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Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 2:05pm
[s][/s]dindinrin agbalagba ,u are here again! Ever punctual in answering the call to stupidityy and foolishnesss . U must have been a very lazy oponu when u were in ur youth, Arguing with boys of ur grandson age. Agbalagba oponu . U are calling me omo ale? Ode afofun gbemu,I doubt it if u have the eyes and brains to notice the omo ale among ur children. Ode

Omo ale, how is your Sunday so far ? Can you not see, from how many have risen against you on this thread, that you are a reviled piece of Cow dung? If there is one thing that unites the people of the SW it is the deliverance of tangible progress everyone can see and feel. On this consideration you cannot divide the people of the SW. They will always back a performer and speak against enemies of progress like you. This is why you are despised and condemned on this thread by so many posters.

Your omo ale conduct is a disgrace to the Yoruba omoluabi ethos. If you are not a fraudster and criminal you will not be saying "PDP will do better" on a thread like this which is actually an example of how PDP shamefully left Agodi Gardens dilapidated and crumbling only for the APC to give the Garden a superb remodelling which has now added value immensely to the hospitality mix of Oyo State. I may be 88 years old but I am no disgrace to my father's name unlike a shameless 'stomach infrastructure' omo ale like you.


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 12:58pm
dat onatiosi guy is a PDP goon, he must have lost out on phantom contracts that he does not have to deliver. usually awarded to him by PDP.

Bruv, he is nothing but a wannabe and 'stomach infrastructure' loser. No doubt hungry and worthless mercenaries like him would love a return of the PDP in the SW so that the free-for-all looting the PDP is known for, which would then trickle down to street-level agberos like him,would return. The charlatan said the PDP will "do better". My people, judge for yourselves. Below is the testimonial of a visitor to a run-down Agodi Gardens courtesy of its neglect by the Alao-Akala PDP Government which chose to ignore this leisure spot with the usual lie of "no money is available" which is simply another way to say "we have looted all the money and nothing is left for you the people".

Compare the beautiful pictures shown so far to that below which was the old Agodi Gardens under "do better" PDP. This Onatisi has no shame and is simply the worst 'omo ale' on Nairaland. An embarrassment to all genuine omoluabis.

My visit to Agodi Gardens in Ibadan
On Monday, September 9th, 2013

So thoroughly dilapidated is the façade of the park that it took several minutes of dilly-dallying at the gates to summon up the courage to walk past the threshold to investigate,…………….I felt like Dante Alighieri, walking past the portals of Hell, more than “halfway along his life’s path,” into dark woods in the front of a mountain (The Mokola Hill visible afar off, on which the Premier Hotel perched); …to relate the bizarre encounter that I had with the mostly semi- literate and illiterate staff who, along with the man who appeared the manager, played the role of the Devil and his fallen Angels, meting out punishment to the sin-burdened traveller who wandered of his own accord, in spite of the warning at the gate, into the dark woods of Hell.”

To cut the long story short, I got to know that the state government is planning a massive restructuring and re-branding of the gardens. I moved ahead to take a look into the compound through the small guard post; I could see some heavy duty vehicles and workers on duty inside the compound.

I asked the same security man I spoke to if I could snap some pictures of the on-going project but he declined my request politely. On moving out to start my journey back to my abode, I saw a big advert board showing clearly what the government plans for the garden.

Picture a Kenyan or an Ethiopian resort here in Ibadan, I was impressed that such steps are being taken to renovate and re-brand a dilapidating public property. Let us keep our fingers crossed on this, because in this present day Nigeria it is easier to get things started than completed. Nevertheless credit should be given to the agency behind this, likewise the administration. But don’t forget it is their job to see to the effective and efficient management of public properties in the state and the truth be told, this is being done by this current administration.

Folks, Ibadan is fast becoming a Mega City……………………… out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 12:44pm
Oga Gbawe as I was saying jare, only a mad man will be barking like dog in a wonderful thread like this.

I know my brother. Unfortunately, cheap broadband and mobile browsing now make it possible for lunatics to come here and disturb the rest of us with their deranged rants. Were igboro ni bobo yen.
Politics / Re: Please What's The Meaning Of Osibanjo? by Gbawe: 12:35pm
So many juvenile delinquents on Nairaland. With the idiocy this thread displays, any wonder that so-called elders never take Nigerian youths seriously let alone consider handing over to them as the immature young men and women of Nigeria constantly demand? Which sane elder will hand over to men and women between 20-40 who thinks and talks like they are 9 year old?

Which elder,genuinely concerned about Nigeria, would empower shallow and unfocused young people who only think/talk rubbish and are never found contributing anything positive to the growth or development of their nation? Youths of other Nations are discussing weighty and progressive issues yet Nigerian youths are gossiping about names. What an unlucky Country Nigeria is. Everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong for us.


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 4:43pm On Dec 20
How much did Ajimobi spend reconstructing it ?

If 62 Hectares of recreational centre could give Oyo state government only N500m, then they need to privatise it. .

The original claim is likely a typo error. The garden sits on 13 acres which is under 6 hectares.
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 2:16pm On Dec 20

Lol, I will have to visit to find out.

The pictures are nice though.

Indeed. The landscaping is really impressive. The theme is cohesive with an overall look that appears to balance aesthetics and leisure functionality. I will certainly be visiting also in the near future.
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 1:59pm On Dec 20
[s][/s]abeg face front and park well. Meddling into an issue u know nothing about. Dorrorubbish

Ogbeni,why remain here making a total fool of yourself? I know you are severely pained and frustrated at how it is APC leaders, throughout the SW, delivering the changes your paymasters refused to contemplate when they had the chance to make a difference. Nonetheless you need tocalmdown for the sake of your own health.

Have you eaten today? You sound a lot more frustrated and irritable than usual? Make I buy you boli at epa?


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 1:38pm On Dec 20

Bro, you sure this is not better than Hyde park? cool cool

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Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 1:32pm On Dec 20
You're not supposed be allowed here...You're post shows you give little or no credence to the natural thought process...Grow up!!!

My brother, don't be surprised by his repulsive antics. Simply pity him and say a prayer for his pathetic life. He is the quintessential example of the PDP omo ales who held the SW to ransom when they had the chance to make a difference. today, these frustrated elements are now forced to watch in frustration as the APC deliver the dividends of democracy to a people who were severely battered, bruised and abused unrelentingly by Governors from the "nest of killers" (PDP) for many years.

The nigga is in pain. Understandably so since he chose to side with the forces of regression that now stand disgraced as a part of SW history no one wishes to remember. Hopefully frustration will not kill him before the new year is here.


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 1:24pm On Dec 20


Time to kick PDPlonkers out and GEJ the weasel! cool

Indeed. Hospitality is booming because of the peace, and socio-economic tranquility the APC government has delivered for Oyo. Ask anyone here what the the State used to be like under the PDP Governor Alao-Akala and "garrison commander" Adedibu. In fact it is the sort of horror I personally do not wish to remember. Now hospitality start-up businesses are booming under Ajimobi and Oyo is moving in the right direction. This, and much better, could be the norm in Nigeria if the PDP is kicked out.


Visiting the ancient city of Ibadan,has just became pleasurable,with the opening of Carlton Gate Hotel in Agodi. The 54-bedroom state-of-the-art luxury hotel was characteristically delivered by Megamound Investments Limited, a company renowned for its exotic estates in the Lekki axis of Lagos and also in the Akobo area of Ibadan,has set standards for the hotel and hospitality industry in Ibadan,.

The spacious, out-of-the-ordinary, tastefully furnished rooms with inspiring artworks and other aesthetics, showcase high taste that guarantees comfort and real value for money and thereby making Carlton Gate Hotel, a favourite of the discerning and upwardly mobile clients. Other top-of-the-range facilities include a fully fitted gym, a modern spa, nature-friendly swimming pool (open to the public), up-to-the-minute bar and intercontinental restaurant; an exclusive lounge tagged ‘The View’, conference hall, gift store and internet-ready business centre.

Those who have been there can attest that,there are lots of other excellent facilities that stands Carlton Gate.Is it the up-to-date library,or the expansive stand-alone, presidential wing, that is with its own dedicated staffs,three living rooms, five bedrooms en suite, business-office with internet, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, three angular balconies, separate car garage, drivers’ bay, and exclusive entry and exit gathered that Carlton Gate, which is about 10 minutes drive from the Ibadan Airport, will commence test running by the middle of June.

It is highly rated by industry professionals, as arguably the best so far in Ibadan. Bordered by the Odu’a Shopping Centre, Army Officers Mess, and a stone-throw from Oyo State Government House and the Agodi Divisional Headquarters of Nigeria Police Force; the environment is very green, exceptionally serene and much secured. A reference point has indeed emerged to raise the bars of the hospitality industry in Oyo State.


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 1:03pm On Dec 20

65 ke? I turn 88 next month. Still, that does not take away from reality of how you are a frustrated and pathetic loser who is perpetually licking the azz of those who have destroyed the SW . Omo ale jati jati.

What a childish brat. Do you not understand that most adults here know that what you do above, i.e striking through what others have written, is the equivalent of the tantrums associated with toddlers? You are doing exactly the same as the child below with your show of brat-like idiocy. Oponu.


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 12:54pm On Dec 20
outstanding stupidityy coming from a man of 65 yrs old. You are a complete disgrace to your children and family. So buying megabytes and living on nairaland is what u are using the pocket money they give u for. Agbaya. Ur mates are in top posts and have achieved much in life ,while u stay here on nairaland day and night arguing politics with secondary school boys. All hail the new king of boys ,agba gbawe

65 ke? I turn 88 next month. Still, that does not take away from the reality of how you are a frustrated and pathetic loser who is perpetually licking the azz of those who have destroyed the SW . Omo ale jati jati.


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 12:51pm On Dec 20

So, Ibadan has its own Hyde Park, no? grin

Nice - me likey!!


Is that the "Beverly Hills" we're going to for Xmas? - just make sure you get enough black amala handy. tongue

Bruv, Nigeria has the wealth, manpower, naturally beauty and topographical endowment to literally host 100 Hyde Parks if the committed leadership is in place to deliver such. This is why Nigeria frustrates and excites many in equal measure.


Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 12:47pm On Dec 20
Thanks for the pictures Gbawe. Impressive. Great for leisure. I can picture myself sitting under one of those trees reading one of Tom Clancy or Fredrick Forsyth's

My pleasure bro.
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 12:41pm On Dec 20
gbawe u must be mad for this statement. Sit down on nairaland and be chatting with little boys just old enough to be ur grandson. I don't blame u anyway. Since u have spent all your youthful days doing silly things why won't u use the small remaining time of urself campaigning for someone who is just ur son age. Ode , adagba ma danu ,oponu ayirada .

Frustrated loser, you are discredited on this forum so no one takes your empty and bitter rants seriously. Why will you not be supporting the forces of regression when you are likely a vagabond tout forever cursed to praise those who butter your bread never mind how evil your paymasters have proven themselves to be when they were given the chance to make a difference in the past. You will die frustrated as you watch the SW continues to make progress that the devils you worship cannot prevent. Omo ale jati jati.


Politics / Re: The Bigotry Against Aregbesola, By Prof. Yemi Osinbajo by Gbawe: 12:24pm On Dec 20
Thanks for bringing this up again. when I read this piece a few weeks ago. I renewed my determination never to forgive this administration for the campaign of cheap blackmail and pure lies against honest and devote civil servants. A government that has nothing TANgible to campaign on result to spreading religious disharmony among the people. I left Ife long ago before Aregbe came to power so I didn't know he built an arena (Open Heavens Christian Evangelical Arena) to honour the renowned Christian leaders from that state. This is the same man along with Buhari gej/pdp has slandered so many times just because of politics. For GMB someone said pdp is looking for dirt in distilled water as a result of pdp's several attempt to cook up damaging stories against him but keep making him more popular.

If you want to destroy a nation. the best/cheapest way to do it is to set the people against each other. This is exactly what pdp would have done in SW with the devilish religious coloration it brought to politics. There are countless young men and women like me who never realized many south western states had been predominantly governed by Christians (because it didn't matter and was never an issue) until this useless government came with the politics of religion. Now people begin to ask what faith a candidate/aspirant belong to rather than capacity/integrity as a basis of electing public officers in SW. Yesterday, I read how anglicans in Enugu reject catholic-catholic tickets. It is just plain madness. This to me is a FAR MORE heinous crime than corruption. For this alone SW (and other regions deserving civil/modern society where credibility and qualification is not based on faith let alone denomination) should TOTALY FLUSHOUT pdp in the region.

Thank you sir. You have said it all. The PDP is fiendishly evil and wicked. PDP, before GEJ, was mainly known for corruption, birthing "do or die" politics (OBJ), militancy (Odili) and misrule. Now the PDP has given Nigeria another long-term headache, probably the worst and most dangerous of all, to worry about with how the Party has deliberately and wickedly set Nigerians against each other along ethnic and religious lines.

I too was appalled with the tactics of religious intolerance the PDP promoted against Aregbesola and in a region where religion was always relegated to the background behind decency and the omoluabi ethos which cuts across race,ethnicity, creed/religion. Nigeria is currently under the control of those who only know how to divide Nigerians and set them against each other for their own selfish purposes. We are only going backwards as a nation if we do not get rid of the evil and cancerous PDP at the centre.
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 11:56am On Dec 20
Your PDP in Oyo state is failure personified, renowned for wide scale violence, insecurity and impunity.

You are marketing an expired product

Don't mind him. PDP, under Alao-Akala and Adedibu, only dragged Oyo backwards. I don't know how some people are so unprincipled and warped to the extent they will begin speaking against what is working and progressive while praying for the return of devils, pillagers and plunderers. Is it the constant NURTW violence that used to cripple socio-economic activities in Oyo , under PDP rule, that the good people of the State should now welcome back after experiencing peace and progress? Some people just utter unbelievably asinine bollocks.


Politics / Re: Wall Street Journal Mocks Nigeria's Economy As Naira Falls Again To Dollar by Gbawe: 11:44am On Dec 20

There is no mockery in that post.
They did their analysis and came to a conclusion.
Analysis does not equate to mockery.

I have already agreed with your right to conclude it is not mockery but you should, if you truly understand the statement below, also see why other posters in the majority will conclude the report is mocking the impotence and self-inflicted weakness of the Nigerian economy. Can it not be argued that the quote below, from the article, mocks the Nigerian economy as one which does not possess the internal and independent ability/strength to rescue herself from the deleterious effect of falling oil prices?

The naira remains stubbornly pinned close to a record low against the dollar and economists have said that until the price of oil drastically rises, Nigeria will suffer.
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Gbawe: 11:38am On Dec 20
What we need is maintenance culture and the upgrading of existing ones . Well done ajimobi but pdp will do better .

Can you even listen to your own dishonesty without throwing up? Has the PDP not been tried, tested and announced a resounding failure in the SW? Where do you get your own upside down reasoning from? Sane people use past record to determine likely outcome of the future. That is why a convicted criminal is banned from holding certain positions in saner climes. This is why it is perfectly normal to contend that a misruler will be prone to misruling in future and not the other way round as you inanely postulate.

Anyway, Nigeria is the land where everything is upside down so I am not surprised you can say that a Party that is known for corruption and failure is now going to miraculously develop the ability to "do better" than those currently delivering pace-setting results never before witnessed in the SW.


Politics / Re: Wall Street Journal Mocks Nigeria's Economy As Naira Falls Again To Dollar by Gbawe: 11:19am On Dec 20
Can someone point out exactly where Nigeria was mocked in the article?
I don't know what is wrong with these useless, inferiority complex filled idîots roaming Nairaland.


My guy, I have been looking for it with a microscope for the past 5 minutes.


You are a grade one illiterate almajiri.
Show us where the mockery is in the article or go and hide in shame!

Are you for real? You ask the same thing several times and even insult others yet most intelligent posters have already seen what the title of the thread hints at. While the use of the word "mocks" is subjective there can be no doubting, from the body of the article, the cynicism of the author towards the effort of Nigeria to independently and internally nullify the deleterious effect falling oil price is having on the Nigerian economy. Slice and dice it how you want but the substantive message is shown in black and white below with even a dash of red cool .

How can anyone spin what is written below as anything other than a damning and "mocking" indictment of Nigeria's grossly unprepared, flat-footed and impotent leadership? If economists predicate the recovery of the Naira on rising oil prices alone, while they appear to completely disregard and rule out the efficacy of any fiscal measure Nigeria is able to roll out, what does that tell you about their opinion most balanced adults would surely view as 'mocking' of the Nigerian Government's ineptitude, complete susceptibility to oil price and economic impotence?

What measures have been taken to limit damage?
The Nigerian central bank has implemented a number of measures in recent weeks to try to control the situation. In early November, the bank barred importers of goods, including electronics, generators and telecommunications equipment, from procuring dollars at its foreign-exchange auctions. Later in the month, it raised its key interest rate by one percentage point to a record high of 13%. Since then, the central bank has also intervened several times, according to traders, by selling dollar reserves to prop up the naira.

This week, it banned dealers from depositing currency-trading funds overnight, preventing traders from placing bets for or against a single currency at the close of a trading session. So far though, all of these measures appear to have had little impact though. The naira remains stubbornly pinned close to a record low against the dollar and economists have said that until the price of oil drastically rises, Nigeria will suffer.


Politics / Re: Wall Street Journal Mocks Nigeria's Economy As Naira Falls Again To Dollar by Gbawe: 11:10am On Dec 20

You are the ignorant and myopic one. How much of the money made in the last four years have been invested in infrastructure? What has been your government response to the oil price challenge? Looking at 2015 budget, does it look like PDP govt is ready to make hard choices? This is Nigeria's internal problem. The article talks about an upsurge in foreign investment and we just came out of a period of high oil prices - why didn't the naira appreciate? Why do you think Sanusi cried out that money was missing? See the big picture and stop being myopic.

Indeed. It is patently pathetic and unintelligently simplistic to insinuate that Nigeria is somehow an 'innocent victim' of the economic war between Nations not even on the African continent.The substantive point is that the right Government would have moved Nigeria away from being entirely at the mercy of things beyond our control.

All nations of the world will have some unavoidable susceptibility, however minute, to prevailing global economic conditions. In Nigeria's situation it is bad governance, because of its corruption-centred profligacy and failure to plan proactively, that now exposes Nigeria horribly to the vagaries of falling oil prices. It is as simple as that.
Politics / Re: Happening So Fast! Season’s Greetings Card Of Buhari & Osinbajo by Gbawe: 10:06am On Dec 20

goan check his credentials wink u ll run

Why even bother with that TANdroid? What is wrong with Osinbajo's eyes? I only see a lean and healthy looking man. As if we do not know those who will never see anything good in anything/anyone associated with the APC.


Politics / Re: Happening So Fast! Season’s Greetings Card Of Buhari & Osinbajo by Gbawe: 9:57am On Dec 20
Politics / Re: Straw Poll Finds 93% Of Participants Prefer Osinbajo To Sambo . by Gbawe: 9:47am On Dec 20

This confirm my post above that osundefender is a fabricator and propagandist, see the full report and compare with what osundefender liars are showing. undecided

why not report the poll & report accurately as reported by SHR

You do not even have the basic intelligence to quote an article properly so that your own writing is separated from all other text you dump here as I do with ease above to differentiate your writing from everything else in your post. You need to spend more time on your own optimal development instead of coming here daily to fire off sentimentally inane post that do not make sense and will never make sense as long as you remain an emotional rabble rouser.

Does your pathetic rant against Osundefender nullify the substantive point of the article which is that 93% of respondent to a survey prefer Osinbajo above Sambo as VP to the 2015 Nigerian President? You have never added value to any discussion here. Really sad .
Politics / Re: Straw Poll Finds 93% Of Participants Prefer Osinbajo To Sambo . by Gbawe: 9:34am On Dec 20
It's an act of wickedness to even compare Osinbajo to Sambo. Who needs an inactive, ceremonial and above all clueless VP when an active, sharp VP-in-waiting is there?! We no longer need a VP whose official duty would be performed by a First Lady.

The likes of Sambo, as is the case with GEJ, are not natural or deserving leaders. Nigeria is heading into an age where individuals who want to lead, and have the talent to lead, will get to lead. We are gradually moving beyond a dark and negative period in our history where undeserving and unprepared stooges (OBJ, Yar Adua and now GEJ) are selfishly imposed on Nigerians by an evil elite class determined to keep the masses in poverty and preserve the system of patronage that serves them well yet prevents the development of Nigeria.

In an age of merit, where leaders emerge because of their talent and how they have utilised such for the betterment of society, Sambo and GEJ will not even be presented to lead a Village primary school let alone a nation.


Politics / Re: Straw Poll Finds 93% Of Participants Prefer Osinbajo To Sambo . by Gbawe: 9:14am On Dec 20
Oga why you dey quote osundefender now ?

osundefender telling lies for AD, AC, ACN & now APC since 1999.

osundefender full of fabrication and falsification

osundefender is speaking in defense of Osun

Did you even use the link to note that Osun defender simply quoted the original source? The original author of the articled is presented below. Hopefully you will use the link this time and stop boring us with your tediously predictable TANdroid modus operandi of attacking the messenger instead of focusing on the message.


Politics / Straw Poll Finds 93% Of Participants Prefer Osinbajo To Sambo . by Gbawe: 9:02am On Dec 20

Straw Poll Finds 93% Of Participants Prefer Osinbajo To Sambo Ahead Of 2015 Presidential Race

In the results of an informal survey, 93% of responding Nigerians felt that former Lagos State Attorney General Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (APC) was a better candidate fo rVice President of Nigeria than current Vice President, Namadi Sambo (PDP).
Though the position of Vice President is not one that carries a great deal of official responsibility, participants voted on a number of factors, among them ethnicity, region, educational attainment, and religion. Vice President Namadi Sambo (left), Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (right)”Check the voting pattern here,” a participant said in response to the polls preliminary results.

“Most people from the southeast went for Sambo. People from southwest and north went for Osinbajo. That tells you how [Jonathan] has divided the nation and unfortunately it has worked against him. 2015 is going to follow this pattern. ”Though the poll overwhelmingly showed that this insight was accurate, some expressed a desire to change this trend.
“Despite coming from same local government area with Sambo I will vote for Osinbajo,” another participant said.”Remember the power of incumbency will also play out here,” another respondent reminded others.
Politics / Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Gbawe: 8:10am On Dec 20

Judge for yourself as I prove my point below conclusively and show some irredeemable TANdroids for what they are.

Mikeansy 2013 demanding Manifesto:

why not register the party APC first and tell us what your manifesto is?

My response to his mischief back then in relation to him asking for what already exists and is available for public inspection by those who care to seek it out:


Mikeansy, the APC manifesto has been out since April. It would be better if you look for it rather than speak as if it does not exist or as if the APC is not bothered to tell Nigerians what they plan for them when issues could be that your mind is made up already. Your disinterest in seeking something that exists, only to speak as if it does not, is perhaps proof of that.

Assuming you really want to know what the APC has to say, it would have been impossible to miss that they have released their manifesto for public perusal since many news sources ran highlights of some of the key points of the APC manifesto at the time. I would like to believe you were not on Mars to have missed noticing.

Fast forward to 2014 and Mikeansy ,on this thread, has shifted goalpost shamelessly to reveal conclusively,beyond the shadow of doubt, that he is one of those sworn to supporting GEJ and thus unable to ever see good in anything the APC does. The demand is no longer that he be presented with a a Party manifesto. Now Buhari must go on TV to "tak about" his Party manifesto because the document is a "long book" he cannot be bothered to read even as he asked for it incessantly and childishly. What next? The manifesto must be printed on gold paper? See the deceitful and two-faced conduct of a TANdroid revealed below?

Why not just support your PDP and GEJ? Why come on APC threads to pose as a 'neutral' observer when past utterances that expose your deceitful conduct is only a mouse click away? The problem for PDP and GEJ fans is that they have nothing to sell Jonathan and his Party on, after 5 years of monumental failure, and they are left with no choice but to present Buhari and the APC as a candidate and party Nigerians should stay away from. This is what is responsible for their decieftul and duplicitous behaviour here.

When will your Presidential candidate defend and talk about this manifesto live on TV?

No one has time to read a long book

It's the digital age, Buhari should announce his manifesto himself

That's the price of running for election in the digital age

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Politics / Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Gbawe: 7:51am On Dec 20

My good man,do you now see my point being proven fluidly? imagine an adult writing this:

the poster is a british citizen, thats how its done over there, apc needs to tell us where they will get the money. empty promises otherwise.

How can someone say, without even the intellectual depth to conduct a basic investigate search , "thats how its done over there" because a "British citizen" said so? This only reveals a biased mindset determined to side with any criticism of the APC regardless of how patently silly such is !!! Dig deeper to see that the resistance to the APC is driven by nothing other than one sectional bias or the other. This is why all these guys are comedians not to be taken seriously.

They have asked for a manifesto distractingly since APC was formed. A commendable manifesto, detailing the Party's plans, is now available. Because the manifesto is far more comprehensive and impressive than they expected, they now realise they need a new strategy of attack. The APC is full of very brilliant minds who have delivered throughout their glittering careers. It is the heights of inanity to suggest that the Party cannot "afford" these changes it wishes to implement. At an appropriate time and through an appropriate outlet, which is never a manifesto, the APC will give a good account of how money can be raised to finance action plans. Indeed the APC has been doing this already when it can but the Party cannot be blamed if Nigerians prefer mischief to reading. imagine , for example, someone who had demanded the APC manifesto incessantly to now say it is a "long book" he cannot be bothered to read?
Politics / Re: About A Politics Mod And His Gross Misconduct. by Gbawe: 9:40pm On Dec 19

This is disgraceful yet I am not surprised. I can't stand that repellent chap and he knows it. He is nothing but an irredeemable bigot. There is always palpable prejudice and latent hypocrisy in virtually everything he writes. This joker called Ngwakwe displays open and brazen prejudice all the time which leave no one in any doubt about his hatred of the Yorubas. One wonders the abuse of power he must be guilty of against Yoruba posters here.

This is a disgrace to the moderation of this forum and Seun should act to show he does not empower bigots and ethnic jingoists. They say they want to rid the forum of ethnic hatred yet we have a mod throwing caution to the wind to be guilty of the ethnocentric behaviour destroying the forum. Shameful.

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Politics / Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Gbawe: 5:08pm On Dec 19

Rubbish! How do people watch him on TV when your pay master hasn't provided electricity for over five years?

I am afraid to say it but my friend Mikeansy has turned into the king of jokers here with zero credibility. His requests are neither consistent nor sensible. He spent years asking for the APC manifesto and dismissing the Party over their "lack" of one even as the manifesto of the Party has been in existence for a while now. Now that the APC manifesto is 'trending' , because elections are round the corner, his new bone of contention is that the manifesto is a "long book" no one has time to read.

He has now shamelessly and hypocritically shifted the goal post to be asking Buhari to go and defend the Party manifesto on TV. Keep watching. When Buhari and the many brilliant minds in the APC begin to explain the specific workability of the Party manifesto this character will say it is not enough. He will ask them to go and organise a presentation or Mars or Jupiter to "carry along" Martians and others who live outside earth. There is no pleasing those who have decided to see nothing good in what you do. You do not waste time with people like that in life. Never. Unless you wish to fail, you must ignore lost causes. Take these guys seriously at your own expense.
Politics / Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Gbawe: 2:43pm On Dec 19

Bruv,you have done well. Let me advise you to stop responding to everyone here. You must choose who to engage and respond to so that your use of the forum is productive. A manifesto is a broad outline of plans and not a specific budget sheet. Everyone knows that and it is pointless arguing with anyone insisting otherwise because it is obvious that anyone asking for the APC manifesto to be different to that of virtually all political Parties worldwide, through the inclusion of a cost sheet, is simply a pro-GEJ mischief-maker. Where they not asking for a manifesto before? Now that it is here they will not even act appropriately and take a minute to inspect it to then pass comment on the action plans of the Party. Instead they move straight to the diversionary and inane obduracy about cost when genuinely exposed individuals know that a political manifesto is not required to be a bill of quantities or cost document.

Would it surprise you to know that Mikeansy, as one example of of the mischief to avoid, used to spam this forum saying that the APC should not be taken seriously because it is a Party that has no manifesto telling the people about the plans the Party has for them. Lo and behold the presentation of the manifesto and he quickly joins those distractingly demanding a breakdown of cost. Dude, it is all just one giant contraption of deceit.These guys know and have always known who they stand for because of one sectional reason or the other. Don't waste your own time and productivity with their sort. Imagine someone telling us he is a "British citizen" , with a deliberately sly put-down of Nigeria, only to be using "we" in another post to insinuate he is Nigerian. Is that the sort of confusion you want to indulge?


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