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Politics / Re: Man Beaten To Pulp For Defending Gays (photos) by Gbawe: 6:45pm
This man did the right thing. Sadly he is dealing with savages and ALUU cavemen. Those willing to lynch and murder a fellow man, in cold blood, simply because of intimate prejudice should remember that there are many places worldwide where they too will be lynched mercilessly by hate-filled racist barbarians who hate black people and insist we are all "dirty scum" who have no right to life.

Nigerian gays too should tone-down their display of public affection because they must be sensitive to the reality of the society they live in. Nonetheless, no one should be lynched or summarily executed because of their intimate preference. That is a level of savagery no one should support because we can all be victims of discrimination sooner or later.
Politics / Re: My Take On Yoruba Youths Endorsing Gej - Cramjones by Gbawe: 4:41pm
We know that Adejumo ishola is 15mil naira richer. We know that these youth are hungry and only want a little crumb of the $20 billion dollars. Feed them, for you made them jobless and hungry. On the election day the real yoruba youths will vote you out!


Bro, it is called "chop dollar". Take the money and do the opposite of what you were paid for. Every hungry Nigerian is now tuned in to the fortune to be made praise-singing a President who is surely a candidate for worst leader in the world. Abeg, make the boys chop small before the messiah of corruption and ineptitude is kicked out.


Politics / Re: Fashola Commissions Mainland Power by Gbawe: 8:27pm On Oct 30

How many megawatts? What percentage of the over 20 million Lagosians will now have either their homes or offices powered by the power plant?

Herbalist gringo, better find and stick to your level . Why not mind the business of your State and Governor? Or you think we are talking of the crony capitalism scam your shamelessly corrupt messiah GEJ devised and packaged as "power privatisation"?

The darkness is even more pervasive these days with not an iota of improvement to the power woes crippling Nigeria. You are not, as a fan of the master scammer called GEJ, fit to criticise Fashola's effort which always deliver tangible results and an improvement in the lives of Lagosians while your messiah is a specialist in failure and brazen looting. I only blame those who have time to entertain your shamelessness with their serious response.

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Politics / Re: Fashola Commissions Mainland Power by Gbawe: 5:08pm On Oct 30

Yes and so shall it be to you according to your confession! May your suffering not abate anytime soon!

Despicable nonentity who has willed his destiny to a party that cares less if you die in ignominy..........

So if APC says petroleum pump price should revert to N65....because of your hatred for them,you will rather be buying it at N400 under PDP

You should be sold into Slavery without any mercy,since by your mouth you have shown that you possess an anointing for servitude and a stamina for everlasting suffering

This is why I no longer bother responding to their kind on NL. Absolutely deranged children of hate and indoctrination always ready to cut their nose to spite their face simply because of ethnic and religious prejudice. Look at the sickening fool who says he would rather suffer under the PDP than rejoice under APC. What a devilish utterance showing that some people are totally devoted to bigotry than what is best for the development of Nigeria. PDP has simply made Nigeria a worthless nation over 16 years. Only hardened bigots support the Party today.

@Topic. Fash the man. We pray your successor will be as competent as you or better.


Politics / Re: PDP Crying And Having Sleepless Night Over Tambuwal Defection by Gbawe: 4:11pm On Oct 30
PDP hemorrhaging tears in anticipation for their defeat come 2015

Indeed. I only feel sorry for those who have vested their entire existence into supporting PDP because of clannish,religious and ethnocentric backing of GEJ.

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Politics / Re: PDP Crying And Having Sleepless Night Over Tambuwal Defection by Gbawe: 10:53am On Oct 30
Without raising a two-third majority vote, PDP anger is a storm in a tea cup. PDP do not have the votes.

Also Tambuwal will be presiding over any proceedings that will try to replace him. Also he is free to re-contest from his new party.

Failure is looking PDP in the face!

The main point many do not even get is obvious to pragmatic political analysts. How many debilitating and crushing battles can the PDP afford to fight before a general election? All these 'last minute' developments, leaving the PDP no time to recover, are a coincidence? I dey laff. PDP has done its own gra gra. Time to see what others can do. Shebi GEJ emerged "consensus candidate"? let us see if many in the PDP accept this fully, or are only sharpening knives to strike blows against the PDP, in the next few weeks.

Do Nigerians think this is the only major defection or crisis the PDP will face before the elections? TANDroids really disappoint me. There is always a laughable lack of intelligence typifying anything/anyone associated with GEJ. The defection of Tambuwal is now the only issue the PDP must focus on? Let us continue to enjoy the show.


Politics / Re: They Told Me To Join A Cult If I Must Become Governor - Labaran Maku by Gbawe: 10:41am On Oct 30
This talkative of a man can lie for Nigeria! He's seriously looking for deceitful ways to win the heart of his people to vote for him. Most Nigerians are gullible so they might fall for his gimmicks.

Indeed. What a loquaciously putrid chap. Who does he think he is fooling with this "I am a man of the people" crap? GEJ has so played-out that angle to the extent many Nigerians now realise that the politicians too keen to show he is like the average man is likely the one who hates ordinary Nigerians the most and will only work for the "more of the same" political system enriching an elite class at the expense of the majority. This is what GEJ has done and Maku is only wasting his time embracing stale tactics.

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Politics / Re: PDP Must Be Worried Over Tambuwal's Defection- Former Senator by Gbawe: 9:49am On Oct 30
TANDroids run on feudal petrol and ethnocentric diesel hence the reason they can never comprehend that the defection of Tambuwal is a big loss for the PDP as I told them it would be for many strategic reasons. This development resonates loudly home and abroad and sends out messages the ruling Party is weak, disunited and uncoordinated. The PDP hosts many,many powerful 'enemies within' who are seriously disgruntled with the dictatorial way a ruling cabal has broken promises, ruined erstwhile gentlemen's arrangement that had served the Party well, heightened treachery and disloyalty, disenfranchised others, promoted infighting and monopolised power completely. Many are waiting for the right time to stab their own Party in the back and weaken it fatally, leaving the ruling Party no time to recover from it's 'wound', before the general election.

Beyond the noise and the current feudalistic politics many of the PDP fans have mired themselves in, it is a big blow for any Party worldwide to lose its number 4 citizen (after the President, VP and Senate President) to an opposition Party not even two years old and predicted to not last a year by the ruling Party. Putting aside sentiments, Tambuwal's defection show how weak, dishevelled, discombobulated and fractured the ruling Party really is. It is now obvious to the world that most PDP members are not tied to the Party by ideological belief but by an abiding interest in their own stomach infrastructure. This is perhaps permissible for a Party seeking power but not for a ruling Party with 16 years of unchallenged monopoly of the Nigerian centre behind it. The PDP , if it were an effective political entity, should ideally be popular and able to retain the loyalty and patronage of its influential members given how long the Party has controlled Nigeria at the centre . It beats me how some Nigerians fail to get this very important point.

So far, non of the predictions of the PDP for the APC has come to pass. If anything, the APC continues to wax stronger making the PDP to appear a terminally ill entity now completely reliant on inducing and coercing support/endorsement. Some of us say things here that most Nigerians do not have the maturity or pragmatism to accept and I will deliver another prediction here. This is only the beginning, in my opinion, of what is a strategic plan to emasculate a PDP now completely hijacked by power-drunk and sit-tight elements. Momentum will slip away from the PDP while the APC will gain more traction, acceptability and wide backing locally and internationally.


Politics / Re: Tambuwal:What The 1999 Nigerian Constitution Says About The Office Of Thespeaker by Gbawe: 4:49pm On Oct 29

Bro, no shaking. Tambuwal dey kampe. No need saying too much here but the games are just beginning. When PDP was doing its own gra-gra the TANdroids were busy jubilating. Let us continue to watch and be entertained.

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Politics / Re: Aregbesola Reveals Plans For The Future, Flags Off Oranmiyan New Town In Osogbo by Gbawe: 1:50pm On Oct 29

Uncle and Big English shaaaaaa

You've said it all Sir.

grin grin old habits die hard my brother.


Politics / Re: Aregbesola Reveals Plans For The Future, Flags Off Oranmiyan New Town In Osogbo by Gbawe: 12:48pm On Oct 29
Urban renewal is the way oooooo.

Very good idea from My Governor. Hope one may still get a plot there? I'll have to check online shaa.

I see Arc Muyiwa Ige becoming Governor of Osun State in near future.

Osun A Dara.

Ile Yoruba Koni Baje Layelaye.

Ire Oooooooo.

Aregbesola is the quintessential Yoruba 'omoluabi'. His love for his people , and desire to secure progress for them, is not in doubt. Certainly a Governor with big ideas who needs more funds yet is hampered by the unwieldy structure of Nigeria and the fake federal system granting an indolent centre so much cash and power when all Nigerians live in States and local governments.


Politics / Re: Aregbesola Reveals Plans For The Future, Flags Off Oranmiyan New Town In Osogbo by Gbawe: 12:27pm On Oct 29
It seems gen. alani akinrinade is the person between muyiwa ige and aregbe.

Yes it is Akinrinade.


Welcomed urban development programme. This has to be phased-in throughout Nigeria to complement or replace slums and old towns/settlements that are not optimally viable today.

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Politics / Re: Fashola Sacks All Lagos Council Chairmen by Gbawe: 10:29am On Oct 29

Why is knowledge seeking a problem for PDP SaTAN goons? Why can't you just take the little pain of opening the link provided in the post? How did residence JonaTAN infect you all with his daftness and cluelessness?

Bro, birds of a feather flock together. They are comrades in cluelessness and ignorance. Always waiting for someone to come and help them do what they should be capable of doing without assistance. Tragic really. Like boy with no shoes Leader like TANdroids followers.


Politics / Re: I Walked 14km Everyday To Go To School - Labaran Maku by Gbawe: 7:53am On Oct 29
And so? I used to cross shark and Crocodile-infested water to get to school so what is Maku making noise for? They are back with their stories of 'struggles' they think will endear them to the common man. Oga Maku,GEJ has spoiled that market for you all. Better look for something else.


Politics / Re: Defection: PDP Demands Tambuwal's Resignation by Gbawe: 7:18pm On Oct 28

See why I quit NL politics section?

Can't blame you. The place is full of highly ignorant and unintelligent thugs. The irony is that these ignoramuses , when they have nothing sensible to say, insist on speaking louder and more insultingly than all others. Tragic.


Politics / Re: Defection: PDP Demands Tambuwal's Resignation by Gbawe: 7:16pm On Oct 28

How did GEJ appoint him the speaker? shocked shocked shocked

Are you minding the uneducated and ignorant feudalists who use this forum? What an utterly daft thing to say. Are you telling me we have Nigerians who are this 'dense'? Incredible.


Politics / Re: Yoruba In The Hands Of Gen Buhari When He Was The Head Of States by Gbawe: 3:49pm On Oct 28
Same overused ethnic trash. Typical of JonaTANians and saTANic ambassadors.

Jonathan is going down whether you guys like it or not.

Thank you. I laugh when I see these desperate efforts at pathetic scaremongering obviously aimed at frightening the pivotal SW from voting Buhari. I will advise OP and his ilk to stop wasting their own time. The Yorubas, when election is free and fair, will not tolerate or indulge misrule. We only need to look at the decimation of the PDP in the SW in 2011, where even the daughter of former President OBJ could not win the ward outside her father's house, to know that the folks of the SW will always reject misrulers.

Jonathan is no longer the "boy with no shoes" or "fresh air". Nigerians have seen him in action over 5 years to know he is hideously corrupt,highly inept and a divisive misruler. He has no goodwill left in the SW because he has failed Nigeria monumentally and also encouraged his minions (Dokubo Asari et al) to wage an abusive ethnic war of attrition against the Yorubas. I can't speak for others but I know the Yorubas will not abide with GEJ to then give him 4 more years. OP and others should find better things to do with their time.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 2:03pm On Oct 28
And you yorubas are well known for your braggadoccios and false impression of sophistication over other regions even when statistics shows otherwise, you console yourselves through over-hyping and self-praise whch your people are renowned for-beating your drums and dancing to it by the bush side. keep consoling yourself, it is also common knowledge as to which region has more 'mansion owners' and the region whose pride is their 'red roof' as pictures have also shown and revealed

Bros, stop this weird mixture of Alingo, Azonto and skelewu dance you are displaying here. What happened is fairly obvious. A list is produced that should make Nigerians reflect soberly and honestly about our need to do more and concentrate on what matters . Yet one of your fellow cretins waded in shamelessly with tribalistic and prejudiced barbs against Northerners while simultaneously using blatant deception to deliberately downplay the representative strength of the Yorubas simply to derail revelation which does not favour his ethnocentric delusions of grandeur. You guys must always divisively introduce ethnicity into everything. You must always seek out what divides and polarise people to then focus on promoting such things.

It is your pal who counted 3 Yorubas as one and claimed a Yoruba woman is "middle belt", so he could come out with the deceptive conclusion that aligns with the chest-beating of you lot, that made me respond to this thread. Otherwise I am not really interested in topics like this because I know the reality which is that Nigerians, for their collective mouthing-off, are simply not as great or as superior to others as they imagine themselves to be. You and others like you are the kings of such delusions you would lie to uphold as your pal Omexonomy did here.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 1:40pm On Oct 28

Hypocrite! you just told us what you yorubas were praying to see so that you will flood the thread with delusional impression of self-worth and adulation. On the contrary, i was hoping to see more of nigerians on the list which turned out to be dominated by kenyans and S.africans.

Are you not describing you and your kinsmen with the above? Ask any Nairalander from any Nigerian ethnic group who they associate with chest-beating and supremacist drivel and I am sure you know what their answer will be. Stop deceiving yourself. Why don't you start a thread about "who are the braggarts of Nigeria" and see what the response of your fellow Nigerians will be? Yorubas don't care about these sort of list, which even identifies a serious problem and shows Nigerians as under-performing seriously, let alone be interested in using such to brag inanely. That is your forte which you are well-known for.

How many Yorubas have responded here to say we are 3 out of 4 and thus superior,"business kings" or god-anointed business masters ahead of other "lazy Nigerians" because of this list as you and your ilk have always done to the extent you are now associated with empty chest-beating routinely? Most Yorubas are secure in themselves and don't have anything to prove to anyone. I only joined this thread to give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceaser after your brother in bigotry tried blatant abracadabra to uphold his bad belle for others. I actually think these lists show that Nigerians are merely all mouth same as the recent picture-expose on Nairaland showed you "mansion owners" and "CEOs"to be all mouth also.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 1:28pm On Oct 28
at last the filthy gbawe that is been pay per post is weeping like a wife whose husband dump her for a cheap prostitute. Mukina2 please kindly give him ur akisa to wipe away his tears

Shameless twit. Your brazen 419 antics here is even worse than the 16 is greater than 19 shenanigans of Mr.President. Are you not ashamed claiming a Yoruba lady is "middle belt" and pretending not to be able to count 4 names correctly? Would it not be easier to admit that all Nigerians are capable, motivated and brilliant instead of attempting rudimentary deception to deny what is obvious because such totally destroys the empty braggadocio and delusions of grandeur mumus like you come out of the womb with? Pathetic fool. I have shown you up to be another conman and liar. No getting away from that.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 1:22pm On Oct 28
SHUT UP! You more oftenn than not try to portray yourself as a detribalized nigerian with your frequent hypocritical and delusional 'essays', enough of this balderdash you just spewed. One doesnt even have to be dig deep to see through your tribalistic and ethnocentric comments laden with a indirect and false impression of self-worth[i/] and [i]self-praise because your inane and thinly-veiled tribal views and tirade floats on the surface and one does not need a contact lens to see through it.

You Gbawe, are not better than the person you accuse, you are nothing but a hypocrite, a tribalist of garguantan magnitude, so spare us your bullsh1t, you can only fool and confuse the novices and little minds your bullsh1t.

The children of anger and malevolent indoctrination have arrived. Get this straight once and for all, I do not and will never want people like you to view me as "detribalized". You are not capable of doing such and come out of the womb with anger and hatred for all things Yorubas in your black souls. Stop wasting your time thinking I care how vile hate-mongers like you perceive me.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 11:00am On Oct 28

I have not denied being ethnocentric. The problem is that you are one too but always desperately mask yours in the thin veil of objectivity. Stop deceiving yourself, accept you are a bigot too and we will be just fine.How hard is that?

Shut up and GTF out of here. I cannot be labelled what my posts (over 10,000.00 of them) show conclusively I am not. Just because the few posts you have here conclusively damn you as ethnocentric does not mean you should try and desperately drag others into your gutter of bigotry. I am simply a proud Yoruba who will defend his ethic group against malicious and malevolent slurs from hateful bigots like you. I make no apologies for that and will use facts to to correct attempts to denigrate Yoruba folks which is a favourite pastime for folks like you, Omexonomy and many others here.

The challenge is for you to back your assertion by showing any of my posts, since you have over 10,000 examples, where I put down other Nigerian ethnic groups and clearly insinuate they are inferior to mine. Do that or stop wasting my time because we all know those who are obsessed with empty supremacist rants on Nairaland which is never borne out by the reality lists like these, time and time again, reveal. That is why the revelation of this list is strangling your throat. That is why Omexonomy lied, deliberately and dishonestly under-counted a list of a few names and even deny a Yoruba woman of her heritage to support his past supremacist drivel this list, just like many other lists, discredits entirely. Would it not be better, easier and even more productive if people like you embraced humility and a respect for others especially the Yorubas you are indoctrinated to bad mouth and fight?


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 10:41am On Oct 28

Should we even suppose to be mentioning tribes at all?!

In a country of 170 million people, and more than 80million youths, we can only boast of FOUR Nigerians.
Hope you know that in every 5 Africans, 1 is a Nigerian, can same be said of the list?

Kenya plus SA's population is not up to ours, whereas they account for more than of half of the list.

We no dey shame for this country at all.

Thank you. This is the tragedy of these sort of lists. While some are looking pathetically at the number of names from their ethic group, to use in some supremacist battle, we all fail to recognise the main point which is that these lists, for all the noise we make, should be dominated by Nigerians. No ifs and buts. Considering our population, making us the biggest black nation on earth, and acclaimed intelligence then we should be setting the pace for others. I think Nigerians attach a lot of hype to themselves when they should actually get busy to justify their own braggadocio and supremacist drivel.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 9:55am On Oct 28

Nigerians (myself included) are risk-averse, and prefer safe cushy jobs with guaranteed money cheesy

This is completely true. It is down to our background which emphasises complete focus on academic excellence leading to prestige employment (doctor, lawyer, Engineer, Accountant et al) which offers guaranteed moderate wealth and stability but is predictable, 'safe' and risk-averse. Not many Nigerian parents would support a child who wants to be maverick, an entertainer or a businessman/businesswoman. I think attitude has to change because Africa would not be flooded with opportunity-seekers from outside our continent if we ourselves know how to identify and take advantage of opportunities within our border. While many Nigerians are obsessed with getting 5 masters degree and being a doctor/banker/engineer et al, the South African (Shoprite) is happy catering directly to niche needs by offering grocery services.

Other foreigners are happy to take up opportunities we neglect in our obsession with snaring white collar jobs. We need to begin thinking outside the box or run the risk of being glorified slaves in our own land because of our lack of focus which means we obsess over the wrong things instead of focusing on innovatively delivering Nigerian/African solutions for Nigerian/African problems.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 9:44am On Oct 28

If you are not an ethnocentrist masquerading as objective-minded, it wouldn't have been much of an issue. SO Stop deceiving yourself. YOU ARE ALSO A BIGOT.

Silly clown. Folks can view your past post below to see you are an irredeemable bigot. You do not talk of anything here other than issues related to your ethnic group. No wonder my revelation of fact pained you deeply. I am not in doubt that, like the nauseating bigot Omexonomy, you are the sort troubled by this list because it upsets the Yorubas are "lazy" and "entrepreneurially inept" lies you fools have flooded cyberspace with.

You are not even ashamed of your fellow bigot who blatantly under-counted the Yoruba names on the list and tried to pass off a Yoruba person as "middle belt" to support his deceptive attempt at showing Igbo=Yoruba and Northerners = worthless. You guys are wretchedly divisive and completely ethnocentric. You see ethnicity in everything and propose ethnic superiority whenever you can. When this delusion of grandeur is not supported by reality you will then try, to detract from the emptily braggart noise you had made before which these sort of lists totally discredit rather than bear out, to embrace spin, deception and even calling others bigots when you exemplify bigotry the most in the first place. Pathetic fool.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 8:17am On Oct 28


Forbes Africa ‘Tracker’ Mfonobong Nsehe released a list of 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 and Uche Pedro of BellaNaija, Bankole Cardoso of EasyTaxi Nigeria, Tunde Kehinde of Jumia Nigeria and Kunmi Otitoju of Minku Design, made it to the list. Read what Forbes wrote about them.

Uche Pedro CEO of Bella Naija

Uche Pedro, Nigerian

Founder, BellaNaija

The 29 year-old Nigerian media entrepreneur is the founder of BellaNaija, a thriving new media company that develops online media content for African (primarily Nigerian) audiences. is Nigeria’s premier lifestyle, entertainment and fashion website, and garners an average of 10 million page views every month.

Bankole Cardoso of EasyTaxi

Bankole Cardoso, Nigerian

CEO, EasyTaxi Nigeria

Cardoso, 25, is the founder of the Nigerian operations of EasyTaxi, a taxi mobile App that was founded in Brazil in 2012 by German technology startup incubator, Rocket Internet GmBH. EasyTaxi serves to connect cab drivers and would-be passengers. Through the App, passengers can confirm their pickup point and then order a cab at the click of a button. EasyTaxi sends the passenger a confirmation of the name and phone number of your driver and gives passengers the option of tracking their driver and the vehicle in real-time. Before setting up EasyTaxi in Nigeria, Cardoso worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Carlyle Group in New York.

Tunde Kehinde, Nigerian

Co-founder, Jumia Nigeria

The 30 year-old Harvard MBA grad recently stepped down as co-founder of Jumia Nigeria, the country’s largest online retailer. Kehinde founded Kasuwa, a Nigerian online retailer in 2012. Within days of its founding, Kasuwa received seed funding from German online startup incubator and the company’s name was changed to Jumia. Kehinde resigned in January to start a logistics company.

Kunmi Otitoju, Nigerian

Founder, Minku Design

Kunmi, a 30 year-old Nigerian fashion entrepreneur is the founder of Minku Design, a company that makes leather bags for men and women by subtly blending Aso-oke fabric (a hand loomed cloth woven by Nigeria’s Yoruba people), into contemporary leather bag designs. Minku also makes Yoruba-themed leather purses and jewelry. All Minku Design’s products are hand-made at a workshop in Barcelona, Spain, but they are sold at high-end stores in Nigeria and on the company’s website.


Business / Re: 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014 by Gbawe: 8:02am On Oct 28

Not that it matters though but just wanted to correct you. There are two yorubas there, one igbo and one middle belt
Not one

Thanks Alhaji. There are actually 3 Yorubas on the list. The guy you quoted is an anti-Yoruba bigot well known for his prejudiced utterances here, See as he rushed in to proclaim Otitotu as "middle belt" when she is Yoruba and is even famous for fusing the Yoruba 'aso oke' into her designs. It is obvious ethnicity matters to this guy above merit or anything else.

Naturally he could not stand that Yorubas were in the majority on the list so he had to do 'ojoro' to undercount them, claim a Yoruba as "middle belt" and then have a dig at Northerners while at it. So much innate prejudice and ethnocentric malice. I swear, most Nigerian youths are worthless in comparison to their peers worldwide. This is why Nigeria is going nowhere lately even with our large population that should give us immense manpower advantage.

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Politics / Re: Osun State Declares 27th October Public Holiday To Mark Islamic New Year. by Gbawe: 8:51pm On Oct 26

Shey na GEJ and PDP send Aregberascal to merge schools since he could not build ADDITIONAL schools to cater for ALL our children resulting in the crisis that has refused to go away =>

I don't know why we are so daft about the CLUELESS "Engineer" in Bola Ige house who is literally setting the state on religious fire shocked
We can continue pretending all is well and spinning nonsense as Gbawe is doing here until the fire engulfs us ALL the way Boko Haram is ravaging the North East presently.

You,ve always been a raving lunatic anyway so no surprise you are talking about some fire about to engulf you personally. The fact is that Aregbesola, like most Yoruba Moslems, has not shown anything to indicates he discriminates against any religion. This has always been so. Why is it today and now that divisive elements and anarchists like you, 'coincidentally' ardent supporters of GEJ and mindless haters of the APC, are beginning to insist otherwise?

Who have you lot not tagged Islamist, whether Fashola or Tinubu, simply because they are moslems when religion was an issue that was never a big deal in the SW? Is it not obvious to honest folks that GEJ and the PDP have deliberately decided to practise politics of enmity, ethnic/religious intolerance and divisiveness instead of directly tackling Boko Haram, corruption and the many grave issues troubling Nigeria? You really are a sad little man.


Politics / Re: Osun State Declares 27th October Public Holiday To Mark Islamic New Year. by Gbawe: 7:24pm On Oct 26

The irony of Nigerian today, indicating a dangerous level of malevolent bigotry Nigerians currently host for each other, is that many condemning Aregbesola here (probably about 80% of respondents to this thread) have zilch to do with Osun or even the SW. Yet they intolerantly wish to tell Osun folks what they must accept or rise up against.

I know some people will always be jealous of the "religiously tolerant" tag attached to the Yorubas. They would love, by hook or by crook, to associate the SW with religious extremism even when this is entirely imagined and fabricated. This is why they never mind their business and are now shedding crocodile tears over Osun when they are the same posters always mocking the State and Yoruba folks. If Osun folks have no problem with this then what concerns the man from Anambra, Edo or Benue State with this development? If the youths are the future then it is no wonder the old boys have no intention of handing Nigeria into the hands of the Nigerian youth who have not shown any capacity or maturity for leadership.


Politics / Re: Osun State Declares 27th October Public Holiday To Mark Islamic New Year. by Gbawe: 7:10pm On Oct 26
The same People condemning this move are the same people that always look forward to Easter and Christmas holidays. These are the same people that saw nothing wrong when the Feds declare Eid break.


Bruv, this is how much GEJ and the PDP has divided Nigeria along lines that used to be irrelevant or at least toned-down. Would there have been any protest over this holiday, especially from folks who do not live in Osun and have nothing to do with the state like the first few respondents to this thread , in the days of Yar Adua and Obasanjo?

Every single damn thing is now viewed by many Nigerians through ethnic and religious goggles. Yorubas say what the eyes is looking for it will find. Let some continue promoting hate, enmity and intolerance. We understand this was the case before the civil war. When we have another civil strife then all the hate-mongers should remember the part they played with their intolerant, extremely dangerous and bigoted drivel.

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Politics / Re: Igbos Have Hijacked The Nigerian Economy- Junaid Muhammed by Gbawe: 4:28pm On Oct 26
Thesame man that says Buhari shouldn't contest is the man you say is a die hard supporter You are a shameless lair.

Don't mind the rank ignoramus and hardened liar. Telling lies to fit the scenario is in the DNA of people like him. Instead of them to face the topic, they must drag the APC into it by force. By the way, it is on record Junaid muhammed has said the APC is no different to the PDP. He has even gone as far as to call the APC "fascist".Muhammed is just bitter and angry with everything and everyone.

For the information of the ignorant fool you quoted and other clannish dumbos like him, Junaid Muhammed was the chairman of the People's Salvation Party (PSP) which was one of the Political Parties de-registered by INEC. Some folks should learn to face their battles and their direct tormentors without dragging innocent parties into issues.


Politics / Re: Igbos Have Hijacked The Nigerian Economy- Junaid Muhammed by Gbawe: 12:09pm On Oct 26
APC mentality if you ask me, how can this set of people rule this country with this kind of ideology. Your hating someone because he bought an estate with his hard earned money.....
Ooooooo gush this is hight of stupidity
I'm out here

Stop this show of ignorance and mindless enmity against others. Junaid Mohammed is not a member of the APC. In fact, he is very critical of the Party. Face the topic and leave APC out of your vengeful tirade . What will your sort not blame the APC for? Be objective for once in your life .


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