a message from the gods and he travelled from his home to deliver it. He did not spend much time and Akinola did not believe he could have enough restraint not to kill the oracle on the spot.

“Akinola, the god Sango gave this boy, his powers for a reason and that reason must be fulfilled or else death awaits him”

The message was not more than that and he turned around and left. That night while they were asleep, their hut was struck by a bolt of light and even with Ojoade’s powers, he could not control it. The lightning did not just razed the house down, it destroyed the entire compound and a patient who was in the consulting room had died after been struck by a bolt of lightning.

The message was clear and simple, Ojoade was to become a worshipper of face death to those who were around him and he chose something else. The boy decided to go live in seclusion away from everyone else that could be in danger as a result of the wrath of the god. His father tried to persuade him but his mind was made up. The next day, he packed what he could get and moved to the mountains to live alone. He stayed there for almost 6 months until one day, another bolt of lightning struck and killed Akinola in his sleep. His father’s patients then started making trips to his hut for healing. He healed them and he also made sure he did not make anyone spend the night.

The news of his father’s death hit him bad and he hated the gods more. He kept his resolve to help people out and for almost 15 years, he had done that. But on this particular day that he found himself picking some rare leaves, he knew something was not right with the world. Normally, there is always a charge of energy around him but on this day, the energy around was greater than the normal. He waved it off at first but suddenly, he heard screams and an unnatural screeching. The type that he hears when humans move from this world into the next but this was not just one human moving, they were much. Too much.

He stopped picking his leaves and allowed his essence leave his body to see what was happening and……………………………….
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:23pm On Jan 24, 2013
power went off before I could finish. more later
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Obinnau(m): 8:07pm On Jan 24, 2013
i don dey follow u bumper to bumper. Abeg continue the tori. Pls!
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 8:19pm On Jan 24, 2013
We dey follow u bumper 2 bumper.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 10:10pm On Jan 24, 2013
Mynd_44: power went off before I could finish. more later
power never still come back?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Oluwafunmilayo95(f): 11:04pm On Jan 24, 2013
brokoto: power never still come back?
Choi..some pipo too lyk tori grin grin grin grin
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 11:07pm On Jan 24, 2013
brokoto: power never still come back?
e never come ooo
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 11:32am On Jan 25, 2013
Good one, man.
Keep it flowing
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 1:40pm On Jan 25, 2013
What he saw made him sick to his stomach. There was a bus filled with people in the forest and the people were being killed and fed on by a monster. A creature of the dark ages which was supposed to be in a family shrine somewhere protecting the members of that family from harm. He decided not to get involved in the affairs as he was not in the mood for a faceoff with any extra terrestrial beings and this one looks like it was doing whatever it was doing out of revenge or blind fury. The fury made it stronger and made it more determined to kill every single person from the bus.
Ojoade kept his calm as the creature went from one person to another. The people tried to run indifferent directions but they could not outrun a creature which was so old it was almost immortal. The creature sucked the life out of each of them as it feed on their life and still Ojoade kept his calm. This was not his fight and he was not going to get involved in it unless he was called into it. For all he knew, the people might have done something evil to deserve what they are seeing but something did not seem right so he kept watching.

From inside the bus, a woman who was heavily pregnant came down and saw what was going on. she broke into a scream and started running but she suddenly stopped and knelt down while clutching her stomach. He screams changed from that of horror to pain and Ojoade watched the creature finished off another person. Then the creature then went in the direction of the woman, tripped her to the floor and started feeding on her.

Becky felt the pain in her abdomen and she felt her legs grow weak as she fell to her knees and screamed. She looked behind her and saw that the creature was just finishing with the last passenger and it started to come towards her. She closed her eyes and said a little prayer as she took off her already soaked pants more out of fear than instincts.

“Please, if there is anyone out there, have mercy on my son”

She felt herself fall to the ground as she found herself looking into the hood of the creature that had killed the other passengers. A pain ripped through her head and her body failed immediately as she fell into darkness and lost all consciousness.

The creature did not notice the presence of anyone else with any power probably because it was too engrossed in its feeding and when he saw the woman knell, it thought to itself

“This will be an easy kill. All I have to do is finish her off and I am done here”

It heard her say the prayer and it did not bug it, there was noting that could save her right now and it went to her and fed on the soul. Absorbing it into itself and it felt its own powers grow to proportions it had never felt or imagined before. Its strength grew as life left the woman’s body then a little screech pieced the atmosphere.

It got away from her and saw something lying on the ground close to the woman. A little human child still soaked in blood. The child no doubt had come from the woman he had just devoured and this would be an additional meal it thought.
New born babies where always a special source of strength because they had not been tainted by the corruption in the world and they had innocence within them and the strength they gave was more than what you get from adult humans. It went towards the child savoring the meal to come and the thought that it had the meal to itself made it even better. It flew around the child with the child still crying and hovered over the child as it started feeding on the child.
Ojoade watched as life left the woman’s body and almost immediately, he felt another life enter the world from the same location. He heard the cries from the baby and saw the creature fly towards it and was about to feed on the child. The child suddenly grew quiet as the creature started feeding and he realized that he could not just stand around and watch. His essence went back to his body and immediately his body was transported to the scene and he stepped out of the bush with slowly and called


The creature heard a voice speaking in human and telling it to stop but it could not decide if it was real or the voice came from the souls he fed on and then he felt a surge in the energy around it for the first time and realized that there was someone or something else present there with it.

It stopped feeding and started looking back and at the same time, speaking

“Who dares interrupt my meal? Who dares call out at the protector of the family of warriors with disdain and without respect? Your death will be swift but painful”

Ojoade kept his cool as he stood and watch the creature turn and faced him. The creature had no legs and its body was covered with a dark cloth. A cloud of mist followed it everywhere it went as it circled Ojoade. Ojoade felt uncomfortable as the creature went behind him but he did not allow it show. He looked at the sky and the clear blue sky had turned grey as clouds covered the sun. Ojoade focused his will around him and the charge around the gathering increased. He got ready to attack with fire and lightning at a second’s notice but the creature came floating to his front and stopped in front of his hovering there.

The creature’s mind looked at the man standing in front of it. It was evident that the man was not scared or was doing a good job of hiding it, it tried to bring out the fear in him by staying longer behind him but the man did not even move. It was as thought the man thought it could not do anything and he believed it too. It stood in front of him and tried to get who he was but nothing came to it.

It knew the faces of the powerful priests around and this mortal was not part of them so how dare him stand in its way and try to deny it of its meal?

Its voice spoke out again

“Who are you?”

“I am Ojoade son of Akinola”

“That name does not ring any bell human, what is your purpose here? Answer before I feed on you too as I have done to the others”

“My purpose is simple; you have fed enough, leave the baby and leave here right now”

“And who are you to command me? And what makes you think I will obey your commands?

“You don’t have to obey, all you have to do is leave here right now and not come back”

The creature changed its location a little so Ojoade now had to look up to it

“What makes you think I will leave such a meal behind and go? What even makes you think I will not feed on you as I have done to the others and will do to that child”

Ojoade’s answer was simple;

“Because if you try that, I will send you into the darkness that awaits you in the other world”
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 1:53pm On Jan 25, 2013
grin face off!
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Onyeoma3: 2:54pm On Jan 25, 2013
nice one master...ur doing a great job.

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