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Politics / Re: VIDEO: Namadi Sambo Declares PDP The Real Islamic Party & APC A Christian Party by F00028: 4:19pm On Feb 04
has he forgotten his oga?!? undecided

Jokes Etc / Re: What's Wrong With This Pics ? by F00028: 1:36am On Feb 03
the goat is hungry of buhari
Religion / Re: Has Anyone Read The Entire Bible - Genesis To Revelation? by F00028: 5:34pm On Jan 31
I have not finished it. But started studying it. It's very inspiring. I advise myself to take it slowly in order to feel the word. It's a thing every christian should do. A daily food.
keep going. let me know if you ever get to the end of revelations
Politics / Re: Feb 14th 1985 Buhari Praised Islamic Enonomics (with Pic) by F00028: 8:13am On Jan 29
he's not the only one. recently:
British Prime Minister David Cameron says he wants to make London one of the centers of global Islamic finance, one of the fastest-growing sectors of the international market....
Technology Market / Re: If You've Used Any Of These Gadgets Before, You Maybe Older Than You Think!! by F00028: 9:27am On Jan 09
what of those of us wey dey still use am?

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Politics / Re: GEJ At The Notorious Camp Five Creek In 2007 To Plead With The Millitants by F00028: 12:11am On Dec 15, 2014
GEJ should equally send his vice president, Muhammad Namadi Sambo to bh

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Religion / Re: Boko Haram Attacked Our Building ─ T.B. Joshua by F00028: 7:19am On Sep 15, 2014
undecided how come he didn't see it coming?

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Politics / Re: Chronicles Of Missing “things” In Nigeria by F00028: 7:42pm On Sep 11, 2014
^^^ you never cite your own sources undecided

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Nairaland / General / Re: Residents Grab Catholic Seminarians, Tag Them Terrorists by F00028: 8:58am On Sep 03, 2014
nonsense! and bh members would advertise their presence in akute? undecided
Family / Re: How I Resigned Fromthe “one Man – Onewife” Club by F00028: 11:14pm On Sep 01, 2014

I understand how you feel. The truth is bitter and it hurts. pele.
sorry for yourself. you think marriage is just about se.x.
Family / Re: How I Resigned Fromthe “one Man – Onewife” Club by F00028: 11:45am On Sep 01, 2014
...Greed is their main reason for their status. they all see women as s*e*x objects and properties acquired to service their pen1ses only. Nothing more! This tells you why they are equated to lab rats in the Op. Pathetic!!
you have a very narrow construction of what marriage is.
Family / How I Resigned Fromthe “one Man – Onewife” Club by F00028: 10:34am On Sep 01, 2014
Maybe it’s midlife crises or maybe it’s
something else, but recently the topic of
polygamy keeps finding its way into
conversations with my friends. And because I
always insist that one woman was enough for
me, they call me the President of the ‘One man
– One wife’ club. But something happened
some weeks ago that changed all of that.
You see my preference for monogamy is not
rooted in any belief in its superiority as a
matrimonial system rather it is based simply
on my fear of fatigue. In my calculation, if
having a wife requires some considerable
amount of work – you know, the kind of work
that husband do on their wives (I’m trying hard
not to be vulgar here) – then having 2 wives
will automatically mean twice the work, 3
wives thrice the work, etc. and since with only
one wife I am at a point of equilibrium, I felt
getting a second wife will tilt the balance
towards fatigue. And because I believe strongly
that marriage is meant to be a pleasant
experience, then there shouldn’t be any room
for fatigue in it, hence my preference for
monogamy. But apparently, I was wrong.
Sexual relations had no respect for math logic
after all. I was made to realize this first by a
group of polygamists and then later by a
published scientific paper.

First the polygamists…

Some weeks ago, I was in a conversation with
some senior colleagues at the office (all of
them with multiple wives) and one of them
mentioned how his sexual drive effectively
doubled after he married his second wife. [In
case you are wondering why we were having
that kind of conversation at the office, well, we
were on strike then]. As soon as the guy said
that, all the others supported him with similar
experiences of their own. One of them, a three
star General (that’s polygamists’ lingo for
having three wives) said he is so virile now
that he can actually service all three wives in
one night. And he added, looking pointedly at
my now incredulous face that he too wouldn’t
have believed back when he had just one wife,
that he would actually “perform” much better
with three. He concluded that it was a mystery
only Generals could understand. Apparently,
having one wife didn’t make me a one star

Then the science…

A couple of days ago, I was searching the web
for something completely unrelated and
accidentally stumbled upon the findings of a
research that was conducted way back in the
1970s. The experiment was initially conducted
on rats but was subsequently carried out on
other higher mammals all with very similar
results. The summary of the findings as aptly
put by Glenn Wilson in his “The Great Sex
“The males of most mammals have a definite
urge towards seeking variety in their in sexual
partners. If a male rat is introduced to a female
rat in a cage, a remarkably high copulation rate
will be observed at first. Then, progressively,
the male will tire of that particular female and,
even though there is no apparent change in her
receptivity, he eventually reaches a point where
he has little apparent libido. However, if the
original female is then removed and a fresh one
supplied, the male is immediately restored to
his former vigor and enthusiasm.”
That essentially was what “three star General”
was talking about. Scientists call it the
Coolidge Effect. It was named after the 30
president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge.

It was said that the President and his wife
were visiting a government farm in Kentucky
one day and after arrival were taken off on
separate tours. When Mrs. Coolidge passed by
the chicken pens she paused to ask her guide
how often the rooster could be expected to
perform his duty. ‘Dozens of times a day’ was
her guide’s reply. She was most impressed by
this and said rather mischievously, ‘Please tell
that to the President.’ When the President was
duly informed of the rooster’s performance he
was initially dumbfounded. Then a thought
occurred to him. ‘Was this with the same hen
each time?’ he inquired. ‘Oh no, Mr President, a
different one each time’ was his host’s reply.
The President nodded slowly, smiled and said,
”Tell that to Mrs Coolidge!’ And thus the
phenomenon was named the Coolidge Effect.
With this discovery there’s nothing left for me
to do than to honorably resign my position as
the president of the “One man – One wife”
club. And in case you are reading this and you
happen to be my wife, I’ll like to assure you
darling that I am still a member of the club I
am just not the president anymore.

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Religion / Re: Wow !!!: One Of The Greatness Of The "Holy Quran". by F00028: 2:12pm On Aug 29, 2014
only if you were born before the year 2000
Politics / Re: Australian Negotiator Reveals Boko Haram Sponsors And Plans by F00028: 5:05pm On Aug 28, 2014
okonja: Hmmmm, I wonder what they benefiting from this lipsrsealed angry

Amoshie: ....if boko haram continues to attack there will b no election in those regions n hence GEJ will av a massive winning.

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Politics / Re: Ribadu Picks PDP Adamawa Gov Election From by F00028: 6:24am On Aug 19, 2014
undecided so na now him finally know him level. no be presidential ambition he get before?
Religion / Re: Muslims! Get Prepared!, Jesus Is Coming Soon!!! by F00028: 6:19am On Aug 19, 2014
at least we agree on one thing: Jeaus Christ is coming back.

ebenice: and only those who truely believe on Him as SAVIOUR AND LORD..
did he tell you that, what does it mean exactly?
Religion / Re: Atheism And Death. My Ebola Experience by F00028: 6:03am On Aug 17, 2014

"thank God" is an expression in English language. Has nothing to do with a belief in God

I see that too much Arabic has spoilt your English vocabulary undecided

Funky muslim
bull$%!£...the context betrays you. it was more than just a colloquiallism in your case.

p.s: even though I believe you really did shout "alhamdulillah" in english, I know you left that in so you can have this argument with somebody...but I couldn't resist

feeble minded atheist

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Religion / Re: Atheism And Death. My Ebola Experience by F00028: 5:16am On Aug 17, 2014
TheBigUrban2: . You should see how I was jumping despite being sick. THANK GOD I HAVE MALARIA...

undecided thank God? atheist??

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Religion / Re: The Trouble With Richard Dawkins by F00028: 12:59pm On Aug 03, 2014
TheBigUrban2: I wonder where the op is now...... undecided
looks like you missed, logic. am still here.
Politics / Re: What Does Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq And Somalia Have In Common? by F00028: 5:39pm On Jul 24, 2014
all former european colonies
Politics / Re: BOKO HARAM: Opposition Is A Coalition Of Muslim Extremists — Russian Experts by F00028: 6:28am On Jul 20, 2014
don't them russians got their own problems? undecided
Politics / Re: Suggest Ways JONATHAN Can Sack SANUSI Without Recourse To The Senate by F00028: 3:04pm On Jan 10, 2014
Section 11(2)(f) of the CBN Act states:
“A person shall not remain a Governor, Deputy Governor or Director of the Bank if he is removed by the President: Provided that the removal of the Governor shall be supported by two-thirds majority of the Senate praying that he be so removed.”

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Education / Re: Single Sex School Vs Mixed School Which Is Better?? by F00028: 10:26pm On Jan 08, 2014
martha: Mixed of course... Single-sex schools simply promotes homosexualism...
I went to mixed schools there was incidents of homosexualism
Education / Re: Single Sex School Vs Mixed School Which Is Better?? by F00028: 10:20pm On Jan 08, 2014
benefits of single-sex schools :

(1) Decreases distractions in learning,

(2) Reduces student behavior problems,

(3) Provides more leadership opportunities,

(4) Promotes a sense of community among students and staff,

(5) Improves student self-esteem,

(6) Addresses unique learning styles and interests of boys or girls,

(7) Decreases sex bias in teacher- student interactions,

(8 ) Improves student achievement,

(9) Decreases the academic problems of low achieving students,

(10) Reduces sexual harassment among students,

(11) Provides more positive student role models,

(12) Allows for more opportunities to provide social and moral guidance,

(13) Provides choice in public education.

source: (2008). Early Implementation of Public Single-Sex Schools: Perceptions and Characteristics. Washington D.C.
Education / Re: Help Me,which Expression Is Most Correct? by F00028: 9:14am On Jan 08, 2014
for starters I think it should be, perspective on
Islam for Muslims / Re: Anything Islam Says NO! Is Unhealthy by F00028: 10:49am On Jan 06, 2014
^^^ where does it say that?
Religion / Re: Was This New Pope Just Chosen To Make The Catholic Church Cool And Liberal? PR? by F00028: 10:18am On Jan 06, 2014
Mr. Aladin:

who is he to Judge? Is he God?
What does the Bible say about judging others?

Take a Look at Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will
be judged.
only that his God has already judged homosexuals severally in corinthians, timothy, leviticus and so on.

"Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived;neither fornicators, nor idolaters, noradulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals"
1 Cor 6:9
Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 10:15pm On Jan 05, 2014
Who is his father?

Isn't it possible to be without father?
of course it is. Adam was.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Do Good Always, No Matter How Small It May Be. by F00028: 12:50pm On Dec 31, 2013
this is a lovely reminder

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Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 7:09pm On Dec 27, 2013
Lil B®ight™©:
John 11-35 I and my father are one...
if that what you regard as explicit, then Jesus "explicitly " made the disciples God via John 17:21, 14:20

and just to be clear, “One” used in both the verses John 10:30 ( I and the father are one) and John 17:21 is the same. it's “heis” hice

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Islam for Muslims / Re: For Those Considering To Leave Islam for Christianity by F00028: 3:08pm On Dec 26, 2013
ebenice: JESUS IS THE WAY,THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE... Any other claim by any other prophet contrary to that FACT is a FARCE

undecided so where was Moses leading all those people?

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