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#GEJAchievements In Roads Construction And Maintenance
by GEJAchievements. 1 post & 19 views. 1:27pm (GEJAchievements)
Igbos, Important To Lagos APC Politicians To Grab A Win-pics (1)
by customized13. 46 posts & 799 views. 1:24pm (jomonic)
Boko Haram Plans To Bomb Political Rallies, Worship Centres - NOA (1) (2) *
by HercJay. 71 posts & 6499 views. 1:24pm (nzeadachie)
It’s Time To Vote Out ‘I Will Do President’ – Amaechi Blasts Jonathan (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by lalasticlala. 195 posts & 24707 views. 1:22pm (manot)
Nairaland Online Poll: Goodluck Vs Buhari (1)
by felsunseg. 38 posts & 327 views. 1:20pm (bboshodi)
Drone That Crashed In Nigeria Appears To Be Chinese Manufactured (pictures)
by okok0bioko. 4 posts & 172 views. 1:16pm (Pangea)
"There Will Be Bloodshed If 2015 Elections Are Rigged" - Buhari!
by kay1one. 31 posts & 667 views. 1:13pm (feeekey)
Why Buhari Absconded From Debate With Jonathan (1)
by Mogidi. 40 posts & 1464 views. 1:12pm (nortcentrallord)
Okonjo-Iweala Responds To Soludo's Attack (Press Release) (1) (2) (3) ... (11) (12) (13) *
by dejt4u. 429 posts & 33868 views. 1:11pm (kaboninc)
Missing $20bn Can Build 10 Burj Khalifa ─ Fashola
by whizpet. 3 posts & 44 views. 1:10pm (kestolove95)
How Major General Aguiyi Ironsi Was Killed
by tonic555. 4 posts & 132 views. 1:09pm (mkpakanaodogwu)
President Jonathan's Convoy Stoned In Yola During Campaign - BBC (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by KingEbukasBlog. 190 posts & 24451 views. 1:08pm (rhymestech)
African Union Calls For 7,500-Strong Force To Fight Boko Haram (1) (2) (3) *
by Obinoscopy. 100 posts & 7567 views. 1:03pm (MansaMoussa)
GEJ In Calabar Live,,,,,
by Efisko1. 4 posts & 189 views. 1:03pm (bajosky)
BUSTED: See Proof Why Buhari Won't Debate With President Jonathan
by speak2emmalex. 19 posts & 403 views. 1:00pm (Babacele)
If Buhari Should Lose!!!
by Samyj247. 16 posts & 245 views. 12:58pm (Samyj247)
Hot New Music: Download President Jonathan Campaign Song - Na You We Want.mp3
by Andrelearns. 3 posts & 57 views. 12:57pm (49cents)
Photos From PDP Presidential Campaign Rally In Yola, Adamawa (1) (2) (3) *
by ceo4eva. 105 posts & 18960 views. 12:54pm (rhymestech)
Lunatic On The Loose
by smemud. 8 posts & 92 views. 12:54pm (SeverusSnape)
Apc Presidential Rally In Lagos
by staph69. 1 post & 85 views. 12:53pm (staph69)
Aviation Minister Chidoka Shuts BBC Up On Focus On Africa. (1)
by APContherun. 64 posts & 2061 views. 12:53pm (omonnakoda)
EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Military Arrests Generals, Other Senior Officers Over Baga
by fitzmayowa. 10 posts & 180 views. 12:52pm (tommysparks)
Seun Pls Conduct Ur Own Poll
by yemaldo. 5 posts & 38 views. 12:51pm (9jatriot)
PDP Presidential Rally In Lagos (live Photo Updates)
by Youngzedd. 3 posts & 165 views. 12:50pm (stebell)
Femi Fani-kayode [picture]
by Allergic. 6 posts & 147 views. 12:49pm (eleko1)
Lagos State 2015 Governorship Debate - Part II
by Gfunk77. 1 post & 20 views. 12:49pm (Gfunk77)
Pictorial Evidence Why GMB Withdrew From The Presidential Debate!
by peedeeasobie. 5 posts & 177 views. 12:45pm (ozo13)
You Cannot Threaten Nigeria -FG Reacts To Former Niger Delta Warlords
by Samchelsea. 16 posts & 266 views. 12:45pm (Samchelsea)
Prof Wole Soyinka Is Unpredictable..
by southniyikaye. 7 posts & 155 views. 12:42pm (Gbawe2)
Lagos State 2015 Governorship Debate - Part I
by Gfunk77. 1 post & 21 views. 12:40pm (Gfunk77)
Nigerian Army 'stealthily' Acquires New Armed Drones To Fight Boko Haram
by skydancer1. 3 posts & 110 views. 12:39pm (kingofpool)
List Of Yoruba Political Party, Their Leaders And Political Endorsement.
by shegsky. 1 post & 46 views. 12:38pm (shegsky)
Decide 2015 !
by yesir. 1 post & 13 views. 12:31pm (yesir)
BREAKING: How APC Manipulated AIT Presidential Poll In Favor Of Buhari
by silica. 7 posts & 199 views. 12:30pm (ej77)
Zahra Buhari Back On Twitter, Accuses PDP Of Hacking Into Her Twitter Account (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7) *
by bigbite. 231 posts & 20320 views. 12:30pm (tonquendo4u)
Buhari To Tell Facts And History’ About Himself In New Website
by Wisdytech. 9 posts & 137 views. 12:27pm (Boss13)
IBB – All Presidential Candidates Have My Blessing (1) (2) (3) *
by bugs1. 103 posts & 12138 views. 12:24pm (lyman720)
Jimi Agbaje Rides Okada To Rally (PHOTOS) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by Crispels. 173 posts & 38695 views. 12:23pm (adaweezy)
My Advice To An Undecided Voter
by akanbiaa. 1 post & 23 views. 12:20pm (akanbiaa)
I Will Relocate Back To East If Apc Win Lagos State Again- Ifeduba (1)
by tochukwuifeduba. 41 posts & 920 views. 12:20pm (FreeGlobe)
No Wike No River State- Ifeduba
by tochukwuifeduba. 2 posts & 65 views. 12:20pm (vanndubi)
Buhari Opens Website To ‘re-tell’ His Story
by spott. 8 posts & 187 views. 12:19pm (babse)
President Jonathan Campaigns In Akure, Ondo State (live Pictures) (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by roufy235. 136 posts & 18924 views. 12:18pm (BraniacX)
Buhari Will Die In Office Prophet
by Emytexboy. 25 posts & 957 views. 12:16pm (LagosBoi2)
Buhari Refusal To Participate In Debate Shocks Supporters (1)
by ShowYourCertificate. 60 posts & 1049 views. 12:15pm (maureen546)
Agbaje’s Response To Fashola’s Tax Indictment (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by nigerianvenom. 222 posts & 18085 views. 12:14pm (tonquendo4u)
Senator Ahmed Yerima Replies His Critics (1) (2) (3) ... (15) (16) (17) *
by Maxymilliano. 561 posts & 32680 views. 12:11pm (Umamman1)
Even If GMB Wins The Election, I Will Be Proud I Didn't Cast My Vote For Him..!!
by CharlesPhc. 21 posts & 141 views. 12:11pm (londoner)
If The Power Blocs Are Behind Buhari Who Would he Imprison When He Wins
by denko. 2 posts & 44 views. 12:09pm (delishpot)
The Presidential Debates Would Help Many Nigerians In Deciding Whom To Vote For
by tk4rd. 2 posts & 17 views. 12:09pm (tk4rd)
Nigeria's Current Petrol Pump Price Better Than That Of The USA (1) (2) (3) ... (9) (10) (11) *
by bishopclin. 366 posts & 17930 views. 12:07pm (IyawoToBe)
Pics: Gen. Buhari At Governor Fashola's Lagos Residence Today
by emirSultan. 3 posts & 201 views. 12:06pm (edozie04)
Nigerian Youth Say No To Those That Will Call U Out To Come And Protest
by ej77. 1 post & 19 views. 12:06pm (ej77)
Picture Of A Primary School In Ikoro, Edo State
by Kenai. 18 posts & 491 views. 12:04pm (ASL33)
PDP's Lagos Rally Dwarfs APC's Mega Rally In Lagos [ compare photos] (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by publisher. 201 posts & 46427 views. 12:03pm (fareed69)
No Debate, No Vote!
by ikorodureporta. 5 posts & 54 views. 11:58am (ikorodureporta)
Yet Another Flavor Of Prayers For Supporters Of The Main Presidential Candidates
by duwdu. 2 posts & 39 views. 11:58am (duwdu)
I Hereby Name Buhari The CLUELESS ONE.
by DDeliverer. 31 posts & 340 views. 11:54am (HIGHESTPOPORI)
PDP steals N100 from every litre of kerosene – Oshiomhole
by emirSultan. 9 posts & 94 views. 11:54am (EdCure)
If I Get Convincing Answers To These Questions Then Pdp Will Have My V
by oguash. 7 posts & 145 views. 11:52am (Spmateto)
Buhari And Team Pictured Enjoying Breakfast As They Prepare For Lagos Rally Toda
by BrAkingNews. 1 post & 62 views. 11:51am (BrAkingNews)
Inec Soccer
by baffah96. 1 post & 16 views. 11:50am (baffah96)
Buhari, Jonathan, And Religion. A MUST READ.
by acidtalk. 14 posts & 107 views. 11:46am (Chiaka)

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