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Politics / Re: Buhari Drops Bombshell On Igbos & The Civil War by Gbawe: 1:36pm On Feb 01
It is really disgusting how some lowlife Nigerians can turn to blatant lies in an attempt to destroy the character of GMB. All of you doing this should remember that the GEJ you think you are helping, by lying against Buhari, got himself into this position where he is now very unpopular with Nigerians.

GEJ had 5 years to make a difference and work for the common man. Instead he looted Nigeria copiously, made billionaires of militants and scammers while watching callously as over 15,000.00 Nigerians were slaughtered by Boko Haram. If GEJ had done what he should then you all would not be here lying against Buhari in the hope this might help our universally unpopular and unwanted President remain in Aso rock for another 4 years.


Politics / Re: How My Father’s Jailer Can Offer Nigeria A Fresh Start-lola SHONEYIN by Gbawe: 12:13pm On Feb 01
On what grounds do you have to call them slaves because they don't share the same myopic and idiotic reasoning like you? These are people who have clearly put the well-being of Nigeria (over 170 million people) above their personal grievances and I respect them for that.

This comment by this lady should put out a clear signal to all of you who intend to create chaos when Jonathan gets whipped at the polls this month that Nigerians want change irrespective of any previous grievances they held with Buhari. It also points out the fact that any ugly head that gets raised when Jonathan gets kicked out from Aso Rock, be it Asari DUMBkubo, Tompolo and any other useless group that deems it fit to create chaos, they shall all be cut off in no time because Nigeria is bigger than you all.

Superb post which manages to say it all.
Politics / Re: How My Father’s Jailer Can Offer Nigeria A Fresh Start-lola SHONEYIN by Gbawe: 12:08pm On Feb 01
Another Bastard... Go and ask ur mother to show u ur fada...

And you are another child of hate brought up to forever seek vengenace against others. You may have been raised with "chop sand syndrome" which ensures you seek revenge and harbour hatred in your heart for others 24/7, yet you need to understand that Nigeria, and indeed the world, is not full of your kind alone.

It is 100% the prerogative of the lady to move on from her personal grief and side with what is best for 170 million people. This is a confirmation of her decency and goodness of spirit. That you and others are incapable of this does not mean you should insult those who choose this noble path when you should actually be learning from them.


Politics / Re: How My Father’s Jailer Can Offer Nigeria A Fresh Start-lola SHONEYIN by Gbawe: 12:00pm On Feb 01

This Guy most be a very BIG FOOL... So you personal or family differences supersedes the nation interest right ?

This is how people like him have being programmed to think. They can never rise above the the fraudulent, hateful and vendetta-driven indoctrination others used to forge their persona right from birth. If only they can learn from this woman and others who have been coming out to put aside personal anger against Buhari to side with change that will favour what is best for 170 million people.
Politics / Re: How My Father’s Jailer Can Offer Nigeria A Fresh Start-lola SHONEYIN by Gbawe: 11:33am On Feb 01
The other day, an Ogedengbe said that" though he killed my father, I will still vote for him". You begin to wonder, are you truly the son of your father?

Is it not his prerogative to forgive and move on? Why are you bitter, judgemental and angry about the choice others are entitled to make which does not concern you? Do you know what the chap has had to endure courtesy of a Nigeria that has been misruled by GEJ and others? Is it not better he optimistically focuses on what can still be a bright future for him, his children and generations unborn instead of allowing himself to be consumed by hatred for others and an obsession with 24/7 vendetta against them as some Nigerians do fruitlessly ?

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Politics / Re: How My Father’s Jailer Can Offer Nigeria A Fresh Start-lola SHONEYIN by Gbawe: 11:20am On Feb 01
What a wonderful lady. She epitomises all that is encapsulated in the adage "to err is human to forgive divine". Buhari is not perfect and I will never attempt to hold brief for him in relation to everything that happened in his first coming as our head of State. What is now clear to decent Nigerians,above everything else, is that Buhari ,unlike GEJ and other PDP leaders over the past 16 years, genuinely means well for all Nigerians and will do everything in his power to make our Nation work for ordinary Nigerians. I salute this patriotic lady. She is everything a progressive nation can want her citizens to be.
Politics / Re: Presidential Poll: How Jonathan Will Beat Buhari In North – PDP by Gbawe: 10:36am On Feb 01
I Like how Some northerners turned PDP into a fast money making business. They Shout PDP in Abuja but not dare to bring GEJ's poster to their villages.

and you should hear what they are saying to their people.

My brother, even Lizards know that GEJ is the biggest desperado in Nigeria today. Why not take advantage of that desperation? This is the season of 'chop dollar' awoof. I personally implore Nigerians to take the money PDP offer and vote for change in GMB/Osinbajo. Imagine someone stealing what belongs to you and then handing it back to you as a bribe to try and influence your action. You must 'chop his dollar' and then do what is best for you and generations unborn.

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Politics / Re: APC Fund Raiser For Buhari and Osibanjo Last Night (Photos) by Gbawe: 10:28am On Feb 01

What about Bill Gates and the host of them dropouts that are bosses to them, Phd Holders......btw, Buhari is not a dropout, he finished High School, his statement of Result was recently released to the public..

Don't mind these arrogant and deceitful enemies-of-progress. Rather than confess their real motivation, which is that they wish to see Nigeria remain underdeveloped and hopeless, they try and raise issues with Buhari's education which was never a problem for objective and progressive Nigerians. What has "PHD holder" GEJ done aside transform into the worst President Nigeria has ever had? In fact it is GEJ's educational achievement, on paper, that is responsible for Nigerians backing Buhari feverishly.

Nigerians have all come to see, courtesy of the hideous corruption and maladministration of GEJ, that attaining the highest educational height possible does not automatically make an individual a good and effective leader of others. It is now crystal clear to Nigerians that it is the innate qualities Buhari has by the truckload (e.g integrity, discipline, uprightness, genuine love for 'talakawas', disinterest in material wealth, dedication to doing what is right, etc,etc) that can transform Nigeria.


Politics / Re: APC Fund Raiser For Buhari and Osibanjo Last Night (Photos) by Gbawe: 10:08am On Feb 01
Nigeria will be better again...May God decide on the best candidate for us!

For once, leave God and religion out of issues and let us take adult responsibility for our own lives and destination. "Heaven help those who help themselves". To that end , it is time for you to "decide". Let us stop putting everything at the feet of God - especially when we are best placed to deliver ourselves and "emancipate yourself from mental slavery" because "none but ourselves can free our minds" .

If you love Nigeria and wish her well then Vote GMB/Osinbajo . As simple as that. God has helped us enough giving us multiple endowment others envy. We cannot even begin counting how blessed Nigeria is. God has done his bit for us. Time for us to play our part.


Politics / Re: Niger Delta Oil Is Useless. Tompolo, Dokubo Are Cowards.- A Radio Caller. by Gbawe: 5:46pm On Jan 31
someone said earlier on that your post is always long and senseless. You should go and thank that person for bringing such vital information to your notice.
Your brain is empty and your reasoning is low. I therefore recommend that it should be filled with indomie and Amala. You are just a raving lunatic who should be in the psychiatrist hospital or preferably used as a laboratory experiment cos you are a waste. Your case is already beyond redemption. You should be given to the lions in the zoo to use as breakfast. Nitwit.
I know you are a small boy who have not even seen a gun in your life except in war films you watched when you were a child.
I am a guy of few words cos i believe in action.
I mention the US as a bait and you fell for it. Didn't you see where i stated ''and other developed countries'' in my post? Also do you think the issue you mentioned will count when it comes to war? It seems you have to ask china what they still need our oil for.
Do you even know the sophisticated weapons that is in our underground warehouse? We have been preparing for this long time ago. The SW and the N have not even started preparation. It is a pity.

Please shut up. Olodo. Bait ko Carrot ni. Mumu. Simply accept that you are a cretin only able to be here courtesy of the internet and talking to others who are by far intellectually superior to you.


Politics / Re: Buhari Didnt Jail Ajasin - Family by Gbawe: 3:08pm On Jan 29
What a shameless Party the PDP is. Their vile propaganda video has only landed them in trouble with the family of those they tried to portray as 'victims' of Buhari coming out daily to debunk their lies and warn the PDP from using their name for their campaign of calumny. The PDP really has no shame. The loot they are fighting for has eroded every bit of decency in GEJ and his minions. Imagine the self-proclaimed "biggest Political Party in Nigeria" acting like a market gossip being warned against telling lies and ameboism. Disgraceful. Nigerians should gear up to disgrace the PDP at the polls and send this vile Party packing.

The family cautioned the PDP to stop using their father’s name to campaign against the APC.

The Ajasin’ family also said they had forgiven Buhari over the arrest of the former governor in 1984.


Politics / Re: Is This Not An Insult To Nigerian Government And Its Citizens? by Gbawe: 2:58pm On Jan 29

Na today? If Prof Ayittey is not calling our President a "mediocre joke" then Senator McCain,over GEJ's appalling handling of the Chibok girls kidnapping, is disdainfully calling him "some guy" while David Cameron is indirectly labelling him corrupt and irresponsible. What the fans of GEJ will never accept, because of their bias, is that the objective world beyond Nigeria cannot stand Jonathan and his woeful, weak, callous, corrupt leadership of the biggest black nation on Earth.

One of the World’s foremost economists, Professor George Ayittey has lashed out at the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ), describing him as “a joke” and a mediocre President

“Forget Some Guy Named Goodluck Jonathan”

UK Prime Minister, Cameron asks Jonathan to account for $100 billion oil money

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Politics / Re: Lowest Of Low. Gej's Campaign Says 'NIGERIA IS FINISHED' by Gbawe: 2:44pm On Jan 29
Bro did you watch the video This has got to be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen!! Are these guys for real

I am speechless here honestly. Omg. What did Nigeria ever do to deserve such a president?? This man has wickedness rooted very deep in his heart!! So this is what the creation of Boko Haram was all about, to be used as a tool to blackmail the opposition. Omg.

Indeed. This actually goes beyond distasteful and vile.It is an insult to the over 15,000.00 individuals Boko Haram murdered because our irresponsible , wicked and criminal-minded Government failed to protect them. Same people now have the nerve to make this sick and twisted video when they should be praying for the forgiveness of God and man for all the dead Nigerians and kidnapped girls they let down. This is why the entire world view GEJ as a big disgrace to leadership and an atrocious President while some sycophantic Nigerians tell us he is a "good man". Nonsense !!!


Politics / Re: Afenifere Denies Backing Jonathan, Says Performance Not Worth Endorsing by Gbawe: 10:54am On Jan 29
PDP is full of liars.

Indeed. There is no prominent Nigerian they have not stolen 'endorsement' from. We have heard that Femi Falana,Soyinka, IBB et al "endorsed" GEJ only for these individuals to come out and deny such. Simply a disgraceful ruling Party. A "nest of killers" (Wole Soyinka) and a gang of hardened criminals.


Politics / Re: Afenifere Denies Backing Jonathan, Says Performance Not Worth Endorsing by Gbawe: 10:13am On Jan 29

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Politics / Re: I Will Support Buhari But? by Gbawe: 10:10am On Jan 29

Is this how you want to live your life? I.e ignore developing yourself while always obsessed with commenting about other women's looks, husband, children, handbags, derriere etc? Why are you guys so obsessed with Buhari and with fermenting mischief about him if you are sure your GEJ is appealing to Nigerians? Why not sell GEJ on his own merit and leave "illiterate" and "certificateless" Buhari alone?

After all no one will bother showing up to vote for a man without certificate on Febuhari 14th while the entire world will troop in to Nigeria to vote the PHD holder who has shown the best leadership in the history of the world over the 5 years he has been President of Nigeria. What are you then worried for? You think intelligent Nigerians have not sensed the insecurity and fear behind all these worthless threads you guys start every second totally focused on Buhari while you say nothing about the misruler you support who has been only able to deliver severe pain, hardship, deaths, corruption, lawlessness, massive oil bunkering, economic ruin, 419 darkness and deprivation for Nigerians over 5 years?

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Politics / Re: Afenifere Denies Backing Jonathan, Says Performance Not Worth Endorsing by Gbawe: 9:56am On Jan 29
Jonathians over to you o.

Indeed. It is the Pope that will 'endorse' Jonathan next only for the papacy to deny such vehemently a day later. THE PDP is totally shameless.

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Politics / Re: This Is What The Southwest Slaves Are Used To by Gbawe: 9:53am On Jan 29
@bigoted and repulsive OP.

I am sure you are aware of the idiom "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". I therefore urge you to continue wasting your own time insulting the Yoruba because of the ethnocentric hatred that continue to drive your kind. The determinations of the Yorubas to do what is right by Nigeria, after giving GEJ a chance to make a difference over 4 years when they voted for him to become President, becomes even more resolute with your insults. The more ungracious names repellent enemies-of-progress like you call us and the more insults you throw at us the more we are assured we are on the right path and doing the right thing for the future of generations unborn.

Sticks and stones may break my bones
Sticks and stones may break my bones (but words will never hurt me).
something that you say which means that people cannot hurt you with bad things they say or write about you Criticism has never bothered me. Sticks and stones may break my bones, and all that.

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Politics / Afenifere Denies Backing Jonathan, Says Performance Not Worth Endorsing by Gbawe: 9:42am On Jan 29
Kai !!! See finishing !!! PDP why na? Why una dey disgrace GEJ like this with all these stolen 'endorsements' that are then denied vehemently?

ASIRI NLA: Afenifere Denies Backing Jonathan, Says Performance Not Worth Endorsing

Yoruba Socio-political group, Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG), has refuted insinuations that it endorsed the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan.
The association says it never took any step to support Jonathan, stressing that the media reports saying it did, were erroneous.
In a press statement released on Wednesday, January 28, by its publicity secretary, Kunle Famoriyo, the group described the use of its insignia to promote the said endorsement as fraudulent and an attempt to deceive Yoruba people.

The statement also added that the president has done nothing to merit the endorsement of any “patriotic citizen”.
“It has come to our notice that some broadcast stations are using ARG’s name and logo to promote the said endorsement. This is fraudulent and we wish to advice media houses to be wary of such fraudulent promoters especially now that public interest must be defended by the media,” the statement said.

“The ARG is not a party to the endorsement and does not in fact think the performance of President Goodluck Jonathan since May 2010 is worth the endorsement of any patriotic citizen. We believe there is a difference between ‘transformation,’ which President Jonathan promised Nigerians in 2011 and mere ‘reform’ of the same governance culture that Nigerians have rejected.”
“The ARG does not dictate to the generality of the Yoruba people, rather it gives voice to their feelings and aspirations. The extensive consultations we have made showed that Yoruba people have come to a firm conclusion that they have been at the shorter end of the stick under the Jonathan-led Government, under whose administration, nepotism and ethnocentrism have taken over as the emblem of our presidential politics.”

“ARG therefore stands with the aspirations of Yoruba people for change. As echoed in Abeokuta recently at the public lecture organised by the Ogun State chapter of ARG, the change that we demand include a public pledge to restructure the country in such a way that power will devolve to the most efficient federating unit.”

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Politics / Re: Atiku Makes The First Public Appearance At Buhari’s Campaign Rally (see Photo) by Gbawe: 9:34am On Jan 29
What now PDP? How can you spin this development? Is it not better to accept defeat and let Nigerians have what their heart is set on?

Atiku makes first appearance at Buhari rally

For the first time since the All Progressives Congress (APC) began its presidential campaign rallies, Atiku Abubakar, former vice-president and ex-presidential aspirant of the party, is present to lend support to Muhammadu Buhari, the man who won the presidential ticket he coveted. Atiku, who recently traced his absence at campaign rallies to a lengthy foreign trip, is currently in Jalingo, capital of Taraba state, where Buhari and APC are currently campaigning.

The APC presidential primary was still ongoing on December 11, 2014 when Atiku, seeing that Buhari’s vote count had overtaken his, issued a statement to congratulate the retired military general, pledging commitment to the party and promising to “campaign vigorously” for Buhari and all APC candidates to ensure victory in the 2015 elections. Although he was on January 6 named a vice-chairman (north) of the APC presidential campaign council, he travelled out of the country shorty afterwards, leading to claims by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that Buhari had been abandoned to campaign all by himself.

On his return last week, he released a statement to say it was “morally dubious” for the Nigerian government to consider postponing the 2015 elections. He was reacting to a statement credited to Sambo Dasuki, national security adviser, that the elections should be postponed to allow permanent voter cards (PVCs) get to all eligible and registered voters. He also promised to join the APC campaign team, saying: “The duty of participating in the process of change, which our great party, the APC is committed to, supersedes every other consideration. “For me, participating in this campaign is a call to national duty. It is a duty which we cannot afford to compromise upon and we must press into the consciousness of those at the helms of affairs that it is morally dubious and socially unacceptable to extend the dates of the elections by a single day from the scheduled timelines.”

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Politics / Re: Atiku Makes The First Public Appearance At Buhari’s Campaign Rally (see Photo) by Gbawe: 9:26am On Jan 29
Politics / Atiku Makes The First Public Appearance At Buhari’s Campaign Rally (see Photo) by Gbawe: 9:24am On Jan 29
Atiku Makes The First Public Appearance In Buhari’s Campaign Rally (See Photo)

After two days break, opposition party, All Progressives Congress (APC) has re-started its nation-wide presidential campaign, kicking off with Jalingo, the capital of Taraba State.
The party which has adopted the slogan ‘Change’ in its campaign rallies is in the state for a mega rally to urge the people of Taraba to vote its presidential candidate, Gen, Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) and his running mate, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo.
The APC who raised the alarm over plans to disrupt today’s rally yesterday, has in its entourage, chieftains of the party that includes former Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and party Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun.

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Politics / Re: Lowest Of Low. Gej's Campaign Says 'NIGERIA IS FINISHED' by Gbawe: 9:08am On Jan 29
This is the definition of LOW! I am ashamed of my country. Is this how desperate Goodluck is for power?

From what I've seen, I can conclude he is willing to cause war (God forbid) if he should lose. What a shame!

Indeed. PDP and their fans shame Nigeria. They are no different to Boko Haram at all. Merely the two radical and extremist faces of the same coin.


Politics / Re: Lowest Of Low. Gej's Campaign Says 'NIGERIA IS FINISHED' by Gbawe: 1:00am On Jan 29
This is totally disgusting and repulsive. We know the PDP is desperate but stooping this low really shames Nigeria because even ruling Parties in Banana Republics are not expected to behave like this let alone the ruling party of the biggest black nation on earth. Congratulations to the PDP for plunging Nigeria into another disgraceful low all because of the desperation to retain power that the wicked PDP has never used for the benefit of the people in 16 years.


Politics / Re: See Gmb's Reaction To The Gej/pdp Propaganda On Ait by Gbawe: 6:06pm On Jan 28

he is a very passionate man.

it takes passion to move mountains!

he is very successful in all he does because he is always very passionate over anything he sets his mind to achieve.

Don't mind those people who are always speaking out of context. All they could pick up , in all that was written, is that a sincere man was moved deeply by the actions of sincere young Nigerians fighting for their future and that of generation unborn. These people would be better served reflecting on how Buhari severely trashed GEJ, via leading by 80% of all votes, in the poll AIT put up when they wanted to judge the efficacy of the hatchet job of revisionist lies they called a 'documentary'. Of course it is normal and logical that the humble and thoroughly decent Buhari will be moved to tears to see decent young Nigerians defending him from the evil and wicked lies of Satanic individuals and devilish vagabonds.


Politics / Re: Buhari Is Not Electable- Obanikoro by Gbawe: 5:28pm On Jan 28
Are these people not tired of all these garbage and undemocratic talk? If Buhari is not "electable" who are those giving him the votes he has been trouncing GEJ with in all polls online so far? Aliens from Mars? PDP desperadoes just continue to judge the mood of Nigerians wrongly by continuing to utter these silly "unelectable" nonsense while Buhari is winning the hearts and minds of Nigerians everywhere. Febuhari will be like a horror movie to the likes of Obanikoro. Febuhari is when Nigerians reclaim their Country back from accidental leaders and mediocrities like GEJ, Obanikoro et al who have made us a joke nation almost on a par with Somalia and Afghanistan.
Politics / Re: Ndi Igbo, How Could Soludo, Attack Ngozi Iweala? by Gbawe: 5:16pm On Jan 28

Been on Nairaland for almost 2 years and never called out anyone before, but I must say, you are A BIG FOOL.

Leaving aside the rest of your laughable diatribe, according to you:

- Mrs Iweala has the best resume in Nigeria

- She is the most upright person in Nigeria

- She is better connected than anyone else in the country.

You are a bigot. A bitter man. An Igbo tribalist.

Well-said Edogirl. The OP is just a puerile character completely and a nauseating bigot to boot. His incoherent and highly bitter tirade is amongst the worst thing I have read in my many years on NL. I was completely speechless. To think anyone with a brain could write this inane, cretinous and offensive garbage. This OP and others like him are all just making a fool of themselves on Nairaland and in cyberspace because of the misrule of GEJ which is not the fault of Igbos yet they as ethnocentric Igbos feel duty-bound to defend and carry on their head . The OP is simply a repellent tw1t. If some just learn to support and stand up for what/who is right ,without recourse to tribalism or ethnic discrimination, then we would not have so many of these annoying and intellectually empty threads that actually embarrass Nigeria and Nigerians.
Politics / Re: Yar’adua : I Owe Public No Explanation – Oyedepo by Gbawe: 12:32pm On Jan 28
This man is not a pastor. I have a video proof to show this.

You mean the video below? All Nairalanders should watch the video below and read the initial message about the abuse fake pastors like Oyedepo inflict on their gullible flock who are nothing but helpless people who have been given no empowerment by their leaders and are left with no choice but to worship charlatans like Oyedepo in the hope they are 'salvation'. No dignified and enlightened individual, living in an empowering Nation or society, will respect let alone listen to vile human beings like Oyedepo. The problem is that most Nigerians have being reduced to beggars by their leaders and their self-pride has being totally eroded. This is why a wicked fraudster like Oyedepo even has a voice.


Politics / Re: Yar’adua : I Owe Public No Explanation – Oyedepo by Gbawe: 12:24pm On Jan 28
Oyedepo is nothing but a common criminal protected by the backwardness of Nigeria. The entire world, in revulsion, watched him assault a child physically in Nigeria all in the name of religion. He would have been charged to court and jailed for child cruelty in most nations of the world as the maid below , from Uganda, was.

The problem is that Nigerians are hypocrite who claim to know God more than others yet are not godly in their ways and thoughts. This is why this vile piece of crap called Oyedepo is currently regarded a 'religious leader' when he is nothing but a criminal. The evil woman in the video below was jailed for 4 years. Oyedepo should be in jail also but this will never happen in the criminal world of GEJ where killers and miscreants lord it over ordinary Nigerians.

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Politics / Re: Apc's Reply To Prof Charles Soludo by Gbawe: 8:18pm On Jan 27

Simply the sort of brilliant, reassuring, politically informative and "issue-based" submissions Nigerians want to read. Distinctly different to the bitter and bellicose diatribe from the PDP delivered by the head of their motor-park tout department i.e FFK. These are the sort of developments Nigerians should learn from because they show us how the APC and PDP react to authoritative and informed voices urging them to present their plans and challenging them to defend their actions, intentions and leadership drive. We can see, once again, that the uncouth and highly corrupt PDP has nothing to offer but agbero talk and insult whereas the APC accords Soludo the respect our former CNB Governor deserved and produced the dignified response his concerned write-up merits.


Politics / Re: Apc's Reply To Prof Charles Soludo by Gbawe: 8:06pm On Jan 27

Why do I think APC is employing paid per post juveniles, who are certificate deficient like their principal, Buhari. Your lack of comprehension has deprived you the ability to read that this missive was written by Dr Kayode Fayemi.

Oga, spare us the mischief, insults and pedantism. It will get you nowhere. If a poster makes a wrong assumption about the author of the article you do not need to insult them over this petty detail. The fact that you do this while ignoring the substantive message of the article show your agenda and motivation.

You only wish to comment to insult another poster and the APC Presidential candidate. You avoid commenting on the article and its message because it is a brilliant submission you cannot fault which is intellectually light years ahead of the bitter diatribe FFK produced as a response to the views of Charles Soludo. Abeg, let us do "issue-based". Comment on the response of Fayemi and leave petty insults aside. Perhaps the issue is that you cannot possibly find anything negative to say about this brilliant delivery from the APC and you are thus left with trying to start a fight in an empty bar.


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