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People Are Sending Me Cvs For Ministerial Positions- PST. Tunde Bakare / OBJ Questions For GEJ Witnessed By Pst Adeboye And Bishop Oyedepo / Wonderful Piece By Pst. Tunde Bakare At The SNG Town Hall Meeting: (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by Koikoi(m): 3:32am On Jan 16, 2012
Tunde Bakare. Is that a human being or a goat? sounds like a creature from hell
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by lastpage: 3:54am On Jan 16, 2012
^^^^^Do you think he funded it through "subsidy removal"? l doubt that!


Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by klas(m): 5:56am On Jan 16, 2012
That FACT #9 in the Pastor's analysis in the OP is wrong. Nnpc pays full international price for the 450,000 barrels allocated for local consumption. It does not get them free (since 2005). The revenue from this goes to govt and jv partners while govt has to inturn reimburse nnpc for the full international price it had earlier paid as part of the refined products cost.

@ebiye, oil export revenue does not constitute 92% of govt total earnings. It may constitute 92% of the govt foreign exchange earnings. By your calculation, non-oil contributes N0.5trillion. In 2011 alone, Customs and federal inland revenue service generated almost N3trillion.
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by moshoodn(m): 6:09am On Jan 16, 2012
1. Ethnicity
2. Corruption
3. Intolerance
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by chinnyonwu(m): 7:12am On Jan 16, 2012
This man is a broodin viper!! Why try to cause more stir in an already troubled nation??
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by ololo12: 7:52am On Jan 16, 2012
Please forumers nobody should take this sick man serious. Best believe this, if he was to be in position of Jonathan. He will do worst than that. Please kindly take a few mins and go through what this so called 'man of God' opened his mouth to say sometime ago.

Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by member479760: 8:10am On Jan 16, 2012
"d) The government does not need to subsidise our petrol imports - at least not from the Federation Account. The same crude that should have been refined by NNPC is simply sold on the international market (since our refineries barely work) and the money is used to buy petrol. The 400,000 barrels per day given to NNPC for local consumption can either be refined by NNPC or sold to pay for imports. This absurdity called subsidy should be funded with this money, not the regular FGN budget"

This is what they don't want you to know!
This is what they have been hidden from you!
This is the root of the corruption!
This is why NNPC has no job!
This is what world bank did not want you to say!

If our refineries start to work fully today the employees where ever they are importing the petrol some will be out of job, company profit reduce, Tax to the government reduce also. and that is the reason they will do everything possible for our refinery not to work!

This is the time for the FG to encourage those professional laborers working in the refinery in develop country to come to work in the refineries if our locals can not fix without whiteman.

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Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by Samosky2012(m): 8:39am On Jan 16, 2012
Tanx pastor barake. Let all thos who are suportin dis subsidy com out now. Need to realy pray 4dis country. The bad eggs in government has to give way 4gud ones to be concieved
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by brainpulse: 8:39am On Jan 16, 2012
For the sake of the CHurch goeres that dont find time to read the bible.

Moses was a freedom fighter for the Isrealites
Elijah confronted King Ahab because of his treatment against the people of God
Daniel stood against the dictates of King Nebu.
Nehemiah stood against the kings to build the ruins of Jerusalem
Jonah was forced by God to tell the KIng the truth and the KIng repented
Isaiah never feasted with the kings but always stood against the polisy of bad rulers doing his time
John the baptist voiced out against king harod treatment against his people and God
If Tunde Bakare can do this for free for his nation Nigeria and we are still castigating him. Even when God disguise as  human and do same we will talk down God.

Our problem is religion, tribal and political myopism
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by lastpage: 8:43am On Jan 16, 2012
^^^^Hmmmm , , ,

Thank you for reminding them even though they have eyes but cannot see!
Ears but refuse to hear!!
Only Mouth, to yarn rubbish! angry angry

Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by dejust(m): 9:03am On Jan 16, 2012
I don't need to waste my mind on Bakare who is agent of disunity and violent. How can he explain the loss of lives in this protests he is calling out masses and the unfortunate killing of xtians since last election. If as a pastor he cannot give us what will make us happy like others, he should desist from aoying us. Bakare is not the greatest pastor we have seen neighter is he our elected leader.
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by enomakos(m): 9:09am On Jan 16, 2012
crying cry
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by webferret: 9:15am On Jan 16, 2012
Hello, Tunde Bakare should give praise to God that Buhari did not win the election because if he did he will either be dead by now or he would have being impeached. Since he was unable to tell Buhari about Christ before the election then he will be unable to win buhari for Christ after Election. Buhari is a well known supporter of Sharia Law in Nigeria. he openly declared it. Bakare is just a tool Buhari wanted to use to get to power. After he is in power he will suck his blood then he will realize the he had made the biggest mistake in his life. Not campaigning with Buhari is the beginning of wisdom. A dictator is always a dictator.
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by honeric01(m): 9:37am On Jan 16, 2012
Things GEJ said by not saying in his speech:

1) If I call you protesters miscreants and instruct ministers and media to do so, the whole world will believe me and will not blame me for killing you
2) I have to protect my friends. They provided the funds I bribed you with pre election. Have you quickly forgotten how much money you made off them? All the times you went away smiling with tablets and dollars, you did not know you would need to pay it back? They need to make their money back so please shut the f*ck up. Can you now see why I am angry with you
3) We still need N1b for food. We are hungry in Aso Rock. I worked hard to get re-elected. I kissed a lot of a*ses I hated and humbled myself, and you don't want me to enjoy the fruit of my labour?
4) The Oil is not even your own. We Ijaws have been subsidising you for years. Did yorubas Nigeria with their cocoa? It is our money and we must chop it.
5) The people or should I say miscreants that died, died for nothing. How dare they kick against my command?
6) I don't know what else you want me to do - at least I am now pretending to address corruption. When last did anybody do that?
7) If you do not like my regime, get out of my country.
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by omar22(m): 10:29am On Jan 16, 2012
In a democracy, "you get the politicians you deserve"
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by cjenny: 11:22am On Jan 16, 2012
@ poster pls do us a favour and don't use the tittle pastor here.like @damola1 said MR bakare which is d right word.he suppose to preach abt repentance and win souls to God but revers is the case,winning souls for devil.was this wat he actually preach in the church yesterday?if he has climd dat sit as vice,would he still be a pastor,would he still preach d gosple?he need to be praying for peace concerning wat is happening in nigeria,rather he is adding fuel inside fire.@ poster,don't post this kind topic here again
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by honeric01(m): 11:57am On Jan 16, 2012

@ poster pls do us a favour and don't use the tittle pastor here.like @damola1 said MR bakare which is d right word.he suppose to preach abt repentance and win souls to God but revers is the case,winning souls for devil.was this wat he actually preach in the church yesterday?if he has climd dat sit as vice,would he still be a pastor,would he still preach d gosple?he need to be praying for peace concerning wat is happening in nigeria,rather he is adding fuel inside fire.@ poster,don't post this kind topic here again

lol see analogy, why do they use Dr Goodluck Jonathan when he's not in the zoo nor in the hospitality? why is he the president, yet he's called a doctor? you need to be flogged publicly in the middle of the market by mad women.
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by Karmanje(m): 12:18pm On Jan 16, 2012
Kudos! Kudos! Kudos!
Pastor Tunde Bakare
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by moshoodn(m): 1:38pm On Jan 16, 2012
A lotta people here need to grow up!
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by opuama(f): 3:11pm On Jan 16, 2012
tongue PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE pls endeavour to do this analysis in all sector including your church and the Lagos state goverment. so far as am concerned you can never rule Nigeria. Get that in2 your thick skull. Nonsense!
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by Walemaj: 3:52pm On Jan 16, 2012
Dear All

Tunde bakare plagiarised my article! A good chunk of what he wrote was lifted straight from my article: I wrote this article on my facebook page on Friday and gave Vanguard the permission to run the article as well (online yesterday and in print today).

See relevant links below:


I have no issues with the facts being spread to enlighten people; however, we cannot be fighting illegality and we're doing illegal things ourselves. Moreso, Pastor Bakare as a lawyer should know all about plagiarism.

I will soon post the full text of my article, complete with sources of the data I used.

Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by Walemaj: 3:54pm On Jan 16, 2012
Arithmetic of Fuel Subsidy:

The Nigerian government claims that Nigerians consume 34million L of petrol per day. Most experts disagree and give a figure between 20ML and 25ML per day. For this write up, I will use the government figure. The government has also said that N141/L is the unsubsidized pump price of petrol imported into Nigeria, with N131.7 the landing price and N9.3 as profit.

Now, the government has made claims of the refineries working between 30% and 60%, depending on whom you listen to. For the sake of argument, I will assume that our refineries don’t work at all (i.e. 0% Production). Thus, my calculation is based on 100% of petrol used in Nigeria being imported, the worst case scenario. If the refineries actually work at 60% as the government claims, they should be processing 270,000 bbl/day of crude. Each barrel of crude produces 75L of petrol. So, if the government is to be believed, the refineries produce 19.5 million L of petrol a day and we should therefore only import 14.5million L a day. My analysis will ignore this completely.

So here is the arithmetic, using the government’s own figures:

Daily fuel consumption/importation: 34million L

Cost at pump: N141

No of days in a year: 365

Total cost of all petrol imported into Nigeria = 34Mx141x365 = N1.75 trillion

Now, Nigerians have been paying N 65/L for fuel, haven’t we? Therefore, cost borne by the consumers = 34Mx65x365 = N807 billion

Cost of the subsidy borne by the government is:

Subsidy = Total cost of import – cost borne by consumers

= N1.75 trillion – N807 billion

= N943 billion

So, even if we believe the claim that we consume 34million L/day and we assume that the refineries don’t work, the government should still not have spent up to N 1 trillion on the subsidy in 2011. How did they manage to spend N1.3 trillion by October? Since N1.3 trillion was spent by October, then the bill for the full year 2011 (assuming a constant rate of consumption) is: N1.56 trillion!

What accounts for the difference between N943 billion and N1.56 trillion? This is a difference of N617 billion that the government cannot explain. Did I hear a government official claim that the difference is what goes to subsidize our neighbours through smuggling? Time for more arithmetic.

Using figures from Okonjo-Iweala’s World Bank, here are the populations of West African countries:

Nigeria: 158.4 million

Benin: 8.8 million

Togo: 6 million

Cameroun: 19.6 million

Niger: 15.5 million

Chad: 11.2 million

Ghana: 24.4 million

The total population of all our neighbours: 85.5 million

Now, let us assume that fully 50% of the petrol consumed in each of these countries is illegally exported from Nigeria. Let us also assume that each of these countries consumes petrol at the same rate the Nigerian government claims petrol is consumed in Nigeria. I have deliberately ignored the ff facts which show that petrol consumption in these countries will necessarily be considerably lower than consumption in Nigeria:

1. Some of these countries have stable electricity (eg Ghana) and thus do not depend on petrol-driven generators for power.

2. Ghana, Togo and Benin are much smaller than Nigeria, thus traveling distances will be smaller.

3. Niger and Chad are mostly desert and cross-desert transportation of goods/people is mostly by diesel-consuming trucks, not petrol-consuming cars.

4. Apart from Ghana, the car density in each of these countries is much, much lower than the car density in Nigeria. In Nigeria, there are 31 cars for every 1000 citizens. In Togo and Chad, you have less than 10 cars for 1000 people.

5. Ghana has started to produce oil and will very likely rely less and less on refined products smuggled from Nigeria, once the Ghanaian local refining capacity is built up.

Rate of petrol consumption in Nigeria = Total consumed/total population

= 34ML/158.8M people

= 0.21L/person/day

Rate of petrol consumption in neighbouring countries is assumed to be same as Nigeria = 0.21L/person/day

Petrol consumption by our neighbours = Rate of consumption x total population

= 0.21x85.5M

= 18.35ML per day

Now, we have assumed that 50% of the petrol consumed in each of these countries comes from Nigeria. This value comes to: 9.18 millionL per day.

Let’s pause here. Think about it again. Is it possible for 9.18 million L of petrol to be smuggled out of our borders and the government cannot do anything about it? The biggest fuel tankers in Nigeria have a capacity of about 36,000L. How many of these trucks do you need to smuggle 9.18 ML of fuel? 254! Our government is telling us that over 250 huge tankers pass through our borders everyday and they cannot do anything about it! Wow! Talk about incompetence! This in itself is an urgent security challenge – if you cannot stop 250 tanker trailers from crossing the borders daily, how can you stop importation of weapons or even an invasion by a foreign army?

But that is not all.

Let’s believe the government and assume that about 9.18ML is actually taken to our neighbours everyday and this is all subsidized by the Nigerian government.

How much will this translate to?

Difference between pump price before and after subsidy removal = N141-N65 = N76

Total spent on subsidizing petrol to our neighbours annually = N76 x 9.18ML x 365

= N255 billion

I have assumed that:

1. There are no working refineries in Nigeria.

2. Nigeria actually consumes 34ML of petrol per day.

3. Ghana, Togo, Benin, Cameroun, Niger, Chad all get 50% of their petrol illegally, from Nigeria.

4. Ghana, Togo, Benin, Cameroun, Niger, Chad all consume petrol at the same rate as Nigeria.

Yet, the government’s figures still don’t add up! There is N362 billion missing. This is the difference between N943 billion and N1.56 trillion, assuming N255 billion is wasted through subsidizing the rest of West Africa. The government should tell us what/who eats up this N362 billion ($2.26 billion).

Note that I did not include bridging costs, since this is included in the PPPRA build-up of the costs to N141.

I also did not include demurrage costs. At $6.6m per month, total demurrage for a year comes to $79.2m or N12.4 billion. It is a huge sum, but amounts to less than 1% of the total subsidy cost claimed by the government. I used an assumption of 100% petrol consumed being imported to cater for such allowances.

These figures simply show the incompetence and insincerity of our government officials.

The last part of the arithmetic is laid down below:

· NNPC crude oil allocation for local consumption: 445,000 barrels per day

· NNPC claims that 170,000 barrels per day is refined locally (which already debunks the government’s claims that the refineries work at 60% capacity). 90,000 bpd goes to Port Harcourt refinery, while 80,000 bbl goes to Warri Refinery. At 75L of petrol per barrel, this translates to a total of 12.7ML of petrol from the refineries.

· Under the ‘crude for product swap’, a total of 210,000 barrels per day is sent to external refineries for refining. Societe Ivoirienne De Refinnage (SIR) receives 60,000 bbl; Duke Oil, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NNPC, receives 90,000 bbl; and Trafigura receives 60,000 bbl per day.

· Assuming that we receive only 50% of the petrol obtainable from the crude swapped (due to transportation and processing costs); this translates to 7.9ML of petrol from the crude for product swap.

· So if NNPC is to be believed, a total of 20.6ML is available through NNPC and only 14 ML should be imported. Why are we importing the quantities we are importing?

· The balance of 65,000 bbl is sold on the international market. Money accruing to FGN, through NNPC on the sale, using $80/bbl: $5.2m a day. Note that the true price is higher, as oil currently sells for $100/bbl and Nigerian crude sells at a premium to the benchmark Brent crude.

· Annually, this translates to: $1.9bn or N300 billion. Where is this money? It should be used to reduce the government spending on the subsidy.


Now that the petrol pump price has been hiked by over 100% and resulted in 100-200% increases in the price of transportation, personal electricity generation and foodstuff, what do I advise the government to do?

1. Revise the petrol price, not to N65, but to an amount which takes inflation into consideration. Cumulative inflation from 2008 to 2011 is about 27%. A new petrol price of N88 should be a reasonable sacrifice for Nigerians, while the government tries to build trust by sorting out the real issues of the midstream/downstream oil industry and cutting down the cost of governance.

2. Partner with the International Oil Companies (IOCs) operating in the upstream oil sector to carry out the deregulation of the midstream/downstream oil sectors. Refineries are not very profitable compared to other areas in the oil industry; with profit margins ranging from 0-15% (this is why we don’t see companies queuing up to set up refineries). The government needs to give incentives to these companies to set up refineries in Nigeria, in the form of tax breaks, duty exemptions, crude price guarantees, etc. All agreements should be in place, with an enabling law, by September 2012.

3. The government has already shown and admitted that it cannot manage refineries. All new Greenfield refineries should use the NLNG model, where government owns enough equity to influence strategy in favour of the Nigerian people, but is not involved in the routine management of the company. This is the best way to get the best out of these refineries while protecting the national interest. The new refineries should come on stream by end of 2014.

4. Sell the existing refineries to the IOCs and stop spending taxpayers’ money trying to revamp them within the current structure. The IOCs have built and currently operate hundreds of refineries across the world, so refining is their bread and butter. ExxonMobil’s Torrance Refinery is over 80 years old, Total’s Port Arthur Refinery is about 100 years old – these companies know how to manage refineries.

5. The sale of the refineries should be carried out by September 2012. I know the refineries have been very poorly managed, so we should not expect to make tons of cash from selling them. The main advantages of the existing refineries to a buyer are the existing Brownfield facilities (roads, utilities, power), an existing pipeline distribution system and a skilled workforce. The IOCs should be mandated to revamp these new refineries to 70% nameplate production by January 2014 and 95% by January 2015.

6. Incorporate PPPRA into DPR by December 2012, with an appropriate legislation (I’m not sure whether this is already included in the PIB). Let us have one strong agency to monitor all activities, including product pricing in the downstream oil industry.

7. Balkanize PPMC and sell it off to private investors, again with the government retaining a non-controlling stake in the new entities. This should be done by September 2012, in parallel with the sale of refineries.

8. Increase the fuel price in Jan 2014, not by simply jerking up the prices, but by introducing a tax on imported products. The tax should be deducted at source when making “subsidy” payments to the importers. Jan 2014 is chosen because I expect the output from local refineries to improve to at least 70% within 1 year of operations by IOCs.

9. Introduce a law that any company that will be licensed to import petroleum products from July 2013 must either be currently running a refinery in Nigeria or be in the process of building a refinery in Nigeria (i.e. project has passed FID stage and execution contracts are signed). The total products each individual company can import must not be more than 20% of the company’s total refining capacity (existing + in construction) in Nigeria. This is the only way to break the importation “cabal”.

10. Immediately, start prosecuting all companies and individuals suspected of involvement in the royal mess that the fuel importation segment has become. Use the same vigour (or more) that was used in the 2009-2010 reform of the banking sector. Also, all companies and individuals suspected of involvement in the refinery TAM contract scams should be prosecuted.

11. Immediately, tighten the borders to minimize smuggling of petroleum products to neighbouring countries and sack/prosecute the relevant officials if smuggling remains a major issue. Our petrol will always be cheaper than that of our neighbours, especially if/when local refining reaches/surpasses local consumption. As every economist knows, products will always be cheaper in the source location than other places.

12. Set up petroleum product trading agreements for surplus products in Nigeria to be sold to neighbouring countries in a legal and transparent manner. All agreements should be in place by July 2013, well in advance of additional capacity coming on stream. These agreements will assure companies building refineries that there is an available regional market for them to legally sell products refined in Nigeria.

With all the above, “subsidy” will disappear by Dec 2014, but in a gradual process, ensuring no price shocks (such as the 100% increase of Jan 2012) re-occur and ensuring that the industry is actually sanitized. Of course, the government also needs to keep to its several promises of improving the power sector and revamping rail lines, two critical developments which will reduce our consumption of petroleum products significantly.

Data Sources:

1. http://www.nigeriafirst.org/article_11527.shtml Para. 14

2. http://www.nigerianoilgas.com/?p=518

3. http://www.pppra-nigeria.org/index.asp

4. http://www.thisdaylive.com/articles/subsidy-deductions-hit-n1-264tr-say-govs/101264/

5. http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.POP.TOTL

6. http://siteresources.worldbank.org/INTPSIA/Resources/490023-1120841262639/Angola_PSIA_vol1_English.pdf

7. http://www.livecharts.co.uk/MarketCharts/crude.php

8. http://www.cenbank.org/rates/inflrates.asp?year=2011

9. http://www.nlng.com/PageEngine.aspx?&id=43

10. http://www.totalpetrochemicalsusa.com/pdf/F_FactsPortArthur.pdf

11. http://www.exxonmobil.com/NA-English/PA/about_where_ref_torrance.aspx

12. http://www.petroleumonline.com/content/overview.asp?mod=8

13. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/european-refining-margins-negative-in-dec-total-2012-01-05


15. http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IS.VEH.NVEH.P3

16. http://cdn.dailypost.com.ng/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Consolidated-Detailed-Findings.pdf
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by lastpage: 6:16pm On Jan 16, 2012
Okay, you are the "Title owner" of the article and you published it ONLINE and GAVE PERMISSION TO A NEWSPRINT to publish it?
You even posted it on FaceBook! shocked shocked

Now, how MORE PUBLIC can that your article be, going by all the above?

Yet here you are on lowly NL claiming Pastor Bakare plagiarized your article?
Was Bakare writing his PhD thesis or was he just "putting what is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, back in the same PUBLIC DOMAIN"?

While l'll give you a lot of credit for the brain-work you did, Pastor Bakare DID NOT PLAGIARIZE your work.
Its already a Public Property, by your own very instruction.


BTW: Ever think of using "watermarks" and other security features (read only, print only once, e.t.c) on your intellectual work?
Might be a good idea wink
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by afeda: 6:32pm On Jan 16, 2012
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by BERNIMOORE: 9:42pm On Jan 16, 2012
(1)NEHEMIAH;you state and i quote(''Nehemiah stood against the kings to build the ruins of Jerusalem'')
My response;, Nehemiah did not stand Against the king as you claimed,he is the king's (Arterxerxes) cup bearer,his humility to remain loyal and obedient to the king despite his not being happy with the state of jrusalem,he started his talk to the king by saying ''May the king live forever''this humble attitude was noticed by the king when the king recognise the mood on nehemiah's face,the king himself invites nehemiah to make his demand and it was granted because of humility displayed by nehemiah.THIS IS TOTALLY IN CONTRAST WITH PASTOR BAKARE WHO DIRECTLY INSULT 'THE PERSON' OF PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN,A MAN OF GOD REMAINS CALM AND WELLBEHAVED AS AN EXAMPLE AS LEADER.read the account yourselves

NEHEMIAH 2;1-5 reads,(1 And it came to pass in the month of Nisan, in the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, when wine was before him, that I took the wine and gave it to the king. Now I had never been sad in his presence before. 2 Therefore the king said to me, “Why is your face sad, since you are not sick? This is nothing but sorrow of heart.”
So I became dreadfully afraid, 3 and said to the king, “May the king live forever! Why should my face not be sad, when the city, the place of my fathers’ tombs, lies waste, and its gates are burned with fire?”
4 Then the king said to me, “What do you request?”
So I prayed to the God of heaven. 5 And I said to the king, “If it pleases the king, and if your servant has found favor in your sight, I ask that you send me to Judah, to the city of my fathers’ tombs, that I may rebuild it.”

(2)DANIEL;,also is very respectfull in adressing the king,read Daniel 4;19, he adress the king as ''o my lord'' not calling him nebuckadnezzar but humbly adress him by his title,that is noteworthy.
(3)MOSES;is described as the ''meekest man on earth''((Num 12;3), he humbly accept the commission to lead Gods people out of egypt,he deemed himself unfit innitially because he stammer or a stammerer,you said he is a freedom fighter,but see the way he approach pharoah,saying ''this is what the lord has said''he is never
rude to pharaoh, because he was sent with the message and he was humble to even qualify before God.
(4)ISAIAH; also address the king as ''oh my king'' demostrating humility.
(5)ELIJAH; only spearhead the true worship of GOD,against worship of baal,and the only encounter he had was with jezebel,so,where do you see your own 'treatment of Gods people'?
AND YOUR CHOICE OF THE BIBLE PROPHETS SHOWS THAT YOU DONT READ THE BIBLE.i chalenge you to reply WITH BIBLE PROOFS,this is not argument but to learn IF YOU ARE VERY SURE OF YOURSELF.no name calling.   [/b]
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by cjenny: 3:40am On Jan 17, 2012
@honeric01.if am to be flogged by a mad women then u nd to be use for a ritual sacrifice cos u are liability to this country.GEJ is nt a man of God and can be address with any tittie.Bakare dat call him pastor,cannot pray 4 peace in nigeria.rather he is there adding sour upon injury,given analysis of govt money in d church instead of preaching d gosple.hidden under d umbrella of save nigerian group to express his griviances and cpc.why shld he be addres as a pst?n u open dat ur smelling mouth to compare his tittle with Dr.
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by moshoodn(m): 4:45am On Jan 17, 2012
Just be careful when talking bout men of God so you don't end up getting whipped!
Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by Walemaj: 7:55am On Jan 17, 2012
@lastpage, several other people have quoted my article, but refer to the author. I dont see any reason why Bakare would claim to have written everything himself. The fact that something is in the public domain does not mean that it should not be referenced. Go read about plagiarism.

All the sources I used in my own article were public as well, but I still referenced them. It wouldn't cost him anything to reference.

Re: Facts You Must Know By Pst Tunde Bakare by BERNIMOORE: 10:32am On Jan 17, 2012

BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO COMPARE MOSES WITH PASTOR BAKARE,and claimed that people dont read bible,
MOSES WAS A STAMMERER he deemed himself unfit innitially because he stammer or a stammerer, But God said he will support him to carry on the commission to lead his people out of egypt, (Exodus 4;10-12.)

Now do the people of God,the isrealites believed in Moses without element of doubt WHEN FACED WITH DIFFICULTY IN THE WILDERNESS? NO?

Exodus 14;11.READS;

(  They said to Moses, "Was it because there were no graves in Egypt that you brought us to the desert to die? What have you done to us by bringing us out of Egypt?)
SOME ROSE UP AMONG THE ISREALITES CHALENGING THE MAN OF GOD MOSES,using the advantage of the hardship they face in the wildernes and these individuals succeeded separating  Gods people,read yourselve in your own bible,but then i quote;
Nunbers 16;1-3,

16:1, Now Korah, the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, and Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, and On, the son of Peleth, sons of Reuben, took men:

16:2 And they rose up before Moses, with certain of the children of Israel, two hundred and fifty princes of the assembly, famous in the congregation, men of renown:

16:3 And they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron, and said unto them, Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the LORD is among them: wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the LORD?

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ITS UNFAIR TO TAKE THE ADVANTAGE OF THAT FOR MISREPRESENTATION THEREBY MAGNIFYING THE PROBLEM IN ORDER TO DIVERT ATTENTION,it may be acceptable in dirty politics but its not meant for a man of God who would not want to stumble others as a leader,in fact a man of God should just pause and think that,''WOULD JESUS CONSIDER PLAYING DIRTY POLITICS''?.

AND I WANT TO USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO COUNSEL THE PERSON OF Brainpulse (the poster) that if you dont have good facts about a bible prophets,dont just apply or compare them because you will not have explanations when met with facts, (Brainpulse) could not reply when he was met with logical accounts of the prophets he quoted,do i agree he ran out of facts?.  


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