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Politics / Re: Buhari's Islamization Project Begins In Ernest. by Gbawe: 5:16pm On Nov 27

There has been few steps to the islamization project we will all see it in the fullness of time

What "steps"? Give solid examples and stop hiding behind vague words. Give the precise "steps" Buhari has taken towards Islamizing Nigeria. Has Sharia been introduced in your State since the scaremongers insisted Buhari wants Sharia in every corner of Nigeria? Are you frog-marched to the local mosque everyday? Has your Pastor been replaced by an Imam? Is your sister forced to don the Hijab? Have you been told you must swap your bible for the quran?

So what steps exactly are you talking about? If your life is the same today as it was before the elecetion then admit you and others goofed and that you maligned the name of an innocent individual for nothing. You should be asking for the forgiveness of God and not vaguely alluding to some steps you cannot give precise details of.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Islamization Project Begins In Ernest. by Gbawe: 4:04pm On Nov 27

Leave your ranting sir, there were evidences.
I used the word accused because he has not been proven guilty as charged in the court of law....
I don't believe in writing paragraphs just to make my point.

What evidence? Please don't patronise our intelligence with talks of Buhari said this and that in 1956. Show us the evidence today, on the ground, that bears out the "Islamization" scaremongering many helped to spread before the elections. Simple request yet you are dancing around as is usual when a man knows he stands discredited. If Buhari has not done what many said he would then those folks should apologise, learn their lessons and move on.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Islamization Project Begins In Ernest. by Gbawe: 9:55am On Nov 27

How can someone apologise for fear of islamization??
The accused should be the one proving them wrong....
Abeg don't misunderstand the context, because u are becoming more stu.pid than I think.

Can you listen to yourself? You are only throwing insult around and you cannot even appreciate how uniformed you sound. The above in bold is just ludicrous. Are we talking accusation in a court of law that a defendant is obligated to respond to or baseless rumours and unsubstantiated gossip in the court of public opinion a busy and focused person should/could choose to ignore? If you start shouting publicly that I am an armed robbers, when in reality I am gainfully employed, what on earth makes you think I am duty-bound to respond to you?

Is it not obvious you are not an 'accuser' and I am not an 'accused' in the proper sense of those words? Many of you just come here to tender sentimental arguments. you will then begin insulting others you should be learning from once you are dismantled by superior argument/logic. My friend, you better educate yourself about the fundamental rights of man to know individuals are not compelled to respond to slurs and lies against their persons because those can never be interpreted as legitimate accusations by any sane and rational mind. You do not become an 'accuser' telling lies against others and those you lie against are not 'accused' people who must prove anything to you or others. Buhari did not see it fit to dignify every slur and lie against his person with a response. That is his right 100% otherwise he will soon have to be responding to allegations that he smokes Marijuana and snorts cocaine with Osinbajo, Fashola and Amaechi till 3.00am every day in Aso Rock.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Islamization Project Begins In Ernest. by Gbawe: 9:40am On Nov 27
in addition to that, Buhari have voted NO to protection of human rights. This is to enable him easily implement his islamization agenda. In islamization, there is nothing like human right. During his campaign, he nearly took holy communion, because he was always in Church campaigning. But now He doesn't go to church again.

grin grin grin grin grin You guys crack me up !!! Buhari does not go to church any more and this is a sign the Islamization agenda is on course? Why not take the fact that Nigeria is still very secular today to mean you took the brainwashing propaganda of others too seriously? Even the folks who put those messages in the public domain don't believe their own lies they packaged for the consumption of ordinary Nigerians. It is all politics to them and it is only ordinary Nigerians who swallow their deceitful propaganda unquestioningly. This is why you are still looking for excuses, however silly and illogical they sound, to continue pushing accusations that have now been soundly discredited by the reality on ground today.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Islamization Project Begins In Ernest. by Gbawe: 9:26am On Nov 27
What is the use of this thread? Eziachi do you worship Buhari in ya dreams?

My good man, sometimes these sort of threads are needed to remind us of the absurdities of yesterday that shames us all as a nation in light of what is reality today. We all remember how Nigerians were carried along in dangerous propaganda by those who did not want a Buhari Presidency for their own selfish reasons. They painted a picture of a nation where everyone is forced to shout "Allah ho akbar" and political opponents are jailed without trial. It was all very insulting to the senses of intelligent Nigerians who could not believe Nigerians, in year 20 frigging 15, were being manipulated like this. PEJ said she feared visiting her husband in jail. Is GEJ in jail today or gallivanting the world and spending his loot?

The point is that Nigerians should develop their own minds and independent opinions. If you get carried away promoting the selfish and obviously flawed messages of others, who are working for their own agenda, then you risk looking very foolish and ignorant in future. The biggest Nairaland promoters of "Buhari will Islamize Nigeria" now look like mumus who were used by GEJ, PEJ, Dokpesi, Obanikoro, Allison-Madueke et al. In short those who benefited from the status quo under the former regime and wanted it to continue forever if possible.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Islamization Project Begins In Ernest. by Gbawe: 8:21am On Nov 27

Not a very intelligent question within the context it is being asked. 

Hijab was not 'banned' by the NYSC because Buhari has dropped his nationwide Sharia spread project. It was 'banned' because of the prevailing security situation all over the world. Same way morning prayers sessions or morning assembly in schools were 'banned' by the IG of police. ‎

Nigeria is not the only country 'banning' the wearing of hijab in the public at this time, the western world is in the lead on this 'ban'. 

Senegal has more than 90% Muslim population and calls itself a Muslim country, yet they reportedly 'banned' wearing of hijab in the public just this month. 

Giving the current security realities where Boko Haram terrorists are all over the country (according to reports), wearing of hijab at this time is similar to scooping fuel from a fallen petrol tanker. 

It has nothing to do with Buhari's avowed commitment to spread Sharia to every nook and cranny of Nigeria. 

"I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,  God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country” - Muhammadu Buhari‎, 2001 

This long response shows you are not witty and does not understand simple sarcasm. OP's point is that it is odd anyone would dare ban any form of the Hijab in Buhari's "Islam Kingdom" when it must be the other way round as many told us would be the case with their baseless "Buhari will Islamize Nigeria" scaremongering before the elections. Where is the Islamization is OP's real and sarcastic question. Gerrit? Don't tell us what Buhari said in 1945. Show us the reality of Nigeria today and the overt "Islamization" going on under Buhari many, before the elections, claimed they were 100% sure would happen in the effort to make Buhari 'unelectable'.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Islamization Project Begins In Ernest. by Gbawe: 7:33pm On Nov 26

Per the bolded, why in the hell do you dabble into what you know little about?

He is respectfully and humbly asking to be educated. What is wrong with that? Do you know the hijab Buhari has officially adopted for his Islamization agenda or not? Simple question only seeking a simple answer and not insults.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Islamization Project Begins In Ernest. by Gbawe: 3:25pm On Nov 26
I am not a Moslem, so educate me. What is a big hijab and small/medium/xlarge hijabs? Which one has Buhari recommended for the Islamization project?

Classic grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Over to the "Buhari will Islamize Nigeria" crew. Perfectly legitimate question. Which Hijab has Buhari forced on Nigerian for his Islamization project? We need pictures ASAP of Buhari launching this compulsory Hijab abeg.


Politics / Re: Prof. Wole Soyinka's Tribute To Sen. Asiwaju Tinubu. by Gbawe: 7:30pm On Nov 25

Irrespective of the source, what we have up there is nothing but the truth. The rate with which Tinubu was attacked before the election and even the continued attack on his person after the election says it all. He is PDP's biggest nemesis.

We both know this. Yet you will agree many uncouth elements come here daily to insult prominent Nigerians and political leaders. Tinubu is, as always, the object of their hateful attention. There is no need for Soyinka to then be insulted by those who bark at anyone who see good in Tinubu for things Soyinka did not say. I defend Tinubu here always because i know what the man really is to Nigeria and the Yorubas. Yet the fact is that we sometimes have to take a back seat and let frustrated souls vent because poverty and a lot of social malaise can reduce a proud people to a blind lynch mob just looking for victims. On threads like this, which will be a congregation ground for the usual haters, I would prefer Soyinka is not included in the free-for-all for something he did not say. Tinubu is a politician. this is not new to him and he won't care what envious and hateful people say. The Prof is another matter entirely.
Politics / Re: Prof. Wole Soyinka's Tribute To Sen. Asiwaju Tinubu. by Gbawe: 3:44pm On Nov 25
Before you guys begin insulting the honourable Wole Soyinka, kindly confirm he wrote what is attributed to him here . Thank you.


Politics / Re: Prof. Wole Soyinka's Tribute To Sen. Asiwaju Tinubu. by Gbawe: 3:41pm On Nov 25
Nice as this all sounds I am sure Soyinka never wrote this. I stand to be corrected but I doubt Soyinka will ever praise Tinubu this fawningly.

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Politics / Re: 5 Months As A Governor, I Am Already Tired - El Rufai by Gbawe: 12:30pm On Nov 25
That's how it should be, taking care of 12 million people should wear on out talk less of innovating ideas for job creation for some 7 million people. The thing is that most of our govonors are mentally lazy, govonors in America take their states from $3 billion to $1 Billion surplus in four years but here in Nigeria they want to reduce minimum wage and block leakage. Attack is the best form of defence it high time our govonors start tingling with fresh ideas and concentrate less on the already dwindled cow. I admire elrufai for his honesty the job isn't easy for those who really want to work and most of our fat stomach govonors are doing nothing in government house.

Indeed. Many Governors can and would love to do more but our system of governance, as currently constituted, means the greatest tools of empowering the people still resides with the Federal government. for example, the emergence of a thriving SME sector (small to medium enterprises) , which is usually the biggest employer of labour worldwide, will not be a reality without constant and adequate power supply.
Politics / Re: 5 Months As A Governor, I Am Already Tired - El Rufai by Gbawe: 12:14pm On Nov 25
I wonder how most people read ooo..

The man stated the obvious...

He simply said.."its not an easy task"..

Why the insults?

Thank you. Especially against a Governor adjudged to be the best performing in Nigeria today. His State is lucky to have him in my opinion because Nigeria is facing very trying times which means even good leaders must now become supermen to guide their State and people through what is undoubtedly going to be a period of severe economic hardship before succour arrives.
Politics / Re: 5 Months As A Governor, I Am Already Tired - El Rufai by Gbawe: 12:08pm On Nov 25
It shows u have a burden for your people. Your colleagues are fattening up because they don't really care much. Don't worry, as God sees ur heart and intention, he will give u more wisdom to govern ur state well.
From the stats out there, u r still the most performing gov, and Ikpeazu..I hope I am right.

100% correct. May God indeed shower El Rufai with the wisdom he needs to deliver for a people he obviously cares for and worries about deeply.
Politics / Re: 5 Months As A Governor, I Am Already Tired - El Rufai by Gbawe: 12:05pm On Nov 25

Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai says the stress of seeking ways of creating jobs for the teeming unemployed youths in Kaduna state has left him tired after just 5 months of assuming office. El Rufai said this while speaking at the just-concluded Ake Arts and Book Festival which held in Abeokuta, Ogun State November 17-21.

“As a state governor the challenge for me is what to do to create jobs in Kaduna State. Eighty-two per cent of the eight million people in Kaduna State are below the age of 35.
My challenge is not whether population grows next year or the year after. It is to get jobs for this young people, otherwise no one will sleep in peace. Frankly speaking, five months as governor, I am already tired. I honestly do not think that anyone who wants to do this job seriously can do it for more than four years and not burn out. When I look at some of my colleagues, some are putting on weight, they are looking nice, I ask them, ‘how do you do it?”he said


Those are the leaders who do not give a toss about the Nigerians they lead. They are in office to look after their own interests. If money is flowing them these sort of leaders will continue putting on weight and "looking nice".


El Rufai's honesty is refreshing. Nigerians should appreciate this type of honest leadership that seeks to engage the citizenry and give them a frank insight into what Nigerian leaders face and why the effort to create a better Nigeria must involve all of us. Leaders do not have a magic wand that will perform miracles and turn Nigeria into utopia. Pro-people leaders like El Rufai are the best Nigerians can hope for right now because we can rely on them to put in the effort to better the lot of Nigerians while we play our part also.

That El Rufai is exasperated with the sheer scale of the challenge is human and even encouraging as it means he understands the plight of his people and empathises with them. Yet that is not an admission of defeat and it does not mean he will not give his all to make the situation better.
Politics / Re: Buhari To Launch Helicopters In Lagos For Police Patrol by Gbawe: 11:45am On Nov 25
Lunching and helicopter is not the issue but maintaining it, it wasn't that there were no helicopter in Lagos state before now but they were grounded for lack of maitainance.

Correct. This is nothing new or even unique to Ambode. I agree with you that meticulous maintenance of the helicopters has to be made a priority.


Fashola Launches Helicopters For Aerial War Against Crime
Posted by Donald Mike-Jaja on Dec 13th, 2009

Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola has stepped up the war against crime in Lagos State with the launching on Monday morning of two Bell-412 EP helicopters. At the launching of the helicopters a multi-faceted type used in crime fighting, fire out break and emergency services among others, Fashola said it was a very expensive venture, but that it is a primary responsibility of government to curb crime.
According to the governor, section 14(26) of the 1999 constitution gave the state government the power to provide security to its citizens, saying that this was why the state recently concluded the Security Trust Fund to provide money to fight crime.
He said that all his efforts so far has delivered 79.9 percent reduction in violent crime, adding that the state is recording successes in apprehending and bringing criminals to justice.

“In spite of all, this we will never be satisfied. We knows that there is no crime free society, but we understand that crime and crime pattern are very fluid and we are resolved to stay ahead of the competition”, Fashola said.
His government, he said, will outspend, outrun, and overwhelm the competition hard criminals offer, saying “we want to be the first to arrive when emergency occurs with all the capacity to save lives”

Fashola described the acquisition of the helicopters as another success of his administration saying they will not only complement the efforts of the police and security operatives on land but also enhance the provision of emergency services, search and rescue operation, surveillance and ambulance service.

“Our choice of Bell 412 EP was informed by its multi-faceted platform which allows it to be utility in several functions such as paramilitary, civil and utility roles. These particular helicopters are specially and uniquely configured to be used in fire fighting, emergency services, search and rescue air ambulance and air surveillance roles”, the governor said.
He appealed to residents of the state to continue to discharge their own side of the social contract saying that he was proud that Lagos state led the way again as the first state to provide this kind of unique social service in the country.
The prevention and management of the helicopters, he said would be within the preview of the Public, Private Partnership (PPP) in collaboration with Caverton Helicopters to ensure that operation costs were met and that all safety and regulatory issues are stipulated by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo, praised the government for the venture, saying that the helicopters will help the police to ensure a crime-free society and promised that his men will make good use of them.
Politics / Re: Buhari To Launch Helicopters In Lagos For Police Patrol by Gbawe: 10:52am On Nov 25
Misplaced priority. We need fuel not helicopter.

Do you guys ever read before you go on the attack? Because Buhari is mentioned then that means the FG, rather than LASG, bought the helicopters? If you read carefully and agree Ambode purchased the Helicopters, on behalf of LASG, then how is lagos responsible for your inability to purchase fuel? At least learn to be a useful critic otherwise be prepared to be ignored as a senseless/uninformed one.

LAGOS—President Muhammadu Buhari is billed to commission three helicopters purchased by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s administration as part of efforts to beef up security in the state.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Rehabilitates 282 Roads In Six Months by Gbawe: 10:11am On Nov 25
Fashola must have been dormant for more than 200 roads to get dilapidated.

I'm beginning to worry about our Federal roads now he is the minister of Works and Housing.

This is not really an indictment against the leadership of Fashola. The lifespan of Lagos roads, especially those under the purview of the local government, is incredibly short because of corruption and unfeasibly high population density leading to a volume of traffic flow and vehicular movement that will test even the most durable roads anywhere in the world.

The issue of detrimentally high population density will continue to be a pain in the neck for Lagos because it is the smallest State in Nigeria with the highest population estimated to be around 20 million !!

To put things in perspective, so we see the strain on a State which did not have adequate infrastructure underpinning the immense population growth it saw in a relatively short period of time, we should look at some stats and draw some obvious conclusions.

Lagos is 999.6 kilometres squared in size and is home to around 20 million. Virtually all Lagosians rely on road transport to go from A to B every day.

London is 1,572 kilometres squared in size and home to 8.539 million. London has a good transport mix which means rail/tube transport gets far more Londoners from A to B daily than road transport. especially Monday to Friday.

New York is 789 kilometres squared and home to 8.406 million. New York also has a good transport mix which means rail/metro transport gets far more New Yorkers from A to B daily than road transport.

It is obvious that decongesting Lagos roads is key as a long term and permanent solution. LASG simply has to ensure other modes of transport (rail et al) come on board as soon as possible otherwise we will continue seeing 'patch-patch' of roads every few months.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Rehabilitates 282 Roads In Six Months by Gbawe: 9:48am On Nov 25
.. another word for pot-hole filling.. anyway it is better than chasing burly danfo drivers

Unfortunately, pot-hole filling has become very important in a State like Lagos because local government roads are usually never constructed to a high standard of quality and durability. This is self-defeatist false economy in reality because heavier than normal use of roads, due to very high population density, means that roads must be extra tough in Lagos to begin with.


Politics / Lagos Rehabilitates 282 Roads In Six Months by Gbawe: 9:40am On Nov 25


Posted on: 2015-11-24 00:00:00

…Earmarks 189 Roads For Next Phase

The Lagos State Government on Tuesday said that over 282 roads have been rehabilitated in the last six months, just as it assured residents that the ongoing construction across the metropolis will be completed in due course.

General Manager of the Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC), Engr. Ayotunde Sodeinde gave the assurance on Tuesday while briefing newsmen on the work done so far said that the State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode’s desire is to see that the roads across the state are motorable.

“We have done 282 roads since June 2015 till date. We have listed another 189 roads and anytime from now we would start. We would work every day and night to ensure we make life more comfortable for residents in the state”, he said.

He listed some of the roads completed and fully rehabilitated to include Metal Box Road, Acme Road inward Akilo, Ejigbo-Ikotun road among others while extensive fixing of potholes were also carried out on other roads. He also listed some roads such as Alfa Nla/Capitol road in Agege, Brown Street in Oshodi, Okota road in Isolo as some of the roads under construction.

“Metal Box Road and Acme Road are special projects, they are not routine projects that we do. The routine projects are like 280. If I start to mention all of them, it would take a lot of time. We are doing the second asphalting on Ejigbo, the place is quite motorable now. We had finished that Ikotun Ijegun. Why I said it is 85 percent completed is because of the drainage system”.

Sodeinde said the rehabilitation of these roads has to a large extent reduced the traffic congestion in the last three weeks, saying that the Public Works gangs are on the road day and night to give the roads a facelift.

“The Governor is not sitting down, he wants all the roads in Lagos to be motorable. He wants the hard life that Lagosians are going through to be alleviated. He cannot stand Lagosians going through hardship and most of these roads”.

“People are testifying now that the traffic is moving. You know when the roads are good, it means economic growth, people will be able to move from one part of the state to another, transport their goods without stress, you will notice that even the hoodlums and pickpockets, they operate when there is gridlock, as far as gridlock that is being caused by potholes are concerned, we are on our feet to ensure that we put the road in order to reduce the traffic.

He assured that by the end of December, the LSPWC would have rehabilitated more roads across the state.

He said the ongoing rehabilitation works have also seen the repair of 117 federal government roads in the state, adding that if funds are available, more roads will be fixed.

Also speaking, Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde said in continuation of the government’s effort to fix the roads, the Governor approved the award of 114 roads, two from each of the 57 local governments across the state.

He also assured Lagosians that the process or road rehabilitation and reconstruction is continuous and more roads will be rehabilitated in the next quarter.

“All these roads which would be done by the local government will come with standard drainage system, walk ways and street lights. The state government had nothing to do with choosing the contractors, the local governments have been mandated to do that and this will create jobs within each local government”, Ayorinde said.

Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity: The Lessons From Ifeanyi Ubah’s Patroitism by Gbawe: 9:40am On Nov 23
Ubah the charlatan can only fool the gullible. He is one of the crooks, like Dasuki, Allison-Madueke, Otedola, Maina et al, who benefitted from the slackness and corrupt backbone GEJ operated with. This is why this fake patriot bankrolled and led TAN with the hope GEJ would get a second term so the looting can continue.

His time will come when PMB initiates a probe of the fuel subsidy scam they used to cart away billions of dollars belonging to Nigeria.. Until then let him continue forming "patriotic Nigerian". Intelligent and aware Nigerians are not fooled. We know Ubah, Otedola et al fall firmly into the category of AGIP (any government in power) and enemy of Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Pdp Wins Kogi Election by Gbawe: 12:04pm On Nov 22

He is actually joking. Collation is still ongoing.

I know he is joking. It is obvious. I am talking to those who actually took him seriously considering the jocular nature of his post.


Politics / Re: Pdp Wins Kogi Election by Gbawe: 12:00pm On Nov 22
source pls

I thought 'Audu a' carry come'
Congratz to the winner!!!

Are you guys for real? Can you not tell OP is clowning around ?

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Politics / Re: Arms Deals: Fresh Controversy Over $1b Loan Approved For Jonathan-The Nation by Gbawe: 10:11am On Nov 22
Some of us are now vindicated. We warned that everything GEJ and his associates were doing, including the $1 billion 'midnight' loan, would be exposed as fraudulent after the PDP is defeated. The deceit, lack of transparency and scamming nature of the GEJ government is just puke-inducing. Now they are even saying it is unclear whether the $1 billion was released of not. Anyway, those of us who saw this coming and even predicted it are enjoying the 'show' currently. cool cool



My dear sister, is this not why some continue to insist that GEJ is literally getting away with murder because Nigeria has never been this divided along ethnic and religious lines. If not for how terribly divided Nigerians are today, along sectional lines, should every single Nigerian not angrily condemn this insanity whereby the GEJ Government has frittered 3 trillion ($18 billion) allocated for defence and security over 3 years only to be insensitively asking for another $1 billion when there is absolutely nothing to show for the massive amount devoted to fighting insecurity under Jonathan? This would spark a revolution in almost any other nation on earth !!! I.e $18 billion devoted to fighting terrorism and insecurity is looted callously by treasonous elements, while the nation becomes far more insecure and significantly greater number of Nigerians are being maimed and killed by terrorist, yet the Government has the nerve to ask for a $1billion loan !!!

All this at a time we are supposed to have healthy 'rainy day' savings facilitated by how oil price per barrel has been significantly higher than budgeting benchmark for the entire time GEJ has been President!!!! Benchmark hovers around $75.00 per barrel yet oil has been above $100 for virtually most of the Presidency of GEJ. Give or take, Nigeria is gaining at least $20 per barrel above benchmark. Given the volume of oil Nigeria sells daily, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to know the sort of savings Nigeria should have put away which means it is insanity for GEJ to now be asking approval to borrow a mere $1 billion we will likely be paying interest on when we this sort of amount should be a small part of what Nigeria has put away in savings for emergency spending !!! This is why I have no doubt $20 billion indeed 'disappeared' as Sanusi revealed.

I am in no doubt that GEJ is running Nigeria like a Ponzi scheme and that Nigeria is indeed broke with brazen deception being the only thing Okonjo-Iweala et al are using to fool the world that the situation is otherwise. The brazen looting GEJ is supervising truly marks him out as inhumanly corrupt. Jonathan , if Nigeria was not so divided currently, should head the queue of leaders to be impeached immediately so that, without any delay, our nation can be rescued from the huge crash she is heading toward at 200 miles per hour!!!! I personally cannot believe, given all we know,that GEJ has the nerve to ask for this loan and I cannot understand why lawmakers should even be considering the request when they should be probing far, far bigger past allocation which appears to now have been embezzled brazenly !!!! How much is the amount Nyako was alleged to have mismanaged, to warrant his 'gra gra' impeachment, in comparison to what was looted n fuel subsidy scam plus the $18 billion pumped into security and defence under GEJ? Is the callous looting of funds meant to keep Nigerians safe and secure not far more grievous and deserving of punishment than anything else? Crazy nation.


Politics / Re: Kemi Adeosun Summarised Cv by Gbawe: 4:06pm On Nov 21
The Economist or whatever they call themselves should be ashamed to label someone with this CV as unqualified for our Finance Minister.

Apart fron the president who knows what he wants a FM to achieve for the nation, no other person is qualified to dictate who should be our Finance minister. Not USA, not World Bank, not IMF and surely not The yeye Economist.

Precisely what I said earlier. What constitutes "properly qualified" for them? I suppose, concerning African countries, one would be "properly qualified" according to the economists if you have worked for international organisations like the IMF or World bank. They are comfortable thinking that we are in the dark ages and that the likes of NOI have the appropriate" western 'orientation' and experience that would mean automatic success because they are 'westernised' and can think better than the "savages" they would be leading in Africa. "Teacher don't teach me nonsense" (Fela). We now know better in Nigeria. Local solutions for local problem abeg. Nothing wrong with Adeosun at all in my opinion.

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Politics / Re: Colonel Sambo Dasuki And The Demand For Justice by Gbawe: 2:17pm On Nov 21

I fully endorse this post. Well-said. Your conclusion is what cannot be over-emphasised enough. I.e Dasuki must not be allowed to travel outside Nigeria. This is a matter of national security that trumps his demand of treatment abroad. A compromise should be found that ensures he remains in Nigeria. Many innocent Nigerians have died because of the unconscionable and devilish looting of funds in our Army that left our soldiers badly exposed and unable to protect even women and children Boko Haram were then able to murder brutally and with ease. The whole thing is traumatising when one thinks back to when these people who should be fight terror to a standstill, i.e Dasuki et al, spent their time looting funds only to then deceive Nigerians by demonising Buhari and linking him to Boko Haram when they were the ones empowering the sect directly and indirectly.

We are told Lamorde has fled and also one top Nigerian military officer and two Isrealis. Enough !!! DSS, the Minister of Justice, Chief justice of Nigeria and all others should be up and doing to ensure the law does not become an impediment to justice that will allow all these wicked, murderous and demonic people take flight.


Politics / Re: Kemi Adeosun ‘Poorly Qualified’ To Be Finance Minister – The Economist by Gbawe: 8:11am On Nov 21
we are always doing politics of tribe with everything in this country,there are better economists,good enough the criticism did not emanate locally.the implication is that she wont receive global acceptance period.

And how will this prevent her from doing her job well?


Sometimes I cannot believe the arrogance of Western press. Especially Britain with reportage that offensively have an imperialist tinge to their messages. What exactly makes her "poorly qualified"? She has relevant academic credentials and has good/relevant if not outstanding work experience. What disciples of academic/CV 'bling bling' will never understand is that Nigeria's problem are not that complex as to require Einstein-like intervention everywhere. Any averagely decent solution provider with sound academic knowledge (which Kemi surpasses on both count) can do wonders under a president 100% prepared to work for Nigeria as has never being the case since 1999.

Overall, for those who truly understand Nigeria and the dynamics of current issues, it is obvious things are more about the seriousness and political will the government of the day will be operating with. Therefore the most loaded CV (NOI) can deliver zilch under a worthless President (GEJ) whereas an appointee with a so-called modest CV (Adeosun) could perform wonders under a President (PMB) who is brave, has uncompromising political will and is ready to support her 100% to deliver results. As simple as that. Anyone good at identifying problems and capable of devising innovative solutions will thrive under the right President whereas the most impressive Nigerians have failed under many worthless and anti-people Presidents.


Politics / Re: Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigeria's Most Powerful Politician - Onyebuchi Ememanka by Gbawe: 2:17pm On Nov 20
d ordinary commissioner is d no2 citizen..

u are nt even no2 in ur house...

You don't know Chukwudi. Facts matter zilch in his world of sentiments. Even in a Yoruba was President Chukwudi would argue he is not a real Preisdent. He is merely a local government chairman controlled by the North.
Politics / Re: Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigeria's Most Powerful Politician - Onyebuchi Ememanka by Gbawe: 1:19pm On Nov 20
Rubbish.....Thieffnubu isn't that powerful..... talk about a nepotism fueled thieving motherf**ker.

Why do you people see the truth and fail to acknowledge once anything related to Yoruba is involved? tinubu is not powerful? Only tribalists and those whose ability to admit the truth has been destroyed by hate will make the statement you make above because the facts are:

The PDP was a very powerful political Party that was going nowhere for the next 60 years because small parties could simply not trouble it.

Tinubu conceived the idea of the merger of political Parties as the only way to take on and defeat the PDP. He ensured it came to pass despite attempt, internal and external, to scuttle the formation of the APC.

Tinubu shielded koboless Buhari, providing the clout and finance, to ensure Buhari became APC candidate with events culminating in a primaries where Buhari got almost 100% of SW delegate votes, courtesy of Tinubu, which was even far more than he got from the North.

Tinubu, with governors he had helped to install in power, delivered 4 out of 6 SW States for Buhari in 2015 when our President did not win a single SW State in 2011 !!!

Buhari became President alongside the VP Tinubu chose to run with him. Today it is Tinubu's boys and girl , that he empowered directly and indirectly, controlling the most critical and important Ministerial portfolio in Nigeria today. There is so much in between the abridged history I have supplied above yet it is crystal clear the man is arguably the most powerful politician in Nigeria if we even discount everything else and only take his feat of leading the sustained and very painful charge to depose the PDP that boasted under Ogbulafor it would remain in power for 60 years. We know some, like you, will never have the clarity of vision and honesty to admit it. Even when you do not like someone, you do not pretend to miss what they have achieved unless a prejudiced, generally hateful or petty person.


Politics / Re: How Nigeria Can Become Solar Super Power. by Gbawe: 6:10am On Nov 20

100% in agreement with you. We need modular power plants rather than the old school national grid system. I even think that each state should have its own grid.

I think Fashola favours this. He actually advocated similar for Lagos to secure adequate power supply for the State. I am expecting Fashola to succeed because the man is addicted to providing solutions above everything else.

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Politics / Re: 3 Things That Will Happen To Saraki If Found Guilty By CCT by Gbawe: 6:01am On Nov 20

Come off that "will he be found guilty" label......even Saraki knew he is not only guilty but on his way out. He betrayed his party (Chief S.L Akintola did the same thing against his party, Action Group in the First Republic and we all know what happened to him) Saraki is a shameless criminal with no political gumption, I thought Jonathan taught all these useless do-or-die politicians how to quit when the ovation is loud, unfortunately, Saraki prefers to be the proverbial fly that follows the corpse to the grave. Guy he will be pronounced guilty and will be roundly roasted politically, we are talking of financial recklessness here to the tune of billions of dollars.......mind you cool cool

Bruv, well-said. Saraki indeed is shameless. I personally think Buhari sees this as the first litmus test of his regime with failure not an option. If saraki is successfully prosecuted then the dividend is massive for Buhari home and abroad. If Saraki somehow wriggles out of it then the perception , home and abroad, will be that the Nigerian judiciary is still very corrupt and easy to compromise. This in turn means Buhari has had nil transformational/reformational effect and that the change mantra is mere rhetoric. Personally l back the President over this one.

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