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Politics / Re: Police Arrests Rivers LG Boss For Destroying Jonathans Billboard by Gbawe: 9:41am
barcanista: As usual, the Police Force and its unprofessionalism and partisanship. Shame

This President has, more than any in recent memory, seriously bastardised our armed and security forces with his divisive and Machiavellian ways. Professionalism is now a word one cannot attach to very important Nigerian security offices anymore.

If it is not the spokeperson of The DSS acting like the town crier of the PDP, it is a whole General insanely conducting himself without dignity and mimicking an indisciplined recruit by trading allegation wildly and disgracefully. This President has simply made Nigeria a joke with his crude and desperate ways.

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Politics / Re: Police Arrests Rivers LG Boss For Destroying Jonathans Billboard by Gbawe: 9:28am

He usually inject it to make his argument weighty.

When nobody says anything when people boast with the advantage the "cult-like followership" Buhari commands in Core Northern Nigeria Islamic-declared States as an advantage in elections.

I don't understand the contrast or Is it just plain resentment?

I love debates (notwithstanding the virtual clashes) than bloodshed, this has made wars between Igbos and Yorubas impossible and so shall it remain.

What is this confused person saying? Kindly continue reading and remaining mute if you have nothing sensible to add. As usual, those ravaged with insecurity will manage to mention Buhari, Tinubu, El Rufai et al over an issue that concerns their messiah alone.


Politics / Re: Police Arrests Rivers LG Boss For Destroying Jonathans Billboard by Gbawe: 9:24am
focus7: they level of tyranny being displayed by Jonathan administration to perceived opposition is alarming.

Indeed. Any objective person will appreciate the insecurity driving the actions of a very disappointing and failed Peesident who now wants to cower all opposition voices against his attempt to retain power when this is seen, worldwide, as simply a terrible development for Nigeria.

Of all the problems of Nigeria we see over 60 security operatives deployed to tackle what is effectively hooligan behaviour? Where else in the world is this seen other than in militarised and failed States? The desperation of team GEJ is just beginning.
Politics / Re: Police Arrests Rivers LG Boss For Destroying Jonathans Billboard by Gbawe: 9:10am

Your problem now is the numbers of security men sent to arrest him right? Not if he's guilty or not, how is that your business if i may ask? Are you a security personnel that should determine numbers of men that should go for operation?

Why not stfu if you got nothing to say, or must you comment on every thread. A council boss like him will have thugs, send 5 police there so the supporter of APC thugs can descend on them right?

Illiterate and imbecilic, almost to the point of retardation, is what you nuisance Jonathanians are. The man, according to the report, was arrested "at his Port Harcourt residence" and you are talking as if he accomodates a battallion in his house? Do you have any sense at all?

To any objective person looking at the trends currently, it is obvious GEJ and his backers are very jittery and scared of their own shadow. Hence the effort to silence opposition voices everywhere with overwhelming display of force which is never deployed when and where needed. I suggest you take your own advice and STFU.


Politics / Re: Police Arrests Rivers LG Boss For Destroying Jonathans Billboard by Gbawe: 9:01am
talktimi: what is clannish and bigoted about what omexonomy said abi you just felt like blowing hot grammar?

Mumu, I can only suggest that objective Nairalanders inspect the archived posts of both of you so they note extremely clannish and bigoted minds.


Politics / Re: Police Arrests Rivers LG Boss For Destroying Jonathans Billboard by Gbawe: 7:53am
Omexonomy: A lot of people will soon die of jelousy over gej reelection bid.

Can you clannish bigots ever read, comprehend and speak in a moderately objective manner as even a child can do? Over 60 security operatives to arrest one man suspected of defacing GEJ election poster? With all the problem Nigeria is facing we are seeing this bullying, desperate and overwhelming show of insecurity-driven abuse of power and you are here talking crap about "reelection bid?

All I see are the desperate antics of a team very worried about failure and trying to cower everyone into backing a 'rejection bid'.


Politics / Nigeria On The Precipice: Why It Has Failed To Defeat Boko Haram by Gbawe: 11:07am On Aug 31

Nigeria On The Precipice: Why It Has Failed To Defeat Boko Haram And What Must Be Done Now! By Dr. Ijabla Raymond
"I do not believe that the government fully understands the nature or the gravity of the problem that confronts it. There appears to be greater preoccupation with winning next year’s elections than with fighting BH. This is unfortunate because more northern Nigerian towns and villages are falling under the control of jihadist terrorists by the day".

In the last two months the world has been preoccupied with events in the Middle East, namely the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (ISIS). The stories and pictures emanating from these places are absolutely gruesome and the world is right to focus on them. But I do not understand why the genocide and displacement of communities in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram (BH) has escaped the attention of the world, even though the situation there is arguably on a similar scale to what we are seeing in the Middle East right now.

In the last week alone, BH has captured three towns - Gwoza, Limankara and Madagali - in the northeastern states of Borno and Adamawa. In the style of ISIS fighters, the group has captured military bases, seized military hardware, burnt down entire villages, killed the inhabitants in the process, executed soldiers and civilians by beheading them, and caused the displacements of communities.

We all recall the abduction of nearly 250 girls and the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Since then there have been more reports of abductions, attacks on schools and the murder of innocent students. I do not mean to trivialise the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but no one needs to be reminded about the degree of global news coverage that followed the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers and the conflict that ensued.

Nigeria is a regional power and has taken part in many successful peacekeeping missions in Africa and around the world. Unfortunately, this giant is now confronted with a type of problem that it seems incapable of solving on its own. Only last week, a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary entitled “Nigeria’s Hidden War” revealed damning footages of unprofessional behaviour and gross human rights abuses by Nigerian soldiers in their attempt to contain BH. Their methods were indistinguishable from those employed by BH and have been rightly condemned by Amnesty International.

Quite why the largest army in Africa with its impressive record of successful international peacekeeping missions cannot defeat a domestic terrorist organisation is everybody’s guess. Why was this organisation even allowed to grow when it could have been nipped in the bud? The failure of the army to defeat BH has been attributed to corruption, unprofessionalism, under-resourcefulness, lack of equipment, poor motivation, the deliberate crippling of the military by successive military governments to prevent coups, and the infiltration of the army’s rank and file by BH sympathisers and saboteurs. But there is a more important reason - poor understanding of BH's mission or a denial of it.

Jihadist terrorism is arguably the biggest threat to world peace in the 21st century. There is only one correct way to view BH, and that is, as jihadist terrorists. It is a serious error of judgement to presume that BH is a political tool put in place to humiliate a Christian president or to topple his government or to re-establish northern hegemony or that it is even a political party of some description. I suspect this is the advice that President Jonathan has received, and this may explain his apparent indecisiveness in dealing with BH. Lest we forget, BH started its violent campaigns during the presidency of Yar'Adua who was a Muslim from northern Nigeria. If BH wants to re-establish northern hegemony, then attempting to assassinate respected Northern leaders such as the Emir of Kano and the Shehu of Borno would seem like a silly, counterintuitive and counterproductive thing to do.

BH is an islamo-fascist organisation whose only objective is to create an Islamic caliphate in Nigeria. It does not respect Nigeria's internal borders, and like other islamo-fascist groups such as ISIS, the ultimate goal is the establishment of a worldwide caliphate.

Shekau has repeatedly told us that his targets are Christians. The Quran refers to Christians and Jews as "people of the BOOK. It is the way of life of these people (of the book) that BH refers to as "haram" or forbidden. There are no Jews in Nigeria and this jihad is directed against. Christians. Non-islamic education, democracy, civic institutions such as the police, military, judiciary are synonymous with Western civilisation and by implication Christianity. This is why BH wants to destroy these institutions and replace them with Sharia.

Shekau has also repeatedly said that any Muslim who does not subscribe to the ideology of BH or its version of Islam is a legitimate target for attack. This includes Muslims who participate in any process that is considered un-Islamic or non-compliant with Sharia e.g. politicians, democrats, policemen, military personnel, school students or university students. This is why BH sought to kill those respected emirs. It is why Shekau referred to the late but respected Muslim politicians, Sir Balewa and Mallam Aminu Kano, as infidels. He even called the king and princes of Saudi Arabia infidels. Otherwise, the death of any Muslim during BH campaigns is unintended and is purely collateral damage. This is an accurate assessment of the mindset of BH and is not designed to stir up hatred between Christians and Muslims. All peace-loving Nigerians, whether they be Christians or Muslims, must rise and fight this ideology.

I do not believe that the government fully understands the nature or the gravity of the problem that confronts it. There appears to be greater preoccupation with winning next year’s elections than with fighting BH. This is unfortunate because more northern Nigerian towns and villages are falling under the control of jihadist terrorists by the day. If you live outside the northeast zone and think you are immune from this problem, then think again!

Ladies and gentlemen, our country is at the edge of the precipice. Forgive me if this sounds alarmist but the video released by BH showing our soldiers fleeing into the mountains and across the border into Cameroon should raise alarm. We should be asking whether the Nigeria army has the capability to defeat BH, and if so, why this has not been used. How did our prestigious army, the largest in Africa, get to the point where it now runs away from a group of insurgents? If our army cannot defeat or contain these insurgents, shouldn't we be asking for regional or international help now? After all, our army has helped to stabilise the governments of many countries around the world on it's many peacekeeping missions - so why shouldn't we get help when we need one?

Last year, I wrote an article in which I discussed the factors responsible for the birth of BH as well as short and long-term strategies for combating the insurgency. Fourteen months later, I am sad to note that we now have a terrorist group that has become more capable and daring, mainly because our government has only focused on military power and a state-of-emergency ruling.

It is pertinent to repeat some of my advice here. Military force alone is not sufficient to overcome violent religious extremism. We need to develop and propagate counter-narratives against the ideology that breeds such extremism.

There needs to be urgent action to address the problem of Almajiri destitution and to regulate what the Almajiris are being taught in Koranic schools. We can no longer afford to let fundamentalist preachers (whether native or invited from foreign countries) to continue running wild without some form of censorship.

President Jonathan and his advisers must change their tactic - we are a country at war against jihadist terrorists. It is regrettable that our president did not make a public statement on the Chibok abductions until he was forced to do so (many weeks after the abductions) by international pressure from the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Until now, the president has yet to visit these troubled spots. It was Malala Yusuf who finally managed to convince him fairly recently to meet the family of the abducted girls. The president must be advised that this is not a war by a group of enemies to topple his government and he must, from now on, fight this war with all the will, power and resources at his disposal.

As experience has shown in Rwanda, Bosnia, Somalia and with ISIS fighters in Iraq, situations like ours can degenerate very rapidly, but lives can be saved if the international community acts decisively and timely. Nigeria needs urgent help with training, intelligence gathering and reconnaissance. We need to put the focus back on Nigeria. With a population of nearly 170 million people, nobody should want to see a refugee crisis situation develop in Nigeria!

Ijabla Raymond, a medical doctor of Nigerian heritage writes from the UK. Contact him at
Politics / Re: David Umoru Of The "Dying APC" In Early Lead! by Gbawe: 8:48pm On Aug 30
barcanista: . Bros I can't wait for the final verdict. My joy is that IBB and Gov Aliyu lost in their polling Units. This shows that the people of Niger State are ready for the change just like the Osun People prove once again that the change over their has come to stay. So sad Ekiti fell for stomach development!!!! angry

My brother, some of us are just watching silently. Of course there will always be the shakara and 'gra gra' stage from team GEJ. After all, they control the wealth of Nigeria and are willing to use it to buy everyone on board towards a 2015 'win'. In their eyes, money is everything and everyone has a price.

Yet I cannot understand how the clannish fans of GEJ in the South fail to understand the simple concept of how the average Northerner is very angry with this regime and unlikely to vote for it since such will obviously mean condemning themselves to more bombings, more insecurity and more insensitive demonisation of the "terrorist" North.

I think sheer hate and prejudice has eroded the empathy of Jonathanians which would ordinarily make them understand that the ordinary Northerner will very much feel neglected and abandoned by a President always playing politics while ordinary folks continue to die and face enslavement by terror. Asari-Dokubo and his prejudiced ilk yab the North non-stop and insensitively call the kidnapping of beloved young Northern girls a "scam". Online is even worse, with incessant attack against everything Northern while no attempt is made to spare or differentiate the average Northerner, who is a victim in it all, from "terrorist" slurs. Stereotyping of Islam and every Northerner as "evil religion" and "suicide bomber" respectively by fans of this Presidency is surely a vote winner. Of course it makes perfect sense for the North to reject the APC which is currently highly-maligned because the Party appears to accept the North as a legitimate part of Nigeria also needing inclusion and competent leadership rather than abandonment and neglect. Contrast that with the PDP busy dividing Nigeria along religious lines proclaiming others "Islamists" while touting itself the 'pious Christian choice' and inciting hatred against everything/everyone from the North. Be it religion, the people or even their Cattle and Tomato.

Yes it makes perfect sense the average Northerner will turn out in numbers to vote GEJ , or anyone connected with him politically, back in power for another four years of what they have put up with which must be very unpleasant. I can only imagine how average Northerners, as the main targets, must feel from my own experience as a south-westerner who has witnessed the ungracious prejudice and savage denigration the SW has received, for refusing to embrace an agenda of blind hatred and disenfranchisement of the North. Look at how they converged on Aregbesola, a man loved by his own people whether Christians or Moslems, to turn him into an Islamic "fundamentalist" simply because of the clannish love of GEJ that has made some people lose all sense of perspective, decency and an appreciation of limits. Bro, make we dey watch dey go.

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Politics / Re: David Umoru Of The "Dying APC" In Early Lead! by Gbawe: 8:04pm On Aug 30
barcanista: SE population is 75% Nigeria population...



Touche cool cool When some people will never stop making ludicrously outlandish and senseless claims, why won't they be the butt of sarcastic derision.


Politics / Re: Stop Using APGA's Logo To Campaign For Jonathan, PDP Warns APGA by Gbawe: 5:31am On Aug 30
kokoA: But when they were in control of no state at all they fielded Late. Ojukwu for presidency abi? Then they had "strength".. grin Now that they have 1 state, they suddenly lost the "strength" to field a presidential candidate grin My brother, stop justifying azzlicking.. I can't remember PDP begging APGA or going into agreement with them to support their candidate o but APGA carry PDP candidate for head like gala grin sote dey tin come dey fear PDP.. Lol.. PDP be like "Bros, abeg na you get dis candidate abi na us" lwkmd.

Don't mind the ignoramus. Some people just start from a position of bias and then say anything, however inane, to defend their prejudice. What is written below cannot be defended by anyone who understands partisan politics even minimally. If the highly unprincipled PDP is now chastising the APGA openly about it's sycophantic behaviour then it is obvious it is only unreasonable folks who will speak in defence of the APGA rather than acknowledge that the Party has indeed crossed the line, in relation to unbridled azzlicking and sycophancy, to the extent of grossly aberrant behaviour.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) to desist from using the logos of the APGA to campaign for President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term presidential election.

Also, the party has asked the Inspector General of Police (IG), Sulieman Abba to compel the party to stop the fraudulent campaign strategy of APGA, where it prints the President’s campaign posters with the APGA flags and logo.
Politics / Re: Stop Using APGA's Logo To Campaign For Jonathan, PDP Warns APGA by Gbawe: 10:02am On Aug 29

What level of Bottom licking is lower than what you do here daily for your APC paymasters

So petty, effeminate and childish. They are talking about an entire political Party selling its soul, dignity and identity and you somehow find a way to attack Berem over that instead of facing the issue about the politically sordid, unprincipled and directionless behaviour of APGA? Do you think at all before lashing out immaturely whenever anything/anyone you support is criticised even correctly? Berem is right. The azzlicking and sycophancy is nauseating and a disgrace which embodies the lack of political maturity of Nigeria in comparison to others.

Lest you know it, political Parties, throughout the world, come to existence to offer a unique choice and not to be an extension, mouthpiece or 'feeder' unit of another Party. Cross-alliances happen worldwide but Paries always try to retain their own independence and identity. It is unheard of worldwide for a Party to be using its own platform to campaign for and promote another. APGA, to spare Nigeria the disgrace, should coalesce into the PDP and stop this undignified behaviour.


Politics / Re: The BAD IMAGE Of Nigeria Is Caused By The Way Nigerians Present Nigeria by Gbawe: 9:37am On Aug 29
Did you hear yourself say that nonsense? did you? tell me you read that thing you wrote? you want to blame your past for having no direction in your future, this is 2014 for fvck sake not 1960, if 1960 blamed 1958 and 1990 blamed 1982, what will 2015 do? blame 2010?
How many countries in the world think like that? George bush fought terror and indebted America, Obama should blame him and sleep till ISIS bombs the white house.
Most of you must have repeated every class because you guys line of thought is so appalling

Bro, it really is disappointing, very frustrating and highly saddening to see any Nigerian proffer the argument Samplegirl does because it implies we still have citizens who abet misrule due to how they do not understand the role of a leader and end up making excuses for leadership failure and mediocrity. As you stated, I just don't see the same type of thinking anywhere else in the world where polities, without excuses, expect leaders to deliver solutions as the leader promised he/she would !!! An electorate does not elect a leader only to say "we forgive you if the problems you said you can deliver solutions to have now proven to be beyond your capacity. You are free to carry on for another ten years dancing around our problems ".

Every leader takes office fully aware of the problems he/she stakes his leadership on delivering solutions to. Even as samplegirl does not appear to be aware of it, there is an implied contract of problem-solving performance between the electorate and the leader they voted in to deliver solutions to the headache of the electorate. A balanced, ambitious and politically sophisticated polity will not waste time rehashing the problems. Rather focus must be on current efforts to address the problems. When current efforts is currently very poor or, in our Country's case, leadership is even worsening the problems then citizens will 'bad mouth' Nigeria.


Politics / Re: The BAD IMAGE Of Nigeria Is Caused By The Way Nigerians Present Nigeria by Gbawe: 9:43am On Aug 28
Afroconnect: I think on a broader perspectives,all that you listed up there is as a result of the failed value system,as exhibited by the 'leaders' and politicians.

When people from outside look at us,they wonder how a people can condone such impunity and live in such deceit and lies from a ruling elite cabal that is so greedy,even in the expense of the lives of the ordinary Nigerian.

I can't blame the youth,they either beat or join them-the poor man don't know better already blinded by ethnicity,religion and culture.

When people see this,they laugh at us-cos Nigeria is one funny scenerio of perpetual lies,deceit and waste.

100% correct. The average Nigerian, as is the case worldwide, needs Nigeria to work, from the very top downward, so that they are also inspired to key into feeling and talking good about their nation plus doing all that is best in Nigeria's interest.


Politics / Re: The BAD IMAGE Of Nigeria Is Caused By The Way Nigerians Present Nigeria by Gbawe: 9:40am On Aug 28
BankuTilapia2: It doesnt take a minute to figure out a mumugerian from other Africans. A bunch of loud mouth madafuckersssss, bragging with nothing to show for apart from their usual giant of Africa and exhibiting their numerous talent such as fraud, ritual murders, arm robberies, grin cheesy cheesy

Sharap and get out of here. Let Nigerians discuss their issues with themselves because you clearly have nothing constructive to add aside your bad belle against us.


OP, It is a chicken or egg situation. I.e which one gave us the other. Do Nigerians just routinely love to 'bad mouth' Nigeria or is it that the hopelessness of the nation has turned many Nigerians into bitter cynics who have valid and justifiable reasons to always see and contemplate the worst? One of what I find most tragic about Nigeria today is how even the simplest things never work as they should. When the thinking and mentality of Nigerians are then bastardized as a result of this, to the extent they lash out negatively, we have this sort of thread where the fault is laid at the door of Nigerians and not the system creating unpatriotic and disillusioned citizens. For example, when David Cameron ensured the culprits of the last anti-social riot ,which thoroughly shamed the UK, were quickly brought to justice this reinforced the notion in the minds of Britons that law and order still prevails in their nation even if bad things happen. Britons will thus be predisposed to speaking proudly, optimistically and confidently about their Nation. Contrast with Nigeria where fuel subsidy scammers who could have crippled the Nation entirely continue to walk around freely and even officially associate with the President who should have ensured, ASAP, they were brought to justice and dealt with severely to serve as a deterrent to others.

You expect me or any other Nigerian to not speak bitterly about that openly bastardizing and hideously aberrant behaviour coming from the very top ? A lot of negatives goes on in the background in other Nations but it is in Nigeria that wrongdoing, indolence, mediocrity, warped morality, corruption, crime and what is negative is celebrated and even elevated openly and publicly. It is Nigeria, with moral code of conduct totally eroded, that leaders act like criminals and thus send out negative messages about 'acceptable behaviour' to the impressionable public. This is creating a society of warped, confused, morally dubious and frustrated Nigerians disconnected from the normal rules that guide how citizens relate with and love their nation.

Leadership is vital in that it must recognise its role of leading by example to (1) set down laudable standards others can emulate because followers tend to take inspiration (this could even be criminal behaviour as is the case with Nigeria) from mentors/leaders and (2) embrace selflessness to create a Nation its citizen can be proud of. That is missing for Nigeria. Most of the time average citizens cannot 'regenerate' themselves in the synergy existing between the dynamics of nationhood to be the both leaders and follower. Average citizens need effective leadership to become effective followers. Those who the average man/woman look up to should set standards and be the epitome of virtue and what is desirable. The opposite is the case for us and this, naturally, manifests in the 'badmouthing' conduct of Nigerians you highlight here.

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Politics / Re: Osoba And I Will Resolve Differences – Amosun by Gbawe: 6:48pm On Aug 27
skyfall: Ogun people should be smart and not lose a shining light like Ibikunle Amosun. Little do they know that other states envy them.

This is the truth. Amosun, without doubt, is one of the top 5 performing Governors in Nigeria today. Those who are suffering under the yoke of misrule and leadership ineptitude would like nothing better than for Ogun to lose her performing Governor so "level go be the same". Like the sad losers spamming the forum with lies about Ogun State debt which Amosun actually even addresses here. Amosun's Mega City plans for Ogun are really special and capable of developing the State into one of Nigeria's premier destination. The Ogun light rail project, for example, is simply pivotal and the sort capable of transforming Ogun State drastically.

Towards A Mega City: Amosun Signs MOU On Light Rail Project

Ogun State Government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on light rail mass transit with the China Civil Engineering Construction Company that will link major cities in the state as well as boost its economy.

While signing the MOU in his Oke-Mosan Office in Abeokuta, Governor Ibikunle Amosun noted that there can be no development without putting the necessary infrastructures in place. He said “ We have been doing our best on roads but it is high time we paid attention to rail as well. We are starting the mass transit within Abeokuta metropolis. This will be extended to all our major towns including the Ado-Odo/Ota axis which will encompass all the border area with Lagos”.

“Our first focus is intra city rail mass transit, thereafter we will embark on linking the cities together. Within the next couple of years, you will begin to see the results of what we are trying to do to improve transportation of goods and services”,he said.

Governor Amosun said it was imperative to boost transportation in the state since the state population is projected to rise significantly over the next couple of years.

In his remarks the Managing Director of China Civil Engineering Construction Company, Mr. Cao Bao Gang applauded the Senator Ibikunle Amosun-led administration for its developmental vision for the state, pointing out that, ’’ the project on completion will enhance the transportation system and contribute to the economic development of the Gateway State.’’

He assured that the highest quality will be deployed in the implementation of the project adding that ‘’it will provide jobs for residents and help the unskilled ones to gain adequate knowledge through training and involvement in the whole process.

The signing of the MOU was witnessed by top government functionaries including the Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Taiwo Adeoluwa, Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mrs. Abimbola Akeredolu, Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Otunba Bimbo Ashiru, Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Alhaji Yusuph Olaniyonu as well as the Chinese Consul-General, Liu Xian Fa, among others.
Politics / Re: Osoba And I Will Resolve Differences – Amosun by Gbawe: 4:36pm On Aug 27
Good development. Amosun is a performing Governor and as such needs more time to do even more and deliver on his master-plan for Ogun State. The APC in Ogun should close rank and rise above pettiness in the interest of doing what is best for the ordinary people of the State. I.e strengthening and keeping a performing Government in power for the benefit of the populace. Petty bickering and myopic egotism should be put aside for good.


Politics / Re: Boko Haram To Get War Aircraft Soon by Gbawe: 2:54pm On Aug 27

there he goes again, insults in all his comments. were you raised by bullies or you just feel good when you throw such tantrums .

all this jargon you are spewing here and there is not improving your personality in any way so learn to write in simple and correct English.

as for the topic,

i advice you stop hyping the success of the terrorists, it makes you look like their apologist. the Australian negotiator have told the whole world in his last write up on this issue that the presidents hand is tied because he will be seen as having a northern agenda .

hope you also remember some of your comments when ihejirika was hitting this terrorists real hard. now non of you is threatening to sue anyone to the hague

Suwegbe, I don't even bother to read what you write. Your opinion does not and can never mean anything to me because of what you are. Keep ranting if you wish. Your prerogative entirely.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram To Get War Aircraft Soon by Gbawe: 2:29pm On Aug 27
Nobleval: Nigerian leaders are clueless.

Yes but ordinary Nigerians themselves are even more clueless with how they cannot come together and decide, as others are able to do with ease elsewhere, when leadership is irretrievably failed and incapable of delivering solutions thus needing replacement. Sentimentality, bias and prejudice has to overcome everything to leave Nigerians fighting each other when it is their indolent and over-pampered leaders they should be holding to account.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram To Get War Aircraft Soon by Gbawe: 1:58pm On Aug 27

Stop blaming the Op for pointing out a ossibility,we all need to urge the president to act or allow a better candidate take charge.

It shouldn't matter to any reasonable human where the President comes from.we all should be objective and support a leader that will serve us.

Thank you!!! The cannot appreciate that Nigerians are dying and the nation drawing closer to becoming Somalia while him and his ethnocentric co-travellers remain devoted to a leader the entire world, and not Gbawe alone, has proclaimed to be seriously incompetent and hopelessly out of his debt.

This is why I have no time or patience for his kind. They are dangerous with how they would rather see Nigeria burn, clannishly backing a failed 'brother', than support what is right for millions.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram To Get War Aircraft Soon by Gbawe: 1:39pm On Aug 27

you are suffering from dementia hence your inability to make arguments without insulting forum members.

were in my post did i mention GEJ,boko haram strength or weakness or even that of the Nigerian Army.
my response to you is based on your comments on this forum and not this thread in particular. if you insulting others makes you feel good then go ahead but just know that each time you make such comments , you are telling the world how poor your parenting and up bring was because its only a person that suffered poor parenting that can not make an argument or involve in discussions without insulting those who see things differently.

Mumu, I am well aware of your antecedence of bigotry and clannishness here so I make no apologies for being rude to you or assuming you an ethnocentric devotee of GEJ. I have nil eegard for your kind so kindly stay out of my way and you won't have a problem. By the way it is you and your fellow hateful co-travellers in malevolent indoctrination who are the produts of poor parenting.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram To Get War Aircraft Soon by Gbawe: 12:32pm On Aug 27

why do u pple always want to fight, argue and abuse any time you read anything that LOOKS LIKE criticism to gej govt? You don't care if ur argument is sensible or not; you sha want to defend gej even if defending him makes you sound silly.
What are you trying to insinuate now? That boko haram threat is not getting out of hands? That our military men are not poorly equipped to face them? That boko haram has not captured a section of nigeria? That boko haram is not capable of procuring war plane? Why are you seeing things from such a myopic angle? Is it because boko haram is still in the north and have not made serious incursion into the south and you therefore think the problem doesn't concern you? The person you quoted, what do you expect him to do? Is he in the military? Is he in charge of military financing and procurement? He only asked you to reason like a grown up and not like a child, but the ONLY meaning you could read in his comment is "war against gej"! You pple are now behaving like apc in the way you comment.

Don't bother with that bigot. Everything begins and end for him with the blind defence of GEJ who is now universally deemed inept and incompetent over the handling of Boko Haram.

If Nigeria were a nation of people who think corretcly and prioritise appropriately then this failed Government would have been booted out long ago because the lives and security of Nigerians is far more valuable than to be sacrificed at the alter of bigotry and ethno-religious bias. The truth no honest person will deny is that GEJ is far, far out of his debt leading Nigeria in this very trying time.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram To Get War Aircraft Soon by Gbawe: 11:29am On Aug 27

the energy with which you propagate boko haram issues is enough for you to get a life and be a meaningful citizens.

check nairaland for all your post on boko haram and show me which of them is a constructive criticism that is expected of a real Nigerian. Even Tinubu and Buhari dont sound this unpatriotic .

Before you start your usual insults , please show us evidence of your contribution to a better Nigeria or you are one of those who believe they must be in the seat of power before making positive impact.

M0r0n. You think I am an ethnocentric and sentimental waste of space like you who will blind himself to the obvious and is always prepared to lie to himself and others because of ethnic prejuidce and affiliation? I don't sugarcoat issues. I deal with reality. The reality being that this government, so far, has shown it is out of its debt and incapable of dealing with the menace of Boko Haram. It is ethnocentric bigots and emotionally immature folks like you who are the major problem with how you praise mediocrity and urge the rest of us to abide with it when, in serious Nation, issues will simply be about removing highly corrupt, failed and incapable hands and replacing such with leadership that can deliver results.

Abeg go and find an Igbo supremacy/Ojukwu/Biafra or "Chibok kidnapping is a scam" thread to rant on and stop disturbing a concerned Nigerian complaining, as the entire world does on our behalf also, against glaringly inept leadership costing innocent Nigerian lives and worsening an already grave situation with mindless corruption and self-serving indolence.


Politics / Re: Boko Haram To Get War Aircraft Soon by Gbawe: 10:01am On Aug 27
mandozhero: Boko Haram from their youtube display now has sophisticated weapons that even scare Nigerian Military. The way they got those weapons (e.g: APC, RPG, GPMG, assault rifles, etc) is the way they will soon get aircraft to fight Nigeria.

Nigeria being the greatest grand force in Africa can handle this Boko Haram issue, only if Nigeria key players stop playing politicians with this issue.


With our mix of hideously corruptly institutions and a totally inept and 'compromised' federal government, Boko Haram can really become a nightmare it has no business transforming into if Nigeria is even a half serious Nation. It is important for Nigerians to understand that terror groups do not conform to anyone's rules but their own. They will become whatever distracted and unserious political leadership allow them to be. History gives us many example of this.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram To Get War Aircraft Soon by Gbawe: 9:47am On Aug 27

He is a member of the cult, he is performing his duty to shekau

Keep insulting the OP instead of growing up, taking adult responsibility for your future and discerning what truly matters. What has the OP said that is incorrect? Under GEJ we have a 'disinterested' and weak Government capable of letting Boko Haram become whatever the terror group aspires to.

When a well-sponsored terror group begin 'claiming' territory inside a sovereign nation then anything can happen. Call the OP whatever you want. It is clear you prefer to think and talk like a child while the OP is just an adult dealing with the reality of how things are changing for Nigeria.


Politics / Re: PDP Governors Plot Against Ribadu by Gbawe: 9:40am On Aug 27

PDP governors are feeling reluctant to admit a clean man 'cos they are dirty. If they are not comfortable with Ribadu 'cos he's not a thief, then who says PDP is a party that will take Nigeria to the next level. Bunch of looting cultists, I pity Ribadu.

Bro forget that. No one can place a time span on how long it will take a ruling political Party to get a Nation to the "next level" but we know it certainly is not 15 years. Nowhere near. With the PDP, they have led cluelessly for 15 years and things look even more bleak and more hopeless than ever. There is no hope for Nigeria while the ultra-corrupt, gradualist and reactionary PDP leads at the centre. 15 long, hard years is enough to convince any sane person of this.
Politics / Re: Omisore Rejects Osun Gov Poll Results, Heads For Election Tribunal Today by Gbawe: 8:49am On Aug 27
I wish Omisore 'Goodluck' in Court.

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Business / Re: Lagos May Emerge Oil Producing State Next Year by Gbawe: 8:18am On Aug 27
NewNigeriaMind: Let it be known Lagos cant wait to join oil producing states.



Travel / Re: Ogun State Development. by Gbawe: 11:37pm On Aug 26
HandOfChukwu: I'm not impressed

Who cares? Are the good people of Ogun State living to 'impress' non-citizens who are determined not to be impressed? Bro, you have one life. Live and let live. Learn to stay away, even if you are "not impressed", when others jubilate what amounts to positive development and a step in the right direction for them.


Travel / Re: Ogun State Development. by Gbawe: 11:32pm On Aug 26
omoajiri: I lived in Lagos and it was my tertiary education that took me to Ogun state. I gained admission into Olabisi Onabanjo university and for 8 consecutive years the then Gov. OGD couldnt conduct just 1 convocation due to the debts just that school owes talkless of the whole state.
Amosun came in and cleared all of that. The reforms and developments are there for us all to see. Now I don relocate with my family to Ogun state and trust me I can personally identify up to 12 different families who arent from Ogun but has also relocated to Ogun state within the last 2 years. SIA till 2019

Man mi, you tell the undiluted truth as obtains on the ground. I come from a big and highly dispersed traditional Ogun State family with many members in the UK. A lot of my older relatives and Uncles who have done well in the UK professionally ,heading back home, are shunning Lagos to be based in Ogun State even as many of them were Lagosian with Ogun State origin when they left Nigeria.

All of them consistently argue that Ogun State is the next big thing given the way Amosun is leading the State. No-brainer really. Proximity to Lagos, tonnes of opportunity, much cheaper real estate, lower operational business cost and , the icing on the cake, an administrator doing the hard work to make Ogun State attain its potentials. The diasporans are the hardest to convince because they are cynical, ultra-careful and pragmatic. If they have bought into what Amosun is doing then that tells a lot.

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Politics / Re: Gov Fashola Listed Among 100 Top Global Thinkers by Gbawe: 11:12pm On Aug 26
9icest: From Bariga, to Shomolu, to Ikorodu, to Yaba, to Surulere, Ikeja, Okota, Ayobo, Egbeda, Meran, even for my small corner here for Ajegunle Bus-Stop for Agbado Ijaiye, Baba Fash is busy fixing the roads, distributing transformers, building schools, providing health care, good security, catching those useless kidnappers from the where they are always from, even fixing federal roads, supporting market women by providing skills and training for them: my momsy just learnt tailoring, and she's from even from Yoruba but an Edo mama. Fashola is a true leader, and I wonder why some bunch of people find so much joy is smearing his name, and making him look incompetent. Well, such is life. For us in the SW, we choose development, and not petty and unbenefiting prolitics. Eko Oni Baje O!

Abi OOO. Mama Basirat sef dey ready to dash 'okunrin meta' Fashola any one (or even two or three sef) of her fine daughters any time any day. Fash the man. Haters do what you have to do.
Politics / Re: Gov Fashola Listed Among 100 Top Global Thinkers by Gbawe: 10:46pm On Aug 26
Is anyone surprised Fashola makes this list? Anywhere else but ultra-divided Nigeria and this man would be a national legend. Anyway, I am glad Fashola's good name has gone global. The man deserves it.

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