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Politics / Re: Fashola Should Be Made Minister For Power! - My Opinion by Gbawe: 4:48pm On Apr 20

I doubt if he said that

He did not. He was commenting about Lagos. I think he stated that Lagos could attain power sufficiency in around a year with favourable FG polices and initiative guiding the operation of the power sector.
Politics / Re: Dr. Kayode Fayemi And Emir Of Kano Sanusi Pictured Together At Airport by Gbawe: 4:41pm On Apr 20
Fayemi losing the election to Fayose may turn out a very good thing for Fayemi. He has now gone on to become one of the influential policy makers of the APC and he will surely get a good federal appointment also. Fayemi is a brilliant man and the APC know this.


Politics / Re: Gov Kwankwaso Cautions APC Over Zoning Policy by Gbawe: 11:53am On Apr 20
Kwankwaso's hatred of Buhari would become obvious in less than two years. Elites in the North are still seething they produced a president who is in the twilight of his life.

Lets hope Buhari lives out his presidency, if the worst was to happen to Buhari, can't see the north accepting a president osinbanjo or president osunbade (as Buhari calls him).

Pele. Otito.

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Politics / Re: BUHARI'S MINISTERS: Amaechi, Fashola, Others Make List by Gbawe: 11:30am On Apr 20
Until I see this from the likes of saharareporters then I take this to be mere speculation.

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Politics / Re: Why Are Pdp Members Disturbing Us?? by Gbawe: 7:57am On Apr 20

It is very simple; we are going to let you parasite off the hook the very moment you agree to run this tribal government with receipts from your "groundnut pyramids" and accruals from your cocoa exports. It is that simple. You can't be so totally dependent on me for your survival while at the same time exhibiting such a nauseating level of empty arrogance.

Look at this irrelevant nitw1t and empty barrel making noise. First you said Buhari and the APC can "never" have access to your oil if GEJ "does not complete two terms" now you are asking for some receipts. Why don't you just go and lock "your" oil away now clannish and small-minded mumu? Was it not you empty chest-beaters who swore "Buhari will never lead a united Nigeria" and "Buhari will never be my President"? Did your sort not spam the forum to death with the slogan "no GEJ no SE/SS oil"?

Now you are all running around the forum in bitterness shouting "SE/SS solidarity" and such garbage. To me you are all nothing but mouthy cowards, inconsequential losers and enemies of Nigeria's progress who are now totally disgraced. I only pity APC supporters who do not understand that they owe you absolutely nothing and should actually look down at you for the weak little man and irrelevant turd that you are.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Social Program: Very Possible. by Gbawe: 7:37am On Apr 20

Words of wisdom sir, thanks.

You'r welcomed. I just hate seeing these Sharks and Barracudas taking advantage of your sweet nature. If some discredited and attention-seeking hack starts a thread aimed at casting doubt over the viability of one the campaign pledges of Buhari and the APC then don't take such personal to the extent you feel duty-bound to respond and defend Buhari/APC.

One thing I want most APC fans to understand is that it is not decent or objective PDP supporters talking right now i.e before the Buhari APC Government is formally sworn in on May 29th. Most sensible PDP supporters, even if they believe the APC will fail, will at least wait till Buhari is sworn in, to note the composition of his team, before saying "I told you so".

We are then left with the reality that most PDP supporters currently commenting daily to insult Buhari and cast doubt/aspersion over his leadership of Nigeria, which has not begun, are not even political animals with the progress of Nigeria guiding their criticism since they don't even understand the basic rules of playing political opposition. These guys are merely bitter, hateful and mainly ethnocentric folks who are nothing but enemies of Nigeria's progress. They are hurt deeply because they staked reputation on their silly 'predictions' and insults here. Those sort are beneath your shoes and not worth indulging or respecting. They passionately supported and clannishly hoped for the return of the profligate and very corrupt GEJ who was on course to turning Nigeria into a bankrupt Somali yet they are now keen to portray Buhari, not even sworn in yet, as failed. These are very wicked, attention-seeking and vainglorious souls and I would urge you and others to begin ignoring them. You cannot be in your own car in the driving seat only for some ungrateful passenger to be telling you how fast to drive. You simply ignore such a passenger or tell them to get out. You don't start explaining or justifying yourself to them.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Social Program: Very Possible. by Gbawe: 3:43am On Apr 20
Obiagelli, with all due respect, why did you bother starting this thread? You seem to be one of the APC supporters who appear bothered by what the bitter and malevolent enemies of Nigeria's progress, parading themselves as PDP supporters, have to say. I once told you before the election to ignore them because most are bitter and twisted people who wanted GEJ to win so he could continue destroying Nigeria. You argued that their lies need to be countered lest such be construed as truth which may harm the chances of the APC. What is your excuses now? The APC has won and no APC supporter needs to get in the sewer with these PDP rats anymore. Do you think their hateful heart is open to be convinced by anything you have to say in defence of the plans of the APC? You do not owe them any explanation. Let them think and say the worst. Buhari and tne APC will only disgrace them again and again.

We have now all seen that these PDP Nairalanders are mainly bitter, uncouth, hateful and malevolent losers who only want to engage in Buhari-baiting of APC fans here. Many are irredeemable haters and you will get nothing but insults from them, as you do here, simply because you care about the opinion of losers when you do not have to anymore. Do not let them percieve you a "weak link" they can target and bully. With this thread for example, you have only given them their much desired congregation ground to fight APC here because that is what they badly need to sooth the bitter taste of defeat in their hateful mouths. I would suggest you grow a thick skin and begin ignoring or mocking them as some of us who know their game do. Silence is the best answer for a fool. Especially hateful fools who are in pain.


Politics / Re: Why Buhari Supporters Will Boycott Threads By The Opposition by Gbawe: 3:18am On Apr 20

You're a mind reader. I was about to start a thread saying precisely the same thing. The fans of the PDP and GEJ have actually shown they are bitter, hateful and malevolent enemies of Nigeria's progress who do not deserve dignified responses from APC supporters to their threads of idiocy and Buhari-baiting. As you concluded, most PDP fans are best ignored. One thing APC supporters need to understand is that "silence is the best answer for a fool" and I make bold to say that majority of PDP fan on Nairaland have shown, with their their conduct since Buhari won the Presidential elections, that they are irredeemable fools best ignored.


Politics / Re: Why Are Pdp Members Disturbing Us?? by Gbawe: 2:55am On Apr 20

Best to ignore them. They are in no position to make demands and will soon fade away. One might even be inclined to treat them with dignity if they are dignified in defeat and pledge support for Buhari's incomjng government. Instead they are filled with malice and bitterness against a government yet to formally assume power. To me, and from experience, I know there is no way better to treat bitter losers than to ignore them and whatever they are saying. When election losers cannot accept defeat graciously to move forward for the greater good of society then those who supported the winner must treat these sore losers with the disdain they deserve.


Politics / Re: Does Government Providing Electricity Automatically Equate to Job Creation? by Gbawe: 1:50am On Apr 20

Perhaps simpler is better. Your attempt to discredit a generally held belief by smuggling into the discourse a far-fetched premise of cost of running 'flexible' power is intellectually dishonest. Why would 'inflexible' power be more expensive per unit of scale? It is an economic aberration!

The question we should answer is, 'would fixing power create more employment given the status quo?' Well, the answer is 'yes'!

Nobody is saying the use of a resource like power could not be optimised with better policies, so what exactly is the point you are making!

Projecting a veneer of sophistication with esoteric economic assumptions is practically useless! People on the streets are much smarter than your condescending attitude suggests.

Kindest regards

Best response here for the pompous yet highly ignorant OP. I could only shake my head reading the imbelic argument of him and other empty barrels delivered with condescending pretentions to erudition whereas all they have succeeded to do is show that the only thing more pathetic than an ignorant person is an ignorant person who thinks his obviously limited useful knowledge and cretinous grasp of issues imakes his non-argument intellectually superior to the contribution of others. Nigerians are prone to doing this and it is frankly annoying. Predictable behaviour from citizens of a nation where many are obsessed with pretending to be what they are not. Very common then to find ignoramuses coming here to indulge their 'Professor' fantasy while hosting fhe temerity to speak down at others whose intellect is about a millenia ahead of theirs.
Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 8:59pm On Apr 19

my brother, i dey wait jejely to see how this glorious opposition they've been mouthing will look like grin

may 29th is almost here and may God see us beyond that time. Amen

Amen bro.
Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 8:48pm On Apr 19

you dey mind them grin

Bros we dey laff OOOOOOOhhhhhhh grin grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 8:35pm On Apr 19
ochejoseph just surfaced today, with a news that APC website is down. Sincere9gerian is nowhere to be found. When I think of "One chance", this bunch unpatriotic opportunists always comes to mind.

Indeed. GEJ blew their "one chance" for them and condemned them to be on the negative side of history. That alone is causing them deep pain and sleepless nights.


Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 8:25pm On Apr 19

That is why i laugh when some people delude themselves saying they'll rebuild PDP. How do they rebuild a once national party when they are agents of hate? and do not hide their disdain for Nigerians from other parts of the country?

How do you go to the North to canvass votes when the northerner knows you refer to him as 'born troway' and 'nama rearer'?

Its actually they who have boarded a 'one chance bus' grin

This you post sweet me die . Kai. How do you convince Nigerians you myopically insulted on accounts of their ethnicity, as if there is no tomorrow, to now join your effort to create something that no longer has national spread of influence and goodwill beyond the SE and SS? The North , in spirit, is no longer with the PDP and one saw this even in the body language of Muazu, PDP chairman, and many others who were taken aback by the sheer hatred and vitriol Mama Piss and the SE/SS preached against their region and people. Even politics cannot make a good and proud man accept such an assault against his own people he loves naturally. If fact many SW voters went off the PDP due to how it was hijacked by SE and SS elements who then led a war of bitterness and name-calling against the Yorubas. Some of our SE and SS brothers went too far going public with their hatred of the North and the SW, because they were sure GEJ would win, and now the lasting damage is done.

With that in mind, and considering the influence of the North in Nigerian politics, I wish 'goodluck' to those trying to resurrect the "biggest political Party in Africa" after GEJ has turned it into an enclave of petty, divisive and belligerent jingoists who do not know how to control their mouth and hatred for others.


Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 7:51pm On Apr 19

You didn't complete it.....This was how it goes back then..."The north will never rule a United Nigeria again" ....they were implying that the SE/SS will never be governed by a Northerner again...

Those guys are just filled with hatred......and you can never succeed playing opposition politics if you don't havd the presence of mind...the calmness required and the patience needed to play it the way the SW did it perfectly.

You can't play politics of opposition with manifest hate for other Nigerians...

Thank you my brother. This is precisely what I am saying. How can a people motivated alone by a reprehensible hatred of other ethnic group, and not by a love of Nigeria, constitute an effective opposition? These people don't understand that the one thing that held them together, i.e the control GEJ wielded at the centre to give them the courage to say "Gambari and their slaves will never rule Nigeria", is gone.

My personal prediction is that the noise-making OP and his ilk will be surprised at how their unprincipled leaders, always quick to shout "the king is dead long live the king", will swing behind Buhari and the APC once they realise that opposition politics is not anywhere near as easy as the very talented Tinubu and the resolute/principled Buhari made it appear to be.


Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 7:44pm On Apr 19

Baba One Chance, what a name. grin grin

Btw: Those human being ranting in support of baba one chance thought we are all being paid to render service to humanity according to our conscience ?

That shows how APC run her propaganda, employ online marketers and propagandist and pay them btw 10 - 40k depending on their skills undecided

my own be say, Baba ONE CHANCE MUST not fail. Simple!

Mr.Robot, no long thing. I am challenging you and others to remain here, day in and day out, challenging and criticising the APC , as we did against the PDP, now that your 'local champion' is defeated. When GEJ has relocated to his Village to not 'send' people like you who wanted to die for him, I will see where you will get the strength and enduring character to come here in support of the PDP with polarising characters like Akpabio and losers like Aliyu as the main faces and voice of the PDP.

The truth is that it is not difficult to see that people like you stand for nothing and can thus fall for anything. Your character does not render you naturally capable of playing focused, meaningful and effective opposition. You and others should prove me wrong if you can cool cool cool


Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 7:21pm On Apr 19

.......because even if PDP takes power in 2019, it will ho back to the same 'gambari', 'nama rearers' they've been programmed to hate cheesy

I remember when one deluded poster was saying that "The north will never rule Nigeria again".

The lamentation season will indeed be long grin

That was their popular mantra at one stage. Now that these noise-makers have lost out, it will be interesting to see how they can retain opposition 'attention-span' and dedication given that they are very sentimental creatures driven mainly by a simple-minded focus of discussing people and never ideas. The reality is that the APC attracted Nigerians who were ideologically resolute and dogged in their search for a better Nigeria we were sure GEJ could not lead us into. Majority of GEJ supporters, from the region where the PDP now has its main political strength, are not 'fortified' with such ideological strength. They neither love Nigeria or the PDP enduringly and are not adept at bridge-building at all. They prefer fighting everyone to a standstill and viewing others as enemies even over fairly mundane political issues where a cool and pragmatic head is required rather than vainglorious and self-defeatist egotism.

In fact GEJ was attractive while they felt he was the 'local champion' helping them fight and get even with "Northerner" and "Yolobah". These people have no temperament or talent for playing opposition and this will be very obvious now that their 'local champion' is defeated and will leave to not even remember them. Like I said, there is more chance people like us will form opposition to the APC, if they do not lead well, than the OP and his sort who will fade away once the name Goodluck Jonathan means nothing to Nigerians in a few months.


Politics / Re: Senator Uche Chukwumerije Is Dead by Gbawe: 7:09pm On Apr 19
RIP to the Senator. He played his part.
Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 7:06pm On Apr 19

What makes you think GEJ's supporters will not be here? Or you also erroneously think we were getting paid for supporting GEJ?

I never suggested you were paid to support GEJ. I just know you won't be here because I know what you are made of and I am sure such cannot sustain you coming here day in day out to criticise Buhari for the next few months talk less of 4 or 8 years. For you and others, it was never about whether GEJ led Nigeria well or not. It was entirely about GEJ remaining in power to frustrate "Gambari" and their "slaves" and show them "power does not belong to the North alone and can never return to the region".

Now that the self-serving GEJ is defeated, and unlikely to have anything to do with national politics beyond May 29th, I will see what will motivate his army of ethnic devotees, like you and the OP, to still agitate passionately on behalf of the PDP when your 'local champion' no longer controls Nigeria at the centre. There is even a greater chance of me becoming a critic of Buhari and the APC, if they do not lead well, than you emotional supporters of GEJ keeping up this futile and childish venom against Buhari and the APC cool cool cool

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Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 6:43pm On Apr 19

My bro, You know its not easy to do opposition? The guy is like a toddler learning to walk........give him time.....he'll soon get more mature in the role cheesy

I want to see how they'll sustain the childishness for the next 4 years cheesy

Same here. I can bet any money most of these "GEJ till 3085" elements, probably about 95% of them, will not be here by September this year. We remained in opposition for four years from 2011 and came here daily, despite not having power at the centre, because we genuinely cared about Nigeria and wanted to see our dear nation gain good leadership.

This quality and desire is very important because it is what keeps us coming here day in and day out even when the spirit is very low because GEJ has let Nigerians down again. GEJ was mainly supported passionately by ethno-religious jingoists and haters who love the idea of resisting "Northerner" and "Yolobah" "gang-up and take-over" of Nigeria more than they love Nigeria. Let us see how long these sort of jokers, lacking pro-nation love and ideology, will last playing opposition when we know it is GEJ and the power he wielded over others they loved and not Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Governors Move To Hijack PDP From Jonathan by Gbawe: 6:23pm On Apr 19

It is not surprising that people are plotting to hijack the party from Jonathan because even a child born yesterday knows that Ebele does not possess any leadership acumen to tinker even a Town Union talkless a whole country. That was why it was very glaring how quickly his famed Goodluck was easily exposed as nothing but a convolution of leadership failures

All these folks going up and down trying to revive or resuscitate PDP are just deceiving themselves as none of them possess the pedigree and personal integrity needed to galvanise Nigerians

Ekwueme i believe should be tired now and would not want to be disturbed due to old age.....Obasanjo too would not want to cross path with Buhari if he does not want to be probed hence would be content with playing his stateman's role....The rest like Akpabio,Babangida Aliyu,Sule Lamido who has an EFCC case around his and son's neck or even Atiku have all lost whatever remains of their political clout to whip up any propaganda against Buhari at this moment because no one would listen to them

KOWA has a better chance at playing opposition than any resurgent PDP as i do not know of any single individual in PDP who can do what Asiwaju Tinubu did for several years by deploying Men and resources to build an opposition platform which won the hearts of men all over the country and Gen Buhari who is the single most popular Nigerian alive despite not being a Billionaire that can garner votes without distributing any stomach infrastructure

Who is that man in PDP that will rise from his part of the country and people would believe in

Exactly what I said above. I pity these desperados trying to speak as if the PDP is anything but a brain dead entity on life support. They are talking of Obasanjo and Ekwueme. How on earth will those two, in their old age, destroy the reputation they may leave this world with by joining the futile misadventure the despised PDP is about to go on? Let them continue deceiving themselves. As you correctly concluded, the PDP does not have a single political leader as Iconic, as politically sagacious , as popular and as feverishly followed as Buhari and Tinubu. 'Goodluck' to the PDP. Perhaps Allison-Madueke, Akpabio, Peter Obi, Lamido and Aliyu will lead the 'revival'. We dey laff.

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Politics / Re: Governors Move To Hijack PDP From Jonathan by Gbawe: 6:17pm On Apr 19
Junk report. GEJ himself will not even be interested in remaining active in the PDP beyond May 29th so these lazy journalists should stop using his name to make it sound as if the PDP is not a Party in a terminal coma that may never be resuscitated. GEJ is looking forward to going home, spending his loot and being hailed a hero in his Village square because GEJ is a very simple man who does not like anything challenging. Community leader is GEJ's level and those who wrote this story delude themselves because the PDP reality beyond May 29th will not involve Jonathan.

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Politics / Re: "Baba One Chance" . . . Buhari's New Name? by Gbawe: 6:09pm On Apr 19

Remain in your room thinking of how to be negative about Buhari and his government. That does not change the fact that the oppressive and worthless PDP is gone from the centre. Buhari has not even begun his job formally and you are already having palpitations. Na to die when he begins to perform by putting your messiah (GEJ) to shame via showing that governance was never as difficult as the PDP deliberately pretended it was. More heartbreak on the way for you buddy.

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Politics / Re: Buhari: The North Has An Agenda And Tinubu Is Not Part Of It by Gbawe: 6:00pm On Apr 19
Yes the "evil" North always has a 'sinister' agenda. Can Aribisala now shut up? The guy is so retrogressive and annoying. He is also very dishonest and shamelessly revisionist. There is a lot to admire about Buhari and there is a lot to admire about Tinubu also. Both want what is best for Nigeria. Same way they put aside ideological differences to defeat the PDP is how they will work together to make Nigeria great.

While the PDP can only give Nigeria the 'dead weight' called Sambo, Tinubu put forward Osinbajo who is a brilliant man who can deputise effectively for Buhari any time and any day. We know Aribisala grew up in the days of the North and South 'cold war' but someone needs to tell him that Buhari is not Adamu Ciroma et al and that the likes of Kwanwaso, El-Rufai, Tambuwal et al are the new face of Northern leadership that is pro-people and want to work with the rest of Nigeria to secure the development of the common man.

Aribisala should spare us his bitterness. The evil Party he supported and glorified has been deposed and Nigerians can now begin to hope again. He should carry his message of negativity and bitterness to Mars.


Politics / Re: Buhari: The North Has An Agenda And Tinubu Is Not Part Of It by Gbawe: 5:47pm On Apr 19
tinubu didn't deliver SW, and nobody delivered any region, the people simply wanted change and they went for it.

Tinubu cannot ask anybody to vote for anybody in the SW, the people will simply go for their will.

Example: he lost Ondo and ekiti guber poll. Oya, talk another one

Tinubu played his part, believe me. Yes Nigerians , to include folks in the SW, wanted change but people still had to be mobilised and sensitised otherwise the 'monetisation' and bribery plan of GEJ would have seen the PDP 'win' the SW. Or do you think GEJ would have won in Ekiti without Fayose's 'work' in the state to deliver a PDP victory?


Politics / Re: Why My Cabinet Will Be Small – Buhari by Gbawe: 12:34pm On Apr 19

I know what the constitution says, but a strong president, which I expect Buhari to be, will and should call the bluff of party and carry out policies for the benefit of the common people of Nigeria. GMB will fail woefully if he toes party lines. He should be prepared for a head on collision with the National assembly in which his party has the majority anyway.
Some of you people always throw up the constitution any time I mention cutting the salaries of members of the NA. That is absurd. The NA assembly gets allocations based on the budget prepared and presented by the minister of finance. Buhari can surely twist their arms if the will is there. Have you forgotten that OBJ withheld Lagos state allocations for months despite it being determined in the constitution.
Even recently GEJ slashed Rivers state's allocations singlehandedly.
This is the time for Buhari to kick azz and do what he has to do to salvage the country. He cannot use the NA assembly as an excuse. Once the people are behind him, he can do it. I don't even want them to paid salaries anymore. They should only be given sitting allowances and should live in their own homes and use their own cars. Buhari can force those changes. You will be surprised how many NA members will be in support. They've all made enough money already. In fact APC should champion that cause. Nigeria can never move forward if a Nigerian senator continues to earn more than Obama. That's outrageous.

Thank you. We expect Buhari to deliver because he has something others before him, since 1999, have lacked. I.e pro-people political will.


Politics / Re: In Defence Of Diezani Alison-madueke by Gbawe: 12:26pm On Apr 19

It's very frustrating talking to these clannish dolts sometimes. The guy claims to work in the Oil and gas industry but has been displaying nothing but crass ignorance on this thread.

Bruv, they all claim to be this and that but their posts always disgrace them as liars. Who knows whether he is the gateman to a junior appointee of the special advisor of someone remotely connected to the Nigerian sector now claiming to "work" in oil and gas. His utterance show the sort of ignorance no genuine and knowledgeable Nigeria oil and gas player would display.

In fact the reality is that GEJ and Allison-Madueke, using the 'plodder' Senate President called David Mark, are the main elements who ensured the PDP never saw the light of day. It is a carefully contrived scam by SS thieves like GEJ, Orubebe, Allison-Madueke et al.

I.e the clever ruse, because they are in charge and expected to deliver for the ND, to present the "parasitic" North as those preventing the passage of the PIB while they do everything in the background to ensure the bill is never passed so that they, and all their fellow crooks from all corners of Nigeria to include the North and SW, continue to steal Nigeria blind.


Politics / Re: In Defence Of Diezani Alison-madueke by Gbawe: 12:01pm On Apr 19

Thanks for calling me a slowpoke,
but, OBJ did not do anything about PIB. he worked on marginal fields for indigenous companies as well as legalizing bunkering to enable Nigerian companies move crude without the initial cost of laying flowlines.
the PIB is a product of Diezani.
check your sources once more

You are clearly ignorant, clannish and probably an ethic jingoist unable to ever give credit to others where due. The origin of the PIB has nothing, nada, to do with Allison-Madueke and predates her appointment as a the Petroleum Minister in GEJ's cabinet. Note the PIB was originally introduced in 2008 well before Allion-Madueke became Petroleum Minister. Rilwanu Lukman, from the Northern region your ilk love to hate and discredit, is one of the main brains behind the PIB while Allison-Madueke was still looking for relevance. It is not the fault of anyone if you think all 'Northerners' are gatemen and cattle-rearers incapable of the sort of intellectual capacity to birth the PIB you now want to steal for Allison-Madueke because. Your default reasoning that all 'Northerners' are silly and "only my ethnic group can think effectively" does not cancel the factual reality the The PIB has nothing to do with Allison-Madueke. Period. Rilwanu Lukman, a Northerner, and as difficult as that is to accept for you, did the sterling work to produce the original PIB.

You guys should really try and let go of the sentiments and prejudice that leads you to claim all that is good and developmental about Nigeria is from your household in your Village, and entirely about your kinsmen, while you totally and shamelessly ignore the historic input of others from the North and SW. I don't see a bright future for you guys when you remain about sentiments , to the point of engaging in dishonest revisionism, in place of seeing what matters.


Overview of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry Bill
The Petroleum Industry Bill (the “PIB” or the “Bill”) is perhaps the most talked about
piece of legislation in Nigeria given the far reaching reforms which it proposes to an
industry which is the single most significant contributor to the national economy.
Originally introduced in December 2008, the bill has undergone numerous revisions
and has been the subject of intense debate.

On 18 July 2012 President Goodluck Jonathan presented a new version of the PIB to
the seventh session of the National Assembly for consideration and enactment.
This article considers the history of the Bill and provides an overview of its salient

In an attempt to restructure the oil and gas industry, the Oil and Gas Sector Reform
Implementation Committee (OGIC) was inaugurated on 24 April 2000 under the
chairmanship of Dr. Rilwanu Lukman (then serving as the Presidential Adviser on
Petroleum and Energy). The OGIC was charged with the task of making
recommendations for a far reaching restructuring of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. The
recommendations of OGIC included a proposal to separate the commercial institutions
within the industry from the regulatory institutions.

In 2007, the Federal Government of Nigeria introduced the National Oil and Gas Policy
and re-constituted OGIC to make recommendations towards the emergence of a new
institutional framework to govern the operations of the oil and gas industry, including
the emergence of a new National Oil Company, new regulatory bodies and a new
national directorate, for a more effective policy formulation for the industry.
Further deliberations of OGIC produced the Lukman Report of 2008 which
recommended a new regulatory and institutional framework that, when implemented,
would guarantee greater transparency and accountability.
This report formed the basis
for the first PIB that was submitted in 2008 as an Executive Bill.

Among the salient features of the original version of the PIB were the:
 unbundling and commercialization of the Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation (NNPC);
 transformation of the existing joint ventures between multinational oil
companies and the NNPC;
 deregulation of the downstream sector;
 creation of new regulatory bodies; and
 introduction of a new fiscal regime that sought to increase overall government


Federal cabinet positions[edit]
Diezani Alison-Madueke has held three significant positions in the Nigerian federal government. She was appointed Transport Minister in July 2007. On 23 December 2008, she was named as Minister of Mines and Steel Development.[6] After Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan became acting President in February 2010, he dissolved the cabinet on 17 March 2010, and swore in a new cabinet on 6 April 2010 with Alison-Madueke as Minister for Petroleum Resources.[7]


Politics / Re: Why We Change Our Position On Buhari. Ex-millitant by Gbawe: 11:24am On Apr 19
They have done the right thing. Nigerians are becoming more politically sophisticated. It can no longer remain about supporting your "son" blindly even when it is obvious he was letting everyone down including his own direct community, state and region. Nigerians simply need to support a President who will do what is right and just, as much as possible, for all Nigerians.

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Politics / Re: Why I’m Not Proud To Call Buhari My President — Aribisala by Gbawe: 10:32am On Apr 19
When will this bitter old man give it a rest and act his age? This his 'agbaya' conduct makes it very difficult to respect him even as most elderly folks deserve to be respected for the wisdom we assume they have and because we feel they have 'paid their dues' to society. Aribisala should know that an elder should not, with unwise conduct, throw away the respect others automatically host for the elderly.

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Politics / Re: Why My Cabinet Will Be Small – Buhari by Gbawe: 10:23am On Apr 19
Nothing changes still.

Yes because you want nothing to change and will never acknowledge anything positive that is a step in the right direction. Buhari has to lead by example, and encourage cost cutting and the reduction of bloated governance, if Nigeria is to overcome the conundrum of high recurrent spending that will continue to see us stagnate like a Dog chasing its own tail on the same spot and never moving forward. That is an excerpt from an Article. Read the full article to see how an intelligent Nigerian, genuinely interested in the progress of Nigeria, views things. "Illiterate" Buhari is already showing he fully understands what Emmanuel Nwachucku, a London-based business consultant, is saying below. Wish him failure all you want and come here in cynicism daily to announce that "nothing changes still" but you will live to see, because Buhari has many like Nwachukwu already helping him shape policies, the progress of Nigeria. Insha Allah.

Sanusi and the debate on infrastructure funding


Apart from, perhaps Lagos State, and a few oil-rich states in the Niger Delta, most states in Nigeria are cash-strapped with entire budgets reportedly spent on paying salaries, leaving no funds for infrastructure development or job creation. We like, as Nigerians, to believe the myth that we are a very rich nation because we have oil, forgetting that we are the seventh most populous country on earth, with more mouths to feed. The truth is that, based on GDP per head of population, Nigeria is one of the poorest countries in the world with a GDP per head of about $1,452 in 2011 (Source: World Bank), compared to, say, South Africa with a GDP per head of $8,070. This is notwithstanding our oil, although we don’t like to hear this truth. Apart from Iran with a population of about 75 million people, Nigeria’s population is about the same as the rest of the 10 OPEC countries put together. We really must wake up and smell the coffee. We cannot have the country’s entire budget, whether at federal or state level shared among politicians, senior civil servants, personal assistants and personal advisers – a tiny percentage of the population.

The lessons from India, Brazil, Dubai and the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Western Europe after the 2nd World War are that investment in infrastructure is key to economic growth and the creation of jobs, with a multiplier effect on the rest of the economy. We need to grow the size of the national cake by creating more wealth through investment in infrastructure. Any loss of jobs from a rationalisation of the public sector will be offset by the creation of more jobs in the private sector, if the savings generated are properly invested in infrastructure development.

Anyone who has stepped out of this country would agree that we are a century behind developed economies and most emerging economies in infrastructure development. You almost want to shed a tear for Nigeria when you go to places like Dubai or Singapore. Even tiny countries like Rwanda will put Nigeria to shame in terms of the level of their infrastructure development. The challenge for us as a nation is how to fund our infrastructure gap, estimated at N33tn. So we need to be clever on the budget choices we make in carving up our resources and must not allow the debate on these matters to be drowned in emotions and sentiments. The cost of governance is critical in this debate but is not the only solution. The government must also be seen to be delivering on the war against corruption. It is not enough for the President to placate Nigerians by telling us that individuals are being prosecuted in court. These prosecutions must be sped up, as justice delayed is justice denied. Until we begin to see bus loads of corrupt officials who have stolen from the public purse locked up in prison for many years, Nigerians will not believe the sincerity of government in its supposed fight against corruption.

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Politics / Re: Why My Cabinet Will Be Small – Buhari by Gbawe: 10:04am On Apr 19
I still maintain my stand that it's irrelevant whether Buhari runs a small or big government. What matters is the results. If he runs a small government but failed to deliver on his manifesto promises will you congratulate him for running a small cabinet? No. It's the outcome that's important in a policy, not input or output.

We expect to see constant electricity, affordable and accessible fuel, cheap food commodity, jobs and a stronger naira against the dollar. How he intends achieving this is his own headache, not mine.

Please give it a rest. You will only make a bigger fool of yourself. Learn to give credit where due. Leaner cabinet is a prerequisite to making more money available for capital spending. It is as simple as that and this development is something every Nigerian should praise even if you will add a cautionary note that this must translate into tangible and visible progress in other sectors like road/transport infrastructure. To say a smaller cabinet is "irrelevant" show you are one of those wishing GMB to fail since you have no interest in acknowledging the laudable and much-desired action all PDP Presidents, bar OBJ, have rejected outright to persevere with bloated governance which is always a sign a new Government is 'dead on arrival' . This is how some of us knew the GEJ you supported feverishly was another 'dead on arrival' President. I.e his announcement in 2011 that "Leaner cabinet not possible".

Whether you wish to give him credit for it or not, all Nigerians will know Buhari's pursuit of a leaner cabinet is a step in the right direction. Nigerians are already seeing the difference and enemies of our Nations progress who wanted GEJ to take her down will be shamed. How a progressive polity behave is to praise/acknowledge leaders when they do the right things and criticise them when they err. Go to the thread below to see how we did it in 2011. Note that had GEJ done what he should have then he would have had the support of even those who did not vote for or believe in him as long as we are talking of people who believe in the progress of Nigeria above everything else. GMB is already showing he wants to do the right things others have neglected/rejected.


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