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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 12:05am
NuNu08: Hello...plss guru's in the house help out...i applied for Uk Visa 2012 n was found guilty of deception.therefore Visa ws refused and i got banned, My question now is am married to a british citizen and we have a baby, he wants to apply for settlement for Us now..plss what are my chances of getting a Visa?
First of all, you need to prove that your marriage is one that is credible and that it's sustained (having a child does not represent a sustainable marriage): you need to satisfy the authority that you are not trying to by-pass the ban with your marriage.
Secondly, your ban remains, therefore, you are short of every right that should be given a spouse of a UK citizen: so, your wife needs to contact a solicitor and use her rights to plead your exclusion case.
Travel / Re: A Comprehensive List Of The Documents Required For Visas by Vicjustice: 11:47pm On Sep 15
arinbaby: @vicjustice

pls can my immediate elder brother sponsor my trip to UK ?

he said he wants to pay for my flight, accommodation and feeding as a birthday gift but my fear is am single (engaged) in my 30s, self employed ( am into clothing biz) traveled to dubai, Vietnam and china before, my biz is registered, i have a store, and my sole aim of traveling is for vacation, visit my niece and to also buy Stuff for my store.

so can he sponsor my trip? will it be questioned cos he's just a year older and doing so well for himself but we still bear same surname for now.

Technically, your brother can sponsor your trip, but logically, except he is a very rich man, it won't seem to make sense why is doing it, you may need to explain why he is sponsoring your trip.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 11:35pm On Sep 15
madream4life: Hello Nlanders, well done Justwise n Vicjustice, I greet u sirs, more grease to ur elbows. Pl I have a quick question. I intend to apply for a UK visit visa in a few weeks I'll like to knw if in filling d application form, I need to indicate or declare dt I was refused visa for other country(s) dt I applied for visa.

NB; I actually applied for a US visa earlier in d year and was refused.

Thank u sirs!
There is no advantage in hiding this information except if the reason for the US visa refusal has got something to do with a violation or a crime. But if the refusal is for failing to satisfy the visa officer, then it wouldn't affect your UK visa application. However if you lie about this, and they happen to find it out, you will be banned for 10 years,
Travel / Re: Study In Latvia by Vicjustice: 4:57pm On Sep 15
akinsjimmy: Please do we have any nigerian schooling presently in latvia? I just got admission in one their university, I need someone to guide me whether latvia is a good place to go. Your coment is highly appreciate
There are some few Nigerian students in Latvia, but the general African population in Latvia is very remarkably small.
Latvian people are extremely shy by character, but the Russians (in Latvia) are just the opposite.
I posted an articles some time before in response to a person's claim about Latvia, so, here it is.
   Though, Latvia may not have the best standard of payment or the best economy,  but to be honest, you can not compare Latvia to the best country in Africa in terms of poverty or any good thing.
   This is a small Baltic country that one can say many, many good things about, and yes, there are loads of good things about Latvia: how do you think they joined the EU if they didn't meet the requirement?"
   The country has everything functioning and well organised, even so many things are more organised than they are in Ireland: they're a small country invaded by Germany during the WW2, then, they were under the USSR for so many years until they became independent in 1992 and everything was in a mess, but they built up their country to meet the EU standard, and then joined the EU in 2004, and now, they have met the Schengen requirement and became a Schengen member state since Dec. 2007. They became visa free to Canada in 2007, and in 2008, they joined the American visa waiver (which means, Latvian citizens do not require visa to visit the USA). . . .
   How do you think they made all these progress if they have that kind of poverty like you claimed?
   My friend, get the facts right, Latvia is better than the best country in Africa in every good thing.
   Now, for those of you thinking of going to Latvia, i'll encourage you to go: know that it is a Schengen country and that their visa or Residence Permit entitles you to travel to every country in the EU (including Switzerland an Norway), but excepting England and Ireland, and a visa for England and Ireland are as easy to get as buying a train ticket when you're applying from Latvia:
Note: The Russian Skin Head Racists in Latvia are extremely dangerous; they are extremely brutal and can attack a lone black man with deadly force if they happened to corner him in an area where there is no nearby rescue. So, it is important to ensure that you're always fit and athletic to enable you run fast for your live whenever you're being chased by those hooligans are sometimes armed with jackknives
Note: I live in Latvia for nearly 2 years.
Trivial: Latvian girls fancy black guys.


Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 12:01pm On Sep 15
I haven't started the application yet that's y am asking what documents I will be needing to put together?
*certificate of incorporation
* bank statements
* tax certificate
what documents do we both need to put together?
charles005: Thanks... This are the document I have nowsad1) Letter from my Dad stating that he's sponsoring my trip to uk, (2)his bank statement for 6 month (3) His company tax clearance(4) His company Registration certificate (5) itinerary of where to visit for 8 days in uk (6) hotel reservation (7) flight reservation, I also have addmision letter, acceptance letter and the school I d card of the school I went when I was in SA last year. I am single but have a 4 years old daughter.... Please what is my chances because I have been refused france visa before.. Thanks
Travel / Re: Reasons Not To Go To North Cyprus To Study And Work. by Vicjustice: 11:41am On Sep 15
Kastamonu: Yes, it is true that it is never rosy no matter where you go in Europe or America but the case of North Cyprus is much more difficult and pathetic. Here are reasons why it would be wiser to go to somewhere way better, than going to North Cyprus to work and study. I just completed my studies in North Cyprus, after spending four years of undergraduate studies, I know exactly what I am talking about here.
1. North Cyprus is not a country; it is not recognized as a country by the rest of the world; not by the United Nations or the European Union. Rather, it is a Turkish occupied territory. This is evident by the two flags used in the country; the Turkish flag and the North Cyprus flag. Both flags always stand side by side. North Cyprus relies on Turkey for everything even for soldiers to protect them.
2. The language spoken in North Cyprus is not English but Turkish. So students from Nigeria find it very difficult to adapt and settle down.
3. There are no good jobs. One of the ways through which travel agents deceive young Nigerians to go to North Cyprus, is to lie to them that there are very good jobs waiting for them in North Cyprus, but in truth there are no good jobs for students, not even in the universities (where they would be studying). The Universities offer students jobs in the library and information center with a pay that is less than N20,000 per month. Aside this, the jobs outside the universities are quite pitiful; because they are menial and very difficult jobs like construction, furniture making, bricklaying, painting and for ladies only cleaning jobs. These obviously are not jobs for students who hope to earn some money while studying. Like other students in North Cyprus, I had no other option but to do these jobs and trust me when I say, it was not easy to do them and at the same time go to school. Most times your academic suffer; you come from work, weak as a 'fried plantain' and you can not even open a page of your text book to study because you fall asleep almost immediately. By the way, these jobs are very difficult to find and the language barrier does not help.
4. You can never get a job with your certificate or diploma even after completion of your studies. In my four years here in North Cyprus, I have never seen a black man working in a good or reputable company. They never give foreigners or blacks jobs with their certificates.
4. Even you are able to get a job (a menial job), you get paid peanuts. The money would never be able to pay your school fees. Maybe it could be able to take care of your house rent and other bills but in the end you would be left with next to nothing to save.
5. You are openly cheated or exploited. After getting a job, you get paid in Turkish Lira (the official currency used in North Cyprus). But the irony is that you pay your house rent in pounds or euro. Even your school fees is paid in pounds, euro or dollars and not in the local currency which is much lower than the foreign currencies; thus you are losing money faster than water been poured in a basket. Hence you hardly save any money at the end of the month.
6. There is a high level of racism. This is not only obvious from how you are stared at when you walk on the streets or how you are treated when you go looking for jobs but actually what happens when you start working. Like I said earlier, the only available jobs are very difficult and there is an unwritten law that foreigners never get paid the same amount as citizens (turkish or cypriot), no matter how long you have been living in the country. Thus you and a citizen could be doing the same job but you get paid less than him. On the average, you get paid 50 turkish lira ($22/3,500 naira) per day while a citizen gets paid 100 tl ($45/N7,500) which is double what you earn. Sometimes you may be forced, by the owner or management of the company you work for, to do extra hours but the citizens never do extra hours.
7. Lastly another clear example of racism here in North Cyprus is the fact that a student of Cyprus International University, Gabriel Soriwei, was knocked down by a by a drunken female driver (a citizen). He fell into a coma; his dad came from Nigeria to see him while he was in the hospital. He recovered and was able to speak. But two weeks after his dad left for Nigeria, Gabriel died from a heart attack which was a direct result of the injuries he suffered from the accident. However, it took the efforts a relative of the Soriwei family, who stormed into a conference organized by agents from Cyprus International University who came to Nigeria to get students, before an a condolence message was sent to the family of Gabriel by the authorities of Cyprus International University. More disturbing and annoying, is the fact that the Soriwei family, till date, do not know the lady who knocked and killed their son; they don't even know what she looks like because the North Cyprus government and police refused to reveal the identity of the lady even after several messages from the boy's family that they just want to see her; that they have no intention of pressing charges. How sad...
*Note: If you have hopes of coming to North Cyprus to find a white girl or woman that would open doors of opportunity for you, you are mistaken and you better have a rethink. The turkish or cypriot ladies have no interest in black, more even they are racists, sometimes they even run away from you when you try to talk to them. Also the language barrier does not even encourage you to go out to search for a white girl who could possibly become your girlfriend or wife.
Lastly, if you are still in Nigeria and you intend to go abroad to study and possible work to get a better life for yourself, remove Cyprus from your list of possible countries to go. You would be better served going to a 'European' country like Germany, Spain or Italy where you could find better jobs and get better pay. If you are thinking of going to South Cyprus, also have a rethink because things are even worse there.
Everything that this guy said is nothing but the reality, yet, not even all the negative realities that are mentioned.
I have not only been to Turkey and Greece, I have lived in these two countries, and I am a first hand witness of how blacks are treated: i did see racial profiling with my own eyes in both countries especially from their police officers.
In Turkey, the presense of a couple of blacks in a bus station is enough to attract a squad of police officers into passport control, and the officers are willing to negotiate and accept bribes to let you go.
And in Greece, a black man driving a flashing car (apart from in Athens or Thessaloniki) is enough to cause a high spead chase, and the black man is commanded to get off the car, put his hands on the roof of the car, spread his legs apart while the police officers search him for drugs, and any money that is found on him would need serious explanation: Greek police can't be bribed. Experience would teach you that (as an African) it is wise to cooperate with them through the provoking humiliation or you may make things worse for yourself, except you are a black EU citizen who they usually avoid to prevent intervention from your country

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:51am On Sep 15
Kimsunh: Hello good people. I'm back again ooo. Pls my brother applied for uk visa to perform with his group since July. Some people had been issued their visa and my brothers visa is not out since then. I want to withdraw the application because it's taking too long. How do I go about it or is there anyway to contact the embassy to confirm what was going on? I will appreciate your swift response. Thank you once again.
Your brother applied for a UK visa, and you are the one withdrawing the application?

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:47am On Sep 15
charles005: Hello Justwise,Vicjustice and Worry365, I am a student I just finished my diploma course in South Africa early this year and still have valid visa and my dad said he want me to visit Uk on a tourist and he is going to be responsible for the trip as usual.... Please what are my chances, my dad is a company owner and he asked me that what will I need from him as my sponsor coz I want to do it myself..... Thanks hope to hear from you soon
arinbaby: morning justwise,
pls my niece wants to send me an invite to the UK but she's on residence permit and her dad has a small house in UK and she's d one paying the mortgage.
I on the order hand I'm an entrepreneur, am into clothing business, traveled to Asia on business trips, I have a small store and my business is registered. I'm in my 30s, engaged and no properties yet. my business and my fiance are the ties I have in nigeria at the moment.
pls I would like to know how to package my application very so I won't be refused cos am only going there to buy market for my store and also use d visa to enter turkey n get their visa on arrival.
what are the documents she needs to send to me aside the letter? cos I'll be responsible for my feeding et all?
what are the documents I need to provide?
any other information is welcomed
What documents have you got?
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 9:04am On Sep 13
Amosiye: God is in controlI will win and be accepted in Jesus name. I trust a living God. I hv done all the best I can do. I leave the rest for God almighty to handle.
Why then did you seek advice if you have already made up your mind with such unshakable faith in the almighty God?
Well, i didn't say it is impossible, I only said it would be hard. May God be with you.


Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 8:57am On Sep 13
filcast: hello house, is current account preferable to savings account for visa application purposes? I mean as proof of financial capability.
Current account is always preferable
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 9:39pm On Sep 12
Amosiye: My uncle becos my dad is late
Amosiye: I hv a lot of supporting docs. Like the death cert, burial prog wit my tribute. Pics of I and my uncle, docs for the transfer from one of his account to anoder. Application letter, letter from reference der,
It would be hard to succeed with an uncle sponsorship especially when he is not your legal guardian.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 8:16am On Sep 12
Amosiye: I hv enuf justifiable evidence. The money was transfered from one of my sponsor account to another of his account I hv gotten the statement of the transfer for in and out of both accounts and proper explanation by my sponsor. Then the no clear link to reference the family friend I am going to stay with has written, sent me identification and other docs like irish passport. The duration and purpose y applicant. I have explain properly, writing and application, prepared an itinerary return ticket since is one year prog. Schools schedule for incoming intl students and other docs to prove. So y do u say I hv no justifiable ground oga vicjustice?
Who is your sponsor?
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 8:09am On Sep 12
waybanks: hello there, can anyone please help out there, i,m a bit confused if my mum still needs an invitation letter to apply for uk visa, shes been here before sometimes last year. she had a 6 months visa then, which she only spent a month.. now she wanna apply for 2 years but i really dont know if i have to send invitation letter again.. i know i have to send supporting documents and all that.. does she needs another letter since shes only renewing.. all response welcome.. thanks
Every application is treated in its own merit, so, if she is applying for a visa to visit you, she needs the invitation from you otherwise, she needs a hotel reservation or other accommodation details
Travel / Re: Nigerians Living Abroad by Vicjustice: 1:23am On Sep 12
I am not begging for this post to be on front page, I posted it on Romance section and I know that was not the right place for such post that is why I said that the Moderator should please put the post at the right place where it;s suppose to be, and the Moderator has just done that.. so reason well before commenting. do people get paid if their post make it to the front page? Na wa ooooooo
I got it... i thought you wrote FRONT PAGE just like many people are requesting.
But na wah for you self, how could you put a put a public fight video in the Romance section? Haba grin grin grin
Travel / Re: Nigerians Living Abroad by Vicjustice: 12:43am On Sep 12
silvertuke: Can Nigerians abroad ever stop fooling themselves? These guys are spoiling the image of Nigerian seriously. The rate at which Nigerians are taking confraternity to another level is getting out of hand. They do confraternity in Nigerian; they go abroad and still continue doing it. The painful part is that the innocent ones are being killed and deported. God pleas help the innocent Nigerians living in Indian.
Watch video below to see for yourself.
Please moderator put this post at the right place where it’s support to be.
Why is everybody begging for their posts to make a header in the front page, if the posts deserves to be in the front page, wouldn't the mod or whoever is in charge see it as such?
Many of my threads have made the front page without me asking for it.
By the way, if every post has to make front page, can the page take all of them?
Baddestguyp: .
And you, Baddestguyp, i can see that you are "booking a space" so you may say you are "first to comment". Hope on grin grin grin

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Travel / Re: A Reason To Change Your Accent When You Travel Abroad (america) by Vicjustice: 12:32am On Sep 12
Chemical2: Hello folks,
I have always been appalled when i listen to people speak some kind of ''Americanized English'' after living abroad for some period of time. I have always dissociated myself from such people who ''form'', as they put it until recently i found myself in a similar position. Hence i have decided to share from my experience why people compulsorily need to adjust/change their accent when they travel abroad. Before i begin a brief history.
I grew up Delta state, attended a first generation federal university and always wished i could further my studies abroad. 5 years after graduation, my wish came true. Had a graduate teaching assistant position in an American state university. The first time i had to teach undergraduate was hell. Those guys are so programmed to understand a particular type of word structure, for example if you say submit your assignment they will all be starring at you but if you say turn in your home work smiley they will do just that. I could not communicate with my Nigerian accent. I struggled. I was forced to attend an English as a second language class with chinese guys that cannot make a simple sentence...Kai, man don suffer. Note that i had scored close to100 points in Toefl. That didn't change anything as i had a very poor evaluation report from my student.
My funding was threatened by that report as those evaluations were taken very seriously by the department. After weeks of struggling,i finally learnt the code; ''change your accent''. I did just that and almost became the best TA in the department. My evaluation report greatly improved.
I have friends here that refused to change their accent but it's telling hard on them even in the grocery store they cannot communicate. The funny thing is that each area/states has it own unique accent. The whites here have accent different from black Americans. Sooner or later, they will be forced to. After doing that for 5 years to survive, how do you expect me to return to Nigeria with my Nigerian accent intact? So, when next you see a dude or a lady forming ''accent'', think twice as it may not be intentional but a survival strategy. Contributions welcomed. Thank you.
Changing one's accent is not really necessary, but speaking more deliberately and clearly with appropriate pronouncing of words are relevant.
You are right, in many cases, even unaware of it, accent can begin to form or evolve in a person who lives in English speaking countries ie: The UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand etc, but it is somehow ridiculous to see a Nigeria who lives in Italy, Greece or Spain etc trying hard to mimic Black American accent. That's funny

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 4:39pm On Sep 11
masterp204: Hello justwise and vicjustice . Am bout to renew my uk visa. Should I use a paid hotel booking/reservation or just an ordinary hotel reservation.
What they require of you is your proposed accommodation details, so whichever is ok by you is acceptable provided it is genuine.
Some hotels have very limited number of days of the validity of a reservation that hasn't been paid for, so be cautious of the time sensitivity of such Hotel before making a reservation to avoid refusal due to invalid accommodation details. But if you are to pay for the reservation, ensure that the hotel has a refund policy just in case you need to withdraw your booking in the undesired event that your visa application is refused.

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Travel / Re: My Experience Along Benin- Ore Road by Vicjustice: 4:19pm On Sep 11
cyril10: I was on leave in mid August 2014 when I decided to travel to Lagos with my family. Before the leave started, I gave my car to my mechanic to service and to make sure everything is in order before we embark on the journey since I wouldn't want to put my little kids in jeopardy .
On the D-day, we left home early to atleast get to Lagos by 4-5 pm but it was not to be as I eventually fell into the hands of scamming mechanics along Benin-ore road which I later regretted for some time. The journey was very smooth from P/H to the point between Benin and Ore when I unluckily met with evil mechanics and their accomplices, as I was driving, a man on okada (bike) started pointing on my tyre that it is wobbling, I had to quickly stop did I quick turn around to a waiting mechanic that directed me to his shop, when I stopped, I discovered that oil was dripping from my tyre rim, it was later I discovered that they actually splashed oil on the rim but was too late, they have removed my 2 front tyres, removed my hubs to show that they were broken, they called motor parts seller one of the accomplice. The hub that should ordinarily cost 8-10 thousand cost me 40,000 naira each, at the end of it all I ended up wasting 113,000 naira. I have to share my experience here so as to warn people that travel on that route that they should ignore people like that mostly along Agbor- benin and Benin- ore roads.
N113.000, that's about E500, even in Europe, you don't spend that much to fix a car wheel hub
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:35am On Sep 11
Thanks bro, do i really need to book for an appointment to submite the application.
After the completion of the application form, and on the finishing page, there is an instruction on what to do next, you will be guided even to the appointment
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 7:56pm On Sep 10
EJaja: Hello forumite,
I would like to ask. Which is the right site for applying for uk visa.
Would also like to ask do I need to book an apointment for the form subnission, and what site if I need to.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 2:23pm On Sep 10
Amosiye: Lump sum lodgement: condition and duration for the visa. Not explaind by applicant. and no clear link to ref reference
And you want to pay a solicitor to fight a case in which you have no justifiable ground?
Any Lawyer who accepts money from you to plead this sort of case is evil
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 2:10pm On Sep 10


I would be greatful if you can help me with such calculations. I haven't traveled before... Aside BTA and Flight my brother's wife would pick me up. I do not know what other expenses I would incure. Please help me with a list on what I would be spending on and its cost.

Can I be sponsored by my parent? Cos I am 31 now and I made a total of 1million for the trip and I am applying for a visitors visa as will be going to my brother's house.

Or how much do you suggest would be enough for me or that you think would be enough for me?

Can you connect me with an expert who can prepare me against all these?

Thank you very much
Well, i will suggest that you assume N220k for flight, check google for the areas of interest so you may have an answer to give when asked "what would you be doing in the UK?".
Also, budget some money for transportations, site-seeing and shopings and possible emergencies: Make a round figure of N600k.
As for your parents sponsorship, that depends on many factors. Click on the below link to get more help:
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 2:01pm On Sep 10
I would be greatful if you can help me with such calculations. I haven't traveled before... Aside BTA and Flight my brother's wife would pick me up. I do not know what other expenses I would incure. Please help me with a list on what I would be spending on and its cost.
Can I be sponsored by my parent? Cos I am 31 now and I made a total of 1million for the trip and I am applying for a visitors visa as will be going to my brother's house.
Or how much do you suggest would be enough for me or that you think would be enough for me?
Can you connect me with an expert who can prepare me against all these?
Thank you very much
Your request indeed suggests that you have the perfect Username.


Travel / Re: UK Visa Inquiry by Vicjustice: 1:55pm On Sep 10
allyson26: Hello all,
Thank you for all the great work you are all doing here.
I want to apply for a UK visa in October. My boyfriend who is a British citizen is inviting me and sponsoring as well. He will send all relevant docs as listed in the visitors visa guidelines on their website. The deal is, I am currently self employed. Business is registered but barely 3months old and not too established. I however have current and savings accounts with over #800,000 in both when combined. What are my chances? I am being advised to use agents who will provide company docs to aid my application. I am weary of that as my bf and I are pretty serious and headed towards something permanent. I don't want to ruin my chances as he's a white man who's completely in love with me. What do you advice?
Please help


Travel / Re: Likely Questions To Expect At The Port Of Entry by Vicjustice: 1:49pm On Sep 10

Dont get this...
Na almost the same thing them be
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 1:38pm On Sep 10
Amosiye: It is a study visa
Why was your application refused?
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 7:49am On Sep 10

@ Justwise:
May God bless you. You have helped me with half of all the info I have been searching for. I have not traveled to the UK before. My problem now is this: I am trying to make a budget of how much I would be spending since I am visiting my brothers.
I only know of flight and bta
Flight £700
BTA £1000
I was hoping that N600,000k would cover my journey to & Fro... Correct mee and help me with a list and rough estimate of each....

Thanks a lot.
So, you also need someone to help you in making calculation of your own budgets, to make your own list for you and to give you an estimate figure of how much you would be spending, yes?

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Travel / Re: Likely Questions To Expect At The Port Of Entry by Vicjustice: 4:19pm On Sep 09
adigunomomama: @Vicjustice

Conference to the USA is the same as Business Visit?
More or less so
Travel / Re: Likely Questions To Expect At The Port Of Entry by Vicjustice: 4:18pm On Sep 09
babyspice: Great topic @vic. ,, ustice. It's good to take the mystique out of the process. I usually stick my return ticket in my passport so they see my return dates themselves when asked. Eye contact is also good too.
Don't be deceived, immigration officers aren't necessarily asking these questiongs to find the answers, but rather to test you for inconsistency, they can see many of the answers in their computer system
Travel / Re: Likely Questions To Expect At The Port Of Entry by Vicjustice: 12:39pm On Sep 09
kalamayat: Noted, please what about residential permit holders. Thanks!
A person who really holds a residence permit do not need to ask this question, so, I suspect that you are intending to impersonate a genuine residence permit holder.
Well, in many cases, you won't be asked much questions, but these basic questions may be asked:
Where do you live In?
Where are you coming from?
How long were you away?
The way you answer these basic questions and your body language would either grant you entrance or call for more investigative questions: and in the case of more investigative questions, you will be caught.

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Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 11:54pm On Sep 08
bakandow11: sir/ madam my own case is a bit different so please i need clearification. am presently in d uae saving heavily to try to cross to d u.s or canada i really cant tell if its gonna b from here or will have to get back to naija bt d main issue is dis presentation of account papers.
my salary is low bt am joining it with some little bizness. what do you advice i do, though i still av a year left here so i wnt fall into had i know case.
thanks alot.
Are you migrating, visiting, studying or what?
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 11:52pm On Sep 08
Amosiye: Pls any one with an ideal of what an immigration lawyer can charge for appeal. I mean the amount(cost) price. EGOLE? Thanks for swift response pls
Do you really think that you need an immigration lawyer to plead you case in appealing a visa refusal?
Well, what category of visa are we talking about?
Why not seek free advice here?

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