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Politics / Re: Jonathan AGF And Chinese Oil Company Linked To Emeka Offor $3 Billion Deal. by Gbawe: 12:50pm
So,I read through all this twice and nowhere was Emeka Offor linked,either to this deal or the parties involved.
Subtly trying to whip up primordial sentiments to serve political purposes again,ain't you Gbawe?

Bruv, you yourself know that GEJ is a crook who abetted the horrid looting of Nigeria by his cronies. What "sentiments" am I whipping up when GEJ is out of office, irrelevant and powerless? I just want him and his crooked and heartless minions to pay for destroying Nigeria. There is no serious nation of the world where a deterrent system is lacking. I like to put issues like this in the public domain so that Buhari does not become complacent and 'benevolent'. There should always be conseqeunces for wrongdoing otherwise no one would hesitate to commit crime and to harm others.


Politics / Re: Jonathan AGF And Chinese Oil Company Linked To Emeka Offor $3 Billion Deal. by Gbawe: 12:35pm
Lawd . Jonathan really took Nigeria to the cleaners. I am personally not surprised because I have always believed he is a very callous and wicked leader who did not care about the suffering of Nigerians. With that wicked and avaricious woman behind him, i.e "mama peace", I am sure it was very easy for them to justify their looting of Nigeria to themselves. I can imagine Jonathan's crude wife saying "na awa oil and awa money" and "maga don pay"

Yet the Country is now in dire straits because of the looting of Ali Baba (Jonathan) and his 40 thieves (Allison-Madueke, Adoke Bello et al). I will have a serious problem with Buhari if crooks like Adoke Bello and Allison-Madueke are not made to pay for their heinous looting which has destroyed Nigeria and the future of millions.


Politics / Jonathan AGF And Chinese Oil Company Linked To Emeka Offor $3 Billion Deal. by Gbawe: 12:25pm

How President Jonathan, AGF Adoke, Awarded Chinese Oil Company Linked To Emeka Offor $3b "Judgement Deal" Days Before Leaving Office

A few days before the end of his tenure, former President Goodluck Jonathan and the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Mohammed Bello Adoke, connived to award more than $3 billion in crude oil to a Chinese oil company linked to a controversial businessman, Emeka Offor, SaharaReporters has reliably learned.

The highly questionable deal was consummated through a judgment handed down by a High Court judge who was also in on the deal, according to a source close to the deal.

In December 2014, Addax Petroleum Development (Nigeria) Limited and Addax Petroleum Exploration (Nigeria) Limited, sued the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) seeking a huge financial award in what the company described as miscalculation of oil royalty and taxes, and breach of their 1998 “production sharing” contract with the NNPC in respect of certain oil fields.

The contract covered oil-prospecting licenses (OPL) 98/118 (now Oil Mining Leases 123, 124, 136 and 137).

In an extensive interview with our correspondent, the source claimed that Addax’s lawsuit was at the urging of Mr. Adoke, who should have been protecting the Nigerian public’s interest.

In a letter dated April 2, 2015, Mr. Adoke proposed that President Jonathan approve an out-of-court settlement of the lawsuit, tagged FJC/ABJ/CS/1099/2014 and filed on December 23, 2014. In the letter to President Jonathan, the then Attorney General and Minister of Justice also indicated that he was attaching a letter dated the same day from the legal department of the NNPC.

Mr. Adoke’s letter was fast-tracked in a manner that two legal authorities separately described as “highly unusual” and “unseemly.” On May 25, a mere four days before the end of President Jonathan’s tenure, a Federal High Court judge in Abuja had concluded the terms of the out-of-court settlement. The judge’s “judgment order” excluded the office of the AGF because Mr. Adoke did not send any lawyers to represent the government at the final judgment.

“It’s highly curious that the ‘judgment order” did not list the AGF’s office as a defendant in the lawsuit. Yet, the AGF [Adoke] was the person generating a legal memo to the president [Jonathan] for an out-of-court settlement,” said an Abuja-based lawyer after reviewing the case.

Nonetheless, the judge read out the terms of the agreement and gave an order sealing it, but his judgment order did not include the hidden cost of the judgment.

This act of judicial concealment has baffled the lawyers who looked at the document. SaharaReporters obtained a copy of the hidden terms of agreement that puts the total value of NNPC’s indebtedness to Addax at more than $3 billion—specifically, a whopping $3,491,588,729.64. The judgment debt would be paid to Addax via crude oil lifting that could last for numerous years, an NNPC source disclosed.

Addax Petroleum has claimed that a letter signed by Funsho Kupolokun, who was adviser to former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Petroleum, gave the company the right to a production-sharing contract relating to the oil fields named in their original lawsuit.

Addax also claimed that, because of that letter from the presidential adviser, his company spent about $3 billion on the development of the oil fields.

One of the lawyers who reviewed the case for SaharaReporters wondered why it took Addax no earlier than 2014 before they sued the Federal Government for the alleged breach of contract.

Contacted by SaharaReporters to disclose Mr. Offor’s full involvement in the judgement scam, his representatives expressed preference for communication by email.

Hours after we complied, Edwin Ndukwe of the Communications Department of Offor’s Chrome Group sent a response in which he denied that Mr. Offor was the 'outlet' through which Addax facilitated the settlement.

“Sir Emeka had absolutely no hand or control in the proceedings of the court, which led to the outcome you inferred,” he said. “He is not a shareholder and he did not enter into any agreement to influence or sponsor the outcome of the court's decision. Addax Petroleum is gigantic enough to weigh in by itself on any judicial matters bothering on their business conduct in Nigeria.”

He asserted that the Addax/Kaztec business to business relationship began in 2010 when Kaztec was awarded the TB 1921 contract for the installation of subsea pipeline and topsides in OML 123.

“Since then, the relationship grew between the two as evident in the project being duly completed. Kaztec is a wholly 100% owned indigenous EPIC service provider in the oil & gas industry. It has performed very well over the years and have received numerous commendations for their technical competence and their ability to deliver on projects timeously and at significantly reduced cost from not just Addax but other firms.”

We also reached out to NNPC spokesperson, Ohi Alegebe to ask how the NNPC intends to pay the debt as stipulated in the final judgement. He said he needed to reach the Legal Department of the NNPC to find out the details, but did not get back to us at the time of publishing this story.

For their part, Addax offices in Abuja told our reporters that all of the company communication personnel were tied up in a training which involved the Managing Director, Mr. Cor Zegelaar, and cannot respond to our inquiries until next week.

In a recent interview with Premium Times, former President Obasanjo openly accused Mr. Offor of scamming Nigeria out of billions of dollars in the so-called turn-around maintenance of refineries, calling him an ‘amateur’ who knew nothing about maintaining a refinery. He stated that Mr. Offor had infiltrated the police and anti-corruption agencies and NNPC officials to facilitate his scams.

“[We met] refineries that were not working, refineries that were given to an amateur for repairs, for maintenance, what they call turn-around maintenance, to the company of Emeka Offor – Chrome Group,” he said of his government. “Where has Emeka Offor maintained refineries before? Where has he? That’s what we met. So the refineries were not working.”

Reminded by his interviewers that despite that discovery he did not recover any money from Mr. Offor, the former President replied: “What can you recover? A man ‎who was paid upfront? He had people. He got some police…people were there. And like they have said to you now, look, if it works for a week, that’s all you get. And Emeka Offor, after I left he became friends with every government that has come. Now he’s not only into refinery and oil and all that, he’s now also in energy!”
Politics / Re: Now I Accept Buhari Hates The South East by Gbawe: 12:11pm

The truth is that SE will outlive Buhari and his wickedness.
History of Nigeria will also be unkind to his memory.
He can do all the WICKED things he wants to do, or that he thinks he can do to wicked fellow Nigerians, including little children that did nothing to him.
Those little children shall become presidents too, authors, historians etc someday and will have the sole pleasure of addressing his beastly nature.
Even Adolf Hitler was outlived by the Jews, talkmore Buhari.

Buhari is a man. he will die. Certainly the SE will outlive Buhari because it is a geographical region. However you are wrong to claim Buhari is wicked. He does not hate the SE and does not bear a grudge agaist the region in my opinion. Wait to see the major appointments in sectors that can transform Nigeria before you conclude hastily. I personally don't understand why people make a fuss about positions like SGF which I consider to be the office of a glorified pen pusher.

The SGF, along with most appointees of Buhari so far, cannot directly impact on health, electricity, infrastructure, agriculture, security, economic diversification, SME proliferation et al as competent Ministers can. If Ministerial appointees are merit-based, and Governors perform well, then that is what Nigeria needs to make progress. For certain positions, where a high level of loyalty is required given the treacherous nature of Nigerian politics, I have no issue with Buhari going with tried and trusted compatriots even if they are from his region.
Politics / Re: Now I Accept Buhari Hates The South East by Gbawe: 11:43am On Sep 04

cheesy gringrin I gave you all the facts you need to dig up the particular example I used here among many others...I don't blackmail or do false accusation here or anywhere else...
Everybody know who it is his or their stock in trade undecided

You are just babbling incoherently now. I should "dig" and begin investigating myself? Some of you guys take yourselves and Nairaland too seriously.


Politics / Re: Now I Accept Buhari Hates The South East by Gbawe: 11:03am On Sep 04

I can't start digging your profile just to prove innanities... Truth isn't too far away here...I gave the moniker of Op and thread was about Gbajabiamila speaker ambition...You're as dirty as what you preach against bro undecided

Look, I don't care what you think of me. Show the specific post and prove your point. Otherwise stop slandering and besmirching others casually without anything to back up your false allegations.


Politics / Re: Now I Accept Buhari Hates The South East by Gbawe: 10:58am On Sep 04

Oga, we no be 'omo kekere' tata for here o ..

I dey fear to mention you sef ..


Why? Say your mind freely.
Politics / Re: Now I Accept Buhari Hates The South East by Gbawe: 10:33am On Sep 04

Joke apart...I don't think any sane being will want to cut off his nose to spite his face undecided

Why ridicule SE just like Joe Igbokwe, & co simply because you're APC

How many of your SW friends including Gbawe who's a bigot too(I remember his post in NewNigeria's or something thread) will open threads to ridicule SW voting pattern which is predictable since independence or their pattern of life or whatever

Can Hausa do same as you did here?

You can't spite your people just to prove you're not a bigot and to earn your fellow APC's accolade...

Have you ever seen Fayose & co ridicule Yoruba for voting ACN which was an ethnic political party?...Same reason even Osun indigenes wanna sink with APC because of ACN therein...Have you seen FFK or Omisore ridicule Yoruba as bigots because they prefer ethnic political party?

When the chips are down, a woman who tells the neighborhood that her husband is mad, will still be referred to as wife of a madman undecided

Why don't you show the "bigoted" post here instead of just slandering others falsely and emptily?
Politics / Re: Now I Accept Buhari Hates The South East by Gbawe: 7:38am On Sep 04
Anyone who thinks this impostor is igbo needs to have his/her head examined.

Are you not too old to be talking this immaturely and bitterly? You now want to disenfranchise others from their ethnic origin because of your bigotry? Anyone who does not share your toxic and parochially ethnocentric outlook is not Igbo? Dude, grow up. Live and let live. Your opinion and outlook is not the only one that matters. Your ethnocentric approach to life will only leave you frustrated in the long run.

Anyway, why are you still here? Did you not promise to leave if Buhari won in a certain State which he did in the end? It is very easy to embarrass you and highlight the fact that you lack principles. Since this is the case, I would advise you to post respectfully towards others here like Obiagelli. You are too 'tainted' to be talking down at anyone here.

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Politics / Re: Now I Accept Buhari Hates The South East by Gbawe: 7:24am On Sep 04

Gbawe any protection left?

grin grin grin grin Bruv, Obiagelli is always 'protected'.

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Politics / Re: Breaking news: Buhari Appoints Ipaye As Deputy Chief of Staff by Gbawe: 5:49pm On Sep 03
wailers food is ready....

grin grin grin grin grin grin


Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 5:33pm On Sep 03

Ogar displayed crass bias with her choice of words and disposition I don't disagree. I am against unilateral, vindictive actions like sacking her on account of a grudge. Sack her for constructive reasons. Nigeria can't afford another Abacha because of "change".

I agree with you but I don't think that is what is going on here. This is purely about professionalism. Buhari was in the armed/security forces as well and he is allowed to feel strongly about unprofessional conduct in the armed/security force. Ogar's antics will not be condoned in any serious nation worldwide whether in Africa or beyond and I think you know this. What she did meant that her position was not tenable. It is as simple as that and as Nigerians we should not be sentimental about these issues.

The fundamental consideration is that Ogar, with her clear bias, is not a professional DSS officer. That is the bottom line. If you have a criminal case, and you are actually innocent, would you like a biased policeman to proclaim you guilty without trial or would you prefer to go to court and present your case before an unbiased jury? Ogar deserves to be sacked. If Buhari is to succeed then he will have to instil discipline and professionalism everywhere. Those who fall short should be dismissed because nation-building, where the future and wellbeing of millions is at stake, is no joke.

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Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 5:01pm On Sep 03
Gbawe - don't mix things up o. She was the public relations person not an investigator like u mentioned. Her job was to communicate on behalf the DSS

I know bro but she made herself judge and jury by declaring conclusively that the APC was behind bombings in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 1:29pm On Sep 03

1. I don't get your point. How has Ogar flouted the rules of the DSS that employed her and why exactly was she fired. There is nothing stated so we are left to deduce its childish politics by buhari and his lame kitchen cabinet. Your comparing her to 90 year old nazis is neither here nor there.

2. This APC administration has at its core, some of the most dishonest ppl on this earth so "conjectures" shouldn't be new to it. After all we were exposed to some of the most vile propaganda pre-elections but how many ppl were chased after in such petty fashion.

3. Hahaha you are worried about what the west thinks about buhari having Marilyn Ogar still employed by the DSS but there is nothing wrong with Buhari appointing Hon. Kawu to his kitchen cabinet. Kawu the world saw throwing blows in the NASS not too long ago.

Such legendary hypocrisy by buhari. Very pitiful state of things. I am waiting for the reason she was fired.

Look, let us cut a long story short. Ogar, as a security officer on the investigative end, is duty-bound to present all evidence she has to the right authority to aid the successful prosecution of those involved in terrorist act against Nigerian. She does not work for the prosecution service and is not a Judge.

She is not a politician either and has no authority to publicly accuse a political party of something as serious as terrorism without proof or court conviction. I really don't see how this is hard for you to understand. If you are employed as a janitor in a restaurant why on earth would you try and take over cooking duties when the Chef is present and able? Why don't you do your job and let the chef do his job?

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Orders Closure Of Aso Rock Villa Church by Gbawe: 1:04pm On Sep 03
This is completely false. PDP should try harder and more imaginatively.

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Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 12:24pm On Sep 03
Buhari as expected is running a vindictive, petty and embarrassingly ignorant administration.

Granted Ogar was flippant and outspoken under the GEJ administration but that is NOT a reason to fire her. Did she flout the terms of her employment with DSS? If yes fire her but if it's just on account of politics that Buhari's cousin heading DSS, kicked her out then its hypocrisy and idleness clearly affecting this government.

Lets not even talk about the sinister possibilities that this implies. Shame

I don't understand why Nigerians, more than others, are so incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. Don't you understand that Ogar did what she should never have done? The lines became horribly blurred under GEJ and many lost their heads but the point is that a sane Government is here now and those who abused their office must pay. This is why Nazi war criminals are still being prosecuted till today and even if they are 90 years old. There has to be consequences for wrongdoing and abuse of office. Don't you get this simple concept?

Ogar had no right or authority to go public and blame a political party for terrorist bombing at a time the nation was very troubled and grappling with a situation that could tilt into mass unrest and killings at any time. What she did was highly unprofessional, dangerous and divisive. Our nation already had a dangerous North-South schism because of Boko Haram terrorism. Security officers should not be making such worse with sentimental and unguarded utterances. We can do such on Nairaland but not Ogar. She gets paid to be professional, efficient and neutral. Her job duty does not involve going public to heat up the polity and prejudice opinion against a political Party when she has wild conjectures as her main claim !!! Do you not even see the fundamental wrong of this? I.e the fact that top level security officials worldwide only announce facts publicly and not conjectures and unproven allegations? She deserves the sack for that. How can you not see this?

How will the world perceive and interact with the Buhari government if they see him persevering with the likes of Ogar who totally defeat the concept of strong, independent and neutral institutions? Is it not obvious, from her openly biased utterances, that Ogar would have no problem unjustly framing an innocent APC politician for a bombing when her job demands that she keeps an open mind and leave the official proclamation of guilt to the law Courts? I really don't understand how some Nigerians think and talk.

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Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 11:58am On Sep 03
Personally I hope this is true as this will confirm we have a responsible and disciplined Government in place that understand the fundamental concept that dereliction of duty and unprofessional conduct must be punished. Nigeria badly needs a deterrent system where people understand that there will be consequences for wrongdoing.

Ogar did what she did because she never imagined the PDP would be out of power. She never thought she would pay for her unprofessional and divisive conduct which was highly unbecoming of her sensitive position. Never should Nigeria witness the likes of Ogar in sensitive public office again. We need strong institutions headed by men and women who understand that they are employed, first and foremost, to serve Nigerians and not politicians.
Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 11:49am On Sep 03

She made a callous and inappropriate statement based on the information made available to her. How, does that justify the sort of public backlash that has been dished out to her. Did the aggrieved party sue her for libel and slander, No. In 2001/2002, the head of the CIA, told the then President of the US, that the Saddam Hussein government was in possession of weapons of mass destruction. The US invaded Iraq on that knowledge, and after the dust had settled, found this assertion to be false. This things happen everywhere, so Ogar's gaffe wasn't the first. And besides, she was not a judge or jury, but only made her opinions known to people. The aggrieved have started theirs too, no one is talking.

That is a totally irrelevant example. Iraq is a historical enemy of the USA. Both nations are hostile towards each other and may even use fabricated 'evidence' and propaganda in an effort to gain the upper hand. If you think about it then you will see that lack of peace in Iraq is not a real bother to the USA. Likewise Iraqis will not lose sleep if the USA is troubled. The best contextual example is to imagine a US and Iraq security supremo working against the internal peace and security of their own nation because of political/ethnic bias.

Give me an example of a professional security agency acting in a way that threatens the internal peace and security of its own home nation. That is what Ogar did. She did not make a "callous and inappropriate statement". She went beyond the brief and authority of her office. Don't you get this simple concept? What would the world be like if policemen who should only investigate and arrest criminals begin undermining the justice system by going public to announce the guilt of those who have not been tried in a competent court of law? Surely this is a simple enough concept for you to understand and defend?

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Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 10:30am On Sep 03

Rebekkah Brooks of the infamous phone hacking scandal in the UK, was forced to step down from her job as CEO in 2011. Yesterday, she was rehired as the CEO of Rupert Murdoch's Newcorp. If this news piece is true, expect her comeback once this Vindictive, shenanigans government is ousted.

What "comeback" and what "vindictiveness"? Would you like it if you are convicted of a crime publicly, without trial, by a security official who hates you because of bias against your ethnic group or political affiliation? What would become of a Country full of such security officers? Let us learn to put sentiments aside for the sake of our nation if some of us indeed love her as we claim. Ogar deserves to be sacked. What she did is not done by others in her position anywhere else in the world.

Let me remind you that her antics, in case you have forgotten, means she is even getting off lightly. Ogar's open partisanship was very dangerous for Nigeria in a 'charged' period. In most sane nations of the world she may even be charged with endangering national security. Can you guys supporting Ogar not understand the simple concept of professional boundaries and how she is not allowed to play judge and jury publicly to the detriment of the peace and security of Nigeria? Ogar should have kept her mouth shut. She has no right or authority to say all she did and she surely should not have been so openly biased, i.e pro PDP, in a job that requires the highest level of professionalism and neutrality. She should be sacked.


VIDEO: DSS Spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar Blames APC for the Bombings in Nigeria
Aug 16, 2014 2
The spokesperson of the Department of State Services, DSS (alias SSS) Marilyn Ogar, has accused the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, is responsible for the spate of bombings in the country.

She said this during an interview on Channels Television on Thursday.

According to Ms. Ogar, bombings always follows each time the APC had lost an election.

She said: “We had provided security for election in Edo and at the end of that election permit me to say there was no bomb blast. We moved to Ondo and the Labour Party won in Ondo, there was bomb blast. We moved to Anambra and APGA won in Anambra, there was bomb blast. We moved to Ekiti, PDP won in Ekiti, there was bomb blast. We thank God that we were able to deploy appropriately. The results have come out and the APC has won and thank God there was no bomb blast.”

Watch the video below:


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Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 10:14am On Sep 03
Beautiful move!!!!......... if true. undecided

I have this feeling it's going to be a lovely day.

Indeed. The woman is a disgrace. I don't understand how anyone can speak in her defence. Imagine a security supremo who convicts and assigns guilt against a political Party publicly without showing conclusive proof and in the absence of a conclusive court trial. That is the worst thing in the world and Nigeria is one of the few nations, if not the only one, this crap can happen in !!! This is the equivalent of the police publicly and unprofessionally announcing the guilt of a suspect when we all know the police are only allowed to investigate and arrest to then let the prosecution service prove guilt.

Any policeman/security official , especially a senior officer, who publicly prejudices a case/allegation of wrongdoing against anyone, in defiance of official prosecution that confirms guilt conclusively, would be sacked in any sane nation of the world. As simple as that. It is about time we stop the madness and aberrancy to begin doing things the right way in Nigeria. It is the only way forward.

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Politics / Re: DSS Sacks Ogar by Gbawe: 9:59am On Sep 03
i will personally wait for confirmation of this from more sources. If true then I hail this development as absolutely the right thing to do. It is time we all begin putting partisanship and bias aside to see and support what is right. Others do it worldwide so why are we Nigerians different? Ogar was horribly and openly partisan/compromised in a position requiring the highest level of professionalism and political neutrality. Where do you Nigerians see this worldwide? i.e the spokesperson of a Nation's security service taking side shamelessly and openly with a political Party? If people put sentiments asides it will be obvious the likes of Ogar have no place in sensitive positions of public service in in a progressive Nigeria. Africa needs strong institutions and not strong men as Obama surmised.

The likes of Ogar, who are unprofessional and easily compromised, will never be the manpower that will allow the emergence of strong and independent institutions. Her open bias and utterances , like when she stated that each time the APC lost an election a spate of bombing followed, are simply disgraceful and unacceptably biased. When have you guys ever seen the spokesperson of the FBI or MI5 openly acting as a lackey of a political Party in the USA and UK respectively? Those who cannot see what matters and speak in support of Ogar do not mean well for Nigeria. We need to get rid of the Ogars and the Mbus to build professional, driven, motivated and independent security forces with the capacity to serve the public professionally always while refraining from serving the agenda of politicians and interest groups. That is the only way forward for Nigeria. It is as simple as that and I personally hope Ogar has indeed been sacked. She deserves it.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Risks Economic Decline –buhari: Punch by Gbawe: 9:32pm On Sep 02

don't mind that hypocrite with long meaningless epistles..that was what they used in hoodwinking young nigerians..Like the problem of Nigeria started in 1999..the corruption chant has been going on since independence. In fact the first coup was because of percived corruption by the politicians. The dictator from daura ousted a civilian government on that same basis of corruption, his successor did same on him using that same term(corruption) to oust him from power too. A country whose very fabric is riddled with deceit, bloodshed and irredeemable ethnic bigotry for a hundred years, and they want to tell us it all started in my secondary school days (1999)..gbawe just STFU

Buhari will be president for 4 years. Nigerians, to include those who voted for him and those who did not, have no choice but to get behind him.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Risks Economic Decline –buhari: Punch by Gbawe: 6:20pm On Sep 02
Of course, Nigeria is 16 years old.
The likes of brazil and south korea achieved economic prosperity in 16 years.
Educated sycophantic illiterate.

Happy now? you feel better? The point is that our current democracy began in 1999. The PDP has been in power from 1999 to 2015. If we are to speak intelligently and logically, so that solutions can arrive for our Country, then it is obvious we can mainly only scrutinise the current democracy which began in 1999 and still obtains today. Otherwise how far do you want us to go? The days of military rule? the days of colonial rule? The days before the arrival of missionaries? We are in the fourth republic and the primary scrutiny, for the sake of learning from mistakes, must be of the fourth republic. We should focus on the latest, uninterrupted period of democracy when leaders were elected. that would be 1999 till today.
Politics / Re: Extract And Lesson Learnt From "Shehu Sani Blast Fayose" - Dayo23 by Gbawe: 1:00pm On Sep 02
They should leave Fayose Alone.. The Apc slayer in yorubaland. Sai Fayose!

I don't understand people like you. All for partisan politics and perhaps sectional bias you fail to condemn what is wrong and must be condemned. This is why many think Nigerians are "somehow" . We have a warped way of being comfortable with and even promoting criminality or what is outright wrong. What Fayose is doing is very reckless and dangerous. It is divisive and incendiary antics which threatens the peace of Nigeria. If you do not know, Fayose is a glorified thug who used to drive a Taxi in the UK. There is nothing historically special, whether previous employment history or talent, about him that makes him merit his status as Governor.

It was Obasanjo who made him a Governor because of his 'thug value' since OBJ, at the time, only dealt with ruthless thugs he felt would help him take over and continuously control the SW politically. Sani is very correct that Fayose is a 'relic' harking back to our dark days of "do or die" politics. He should shut up and face his job. His sort will be replaced by the next generation of well-bred, individually successful, administratively talented and sophisticated Yorubas by the grace of God. His mates like El Rufai and Ambode are getting on quietly with their jobs while Fayose is ranting disgracefully and divisively. Overall, there is nothing praiseworthy in what Fayose is doing. His antics should be condemned by all sane and sensible Nigerians irrespective of ethnic or political affiliation.


Politics / Re: Extract And Lesson Learnt From "Shehu Sani Blast Fayose" - Dayo23 by Gbawe: 12:41pm On Sep 02
Sani is correct. Fayose is nothing but an uncouth and impudent thug who recklessly and dangerously heats up the polity routinely all in the name of partisan politics. It is the unspoken responsibility of Fayose, and one he should be well aware of, to help maintain and promote peace in Nigeria. He is a governor for god sake and not a roadside mechanic. If he continues his recklessness then Buhari must summon him to Abuja and read him the riot act. The man is just a disgrace. He has done nothing of note in Ekiti so far and all he does is talk recklessly and insensitively. I am sure many in Ekiti now regret voting for him.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Risks Economic Decline –buhari: Punch by Gbawe: 9:20am On Sep 02
I'm beginning to believe that Nigeria is too big and complex for one individual to be making all the policies. I think a confederacy where each unit makes policies to improve the lives of the people. Or, if that can't be done, a return to the regional system of administration but in this case, every region should retain at least 50% of it's resources. With this, there'll be healthy competitions between regions for development and also, every region will seek to maximize and explore all their resources instead of always relying on "oyel money"

No. The corruption and greed of man deliberately made Nigeria complex to the extent you now make the conclusion you do above. Equally, the discipline, determination and selfless leadership of man can make Nigeria 'simple' again. This is why Nigerians should support Buhari. PDP deliberately destroyed Nigeria over the past 16 years. Buhari can definitely put Nigeria on the path to success. It will not be easy but it can be done.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Risks Economic Decline –buhari: Punch by Gbawe: 7:08am On Sep 02
the coming days or months will be very difficult for the country. What the government of the day needs to do is to diversify our economy. Our leaders from 1960 till the last jonathan administration were not people who think or idealists, all they know was oil, oil oil when other mineral resources are there, agriculture is there, they didnt even do anything about technology improvement in nigeria. All they were busy doing was encouraging tribalism, nepotism and corruption. Unfortunately oil prices will continue to fall as long as USA are producing their own shell oil.....

But all hope is not lost, we get still get our economy growing if this current administration will take a drastic measurement by diversifying our economy asap....

God help nigeria

Totally agree. This is not even that difficult to achieve but leadership myopia, greed, corruption and lack of political will has ensured that all the PDP Governments we have had since 1999 have merely paid lip service to the concept of diversifying the Nigerian economy so it is not entirely reliant on crude oil which is a fuel an innovative and scientifically fast-moving world will need less in the future. Benchmarking on crude is also fiscally dangerous and should not be something a serious nation rely on as a make-or-break determinant of economic success and development.

Under GEJ, and with the Nigerian economy almost entirely reliant on crude oil income, budget benchmark for crude regularly hovered around $70-$73 because oil sold at over $100.00 per barrel . Today oil is selling at $48.00 per barrel approximately. Benchmark, for the next budget, will have to reflect this low price of oil and the general volatility of crude per barrel cost. The disparity in benchmark , between the last and upcoming budget, will be huge especially as it has happened in a relatively short space of time. The word huge is even a misnomer given the shrinkage the Nigerian economy will inevitably experience simply because the nation is earning far less than she did and the fact that 'rainy day' buffers were never put in place by the previous Government. Nigeria should learn from this development, as it is nothing new, and I think it is only under a leader like Buhari things can change for the better.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Risks Economic Decline –buhari: Punch by Gbawe: 6:49am On Sep 02
We desperately need to exploit our agricultural and solid mineral potentials and block wastage through accountability and responsible governance if we are to survive these trying times.

Indeed. Great point. Let me add also that every effort must be made to grow the SME sector in the medium to long term as this will likely solve 30-40% of Nigeria's major problems of unemployment, small middle class, sub-optimal economic activities, poor global trade presence, underdeveloped export market et al. I personally back Buhari to 'come good' because he has the 'basic ingredients' , especially peculiar to Nigeria and her specific challenges, to be a very effective President and reformer.


Politics / Re: Compilation Of Pmb's Appointments To Date And Their Equivalents Under Gej by Gbawe: 6:28am On Sep 02
This thread is eye opening and informative.
passingshot, beremx, gbawe, omenka, sweetlemon, IbnSultaan, LouisVanGaal, edcure

My dear lady, it is all a deliberately orchestrated storm in a teacup from those who know Nigeria is about to change for good. I have said nothing about Buhari's "lopsided" appointment, same as I said nothing about the certificate sage or his health 'challenge', because anyone who wants to lead a productive and fulfilled life should not pay too much attention to frivolities that changes nothing and is totally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Buhari has a 4-year mandate to lead Nigeria. All these distracting talk will will not rob him of even a single day in charge. I will have a problem with Buhari when I don't see the changes that really matter for my beloved country. Anything else is the usual attention-seeking antics from political jobbers and hatchet men who always work for their own personal agenda.

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