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Diary Of A Desperate Lover (updated) a classical blend of poetry and prose! / Cyber Adventure / The Silent Lover (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 8:18pm On Nov 23, 2009
lol @ adebayo, "when am I going to finish this??"
@ frank 3.16, I know exactly how adebayo201 feels, I was thinking the same thing myself. some of us don't have the time these days to read books/stories even in our everyday lives, talk less on NL. Just bear with us, the posts are long and we'll need time to finish and give you feedback wink.
Re: The Cyber Lover by adebayo201: 6:36am On Nov 24, 2009
Thatis it!.

@maedan, u just spoke my mind. That'z y u'r my mistress kiss
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 10:04am On Nov 24, 2009
Meaden is not your mistress!!
well thats by the way, take am je je, you will finish it one day. if u are reading and complaining what about the writer. with my work and everyday problems, my brain is choking. but the end is near, very near.

@everybody thanks for being pateint with me, i never knew it was going to be this long.
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 12:19pm On Nov 24, 2009
frank 3.16, I think I know what adebayo201 means by "mistress" - he always calls me that, I don't know why grin - but I guess it's a sign of regard and not what you think wink.

this one you're saying "the end is near, very near grin"----we never said we wanted it to finish quickly, just that we can't read it as fast. smiley
Re: The Cyber Lover by adebayo201: 12:13am On Nov 25, 2009
That is adamic nature.
shey u dnt kno that na eye shocked d tin go cum affect cry
Re: The Cyber Lover by MyneWhite1(f): 1:27am On Nov 25, 2009
wow this story has come a long way since I read it last. Interesting but not a happy one,
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 12:10pm On Nov 25, 2009
It was lunch time, so Jane felt it was better that Brenda meets her at the Bank’s Restaurant. She called Inspector Jack and informed him that Brenda was on her way; she also told him to meet her at the restaurant. Jane also sent a text to Brenda to come straight to the restaurant.
Brenda arrived a little earlier than the cops, so both girls had enough time to fill each other in on the latest development.
The cops came some minutes later; they couldn’t wait to hear what Brenda had to tell them.
“Good afternoon,” Brenda greeted them as they made themselves comfortable on the empty seats around their table. “I am aware that Jane had told you about Cain”
“Yes, but is that really true? And why didn’t you tell us the story yesterday?” Inspector Jack asked.
“I wasn’t sure of what was happening until I got the news of Adam’s murder this morning. Besides I didn’t know how to tell you about an internet killer ghost. You would think I am crazy, just like my friend here had been insinuating.”
“The story actually sounds crazy. How do we explain this to the public and relations of the deceased? They all expect a killer to be caught. The reason why I do not doubt you so much is because of the mystery behind the killings.” Jack said.
“I am confused myself Inspector. My chat with him a few minutes ago revealed that he is the killer. He said he is doing the killings because he loves me and will hurt anyone that hurts me. I begged him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen to me. Right now he said he was going to kill Michael if he does not back out from trying to date me.” Brenda said.
“Michael? The guy you told me was showing interest in you?”
“Yes?” Brenda didn’t want to tell them that their life might be in danger for even investigating her.
Before now, Inspector Jack’s best theory was that Brenda must have asked the so called Cain to do the killings for her and is just claiming innocence. Of course Cain must exist, if not, how can these murders be explained? But with this information Inspector Jack didn’t know what to think. It does no make sense that Brenda should ask Cain to also kill a guy she was obviously falling in love with.
“Is there no way you think we can get hold of this guy? There must be some way of knowing the location he is chatting from.” Officer Kennedy suggested.
“I think that will be waste of time. Cain made it clear that he is everywhere and no where. Unless you want to tell me that you have a way of catching a ghost. He might even be here with us without our knowledge.” Brenda explained to them.
Inspector Jack and Kennedy looked around them uncomfortably.
Brenda continued, “The only thing that can be done now it to stop him from killing more people.”
“And how do you expect to do that?” Jack asked.
“Honestly, I don’t know. But I will everything I can to make sure no one gets hurt again. This is more than my fragile heart can take.”
Somehow, Jack knew she was telling the truth. But for the first time since he had been a cop, he didn’t know what to do.
“Where is Michael now?” He asked.
“He is not in town, but he called me earlier today and told me that he will be coming back tomorrow.” She replied.
“What are we going to do about Michael?” Jane asked.
“I have no choice. Michael either stops coming around me or he dies.” Brenda sadly replied.
Jane pulled her seat closer to her and put her arm around her shoulder.
The cops watched them in confusion.
The rays of sadness that fumed from the two ladies weakened their will to even doubt the incredible story.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 7:36pm On Nov 25, 2009

Unknown to Allen and Nimrod, Glen had gotten himself a lady that would give him sexual satisfaction for the night since his woman wasn’t in town. Becky was a young student at Star Gate University. Her special love for money had led her to Allen four weeks ago.
Glen was comfortable with the relationship because Becky respected him and does everything he asked her to do. Glen ensures that
she does not come around except when her ask her to come.

Becky does not hesitate to come around whenever he tells her to come, just a long as he was going to give her money after the night.

Whenever his sweetheart wasn’t in town, Glen calls her to fill in the space. With Becky’s obedience, Glen didn’t have to nurse the fear of being caught.

This Wednesday evening was one of the occasions Becky’s service was needed.

She came around seven pm, seductively dressed in a very tight black pants and a white body hugged blouse that revealed almost half of her breast.

Glen could not resist her despite the fact that his girlfriend had called him earlier in the day, telling him that she might be back that evening or the next day. The exciting thought of having Becky for the night was therefore conflicting with the though of being caught, yet he took that risk.

They were both in the bedroom when he heard noise somewhere in that sitting room. Glen immediate became alert. His fear was that his sweetheart was back. He quickly got out of bed and asked her not to come out.

“Please get under the bed if you hear me coming into the living room with someone.” Glen instructed before hurriedly leaving the bedroom. He noticed that she was scared as he closed the door behind her.

Becky knew he had a serious relationship. Her only concern was the money she gets from him, but the idea of being caught by Glen’s girl wasn’t something she thought would be a pleasant meeting.

Stories of how ladies who have been perceived by other ladies as treats to their relationships had been injured have made her to be cautious in this business.

She quickly got under the bed with her cloths. She decided she won’t come out until he comes to tell her that the coast was clear.
Glen entered the sitting room and noticed that somebody was knocking harshly on his door.

This wasn’t his girlfriend, he thought, who could be knocking on his door like this?

“Who is that?” he asked in a harsh voice.

“It’s me Allen. Open the door!” Allen shouted from outside.

“Allen? What is the problem?” Glen asked. Why would Allen visit him at this hour? He thought. Allen wasn’t a regular visitor and he never visits without informing him first, in fact Allen does not come around without his permission.

“Something came up and we really need to talk.” Allen gently said. He didn’t want Glen to suspect anything.

“Can’t it wait? I am not in the mood for any discussion.”

“I am here already; let’s talk and get it over with.” Allen hesitated and then said, “I want us to talk about Nimrod, and you know he will soon be released from the prison, we must discuss what role he should be allowed to play in the gang. I must tell you that
he has other things in mind. Do you want to talk or not?”

The Thought of Nimrod had been bothering Glen lately, especially with the knowledge that he would soon be released. Surely he would really love to talk about Nimrod.

This discussion might actually give him the opportunity to know how to take care of Nimrod when he comes out of prison.

He opened the door, and was starring at Allen who was wearing a black jeans with a dark blue T-shirt. “Hi Glen, I have got a big surprise for you.” His face betrayed nothing.

“What surprise?” Glen asked, a little confused.

“Can I come in?” Allen asked as he confidently walked into the house. Glen stepped aside for him to enter, still wondering what the surprise was.

“What do you mean by having a surprise fro me?” He asked suspiciously.

He was just about to close his door when Nimrod appeared. Nimrod’s wicked figure paralyzed him for a few seconds. Glen was both surprised and shocked.

Nimrod was the last person he expected to see, he tried to speak, but he couldn’t find his voice. He quickly looked back at Allen only to be faced with a short gun.

“Don’t move. Like I told you, we have to talk and please don’t try anything funny,” Allen said, threatening him with the gun.

“It’s been a long time my good friend,” Nimrod said as he gently walks in and shut the door behind him.

Glen was hearing nothing but the voice of the devil.

The mean devilish expression on Nimrod’s face made him want to piss on his pants.

“I have come to finish up the discussion we started a long time ago.” Nimrod continued. “What took you so long to open the door, are you with a lady? Let’s go into the bedroom, I want to be sure that he is alone.”

Glen remained silent thinking of what to do. But seeing as the gun was pointing fiercely at him, he led them into his bedroom.

Becky reminded under the bed. She was already aware that Glen wasn’t coming in alone. She could see three pairs of masculine legs come into the room from under the bed. She wondered what was going on. The room was tensed and she was really afraid for reason she does not understand. She tried to see their faces, the strangers looked like bullies.

Nimrod carelessly looked around and saw nobody, “A new habit huh? You can now stay alone in your house doing nothing by this time of the day? I guess a lot have changed since I have been away.”

“I don’t know what you want from me. It was not my fault that you went to jail. I even tried to defend you that night.” It was clear that Nimrod and Allen have serious evil intentions. He didn’t know how he would save himself, but for now the best thing he could do was to keep them talking and pray for a miracle.

“I have been rotting away in jail for the past four years. Lupe prison is not a place that I would advice you to spend just a night in. I have been staying in that hell for four years all because of you. So immediately I came out of the hell this morning, I thought of you. Time won’t allow me to tell you all what I went through in that prison. I would have loved to so that you’ll have a little idea of what is going to happen to you this evening,” Nimrod said with out displaying any emotions on his face. His eyes remained still and devilish.

“Nimrod, I never called the cops on you, neither did I try anything funny that night that you came to talk with me. We can work
things out. I mean, you can take over the gang if you want…”

“Shut up. It was because of your decision to leave the gang that I came over to your place that night. You felt you were smart and your stubbornness took me to jail” Nimrod angrily cuts in.

The gun in Allen’s hand was still aiming at Glen’s head. They made him sit down on the bed. He sat on the bed and sat helplessly from the gun to Nimrod.

Nimrod starred down at him with so much hatred. All of a sudden, he punched Glen on the jaw, then two more punches on his nose and lips. Glen’s face immediately became bloody. He dragged Glen and pushed him hard to the floor and began to kick him on the chest
and stomach.

At this moment, Glen felt both afraid and angry. He caught Nimrod’s right leg and pulled him to the floor. He quickly reached for Nimrod’s neck with both hands and squeezed it so tight.

Nimrod found himself fighting for life. The grip was unexpectedly so tight; Glen was squeezing the life out of him.
Allen watched in confusion. He was not sure if he should shoot or not.

Nimrod was choking to death.

Allen quickly bent over and hit the butt of his gun on Glen’s head.

Glen felt a shrieking pain on his head. This made him unconsciously loosen the tightness of his grip. Then a second hit landed at the back of his head and this almost paralyzed him.

Nimrod used that opportunity to release himself from the death grip. He stood up, cursing angrily while Glen continued to role on the floor in pains.

“He was almost killing me,” He angrily said to Allen. “Hold him, give me the gun.” He commanded.

Allen handed him the gun and sat Glen up, wrapping his arm around Glen’s neck from behind.

Nimrod pulled down the curtain that covered the door and violently pulled out its cord. With Allen’s help he tied Glen’s two hands behind him.

Nimrod kicked him severally on his stomach and quickly brought out a short knife from his pocket. He was getting angrier and excited.

With the knife, he stabbed Glen five times; three went into his chest and two into his stomach.

Allen left Glen as his body slumped to the ground.

They stood back and watched as Glen bled and struggled for life.

Nimrod kicked him on the face and cursed with anger and hatred.

Glen slowly died in pains.

As Nimrod watched him and felt a rush of satisfaction run all over his body. The sight of the dead man gave him so much pleasure.
Now he believed he was free at last. He wanted to shout for joy but he just smiled.

Allen did not like the sight; it was very nauseating. He felt like throwing up.

“Stupid bastard,” Nimrod cursed, wishing he could start the act all over again. He kicked Glen three more times and said, “Let’s get out of here.” He couldn’t wait to get hold of Michael. He was sure the satisfaction he would derive from killing Michael would
be far greater than this.

Becky watched everything from under the bed in great horror. She almost fainted with fright but she didn’t, she saw it all.

* * * * * * * * *
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 6:41pm On Nov 28, 2009
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 3:53am On Nov 30, 2009
Nimrod and Michael?? What's the connection? Hope I'm not missing something here? Well, keep it up, ok wink. Nice twist.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 5:35pm On Nov 30, 2009

Nimrod and Michael?? What's the connection? Hope I'm not missing something here? Well, keep it up, ok wink. Nice twist.

Ya sure, you missed something. there is a connection. remember it was Michael who reported to the cops when he saw Nimrod break and enter Glen's house four years ago. Micheal even went as far as testifying against him which led to Nimrod's indictment
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 8:20pm On Nov 30, 2009
Ok, I remember now that Glen was not the only one who had a hand in Nimrod's imprisonment. So Michael has the convict and the cyberkiller on his back. Heaven help him cheesy.
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 3:48pm On Dec 01, 2009
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 5:38pm On Dec 01, 2009

Re: The Cyber Lover by illusion2: 10:19pm On Dec 01, 2009

Nimrod and Michael?? What's the connection? Hope I'm not missing something here? Well, keep it up, ok wink. Nice twist.
What a name nimROD grin grin grin
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 12:42am On Dec 02, 2009
Na you sabi cheesy.
Re: The Cyber Lover by Pelummy(f): 3:21pm On Dec 02, 2009
@frank3. 16,i really enjoyed ur story.thumb up,u ar great
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 6:27pm On Dec 02, 2009

@frank3. 16,i really enjoyed your story.thumb up,u ar great

thanks smiley
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 6:29pm On Dec 02, 2009
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 6:31pm On Dec 02, 2009
published * * * * *
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 5:59pm On Dec 03, 2009
Re: The Cyber Lover by adebayo201: 5:02am On Dec 05, 2009
well done
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 2:07pm On Dec 07, 2009

published * * * * *
Re: The Cyber Lover by adebayo201: 3:34pm On Dec 07, 2009
chapter 13 i never even reach chapter 5
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 10:33am On Dec 08, 2009

chapter 13 i never even reach chapter 5

guy, u are so discouraging. must u post comments that will discourage me readers? i would appreciate it if you stop making nagative comments except if you want to critisize my story. you musnt read must you?

if reading is that difficult for you, have you wondered how difficult it will be for the writer?
Re: The Cyber Lover by pinkylady1(f): 11:22am On Dec 08, 2009

guy, u are so discouraging. must u post comments that will discourage me readers? i would appreciate it if you stop making nagative comments except if you want to critisize my story. you musnt read must you?

if reading is that difficult for you, have you wondered how difficult it will be for the writer?

my bad sad sad sad, to think i was hoping to read the next chapter.

please dont mind side distractions just continue
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 7:38pm On Dec 08, 2009
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 10:01pm On Dec 08, 2009
If Nimrod lays even a finger on my Michael ehhhhnnn angry angry grin. . . . .
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 6:48pm On Dec 09, 2009

If Nimrod lays even a finger on my Michael ehhhhnnn angry angry grin. . . . .

is michael that likeable? the character i potrayed for Michael is a reflexion of me you know? cool
Re: The Cyber Lover by frank317: 6:50pm On Dec 09, 2009
Re: The Cyber Lover by maedan(f): 6:51pm On Dec 09, 2009
Aaah, I knew it!! Or don't you mean, how you would like to be tongue?? But I believe u, you sound really sensitive, until someone annoys you grin (like adebayo201, lol). I really like Michael, though. A reader should always pick a favourite character, and he's myne tongue!!

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