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Romance / Re: Am Heartbroken,nid Ur Advice by dkings101(m): 12:27pm On Apr 22
Peach45: Am heartbroken as am writin dis,there is dis guy I am datin since 2010,afta much persuasion I gave in 2 his demand by avin sex wit him in 2011 n was a virgin then.afta 5month,he started misbehavin by nt callin or sendin as he used to n we dot discuss as we use 2.I asked wat d problem is,he reply by tellin me dat he is kind of busy n had lot goin on his mind.had dis goin til yestaday wen I had d courage 2 ask him if he is seein anybodi n he said Yes,dat they started seein dis year n she lives in Abuja.I was shocked wen he told me dis.d only tin dat came out of my mouth was'Thank God I knw'.if i had nt asked him,stil b tinkin dat am his GF n I ve pursued so many guys bt Life stil goes on.

After reading all ur posts on nairaland...with different topic and problem wt diff guys...i guess this very topic in this trend was cooked up wt ajinomuto....abeg i no dey eat this rubbish story...get a life
Properties / Re: Am Building My House . I Need Help. by dkings101(m): 6:36pm On Apr 18
This is the quotation I got for soak away. Please help me peruse it.
9 inches 300 blocks @ 150= 45000
6 inches 100 blocks @ 140 =14000
Cement 30 bags @ 2000=60000
Digging and filling 40k
Rod-22 length @ 1200 per length=26400
Binding wire-2000 naira
Ring..3 dozen @ 300 naira per dozen.=900
Sharp sand..27k, plaster sand..15k and gravel(double)-42 1 tipper each.
Welder..about 8k
Carpenter.. about 25k
Bricklayer...about 35k

Total 298300

Since you would be overseeing the building construction yourself, that's a plus. As per the price quote, they are all precise but make sure they don't buy excess and the area i think u shd be vigilant on is

1. Block - count to block and make sure they are complete.
2. Iron road - how many MM is the iron road? Since it's where u want to stay, i wd advice you use 16mm on the horizontal and 12mm on the vertical, but if u don't ve much money, u can use 12mm all thru and make sure there is a beam before the slab concrete is pour. 12mm cost N1350 and N1500 i think for 16mm. Also make sure when u r buying the rod, they are all cut in ur present. All workmanship should be price, you can cost cost there 2.
Good luck.
Romance / Re: Pls Help Am Shy To Talk To Her by dkings101(m): 3:59pm On Apr 14
For all i ve read so far, wt all the advice given to you and the long and lengthy talk on hw to woo a lady, i think u r good to go cos if this is posted on FP, u wd just be demoralised. Take the advices and work on ursef.

Nafizzey: tnx you all for your concern and advice.. APPRECIATES! will be Glad If mods will put this to front page for mor guides..
Pets / Re: What To Know/do Before Getting A GSD by dkings101(m): 5:48am On Mar 27
My dog has eaten all my slippers. He chew on anything chewable even electric wire...i don taya for the dog sef. I go soon give am Sniper make him drink


Politics / Missing MAS Flight: Passenger And Crew List (updated) by dkings101(m): 6:06pm On Mar 08
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines released
the passenger and crew of its missing MH370
Beijing-bound flight on Saturday.
It contains the name, nationalities and age.
1. An Wenlan China 65
2. Bao Yuanhua China 63
3. Bai Xiaomo Canada 37
4. Bian Maoqin China 67
5. Bian Liangjing China 27
6. Bibynazli Mohd Hassim Malaysia 62
7. Brodskii Nikolai Russia 43
8. Burrows Rodney Australia 59
9. Burrows Mary Australia 54
10. Cao Rui China 32
11.Chan Huan Peen Malaysia 46
12.Che Junzhang China 68
13.Chen Jian China 58
14.Chen Changjun China 35
15.Chen Wei Malaysia 43
16.Chen Yun China 57
17.Chew Kar Mooi Malaysia 31
18.Chuang Hsiuling Taiwan 45
19.Chng Mei Malaysia 33
20.Chustrak Oleg Ukraine 45
21.Dai Shuling China 58
22.Daisy Anne Malaysia 56
23.Deineka Sergii Ukraine 45
24.Di Jiabin China 36
25.Dina Mohamed Yunus Ramli Malaysia
26.Ding Ying China 28
27.Ding Lijun China 43
28.Ding Yingg China 62
29.Dong Guowei China 48
30.Dou Yunshan China 61
31.Du Wen China 50
32. Feng Dong China 21
33. Feng Jixin China 70
34. Fu Baofeng China 28
35. Gan Tao China 44
36. Gan Fuxiang China 49
37. Gao Ge China 27
38.Gu Naijun Australia 31
39.Guan Hua Jin Malaysia 34
40.Guan Wenjie China 35
41.Han Jing China 53
42.Hashim Noorida Malaysia 57
43.Hou Aiqin China 45
44.Hou Bo China 35
45.Hu Siwan Chd China three
46.Hu Xiaoning China 34
47.Huang Yi China 30
48.Huang Tianhui China 43
49.Hue Pui Heng Malaysia 66
50.Jia Ping China 32
51.Jiang Cuiyun China62
52.Jiang Xueren China62
53.Jiang Ying China 27
54.Jiao Weiwei China 32
55.Jiao Wenxue China 58
56.Jing Hang Jee Malaysia 41
57. Ju Kun China 32
58.Kang Xu China 34
59.Koh Tiong Meng Malaysia 40
60.Kolekar Chetana India 55
61.Kolekar Swanand India 23
62.Kolekar Vinod India 59
63.Kozel Christian Austria 30
64.Lawton Catherine Australia 54
65.Lawton Robert Australia 58
66.Lee Kah Kin Malaysia 32
67.Lee Sew Chu Malaysia 55
68.Li Yanlin China 29
69.Li Zhi China 41
70.Li Guohui China 56
71.Li Hongjing China 20
72.Li Jie China 27
73.Li Mingzhong China 69
74.Li Wenbo China 29
75.Li Yan China 31
76.Li Yuan Australia 33
77.Li Yuchen China 27
78.Li Zhijin China 30
79.Li Zhixin China 35
80.Li Le China 36
81.Liang Luyang China 60
82.Liang Xuyang China 30
83.Lim Pow Chua Malaysia 43
84.Lin Annan China 27
85.Lin Mingfeng China 34
86.Liu Fengying China 65
87.Liu Jinpeng China 33
88.Liu Qiang China 40
89.Liu Rusheng China 76
90.Liu Shunchao China 46
91.Liu Zhongfu China 72
92.Lou Baotang China 79
93.Lu Jianhua China 57
94.Lu Xianchu China 33
95.Lui Ching China 45
96.Luo WeiChina 29
97.Ma Wenzhi China 57
98.Ma Jun China 33
99.Maimaitijiang A China 35
100. Mao Tugui China 72
101. Maraldi Luigi Itali 37
102. Maria Mohamed Yunus Ramli
Malaysia 52
103. Mat Rahim Norfadzillah Malaysia 39
104. Meng Nicole USA four
105. Meng Bing China 40
106. Meng Fanquan China 70
107. Meng Gaosheng China 64
108. Mohd Khairul Amri Selamat Malaysia
109. Mohamad Sofuan Ibrahim Malaysia
110. Muhammad Razahan Zamani Malaysia
111. Mustafa Suhaili Malaysia 31
112. Mukherjee Muktesh Canada 42
113. Ng May Li Malaysia 37
114. Norliakmar Hamid Malaysia 33
115. Ouyang Xin China 38
116. Puspanathan Subramanian Malaysia
117. Ramlan Safuan Malaysia 32
118. Sharma Chandrika India 51
119. Shi Xianwen China 26
120. Shirsath Kranti India 44
121. Sim Keng Wei Malaysia 53
122. Siregar Firman India 25
123. Song Feifei China 32
124. Song Chunling China 60
125. Song Kun China 25
126. Su Qiangguo China 71
127. Suadaya Ferryindra Indonesia 42
128. Suadaya Herryindra Indonesia 35
129. Sugianto Lo Indonesia 47
130. Surtidahlia Netherlands 50
131. Tan Teikhin Malaysia 32
132. Tan Ah Meng Malaysia 46
133. Tan Wei Chew Malaysia 19
134. Tan Chong Ling Malaysia 48
135. Tan Sioh Malaysia 42
136. Tang Xudong China 31
137. Tang Xuezhu China 57
138. Tanurisam Indrasuria Indonesia 57
139. Tee Lin Keong Malaysia 50
140. Teoh Kim Lun Malaysia 36
141. Tian Junwei China 29
142. Tian Qingjun China 51
143. Tong Soon Lee Malaysia 31
144. Vinny Chynthyatio Indonesia 47
145. Wan Hock Khoon Malaysia 42
146. Wang Shouxian China 69
147. Wang Shu China 61
148. Wang Xianjun China 61
149. Wang Chunhua China 34
150. Wang Chunyong China 43
151. Wang Dan China 54
152. Wang Haitao China 26
153. Wang Houbin China 28
154. Wang Linshi China 59
155. Wang Willysurijanto Indonesia 53
156. Wang Yonggang China 27
157. Wang Yonghui China 33
158. Wang Yongqiang China 30
159. Wang Lijun China 49
160. Wang Ximin New Zealand 50
161. Wang Rui China 35
162. Wang Moheng China 2
163. Wattrelos Ambre France 14
164. Wattrelos Hadrien France 17
165. Wattrelos Laurence France 52
166. Weeks Paul New Zealand 39
167. Wen Yongsheng China 34
168. Wen Hao China 32
169. Weng Mei China 39
170. Wong Sai Sang Malaysia 53
171. Wood Philip USA 51
172. Xie Liping China 51
173. Xin Xixi China 32
174. Xing FengTao China 36
175. Xing Qiao China 27
176. Xiong Deming China 63
177. Xu Chuane China 57
178. Ya Na China 26
179. Yan Ling China 29
180. Yan Peng China 29
181. Yan Xioa China 27
182. Yang Li China 35
183. Yang Ailing China 60
184. Yang Jiabao China 26
185. Yang Meihua China 65
186. Yang Qingyuan China 57
187. Yang Xiaoming China 59
188. Yao Jainfeng China 70
189. Yao Lifei China 31
190. Yap Chee Meng Malaysia 39
191. Yin Boyan China 33
192. Yin Yuewang China 21
193. Yuan Jin China 63
194. Yue Guiju China 51
195. Yue Wenchao China 26
196. Yusop Muzi Malaysia 50
197. Zang Lingdi China 58
198. Zhang Chi China 58
199. Zhang Liqin China 43
200. Zhang Qi China 31
201. Zhang Yan China 45
202. Zhang Hua China 43
203. Zhang Lijuan China 61
204. Zhang Na China 34
205. Zhang Siming China 71
206. Zhang Xiaolei China 32
207. Zhang Hualian China 42
208. Zhang Jianwu China 31
209. Zhang Jinquan China 72
210. Zhang Meng China 29
211. Zhang Xuewen China 61
212. Zhang Yan China 36
213. Zhang Yan USA 2
214. Zhang Yanhui China 44
215. Zhang Zhonghai China 43
216. Zhang Shaohua China 32
217. Zhao Gang China 46
218. Zhao Qiwei China 37
219. Zhao Yingxin China three
220. Zhao Peng China 25
221. Zhao Yan France 18
222. Zhao Zhaofang China 73
223. Zheng Ruixian China 42
224. Zhou Feng China 56
225. Zhou Jinling China 61
226. Zhou Shijie China 64
227. Zhu Junyan China 41
Following are the flight's cabin and
technical crew:
1. Zaharie Ahmad Shah (tech crew)
2. Fariq Ab Hamid (tech crew) Malaysia
3. Patrick Francis Gomes Malaysia
4. Andrew Nari Malaysia
5. Goh Sock Lay Malaysia
6. Tan Ser Kuin Malaysia
7. Wan Swaid Wan Ismail Malaysia
8. Junaidi Mohd Kassim Malaysia
9. Mohd Hazrin Mohamed Hasnan
10. Ng Yar Chien Malaysia
11. Foong Wai Yueng Malaysia
12. Tan Size Hiang Malaysia
Health / Re: What Could Be Wrong With Me? by dkings101(m): 6:34am On Mar 04
furazolidone capsule
lomaxx: What medication did you take?
Health / What Could Be Wrong With Me? by dkings101(m): 5:55am On Mar 04
I ve been diarrhea for more than 3 weeks now. I have taken medicine but to no avail. Can anyone advice pls. Thanks.
Investment / Re: Sanusi Destroyed Our Investment In Banks — Shareholders by dkings101(m): 7:49am On Mar 03
They spoke. Who wd see his / her investment going down the drain and wouldn't talk? They spoke wen Sanusi toke over the three bank and those bank aint doing well under his care. I lost my savings in those affected back. He shd be investigated. I hope miracle can happen abt the shares sha but i doubt.

Exactly my Thoughts!
Travel / Re: Nigerian Stowaway Dies, Frozen To Death As SA Plane Lands In US Airport by dkings101(m): 8:24pm On Feb 27
Plane flew from J'burg to Dakar onward to USA. How did they knw He is a Nigerian? Confirm his citizen like we have database. Smh. Rest in peace ur next the right way or stay wt us in this forsaken country so we can build it up 2geda...cos we r the leaders of tomorrow as they always tell us.

londonrivals: Officials of the Department of Homeland Security have contacted the Embassy of Nigeria to confirm his citizenship status.

Politics / Talking Parrot ‘helps’ UP Police Crack Murder Case by dkings101(m): 5:09pm On Feb 27
AGRA: In a case that seems straight out of an
Agatha Christie potboiler, a parrot turned
detective and helped nab its mistress' killer.
The question of who murdered Neelam Sharma,
45, and her pet dog, had been baffling the city
police for almost a week till they got a clue
provided by Hercule, the parrot.
Neelam, wife of Vijay Sharma, the editor of a
Hindi daily, was found murdered at her
residence on February 20. Her husband noticed
a change in the behaviour of the parrot whenever
his nephew Ashutosh visited their house after the
"During discussions too, whenever Ashutosh's
name was mentioned, the parrot would start
screeching. This raised my suspicion and I
informed the police," said Sharma.
SSP Agra, Shalabh Mathur, told TOI that
Ashutosh confessed to the crime on being
"We checked his call details and took him in
custody. He accepted his crime and informed us
that he was accompanied by an accomplice.
They had entered the house with the intention
of taking away cash and other valuables."
Afraid that his aunt might recognize him, he
stabbed her as well as the dog when he started
barking. But he hadn't accounted for the parrot
who was watching silently.

Phones / Re: MTN Is Forcefully Subscribing Customers To Callertunez by dkings101(m): 4:29pm On Feb 27
Bank would defraud customers
Telecom provider would also follow suit.
PHCN would bring unreasonable bill
Petrol Station go touch there meter and cheat on U.
Govt would embezzle tax payers money
Police go harrase u and collect ur money
EFCC too is the most corrupt institution

Na who go come save us from all these criminals? After them go say the country go better. Cursed state.
Politics / Re: Students Should Be Taught How To Use Catapult As Defense Weapon. by dkings101(m): 2:11pm On Feb 27
But since they know the terrain of where they r, they shd always be defense least go around wt catapult and stone all time. At least the catapult stones or arrows can be laced wt poison...


shey Boko Haram will give em letter in advance telling em to be ready!

Come on this animals strike when least expected.
Politics / Students Should Be Taught How To Use Catapult As Defense Weapon. by dkings101(m): 1:26pm On Feb 27
It's so dishearten the amount of defenseless student being massacre each time by BH. I recalled reading a thread where a DPO in one of the Southern state uses Catapult to fight crime. My question nw is, why don't govt come up wt a curriculum in schools to teach our students and youths on how to effectively use Arrow and Bow and also Catapult to defend themselves from gunmen since it's illegal for anyone to possess a gun? At least they can fight BH with it even if they would be killed, it better to defend yourself.
Violent Crimes / A Thief Molested 3 Days In The Raw By Female Hairdresser by dkings101(m): 5:10pm On Feb 19
The best examples that in Russia everything is
hard are the latest news received in our
In the city of Kaluga, central Russia, an armed
thief went to hairdressing saloon with a plan to
make armed robbery. But the busy and quiet
hairdresser girl, instead to obey the armed man
and give the money, she took his weapon and
with a marshal art move took him down. She was
a tae kwon do martial art expert.
But this is not for a WC-NEWS if the story
is not continuing in the most unexpected way!
Instead of reporting him to the Russian police,
she took him down to the basement and then
forced him to take a triple dosage of Viagra.
After that she simply Molested him.
She kept him in the basement for three days
and during this time she had a sex with him more
than 10 times.
After three days she told him that he is free to
He went straight to the police station and
reported the whole case. After the reporting he
went to the hospital where he was kept, because
of severe genital problems.
For the police report, the girls state that the sex
was consensual from the both sides.
In the short telephone interview, exclusively for
WC-NEWS, she made the following statement.
- In three days we had a sex several times. I
took a good care for him. I fed him on a
regular base, I washed him and I even bought
some new jeans for him. When he decides to live
I give him some money.
The Russian public prosecutor decides to fill a
case against both of them for an armed
robbery and sexually related crime case too.
Why the thief went to police is a still mystery
for everybody in the city of Kalyga. A week
after this bizarre incident the whole city is still
under an impression by the whole case. The
hairdressing saloon is becoming a heart of the
social life of the city and one of the greatest
tourist attractions in this dull city.
As we understand an undisclosed number of high
society female of the Moscow and St.
Petersburg already visited this saloon for
hairdressing but also for the juicy details of
the story.
The time to fly from Moscow to Kaluga by
plane is six hours.
Forum Games / Re: ~<<The Last Person To Post In This Thread Wins>>~ by dkings101(m): 8:17pm On Feb 18
This thread still dey exist?
Business / Re: With N500,000 What Can I Do And Make A Return Profit by dkings101(m): 3:29pm On Feb 18
OP...U want to knw hw 2 make wealth and multiply your capital right?...I wd advice you to use N200 from that money and buy this book "The Richest Man in Babylon" it and it would help you in investing your money.

According to Akhad in the book, he gave his money to a blacksmith to buy for him gem so he can resell and make profit. He lost his gold savings cos he invested in the wrong business, and not only tat gave his money to someone who know nothing about gem business and he ended up getting dumped...if you don't know about any business you want to invest in, you might loose your money.

So my advice is, meet ppl who are in the particular business you have interest in investing on, seek for their advice. Weigh the pro and con before investing. I wd employ you to get that book. Though little the price but mighty in it's teaching and principle of making wealth and how to make money and it's profit work for you.

That's my own 5 Kobo.


Romance / Spice Up Your Sex Life This Valentine With Alligator Pepper (aphrodisiac) by dkings101(m): 5:44am On Feb 14

Alligator Spices especially enjoyed a reputation through out the ages as aphrodisiacs and they have always been included in recipes for improving intimate potency, or to “spice up your love life.” The ritual of seduction almost always includes a romantic meal enhanced with heady exotic aromas of spices. In Africa an almost forgotten spice with a long track record as an aphrodisiac is Aframomum melegueta (Alligator pepper), commonly called Grains of Paradise.

Grains of paradise are a spice worth a couple minutes' meditation. Smell a small handful and you'll be hit by an intense woody, almost forest-like aroma. Then pop one in your mouth and bite down. There's an initial burst of inviting, peppery warmth, full but in no way harsh. Then a lifting note of citrus and something almost herby. In an instant the spice's woody character takes hold, and tree bark gives way to cloves, cinnamon, and the faintest hint of cardamom. And the finish? Some of the most pleasant, full-bodied heat I've had the pleasure to encounter. It lingers for a while, not as a tingle or a burn, but as an assertive, gentle flame.

Aframomum melegueta however, is so much more than a simple condiment and really can spice up your love life. In Cameroon and Nigeria, researchers, discovered that a waterbased extract of grains of paradise significantly increased male arousal and intimate function. The seeds are also used to promote intimate rejuvenation in men entering the male menopause. (Forget the Harley – take up cooking with Aframomum) The fresh fruit are also used to enhance intimate stimulation and sensation in males and females. Author of “Spicy Healing” Uwe Blesching, recommends to try 250mg to 1gm of the seeds an hour before intimate contact or a range of 2.5 mg/kg – 10mg/kg twice a day to achieve results. The aframomum family consists of dozens of subspecies; and aframomum stipulatum has been noted to especially improve penile rigidity and endurance.
Phones / Re: Which Of These Was Your First Phone? by dkings101(m): 4:12pm On Feb 08
Mine was 7 n 12

SalvationMopol: mine was 5
Properties / Re: Advise On Cost Of Building An 8 Self-contained In Benin City by dkings101(m): 2:48pm On Feb 06
Wen pesin dey find job or work, U go dey hear Sir, Ma, Yes Sir, Yes Ma, some go even wan use themsef do red carpet sef....make dem get wetin dem dey find finish, dem go use ur head dey play drum. Na tat time u go call call call taya, some go see ur call, dem no go answer....if u come use tat Sir influence wen dem b regard u b4 wan talk to dem ehn,...dem go shout for U. Hahahahaha.

Gone tru this b4. Bros all i wd advice u is, don't inflate ur price and please make sure what u r quoting is not in excess and your price are not much inflated. I know say na where u dey work u go take chop but don't over do it.

@OP...don't settle on one person, still make ur research, compare and contrast before any involvement and make sure if ur not present to over see the construction, make sure someone who knows much about building stand for U. Make dem no go use cheap or insufficient material build hse for upstair u wan build make e no go collapse...some engineers can be so wicked cos wat they wanna pocket.

Good luck .

eghosa johnny:

Thanks for your response sir,and I hope mr ossas got it right when you told him that I included the foundation to make up that amount it is always good for someone to read carefully before accusing ,well that's gone by the way I want to quickly correct something here mostly on the wardrobe I quoted on the last one we did on a job around june for about 22k each so I decided to make enquiries and found out its about 32k each.

So I want to quick appeal for whoever need this wardrobe that this price can handle a wardrobe and for the wood needed it a very good wood I can guarantee.

Sir on our discussion I want to repeat again and say it clearly here that if you need my assistance for the approval of your building for me covering your tax clearance I can handle it for the said amount of 200k .


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Violent Crimes / Re: Man Kills Lover In Lagos Hotel, Dumps Body In The Bush by dkings101(m): 12:28pm On Feb 05
Toks2008: Many many things happen for ojuelegba
And if you do anyhow
Then won ma sha e legba
Abi you find yourself o inside surulere
T'awon omo aiye ba ka e mu kari o ma sare gele
And from Ikeja to Bariga
From Bariga to Gbagada
From Gbagada to Mowe
Bi moshe n jaiye mi ko kan aiye
E ye oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Ori wo mi
Eleda mi hey oh
Double wahala for dead body
Double wahala for dem body
And the owner of dem body
Double wahala for dead body
Double wahala for dead body

That serves her right. Getting married to another and sleeping with another.

*Sings on*

Eleda mi hey oh
Double wahala for dead body
Double wahala for dem body
And the owner of dem body
Double wahala for dead body
Double wahala for dead body
You dey dey there dey hate me
When I dey hustle for my money
From Moscow to Malaysia
From Malaysia to Miami
Ko kan Aiye
Eye ma f'oshe yi mi o
If I like I spend my money
Anyway I like it oo
Oh oh
No come near me Mr talku talku
And if you gossip me
You go chop knuckle


Next topic please

Hahahahahaha. OMG! U really crack me up mahn. Nice one (y)
Violent Crimes / Re: Man Kills Lover In Lagos Hotel, Dumps Body In The Bush by dkings101(m): 12:04pm On Feb 05
tizak: *Clears throat*
As a member of the council of elders of NL, there are some things missing on this thread that the OP must produce with immediate effect:
1. Picture of the boy calling the girl to come under the bridge
2. Picture of the girl telling her friend bye-bye
3. Picture of the boy and the girl eating gala and drinks inside hotel room
4. Picture of the boy climbing okada after the deeds
5. Video of the hotel owner and his brother carrying the corpse from the hotel to the bush
6. Picture of police dick-tec-thieves searching inside bush for clues, etc.

Or it dint happen, dammit angry angry angry angry

Omg...End Time is near. These r the signs of End Time with "Picture or it's didn't happen"

Phones / Re: Where Do You Normally Keep Your Phone At Night? by dkings101(m): 7:38pm On Feb 03
I use to keep my BlackBerry on top of my laptop but each time i wake up, i see tat my full charged ba3 is drained to 0 status. So i guess my laptop does funny things or molest my BlackBerry wen am i keep it on the floor close to my bed. I once placed my watch and my phone together, the next day, my watch battery went dead and my BlackBerry drained to 0 status...
Romance / Re: My Ex Girlfriend Is Threating To Deal With Me by dkings101(m): 2:25pm On Jan 23

I don't get ur point Miss. i mean people have s*x everywhere both the married and unmarried, accidentally or not people get pregnant, and when the pregnancy is unwanted (even in marriage), there must be some estimable measures to do away with the unfortunate circumstance.
Nobody is immune to mistakes especially in love/intimate affinity. there is no such thing as curse! in a consensual affair you had with an ex. the ex-girl just used the unfortunate incident to inflict fear on the ex boy-friend's mind by mentioning the blood of an aborted the guy will become afraid and come back to her. Rubbish!!

@OP, just take time and rebuild ur life , everyone should leave you alone for now. Remember what i told you about your present girl-friend. limit ur commitments with her, never underestimate the tricks of women when it comes to marriage.
♥ the bolded quote

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Travel / Re: My Journey From The UK To Nigeria ((with Pictures)) by dkings101(m): 4:36am On Jan 16
Wen I arrived 9ja Nov 2011, the escalator wasn't am not surprise it's not working till now. I think, Lagos needs a brand new airport of world class standard...lets take a look on this youtube video. This is KLIA2 meant solely for low-cost carriers / budget airlines flying regional and international...this is an example of a simple-decent looking airport. I hope we get things right one day in this foresaken country.
Culture / I Recall My MUM Telling Me About A Man by dkings101(m): 1:23pm On Nov 30, 2013
I Recall My MUM telling me about a man in my hood who bcame popular 4 engaging in money rituals just to buy the 80's edition of the Honda Prelude. U wouldn't buy that car for 50k 2day. Some other guy brutally murdered his brother (whom their father gave cash 2 travel 4 the purpose of re- stocking their warehouse), just 'cos he wanted 2 acquire the rave of the moment - Pathfinder Jeep. That same vehicle is now better described as a coffin. I Remember my whole street gathered to watch a truck deliver a very large satellite dish to my neighbour's house. 2day a dish one tenth that size delivers 50 times the value and is in almost every student's room. What about the Volkswagen Santana, Mercedes Benz V boot, 505 Evolution, Toyota Crown, all overtaken by latest models of Camry, Honda, Bugatti, Bentley, X6, Acura and Infinity.... Vanity! A lady left her true luv cos some rich guy then persuaded her with a golf 1, which turned out 2 be the only car they ever owned till date. She found out too late that true love is invaluable. A friend declared drinks because he launched the Nokia Communicator for over 100K in 2002. 2day dat fone would embarrass the owner and is a joke compared to the low cost and everyday phone. What about d MTN sim card dat many people went extra miles b4 dey bought for over 30k, 2day u will not buy it at N100 because all networks are begging people to even take it for free. Just Recently BBM, dat Lots of Gals had 2 do some unspeakable fins for, just because they want to PING, is now even in common Techno fones. People r still making the most horrific sacrifices over 'vanity' and make enemies over worthless material things. What can I Say? Look back @ that one fin U wanted to kill or die 4 years back and see what has become of it 2day. There is absolutely nofin u can't achieve, all u need is, 2 b on ur grind, a little time and PATIENCE and u would thank God without regrets..Be Wise! Life itself is Vanity and nothing stays on top of the game forever. Be thankful
Travel / Re: What Shocked You. When You Entered A Foreign Country by dkings101(m): 1:52pm On Nov 02, 2013
From the Skies of Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport, U see the design of the road like it's drawn on Paper. U can't help but open ur mouth to "WOW". The Airport is One of the Best. U have to take computer-driven train to the other axis of the Airport to cross immigration. Underneath the airport is another computerised train tat wd take u directly to the capital city (KL Sentral) where u final find ur way from there.

Na the road network u wan talk? U don't need to knw road, just buy/rent motor, dey drive, if u miss road, no worry, u wd surely reconnect back (but u might find ursef in Private Tolled road where u wd dull out some ringgit once u miss road, i call that business)

Fast internet, free wifi even in their local Mama Put restoran. There food is superb. They have more than 500 foods, and i no sure if i chop reach 50 sef. Nice Shopping malls wt good architectural designs and Chinese market where u can get ursef fake LV products and the likes tat looks Original where u fit take dey poo for Facebook hahahahaha.

Their politics there dey sweet me, them govt dey chop money oo but u can't know cos the citizen are all reaping the dividend of their manifesto. Na there road wen get expiring date u wan talk? Before u sleep wake up the next morning, u don see new road. Is it their LRT and Monorail?

For 5 yrs, dem no take light for one day. Na free newspaper u can get anywhere?? Is it the free air travel? Just pay for fuel charge and travel on a later date.

Visited Philippines, wow...nice reception. They like foreigners ehn, they don't care if u r black like back of pot. If u r a guy, u r advice to hide ur Int'l passport cos if dem girls go love u, na ur passport dem go dey find make dem flush am for toilet so u no go go again.. Na from tour guild lady wen dey work for Airport i from start from sef hahaha.

Cambodia....while abt to land, the country be like Ajegunle...woman can ask u to come disvirgin her daughter for a little token...

Singapore...that one be say the country clean die...if u throw rubbish for ground, b4 u knw, police don come issue u summon ticket and if u no pay the fine, u can leave the country.

Transit via Dubai, Doha...their buildings there ehn, u go dey ask God who design these buildings. It's just 2 out of this world.

In all sha...wen u step outta the shores of 9ja, the first thing u say is "God Punish Federal Government and the president in position as of then".


Politics / Re: Lagos Wooden-Bridge Owners Make Millions Of Naira Daily – Investigation by dkings101(m): 1:28am On Oct 27, 2013
soul_glo: Is there water under that "bridge"

No na grass dey there...
Fashion / 36yr Old Man Undergoes 19 Surgeries To Look Exactly Like Superman by dkings101(m): 5:23pm On Sep 09, 2013
A 36-year old Filipino, Herbert Chavez has undergone 19 surgeries in the past 16 years just so he can look like Superman.

Chavez has had nose jobs, skin whitening, lip liposuction, jaw realignment, pec implants and even abdominal implants to become a real-life Clarke Kent after falling in love with the TV program aged five.

He has splashed around 300,000 Pesos (N1.1million) on his obsession – a fortune compared to the average N230 hourly wage in the Philippines.

He said: ‘I feel like a Superhero whenever I pull on the costume, but my mission is not to save the world but to help in my own small way and bring a smile to the faces of local children.
‘I don’t have any regrets at all. People come up to me in the street all the time and want their picture taken with me.

‘They are all really excited to see a real-life Superman in the Philippines.’
Business / Re: Having A Profitable Is It? Pls Advice. by dkings101(m): 7:56am On Sep 07, 2013
Thanks all for the advice. It's well noted.
Education / How Profitable Going Into School Business?? by dkings101(m): 4:14pm On Sep 06, 2013
Good day Nairalanders...Kindly share wt me ur advice pls.
A friend of mine who just came back abroad is thinking of converting his twin building into a Nursery/Primary school. The buildings r a storey building with 4 x 2 bedroom flat x 2. So he is thinking of dividing the parlours to get two class to say, in one flat, he would get 4 class rooms so in one building, he would be getting 16 class in sum up, both building would be 32 class my ques are?

1. Is it enough to start up a Nur/Primary school?
2. What are the pro and cons starting up a school?
3. How profitable is the venture?

He wants to be the Proprietor and would be employing able and talented individual to run the school.

Pls Nairalander...kindly share ur advice on this topic. Thanks.

@Moderator...pls help put this post on frontpage thanks.
Business / Re: Having A Profitable Is It? Pls Advice. by dkings101(m): 3:27pm On Sep 06, 2013
Moderator...please help lift this post to frontpage pls..
Business / Having A Profitable Is It? Pls Advice. by dkings101(m): 12:56pm On Sep 06, 2013
Good day Nairalanders...Kindly share wt me ur advice pls.
A friend of mine who just came back abroad is thinking of converting his twin building into a Nursery/Primary school. The buildings r a storey building with 4 x 2 bedroom flat x 2. So he is thinking of dividing the parlours to get two class to say, in one flat, he would get 4 class rooms so in one building, he would be getting 16 class in sum up, both building would be 32 class my ques are?

1. Is it enough to start up a Nur/Primary school?
2. What are the pro and cons starting up a school?
3. How profitable is the venture?

He wants to be the Proprietor and would be employing able and talented individual to run the school.

Pls Nairalander...kindly share ur advice on this topic. Thanks.

@Moderator...pls help put this post on frontpage thanks.

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