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PDP NEC Picks Jonathan As Sole Presidential Candidate For 2015 (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by PhockPhockMan. 263 posts & 18659 views. 11:20am (ijigaparadox)
2015 General Elections And The Need For The Independent National Electoral Commi
by mecedonia. 6 posts & 39 views. 11:18am (levitoge)
Why Do Many Nigerians, Including Educated Ones, Show Inferior Mentality?
by Ramnon2. 8 posts & 154 views. 11:16am (Mrcdorv)
Open Letter To Silverbird
by Cmanforall. 3 posts & 52 views. 11:13am (whirlwind7)
Military Missing Alpha Jet Has Been Linked To Synagogue Building Collapse
by 100Cents. 13 posts & 934 views. 11:12am (mancanoe)
2014 Ministerial Press Briefing, Abuja. Live On Ait, Nta
by PhockPhockMan. 2 posts & 63 views. 11:08am (Longeria)
Lagos State Governor Host Ebola Survivors. Pictures
by Wisdomkosi. 2 posts & 113 views. 11:05am (gistyinka)
Boko Haram: Things’ll Change By Next Month — Jonathan
by nigerianvenom. 10 posts & 272 views. 10:59am (barcanista)
2015: We Need To Walk The Talk.
by okonja. 1 post & 17 views. 10:58am (okonja)
Lagos, Rivers, Enugu Lead In IGR Generation In 2013 (1) (2) (3) ... (8) (9) (10)
by ketoprofen. 329 posts & 1947 views. 10:57am (tsolz84)
The Beauty Of Criticism (TA Orji)
by abacrested. 2 posts & 32 views. 10:56am (ketoprofen)
Military Commander Who Recaptured Damboa Transferred Out
by MMMuazu. 2 posts & 100 views. 10:55am (ifaoni)
Comparing Legacies - Obasanjo Vs Goodluck Jonathan (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by gazilion. 198 posts & 15153 views. 10:54am (emmasege)
Boko Haram: Things’ll Change By Next Month — Jonathan
by drsolob2. 28 posts & 502 views. 10:46am (talktimi)
Scotland Votes ‘no’
by Jobs012. 2 posts & 28 views. 10:44am (ifaoni)
Start Learning With Amazing Video Tutorials (education, Certifications & Skills)
by TYAonline. 1 post & 27 views. 10:40am (TYAonline)
Daar Comms,ait,raypower And The Brown Paper Journalism
by Tundeajani. 15 posts & 235 views. 10:38am (Tundeajani)
Amosun’s ‘confession’ Over Daniel’s Origin, Unthinkable —UPN
by siraj1402. 2 posts & 103 views. 10:33am (talktimi)
Boko Haram: Things’ll Change By Next Month — Jonathan
by Aydesmond. 2 posts & 66 views. 10:20am (Rawani)
U.S. Military To Provide Equipment, Resources To Battle Ebola Epidemic In Africa
by igbo2011. 4 posts & 72 views. 10:18am (GenBuhari)
Nigerian Troops Celebrate Rare Victory Against Boko Haram-yahoo NEWS
by MzHolly. 1 post & 158 views. 10:16am (MzHolly)
Mortgaging The Future Of Lagos State.
by activatenigeria. 1 post & 55 views. 9:53am (activatenigeria)
GOOD NEWS! RMD Is Back On Movie Location
by PasChikero. 3 posts & 107 views. 9:41am (Melahou)
Nigeria Police Force Refutes Amnesty International Report
by Dexpro. 4 posts & 56 views. 9:40am (Nobleval)
What We Been Looking For
by DonKins. 10 posts & 165 views. 9:22am (DonKins)
Shehu: I Dont Want Nigeria National Merit Award-- Ademusiwa
by musiwa94. 17 posts & 239 views. 9:21am (gunuvi)
Big Brotherafrica Housemates Having Sex In The Bathroom [photos + Video]
by Lfnsboy. 8 posts & 1227 views. 9:15am (golddeejay)
Bola Tinubu Returns To Nigeria.... Claims His Trip Was To Learn From Experienced
by Societyreporter. 19 posts & 514 views. 9:12am (RagaMufeen)
FG Approves N147.4bn For Two Major Roads.
by 1goodman. 1 post & 139 views. 9:10am (1goodman)
My Endorsement By PDP Governors An ‘atomic Bomb’ – Jonathan
by Jalal. 5 posts & 163 views. 9:07am (tosinbabe)
THE RETURN OF JAGABAN! Bola Tinubu Returns After 4 Weeks Of Missing In Action
by PasChikero. 1 post & 81 views. 9:01am (PasChikero)
Would You Vote For Goodluck Jonathan Come 2015? (1)
by helphelp. 52 posts & 485 views. 8:48am (helphelp)
Osun 2014: Who Is Fooling Who?…a MUST READ»
by tclever. 3 posts & 151 views. 8:46am (AONO)
Verifyed Gsm Number Database of 774 Local Government Areas (lgas)
by payne4real. 16 posts & 482 views. 8:45am (payne4real)
Tragedy: Man Hacks Neighbours Two Sons To Death In Edo
by Dexpro. 2 posts & 121 views. 8:39am (2cato)
Nigeria Summon Egyptian Ambassador,demands Apology Over Maltreatment Of Teenager
by ochejoseph. 2 posts & 57 views. 8:29am (asadike)
Seized $9.3million Controversy: APC raises 13 questions for President Jonathan
by coolxpat. 6 posts & 153 views. 8:23am (Enoquin)
Chief Ayo Adebanjo: The Yoruba “bettertogether”
by ooduapathfinder. 1 post & 61 views. 8:21am (ooduapathfinder)
TB Joshua Shares Clearer Pics Of "Strange Aircraft" That "Caused Building Crash" (1) (2)
by Harryjoshua4. 87 posts & 6750 views. 8:12am (Pamcrest)
Am Back From A Busy Time
by bloodykiller. 15 posts & 132 views. 8:12am (bloodykiller)
Breaking News!odili ;duke Pull Out Of Presidential Race!
by buchio7. 4 posts & 570 views. 8:12am (seyi42k)
Boko Haram: Igbo, Yoruba Youths Join Hands Against Insurgency (1)
by Eldavido1. 33 posts & 390 views. 8:00am (asadike)
Police Arrest Man, 25, For Molesting 3-yr-old In Ogun
by redcap. 4 posts & 55 views. 7:59am (thwarrior72)
Pdp’s Endorsement: I Won’t Disappoint You – Jonathan
by siraj1402. 1 post & 37 views. 7:58am (siraj1402)
Naming CBN Top Officer Of The Boko Haram "Sponsor"
by Dminister. 2 posts & 90 views. 7:49am (Austindark)
Exposing The CBN Boko Haram “sponsor”
by cktheluckyman. 1 post & 76 views. 7:49am (cktheluckyman)
Electric Car Jack, Electric Wheelspanner N Tyre Pump 4 Ur 2015 Campain/election
by ladywise. 18 posts & 428 views. 7:47am (ladywise)
Boko Haram: Things’ ll Change By Next Month — Jonathan
by tiwaz. 2 posts & 54 views. 7:47am (Bobbystanley)
US Court Says Buruji Kashamu Is Still A Fugitive
by 2n2k. 7 posts & 165 views. 7:44am (OrlandoOwoh)
Let Makes The Following Assumptions:
by siraj1402. 1 post & 20 views. 7:40am (siraj1402)
Minister Wants Security Tightened At Schools To Thwart Terror
by Chilexm. 1 post & 19 views. 7:40am (Chilexm)
Nigerian Police:hell In The Cell
by fairheven. 7 posts & 125 views. 7:24am (fairheven)
Govt Officials Blame The US For Arms Purchase Scandal. (1) (2) (3) ... (10) (11) (12)
by omenka. 396 posts & 16447 views. 7:22am (DaBullIT)
Boko Haram: Things’ll Change By Next Month — Jonathan
by Anikulhapo. 2 posts & 49 views. 7:18am (Freest)
No Delegative Senate = No Federalism.
by reedonne. 4 posts & 104 views. 7:07am (reedonne)
Seized $9.3 Million: Nigerian Government’s Explanations Flawed – South Africa (1)
by codedruns. 38 posts & 764 views. 7:04am (Obinoscopy)
South Africa Rescuers In Nigeria
by KLEINBASS. 1 post & 66 views. 7:02am (KLEINBASS)
Exclusive: Bola Tinubu Returns, Said He Was Never Ill
by Telled51. 7 posts & 172 views. 7:02am (sunnyshayne)
Seized $9.3million Controversy: APC Raises 15 Questions For President Jonathan
by yemaldo. 27 posts & 378 views. 7:00am (Mprex)
Scotland Rejects Independence By Referendum
by Chilexmm. 1 post & 37 views. 6:59am (Chilexmm)
Scotland Rejects Independence.
by HopeAtHand. 2 posts & 57 views. 6:47am (Mynd44)
Breaking News: Scotland Rejects Independence
by CFCfan. 10 posts & 292 views. 6:47am (Mynd44)

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