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The Perfect Match(a Short Story By Blair) / Hidden Diamonds / Nothing Like Love By Blair (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Gabriella1710(f): 11:19pm On Aug 24, 2017
awww luvly update kip it cumin more mb
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by azeezat22(f): 6:48am On Aug 25, 2017
nice update keep up the good work
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 2:37pm On Aug 25, 2017
awww luvly update kip it cumin
more mb
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 2:37pm On Aug 25, 2017
nice update keep up the good work

Thank you and keep the comments coming also

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by seanaddy(m): 9:27pm On Aug 25, 2017
Am sorry guys..the network has been bad .I had to sleep and wake up.


I had been sitting in the confrence room for 2hours delibrelating with my colleagues for a contract which wasnt forthcoming but they seemed too blind to see.Atlas my prayers were answered the board meeting had been postponed. The recent happenings in my life had made me loss concentration on my job.I wished for the umpteenth time everything would be alright.My mind kept drifting to Ehis,I missed him though. I had known him for a few days but a part of me was already affected by his absence.All I wanted was for my sis to accept us in her life..love could wait.

The vibration on my phone interrupted my thoughts .
"Am coming back next week".

Fear ran down my spine as I read the message again.

Another trouble on my part.. David was coming back.


I waited patiently for her in my car,I knew she was coming out anytime soon .I had missed her terribly,I hadn't seen her in 3days.
" Mariposa".
My mouth flew open when I saw her,she was looking more beautiful but distressed as well.
Something wasn't well at all.
I came out as fast as I could

What are you doing here?she asked without staring me a glance..hastening her footsteps.

I want to talk to you,you've refused picking my calls.. At least hear me out first.

Am not intreasted.


She entered her car and zoomed off.

No..I wasn't going to let her go like that,I wanted my sleep and peace of mind.3days without her has been hell.

I waited for her to drive out before following suit.

After a few minutes,I watched her come down pacing around furiously.The cloud had gathered, there was no doubt it was going to rain in few
I knew her car must have broken down,I came down and went to her aid.

Smiling mischievously I asked'
You need help?
No I don't. She replied coldly dailing the number mechanic.

Come on Mariposa,before your mechanic get here you are definitely gonna get drenched.

None of your business.

I walked back to my car and rested on it..thankfully there was no vehicle on the road.

After few minutes, It started to rain heavily,I pleaded with her to get Inside my car but she refused.I never knew she could be that stubborn. I pulled my jacket and placed it over her.
But she brushed it away'..seeing her angry even made her more beautiful '

I couldn't let her get drenched.. So I did the unthinkable. Before I could say jack'..I fastened my lips on hers.It was embarrassing to admit I was kissing a lady for the first time.But my tongue knew the way in and out..I her lips tasted sweater than I had even imagined.I pulled away after sometime breathing heavily but surprisingly she wrapped her hands over my neck..allowing me to explore her mouth.The rain was now heavy didn't seem to bother us...I felt fulfilled hugging her after the kiss.Her clothes were stucked to her body'..making me lust after her shamelessly.

She followed me to the car thereafter,I explained everything to her and atlas she believed me.

I wasn't distant because I thought you betrayed me,there's been so much going on in my life recently'

What exactly Mariposa?

Am a twin...I could see unshed tears in her eyes.

You're a twin?How come.I asked suprised

She brushed her falling hair behind her ears and cleared her throat..while all my attention was focused on her.

Am a twin Ehis, mum and dad sold my twin while we were babies because they weren't able to cater for us and my twin was the weaker one.

What??my goodness.I held her hands in mine..and urged her to continue

I was shocked,I knew that feeling. And when she told me it was Jessica I was speechless.

I know jess,she wasn't stone hearted.All she needed was time.

I pulled her to my arms,while she sobbed louder.

The world was such a small place.I didn't want her catching cold..so I took her home.

I had pulled in front of her house,when we got lost staring at each other.

She was everything I wanted..and I wasted no time before spilling the words.

Be my girl'..I can't promise not to hurt you but I will make you happy..

She was quiet for what seemed like ages.

I know now is the wrong timing considering ur family issues..but am always gonna be here if you aren't ready'


I had thought I heard her wrongly'

You sayI asked again.

I said yes!I will be your lady are you deaf she shouted.

I couldn't help but laugh as we hugged.she looked more Beautiful when upset.

We shared a quick kiss and I went out to open the door as the gentleman I was.

Take care Mariposa.

Call me when you get home she said walking in.

I drove home like the happiest man alive smiling sheepishly.

See me blushing like Ehis....I luv my Mariposa...
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by SalJay(m): 11:04pm On Aug 25, 2017
Chummypinky!!! She has done it again oooo ,come and comment so we can have the next episode asap.
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 12:46pm On Aug 26, 2017
I just couldn't stop smiling.. The kiss was mind blowing.How could someone's first kiss be that good?the connection and electric I felt all over my body was something else. I was no virgin,I had kissed 2other men but it have never felt that good and special.I felt drown to him..I unconsciously touched my lips wishing it was gonna be forever.
I walked inside the gate..tightly embracing myself.I knew I was already catching a cold"...all thanks to my stubbornness.
I saw mum waiting in the balcony,hands akimbo with that worried look and questioning eyes'

Her position made me reminisced my last year in high school.There was an heavy downpour that made us stay back after we dismissed...I waited back with other students only for mum to show up with an umbrella with her car parked at the schoolgate'

I could remember the funnystares I got from students.It earned me the title"mummy's girl".I was super embarrassed.

Baby,what happened? Are you alright.Your number was never reachable

Mum am fine,just cold .

Where is your car?why didn't you wait for the rain to stop?..look at you...you look sick child.,she said scrutinising me.

Am fine mum..my car broke down. I got a ride with a friend.

Okay..I will call my mechanic to fix it for you.But you should have called me.Let's go in..get a warm bath alright,I will prepare cornflakes for you.

Thanks mum,I gave her my sweetest smile.My mum's only problem was she cared too much.

We climbed the stairs..while I headed for my room,she went towards the direction of the kitchen.

I had the most unexpected surprise


I was happy.. She had finally decided to come home,but the disdain in her eyes made me stop halfway.

Hi I muttered,not knowing what exactly to say.

Her bags had occupied the place of my suitcases and mine lieng helplessly on the floor.She must have read my thoughts,as she stood up and catwalked to my side.

You must be wondering why your stuffs are on the floor..well if you must know,am taking this room.Simply because I love the decor and it suit my taste.Am sure they are other available rooms you can pack you stuffs and get out this minute.

I wasn't mad..I was rather glad she had decided to give us a chance.I was just surprised mum never mentioned it earlier.

Thank you,I muttered and walked out.

I had asked the maid to pack my stuffs to the next available room..the decor was no problem.I could call someone to do it over the weekend.

I ran a shower quickly and rummaged my suitcase.. Clad in a pink sweater and black Knickerbocker with my hair in a bun,phone in hand..I went downstairs.

I met mum placing my dinner on the kitchen dinning.

Mum,you didn't mention anything about Jessica.I said when our eyes had met.

Am sorry, I didn't know how to start.She came few minutes after you left for work with her lugages.I was glad to see her but...her voice trailed off.

Mum what did she do to you?what did she say?

I was surprised at the venom in my voice..but I knew,mum was all my all.Jess could do anything she want with me but not with my mother'

Don't worry hon..she will come around.
No mum,I want to know.

It nothing, just some hurtful words.And as for your room,am very sorry. I promise to call my decor to redocorate your new room to your taste.

Don't worry mother,I can handle it.

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by bobostykah(m): 12:53pm On Aug 26, 2017
Oga madam, please keep it coming grin cheesy cheesy
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 12:53pm On Aug 26, 2017
Thanking you for your comments,I know the update is short..am kinda busy.Just decided to drop something for
Sal jay sake.Before I forget sal jay the episode is dedicated to you..
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by vivienD: 1:05pm On Aug 26, 2017
Madam blair the update is short na*crying*
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by oly0511(f): 1:21pm On Aug 26, 2017
thanks for the update but we need more
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by ayaobaidowu: 2:20pm On Aug 26, 2017
Tnx for d update..... Yawning For more
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 10:14pm On Aug 26, 2017
Thank u for the comments.

I couldn't help the tears that made their ways out of my eyes'..I quickly took a step back to prevent them from knowing I had been there.If only they knew all I had been through,just maybe they wouldn't judge me like that.

I was jelouse of all the love she showered my twin.I watched her worried she had been when Onome didn't show up at the expected time and got drenched.

Unable to hold it anymore I ran to Onome's room that I had converted to mine reminiscing about my bitter experiences.

Dad,where is mum?have she given birth..I asked happily not knowing my life in Paradise was about to end.

She is in her ward now..you can go see her dad said cheerfully.

I ran as much as my legs could carry me to my parents ward'

I kissed my babybro and hugged my mum who pushed me away'

Mum what's wrong?I asked innocently.

You evil child stay away from me..

I was shocked to here those words from my mum,the woman I thought could die for me..

I cried the whole day..all dad's effort to calm me down was fruitless.

Every blessed day,I got to see the other side of her. She maltreated and made me feel worthless.

My mistake was asking her why I had to stop highschool'..I could remember how she beat me mercilessly calling me a sold property from the womb of a poverty stricken animal'

She called me names I fought so hard to forget..

And alas dad took me to the airport,leaving me with just the names of my real parents and home address.

Dad never wanted all that to happen but mum kept pushing him to throw me out...I could see unshed tears in his eyes'.

If u aren't able to locate them,have this..he said and hugged me tightly.

We cried before we parted.

I was only 13"

I arrived at Nigeria a naive girl..as dad had told them I was leaving for a vacation for them to allow me.But deep down I knew it was the end.

I went in search for my parents With the address dad had given me...but no one knew a thing about them.

With tears I went to the orphanage home.Life there was hell..everything seemed new to me ,I just couldn't get along no matter how I tried.

Age 17,I ran away one cold morning to no destination in mind.

I had just concluded sec school,fortunately while moving about I saw a symbol of house help needed at a front of a large gate.

I took the bold steps and knocked

The gateman opened and asked what I wanted.I told him my intention and he ushered me in.

After endless interrogations,I was considered for the job

I started as a live in maid.I did my job wholeheartedly until he came.


I was a very reserved girl until I met him.My madam's last child.He was schooling in one of those private universities and had come home for break..

He was breathtakingly handsome,chocolate in complexion and every lady's dream. For the first time I was attracted to a guy'..but knowing my place in the house I buried my feelings for him although I caught him staring at me countless times.

I got back to normal when he left for school only for him to come back 4months later.

Surprisingly he got a gift for me..for the first time in years someone actually gave me something.

I was overjoyed, we became friends against my own wish for fear of getting my madam angry'

But Tobi sweared to protect me....

Its short I know...but better than nothing.Goodnight sweet people.

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Gloryejims(f): 10:39pm On Aug 26, 2017
Thanks Blair

Keep it coming

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by vivienD: 10:24am On Aug 27, 2017
At a point i got confused when Jessica was remembering her past..
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by dimssy(m): 3:22pm On Aug 27, 2017
See suspense.
Blair01, your head is there o

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 3:59pm On Aug 27, 2017
Thanks Blair

Keep it coming

Thank u dr
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 4:00pm On Aug 27, 2017
At a point i got confused when Jessica was remembering her past..

ThankGod..u are now on track.
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Akazeta: 10:56pm On Aug 28, 2017
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Akazeta: 10:57pm On Aug 28, 2017
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 4:07pm On Aug 29, 2017
Tobi and I became inseparable since we were always found together. Whenever madam wasn't around, he assisted me with all the chores.When I had told him I was a lover of book,he bought me numerous storybooks of which I read whenever I was alone. One Saturday,while reading at my favorite spot at the garden,he blindfolded my eyes with his palms..I smiled while I struggled to pull his strong palms away'

What happened to you?were are your parents..why work as a maid?
He asked when he had gotten a seat beside me.
Those questions brought tears to my eyes instantly as I sobbed uncontrollably'
Worried by my reaction, he brought my lips to his and kissed me.
It was the wrong timing,but also my first and best kiss.
The sensation I felt over my body made me give in totally allowing the novel fall off my lap.
I broke the kiss and ran off a few minutes later,realizing my place in the house..I was a nobody'

I didn't see Tobi for a couple of days only to be told by gateman he had traveled back to school when I asked unable to contain my fear'
I was beyond heartbroken but had decided to let it slide..maybe he realised I wasn't meant for him.
I just couldn't understand my connection with him,but I found myself crying to sleep on daily basis.
Just when I had least expected, Tobi walked inside my room one evening.
When did you get back?I asked quite surprised.
Without answering,he advanced towards me and laid his head beside my neck..I became weak beyond my control.
He started by kissing my neck,earlobe..then nose and just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore he kissed my lips.His hands roaming all over my body'..it was intense.
That night I lost it to him but never regretted'.
Our relationship blossomed for a year... He was very romantic and made sure I lacked nothing. We loved each other beyond words..he had promised to finance my education and had registered me for jamb before he left for school.
But all my hopes got dashed when he died in an accident'..the car had collided with a truck loaded with drinks.
I watched my madam wail screaming her lungs out but little did she know the pain I felt was more.
She had other children, but he was everything I got.
Unable to bear the bittersweet memories I ran away"
At that time,I had enough money to rent a room and feed myself before getting another job.
All thanks to Tobi who had opened a savings account for me and had paid me 1Othousand continuously on weekly basis .With my salary I saved from my madam I was good to go.

I had wanted giving up on school but couldn't for the sake of Tobi.That was all he wanted while he was alive..he always talked about getting me educated and pursuing my dream of been a mass communist.

Fortunately I passed my jamb, and applied for postume.

I couldn't forget that day because I met another reason to smile again!

She was a girl from a wealthy home,whose parents had little or no time from her because of their busy schedules. Very lively and fun to be with'

We bonded on that very thay after our exams,and we exchanged numbers.

I was surprised when she actually paid me a visit as promised not minding the dump area I lived'..we chatted like long lost friends and she took me out for new clothes.

I was overwhelmed by her kindness..and was ready to do anything to remain her friend.

I told her everything about myself on my second visit to her house..and she cried with my like a sister.

When we both gained admission although her parents had worked hers'.

She made me move in with her in her apartment ,treated me like blood and even convinced her parents to pay my fees.

I never lacked a thing..that when she started making advances towards me at the end of second semester I couldn't say NO.I never knew she was a les..but not wanting to go back to my miserable life I did whatever she wanted.

I meant Raymond on our final year dinner night..he had come with his friend for some lady..

We bonded immediately under the jelouse eyes of"Tara"

She warned me..and did almost everything to stop my relationship with him but I refused.

And there was nothing she could do especially when I got a modelling contract from "Perils".. to advertise their every product.

But because of all she had done for me..I agreed to double date'

Even when I kept hearing rumours of who he was'..I had decided to ignore due to the fact he was everylady's dream man.

Maybe they wanted him for themselves.

A year ago,I bumped into my foster father in the market...he screamed in excitement giving me a tight embrace..I couldn't help but cry with him.

He later mentioned they lost their only son to brain tumor 2years back and had relocated to Nigeria.

I was heartbroken and I felt their pain..even with what my foster mother did'

I wasn't mad at her for I knew she wasn't my biological mother.

I visited them to their astonishment.. and watched my Forster mother beg in tears.

The truth was I had forgiven her a long time ago..but I never mentioned to them what I went through.

It was one of those visits..A woman showed up with my parents as they claimed,pleading to accept them back.

I had ran out of the house..but she had showed up again with my twin in my own apartment.

I didn't know why I couldn't forgive them..probably because they caused me all my pain..Because of them I never had that motherly love and attention. I slept under bridge for days..went hungry and fell sick for nobody to cater for.

I became a lesbian against my own wish to put body and soul together..nobody ever thought of the fact I desired my mother's " affection"

And I watch my twin..enjoying life to fullest after taking everything from me even to my man".

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by aprilwise(m): 6:44pm On Aug 29, 2017
nice one, I felt for jessica for her ordeal in life. I guess it will make her be stronger.

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Akazeta: 6:09am On Aug 30, 2017
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by excelmerry: 8:23am On Aug 30, 2017
Jessica, she did not take ur man oo. If only u would just listen to her own story.. Seriously, a lot of problems would have bn avoided if only people just listened.


Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by StephanieElla24: 9:57am On Aug 30, 2017
Grt story Blair.... weldone keep it up.... dnt starve us of update ooo
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Cornerstone2020: 10:35am On Aug 30, 2017
Nice story. keep the good work on
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Akazeta: 10:14pm On Aug 30, 2017
I'm waiting
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Akazeta: 1:52pm On Sep 01, 2017
Please nau kantinue
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Ayomicome(m): 3:26pm On Sep 01, 2017
I don't know how I got here but I have a compass on my phone that leads me to beautiful stories, I guess that's how I got here.....keep it coming blair01 but do something about the short update abeg.

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Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by Akazeta: 9:26am On Sep 03, 2017
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by blair01(f): 12:06pm On Sep 03, 2017
Am really sorry I haven't drop any update.Am going through some stuffs,and I need time to fix myself before I can type a thing or two.

Thank u all
Re: Hidden Desire By Blair by mofy1(f): 4:40pm On Sep 03, 2017
Am really sorry I haven't drop any update.Am going through some stuffs,and I need time to fix myself before I can type a thing or two.

Thank u all
The good lord is your strength.

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