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Religion / Re: Wow !!!: One Of The Greatness Of The "Holy Quran". by F00028: 2:12pm On Aug 29
only if you were born before the year 2000
Politics / Re: Australian Negotiator Reveals Boko Haram Sponsors And Plans by F00028: 5:05pm On Aug 28
okonja: Hmmmm, I wonder what they benefiting from this lipsrsealed angry

Amoshie: ....if boko haram continues to attack there will b no election in those regions n hence GEJ will av a massive winning.

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Politics / Re: Ribadu Picks PDP Adamawa Gov Election From by F00028: 6:24am On Aug 19
undecided so na now him finally know him level. no be presidential ambition he get before?
Religion / Re: Muslims! Get Prepared!, Jesus Is Coming Soon!!! by F00028: 6:19am On Aug 19
at least we agree on one thing: Jeaus Christ is coming back.

ebenice: and only those who truely believe on Him as SAVIOUR AND LORD..
did he tell you that, what does it mean exactly?
Religion / Re: Atheism And Death. My Ebola Experience by F00028: 6:03am On Aug 17

"thank God" is an expression in English language. Has nothing to do with a belief in God

I see that too much Arabic has spoilt your English vocabulary undecided

Funky muslim
bull$%!£...the context betrays you. it was more than just a colloquiallism in your case.

p.s: even though I believe you really did shout "alhamdulillah" in english, I know you left that in so you can have this argument with somebody...but I couldn't resist

feeble minded atheist

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Religion / Re: Atheism And Death. My Ebola Experience by F00028: 5:16am On Aug 17
TheBigUrban2: . You should see how I was jumping despite being sick. THANK GOD I HAVE MALARIA...

undecided thank God? atheist??

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Religion / Re: The Trouble With Richard Dawkins by F00028: 12:59pm On Aug 03
TheBigUrban2: I wonder where the op is now...... undecided
looks like you missed, logic. am still here.
Politics / Re: What Does Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq And Somalia Have In Common? by F00028: 5:39pm On Jul 24
all former european colonies
Politics / Re: BOKO HARAM: Opposition Is A Coalition Of Muslim Extremists — Russian Experts by F00028: 6:28am On Jul 20
don't them russians got their own problems? undecided
Politics / Re: Suggest Ways JONATHAN Can Sack SANUSI Without Recourse To The Senate by F00028: 3:04pm On Jan 10
Section 11(2)(f) of the CBN Act states:
“A person shall not remain a Governor, Deputy Governor or Director of the Bank if he is removed by the President: Provided that the removal of the Governor shall be supported by two-thirds majority of the Senate praying that he be so removed.”

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Education / Re: Single Sex School Vs Mixed School Which Is Better?? by F00028: 10:26pm On Jan 08
martha: Mixed of course... Single-sex schools simply promotes homosexualism...
I went to mixed schools there was incidents of homosexualism
Education / Re: Single Sex School Vs Mixed School Which Is Better?? by F00028: 10:20pm On Jan 08
benefits of single-sex schools :

(1) Decreases distractions in learning,

(2) Reduces student behavior problems,

(3) Provides more leadership opportunities,

(4) Promotes a sense of community among students and staff,

(5) Improves student self-esteem,

(6) Addresses unique learning styles and interests of boys or girls,

(7) Decreases sex bias in teacher- student interactions,

(8 ) Improves student achievement,

(9) Decreases the academic problems of low achieving students,

(10) Reduces intimate harassment among students,

(11) Provides more positive student role models,

(12) Allows for more opportunities to provide social and moral guidance,

(13) Provides choice in public education.

source: (2008). Early Implementation of Public Single-Sex Schools: Perceptions and Characteristics. Washington D.C.
Education / Re: Help Me,which Expression Is Most Correct? by F00028: 9:14am On Jan 08
for starters I think it should be, perspective on
Islam for Muslims / Re: Anything Islam Says NO! Is Unhealthy by F00028: 10:49am On Jan 06
^^^ where does it say that?
Religion / Re: Was This New Pope Just Chosen To Make The Catholic Church Cool And Liberal? PR? by F00028: 10:18am On Jan 06
Mr. Aladin:

who is he to Judge? Is he God?
What does the Bible say about judging others?

Take a Look at Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will
be judged.
only that his God has already judged homosexuals severally in corinthians, timothy, leviticus and so on.

"Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived;neither fornicators, nor idolaters, noradulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals"
1 Cor 6:9
Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 10:15pm On Jan 05
Who is his father?

Isn't it possible to be without father?
of course it is. Adam was.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Do Good Always, No Matter How Small It May Be. by F00028: 12:50pm On Dec 31, 2013
this is a lovely reminder

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Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 7:09pm On Dec 27, 2013
Lil B®ight™©:
John 11-35 I and my father are one...
if that what you regard as explicit, then Jesus "explicitly " made the disciples God via John 17:21, 14:20

and just to be clear, “One” used in both the verses John 10:30 ( I and the father are one) and John 17:21 is the same. it's “heis” hice

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Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 3:08pm On Dec 26, 2013
ebenice: JESUS IS THE WAY,THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE... Any other claim by any other prophet contrary to that FACT is a FARCE

undecided so where was Moses leading all those people?
Islam for Muslims / Re: To All 'miss Goody Two Shoes' Muslimahs: It's Not About The Pudah, Its Your Acts by F00028: 8:25am On Dec 26, 2013

You're a writer? That's impressive. Can you create a blog for our Muslim sisters? Something that could encourage Islamic living in this urbane world we r now, esp lagos

you are joking, right?

did you not read the the op? undecided
Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 8:23am On Dec 26, 2013
And what abt you who do not accept Him for He says He is? Smh...
and who does he say he is?
Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 9:53am On Dec 22, 2013
I ain't showing you anything,study the Bible!
Yours and their Opinions,it does not change the fact that Paul was not d founder of Christainity and nothing Paul said contradicts what Jesus said.
that's 'cos you have nothing to show.

Jesus Christ didn't teach: that he was divine, about any trinity, or that he came to die for any original sin.

that new kind of christianity has paul as its founder.
Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 10:39pm On Dec 21, 2013
Talked on by Jesus,He showed us His divine nature,Paul only hammered on it

though the Word,"Trinity" was not found in d Bible,but d "concept" is well spelled out,and it was also revealed by Jesus too,it was nt Paul idea.
Jesus the Christ, the Son of Mary revealed no such thing.

That was what Jesus came to do,to atone for our sins,and He lived it,preached it and talked about,so it was not Paul's idea,that was God's plan from d fall of man.

who told you that? definitely not Jesus Christ.

...yes faith in Christ Jesus,it was not Paul's idea-Jesus preached it and talked about it,its only by Faith in Christ Jesus that we can be saved.

show me

Christainity has a foundation in Jesus not Paul who is just a servant of Christ Jesus,He didnt say what Jesus doesnt want him to say.
Jesus loves you.

"Let the reader contrast the true Christian standard with that of Paul and he will see the terrible betrayal of all that the Master taught.... For the surest way to betray a great Teacher is to misrepresent his message.... That is what Paul and his followers did, and because the Church has followed Paul in his error it has failed lamentably to redeem the world.... The teachings given by the blessed Master Christ, which the disciples John and Peter and James, the brother of the Master, tried in vain to defend and preserve intact were as utterly opposed to the Pauline Gospel as the light is opposed to the darkness."
-Rev. V.A. Holmes-Gore: Christ or Paul?

"The attitude which Paul himself takes up towards the Gospel of Jesus is that he does not repeat it in the words of Jesus, and does not appeal to its authority.... The fateful thing is that the Greek, the Catholic, and the Protestant theologies all contain the Gospel of Paul in a form which does not continue the Gospel of Jesus, but displaces it."
-The Quest for the Historical Jesus, Albert

“Paul, the founder of Christianity, the writer of half the NT, almost never quotes Jesus in his letters and writings."

-“The World Religions”, p 330

"Paul's words are not the Words of God. They are the words of Paul- a vast difference."
-Bishop John S. Spong, Episcopal Bishop of Newark. (Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism, p. 104, Harper San Francisco, 1991)
Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 3:26pm On Dec 21, 2013
Mintayo: Lies and Misconceptions. Paul is nt d founder of Christainity,Jesus is!
what you have today is all paul:
-divinity of Jesus,
-salvation by faith.

"Paul made Christianity the religion of
Paul, not of Christ Paul threw the
Christianity of Christ away, completely
turning it upside down. making it just the
opposite of the original proclamation of
- Soren Kierkegaard, The Journals.

"The writings of Paul have been a danger
and a hidden rock. the causes of the
principal defects of Christian theology."
- writes theologian Ernest Renan, in his book
Saint Paul.
Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 11:01am On Dec 20, 2013
FOLYKAZE: What is the meaning of this crap?
can't you read? undecided
Islam for Muslims / Re: Are Christian Section Admin Muslims? Allah Is He A Moon God? by F00028: 9:12pm On Nov 21, 2013
then in mat. 27:46 Jesus was calling on a moon god because 'Alah' is the aramaic word for, God.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: I See! Allah Is A Moon God by F00028: 11:13pm On Nov 20, 2013
then in mat. 27:46 Jesus was calling to a moon god on the cross. 'Alah' is the aramaic word for God.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Hoaxes And Fabrications On Islam And Muslims by F00028: 7:48am On Nov 20, 2013
3 types of lies:
1. Lies
2. Damn lies
3. Statistics
Christians concentrate on (fabricate) the third

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Religion / Re: If Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven, Can Muslim Ever Make Heaven by F00028: 10:01am On Nov 18, 2013
The questions I'm begging answers to since are...

well you are going to beg a long time because you guys are still dancing around the question I first asked.

Read from Genesis to Malachi is there for you intact....

if you don't know where they are just say so and dont try sending me on a wild goose chase through 40-46 books! (depending on your vesrsion of the bible)
Religion / Re: If Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven, Can Muslim Ever Make Heaven by F00028: 11:38pm On Nov 16, 2013
Eben 2:
...Moreover, if He was just for Isreal, how come He saved me, a Nigerian?

that's the thing: he didn't save you. he never came for you. he came only for the lost sheep of israel.

clearly stephen understood (acts 11:19) as did the disciples that contended with peter(acts 11:1-3)...its you that refuses to see.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Are Women Not Fit To Be Leaders? by F00028: 12:02pm On Nov 16, 2013
Paris_Love: ...It's quite confusing.

like I said, just read 1st Timothy Chapter 2
verse 12 it'll all be clear to you.
Religion / Re: If Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven, Can Muslim Ever Make Heaven by F00028: 8:06pm On Nov 15, 2013
Eben 2:
What is explained beautifully in quran 53:18? Nothing is beautifully explained in quran my brother....

you have to look before you can see, bro.

Eben 2:
...When Peter who misinterpreted His words used physical sword to cut off the ear of that boy, our Lord who only came to saved that which was lost, rebuked Peter and healed the ear that was cut off...

no! Jesus was talking about physical swords. thats why they needed to SELL their garments to BUY them (luke 22:36).

Jesus only changed his mind about an armed confrontation because when the jews finally caught up with them he saw they also brought along roman soldiers...resistance then would have been futile. (see john 18:3)

Eben 2:
Why dont you forget about religion and let Jesus save your soul. He came for that purpose!
purposely, he only came for the jews.
mat. 15:2- "I was sent ONLY to the lost sheep of Israel."

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