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Politics / Re: Most Annoying Nigerian Accents by Gbawe: 1:56pm

Which ethnic Nigerian accent do you like then seeing as it appears you pretty much hate all of them? Why do you not find something better to do with your time instead of opening negative threads that only promotes fights and petty bickering.

@Mods. Do we not have a Nollywood or petty gossip forum? What is this silly thread doing in the politics section?
Politics / Re: Leave Buhari Alone by Gbawe: 11:58am
Now i believe the fear of Buhari is begining of wisdom for the saTANiods. I cant just imagine enteringthe politics section and all i see is all sort of blackmailing and draconic thread all against Buhari. If you know you dont want Buhari as the next president kindly go and vote next year for the candidate of your choice. Is Buhari the only candidate contesting?

They have no record to sell GEJ on, since he is a failure who has disappointed Nigerians massively, and must thus embrace the desperate tactics of portraying one of the very few Nigerians (Buhari) they know is capable of defeating an incumbent , with the finance and armed forces might of Nigeria at his disposal to use as he pleases, as someone Nigerians must reject. Nigerians will not buy it.

What TANdroids forget is that GEJ benefited from what they are doing now. We all remember that the more some "born to rule" elements in the North vilified GEJ back then the more Nigerians resolved to vote for him. Today, Buhari is the 'vilified' candidate and Nigerians are a people who naturally rally behind an individual the more that person is attacked and maligned.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Aregbesola Backs Jihad & Opposes Boko Haram by Gbawe: 11:12am
I expect the moderators to bring down this thread if they or the OP fail(s) to give us the full transcript of what Aregbesola said and its original title.

The OP is like some of the Mods in mentality and I am not surprised they are helping to promote his vile attempt at spreading hatred. Aregbesola's message is the sort Nigerians should be hearing and heeding at this time many desperados have succeeded to divide our nation along ethnic and religious lines to an extent only seen before Nigeria descended into civil war.

One would think, in these days of an idea-based and progress-driven world, Seun and his Mods would do their best to proscribe the spread of mindless hate which could lead to chaos for our nation. Yet OP and his kind,entirely unchecked, continue to thrive and spread their hateful message which can only lead to confrontation, ala Rwanda, everyone will regret. As the Yoruba adage goes "Nkon ti oju nwa,oju a ri".
Politics / Re: Quality Of Life For Nigerian Youths Worst In The World – New Report by Gbawe: 10:51am
Who is surprised about this revelation? Certainly not Nigerians who know the reality of their nation since the PDP took over in 1999. Every measure of development and progress that is collated today always indict Nigeria, led by the PDP for 15 years, as worst or close to worst. If many Nigerians were not sentimental folks who worship religious and ethnic bias above everything else then it would be obvious that the beginning of the march toward progress for Nigeria can only arrive once the PDP is kicked out. Sad how some of these youths, as the oppressed victims, are the most vociferous in shouting "GEJ till 2030" in a bizarre display of how Nigerians suffer from the worst form of Stockholm syndrome possible.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Aregbesola Backs Jihad & Opposes Boko Haram by Gbawe: 10:37am
This OP na evil person him be. I checked up this profile all his topics are based on ethnic and religious biased. I advised Seun to ban sunnybobo devil. Cos he's promoting hatred against Muslims one way or another. One Love Nigerians.

Indeed. The mods should ban the guy permanently but this is Nigeria where everyone wants utopia but fail to recognise the part they have to play in gaining a progressive nation where tolerance is key. Some Mods are sympathetic to the message and mischievous deceit of the OP and this is why they help promote it.

There is no doubt that OP selectively posted incendiary material, while hiding the main body of the article he featured, to promote hatred against Moslems. I know the OP also and 99.9% of his posts are ethnocentric and religiously bigoted. There should be no place on this forum for characters like this if Nigeria is a nation of people who genuinely embrace tolerance and eschew prejudice and extremism.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Aregbesola Backs Jihad & Opposes Boko Haram by Gbawe: 9:53am
I don't care about ur comment neither what u support . And my comment or otherwise should not affect u and if its does u can not mess up. be warned

Illiterate fool. You cannot even quote a post correctly. Backward elements like you are the 'collateral damage' agberos that men of evil use, as street level 'avengers', to get their evil ways. Shameless caveman. You are no different to the Boko Haram killers you hate and I am sure you would harm others too given the right circumstances and 'programming'. As for your empty warning, do your worst coward.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Aregbesola Backs Jihad & Opposes Boko Haram by Gbawe: 9:30am
if u like support masquerade. But when what u are supporting turns against u as it is happening now don't blame on me or the President

It is ALUU savages like you that make others ashamed to be Nigerian. Did you even bother to open the link to see the divisive, hate-mongering and dangerous mischief of the OP before speaking? This is they tragedy of Nigeria today. People like the OP go around using deception and lies to divide Nigerians, because they are vengeful secessionists and anarchists wishing the worst for our Nation, and they find willing 'tools' in brain dead bigots like you. If you are not a vile bigot, working with your own set of prejudices and preconceived notion, you would have opened the link to see Aregbesola's very sensible message which is certainly what Nigeria needs to heal currently rather than the extremist drivel coming from Boko Haram et al on one side and bigots like you and the OP on the other side of the religious divide.

God forbid it, but when the worst happens to Nigeria and hostility has descended into full scale chaos then people like you will be to blame for your ALUU mindset which kept openly encouraging hatred of others while rejecting the laudable intervention of good folks like Aregbesola. Below are parts of the article the vile OP hid. I don't know how Seun runs Nairaland but OP should be banned permanently for this sort of openly divisive mischief. It is dangerous for Nigeria if everyone is doing this unchecked. In the UK people are jailed for promoting racial/religious hate openly. Why do we Nigerians seem so casually tolerant of prejudice and even happy to peddle hatred against others openly and without reservation?

Aregbesola lamented the gross misunderstanding of Jihad to mean war or violence.

Aregbesola said, “Jihad should not be turned into a license to unleash terror on people, Muslims and Christians alike and as well as to destabilise the nation.

“Contrary to the claims by groups such as the Boko Haram sect, Jihad is neither a call to arms nor an ideological blueprint for destructive insurgency. Jihad in Islam is at its core about establishing a personal relationship with Allah. The meaning of Jihad in Islam is a total submission to the will and obedience to the laws of Allah.

“Submitting to Allah’s will is an act of conscious choice granted to mankind by God; obeying His laws is a demonstration and vindication of that submission.

“They abused notion of Jihad often used as justification for satanic atrocities of insurgent groups, such as the Boko Haram sect, is a gross misapplication of the concept.

“Jihad is far from being an open cheque for senseless violence, neither is it a Qur’anic endorsement of the pursuit of selfish political desires.

“The concept of Jihad in Islam simply means ‘struggle’ or ‘striving.’ It has two broad dimensions – external and internal striving.”

He argued that Boko Haram and other insurgent groups had no justification in Islam to back the violence they unleashed on the people.

He added, “If Islam thus forbids violence against innocents, how does Boko Haram justifies the senseless killings, maiming, kidnappings of innocent women, children, and girls?”

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Aregbesola Backs Jihad & Opposes Boko Haram by Gbawe: 9:13am
Pls how come most PDP/Jonathan supporters always drum up ethnic/religious sentiments.
Does it mean that is the only strategy they have come up with to win the 2015 elections?

This is the tragedy of Nigeria today. OP should be ashamed of himself but his kind do not know the meaning of shame or personal integrity. Anything, to include demonizing the character of a good person, is par for the course for most PDP leaders and their followers. This cannot be good for Nigeria's future and I know it is those ,like the hateful and intolerant OP, doing their best to make sure we remain divided along ethic and religious lines who will suffer the most when the Sh1te hits the fan.


Politics / Re: APC Governors Confront President Jonathan for More Cash Allocation by Gbawe: 11:34am On Oct 23
Learn to respect me, I do not menstruate every 28 days. When men are discussing, little girls are not welcomed.

When a senseless n1tw1t and chauvinistic caveman. So where are women welcomed? In your bedroom and kitchen alone? It is fools like you who end up killing your spouse when they grow beyond you in sophistication, earnings and independence. You belong in a zoo.


Too many criminal-minded Nigerians running around and backing what is wrong because of ethno-religious support of the GEJ-led FG. The matter under discussion is fairly simple. While we remain a federation, with legally constituted and empowered tiers, the federal Government is never allowed to disburse allocation unfairly or short-change other legitimate tiers of our federal structure. Especially not in the name of vengeful intimidation or bullying politics.

No Nigerian should support this development which is tantamount to backing armed robbers, rapists and murderers simply because one does not like the police. With the way many Nigerians speak online, showing they are not committed to what is fair and just always, one can forgive foreigners who continue to swear that many Nigerians have a gene of criminality in them.

One thing every morally upright person will admit is that Nigerian States are constitutionally entitled to every kobo accruing to them as per our legal revenue sharing formula. No ifs and buts. Conversely, the FG is not allowed to short-change any legitimate tier of the Nigerian federation or disburse the revenue accruing to States unfairly for the sake of political persecution/vendetta. It is only criminal-minded folks who do not agree that fair is fair in life.


Politics / Re: Fayose Shuts Speaker, Others’ Fuel Stations by Gbawe: 7:44am On Oct 23
Sadly, this is the only way Fayose and others in the PDP know how to play politics. This is why they were voted out of the SW. To get into office, with all that is facing the State, and begin closing petrol station belonging to opposition politicians shows what is to come from Fayose. Not even a week and he is power drunk already yet same man will lie flat before men of God to say he will sin no more. Ekiti folks, hope you will not seriously regret your choice as many Nigerians deeply regret voting for GEJ today.

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Politics / Re: #TeamBuhari by Gbawe: 9:11am On Oct 22
@Buhari supporters.

Ignore the children of the corrupt messiah(GEJ) on this thread. Do not give them what they crave desperately which is your attention. If they had a record to sell GEJ on they would be opening countless threads to do this instead of desperately trying to present Buhari as a man Nigeria must reject.

We should join focus to uphold the resolve of promoting GMB till the APC primaries and not entertain distractions. #Team Buhari backing the real change.


Politics / Re: I Wont Vote APC For Presidency Because: by Gbawe: 7:40pm On Oct 21

Whoever you decided to vote for is your right. APC are bad while PDP are criminals. In between the 2, both of us have options. While you chose criminals I decided to go for bad. Your choice is personal, the same way mine is, so we don't need announcement for that.

Absolutely brilliant !!! Why are so many TANdroids and Jonathanians focusing their effort on telling the world why they will not vote for others? Simply go to the polling booth and cast your vote. Spare us the histrionics. Why make a show of telling us why you will not be voting for a Party when you should simply concentrate on telling us why you are voting for your choice? Real fear has gripped the TANdroid army. They are 'malfunctioning' already.


Politics / Re: Silence Of Jonathanins: Kudos To Nairaland A.P.C by Gbawe: 5:57pm On Oct 21

Bro, remember I told you guys it was initial gra gra they can never sustain because their pro-GEJ trolling antics would eventually be overtaken by events and a fightback sure to come ? Look, this is even only the beginning. No need to say too much. Some will realize that others are not playing around. When they started bullying Amaechi and initiated their '16 is greater than 19' abracadabra and dirty impeachment plot, I said here it was an exercise in futility.

GEJ is a a very shallow leader with an ultra-parochial outlook. He has never, at any time, deferred to the notion that Nigeria is much bigger than him and his ambition. The initial gra gra of TANdroids on NL was totally predictable because it seemed that GEJ was 'overcoming'. I stated then even to their oga (Insincere9gerian) that this is totally expected and must not be taken to mean anything. After all the Presidency is a powerful office that wields enormous influence and patronage. Nonetheless I warned of the inevitable "fightback" from a political establishment fed up of GEJ. Many, naturally, must keep their card close to their chest because GEJ has shown he is always ready and fully committed to using the power of his office to persecute opposition to his ambition. Other will now, with the elections virtually upon us, begin to show the cards they were hiding very well. Let us all relax and enjoy the ride. We are only at the beginning of the blockbuster film.


Politics / Re: Message For Jonathan: ‘Nigeria Needs A Uniter, Not A Divider’…a Must Read by Gbawe: 5:37pm On Oct 21
Good advice. However, i think this Jonathan has gone beyond redemption. He'll simply stop at nothing to get what he wants, goaded on by blind supporters who aren't intelligent enough to understand the implications of what he's doing.

Indeed but Nigeria is greater than this accidental leader and his deluded followers. GEJ will be voted out so that Nigeria can begin to function effectively as other Nations do.

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Politics / Re: Message For Jonathan: ‘Nigeria Needs A Uniter, Not A Divider’…a Must Read by Gbawe: 3:35pm On Oct 21
The blinds can see that we have never been this polarized before and the sad part is there doesn't seem to be an end in the near future with the despiration of this gov to cling to power by whatever means necessary. The onus is on us to put a stop to this nonsense. I as a person see a human being in the next person before seeing a muslim/christian/northerner/southerner. I refuse to be manipulated and used by some wicked politicians whose only interest is how to enrich themselves; embezzle the nations wealth; fly around in private jet while giving us locomotive trains; send their children to the best schools in the world so they can come and deride our children when they return.

Precisely. The article is saying exactly what you concluded. How do we give more time to a man who, instead of delivering good governance, specialises in highlighting our difference as a way to divide Nigerians and set them against each other? I have noticed the massive difference from when I joined NL in 2009 to the GEJ years where ethnic and religious intolerance seem a way of life on NL rather than a vile and abhorrent development to be condemned strongly. Today, on the ground, things are hardly discussed without ethnicity and religion being dragged into issues bellicosely. The best political leaders, who are naturally effective and deliberate , tend to de-emphasize the issues that divide and polarise society. This is because people are effective and productive when they focus on what develops society rather than on each other.

Good leaders focus on bringing out the best in those they lead with exemplary personal conduct which encourages ordinary folks to aspire to lofty ideals of human behaviour and interaction. Accidental and sit-tight leaders, often identified with a desperation to hold on to power even when they are not using it to benefit anyone, will embrace any tactics, however vile, to promote the sort of disunity and chaos that makes it difficult for a polity to speak with one voice and rid itself of misrule. GEJ is now a known entity and his divisive tactics are properly identified. Along with his hideous misrule and corruption, it is obvious Nigeria needs change.


Politics / Message For Jonathan: ‘Nigeria Needs A Uniter, Not A Divider’…a Must Read by Gbawe: 3:05pm On Oct 21

Message for Jonathan: ‘Nigeria Needs A Uniter, Not A Divider’…A MUST READ
In 2011, almost all the regions in Nigeria came together with one voice to elect Goodluck Jonathan as President. Muslims and Christians called him humble, a source of inspiration, an intellectual, a prayer warrior and the first Ph.D holder to ever become president in the country. Pastors from both orthodox and pentecostal hues used his life story as sermon illustrations because it was compelling.

Mothers named their babies after Goodluck Jonathan. If I had a son around that time, I would have named him Goodluck, which means: “You encounter good fortune, especially by chance”, not necessarily by merit. In his life’s story, he has recorded a fleet of good luck since the days he said he had no shoes on his feet. An Assistant Senior Prefect in secondary school who, we were told, became the Senior Prefect, Deputy Governor, later became Governor; Vice-President and now President. After the bitter division the country experienced when Umaru Yar’Adua was incapacitated, Nigerians believed that Goodluck would unite Nigerians. Today, the discernible sour note in the polity is that we are more divided now than we were even during the Nigerian civil war.
From Shehu Shagari to Baba Obasanjo, and Musa Yar’Adua, my country has never been this torn-apart and polarized.

A very high percentage of those who support President Jonathan for re-election in 2015 are from either the South-South or the South-East. An equally higher percentage of those who can’t stand him running are from the South West and the Northern parts of Nigeria. These two groups are very passionate about their stands for and against, and it’s getting very personal in many cases. The dins and quibbles about Jonathan’s government, governance and competence to lead Nigeria out of the doldrums have grown wilder and wider, and the polity is heated-up pretty bad.
Our security outfits have become the megaphones and foot-warriors of the ruling party, PDP. Jonathan’s yet-to-be-announced candidacy and presidency have pushed Nigerians far apart into their isolated individual tents.
Politicians who slap and disrobe judges are pushed to exalted seats, while lawmakers who are carrying out their constitutional duties but happen to be in the opposition are harassed and shot at in broad daylight by security operatives hired by ruling party goons.
In spite of these brazen acts of utter disregard for sanity in government and governance, the presidency is keeping mum. I am sure this will get worse as we draw closer to February 2015, and mark my word, it will begin from Ekiti, which is gradually becoming a breeding ground for lawlessness and dystopia. Ekiti State, the land of the lettered, is now chaperoned by a generalissimo rapscallion and bumptious, bombastic, blowhard varmint. We shall see what we shall see.
Nigeria shouldn’t be where she is today. We, as a matter of urgency need a uniter, not a divider presidency we have today.
•Fola Ojo, United States of America.

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Politics / Re: The Popularity Of GEJ Is Dwindling On Nairaland. Why? by Gbawe: 11:58am On Oct 21

What hardcore Jonathanians or TANdroids cannot accept, because they support GEJ due to ethnic jingoism and religious bias, is that neutral Nigerians who simply want a better Nigeria have turned their back on the same GEJ they supported passionately in 2011. GEJ has seriously disappointed the Nigerians who are not over-zealously interested in partisan political yet forced themselves to overcome apathy and vote for him in hope that he will be the change Nigeria want.

Jonathan has turned out to be worse than virtually all our past leaders and this is what is responsible for his dwindling popularity. Naturally citizens 'take stock' when elections are ahead. They know they will have to make electoral choices shortly.This is a time the electorate will display warmth towards leaders who have done well and will be gearing up to go to the polls and return such leaders to power to continue their good work. This is also the time the electorate will be determined to vote out failed leaders who have let them down. GEJ is now firmly in the latter category i.e a failed leader. He will therefore be unpopular haven lost the goodwill of the electorate as tried, tested and failed. Many voters now have no time for him and are only focused on the date they can go to their respective polling booths to remove him.


Politics / Re: 3Yrs of Fuel Subsidy Removal: The Deception of The Government of Jonathan by Gbawe: 11:09am On Oct 21

Bro, it is now universal knowledge that SURE-P is SCAM-P in reality. This is why other world leaders resent GEJ immensely. They see a leader committing all manner of brazen scams against his own nation, and destroying the future of millions, simply so him and a few cronies and affiliates of government can continue to amass stupendous wealth at the expense of Nigeria.

If it is not fuel subsidy scam then it is the fraud called SURE-P or disgusting pension scam robbing the elderly who have paid their dues. We then move all the way to the nationally destructive 419 crony capitalism deceptively packaged as power privatisation yet only able to deliver darkness. This is merely a set of glorified fraudsters and common scammers parading as "leaders". Disgraceful.
Politics / Re: Why I Want Buhari To Rule Nigeria by Gbawe: 9:11am On Oct 21
Jonathan is a major embarrassment to all
conscientious presidents & what good
governance represents.

Indeed. This is a leader other leaders despise deeply because he embarrasses the word "leader" with his actions and inactions that make it very obvious he is a big part of the biggest problems facing his nation.
Politics / Re: Why I Want Buhari To Rule Nigeria by Gbawe: 9:07am On Oct 21
The paid saTANs will soon come here to rubbish this intelligent post.

Bro, they are merely wasting their own time. Despite our back and forth daily on Nairaland, Nigerians are passionately in the mood for change on the ground and Buhari will be the beneficiary of that strong desire for change.

Same way TANdroids love to tell us GMB is the wrong candidate for the APC is how I now tell them that GEJ is a self - defeatist choice for the ultra-corrupt leaders of the PDP only thinking of what is best for themselves rather than for Nigeria. Many are willing to look beyond the flaws of GMB and vote APC because GEJ is now a totally known entity who represents everything that has destroyed and continues to destroy Nigeria. How can Nigerians, if they are sane voters like others worldwide, hand more time to someone now firmly confirmed to be part of the system of corruption, cronyism and misrule destroying Nigeria?


Politics / Re: Speaker Tambuwal Defects To APC by Gbawe: 8:29pm On Oct 20

He will also secure a bank loan in order to purchase the form like buhari
as an evidence that he is not corrupt.

Why don't you run along and go and find a Snake to trap for dinner? Political analysis is clearly not your thing otherwise you will know Tambuwal is not coming to the APC to vie for a position he is not interested in. I am surprised you guys cannot see the obvious. Then again you are all TANdroids only programmed to worship and follow GEJ blindly but never to think independently.


Politics / Re: Speaker Tambuwal Defects To APC by Gbawe: 7:59pm On Oct 20
Tambuwal ti Tambu wale.
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Apc-kwakwanso Steps Down For Buhari by Gbawe: 6:40pm On Oct 20

2015: Kwankwaso to step down for Buhari
Oct 20, 2014Ibraheem MusaNews0

2015: Kwankwaso to step down for Buhari
Indications emerged at the weekend that Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano State may step down for Major General Muhammadu Buhari in the battle for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential ticket.
With his possible withdrawal from the race, the battle for the APC presidential ticket will be a straight fight between the former head of state and former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar.
APC will hold its national convention on December 2 where the presidential candidate will emerge. According to a source, who was at the APC Northern Stakeholders’ Meeting held in Kaduna on Saturday, the meeting resolved that a consensus presidential candidate should be supported by the region.
“We are going to face an incumbent president in an election where the ruling party will have the national treasury at its disposal. So, we need to conserve our energy and resources for the general election instead of dissipating energy on the primaries,” he argued.

The source, who does not want to be named, said that the stakeholders meeting did not prevail on any aspirant to step down for anyone. He added that the meeting resolved that the negotiations should continue after the stakeholders’ meeting.
The source told New Telegraph that the horse trading continued well into Saturday night till the early hours of yesterday, before Kwankwaso agreed to step down for Buhari. According to him, Kwankwaso will still buy nomination form and maintain his structure but will withdraw at the National Convention ground which is billed to take place on December 2, and ask his supporters to vote for Buhari.
The source did not mention the fate of Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah, the publisher of Leadership newspaper who is also in the race. He, however, said that Isaiah’s contest will be good for the party because APC is erroneously seen as a Muslim party. But spokesman of Kwankwaso, Ibrahim Dantiye, denied any possible withdrawal of the governor from the race. “Nothing like that was discussed at the meeting. The rumour is just being spread by people who don’t mean well for the APC,” he told New Telegraph.
Buhari, Atiku, Nda- Isaiah, Kwankwaso, Governors Kashim Shettima (Borno) Ibrahim Gaidam (Yobe) and Abdul Azeez Yari (Zamfara), and Senator Lawali Shuaibu, the North West Vice Chairman of APC were some of the dignitaries that attended the stakeholders’ meeting.


Politics / Re: What Collateral Did Buhari Used In Obtaining 27m Loan From A Bank? by Gbawe: 6:10pm On Oct 20

Ok sorry o. I hope you keep quiet if GEJ collects N1b unsecured loan with a commercial bank.


I am a refined person who lives and let live. If I can have a loan privately that I am not obligated to discuss with you or anyone else, then why should GEJ's private loan with a private bank concern me? If he defaults, it will be the private bank that will bear the brunt not me or Nigeria. Unlike some folks here, I know to leave sentiments out of things. To that end I have no problem respecting the privacy of others they are fully entitled to. Nothing concerns you or anyone else with the private loan Buhari collected from a private bank.
Politics / Re: What Collateral Did Buhari Used In Obtaining 27m Loan From A Bank? by Gbawe: 5:53pm On Oct 20

Ok o. If he didn't want our noise, he would have just kept shut with the deal with his bankers. This childish behaviour is annoying.

I hope you also keep quiet if GEJ takes unsecured loan of N1b from CBN.


Highly incongruous and inane comparison. Central banks do not disburse loans to individuals. GEJ can therefore not have any type of loan from the CBN. Nigeria can and that would be fine. Did Buhari go to the CBN (lenders to Government and other banks) for a loan or did he go to a Private bank which is allowed to provide unsecured loans to its customers which includes private individuals like GMB?

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Politics / Re: What Collateral Did Buhari Used In Obtaining 27m Loan From A Bank? by Gbawe: 5:44pm On Oct 20
This obsession with Buhari will definitely send some people to the ER.

What's your frigging matter with a purely confidential transaction between a private citizen and his bank? Na wa o.

ALUU savages the lot of them. Entirely private matter between Buhari and his bank. Yet trust some Nigerians never to know their place while they go around making themselves into an obtrusive nuisance to others.
Politics / Re: What Collateral Did Buhari Used In Obtaining 27m Loan From A Bank? by Gbawe: 5:25pm On Oct 20
From my understanding*
GMB uses the said bank possibly for his pension
From my little knowledge of bank load/overdraft. GMB is entitle to such money as his pension allows can be siezed and used by such bank

Bro, you do not even have to make this point to these ignorant TANdroids and mischief-making Jonathanians. The bank in question handle the financial affairs of GMB on behalf of GMB and not on behalf of Nairalanders or other Nigerians. The bank will be privy to the real financial standing of Buhari we all are not and that they are not at liberty to disclose to ordinary Nigerians.

If the bank, based on the information available to themas Buhari's banker, are happy to take the risk and offer GMB an unsecured private loan then what is all the noise about? This is why we still have ALUU-style summary execution of innocent Nigerians going on in our Nation i.e the sheer obtrusive savagery and malevolent ameboism of many Nigerians. I simply don't know how it is a concern for Nigerians that Buhari obtained a personal loan let alone some try to insinuate he has done wrong doing so. The heights of unrefined and uncouth behaviour.


Politics / Re: What Collateral Did Buhari Used In Obtaining 27m Loan From A Bank? by Gbawe: 4:57pm On Oct 20
The loan was given to GMB based on personal recognition...I guess personal recognition is enough collateral

Just wondering I don't pray such happens, what if the GMB kicks the bucket today what happens to the repayment of the 27million loan he collected

I guess the bank would classify the loan under bad debt, since he got it based on personal recognition...

Bro, don't let these charlatans fool you into conceding what is not even the case. They do not know the sort of loan Buhari obtained and the terms. Rightly so because Buhari does not have to explain such to anyone even as a lot of Nigerians like to overstep their boundaries and disregard limts of intrusion into the affair of others. Talks of 'collateral' is entirely misplaced because it stands to reason that Buhari obtained an unsecured loan. Worldwide, it continues to remain the case that a collateral is not required for an unsecured loan. Should Buhari then have to come out to explain the terms of his personal loan to Nigerians? Which of us is obliged to do this? Abeg some folks could go and sleep if they are jobless. This desperate attempt to paint Buhari black, with ignorant and pedestrian insinuations, is amusing to say the least.

A loan that is issued and supported only by the borrower's creditworthiness, rather than by a type of collateral. An unsecured loan is one that is obtained without the use of property as collateral for the loan. Borrowers generally must have high credit ratings to be approved for an unsecured loan.

Also called signature loans and personal loans.


Politics / Re: What Collateral Did Buhari Used In Obtaining 27m Loan From A Bank? by Gbawe: 4:51pm On Oct 20

You claimed to have worked in a financial institution before and you don't know that the most important of the 5C's of credit to look at when considering a loan request is CHARACTER and not collateral. You really don't need to claim what you are not just because you want to malign the personality of someone else.

Thank you. Discretionary approval of loans, without the demand for a collateral ,is still a valid banking practice worldwide. Yet we can trust some Nigerians to display their penchant for fraudulent behaviour which sees them arguing that the earth is flat and that babies come out of the human nose as long as such inanities fit with the agenda they are pursuing.

Is it not ridiculous some are trying to indict Buhari of wrongdoing when they do not even know, minimally, if this is an unsecured loan? Do some people appreciate that , universally, a collateral is not required for an unsecured loan? It is just troubling how some folks fail to see that they are portraying Nigerians as unintelligent m0r0ns with their attempt to establish a point which is not valid to begin with.


Politics / Re: What Collateral Did Buhari Used In Obtaining 27m Loan From A Bank? by Gbawe: 4:10pm On Oct 20
What is your bussiness on dat.

Don't mind them. These TANDroids are ridiculously pedestrian in thinking. When did affairs of private banks serving their customers now become an issue for the Jonathanian amebos to put their ignorant mouth into? Lest some people know it , discretionary waiving of collateral requirement is still an acceptable practice in banking. I guess every supporter of GEJ has now become the bank manger of Buhari's bank.

In every nation of the world, where there is a credit checking system in place, loans are given without collateral based on the good credit score of borrowers and ability to meet repayment. In Nigeria there is no formal system of credit scoring or credit checking in place and banks can use their discretion to honour loan request from their reputable and long-standing customers. I am just appalled by Nigerians and their penchant for mindless hatred of others to the extent they will stand logic on its head trying to look for infringements and crimes that have not been committed.


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Repairs Asejire Water Plant 17 Years After It Has Been Moribund by Gbawe: 10:15am On Oct 20
This news is not really current news. The problem is that Nigerians play politics with everything when they really should concentrate on holding their leaders to account and keeping up with what they doing.

Seventeen Years After, Ajimobi Commission Asejire Water Plants

Ajimobi commissions Asejire water plants

Seventeen years after the last installation and construction of Water Treatment Plants and years of epileptic water supply in Oyo State, Governor Abiola Ajimobi, on Tuesday, commissioned the Asejire Water Scheme.

The sum of N262 million was expended on the project.

The scheme, which has a total installed production capacity of 186,000 cubic meter of water per day, is the largest water production scheme in the state, supplying potable water to 85 per cent of the entire populace in Ibadan metropolis, as well as the communities of Ikire, Ikoyi and Apomu in the neighbouring Osun State.

Governor Ajimobi, while commissioning the scheme, expressed gladness that with the commissioning, the water challenges being suffered in the state would become a thing of the past.

He said that when his administration came into office, water situation in the state was deplorable and the Water Treatment Plants had reduced in production performance to about eight per cent, due to “un-imaginable neglect by past administrations and the managerial deficiencies of erstwhile operators.”

“Indeed, the last time the plants witnessed installation and construction was seventeen years ago, as they were constructed and installed in 1972, 1991 and 1996 respectively. Apart from the old age of the equipment, other factors that led to the decline of water production at the Water Scheme included lack of spare parts for maintenance and persistent interruption in power supply,” he said.

The governor said that an analysis of state-wide performance of the Water Corporation for the previous 10 years undertaken by his government upon coming into office showed that the performance was less than 1 per cent.

The analysis, he said, had led to award of contracts for the construction of Ayete Water Supply Scheme to supply water to Tapa, Idere and Ayete Communities, dedicated Power line to Saki Water Supply Scheme, rehabilitation of Dedicated Power Line to Ogbomoso Water Supply Schemes, extension of pipelines to New Areas throughout the State, upgrading of Water Treatment facilities at Koso and Atori Waterworks in Iseyin, Comprehensive replacement and repair of all electro-mechanical components at all Water Supply Schemes and Booster Stations in the state, upgrading and Rehabilitation of Oyo Water Supply Scheme, rehabilitation and Upgrading of Igboho Water Supply Scheme, expansion Works on Igbetti and Ogbomoso Water Supply Scheme, revalidation of Construction of Ilero Water Supply Scheme, laying of New Rising Mains from Eruwa to Igboora (Phase I & II).

Governor Ajimobi promised the construction of Mini-Water Supply Schemes to other urban cities of the State to Okeho, Ago-Are, Oje-Owode/Tede, Sepeteri, Ogbooro, Otu, Iwa, Iganna/Iwere-Ile/Ayetu Igangan, Fiditi, Oluyole, Akufo and other urban communities in the State.

He also said that government had accorded water supply priority in the 2014 annual budget, so as to address past neglect of providing enduring infrastructure for water supply, stating that it had recently signed a loan agreement with the African Development Bank (ADB) for the financing of Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project in the Ibadan metropolis, and that this would improve safe water distribution to the population of Ibadan and lifting total water supply to 80% in due course.

In his remarks, the General Manager of Water Corporation of Oyo State, Mr. Gabriel Oguntola, said that the project was awarded six months ago by the state government as part of efforts towards increasing the volume of potable water supply to the people of Ibadan metropolis.Eight out of the 10 pumps were rehabilitated with 100 per cent efficiency, while all critical water treatment units are now functioning well.

The rehabilitated and upgraded water treatment plant, he said, will increase water production from 10 per cent to 80 per cent production capacity and will also eliminate incidences of waterborne diseases.The contractor that handled the rehabilitation and upgrading of the plants, Mr. Stephannus Steiviou, said the plant could conveniently supply about 150 million litres of water to about four million residents of Ibadan and its environs on daily basis.

Governor Ajimobi later inspected the treatment plant, the low lift and high lift pumping stations where he ignited the engine for the commencement of immediate supply of water to Ibadan metropolis and its environs.


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