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Politics: Our country Nigeria is the giant of Africa! Ad Rate: 19,454.44/week (39.7% discount).

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US Begs Nigeria For Help To Contain Ebola
by dlox147. 5 posts & 112 views. 12:01pm (hushmail)
Jonathan, PDP Can’t Claim Credit For Defeating Ebola — Governor Fashola
by farem. 7 posts & 75 views. 11:53am (farem)
Female Robbery Suspects Arrested In Calabar
by Justice629. 12 posts & 431 views. 11:52am (Rexxie)
22 Vehicle Manufacturers To Move Into Nigeria - Blomberg 22 Vehicle Manufacturer
by ochejoseph. 1 post & 57 views. 11:50am (ochejoseph)
Photos: Nigeria's 54th Independence Celebration At The Presidential Villa
by Stellaodoni1. 1 post & 49 views. 11:48am (Stellaodoni1)
Hiv Or Suicide? Choose One... (1)
by MayorofLagos. 37 posts & 177 views. 11:41am (berem)
America Helped Nigeria Contained Ebola Virus Spread! By Sexzskil
by sexzskil. 3 posts & 55 views. 11:41am (candy)
Nigeria's House Of Representative Website Hacked
by topeorekoy. 4 posts & 66 views. 11:41am (shockwave91)
Echoes Of Biafra -- Uchenna Nwankwo
by superstar1. 3 posts & 96 views. 11:41am (Janedoe26)
Don’t Subvert Fayose’s Mandate, Ekiti Monarchs Warn
by Sincere9gerian. 12 posts & 344 views. 11:38am (omedit)
Jonathan Places Pa Akinkunmi On Lifetime Salary, Gives Out Houses To Steward (1) (2) (3) ... (8) (9) (10) *
by boygeorge. 337 posts & 53444 views. 11:34am (delishpot)
Fayose Led Thugs To Beat Judges, Ekiti State Chief Judge Tells NJC
by stunning4real. 2 posts & 45 views. 11:34am (ifaoni)
Breaking News
by Delerichard. 3 posts & 243 views. 11:33am (Orunto)
Bomb Blast At FCE Kano? (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by joker5180. 289 posts & 40794 views. 11:33am (MightySparrow)
Nigeria Economy Doomed! United States Halts Crude Oil Importation From Nigeria
by okpismart. 10 posts & 298 views. 11:32am (Bizibi)
Nigeria @ 54, 10 Questions And Answers
by naijareferee. 4 posts & 40 views. 11:30am (DeHero1)
Chief Judge Daramola Got It Wrong On Fayose
by taiyebugatti. 5 posts & 183 views. 11:24am (Ngwakwe)
Ghana Plans To Export Electricity To Nigeria
by miqos02. 3 posts & 38 views. 11:20am (Yungwizzzy)
US Ebola Patient Identified As Liberian National
by Joel3. 21 posts & 297 views. 11:17am (INSTINCTS)
A Mayor and 300 bokoharam fighters arrested by Cameroon Army (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by jmoore. 168 posts & 28563 views. 11:09am (Richardjemedafe)
Jonathan, PDP Can’t Claim Credit For Defeating Ebola — Governor Fashola
by Aamoo. 3 posts & 53 views. 11:06am (TeamSimple)
David Mark, The Idomas & Apa State: The Great Deception
by BenueBlog. 1 post & 63 views. 11:01am (BenueBlog)
Why Is The Speaker Of The House Of Reps Always Absent At National Functions? (1)
by APContherun. 64 posts & 1806 views. 10:59am (ShehuAba)
Opinion Poll: Will You Vote PDP In 2015
by Deeman87. 10 posts & 96 views. 10:56am (Alisha4U)
Former Presidential Aide, Remi Oyo Passes Away
by Fit2Rule. 2 posts & 64 views. 10:53am (nickxtra)
T.B Joshua Warns People To Stop Talking Bad About His Church
by Wisdomkosi. 3 posts & 62 views. 10:52am (TeamSimple)
Release Of Prisoners By Borno State Governor
by justirich. 2 posts & 66 views. 10:47am (asadike)
Lets Handle Your Cheap And Quality Election Campaign Wristband
by kennyman20. 19 posts & 225 views. 10:44am (kennyman20)
Recent National Awards;A Means To Appease The Yorubas Towards 2015?
by timawoku. 3 posts & 89 views. 10:43am (2cato)
T.B Joshua Warns People To Stop Talking Rubbish About His Church
by wapmingle. 1 post & 28 views. 10:42am (wapmingle)
Who Is The Worst Liar? (picture)
by msmon. 6 posts & 172 views. 10:41am (ibkgab001)
Buhari Resists Pressure To Drop Presidential Bid
by drsolob2. 14 posts & 324 views. 10:35am (1shortblackboy)
BREAKING: Oluremi Oyo, Former News Agency Of Nigeria Boss Dies
by ochejoseph. 5 posts & 102 views. 10:33am (2cato)
I Want To Become President In 2015, But APC First -buhari (1) (2) (3)
by ShehuAba. 115 posts & 3140 views. 10:28am (THUNDER4real)
Fashola Says Jonathan Saw No Ebola, List Heroes Of Ebola
by HookesLaw. 1 post & 65 views. 10:26am (HookesLaw)
If You Are Elected The President Of Nigeria, What Will Be Your First 4 Agenda
by onlyme12. 8 posts & 48 views. 10:21am (reedonne)
15 Year Old Argentinian Julia Alvarez Was Left Disfigured After She Was Cut.
by wapmingle. 2 posts & 179 views. 10:15am (Vado)
Apc Presidential Hopefulls
by bappahman. 8 posts & 259 views. 10:14am (ikaboy)
Ghana Set To Export Electricity To Nigeria
by davidugotex. 1 post & 28 views. 10:13am (davidugotex)
Ekiti Oba`s Warn Fayemi And Apc To Avoid Anarchy
by taiyebugatti. 1 post & 75 views. 10:11am (taiyebugatti)
Nigerian Police And Assault Rifles (1) (2) (3) *
by MaziOmenuko. 114 posts & 11266 views. 10:08am (Nostradamus)
Tackle Unemployment, Methodist Prelate Tells FG
by KennyElish. 1 post & 26 views. 10:06am (KennyElish)
Latest In Town
by DonKins. 1 post & 49 views. 10:05am (DonKins)
MODS, Ikenna351, Afam4eva, OAM4J Pls Wake Up And Ban Jetnation.
by mekadinho. 1 post & 41 views. 10:05am (mekadinho)
Fashola Sets The Record Straight On Ebola Heroes
by gratiaeo. 27 posts & 328 views. 10:05am (ojesymsym)
Gej's Incompetence Will Kill Us All If We Are Not Careful. (1) (2) (3) ... (8) (9) (10)
by Obiagelli. 324 posts & 3117 views. 9:55am (Objektive)
This Post Is An Excerpt From Saffarigirl`s Comment (1)
by shinechinedu. 51 posts & 696 views. 9:54am (elvisosho)
Breaking News: Remi Oyo Passes On
by RockMaxi. 5 posts & 199 views. 9:54am (olutai)
Wat Wil B Our Fate As Nigerians Or Africans?
by DuBLINGreenb. 5 posts & 107 views. 9:53am (overhypedsteve)
What Is ''north's'' Plan B?
by AustineE1. 11 posts & 175 views. 9:49am (Curlieweed)
THINK ABIA! Dr Alex Otti (1) (2)
by onyfrank. 67 posts & 2097 views. 9:45am (onyfrank)
Boko Haram Kidnaps 35 Fleeing Gwoza Residents (1) (2) *
by luqman7. 94 posts & 14693 views. 9:37am (Rexyl)
Ogun House: Hon Remmy Hazzan's Mother Kidnapped
by Nuezha. 2 posts & 51 views. 9:34am (OkikiOluwa1)
Court Sentences Three Boko Haram Suspects To 75 Years In Prison (1) (2) *
by Franchise21. 92 posts & 12932 views. 9:34am (Hishuula)
Okonjo-iweala Says Weapons Have Arrived For Nigerian Troops To Fight Boko Haram
by argon500. 25 posts & 726 views. 9:27am (overhypedsteve)
by Awoofawo. 8 posts & 241 views. 9:02am (iffedayur)
CJN Writes Governors, FCT Minister On Fiscal Autonomy For Judiciary
by hardywaltz. 1 post & 32 views. 8:57am (hardywaltz)
Police Set To Stop Criminal Politicians Come 2015
by victorels. 15 posts & 130 views. 8:53am (victorels)
Do You Really Support GED Coming Out For President?
by Princecalm. 3 posts & 64 views. 8:48am (CharlesPhc)
Breaking News
by dosht. 1 post & 98 views. 8:48am (dosht)
We Conquered Ebola, And We Will Retake Edo And Rivers States-Jonathan Vows
by NgeneUkwenu. 9 posts & 110 views. 8:47am (godofwar666)
Nigeria's House Of Reps Website Hacked
by tiwaz. 10 posts & 135 views. 8:47am (tiwaz)
Ghana Plans To Export Electricity To Nigeria
by drsolob2. 6 posts & 116 views. 8:24am (Nonybb)
I Saw The Synagogue Tragedy Coming TB - JOSHUA
by Chilexmm. 7 posts & 133 views. 8:20am (Nonybb)

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