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APC Woman Leader In Lagos West Allegedly Caught With Election Materials (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by CaptPlanet. 208 posts & 52058 views. 4:30pm (isomadtech)
KOWA presidential Candidate,Prof Oluremi Shonaiya being accredited.
by Iamsynord. 3 posts & 93 views. 4:30pm (Iamsynord)
Photo: A PDP Agent With Fake Result Sheet Apprehended In Rivers State
by klem93. 23 posts & 546 views. 4:29pm (Yungwizzzy)
400 Card Readers...dead On Arrival
by youngalex. 3 posts & 68 views. 4:29pm (engrbhadmus)
Obasanjo Being Accredited [Photo] (1) (2) *
by Ask4bigneyo. 94 posts & 27920 views. 4:29pm (YUSUPH1986)
Election Will Continue 2morow Because Of This Reason:
by Kingpinukecy. 2 posts & 78 views. 4:28pm (ghost1718)
Turnout For Polls Good Democracy,from Oyo Police Bos
by Kingpinukecy. 1 post & 23 views. 4:28pm (Kingpinukecy)
Who Did You Vote For?
by deb. 1 post & 14 views. 4:28pm (deb)
Omo!!!!ward 9 Unit 13 Needs Help INEC
by corolla1017. 1 post & 51 views. 4:27pm (corolla1017)
*** Situation Report Across Nigeria: 2015 Elections ***
by cuteboy2. 3 posts & 49 views. 4:26pm (cuteboy2)
INEC Extends Voting Till Sunday
by GoldCircle. 1 post & 46 views. 4:25pm (GoldCircle)
Funnily Unfunny Things At different Polling Units! (see Pictures)
by Emmydek. 2 posts & 132 views. 4:25pm (Jelo4kul)
Pdp Rigging Is On-going
by lagoscrimefree. 8 posts & 430 views. 4:25pm (san316)
Card Reader Fails To Recognise Governor Of Adamawa, Ngillari’s Biometrics (1) *
by lalasticlala. 57 posts & 5254 views. 4:25pm (Motolank)
Gunmen Kill Yomi Ademola, PDP Chieftain In Osun (1) (2) (3) *
by lalasticlala. 99 posts & 29940 views. 4:25pm (MightyD)
Whats The Latest In Polling Unit?
by Mrford. 4 posts & 37 views. 4:25pm (Mrford)
Oyo Ppl Doing It Right???
by olaxco2f. 3 posts & 95 views. 4:24pm (WisdomFlakes)
President Gooodluck Ebele Jonathan Just Voted.
by Dyoungstar. 9 posts & 136 views. 4:24pm (Yungwizzzy)
Iseyin(oyo) Unit Result Is Here
by POPdecorator. 5 posts & 275 views. 4:24pm (pornstar)
Under Age Voting In The North?
by TimbuktuScribe. 5 posts & 119 views. 4:24pm (bobmalu83)
Election In Nyanya, Abuja; Everywhere Looks Deserted
by kardiason. 3 posts & 82 views. 4:24pm (MRLINGTON)
Otueke Fully Prepared To Welcome Dr Jonathan
by ChangeisHere. 4 posts & 95 views. 4:23pm (julietchic)
Election Saga:4 Ballot Boxes Taken By Unknown Thugs
by danielmichael. 4 posts & 101 views. 4:22pm (Dharniel)
The Folly Of This Nigerian Lady On Election. Pathetic!!
by jnrbayano. 7 posts & 257 views. 4:22pm (jnrbayano)
Inec Extends Election Till Sunday
by holufemiiade. 3 posts & 89 views. 4:22pm (Janet101)
Presidential Election ; Massive Crowd As Rivers People Decides . Pictures.
by PhockPhockMan. 10 posts & 464 views. 4:22pm (Lemon12)
Nigerians, Call Jega To Order
by igbeke. 1 post & 51 views. 4:21pm (igbeke)
"Voters Are Liable To Live Long" Is this Statement True Or False? Gv Reasons.
by jick4life. 1 post & 8 views. 4:21pm (jick4life)
Guess Who Is On The Queue To Vote...........ambode
by Tbillz. 12 posts & 189 views. 4:20pm (ThaFatha1)
True Change Will Come After The Election
by akdrealman. 2 posts & 22 views. 4:20pm (Uncleodi)
Google Celebrate Nigeria Election On Their Search Engine
by terrymason. 1 post & 18 views. 4:20pm (terrymason)
Time To Decide Who Leads Nigerians For The Next Four Years
by sanxynet. 2 posts & 14 views. 4:20pm (sanxynet)
INEC Extends Voting Till Sunday
by KORLAR. 8 posts & 181 views. 4:19pm (sinizia)
Omo!!!! U Need To See What Is Happening In My Ward !!!!
by sirdouglas. 10 posts & 721 views. 4:19pm (Fawklicant)
SEE What APC Lagos East Woman Leader Was Caught With Early This Morning
by MrCEO69. 3 posts & 168 views. 4:17pm (MrCEO69)
Who Do You Vote For?
by berlusconib2. 1 post & 12 views. 4:16pm (berlusconib2)
Election Situation Report From Rivers State
by SolutionsGuy. 1 post & 75 views. 4:16pm (SolutionsGuy)
Underage Accredited In Taraba State(photo)
by BedLam. 32 posts & 1774 views. 4:16pm (lalasticlala)
The Murder Investigation - Pictures Of 3 Murdered Rich Girls And Their Killer
by pixelrain. 1 post & 110 views. 4:16pm (pixelrain)
How Jonathan Tested His Card Reader Jammer In Otueke
by Adomamore. 14 posts & 286 views. 4:16pm (Adomamore)
Is The Bible Against Jonathan? Jeremiah 38:26
by Martins301. 2 posts & 179 views. 4:15pm (domics)
INEC Website Hacked - Hackers Exposed (1)
by Enouwem. 35 posts & 937 views. 4:14pm (cowleg)
READ The Surprising Thing 9-yr-old Did For APC Recently
by pecothecash. 1 post & 59 views. 4:14pm (pecothecash)
Pdp Official Paying young Voters In Bayelsa - picture
by astana1. 11 posts & 474 views. 4:14pm (talktimi)
INEC Official, One Other Killed In Benue
by DAVECENA. 4 posts & 51 views. 4:12pm (Toonboard)
8 INEC Officials Kidnapped In Enugu
by astana1. 7 posts & 135 views. 4:12pm (SonOfTheLion)
Here Are Some Funny Headline News To Expect After Todays Elections
by onismate. 7 posts & 251 views. 4:12pm (anneedu)
INEC Extends Voting Till Sunday
by idris4eva. 6 posts & 143 views. 4:12pm (funstufz)
Political Joke: Hilarious Reasons Why You Should Vote GEJ
by Rendezvou. 3 posts & 71 views. 4:11pm (Rendezvou)
Photo: Ambode Waiting On The Queue To Get Accredited. (1) (2) (3) *
by Obiagelli. 100 posts & 21962 views. 4:11pm (ThaFatha1)
Too Many Reported Cases Of Card Readers Malfunctioning
by byrron. 1 post & 15 views. 4:10pm (byrron)
INEC Extends Voting Till Sunday
by olokfor. 15 posts & 304 views. 4:10pm (splashbaby)
Boko Haram Attack Polling Unit In Borno, Yobe States; 10 Feared Dead
by kardiason. 1 post & 70 views. 4:10pm (kardiason)
Wide Spread Failure Of Card Readers In The Southeast
by eaglechild. 31 posts & 895 views. 4:10pm (vivalavida)
Heavy Security Presence In Kaduna (1) (2) *
by lalasticlala. 76 posts & 13494 views. 4:09pm (StepG)
Photo Of an Infant Undergoing Accreditation At Fulani Market Polling Unit? (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by factpost. 310 posts & 35567 views. 4:08pm (whysquare4real)
APC Election Monitoring Complaint Contact Telephone Numbers
by dotcomnamename. 1 post & 24 views. 4:08pm (dotcomnamename)
Google Knows What Is Going In In Nigeria... (photos)
by Emmydo360. 1 post & 67 views. 4:07pm (Emmydo360)
22 Reportedly Killed By Book Haram At Polling Centres Across Gombe State
by hiltop2. 3 posts & 78 views. 4:07pm (Oxasbi)
Nigeria Ranks 4th On Interpol's African Wanted List (1) (2) *
by lolaxavier. 81 posts & 14346 views. 4:06pm (Darkchocolate)
Did INEC Instruct Presiding Officers To Use Manual Options
by Adofaya. 8 posts & 170 views. 4:05pm (ogazi007)

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