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Politics / Re: Sanity Has Finally Returned To Lagos Roads ..... by Gbawe: 5:50pm
Sounds a bit draconian but it may be what Lagos needs as there are too many lawless folks in that city.

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Politics / Re: Fielding Jonathan In 2015 Election Was A Mistake - Fayose by Gbawe: 8:09am

Point of correction, Fayose only popular among the touts and lazy ones in Ekiti.

Indeed. It is only someone from a region where they worship miscreants who would assume Fayose can ever be a 'hero' in the SW.


Fayose the shameless attention-seeker talking hypocritical nonsense as usual. We are to believe he thought GEJ was the wrong candidate yet Fayose was the most malevolently vocal noisemaker in support of GEJ to the extent he was even taking out expensive newspaper ad to wish Buhari death. These guys take Nigerians for fools to be honest. Fayose and FFK more or less made themselves leaders of project 'GEJ must win'. That Fayose now throws GEJ under the bus is proof of how unprincipled and deceitful a human being he is. His pre-election antics , where he proclaimed GEJ the 'best' for Nigeria, did not happen 30 years ago. It was only last year and we remember well so Fayose should shut up and spare us his attention-seeking pomo and fish showmanship. He is now stale.

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Politics / Re: Fielding Jonathan In 2015 Election Was A Mistake - Fayose by Gbawe: 7:56am
Fayose will always be a hero in SW and Nigeria

I can only assume you are not from the SW. It will do you well to stop speaking for a region you know nothing about. Aside Ekiti, where they are even getting fed up of his empty 'showman' style, Fayose is viewed with disdain in the SW. You are of course free to celebrate him but don't mention the SW in your hero worship of an empty barrel whose days are numbered. Only an Omoluabi can be viewed a hero in the SW and Fayose is no omoluabi. This is what sets the SW aside from some other regions where cads are worshipped and viewed as role models.


Politics / Re: Yoruba Obas Squatting To Snap With Buhari (Photo) by Gbawe: 11:59pm On Feb 02

Measuring up..who said that ..I say DIGNITY ...****

****Nothing wrong with respecting those who deserve it. Any culture that promotes that is a culture to admire and not denigrate but you would not know or appreciate this because you were not brought up to be respectful and typify the adage warning not to "caste pearls before swine".

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Obas Squatting To Snap With Buhari (Photo) by Gbawe: 11:49pm On Feb 02
Blame them not. ( This is PMB)

When you are good, many pple will wanna associate with you.

When u go to their palaces, you gonna see the pix all framed up on the wall.

Indeed. Buhari is a man many Nigerians, whether kings or paupers, respect immensely. To be honest, the man is the next thing to a saint in a nation where most of her leaders are shameless and very wicked thieves.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Emerge A Very Powerful Country Under Buhari – Italian PM by Gbawe: 11:44pm On Feb 02
The Italian PM is right.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Is Free To Send Me On Assignments – Jonathan by Gbawe: 1:02pm On Feb 02
What a joke Jonathan is. So Buhari will officially align himself with the individual who has landed Nigeria in so much trouble ? This Jonathan sef. I guess he really does not "give a damn" cool

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Politics / Re: Cocoa Will Turn Around Osun’s Fortunes – Aregbesola by Gbawe: 2:05pm On Feb 01
Onigbese has began dancing Unclad and foolishly in the marketplace again. Where is Yaba left when you need them.

Put a sock in it mate. Are you guys not ashamed? You cannot even wait for Osun indigenes to give their opinion as stakeholders before you all pile in to comment negatively and hatefully. You and others should learn to mind your own business if all you can contribute is negativity when there is no need for such.


Like someone commented earlier, falling oil price is turning out a blessing in disguise. It is now simply a case of diversify and look beyond oil or starve.


Politics / Re: Biafra: Judgment On Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail Inappropriate, Bias – IPOB by Gbawe: 9:32pm On Jan 31

Thank u brother Gbawe for your contribution but as highlighted you provided the rebuttals for your own claim.

The first question here is whether any Igbo, Yoruba or hausa man have the right to advocate independence from Nigeria?

This is the central issue and with regards to the threats u rightly noted that Kanu had no authority to enforce them. Freedom of speech does not discriminate from threat. A threat is not a crime. Since his arrest have the Nigerian Government found him with any weapons or Army? He is just a guy with an opinion, just like me and you.

Biafra is an online state so why lock an individual up for something mythical as u say? That don't make sense.

The central point is that Kanu has formed a lawless and anarchic movement, like Boko Haram, capable of fermenting trouble for Nigeria if not checked. I call Kanu and his IPOB followers lawless and anarchic because of how they went about their agitation. I personally have no issues with the Igbos getting their Biafra nation. The right to self-determination is not the problem. While agitating for such, you must not do so promoting the ideas that others, mainly the Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani" are demons to be exterminated via deliberately and deceitfully selling them as the main threat standing in the way of a "free Biafra".

Indoctrinating impressionable minds with falsehood is dangerous. This is what is mainly responsible for terrorism as we know it today and someone like Buhari, because of his background, understands this. Kanu has said and done enough for the Buhari government to believe he is a 'Pied piper' who can lead others to become a security threat against Nigerian lives and property. We all saw this with IPOB members promising to kill any Yoruba pastor that defies Kanu's order for them not to set foot in Igboland. I don't see how you cannot appreciate that this is unacceptable and that the FG is left with no choice but to act firmly and decisively.


Politics / Re: Biafra: Judgment On Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail Inappropriate, Bias – IPOB by Gbawe: 7:20pm On Jan 31

Oga how far, Boko burned children alive. Sup?

Will Boko Haram disappear overnight considering the menace your hero GEJ and his boys (Dasuki et al) allowed the terror group to metamorphose into? Meanwhile is Boko Haram still holding Nigerian territory the size of Belgium today as was the case under GEJ? That is 'whatsup' folks like you will not acknowledge. Go to the article below to be reminded of the bad old days under GEJ to note real progress has been made in 8 months under Buhari even if the war is not won yet.



Boko Haram Incident Map: September 2014 – January 2015

Following last week’s devastating attack on the last remaining government held town in Borno North, Baga, Islamic insurgent group Boko Haram are now believed to control approximately 20,000 square miles of land in north-eastern Nigeria; an area equivalent to the size of Belgium.

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Politics / Re: Biafra: Judgment On Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail Inappropriate, Bias – IPOB by Gbawe: 6:23pm On Jan 31
Not every Judge have an understanding of legal principle or learned. Judge Tsoho is a disgrace to the legal profession.

Before u kill me I am not an IPOB or Biafran, just a fair observer, just like earlier Judges that handled the case.

Have you been following events? Why insult the judge and question his ability when he is totally correct about Kanu? Is Kanu not the same individual who said Yoruba pastors must not step in Igboland to preach? Do you know the implication of that announcement? First of all, in a sovereign State, Kanu, like Boko Haram, is trying to impede the freedom of movement of others when he has no right or authority to do.

Secondly there is proof Kanu incited others dangerously with that announcement because members of IPOB pledged to kill Yoruba pastors for kanu if they set foot in Igboland. Thirdly, asking others not to set foot in Igboland means Kanu is assuming the Presidency of a mythical State within Nigeria. The real President and legitimate Government therefore is duty bound to show Kanu that all Igbo States are still part of Nigeria and must obey the laws and constitution of Nigeria.

This is not the GEJ Government where the terrorist group Boko Haram controlled territory others could not set foot in. Under this government, neither Kanu, Boko Haram or anyone else will be allowed to act like a breakaway state or territory. That is just one example and I don't even need to give more where Kanu threatened other Nigerians and declared a readiness to fight Nigeria and Nigerians. Bottom line is that, as they say in the UK, the FG and the legal system of Nigeria has Kanu "bang to rights". The fool talked and threatened himself into serious trouble to the extent it is very, very easy to make a legit case for denying him bail.


Politics / Re: Finally, Buhari May Appear before ICC For Trial Over Biafra by Gbawe: 6:12pm On Jan 31

Did u see sensible cause ?

Can you check what i posted again ?

but rather than starting with memorandum and votes to even ask, how many people are willing to go ?

Kanu is busy carrying prostitutes up and down.

Don't mind them.
Politics / Re: Finally, Buhari May Appear before ICC For Trial Over Biafra by Gbawe: 1:25pm On Jan 31

Keep fooling Buhari.

Little by little Nigeria will be seen as an oppressive nation that needs to be dismantled to free the oppressed nations within her

Give a dog a bad name to hang it. That's what IPOB is doing to Nigeria.

Remember the Balkan Nations.. cool

No. IPOB is rather giving the Igbo ethnic group a bad name. The educated world can see through the hypocrisy and insincerity of IPOB and its deceitful leaders like Nnamdi Kanu who basic investigations will show are scammers more interested in personal self-enrichment than any genuine struggle for an independent Igbo nation.

What the world sees, and what factual records support, is an ethnic group that was very much include in running the last regime, before that of Buhari a Northerner, now acting like a spoilt brat. For example, NOI was the most powerful Minister in the last dispensation while Anyim and many other Igbos were important. The likes of Ifeanyi Uba raked in billions under GEJ and even worked for his re-election passionately. We never heard any secession noise then. There was no IPOB feverishness for the 5 years GEJ was President and favouring the Igbos. As soon as GEJ is gone and Buhari is sworn in then IPOB's hypocritical madness springs to life with an immediate and urgent secession agenda that was conveniently suspended for the years GEJ was President. Once the agitation for secession is discredited and seen to be insincere then it will 100% fail because of lack of empathy and support from those that matter.

Dude, no one is fooled but emotional folks like you. The world will only see this current Biafra agitation as the deliberately restive behaviour of ethnically intolerant folks who are not particularly law-abiding since they fail to respect and support a president with the electoral mandate of the majority of Nigerians. You will also be perceived as undemocratic sore losers who insist on having their way intolerantly in defiance of the universal tenet of democracy that stipulates "majority carries the vote". I.e the concept of Losers should graciously accepting defeat and support the choice of the majority for the greater good of society. Not so for IPOB losers. It does not help either that you guys, before the election, spammed the net with sayings like "ab.o.ki will never rule again" and "no GEJ no Nigeria" et al. You IPOB youths are awful and extremely sentimental strategists. You made too many mistakes and that is why you cannot gain the sympathy of anything/anyone important today. Currently you are showing yourselves more aggrieved about the loss of GEJ, and more supportive of him despite the awful revelations about his tenure, than even his own SS folks who are now sensibly distancing themselves from Jonathan. All this is extremely damaging to how the world views you. When you open a thread like this I can see that you have no capacity for embracing reality and zero willingness to see what others denote easily. this makes me conclude , whether today or in 100 years, you will always end up on the losing side.

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Politics / Re: EFCC Closes In On Ex- Nigerian Defense Minister Obanikoro, Two Sons Over N4.8B by Gbawe: 2:57pm On Jan 30

When you are fighting corruption in a lawless country like nigeria, there shouldn't be any disrimination. They are all thieves, they have disabled our country for too many years...they also took advantage of the word "DEMOCRACY" and used it to rob us blind...for this reasons I support fighting corruption from A to Z. That is simply the only way Nigeria will become a better country...anything else will be a waste of time.
Tinubu, Alao Akala, Gbenga Daniels, Odelli, Kalu, Igbinedion, Fayose, and many more should all be severely punished. These pigs are responsible for what our country is up against today.

Ideally all thieves should be brought to book but the essential point remains that the responsibility for fighting corruption does not fall on PMB alone. All tiers of government must fight it's own corruption battle. Buhari is doing it very well as head of the Federal tier of governance. State and local government should do their bit also and Buhari must not be held accountable for what those tiers of government fail to do.
Politics / Re: EFCC Closes In On Ex- Nigerian Defense Minister Obanikoro, Two Sons Over N4.8B by Gbawe: 1:49pm On Jan 30

I don't know why u guys don't just get the point. Amaechi is rivers state government business. Tinubu is any government he took money from business. All these arms deal is federal business and that's Buhari's business. Which I'm sure you know Tinubu and Amaechi were not federal then.

Bruv, Nigerians are lawless and this even shows in their criticism. How can Buhari start hounding Governors when that is the responsibility of the State Government? How can Buhari order the probe of Tinubu when the man, till 2015, was an opposition leader who left a State position, i.e governor, in 2007 and has had nothing to do with the federal government since then? People cannot just mention their favourite bogeyman all in the name of "impartial corruption fight". They must look at the character involved and figure out whether it is Buhari's priority or responsibility to probe that person.

For example, why ask Buhari to probe Tinubu when Fashola should have done so? Why ask Buhari to probe IBB when OBJ should have done so? What is the sense in charging Buhari to probe OBJ when Yar Adua failed to do this? People will just open their mouth talking nonsense without realising that Buhari is not anyone's personal policeman. His main responsibility is to probe the immediate government he replaced and make them accountable for any misconduct at federal government level and nothing else. Otherwise we will all be asking Buhari to come and arrest our local government chairman or state commissioner.
Politics / Re: Okonjo Iweala Warned Nigeria To Save For The Rainy Day, But Tinubu Opposed Her. by Gbawe: 7:38am On Jan 30
And Tinubu was what then? A senator? The finance minister?

This frog eye na error.

I bet she wasn't the one talking anyways...

So, why cldnt she have saved to today's rainy days when she was under Jonathan's regime...

Bros help me ask them oooh. Some folks simply cannot ever reason effectively or admit the glaring truth once it is their ethnic kinsman/woman under indictment for wrongdoing.


Politics / Re: Okonjo Iweala Warned Nigeria To Save For The Rainy Day, But Tinubu Opposed Her. by Gbawe: 7:35am On Jan 30

Ignoramus, didn't she and GEJ continue the sharing after OBJ. Dolt, OBJ didn't even allow the much sharing as witnessed under the Ineffectual Buffoon.

IPOB boys will never be sensible. NOI is nothing but a crook and upright Nigerians know it is only ethnic bigots who continue to defend her while trying to portray her a 'performer' whereas the entire world sees a crooked and morally bankrupt individual who failed woefully and assisted the gang-shagging of her own Country.

All these desperate attempt to absolve NOI of blame show that some people are simply operating with a level of ethnic bigotry other Nigerians cannot match. What is difficult about simply seeing beyond ethnicity to accept that NOI messed up and is a contributor to the current plight of Nigeria today? Same way they worshipped the lunatic called Kanu when they should have disowned the hateful charlatan and shown the world that, as decent people, the mad man is on his own and not speaking/acting for his ethnic group.

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Politics / Re: Okonjo Iweala Warned Nigeria To Save For The Rainy Day, But Tinubu Opposed Her. by Gbawe: 7:12am On Jan 30

Are you not ashamed to present this lame argument here? So Tinubu, one man, is the all-powerful bogeyman that prevented a legitimately elected government from doing what is best for 170 million people especially when he was in the opposition camp? This is why many support and will continue to support Buhari. I.e Nigerians hate how the PDP is about giving excuses for why it cannot perform and is always ready to blame others for everything. Everyone can see that there are no excuses today under this government. Mistakes will be made along the way but the main thing to note is that the Buhari government, unlike others before it, understands the need to put Nigerians first and not hide behind flimsy excuses linked to what a single man or woman wants.

Today you will not hear that "Buhari wanted to do this for Nigeria but IBB overruled him" and such garbage. No one will say Buhari wanted to build a road beneficial to the ND but Tompolo prevented it or that Bode George is frustrating Buhari's effort to help Lagos deliver her rail network. You guys simply need to bin everything you know about leadership before today because you have been scammed. Real leaders do not hide and do not make excuses. Buhari is a real leader because he understands that real leaders do what must be done to protect and better the lot of those they lead regardless of whose Ox is gored.


Politics / Re: EFCC Closes In On Ex- Nigerian Defense Minister Obanikoro, Two Sons Over N4.8B by Gbawe: 11:49pm On Jan 29
This country is just full of serious"BS" why chase only the past administration,when from time memorial from military regime to present democracy,The looters are still walking freeely..For me i feel this is a selective corruption crusade period.. lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

How many times will it need to be explained to you guys that protocol and good old logic is the reason why a government is only duty bound to probe that before it? Think about it for a minute. It is not rocket science. If an irresponsible thief like GEJ did not probe those before him and the distracted Yar Adua could not probe his benefactors , i.e OBJ, while the duplicitous OBJ himself could not probe IBB and others who helped him gain power, then why place the burden on Buhari's shoulder to do what these past three President failed to do?

Don't you guys understand anything about scope of responsibility? Must Buhari now come and be doing what 3 Presidents before him failed to do, i.e probe the respective predecessors OBJ, Yar Adua and GEJ failed to do or should Buhari simply concentrate on the government he took over power from as leadership responsibility compels him to do? You guys should learn to shun sentiments when you talk. You are essentially asking Buhari to be responsible for every stage in our history from independence when he is only duty bound to look mainly at the government he took over from and its wrongdoing. With your line of thinking then Buhari should probe lord Lugard as well since you guys don't understand that a sitting President cannot be held accountable for the negligence and inaction of others before him.

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Politics / Re: EFCC Closes In On Ex- Nigerian Defense Minister Obanikoro, Two Sons Over N4.8B by Gbawe: 10:05pm On Jan 29
Very good development if confirmed. I knew the cowardly Obanikoro took to his heels, even before PMB was sworn in, for very good reasons. They should crate the m.ofo back to Nigeria ojare cool

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Politics / Re: Court Denies Nnamdi Kanu Bail by Gbawe: 5:16pm On Jan 29

Per the highlighted, this is illogicality only found in Nigeria. What has terrorism got to do with Nnamdi Kanu's peaceful agitation for an independent nation?

Seriously? Someone caught on tape and video soliciting for arms to fight Nigeria? Na wa for Kanu's power of brainwashing sha. To declare the guy did wrong seem to be harder for some of you than even breathing.


Politics / Re: Court Denies Nnamdi Kanu Bail by Gbawe: 3:08pm On Jan 29
Biafra issue has a way of bringing the devil in Yorubas, even Onatisi can't hide it again.

We aren't worried a bit. Nigerians should be getting worried.

Till the end, and till Kanu is convicted, people like you will never show decency to support what is right and condemn the lunatic. Most Yorubas I know don't give a toss about Kanu. Yet he made us the number one enemy of Igbos and tried to instigate the prohibition and killing of Yoruba religious leaders in Igboland. Kanu made it clear the Yorubas should be seen as virtually chickens to be slaughtered if necessary. Excuse me then if most Yorubas, the victims of his hateful tirade, have taken this personally especially in the face of the incriminating silence from Igbo leaders and the refusal, such as you and others have displayed here, to show that you unequivocally condemn the hate mongering of Kanu. Dude, you are your own biggest enemy. Don't drag Yorubas into this because we never asked Kanu to hinge successful secession on the premise of waging war against us the Yorubas. Deal with what Kanu started that some of you tacitly endorsed with your refusal to come out and condemn Kanu and unequivocally distance yourselves from him.

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Politics / Re: Court Denies Nnamdi Kanu Bail by Gbawe: 2:57pm On Jan 29
The thing I find interesting is that the British government is yet to utter a word with specific reference to Kanu since he's a British citizen.

They usually offer consular assistance to nationals in situations like this.

Plus the regular calls for fair trial etc.

Absolutely nothing , nada, zilch from the home office.


Right now Britain is struggling with the terrifying reality of her own citizens going to join extremist terrorist groups to do unspeakable things. Condemnation of such development is very high in the UK currently and Britain would be called out for hypocrisy if seen to support Kanu's hateful incitement against Nigerians at a time the UK is trying to jail and prohibits more of her own domestic hate mongers . If you go abroad to preach hate then face the local consequences of your actions. That seems to be the message of the UK with their silence over Kanu. You cannot be condemning terror against your homeland and supporting such against others.


Politics / Re: Court Denies Nnamdi Kanu Bail by Gbawe: 2:39pm On Jan 29

And what should we do to the OBA of Lagos ?

You guys will never get it and you keep making silly and distractive comparisons instead of just simply dissociating yourselves from Kanu the hate-monger. Yorubas , including myself, dissociated themselves firmly from the offensive statements of the Oba of Lagos. Tinubu, Ambode and many Yoruba leaders decisively and swiftly disowned the Oba's utterance while making it clear that Akiolu's words were personal opinions not to be viewed as the position of Yoruba folks. Yet what did your youths, and even elders who should know better, do with the rabid and hateful noise of Kanu against the Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis? They openly embraced his instigating hate speech against the Yorubas to the extent IPOB members even pledged to kill Yoruba pastors for Kanu if they stepped in Igbo land.

While this was going on your prominent leaders kept silent indicating to the world that they tacitly support Kanu. Please don't revise history here. We all saw Yorubas show decency to vehemently condemn Oba Akiolu's hateful rant against the Igbos whereas your leaders and even ordinary kinsmen let themselves down with how , by omission or commission, they allowed Kanu to become a malevolent demagogue who has now done serious damage to the image of the Igbos in Nigeria today. Start repairing the damage from your own corner. Next time don't ask silly questions about a Yoruba oba. Simply show decency and condemn Kanu, as most Yorubas did with Akiolu, if you are not indeed a closet IPOD who believes Kanu's rant that the Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis are the enemies of the Igbo and should be exterminated in necessary.

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Politics / Re: Court Denies Nnamdi Kanu Bail by Gbawe: 2:17pm On Jan 29
The Zoo is really dealing with the ipob thug leader. He will probably be spending the remainder of his miserable life rotting away in kuje prison. No matter the noise making protest by his fellow ipob thugs, the Nigerian judiciary would not be intimidated to free him.

The mumu dilector who can't even appoint a competent lawyer to represent him wants to lead an imaginary Biafra republic. He will have to do that from kuje prison now as he's not going home anytime soon.

Does he deserve less? It has gotten really personal for a lot of people because of the bile and hate Kanu peddled and was instigating others to key into. He did not stop at calling a legitimately elected President a paedophile and terrorist but went on to label the Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis dispensable enemies to be killed if necessary yet his own ethnic group are most vulnerable because of how they are dispersed throughout Nigeria. What a selfish, egotistic and entirely sadistic megalomaniac.

An example should be made of him because hate-mongers can lead the vulnerable and disenfranchised to do horrible things. Just look at the world today with how charismatic hate preachers ar turning many young people into murderers. Kanu is no different and should face the full wrath of the law. Don't firmly stop this Kanu version 1.0 and many would be encouraged to be the next Kanu as obtains under weaklings like GEJ. Buhari appreciates this about his people. PMB know that with Nigerians, a people used to lawlessness and impunity, you must apply a firm hand or wait to be overrun by citizens who naturally love misbehaving if there is no consequences for such.

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Politics / Re: MASSOB We Will Decolonize The People From Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba – Madu by Gbawe: 9:49am On Jan 29
The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), yesterday, dismissed insinuation that it was championing the Biafra secession cause, so as to colonise the south-south geopolitical zone given its huge oil resources.
Reacting to a statement credited to Sagir Mohammed where he described the agitation for Biafra as a desperate ploy to colonize the south-south region and tap the crude oil reserves as its economic mainstay, MASSOB Leader, Uchenna Madu, in a statement said: “MASSOB can never be intimidated, disorganized or shaken because of some disgruntled, frustrated, confused, defeated people like Sagir Mohammed who in frustration, alleged that Ndi Igbo wants to capture and colonize the people of south-south with Biafra.
“MASSOB, Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, and Lower Niger Congress, LNC, with our affiliates in Diaspora are more determined, consistent and articulated for Biafra actualization not minding the cries of Sagir Mohammed and his likes. We are not in the Biafra struggle to colonize our south-south brethren but to decolonize them from Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba oligarchy who have held them captives for decades, subjected our brothers and sisters into slavery as was meted to Ndigbo.
“90 percent oil wells in Niger Delta were owned by these criminal parasites of northern oligarchy. Today, the Fulani are crying fowl because they have no stake again as Nigeria is in near collapse under the leadership President Muhammad Buhari. The people of eastern region are wiser now, formidable, united, focused and determined for survival, emancipation and independence of Biafra. Igboland is not locked as alleged by Sagir Mohammed. The people and land of south-east region are more developed individually than the entire 19 states of northern Nigeria,” Madu said.

To be honest this is getting really annoying and good igbos should begin speaking out as these groups, i.e MASSOB, IPOB et al, are really giving them a bad image as ungracious liars and a spitefully hateful people. It is only an irredeemably unreasonable person, in view of what is being revealed daily, who will pontificate that the present state of Nigeria is down to Buhari and not to Ali Baba (GEJ) and his forty thieves (Allison-Madueke, Dasuki, NOI et al) as alleged above in bold. If Nigeria is "near collapse" today then it is only IPOP and MASSOB liars who will not admit it is firmly the fault of GEJ and his incompetent and irresponsible looters.

The same madness, before the election, of continuing to see no wrong in GEJ when the entire world, to include the SS, has moved on is an unhealthy indictment of the mindset of these MASSOB and IPOB folks. lies upon lies plus a lunatic, morally reprehensible and dishonest zeal to back anyone they feel is giving the government of Buhari a hard time. Some people are travelling a dangerous road in my opinion and making things hard for themselves unnecessarily.


Politics / Re: I Will Not Wage War Against FG – Tompolo by Gbawe: 10:52pm On Jan 28

That you elect to play the ostrich in the mist of current realities is pitiable. which petty and clanish president went on national television and argued that the bulk of his tenure will be used to politically settle the 97% that voted for him while the 5% can rot in Hades?

Which president threatened and rained fired and brimstone on grieving chibok mothers whose only crime was demand the return of their daughters?

Which president authorised the massacre of over 1000% citizens cos they failed to give burantai right of way?

Have you noticed the number of business shutting down and heading to other African countries?

Have you noticed the unprecedented number of sack letters sent out within the few months of this administration?

Do we have portable drinking waters yet? or light in our homes? talkless of getting fuel to power generators or kerosene to cook?

Have you considered the budget? and Buhari wants to start militancy in the creeks again?

Gbawe, be honest and tellme if we have ever had things this bad.

Of course an argument can be made for the notion we have never had things this bad but how can any reasonable person blame Buhari and the APC for this? This is why IPOB members and their sympathisers stand discredited these days. You seem incapable of reasoning logically and without sentiments borne of prejudice.

If you are not prejudiced you will agree it is not the fault of Buhari and the APC that oil fell from $110.00 under GEJ to $27.00 today.
If deep bias against a Northern President or the APC is not an issue with you then you will note it is the PDP, and most recently GEJ, that left us in very poor shape to tackle this austere period when , as a mono economy, our main export , i.e oil, is becoming worthless.

GEJ was too busy looting to even bother with rainy day savings despite his government earning the most of any Nigerian government in history courtesy of oil selling over $100.00 per barrel for a long period.

Despite being in power for 16 years (1999 to 2015) the PDP did not bother to diversify the Nigerian economy away from a disastrous dependence on oil. Successive PDP President paid lip service only to developing the SME sector. Critical infrastructure, like transport and power, remain redundant in Nigeria, courtesy of the PDP, when they should be driving socio-economic development and growth. I could go on all day and I have to ask if you are not ashamed trying to blame Buhari and the APC for this mess while you say nothing about the glaring culpability of GEJ and his PDP marauders.

Are you a sadist? If you really know the damage GEJ and the PDP did over the past 16 years, i.e their irresponsible looting and totally incompetent leadership of Nigeria, then you would not dare speak as if the APC caused the problem we are facing now or as if the APC can wave a magic wand to make everything fine in months. This is why everyone is getting fed up of you IPOB lads and sympathisers. It is almost as if extreme prejudice and latent ethnic hate for others will always lead you to defend what is wrong 100% of the time while you exonerate those ethnically affiliated to you of blame over Nigeria's current situation when they are virtually 100% to blame for our woes as is the case with GEJ. How can you honestly blame Buhari and the APC for the mess Nigeria is in today? Is it not like how Kanu and his IPOB wailers were running around claiming Yorubas and Hausa/Fulani are their problem yet they have nothing to say about damning evidence which shows that GEJ, along with complicit SE/SS leaders like NOI and Allison-Madueke, totally destroyed Nigeria with unconscionable corruption and gross incompetence. Na wa for you guys sha.
Politics / Re: I Will Not Wage War Against FG – Tompolo by Gbawe: 10:21pm On Jan 28

Oga only if you know how many people are under his payroll. How many people he has lifted from darkness. Every tribe needs a Tompolo. No gentleman in leadership as far as Nigeria is concerned. .The gentlemanessential has made the Creek people backwards for time imo river.now they are standing up to aggressors you label them clueless.

Look, employing many Niger Deltans does not give Tompolo carte blache to commit crime and get away with it. Let him face his case and let others continue to run whatever he has set up that is beneficial for the people of the region. Every ethnic group does not need a Tompolo going into the future. We need impunity to stop and for folks to go about their business lawfully or face the consequences of doing otherwise. That way the "jungle" will evolve to be more like the nations we all admire and want Nigeria to be like.
Politics / Re: I Will Not Wage War Against FG – Tompolo by Gbawe: 5:38pm On Jan 28

In your little mind you missed El Zaky and maybe Fayose.
The country is already a mess economically and more divided along tribal and religious line ever since your Apc and Buhari took over. blackmail and blame passing is now the last hope of Apc and Buhari while the nation is already crippled.

Next after bullying everyone to join Apc with efcc is to proceed and massacre the rest right?

It is not about everyone joining the APC. Impunity must stop. As simple as that. Do you enjoy how unruly Nigeria is with the like of Tompolo acting as if they are above the law ? Support what is right for once and stop rooting for criminals and anarchists. Also, you are a very dishonest chap as per the bold above. Every living creature under the Sun knows that it is the GEJ government that left Nigeria most dangerously divided along ethnic and religious lines. In fact the whole IPOB nonsense is the hangover from the inability of ethnic and religious bigots to accept that the Christian Southerner they worship clannishly (GEJ) legitimately lost an election to the moslem Northerner (Buhari) they hate passionately. Don't come here with your desperate revisionism abeg.
Politics / Re: I Will Not Wage War Against FG – Tompolo by Gbawe: 4:49pm On Jan 28
Tompolo or whatever ur name is, stop arrogating to urself powers u never had. What made u think that u & ur Co criminals can withstand the mighty power of Nigeria when it's brought to bear on u? Don't forget u're not dealing with ur clueless kinsman but a full decorated retired general. U will easily be smoked out of ur den when he has time to handle ur nuisance.

Don't mind them. Same way they hyped and worshipped Kanu till the hateful fool thought he was invincible and could dare a legitimate President he ran around disrespecting with the tag of "terrorist" and "paedophile". Now Tompolo is their new local champion. I will just advise Government (Tompolo) to not listen to these praise singers. He should go and face his charges. As far as I know, loot recovery is uppermost on Buhari's agenda and those who cooperate and return stolen money willingly will get that taken into consideration. Try and be problematic like Metuh and rot in jail. These guys should simply return the billions because we need it desperately right now.
Politics / Re: I Will Not Wage War Against FG – Tompolo by Gbawe: 4:14pm On Jan 28

Gbawe is leading the way to arrest and talk Tompolo into jail armed with long emotional epistle.

Keep watching. How many individuals have you lot made your champion who will defy Buhari and bring Nigeria to her knees? First you bet and lost on GEJ and his army of empty threat issuers like Edwin Clark, Asari Doku-orobo et al. You then placed all hope on Kanu and he is now totally demystified and fighting for his liberty. Una back Metuh to come out on top yet he is becoming more sober daily. ICC, the UK and other foreign champions' you pinned your hope on have no interest in associating with your troublesome behaviour. Tompolo is now your last hope. We will see how he fares with a President who believes, with every fibre of his being, that no individual or group should terrorise a nation and hold her to ransom.


Politics / Re: I Will Not Wage War Against FG – Tompolo by Gbawe: 2:47pm On Jan 28

Oh yes,
Comrade Gbawe is wiser and more accomplished than all IPOB in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

See a poor church rat comparing himself with IPOB. Wonders they say shall never end.

Get lost

Rant and rave all you want. The reality is that Buhari has demystified you guys and shown you to be nothing but empty chest-beaters and braggarts who only know to issue empty threats and impotent ultimatums. No one takes you IPOB wailer seriously any more and your only achievement has been to disgrace yourselves and then put decent Igbos under a negative spotlight because of one mentally unstable nuisance called Kanu. You IPOB clowns have set your ethnic group back no end because of the egotism and tribalism many warned you about.

You all lost the plot when Kanu started anchoring his secession plot on a mission of fighting and killing Yorubas and Hausa/Fulani and you backed his lunacy when you should have spoken against it vehemently. I heard the guys ranting incoherently in one of his tirade about "blood moon" and I thought to myself how sad it is that it is this crazy mofo Igbo youths have chosen to follow all in the name of some perceived marginalisation when the fact is that it is all poor Nigerians, whatever their ethic group, who are marginalised by the thieving elites. For example, Dasuki shared the loot with Hausa.Fulani,Yoruba, Igbo et al. Yet did he give you and any IPOB youth a kobo? Did Metuh share even one kobo with you? You have not dealt with your many, many thieving leaders and misrulers in Igbo land yet you decided to elevate the Yorubas and Hausa/Fulani to your public enemy number one. Well, enjoy the damage you have done to your region and spare us the self-pity. You brought it upon yourself.

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