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Business / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-iweala Joins Lazard As Senior Advisor by gokuu(m): 9:41am On Sep 21
Whao!!! Lazard is the dream Canary Wharfer in London and every Wall Streeter in New York. Anyone misspelling the name is simply uninformed and bitter. NOI stock is really selling no matter what the crazies say...


Politics / Re: Anambra Couple With Triplet Cry For Help, Govt Offers N2k, Bag Of Rice, Dettol by gokuu(m): 9:05pm On Sep 13
This is not government business. I think we need more maternal care accompanied by liberal abortion laws. Couples should be able to plan their families instead of having disasters like this that grows the population with reckless abandon.

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Family / Re: My Husband Insists I Dish Food For Him by gokuu(m): 12:10am On Sep 03
I can't even believe we are still discussing this in the 21st century. He should even be grateful that you woke early to make something in the first place. The thing is, while I am a 21st century liberal, most Nigerian men are extreme conservatives with obnoxious ideas of a woman's role. I think some women also encourage such behavior. You need to stand up for your dignity, If he is truly hungry he will eat.
As for those saying it is grounds for "eating outside," a man that will cheat will cheat.


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Career / Re: CFA Candidates In The House by gokuu(m): 5:40pm On Aug 06
I did pass L1 and was wondering if you could mail me L2 texts (whether Schweser, Elan or Curriculum) at mrfixitanenih@yahoo.com. I would really appreciate it.
Lol. I passed L2
Religion / Re: 10 Women A Christian Man Should Avoid When Considering Marriage by gokuu(m): 9:23pm On May 31
Is it just me or is this post from 1815? When men are not are not very successful, it's so easy to jump to the Bible and dredge up a lot. Well, being the flaming Liberal I am, I beg to disagree on all these out-of-touch ideas!


Politics / Re: Free Meals, Allowance For Jobless Youths, N5,000 For Poor Families-Buhari Offers by gokuu(m): 9:20am On Jan 06

Without doubt Nigeria has the money. If we remove wasted 100B from where it is being filtered to, there will be more money going into welfare. Dont forget that the service providers will not be Koreans and Britons. They will be Nigerian firms who will make profit and in turn pay taxes, employ staff who will in turn also pay taxes. So its a win win situation for government, the masses, the economy and the people who blindly follow GEJ.
Where is the money? The fact that the country has reserves does not mean that it does not have any debts? In fact, the presence of those reserves is what is keeping the poor credit rating of the country relatively stable, and also keeping the already high interests on our debt relatively stable. Once we start throwing it around on transfer payments with no investment in the productive capacity a disastrous chain of activity will follow and the debt will grow at an increasing rate. While i believe in the multiplier effect, one built solely on consumption of primarily imported goods will only exacerbate capital flight and send the already weak currency to the dogs.
As for employment service providers, we couldn't even manage a subsidy program on a tangible product like petroleum with few actors, How can we now manage a welfare program that the majority of 200 million will be involved in? Not to talk of the corruption that will unfold.
This proposal is a BAD DEAL for the country, especially the struggling middle class.


Politics / Re: Free Meals, Allowance For Jobless Youths, N5,000 For Poor Families-Buhari Offers by gokuu(m): 3:13am On Jan 06
Who is going to administer such a massive program?
Where will the budget for it come from? The national debt is still growing at high rate.
How will the income eligibility be determined?
How will an applicant's income level be verified?
What is to say that 100 million people will not apply and qualify?
Is there going to be an age restriction?
Will there be work/national service requirement?
What will be the effect on inflation?
Where is the infrastructure to handle it?

A program like will take inflation to historic levels and trash the already weak currency we are managing. Those who have worked and saved up will lose. It's going to be a huge and unfair redistribution of wealth. I do not support tacitly robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is all aside the brand new corruption milky way it will create for talented fraudsters and corrupt officials. Any sound economist should be disappointed by this idea, it does not solve any real problem and is fundamentally flawed.

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Politics / Re: Free Meals, Allowance For Jobless Youths, N5,000 For Poor Families-Buhari Offers by gokuu(m): 2:40am On Jan 06

He never said "global".... He said he would stabilize "Oil prices".
Now, if you think that is an impossible statement, then l have no right even discussing with you!
You need to get a Dictionary and look up the difference between "Stabilize" and "Increase/Decrease".
You also need to get a good "general education", Economics in particular, to see how "Market Stabilization" is/can be achieved.
I dont like dolts jumping on a topic they know nothing about, just because they are "fuelled" by partisan politics laced with a huge dose of ignorance! wink wink
He cannot stabilize any crude oil price. Jimmy Carter couldn't stabilize crude oil prices even when the success of his re-election campaign depended on it. What leverage does GMB have on the other suppliers of petroleum resources? None.
Politics / Re: Free Meals, Allowance For Jobless Youths, N5,000 For Poor Families-Buhari Offers by gokuu(m): 2:33am On Jan 06
I'm leaning Buhari but I'm just not ready to be a socialist. These ''free-free-dash-dash'' ideas is a huge mistake and it's wrong for Nigeria. The last thing we need is to begin to encourage a welfare state and the inefficiencies that come with it. It is just highly unsustainable and will be too tough to gut. GMB should be talking more of how to grow the private sector and address infastructure because that's where the real jobs come from.
Politics / Re: 2015: Nigerian Senators & Reps. Members With 3rd, 4th, 5th Term Tickets by gokuu(m): 9:55am On Dec 31, 2014
There's no problem with serving more than two terms in the Senate or House. The constitution clearly allows it. It's even better to keep a senator that has substantial seniority to have your state's voice heard. A first-term senator will spend the better half of the term learning the basic rules and procedures and will not be taken seriously even if he has been governor or whatever in his state before that.


Education / Re: Unilag-made Car Emerges Third Best In World Competition by gokuu(m): 5:41pm On Aug 17, 2014
The University of Lagos......delivering since 1962.
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 12:58pm On Oct 31, 2013
Shut up already! You make me sick!
finally, i struck a nerve. you've run out of vitriolic ideas. take a rain check and reflect on some of your narrow-minded extreme views. as a social LIBERAL who appreciates diversity, i'll do my best to spread the message of accommodation.


TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 12:49pm On Oct 31, 2013
caseless: Allah, i go kill am. He wld find more peace dumping religion, than goin into 'homosexuality'. I'm too homophobic 2 co-exist with gays.
strong words! you're not just homophobic, you're an extremist. at this point, there's no difference between you and boko haram members.
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 12:31pm On Oct 31, 2013
They wont!
''IF'' and how are you so sure? do you have a magic wand?
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 12:17pm On Oct 31, 2013
Klinee: That funmi must be gay too! They would have arrest them and kill them now. Why do they allow those evil to escape now. They suppose to burn them alive. Welldone to NTA but they would have arrest the two gays and kill them.
if your son or daughter comes out to you that he or she is gay, would you also burn him or her alive?


TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 11:02am On Oct 31, 2013
Given the kind of sexually charged music videos on tv these days, i wonder why there's so much fuss about a harmless interview. the things homophobia can do.

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TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:56am On Oct 31, 2013

Samsung!!! Samsung currently has the largest share of the smartphone market, and widening the gap with every of their new products. This wasn't the case 2-3 years ago under jobs.

And oh!! I use an iphone, it's what I'm typing with right now, so don't give me the you can't afford crap.
whao! so now you own samsung? do you know that samsung has an LGBT friendly policy?

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TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:54am On Oct 31, 2013

il answer that with a rhetorical question

Are fornication & Adultery natural?
sex is natural. the concept of adultery and fornication is a subjective one. it has to do with two people making a unique commitment to one another, so they go with what works for them. you can't just toss it around as natural or unnatural.
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:49am On Oct 31, 2013

And how do you know that, do you live with them? Or it's just based on your assumption?

This is the kind of poor judgement you exercise, no wonder you were easily brainwashed.

Mental illnesses are sometimes not apparent to public, if you were smart, you'd know this.
now, thats the point. As Humans, we can only assume people are happy from our observations. no one can really know if the other person is happy. so it really has nothing to do with intelligence as you have insinuated. the fact that we can't accept 100% that people are happy dosen't make them sad or sick people.
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:29am On Oct 31, 2013

I criticise a thing, I can't afford it.... Idiotic & Moronic deduction...

If you had a single cell of intelligence, you would have noticed and understood what I meant by "recent products" undecided
since apple products are so disgusting, can you give us the name of your worldwide brand that's so much better than apple? sour grapes! you don't have to trash other peoples success when you can't even make a cardboard.
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:26am On Oct 31, 2013

Use common sense, sickness doesn't always have to be as you know, maybe flu, HIV, malaria etc

Someone can be sick and still function properly, depression, addiction, paranoia are all firms of illnesses or disorder.
are fornication and adultery also part of this ''sick wish list''?
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:23am On Oct 31, 2013

Yes it's an illness, a mental illness. This is exactly what I'm the packaging if the white man, so because Ellen & Anderson are gay, but look and act normal, you see homosexuality as normal.

Homosexuality is a mental illness, not my words, but the words of great psychologists who few decades ago, classified it as a mental illness, too bad the gay machine has grown too big, and silenced those voices. Many of these countries pushing homosexuality, once classified it as an illness.

A cure should start from the brain, complete re-wiring & rehabilitation. I'd leave that for the experts.
yes! Decades ago, Africans were also slaves. does that make it right?
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:19am On Oct 31, 2013

No wonder!!! Apple's recent products show someone has been thinking with his anus.... undecided
it's the most valued brand all over the world. whether you like it or not! poor you,don't be sad because you can't afford it.
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:16am On Oct 31, 2013

What do you mean by " weaker under aged party " ? Who made the under aged weak? By the way, who made them under aged, who placed the age at which adulthood begins?

And who told you the under aged, aren't consenting parties sometimes?

Btw I don't support paedophilia.
if you had bothered to look closely, i did not state that the under aged party would be consenting or not. if you had bothered to take an elective in law while in school, you would have understood the concept of duress and undue influence which explains the meaning of a 'weaker party'. That being said, pedophilia refers to intimacy between an ADULT and a MINOR. homosexualism is between TWO CONSENTING ADULTS. if you still dont get it, take a detour.
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 2:04am On Oct 31, 2013

No I didn't attach any pic to your post.

I never said homosexuals should be killed, we have lots of sick people in our societies, do we go about killing them? No!! Do we find a cure for them? Yes!! The time, effort & money spent it packaging homosexuality to look normal, & then sell it to the public, would be better utilised finding a cure to the illness.

Everyone has freedom to chose his/her own lifestyle, where it becomes a problem is when that lifestyle is deemed offensive to the people around you, & on that basis I feel any public display or promotion of the act should be prohibited in Nigeria.

You want to be gay? Fine, practise it in the confines of your room, don't come out a d try to convince me you're normal.
whao! you just hit a new low. if gays are sick, is chris hughes, one of the founders of facebook also sick? is Tim cook, the CEO of Apple also sick? is U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin also sick? if these people are sick, then you that pride yourself on how healthy you are should bow in shame.

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TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 1:55am On Oct 31, 2013
read this BBC article online about pakistan, one of the most conservative countries in the world
TV/Movies / Re: Funmi Iyanda - NTA Shut-down My Show For Interviewing A Gay Man by gokuu(m): 1:51am On Oct 31, 2013

Why can't I classify them as the same? Who can tell me why I can't classify them as the same? Going by your logic, then since homosexuality is condemned by majority of Nigerians, the practice should therefore be abhorred in Nigeria.

Media is a very powerful tool, anything that's deemed offensive to the general public is censored or stopped, if you upload an offensive video even on YouTube it gets taken down. Go to Saudi Arabia, & invite a pastor or a priest unto your talk show, lets what happens.
your analogy is heavily flawed. Homosexualism involves TWO CONSENTING ADULTS while pedophilia involves a STRONGER PARTY AND A WEAKER UNDER-AGED party. There's a clear difference!
corruption is also condemned by the majority of Nigerians, why do Nigerians still sing the praises of corrupt people? if you have so much fate in your heterosexuality, why do you bother about an civil interview in tv? or are u still on the fence about your sexuality?
gay men and women are plenty in Nigeria. many of them are successful everyday people, many are also married to the opposite sex but take some time out to explore their passion.
in essence, its better for everyone to get educated on the issue rather than hurling insults that wont change anything.

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Family / Re: Priest Aids Wife To Build Without Husband's Knowledge by gokuu(m): 1:28pm On Oct 29, 2013
Building a house is an investment. As long as she built the house with her own money, i do not see any problem with it. it's not 1913 anymore. must she submit her investment plans for authorization?


Politics / Re: Tinubu Recuperating In London After Knee Surgery In The US by gokuu(m): 3:12pm On Sep 21, 2013
i wonder why he did not go to one of these Lagos hospitals to get some of the 'wonderful' and 'world-class' health care his protege has been dishing out.

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Education / UNILAG Dissociates Self From Unscientific Publication by gokuu(m): 3:06pm On Sep 21, 2013

Our attention has been drawn to a publication containing research purportedly written by one of the Part Time Postgraduate Diploma Students in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Lagos - Stanley Amalaha, titled “Science of Gay Marriage” in THISDAY Newspapers of 5th September, 2013 and on several blogs on the Internet.

The University of Lagos writes to dissociate itself in its entirety from the actions, publications and research of this individual. We further state, for the avoidance of doubt, that his publication has nothing to do with his programme and has no relationship to his studentship of the University. Indeed our postgraduate diploma students ordinarily only take conversion courses to improve their capability for the chosen specialization and do not undertake research. The case of the writer who has a background in Education (Chemistry) is not different.

Although the University is a market place of different views and ideas, its platform should not be used for the propagation of ill-conceived, unsubstantiated and ill-digested opinions that have no basis in rigorous empirical research. The University of Lagos, which stands for excellence in teaching and research, cannot and should not be associated with such puerile and pseudo-scientific postulations.
The University reaffirms its mission, which is to be a top-class institution for the pursuit of excellence in knowledge through learning and research as well as in character and service to humanity.

Toyin Adebule,
Deputy Registrar

Back to news page |posted on 20, Sep 2013


Education / Re: New Unilorin Multi-functional ID Card Ready by gokuu(m): 10:50pm On Sep 17, 2013
i live in a country where ID cards are celebrated. Whao! Another milestone achievement. I might also jump up and shout out loud if someone were to tell me how this 'wonderful innovation' would solve Nigeria's structural problems.
Science/Technology / Re: Nigerian Uses Magnets To Prove Homosexuality Is Wrong by gokuu(m): 1:37am On Sep 17, 2013
i didn't see this much earlier. This is a disaster an if Nigeria was a serious country, the University should be in damage-control mode now. To think he was given attention by public office holders is even more sickening.


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