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Politics / Re: Open Dialogue With APC Progressives by Gbawe: 5:53pm On Sep 13
The reason for your ban was clearly written on your profile. I can't imagine how you missed it. Maybe you forgot to check:
8. don't post false information on Nairaland
"Seun and the 'gang' he uses to oversee the politics sector are openly biased with dictatorial tendencies.".
You said that we are openly biased with dictatorial tendencies and that struck me as false information. However, I can see from the allegations in this thread that you didn't consider the information to be false when you posted it. You truly believe that. Therefore Gbawe is unbanned.

Thanks for unbanning my main user ID here. Nonetheless Seun, you know we are not in a Court of law. I stated an opinion based on observation of the occurrences on the forum. By saying that amounted to "false information", I can only assume you have acted as judge and jury when indeed this thread, and even your own admission relating to "partisan Mods", is proof that some Mods do behave in a biased manner as I claimed originally. Anyway, don't sweat it bro. We are cool. I just come here to chat and bang a few PDP heads together and not to get involved in 'office politics'. Unban my guy Barcanista as a token of peace on this 'reconciliation day' .

Seun wrote:
3) Ngwakwe has been removed as a moderator of the Politics section but we will also remove other partisan mods.


Politics / Re: What Exactly Is Nairaland's Problem With The Apc. by Gbawe: 12:47pm On Sep 10
barcanista: Wait until you see the worst. NL Admin and some Mods are pathetic

Seun and the 'gang' he uses to oversee the politics sector are openly biased with dictatorial tendencies. Only OAM4J is decent and I get the impression he is likely overwhelmed. Jarus left because of the biased antics of Seun. I have, because I own businesses also and know how difficult it is to please everyone, always tried to give Seun the benefit of the doubt and not join those calling him out for partisanship regularly.

Yet this latest development is disgusting and a step too far in open and brazen discrimination. Why make a thread about the debt of Lagos a sticky for almost a week , as if attempting to force negativity about Lagos and the opposition Party in charge of it down the throat of Nigerians, yet dismiss a thread seeking to redress the balance by showing what Lagos has done with all funds gained from IGR, sundry income, Federal allocations and loans?

@Seun. You should grow up and stop embarrassing yourself. Nairaland is your business and, if a sensible and pragmatically mature boss, you would try and use basic business common sense to keep every stakeholder happy. This sort of abuse of power and open discrimination , where you show that you have taken sides and are willing to us the politics sections prejudicially to aid your corner, should not be happening if you know what matters.

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Politics / Re: What Exactly Is Nairaland's Problem With The Apc. by Gbawe: 12:18pm On Sep 10
Bro, I am thinking exactly the same as you. How did a pictorial thread on the political development of Lagos, encompassing so many delivered projects uplifting the socio-economic development of the State and directly countering the assertion "Lagos owes massively with nothing to show in return", end up in the travel section of all places ? Yet a thread about what Lagos owes, which could arguably belong in other sections, is made almost a week-long sticky in the politics section? Could openly sectional bias be more brazen?

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Politics / Re: Re: Obasanjo's Son - Don't The Following Leaders Have Sons Too ? by Gbawe: 12:07pm On Sep 10

Stop putting Nigerian leaders on the spot childishly regarding what they have no control over !!! The problem is that many of you never try and walk in the shoes of others before you make your biased conclusions and then go public with such. Are you a parent? Do you know how, for a good and modern parents, it is about letting children have the freedom to choose their own employment/career path? Should all our leaders dictatorially force their children into the Army to demonstrate to people like you, who fail to separate leaders from the choice their adult children are free to make, that they are committed to Nigeria? When you become a parent get back to me. Before then, I suggest you stop talking about what you know zilch about.

You should have kids and promptly enrol them in the army, even before their birth certificate is printed, to show you are the most patriotic Nigerian on Earth. I can tell you now that, in today's world, the free choice of your kids, when they become adults entitled to decide their own path in life, will defeat you.

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Travel / Re: Lagos State: The Pride Of The South West.. by Gbawe: 7:28am On Sep 10
Haters can sit here fooling themselves. No one has said Fashola is perfect but he remains head and shoulders above all others as an effective, transformational and visionary leader in a State that is the most difficult and challenging to Govern in Nigeria. This is why the man is not short of global fans and admirers which include many world leaders.

Posted on: 2011-07-20 12:51:07

“Governor Fashola has shown what strong and accountable governance can achieve”, he says
Visiting British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron, Tuesday praised the transformational leadership being provided by Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), declaring that the Governor has shown the immense possibilities of a strong and accountable administration.

The Prime Minister, who was Guest Speaker at the Pan African University , Ajah, Lagos , said Governor Fashola has demonstrated that true democracy and accountable leadership is possible in the Continent. Delivering a speech titled “Aid, Trade and Democracy”, Cameron declared, ”Here in Lagos , Governor Fashola has shown what strong and accountable governance can achieve”, adding that his visit has made it possible to give a personal testimony.

“What I have seen in London , I have seen a hundred fold here today. From Eko Atlantic City and Balogun Street Market to the biggest part in the most populous country in Africa, you are transforming your State”, the Prime Minister told Governor Fashola
, drawing an ovation from the audience comprising of intellectuals, businessmen from the United Kingdom and Nigeria as well as Alumni and students of the Lagoas Business School.

Urging African leaders to seize the existing opportunities for trade and growth in Africa to raise the living standards and lift millions of their people from poverty, the British Prime Minister said with what he has seen in Lagos, the unfolding stories of rapid increase in democracies, fast-growing economies and predicted growth in Gross Domestic Product in Africa was indeed sustainable.

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Travel / Re: Lagos State: The Pride Of The South West.. by Gbawe: 7:14am On Sep 10


Sorry, how old are you? Just want to know exactly why you reason the way you did by putting up the trash quoted angry

What else do you guys expect from a herbalist hawking "Ebola cure" on the Streets of Enugu while coming here to lie daily, for the past few years, he is "a medical Doctor on sabbatical"? Which genuine medical doctor will remain away from practice that long and how is the GEJ/PDP azzlicker feeding himself and his family? Your guess is as good as mine. Any Nairalander taking anything Fraud9gerian says seriously, does so at his or her own peril.


Travel / Re: Lagos State: The Pride Of The South West.. by Gbawe: 7:05am On Sep 10
Sincere9gerian: Good. But can these projects put together worth more than N200 to N300 billion without contract inflation?

For the mischief makers who are in the habit of comparing state and federal govt, they should note that the Lagos-Ibadan road alone, which is a single FG project, is worth N167 billion.

Meanwhile, Fashola has received on the average over N400 billion annually in the last 7 years.

Where are the Lagos state govt mega projects- light rail, Lekki Airport, 4th Mainland Bridge, etc?

What percentage of the state/local govt roads in Lagos has been made motorable after 15 years of Tinubu's party rule?

What percentage of Lagosians now have portable water in their homes?

By how much has the healthcare centres built so far improved healthcare, reduced childhood and maternal mortality, etc?

Since the law is no longer an obstacle, how many megawatts of power plants, transformers etc has the state govt built or provided to boost power supply to the homes and offices of Lagosians?

How many public basic schools do we have in Lagos and how many have been rebuilt in 15 years?

The above legitimate questions should be answered so as to add flesh or give meaning to the pictures shown on this thread.

Note: I did not abuse, curse or attack anyone

Here goes the Enugu herbalist ranting delusionally again . When will you ever show the character and focus of mind to worry about your own State and those closest to it?


Travel / Re: Lagos State: The Pride Of The South West.. by Gbawe: 3:05pm On Sep 09
Kai Aressa, this is operation shock and awe. Have mercy now. You want to obliterate these people completely? Dairiss god ooo. You hear me?


Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 2:53pm On Sep 09
django1: I'm not sure most of the people crying have ever been to Lagos. No state in Nigeria can come close to Lagos in development in the last 15 years, NONE.

Absolutely. A waste of time even arguing the case in relation to what Fashola has achieved given the incredible burden of Lagos and lack of federal assistance instigated by bad politics. If I was Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, I will even 'dash' Fashola $5 billion to assist his sterling effort.
Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 2:17pm On Sep 09
komekn: Fashola impresses me immensely, when I come to Lagos, I CAN FEEL SEE, TOUCH & EXPERIENCE the dividends of democracy.

The ability to borrow foreign capital is a reflection of astute economic policies and projected capacity to be considered a SAFE VIABLE INVESTMENT

My advice borrow more to do more , well done Fashola.[i][/i]

Thank you ojare. See the thread below to note that your admiration of Fashola is not misplaced. The man truly deserves the praises and one would expect that all Nigerians, regardless of ethno-religious or political affiliations, will be able to give credit where due in regard to the efforts of Fashola. Alas one can never mitigate for the pervasively toxic hatred that runs in some people to the point it blinds them to the very obvious reality and makes them vendors of lies and deception.
Travel / Re: Lagos State: The Pride Of The South West.. by Gbawe: 12:26pm On Sep 09

We all know the culprit. Its obvious someone is allowing his own political sentiments, wether induced by money or personal beliefs to tune this forum to a propaganda machine against another political party using veto power being that he is in control.

Precisely. This thread should be made a 'sticky' too since it is produces direct dismissal of the politically-driven lie that "Lagos owes a lot with nothing to show for it". Yet I doubt this thread will even make front page let alone be 'stickied' above every other topic in the political section for a few days as was done for the Lagos debt thread. Bros, let us simply keep contributing to this thread and keeping it visible so that enemies of progress and haters are shamed. It appears the PDP desperation to take Lagos has now spread to Nairaland because nothing explains the 'sticky' desperation to ram a negative Lagos thread down the throat of Nairalanders yet the counterbalancing thread is ignored.


Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 12:15pm On Sep 09

There is nothing to show for it thats why they resort to ethnic bashing.

You must be out of your mind. There is ample evidence on ground, more than anywhere else in Nigeria, to "show for it". If bigoted 'amebos', putting their nose where it does not belong, choose not to see the giant stride the entire world sees and acknowledge then don't deem it "ethnic bashing" when exasperated true Lagosians and South-Westerners speak against the "nothing to show" dishonesty postulated mainly by Nairalanders from the SE. Do SE folks care about the SW that much? Is it a coincidence that Hausa, Fulani and even most SS folks are indifferent to the affairs of the SW, as it should be and perhaps because they are minding their own business and problems, while it is SE folks who carry SW matter on their head negatively and malevolently? Guy, face your front abeg. You are simply another dishonest fellow.

See the thread below and give yourself a slap for your "nothing to show for it" garbage. You people are incredible. Throughout the world, leaders with supreme and pivotally decisive information are praising Fashola for his "hugely transformational leadership" and you are here spreading falsehood. You lot are irredeemable.

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Travel / Re: Lagos State: The Pride Of The South West.. by Gbawe: 10:10am On Sep 09
koboko66: cheesy Lagos is developing than Nigeria as a whole cheesy

Jonathanians can dive into the Lagoon


i hope this will make FP like those lies posted by one hater with a flat head that was sharply moved to FP. Anybody noticed the Lagos debt whatever have been pinned to the topmost thread on page 0 politics section by bad belle mods and admin.

I noticed too. Most unusually, they even made it a 'sticky' too so that it remained the number one topic unmovable at the top of the pile for a few days. No doubt some were seeking to promote bad belle for Lagos. In the spirit of equity, and to show there is no agenda on highlighting the negatives alone against a SW State, why not make this positive thread a 'sticky' also so that there is a factually educative counter balance to those deceitfully going on about "debts" without the decency or presence of mind to admit there is a hell of a lot on the ground to show Lagos is judiciously utilising what it earns, what it receives and what it borrows? I won't hold my breath.


Travel / Re: Lagos State: The Pride Of The South West.. by Gbawe: 10:02am On Sep 09
Wow. Look at all these "scam" pictures confirming Fashola a "flower planter". Anyway, as a true Lagosian, I am proud this man, an unknown at the beginning, was given a chance to lead. Haters and enemies within' will continue to move themselves closer to a heart attack over Lagos and Fashola but real Lagosians , i.e those who love the State unconditionally, know and appreciate the vast and exemplary difference Fashola has made.


Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 8:33am On Sep 09

Simply put it this way, They are impervious to correction grin grin grin

Travel / Re: Lagos State: The Pride Of The South West.. by Gbawe: 6:56am On Sep 09
Bro, hope you know this your latest round of showing the progress and massive strides of Lagos under Fashola may induce heart attacks in a lot of haters? I wonder if they can charge you for murder or manslaughter by e-provocation? grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 6:49am On Sep 09

Free the dude and let him be.
What is your fixation on him? say what u have and let go for crying out loud.
If he likes let him swallow Ppp bottom it is voice nah

Bro, why do you think I ignored the ? If what I said pains him, he can go and jump. As someone who never concerns himself with the business of others, I am justified telling others to leave the Yorubas and their affairs alone if all they can contribute is negativity, insults, general malevolence and an obsession with badmouthing everything to do with the ethnic group. If anyone is pained by that common sense advise then it shows you how childish they are because it is mainly only little children who get angry and throw tantrums when you tell them to stop doing something that is wrong.
Politics / Re: The Ex-president,s Son Dead by Gbawe: 6:44am On Sep 09
danielmichael: Obasanjo's Son Adeboye Shot By Boko Haram In
Boko Haram has recently attacked a platoon headed
by son of ex president Olusegun Obasanjo shooting
him and killing 24 soldiers in his command.
Lt Col Adeboye Obasanjo
Adeboye Obasanjo is said to be an army engineer,
was a Lieutenant Colonel at the 3rd Division in Jos,
Plateau State was shot in the legs as of the time of
this report is said to be on his way to the hospital.

The platoon was fighting Boko Haram militants in
Baza and lost 24 soldiers in the fight.
As of right now, Obasanjo is said to be in Singapore,
having a business trip...lols the ex president no mind..

Where does it say Adeboye Obasanjo is dead in the article? You better read again, very slowly this time, and stop spreading false news.
Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 5:30pm On Sep 08
ba7man: I agree, they travel down to the south West to make a living, they visit South west threads to troll, they question South west affairs at every turn, they insult South west at every chance they get, they keep plotting one south west downfall or the other, they know all our Governors and politicians more that theirs...............It seems to be an obsession.

I'm just glad we're not really bothered about what goes on in their end. If only they knew true growth comes from looking within, not looking at the South west.

This is the truth. Being insularly dedicated to your own affairs and socio-economic progress is a very good thing. It is that way worldwide. Yorubas are content to mind their own business and that is the way it should be because citizens, especially for a Nation like Nigeria, need to hold their own direct leaders accountable. Many Igbo posters here have no interest in doing this and instead aberrantly focus all their 24/7 attention on the leaders/affair of SW States.

Sad really to see many Igbos on Nairaland bitterly obsessed about the affairs of the Yorubas. Majority of them simply wish to provoke a reaction from Yoruba folks but the truth is that most Yorubas wish them well and are "not really bothered about what goes on in their end".
Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 5:03pm On Sep 08
Twistaray: And so what? Is nigeria not owing too or not?

Let the yoruba's speak for themselves and while Igbo's mind their business.
Isn't that simple?


Thank you. It is indeed that simple .
Politics / Re: Photo: Do You See Anything Wrong With This GEJ Campaign Slogan? by Gbawe: 4:14pm On Sep 08
ChiefJusticeFuk: better than reading #BringBackDespoticBigotBuhari

Are you on crack? Can't you tell it callously and inhumanly uses the #bringbackourgirls# theme when the Chibok girls remain in the hands of Boko Haram till today? To use the #bringback# theme to promote the political ambition of the President seen worldwide as letting down the girls badly is just perverse and sick. Some of you bigots who follow GEJ are just as bad as the Boko Haram crew. All of you unfeeling extremists with no value for decency.


Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 4:06pm On Sep 08
ba7man: I visited the Enugu thread since it was recommended to me and I noticed it was peaceful because there were no South western posters trolling around.

I wouldn't say the same if it was an Ibadan or Oshogbo or any other Yoruba thread.

That is because Yoruba folks are at peace with themselves and others. The obsession of some SE posters with all things Yoruba here is mainly one way. It is unrequited attention. Most Yorubas focus on their own affairs, are secure in themselves and have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone.


Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 1:52pm On Sep 08
ba7man: He who bends down to watch another man's @rseh0le forgets that his own is wide open.


grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Tom Ikimi's Quote by Gbawe: 11:36am On Sep 08
barcanista: cheesy cheesy cheesy and who are the etc?You mean Osoba? Fashola? Tinubu? Oyegun John? Oshiobaba? cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy As For Buhari, he was once PDP National Chairman, later BOT Chair of PDP and Next The President of Nigeria....

Have I not told you all the chap is confused and skipping his 'medications'?
Politics / Re: Tom Ikimi's Quote by Gbawe: 11:30am On Sep 08

If you think in any way that APC is out to convince a Chronic PDP stooge who is promoting the most corrupt party on the planet, you are in for a big surprise.

FYI, APC is only interested in working for the well being of many innocent Nigerians who are victims of PDP's evil leadership. And hopefully bring all those that have perpetrated evil against Nigerians to Justice.

Personally, I care less for anyone that have sold his soul to the Devil. Pack well before I do something that cannot be edited grin grin grin

Bro, you know them well. Who has time to waste on confused charlatan who cannot appreciate how aberrant they appear to neutral non-Nigerians over their hypocritical support of the universally-condemned PDP? These same hypocrites shouting against the APC are the same vociferous supporters of a ruling Party that callously looted funds meant to strengthen the capacity of our Army to fight terror. Our Army men are complaining bitterly and moral is seriously low yet these disgraceful PDP followers and hypocrites will not talk about that. They prefer to focus on what Agbada Tinubu wore today or the handbag the wife of Fashola used yesterday while remaining silent about the actions and inactions of the Party they support which is bankrupting Nigeria and squandering the lives of innocent folks.
Politics / Re: Tom Ikimi's Quote by Gbawe: 11:21am On Sep 08
Tinubu was very comprehensive in his response. Stop humiliating yourself it is too early. Here it is:
PDP Mole got busted - Live with that and move on!

Don't mind the daft chap. When an individual continues to ask the same question that has already received a comprehensive and very satisfactory answer, then you know he is a hateful chap who is not objective or fair. How can the response of Tinubu be faulted by any sane and even averagely objective mind? Did Tinubu feign ignorance of the past of Ikimi et al? Some people, because of the unobjective hatred of others, will only see what they want to see and not the reality before their eyes.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 8:49am On Sep 08
ba7man: And they now wonder why nothing is happening in their States.

Their full attention is 24/7 on the SW to the detriment of their own development. The way some of them talk so bitterly and vehemently about Fashola, Amosun, Aregbesola et al, you would think that those men are their Governors and that they are from Lagos, Ogun, Osun et al and not Enugu, Abia, Anambra, ibonyi and Imo.
Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 8:32am On Sep 08
seanet02: There is a reason why some us usually bash those el-retardos from the other side of the Niger.
While carrying Lagos issues for head, they don't even bother to carry their own states issues for hand.
Dont mind them.

Bro, it is not even Lagos alone. Think of how mentally unbalanced some folks are when they leave their SE States to aimlessly roam the SW taking pictures of slums in Osun and Ekiti merely because they think this helps their mission of taking some post-civil proxy fight to the Yorubas. A sane person knows that the war is history and it is best for all sides (especially the young generation who did not witness the civil war) to move on, get along and be happy rather than for some to keep thinking they must 'get even' even if this means continuing the hatred through a vicious and non-ending cycle of indoctrinating their children with hateful and one-sided tales about 'evil/backstabbing Yorubas'. These children hear the bitter stories so much to the extent their aberrantly malevolent 'amebo' behaviour we see here day in day out is the outcome of the pain others force them to carry.

The clowns do not understand that most balanced Yorubas do not deny that we have slums everywhere since pragmatic intelligence and a devotion to accepting reality shows most Yorubas that these slums are an indication of past bad leadership and poor socio-economic management which can be improved upon with visionary and talented leadership. Indeed this is what the new generation of focused leaders like Fashola, Amosun, Aregbesola et al are determined to reverse. Now, considering that the entire world knows that all corners of Nigeria has unsightly slums to include many from the SE we have all seen pictures of, why is it only Igbo posters who are obsessed with traversing Yoruba land on a picture-taking mission when a vice-versa obsession cannot be linked to the Yorubas who are their target? Why do the Yorubas seem at peace with themselves and others while Igbos, at least as their Nairaland behaviour indicate, show an unhealthy 24/7 obsession with the Yoruba ethnic group and their "problems"? The answer is obvious. Any savvy South-westerner who understands what is going on will simply scoff at their fake concern and attemtp to show "Yorubas are in trouble". It is all part of their malevolent agenda sensible Yorubas should know to laugh at. Okay Lagos, Ogun et al are "heavily indebted" and Yoruba "generations unborn will bear the burden". Fine. Can some folks then stop boring us with this same diatribe, leave us to our "debts" and "suffering" to go and mind the business of their home State be it Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo or Abia?

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Politics / Re: Lagos Owes $1bn Of States’ $3bn External Debts by Gbawe: 7:10am On Sep 08

You know, I used to think it's ignorance and illiteracy, but it's quiet obvious it's way way more than that...

Of course it is. look at those who are the main instigators of all antagonism of Lagos and the SW, to the extent they are happy to ignore the input of knowledgeable and involved professional experts, and you will discern their real 'issues'. Ask yourself if it makes sense for someone from Enugu to ignore the affairs of his own State, and the conduct of his Governor, to focus on what Amosun, Fashola and Aregbesola are doing 24/7.

Do you come here daily to obsess about Enugu or Ebonyi? As a balanced person, do you come here daily to shed tears over what Abia owes when it is entirely normal to leave that to Abians to worry about? Bro, once you understand the core issues of these clowns then you won't engage in any back and forth that indulges their malevolent and unobjective obsession with everything/everyone from the SW.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Gain More Towns, Fighter Jets Do Nothing - Yahoo News by Gbawe: 6:20am On Sep 08

ah ah lets be objective for once now sad

Don't mind these 'herded' fans of GEJ and the PDP. Like the ogas they worship in the PDP, it is never about accepting responsibility as someone in a position of power. For these cowards and weaklings, it is entirely about blaming others while Nigeria burns. Sadly for them, foreigners are not brought up on the same diet of ethno-religious prejudice that has now blinded many Nigerians to the simple realisation of how we must all, whatever political camp we are in, ask those in power to stop the blame game and deal with terror decisively.

Do these fans of the PDP think of the impression they create about Nigeria before the entire world when they always senselessly portray a new opposition Party as more powerful and more dominating than the ruling Party of 15 years? What is stopping the PDP from bringing culprits to justice even if they are APC members? All the talk and shamelessly impotent finger-pointing, with no actions seen at all, is why foreign observers without the bias or compromised mentality of Nigerians ask our official ruling government to act and recognise that the grave and dangerous situation today means it is "past time for denial and pride".


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