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Politics / Re: What Femi Falana Said About APC And Jonathan by Gbawe: 6:00pm
Clerverly: i don tire for nairaland sef, hence my reluctance to comment here these days!

You are not alone. Many posters who added real intellectual and analytical value to the forum are gone to be replaced by criminals, bigots and lying cretins who want us all , by hook or by crook, to give GEJ a second term he does not deserve. This is how the lies and brainwashing of "boy with no shoes" helped GEJ into Aso Rock first time around.

Today, his hardened disciples and minions are more desperate because they know the entire world today has rejected the tag "fresh air" and proclaimed it toxic, choking and rancid air. They are now reduced to stealing endorsements and lying about phantom 'achievements'.

May god save Nigeria because I personally know that GEJ is ready to spend the last kobo of the nation to remain in power. We must therefore brace ourselves for the assault of lies and propaganda to come from paid hacks who are ready to compromise the future of generations unborn for the crumbs GEJ drops to them from his table of billion naira food.


Politics / Re: What Femi Falana Said About APC And Jonathan by Gbawe: 4:16pm

Let me create a topic like ' Patience Jonathan Endorses Buhari For President' and you will be shocked at the speed by which mods and supermods will be screaming for source. grin grin grin

Sir Gbawe I beg just relax.

Abi. Nigeria is really full of criminals determined to do anything to help a clearly failed leader stay in office to wreak more havoc on Nigerians. Femi Falana ko Jaja of opobo ni.

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Politics / Re: Why The Yorubas Won't Vote Buhari In 2015 by Gbawe: 3:59pm

Save your bigoted breath. The Yorubas cannot be herded into blanket hatred of others just because that is what you wish to happen in the desperation to see the failed GEJ in Aso rock for 4 more years.

Why are your ilk never humble or respectful of others, their democratic choices and freewill? It is your kind who will be 'usurping' others you will take with you when Nigeria breaks up whereas you have never consulted those people to know what they want.

It is your sort who will start this ridiculous thread, when you spend all your time here maligning the Yorubas, wrongly and arrogantly predicting who the Yorubas will or will not vote for. All this online campaign to woo the SW, with GEJ and his hirelings doing same on the ground, will achieve nothing. The Yorubas will not succumb to scaremongering against Buhari and they will not persevere with a monumental failure (GEJ) even if your sort have no qualms clannishly doing such.


Politics / Re: What Femi Falana Said About APC And Jonathan by Gbawe: 3:13pm

Sir Gbawe, to be honest, I won't be surprised if this poo finds its way to the front page.

Man mi, this is too much and I am thoroughly ashamed of some Nigerians and their criminal behaviour. This is open thievery and as bad as it can be. I really don't know why Seun condones this. Before, mods used to be fairly strict about demanding source of a quote or article and rightly so because the integrity of the forum matters !!!

Now the clannish and ethnocentric desperados of GEJ/PDP, sensing their messiah has lost the SW, just appear out of the woodwork to lie brazenly while their deception is indulged by the current set of Mods. Next they will say Wole Soyinka has announced he will vote for GEJ along with his entire family and his great grandchildren unborn. The same Falana these SE and SS bigots savaged and insulted ruthlessly when he led the fuel subsidy protest against GEJ is now the individual they want to portray, with blatant 419, as a supporter of GEJ. Next it will be Awolowo they will claim has endorsed GEJ from the grave. Shameless desperados with no morals or principles whatsoever.


Politics / Re: What Femi Falana Said About APC And Jonathan by Gbawe: 3:05pm
State your source young man.

Look above to note I have shown that Martin Elechi, Governor of Ebonyi and another blind loyalist of GEJ, stated those things and not Femi Falana. This really is the heights of open 419 and I personally think a lot of Nigerians are shameless criminals.


Politics / Re: What Femi Falana Said About APC And Jonathan by Gbawe: 2:47pm
Seun you ought to take this crap seriously !!! This is now simply too much and you really need to have a stern word with your mods. The standard used to be that posters provide a source for quotes or articles attributed to others !!! These days anyone just come here, without any source whatsoever, to claim others have said what they may not have said or are unlikely to say. Is it Femi Falana who led the subsidy protest and called out GEJ for monumental corruption and cowardice, with how Jonathan could not fight the corrupt subsidy scammers and preferred to punish Nigerians with blanket subsidy removal, who will now be a praise-singer of GEJ today?

I remember when Mods used to demand a source and would then remove a thread if OP cannot comply. Bring that minimum level of sanity back abeg. These cretins are dumbing down your blog and , by default, making Nigerians seem poorly educated and unintelligent. This is the politics section and it should host sensible discussion and not be an arena of blatant lies, wild conjecture, slander and outright fallacy.

As I was fairly sure Falana is unlikely to have endorsed a President he considers corruption personified, I did some basic investigation which shows that Nairaland has now been taken over by shameless liars and propagandists determined to fraudulently steal, from respectable Nigerians, 'endorsement' GEJ never received from those people and is unlikely to ever receive.

The OP said Falana stated:

“When the airways collapsed, they did not rescue Nigeria. Jonathan revived the airports and allowed the private sectors to operate. And now, we have a total result,” he said. They did not come to rescue us. When the Nigerian railways collapsed, they did not rescue the railways until Jonathan revived the railway system.
“When the power sector was in comatose, they said nothing about it until the road map was given by the current president and we see positive changes happening, they say they want to rescue Nigerians.
“When the economy was so bad, they did not rescue Nigeria, now that World Bank has found out that Nigeria has over taken South Africa and has become number one economy of the continent that is the time they are rescuing Nigeria,”

Meanwhile, see below where I show it is Elechi , Governor of Ebonyi, that stated the above verbatim. Seun, this is shameless dishonesty. I know you are a GEJ fan but do not allow your forum be used like this. Warn your mods to be up and doing.

Elechi, who carpeted opposition parties in the country on their statement that they wanted to rescue Nigeria, stressed that PDP, under the leadership of Goodluck Jonathan has entirely revived all the sectors.
“When the airways collapsed, they did not rescue Nigeria. Jonathan revived the airports and allowed the private sectors to operate. And now, we have a total result,” he said.
They did not come to rescue us. When the Nigerian railways collapsed, they did not rescue the railways until Jonathan revived the railway system.
“When the power sector was in comatose, they said nothing about it until the road map was given by the current president and we see positive changes happening, they say they want to rescue Nigerians.
“When the economy was so bad, they did not rescue Nigeria, now that World Bank has found out that Nigeria has over taken South Africa and has become number one economy of the continent that is the time they are rescuing Nigeria,” he stated.


Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 6:08pm On Apr 22

Well said. GEJ has lost popular support in the SW region and obviously thinks recruiting touts will help him rig elections in 2015. He dosen't mind if the peace is breached as long as he has his way.

This is what makes Jonathan dangerous in my opinion. He is another Odili but he should keep the empowerment of gangsterism to his region and that of those who support him blindly and clannishly. There are so many miscreant rejected through the ballot box who can now benefit from executive appointments that puts them back in position where they can breach the peace. This is a president determined to 'divide and conquer' by empowering the worst in Yoruba land so the SW, currently the most harmonised and cohesive region in NIgeria, can be as chaotic as everywhere else in the run up to 2015.

The roles the 'omo ales' of GEJ play will not be forgotten after GEJ is gone same as no one has forgotten the ignoble nature and ways of the OBJ gangsters of yesteryears. We will see what becomes of these greedy sort determined to sell-out for monetary gains when GEJ departs. Even Teslim Folarin who should be in jail for murder is shouting in favour of the benefactor who sprung him from jail and made charges disappear into thin air. Any President can make Fayose, Omisore, Gbenga Daniel, Alao Akala what he wants at the federal level but he should note that , in the SW, a new position does not whitewash your image or give you more clout if you have let the people down in the past or are known for villainy/thuggery/murder et al. Jonathan simply does not know the mindset and politics of the SW. All these desperado will chop GEJ's dollar and give him squat because they do not have the love or support of the people. Simple.
Politics / Re: Message To President Jonathan And His Supporters by Gbawe: 3:16pm On Apr 22
Let me address the issue of Pipeline protection Contract...Yardua as part of the amnesty deal awarded the pipeline protection contract to Tompolo,Contract expired in 2011 and GEJ didn't and has not renewed matter how many times you repeat this obvious lie it won't make it the truth

Another blatant lie I almost missed. So Yar Adua awarded the contract to Tompolo in 2011 from the grave? You fans of GEJ sha. Desperation and dishonesty personified. Anyway, the entire world now know that all you guys do and what you are about. All the way from GEJ at the top through his dishonest mouthpieces like Okupe, Abati, Maku, Omokri, Metuh et al down to clannish supporters like you, the uniform strategy is to lie and impotently blame others for the glaring failures and shocking decisions of the President.

Oil Theft: So Why was Tompolo Paid N15 Billion?

29 Jun 2013, 08053069356

When the crisis in the Niger Delta reached a head around 2008, the name of Mr Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo had become a reference item. By early 2009, the platform for the agitation of the Niger Delta militants called Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) had become as fiercely violent as danger can be. And when the group allegedly killed eleven soldiers, in the creeks of the Niger Delta, it was the crowning of the villainous profile of Tompolo. He was declared wanted by Brig Gen Yaki Bello. With smoking guns and crushing arsenal, the Nigerian army swooped on Camp 5, the Okerenkoko base of the Tompolo-led militants. Tompolo was nowhere to be found. But his camp was leveled and armoury ravaged and seized. That was during the war. Peace has since followed, after the late President Umaru Yar’Adua granted the militants amnesty.

Today, the erstwhile villain called Tompolo, has transformed to a loyal ally of the same government that wanted him dead. He is now a valued patriot. In fact, they have long become business partners, with both parties providing complimentary services to boot.

Sometime in 2011, the Federal government awarded a pipeline surveillance contract worth $103.4m (about N15 billion) to Tompolo’s company—Global West Vessel Specialist Limited (GWVSL). It was essentially to protect the nation’s water ways so the theft of crude which was going on at the time would be curbed. The underlying argument was that since the militants are from the creeks, they know the in-and-out of the crannies of the creek, therefore, they are in a better position to provide security to the pipelines, repel pirates and oil thieves who usually sail into the Nigerian waters at night to steal oil. The Federal Government, it seemed, was persuaded by the argument, especially with its determination to court the militants so there would be peace. Sale of crude oil had dropped to all time 700,000 bpd because of the unrest. The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), a government agency, awarded the contract packaged like a concessionaire agreement with the private sector. It practically ceded the security and protection of the nation’s maritime to an individual, thus making the Nigerian Navy (NN) somewhat irrelevant in the business of securing our territorial waters. Beside Tompolo, other militant leaders like Asari Dokubo, Dagogo, Egberi Papa, got N2billion contract to also secure the oil pipelines in Bayelsa and Rivers States. N580m contract was awarded Boyloaf’s (another militant)’s company.

But two years down the line, the volume of oil theft is unprecedented and unimaginable. All the oil companies are wailing. Even the federal government is perplexed, wringing its hands in near helplessness. From Shell to Chevron, down to Agip, Total, etc, it is the same story: brazen and unbridled theft of crude. Indeed, many of the oil companies have had several shut-ins because of the oil theft. Once, it used to be done cautiously. Not anymore. Production and sales has dropped to somewhere around 1.3m bpd now, down from 2.7m bpd. The manner of the theft now is such that seems to ask: “Yes, I am stealing, what can you do?” It is more than ever before, an organized cartel. The arising national loss is humongous. The wisdom in giving fish to the rat to keep is so there would be no guessing who ate the fish, if and when it is tampered with. The attendant verbiage is that it must be the rat who ate the fish kept in its custody.

So in this case, Tompolo and co were given the lucrative contract of securing the pipelines, and everyday, not only are raw crude being stolen by armed local and foreign crooks, even pipelines are being vandalized across the country. The present drop in electricity generation in the country has been blamed on disrupted gas pipelines which have disrupted supplies to gas stations. So there is no gas to power the gas stations. And everybody is in darkness. On every front, the nation is losing egregiously. Yet, the nation pays some people for the same job of protecting and securing the pipelines.

You get a picture of how badly the nation’s economy has been bled from all its pores, on account of the oil theft, when you listen to the Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. She said the nation was losing about 300,000 barrels of crude per day which translates to the loss of $1 billion in revenue per month. So on the average, the nation loses $12 billion per annum to oil thieves, yet, it pays billions of Naira for the protection of the same vandalised pipelines. Little wonder we have a plethora of private jets in the country. It does not make sense!

It is not enough for government to say the 10-year Tompolo contract will not be renewed, it should indeed demand an explanation for the sharp rise in oil theft. Otherwise, the impression will be created that government is treating this economic sabotage with kids glove because it is either a conniver or that it is helpless. None will be appeasing. Only in such a government will a security man be so serviced with huge salary and reward when his master’s prized properties and treasures are being stolen with vexatious efficiency.

All kinds of economic malfeasance now take place in the Niger Delta. With illegal refineries in almost everywhere in the creeks, booming illegal bunkering , Unclad theft of crude oil and routine pipeline vandalism, the nation’s economy is indeed hemorrhaging and unless some caution is urgently applied, a collapse is imminent, no matter what government propagandists want us to believe.

The final and last issue on this matter is the subtext: what has been the lot of the people of the Niger Delta four years after the so-called amnesty programme was granted? What is the fortune line of the region? Yes, former insurgents are being trained in local and foreign institutions and centres, what has happened to the vast majority of the people of the zone? Where are the promised roads, hospitals, schools, bridges, and all the accoutrements of better life, whose absence, ab initio, powered the protests in the region?

Pray, was the entire amnesty programme meant to just “settle” the “troublemakers” of the region and forget the rest of the peaceful people of the region in their aged misery and fury? Was that the intent of Yar’ Ádua? I scarcely think so!

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Politics / Re: Message To President Jonathan And His Supporters by Gbawe: 3:03pm On Apr 22
Let me address the issue of Pipeline protection Contract...Yardua as part of the amnesty deal awarded the pipeline protection contract to Tompolo,Contract expired in 2011 and GEJ didn't and has not renewed matter how many times you repeat this obvious lie it won't make it the truth

Bare-faced lies. Are we not talking about the same contract Okupe was busy justifying to the entire world in 2012 and before monumental oil theft was exposed? This is why I always warn Nairalanders about GEJ fans. You all have no qualms lying blatantly because you know it is rotten meat you are selling.

You will then come here trying to sell all manner of lies you cannot back with authoriative proof or any article that bears out your fibs. Below in 2012 Okupe, just like you are doing here, is using "crude oil production has jumped from 1.8mbpd to 2.6mbpd" lies to justify the senseless award of pipeline protection contracts to GEJ's boys i.e former militant warlord. Today oil theft is at it's highest level in memory. You guys are desperate sha. Gotta give you that. I always say it that it takes crooks to support crooks.

Presidency defends billions paid to ex-militant ‘generals’


The Presidency on Sunday defended the yearly award of about N5.6bn contracts to former Niger Delta militants to protect oil pipelines. It said the contract was in the interest of the nation.

Speaking in a telephone interview with our correspondent, the Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said Nigeria had benefited immensely from the exercise.

He said that the volume of crude oil being produced in the country had increased tremendously since the exercise commenced.

A Wall Street Journal report last week focused on the yearly payment of about N5.6bn to former Niger-Delta war-lords for guarding the oil pipelines in the restive region.

The report gave a break-down of the militants involved in the contracts as ‘General’ Government Tompolo Ekpumopolo,N3.6bn; Asari Dokubo, 1.44bn; ‘General’ Ateke Toms,N560m and ‘General’ Ebikabowei Boyloaf Victor Ben, N560m.

While defending the government action, which Okupe said was done by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, he said, “Since this exercise began, the crude oil production has jumped from 1.8mbpd to 2.6mbpd.

“That is an increment of over $700m income per day to the government. So, when you compare what was paid to get this benefit, it pales into insignificance.”

He said the issue of pipeline and their safety were matters of national security and should not be politicised.

Okupe said it was on record that oil majors were already engaged in community protection of pipelines and there was no better way to secure the pipelines than to employ members of the community within the community were built.

Moreover, he said the transaction for the contracts were “with NNPC and corporate organisations who have the abilities to protect the pipelines and the nation is enjoying the benefits.”

But the Congress for Progressive Change in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, argued that the Jonathan regime had earlier in the year, awarded the contract for the nation’s maritime security to Global West Vessel Specialist Agency, a private firm owned by Ekpumopolo.

It said that the reason given by the Federal Government for its action “is the inability to ‘source’ the $103m needed to invest over a 10-year period on a Project expected to garner N124bn into the nation’s coffers, generate 1,375 direct jobs and 1,620 indirect jobs.”

It also added a contract of an undisclosed sum was awarded in July 2012 to the same company owned by Tompolo for the supply of 20 patrol boats to the Nigerian Navy.
Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 2:26pm On Apr 22
plaindealer: @ Topic. These worthless and incompetent go to Abuja and not only quickly eject their local responsibilities and allegiance to their own state, they turn into dead logs and clogs in their own state's wheel of progress. This is a useless civil servant from Lagos state with zero dividends benefits and dividends delivered on behalf of the people of his own state...

In sane and rational societies, politicians brings home the bacon, but not in Nigeria where they actually work against their own state and deny them the bacon.

This is another degenerate and non Omoluabi...

This is why Babs Ajayi speaks. Anyone who has followed his writing knows that the man is not into partisan politics. He is likely to blast Tinubu as he is GEJ. Yet when it concerns the recycling of all the area boys and miscreant the SW fought hard to rid itself of then the likes of Ajayi will talk. They all know GEJ's desperately nefarious plans too well. The part below is funny in a surreal manner and all too descriptive of what GEJ stands for. I mean, look at the insane decision to hand over pipeline protection conrtacts to glorified oil bunkerers i.e former militant warlords? Those who have eyes better see properly.

The truth is that if it was certain that Obanikoro was only doing what he was sent to do by Aso Rock, then he should be told that Jonathan will simply use him and then dump him, and the head employed in breaking the coconut will not partake in it. I wonder who put an area boy in charge of military men. Surprises are never in short supply in Nigeria, surprises of the very grotesque kind. Where else on this earth do you see a civilian leading military operations? I can only imagine Obanikoro in his agbada ordering the gun-tottering men in uniform to follow him, "Common, common, follow me, quick, quick, let's go." The we-will-show-them-who-we-are mentality has hindered many from seeing clearly and rubbished whatever claim they have to creativity and intelligence.
Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 2:21pm On Apr 22

Most of these ignorant illiterates are mindless nuisance and pollutants. They have zero brains or an y ability to formulate intelligent thoughts or logic and they contribute nothing but idiotic and unintelligent rubbish.

This is why I treat them like shiittt or just basically clown them.

The sad thing is that the twits are never from the SW but they will always be found hyperventilating on issues concerning the SW. Yet the pathetic creatures show no interest in discussing anything about their own regions which has tonnes of problems. Who does not know that they suffer from inferiority complex. Silly wannabes don't understand that it is those who envy or want to be in the position of others who discuss them non-stop.

@Topic. The goons of GEJ need to be watched. He can turn his own region, and that of those who follow him blindly, into gangster enclaves if he wants but the SW should tenaciously guard the new socio-political system it has achieved where it is refined men at the helm of affairs and not thugs and area boys as was the case not too long ago under the PDP.
Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 12:56pm On Apr 22
Ayekotoo1: It alleged that Minister of Police Affairs, Jelili Adesiyan, from Osun State and Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, from Lagos State are using their respective offices to cause repression and endanger the peace of the zone.
In a statement on Sunday entitled:
‘Threat to Peace of South West by Police Affairs, Defence Ministers’, Chairman of COESG, Dayo Ogunlana, and Secretary, Rasak Olookooba, said the use of policemen by Adesiyan to attack a governorship aspirant and former Governor of Osun State, Isiaka Adeleke, and the use of soldiers to halt construction works at a housing estate being built by the Lagos State Government are indications that both Adesiyan and Obanikoro are on a sinister mission in the South West.
“Our attention has been drawn to an ugly unfolding drama in the State of Osun. As a concerned group and stakeholder in the South West politics, welfare and socio- economic growth, we deem it feet to promptly respond to any untoward behaviour of those whose action or inaction constitutes threat to this region,” COSEG said.

This is what every South-Westerner, determined to preserve the relative peace we have gained, must keep their eyes on. GEJ is exactly like OBJ with how he prefers to use ruthless, terrorist and criminal-minded politicians with no interest at all in ordinary Nigerians. I remember the dark days when my elder Sister who lived in Ibadan could not visit me in Lagos some times I am in Nigeria because Adedibu and NURTW were causing mayhem everywhere and ordinary folks had to stay indoors. No such thing since Ajimobi took over.

Jonathan's recycled criminals should be watched closely by all well-meaning South-Westerner and this is why apolitical Uncle Ajayi speaks here. Let GEJ continue to retrogressively make Boyloaf, Tompolo et al the power brokers in the SS but we reject that in the SW because we all remember the fight to get killers and thugs out so refined leaders and omoluabis could gain control and deliver the relative peace that ushers in progress and development.

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Politics / Re: Suggest New Name For Doyin Okukpe by Gbawe: 12:36pm On Apr 22
Brimmie: Doyin Okuigbe fits him better !! Okuigbe means Dead Shyte !! Lol!!

grin grin grin grin Doyin Oku Igbe don suffer. He looks like dead Igbe as well grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Suggest New Name For Doyin Okukpe by Gbawe: 11:13am On Apr 22
KIRIJI: Doyin okuigbe

grin grin grin grin Apt.

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Politics / Re: Can PDP Make Nigeria Great? by Gbawe: 9:59am On Apr 22
Capital NO.


Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 9:27am On Apr 22
Akanbi_edu: That Obanikoro forming big boy in Lagos. Was he not the one that was reportedly called small boy by a khaki boy.


Such a brainless coward.

Abi Oh. Piss poor Nigerian ambassador to Ghana as well. Political recycling at the worst level.
Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 8:33am On Apr 22

How can you call someone irresponsible and jobless in just one post,

This is not just right

Please ignore such folks. I do not write on NL for their kind. They quote me and seek my attention yet I do not know any of them or care to. If I am jobless, according to some olodos, then that is my own concern. Don't you think it is pointless responding to dimwit who associate joblessness with the time I started a thread?

This is how the poor education on offer in Nigeria leads these olodos to think. Everyone in the entire universe not asleep when they are must be jobless never mind time zone differences, self-employment that means I am in control of my own time, late night socialising et al. Please ignore these olodo zombies and let them think what they want. They are animals used to making assumptions and this is why ALUU lynching still goes on in Nigeria. They ignore the substantive issue to be chatting sh1te and discussing time of thread and other nonsense. I have no time for such small-minded f00ls.


Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 8:19am On Apr 22
KIRIJI: Jonathan keeps romancing with crooks and criminals in the southwest. Jonathans hencman in Ogun state is Buruji kashamu, an international fugitive and drug baron, a man on the FBI most wanted list

The fact is that Jonathan ought to be watched carefully by astute SW politicians and the people themselves. He is already supervising a retrogressive 'might is right' take over of his own region that will be an even bigger part 2 of the militant enslavement of the SS Odili began while the jobless, uncouth, politically unsophisticated and distracted twerps from that region are on Nairaland insulting others who are awake, aware and determined to prevent the criminalisation of their region that the PDP got away with in the past.

GEJ, as is proven beyond doubt, is someone who will fraternise with murderers, thugs, miscreants and area boys if doing such advances his selfish cause. I personally don't give a damn about others who are comfortable with and even supportive of their own oppressors and enslavers but I want the SW to keep evolving by rejecting throwbacks like Obanikoro, Omisore, Fayose, Adedibu et al. Ajayi's article is therefore in order as a wake up call.


Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 5:18am On Apr 22
SLIDE waxie: i am only incline to discuss about human beings today, and both FEMI and OBANIKORO didn't fall in such categories.

Indeed. Fani-Kayode, in my opinion, is just a loquacious attention seeker totally into feathering his own nest while Obanikoro, as Uncle Ajayi aptly put it, is nothing but an over-zealous "area boy" and hireling. We all know those are the sort GEJ is always keen to empower, associate with and use in every region of Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 5:01am On Apr 22
I wonder who put an area boy in charge of military men.

The same ultra-Machiavellian President who put glorified oil bunkerers (former militant warlords) in charge of oil pipeline protection duties when Nigeria has a functional and expensively maintained Navy.

The same self-serving President who demanded Teslim Folarin be fully extricated from a murder charge so the Oyo politician could then be whisked to Abuja on one of GEJ's many airplanes to deliver the delegate votes to defeat Atiku in the 2010 PDP Presidential primaries.

The same parochial President who has sanctioned the recycling of two horrendous waste-of-space rejected by their own people (Fayose and Omisore) because of his own ambition to retain power by all means never mind the misery, murder and mayhem such thugs and "area boys" may visit on the polity.

The same callous President who has appointed the odious and 'stained' Adesiyan Minister of Police affairs all with an eye on retention of power beyond 2015 never mind the monsters being resurrected to achieve such and the lingering damage those evil men will do.

I tend to laugh when Nigerians say GEJ is a "good man" surrounded by "bad people" because it seems to me that Nigerians do not know how good men act. A good man is never one who puts Foxes in charge of the Chicken coop time and time again as Jonathan does.

Bola Ige: Family Faults Jonathan Over Adesiyan’s Appointment..

The family of the late Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, has faulted President Goodluck Jonathan over the appointment of Alhaji Jelili Adesiyan as Minister of Police affairs. Adesiyan was a prime suspect in the murder of Ige. Ige was assassinated in his residence at Ibadan in December 2011 while serving in the Olusegun Obasanjo cabinet as the nation’s chief law officer.

Adesiyan and Senator Iyiola Omisore were charged as murder suspects but the charges were later quashed by an Ibadan High Court. Speaking at the weekend in Lagos, Ige’s son, Muyiwa, who is the Commissioner for Land, Regional Planning and Urban Development in Osun State, expressed sadness over Adesiyan’s appointment.

Ige described the nomination and approval of Adesiyan by both the president and the Senate as a huge disappointment. The commissioner, who said his father’s killers would never know peace, said in a normal clime, Adesiyan wouldn’t have been nominated for public office.

His words: “The appointment of the minister was more of selection and not of Omoluwabi structure. We all witnessed the issue at the National Assembly. It is also the first time in the history of Nigeria that three senators from Osun State unanimously rejected the candidate and the machinery of government was used to elevate him.

“Putting Adesiyan in the Ministry of Police Affairs, someone who is having such allegation hanging on his neck, in other clime, he would not think about it. But the instrumentality of government is being used.”


Politics / Fani-kayode Living Up To His Name, Obanikoro Working Against The People by Gbawe: 4:40am On Apr 22


Two different people made unusual news in Nigeria this week sharing one thing in common - me, myself, and I, and opportunism to the bargain. It is already an established way of life in the political arena in Nigeria that many will do anything and everything possible to draw attention to themselves by securing relevance in the public space, taking advantage of the acquired relevance to attract patronage and political appointment to themselves, and then go on to justify their appointment and inclusion in whatever government/regime they were invited into. Some newspaper writers and columnists who used to be well respected critics of the government of the day are now no more than forlorn figures since they lost the respect of the masses who no longer look up to them but now scorn them. I am beginning to realize that the only people who can - without expectation for anything in return - defend the interest of the Nigerian people and demand constructive change while criticizing government are those who are far away from the nation (either physically or mentally) and have no interests whatsoever in any political appointment or patronage. Of course, there are still very few who are also truly committed to demanding improvements in the lives of our people, but I am tempted to say that most critics are there seeking what they can get, and survival is to blame for this, which is why what is uppermost in their minds is self-survival and opportunities for themselves. Just look at the media guys who are now followers and protégés of Bola Tinubu, even the self-styled radicals among them.

I am probably one of the people who are not surprised that Femi Fani-Kayode went to visit Goodluck Jonathan in Aso Rock. Femi is just the true son of his father, the late Chief Remi Fani-Kayode, aka Fani-Power. An opportunity must never be allowed to pass by unclaimed; it must be taken full advantage of and maximally embraced and used. Femi Fani-Kayode has been a staunch critic of Goodluck Jonathan and his inept government forever. He faulted Jonathan in everything and condemned his government in virtually every article, but today Femi is of the view that Jonathan is "wonderful." That assessment is in itself fearfully worrisome and dubious. Femi Fami-Kayode was a minister under Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and he used that platform to throw insults and jibes at every critic and opponent of Chief Obasanjo. He continue to attack every real and perceived enemy of Obasanjo even after he left office. With a case to answer for corrupt practices and with evidence of huge money lodgments to the tune of millions of naira in a commercial bank in Apapa, Lagos, Fani-Kayode's corruption case has not been going in his favour and there are indications that he may lose the case and face a heavy sanction in court. Then the opportunity to meet Jonathan suddenly came and he took it with delight. And, just like that, Jonathan became wonderful! The wonders of the Nigerian world!

We must not be surprised if the EFCC show no more interest in continuing the prosecution of Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode and we must not be shocked if all Fani-Kayode knows about the All Progressive Congress (APC), of which he was a member up until his visit to Aso Rock, is provided to Jonathan and the PDP in the not so distant future. By his action and visit to Jonathan Mr. Fani-Kayode has effectively ended his relationship with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo since he cannot be with Obasanjo and at the same time be with Jonathan. No man can be with Okun and still be with Osa at the same time. Obasanjo made Jonathan and threw power at his feet - an action which he now regret so badly - but Jonathan has not been a loyal protégé and a dependable godson either. Despite his huge failure in improving the nation and inability to positively impact the lives of the people Jonathan must get credit for easily mastering the dirty tricks and mucky waters of Nigerian politics, the very same poli-tricks that have been at the root of the nation's political impotency and drawback for decades. I used to tell people that the fear of the EFCC is often the beginning of political brinkmanship and a quick change of heart. Fani-Kayode has gone into the lion's den and found that the lion, though weak yet hawkish, is not in short supply of the ability to bite and secrete venom. The greater advantage will come to Fani-Kayode now that he has successfully maneuvered the danger that the EFCC represent and will also earn for himself a new ministerial opportunity/federal appointment and respite.

I am not so sure Chief Olusegun Obasanjo will be happy about this development because many of his supporters and sidekicks have either been kicked out of their positions/offices in the PDP or have been bought over and brought into Jonathan's group. What does it really take to buy over a Nigerian politician? A political appointment, a contract, a special dispensation, what more? We all know nearly everybody wants to eat and envy those who are looting while they are sidelined, a looting spree that has been a way of life for the PDP since 2009. I do not even think Fani-Kayode will be bold enough to call the former president or call the leaders of his political party, the APC to discuss his visit to Aso Rock with them. He said he went to Aso Rock to pay homage to Jonathan. You will wonder why this political animal waited for more than four years before seeing the need to pay "respect to the wonderful people that are here" in Aso Rock. Were these people wonderful in the eyes of Fani-Kayode last month or last year? Are the people inside Aso Rock doing things differently and improving the lives of the Nigerian people now? Have they fixed the aviation industry for which Fani-Kayode had written and condemned them in the last two years or so? What exactly are they doing differently? The only thing I see and that is different is the respite that will come to Fani-Kayode because the EFCC will no longer pursue his prosecution vigorously again and he will benefit in some way with this new-found romance with Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan must expect something back in return from the ease he will be granting Fani-Kayode. I am not just sure what Jonathan wants from Fani-Kayode and can only hope that will be revealed soon, but Fani-Kayode must justify his inclusion and sudden patronage. The story he told journalists about moving the nation forward is just from his rich and fertile imagination. For now, respite has come but that is surely not the end of the story.

As for Musiliu Obanikoro, a recent appointee into the ineffective cabinet of Goodluck Jonathan, he is already trying very hard to justify his inclusion into that lame cabinet. Obanikoro was said to have led some soldiers to occupy some land and sites earmarked for housing development projects in Lagos State including the Housing Program in Ilubirin, Lagos Island. The housing project is now being stalled and work halted by the reckless action of Obanikoro. Obanikoro just has to show his paymaster in Abuja that he is ready to be used, willing to be used and prepared to fight and win votes for Jonathan in Lagos State. He is probably deluded that he will win Lagos State for Jonathan when it is clear that the average person in Lagos State (and Nigeria too) will choose Fashola over Jonathan today. But must Obanikoro stand in the way of the dream of many citizens in Lagos State who desire to own homes and are anxious to collect their keys to their new homes? Is it wise for Obanikoro to fight the people and stand in their way just because he wants to show that he is an obedient errand boy? How do you occupy lands meant for housing projects and why would he molest construction workers using armed soldiers who are paid by taxpayers to do so? Obanikoro demanded for proof of ownership and the title of the land from the workers rather than taking the democratic and legal step of seeking court intervention.

Whatever happened to decency and due process? I don't think thugs and miscreants care so much about due process and the rule of law when the boys can be called out to roughen things up a bit. If Musiliu Obanikoro is seeking publicity of any kind, then I think he got it and he will live with the shame of his reckless action and wanton stupidity for a long time to come. He has written his own political obituary and finally come to the end of his political career.
The truth is that if it was certain that Obanikoro was only doing what he was sent to do by Aso Rock, then he should be told that Jonathan will simply use him and then dump him, and the head employed in breaking the coconut will not partake in it. I wonder who put an area boy in charge of military men. Surprises are never in short supply in Nigeria, surprises of the very grotesque kind. Where else on this earth do you see a civilian leading military operations? I can only imagine Obanikoro in his agbada ordering the gun-tottering men in uniform to follow him, "Common, common, follow me, quick, quick, let's go." The we-will-show-them-who-we-are mentality has hindered many from seeing clearly and rubbished whatever claim they have to creativity and intelligence.

An overzealous hireling and mischief-maker like Obanikoro tend to follow dumbly and without thinking things through. Are the courts still relevant in our democracy? Why bring the military into matters that are essentially civilian in nature and which the courts are established to deal with and adjudicate upon? Opportunists hardly ever rely on wisdom; they feel safer trusting their heart and the desire to pay back and justify whatever benefit they are getting. But for how long and for what end? Musiliu Obanikoro is now an enemy of the people of Lagos State and he should not expect the people of the state to be kind to his party, the PDP at the coming poll. He failed the first time around and now he has sealed his defeat and the humiliation of the PDP in the 2015 election.
Politics / Re: Message To President Jonathan And His Supporters by Gbawe: 8:52pm On Apr 21
awodman: I can see Gbawe blowing big grammar,dishing out innuendos,half-truths and blatant lies and mixing them with occasional truths just to bamboozle some gullible folks but I won't spoil his party...Have a field day Gbawe

My brother, please expose my "innuendos" or "half-truths and blatant lies". I am happy to defend all accusations I make against the GEJ-led government any time you and your ilk are ready to shun sentiments in favour of using facts to defend your clannish support for a President sane and rational individual, worldwide, now deem a monumental failure.


Politics / Re: Message To President Jonathan And His Supporters by Gbawe: 6:57pm On Apr 21

Your handle is now freed from Antispam bot and your post revealed,

Thank you. Your effort is appreciated.
Politics / Re: Message To President Jonathan And His Supporters by Gbawe: 6:16pm On Apr 21
Navicular: Dear op,, we all know the president, like his predecessors has failed us,, we all know he lacks the nerves to commandeer the ship of the most populous black nation in the world.. However, the opposition hasn't done enough to convince us that they'll be any better when their candidate eventually gets there. They've shown the lowest level of patriotism there is,, they abuse the person of the president without decorum, they mock the office of our number one citizen with reckless abandon, they've lately become so obsessed with occupying Aso villa, that they forget to address the fundamental issues with constructive criticism... Nigeria needs a change of leadership, but I'm afraid that saviour isn't in APC,, so until then, Gej has my vote...... God bless Nigeria,,,, God bless the CnC of the FR of Nigeria,, God bless us all!!.... We'll overcome!

With all due respect to your integrity, I put it you that Nigerians who malign the opposition, everytime the gross failings of the current Government are listed, are politically unsophisticated people. What do you propose we do? Endure with a Party that has failed spectacularly for 15 years and under three different Presidents? Albert Einstein said "t[i]he definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result[/i]".

Are people like you not indicating Nigerians are insane when you keep proclaiming an opposition you have never experienced as "failed" while you keep pledging support to GEJ and his Party that is a tried and tested 100% failure of 15 years. Sorry to say it but I can only view you as another who is ethnically devoted to GEJ to the point of myopia. This is the only reason you will reject an opposition you have never experienced to pledge allegiance to a certified and thoroughly proven failure. In nations without our ethno-religious division, they will try the opposition just to show the world they are are not insane and are not prepared to keep persevering with failure like lunatics. Political sophistication will lead citizens of such nation to understand that they can also vote out the opposition, at the earliest opportunity, if it does not perform. You guys should just come out and declare you ethnocentric backing for GEJ because that makes more sense to a child than this pathetic inanity of rejecting an opposition you are not prepared to give a chance to in preference for sticking with a proven failure of 15 years that has shown, time and time again, it is only capable of taking Nigeria backwards.


Politics / Re: Message To President Jonathan And His Supporters by Gbawe: 5:51pm On Apr 21

This is not good enough. Specific points have been made against the president on this thread. If you cannot counter at least some of them then do not say anything at all.

I hope I haven't wasted my time responding to a troll.

I have known you a while here as a sensible, balanced and intelligent poster. I would urge you to ignore ethnocentric cretins with reasoning ability lower than that of an Ape. It is sometimes expedient for a man to lie to others but a man becomes a worthelss fool when he lies to himself. To know the worthless fools here, you simply need to note how they will always avoid the very, very heavy evidence that directly shows GEJ is complicit in the ruination of Nigeria and the worsening of her problems. They will lie to themselves that "GEJ is the best since 1932" when the man is condemned worldwide by even non-Nigerians who have no ethnic or religious grievance against Jonathan.

These people, as the blindly indoctrinated creatures of hate they are, prefer to clannishly shout "GEJ till 2050" hollowly when sane minds only see failure that should not be indulged beyond 2015 and would certainly have been impeached in sane Nations. How many Presidents or National leaders worldwide do any of us see directly ignoring well-researched and universally proffered solutions to serious problems miring their nation in underdevelopment? Did we all not see GEJ bin the Ribadu petroleum task force report? What do the fans of GEJ have to say to that?

Otedola is a member of GEJ's Presidential economic team. He has suggested that Nigeria can defeat fuel subsidy scam completely if the nation simply engages foreign refineries directly and stop the practice of using middle men (marketers) who, with NNPC complicity, receive billions for fuel they have not even supplied !!!! Have we seen GEJ follow this simple advice? to even a child, is it not obvious that GEJ must be a beneficiary of subsidy scamming hence the reason he cannot move urgently and decisively to end these criminals defrauding Nigeria and heaping misery on ordinary Nigerians?

We could go on all day highlighting the deliberate inactions of GEJ making Nigeria worse and a gangster paradise for crooks, scammers, corruption barons, AGIPs and every amoral person looking to make a quick buck out of the misery of Nigerians. Let some continue to support this ultra-corrupt and highly destructive President blindly. What I know is that GEJ cannot be President forever. We will see where the clannish and ethnocentric supporters of GEJ will take their worthless noise when this abjectly poor leader, who is only sinking Nigeria, is shown the door.


Politics / Re: 40% Reduction In Osun’s Federal Allocation Unjustifiable – Aregbesola by Gbawe: 12:34pm On Apr 20

That is exactly how u are so u are also guilty of this as well.

Deductions from the FG is wrong but deductions from the state government shouldn't be mentioned and another thread should be created
For that? shocked shocked shocked - may be it makes sense to u but sounds senseless to me.

Why don't we clamour for the practice of true federalism if are truly sincere with ourselves?

If governors only depends on federal allocations just to pay salaries then such states needs no governor.

We are all hypocrites.

Why don't you show examples of this you have seen me guilty of ?

As far as "true federalism", the demand for it is as old as the hills. This current democracy, beginning in 1999, has not hosted leaders favourably disposed to working sincerely for "true federalism". This is why I believe Nigeria cannot begin making progress until the PDP is gone due to how the Party and it's policy makers believe in the inordinate concentration of power in the centre. By all means "clamour" for true federalism as much as you wish but I can assure you it will never happen under the PDP. You think GEJ can have ten airplanes under true federalism? The fact that GEJ is attempting to buy more planes is proof of the naivete of Nigerians who cannot understand that true federalism will remain an empty slogan under the PDP.

In regards to payment of salary, let us be realistic. Osun is a civil servant State , entirely dependent on allocation from the centre, thanks in no small part to the 7 years and 10 months rule of the PDP through Oyinlola. Oyinlola and his PDP SW compatriots like OGD and ALao-Akala showed a style of governance favouring a total dependence on the centre. Their Policies reflected this.

Whereas, the reality today is that the APC, though not perfect, provides a better system which can secure self-financing status for States in the long term. In OSun, IGR is increased and serious effort are afoot to diversify State income via leveraging on the competitive advantage of the State in areas such as tourism, Agriculture, et al. All this is geared towards a future where Osun can be self-financing. Such a future is not near at all. This is the reality.

I don't mean to patronise you but I must say that a true understanding of Governance means you cannot simplistically insinuate Osun ought to be self-sufficient at paying salaries in 3 years and 6 months Aregbe has led the State. Much as I despise the leadership of the PDP at the centre, you will never see me say what you say against a PDP Governor in relation to payment of salary because I know the reality of Nigeria to appreciate that any new Governor can craft a plan to aid self-financing to counter what they met on ground but such may take upwards of 20 years and can only be achieved with one administration after another adhering totally to the original template.

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Politics / Re: 40% Reduction In Osun’s Federal Allocation Unjustifiable – Aregbesola by Gbawe: 11:39am On Apr 20
Chris813: What d F-ck does dis Goat knw about oil? Same u came out 2 tell the world that ur state is now d 7th largest economy in Nigeria... Same u propose budget of over 200billion and u borrow 2 fun almost all. Same goat told us Osun IGR is runnin in2 trillions. Don't go and do somethin 2 generate revenue 4 ur state! Keep foolin urself... How many of u APC E-GOATS ve been 2 d niger delta where all this money is comin from? Well maybe some of u should visit dose area 2 understand wat the people dere are passin tru; b4 comin here 2 talk nonsence

Please spare us your misguided rants. What are the currently empowered "children of the soil" like GEJ, Oronto Douglas, Allison-Madueke, Orubebe , NDDC et al doing for the region where "all this money is coming from" for you to come here chatting sh1te? Are those characters and the NDDC not the ones letting the ND down with their penchant for brazen corruption and Jet-set lifestyle instead of people-centred transformation? Charity begins at home. Your rant does not make sense as long as we remain in a federation where other legitimate federating units are fully and legally entitled to allocations accruing to them from income belonging to all Nigeria.

It was so before oil and will remain so after all even if ethnocentric and myopic elements like you do not get this very simple concept. Nigeria is not at all the clannishly protectionist hamlet you guys tout it to be. Deal with and accept that fact till our governance structure and association changes legally.


Politics / Re: 40% Reduction In Osun’s Federal Allocation Unjustifiable – Aregbesola by Gbawe: 11:31am On Apr 20
interoute: Your sense of reasoning is alarming. Is this the kind of leaders we will have tomorrow? selective and biased campaign against corruption?

It is your sense of comprehension that is alarming and disappointing for your pretensions to erudition. Let me repeat my point if you miss it. You cannot begin talking about what Aregbe does or does not do when the thread is about the FG short-changing Nigerian States in a period awhen all conditions indicate Nigeria should be fiscally buoyant with a healthy 'rainy day' reserve.

Address that issue alone and stop dancing around evasively. Whatever you claim against Aregbe cannot detract from the fact that he has nothing to do with disbursement of allocation to Nigeria States which is what this thread is about !!!! In my experience on this forum, people do what you are doing when they support those currently under indictment. Go and open a thread about other side issues and stop the childish obduracy that sees you pretend you do not understand what others are saying..

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Politics / Re: Message To President Jonathan And His Supporters by Gbawe: 10:23am On Apr 20
If he is failing, he should take responsibility for that failure rather than seek to divide Nigerians along partisan, tribal or religious lines.

Nigeria is bigger than any Nigerian and the country cannot and should not be plunged into anarchy because of the incompetence and failure of leadership of a single president.

This is what we keep telling the clannish and ethnocentric supporters of GEJ. I.e they must rise above bias to see GEJ for what he is. A thoroughly corrupt and grossly incompetent leader only interested in remaining President for as long as possible even as he is failing spectacularly in the position. GEJ will go in the end but what will remain is the nauseating taste in the mouth of most young Nigerians over the ethnocentric fervour they have seen the SE and SS display.

I don't think Nigeria will heal easily from the divisive and deliberate 'divide and conquer' antics of GEJ many from his region have embraced with revisionist zeal. Suddenly, everything is about not wanting "minority" and 'persecuted oil owner" GEJ to remain in power and not about the trillions GEJ and his buddies stole via subsidy scam. We are to forget about the missing $20 billion also and never mention the emptying of the ECA after GEJ became President. NNPC looting and shocking lack of transparency, when the parastatal demands full and total reform, is a no-go area. The Malabu scam must remain undiscussed history. Hideous 'ten airplane' governance profligacy and the deliberately bloated democracy GEJ fervently support ,making Nigeria unable to develop, is not important. We should flog Ribadu for painstakingly providing a report that could have revolutionised our oil sector with GEJ only deeming such a report fit for the dustbin.

We should never question the madness of handing pipeline protection contracts to militant warlord with the result being that Nigeria is now experiencing the highest level of oil theft in recent history. We should not ask why States allocation is dwindling and erratic in a period of consistent high oil price healthily above budget benchmark. We dare not raise issues about the abysmal level of corruption under GEJ. God forbid we mention pseudo-privatisation of the power sector now turning out to be deleterious crony-capitalism and age-old enrichments of AGIPs, as many of us predicted, only delivering greater darkness today. We must remain silent about the pension scam and how perpetrators of high-level scam in Nigeria are walking around freely. I could go on but the message is obvious to sensible Nigerians. We must never make this about the many unacceptable failings of GEJ according to his clannish supporters.

This is a President failing every Nigerian everywhere while appearing totally out of his debt in relations to the major problems of Nigeria which are all worsening. Yet we cannot expect his fanbase to see this because it is one feeding off ethno-religious bias, a persecution complex and the asinine notion anyone from an oil-producing region is somehow more authoritative or 'entitled' than other Nigerians. This is why fans of GEJ wish we hold him above reproach when his failings are too many to list and shocking to the extent foreign leaders are wading in with criticism of Jonathan. Is David Cameron Yoruba or George Bush a Fulani who wants to prevent GEJ from remaining President beyond 2015? We will see where all this ends but I am sure ethno-religious loathing will linger destructively and punitively beyond GEJ because some people have now shown other Nigerians that this is all they see and have to offer whereas the entire world beyond Nigeria sees a shockingly inept President placed way above his station. Ordinary Nigerians, from every corner of our Nation, are damned under GEJ.
The only Nigerians profiting from GEJ's presidency are scammers, crooks, militant warlord, recycled AGIPS like Otedola, Okupe et al, recylced failed politician like Obanikoro, Tukur et al, cronies of Government and all general miscreant linked to governance/partisan politics.


Politics / Re: You've Lost One, FFK! I Admit I Was Fooled!! by Gbawe: 8:48am On Apr 20

The wise guys here sat on the fence over the FFK issue because we have seen it all before. Never, especially in the case of Nigeria, react rashly to support/castigate anyone. Give it a bit of time and you will see the real character/motives of the person in question emerging. FFK's pretensions to pro-people heroism never fooled me. This is why I could never be bothered to say anything about the guy let alone support him even when he was running around vilifying the PDP while acting as if he singlehandedly created the APC.

When a glorified 'latecomer' and erstwhile MIA (missing in action) 'attache' individual is acting too gung-ho like FKK , then you should know that such a person is likely insincere. FFK, in my opinion, just wanted cheap publicity and a path back to political relevance. I think he may have gotten it by correctly gambling on how susceptible to 'Nollywood drama' Nigerians and their leaders are.
Politics / Re: The Average Hausa/fulani Is A Potential Terrorist- Asari Dokubo's Wife by Gbawe: 8:38am On Apr 20
This woman's statement is misguided and offensive but I am not surprised because everything is about the vacuous defence of GEJ for these ultra-clannish elements. Imagine a white person saying the average black person is a potential criminal and mugger? When a Kenyan says the average Nigerian is a fraudster it is this sort of woman who will fight Unclad to argue otherwise. This is why senseless people should not be given a public podium in ordered society as they will only use such to cause offence, raise tension, heat up the polity and heighten division.


Politics / Re: 40% Reduction In Osun’s Federal Allocation Unjustifiable – Aregbesola by Gbawe: 8:25am On Apr 20
Some clannish and ethnocentric Nigerians should bury their head in shame for supporting GEJ and the brazen level of thievery , the worst since 1999, he is supervising now making the entire world to lose patience and ask him to accounts for billions of dollars accruing to Nigeria. Oshiomhole raised the alarm a while back and what Aregbe says here is nothing new.

I used to think Bakare was being alarmist when he said GEJ's mission is to bankrupt Nigeria. I now believe the Pastor is 100% correct. How can anyone support the obvious looting highlighted below especially when, right before all our eyes, we saw the brazenly corrupt GEJ bin the Ribadu petroleum task force report that would have plugged many avenues of looting against Nigeria while bringing much more transparency and accountability to the oil sector. We all know why GEJ binned that report but ethnocentric bias will never let some folks understand that they, along with their generations unborn, will suffer too over the ultra-corrupt looting of the GEJ-led centre.

Nigeria Is Experiencing Financial Crisis, Says Edo Governor Adams Oshiomhole
Posted: Oct, 03 2013, 4:10PM

Governor Adams Oshiomhole
By SaharaReporters, New York
The inability of the Nigerian Government to meet its financial obligations to state governments has been described as a recipe for national disaster which can lead to serious security challenges.

Making this assertion during a press briefing in Benin-City, Thursday, Edo State Governor, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, said the country was experiencing financial crisis as most states could not pay the salaries of their workers.

Following the Nigerian Government's inability to pay monthly allocation to states, Mr. Oshiomhole implored the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to pay into the Federation Account the over N2.3 trillion it was owing it.

He said the corporation was insincere with Nigerians as it could not reveal the number of barrels of crude oil it was refining daily.

“I don’t know if the federal government is broke but I know there is serious crisis and it is unprecedented in the history of this country. For the first time since 1999, allocations can no longer come as at when due to states. I have been involved in trying to understand what the reasons are and I have not seen anything yet. Whether we use the word broke or you deny the word broke, the truth is that there is financial crisis in Nigeria which has very serious national security implications.

“Because when states can’t pay salaries, federal government can’t pay salaries as at when due, and you can’t pay your contractors and your contractors will begin to retrench their workers, that is recipe for national disaster. So, I am hoping that NNPC should wake up and meet its obligation to the federation account otherwise, the integrity of government is at stake.

"If I can’t keep my promise, federal government can’t keep its promise, all other governors can’t keep their promises, the Nigeria electorate will be so disillusioned and it will be a disaster. So I am hoping that NNPC recognises that it cannot be business as usual and they have few cases to answer as far as I am concerned," the governor said.

According to him, “Two years ago, it was about the kind of money we were spending on subsidy. In no time following series of probes and enquiries by the National Assembly and by the presidency they have since discovered the kind of money they stole as regards subsidy, all the people that conspired with them and I believe the EFCC is dealing with that.

"But just as we are dealing with that, now we begin to hear about the theft of our crude oil such that what is accruing to the Federation Account is not enough to meet budgetary provision. As you know, this year’s budget was based on $79 per barrel, that is about 2.4, 2.5million barrels per day. Now the news is that contrary to all the forecast, nothing is getting better.

"And it is sad that we are not doing enough to change things for the better, the challenge of government in any part of the world is to deal with the issues. If the economy is not doing well, you do certain things differently and recover. Well it is no more a matter for debate that we are 10 months into the new year and oil has performed very well, selling between $105 and $110 per barrel throughout 2013, which means that if we have budgetary provision of $79, we ought to have a surplus of about $30, which should be in the crude oil account. But rather than having this surplus we are witnessing a situation where Federal Allocations no longer come as at when due, and states can’t pay salaries.

“In Edo State like the rest of other 35 states, part of our July allocation has not been paid. About one-third of our August allocation has not been paid and nothing has been paid for September allocation. And it is the first time since 1999 that this thing is happened. The explanation by NNPC is completely watery. They collect 455,000 barrels per day for domestic refinery, but they also agreed that the refineries are not working, that the very best they cannot refine more than 100,000 barrels per day, so the question is what you are doing with the balance of 355,000?

"So, why will you run business like that, you take 455,000 barrels a day to refine, even when your refineries are not working. Okay whether the refineries did it, where is the money? If you multiply $109 by 455,000 barrels per day, you will imagine the kind of money NNPC ought to be paying into the federation account. And from some of the figures that have been thrown around, NNPC is owing the federation account over N2.3 trillion. And Edo State has a share of that amount that will run into several billions of naira.

“But last month, many states could not pay salaries, but in Edo State we were able to pay. Even the federal government could not pay salaries; I think they paid July salaries around August 14. But we paid August salaries in August."


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