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Foreign Affairs / Re: Brexit: UK Vote To Leave EU...... As The Pound Fell Record Low - Mirror by Gbawe: 10:08pm
Good for them undecided undecided
Great news for Scottish independence grin grin cos Scotland will demand a new referendum which the SNP will WIN wink
Pompous Brits will now find out that they are an 'also ran' nation who believed Brexit will BRING BACK great British empire whose sun never set embarassed embarassed
The world may have ONCE revolved round Britain but that was eons ago
Britain is well managed but they should face it that the once great power is not coming back
Also Dodgy Dave Cameron legacy will be the Prime Minister who broke up 2 unions

I have to agree with you here but I will be glad to be proven wrong. I think it will be obvious to Britons soon that they have damaged trade with others immensely and created a paradigm shift in thinking whereby other European nations, because of her past, always overlooked the UK's limitation to view Britain as a noble and great nation within the EU. I think there is a lot of hype about the UK's real economic ability and potentials. Now others will take stock and begin dealing dispassionately with the UK similar to how divorced couples deal with each other. Others will begin to consider pragmatically what they really want from a UK outside the EU they cannot get elsewhere cheaper or more beneficially- be it goods or services. The leave crew voted to make the UK more independent without understanding that this would also make her less competitive and less of a free market while placing a burden on the nation to be more self-sufficient.

The UK will have to be less dependent on others and I think the leave voters have grossly over-estimated the ability and capacity of their Country to achieve this and still remain prosperous. Life would become considerably more expensive delivering an opposite effect to what people expected and voted for. Switzerland is an example of a well-run 'independent' nation that is terribly expensive partly because of her non-EU status but the Country and her people do okay because of a relatively small population (8.2 million) which is not the case for the UK.

The argument of Britain always having an independent and strong currency, i.e the pounds sterling rather than the Euro, holds no water as currencies are really an exponent of a nation's ability to trade and how strong/productive her economy is. The pound, from a position of strength that saw it viewed as one of the world's strongest currency, could literally become worth far less as many examples, like Zimbabwe, have shown us.

I personally think Britons will quickly realise that immigrants are not the problem. The main problem is a fixation with past glory , while doing not much to consolidate upon that past 'greatness', which leads a people to believe ignorantly that immigrants are the problem and that
once a more 'independent' UK curbed their entry into the Island then everything will be great. I think Britain's membership of the EU hid a lot of the Country's flaws and gave her a status she does not necessarily deserve. Interesting times ahead anyway.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Brexit: UK Vote To Leave EU...... As The Pound Fell Record Low - Mirror by Gbawe: 6:56am

We are hoping that the new government that will be ushered in will be a government of progressives, with the likes of Nigel Farage, and they've clearly stated that they will give Africa back its inheritance. In order words, they are not interested in any form of neocolonialism as we are presently witnessing in Africa and this is the reason IPOB has been praying for Brexit. Not saying that it has anything to do with Biafra, don't get me wrong, we are only expressing the hope that as they promised, they will not continue the oppressive regime Britain has been implementing throughout Africa.

So if IPOB holds her protest again in London, perhaps 10 Downing Street will support our independence, as enshrined in the UN charter of self determination. Just as we are hoping also that Trump will have such disposition.

Nigel Farage a "progressive"? What is with you IPOBians and your readiness to call the devil a saint if such benefit your clamour for secession? You must link every single thing to Biafra with a total insensitivity for appreciating what is best for others. As usual it is the scaremongering talk of 'neo-colonialism' when it is obvious you don't know what you are talking about viewing Farage as a benevolent entity. The anti-immigration sentiments that prompted Britain's exit from the EU not a good thing because it is coming at a time when the world is eschewing liberalism and the notion of supporting the less fortunate in favour of a 'me, myself and I' protectionist approach which will harm us all in the end.

With lunatics like Trump becoming more popular and racists Parties in Europe seeing an upsurge in their fortune, I will see how this benefits your clamour for Biafra since you don't understand that you are black and a racist will never consider your wellbeing his priority. He may broadly support your agitation because he is small-minded, protectionist, extremely territorial and driven by a desire to exist with his "own kind" but you will get no long term benefit from racist and protectionist government as their core view is that "my wahala na my wahala and your wahala na your wahala". Their broad mindset, which is very wrong, is that "others cause our problem and we would thrive if we cut them off". Similar to the view you IPOBians have of other Nigerians.

You all deserve each other anyway so let us see what the world will look like in ten years with the rise in popularity of 'misanthrope' leaders who are encouraging us to hate/distrust each other and make racists/discriminatory distinctions everyday like Donald Trump who advocates the dismissal and exclusion from America of anyone who does not share his parochial view of what 'Americaness' should be.


Politics / Re: Fayose: Zenith Bank Officials Kneeling To Beg by Gbawe: 11:17pm On Jun 23
It really saddens me to see what Ekiti folks have done to themselves. This Fayose is an embarrassment. It is shocking EKiti , with their vote, declared this misruling thug, crook and criminal the best to lead them. He is a pathetic clown , totally bereft of leadership credentials and ideas, who thinks governance is a joke and a theatre of 'awada' like Nollywood. This is why he is alway engaged in publicity stunts rather than meaningful endeavours to move Ekiti forward. Cutting pomo and fish everywhere, eating in local buka, faking "investment" press conference in China, this latest 'Zenith is begging me' nonsense and many other sad stunts just confirm Fayose is an attention-seeker whose calling in life should have seen him become a TV comedian like Baba Sala instead of the governor of a Nigerian state with the wellbeing of millions of people in his hand.

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari & Jefferson Bribery: Fayose Revives Aisha's 'Role' by Gbawe: 3:57pm On Jun 22

Defenders of Fayose should read the link above and weep. The Presidency has responded empathic ally and Fayose, the shameless charlatan, is once again disgraced. Still I am sure this is not the last time he will tell outrageous lies haters of the APC and Buhari will rush to ju I late over and declare as "damning" evidence against Mr.President and his Party. Fayose and his mindless supporters, shey una see una life?
Crime / Re: Armed Robber Killed In Calabar (Graphic Photos) by Gbawe: 11:26am On Jun 22
Dis news will only breed war btw 2 tribes on Nairaland. Just watch

Crime is not the exclusive preserve of any single Nigerian ethnic group. All ethnic groups are involved in heinous crime and it is only bigoted and prejudiced Nigerians who believe otherwise. @topic. Jungle justice is wrong but it is worrying that three months after release from prison this guy is on the streets robbing and raping. One can understand the frustration of Nigeria as the justice system never seems capable of protecting law-abiding Nigerians from hardened criminals like this man. The Government should look at a complete overhaul of the NPF or bravely embrace change and conduct a feasibility study on State policing.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Calls Fayose A Mad Dog; Nigerians On Twitter React by Gbawe: 10:58am On Jun 22

1.) Fayose is NOT a private Citizen....... by virtue of the 'political position' he operates

2.) Criminal cases override Civil cases (A criminal case will conclude first, if both are concurrent, to a civil case)

3.) The immunity is against prosecution.......... which (prosecution) is also applicable to civil cases

So, until l tell you l am qualified as a Lawyer (no matter how recent), that is when what l am saying will make sense to you?
Are you not aware that there are people qualified in three, four fields of profession?
Are you saying certain "basic tenets" of the law cant even be appreciated by you, who is not a Lawyer?
Have you not seen or even heard of 'individuals/civilians/lay men, defend themselves in a law court, against another litigant who brandishes a Lawyer..... and gets the case decided in their favor?

"Study of the Law enlightens the mind".... even more, an intelligent mind" - That is a Quote from my Law Professor.

Thank you for your time, l will stop responding henceforth, this being my last post to you on the subject.


Edit: Bookmark this, in the fullness of time, That "legal consequence" will at best, be a futile exercise in a law court.
Ofcourse, the court is open to everyone to approach.


you continue to show the arrogance of Nigerians I have talked about here many times. Many can see I begged the interpretation of Lawyers and humbly submitted I am not one and would therefore welcome their input. You, despite been asked directly if a lawyer, continue to cling to some 'i am right' high ground with vague reference to the constitution when everyone knows there are grey areas that mean immunity does not confer on a person the right to go around acting lawlessly. I hinted at this when , using common sense, I suggested in an earlier post that Fayose should be immune from malicious prosecution that distracts him from doing his very important job. I also added that this does not mean he escapes sanction for his own deliberate actions aimed at impugning the name or reputation of others.

You never told us if you are a lawyer or not and i can now see why. You simply want us to accept your layman interpretation as correct when you actually don't have any professional knowledge to confirm you are 100% correct. Nigerians do this a lot. I know my people and this is why I investigated further to indeed note that i have a point. I was going on instincts related to equity and fair play initially while you just want to hide behind an "immunity is complete and final" argument to support your opinion. See below to indeed note I have a valid point. Every sensible person know you cannot have access to greater specialist legal knowledge than a Presidency, which includes a distinguished and accomplished lawyer as VP, that warned that there will be "legal consequences" against Fayose's actions. Read what is written below and take it in although I suspect you will still continue to claim you know authoritatively that Fayose is above the law as is customary with many Nigerians who are always ready to argue emotionally while never humbly submitting themselves to the opinions of those who have authority to speak decisively on the matter at hand. This is why I asked if you are a lawyer in the first place, since I had asked for the input of legal experts only, and you failed to tell us this.

Nairalanders, please judge the article below yourselves from legal affairs media Nigeria while our Nairaland Femi Falana, i.e lastpage, continues to insist otherwise. We are watching since it seems lastpage and some other Nairalanders, who are all not legal experts, know more than the Presidency which insists there will be legal consequences for Fayose's action. I think it is clear , from below, that the constitution does not give Fayose carte blanche to be "verbally reckless" as this cannot be allowed to be a "defence for defamation". We will see she.


Nigeria: Immunity, Defamation And Press Freedom

Legal AffairsMediaNigeriaWest Africa

By Buchi Okoli
Immunity cannot shield any governor from verbal recklessness and cannot be a defence to defamation.

The 1999 constitution contains a clause that has become flagrantly abused and disrespected by the persons to whom it refers. The section aims at protecting the persons sought to be protected. This however does not in the least permit or encourage executive lawlessness on the part of the person with immunity. The person with immunity must have a duty not to deliberately flaunt the constitution and make nonsense of the immunity clause. Their criminal accusation of any citizen must be based on facts and not hearsay. A fact anyway must not necessarily be the truth. Immunity must be earned and not acquired by anybody. It applies to the office and not the person occupying the office. However in the new improved constitution yet to evolve, the excesses of this clause must be clogged. My only regret in this is that the National Assembly seem very lackadaisical about this constitutional review, which is a major function of their existence as per the 1999 constitution.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Calls Fayose A Mad Dog; Nigerians On Twitter React by Gbawe: 9:21am On Jun 22


Section 308 is very explicit on that matter.

Its a Constitutional matter for now.

The best/worst that can happen now (as long as he is a Governor), is to INVESTIGATE AND COMPILE a dossier on him so that the very minute his immunity lapse, he would be arrested and charged accordingly.

No Court worth its salt will even hear a case against someone whom the CONSTITUTION has granted IMMUNITY to.

Buhari is not that "nice" (and no one is) when it comes to abusing his wife ... but he knows that he is stuck with the Mad Dog for now grin grin

The Good thing is: Buhari will still be the President FRN, when Fayose's immunity lapses as a Governor. I just cant wait for that day.
. grin


We will wait and see. I personally never argue over what I am not completely knowledgeable about . You are an informed Nairalander and I would like to think you know what you are talking about. Yet the Presidency, through its official spokesperson, talked about "legal consequences" in regards to Fayose's action. I would like to think they are talking about legal consequences that will apply now and not in a few years when Fayose is without immunity. Let us wait and see.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Calls Fayose A Mad Dog; Nigerians On Twitter React by Gbawe: 9:13am On Jun 22

No long Story Gbawe!

The LAW is as azz! Its blind, unemotional and cares-less about morality!

Fayose is IMMUNE (as in IMMUNITY) to PROSECUTION......... for as long as he is a state Governor in Nigeria.

Any suit against him, (while a Governor) will be struck out, on the first day of hearing.

End of story.

Nothing anyone can do about it..... unless the constitution is changed by the National Assembly (and you can bet that will never happen, infact the criminals would rather add themselves to the 'immunity list"! grin grin


Bruv are you a lawyer? If yes why not show conclusively that the law does not distinguish between Fayose the ordinary Nigerian citizen and Fayose the governor of a Nigerian State? That is why the civil courts exists. Are you saying conclusively that a libel suit cannot be entertained as a case between two private Nigerian citizens merely because Fayose is a governor? If he is a governor always why does the law still still protects his privacy and rights as an individual also?

Please let us hear from lawyers. Surely we must have some here to shed light on the matter conclusively instead of us laymen continuing to give our own rudimentary personal opinions. The Presidency seems to believe "legal consequences" can arise against Fayose's libellous actions and I would prefer to believe a very well-advised and powerful authority such as that rather than my fellow Nairalander who is probably a businessman or IT consultant with no specialist knowledge of the law.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Calls Fayose A Mad Dog; Nigerians On Twitter React by Gbawe: 9:00am On Jun 22

Fayose is acting loose because he knows he enjoys IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION.

Aisha cant sue him as long as he is a Governor. Simple, True and Period!
That is the "criminal" constitution that Babangida, Abdusallami foisted on Nigerians

But there are at least seven ways to skin a cat like Fayose.
Fayose can be "investigated" and "soften properly"... while waiting for his term to run out (They must ensure he does not become a Senator and does not run-away, a day before handing over) grin grin

That b@stard needs to be taught a serious lesson.

He has not only abused the office of a Governor, he has desecrated that office beyond comprehension.

But Aisha should never come down to his gutter level......NEVER!


Not sure Fayose cannot be sued as you claim. Are we sure a civil suit cannot compel Fayose to appear as an ordinary citizen, minus political office, to defend allegations of slander against another Nigerian citizen? Immunity should prevent Fayose facing any criminal conviction that may see him jailed while in office but I think he is answerable to civil suits brought up again him. Lawyers here should interpret for us as I cannot be bothered to do the research. The Presidency feels that "legal consequences" can arise to deal with Fayose's libellous actions against the first lady and I would like to think the Presidency, including a lawyer VP who excelled in his primary profession, is well-advised over this issue.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Calls Fayose A Mad Dog; Nigerians On Twitter React by Gbawe: 8:47am On Jun 22
I guess Fayose's gubernatorial immunity precludes him from a libel law suit, seeing that the evidence points to an impostor daughter of Buhari and not even to his wife.

If this account truly belongs to Aisha (as I'm not sure any has ever been associated with her), it only reveals that she's a woman who can never exercise the restraint a man can.

She should also consider Fayose's plight. A drowning man would always grab on to anything he can lay hold to.

Bruv, I would hope our lawyers on NL help us interpret this, as I am not a lawyer, but I am not sure Fayose has immunity from a civil suit regarding his libellous conduct against others. Loosely I can understand how the immunity law can protect Fayose against false accusations et al, since many distractive accusation could be alleged against important politicians for frivolous reasons, but I don't see how Fayose can openly slander others and get away with it with the victim having no recourse to the law courts to gain justice. Lawyers beg shed light on the matter because it seems fundamentally wrong for Fayose to go around acting like this with the victims of his action unable to gain justice and prevent him from doing same in future. Shah Garba , the President's spokesman, has already hinted that a libel suit may be pending against Fayose and I would like to think he knows what he is talk about.


He warned Fayose that Aisha Buhari is entitled to protect her reputation from being recklessly maligned, adding that political opposition is not a licence to attack people's reputation brazenly without legal consequences.

He warned Fayose that Aisha Buhari is entitled to protect her reputation from being recklessly maligned, adding that political opposition is not a licence to attack people's reputation brazenly without legal consequences.
Politics / Re: Fayose Is Acting Like A Child - Presidency by Gbawe: 8:13pm On Jun 21
Aisha Buhari should come out & clear her name coz there are lots of other names involved in the so called scam including present NNPC boss.

You children of hate never fail to amuse me. Don't you know the burden of proof is on the accuser otherwise the world will become a joke? If you are a busy businessman and 50 people come to accuse you of theft today does common sense not tell you they must prove their case against you otherwise your livelihood will suffer immensely while you try to "come out & clear" your name against every single wild allegation made. This is why those young people died at the hands of those ALUU thugs in a barbaric scene I believe you would have joined in had you been there. Instead of urging the accusers to prove their case against those young men the wild mob pronounced a guilty verdict on them and lynched them !!!

It later emerged that those who owed the young men money, rather than pay back, simply called them armed robbers to escape paying their debt and the ignorant, bloodthirsty and uncivilised mob simply went ahead to savagely murder those boys. It is the same antics Fayose is using. He is like the deceptive ALUU debtors, seeking to escape their debts, while you act like the uncivilised lynch mob those dishonourable and despicable touts used to wipe those boys out. Fayose wants to use lies to escape his 'debt' to the EFCC and he is finding backing from ALUU savages like you who dare ask our first lady to defend allegations Fayose should have conclusive proof of before he even went public with his accusations.

People like you need salvation if you do not understand that wild and unsubstantiated allegation is not something educated and civilised people take seriously let alone act upon. Hate has so eroded your mind you don't even know what the accepted norm worldwide is for justice, Fair play and equity. You just simply make up your own ridiculous opinions as you go along once it is someone you hate primordially that is involved. Really sad and you should change your way to begin acting civilised instead of sounding like a caveman who does not belong in orderly society.
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari & Jefferson Bribery: Fayose Revives Aisha's 'Role' by Gbawe: 7:07pm On Jun 21
Oga you have been ranting have you seen this threads



Don't bother expecting a response because it is mostly in Nigerians I see the two things below which means you will never get a response and not a civil or conciliatory one anyway if you do get one.

(1) The fondness for maligning and insulting others based on pure conjectures and unsubstantiated rumours even when it is obvious such is entirely fake and the work of mischief-makers. Wole Soyinka has been a victim of this many times with children of hate happy to insult, with total abandon, this man who has defended all Nigerians including they themselves.

(2) A total lack of shame and decorum that means those doing what is described above will continue to insult others and fraudulently insist their lies are true even when those lies have been debunked robustly and conclusively. This is why I always insist Nigerians are their own biggest enemies. A country with many of her folks so hate-filled they will believe anything, regardless of how ludicrous such sounds, against those they hate while they then take it upon themselves to spread what they know in their heart is pure falsehood.

Only God will deliver Nigeria my brother. Suffice to say I had to laugh when I saw amateurish and desperate antics of 'drowning man' Fayose in the attempt to deceive gullible/hateful Nigerians with the hope such will divert attention away from his indictment for election-rigging and corruption. I don't know when some Nigerians will understand that the likes of Fayose will always lie ludicrously because they think they will get away with it. In short Fayose et al think most Nigerians are simpletons he can manipulate at will and I am tempted to agree because my experience of other Countries show you don't behave as shamelessly and as deceptively as Fayose has done so many times yet still have the backing of a significant amount of a Nation's populace. Nigeria is always proving to be an aberration and a disgrace just like Fayose.

I seriously hope our first lady sues Fayose for libel and follow the case to the end so that a precedence is set that will make Nigerians , especially highly-placed folks, understand that you cannot just malign the characters of others with lies and get away with such. Even more disgraceful it is the governor of a Nigerian State doing such.

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari & Jefferson Bribery: Fayose Revives Aisha's 'Role' by Gbawe: 3:45pm On Jun 21

Defenders of Fayose should read the link above and weep. The Presidency has responded empathically and Fayose, the shameless charlatan, is once again disgraced. Still I am sure this is not the last time he will tell outrageous lies haters of the APC and Buhari will rush to jubilate over and declare as "damning" evidence against Mr.President and his Party. Fayose and his mindless supporters, shey una see una life? Your agbero messiah should face the damning indictment levelled against him and stop these childish and "boorish" antics that will only deceive gullible and biased Nigerians.

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari & Jefferson Bribery: Fayose Revives Aisha's 'Role' by Gbawe: 8:23am On Jun 21
Even if Fayose is guilty,,is Aisha Buhari not guilty also.
FAYOSE is corrupt

AISHA buhari is also corrupt

Investigate Fayose, investigate Aisha Buhari also

Look, the point is that it has been proven that Fayose is a shameless liar and desperado. Why on earth will you then believe what he says as gospel truth when it is likely to be another of his shameless lies crafted to divert attention away from the travails he is facing? Why not simply wait for Fayose or anyone else to prove the allegation correct completely. Sketchy articles pointing to an Aisha Buhari, claimed to be wife/daughter/niece/sister-in-law of Buhari, appearing in a USA court is not enough proof for me. Especially coming from Fayose the shameless liar. Sorry but I choose not to be an unthinking and gullible 'tool' a desperado like Fayose will use in his attempt to escape what appears like a rock-solid indictment of his involvement in Dasuki-Gate. It is mainly in Nigeria I see people desperate to believe the words of proven liars. In most countries when you lose your credibility, because it has been established you are dishonest, then your credibility stays lost


Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari & Jefferson Bribery: Fayose Revives Aisha's 'Role' by Gbawe: 8:14am On Jun 21
Some people should be reminded of the serious allegation facing Fayose that the thuggish pomo-cutting and buka-visiting "man of the people" governor is attempting to divert attention away from. I.e N1.2 billion in his personal account has been linked directly to former NSA Dasuki. Some folks should learn to put hate aside and be objective. Because you dislike Buhari and the APC does not mean you ignore the wrongdoing of others merely because you think they are helping you attack and bring down those you hate unjustifiably. Fayose should face his issues which are very serious in my opinion and confirm he is a thief linked to corruption, election-rigging and treason. Some people are not even ashamed to support a man shown to have collected the large sum of N1.2 billion from a fund disbursed to fight terror and save Nigerian lives and property. I.e the lives and property of even you reading.


Governor Fayose’s Bank Account Frozen Because It Contained ₦1.2billion NSA Funds, EFCC Sources Reveal
Sources at Nigeria's premier anti-corruption agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have revealed that a personal account at the Zenith Bank of Nigeria of Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, was frozen in connection with over N1.2billion he took in 2014 from the disgraced National Security Adviser (NSA), Sambo Dasuki, to prosecute his re-election as governor. Several of the operatives said the action came at the end of agency’s year-long investigation into the matter.


Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari & Jefferson Bribery: Fayose Revives Aisha's 'Role' by Gbawe: 8:05am On Jun 21

I am ashamed for Fayose cheesy cheesy cheesy

recycling desperate smear jobs from gej's failed campaign. touting a scammer who claimed to be buhari's daughter as buhari's wife cheesy

the noose is closing

all his noise has been a desperate format to paint a picture of persecution when his cup is full

Honestly OYB I am surprised at how incredibly gullible some Nigerians can be. Is this not the same Fayose that is a proven and shameless liar who has been discredited for telling ridiculous tales many times yet never desists from doing same in future? He told us Buhari had cancer and is close to death when we all know he has no access to Buhari's medical record. Also, did he not lie, just to discredit the government, that billions was being stolen by the Buhari government from the TSA account only for it to be revealed that it is the CBN, commercial banks and the operator of the system used for the TSA that share a commission far smaller than the figure touted about by Fayose? Sometimes Nigerians shock me with how they seem to have no morals and uprightness.

In sane clime if one is a criminal or a known slanderer then people will take this into consideration when you talk. They will never take your word as gospel truth because they are aware of your history as a dishonest person. Fayose is a known liar and mischief-maker yet some are quick to dance over tales any half-intelligent person knows may simply be another one of his desperate lies. This is a governor who has being a total and underwhelming disappointed to the people of Ekiti because of his lack of performance yet has mastered the art of lying controversially and deceptively to move attention away from his non-performance and travails. Rather than be like Ambode who gets on with his job silently, to now be adjudged best governor in Nigeria, all that the glorified thug called Fayose can do is make noise foolishly while charlatans hail his idiocy and ignore his failing as governor plus what he is currently indicted for by the EFCC. Na wa for my people sha.

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Politics / Re: You Don't Need Prophets: Niger Delta People's Suffering Is Just Beginning (photo by Gbawe: 2:25pm On Jun 11
Yoruba are scared.

This is the problem with most Nigerians. I.e the tribalism and baseless hatred of others that destroys the ability to reason properly and find solutions to perennial problems. The OP is right to an extent and this is the time for all Nigerians to take a long, hard look at themselves and work out the role they must play in liberating themselves from poverty and deprivation. Instead of shouting "Yoruba" foolishly, every time someone ask you to take stock of your own failing and address it, why not tell us who has failed you the most if not your own leaders who looted all the funds meant for your development to then leave you impoverished.

What the OP said that I quote below is the truth every Nigerian must confront. First identify your biggest enemy, who is right at your doorstep in the Niger Delta or in Igboland, before looking to blame the man in Ogun or Osun State for all your woes. When you do such you are simply showing you are an unreasonable individual who will find it difficult to craft solutions for problems because bias leads you conclude erroneously who/what the source of the problem is. Good luck to you and carry on with your retrogressive mindset. I will see where such will get you and others in this period of severe austerity all Nigerians must face with pragmatism if we are to stand a chance of seeing a brighter future. This is the time for all Nigerians to hold their elected leaders accountable instead of blaming other Nigerians from different ethnic group who are suffering same as you are. The same Jonathan worshipped clannishly in the SE and SS did nothing but enshrine further poverty and underdevelopment on his own oil-producing region with minions like Orubebe, Tompolo et al. You guys have no shame always mentioning Yoruba while being shagged without vaseline by your own worthless leaders and kinsmen.

The Political Leadership in the Niger Delta and Particularly the Ijaw Nations are the Enemies of the People. For decades they have looted any attempt at fixing the problem of the region. Our Failure as a Region is our Fault as a People. Leadership in the Region have failed for decades and the people have encouraged it.


Politics / Re: "Ugonna Madueke's New Home In London" - Trezzyblog by Gbawe: 8:52am On Apr 30
Does not look like a "multi million" living abode to me. looks like a standard decent flat. Not special at all.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Daughters Halima And Zahra Selfies by Gbawe: 1:44pm On Apr 29
We dey suffer.. Na selfie una dey take abi?

They are young people entitled to enjoy their lives. It is their father who was elected to lead you and not them.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Daughters Halima And Zahra Selfies by Gbawe: 1:40pm On Apr 29

Whose president? God forbid dt I have a vicious, senile n insensitive tyrant as president. I Get wedding on saturday, na hw to go que for 2days buy fuel I dey think. Abeg free me.
@OP hw does ds picture bring back d price of rice to #8500 it used to be?

My friend, as long as you are a Nigerians, he is your President whether you accept it or not . You seem not to understand the number one tenet of democracy which is that majority carries the vote. Buhari got the mandate of majority of Nigerians to lead Nigeria. He is therefore your President whether you like it or not. All you are doing is showing yourself up as an anarchist incapable of accepting the principles that guide societies and make them great. As someone said earlier, if you don't like the fact that Buhari is your President move to Eritrea or Somalia.
Politics / Re: See What Buhari Did With The Fastest Economy Handed To Him PHOTOS by Gbawe: 2:01pm On Apr 27
a nice bait for gbawe and he took it

same dude who goes missing in threads that disgrace his illiterate president grin grin grin grin grin

Can you argue against anything I wrote or you just enjoy shouting Gbawe?
Politics / Re: See What Buhari Did With The Fastest Economy Handed To Him PHOTOS by Gbawe: 1:30pm On Apr 27

The adage that describes what you are doing says "Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive".

You credit Jonathan with leaving the "fastest economy" you then insinuate Buhari has destroyed. You leave out one vital consideration which rubbishes your argument and shows you are another biased critic of the current government unable, for whatever reason, to criticise the GEJ government for how woeful, corrupt and negligent it was.

Nigeria is a mono economy entirely dependent on oil as her main export and income earner. It is therefore only an insincere person who would not appreciate that Nigeria, as the biggest supplier of crude in Africa, can go on to become the biggest economy in Africa if oil prices favour us ($100.00-$110.00 per barrel as was the case under GEJ) for a length of time without acknowledging that we could also become very broke and spiral into a serious recession if oil prices fall drastically to around £30.00 per barrel, as has happened under Buhari, with recovery worsened by how the PDP has done nothing in its 16 years rule to help us prepare for where we are today.

your thinking, sorry to say, is really absurd and I can only assume it is the product of one bias or the other. If not so you will realise that Nigeria can become anything if oil prices stay high for years. Yet she can also be like Somalia quickly if oil prices fall drastically because we are an oil-dependent mono-economy with no rainy days savings, moribund SME sector, very poor infrastructure, abysmal power supply, etc, etc, etc. Get real guy and stop fighting others merely because you view them as sworn enemies and will not even bother to look at what they are grappling with. To try and spin GEJ as a hero just reveals you are working an anti-Nigerian angle because all patriotic Nigerians will admit this government must try and do better without trying to argue that GEj, the main architect of our current problems, is a hero.


Politics / Re: There Are Too Many Presidential Jets, Other Stories By Delemomodu by Gbawe: 6:42pm On Apr 24

SeverusSnape you be witch o....... How did you know?

Can you guys actually carry on an intellectual debate where you factually and successfully challenge the argument of others or do you just hide behind snide and vapid comments because you cannot compete with others when it comes to using facts and sound logic to convince others your opinion is sound and not emotional, biased and prejudiced only? Take on all I said and negate the points I have made if you can because what you are doing is cowardly in my opinion..
Politics / Re: There Are Too Many Presidential Jets, Other Stories By Delemomodu by Gbawe: 10:30am On Apr 24

Kwankwanso (2 million + votes)
infact all g7 governors

mr gbawe no amount of propaganda can change the facts that 80% of apc are pdp.
apc cannot come to power without those guys

deal with facts though it's politics and it's acceptable but apc should stop using that word "pdp destroyed Nigeria" because they're still running things with those pdp destroyers.

on apc turning this around
you can't give what you don't have apc is a missionless and visionless government
deal with it

bruv the PDP did destroy Nigeria because of the greedy and self-serving mindset of its most influential leaders like its President. Did you know the fuel subsidy development was a scam PDP leaders like OBJ used to make themselves and their cronies massively wealthy? Yar Adua and GEJ then continued this awful scam against Nigeria. Today they are fighting Buhari because he is insisting the status-quo must not continue. OBJ, Yar Adua and , most recently, Jonathan refused to stop the condemnable practice of Nigeria being the only major producer of crude selling her endowment through traders. Ribadu, in his petroleum task force report, condemned the practice and demanded it stopped ASAP as it only keeps open a doorway many are using to scam Nigeria of billions of dollars. KPMG concurred. India lamented they had to buy oil from us through intermediary and made their reservation public. The PDP did nothing and deliberately kept the scam window open for her major players to profit from. Already Buhari has come in and promised to end this. Kachickwu has announced he is working to end this odious self-perpetuated scam against Nigeria.

Still people like you cannot get behind these sort of revolutionary changes that will benefit us now and that you appreciate will be resisted vehemently by enemies of Nigeria's progress. Buhari and his crew have made mistakes but they are the only government trying to deliver 'teach a man to fish' changes that will 'liberate' and empower you and many Nigerians to put you in charge of your own destiny. If he does not get your support then he fails but you fail bigger and harder because those who want to keep you down so their children and lineage continue attending £50,000 a year schooling abroad would have succeeded using you to fight their saboteur battle against a President who may be be flawed yet is the most sincere and resolute Nigeria has had since 1999. Buhari can move us forward and the next President will find it easier to usher us into a golden age. We all need to have the vision to see this and appreciate that any leader who will make big differences for the ordinary man will need the support of the ordinary man when, as Ribadu eloquently put it, corruption and vested interest fights back. this is a government that is 'going their' and attempting, in under a year, to tackle and enshrine changes the PDP resisted and rejected over 16 years to the detriment of Nigeria. How can you accuse such a government of being same as the PDP while you attempt to justify your decision not to support it?


Nigeria to sell crude oil directly from March: Kachikwu

By News Express on 03/02/2016

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Nigeria’s Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, says the crude-for-products exchange arrangement also referred to as crude swap will be replaced by a Direct-Sale–Direct-Purchase (DSDP) arrangement.

He said the new arrangement would take off in March.

The Minister gave the hint about the new plan when he appeared before the House of Representatives Ad-Hoc Committee investigating the NNPC’s offshore processing and crude swap arrangement for the period between 2010 to date.

At the hearing held at the complex of the National Assembly in Abuja, Dr. Kachikwu told lawmakers that the DSDP would introduce and entrench transparency into the crude oil for product transaction.

Under the crude swap arrangement, crude oil was exchanged for petroleum products through third party traders at a pre-determined yield pattern.

The Minister stated that the DSDP option would eliminate all the cost elements of middlemen and empower the NNPC to take control of sale and purchase of the crude oil transaction with its partners.

“The initiative will save one billion dollars for the Federal Government.

“When I assumed duty as the GMD of NNPC, I met the Offshore Processing Arrangement (OPA) and like you know there is always room for improvement. I and my team came up with the DSDP initiative with the aim of throwing open the bidding process.

“This initiative has brought transparency into the crude-for-product exchange matrix and it is in tandem with global best practices.”

He also explained that the DSDP initiative would reduce the influence of the Minister in the selection of bid winners.

“It allows all the bidders to be assessed transparently based on their global and national track record of performance before the best companies with the requisite capacities are selected.”

The policy is aimed at reducing the gaps inherent in the OPA and the losses incurred by the NNPC in the past, the Minister further stressed.

He mentioned other benefit of the new plan to include growth of indigenous capacity in the international crude oil business and generation of employment opportunities for indigenous companies that are selected.

It will also give other government agencies like the Bureau of Public Procurement and Nigeria Extractive Industry and Transparency Initiative the opportunity to be a part of the bidding process in order to promote compliance with due process. (Channels TV)


Politics / Re: Fayose Should Apologise Over China Letter - Ekiti Youths by Gbawe: 9:52am On Apr 24

Leave that cretin who reasons from his anus. We should all support Buhari now because he is their personal lord and saviour! When they castigated Jonathan for the every moves he made little did they realise it will backfire soon.

What has 'back fired'? This is why you guys always end up with egg on your faces. You are myopic, cannot stay the course and do not appreciate that no condition is permanent. Nigeria, an oil-dependent mono economy, has it as worse as it can have it because of drastic global fall in the price of oil and the horrible mess the PDP, to include your idol GEJ, left the nation in. That does not mean there is not enough time or determination to turn things around.

It is either a natural pessimist or biased enemy of the APC government who would write off a government that has been in power for a year and inherited the worst global and domestic problem and misfortune any government would be unlucky enough to be saddled with. This is why the government has a mandate of 4 years and not 1. People like you should respect that simply reality.


Politics / Re: Fayose Should Apologise Over China Letter - Ekiti Youths by Gbawe: 9:34am On Apr 24

I know of a certain governor that blamed his president over a robbery attack in his state because the president came for campaign there. And he didn't say this in his closest he was very vocal about it. Did you condemn that act?
The federal government is right by ignoring Fayose because Fayose does not matter neither does he carry any weight. What I expect the fg to do is to educate us properly on the contents of this agreement signed with China so we don't have speculations flying around. One of Jonathan numerous sins was keeping quiet in the midst of accusations. Many were true but many also were false. Buhari is making the same mistake.

Perfectly reasonable post and I especially agree with highlighted part because I have said the same thing. I.e the government must carry Nigerians along better.

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