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Diary Of A Desperate Lover (updated) a classical blend of poetry and prose! / Cyber Adventure / The Silent Lover (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 7:54pm On Oct 12, 2009
@frank 3.16,
Finally got round to finishing it. I like the way you are taking your time, though some would have preferred you summarize it for the benefit of the thread. But I don't mind your pace, it reads just like a real book should. I really enjoy the human angles to the romantic section(Michael, Brenda and co.) and then the Nimrod section is good too.

Take your time and make it work, it's really worth the time it took for me to finish reading it wink.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 2:09pm On Oct 13, 2009
Thnks very much for reading the story. i feel bad that i have to make people undergo the pain of reading such a long story, becasue the story is actually long. but i promise anyone that follows me to the end that he/she will never regret it.

thanks for your patience and interest, right now i think you are only one motivating me to post this story here. if i keep on getting no reponse i might want to upload it to your box when i am through. thanks.

its just that i have a lot of stories, i just need to see what people will think about just one, the i will know how to encourage myself.

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Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 2:09pm On Oct 13, 2009
* * * * * * * * *

Brenda was in the sitting room when she heard a knock on the door. She was sure that it wasn’t Jane because Jane went for shopping about munities ago and the knock pattern wasn’t Jane’s.
All through yesterday, Jane had tried cheering her up by telling her different stories. But Jane only succeeded in making her smile a couple of times and saving the day’s tears. Brenda had formed the habit of crying bitterly when ever she was alone.
This morning, Jane had asked her not to do anything. “Don’t worry, I will serve you throughout today, all I want you to do is to have your bath look nice and relax.”
Brenda was also surprised at her friend’s insistence that they go to the saloon and get themselves a complete makeover.
“I am okay like this; I am not interested in any makeover.”
But Jane wouldn’t take no for an answer, so she accepted.
Now Brenda opened the door and was surprised to see Michael, looking devilishly handsome in front of her. He was the last person she was expecting. She had been pleased with her self when she succeeded in turning down his request to pay her a visit on the phone. Now what was he doing here?
“Mr. Black, I am surprised to see you. Please come in.” she said, casually.
Michael followed her into the living room and sat on one of the empty sofas. He didn’t come here to talk much. He came to observe. He had already notice that her eyes were swollen, she probably had been crying. She was neatly and casually dressed in a black three quarter and a small pink colored T-shirt. Jane was right; she had emaciated and looked so fragile. He warned his instincts not to allow sympathy take over empathy.
The sight of her as she opened the door, her gentle feminine voice, the way she walked to the sofa and her whole attitude all got the whole receptors in Michael’s sense organs alerted and excited. He was going to fall deeply in love with her.
“Forgive my visiting you without prior notification. I was just passing by and decided to check on my patient.” He said.
“You didn’t have to bother yourself. Like I told you on the phone, I have long recovered from the faint and since then, have remained in sound health.”
“Yes, I wanted to see for myself and…”
“I hope you are satisfied Mr. Black” She cut in.
He looked around the apartment, obviously bent on ignoring her rudeness. “Please call me Michael. Nice apartment you’ve got her. Where is your friend Jane?”
“She went for shopping.” She briefly answered.
Michael had expected this kind of reaction form her. He looked into her eyes they were empty, far away and disinterested. “Honestly, Brenda, I am not satisfied with the way you look so pale.”
“Thanks for your observation, but I don’t think you should allow it to concern you.”
“What do you do for a living Brenda?” He changed the subject.
She didn’t expect the question. She was actually expecting a reaction to her rude answers. “I teach in a primary school while on job hunt. Right now the schools are on holiday.”
“Holiday right? So how do you spend your leisure?” He gently asked.
“All alone. I like being alone Mr. Black, forgive me, Michael.”
“Alone? Isn’t that unfair to so many people out there who would have benefited from you company?”
“Michael, I must appreciate you for your help a few days ago. I am afraid that that is all I can do and can’t pay you back in any other way”
“I am not asking you to pay me anything, I…”
“What do you want from me Michael? Friendship? I can’t even afford that now”
He continued to observe her. God, she was beautiful. Then he said. “Brenda, people meet people at different circumstances. Ours was very unique. I can still see you fall by the side of the road. I remember being so alarmed and carrying you to the car, and since then, something deep within me wants to reach and be there for you. I don’t know what you might have gone through in life but I want to be your friend, a real friend. I want to carry your burden just the way I carried you to the car”
“I am not in need of help.” She replied. He sounded very honest and true. But isn’t that how they all sound? He must be on her guard for this one. “You can actually help me by leaving right now Michael. I want to be alone.
She was reacting exactly the way Michael had expected her to. “Yes, I already wanted to leave.” He stood up. “Tell Jane I call and have a nice day Brenda.” He was just about to open the door when Jane walked in. “Hi Jane I was asking Brenda about you? She had been a nice company. I am just about leaving, see you some other time. Bye”
“Alright Michael. Sorry I wasn’t around. Bye.” Jane said.
He walked out of the house. He will know his next move after he talks to Jane.

* * * * * * * * *

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Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 2:16pm On Oct 13, 2009
Jane was confused. She didn’t know what happened between Brenda and Michael. She wished she had come home earlier to witness their conversation. She looked at Brenda who was just staring at the television. She looked angry.
“Are you alright?” Jane asked.
“Yes.” She sighed “I am okay”
“I wish I was here when he came. I hope he did not upset you?” Jane inquired as she walked over and sat down close to her friend.
“As a matter of fact, he did.”
Jane was alarmed. She had trusted Michael not to upset Brenda. This was a big disappointment. “How?”
“I asked him to leave.” Brenda replied, ignoring Jane’s question. “I don’t want him to come here again.”
“What happened Brenda? Why don’t you want Michael to come back again? I thought he was a nice guy and he said you were a nice company.”
“I don’t want him or anybody to come around. I just want to be left alone.” She began to sob.
“Brenda, can you please tell me what Michael did to you?”
“It’s not about Michael. It’s about all men. I am tired of falling victim, I am tired of being used and dumped. He was being so nice and that was more upsetting because I know he will want to deceive me again.”
“Did he ask you out?” Jane asked puzzled.
“No, he said he wanted to be a friend. But I know he has other hidden agendas. He acted so real and I hate him for that. Please I don’t want him coming around anymore.”
“That’s alright.” Jane said, bringing Brenda to her bosom. At least Brenda was communicating with her. “Let’s forget about Michael for now and talk about something else. I bought you your favorite biscuit.” She searched through her bag and brought a packet of cream crackers.
“Thank you Jane.” Brenda collected the biscuit, opened it and started to chew it. “Can you get me a cup of water please?”
Jane immediately went to get some water for her. She was puzzled. She wondered what Michael might have done to her. It had gotten Brenda angry, yet it had brought her out of her shell. Jane handed her the glass of water and watched her drink and eat the biscuit with apatite for the first time since the break up with Adam.
“He said that I looked pale and I am sure that he might have noticed that I have grown thinner.” Brenda complained.
“He said that? What else did he say?”
“He said he wants to take away my burden, he sounded so caring.”
“What do you think?” Jane probed.
“Nothing. I don’t want anything either. I just want to be left alone.”
“Did he tell you how beautiful you looked?” Jane asked
“No.” Brenda looked up at her puzzled, “Why?”
“Nothing.” Jane said, enjoying the conversation. After some seconds she said, “Brenda, don’t you think it’s time you put the past behind you?” I know it is not easy but you just have to try. I know you loved Adam, but given what he had done to you, isn’t it obvious that he is not worth all these stress? You shouldn’t be antagonistic to guys especially someone like Michael. Be friendly to him at least for his kindness towards you. I am not saying that you should just open up to anybody but you need to stop acting like a child and be the nice girl you are. God knows what you want and I am sure that he will give it to you. I don’t like the idea of you wanting to be alone; it shows my Brenda has accepted defeat. Everybody needs love. Show me anyone who rejects love and I will show a disturbed person. Don’t you have hope that sweet love might come some day?”
“I do.” Brenda replied innocently.
“Then fantasize about it instead of dwelling on the past.”
“What do I do Jane, I am confused.”
“You are now more experienced that most girls out there. Use your discretion, carefully make friends and follow your heart. Open up your heart and I believe true love will come.”
That evening Brenda was different, at least she cheered up a little. Jane didn’t know if she should give the credit to Michael or herself but she was sure something about Michael had influenced the change.

* * * * * * * * *

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Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 2:26pm On Oct 13, 2009
Michael drove straight home, changed into something that suited the evening and drove straight to Suzie’s Bar where his friend were waiting for him. He was excited; the image of Brenda remained constant memory. If she thinks her hostility was going to stop him from trying to woo her, then she needs to get her head re-examined. How can he possible allow such an angel to slip him by, that’s not possible? He was going to see the end of this quest. He will call Jane in the next four hours and her reaction on the phone will tell him his next move.
Susie’s Bar was already bubbling with people. It was weekend and everybody wanted to get a feel of it. There were lovers and friends, old and young and there was so much excitement in the air.
Michael located his friends and went straight to them. There were three of them and Michael joined them to make them four. None of them was sober yet. They had a long night and were not in a rush.
He cheerfully greeted them and gave each of them a hand shake and sat down.
The evening began.
After some hours, Michael could feel that alcohol was beginning to mix with his blood; he decided to call Jane before it was too late.
“Hi Jane. Please tell me how Brenda is doing.”
“Surprisingly Brenda is doing well. Your presence had stirred her blood and she is not as moody as she had been in the last six days.”
“That’s nice to hear. She walked me out of the house but that is okay and expected.”
“Oh! I am really sorry, I really appreciate your understanding. Something you did or said got her upset but it gave me the opportunity to talk to her and I thank God that everything is turning out positive. Right now she is sleeping like a baby, I hope she won’t relapse by, morning.”
“No matter what happens we will always be there for her. You said you talked to her and she listened?” he asked getting more excited.
“I will still like to come around tomorrow.” He suggested.
“Do you think that that will be a good idea? she specifically said that she didn’t want to see you again.”
“Don’t worry, I have some plans” Michael said, feeling a little be hurt by Jane’s honest statement. “We have to manipulate her to get the desired result.”
“Alright, but you might not meet me at home. I have a date with my fiancé tomorrow and I am sure it is going to take the whole day.”
“That’s okay; I will make sure I give you situational report.”
“Okay, bye.”
Michael dropped the phone, smiling at it. He liked the news from Jane, it gave him hope. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Its time to get high so that time can fly. “Hey guys, we need more bottles on the table. He signaled the bar waiter to come around.
His friends where already overtaken by alcohol and were discussing among themselves; they didn’t notice his excitement.

* * * * * * * * *
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 3:13pm On Oct 13, 2009
@frank 3.16

u don't have to get discouraged. People actually might be reading ur story but can't be bothered to post their views. I was just very impressed with the way u started and the sensitivity in your writing style especially when handling the romance areas. I would love to have the whole book cheesy grin to read, but if you prefer, I could follow ur progress on NL.

Either way I'm sure it would be an enjoyable ride. Cheers cool.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 7:44pm On Oct 13, 2009
Brenda was less pale when she woke up the next morning. Even though she refused to go to church with Jane, Jane could see that she had not relapsed beck to her deeply depressed state. Jane did not pressure her or even sound disappointed when she refused to go to church instead she agreed and accepted that it was okay.
Brenda had opened up a conversation with her while she dressed up for church service.
“Why do you think Adam decided to quit such a blissful relationship with me?”
“That, Brenda my dear is one thing I cannot tell you. But what I do know is that whatever is was, it surely wasn’t your fault. I believe it all has to do with his own inadequacy.”
“Perhaps I am not as pretty as he desires any longer. Perhaps he had met some other prettier girls who had caught his fancy.”
At least Brenda is talking, this is a good development, Jane thought. “No, Brenda, I don’t accept your theory. You are still very pretty, more pretty than Adam could ever imagine. In fact, you are so pretty that I think God is preparing you for somebody better than Adam.”
“I wish I can believe you. I don’t have faith in myself any longer” Brenda sadly said.
“Try harder and it will never let you down.” Jane told her as she puts finishing touches to her dressing.
“Thank you very much Jane. I don’t think I would have survived this without you.”
“Just promise me that you are going to be a good girl. Have your bath, eat and be cheerful before I come back from service.”
“I will Jane, I promise.”
The Jane gave her a warm hug before leaving for church.
When Jane came back, she was glad to see that Brenda had cleaned herself up, looking both fragile and charming. Brenda had already had her breakfast and was already busy preparing lunch.
“How was the service?” Brenda called from the kitchen as she heard Jane enter.
“Lovely. I had a swell time with God.”
Brenda smiled to herself and looked up as Jane walked into the kitchen.
“I will have to leave you immediately after lunch. I have to meet up with Ben before two pm.” Jane wished she could take her words back. The smile went off Brenda’s face at the mention of Ben. Ben was Jane’s fiancé and the mention of his name would defiantly remind Brenda of her present condition.
“You are really going to have a nice time Jane. You are such a lucky girl. Oh Jane, I really loved Adam. He was such a perfect lover. Why would he hurt me this way?” She looked at her friend and realized that she was feeling guilty. “I am sorry Jane, I really wish a nice time.”
After launch, Jane left Brenda at home. She was glad that Michael had promised that he was coming around. If not, she would have postponed her date with Ben. Ben would have understood. She was very confident that Brenda was in safe hands with Michael, so she went ahead with the days plan.
At exactly three-seventeen pm, Brenda opened the exit door in response to the knock on the door. At first she thought it was an angel. Michael was dressed in a long white kaftan; he looked as handsome as ever. Brenda was very surprised at his sight.
“Michael!” she exclaimed.
“Hello Brenda” He greeted and walked into the sitting room leaving her dumbfounded at the door.
She closed that door behind her and walked slowly towards Michael, obviously confused. She walked real slow, calculating every step. He couldn’t help but admire her.
They both stared at each other for sometimes.
“Have a seal.” She pointed to the nearest empty seat.
Jane was right, she looked brighter than yesterday. “I actually came to apologize for yesterday. I know I probably spoilt your day. Accept my apologies.”
“Who said you spoilt my day?” she asked with a little curiosity. “I can’t remember telling you that yesterday before you left.”
“I thought I did, judging from the way you asked me to leave.”
“I am sorry for asking you to leave. I guess I overreacted.”
He was shocked at the apologetic response, she was really doing fine. “Its okay, I understand.” He shrugged, and then said, “Are you alone?”
“Yes, Jane left for her fiancé’s place a few minutes ago.” She replied as she sat down.
“So what are you doing?”
“That means you are idle,” It was both a statement and a question.
“You can say that”
“The idle mind, they say, is the devil’s workshop” He said watching her.
She smiled and said, “The devil had long ago stopped using only the idle people, he now uses busy people like you.”
He returned her smile, “I guess you are right. That’s the reason why I went to church today; to avoid the manipulations of the devil. I promise you that I won’t allow the devil to use me as a workshop”
“Nice to hear that you go to church. Sorry, I have not offered you anything.”
“Actually, I would have preferred we go out together, we can go to a fast food. There we will have a variety of choice. How about that?” he asked, praying within him that she does not resent.
She remained quite for some seconds as if she was in a dilemma. Surprisingly she said, “Just give me sometime I will like to change into something similar to what you are wearing.” She stood up and went into the bedroom. As Brenda changed into something traditional, she felt like it has been ages since she had a nice time. Her senses tried to warn her not to go but she was bored and was actually tired of just staying at home.
She came out fifteen munities later dressed in a black local material, sown into a simple blouse and trouser. She wore a light make up and her new hair was still glistering.
“I am ready,” She announced, spreading her hands wide apart.
Michael felt like giving her a warm hug. But he resisted the urge. They worked out of the building and drove of in his car.

* * * * * * * * *

Baker’s Spot was bubbling. The atmosphere was livelier than Michael had ever witnessed. It rhymed with the way he felt inside. He felt elated as he walked into the restaurant with Brenda by his side. They looked so conspicuous in black and white native attire and people couldn’t help but admire them. It was like they were meant for each other.
They sat on an empty table that a couple just left and Michael signaled to the waiter. The waiter came around and showed them the menu list. Michael gave it Brenda to make her choice. She ordered for vanilla ice cream and hamburger, he did the same.
While they waited for their order, Michael said, “Do you like it here?”
“Yes,” she said, looking around. “I have been here a couple of times with …” she stopped, looking pale, “Never mind.”
“I was informed at the hospital the other day that you are going through heartbreak. I want you to know that I understand the stress people go through when someone they love and give their heart to breaks it. But I want you to understand that seventy out of eighty relationships are likely to break up, therefore you mustn’t blame and pity yourself when your affair comes to a halt. A good relationship comes through experience and patience. The best thing for you is to be strong for your own sake and get over it as soon as possible.” He was very gentle.
“Easier said than done.”
“Yes, it is difficult but not possible. First of all, I believe that we start the process of self healing by talking about it to someone who cares. This gives you the opportunity to reduce the burden of pain and ease the emotional wound”
“Thanks for your sweet words Adam; sorry I meant to say Michael. Right now I don’t want to talk about my miserable relationship life. We might talk about it some other time. Please, I hope you understand.”
“It’s alright, I really understand.” At least there will be another day, he thought.
The waiter brought their order and when he left Brenda said, “Michael, can you tell me why you come around me?
He was caught of guard by that question. He didn’t know what to answer, and then she said, “Please be honest with me. Do you want me to be your girlfriend? Are you sexually attracted to me?”
“Brenda, I think that is too early for me to say now. Presently I am more concerned that you recover from your depression than anything that I might feel for you. I can’t deny that you are a pretty girl, but I don’t want to let that come into my concern for your psychological health at the moment.”
“Then, promise me that you will never ask me out. Promise me that you will never ask me for my love or make me fall in love with you.” He was handsome and desirable. Most girls will quickly fall for his charms and she was not left out. But the only way she can resist him is if he does not pressure her to fall in love with him. “Just take me as your friend and nothing more.”
He couldn’t make such a promise. “That is not important and necessary for now Brenda. I know you must have really loved you boyfriend and it is not going to be easy for you to get over him. I am definitely not going to use that as an advantage over you. I am just here to make sure that you recover from depression, every other thing is secondary, okay?”
She immediately realized that he can make her forget about Adam easily. “Alright,” She answered, “And thanks for understand and being there for me.”
He nodded and picked up his burger, she did the same and they ate in silence.
“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked.
This girl is full of surprises, he thought.
“No” he answered. Knowing that she was going to ask why, he quickly said, “And I don’t have a reason for that, I also really don’t want to talk about it.” He knew it will be of no use explaining, she might think the story was one of his tricks to see him as available and consider him.
She got the message and kept quiet. Deep down within her, she wanted to really know all about his relationship life.
“Have you heard from your boyfriend since then?”
“No, and please he is not my boyfriend, you refer to him as my ex.”
“Okay. He is probably somewhere, regretting his action towards you.” Michael said.
“I don’t think I care any longer,” she firmly said.
“Are you sure?” he asked; actually glad to her that from her.
“Yes I am sure. Right now I am doing my best to forget about him and I will succeed, no matter the cost.”
“You can do that easier if you get yourself busy, rather than stay alone at home, especially now that schools are on break.”
“What do you suggest?”
“You could go to the cyber café, there you can browse, chat with people, meet people and do other interesting things with the computer.”
“That’s a nice idea, thanks.” She listlessly said.
Michael was sure that Brenda was not going to bother herself with this idea. He was going to call Jane to persuade Brenda to involve herself with something interesting.
“So tell me about yourself.”
He told her everything about himself, except anything that had to do with his love life.
They bought more ice creams and Michael took her to a nearby recreational park, popularly known as Flower Park. It was one of the only two recreational parks in Lupe. Flower Park was the smaller of the two.
They relaxed on one of the concrete seats, the evening itself was romantic.
“Can you tell me the bravest thing you have done?” Her tone was childish and Michael liked it.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 7:55pm On Oct 13, 2009
“There are two of them. But for now I will tell you only one, I promise to tell you the other one at the right time.”
“Okay, I am all ears.” Brenda was good listener.
“Four years ago, I was still doing my Masters then. I had a neighbor, his name was Glen. Glen was a very rich young man and he loved showing off his wealth. I never knew his source of income and whenever I asked him what he was doing he would tell me to forget about it, saying that his business was too risky and he wouldn’t go around telling people about it.
Glen was very nice to me and he never hesitated to come to my aid whenever I was in need. I liked him and he liked me too but he made sure our friendship didn’t pass a certain level. He was obviously a turbulent person and I didn’t understand how an individual with such a personality could be so rich. He believes so much that money rules the world and once said that he could do anything for it. He would travel unexpectedly, but would never tell you why or when he went to.
After sometime, Glen, my gregarious friend started to look worried and withdrawn. I couldn’t understand what his problem was and he wouldn’t tell me either. One night, I saw a young man break into Glen’s apartment. I was awake because I had to read for an exam that I had the next day.
In the quietness of the night, I heard the sound of the break in. I looked out my window and saw a huge aggressive looking figure furiously breaking into Glen’s apartment. My friend was obviously in danger, so I quickly called the cops.
He pent so much time in Glen’s apartment. I was really scared that something bad might have happened to Glen. But the cops came and the intruder tried to escape but he was apprehended, thank God, Glen was alright.
To my surprise, Glen, who was obviously scared, refused to identify the intruder. I didn’t understand. If not for my insistence, I would have looked like a fool. I felt like a brave man, I saved my friend’s life.
The intruder, I have forgotten his name, was sentenced to prison. Glen disappeared and I never saw him again.
“That’s interesting. But I thought you were going to tell me that you personally caught the intruder.” She bantered.
“What? The man looked like the devil himself, and he was armed. I would have been dead by now.” He said, laughing.
“So Glen never tried to contact you to at least thank you for saving his life”
“No, he seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth.”
“That’s strange,” she said thoughtfully.
“Well, tell me, wasn’t I brave?”
“I don’t know yet, until I hear the second a story.” There was silence for some time and then she said, “I want to take a walk.”
The stood up and walked around.
Michael felt joy he had not felt for a long time. He hoped the day would never end.
The rest of the day was nothing but blissful for both of them. They both enjoyed each other’s company and were surprised to see how long they spent together.
Around seven pm, Brenda announced that it was time to go home. Michael wanted to stay much longer, but had no choice but to oblige her request. At least he had succeeded in making her day and making his day also. Mission accomplished.
He pulled over in front of her home. From the look of the building, Jane wasn’t yet home. Michael regretted that he was going to leave her alone, but she insisted that it was okay.
“Promise me that you will overcome burden tomorrow by going to the café or any where else, just don’t stay alone at home.”
“I promise,” she said.
“Alright, I’d better be leaving”
“Okay bye. And thanks for giving me a nice time”
He watched her walk into the house. He couldn’t wait to go home and dream.

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Re: The Cyber Lover by Atreus(f): 9:04pm On Oct 13, 2009
This is nice. I haven't finished reading it,but it's nice.
Re: The Cyber Lover by rayzbay(f): 10:17pm On Oct 13, 2009
nice story
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 9:29am On Oct 14, 2009
Thanks guy. I really apoloise for such along post. but just take your time to read it, and i need criticizm, i mean is there a scene in this story that is irelvant? is there something that you guys think is out of place? are the dialogues flowing?

About grammatical error, i really don't want that to bother me now cos it will slow my pace.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 4:05pm On Oct 14, 2009

By six thirty am, Monday morning, Jane had already woken in preparation for the days work. She looked at Brenda and saw that she was still sound asleep, something that had not happened since the break up. Normally Jane would wake up and see Brenda wide awake and starring at the ceiling.
Jane had had a wonderful time yesterday and when she came home around eight pm, she had met Brenda at home, looking gay and lively. It was obvious that she had a nice time with Michael and Jane was glad that Michael was not disappointing her.
Michael had called her before she got home yesterday and had given her feedback on Brenda’s psychological development, the news was good. Michael had asked her to make sure Brenda does not stay idle at home all alone; he had suggested the going out to browse at a cyber café.
By the time Jane was dressed up, Brenda had already woken up.
“How was your night?” Jane asked.
“It was nice, especially for the fact that I found myself hunting Adam with a knife and you and Michael were begging me not to hurt him.” Brenda replied as she stretched herself while on the bed.
“I don’t even approve of you seeing him at all in the dream. So how is your day going to be?”
“I don’t know. I am supposed to meet some people concerning this job thing, but I want to give them time, perhaps next week. Michael suggested going for browsing. I could do some online application and chat.”
“I think that is a nice idea. It will take your mind off some certain things.”
“I know but…”
“Why don’t you go to 3rd Edition Café at Silver Street, at least you can exercise yourself by taking a stroll.” Silver Street was two streets away and Brenda had been there a couple of times.
“Okay, I will, but that will be much later.” Brenda answered. Then she said, “I can’t even imagine that Adam hasn’t even called me, at least just to say hi.”
“He is such a looser. The last thing you need in your life now is his lousy call.” Jane quickly said.
By seven pm, Jane was out of the house and Brenda was alone again. She thought about Adam, but Michael’s image kept taking over. She liked Michael, his company was interesting and he makes her feel at ease. But she quickly discarded the thought from her mind. Men are not worth the stress.
Then she thought about going to the café. It was a nice idea after all. She wondered why she had not thought of going there all this while. She suddenly felt like leaving the lonely house immediately.
She quickly got out of bed and prepared herself for the days outing.

* * * * * * * * *

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Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 4:20pm On Oct 14, 2009
Brenda got to 3rd Edition Cyber Café at exactly eleven am. She had earlier received a call from Jane; she called to ask what she was doing at the moment. She had told Jane that she was almost ready to leave for the café.
She had also received a text message from Michael asking her how her night was and telling her how he was going to spend the day. At the end of the text he wrote “You see I am going to have a busy day, what about you?” she had smiled and whispered to herself, “I am going to the cafe as promised.”
The interior of the café was scanty; there were only a few kids and not more than three adults browsing in the café. Brenda liked the serene atmosphere in the café. She went straight to the receptionist and paid for three hours, a ticket was given to her and went straight to the nearest empty system and made herself comfortable.
After checking her mails and replying the mails, she applied for some available jobs, then checked her facebook and felt sad when she saw the image of Adam on the friend’s column. She quickly closed the page and decided to chat.
She logged into yahoo messenger.
None of her friends were on line. She was about to enter the chat room when a chat page sprang up. Somebody was trying to chat with her. She thought it was one of her friends, but the name was strange. It read:
Weird_000: Hi
Without giving this a second thought she quickly replied:
Bren1100: Hello, asl please
Weird_000: Nice of you to chat with me.
Bren1100: That’s ok, asl please.
Weird_000: I am ageless, not sure of my sex but because of the kind of feeling I normally have, I think I am male. As for location, I am everywhere and nowhere.
Brenda wondered what kind of joke this was.
Bren1100: you haven’t answered my question.
Weird_000: please believe me, I have.
Bren1100: how do you expect me to believe such an answer, it does not make sense. What is your name?
Weird_000: I am sorry I don’t have a name, but you can call me anything you like, Jack, Gold, Field, Tom, I promise you, I will accept any name you give me.
Bren1100: I guess you don’t want to chat with me, perhaps I should sign out and do some other interesting things with my time.
Weird_000: Oh no Brenda, please don’t go. I really want to chat with you.
Bren1100: How did you get to know my name? Who are you?
Brenda became curious. There were only two people who knew that she would be browsing today. She quickly looked around the café and did not recognize anybody. There were now only two adults while the kids where still busy playing games. She was almost certain that either Michael or Jane was at the other end chatting with her. One of them was trying to play some tricks on her, but which one of them? Perhaps the strange person at the other end figured out her name from her user name.
Weird_000: I know things, I just know things. The name reminds me of something.
Bren1100: what?
Weird_000: Something beautiful, like flowers, nice colours or sun fall.
Bren1100: You are strange.
Weird¬_000: Yes, I am strange; my user name says it all.
Bren1100: so what do you want to talk about?”
Weird_000: let’s talk about you.
Bren1100: No, I won’t talk about myself, since you refused to talk about yourself.
Weird_000: But I have told about me. Anyway, with time, you will know that I am telling you the truth. So let’s talk about love.
Bren1100: love? Ok. What is your definition of love?
Weird_000: to me, love is just a deep feeling of emotional likeness that we have for a particular person. It energizes you to make sacrifices that you won’t make ordinarily giving you moments of bliss, euphoria and gratification.
Bren1100: So is love supposed to come to an end? I mean, shouldn’t it last forever?
Weird_000: Love is something one should enjoy while it lasts. As humans, you should know nothing last forever, especially a good and sweet thing like love.
Bren1100: So what is the point indulging in it, since after all the good times and enjoyment, it ends like that?
Weird_000: sometimes we can be unfortunate to fall in love with the wrong guy and the love does not last for as long as we might desire; it ends just like that leaving us in pieces.
Bren1100: And other times?
Weird_000: sometimes we can be fortunate to fall in love with the right person and the relationship lasts for so long that by the time love fades, as it surely will, you have gotten so used to each other and surprisingly you can’t do without each other any longer.
Bren1100: how does one know who the right person is? How can one avoid falling in love with the wrong person?
Brenda was now enjoying the chat. This person seemed to know what he is talking about.
Weird_000: You can’t know. One just gets lucky. Do you have a boyfriend Brenda?
Bren1100: No
Weird_000: why? Such a beautiful girl like you?
Bren1100: And who told you that I am beautiful.
She was no sure that she was actually chatting with Michael. Sooner or later he will disclose his identity. But what is he up to?
Weird_000: If I tell you, you won’t believe me. So why don’t you forget about that, I won’t like you to doubt me again.
Bren1100: Can you please tell me who you are? I will really like to know.
Weird_000: Your time is remaining exactly one hour ten minutes. That is not enough time for me to tell you about me. Besides I just have to logout now.
Now Brenda was really amazed. How could he possibly know how much time she had left? Was she chatting with one of the café operators? But she was sure that none of the operators here knew her name. How could Michael know how much time she has remaining, assuming he was the one?
Bren1100: How did you know how much time I have left?
Weird_000: You have so many questions, but I cannot answer you any now. I have to go.
Bren1100: Please just answer a few of my questions.
Weird_000: Sorry, that is not possible. But we can chat tomorrow? Whenever you come on line, you will see me. I promise you I will answer your question. But please promise me you will come on line tomorrow.
Bren1100: I promise.
Weird_000: Alright. I believe you. Bye.
As Brenda made the promise, she knew instantly that something beyond curiosity made he promise. There was a sudden irresistible urge within her that really wanted to chat with the weird fellow tomorrow.
She didn’t feel like chatting any longer. She wanted to go home; she suddenly felt hungry. She quickly signed out logged out. She was definitely looking forward to chatting with her new friend tomorrow.

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Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 7:31pm On Oct 15, 2009
Jane came back home that Monday evening looking much worn out and tired. Just as workers in every other organization experience, Monday’s was usually very hectic for her.
But she wasn’t tired enough to notice something different about Brenda. Brenda was completely transformed. Her body language said it all.
“How was your day?” She asked Brenda.
“I enjoyed it, you look so tired.” Brenda had been thinking all day about the anonymous fellow she chatted with, something about him made her wants to chat with him again. Surprising he hasn’t thought about Adam all day but had thought of Michael, yet none of them had been as significant as the anonymous fellow.
“Yes, but that is not important for now, just tell me how you spent your day. You look different.” Jane said
“How? I guess the little walk I had gave me some form of excitement.”
Jane looked closely at her friend, “Are you hiding something from me?”
Brenda smiled; she didn’t know why she was acting different all evening. She was just high in spirit. “Jane, did you chat with me on the internet today?”
“No,” Jane replied, obviously surprised at the question. What has that got to do with Brenda’s strange behavior? “I barely had time to go for lunch.”
“I chatted with a strange fellow today. He seemed to know little things about me. And I thought that I was actually chatting with you or Michael”
“Little things like what?”
“Like my name, and telling me that I am beautiful like he was actually seeing me. He was so confident.”
“I don’t see anything strange in that. He could have guessed your name from your username, and could have just made a wide suggestion that you are beautiful. I don’t know how you got to know he was confident, you didn’t even see him or hear his voice. He just typed his feelings.”
“I also thought so, but I still think he was strange.”
“Did he tell you his name?” Jane asked.
“No he didn’t. He said he was nameless, ageless and is everywhere at the same time.”
“It could probably be some jobless young man trying to catch his fun on the internet.”
“Couldn’t it have been Michael?” Brenda asked
“Why should Michael do that?”
“This guy chatted in some professional way about love with me, so I figured out that it could be Michael with a different user name, you know the way he talks.”
“Perhaps you should ask him, but I don’t think Michael is capable of such childish pranks.”
“One more thing, I got more confused about his identity when he was able to tell exactly how much time I had left, he wasn’t even in my messenger list. Well, we promised to chat with each other tomorrow.”
“Is that why you look so excited?” Jane asked; thinking that her friend’s emotional problem was making her gullible to all kind of tricks. “He could be a computer guru who knows how to get certain information about people from the internet.”
“Well, I will be going back tomorrow. In fact I look forward to chatting with him tomorrow.”
“I am happy for you and I wish you a nice time. So what do we have for dinner, I am famished” she stood up and walked into the kitchen before Brenda could reply.
Jane came back into the sitting room some minutes later with a plate of rice and chicken. Suddenly, Brenda’s phone rang.
She picked it up and saw that it was Michael.
“Michael, good evening.”
“Good evening, how are you doing?”
“I am doing fine. It’s really nice hearing from you.” Her voice way gay.
“You sound excited, how was your day, I hope you involved yourselves in some activities like we discussed?” He asked
“Yes I did, in fact I had a very wonderful time. How was work today?”
“I had a very hectic day as usual, you know how Monday is. I wanted to call you earlier, but I really didn’t have the time.”
“It’s okay. Did you come online today?”
“No, why?”
“Nothing serious, I met a guy on line today and he sounded so much like you. I really thought you were playing some jokes on me.”
“No, it couldn’t be me. I had a very busy day, besides I don’t have idea what your email address is,” he replied.
“Yes, I never even thought of that, but who could that have been?” she wondered aloud.
“Is there anything that I should know of?”
“No… actually there is something, but I will tell you by the time I see you again. When am I going to see you again Michael?” she was surprised at herself for asking such a question to a guy she didn’t want to encourage.
Jane couldn’t believe her ears.
Michael was shocked. Brenda was really sounding strange; the rate of her recovery from depression was so fast. All the same, he was pleased. “I won’t be free till Saturday. I will definitely see you then.”
She wanted to ask him if Saturday wasn’t far but quickly withheld her statement. What is wrong with her? “Alright, I will be looking forward to Saturday.”
“I promise you that before then, you will hear from me everyday.”
“That’s cool.”
“Alright, have a nice night.”
“You too, bye.” She dropped the phone, and then turned to Jane, “Michael said he wasn’t the one I chatted with.”
“Why are you getting yourself worked up because of a simple chat?” Jane asked.
“I don’t know. I really don’t know. Do you know what is email address is?”
“Weird_000@yahoo.com. He told me that he was a strange fellow. I am beginning to feel that he meant it.
Re: The Cyber Lover by bluespice(f): 8:56pm On Oct 15, 2009
i love the twist of weird00 cheesy
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 7:32am On Oct 16, 2009
@frank 3.16

I'm thinking of printing this stuff out on paper so I can enjoy it like it's the real thing (ie book). It's that good and I want to enjoy it. Hope you wouldn't mind??
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 9:55am On Oct 16, 2009

@frank 3.16

I'm thinking of printing this stuff out on paper so I can enjoy it like it's the real thing (ie book). It's that good and I want to enjoy it. Hope you wouldn't mind??

Yes you can. my soul desire is for you to enjoy my write up and make sure u give me feed back. i am not getting much feed back and it is begining to worry me. No critisicm, not much people seem to be showing interest. does it mean my write up is boring? i have written better stories but no one has ever read it.

yes i know it is long but readaing the posts i send daily wont take more than fifteen minutes.

Please i ecourage all my readers to continue reading. the twist of Weird_000 is exactly where the story becomes intersting. i will love u to see how i entwined weird_000, Brenda, Michael, Nimrod and Brenda's past three lovers together
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 10:38am On Oct 16, 2009
@frank 3.16
You've written better stuff! Then I'd like to see it!! That's cool but don't you mind about the lack of comments etc. It's been said that this section of NL is far from popular, so only the die-hards like me keep a look out for things like stories. I haven't read much of Nigerian writing in a long while so I come here for my fix grin. Your story is very refreshing and I would enjoy it more if it was on a printed page. And now with your permission I'll have it on paper and read it with glee wink grin.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 7:24pm On Oct 16, 2009
Jane stared at her friend for some time. Brenda was really making the whole thing sound strange. She didn’t know what to say. She stood up and quickly entered the kitchen to drop her empty plate.

* * * * * * * * *

Even as the line went dead, Michael still held the phone in his palm. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Was Brenda giving him the light?
He had spent the whole of last night and even half of today thinking about her. He had fantasized different romantic moments with her.
And now, things seem to be moving much faster than he had expected. He didn’t know he had created such an impression on her. Was the excitement in her voice because of him? But who was it on the internet that she guessed sounded like him? Or was it just her imagination? Perhaps she had been thinking about him, and that’s why she thought the internet guy sounded like him.
This was getting interesting.
He was almost sure, especially with this evening’s outcome that he would soon win over Brenda’s heart.
He couldn’t wait for Saturday. He had chosen Saturday because he wanted a situation where by they would relax and he would be more composed.
Michael wasn’t planning on going out this evening. All he needed was to relax his body, soul and mind, for he had had a very stressful day. He laid down on his bed and fantasized about Brenda.

* * * * * * * * *

Nimrod used to count the time he had to serve his term in years, then he started counting in months, then weeks and now in days. Soonest he will be counting in hours. He dreamt of nothing else but the day he will be out of this hell. He couldn’t wait to have his freedom and continue in his normal life.
He sometimes wondered the kind of change that might have taken place in the outside world since he had been away. Well, he was a die hard survivor, if he survived this prison, where else wouldn’t he survive? He couldn’t wait to kill his first victim. It’s been a long time since he had such pleasure. He’d sure missed it.
Nimrod sees every other human as an enemy; he believes humans are the cause of his suffering in this world. He also sees all humans as potential enemy because he thinks every one of them was capable of hurting him if given the opportunity.
Michael will be his first victim. How would also like to take on Glen, but he wasn’t keen about killing Glen since Glen wasn’t an easy target like Michael. But Allen will be in the best position to tell him that.
It was a Monday evening and Nimrod was sitting on his bed in his prison room. He was not able to sleep because he was troubled. He had expected Allen to pay him a visit last Sunday, but Allen didn’t show up. He had less than two weeks to be out of prison and he needed Allen to give him the recent update about Michael and the situation with the gang.
Nimrod needed Allen now more than ever. He hoped that nothing bad had happened to him. Only Allen can ensure him a smooth entry into the world.
Nimrod was brought into reality by his cellmate’s snore. He looked sharply at the young man who quickly woke up as if he had heard his own snore.
The sound of people’s snore disgusts Nimrod. This had made him hate his cellmate, who knows that he was in much trouble any time he disturbs Nimrod with the slightest sound of his snore. Nimrod sees the sound of the young man’s snore as an opportunity to bully him, but nothing would have given him much pleasure than to kill him. Bullying his cellmate had brought upon Nimrod punishments, but the pleasure of hitting him was worth the punishment.
This time the young man quickly stood up and said “I am sorry” to Nimrod.
“You Disgust me,” Nimrod said with so much hate in his voice and quickly went back to think of Allen.
If Allen does not come this weekend, then he will be sure that something was wrong and then he will have to start making plans without Allen.
He made up his mind that with or without Allen, Michael must feel his wrought, no matter how difficult the search may be.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 7:33pm On Oct 16, 2009

By eleven am on Tuesday morning, Brenda was already out of the house. She decided she was going to browse in a different café today; if the anonymous fellow was one of the 3rd Edition café attendants, then he will not be able to play his tricks this time around.
Before going to the café, Brenda had first of all gone to see one of her contacts who had asked her to come over concerning a job vacancy at Lupe Airport. Her contact had asked her to come along with her credentials and an application letter for the position of a public relations officer. The contact sounded very convincing the he will be to help her secure the Job.
From where she met her contact, Brenda to a taxi straight to Omega Browsers. She bought time ticket and quickly logged into one of the empty computers. Immediately she signed into yahoo messenger, a chat page from Weird_000 popped up.
Weird_000: Good afternoon Brenda.
She was astonished. Was he already waiting for her? Was this guy following her? She hoped most of her questions would be answered today.
Bren1100: Good afternoon. Where you waiting for me?
Weird_000: Yes, I have been waiting. I really longed to hear your sweet and gentle voice.
Bren1100: You have started with your jokes again. Why do you think my voice is sweet and gentle?
Weird_000: I can hear your voice as you key in those words and it appears on my screen. Like I told you, it is gentle and has soothing effect on me.
So many people had in the past described her voice this same way. She was puzzled.
Bren1100: You are beginning to sound strange again. I really need answers.
Weird_000: You don’t need to bother yourself about answers, the answers will come by themselves, don’t push it.
Bren1100: Does that imply that you are going to leave me as confused as you left me yesterday?
Weird_000: No, we are going to discuss other things today, and you are not going to be left puzzled, I promise you.
Bren1100: Other things like what?
Weird_000: Like you telling me why you don’t have a boyfriend.
Bren1100: Let’s just say I am hapless in matters concerning relationship.
Weird_000: I believe you have an ideal fantasy of how a perfect relationship should be.
Bren1100: Yes.
Weird_000: Tell me.
Bren1100: I am not comfortable talking about it, since most of my fantasies seem not to be coming to past.
Weird_000: Alright, but can you tell me what you think of your fantasies now?
Bren1100: I am so scared of love. Fear surrounds me like a mighty fence. I am even more scared that breaking the fence is getting out of my control.
Weird_000: I like you Brenda and I want to love you. I want to give you something perfect.
Bren1100: You are really funny. I don’t even know your name or how you even look like. How can you be talking about love?
Weird_000: it is something about you Brenda. You make me see the world from a different angle. You are so vulnerable and I really want to take care of you and protect you. I promise that I will be always be there for you, you don’t need to see me physically.
Bren1100: How can that be possible? How can you be there for me when I can’t even see you? You don’t even know what I look like.
Weird_000: I do, I even know what you are wearing at the moment.
Bren1100: Tell me.
Weird_000: I love your red and white check shirt and the way it matches with your black jeans. Why are you wearing white underwear? I think a black one would have been sexier.
Brenda almost stood up from her seat. She quickly looked around her and realized that it was of no use. He even knew the colour of her underwear. A chilly sensation ran through her body. Looking back at the screen, she realized that he had already sent a message
Weird_000: Don’t be scared Brenda, I am not here to hurt you. I have come to rescue you. I am here for you and with time you will find out that you can’t do without me.
Bren1100: Leave me alone please. You are scaring the hell out of me.

Weird_000: Are you sure you want me to leave? I can make your dreams come true. Won’t you like to have the airport job you applied for this morning? Don’t you want your fantasies about love to come to pass? I make possibilities Brenda. My love for you will last forever.
Bren1100: What do you want from me? Who the hell are you? How did you know so much about me?
Weird_000: I want your love Brenda, I want to possess you. Just give me a chance and I will change your world.
Brenda wanted to leave the computer and run away, but couldn’t. A force was making her want to stay; something beyond her control. The chat was nothing but a sinister chat. But despite the fear that had taken over her, she continued to chat.
Bren1100: Can I please see you? Can we meet?
Weird_000: You can’t see me, but I can make you feel me. But now is not the right time. I do things at the right time only. You will feel me at the right time.
Bren1100: I am scared.
Weird_000: There is no need getting scared. I promise you that I will never hurt you. I will protect you; all I need from you is to have faith in me. Can you do that?
Somehow, Brenda believed him. She felt she was going crazy. How could she believe in this unknown creepy stranger?
Bren1100: Okay, I will trust you.
Weird_1100: Enough chat for today. Can we meet here at the same time tomorrow?
Bren1100: Are you leaving me?
She couldn’t believe herself.
Weird_000: Right now you need sometime alone. Tomorrow is another day. Won’t you be here tomorrow?
Bren1100: I will.
Weird_000: Bye
Bren1100: Bye.
She logged out and sat on her seat starring at the computer. She kept telling herself that she had not gone crazy. She was worried for herself and the way she was responding to the situation. Normally, she was supposed to be really scared and not want to continue with the chat, but here she was, accepting that she will be here tomorrow to chat with him. Worst of all, she wasn’t sure if she was in total control of herself.
She resolved within herself that she was going to tell everything to Jane, and watch her reaction. If she can’t control herself over this, then she will have to allow her friends decision to prevail.
She stood up and left the café.
Re: The Cyber Lover by bluespice(f): 1:09am On Oct 17, 2009
ooooh im loving it im getting ideas cheesy
Re: The Cyber Lover by ravenzord(m): 10:05am On Oct 17, 2009
Mehn. . .dt Weird guy is fcukin weird,creeping me out.
Re: The Cyber Lover by MyneWhite1(f): 4:54pm On Oct 17, 2009
Now we have gotten to the creepy cyber lover stage. Hmmmm,

Frank3.16, please don't allow the shortage of comments to affect you. The fact is none of us are professional critics and maybe the best feedback is that people continue to read. If it's really bad, they would say so or not read at all.

Also, reading in bits sometimes mean that we miss some inconsistencies in plot or time line. But your story is very good and I like the twist too.

Well done.
Re: The Cyber Lover by igboboy3(m): 6:11pm On Oct 17, 2009
Well, Frank 3.16, Your story is alright. However, you have asked for criticism. I will grant your wish BUT I will be harsh as well as frank with you. I pray that you understand that my beef is with the loopholes in your tale AND NOT with you. Everything that i say here is subject to controversy
Here Goes,
I feel that your story is TOO PLAIN. I want you to thrill me with some comedy,romance or horror. Hang me in suspense when you are writing. It won't matter if your story is too long once it is captivation. I wonder if you have read the Harry Potter series; J.K Rowling keeps her story spicy. Every paragraph has to be grasping. Some Nairalanders may have read your story and found it too long but look at the size of Harry Potter 5 and imagine people(me included) reading that kind of book twice or thrice just b'cos it tingles the imagination. Don't Just fill your story with plain drama; that might make a good movie BUT NOT a good book.

I think that you BOMBARD US WITH TOO MUCH INFORMATION. This is the problem with writing from an omniscient point of view; the readers know everything. For instance, you should not have told us that Brenda asked Michael whether he was the Cyber Lover(this might make us think that Michael is the cyber lover) . Deceive us for a while(Deception is a part of suspense). You could have written a part of the tale from Weird 000'S point of view. You have a good eye for detail but if you overload us with information, you make the story too bogus and painful to read. You also kill the suspense.

Anyway, my time is almost up and I have to go but I have to say that I am impressed with the Weird 000 concept. I mean, how can someone know the colour of a lady's underwear? That's explosive. Kudos for that. Keep writing. I thank God that Writers' Block has not caught with you. May you never get infected in Jesus name. Amen smiley
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 8:23pm On Oct 17, 2009

Well, Frank 3.16, Your story is alright. However, you have asked for criticism. I will grant your wish BUT I will be harsh as well as frank with you. I pray that you understand that my beef is with the loopholes in your tale AND NOT with you. Everything that i say here is subject to controversy
Here Goes,
I feel that your story is TOO PLAIN. I want you to thrill me with some comedy,romance or horror. Hang me in suspense when you are writing. It won't matter if your story is too long once it is captivation. I wonder if you have read the Harry Potter series; J.K Rowling keeps her story spicy. Every paragraph has to be grasping. Some Nairalanders may have read your story and found it too long but look at the size of Harry Potter 5 and imagine people(me included) reading that kind of book twice or thrice just b'cos it tingles the imagination. Don't Just fill your story with plain drama; that might make a good movie BUT NOT a good book.

I think that you BOMBARD US WITH TOO MUCH INFORMATION. This is the problem with writing from an omniscient point of view; the readers know everything. For instance, you should not have told us that Brenda asked Michael whether he was the Cyber Lover(this might make us think that Michael is the cyber lover) . Deceive us for a while(Deception is a part of suspense). You could have written a part of the tale from Weird 000'S point of view. You have a good eye for detail but if you overload us with information, you make the story too bogus and painful to read. You also kill the suspense.
Anyway, my time is almost up and I have to go but I have to say that I am impressed with the Weird 000 concept. I mean, how can someone know the colour of a lady's underwear? That's explosive. Kudos for that. Keep writing. I thank God that Writers' Block has not caught with you. May you never get infected in Jesus name. Amen smiley

thanks man for your honesty. its just like you have just taken the scale out of my eyes. Suspence, that the word. do you know i have been feeling that something was missing. most times we are so passionate about our stories that we miss such details. i will try and keep the beat faster. but i think there is more suspence on the way.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 8:30pm On Oct 17, 2009
Jane came back from work and met Brenda looking both excited and happy. She suddenly felt concerned for her friend. Something was happing to Brenda and she was perturbed. Brenda spoke up, “Welcome Jane, I hope you had a nice day?” Brenda played with the remote control as she talked.
“Very nice and you?”
“Jane,” she sat up and looked straight and Jane’s eyes. “I had a chat with the same anonymous guy I told you about.”
Jane was beginning to dislike everything about this strange guy and the fact that he discusses with Brenda. “What happened? Has he disclosed his identity?”
“No, I don’t think he is ordinary. I think I have been chatting with some kind of poltergeist. He seems to know things about me. Things he shouldn’t know ordinarily.”
“Like what?” Jane asked, feeling really bad about the whole thing.
“He knew the moment I logged in, like he was there all the while. He described my voice like he could hear it while we chatted. The craziest part was how he was able to tell the cloth I was wearing, even down to my underwear. He knew I went to submit application for an airport job.”
“How could that be possible Brenda?” Jane asked, sure if she should believe her friend. May be the break up with Adam had eaten into her brain and she had not realized it all these while. “Can’t you see that what you are saying is impossible? What is wrong with you Brenda?”
“Believe me Jane; I am not making it up. If you not for your job, I would have asked you to come along with me to a café tomorrow and see for yourself.”
“Don’t tell me that you are going to chat with him again tomorrow. This chat thing is taking a turn I don’t like.” Jane complained.
“I have to, I promised him that I will chat with him tomorrow, and I can’t fail him.”
“Please Brenda, forget it. You don’t have to go there. Go to the library instead.”
“I have to. A big part of me wants to be there to chat with him tomorrow.”
“There is no him Brenda. He does not exist. Your mind is making it all up, can’t you see?”
“Like I am insane?” Brenda curiously asked. Jane was surprised to see the genuine look of curiosity on her face.
“No, you are not insane. It is just that--- this whole break up thing --- it could be affecting you. Try to understand Brenda, it does not mean that you are abnormal. The desire to fill in the vacuum Adam had created in your life has made you form an imaginary friend.”
“I am over Adam. I can’t even remember the last time I thought of him. As a matter of fact I have not even remembered him since yesterday. I don’t even feel any emptiness any longer.”
“All the same, don’t go to the cyber café to chat with him again. Just forget about it.” Jane maintained.
“I am sorry Jane; I can’t, even if I want to.”
The firmness in Brenda’s tone made Jane give up, but got her more worried. What was Brenda up to? Was she telling the truth? Jane couldn’t understand the reason why Brenda insists on going to chat with this fellow.
She was confused and did not know what to do. Perhaps she should call Michael and tell him the new development.
“Don’t worry, Jane, he promised that he will protect me, I know he won’t hurt me, I am safe with him.”
Jane wanted to scream. This was actually going out of hand. “You know what? I can’t talk about this anymore. You are driving me crazy. Just drop the discussion, it is making me uncomfortable.”
She stood up and headed toward the exist door.
“Where are you going to?” Brenda asked. “Are you not just coming back form work? Don’t you want to have a rest?”
“I will be right back. I want to make an important call via pay phone.”
“Can I come with you?”
“No, don’t worry, I will be right back.” Jane wanted to call Michael and wouldn’t want Brenda to be there.
She hurriedly left the house and went straight to the nearest pay phone near her home. She dialed Michael’s number and waited for it as it rang.
“Hello Michael, it is Jane on the line.”
“Oh Jane, good evening, is Brenda alright?”
“I am not sure Michael. Something is definitely wrong with her.”
“Fill me in,” Michael said, obviously alarmed.
Jane quickly narrated the evening’s discussion with Brenda to him.
Michael relaxed a little after she was through. So this was all about the strange guy Brenda had thought was him.
“Right now you can’t stop her from going over to chat with her new friend. If I were the one, curiosity will make me want to chat with him again. The whole thing sounds a little strange though and honestly I am confused myself, but I believe there must be and explanation to that.”
“I don’t see any, Michael. And what makes the whole issue so worrisome is that she is beginning to like him and seems to be developing confidence in him. She said he promised to protect her and will give her the good things life can offer. Se is beginning to act like she was possessed with the desire to chat with him, like there was an irresistible compulsion to chat with him. She claims to be helpless of the situation.”
Michael was now really alarmed. He instantly felt jealous. Was somebody else taking over her emotions? This wasn’t the kind of news he needs now. He felt really bad.
“Michael, are you there?” Jane asked.
“Yes. I just don’t know what to make out of the whole story.”
“I will like you to see her and talk to her yourself.”
“I will surely do that, but that has to be on Saturday. I won’t be in town tomorrow and Friday will be pretty tight for me. But I will definitely call her.” He actually wished he could see her at the moment.
“I pray that it won’t be too late. I am very uncomfortable with her continuous interaction with this new friend of hers.” Jane complained.
“Just keep your eyes on her. I believe that with time she will get over this obsession. It might not be as bad as you think.”
“Okay, bye. Please don not forget to call her.”
“I won’t forget. Take care.”

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Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 8:41pm On Oct 17, 2009
* * * * * * * * *

Brenda got a call on Wednesday morning from her contact, asking her to prepare herself for a job aptitude test and interview that was to take place on Thursday. She told herself that she will prepare for the interview later, but for now, she must quickly go and chat with her new cyber friend. Jane had tried to discourage her from having the chat but Brenda didn’t seem to be listening.
She didn’t blame Jane for reacting this way to her story. She knew it wasn’t possible for anybody to believe her strange story about a weird guy on the internet.
She had wondered what Michael will think about the whole story; he would also probably come to the same conclusion with Jane; that she had finally gone crazy because of the loss of Adam.
This morning, she had woken up, not wanting to discuss the issue with Jane. Jane had surprisingly not talked about it, but it was obvious that she wasn’t happy with her. Brenda really didn’t mind. She was confident that it was important that she chats with Mr. Weird and that Mr. Weird was real and not her imagination.
She was sorry for making Jane feel bad, but this is something she has to do.
After Jane left for work, Brenda quickly dressed up and headed for 3rd Edition Cyber Café. The afternoon can be used for the test and interview preparation.
As Brenda walked into the café, she could immediately sense the presence of Mr. Weird. This time around she was sure it was her imagination. As she signed into yahoo messenger, he was already there as usual.
Weird_000: Good morning Brenda.
Bren1100: Good morning. You are already there.
Weird_00: I am always there and will always be there for you.
Bren110: That is nice to hear. I actually looked forward to chatting with you.
Weird_000: Beautiful. Its nice knowing that such a beautiful girl like you looked forward to chatting with me. How was your night?
Bren1100: It was good. I told my roommate a lot about you.
Weird_000: You did that?
Bren1100: Yes, but she didn’t believe me. She thought I was making it all up.
Weird_000: why would she think like that?
Bren1100: she thinks that the recent break up I had with my ex-boyfriend is making me imagine things. She thinks I was going crazy.
Weird_000: Break up?
Bren1100: Yes
Weird_000: You didn’t tell me that you just had heartbreak.
Bren1100: You didn’t ask. Besides I didn’t want to bother you with my boring story. It’s really a long story.
Weird_000: Brenda, can you please tell me about it?
Bren1100: I am not sure I want to.
Weird_000: You have to Brenda. I am the only one who can protect you and set your mind at ease. Please talk to me. Tell me everything.
Brenda told him all about Adam and how the relationship came to an end.
Weird_000: I am very sorry Brenda. Was this why you said you where hapless in matters concerning relationship? Or are there others?
Bren1100: Yes there are others. I got heartbroken by the two guys I dated before Adam. They left me for no reason.
Weird_000: Tell me about them all.
Again, she told him about Benjamin and Derek.
Weird_000: I just want to let you know that none of this sad turn out of all your past relationships was your fault. Most men are generally untrustworthy.
Bren1100: But why do I keep on meeting such men?
Weird_000: Don’t allow yourself to get worried over people that not worth it. I want to promise you something Brenda.
Bren1100: What?
Weird_000: All these men must surely pay for what they have done to you and I promise you that I will never allow anybody to hurt you again.
Bren1100: Thank you. But can you keep all your promises when I can’t even see you?
Weird_000: With me all things are possible.
Bren1100: But I want to see you or feel you. You promised me remember?
Weird _000: Yes
Bren1100: When, where and how?
Weird_000: Before the end of seven day from now you will feel my presence around you. It will be the most gratifying moment of your life.
Bren1100: will we be able to interact?
Weird_000: Yes we will.
Bren1100: Do you realize that I don’t even know your name?
Weird_000: I told you before that I don’t have a name. You can call me anything you like.
Bren1100: No, I want you to suggest a name for yourself right now.
Weird_000: Okay, why don’t you call me Cain?
Bren1100: Cain? Why Cain? He was the first murder in the Bible you know?
Weird_000: I don’t care what the bible said about Cain. I just fancy the name.
Bren1100: Alright Cain, I will be looking forward to the day you will make me feel your presence.
Weird_000: I think I should leave you now Brenda. I have taken much of your time today. You should go and prepare yourself for the aptitude test and interview that will be coming up tomorrow.
Brenda was again astonished.
Bren1100: There you go again, telling me things about me that ordinary persons can’t.
Weird_000: I am not ordinary Brenda.
Bren1100: If I must believe you, then how come you didn’t know about my past broken relationships? Why did you make me tell you?
Weird_000: I knew about it all Brenda. I just wanted to listen to talk about them. I wanted to feel your pain and anger.
Bren1100: What difference does it make?
Weird_000: It does Brenda.
Bren1100: How?
Weird_000: I love you Brenda and I really want to part of your life. Every move I make must really depend on how you feel. And even thought I know how you feel about certain thing, I must feel it, and it’s just like asking for permission to make you happier. This makes my will to act much stronger.
Bren1100: I don’t understand Cain. What move? Act in what?
Weird_000: Its time for me to go Brenda. Tomorrow and next will be a very busy day for you. I want to congratulate you for your new job Brenda.
Bren1100: What job? I don’t have any job yet.
Weird_000: Good bye Brenda. I really enjoyed chatting with you. You will soon feel my presence Brenda.
At this point Brenda knew that there was nothing she could do to make him answer any of her questions. So she let him go. She stared at the computer for sometime. What was wrong with her? How can she sit down here and chat comfortably with this stranger?
Jane couldn’t possibly be right that she was insane. But she was alright.
Stop it, she told herself. There is nothing wrong with her and there is nothing wrong with chatting with the strange guy. Sooner or later he will reveal himself and everything will be very clear. For now she will continue to the deep unexplainable pleasure she enjoys when she chats with him or even think about him.
Re: The Cyber Lover by ginky(f): 11:12pm On Oct 17, 2009
Frank, you are such a good writer. You were right when you said that this section is not very popular. I had been a part     
of Nairaland for sometime but never felt I should come to the literature/writing section.
  It's people like you that get people loke me interested in this section. Infact, I have taken note of 4 writers on this section: You, Atreus, Maedan and Aslan. You guys are really trying.

      As for criticism, I agree with what Igbo boy said that you should add suspense.
         You are really good. I don't want Brenda to be with the weird guy{Cain). I know he's sincere but I really want her to be with Mike. Anyway, continue with your story. NOT TOO MUCH SUSPENSE BEFORE I START HAVING NIGHTMARES. I have already started dreaming.

I don't mind you sending me the rest of the story to my email if you're feeling discouraged though I don't pray for it.
Re: The Cyber Lover by bluespice(f): 12:00pm On Oct 19, 2009
i swear i think i know who weird is tongue
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 2:25pm On Oct 19, 2009

i swear i think i know who weird is tongue

you think you do? ok, make a guess
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 6:10pm On Oct 19, 2009
* * * * * * * * *

Jane came back home latter in the evening and met Brenda preparing seriously for Thursday’s aptitude test. Jane was aware that Brenda must have chatted with her anonymous friend and somehow she wanted to know the outcome.
Brenda only welcomed her and continued with her studies.
Jane wasn’t happy at Brenda’s strange behavior, but somehow she felt guilty because there could have been a possibility that Brenda was telling the truth and was unhappy with her for not believing her and thinking she was insane.
Jane change up and wore he night gown. She came back into the living room and watched her friend for some seconds. Brenda did not even bother to look up; she continues to concentrate of the book opposite her.
“How was your chat with your new friend?” Jane asked
Brenda slowly looked and said, “I thought you disapproved of the idea, why the sudden interest?”
“I am sorry Brenda; I didn’t mean to sound that way. It’s just that the story was so strange and unbelievable; it made me start developing ideas. I am sorry.”
Brenda remained silent.
“Did you chat with him?” Jane probed.
“Yes I did.”
“I want to her about it please.”
“As usual, he was already there waiting for me to come online. He told me a lot of thing about me; he knew about the interview and congratulated me as if I have already secured the job. I don’t know how he gets his information. He made me talk about my previous relationships when I told him that you doubted me.”
“So he now knows about me?” Jane asked, alarmed.
“Yes. He promised me that he will never let anything harm me. I really want you to believe me Jane. In fact, I have a feeling that I am not chatting with a human being. But even though I am scared sort of, I can’t help wanting to chat with him. You can say that I am possessed; I think that is a better word for insane this time around.”
“What more did he tell you?” Jane asked when she found her voice.
“Well, he said I should call him Cain. He promised to reveal himself to me, but I will only be able to see feel him, I wont be able to see him.”
“He said within seven day from now”
“Brenda, you are really scaring the heel out of me.”
“He said he loved me.”
“Love?” Jane couldn’t believe her ears. “Please Brenda, tell me how you are feeling about this.”
“I just believe him and see. I know it sounds crazy but I have a strong feeling that his love for me is real and he won’t do anything that will hurt me nor will he allow anything or anybody to harm me.”
“Brenda, honestly, I don’t like the way you are handling this. I bet the next thing you will tell m is that you are falling in love with him.”
“That, I cannot tell for now, but I can tell you that I enjoy chatting with him and look forward to feeling his presence as he said. But for love, I don’t know.”
“When are you chatting with him again?” Jane asked.
“I don’t know. I will be very busy tomorrow and next. The Saturday will be spent with Michael. I can’t wait to tell him the whole story.”
“You don’t know how grateful I am that you won’t be chatting with him in a couple of days.” She stood up. “I better leave you to prepare for tomorrow.”
She left Brenda in the kitchen and entered her bedroom.

* * * * * * * * *

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Re: The Cyber Lover by adebayo201: 8:19pm On Oct 19, 2009
undecided undecided undecided undecided angry angry angry

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