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Politics / Re: PDP's Orubebe Disrupts Results Announcement By Jega by Gbawe: 11:56am
Gej is gentleman to the core, if he had wanted rigging , this election wouldn't have come to this, he opted for a free and fair election and Apc took advantage of his innocence .

Please shut up and go to sleep. Bitter loser. What "innocence"? The APC simply worked hard to campaign well and sell their candidates. The same GEJ who organised the "19 is greater than 16" Nigerian governors forum election is now "innocent"? You clannish tw1ts must think all Nigerians are fond of revisionism and telling outright lies as you seem to enjoy doing.


Politics / Re: PDP's Orubebe Disrupts Results Announcement By Jega by Gbawe: 11:51am
Somebody is protesting his right , you say he is a disgrace, even the international community will hear him out.

You villagers are so barbaric, clannish backward and 'ghetto' to the extent you can blatantly support what is wrong koro-koro. Someone is disgracing Nigeria with totally inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour and you are here supporting the show of shame. Is this the platform to protest "his rights"? Why not head to Court as the PDP is always fond of telling others to do? So his protests will suddenly make Jega stop, apologize and order new elections?


Politics / Re: PDP's Orubebe Disrupts Results Announcement By Jega by Gbawe: 11:35am
Disgusting show of shame. There is no way back for the PDP now and their "sit-tight" proponents behind GEJ. This is a disgraceful show before the eyes of the world. The fool is shouting that Jega is "tribalistic" yet they were all happy when Jega declared GEJ the winner in 2011. He suddenly became tribalistic this year. Yet these people will claim the North acts as if "born to rule". I just wonder why this disgraceful chap and his co-traveller cannot simply be arrested and taken away so the process can continue. How can a few 1diots hijack the the election announcement process of a sovereign nation like this?


Politics / Re: The South Failed Jonathan by Gbawe: 11:14am
Lmao at fictitious South.

GEJ never even ruled as a Southerner with Southern solidarity - apart from being a disaster as a leader lol.

Geezer, you seen this ? We told the arrogant tw1t he is an ignoramus of the highest order. The coward has now gone into hiding cool cool cool cool cool cool

Politics / Re: The South Failed Jonathan by Gbawe: 11:12am
It wasn't the south, it was the southwest. Who is surprised we went and choose the fulani over the Ijaw? I'm not. We always pick northerns.

It is sad and disgusting but it is the reality.

No excuses. I kind of hope the south south remembers this and punishes us the next time we need their help or votes.

Why are you people such mean-spirited losers and shamelessly hateful liars always looking to indict the Yorubas of wrong doing? How is your " We always pick northerns" lie stand the test of fact which is that Jonathan won 5 out of six SW States in 2011? Buhari did not even win a single SW State !!! You guys should endeavour to be more like the Yorubas who consistently try to support good leaders and reject bad ones. This is what has happened with GEJ so take your disgusting lies and nauseating self-deceit elsewhere.
Politics / Re: To Those Who Thinks Yorubas Are Like Them by Gbawe: 11:05am
In yorubaland, we're soft hearted, friendly, accommodating n above all tolerant. The yooruba stake in nigeria is unquantifiable. We're nt money mongers n money can't buy our minds where it matter most. No tribe in nigeria can damn us or jettison our future in nigeria like jonathan worked hard to achieve with his cohorts.

Victory is ours! I'm happy I dnt regret my supports for Buhari. Its a new dawn!!!

No decent person can regret supporting Buhari, even with his shortcomings, same as no decent person can justify supporting GEJ given the hideous misrule he is guilty of. Nigerians should all remember we gave GEJ a chance and he preferred to abandon the people to work for corruption over 5 long and painful years.
Politics / Re: Where Is Barcanista? by Gbawe: 10:27am
Barcanista what happened in South West? I told you the feelers on the streets of yorubaland yet you believed in SDP,Accord,LP,OPC and Obas alliances. Same accord lost all their sits to Ajimobi because they took the wrong stand with GEJ, same fate befell APGA in the South east.

What is even annoying, above everything else, is how these arrogant twats from outside the SW, because of clannish and ethnocentric devotion to GEJ, attempted to speak for the region when those of us from the SW, conversant with what is on the ground, revealed what is actually going on and chided them for their ignorant disrespect.

I told the fools here that SDP is a Party formed out of the bitterness of Osoba to take Amosun down because the bitter old man envied the lofty heights Amosun had reached today as a Governor. Anyone who know the Yorubas will know that we will never follow you to destroy a man, especially an 'omoluabi', who is performing and delivering for the people. I know Ogun politic well because I have direct family members involved at the highest level.

This is why I wrote what I did below which is 100% accurate. Amosun stood up and took the fight to Osaba and his decampees from the APC with his record as a Governor. I was sure the people would back him and this is what has happened now. Some of those decampees who left the APC to join SDP have now lost the office they had under the APC , ironically to new APC candidates and the PDP, and have learnt a very big, expensive and perhaps career-wrecking lesson about politics. Always let it be about the people. Get them on your side first and you will always have a chance. GEJ did not believe in this and neither did those who joined Osaba to fight Amosun who is arguably the best Governor Ogun State has ever heard. I don't make noise on NL and seek no publicity because I cherish the good governance of Nigeria above everything else but their is nothing we are seeing now I did not predict already while some 'sare wa gba' elements were shooting their mouth ignorantly.



Bro, Amosun may not be the most accommodating or compromising of politicians but there are folks against him who will never be pacified whatever he does simply because they detest Amosun, for one reason or the other, and are unwilling to settle for anything other than the political destruction of the Ogun governor. There are those angry with Amosun because he will not play politics of patronage and sort out 'awon boyz'. Others remain mad because Amosun received the guber ticket they coveted when he was not an "original" ACN man. There is too much 'oro' that cannot be said on Nairaland but this issue is mainly about unbridled ego against a Governor who, if Nigeria is a decent Country of upright people, should have very little enemies and distraction, going into a general election, because he is genuinely performing and moving Ogun State forward.

I would advise the APC to simply focus on presenting credible candidates to replace the defectors if indeed the revelation here is true. There are some battles you cannot continue running away from hence the reason Amosun and the APC must face and defeat the Osoba faction once and for all. Believe me, they want Amosun's blood and they will not be pacified until they get it or until Amosun becomes his own man and no longer a prisoner to be held hostage by some Senators, Reps and a bitter,egotistical old man who is completely consumed with his own place in the scheme of things rather than partner with what/who is best for the development of Ogun State.
Politics / Re: Goodnews For All President Jonathan Supporters by Gbawe: 10:10am
@OP and his co-travellers.

Why do you people have no shame and can simply not develop some dignity? Are you not ashamed of supporting GEJ considering what the voting pattern has revealed of him and you already? The one true 'Barometer' of the Presidential election is the SW. This is the one region that has no ethnic ties to Buhari or GEJ and could thus vote objectively and reject non-performance of the current government.

The current talk of sad losers that the SW voted for the GMB/Osinbajo ticket because of a Yoruba man, in the form of Osinbajo, is wrong also because Buhari ran with a Yoruba pastor in 2011 and failed to win even a single SW State out of six !!!!! Today he has won five SW State out of six. What does this tell you unrepentant bigot about the GEJ you continue to support clannish and wickedly?

The conclusion all decent Nigerians, whatever their ethnicity, are left to draw is that majority of Nigerians, justifiably, have rejected GEJ because it was obvious to them he would destroy our nation if not removed. Most decent Nigerians judged GEJ on his inadequate leadership of Nigeria over five years. Yet we know you wicked souls want Nigeria destroyed and this is why, till now, you cannot even show some humility and respect what the democratic choice of Nigerians in the majority has shown you. I pity you guys all because it is obvious your minds has being irredeemably destroyed by hatred of others to the extent you will never see let alone acknowledge what you should.

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Politics / Re: Where Is Barcanista? by Gbawe: 7:31am
You guys should stop discussing this loser . It was always about good governance for many of us while the vainglorious and egocentric narcissist called Barcanista did everything, to include attempting to sabotage team GMB/Osinbajo till I stepped in, to promote his own e-profile and fortune. We should all be graceful because the good governance of Nigeria is our profit and not a focus on taunting characters who are nonentities in the grand scheme of things. As it is now the APC has producec 61 senators while the PDP has 48.

Those are the sort of things those of us who mean well for Nigeria should be discussing and not some arrogant hack who thought his lust for personal fame placed him above a project that concerns how 170 million folks are governed. We should be discussing the fantastic prospect of how Nigeria will now have an APC senate President who will no doubt be dynamic and progressive, unlike the retrogressive David Mark, while assisting Buhari to push through laws that can reform and drastically transform Nigeria for the better. Let us not bog ourselves down discussing trivialities and nonentities. We are better than that as APC supporters. We are the ones who supported those capable of delivering a better Nigeria and our focus should remain on that.


Politics / Re: 10 Most Influencial Politicians In Nigeria by Gbawe: 3:29pm On Mar 30

Bros cool down, you do not call results before the match. By March 30 we would who amongst this politicians are most influential. it is not by shouting Tinubu this,Buhari that on the internet.

Old man, how market na? This is the problem with people like you. Ethno-religious bigotry has completely ruined your life to the point you can never give credit to those who deserve it. Like we told you, Tinubu will show you his 'influence'. From winning zero SW States out of six in 2011 Tinubu has now delivered the SW to Buhari by helping the General win five out of six States. Impressive turn-around of Buhari's fortune only Tinubu could mastermind.

Watch, learn and weep. Next time stop being sentimentally disrespectful and learn to give crdit where due. If you did that then you would learn to win in life instead of always ending with egg on your face because you are someone whose thinking is completely guided by prejudice and sentiments.
Politics / Re: Buhari Wins Jonathan In Lagos With A Close Margin - Omoyele Sowore by Gbawe: 3:18pm On Mar 30
Some people like barcanister whose level of intelligence is too small to understand the sophistication of Yoruba politics came out to disrespect the dignity of Yoruba nation because he thought Jonathan dollar can buy the conscience of the Yoruba nation by telling us that Yorubas favour Jonathan. Well barcanister as you can see Yorubas are your type that sell his dignity for gratification. And for Jonathan, next time Yorubas go and learn that the Yorubas pay more values to integrity not dollar, we celebrate people of honours and the greeds and criminals, Gani Adams, Omisore, Obanikoro, Kashamu, FFK and Fayose are never heroes in Yoruba land and they can never be.

God will bless you for this observation. I said precisely the same thing. We are now vindicated . The 'omoluabi' ethos guides the conscience and behaviour of most decent Yorubas. GEJ showed, over 5 years, he is not an "omoluabi". This is why the Yoruba rejected him. Anyone who truly understands the Yorubas and is objective would have being able to predict how they would vote.


Politics / Re: Buhari Wins Jonathan In Lagos With A Close Margin - Omoyele Sowore by Gbawe: 3:14pm On Mar 30
150k difference

Where are the southwest analysts who told us Jonathan would win

The more pertinent question to ask is "where are the braggarts who claim they are 75% of Lagos and will deliver Lagos to GEJ and the PDP"?

Bro, Agbaje's big defeat in two weeks time will not even be funny.

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Politics / Re: Beyond Propaganda: President Jonathan Is Favored To Win SW (opinion) by Gbawe: 3:11pm On Mar 30
Don't you feel stup1d now.........Running your mouth on issues you know nothing about.

Did they listen when those of us who know our people, and how they think, told them not to disrespectfully do that? I.e run their mouth on issues they know nothing about?
Politics / Re: Beyond Propaganda: President Jonathan Is Favored To Win SW (opinion) by Gbawe: 3:09pm On Mar 30

You are one of the few posters here I like and respect. This is the only reason I am even responding. I have absolutely no interest in contributing my opinion on any thread started by this OP. Doing so is like a father with young children having to 'hang out' with a hardened and unrepentant paedophile. The OP, as you know now, is a totally disgusting human being any decent and morally upright person , whether APC or PDP, will avoid.

Suffice to say, as is the case with unprincipled mercenaries like FFK, OP is delusional attempting to speak for the SW. I can tell you all that majority of average Yorubas do not have a single reason to vote for GEJ. Not one and they are determined to resist and reject him. People can believe me if they want or not but I can authoritatively state here that it is the overwhelming defeat GEJ was facing in the SW that necessitated the much-condemned election postponement. They wanted to try and use the 7 extra weeks to buy every opinion leader in the SW to help them deliver a GEJ win. It is not working so far and GEJ is on a 'long thing'. "Maga don come" things. Anyone giving credibility to the analysis of the hungry OP is simply naive.

OP is a discredited character who works on 'guestimates' while trying to be the insider he will never be. He is the same character who started panicking here about Buhari losing the APC primaries because info was put in the public domain, by PDP desperados, that Atiku had successfully out-bribed all others and was on course to defeat Buhari. Him and others will confess I told them it was all hogwash. I was privy to information that made me realise Buhari would win overwhelmingly because the SW 'big boys' were working for him and would not entertain any derailment of their 'mission'. I told them this but many did not believe me. Yet we all know what happened. It is the same with the upcoming election never mind the delusions of GEJ and his crew.

Similarly, as I predicted the outcome of the APC presidential Primaries and Lagos guber primaries, I am saying here and now that GEJ will not win in the SW if elections are free and fair. On the contrary, the people of the region will disgrace him and the PDP. I can't speak about some things publicly but I will tell you that the PDP, because it is a Party of desperate men and women scared about their future, is operating on 'dutch courage' and pretence bravado. The underground truth is that the APC is not talking much but the Party is fully ready, on all fronts, to counter and overcome the PDP. Who is Gani Adams , Fasehun, FFK, Obanikoro et al? Is it because the Yoruba heavyweight are silent that makes the 'omo ales' think they now run the show? Those who matter in Yoruba land know what they have to do. I will leave it at that. The wise and experienced heads here should ask themselves why Lagos did not fall into PDP hands even under the uber-bully OBJ was. Therein lies the clue to the omerta-style code that will play out to leave the PDP stunned. Imagine silly TANdroid children who are not from the SW pinning their hopes on loquacious, turncoat and desperate opportunists like Fayose, Obanikoro, FFK, Adams et al when the real self-made leaders of the region, that the people respect and obey , have already passed on the message about what must happen. I dey laff. As they say " e go do dem like film".


How Market? cool cool cool cool cool cool
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Siege On South-west Fuel His Downfall In The Region-muse by Gbawe: 3:08pm On Mar 30

Indeed. The man is telling the truth 100%. Even upright and morally decent PDP supporters know that GEJ squandered a golden opportunity. Under a newly convened CPC, with one governor and very few political office-holders in its rank and with being virtually unable to campaign adequately due to lack of funding, Buhari still gained 12 million votes. We must remember as well that this was against a character, i.e GEJ, with enormous universal goodwill behind him back in 2011 because of the perception he was different to the past leaders who had ruined Nigeria.

Today , and after 5 years, GEJ has shown the entire world that he is probably worse than all other past Nigerian leaders combined. GEJ is no longer the "boy with no shoes". Many now understand he is a mean, highly corrupt and anti-people leader who shunned ordinary Nigerians to empower a small class of elites, AGIPs, militants and militia leaders. Buhari on the other hand is a far better-marketed, more popular and more powerful candidate today courtesy of enjoying the potent platform the APC provides. How will GEJ then win without rigging? As Muse wondered "who are the people that will vote for GEJ" in the SW which is a region where voters, probably more than all others in Nigeria, show the capacity to shun sentiments and vote for performance or against non-performance?

cool cool cool cool
Politics / Re: Tinubu Cannot Be Compared To Our Previous Leaders by Gbawe: 11:53am On Mar 27
No politician is a saint

so,make una free tinubu

Don't mind them. Bloody hypocrites and pretenders.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Cannot Be Compared To Our Previous Leaders by Gbawe: 11:52am On Mar 27
Most yorubas see tinubu as the architect of corruption in SW.they cannot be blindfolded for ever.

Why are you hypocrites from outside the SW always the quickest to comment about everything Yoruba yet you are silent about all that is wrong in your part of Nigeria? How may times on this forum have you seen Yorubas carrying Kalu or Uduaghan matter on thier head more than SE and SS folks respectively as you lot do for Tinubu, Aregbesola et al?

You people should learn to mind your own business and focus directly on your own leaders because lord knows they need to be whipped into shape so they can deliver for your long-slong-suffering kinsmen. Your own house is on fire yet you are happy to watch it burn while you focus exclusively on pouring water on your neighbours property. Pathetic.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Cannot Be Compared To Our Previous Leaders by Gbawe: 11:38am On Mar 27
Tinubu is a THIEF

You hateful and hypocritical bigots from Outside the SW never fail to amuse me. When have you ever called out your own thieves at your doorstep to justify the malevolent 24/7 attention you devote to SW political leaders? Pathetic. No wonder your leaders are some of the worst, most insignificant and most uncharismatic in Nigeria today. They don't 'shape up' because you never hold them accountable since you are too busy obsessing about Tinubu, Fashola, Aregbesola et al.
Jokes Etc / Re: WTF!!! Man Hugs Transformer (viewers Discretion) by Gbawe: 9:02am On Mar 27

You guys make me laugh. Aside the fact that transformers do not literally 'leak' electrical current as many ignorantly believe , do you think there is any Country in the world where it is safer to hug a transformer than Nigeria? Courtesy of the PDP, many Nigerian transformers are as useful as an umbrella made with newspaper on a torrentially rainy day.


Politics / Re: With Jonathan, Nigeria’ll Go Bankrupt In Four Years —ambode by Gbawe: 8:49am On Mar 27
Fat fool

Frustrated fool. Only enemies of Nigeria's progress like you will not accept that the message of Ambode is 100% correct and would prefer to insult the messengef instead.


Politics / Re: If Buhari Wasn't Contesting, Will The Polity Be So Tense? by Gbawe: 8:09am On Mar 27

You are absolutely disgusting!!!

You are the one who is disgusting because you are nothing but a vile, hateful, prejudiced and ethnocentric fool. My message is clear to fair-minded , morally upright and intelligent Nigerians. Corruption and misrule, of the worst and most wicked kind, created the illiterate and underprivileged class we all have to deal with today. If decent, you will be on the side of looking for the solution that will make these folks more productive to society instead of talking, like the OP, as if the poor and underprivileged are not human beings like me and you. You people support one over-indulged , worthless and higly corrupt leader yet you look down on millions who are where they are because crooks like GEJ stole and destroyed their lives. You are more than disgusting.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari,the Teenager That Married A 48 Year Old by Gbawe: 11:11pm On Mar 26

Referring to Ebube Nwagbo?

No. This woman is far more famous and a lot more respected from the old school Nollywood crew. It is not her identity that matters, as I will never reveal who she is, but the fact that many young Nigerians women now have the wrong interpretation of life, like the slag Babywhoresisi, that makes them think a 'fulfilled life' is sleeping around with as many men as possible when you are young, while committing to no one, only for them to be looking down at the likes of Aisha Buhari who married early, and committed to one man, as 'victims' and mumus.

Today Aisha is fulfilled and very happy. She has achieved everything that makes life beautiful, fulfilling and rich. Yet this actress I am talking about, after spreading her azz around, had to desperately settle for a divorced man with many kids. They are still unsuccessful till now in their efforts to conceive. Whereas the ex-wife of the dude goes around saying this actress "broke" their home. All for what? Is that better than a woman who, as a 19 year old adult, committed to another adult and achieved everything beautiful in life i.e kids, family joy, professional fulfilment and the companionship of a man we see she loves and supports from how she is fighting his corner passionately today?

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari,the Teenager That Married A 48 Year Old by Gbawe: 10:51pm On Mar 26
So let me get this straight, this people are on here justifying child marriage to someone old enough to be her dad by implying an 18 year is not a wh0re while those that marry in their 20s and 30s are? Are you fools honestly listening to unaselves while you type.

Do any of you all have proof that aisha was a virgin prior to her marriage to Buhari? The fact that both her children are old enough to be in college actually implies that aisha herself was pregnant for Buhari prior to her marriage.
Are you people trying to act that you all are not aware that most women lose their virginity before their 18 years of age and many have had multiple relationship with multiple men prior to 18 years old? Hell their are 16 years with prior sexual partners than a 24 year old. You doubt me? Go on YouTube or Google and search for it. The amount of people found will amaze una.
Are you all trying to pretend teenage pregnancy is not a global phenomenon as we speak including in that nation you all call Nigeria. The only difference between Nigeria and the rest is that other nations accept it while in Nigeria parents hide their children pregnancy or force the child to abortion.
Are we really going to try and Fake up a silly analogy in other to justify a grown ass man sleeping with his daughter's friend.

As for those bringing ojukwu to it all. No one denies ojukwu slept with a woman half his age. Just like buhari, both are pedophilia disgrace of men. Sleeping with a woman young enough to be your child is not only disgusting but outright pitiful to be honest. You can't ger a woman your age thus seek out of a bleeping baby and then justify by claiming "culture" or something as silly as "less sexual partners than someone my age:. Get the f2k out of here with that BS

Oh one more thing babyosisi has every right to make a thread in regards to it because she is a woman and this problem, which buhari is guilty of, is currently something women worldwide are fighting including in muslim dominated nation. Instead of running una mouths calling her "tribalistic", why don't una go ahead and call every women addressing this problem and getting others to notice about it including in UN "tribalistic" for pointing a disgusting pedophilia "culture".
That's like my 23 years old, leaving women in their 20s and looking for a 12 or 13 years old as a wife. Sick as f2k. #spits on the floor

My friend, shut up. How can anyone write so much yet make no sense at all. Your verbose idiocy just shows you are very sentimental yet unintelligent. A total mumu. In all societies in the world there is an age that confers adulthood on an individual. Once an individual reaches this age then they are completely able to make consenting adult choices with other adults of any age because that is the formal position of the law. If here and now you cannot prove anything illegal happened in the union of Buhari and Aisha then shut your mouth and forever hold your peace. Like the OP, you are sentimental and not respectful of the law. You disregard what billions of your fellow men/women subscribe to as the legal parameters that govern how adults interact to then create your own irresponsible, emotional, personalised and childish categorisation.

Who are you to say, after all laws declare it legal and completely acceptable, that a 19 year old should not marry a man over 40? Let me give you a currently trending famous example since you are a backward simpleton. See below to note how people like you are backward and you continue to take other gullible Nigerians backwards with your toxic, unexposed and villager illiteracy. Discern the tone of the article to note there is even non-judgemental admiration of Romario for 'snaring' a fit 19 year old adult because the reportage comes from a sophisticated society where anyone who qualifies to be an adult by age is genuinely given the freedom and choice to exercise their 'adulthood'. Backward mumu. You clannish Villagers should stop disgracing Nigeria by keeping your mouth shut.


Romario dating teenage beauty Dixie Pratt... who wasn't even born when his goals won the World Cup for Brazil in 1994
Brazil legend Romario has been dating American singer Dixie Pratt
The 19-year-old is too young to have seen the striker win the '94 World Cup
The 48-year-old former Barcelona hitman is now involved in politics

Brazil legend Romario has proven his prowess for scoring is not just confined to the six-yard box after netting himself a stunning beauty almost 30-years younger than him.
The World Cup winner appears to have found love with 19-year-old American singer Dixie Pratt after proudly posting images of the pair all over social media as they holiday on the Caribbean island of Aruba.
The 48-year-old is understood to have met his teenage girlfriend in October 2014 following the end of his marriage to Isabella Bittencourt and uploading images of their daily lives have led to Pratt gaining over 13,000 new followers on her Instagram account.

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Politics / Re: See How People Hijack Pdp's Sponsored Trend On Twitter by Gbawe: 9:13pm On Mar 26
grin grin grin grin grin

When will the PDP accept that all ordinary Nigerians, except the ethno-religious bigots , are fed up of them and their 16 years of oppressive rule?
Politics / Re: Some Questions For Decent, Progressive And Upright Nairalanders/Nigerians. by Gbawe: 9:05pm On Mar 26

The truth is that most have never seen or witness a working society and have surrendered themselves to mediocrity. They assume it is normal to go without lights for days yet pay outrageous bills month end, they believe good roads is a luxury exclusive to high brew areas, they believe good qualitative and free health care system is a myth, they believe a job of 50k a month is the peak for a young graduate.

The psyche of an average Nigeria living in penury is so bastardized that he believes his life is a worthless hopeless one because he feels the Government does not owe him a responsibility. The weekly welfare package for an unemployed citizen in the UK is more than the salary of most young graduates in Nigeria yet you will them suffering and smiling while celebrAting those who perpetually put them in servitude under the cover of he is our son, he is our brother, he comes from the south south so he is close to us, he is a Christian amd other silly daft and crazy thoughts that one ponder if most Nigerians are cursed never to demand quality and responsive governance from.those who lead them.

Thank God there is massive re-awakening and with what I saw today at the APC meet the women town hall meeting I realize the South West have decided to take its destiny into its own hands. If there are tribes amd people who feel they are okay with the mediocrity of what is happening in Nigeria presently, then thats their own cup of tea.

This observation is correct. How can some Nigerians appreciate that they are living in hell when they have never experienced anything/anywhere else to compare their own backward existence with? How, for example, will a 30 year old who has experienced epileptic power supply throughout his entire life in Nigeria appreciate that this is not the norm worldwide? How will he understand that he deserves 24/7 electricity every single day of every year others worldwide take for granted?
Politics / Re: Some Questions For Decent, Progressive And Upright Nairalanders/Nigerians. by Gbawe: 8:53pm On Mar 26
Some Nigerians - Your life has not moved forward in the last 8 years. You hate change but will still vote PDP or the useless governor that has not impacted positively on your life on the basis of your hatred for one man called Tinubu.

I marvel when I try to comprehend the reasoning of a lot of Nigerians I interact with on a day to day basis - People whose lives have worsened over the years and can't afford to feed decently, people who you expect to be enraged by the squandering of their common wealth by the government of the day and people who you think should no better. They rise up in defense on mediocrity and raise all manner of ethnic and religious arguments to prove a foolish point.

Chronicle the acts of GEJ over the past 5 years. It's one scandal after another. It's one misstep after another. Hard times are ahead of us. Instead of facing the elephant in the room, we live in denial.

Indeed. This is the time, for anyone capable of doing so, to put sentiments aside for the sake of generations unborn. As we enter a period of economic hardship and uncertainty it is essential, now we have the chance, to reject the President (GEJ) and Party (PDP) that got us into this situation and give 'change' a chance.


Politics / Re: Some Questions For Decent, Progressive And Upright Nairalanders/Nigerians. by Gbawe: 8:50pm On Mar 26
I boarded a bus the other day from the East and the issue of the elections came up. Unsurprisingly, I was the only one who spoke in support of Buhari.
It is obvious that many supporters of Jonathan don't know the state of the economy at present. They don't know what Jonathan has done to our economy in the last four years. They don't know the extent of the large-scale looting and corruption. I had to explain to them with facts and figures and when I questioned their reason for supporting Jonathan, they had none other than the issue of religion/ethnicity.

Let's state the facts and be realistic: Jonathan cannot see this country through a period of recession.

100% correct. In fact, Nigeria is displaying many of the characteristics of a failed State already. The economic hardship sure to come because of falling oil prices and a weakening Naira means that Nigerians cannot afford to mess around with a corrupt, irresponsible spendthrift like GEJ if at all we do not want to end up totally failed like Somalia or Afghanistan.


Politics / Re: Oshodi Violence: MC Oluomo Reacts by Gbawe: 5:08pm On Mar 26

Gej will pay dearly, it is just a matter of time, i pray the south West come out to punish this guy like they have done every other desperate tyrant.

Indeed. I don't even get where Nigeria is going under this despotic President. Yes we are very divided currently, courtesy of GEJ and his polarising ways, but every decent Nigerian should know it is wrong that it is our President who is openly and shamelessly sponsoring the growth of armed militias that surely indicates chaos for his own country and people. This is how Odili bankrolled the birth of militancy that is still troubling the SS till today. Other leaders concentrate on creating professional. modern and effective security forces our President is shamelessly empowering illiterate thugs and trouble-making miscreants. Nigeria which way?


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