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Start Learning With Amazing Video Tutorials (education, Certifications & Skills)
by TYAonline. 2 posts & 43 views. 6:28am (TYAonline)
PHOTOS: Nigerian Army's Campaign In The North Eastern Theatre. (1) (2) (3) ... (60) (61) (62)
by SiriusBlack. 1988 posts & 59016 views. 6:20am (bidexiii)
Why Gov Lamido Endorsed Jonathan For Presidency
by hostlink500. 3 posts & 431 views. 6:17am (sademola)
For Nigerian Troops, It’s A Week Of Massive Victory; Gains
by davitogreat. 6 posts & 245 views. 6:11am (tokunboh)
How 5 Major Nigeria Parties Stand On The Issue Of Independent Western Nigeria
by manck2. 10 posts & 74 views. 5:56am (coolscott)
Bomb Blast At FCE Kano? (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by joker5180. 288 posts & 40044 views. 5:39am (Shalek)
Great Lessons To Learn From The Scottish Independence Election
by Laidan. 3 posts & 65 views. 5:25am (harrysterol)
we APC Are Against People Of Independent Western Nigeria- Ahmed Magaji Tinubu
by manck2. 7 posts & 309 views. 5:16am (manck2)
PDP (former Eastern Party NPP), APC( Northern People Congress)
by manck2. 1 post & 30 views. 4:46am (manck2)
by musiwa94. 3 posts & 26 views. 4:44am (musiwa94)
NNPC unions, PENGASSAN, NUPENG shelve planned strike
by Oxone. 1 post & 42 views. 2:55am (Oxone)
Ijaw Leader Joseph Evah Speaks On Benjamin Adekunle (1) (2)
by Olaedo1. 94 posts & 2537 views. 1:32am (OneNaira6)
2015: The Knife-edge Battle For Anambra Central (1) (2) *
by siraj1402. 85 posts & 9962 views. 1:23am (peppyluv02)
The Difference Btw Scotland And Nigeria
by onila. 22 posts & 290 views. 1:15am (teeowl)
If There Was Ever A Time To Pray For Nigeria This Is It -- Femi Fani Kayode
by Marsatto. 2 posts & 65 views. 12:37am (Obinacu)
by Marsatto. 1 post & 90 views. 12:27am (Marsatto)
Schools In Oyo State Will Resume On October 6, 2014.
by Solutioncrib. 3 posts & 92 views. 12:24am (seunlayi)
You Want To Meet With Atiku Abubakar ? Ok This Is Your Chance.
by EbiR. 28 posts & 583 views. 11:57pm On Sep 19 (darkroses)
SHOCKER! Mosque That Allows Gays, Women And Men To Pray Together Opens In South
by PasChikero. 1 post & 135 views. 11:53pm On Sep 19 (PasChikero)
Lessons From The Ongoing War.
by F117A. 9 posts & 105 views. 11:33pm On Sep 19 (BlackTechnology)
The Legacy Of Fashola's 8 Year Leadership In Pictures (1)
by 9jagirl4re. 55 posts & 1786 views. 11:18pm On Sep 19 (9jagirl4re)
Boko Haram Plans To Use Mechanics, Car Wash Centers To Plant Bombs In Cars (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by boygeorge. 195 posts & 21615 views. 11:16pm On Sep 19 (guruzlord)
Should Nigeria Stay Together, Or Be Broken Apart?
by ducii. 9 posts & 177 views. 11:13pm On Sep 19 (GowonAbacha)
Gov. Fashola Visit First Consultant Hospital, Urging Patients To Do Same.
by ikaboy. 10 posts & 294 views. 11:12pm On Sep 19 (arresa)
Five Craziest Crimes In Us This Week
by vugoo. 3 posts & 132 views. 11:07pm On Sep 19 (EventHUB)
See Pics Ofboko Haram Militants Killed By Nigeriantroops (graphic Photos)
by Stanjr. 2 posts & 240 views. 11:00pm On Sep 19 (Stanjr)
Youth Corper, Ezemagu Nnamdi Contributes N10,000 To Jonathan’s Campaign Purse
by contactmorak. 12 posts & 213 views. 10:59pm On Sep 19 (delishpot)
Governor Fashola Hosts Ebola Survivors(photo)
by babytoyou. 28 posts & 862 views. 10:55pm On Sep 19 (delishpot)
My Endorsement By PDP Governors An ‘atomic Bomb’ – Jonathan (1)
by unuane1. 35 posts & 1140 views. 10:45pm On Sep 19 (tomakint)
Boko Haram Attacked Our Building ─ T.B. Joshua (1) (2) (3)
by lightuplightup. 105 posts & 3084 views. 10:45pm On Sep 19 (Eziachi)
APC Wins Gwagwalada Chairmanship Case
by kwanKwasiyya. 21 posts & 804 views. 10:43pm On Sep 19 (kwanKwasiyya)
PDP Congratulates Scotland Over Decision To Remain Under UK
by heavenmade. 4 posts & 94 views. 10:33pm On Sep 19 (heavenmade)
Fashola Please Fix Allen Avenue (1)
by ROSSIKE. 53 posts & 1688 views. 10:28pm On Sep 19 (ROSSIKE)
VIEWER DISCRETION: PICS Of Boko Haram Militants Killed By Nigerian Troops
by Skyblings. 10 posts & 717 views. 10:26pm On Sep 19 (Skyblings)
Is Kogi A Failed State? (1) (2)
by Oklander. 70 posts & 1130 views. 10:22pm On Sep 19 (Oklander)
BREAKING: Fuel Scarcity: Oil Workers Suspendstrike
by Daniyemi. 4 posts & 173 views. 10:17pm On Sep 19 (san316)
I Joined PDP To End Boko Haram-sheriff
by Jnrbayerno. 14 posts & 357 views. 10:12pm On Sep 19 (Trut)
How Possible To Block The Governor On His Way?
by Inemobot. 11 posts & 234 views. 9:56pm On Sep 19 (Unekz)
Prominent Men That Underwent Tinubu's Tutelage (1) (2) (3) (4)
by barcanista. 130 posts & 1465 views. 9:39pm On Sep 19 (anonimi)
A Crocodile’s Crocodile Tears
by nellyelitz. 2 posts & 67 views. 9:36pm On Sep 19 (pelvicky)
Pres. Jonathan Lacks The Experience To Lead Nigeria- Atiku Abubakar Says
by maxism2. 6 posts & 128 views. 9:25pm On Sep 19 (philantoxx)
‘how I Survived Kano Blast’
by Samueldo. 2 posts & 141 views. 8:59pm On Sep 19 (GODDYGEE91)
PDP Insists Tinubu Is Sick, Begs Lagosians To Pray For Him
by 1United1. 21 posts & 693 views. 8:45pm On Sep 19 (gboss4sure)
Drivers, Traffic Warden, Cook Make National Honours List
by godman01. 1 post & 67 views. 8:45pm On Sep 19 (godman01)
Defence Headquarter Declares Airforce Alpha Jet Missing (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by ElPhenomenal. 312 posts & 32919 views. 8:39pm On Sep 19 (Akinsete19)
APC Lying About Tinubu’s Health, Says PDP
by hilariousdammie. 13 posts & 336 views. 8:35pm On Sep 19 (GowonAbacha)
Graphic Pics Of Boko Haram Terrorists Killed By Nigerian Troops At Konduga. (1)
by changes1. 57 posts & 3138 views. 8:35pm On Sep 19 (meforyou1)
2015: Non PDP Members Hail Adoption Of Jonathan.
by PhockPhockMan. 5 posts & 275 views. 8:24pm On Sep 19 (PhockPhockMan)
Bash Ali’s Guinness Book Of World Record Title Fight On Shaky Ground As 200 Corp
by PasChikero. 1 post & 70 views. 8:23pm On Sep 19 (PasChikero)
Seized $9.3million, FG Flouts Own Anti-money Laundering Law
by arcis. 3 posts & 55 views. 8:20pm On Sep 19 (bibiazim1)
Nupeng, Oil Workers Call Off Strike
by boygeorge. 1 post & 92 views. 8:16pm On Sep 19 (boygeorge)
Story Of My Health, Mother Of All Lies -tinubu
by Anikulhapo. 2 posts & 79 views. 8:16pm On Sep 19 (niggereyez)
What Are Your Sincere Reasons To Vote GEJ Back To Power Come 2015 (1)
by Dbestmax. 33 posts & 260 views. 8:14pm On Sep 19 (qleap2all)
My Endorsement Of President Goodluck Jonathan For A Second Term (1)
by ochejoseph. 42 posts & 301 views. 7:58pm On Sep 19 (PhockPhockMan)
Three Feared Dead In Benin Building Collapse
by RMD44. 8 posts & 173 views. 7:58pm On Sep 19 (ChimaAdeoye)
[b] Ayo Oritsejafor Admits Ownership Of Cash-stacked Jet Seized In S.A [/b]
by 1stola. 6 posts & 185 views. 7:56pm On Sep 19 (1stola)
Another Church Buildingcollapses In Edo
by tiwaz. 2 posts & 165 views. 7:55pm On Sep 19 (Idrismusty97)
Amosun’s ‘confession’ Over Daniel’s Origin, Unthinkable —UPN
by siraj1402. 3 posts & 175 views. 7:51pm On Sep 19 (lorddannie)
GRAPHIC Pictures Of Boko Haram Militants Killed By Nigerian Troops
by seeteazain. 5 posts & 392 views. 7:40pm On Sep 19 (zonax)

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