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Politics Chat Room - "The Beer Parlour" (1) (2) (3) ... (115) (116) (117)
by OAM4J. 3756 posts & 55374 views. 10:16pm On Dec 19 (darbas)
A Warning To Niger Delta People, The Amaechi Treatment. (1) (2) (3)
by GBTYO. 111 posts & 2679 views. 3:10am (VickyRichmond)
It's Official: APC Names Rotimi Amaechi DG Of Presidential Campaign Organization (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by sademola. 185 posts & 18584 views. 2:58am (Xetima)
Should Igbos Start Being Less Nigerian And More Igbotskiy Or Biafran? (1)
by cheruv. 55 posts & 1194 views. 2:58am (T8ksy)
Niger, Benin, Mali, Cameroun More Prosperous Than Nigeria – Global Report
by NgeneUkwenu. 13 posts & 186 views. 2:57am (Truckpusher)
A New Dawn Of Greater Economic Development Coming To Anambra-state! (1)
by investnow2013. 58 posts & 927 views. 2:52am (investnow2013)
Amitex: International Law Is Supreme Than Nigeria Law- Emperor Oduduwa Ademusiwa
by musiwa97. 9 posts & 63 views. 2:43am (poiu77)
Jonathan Has Come A Long Way - Lets Move Forward (video)
by mikeansy. 6 posts & 117 views. 2:35am (SirShymex)
student set Moremi Hall On Fire In Obafemi Awolowo University On Fire
by manck2. 15 posts & 267 views. 2:31am (poiu77)
Please Where Is AMAECHI?
by mazzi. 10 posts & 224 views. 1:56am (hardywaltz)
My Issues And Annoyance With GEJ
by ILIDEFI. 1 post & 46 views. 1:46am (ILIDEFI)
OYO 2015: Vote Engr. Oluseyi Makinde Omititun For Governor
by haftob. 6 posts & 204 views. 1:30am (poiu77)
Oba-Jonah Faceoff: What Do You Take Of This? (Photo)
by msmon. 4 posts & 690 views. 1:21am (RoyalPriesthuud)
Pdp And Jonathan Deceiving People
by shegsrules. 7 posts & 64 views. 12:59am (barcanista)
Do Not Vote For Buhari
by oluvick. 12 posts & 124 views. 12:40am (HonourablePomk)
Major SK Umaru: Another Brave Hero Killed By Boko Haram Bullets [photos] (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by TheRealMrStan. 162 posts & 31643 views. 12:36am (jp130)
Obasanjo And The Burden Of History BY PAT UTOMI
by TheHeadlinerngr. 2 posts & 126 views. 12:32am (enoqueen)
Mutiny: 54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, 5 Freed (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by franciskaine. 193 posts & 21025 views. 12:23am (sunnyjosh14)
Nobody's Political Ambition Is Worth The Blood Of Any Nigeria - GEJ
by mikeansy. 11 posts & 93 views. 12:21am (ThankGodEdeh)
Defence HQ Reacts To Reports Of New Abductions In Borno, Says Search Is Ongoing
by Babprosper20. 4 posts & 57 views. 12:20am (Babprosper20)
Car crash On Ikorodu Road That Family Of 5 Survived (photos)
by tiwaz. 12 posts & 811 views. 12:15am (LuckyLadolce)
Hilarious APC Campaign (photos)
by ellguapo. 13 posts & 1146 views. 12:11am (Nctrice)
Nigerians Demand Change
by bappahman. 14 posts & 83 views. 12:10am (sasho9ja)
Nigerian Troops Kill 75 Boko Haram Militants At PHCN Facility In Borno
by falconey. 6 posts & 109 views. 12:03am (falconey)
I Have Made Up My Mind To Vote For Gej (1)
by danyegbule. 40 posts & 403 views. 11:55pm On Dec 19 (nwala85)
12 Things You Didn’t Know About Muhammadu Buhari
by Orina. 9 posts & 104 views. 11:53pm On Dec 19 (dcaliph)
APC Names Amaechi DG, Presidential Campaign Organization
by blemon44. 3 posts & 36 views. 11:49pm On Dec 19 (chekasforchekas)
Nigerian Government Buys 77 T72 Tanks To Fight Boko Haram? Any One Aware? "Picz"
by Telfax. 27 posts & 920 views. 11:44pm On Dec 19 (Henry120)
Nigerian Government Buys 77 T72 Tanks To Fight Boko Haram? (pic)
by ToyozzieTohBad. 11 posts & 278 views. 11:38pm On Dec 19 (omololu2020)
What Prominents Nigerians Say About Buhari
by Politico. 6 posts & 162 views. 11:35pm On Dec 19 (nwala85)
Let It Stop!
by AdeSolution. 5 posts & 44 views. 11:29pm On Dec 19 (Mogidi)
Nigerian Government Buys 77 T72 Tanks To Fight Boko Haram?
by Echosam. 14 posts & 364 views. 11:29pm On Dec 19 (omololu2020)
"Very Soon, I Will Attack Emir Sanusi Of Kano", Says Boko Haram Leader, Shekau
by myads19955. 6 posts & 154 views. 11:11pm On Dec 19 (Mogidi)
35-yrs Man Rap*d 6-yr Old In Ibadan Says He’s Under A Spell [see Photo]
by xwebyna. 8 posts & 334 views. 11:10pm On Dec 19 (zlatansomto)
Deal Or No Deal On Amaechi's D.G On Campaign.
by olabukola. 12 posts & 305 views. 11:02pm On Dec 19 (akinvest)
"20 Facts About President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan"
by SMARTgurUxxxxxxx. 4 posts & 109 views. 11:02pm On Dec 19 (Mogidi)
Yobe, Borno Villages Underboko Haram Attacks
by Obascoetubi. 2 posts & 80 views. 10:51pm On Dec 19 (braine)
Is Corruption = Stealing ? Lets Trash It Out For Good.
by Dbboy. 31 posts & 232 views. 10:48pm On Dec 19 (BrokenTV)
Photos: Gov. Akpabio Brightens Hope On Person’s With Disability
by insideakwaibom. 4 posts & 62 views. 10:45pm On Dec 19 (temitemi1)
Panic In Presidency Over Apc Vp Candidate, Pastor Osibanjo
by maestrojay. 11 posts & 361 views. 10:41pm On Dec 19 (peleson)
19th December, 2014 Stop Lying For Jonathan, APC Tells Okupe
by legendsilver. 12 posts & 206 views. 10:35pm On Dec 19 (Toktee)
Alison-madueke Records Another First As She’s Appointed President Of GECF
by Olamitisoji. 9 posts & 94 views. 10:35pm On Dec 19 (Mogidi)
19 Ekiti Apc House Member, Suspend 7pdp House Member.
by jcflex. 7 posts & 158 views. 10:32pm On Dec 19 (mazzi)
President Jonathan Congratulates Buhari On His 72nd Birthday (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by chidiezeh. 295 posts & 18706 views. 10:32pm On Dec 19 (duduhemit36)
Gej Is Not A Christian.
by jimmysho. 18 posts & 259 views. 10:10pm On Dec 19 (OsHYBRID)
Who Normally Count All The Boko Haram Corpse Killed By Military
by chinoify. 5 posts & 106 views. 10:09pm On Dec 19 (menix)
Are Jonathan's Aides Intentionally Making Him Look Clueless? (1)
by Collynzo22. 39 posts & 858 views. 10:00pm On Dec 19 (docadams)
Doyin Okupe And Other Jonathanian Headaches In Self-naming
by daresma93. 4 posts & 87 views. 9:59pm On Dec 19 (KHAYGOLD)
My Donation And Contribution To Buhari Campaign (Picture) (1)
by GideonG. 62 posts & 3027 views. 9:58pm On Dec 19 (mentorandfriend)
Can Anyone Explain This?
by LilNetty. 5 posts & 89 views. 9:57pm On Dec 19 (mistabiola)
Who Is G M B
by tola9ja. 7 posts & 67 views. 9:57pm On Dec 19 (kestolove95)
Civil Servants Face Bleak Christmas Over Unpaid Salaries (1) (2) (3) *
by UltimatePals. 122 posts & 13459 views. 9:45pm On Dec 19 (dipopooo)
"DSS Has Proven That I'm Not Boko Haram's Sponsor" - Ali Modu Sheriff (1) (2) *
by TheRealMrStan. 74 posts & 6018 views. 9:37pm On Dec 19 (paix)
Did Buhari Trully Save Ojukwu During The Civil War?
by minister2015. 11 posts & 320 views. 9:36pm On Dec 19 (Ojiofor)
Picture Of Buhari And Daddy E A Adeboye (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by donphilopus. 295 posts & 39104 views. 9:35pm On Dec 19 (Vikky014)
Get Your Research Done Sharp Sharp
by hrconsultant. 1 post & 18 views. 9:30pm On Dec 19 (hrconsultant)
Prisoners In Nigeria Have Right To Vote In All Elections, Court Rules (1) *
by lalasticlala. 63 posts & 5293 views. 9:29pm On Dec 19 (panpan)
(Gmb Vs Gej) Nairalands Opinion Poll On 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election
by Justice629. 8 posts & 100 views. 9:21pm On Dec 19 (Justice629)
Any Southern Nigerian Voting A P C Needs To Be Examined (1) (2) (3)
by noblezone. 124 posts & 1374 views. 9:21pm On Dec 19 (staymore)
President GEJ Using Religion To Divide Nigerians
by Doyin2. 6 posts & 141 views. 9:17pm On Dec 19 (noblezone)
Biafra GRANTED African Union Membership
by ariwaonye. 6 posts & 257 views. 9:15pm On Dec 19 (CaptainOjemba)
Ekiti:omirin Faction Holds Sitting In Varsity,suspends Pro-fayose Speaker
by ilotriouzAY. 1 post & 46 views. 9:15pm On Dec 19 (ilotriouzAY)

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