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Politics / Re: Bombers Wanted To Assassinate Me – Buhari by Gbawe: 11:28am On Jul 24

They are not children. They are brain washed adult, their mind are completely sealed, they can not think with it positively, only NEGATIVE thought. They cannot see with their eyes, even to hear with their ear is another problem.

May GOD have mercy on them

The truth 100%. They are indeed senseless adults. Very confused and brainwashed adult with the thinking faculty of something closer to Ape than man .
Politics / Re: Buhari's Assassination Attempt .. MATTERS ARISING by Gbawe: 10:22am On Jul 24


What a foolish utterance. Most times, things are precisely as they seem. Except of course one is dealing with fantasists and conspiracy theorists like you who will always reject what is obvious and logical to seek the most complicated and long-winded explanation as 'fitting'.

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Politics / Re: Gen Buhari Immediately After The Blast(video) by Gbawe: 9:37am On Jul 24
prophetone: Buhari will live till he completes his second term in 2023. Look at how calm he remained in the midst of chaos. Sai ka yi dan daura.

Buhari is a real leader. A man of conviction. Throughout the world, one thing common to Presidents and heads of state is that they are all willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of dying for their nation and people. These men and women are rare. They think differently to the rest of us and it must be so. They can face death so we live. They lead by example and non will be afraid, for example, to visit Chibok or any inch of Nigeria to show that the C-in-C and all the might he controls is in charge of the nation and not to be held to ransom by a bunch of illiterate opportunists and anarchy-loving killers, criminals and disgruntled elements who do not have the mandate of the people to lead let alone arrogate the power to take innocent lives unto themselves.

Deserving leaders will do whatever preserves national integrity, progress and the survival of all their people. They will always bravely lead from the front in times when the ordinary man is scared and discouraged.All those qualities Buhari possesses. No nation deserves a totally unprepared accidental leader and scaredy cat, likely to discourage rather than uplift/strengthen the average men he leads, as President or Head of State in difficult time. That is the opposite of what a good leader is !!!

It is the children of indoctrination and divisiveness who must look at themselves and ask why they hate Buhari senselessly yet they can align that thoughtless hatred of an exemplary man alongside their blind and clannish support for a very flawed, ultra-corrupt and misruling accidental President, to the extent of alienating all well-meaning Nigerians, when their 'messiah' GEJ has never shown even 5% of what all other world leaders have in common to warrant such a cult-like devotion. We can only conclude that ethno-religious hatred of others blind some from seeing what is obvious. Consequently, GEJ is the beneficiary of their mindless hatred of other Nigerian ethnic groups and religion different to their own. Throughout history, there have been leaders of conviction, vision, intelligence and purpose worthy of zealous followership.

Indeed even taking Africa alone we can instantly mention Sankara, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Mandela et al. How does the ultra-corrupt, anti-people GEJ (eating 1 billion naira food per year and using ten air-planes and demanding more in poverty-ravaged Nigeria) compare to Sankara who sold the fleet of luxury vehicle in the Presidential fleet because of his belief that a leader, with the responsibility of always leading by example, cannot live in garish opulence while the people have nothing? Good men follow other good men and those who are not innately good by nature will have no problem following a bad person and blinding themselves to the many flaws and unjust behaviour of that 'messiah' they support unquestioningly.


Politics / Re: Buhari Was The 2nd Target Of The Bomb Blast In Kaduna by Gbawe: 10:12pm On Jul 23

Please dont stress yourself educating a myopic pdp soul.his mind is alredy made up which is so unfortunate for some nigerian youths.You are absolutely right.

Politics / Re: Buhari Was The 2nd Target Of The Bomb Blast In Kaduna by Gbawe: 6:38pm On Jul 23
tunshe: The psyche of these young Nigerians has been eroded and ocean of sympathy that resides in humanity is running dry.

Must someone die in an attack for you to believe a story?

This is what you get when you are filled with hatred,intolerance religious and tribal bigotry.

Thank you. How preposterous is the notion Buhari and his aids are now all daredevil Nollywood actors willing to risk death just to boost the profile of the General? So Buhari will be in an SUV that suffered such damage all as part of some "stage-managed" drama? Like you said, some are simply too far gone in hatred to the extent they now do not even pause to note how 'brain damaged' they have become.


Politics / Re: Buhari Was The 2nd Target Of The Bomb Blast In Kaduna by Gbawe: 6:25pm On Jul 23
kokoA: They don't have sense. Stop trying to educate them.

Indeed. They deserve pity alone. If some Nigerians who are used to following leaders clannishly to the detriment of logical reasoning can come out and wickedly call Chibok kidnapping a scam to "embarrass Mr.President" (all because of their ethnocentric support for GEJ) why are we surprised the same set of indoctrinated n1twits are already using the words "stage-managed" for this attack on Buhari's convoy?

Some Nigerians are simply too far gone in obdurate idiocy in the way they pledge allegiance to other flawed human beings you begin to realise they will be marched off a cliff like lemmings in the end. I really feel sorry for these deluded and gullible folks because they always get disappointed by charlatans pretending to be messiahs. The latest being GEJ.


Politics / Re: Attempt On Buhari's Life by Gbawe: 5:14pm On Jul 23

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Buhari Survives Bomb Attack, Car Destroyed by Gbawe: 5:09pm On Jul 23

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Politics / Re: Buhari Was The 2nd Target Of The Bomb Blast In Kaduna by Gbawe: 5:02pm On Jul 23
chimerase2: They would hv bombed him nah so dat we will say is PDP dat was behind the BOKO haram cheesy

Well, it may or may not be to do with the PDP but the attack on Buhari's convoy happened and the General, according to the report below, was left shaken but unhurt.

General Buhari’s Convoy Targeted By Second Kaduna Bomb Blast

General buharis bullet roof car after the bombing

A source close to former military Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, has told SaharaReporters that a second bomb explosion that rocked the Kawo bus station in Kaduna today appeared to have targeted Mr. Buhari’s convoy. Three aides and security personnel traveling with Mr. Buhari to Daura, his hometown, have been confirmed injured in the afternoon blast.

A source close to former military Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, has told SaharaReporters that a second bomb explosion that rocked the Kawo bus station in Kaduna today appeared to have targeted Mr. Buhari’s convoy. Three aides and security personnel traveling with Mr. Buhari to Daura, his hometown, have been confirmed injured in the afternoon blast.

Our source said that the bombers had trailed Mr. Buhari’s convoy and detonated the bomb as the convoy neared a bridge in Kawo.

Our source said the retired General was in good condition, even though he was shaken up by the trauma of the attack.

“Three of General Buhari’s aides were injured this afternoon in the explosion at Kawo,” said the source. He disclosed that the injuries were not life- threatening.

An earlier bomb explosion in Kaduna claimed more than 20 lives.

Our source stated that scores of people were killed in the second bomb blast near a bridge in Kawo. He added that numerous people, including a security aide to Mr. Buhari and two others in the ex-general’s convoy, sustained varying degrees of injury.

The source disclosed that the Kawo bus stop explosion happened as Mr. Buhari’s convoy was passing through the area. He said the ex-head of state, who is a top official of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) as well as a staunch critic of President Goodluck Jonathan, was returning from a funeral in Zaria at the time of the explosion.

On Monday, Mr. Buhari had issued a statement accusing President Jonathan of pushing Nigeria to the edge of a precipice. He blamed the president for a spate of impeachments of political office holders who oppose Mr. Jonathan. In his response, Mr. Jonathan told the former military ruler to focus on mending the internal rifts plaguing the opposition APC.

At least 25 were confirmed dead after a bomb detonated earlier near Alkali Road in Kaduna, the capital of Kaduna State. A security source told SaharaReporters that the first bomb blast was targeted at a popular Islamic cleric, Dahiru Bauchi, who was delivering a Ramadan lecture at Murtala Square to Muslims observing Ramadan Tafsir.

No group has claimed responsibility for the two high-profile attacks, but a security operative in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, said the explosions were likely the handiwork of the extremist Islamist group, Boko Haram.


Politics / Re: Ekoile, Fashola Should Demolish All The Houses In Ajegunle To Build Estate by Gbawe: 1:06pm On Jul 23

Urban renewal, especially for a densely populated area such as Ajegunle, is very complicated to implement. Yet doing such is often the only way forward when large areas have become run down, unsafe and dilapidated - especially because of neglect and lack of investment over the course of decades as is the case with Nigeria. There is no reason for Ajegunle or anywhere else for that matter not to benefit from urban renewal in future but one good government succeeding another is key because every single problem cannot be attended to in the tenure of one administrator.

We don't plan long term in Nigeria or Africa for that matter but the entire Lagos would be drastically different in the next 8 years (same as Lagos today looks different to what Fashola met) if a focused administrator replaces Fashola and consolidates upon the gains made to ensure the continuous prosperity that will continue to drive even greater regeneration than we are seeing till such reach virtually all corners of the State over the next two decades.


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 9:18am On Jul 23

Not likely to happen anytime soon despite the humongous World Bank loan he took for the sector and almost N 6 billion EXTRA budgetary allocation from the federal government through UBEC.

Should education not be the first priority of a governor who is not CLUELESS as Fashola obviously is
Even Akpabio understands this foundational knowledge about SUSTAINABLE development!!!

Lawd !!!!! The lunatic has made his way here. Is there no way Seun can create an 'asylum' section for the many 'unstable' users of NL?


Politics / Re: President Jonathan Proposed $1bn Loan To Fight Terrorism. A Risk Worth Taking? by Gbawe: 7:01pm On Jul 22

Have you been following events to date? When they brazenly embezzled and looted $18 billion sunk into defence and security between 2010 and now you can still take this latest demand for $1 billion as anything other than a shameless attempt to garner funds for the upcoming 2015 "do or die" election?


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 6:14pm On Jul 22
UrbanMystique: I thought they said fashola only works for Islanders ?

Only deceitful m0r0ns say that and we all all know precisely what motivates them to say such nonsense. I am from Surulere and have never tired of explaining to folks that those who claim Fashola is elitist and working only for Island-dwellers are wicked and evil elements who do not truly love Lagos and the transformation she is seeing under Fashola.


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 2:35pm On Jul 22

Bruv, keep up the good work. The entire world , full of intelligent and progressive minds, has identified what Fashola and even Tinubu have done to turn Lagos round and position it as the leader of the modern era of African Nation-States defying the maladministration of clueless and weak central Government to become independently powerful centres of socio-economic strength and progress.

We know those, because of their hateful disposition, who will continue to have contrary opinion to that held by a world happy to highlight and celebrate progress and development wherever such is seen and regardless of who/what is responsible for delivering laudable socio-economic growth. Some illiterates and empty braggarts will come here shouting they "developed" Lagos, when such is mysteriously not possible for the States in their own region of origin, whereas the article below makes it crystal clear that it is effective leadership, which knows no ethnicity, allowing Lagos, Accra et al become the powerfully attractive Nation-State entities they are today. Eko o ni Baje. In fact, the article below makes it amply clear that "olanrewaju ni oruko keji Eko".

How Africa's New Urban Centers Are Shifting Its Old Colonial Boundaries
The continent's booming new economic zones are outstripping the ability of weak central governments to retain their hold on them.

Heavy traffic on a bridge in the Ikoyi neighbourhood in Lagos on March 27, 2012. (Akintunde Akinleye/Reuters)
Twice as populous today as the next biggest African country, Nigeria, which was cobbled together as a colony 100 years ago, has always stood out on its continent as the most ambitious and in many ways fanciful creation of British imperialism.

First, it was given its name in 1897 by Flora Shaw, a journalist for the London Times, and then run by her eventual husband, Lord Lugard, a former army officer and civil servant who recognized from the outset, even as he unified what had been a hodgepodge collection of protectorates, that its disparate regions had almost nothing common.

Almost from the moment of its independence in 1960, Britain's fractious, artificial concoction has been falling apart, haunted by the twin specters of state failure and breakup.

In the country's first decade, it was riven by the Biafran War, a vicious, ethnically driven bid for secession by its southeasterners that killed 2 million people and still ranks as one of the continent's deadliest civil conflicts.

An oil boom in the 1970s briefly seemed to promise widespread prosperity. Instead, it brought a long period of runaway corruption, military coups, and abysmal misrule that have left 60 percent of the population living under the poverty line.

Civilian government and democracy were restored to Nigeria in 1999, but this has not meant the arrival of competent national leadership, nor to a halt in the procession of crises.

This decade has been marked by the alarming spread of terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists in the overwhelmingly Muslim northern half of the country, and by the rampant piracy of oil, Nigeria's main source of revenue, in the southeast.

But from the perspective of a fast-arriving future, even threats like these to the authority of Nigeria's federal government may soon pale alongside a far more fundamental challenge to national cohesion: Nigeria's phenomenal population growth.

Presently, almost all of sub-Saharan Africa is growing at sustained rates unmatched in modern history. In this regard, Mali, Nigeria's resource-poor and largely desertified West African neighbor, is fairly typical. The United Nations projects that the country, one of the world's ten poorest nations, will see its population rise to nearly 50 million by mid-century from its present base of about 16 million.

Nigeria, a rambunctiously energetic country with roughly twice the area of California, may be on a slightly slower growth path, but its already huge size makes its trajectory far more dramatic. The country's headcount is expected to double from a shade under 200 million today to 400 million by 2050, and by century's end will reach an almost unimaginable 750 million -- more than half the size of China -- according to the UN's cautious median projections.

Given the disastrous nature of so much news from Africa, one could easily expect this to be a story about hellish population bombs. It is not. Rather, it is a look at how booming demographics are fueling economic growth in many parts of Africa, while at the same time radically stressing the continent's political geography.

More specifically, it is a glimpse at how urban centers led by Lagos, Africa's biggest city, are positioning themselves to accomplish what any number of rebel groups and secessionists movements have failed to achieve since the continent's independence era commenced in the late 1950s: redraw a remarkably static political map of Africa, imposed by European imperialists over a century ago.

Here and there already, the continent's biggest cities are spawning enormous urban corridors that are spilling over borders and creating vigorous new economic zones that are outstripping the ability of weak and plodding central governments to manage or even retain their hold on them.

Lagos, which sits in the southwestern corner of Nigeria, sprawled over a collection of islands and swampy coastlands, occupies the leading edge of this phenomenon. Today, its extraordinary growth is driving sweeping changes in a five-country region that stretches 500 miles westward along a band of palm-shaded seaboard all the way to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, a mushrooming city of perhaps six million people that has long been this region's other major economic and cultural pole.

In between them, in one of the busiest staging areas of the historic Atlantic slave trade, West Africa is laying the foundations of one of the world's biggest megalopolises, and in Lagos itself, the start of a potentially powerful new city-state.

With an estimated 18 million people (no one knows for sure) Lagos has grown in size nearly 40-fold since independence, and its expansion is still accelerating. Nigerian demographers estimate that as many as 5,000 newcomers migrate here every day, putting Lagos on track to easily double in size again before mid-century, when it will be a top contender for the title of the world's largest city.

For decades, Lagos suffered one of the worst images of any city in the world, known widely as a place of thieving politicians, streets that crackled with danger, rotting infrastructure and "go-slows," the monstrous, daily traffic jams in which people melt in their seats in the stifling, humid heat while praying they won't be held up at gunpoint by robbers. The city's most famous native son, the late musician, Fela, even coined a shorthand term for the Lagos's litany of hardships: "impossibility-ism."

But with the outside world having almost written it off, Lagos has recently enjoyed a prolonged run of strong economic growth, swelling its GDP to twice the size of Kenya's, the richest and most important nation in East Africa. And while booming like this, Lagos has also begun to quietly develop a reputation for some of the most effective local governments in all of West Africa.

Under the leadership of a succession of ambitious, modernizing governors from the opposition Action Party, Lagos has embarked on an unprecedented construction spree, building freeways, sub-Saharan Africa's first metro system outside of South Africa, and public housing units on a large scale. At the same time, this famously rough place has even added subtler quality of life improvements like the proliferation of public green spaces.

In a torrential afternoon rain one day, I drove to the seafront of Victoria Island, Lagos's main business and financial quarter, to visit one of the city's most ambitious new developments, a vast real estate project known as Eko Atlantic City. It is an entirely new district will house 250,000 people in high-rise apartment buildings, banks in corporate office towers, other businesses and hotels, and an 18-mile tramway.

With physical space for expansion fast running out, to build it, the city is filling in with rocks and sand 9 million square meters of ocean, an area one and a half times larger than Victoria Island itself.

For now, all that one can see is a vast, flat expanse of sand that stretches to the horizon, its southern border defined by a nearly 4.5-mile long seawall of boulders and concrete tetrapods piled high to hold back the ocean.

Ten enormous dump trucks filled with large rocks rumbled by while I climbed atop the seawall. On average, I was told, 300 of them unburden themselves of their 25-30 ton loads every day.

"Land used to exist here," a guide in hardhat told me, as we stood on the newly packed sand. "It took about 100 years for the ocean to reach that point," she said, gesturing toward Victoria Island's Bar Beach in the distance.

If Lagos alone were growing like this, the disruption it would pose to the region's staid political order would be marginal. But along with the world's fastest population growth, over the next several decades Africa will also experience the highest urbanization rates anywhere on the planet. In this decade alone, cities in West Africa will swell by an additional 58 million people, according to the United Nations.

Between 2020 to 2030, an additional 69 million people will fill out the region's bulging cities, and urbanization rates will continue accelerating like this at least until mid-century.

As a result, demographers foresee the emergence of hundreds of new, full-fledged cities born from what are now modest, faceless towns, as well as many others simply created from scratch that will begin popping to life like stars born from gathering dust in the cosmos.

Most existing cities, meanwhile, will undergo enormous expansion, swelling beyond recognition from what they have looked like only recently. Here and there, new urban corridors will spring up, along the lines of the 50-million strong 400-mile stretch of eastern seaboard between Boston and Washington, D.C., only far more populous.

And this is where Africa's new political geography comes in. A simple tally of the projections for the three principal cities in this corridor, Lagos, Abidjan, and Accra, adds up to a mid-century population of 54 million.

To this, however, one must add places like Ibadan, Nigeria (presently 2 million people), only 80 miles from Lagos, Takoradi, Ghana (500,000 people), and the capitals of what are today sovereign countries, Lomé, Togo (1.5 million) and Cotonou, Benin (1.2 million). Throw in the countless other towns and cities along the way that will be swelling or springing to life, and the foreseeable result is a dense and nearly unbroken urban zone from end to end.

While I was in Abidjan on a recent visit, ground was broken on a multilane highway project that will run eastward along the coast, to Ghana, replacing the familiar old, potholed carriage road that for decades has rambled through brine-swept palm oil plantations.

A few weeks later in Nigeria, I visited an immense new Chinese industrial zone being built on the far eastern outskirts of Lagos, the Lekki Free Zone, a 60-40 joint venture between a Chinese consortium and the Lagos State government that is being promoted as West Africa's answer to Dubai.

Even if that seems like a stretch, global energy firms and Chinese manufacturers of everything from furniture and palm oil products, to solar panels and automobiles, have already become early, enthusiastic investors. A Singaporean company, meanwhile, is at work building a deep-water port, which is due to begin operations in 2015, and to the immediate northwest of the zone, a new international airport is also under construction.

Investment in the zone represents a bet that if the government can provide land and labor at internationally competitive rates, along with reliable power supply and streamlined immigration and customs formalities, foreign investors will flock to the area. Their aim would not only be to manufacture things for export to faraway markets, but to take advantage of the emerging West African megalopolis's attractive demographics, including high population density and a fast-rising middle class.

Arguably the most important of that city's recent mega-projects is the Badagry Expressway, a newly opened, ten-lane road and rail corridor that will soon push onward to the nearby border with Benin.

Far more than a simple road, the highway is the physical embodiment of the politically transformative integration to come -- think the I-95 of West Africa. At some point before long, it will merge with the highway being built eastward from Ivory Coast, perhaps somewhere in Ghana. But even before that can happen, tiny Benin and Togo, countries whose sliver-thin shapes mark them as conspicuous examples of fanciful European mapmaking, will face a powerful new existential challenge.

The most sacrosanct rule of continental politics in the post-independence era has always been the taboo on tampering with Africa's borders, which almost every state has recognized as arbitrary and irrational, and yet equally essential. The Europeans may have consulted no Africans in drawing them up, but to renounce them now would be to open a gigantic Pandora's box, and a recipe for endless, costly conflict.

But now the massive growth of cities in the region points to ways that borders and the nation states they contain can be overtaken or even rendered irrelevant without war or confrontation.

Like that of Lagos, well-managed, democratic Ghana's resource-driven economy is booming, meaning that for Togo and Benin, the two little backwaters sandwiched in between them, hopes of prosperity will increasingly mean hitching their fortunes to those of their far larger neighbors. This will steadily force French speakers in these countries to opt for English, at a minimum, as the language of business and opportunity. And the switch of colonial languages is likely to be merely the first step toward unprecedented integration.

In fact, many see Lagos's creeping interpenetration of Benin as being already well under way, pointing to a 2003 incident as an important milestone. It involved an armed robber from neighboring Benin who attacked a car owned by a close friend of the sitting Nigerian president's daughter. The bandit fled back to Benin to escape arrest, but Nigeria punitively closed its border, which essentially meant cutting off trade with Lagos, Benin's lifeline. Within 72 hours the suspect was arrested and delivered to Nigerian authorities.

"We already have houses on the border where the sitting room is in Nigeria and the bedroom is in Benin," said F.A.D. Oyekunmi, a demographer at University of Lagos. "I think Benin will remain the Benin Republic, but the string of communities that will spring up along the Badagary Expressway, all the way to the border and beyond, will become the nucleus of one new, giant and integrated urban area -- one economy."

The biggest challenge posed by the growth of Lagos and the consolidation of an enormous, sub-regional economic zone around it, however, is not to the city's minuscule neighbors. Rather, it is to Nigeria's continued existence as a unitary nation.

If present trends continue, in another decade or two, Lagos's economy will surpass the size of the rest of Nigeria.

What has held the country together in the past, however tenuously, is the redistribution of money earned from the country's oil exports. But this is changing fast, as Lagos booms and its dependence on this ever more thinly sliced revenue -- what Nigerian politicians call the "national cake" -- dwindles.

"If [Lagos's] GDP continues to rise the way it is, the federal contribution to [the city] could shrink to 5 percent," Folarin Gbadebo-Smith, the director of a leading independent Nigerian think tank, the Center for Policy Alternatives told me in an interview in his stylish offices. "What you would end up with is a virtual country. All of the parameters, absent an army, police and currency of your own, are there. We are good to go."

Not everyone agrees that Lagos can achieve this kind of autonomy through economic change alone. But as strong as it is, growth may only be the second most important challenge the city poses to the nation.

After decades of drift, Nigeria's own people increasingly see Africa's largest country as broken and fundamentally unworkable, perhaps beyond repair. Nigeria is the world's 11th largest oil producer, and yet it imports all of its gasoline -- it does not have a single working refinery. Just as gallingly for Africa's energy powerhouse, most of its citizens live without electricity from the grid


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 2:03pm On Jul 22
Aigbofa: Wow! I'm impressed by what I'm seeing here. May God bless Fashola, and may God bless Lagos State.

Bros forget. Real Lagosians who love Lagos unreservedly know the impressive difference Fashola has made everywhere and in virtually every sector.


Politics / Re: Why Jonathan Is Impeaching Every Body – Nda-isaiah by Gbawe: 1:50pm On Jul 22

Like the way Gov. Idris Wada of Kogi has been satisfying the people of Kogi State, right?! It's only a fool who would say that the current impeachment saga is not politically motivated!

Please ignore the cretin. We all know threads like these are not for Jonathanians because they are only capable of contributing insult and loutish behaviour. We all know the current impeachment brouhaha is politically motivated. The substantive point is that no one will argue against the meritorious impeachment of administrators guilty of gross misconduct in office.

If that is the case with Nigeria, and a level playing field exists, then Jonathan would have been impeached many moons ago. Indeed, as per damage done to Nigeria leading to loss of lives and great suffering for the masses, then GEJ is number one of those deserving impeachment ASAP. If misrulers, from any Party at all, are consistently impeached as at when their gross misconduct is exposed then no Nigerian will have a problem with what is going on now same as no one has a problem with criminals being put behind bars in sane society because that is what happens all the time and regardless of who a criminal is affiliated with.

When it is now selective impeachment galore (affecting mainly leaders opposed to the unpopular ambition of a failure Nigeria would do well to see the back of) then we all know this will end in tears for those always too historically clannish and ethnocentric to see what this development portends for Nigeria. Ironically, this is all so predictable as Nda-Isaiah concludes when he states "the president should not think that he will do all these and continue till 2019".

When , inevitably, others begin to fight back with whatever means they deem necessary to survive dictatorship and oppression, it is the traditional moaners who always senselessly queue behind flawed men and futile/doomed missions, in a cult-like manner, who will begin to cry and play victim. They will never remember when they failed to be reasonable and rejected all appeal to support what is fair. They will forget how they clannishly backed dictatorial and oppressive actions and even egged such on. Some people simply have no ability to learn from history. They still have not learnt to stop viewing a man and mere mortal as an omnipotent and messiah-like being who is "destined to win and overcome".


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 1:22pm On Jul 22
ntyce: I must say that I am really impressed.
Amosun is building something similar in Abeokuta, 250 units.

But Fashola should be Governor-General of Nigeria.

Other Governors need to learn from him.

Amosun is another seriously impressive administrator. The best administrators today are those who deliver for the people despite the challenges of governance in Nigeria. The worst leaders are those who have nothing at all to show for the time and resources they have gained to make a difference.


Politics / Re: Why Jonathan Is Impeaching Every Body – Nda-isaiah by Gbawe: 12:15pm On Jul 22
twaintoy: GEJ till 2029 abi? Una go suffer no be small.
Nigeria, a country where anything and everything happens.

Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 12:08pm On Jul 22
NewNigeriaMind: Fashola is a blessing to Lagos.
God bless Tinubu for supporting this man.

Indeed. This is why I laugh when myopic and feudalistic fans of GEJ attack Fashola without seeing what matters. The man is an astounding administrator who will, beyond 2015 and assuming he is no longer involved in Nigerian politics, be desperately sought the world over by Nations and organisations wishing to profit from his unique and rare gift as a very effective and talented administrator ala Bill Clinton et al.

Yet ask yourself who, on the other hand, will have any use for the hordes of outgoing PDP Governors (like Uduaghan and Elechi) who are mediocrity and indolence personified? Fashola's brilliance is globally acclaimed and it has transcended the bigotry, prejudice and hatred that has destroyed the lives and minds of some Nigerians. Oga Fashola na leadership don and a global icon of administrative talent. Haters can do nothing about his good name and profile which is already set in gold beyond even Nigeria and Africa.


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 11:58am On Jul 22


Why do you think I ignore the pathetic attention-seeker even as he is trying his best to get a response? His deep pain and frustration is palpable. In short he is, like most Jonathanians, a bitter and dishonest loser unable to celebrate good and exemplary governance if such is not attached to GEJ. Abeg, who has time for such losers when 'time is money' and 'life is too short'?


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 11:38am On Jul 22
FOLYKAZE: #FashPlsBeOurPresident

Fashola achievements is enough to make us reasonable and detribalised Nigerian beg him to become our president.

cool cool cool cool Fixed.

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Politics / Why Jonathan Is Impeaching Every Body – Nda-isaiah by Gbawe: 11:16am On Jul 22

Why Jonathan is impeaching every body – Nda-Isaiah

on July 22, 2014 / in Politics 9:55 am / Comments

•My path to the presidency is clear
•Jonathan has case to answer on Adamawa

SAM Nda- Isaiah, who until recently resigned his position as the Publisher of Leadership Newspapers, in this interview, wants all democratic arsenals to be deployed towards ensuring that President Goodluck Jonathan does not continue till 2019.

Nda-Isaiah’s grouse is hinged on his believe that the perceived incompetence of the administration, is responsible for the current disorderly state of the nation. He also says his decision to run for the presidency on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was informed by the desire to arrest Nigeria’s descent to doom. Excerpts:


SAM Nda- Isaiah

YOUR decision to run for the presidency has attracted mixed reactions. In the mind of some people, you are probably acting out a script while others don’t consider you a serious aspirant. Are you really serious about running?
I don’t think any body will say so. Maybe some people said so at the beginning but by now,I think it has become very clear to those people. Whose script are my acting? I am glad that you read my articles and I am sure that you and many of those who know me, understand my passion for this country and my desire to see it work.
I don’t need to act a script. Before deciding to run, l had a good job which I was enjoying. I have always said that it is a better paying job than the presidency.

Running for the presidency is not something I jumped into without giving it a serious thought. It is not a job to be enjoyed. It does not make sense to say that I am acting a script. I think some people always judge by their standards. If I did not see a path to victory, I would not waste my time by getting involved in the process. I had a job that I was enjoying and l believe it pays better than the presidency. The presidency appears lucrative for those who want to steal public funds.

Two prominent leaders in your party, Bola Tinubu and Gen Mohammadu Buhari, rtd, are being touted as possible presidential candidates. Don’t you think that their rumored ambition might affect your chances?
Buhari has not said that he will contest even though that it is most likely that he will. For Asiwaju, there was a rumour that he will contest but that has died down. Every body has a strategy. I have the one that will give me victory. I think that every body that intends to contest in the APC should have his own strategy.

I don’t think that anybody will be a threat to anyone. I think that anybody that will win would be someone with superior advantages because there is going to be primaries. It is not as if somebody is going to be imposed on the party. And if there is going to be consensus, it is going to be a real consensus. Such consensus will have the blessing of everyone.

Would you support Buhari if he the consensus favours him?
By the constitution of the party, even if there will be a consensus, there will still be primaries. Consensus does not overrule primaries. I am in this race to win. So far I am the only person who has declared publicly and I don’t think I will be the only person ultimately. And I am doing all I need to ensure that we win.

Would you decamp if you lose out in the party selection?
A real consensus is a situation where everyone has agreed on one person. And it is still open to be contested by a few aspirants who may not agree with consensus. Those candidates will still go ahead and contest in the primaries. I was in CPC before it joined other parties to form the APC. I have never jumped the ship. I cannot leave my party for another one because of desperation for power.

Everybody in the APC has agreed on the need to step careful when choosing our presidential candidate because Nigerians are watching us. APC is not the defunct CPC, ACN or ANPP where one powerful person can impose candidates on the party. Nobody is big enough to impose candidates on the APC.
So nobody has been imposed on the party. People are free to strategise on who to be their running mate. It is all part of the strategies that I told you about. I will not be telling you my own strategy.

What is your plan to revive Nigeria?
We intend to start afresh as a nation because every thing is wrong. This is not how to run a nation. Our message is on two legs. Unity of the nation has to come first.
Nigerians have to come together and act as one strong indivisible nation if we intend to make progress. If we intend to move from where we are now to a better future, we must do that as one strong indivisible nation. Countries that are better than us did that to get to where they are now.

Indivisible nation
It is sad that we see ourselves as northerners, southerners, Christians, Muslims, Pentecostals or Catholics.
We are too divided in this country. We can’t continue like that as a nation. The division is happening because the leaders want it to happen. To unite this country is easy. You don’t need a budget to unite this country. All you need is to be sincere and ensure justice and fairness for all. If as president, you treat the nation the way you treat your family, we will be united. But that is not how Nigeria is being run.

You don’t become desperate for power at the expense of the future of the nation. Ultimately, it will backfire. Our second message is on security. I would not have added this to what we intend to do if not that the security situation has become so bad. The primary function of any president is to secure the lives of his people.
Whether you are a democrat or a monarch the first job of any leader is to secure his people. The leader that we have now has failed. It is not difficult to achieve.

SAM Nda- Isaiah

Don’t forget that our police men and security forces used to be adjudged as one of the best in the world in those days when we used to go for peacekeeping. But corruption has changed it all. When you send two hundred guns without bullets to four hundred soldiers, what do you expect? The state governments now get fifty percent of their monthly allocations instead of hundred because the money that would be made has all been stolen today. So there is no money to do any thing.

There was a time that Fashola used to give a billion Naira yearly to the police, but that is no longer done. Other state governments also contributed to their state police commands even though there is no state police but many of them cant be able to do that any more because they get only fifty percent of their allocation. That is also an impeachable offense.

Some governors have gone to court several times but nothing came out of it. As long as you tackle corruption as the president, you will have money to carry out developmental functions. As we speak now there is no money to do anything.

In the past we used to send our troops for peace keeping in African countries, now Ghana has said that they would be gracious to send us troops to fight Boko Haram. That is an insult. We are the giant of Africa and should be strong enough to protect ourselves and other African nations. Nigeria is not a small country, so we should not belittle the country because of our incompetence and corruption.

Your party has been having serious reverses in Ekiti, Adamawa and now Nasarawa. Is there any problem with the party?
Somebody decided to take the law into his hands by bribing the House of Assembly members with $300,000 each. The alleged offense of Nyako was committed five years ago when he was still in PDP. The president should be asked why he thinks it is possible to run a state like this.

Knowing the history
I keep saying that the president has to be careful. This is Nigeria, and if you know the history very well you will know that you don’t just take the people for a ride. If you think that you can do something and say that you are not the one, you will not go free in Nigeria. Many APC governors have been penciled down for impeachment.
One thing that is clear to me is that no matter what Jonathan does, it is not possible to continue in the state that we are now. We can’t continue in this state of disorder, insecurity, corruption and theft beyond 2015.

Nigerians are going to rescue themselves, the president should not think that he will do all these and continue till 2019. Nigerians will rescue their country. It is not the APC that should be asked about the impeachment.

If you don’t emerge as the candidate, what happens?
We intend to win. Wait and see our strategies. We are not planning for failure, because we are sure of victory. The APC is not going to anoint any candidate. We will conduct our primaries.
The APC is not like the PDP where Jonathan will decide not to conduct primaries. The APC is the most democratic party in Nigeria today. We know what is happening in the PDP.

All the governors that decamped from the PDP did that because they knew there was no equity and justice in the PDP. They are here because they know there will be fairness even though the President wants to impeach every body. Maybe the controversial twenty billion dollars was enmarked for the purpose of sponsoring impeachments. They are using corruption to fight alleged corruption.
Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 10:37am On Jul 22


Indeed. Sarcasm and wit at its most effective. Who epitomises the regressive and 'throwback' style of leadership, which has historically failed Africa over many decades, more than GEJ? I.e who epitomises the style of leadership that involves political leaders controlling vast amounts of funds yet giving people absolutely nothing at all in return as dividends of democracy? Abeg who is guilty of that in Nigeria today more than GEJ?

How many of us know that budgeted allocation for security has increased so vastly under GEJ that we are now alongside the nations of the world (the USA, Russia, China, UK, France et al) that spend the highest universal amount of money on defence and security in proportion to their GDP? Yet Nigeria has nothing to show for the vast sum spent and in fact the world, because of the rot the Chibok kidnapping has exposed, can only comment in revulsion at how pathetically under-equipped and maltreated the Nigerian army is for the challenge it faces !!! Instead we hear, under the corruption-friendly President, that politicians and Nigerian army generals have looted every kobo meant to develop and support our Army !!!! What could be more wicked and evil than that i.e taking advantage of terrorism and the loss of Nigerian lives to loot and profit? It is the same in every sector whether it is infrastructure, power supply, job provision or healthcare. All the GEJ Government has done is to conduct 'abracadabra' via literally ingesting billions of dollars while there is nothing at all on ground, anywhere, to show where the vast sums of money has gone!!!

It is an indication of the mental illness afflicting some Nigerians that we see the fans of this seriously discredited and failed Presidency, which has delivered failure for all the money it has controlled, trying to ridicule the efforts of Fashola who, as the most burdened Governor in Nigeria, continue to do the impossible to world praise and acclaim. Many Nigerians are very sick mentally. Ethnocentric, sectional and religious bias has made them that way. They are now too far gone in bigotry and clannishness to differentiate between good or bad and between right and wrong.


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 10:01am On Jul 22

Fashola is simply miles ahead of anything else Nigeria has to offer in regards to administrative leadeship. Mortgage schemes that makes home ownership available to employed and self-employed members of society is vital to meeting housing challenges in any Nation today. I personally know many modestly-employed Nigerians in the UK who have become landlords, with healthy property portfolio worth over £1 million, because of how they took advantage of the stupendous amount of mortgage schemes available to those with regular/salaried income in the UK. Kudos Governor Fashola.

Tackling Lagos state’s housing challenges: Fashola launches mortgage scheme
Posted By TheScoop on February 4, 2014


by Segun Odeleye

The governor of Lagos, Babatunde Fashola, on Monday flagged off a scheme, which if it becomes sustained and successful, could largely tackle the housing crisis and problem of home ownership in Lagos state.

It was the launch of the Lagos State Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme to provide shelter for residents of the state irrespective of origin.

At the ceremony, Fashola said the reason he adopted the mortgage approach in tackling the issue of home ownership was because “a large number of middle class and working class people cannot afford to acquire homes on the basis of their legitimate income derived from hardwork that rewards the dignity of labour.”

He explained that he views a home as “something you pay for gradually and it is a place of safety, well built, safe and sound, to protect you and your family from the hazards of nature such as rain and heat; a place that will not flood or suddenly collapse.”

Fashola announced that under the scheme, there are already “1,104 completed homes while another 3,156 units are at various stages of construction and we intend to start more.”

He said the state government is starting 132 units at Iponri, 720 unit in Ibeshe area of Ikorodu, 420 units in Ajara, area of Badagry, 648 units in Obele, 36 units in Akerele Phase 2, 48 units in Oyingbo, 1,254 in Ilubirin and 1,080 unit in Ijora Badia.

Fashola said the project was fully funded by tax payers money paid as Internally Generated Revenue, saying the state government started saving N200 million monthly from IGR.


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 8:53am On Jul 22

You are very right my brother from another mother, Fashola should be able to do a massive construction of housing estates just like the ones Jonathan has built all over the country with the 4.8 billion yearly budget and over one billion naira food allowance grin grin

Abi OOO. grin grin grin grin Common sense, as they say, is not very common. No wonder it is Fashola copiously praised the world over, typically by the likes of David Cameron, while Jonathan is only fit to be criticised a failure and misuser of funds by the same Cameron. Too many Nigerians running around operating with logic-destroying bias. Things are made even worse when they are unintelligent and lacking in exposure. Gibberish is all that comes out of their mouth.


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 8:35am On Jul 22
Sincere9gerian: Good development. However, we need details as to the capacity and cost of these housing estates. If individuals can erect 4 or 5 storey buildings in Onitsha, it should be expected that a state govt that earns over N30 billion monthly income should be able to do that on a MASSIVE scale at subsidized cost.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Where are the efforts of other administrators that is even close to what is shown here? For Bayelsa's allocation, including derivation from oil, and small population, should we not see far greater relative effort than what is shown here? What housing unit did GEJ commission while Governor of Bayelsa and how many has he commissioned as President in control of the wealth of Nigeria? What is Seriake Dickson, current Governor of Bayelsa, providing today? What is Uduaghan doing?

You cannot ever worry about Ebonyi and Abia near you or even your own Enugu State, where you live, yet you have time for mischief over the governance of Lagos. You are really pathetic. If a decent human being, you will lead your pathetic nairaland minions by example through putting politics and clannishness aside to praise Fashola unreservedly for being exemplary in many regards. Instead you are here making insinuation that appear ridiculous when one notes the reality of Nigeria which is that many Governors who are collecting large allocation from the centre, and with far smaller population in comparison to Lagos, provide absolutely nada for Nigerians !!! Tantamount to attacking a man who provides a car to get his family around while you say nothing about the fellow who won't even provide a bicycle and makes his family walk everywhere !!!!

If you want to talk of the income to productivity ratio, who is the biggest example of failure other Mr.President, i.e the 'messiah' you support blindly, who has been indicted of the misuse of funds by world leaders today because of the massive disconnection between what the FG is collecting as revenue and the big fat zero on ground that is only confirmation GEJ is one of the biggest, most brazen and most callous looter in current world history !!!! look at the vast amount granted to defence and security yet the world is shocked at how ill-equipped the Nigerian army is while you have the nerve to show face here. In other words, you are comfortable supporting evil and misrule when affiliated with it while happy to make yourself a nuisance to decent leaders making a real difference. You are beyond redemption buddy. You are a sad little man and failure. A pathetic loser with no conscience or innate decency.


Properties / Re: Fashola Commissions Oba Lateef Adeyemi Housing Estate. PIC by Gbawe: 8:15am On Jul 22
Choi. Ekoile, I have missed your pictorial reportage that boils the blood of the haters and wannabes from outside the SW who can never focus on or talk about anything other than what is happening in the SW. God-forsaken evil creatures of hate. Continue to bring pictures of progress here and please ignore unexposed, backward and hateful creatures who are cursed to be that way.

Lovely picture depicting the serious efforts of LASG to alleviate the housing woes of Lagos. Lest Nigerians know it, especially the homeless and confused nomads who have no love for themselves or their own and prefer obsessing about others 24/7, this is what happens worldwide, especially in major Cities, when serious Government make a commitment to tackling housing shortage. I.e you see new and adequate development everywhere.

This is in contrast to the 419 the FG, ironically the same failure supported by the anti-progress demons commenting here, is engaged in daily that involves only copious talk with nothing at all seen on the ground. In London today, focus is on the radical creation of land, even from green belts, to facilitate the provisions of housing units. Progress and development is the name of the game. All life's winners, whatever their affiliations and orientations, will celebrate the progress shown here. Frustrated losers, with no joy and nothing good happening in their lives, will come here to make a fool of themselves. Those sort are best ignored.


Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Yorubas Know Little Or Nothing About Nigeria. by Gbawe: 12:42am On Jul 21

Swear that you personally took that picture. Do you even know what city it is? That picture is from around 2005 or 2006. Why don't you prove the OP wrong by going there today a take the picture yourself.

The message of this thread is that yorubas need to start travelling more. Leave your comfort zone. Dont stay one place and think you know Nigeria because the truth is that most of you guys don't.

Yorubas do not have to do nada to please others. If some wish to be nomadic and itinerant then they should enjoy that choice and leave others to live as they want. As if any Yoruba man wakes up daily to think "let me visit Enugu today to show my Igbo Countrymen I know Nigeria". If Igbos or any other ethnic group believe in going everywhere and anywhere to satisfy whatever motivates them towards such an itinerant existence then they should be broad-minded and tolerant enough to accept that not everyone else is obligated to do same.


Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Yoruba Knows Much About Nigeria by Gbawe: 12:21am On Jul 21
Evergreen123: even an MD in sb's company is one of the ppl playing big in Ghana?
y do u like deceiving yourselves?
Even A successful trader earns more.

keep on compiling lists for yourselves

Evergreen with envy, you better shut your ignorant mouth. Olodo. Petty trading and rental of a 4 by 4 market stall is not the beginning and end of 'business' even as that is what has been drilled into your empty head. Next you will tell us your Cousin selling China knock-off phones from his shared stall at Kaneshie "earns more" than the Yoruba-owner of Chicken Republic restaurant chain. Deluded mumu and empty chest-beater.


Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Yorubas Know Little Or Nothing About Nigeria. by Gbawe: 10:20pm On Jul 20
Lero15: Every tribe has ignorant peeps. Yoruba having d least percentage. The reason why u guys are clamoring that of Yoruba is simply because most of u stay in Lagos. If we cld av a state like Lagos in d SE, then u'll know ignorance has grade. I'm so disappointed d way u guys take every topic as a tribal war. The OP was making a little sense @ d first post, albeit myopic. Then he later joined d bandwagon. It may well please u guys to knw that d Yoruba tribe is like MTN, hate it or love it.., it's indispensable. Haba! I'm so disappointed...see future leaders...We still have a long way to go in this country.

I was never fooled because majority of them are like that. I.e pretentious bigots simply looking for validation of their prejudice against others. They initially try and hide their prejudice but anyone who has been a member of NL for a while can spot them a mile away because the tell-tale antics, that are a dead give-away, are always visible. Look at the title of the thread for example. How many reasonable, balanced and objective individuals would say "Yorubas Know Little Or Nothing About Nigeria" I.e their own Country? When someone operates with the sort of prejudice that leads him to make such a statement then you know where he is heading.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Yorubas Know Little Or Nothing About Nigeria. by Gbawe: 9:57pm On Jul 20

You want to take up the challenge?
Have you ever lived outside Yoruba land?

Why do ignorant and intolerant people like you wear your "I have lived everywhere" nomadic ways like a badge of honour and as if it is crime if others do not embrace the itinerant lifestyle your ethnic group favour? Why is it that judgemental and petty folks like you never learn to simply live and let live? Why must you guys always go everywhere seeking to provoke and alienate others with your obsession for proclaiming your ways as right, just or superior? Did anyone force you to live the first 29 years of your life in the SW? Do you now think that growing up in the SW and speaking Yoruba somehow makes you superior to Yorubas, like myself, who have never lived outside Yorubaland?

The way you ask "have you ever lived outside Yoruba land" is revealing of your intolerant/judgemental nature. Is there a contract stipulating that Yoruba children must be raised in the SE speaking Igbo because your parents or guardians, with their own two feet and out of free choice, moved to the SW to live, work and raise you amongst Yoruba folks? Some of you and your nauseating caveman outlook. You will blame others for what they do and blame them for what they don't do. Would it not be better if you guys just live and let live? Do your thing and let others do theirs.


Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Yorubas Know Little Or Nothing About Nigeria. by Gbawe: 9:00pm On Jul 20
J12: Lol. What a stupìd thread. Why can't you people just mind your businesses? Most americans I've conversed with are ignorant about anything that's unamerican, they're even ignorant about the social conditions in other states in America. These are petty isues that are not worth the trouble of a rational minded person.

Thank you very much !!! In fact I stated similar in response to another simpleton when I tried to point out that discussions should not be limited to divisive and prejudiced topic that derogates an entire ethnic group based on assumptions and simplistic conjectures:

There are so many educational issues to talk about in the politics section yet it is always ethnicity-related trivia, usually about prejudicially and senselessly stereotyping an entire ethnic group, that gets cavemen like you and your brothers excited.

The whole issue is a non-starter because all Nigerians, to an extent, are ignorant about other parts of Nigeria they may not have travelled to. Gaining knowledge through migration does not make you "knowledgeable" to the extent you can say, as the OP ignorantly announces, "Yorubas Know Little Or Nothing About Nigeria". The highly ignorant and unintelligent OP is not capable of the sort of effective reasoning anf open-mindedness that should show him that a Yoruba man, if he had spent the first 29 years of his life in Anambra or Kano State as OP had done in the SW, would certainly know more about life beyond the SW. Yet we should all have the good grace to accept that it is not compulsory for the Yorubas to be traversing the length and breadth of Nigeria to prove anything to anyone.

Your example of America is pertinent as well because the USA, for many fact-based reasons, has a one-sided relation with much of the world whereby it is others willing to know about the nation and migrate to the USA while Americans know next to little about others and have very little desire to visit let alone live in other Countries of the world !!! One thing very important to me that I adhere to and live by is the concept of 'live and let live'. Everyone should mind his own business and live the way that makes him happy or fulfilled without judging others who choose a different approach to life. If a Nomadic lifestyle suits the Romanian, why must he then go around accusing the Briton who is not vagrant of 'ignorance' and of "knowing nothing about Europe"? Is that not a form of backwardness and intolerance?

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