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Politics / Re: "Ugonna Madueke's New Home In London" - Trezzyblog by Gbawe: 8:52am On Apr 30
Does not look like a "multi million" living abode to me. looks like a standard decent flat. Not special at all.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Daughters Halima And Zahra Selfies by Gbawe: 1:44pm On Apr 29
We dey suffer.. Na selfie una dey take abi?

They are young people entitled to enjoy their lives. It is their father who was elected to lead you and not them.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Daughters Halima And Zahra Selfies by Gbawe: 1:40pm On Apr 29

Whose president? God forbid dt I have a vicious, senile n insensitive tyrant as president. I Get wedding on saturday, na hw to go que for 2days buy fuel I dey think. Abeg free me.
@OP hw does ds picture bring back d price of rice to #8500 it used to be?

My friend, as long as you are a Nigerians, he is your President whether you accept it or not . You seem not to understand the number one tenet of democracy which is that majority carries the vote. Buhari got the mandate of majority of Nigerians to lead Nigeria. He is therefore your President whether you like it or not. All you are doing is showing yourself up as an anarchist incapable of accepting the principles that guide societies and make them great. As someone said earlier, if you don't like the fact that Buhari is your President move to Eritrea or Somalia.
Politics / Re: See What Buhari Did With The Fastest Economy Handed To Him PHOTOS by Gbawe: 2:01pm On Apr 27
a nice bait for gbawe and he took it

same dude who goes missing in threads that disgrace his illiterate president grin grin grin grin grin

Can you argue against anything I wrote or you just enjoy shouting Gbawe?
Politics / Re: See What Buhari Did With The Fastest Economy Handed To Him PHOTOS by Gbawe: 1:30pm On Apr 27

The adage that describes what you are doing says "Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive".

You credit Jonathan with leaving the "fastest economy" you then insinuate Buhari has destroyed. You leave out one vital consideration which rubbishes your argument and shows you are another biased critic of the current government unable, for whatever reason, to criticise the GEJ government for how woeful, corrupt and negligent it was.

Nigeria is a mono economy entirely dependent on oil as her main export and income earner. It is therefore only an insincere person who would not appreciate that Nigeria, as the biggest supplier of crude in Africa, can go on to become the biggest economy in Africa if oil prices favour us ($100.00-$110.00 per barrel as was the case under GEJ) for a length of time without acknowledging that we could also become very broke and spiral into a serious recession if oil prices fall drastically to around £30.00 per barrel, as has happened under Buhari, with recovery worsened by how the PDP has done nothing in its 16 years rule to help us prepare for where we are today.

your thinking, sorry to say, is really absurd and I can only assume it is the product of one bias or the other. If not so you will realise that Nigeria can become anything if oil prices stay high for years. Yet she can also be like Somalia quickly if oil prices fall drastically because we are an oil-dependent mono-economy with no rainy days savings, moribund SME sector, very poor infrastructure, abysmal power supply, etc, etc, etc. Get real guy and stop fighting others merely because you view them as sworn enemies and will not even bother to look at what they are grappling with. To try and spin GEJ as a hero just reveals you are working an anti-Nigerian angle because all patriotic Nigerians will admit this government must try and do better without trying to argue that GEj, the main architect of our current problems, is a hero.


Politics / Re: There Are Too Many Presidential Jets, Other Stories By Delemomodu by Gbawe: 6:42pm On Apr 24

SeverusSnape you be witch o....... How did you know?

Can you guys actually carry on an intellectual debate where you factually and successfully challenge the argument of others or do you just hide behind snide and vapid comments because you cannot compete with others when it comes to using facts and sound logic to convince others your opinion is sound and not emotional, biased and prejudiced only? Take on all I said and negate the points I have made if you can because what you are doing is cowardly in my opinion..
Politics / Re: There Are Too Many Presidential Jets, Other Stories By Delemomodu by Gbawe: 10:30am On Apr 24

Kwankwanso (2 million + votes)
infact all g7 governors

mr gbawe no amount of propaganda can change the facts that 80% of apc are pdp.
apc cannot come to power without those guys

deal with facts though it's politics and it's acceptable but apc should stop using that word "pdp destroyed Nigeria" because they're still running things with those pdp destroyers.

on apc turning this around
you can't give what you don't have apc is a missionless and visionless government
deal with it

bruv the PDP did destroy Nigeria because of the greedy and self-serving mindset of its most influential leaders like its President. Did you know the fuel subsidy development was a scam PDP leaders like OBJ used to make themselves and their cronies massively wealthy? Yar Adua and GEJ then continued this awful scam against Nigeria. Today they are fighting Buhari because he is insisting the status-quo must not continue. OBJ, Yar Adua and , most recently, Jonathan refused to stop the condemnable practice of Nigeria being the only major producer of crude selling her endowment through traders. Ribadu, in his petroleum task force report, condemned the practice and demanded it stopped ASAP as it only keeps open a doorway many are using to scam Nigeria of billions of dollars. KPMG concurred. India lamented they had to buy oil from us through intermediary and made their reservation public. The PDP did nothing and deliberately kept the scam window open for her major players to profit from. Already Buhari has come in and promised to end this. Kachickwu has announced he is working to end this odious self-perpetuated scam against Nigeria.

Still people like you cannot get behind these sort of revolutionary changes that will benefit us now and that you appreciate will be resisted vehemently by enemies of Nigeria's progress. Buhari and his crew have made mistakes but they are the only government trying to deliver 'teach a man to fish' changes that will 'liberate' and empower you and many Nigerians to put you in charge of your own destiny. If he does not get your support then he fails but you fail bigger and harder because those who want to keep you down so their children and lineage continue attending £50,000 a year schooling abroad would have succeeded using you to fight their saboteur battle against a President who may be be flawed yet is the most sincere and resolute Nigeria has had since 1999. Buhari can move us forward and the next President will find it easier to usher us into a golden age. We all need to have the vision to see this and appreciate that any leader who will make big differences for the ordinary man will need the support of the ordinary man when, as Ribadu eloquently put it, corruption and vested interest fights back. this is a government that is 'going their' and attempting, in under a year, to tackle and enshrine changes the PDP resisted and rejected over 16 years to the detriment of Nigeria. How can you accuse such a government of being same as the PDP while you attempt to justify your decision not to support it?


Nigeria to sell crude oil directly from March: Kachikwu

By News Express on 03/02/2016

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Nigeria’s Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, says the crude-for-products exchange arrangement also referred to as crude swap will be replaced by a Direct-Sale–Direct-Purchase (DSDP) arrangement.

He said the new arrangement would take off in March.

The Minister gave the hint about the new plan when he appeared before the House of Representatives Ad-Hoc Committee investigating the NNPC’s offshore processing and crude swap arrangement for the period between 2010 to date.

At the hearing held at the complex of the National Assembly in Abuja, Dr. Kachikwu told lawmakers that the DSDP would introduce and entrench transparency into the crude oil for product transaction.

Under the crude swap arrangement, crude oil was exchanged for petroleum products through third party traders at a pre-determined yield pattern.

The Minister stated that the DSDP option would eliminate all the cost elements of middlemen and empower the NNPC to take control of sale and purchase of the crude oil transaction with its partners.

“The initiative will save one billion dollars for the Federal Government.

“When I assumed duty as the GMD of NNPC, I met the Offshore Processing Arrangement (OPA) and like you know there is always room for improvement. I and my team came up with the DSDP initiative with the aim of throwing open the bidding process.

“This initiative has brought transparency into the crude-for-product exchange matrix and it is in tandem with global best practices.”

He also explained that the DSDP initiative would reduce the influence of the Minister in the selection of bid winners.

“It allows all the bidders to be assessed transparently based on their global and national track record of performance before the best companies with the requisite capacities are selected.”

The policy is aimed at reducing the gaps inherent in the OPA and the losses incurred by the NNPC in the past, the Minister further stressed.

He mentioned other benefit of the new plan to include growth of indigenous capacity in the international crude oil business and generation of employment opportunities for indigenous companies that are selected.

It will also give other government agencies like the Bureau of Public Procurement and Nigeria Extractive Industry and Transparency Initiative the opportunity to be a part of the bidding process in order to promote compliance with due process. (Channels TV)


Politics / Re: Fayose Should Apologise Over China Letter - Ekiti Youths by Gbawe: 9:52am On Apr 24

Leave that cretin who reasons from his anus. We should all support Buhari now because he is their personal lord and saviour! When they castigated Jonathan for the every moves he made little did they realise it will backfire soon.

What has 'back fired'? This is why you guys always end up with egg on your faces. You are myopic, cannot stay the course and do not appreciate that no condition is permanent. Nigeria, an oil-dependent mono economy, has it as worse as it can have it because of drastic global fall in the price of oil and the horrible mess the PDP, to include your idol GEJ, left the nation in. That does not mean there is not enough time or determination to turn things around.

It is either a natural pessimist or biased enemy of the APC government who would write off a government that has been in power for a year and inherited the worst global and domestic problem and misfortune any government would be unlucky enough to be saddled with. This is why the government has a mandate of 4 years and not 1. People like you should respect that simply reality.


Politics / Re: Fayose Should Apologise Over China Letter - Ekiti Youths by Gbawe: 9:34am On Apr 24

I know of a certain governor that blamed his president over a robbery attack in his state because the president came for campaign there. And he didn't say this in his closest he was very vocal about it. Did you condemn that act?
The federal government is right by ignoring Fayose because Fayose does not matter neither does he carry any weight. What I expect the fg to do is to educate us properly on the contents of this agreement signed with China so we don't have speculations flying around. One of Jonathan numerous sins was keeping quiet in the midst of accusations. Many were true but many also were false. Buhari is making the same mistake.

Perfectly reasonable post and I especially agree with highlighted part because I have said the same thing. I.e the government must carry Nigerians along better.
Politics / Re: There Are Too Many Presidential Jets, Other Stories By Delemomodu by Gbawe: 9:29am On Apr 24

When will you people understand that there's no difference between apc and pdp
what do you expect when 80% of former pdp is in apc.

if you claim to be intelligent but don't understand this fact hmmmm you might be deceiving yourself.
moreover this administration have failed already because you can only imagine the taste of feaces (shiit) from the aroma of fart cool

This is falsehood repeated many times in the hope Nigerians will start accepting it as the truth. APC took in many PDP decampees because that is the nature of Nigerian politics no one can change for now but the fact is that the most influential leadership of the APC, and the way said leadership think, has nothing to do with the PDP. The policies of the APC are vastly different to that of the PDP. The money might not be available to allow this fact come to light yet I wonder why folks like you are quick to write off a Party that has been in power for under a year and is having to correct probably the worst case of leadership misrule, over 16 long years, the world has seen. For example, the PDP is happy to allow and even abet the shadiness in the oil sector while the APC is insisting Nigeria's oil sector must become more transparent, self-financing, more profitable and more efficient. Of course many powerful individuals and interest groups, with vested interest, want to resist these reforms and new 'modus operandi' so naturally it may take the government time to push these changes through.

How much has the PDP earned in 16 years? Yet our refineries are comatose, SME sector moribund, infrastructure is a medieval joke, power supply is pathetic et al. Inshort the PDP made no difference in 16 years and even made things worse. Yet you cannot get behind a new government and must insist it has failed for not miraculously turning around 16 years of very severe misrule overnight. My friend, you are not sincere at all and I don't think you mean Nigeria well. How fair are you as a human being when you continue to blame the APC for the misrule of the PDP and for problems virtually all neutral and non-Nigerian expert analysts have admitted has no short fixes? it is clear the rest of the reasonable and mature world is readily admitting that the current predicament of Nigerians is not the fault of the current and that no quick solutions should be expected because the Nigerian government is powerless to produce the miracle turnaround some unreasonable Nigerians are telling other gullible Nigerians is possible. If Nigeria is not better in 4 years then vote Buhari and the APC out. Yet I am still willing to bet that folks like you will have egg on your face in the end when the APC starts to turn things around gradually because Buhari is a determined and focused President who will always err on the side of doing what is right for Nigerians.


Despite being one of the world's biggest oil producers, Nigeria imports most of its fuel and is currently facing a severe shortage.
It does not have enough oil refineries and even if the four it has were running at full capacity, they would only supply a quarter of the country's needs, says John Ashbourne, an economist at the financial research firm Capital Economics.
To meet demands, the national oil company imports around 50% of its fuel needs. The remainder is then supposed to be imported by private fuel distributors.
But for months these companies have been reducing their imports leading to the current fuel shortages.
The BBC's Nigeria correspondent Martin Patience looks at three reasons why:

1) Outstanding debts
Bikers waiting at a fuel station in northern Nigeria - April 2016

For years, the Nigerian government paid a fuel subsidy to make it cheaper at the pump. But it was hugely expensive when the price of oil was high.
The current government, which came to power last May, said it inherited massive debts from the previous administration.
Fuel distributors were initially left out of pocket.
Finally, the government paid the bill in November. But by that time, companies had already started slowing fuel imports.

2) Currency crisis
A man sleeping on the boot of his car in a fuel queue in Nigeria
Image caption
People wait in queues for hours for petrol
The slump in global oil prices is hammering the Nigerian economy.
It has led to a shortage of the US dollars needed to pay for imports.
With the country facing a currency crisis, the distributors are struggling to get their hands on dollars to pay for fuel imports.
They say they are being forced to use the black market where they pay a far higher rate.

(3) Fuel subsidy dispute
A woman selling petrol on the black market
Image caption
So profitable is the black market that some female traders have swapped selling food for petrol
In January, the government ended official fuel subsides saying the cost of oil had fallen so much that they were no longer required.
But the fuel distributors disagree.
In protest, some companies stopped selling fuel during this dispute.

Black market vendors say they bribe petrol stations to get fuel

Officially a litre of petrol sells for 86 naira ($0.43, £.030) but currently it can fetch three times as much
As the shortages increased, others hiked their prices above the official government rate - leading to accusations of profiteering.
Some analysts predict that until the fuel subsidy is reintroduced or official retail rates are allowed to rise, distributors will continue to limit the supply.
And for Nigerian motorists that could mean the long wait at the pumps will go on.


Politics / Re: Look At The Intellectuals That Voted For Buhari by Gbawe: 7:22am On Apr 24
As more and more revelations show up about how taxpayer money was being shared to Pdp loyalists in the past administration, I thank God everyday that Nigerians rose up to vote out GEJ and Pdp.

Whatever your opinion of Buhari as a President is, at least in 2015 Nigerians sent a message...such open non-performance will not be tolerated anymore.

Exactly. If Buhari does not move Nigeria forward in the time he has then he too will be voted out. Simple as that.

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Politics / Re: There Are Too Many Presidential Jets, Other Stories By Delemomodu by Gbawe: 7:07am On Apr 24
I have to agree with some of the points Momodu made even as I am still a supporter of Buhari and believes he will get it right. The planes are a sticking point for me and Mr.President , in this very austere period for Nigeria, should make serious effort to drastically reduce the Presidential fleet and free Nigeria from their monumental maintenance budget. The Presidential fleet was one of the point I made repeatedly as a sign of the profligacy and anti-people callousness of the PDP and I believe Buhari should now treat the disposal of this unacceptably large fleet with the urgency it deserves because it calls into question his dedication and determination to doing things differently to the PDP.

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Politics / Re: Saraki: Why Is Everyone Pointing Finger At Tinubu? by Gbawe: 6:32am On Apr 24
Saraki should just concentrate on how to defend himself of all d corrupt practices he is facing @d CCT.Sheyb he wants 2b d senate president by all means 2d extent of using an opposition member as his deputy.I don't pity him because many civil servants and pensioners are dying or are still dying cos of his greed.Courts are sending Nigerians 2death cos of petty crimes and some people are hear defending Saraki who is standing trial for corruption,honestly kudos should go to his party for allowing d law 2take it's course.

This is another point people forget. Saraki, in his desperation to become SP, conspired to deny the APC the important position of DSP that the Party had no right to lose because the APC had the house majority to easily Produce SP and DSP. Which Party would forgive that action or fail to move against it? Only a weak and unprincipled one that does not care how the world sees it. Even the completely unprincipled PDP never failed to produce PDP senate President and deputy in the 16 years it led Nigeria. Saraki's current plight is one every serious, principled and loyal politician will be enjoying currently. Me and you may not have to practise free kicks but footballers do because it is their game. Same way politicians too, because of the nature of their game, must deal with the treachery of Saraki that disgraced the APC and gave the Party a big headache when it was a very new ruling Party trying to settle into power.


Politics / Re: Saraki: Why Is Everyone Pointing Finger At Tinubu? by Gbawe: 6:08am On Apr 24

No Sasaki is not a saint and checked never be, but want to ask if all those after him are Sai to as well?

Unlike others, I call a spade a spade. Saraki's case is political but only an emotional fool will not appreciate that every game has rules as per how its players must behave and relate to other players of the game. Saraki took on and humiliated Buhari and the APC knowing there would be consequences. If those folks are now fighting Saraki back then what is this talk of witch-hunting about. You are in the game of politics. You undermine and disgrace your fellow politicians who are very powerful also. They have every right to fight you back with legitimate political means they control or have influence over. Simple as that. Mike Tyson is relaxing and you land him a heavy blow without provocation. Why complain when he hits you back harder and more lethally? Or has Saraki being arraigned on false and trumped-up charges ? why can't he simply try to clear his name if innocent?

Politicians worldwide, and even pragmatically intelligent folks, know Saraki called out his fellow politician and threw down the political gauntlet (challenged them to a political fight) when he did this. Saraki's political misbehaviour is now getting the political response it asked for. I have no problem with this because it is the way it is done throughout the world. Undermine the President of the USA or the Prime minister of the UK and the knives will be out for you. It is the way politics is worldwide. Make sure you have no skeletons in your cupboard before you go and take on powerful and determined heavy hitters.

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Politics / Re: Saraki: Why Is Everyone Pointing Finger At Tinubu? by Gbawe: 5:53am On Apr 24
Why people so soon forget things?

People have forget to realise that Mr President himself find it difficult to hold meeting with Saraki after manipulated its way to the seat of Sen. Pres which was against the will of the ruling party?

Do Buhari want Saraki to remain there?

Do their party want Sariki to remain there?

Likewise, Jagaban as their party leader will never want Sariki to be there too because Bukola went to the last length against them.

Those pointing to Jagaban are bias!

They don't know the real sense and the rules of the game!

APC can not be that silly to be watching it's enemies (PDP camp) to take measures over its affair.. NO!

Where's Tinubu's fault over there?

Pride kills Bukola Saraki!

Don't forget that Bukola fought his father and the entire family in other to get power?

Same he did to his bloods also to his entire Party's will....but, this one blocks his pharyngeal cavity!

Had it been Bukola applied as Dogara did according to party's will after he (Dogara) went against them, Bukolas case would have been simple.

Nobody is witch hunting Saraki but pride doing so!

Let Jagaban be!!!!

Great point you are making here but to an emotional people. Some forget Buhari is a very stubborn and resolute character, far more than Tinubu, who can be very unforgiving of those he feels insult or belittle him. He is the same man who divorced his wife because she accepted financial assistance from IBB while Buhari was languishing in Jail. If Buhari considered that act of his wife treacherous then what will he have made of Saraki's Machiavellian actions that disgraced Buhari and the APC in the eyes of the world?

Is that the sort of President that Tinubu, even with his influence, will dictate to? For some Jagaban must be blamed by all means and we know why. Yet the fact as we all know shows there is nothing happening to Saraki that Buhari would not have agreed to, is against or has being bullied to be part of by anyone. I personally believe Buhari decided long ago that Saraki must pay for his treacherous and disloyal actions. Saraki showed disregard for Buhari's position as President and head of the APC. People forget that no real army General, anywhere in the world, would accept such, OBJ was the same also. Danjuma and IBB too. The problem is that some Nigerians are too blinded by emotions to see and discern the obvious.

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Politics / Re: Saraki: Why Is Everyone Pointing Finger At Tinubu? by Gbawe: 10:39pm On Apr 23
Man Gbawe is here. Your comments are golden and they remind me of the Nairaland of old.

I sincerely hope Nairaland gets back to the good old days of quality engagements and discuss.

Things have become so bad in here.

My main bro, sometimes one has no choice but to comment even despite how 'slow' NL has become of late. Some people are so blinded by primordial hate they do not see what matters any more. Let us even indulge those who claim Tinubu is behind the travails of Saraki. Is Tinubu not one of the founding fathers of the APC who shed blood and money to make the Party the Nigerian ruling Party that has now taken over after a bloody fight with a failure of 16 years (the PDP) that virtually tried to bankrupt Nigeria to remain in power?

Disloyal PDP decampees like Saraki were tolerated because the brought something useful and because real politicians, the most successful kind like Tinubu, understand that politics is about permanent interest. If Saraki has now treacherously threatened the permanent interest others fought hard to gain then what are folks, especially those from the SE, crying for when his colleagues decide to deal with him? That is the norm worldwide and I wonder why some remain too emotional to see this. I can only assume they are too steeped in the primordial and tribalistic hatred of others to understand that Saraki cannot be allowed to get away with this. GEJ and OBJ tried to intimidate and bully Tinubu but the man stood his ground and prevailed. Saraki should do same if he can. Politics has never been a nice game. Especially not in Nigeria. This is why the likes of Tinubu spend less time talking and more time on strategizing, building bridges and amassing influence while some emotional folks are busy wailing all over the place.


Politics / Re: We Warned Nnamdi Kanu And Ipods But Did They Listen? by Gbawe: 9:33pm On Apr 23
Oga gbawe, Nigerian government is not the one stopping the ibos from seceding from Nigeria but rather the ibo elites are the ones stopping their people from leaving Nigeria. Do you think the likes of ifeanyi ubah, andy ubah, Arthur eze, ekweramadu, NOI etc will welcome anything seccession?

Even their ohaneaze are not in support of their Biafra utopia dream, so I don't see how Nigerian government can be influential in their Biafra project.

Of course I know this. I have talked tirelessly of the disconnection between what some ordinary Igbos are agitating for and what their utterly corrupt, misruling and treacherous political leaders are doing to compromise and undermine their own. Nonetheless I would like the Nigerian government to put them on the spot one day and announce they can have their way. Then you will see the mother of all internal fight amongst a people profiting immensely from Nigeria, to the extent many of them do not want secession, while the likes of Kanu et al try to make it appear the Igbos are at all united over the whole secession agenda.

The sad truth is that many Igbos have been brought up on a staple diet of the lies that other Nigerians are their problem and the impediment to their development. These sort cannot even ask why Igbo land, under the leadership of Igbos, is no better than everywhere else in Nigeria. The likes of kanu will then come to deceive them, in the effort to make a fortune and shag prostitutes, while GEJ will use them for political mileage by adding Ebele to his name when , in five years, he could not even give the SE a bridge that will be very helpful to the development and growth of the region!!!! I am just personally sick and tired of the whole blame game crap from some who cannot first deal with the enemy within before going to proclaim all other Nigerians as their enemies.

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Politics / Re: Saraki: Why Is Everyone Pointing Finger At Tinubu? by Gbawe: 9:15pm On Apr 23

Cos some people who have never produced an astute politician in their entire history are just jealous of his towering influence, hence, the bickering and badbelleism

Entirely correct. I actually feel embarrassed for those from the SE obsessed with Tinubu, constantly wishing him harm and are always keen to point the finger of blame at him. Asiwaju has no time for them and continues to do his thing while remaining a mentor to politicians who want to succeed in the very murky and mercilessly treacherous water of Nigerian politics. Is Saraki a saint? Even if Tinubu is behind the travails of Saraki, can some emotional folks tell us whether Saraki did wrong or not?

Throughout the world, because politics is an arena of gladiators, politicians plot to bring down their enemies daily. That is a political fact mature and pragmatic folks accept. If you give your political opponents that you treacherously backstabbed 'ammunition' then why scream if they use it to nail you after you stepped out of line and arrogantly trod on powerful toes as if you are invincible? When Saraki was busy conducting a treacherous and deceitful election, while embarrassing his Party before the world, did people expect the APC to accept such an embarrassment that would only set an international precedence confirming the ruling Party as weak and impotent? It seems some emotional folks don't understand how politics is played ruthlessly around the world, to include even in the finest and oldest democracies, before they come here boring about Tinubu this and Asiwaju that. As if we do not know that the constant mention of Tinubu is the painful wailing of those envious of the man's political brilliance and ability.

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Politics / Re: We Warned Nnamdi Kanu And Ipods But Did They Listen? by Gbawe: 8:58pm On Apr 23

As far as I see it the Nigerian government should allow Igbos secede with very strict conditions if only to test the theories many Igbos bandy around that the SE will be Dubai if they have their own Country. Nothing wrong with agitating for secession but it is wrong to do so on the premise that it is others impeding your progress while calling them all vile names under the sun as if they are not God's creation same as you.

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Politics / Re: Fayose Should Apologise Over China Letter - Ekiti Youths by Gbawe: 8:47pm On Apr 23
Even his people are aware of his madness but Wailers call him their die hard hero grin grin grin grin grin

Of course. This one is too much and the man is a mentally unstable megalomaniac who is now embarrassing Nigeria. Following Buhari to China to stage some silly and entirely unnecessary 'talk' at a bus station is insanity. You then have the balls to write a foreign government to ask them defy the legitimately elected political leaders of your own country when that is the government, by the laws and constitution of the nation, vested with the mandate to make such decisions for Nigeria. Fayose is only benefiting from the fact that Buhari is being careful to show the world he is not dictatorial or intolerant. If not Fayose should be dealt with seriously. This is totally unacceptable behaviour from a political gangster who no longer knows his place and does not accept the constitutional rights and authority of different tiers of Government. I.e FG, State and local government. Buhari is the legitimate leader of the federal republic of Nigeria while Fayose is governor of Ekiti State alone. Someone needs to point this out to him sternly.

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Politics / Re: Fayose Should Apologise Over China Letter - Ekiti Youths by Gbawe: 7:42pm On Apr 23
Let's be honest fayose messed up. Irrespective of your political inclination or disagreement with the opposing party, you can't just go and undermine your president on the international stage.

Thank you. That is my opinion as well. This behaviour exposes Fayose as a tout and gangster who knows nothing about democracy. The APC, as the legitimate ruling Party that won the electoral right to take decisions foe Nigeria, is fully within its right to pursue economic policies it feels will help Nigeria move forward. that is why we all went to the polling booth to cast our vote. Fayose is just showing himself as an uncouth and lawless individual who has no respect for the concept of democratic rule. When someone is the democratically elected President of a country then he has earned the right to make difficult decisions on behalf of the nation no governor has the authority or even political justification to oppose or undermine. Fayose can criticise the loan as many political leaders and opinion group can do but he has no right at all to write China in an effort to undermine the official decision of those elected to rule Nigeria when he is actually only elected to rule Ekiti and should be focusing on that.

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Politics / Re: Fayose Should Apologise Over China Letter - Ekiti Youths by Gbawe: 7:21pm On Apr 23
Leave Fayose, he is a citizen just like you.

What is wrong with some of you? Fayose is a governor not an ordinary citizen. He must put sentiments and political enmity aside to support the efforts of the current government to get Nigeria out of the economic doldrums we are mired in. It is not done anywhere in the world. Buhari contested an election to be President so that he gets the right to make these sort of decisions on our behalf. Nigerians give him their mandate to do so not fayose.

Who is fayose to then start trying to undermine the official decision of the President of Nigeria and his team that our own people entrusted with the mantel of leadership? Are you saying Fayose is right showing disregard for the official authority of the Presidency that he is duty-bound to respect? Put sentiments and bias aside for a second and you realise you have just spoken in favour of the sort of ugly and disgraceful political lawlessness and gansterism Nigeria should have put behind her by now.

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Politics / Re: Fayose Should Apologise Over China Letter - Ekiti Youths by Gbawe: 7:05pm On Apr 23
It seems some Nigerians are just now realising that Fayose has lost it completely. I am personally convinced Fayose has mental 'challenges' but this is Nigeria where occultists, ritualists and killers become governors. Let us all keep watching. What is sure is that Fayose will not see the blow coming when the 'empire strikes back'.

but his recent decision to write the Chinese government not to support Nigeria government at this very sensitive and critical period is totally insane and worrisome.

“Ordinarily, we expected the governor to know better that such an act is criminal, unfair, insane and a breach of the oath of office under the Schedule Seven of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which he sworn to protect and uphold.
For God’s sake, Mr. Fayose is not the only Governor in the opposition parties in Nigeria, and sad enough, he is the least of the opposition Governors, morally and education wise.

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Politics / Re: Saraki's Trial Spells Doom For Tinubu by Gbawe: 6:57pm On Apr 23

Can you tell me where corruption is fight 100%, where in d world ?. Is there a country that is 100% free of corruption.

Almighty American Will never ask Saudi for democracy but attack other nations that are not an allied because of democracy. They committ war crime but go after African leader for war crime. Who is not partial which nation is 100%.

Tinubu from June 12 1993 till date on d part of democracy. Please give one Nigeria who is a saint, your pastor's or my Alfa's just One.

Please don't mind him. Tinubu's crime is that he is Yoruba and helped to bring down GEJ our brothers from the SE personally carried on their head as if he is their biological father. Despite all that is being revealed about Saraki they are still praying he gets off while dragging Tinubu into this sorry issue. Tinubu was essentially accused of running foreign accounts while in political office which is an offence in Nigeria. Yet how does this compare to all that is being revealed about Saraki to include collection wages and emoluments for political office he no longer occupies? This is why the tribalistic hatred Nigerians some have for others is scary. When you no longer see serious wrongdoing and begin wishing the perpetrator gets away with it, ala an enemy of my enemy is my friend, then you are morally adrift and mentally unhealthy.

Tinubu was cleared of charges against him. Saraki should fight to clear his name also. As simple as that. This case has nothing to do with Tinubu and we know those who want to drag Asiwaju into this by hook or by crook. They are the same folks who wish him death and write daily he is "down" with a stroke, paralysis, heart attack, Parkinson etc, etc, etc. The man continues to move forward and raise their blood pressure. Yet the funny thing is that they do not realise that they will be the victim of the stroke they are always wishing on Tinubu if they do not leave the man alone and continue to wish evil upon him.
Politics / Re: Saraki's Trial Spells Doom For Tinubu by Gbawe: 4:25pm On Apr 23
You cannot try a man twice for the same offence.
In law it is called Double Jeopardy.
And let's even assume for argument sake that CCT tries Tinubu again, what will it achieve, cos everyone knows CCT is just there to cut down peoples political ambition.

The main sentence here is a 10 year ban from holding political office. In some cases a fine and in a very severe case which is highly unlikely a minor jail term.

A political ban now will disgrace Saraki out the President of Senate and also out as a Senator. Now everyone knows Tinubu is satisfied as a God father and is seeking no elective office. So how does that hurt him.

CCT is basically for over ambitious people like Saraki and Melaye. If you're not a political office holder or not angling to be nominated as a Minister or Ambassador etc in the future, then sleep in Peace.

No matter how it goes... Saraki has all to lose, Tinubu has little to lose.

Great post but your message will still be lost on folks who are sentimental and emotional always. Rather than learn the game of politics as Tinubu and others have done they prefer to stick with their politics of hate that has gotten them nowhere. Folks can make Tinubu the biggest bogeyman in Nigeria pray in their personal shrine daily for his downfall but the fact is that the man acted when he needed to and this is what is behind the political clout he has today. It is the same throughout the world and even in the finest and oldest democracies. Tinubu pays his political dues and never seeks to get anything free. He works had when it is time to do so and has never been a 'prostitute' politician who will takey the easy way out and opportunistically aligns himself with the latest kid on the block like other myopic politicians and leaders do.

Some should learn from Tinubu instead of hating him. How many times did GEJ court Tinubu and tried to get him on board? Yet Tinubu rejected GEJ's advances and showed the world how it is done. Those who chose to sink or swim with GEJ are now crying and praying Tinubu will go down by any means possible without understanding that, unlike them, Tinubu plans and strategize to gain and achieve what he wants. He just does not rant incoherently, wildly and emotionally. The man knows that you must work for the result you want - especially in Nigerian politics.
Politics / Re: Saraki's Trial Spells Doom For Tinubu by Gbawe: 4:02pm On Apr 23

Under which law are u going to try this? Just to clear ur ignorance, u cannot try a man twice for the same offence.

logic and reality rarely matter to some desperate and biased Nigerians who only know how to play politics of hate and tribalism. The unfortunate truth some cannot accept or swallow is that Tinubu played his part to enthrone our current President. If he now enjoys certain benefits to the extent he is able to get Saraki arraigned legitimately before a competent court then others should appreciate the main lesson behind this whole saga which is that politicians and interest groups should always act to gain power and influence instead of being emotional chest-beaters who will then be reduced to moaning alone when they lose because they did not play the game with finesse and had no qualms burning all their bridges and alienating everyone. Folks can continue hating on Tinubu but he knows how Nigerian politics works and gets things done in the quest to control political power which should be the focus of serious politicians who want to be politically relevant. Kudos to him for that.

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