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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 1:56pm On Apr 04
Scholastica or what did you call yourself?
You must be daft for this rude and unmannered comment.
Why is it that you keep on being belligerent and fight all and sundry on this forum.
It appears your brain is little as that a fish.a shoulder high and good for nothing brat.i think I'm ready for you today.
If they born you well reply.

...and I think we have a winner on that GRE story.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 1:08am On Apr 02

There is this adage, if you want to eat frog, go for the best.
To go to the best schools, you need the loan like kilode. I saw the bills for public policy from Duke University, it was about $126,000 for two years. A student who graduates from here can never be compared to those from the "small schools" because the corporations and multi nationals will only pick from the best schools.
The average wages earned by graduates from Duke University hover from $80,000 for entry level for a public policy graduate.
Those from MBA earn as high as $7000 for ordinary internships and about $170,000 per annual afterwards coupled with the employability rate which is very high. Harvard for example has a 100% employability rate for MBA though the fees is not for the faith heart with fees as high as $240,000 cool

One thing you have to take note of is that what you’re paying for in these top programs is “access” to their professional network. But beyond the introductions, you will need to have a strong profile that speaks to the human capital needs of the organization. What you have done in your professional career? How exactly can that add value to their firm?

Of course, elite schools/programs have a significant advantage because their alums tend dominate Wall Street and DC politics and many industries, and connection is almost everything in America. But you must bring something to the table that goes beyond a degree certificate.

And, “averages” can be misleading. In the simplest form, an average of two individuals where one earns 250k and the other earns 50k, is 150k. The story behind the number is crucial.


Travel / Re: Naija to Yankee Thoughts And Experiences by gokuu(m): 7:40pm On Mar 22
Hello Macky,

I wanted to ask how payments for the SEVIS fee works. I’ve heard only people abroad can make payments? You have any comments on this?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 6:36pm On Mar 10
yes... have you parents donate $1Million to the school, and put your scholarship award as a clause in the donation agreement grin grin


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 10:31am On Feb 24
Good day bosses

Please I am a fresh graduate preparing for my GRE, and I will be applying for MBA in Wharton Business school.
Please I have one question, is it possible for me to secure a loan if admitted

Note: I don't have a guarantor nor relatives In Us...and I can afford all expenses except tuition fees and living expenses in Us.

Cc: Oga Twood

LOL. Fresh graduate wants to apply to the Wharton School for MBA?

Where will you get the 5 years of IMPACTFUL work experience in Investment banking, Private Equity, Consulting, or Corporate Development they typically ask for?

You do know that this cycle, Wharton interviews for candidates applying from EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) is a Team-Based Discussion style held in LONDON (so you will need to travel to the UK to interview even if you miraculously get an interview invite).

You clearly have not done any research.

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Politics / Re: "Ahmed Abubakar, NIA DG Has Dual Citizenship" - Jackson Ude by gokuu(m): 10:25am On Jan 14
When the relentless noise of him being a fulani did not yield any results, it is the duality of his citizenship that is now the latest grin cheesy

And one with dual citizenship cannot be appointed as NIA?

I can't remember when Barrack Obama denounced his Kenyan citizenship.

Obama is not a Kenyan citizen. He does not have a Kenyan passport, and has never sought Kenyan citizenship on the back of his father’s ancestry.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 10:19am On Jan 01

Some schools (This will be major top schools ) have special arrangement outside of the norm .... have two friends who went to Wharton MBA on loan. Don't have the full details but I specifically asked both if they had a co signer and both said no .

It all arranged by the school and given based on the post employment ability after graduation

This is exactly what I was saying.
Most top MBA programs have special arrangements with banks and agencies to fund their candidates with or without co-signer.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 11:08pm On Dec 31, 2017
Dude no one here is saying student loans are bad or not .. Or American company or not its simple the loan companies people have mentioned so far are in agreement with school thats why the companies mostly have a list of schools you can go to using their loans.

Isn't this what I just said?

They are not mostly like traditional loans the Americans you keep talking about use.

This is my first comment on this, and I do not even understand your gibberish.

Also cosigned loans aren't cheaper it depends on how much you borrow the payment rate you choose and how long you choose to repay.

I guess you did not do any economics in school. This is a "Ceteris Paribus" argument. Obviously we would be comparing the exact same loan profile except for the co-signer part.

What are you not understanding about this?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 11:00pm On Dec 31, 2017

WRT to citizen and PR holder, almost all loans don't require cosigner. Cosigner is needed when your credit score and history is not good. All federal loans don't require any cosigner. If your credit score is poor and that of your cosigner is good, finding the average might not give your a good rate.

Yeah. I will just note that credit models are used in pricing loan facilities, not averages. But in a general sense, with a poor credit score, you can get interest rates of 100+ basis points less with a good co-signer - the magnitude is not clear but having a good co-signer does not hurt. That's why I used the term "usually."
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 10:42pm On Dec 31, 2017
On the student loans issue.

I will just say that getting student loans is a very acceptable way of paying for your education. In fact, the vast majority of Americans pay for school with the use of debt. Where I work, many people have gone for MBA programs with a combination of personal funds, partial scholarship, and student loans - with loans constituting the highest proportion. The loans have been either US loans or International loans like Prodigy.

In fact, last August two colleagues went to MBA programs at Duke and Wharton; they both took loans. The Duke lady took a Discover loan (last I checked this was a US company) with no US cosigner. But there are some nuances to this because the MBA program has a understanding with some of the banks and lending agencies to fund their students and disbursements are made to the University directly so there is no need for all that SEVIS, SSN thing.

The bottom line is that extremely few people have USD200,000 to pay for MBA program so many take loans. If you get accepted to the Kellogg or Columbia MBA, they will let you know about all the loan options available to you.

In Nigeria, we are very averse to loans and debt; and we generally believe things we cannot pay for outright are not for us. That is why many here just shun loans totally.

The real difference between a loan that is co-signed and one that isn't is the interest rates, co-signed loans are usually cheaper.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by gokuu(m): 12:42am On Dec 25, 2017

Please EducationUsa,do you need to take document while going there,do you have to pay?cos my school ask that i visit education usa center and i was like,what for?please tell me...

It depends. If you attend the EducationUSA’s general session on Wednesday, you do not have to pay as it’s open to the general public. But the sessions are very generic and will not help you. You may have to join as a member (costs 34k in total) for more bespoke advise.

However, they do not have unlimited space at the centre so they accept applications from only recent first class and second class upper graduates. Also, they do not like people who’re just joining because they got denied visa; they really like people who start the entire process with them.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 6:30pm On Dec 09, 2017
oga sir please in as much as u took time to answer my questions pls I would appreciate if u don't refer to my sponsorship route as fraud.Abi I thief ur own stepbrother ni?

I think he’s just saying your story will not come across as credible.
Who would believe this poo: “my stepbrother wants to use a company’s (one that I have no connections to) money to pay for my education?

Many questions will be raised.

It’s just a much harder story to sell. If he’s so committed to your education, why can’t he move this money to a personal account and fund you from there?


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 11:02pm On Dec 04, 2017

Lol. You lost the plot fam!
Someone learnt a new phrase!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 10:40pm On Dec 04, 2017

Am sorry. Probably because someone here sometime in the past called him Ma, I come copy am. grin

It’s ridiculous that people are even doing this “Sir” “Ma” thing in a forum like this. It’s just so fake!


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by gokuu(m): 7:03pm On Nov 29, 2017
pls I need help on how to write a convincing and scholarly personal statement for my graduate application.
I need help with samples or sample links.

M.sc Financial Mathematics.

gokuu, scholarstica16 nd others.

Impressive program. what school is this for? What are your interests?

I imagine this is in a business school or jointly offered with a business school?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 2:05pm On Nov 29, 2017
i'm not Surprised ,That's how far you can see!

Anyways, this thread for VISAS. Go to the GRE thread to continue your feigned outrage!

Visa people please come back.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 2:02pm On Nov 29, 2017
If you cant see the point, just move along
That’s the point. You were making no sense.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 2:01pm On Nov 29, 2017
okay if I tell you to help buy a blue shirt, would you buy a red shirt because the seller didn't have a blue shirt? And you would put the blame on me later that why didn't I check if blue is available? My point is, they are a professional organization and they should behave as such. However that's why we always encourage the attitude of do it yourself here but then what is wrong is wrong, no two way to it. Seems to me you have personal issue with the guy.

Yes. If the individual must wear a shirt, then it makes sense to ignore colour and just buy a shirt. Initiative and judgement is the substance here.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 1:58pm On Nov 29, 2017
Thank you so much @Femi312
Some people have atypical defected mindset to have written such reply above and i dont blame him,its because he doesnt have a sound judgemental capacity or he is intellectually myopic not to have read my post word for word!

More blessing @ Mr Femi312.

You have to submit GRE scores in January, and you’re registering to take the exams in late December. That says a lot about your own judgement. You’re not in any position to be questioning anybody’s judgement or intellect, TBH.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 1:52pm On Nov 29, 2017
I think you entirely missed the point which is CONSENT. They should have at least informed him or her before choosing a date from what he/she wanted. It's just like rape, you don't justify rape with 'she dressed half Unclad' bla bla

Are you kidding me?
So now we’re comparing sexual assault to an examination appointment? This is so horrendous!
Investment / Investors Lose Money In Fake "Hedge Fund" BTD Multiglobal LTD by gokuu(m): 2:26pm On Nov 28, 2017
BTD Multiglobal, the fake self-acclaimed "hedge fund" that promised returns of 30% monthly (well over 360% annually) has finally come out to say that it is experiencing massive losses in its investments.

They have sent the following email to their subscribers and will be shutting their office down temporarily for "security reasons."

The email in and of itself is mere word salad, it uses fake finance terms in the wrong contexts and just puts incoherent words together to throw investors off. I really pity many of the hood-winked Nigerians that have put their savings into this fraud.

See the email:


[b]We are sorry to inform you that all efforts to resuscitate the investment fund from further collapse at the initiation of the recovery period has failed. At present, the Futures and Options traded funds of BTD IFS is not economically and financially sustainable, this is so because it is neither economically viable nor profitable, in spite of the implementation of new strategies and optimization of all our financial models, we continually experienced a plunge in the market and some of this was largely due to the following:
Deteriorating capital funds and tight liquidity in capital injection system.
Lower returns from markets and downturn in the market trades.
Volatile Foreign Exchange rates influencing the NCF (Net Cash Flow) inward and outbound for all investors.
Excessive financial leverage in terms of returns delivery to investors.
Serious liquidity issues resulting from a significant fall in profit and a substantial rise in risk that threaten the company's capacity to meet it's financial commitment in the short term.[/b]


Here are the financial statistics of the funds under management within November 30th, 2016 to November 1st, 2017:

₦ 480,068,263

₦ 1,058,741,455

₦ 1,213,328,379

₦ 948,407,494

₦ 80,070,000

₦ 628,152,000

With the current statistics it is evident that a 6-months projection which started on the 1st of June 2017 for a recovery period is not sufficient to coherently deliver on the promise of an absolute fund recovery. Moving forward from the position of the Fund, the company has decided to split investors into two categories not mandating any extension period for any investor while carefully considering all terms and agreement binding all concerned parties.


We have two recommendations for this current crisis, Investors are required to make their choices:
(A.) Termination and Liquidation
Existing Investors
First time investors

(B.) Re-financing and Restructuring

(A1.) Termination and Liquidation for Existing Investors: After careful consideration of the financial and economic viability of the funds based on the statistics of all financial holdings, T & L is considered as an option for investors who no longer wish to participate in this enduring journey of re-balancing the fund to a stable and viable position.
T & L involves the following specifications:
Similar to a sell-off of investment to cut all losses short, ALL active plans of investors in this category will be refunded back into their premium wallets excluding active 360 days fixed term plan which seem to be viable for the profit being long term plans.
We will terminate all currently open market contracts and trades for the liquidation purpose.
Considering the company has not made any profit at present and is still not at an economically profitable position, all profits accrued all through the recovery period on the investment portal will invariably be withdrawn, the wallet balances will be dated to balances as at the beginning of the recovery period.
The calculation for the holding of each investor is calculated as

Investor's Wallet-Balance Holding at 31st of May 2017. x Current Liquidated Balance
/ NAV (Net Asset Value) at 31st of May 2017.

Example; Investor A deposited NGN 1,000,000 into the funds in January of 2017, having an assumed balance of NGN 1,500,000 in April, makes a successful withdrawals of NGN 700,000 in April, while reinvesting NGN 800,000 into several other plans, the company initiated a recovery on the 1st of June 2017, restricting his further withdrawals, Investor A reinvests all his funds all through the recovery period to have a balance of NGN 1,390,000 at the end of the recovery period, choosing to be in the T & L category, only the sum of NG 800,000 would be calculated as his share of the total balance in the NAV {Net Asset Value} given that was his last balance before the recovery period and the equivalence will be calculated as the T & L payment share, given an assumed NAV of NGN 2,000,000,000, Investor A owns 0.04% of the total liquidated balance, Assumed the liquidated balance is NGN 100,000,000, the amount being paid to investor A would be totaled at NGN 40,000.
Every investor holding in the NAV {Net Asset Value} of the fund will be calculated in proportion to the balance at the start of the recovery period and final value of the liquidated balance.
We require all investors to make their choices between 1st of December 2017 and 22nd of December 2017.

(A2.) Termination and Liquidation for New Investors: Specifically stated in the terms of agreement in point 6.0.4. “As a first time investor, the first sum invested, in case of market crash or fall, monies invested by the investor shall be refunded 50% within the time period to be stated/given by B.T.D”, We shall proceed to settle all investors who decide to terminate and liquidate the agreed sum within the next 90 days from 3rd of January when all decisions of all investors must have been concluded.
We require all investors to make their choices between 1st of December 2017 and 22nd of December 2017.

(B.) Re-Financing and Restructuring: The key aim of this recommendation is to reach an agreement on the future conditions of the funds under management, we intend to protect the returns earned from the investors by projecting into a better future of consistent returns by taking some actions that counters the challenge of deteriorating capital.
The key aim of this is to avoid liquidation, enabling stability and eventually continuity. In January of 2018, a new phase starts in which generating cash flow through laid out financial plan and agreements with some investing partners to improve the company's liquidity covering short-term needs with short-term funds while focusing on the long term.
All current plans will be closed and pegged at their current value excluding the 360 days fixed term plan which will be allowed to mature at it's right time considering the market plans in long term are still favorable, with the return on investment for all 360 days plan now at 100% instead of the 240% initially stated.
Clients in this category will be given quarterly reports and share in earnings from each quarter which will be deducted from their pegged accrued returns from all investments in 2017.
At the stage of eventual stability, investors can invest the capital into different fixed term plans for more returns.
We require all investors to make their choices between 1st of December 2017 and 22nd of December 2017.

We have some new models through which investors can contact;

A. Email Communication:
Recoveryreport@btdinvestments. com - For questions regarding the recovery period report.

Support@btdinvestments.com - For general information and enquiries

accountmanager@btdinvestments. com - For specific information about investors investment account

B. Phone-Lines: Active Monday to Friday 9:00AM - 12:00PM
(+234) 906-9358-296
(+234) 906-9501-567
More phone lines to be communicated to all investors soon.

C. Website Live Chat: Active Monday to Friday 9:00AM - 3:00PM

D. Facebook Page Chat: Active Monday to Friday 9:00AM - 3:00PM

E. Office: Closed until 05-12-2017 (For Security reasons)
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 9:16am On Nov 28, 2017

Is there a website that lists all STEM programs for USA ? I've seen so many lists online but not sure of their accuracy.

Not really. Because different universities have different nomenclatures for similar courses.

But, on the program websites, the school would state clearly if a course is STEM-designated by Homeland.
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by gokuu(m): 5:24pm On Nov 27, 2017
Quick Question ,even if it sounds ingenious
Is it preferable to start registration/application with a school before sending in your GRE scores or Its Vice-versa?

It does not matter, at all. Just have the official reports sent in when the school asks for it. They usually ask for this when they have offered you a place.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 10:04am On Nov 27, 2017
Scored 274 in my GRE test. I guess i did poorly.am applying to study masters in chemistry and in one of tje schools i apply for a PHD in chemistry. What are my chances of getting an admission or funding with this score? I await your responses house..i need to know what next to do

274, and you “guess” you did poorly?


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 11:43pm On Nov 26, 2017
Hello house,
Anybody admitted to Calums(California university of management and sciences) for MBA here?
Please p.m me,

and yet some people on this thread, in their infinite wisdom will go to tier 7 colleges grin for dead rated MBA's and Humanity degrees grin grin grin...


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by gokuu(m): 8:13pm On Nov 26, 2017

Thank you very much. I will check out the schools you mentioned and add them to my list. I honestly thought my Q score would be too low for any school, but I'll try as you've said. I am not really concerned with funding, my sponsor-dad- is willing to pay. (yes, the $65000 for even UMD), though funding wouldn't hurt too.

Thanks for the uplifting comments.

I plan to write TOEFL next month. Do you think 2 weeks preparation will be okay? What materials can I use to prepare? Thanks as you oblige.

I have been applying to MFin programs. The elite programs (think MIT, Vanderbilt, WUSTL, Texas@Austin) do not fund. What they do give is some partial scholarship based on the overall profile you will bring to the class. These programs are uber-competitive with GRE averages of over 320 to even begin to look like a contender, and they really like candidates with undergrad internships. And, these are pre-experience programs, meaning they want people with little or no full-time work experience.

The mid/lower tier programs (think UMD, Ohio State, Florida, MTSU) have some really good funding opportunities like you would find in an engineering or science program. I have a friend who is fully funded at Ohio State despite having an underwhelming profile. The downer with these kinds of programs is that the big banks and financial institutions do not recruit there, so do not expect to see JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs on campus.

You should also look at University of Iowa's Tippie College of Business; they have just launched a new MS Finance program and it looks good.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 2:14pm On Nov 26, 2017
An Op-Ed pulled from the New York Times


"Six months ago I won the lottery — the H-1B visa processing lottery for skilled foreign workers. I called my thrilled parents and celebrated with friends. I’m from northeastern China and have an M.B.A. from Stanford, and was planning to stay in Silicon Valley to help start a company based on a promising new technology to improve the use of data. I was overjoyed because, historically, being selected in the lottery was a near guarantee that an applicant could remain in this country at least three more years.

But at the end of July, I received the dreaded Request for Further Evidence from immigration authorities. I provided the extra information that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services asked for. In September, I got another request. I complied again. Finally, on Oct. 11, half a year after my celebration, I learned I had been denied a visa.

After earning law degrees in China and at Oxford, after having worked in Hong Kong as a lawyer at a top international firm, after coming to United States three years ago for an M.B.A. and graduating and joining a start-up, I was given just 60 days to leave the country. I have 17 days left.

In the past, it was fairly safe to assume that once you were selected in the lottery, your H-1B petition would be accepted by immigration officials. In 2016, this happened about 87 percent of the time. But things began to change in April when the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice announced measures to increase scrutiny of the highly skilled applicants who use the H-1B program, and President Trump signed an executive order calling for federal agencies to suggest reforms to the program.

While it’s unclear exactly what percentage of petitions have been approved so far in 2017, requests for evidence like the ones I received have increased by 44 percent compared with last year, according to immigration statistics, strongly suggesting that more people are being denied than before Mr. Trump took office.

Many of my fellow international students are in situations similar to mine. Some had job offers from companies like Google, Apple and PwC when they learned that their applications had been denied or did not even make it into the lottery. For those whose employers have only United States offices, losing the lottery meant losing jobs and going home, with no real way to use the skills they were on the verge of contributing to the American economy.

And some classmates who, like me, were picked in the H-1B lottery last spring are still waiting for an answer. The Trump administration on April 3 announced that it would suspend the “premium processing” service that, for a fee, guaranteed applicants responses to their petitions within 15 days. This has caused problems for students who needed a quick decision because their work authorization expired over the summer or because they wanted to plan overseas trips that they couldn’t make while their status was in limbo. My mom had surgery for cancer in July, but I simply couldn’t go back to China to be with her and risk being denied at the border upon my return because I didn’t have H-1B approval.

My two requests for evidence asked me to prove my job was a “specialty occupation” — that is, work that only someone with a bachelor’s degree or higher can do. My work involves artificial intelligence and big data, and my letters of support came from an authority in my industry and veteran start-up investor, and a Nobel Prize winner. But it wasn’t enough to convince the government that my job requires advanced skills.

While I gave up my law job and used my savings and my parents’ to pay my Stanford graduate school tuition, in the grand scheme of things, I know my situation is much better than that of many immigrants who are forced to leave this country: Just this week, thousands of Haitians in the United States learned that they may have to return to Haiti as a result of the administration’s decision to strip them of the Temporary Protected Status they were granted while their country recovered from disasters.

It’s true that I’m brokenhearted about missing the chance to return to China to care for my mother (she insisted that I stay and pursue the visa that was her dream for me), but I’m not looking for sympathy. As much as I hate to leave, I know I will be fine.

Rather, I’m frustrated, because I know I’m part of a pattern: America is losing many very skilled workers because of its anti-immigrant sentiment, and while this is a disappointing blow to me and my classmates, it will also be a blow to the United States’ competitiveness in the global economy. Tech giants such as Google and Tesla were founded by immigrants.

I can’t make sense of why an administration that claims to want this country to be strong would be so eager to get rid of us. We are losing our dreams, and America is losing the value we bring.

As I make plans to go back to China, I find myself wondering: If I am not qualified to stay in the United States, then who is?"

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 8:31pm On Nov 25, 2017

Abeg carry your 4.2 GPA, write GRE, get a stellar score and join a big public university such as Georgia Tech, UT Austin, U of Michigan, TAMU or Purdue University. Your GPA get swag pass that school. Thanks

Sometimes, impatience leads people to shoot themselves in the foot. Some do not realize that the university one attends determines how viable they will be in the US jobs market or even when they return back to Nigeria.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 4:53pm On Nov 25, 2017


My school is the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania and it's a grade A- University in the US. Taking the GRE or GMAT wouldn't have been a problem if my school had not given me options.

It's a legitimate university, but "Grade-A" seems like a big stretch.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 11:45am On Nov 23, 2017
Good morning Jerry, I have friends who were admitted into VIU and they were given Visa. Please all i need is someone to guide me on how to go about with the interview. As i'll be going for MSC in Business Administration. Thanks fam
[quote author=Eblaze2 post=62637611]
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gokuu(m): 8:58am On Nov 23, 2017

lol your school is in Nashville, what did you expect?
And I thought Republican-controlled states are supposed to be the “low-cost.” That is just not the case in Nashville.

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