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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Hadesparks(f): 9:51pm On Jan 10, 2013
Soo to yen ni?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:10am On Jan 11, 2013
Good morning people. Let's do this
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:15am On Jan 11, 2013
The witch said some more prayers not to save her life as she felt that was already forfeit but for the protection of her sisters and their welfare. She prayed that they wouldnot make her mistakes and would be strong but within herself she had no regrets. She had lived her life to the best of her ability and was ready to die for doing what she believed was right.

She knelt there with her eyes closed and waited for the judgment to come. She could only hope that the judgment would be death and not some eternal torture. She was there for no more than a minute but that minute felt like all the time in the world. She had decided to close her eyes and focus her memories on other things, good things. She felt some of her sisters trying to come into her mind but she locked them out. There is no point in them seeing this now.

The room was quiet, the darkness had begunto take form and in some dark corner of a very dark and quiet place, Ojoade’s eyes opened. he felt like his whole body was bounded and tied down as he could not move. He thought of how he got where he was but could not remember. His head felt numb and was devoid of any thought and getting up was a problem. He looked around and all he saw was darkness. Just darkness which was deep and long. He tried to scream but even though his lips moved, he could not hear any word come out of his lips. All of a sudden, he had the feeling that he was not alone in the room or wherever he was. There was someone else there with him. A presencehe began to feel for not long.

Then he began to hear a sound from somewhere but could not make it out. It sounded too distant and too far away to be heard. The sound came again but came as an echo and still with his eyes opened and looking into the darkness, he heard and saw nothing.

He heard the voice for a third time and this time it was clear and more detailed, as it was just one word. His name.


He tried to respond but he could not. He tried to stand up he could not even though the point of standing up was absent as he could not see anywhere.

The voice called him again


Then the voice spoke;

“Your father and the world which you have been sent to watch over needs your help. Wake up and be the person you were born tobe. Wake up and stretch your hands to regainyour strength. Open your eyes and save thoseyou love before you lose them”

The voce came loud and clear. The voice seemed unknown but seemed familiar. He could not understand what the voice was talking about and still the voice was telling him to. He tried to speak out and he found his voice

“Who are you?”

“Who I am is not important. Your father needs yourright now, what is it that you need to save your friends or else there might be no one available to save you in your time of need. Although you are a subject of the great god, he cannot kill you and only you can decide what happens with your body. You have been born with his strength, get up, open your eyes and take back your body before all is lost”

Now the boy was more confused,

“Take back my body from what? From who? Were thoughts running through his mind

He answered;

“I don’t understand what you are talking about, who are you?”
The voice answered with a voice that sounded like it was going away into that dark faraway place which it came from before and said

“I am your mother. The one who had to die so you must live. Now take back your body before it is too late”

With that he felt alone again. As though the one who called herself his mother who just spoke to him had walked out and he was left in that room still paralyzed. The he saw a lightin front of him as if he opened his eyes and he was back in the oracle’s hut with an old woman in kneeling in front of him.

He was standing no doubt as he looked at her from an elevated angle and his right handwas raised up. The hand raised was holding something he that was not really solid but was real.
The screams of someone calling for help rangin his head and he saw his father sitting down on the ground looking at him. Then he heard himself speak;

”This is my judgment”

He felt his hand start to drop as though he was trying to hit the woman with what he was holding and he was holding and then he remembered the words of the voice in the darkness. He held on and tried to gain controlof his hand. To stop it from falling on her and he could not stop it, he tried harder and focused all his energy on it and just as the hammer was about to strike her, his hand stopped as his mouth let out a scream”
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:18am On Jan 11, 2013
Akinola heard his son pronounce his judgment on the woman and brought his hand down to strike her. The closed his eyes as he could not bear to watch her killed. She had been the one helping him although and he did not have a chance to thank her. Instead, he had insulted her and accused her falsely. He had to right his wrongs but he did not know how. He was not even sure he might not be the next person after the woman. He had expected a scream from the woman or at least, a shout of pain as Ifamuyiwa had been screaming but he heard nothing of such instead, he heard a scream from a a voice that he knew too well. His son.

Her eyes closed. Expecting that when she opened them again, it will be to look into the eyes of whatever creatures resided in the great beyond. The place where only a few come back from. She felt a change in the energy pattern as the hammer started falling. It fell and just as she expected it to hit her, it was replaced with a high pitched scream. Sheopened her eyes and looked up at the boy, his eyes were still burning and his nostrils flaring but there was something else she alsofelt, there was a sudden drop of energy in theroom as though the god suddenly left. The hand holding the hammer dropped to the side of the boy as the hammer fizzled out into energy. Then he fell forward towards her.

In the few seconds it took him to fall, one thing became clear to her, this might be the body that the god occupied, but the god was not inside him at that moment. The god was out and took most of the energy with him. The occupant of the body was in front of her falling was just the boy. Although still having the powers of the god but just a little fraction of it.

Immediately, a curse came from her lips and moulds of air took hold of the boy as he crashed into it
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by oladimeji101(m): 9:22am On Jan 11, 2013
Why na,this is too short abeg. Try update more plz
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 9:57am On Jan 11, 2013
This one too short o, oya pls update more o.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:00am On Jan 11, 2013
Damex333: This one too short o, oya pls update more o.
How is it too short? The first one was at 6:15am and at 6:18am.

Perhaps you did not see the one at 6:15. It is a continuation na. That was very long
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 11:24am On Jan 11, 2013
Don't mind that ungrateful boy tongue
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 12:05pm On Jan 11, 2013
okay that was good.
as soon as u spoke of a voice,
somehow, i figured it was gonna be his mum
i love the twist.
keep on rocking
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 1:15pm On Jan 11, 2013
º°˚˚˚°º‎​ lalacious!
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 1:28pm On Jan 11, 2013
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 3:50pm On Jan 11, 2013
But u sud knw dt man especially me has an unsatisfyable [if there is any Word lyk that] thirst.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 4:16pm On Jan 11, 2013
Damex333: But u sud knw dt man especially me has an unsatisfyable [if there is any Word lyk that] thirst.
Would you want me to update 3 times everyday and you won't enjoy it or once which will be great?

I can post 3 times daily if NEPA don't mess up sha
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 10:15pm On Jan 11, 2013
Would you want me to update 3 times everyday and you won't enjoy it or once which will be great?

I can post 3 times daily if NEPA don't mess up sha
abeg just take it easy. Update at your own pace but don't take too much time in between updates. Nice work.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by UjSizzle(f): 7:00am On Jan 12, 2013
Morals of the story......
Sometimes you'd be better off minding your own business than trying to play James Bond grin
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Ollyfad(f): 10:19am On Jan 12, 2013
uj_sizzle: Morals of the story......
Sometimes you'd be better off minding your own business than trying to play James Bond grin

uj_sizzle: Morals of the story......
Sometimes you'd be better off minding your own business than trying to play James Bond grin

Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ayobase: 3:18pm On Jan 12, 2013
ijebabe: I can't get enough of this, abeg post sharply!

You know our babies will be smart and beautiful...grin

Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 8:32pm On Jan 12, 2013

Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by oyestephen(m): 10:59pm On Jan 12, 2013
Following with full attention...
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ayobase: 12:08am On Jan 13, 2013

Oga of ogas...howz ur end?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by sheblayze(f): 7:32pm On Jan 13, 2013
Mynd...nyce story. I lyk d fact dat u r writing on such a rare storyline. But its been months now in d crazy shrine (lol, don't mynd me?. Plz we wanna com out n breathe some fresh air. What abt the passengers who had d accident? I think Ofoade is going to interfere and obstruct the god from doing something (jus speculatin). Tanx for dis story, its so educatin n informativ. Oya upload na..
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 7:45pm On Jan 13, 2013
Character development is important missy. If I continued like that, I might get lost in the story myself. Some basic points have to be made first so we understand the story and by we, I mean me included
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by movmentish(m): 7:54pm On Jan 13, 2013
Mynd_44: Character development is important missy. If I continued like that, I might get lost in the story myself. Some basic points have to be made first so we understand the story and by we, I mean me included
Okay character has been developed (fully) com continue na
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 2:01am On Jan 14, 2013
Akinola ran towards his son as he saw him fall, the the witch said something and his fall slowed down. He hit the ground with less force that Akinola was actually expecting and before he could get to him, the witch was already had his head on her laps and was incanting.

Ojoade’s eyes were opened but Akinola doubted that he could see anything. The white in his eyes was the only part visible and his breathing was slow. He tried to listen to what the witch was saying but over the screaming by Ifamuyiwa, it was almost impossible.

The conditions in the room had improved as the mist had cleared, the feeling of energy had also decreased and the thunder rumbling in the distance had stopped. There was a general calm around apart from the screaming oracle in pain and begging for help. Akinola looked at the witch who was still busy with the boy and there was no change in her look, he could not just stand there and he started to walk in circles around the room. He wished he could do something to help the boy and bring him back with his skills but this was beyond what he could do, the boy was not sick with some mortal illness he could get some herbs to heal, he had a worse case than that and all he could do was sit back and do nothing.

He had a thought to pray but he had not said a prayer in decades, in fact, he had no said a prayer to any god since he began practicing as a doctor. He had lost faith in any god a long ago and he did not believe they existed until the day he tried to kill his son with his hands. He regretted neglecting them but a part of him was happy and bitter towards them, if his son did not anything against them, so why should his son be the one that is being possessed by an evil spirit? He had lived his life to help other people who should be protected by them but why should he be punished like this? He had spent his life to make the lives of people who should protected by the gods but now he is the one being thrown into confusion?

The witch had broken the boy’s fall not knowing if the boy was conscious or not. She did not know exactly what happened and why the god left his body but she was not about to allow him throw himself onto the floor. The wind had slowed his fall and given her enough time to move closer so that when he came down, he landed right in her laps.

It has been a long time since any one had laid in her laps. Not in recent times at least and but with the boy’s landing, all her maternal instincts came and all she could do was pray for him. She prayed to Osun the goddess of fertility and even though such prayers were foreign to her but she continued anyway. Then she broke into incantations to call back the soul of the boy into his body. It was obvious that the god had left but the boy was not in there.

Her incantations continued and then she saw a bright light within her and the goddess appeared to her. This would be the first time the goddess of fertility will see her or the first time she even like to see her. The witch knew only her could see the goddess and she was glad, she bowed her head a little in respect as the goddess approached her. She was draped in a flowing white garment and her hair was thick and black. Each of her steps was calm an calculated as not even the slightest dust was displaced.

She got to where the witch laid down, looked at her and said,

“I am only doing this because of his parents and not you”

She bowed her head again and said

“I am what I am and I cannot deny that a lot of my ways are evil but I have strived to do good when I could. Take today for example”

The goddess did not even move her head and she stretched her hands towards the boy and covered his face with her palms with them and continued speaking to the witch

“It is true you did good here but does one act of kindness forgive a lifetime of evil? Do you know how many innocent children you and your sisters have killed? How many you hold bondage? And now you speak of how you strive to do good. You have been blessed with powers and you should use them wisely not for evil. There is still hope for you and this boy is your proof.”

With that, she called the boy’s name softly three times and removed her palms from his face. She got up, turned around and she moved in the direction of Ifamuyiwa.

“What are you doing” said the witch

“What should be done”

She placed a hand on the screaming man and he immediately went quiet as the pains disappeared.

“He tried to kill this boy and his father. He deserves every punishment he gets”

She smiled towards the witch;

“You humans think you know anything about justice. You think you would do better if you were the gods but we can see through you. You with a past filled with the blood of innocent children saying another person should die for his sins? Think about it. Are you better than him?”

With that, she turned and left without saying anything else

Akinola continued walking around the room in circles. He had no idea what was going on around him, he saw the witch look up but he could not see what she was looking at and he simply assumed that she was performing part of her rituals. Then she looked down towards the boy and still Akinola remained scared. Suddenly he looked into his son’s eyes and he began to see life come back to it.

He knows when a patient is recovering from death because he dealt in death. The boy was getting better and fast but the witch’s eyes had changed direction as she was now looking at the Oracle who was still screaming on the floor. Within seconds, he stopped screaming and began to sit up. He did not pay him any mind as he ran to his son who was still cradled in the witch’s arms and carried him out of her hands then his eyes caught something he could not believe.

Although the witch was not looking at anything in particular, her eyes were fixed on something moving in the room and SHE WAS CRYING. Not in sobs but there were tears forming in her eyes and they fell across her face. Not tears of pain but he saw sorrow in those eyes as he his son coughed and called him

Akinola put the boy down, and put his own coat around him to prevent him from catching a cold when he noticed that the witch was already standing, the tears on her face were still there and she walked to a corner of the hut. He knew she was about to leave but what made her cry was beyond his imagination.

He left Ojoade, walked to her side and said “Thank you for everything”

She looked at him and did not say a word, she just nodded and she was gone……


Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 2:03am On Jan 14, 2013
Okay so why do I have tears in my eyes too? I hate happy stories abeg
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 2:49am On Jan 14, 2013
Well, we know this is short lived as you'll attempt to kill our joy tongue
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 2:55am On Jan 14, 2013
ijebabe: Well, we know this is short lived as you'll attempt to kill our joy tongue
What is that supposed to mean?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 3:34am On Jan 14, 2013
What is that supposed to mean?
Sad news awaits
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Fishoy(f): 7:34pm On Jan 14, 2013
No vex oo,,bt is dis al fr 2day?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Fishoy(f): 7:37pm On Jan 14, 2013
ijebabe: Well, we know this is short lived as you'll attempt to kill our joy tongue
@ijebabe...u tu dnt slp?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 11:22pm On Jan 14, 2013
You wan drink panadol for my headache?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ayobase: 12:07am On Jan 15, 2013
Mynd, u dey take us joke abi....I no even fit concentrate on wetin I suppose do again.....I'm out....

Ijebabe, its love for someone to take panadol for you haedache!

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