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Politics / Re: 40% Reduction In Osun’s Federal Allocation Unjustifiable – Aregbesola by Gbawe: 10:18am
Chris813: Some E-diots were tellin us how Osun is the 7th largest economy in Nigeria in one oda thread.

What has this got to do with Osun rightly showing that the President you ethnocentric twerps support clannishly is a crook who is brazenly looting billions of dollars that legitimately belong to other tiers of our federation? For many of you, hatred of others has totally compromised your fundamental decency and basic ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

When you and your clannish brothers change the constitution of Nigeria so that State can factually be described as "parasites" against the centre then you can talk. Until then you guys all just sound like aberrant and morally-compromised people who grew up with 419 in their DNA with how non of you see the central issue i.e the FG looting what belongs to other constitutionally legitimate tiers of the Nigerian federation. This is why you people only round against Aregbesola and Osun on this thread whereas citizens of sane nations would be asking for the FG to address the legitimate issues of serious shortfalls in the allocation accruing to States when , for a while, sales of oil, at around $108.00 per barrel, has been $30.00 greater than FG budget benchmark of $75.00 per barrel.

You crooked-minded and clannish waste-of-space cannot appreciate that Nigeria, given the consistently high price of oil under GEJ, should have considerable 'rainy days' savings that should ensure all tiers of Governance remains financially well-funded. When Nigeria has 'citizens' like you then why do we need external enemies?

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Politics / Re: 40% Reduction In Osun’s Federal Allocation Unjustifiable – Aregbesola by Gbawe: 9:24am
Nairaland keeps validating the opinion that most Nigerians are crooks, fraudsters and amorally nauseating folks. We are talking about the FG openly short-changing other legitimate tiers of our federation , with oil income around $30.00 per barrel greater than the benchmark for a while, yet some can only contribute insults against those who raise this legitimate question about the sort of openly brazen government criminality not seen anywhere else on Earth !!!!!

It is Nigerians I know who will criticise and attack the man who leaves his bike inside the perimeter of his walled compound while they have nothing at all to say about the crook who scaled the fence to steal the bike !!!

Whatever the side arguments/considerations, what all Nigerians should be demanding , regardless of our affiliations and persuasions, is for the FG to account for this glaring shortfall creating real problem for State administrators. We should certainly not be ignoring the substantive point if ethically upright and with properly calibrated moral compasses. When you people change the law to make States 'parasites' then you can talk as you do. As things stand, for law-abiding folks who side with the legal position of the law always , focus must be entirely on the FG and why it is increasingly becoming more rogue and criminal-like with how it is illegally keeping the income accruing legitimately to other tiers of Government for itself. This is openly crooked leadership being clannishly supported by a citizenry full of criminal-minded followers happy to blind themselves to what matters most. Non-Nigerians reading Nairaland can only go away convinced most Nigerians are crooks who openly support theft against themselves since we all live in the States being robbed openly by a very corrupt centre.

David Cameron and many non-Nigerian leaders are now, on behalf of Nigerians, openly asking Jonathan to account for the billions of dollars in oil revenue, because the monumental theft of the GEJ Government has become so brazen and sickening, yet it is Nigerians themselves, as we see on this thread, openly condoning hideous corruption and prehistoric lack of accountability.

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Politics / Re: TRANSFORMATION AGENDA, Power Drops To 1,714 Megawatts by Gbawe: 8:54am
Dhejy7: This is the outcome of the so called privatisation they did (we all know they sold it to themselves), the power situation has gone from bad to worse since the takeover.I remeber we dint even have electricity for like 3 weeks after immediately it was privatised for no reason....Lost country lead by clueless leaders

This is what I said here only to be insulted by the clannish fans of our ultra-corrupt and totally self-absorbed President. It is fairly obvious Jonathan , even if given 100 years in charge, cannot deliver solutions anywhere because his entire history and actions show him to be man devoted to corruption and the practitioners of corruption.

GEJ scammed Nigeria with the fuel subsidy theft him and his cronies carried out. He is doing similar with the power "privatisation" and NNPC. Next will be our refineries and anything else that can be overtaken by GEJ's devotion to "don't give a damn" self-aggrandizement for himself and his 'Oligarch' crooks and AGIPs (any government in power) such as those who "won" bids for our DISCOs yet are now only delivering the worst darkness in the recent memory of most Nigerians. Abeg let Nigerians enjoy the "fresh air" they voted for.

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Politics / Re: Buhari To Sue PDP And FG if... by Gbawe: 9:16am On Apr 18
Nigeria is a pathetic country full of politically gauche, extremely sentimental and easily brainwashed people who cannot think as well as a 10 year old kid from a nation where emphasis is on the quality of education and not the quantitative acquisition of three worthless masters and one 'boju boju' PHD like that of Mr.President.

What are the foolish, childishly sentimental and hideously biased fans of GEJ doing on this thread with their insults against Buhari? Is there no limit to the idiocy of you lot and the extent you wish to use that in disgracing Nigeria? Why not ask the messiah you support clannishly and shout "GEJ till 2085" in favour of to use all the considerable power vested in him to bring Buhari to book ASAP? Do you fools not comprehend that every time you asininely accuse Buhari of sponsoring Boko Haram you are indicting GEJ of unacceptable leadership impotence and highlighting the fact that Nigeria is an aberration where her commander in chief of the armed forces is a glorified and timid bystander happy to watch Nigerians die rather than apprehend the "sponsors of terror" you idiots and the PDP wildly shout about daily?

Give GEJ the ultimatum to bring Buhari and other "known" sponsors of terror to book or shut up and stop disgracing Nigeria via portraying her a failed State due to your inability to think critically as others can !!!


Politics / Re: Buhari's Statement On Nyanya Bomb Blast by Gbawe: 10:04am On Apr 15
Jack Baueress: When will you start making sensible comments on this forum?

Individuals like him are beyond help. You cannot appeal to their hardened minds destroyed with ALUU-style indoctrination which predisposes them to hating others blindly and without recourse to logic, fact and common sense. You can only ignore them and hope sanity prevails in the end for the sake of our nation.


Politics / Re: Insecurity: Nigeria Needs Competent Leaders Now- Wole Soyinka by Gbawe: 9:55am On Apr 15
Clerverly: The Worst Mistake Nigerians Will Make In 2015, Is Returning The Current Set Of Clueless, Corrupt And Incompetent Leaders! Like Wole Said, Nigeria Is In Dire Need Of Change! And It Must Be Now!


If You Like Ngwakwe, Do Not Recommend It For Front Page! Na The Future Of Our Children, We Dey Talk About Now!

Thank you OP. You have spoken well. Let us hope Nigerians eschew ethno-religious bias next year to kick out this President who is horrendously deficient and simply not up to the job of leading Nigeria forward and delivering solutions to our major problems.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Statement On Nyanya Bomb Blast by Gbawe: 9:41am On Apr 15

-Truth, like cork, cannot sink. It cannot be sunk. It always floats. Time will vindicate him. -Professor Tam David-West, Buhari’s minister of petroleum and energy.

After Buhari came out of detention,
he told Babangida to tell the world about his
corruption. The records are there. The same
thing happened with the PTF. He told
Obasanjo to publish the report of the panel,
but Obasanjo could not publish it because it
was a certificate of honour for Buhari. If that
Haroun’s report had any page in it that
indicted Buhari, Obasanjo would have used
that to disqualify Buhari from contesting
against him.
Buhari is clean. He is not corrupt. To show
how Buhari loves Nigeria, he doesn’t like
spending Nigerian money frivolously. When
he overthrew Shehu Shagari, Buhari never
changed any chair or curtain in Dodan
Barracks. Buhari used what Shagari was
using until he left.
As minister, our total pocket money under
Buhari was N200 per month. You could
spend less than N200 without accounting for
it, but anything above N200, you must
account for it.When he increased the money
to N250, we clapped for him at the executive
Now, as a former governor of the defunct
north- eastern state, former minister of
petroleum, former head of state, former
executive chairman of PTF,
Buhari has no house in Abuja. If he goes to
Abuja, he stays in a private hotel. He has no
house either uphill or downhill, apart from
his house in
Kaduna.”- -Professor Tam David-West, Buhari’s minister of petroleum and energy.

Buhari is a very likeable and honest person. You can always know where you stand with him on any issues, he is very straightforward. He is a man who adheres to principle. -General DOMKAT BALI.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Statement On Nyanya Bomb Blast by Gbawe: 9:33am On Apr 15
killuminati: I so much LOVE this MAN! Pure hearted and brave hearted MAN. Just that some people hate him cos of where he comes from, his religion and achievements. God bless you Sir. Don Xavi God bless you too.. Buh weh your sauce na?

This is true. Personally, I abhor ignorance and I always endeavour to overcome it so that I make informed decisions. To that extent, I have read a lot about Buhari to know that virtually all those who have worked with him, from every corner of Nigeria, testify to his unimpeachable sense of fair play and equity for every Nigerian wherever they come from. This is an enduringly principled man in a Nation, and it pains me to admit so, full of garishly materialistic and criminal-minded looters and opportunists.

Much of what is put in the public domain about Buhari today are desperately blatant lies and the ignorant postulations of those operating with the exploitative hand-me-down misinformation they have never sought to question. Archived history is there for all of us to access and I suggest some people read unbiased reportage about Buhari to know he is a million miles ahead of GEJ in relation to the concept of suitability for the leadership of a very corrupt, indisciplined and failing nation.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Statement On Nyanya Bomb Blast by Gbawe: 9:09am On Apr 15
namfav: we're not in control of security in nigeria, gej is, what is he being paid for if he can't deal with what is happening under his watch, you gej fanboys need to look up what accountability is, his government is failing and any sensible leader who cares about the security would have resigned 2 years ago, if you have a job and you fail at it, you will go

That how it is everywhere else but we know Nigeria is the land of upside-down reasoning. In Nigeria, the problem is made the solution and a criminal is the judge in his own case.


Politics / Re: Pls Arrest Apc Leaders by Gbawe: 8:39am On Apr 15
Gamji007: It is hard to imagine a more silly or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

So long as Nigerians continue to remain silly by allowing irresponsible riffraffs be at the helm of our affairs, situations will only keep getting worse.

I feel pity for this country.

This your statement is very heavy in potency but I do not expect any GEJ/PDP fan to get it and look within themselves at what they have become in the hands of wicked and ultra-corrupt Politicians exploiting their clannish and ethnocentric predisposition. How many times should GEJ be allowed to fail? As bad and as unacceptable as that is, very dangerous is this new trend whereby GEJ and his army of lucratively paid political hacks and sycophant now come out openly to blame the opposition while Nigerians see no actions at all against anyone !!!

All that is happening today , including the garbage some Nairalanders are writing, is a disgrace to Nigeria. We see examples worldwide where other leaders act. What we get in Nigeria is finger-pointing alone. Those pointing the fingers impotently, despite having the power and authority to act and deliver change, are then supported zealously by ethnocentric ALUU clowns who turn around to blame innocent men whose only crime is their aspiration to replace the likes of GEJ and provide progressive , purposeful and effective leadership for Nigeria. What a sad nation and situation.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Statement On Nyanya Bomb Blast by Gbawe: 8:14am On Apr 15

He speaks, as they previously demanded he should, they condemn. He does not speak they condemn. Is it not now obvious that GEJ/PDP fans are just blindly clannish and vacuously hateful of others ?


Politics / Re: Buhari's Statement On Nyanya Bomb Blast by Gbawe: 7:54am On Apr 15

Why are so many PDP e-mourners so uncultured, uncout, foolish and disrespectful?

Because it is only such people who are attracted to the PDP in the first place. The problem is within the Party they support and they are shouting Buhari like indoctrinated ALUU animals trained to only act like a savage lynch mob that can never think independently. This same Buhari put down the equally blood-thirsty Maitasine effectively and without flinching while GEJ is dithering today and only playing politics of accusations with the Boko Haram issue.

This same Buhari has contested the Presidential elections several times, including one against a non-Northerner like GEJ, without Nigeria experiencing any terrorism problem. Why is the term of GEJ different and how is it plausible to any sane mind that Buhari has become a sponsor of terror overnight? I will tell you why. Because GEJ supporters are the most clannish and ethnocentric in Nigeria and this makes them easy to manipulate and brainwash. Such folks are blind to obvious logic and the reality we all face. They are predisposed to only shouting "Boko Buhari" while conveniently forgetting, like the excitable fool Olisa Metuh, that GEJ is Commander in Chief of the Nigerian armed forces responsible for taking action against any sponsor of terror.

GEJ himself is extremely divisive and machiavellian in outlook with eyes and focus only on keeping ultimate power for the sake of it alone. This is the perfect match for a concoction of woefully inept leadership which is complicit in the problems of Nigeria (GEJ) and blindly clannish and ethnocentric followership which continues to look at everyone but GEJ as the "problem of Nigeria".


Politics / Re: Pls Arrest Apc Leaders by Gbawe: 9:45pm On Apr 14

Don't expect vigorous responses to your thread. When you ask Nairalanders to inspect the glaring failures of GEJ in the effort to secure Nigerian lives and properties, all you will hear from the clannish and ethnocentric idiats, despite GEJ's monumental failure in every sector, is "GEJ till 2080". Nigerians continue to die like Chickens with the President flying around in his ten airplanes and eating billion naira food while pointing feeble fingers at the opposition for every problem he is too weak, indifferent and corrupt to tackle as the President of Nigeria. We need other examples in the human universe where the most powerful leader in the land regularly indict others of undermining the Nation yet he does nothing to bring anyone to book and destroy those holding 160 million people hostage.


Politics / Re: Why Is Africa The Most Disrespected And Uncivilized Continent by Gbawe: 7:57am On Apr 14
ISpiksDaTroof: The African is backwards, shortsighted, wicked,bigoted, hypocritical, clannish and devoid of the ability for long term-strategic- logical thinking.
This is the truth whether you like it or not.
Ask yourself why a GEJ (extremely corrupt, clannish, divisive etc) is President, when there are one or two Nigerians (i.e Buhari, Ribadu) that it is known will serve their fatherland wholehearted and will not plunder it?

This is the harsh truth especially in the case of Nigeria. I must add that Africa is changing for the better. It is Nigeria that is going backwards because the negative qualities you listed happen to be a much bigger problem for us than others.

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Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 7:40pm On Apr 13
yetunsbay: and u still think PDP can win in Osun....tah

Osun guber election is a formality, i.e landslide victory for Aregbe, even if the supporters of the PDP and the Party itself prefer to pretend otherwise.


Politics / Re: We Must Rally To Dislodge The Pest In Ogun —kawonise by Gbawe: 5:09pm On Apr 13
Sincere 9gerian:
Can you imagine Gbawe, the sycophant, quoting the same president he hates so much all in a bid to lick the bottom of his pay masters in APC? Lol..

You are such an asinine fool olodo9gerian. Don't you understand what just happened here? I.e Amosun has performed so well to the extent your ultra-corrupt paymaster has no option but to admit the glaring truth which is obvious to the entire World. Would Jonathan not look a clown if he said otherwise considering, home and abroad, praises continue to flood in for Amosun? While GEJ depends on desperado hirelings like you to steal achievement for him it is the US Ambassador waxing lyrical about Amosun in regards to development and progress everyone can see and feel. Mumu9gerian.

Ogun Infrastructural Development is Rapid and Fantastic - US AMBASSADOR

United States Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle has described the infrastructural development under the Senator Ibikunle Amosun government in Ogun State as rapid and fantastic.

Entwistle, who said this during his official visit to Abeokuta, the state capital yesterday expressed satisfaction at the quality of infrastructures being put in place to transform the Gateway State.

He noted that the expertise used by Amosun in achieving so much in less than three years could be needed in helping the United States develop better.

“What I see is fantastic, rapid development in Abeokuta. The roads, the bridges, the flyovers are very, very impressive. I have just told the Governor that we need his expertise to come help develop us in the United States”, he said.

The ambassador further revealed that one of the US biggest companies, Procter and Gamble would open up a factory in Ogun State in about a month’s time and that, “a lot of our investments are in Ogun.”

He added that the United States had interest in Nigeria’s next general elections, stating that, “we want Nigeria to have a transparent, credible and non-violent elections.


Politics / Re: We Must Rally To Dislodge The Pest In Ogun —kawonise by Gbawe: 4:49pm On Apr 13
The products of failed ideologist (OGD) are boasting of changing the what end? worse/better....?

God forbd! never shall we have them in Ogun again!
#AMG: Amosun My Governor

Don't mind them ojare. What could be greater testimony to Amosun's sterling performance if not the commendation he receives below? I know some will develop palpitations reading the article below.

Ogun, Most Industrially Developed State in Nigeria, Says Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has described Ogun State as the most Industrially developed state in the country and attributed the state's new status to the economic plan of the Senator Ibikunle Amosun-led administration. The President further expressed the readiness of the Federal Government to partner with the state government in its rebuilding mission.

Speaking at the commissioning of the Procter and Gamble multi million dollar plant in Agbara, Ogun State, Jonathan, who was represented by Vice President Namadi Sambo, affirmed that the Amosun-led administration is creating a conducive environment for business to thrive in the state.

"I believe Ogun State is the most industrially developed state in this country. We will partner with you. We will work with you based on synergies and policies that allow for business to thrive", he said.

The President revealed that the contract for the construction of a standard guage fast train that will connect Lagos through Ogun State to Ibadan has been awarded, adding that, "Olorunsogo Power Plant in Ogun has been successfully completed and privatised".

While pointing out that plans for the long awaited Lagos-Sokoto Road had reached an advanced stage, the president emphasised that, its designs are being completed and the work will be executed under a Public Private Partnership arrangement.

"Federal Government is building an additional power transmission system as well as investing in development of gas infrastructure to support the efforts of the state government", he said.

In his remarks, Amosun disclosed that the commissioning was the 43rd he would be performing in less than three years of his administration, stating that the newly commissioned multi million dollar investment would create 2000 direct and indirect job opportunities for the people of the state.

He charged all industries resident in the state to be up and doing in their Corporate Social Responsibility to their host communities while reiterating that his administration would not shirk its responsibility in providing security and enabling environment for investors.

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Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 4:39pm On Apr 13
gists: where were these people in the last presidential election when gej won some state by >95%. That result was normal right? But this is not abi? Oh I 4got its in favour of apc. It can't be right if its in favour of apc or yoruba man.

Don't mind them. They are indeed hypocrites. As if Aregbe needs to rig any test of popularity anywhere, any time in Osun State

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Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 1:49pm On Apr 13

Sensible Nigerians can only agree with you (that Pres GEJ is a bigger thief than Tinubu) when APC states allow FOI act to work in their respective states so that civil societies and Journalists can have access to their books.

Man mi, I have never told anyone that Nigeria is full of saintly politicians. Check the archives to see that I always concede that majority of Nigerians, from all Parties, are corrupt. What I resent is the delusions and self-deceit of GEJ fans who will mention, Tinubu, Fashola, Aregbe et al while it is the President they are clannishly devoted to who is the embodiment of brazen and wanton looting of Nigeria. It is one scandal of embezzlement and looting after the other under GEJ. Ask yourself why is it that GEJ is the only Nigerian President being savaged openly for corruption by world leaders who have departed from diplomacy and are now queueing to openly criticise GEJ. Are these not the same leaders who criticise GEJ (eg David Cameron) who wax lyrical about Fashola? Do you think Cameron does not know corruption exist in the administration of Lagos? Yet they see that Fashola gets results and gives back to the people.

With GEJ world leaders, with very good intelligence network, know Nigeria is being bled dangerously dry. They know the sort of unprecedented looting going on right now is the sort that will cause problems for their nation by extension. They are also repulsed, as Cameron confessed, granting us financial aid when they see GEJ literally frittering billions of dollars away while Nigeria gets zilch in return.

I would urge the fans of GEJ to grow some objectivity and note how world leaders are angrily departing from decorum to indict GEJ of corruption. Tinubu or anyone else cannot be mentioned alongside GEJ because, as an example, the $18 billion Babangida and his fellow administrators are alleged to have stolen is now a drop in the ocean in comparison to what has been looted and continues to be looted under GEJ. See below yourself to know GEJ fans are simply the most self-delusional Nigerians alive not to note the sheer anger GEJ is evoking in other world leaders because of his very destructive form of take-it-all corruption. Whether it is fuel subsidy scam running into trillions or scams against pensioners. GEJ fans should be ashamed of their distractive mention of Tinubu, Fashola, OBJ or anyone else while they support the grand daddy of brazen looting.

UK Prime Minister, Cameron asks Jonathan to account for $100 billion oil money

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has asked Nigeria to account for $100 billion oil money that has accrued to Nigeria in one year alone. Like Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, former minister of education who asked the Federal government to account for a total of $67 billion in direct savings by the Olusegun Obasanjo government from oil boom revenues

up to 2007, Mr Cameron said that "last year Nigerian oil exports were worth almost $100 billion, more than total net aid to the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. Put simply, unleashing the natural resources in these countries dwarfs anything aid can achieve – and transparency is critical to that."

Speaking at G8 Economic Summit in Davos, David Cameron said, "a few years back a transparency initiative exposed a huge black hole in Nigeria’s finances – an $800 million discrepancy between companies’ payments and government’s receipts for oil. This is leading to new regulation of Nigeria’s oil sector – so the richness of the earth can actually enrich the people of that country. And the potential is staggering.

"So we’re going to push for more transparency on who owns companies, on who’s buying up land and for what purpose, on how governments spend their money, on how gas, oil and mining companies operate, on who is hiding stolen assets and how we recover and return them."

Recall that at the 42nd convocation lecture of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, on the same day, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, former minister of education threw up a challenge, not only to government but to oversight bodies including the national assembly, the media and civil society, when she stated, that a total of $67 billion (made up of $45 billion in foreign reserves and $22 billion in excess crude account) in direct savings by the Olusegun Obasanjo government from oil boom revenues up to 2007, has been frittered by the Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan government.
Jokes Etc / Re: Shocking!!! My Lecturer's opinion On Apc Presidency!!! by Gbawe: 11:14am On Apr 13
kokoA: Mama Peace don open nairaland account?

grin grin grin Ye pa ri pa. OP don suffer.
Jokes Etc / Re: Shocking!!! My Lecturer's opinion On Apc Presidency!!! by Gbawe: 11:12am On Apr 13
Me_Aboki: ^^^^ What a dry joke!
BTW, go back and take extra classes, evidently your lecturer didn't tutor you well enough; since you still haven't noticed anything wrong with the thread title.

grin grin grin Technical knock out (TKO). Oga, are you Mike Tyson?
Politics / Re: Nigerians enjoy At least 18hrs Of Power Supply Per Day- Lebaran Maku by Gbawe: 10:50am On Apr 13
Disgusting. This brazen liar called Wuruwuru Maku deserved to be sentenced to 20 years in prison with hard labour !!!!!
Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 10:37am On Apr 13
Pasca07: It is only a fool would think aregbesola will not win the next gubernatorial election.but are people so dumb dat a criminal like omisore can't win osun state?even fayose is just wasting his stolen money he can never win ekiti state.what APC needs is to concentrate on the presidential election.even if aregbesola is sleeping on the election day victory is 100 percent sure for him.....

Precisely. Why would he need to rig anything. It is the Presidential election worrying GEJ and his fans. They know they can kiss Osun goodbye if Aregbe wins in August.
Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 10:28am On Apr 13
Jack Baueress: This your English fit make pesin commit suicide. No be by force to speak English abeg!

grin grin

grin grin grin grin Nairaland would be spared this merciless machine gun attack if only some of these guys will invest the money they spend on recharge card and browsing credit to go to evening School. grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 10:09am On Apr 13

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Now I know you are a pathetic and irredeemable psychotic!

Who doesn't know that among thieves, Tinubu would rank higher than Jonathan any day?

Deluded and shameless man, do you not know it is a disgrace for an agbaya like you to lie so horribly in public? Who supervised the biggest fuel subsidy scam in the history of Nigeria, running into trillions, with no one brought to book till today? Who emptied out the ECA as soon as he was made acting President? Pensions scam nko? Missing $20 billion? How about lucrative pipeline protection contracts handed to glorified oil thieves,i.e former militant warlord, now leading to the biggest level of oil theft Nigeria has seen? what of the billions of shortfall in oil earnings State governors are complaining about? Who is labelled 'not serious' about corruption daily by world leaders and asked to account for the billions that has accrued to Nigeria from oil sales? Where is the "fantastic changes" GEJ promised Nigerians would see from partial removal of fuel subsidy? What of the Malabu oil scandal?

Bros I could go on all day but the essence of what I am saying is that it is only a deluded GEJ fan who will remain blind to how Jonathan is perhaps the most brazenly corrupt Nigerian President ever. This is why Dr.Joe Okei-Odumakin christened the GEJ crew "a scandal a day" Government. Perhaps you need a 'refresher course' on how corrupt GEJ is and the hideous level of brazen theft he is supervising against Nigeria. We only see fraud, brazen scams and monumental corruption under GEJ.

5 Trillion Naira Stolen Under President Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration | Transparency International Advices Nigeria against Corruption
Posted on Sunday, November 25th, 2012 at 8:25 PM
By Adeola Adeyemo

Reports from a recent investigation have revealed that the Goodluck Jonathan administration which assumed office in 2011 still has a long way to go in its fight against corruption. Over N5 trillion in government funds have been stolen through fraud, embezzlement and theft since President Jonathan assumed office on May 6, 2010, a Punch investigation has found.

This amount is the summation of government funds said to have been stolen, according to the Nuhu Ribadu-led Petroleum Task Force report; the Minister of Trade and Investment’s report on stolen crude; the House of Representatives fuel subsidy report and investigations into the ecological fund, SIM card registration and frequency band spectrum sale.

The investigation revealed the fraudulent activities carried out on a large scale in some ministries. The Ribadu report on the oil and gas sector for instance, put daily crude oil theft at a high 250,000 barrels daily at a cost of $6.3bn (N1.2trn) a year. This puts the total amount lost through oil theft in the two years of Jonathan’s government at over $12.6bn (N2trn).

Another fraud scheme was discovered in July 2012 when the House of Representatives Committee on Environment discovered a tree seedling fraud worth N2bn awarded by the Ecological Fund office.

Similarly, in the telecommunications sector, the 450MHz frequency, which was valued at over $50m, was allegedly sold for less than $6m (a difference of $44m or N6.9bn) by the Nigeria Communications Commission. In the same sector, the reps, earlier this year, commenced investigations into the N6.1bn SIM card registration project embarked upon by the NCC in 2011.

Reacting to the massive frauds that have greeted Jonathan’s tenure, Transparency International, in an email to Punch said that Nigeria would continue to slack in development as long as it keeps paying lip service to the fight against corruption.

“President Jonathan should insist that those accused of corruption are properly investigated and punished if found guilty, irrespective of their positions and connections. The judiciary must be seen as impartial and fair.

“To signal a break with the past, the government should set up an independent investigatory panel to review charges of corruption within government and the private sector. President Jonathan should endorse the panel and commit to ensure it has both the scope and the power to investigate and prosecute.

“This is not just a matter of justice; fighting corruption can affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. The current culture of corruption hurts the majority of Nigerians while the inequality gap widens.”

This report is coming just days after KPMG, a global audit and financial advisory firm, stated that Nigeria accounted for the highest number of fraud cases in Africa in the first half of 2012.

It is our hope that such reports like this would make the government take the fight against corruption more seriously.


Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 9:39am On Apr 13
Obiagelli: for the clowns on this site, Apc primaries is not like that of the pdp, all party members get to vote not some few "bribed" delegates that produced criminals like fayose and co.

Their noise is down to one thing. The fear that Osun is a sure banker for any APC Presidential candidate under Aregbe for the 2015 Aso Rock race. Do you not wonder why fans of PDP writhe around and foam at the mouth when Aregbesola is mentioned?

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Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 9:33am On Apr 13

Awon eru Tinubu gbogbo...Ti ote yi ma ha yin l'ofun!

Eyin eru oga awon ole Jonathan nko?


Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 9:29am On Apr 13

Sugomu, Arindin! Your walking-corpse master who sponsored thugs to Anambra, who fabricated a police report, who lied about his COREN status can do anything fraudulent and it doesn't matter who the opposition is.

From your forceful party members registration to this magical primary election, the grand plot for rigging the guber election has been founded.

Foam at the mouth all you want. You have always been an 'excitable' creature. Yet your rants cannot prevent what is inevitable. Aregbe will be voted in for a second term in August and he will carry out what you and the sycophantic herbalist fear the most i.e deliver the State for any Presidential candidate the APC settles on. cool cool

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Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 9:26am On Apr 13

It is a grand fraud bro! Check out my post above.

If Aregbe ends up being defeated, they will claim it is illogical to have up to 270 k votes in the primary and have less in the general election given that they have 350k card carrying ghost members. What is even the population of Osun State?

Stop barking like a mad dog. You sound demented. Go and take your medicine.


Politics / Re: Aregbesola Wins APC Ticket In Osun With 269,631 Votes by Gbawe: 9:18am On Apr 13

Do you almighty brainless Gbawe not think this is a grand plot to rig the guber election in favour of Aregbesola?

Because if that walking corpse can claim this number in a primary election, he would want to make everyone believe that he should get at least this number in the general election. If he ends up being shocked and gets less in the guber election, he would use this number to make a case that he was rigged out.

We know your APC tricks daug!

There is no rigging required ogbeni. The number provided is that of registered voters. Prove otherwise or shut up and spare us your wild-eyed conjectures against a very popular candidate. Even to a wretchedly partisan, extremely biased and deluded mind like yours, do you think Omisore, or anyone else, is a legitimate treat to Aregbe? Bros, listen to yourself talk for god sake. We know you are another GEJ lackey but don't you realise you sound silly and desperate given the reality of Osun politics?

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