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Politics / Re: Gbawe, Berem, Omenka, Egift, Obiagelli: Now That Buhari Is In by Gbawe: 9:46pm On Jun 03

That is d koko of d matter.....the quality of opposition is lacking....in intellectual dexterity...... cheesy..unworthy of a serious debate between great minds........ grin

Completely correct.


Thanks for the mention and the nice words. The bottom line is that it is 'mission accomplished' for me personally. PDP has been removed at the center. Furthermore, it is not a no-hoper that has replaced Jonathan and the cabal-centred lootocracy the PDP created to bleed Nigeria since 1999. It is Buhari who is President. We have genuine hope now and real optimism a better Nigeria is ahead.

While Buhari is not infallible I believe he will certainly do his best for ordinary Nigerians. I am confident his best will be enough to set Nigeria on course to achieving the glory God designed for us when he blessed our nation abundantly. I had stated I was leaving after Buhari is sworn in and I am even more convinced this is the right thing to do given how badly Nairaland has degenerated since Buhari was sworn in. The imbecilic and asinine topics now trending are the sort only jobless cretins, attention-seekers, enemies of Nigeria's progress and frustrated losers will find amusing and worth discussing or responding to.

I am no longer interested in discussing cretinous topics with cretins because I do not need to do so anymore as Buhari is now President and it is "job done" for me. My people e don do. Gbawe don tire for all the wahala, senseless insults and brain cells-destroying topics grin grin grin Enough of discussing wristwatches, Spa centers et al when Nairaland is the only place that brings me in contact with such puke-inducing and mindless id1ocy. My daily life is full of challenges and stimulating activities. Business and personal. I cannot justify accommodating Nairaland, as it is today, alongside my daily existence. I mean no offence to anyone but that is the reality for me.

I will now focus my primary efforts on my private endeavors and on-the-ground politics. There is nothing left for me here on Nairaland and the next phase is to engage the government at State and federal level, on the ground, to ensure they are accountable to Nigerians and deliver on their promises. What Nairaland has become, i.e a glorified ALUU-style lynching community, does not lend itself to that sort of endeavor. I had to laugh today when Nairaland's biggest cretin and most shameless attention-seeker opened a thread about Aisha Buhari starting her Spa salon after Buhari became head of state. That sort of thread shows how low this forum has sunk. Sad to say it but no genuinely intelligent, progressive-minded and productive person will remain on Nairaland, as currently contrived, for long. I am thus definitely out for now but will never preclude showing up from time to time when intelligent and genuinely developmental topics are discussed. God bless all those who worked hard and made sacrifices, big or small, to rescue our Country from the PDP. You gave Buhari and the APC a chance and I believe they will not let you down. I am sure history will vindicate you as special people who did something special when your nation really needed your response. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Berem and many Naija-based progressives, I will be in touch and hope to meet you guys soon.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ogbonnaya Onu As The Secretary Of The Federation by Gbawe: 5:00pm On May 31

Where was the SW during janagoat time....did Igbos not corner everything for demselves....if after outing baba there...he starts putting Igbos....then we will withdraw our support and SE how he last...stewpid appointment.... angry

Man mi abeg calm down. Is there anything wrong with Buhari appointing those who have the skills, personality and talent to move Nigeria forward whether they are Igbo, Ijaw , Yoruba, Fulani, Hausa et al? Nigerians will have to accept, very quickly, that Buhari is not GEJ. Many Nigerians still have 'Jonathan hangover' so they automatically expect the nepotistic and clannish approach of GEJ to continue but Buhari will not practice the idea of "you put me there and you own me". Buhari has told us he belongs to all yet is owned by no one.

Let us support his appointees, wherever they are from, so far as they are good men/women of integrity and proven ability who can move Nigeria forward. Time to do away with tribalism and pettiness which we must now replace with the yearning to see stable power supply, adequate healthcare, optimal security, quality education for all, infrastructural development et al for all Nigerians. All those who consider themselves Nigerians, wherever they are from, should join hands in this agitation for good governance.


Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ogbonnaya Onu As The Secretary Of The Federation by Gbawe: 4:27pm On May 31
Personally love and respect Onu immensely. He was always one of the favorites for this position and I am happy, if confirmed, that Buhari has settled for this absolute 'diamond geezer'. Onu is a bridge-builder, a wise man and a calm head. Great appointment from Buhari and an indication of things to come from a government headed by a President who believes in deploying merit, talent and integrity above everything else.


Politics / Re: Clarion Call On Buhari - "Publicise Your Asset Declaration As You Promised" by Gbawe: 10:45am On May 31
You people think normal Nigerians are silly and can't see past your bigoted pettiness. Keep chasing shadows and trying to pass pointless noise making as objective opposition and valuable criticism, you are only deceiving yourself and the rest of your minute group - just as happened during the elections.

As proof of the above, and a solid illustration of the antics of malevolent bigots here, below are some of the past posts of the 'ultra-patriotic' OP who is now suddenly interested in Buhari's rightful conduct. The sad thing is that the likes of the OP are simply failing to move on from their deep bitterness at how the Buhari they hate and insulted so much is now their President.

All these threads of pretend concern is their effort at reinventing themselves as 'patriotic Nigerians' offering objective criticism yet their previous post will always disgrace them as nothing but intolerant bigots who cannot stand that "abok1" is now their President. Is it the same bigot who hate Buhari and his religion passionately (Islam) who is now suddenly a fan of Buhari-led Nigeria? The same chap who makes it clear he could not "respect illiterate" (see below) is now insisting what "illiterate must do to please him? Very funny.



So why not ask your Saint to #ShowHisCertificate. Is that to much to ask from a Presidential candidate

Please, we are not employing a School Headmaster, we are recruiting a president for crying out loud.


#Failbuhari_IV is a task that must be accomplished.

#ShowYourCertificate must be pursued relentlessly, no compromise.



Please, we don hear. Kindly ask Ashiwaju Ponzi Company to show us Buhari's certificate. Shikena



Respect illiterate? We had Salisu Buhari and now Mohammadu Buhari.

Can you notice the similarities

Politics / Re: Clarion Call On Buhari - "Publicise Your Asset Declaration As You Promised" by Gbawe: 10:30am On May 31
You people think normal Nigerians are silly and can't see past your bigoted pettiness. Keep chasing shadows and trying to pass pointless noise making as objective opposition and valuable criticism, you are only deceiving yourself and the rest of your minute group - just as happened during the elections.

Don't mind them. Absolutely vile and wretched people with no goodness in their soul at all. This is how they made a mountain out of the whole certificate issue. Buhari has followed the law and the legal requirement of asset declaration to the letter by first filing with the CCB. The CCB has to ratify his asset declaration form and declare it accurate before Buhari can begin brandishing such publicly as a correct estimate of his net worth.

In any case it stands to reason that a man with nothing to hide, even as it is entirely discretionary, will declare his asset publicly as soon as conveniently possible and without bigots and ethnic jingoist speaking as if the end of the world is here because Buhari has not shown up at their door with a ratified copy of his asset declaration form. Would a reasonable person, devoid of any prejudice or bias against Buhari, not at least allow two weeks, i.e half the time it took the exemplary Yar Adua to do same, for Buhari to declare his asset publicly? Why make a fool of yourself publicly by hounding Buhari less than 2 days after he was sworn-in as President when it is only your own malevolent ignorance that prevents you seeing that Buhari's asset declaration cannot be made public until ratified and approved as accurate by the CCB? Opposition politics will be 'interesting', to say the least, for the next four years considering it is now mainly ignorant, rash and malevolent ethnic jingoists who have become the opposition.


8. Is President Yar Adua's act of declaring his Assets publicly contradictory with the constitutional requirement?

Answer: No, because the Constitution states that you must declare your Assets to the CCB but the decision to make it public is a personal decision pending when the Constitution gives public access to such declarations.
Politics / Re: Britain To Assist In Retrieving Looted Funds. by Gbawe: 10:01am On May 31
Good development!

Indeed. It was expected anyway. Buhari will get the assistance of other leaders because his sincerity is not in doubt.


Politics / Britain To Assist In Retrieving Looted Funds. by Gbawe: 9:49am On May 31
While TANdroid losers were busy discussing frivolities, i.e the picture of Buhari outside 10 downing Street, it is now obvious our able President was already up and doing, even before his official swearing-in as President, so as to hit the ground running on behalf of Nigeria. I think we can confidently say that 'change' is here.


Britain to assist in retrieving looted funds
Posted by: Group in Featured, News 7 hours ago

•Foreign Secretary says 250,000 Nigerians are in the UK
•Bilateral trade hits £7 billion per annum
THE British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron has pledged more assistance for the country in tracking and retrieving looted public funds.
Prime Minister in a goodwill message to President Muhammadu Buhari requested a list of what Nigeria wants to help succeed against the current challenges facing the country.
He asked President Buhari to attend the forthcoming meeting of the “G7” industrialized nations with a “wish list”. The summit is scheduled for June 7-9 in Berlin, Germany.

The British Secretary for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Philip Hammond who delivered the message said:”We are waiting for your own list.”

This meeting was a follow-up to an earlier one between the then President-elect and Mr. Cameron in London during which commitments were given to the in-coming administration in several areas, including the fight against terrorism, power and energy and such matters of common concerns of migration challenges facing the continent as well what he called “intelligence fusion” to secure Africa from global terror.
He also raised the issue of “free trade” between the EU and Africa, a proposal he said enjoyed the support of several countries on the continent and in support of which he sought to enlist the backing of President Buhari.
The President promised to prepare the government’s aspirations for the summit which he said he will attend.
And in a statement yesterday in Abuja, Mr. Hammond said his country would assist the Buhari administration to track and retrieve looted funds.
He said the UK believes that Nigeria’s wealth should be spent for the benefit of all citizens.
He said about 250,000 Nigerians are currently residing in the UK while bilateral trade with Nigeria stands at over £7 billion per year.
Besides, Hammond, pledged UK’s preparedness to collaborate in tackling Boko Haram.

Describing Buhari’s ascension to power as important moment for Nigeria, Hammond said: “there are many serious challenges ahead.
“In our conversations with him and his team both before, and since, the election, we have found many points of agreement on both the size and shape of these challenges, and the way to address them.
“In particular we agree with President Buhari’s top priorities: tackling corruption; addressing the root causes of instability in the North East; and stabilising the economy in the face of low oil prices.
“We also stand ready to help where we can with the government’s priority of tackling the diversion and leakage of money so that Nigeria’s wealth can be spent for the benefit of all.
“Nigeria can and should be one of the great African success stories of the 21st Century. The UK is determined to be a close partner as Nigeria reaches that goal. Together we should seize this moment of renewal, and strengthen yet further our long-standing partnership.”
On Boko Haram, Hammond said the UK is “ready to support President Buhari and his new government as they begin their programme for a secure and prosperous Nigeria.

“As we have been increasingly doing over the last year, we look forward to working closely with the Nigerian government and security forces to help them tackle Boko Haram and bring lasting stability to the North East.
“We will share our experiences in building strong security architecture accountable to an informed political system; the two need to work in harmony, to an agreed set of objectives and standards. And we will continue to support the training of Nigerian soldiers to improve their ability to defeat Boko Haram on the battlefield.
“Stability is not delivered by an effective military alone. We are also working extensively with many States throughout the country on development programmes which bring health, education and employment opportunity to communities threatened by instability.”
He said Britain was looking forward to a new beginning for a long-standing partnership with Nigeria.
Politics / Re: I Was Ready To Help Jonathan But He Underrated Me – Tinubu Boasts by Gbawe: 7:39pm On May 30

Have u listened to d ekitigate tape?

Do you remember that acn went to d 2011 election on shaky grounds having emerged from an aborted alliance with cpc?

You no dey hear word on the 500,000 margin o? Which kindd analysis u dey do sef?

The guy is a cretin. Did Buhari win a single SW State in 2011? When, in stark contrast to 2011, Buhari wins 5 out of 6 SW States in 2015 then it is obvious it is the irredeemable haters who talk of "margin". The truth is that the SW, led by Tinubu , delivered for Buhari. Only bigots and hateful jokers will dispute that reality.
Politics / Re: I Was Ready To Help Jonathan But He Underrated Me – Tinubu Boasts by Gbawe: 6:34pm On May 30

Continue to agonize over nothing.

You need to learn how to be in opposition.

No substance in what you're talking about. Just personal attacks and envy plus bad belle.

Easy o

Indeed. Disgraceful really. At least one would expect some logical and sensible talk now and then yet he talks utter bollocks always. What is the point, for example, of talking about the margin of winning votes Buhari got in the SW while ignoring the very important fact of how Buhari won 5 out of 6 SW States?
Politics / Re: I Was Ready To Help Jonathan But He Underrated Me – Tinubu Boasts by Gbawe: 5:06pm On May 30

kpele...cry baby...check your BP man...you could fall down dead suddenly for want of blood because of hate...it sucks the blood..that is after a poor bp level......hate ..hate ....hate ..written all over your vampirous fingers...

Are you minding that character? Him and Chkwudi44 are the most discredited and disgraced posters on Nairaland. He was always shouting that Buhari would never become President and issuing hollow noise of "no GEJ no SS oil". Yet he is now pathetically begging Buhari to jail this and that when him and others swore Buhari would never be President and that GEJ was going nowhere. Abeg forget that chest-beater ojare. Nothing but an empty braggart who is now one of the biggest and most pathetic losers on Nairaland.


Politics / Re: I Was Ready To Help Jonathan But He Underrated Me – Tinubu Boasts by Gbawe: 4:55pm On May 30


So this bitter bigot lives in Lagos. No wonder he is always foaming at the mouth at the mention of Tinubu. What could be more painful than for you to see Tinubu dismantle your beloved GEJ at federal level and dismiss Agbaje for good at State level. Continue waiting for the 'downfall' and 'cutting to size' of Tinubu. You will wait in vain and, given your age, will probably die of frustration in Lagos. Tinubu, whether you like it or not, has made his name in history. Better let go of the bitterness and move on with your life. At least whatever is left of it anyway.


Politics / Re: I Was Ready To Help Jonathan But He Underrated Me – Tinubu Boasts by Gbawe: 4:38pm On May 30

grin grin grin grin grin grin Tell me something dear!!! Tinubu does not want to become president indeed. the fool was trying to impose himself as VP candidate but did not succeed because of the muslim-muslim stuff. Abeg tell that to the marines

And you were there when "Tinubu was trying to impose himself as VP candidate"? You know the only thing more pathetic than unprincipled men who base their utterances on conjecture, market gossip and unproven hearsay? It is unprincipled old men who base their utterances on conjecture, market gossip and unproven hearsay. One would expect age to have conferred wisdom on you but you are clearly an 'agbaya' who is long in the tooth yet behaves and talks like a teenager.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 3:51pm On May 30

It's not that serious. He'll only get affray.

Shymexx, that is not affray. The woman sustained what can be deemed 'serious injury' caused by an attack from an assailant who was not defending himself. That is 100% assault. Definitely qualifies as common assault in my opinion and an aggressive CPS prosecutor may even decide to bump things up to ABH or GBH if the woman had to have stitches/dental surgery and the assailant is a repeat offender.


Charging Assault cases
When deciding on the appropriate charge in most assault cases, prosecutors and police officers should base their decisions on:

The level of injuries that have resulted; and
The likely sentence that the court will pass.
In more serious cases where offences of inflicting grievous bodily harm or wounding with intent or attempted murder are being considered, the level of intent will also be a key determining factor.

For all other cases, it is the level of injuries and the likely sentence that are crucial. In simple terms, Parliament has determined that there should be separate offences reflecting three levels of injury - Common Assault, ABH and GBH.

As a starting point, where there is no injury or injuries which are not serious, the offence charged should generally be Common Assault. Where there is serious injury and the likely sentence is clearly more than six months' imprisonment the offence charged should generally be ABH. And where there is really serious injury the offence charged should generally be GBH.

Specific Offences
Common Assault, contrary to section 39 Criminal Justice Act 1988

An offence of Common Assault is committed when a person either assaults another person or commits a battery.

An assault is committed when a person intentionally or recklessly causes another to apprehend the immediate infliction of unlawful force.

A battery is committed when a person intentionally and recklessly applies unlawful force to another.

It is a summary offence, which carries a maximum penalty of six months' imprisonment and/or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum. However, if the requirements of section 40 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 are met, then Common Assault can be included as a count on an indictment. Refer to Summary offences and the Crown Court (Criminal Justice Act 1988 sections 40 and 41; Crime and Disorder Act 1998 section 51 and Sch.3 para.6, elsewhere in this guidance).

Where there is a battery the defendant should be charged with 'assault by beating'. (DPP v Little (1992) 1 All ER 299)

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Politics / Re: Buhari: Four Days In Office, Achievements So Far by Gbawe: 11:37am On May 30
You obviously don't know much about the military, then ask people who do.
OBJ destroyed your military and made it toothless due to fear of coups.
Is it any wonder why they lack weapons to fight BH until very recently.?
It was under GEJ after a very long time that the military began to slowly modernize and procure modern weapons.
This are facts known by most Nigerian military enthusiasts.
Don't dabble into areas beyond your scope next time.

What a joke. Are you guys never ashamed to come out with this highly revisionist and nauseatingly dishonest assertions? So GEJ was "modernizing" the army when he sent them to rig the Ekiti election as the Captain Sagir Koli Ekiti-gate revelation showed? It was under GEJ the Nigerian Army universally became know as a cowardly force that ran from Boko Haram but gathered in thousands to bully and intimidate a civilian electorate during elections. Your pretense to military erudition fools no one because it was under the same GEJ many army bosses, instead of remaining professional and dedicated soldiers, became corruption baron and 'business moguls' who looted majority of the $18 billion disbursed to fight Boko Haram and diverted the money into private business ventures, property empires et al.

My man, give GEJ all manner of phantom 'achievements' you wish to but stay far away from saying GEJ did anything other than destroy, demotivate, corrupt, bastardized and totally emasculate the Nigerian Army. We all saw events play out in 3D before our eyes so spare us the shameless revisionism.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 11:26am On May 30
Agreed. I love my ole USA, that guy will meet instant justice here. Putting your hands on a woman here is a big no no.

It's a no-no here also and the law will deal with the assailant harshly. Still, many in the UK, especially in London, are wary of the whole "have-a-go" hero thingy because of how young thugs are usually 'tooled-up' routinely i.e carrying a knife or an offensive weapon. This is why many stay away from intervening in altercations like this even when they want to and are very uncomfortable with what they are seeing. I certainly would have punched-up the coward, and I have done such before, but I would still not advise anyone to do it because it can be dangerous in the UK. Better to call the police if you are not someone who can 'mix it' properly. Many who have intervened to save victims of crime have ended up being attacked and killed themselves for their bravery and nobility. This leaves an impression on the mind of the public to the extent many now believe it is not worth ending up a dead hero.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 11:00am On May 30
I guess you are right. I can't believe that some people try to justify what the guy did to that poor old woman. The bigotry on Nairaland is getting very sickening and if you notice that these bigots are never do wells. They are mental midgets and I just ignore them.

Indeed. Those of us who live in the UK know precisely what the guy is. We have encountered them everywhere because they are the over-indulged, uncouth, lawless and badly brought-up yobs who go around menacing society and bullying others with their inconsiderate and intimidating behavior.

look at how the yob even spread his leg and sat as if the bus is his private lounge. He then refused to be reasonable and refused to accede to the simple request he moved his leg from a passageway that should be kept clear if the bus is not overcrowded as was clearly the case here. Approaches may differ but some may feel they should stand up to such inconsiderate behavior as the woman did. Only bigots will support the cowardly antics of that yob because the generality of law-abiding members of society abhors them with some even indignant enough to stand up to their bullying.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 10:24am On May 30
You are right. Something like that in Chicago will get that guy killed or seriously injured. No man I repeat , no man, dare put his hands on a woman here. Hopefully, justice will be served.

You can be rest assured this will be so once the yob is apprehended. I am sure he was arrested anyway because the UK is the most CCTV-monitored Country in the world. Even if he managed to get off the bus before the police arrive then he would be tracked down and apprehended shortly afterward.


Politics / Re: Buhari: Four Days In Office, Achievements So Far by Gbawe: 9:48am On May 30

Why are u scared of opposition?

What have I written to show you I am scared of opposition? What/who is there to be scared of?

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Politics / Re: Buhari: Four Days In Office, Achievements So Far by Gbawe: 9:14am On May 30

So who told you I care about Nigeria?

This thread is all about exposing the folly of the fraud called CHANGE.
We shall sustain the tempo

Well, without further ado, let me wish you well as you embark on what is clearly an exercise in futility. 'Goodluck' to you Sir.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 9:03am On May 30
Watched the clip and I felt so sad.

That woman is old enough to be the mother of anybody below the age of 43 on this forum. I'm shocked people are mocking her and making jest of the entire situation.

The Jamaican must have slapped her so hard for her to bleed that much.

I'm sure an ambulance must have been called to the scene to attend to her and check if she suffered from any head/brain trauma.

And to think the guy was trying to escape. Smh! He would have been featured on BBC's crime watch with a bounty on his head if he had succeeded. A place like London that's over ran with CCTV - there's very little place to hide.

If the case goes to count (which is very likely), I do not see how he can escape a criminal record/custodian sentence.

The comments made on the liveleak website are shocking. Some people referred to black people on the bus as Baboons, monkeys, etc. Racism is very real in the UK. Very real. So many closet racists in the UK.

Indeed. The closet racists are the worst because of the insidious damage they do - especially when placed in positions of power and influence. This is why the only way for immigrants of African origin to defeat these vile racists and prejudiced wasters is to take full advantage of the opportunities these pathetic racists spurn out of a misplaced sense of entitlement and supremacy. I always advise young Britons of African origin to be as focused and as serious as possible because the judgement will be harsher and more unforgiving towards them when things go wrong.


Politics / Re: Buhari: Four Days In Office, Achievements So Far by Gbawe: 8:59am On May 30

Nigeria is still occupying Biafra.
Meddling and messing up our lands, our rights and our lands.

Until we get our independence, ............

Now this is more like it cool cool cool Quintessential Noblezone. Stick to these sort of delivery and refrain from pretending to care about how Nigeria is governed. Doing that, whether in jest or otherwise, is just not you and comes off as a lame eyesore same as Danny Devito trying to act the role of Michael Jordan in a movie.


Politics / Re: Buhari: Four Days In Office, Achievements So Far by Gbawe: 8:54am On May 30

Ironically, bro.
This thread is meant to be fun.
I am having some laughs seeing some of your responses.
Some are even conjuring venoms like snakes.

Tell Buahri to be on his toes. One day has passed.

Coming from anyone but you then we might see the 'fun' element of the thread. Yet a character who seeks the break-up of Nigeria, with 9 out of every 10 posts contributed here, is certainly not going to be reckoned with by those who love Nigeria and want to see her make progress. Whether you are joking or serious makes no difference and is of no consequence to how others perceive you same as a black man would not care whether the utterance of a white supremacist and racist is jocular or serious. You are better off talking consistently about your desire for a break-up of Nigeria. That suits you and it is what we know and associate you with.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 8:41am On May 30
Ha ha ha, awon Yoruba, so una sabi vex.

Keep cursing and keep hurling insults you are only doing what you know best.

When you find your lousy selves outside Lagos or Nigeria, behAve or your fat lips will bleed.

Oponu, jails in the UK are full of the sort of cowardly cretin you clearly admire and support here whereas many law-abiding Yorubas, even as the thought may give you nightmares, live very productive, fulfilled and happy lives in the UK. Hope you have not forgotten to beat up your wife or girlfriend this morning if indeed any sane woman would have anything to do with a caveman like you.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 8:37am On May 30

Oh please shut up! Ffocking hypocrite. And you had to mention her ethnicity? ? I dare your punk a$$ to reveal your tribe, if Dem born you well. And God punish you if you are lying ? Omo ale like you.

Don't mind the cretin ojare. You could tell from his first "who do you think was at fault" post that the disgusting scumbag is nothing but a vile bigot with no sense of decency or appreciation of what is morally desirable or condemnable.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 8:33am On May 30
Yoruba Don vex oh. Lol.

See as them burst una aunty lips with back hand slap.

Excrement people.

Village caveman, the UK is not your backward ALUU village where you dispense "jungle justice" routinely. The woman will likely receive a social compensation order for the unacceptable suffering she received at the hands of that cowardly brute while he will likely get sent to jail and will most certainly get a life-affecting criminal record for his cowardly and senseless action.

Buhari is here to instill law and order and I suggest irredeemable sociopaths and criminal-minded miscreants like you better purchase your one-way ticket to Somaila or Afghanistan ASAP. There you can beat women to your hearts content in the company of other savage neanderthals like yourself.


Politics / Re: Buhari: Four Days In Office, Achievements So Far by Gbawe: 7:52am On May 30
Yimu....... Opposition indeed!

grin grin I dey join you dey yimu my sister. These guys are clowns and they cannot even see how pathetic and emotional they are. Go back to read the OPs original post to note he made it clear he will vindictively highlight every wrong Buhari does yet he makes no commitment , which a genuinely objective person would do, to praise and/or support productive actions of the President.

Is it then not clear this joker is another unpatriotic enemy of Nigeria more interested in hounding Buhari malevolently instead of criticising the new government objectively in hope of a better Nigeria?

@OP , I say bring it on. You are too anti-Nigerian, sentimental, vincdictive and completely without an issue-based mindset to ever be an effective opposition as we were for the years GEJ was President. We did it because we love Nigeria and want what is best for her. Same cannot be said for you and as such you will only deliver jokes here and we will all laugh heartily till you become known as a jester and entertainer not to be taken seriously .

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 7:22am On May 30
The comments from Yorubas and their apologists are funny. If someone had said that Nigerians were irresponsible etc, like the woman said, how would you have ever felt? The woman is lousy. Simple.

The slaps were in order.

Behave or we ship you to Oba.

Another caveman. ''The slaps were in order" indeed. Why are people like you so criminal-minded and so disrespectful of the laws of a land? You cannot physically assault anyone because they verbally insult you. That is the law in the UK and there are no ifs or buts. No judge in the UK will side with or condone the action of that coward. The guy had the option of walking away as any sensible and law-abiding person would have done. Yet he chose to act in a lawless manner and is now supported on this thread by other lawless animals like you who make it difficult for law and order to reign in Nigeria because you prefer circumventing and undermining clearly laid-down positions of the law to work with the aberrant criminality in you that predisposes you to lawlessness. I am not really surprised you are here saying this offensive garbage. You are clearly a lawless mofo certainly brought up in a lawless household and perhaps even lawless community.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 7:03am On May 30

We Igbos are more objective thinkers than the Yorubas that's why Igbos like myself on this thread are in support of the woman.
The woman took the whole thing to a different level when she started insulting Jamaicans, displaying bigotry in a far away country.

And you are no bigot with the prejudicial generalisation that "we Igbo are more objective thinkers than the Yorubas"? What a charlatan. At least no one, in my over 10,000 posts here, can show where I write anything ethnically supremacist like that. See your life bigoted mor0n? Stay here fooling your fellow bigots and unintelligent co-travellers in idiocy.

If Igbos are "more objective" than anyone else, as you claim, then you are clearly an example of the wrongness of that asinine generalisation . How is what you say different to a white supremacist boasting that whites folks are less violent than black folks? You want to accuse others of bigotry yet you are found making blanket generalisation along ethnic lines. See how silly and hypocritical you are for making the "cavemen" argument when you are the one making prejudiced blanket statements and generalisation.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 6:49am On May 30

You are a lousy bigot yourself

You are saying cavemen, a plural noun. Assuming that the person you quoted is from that tribe you are threatened by, you are insulting this entire tribe.

Bigotry is the most disgusting when the bigot is not aware of his bigotry.

silly tw1t. I said cavemen because there are several of them on this thread alone, actively contributing their cavemen views, and thousands on Nairaland in general. People like you are programmed to see all Yorubas as bigots anyway so I don't really give a toss what you think.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 8:02pm On May 29
You are a lying son of a bia..cth. How about you battymen that take joy in poking fun of starved children of the east, by your criminal awalowo? Battyman!

Mumu. Two wrongs do not make a right. If you condemn those sort strongly I personally have no issues with that and will say well-done. Now get lost confused tw1t who thinks he must be vile because others are.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 7:56pm On May 29

Stop opening ur ewedu smelling mouth. When u go to uk don't behave like u are in oshodi.

The woman got served for behaving like a rascal.

Look at this caveman. grin grin grin You just gave yourself away punk. Now it is obvious you have never set foot outside your ALUU-style Village let along know the way to the airport. Being "loud" or argumentative is not legitimate ground for anyone to be assaulted violently in the UK. Oponu. The coward in the video will face the wrath of the law because assault on women is a definite no-no in the UK even if wife and girlfriend beating is a way of life for barbarians and savages like you in your ALUU community.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Slapped By Jamaican Guy In London. by Gbawe: 7:51pm On May 29
A Nigerian is slapped and instead of u to protest, you r here talking about a yoruba woman. How silly.

That is how much some of these vile idiats hate their fellow Nigerians. Even basic decency all men and women should have is lacking in these animals because of their prejudice against all things Yoruba. All decent human beings will accept that the cowardly assault is condemnable and vile. Period. It shows what some of these sadists are that they are somehow trying to justify an unwarranted assault against an adult female. UK law will never say she was "loud" and thus deserved a bleeding lip as these animals are trying to say here. Rest assured the coward will surely pay for what he did if apprehended. No two ways about that.


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