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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 10:46pm On Feb 28
Do you have problem with English? read my statement before the ones you outlined.Decided to ask a question on behalf of my friend because have seen many like that on here.If you hayou're free meaningful addition to the question I asked earlier,pls stop quoting me.
It's a free forum, I'm free to quote you just like you're free to talk about a non-existent friend: and i'm also free to scrutinize your posts.
Well, if I say something that I know is true, and if someone doubts it, I won't need to strive desperately just to convince someone.
It's ok, I hope your query (oops, i mean your friend's query) has been resolved.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 8:12pm On Feb 28
This is the reason many people don't like asking questions on here because instead of trying to help someone that kindly asked for it,you start judging. I didn't know its a crime to ask a question on behalf of a friend, have seen many do that on here and that's why I decided to give it a try .But since you wanna play detective, I'll let it slide. Thanks
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 4:26pm On Feb 28
Hello gurus
I will like to confirm something for a good friend of mine.He's being helping a British friend he met online with African cultural studies ,this british friend would be in Nigeria in October for a week and would like to invite him also to UK (not for dating), the British already made all necessary inquiry with the embassy about inviting and sponsoring him,she already has all the required docs but my friend has got no job to prove as home ties.The embassy said all the British docs are OK to sponsor him,
Can it be that the embassy is deceiving the British despite knowing that my friend got no home ties?
thanks .
Well nope,cos I actually spoke to her and she said that's what the embassy told her.I told her it would be extremely difficult tho but if they are willing to give it a try.
I spoke doesn't mean I'm the guy,I was surprised when he told me all what she said.So I spoke to her about how essential the home ties is,because my friend has got no idea bout the visa stuff.I only asked on here because I believe I can get answers.
What does it benefit you to lie and to defend the lie with futher lies?
Your non-existent friend who knows how to use online chat to successfully convince a Briton to visit him in Nigeria does not know how to use Nairaland?

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Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 12:13pm On Feb 27
. I already know that the business cannot provide official documentation, my question really was, what else can I use to provide documentation for a visitor Visa application?
I'm afraid, I don't have the desired answer to your question because, I can't see anything that you can use to provide documentation in respect of occupation, except by fraudulent means.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:57am On Feb 27
Hello House.Please just a quick question. My sister left the UK the day her visa expired but she was stamped in the following day in Nigeria cos she boarded a night flight. Now she intends to attend my grad in UK,does she have to provide any proof of when she left UK?She is concerned cos her stamp shows she arrived a day after her visa expired.
Any advice please?
She should be fine, she wouldn't need to explain that or do anything in respect of that.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:55am On Feb 27
Hi, I'm a doctor applying for my PLAB visa. My issues are
1) I quit my job a month ago, but have all my payslips & bank documents. How do I go about filling up the employment column ?
2) My parents are in the UK & my dad's work visa expires in about a week. His passport is with the home office for ILR processing ( he should ideally get it in a few days). But since my exam is quite near, I've got a cousin to sponsor me. How do I present this fact ?
Given these difficulties, please help me tackle this rather complex issue. Hindsight, I should not have quit my job, but my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer last month & since my father could'nt make it, I had to quit my job to support her.
Your profession is good, but your circumstances are unfavorable.
1) You can not fulfill the employment aspect because, you are unemployed, but yet, that does not disqualify you from getting the visa.
2) Your cousin is not eligible to be your sponsor, this aspect will disqualify you.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 10:46am On Feb 26

Thanks for your reply.
Funny as it may sound, not many people know the tax laws of this country properly and I am among those that don't know. I didn't know someone working online will be expected to pay taxes. I thought it was meant for normal businesses registered in Nigeria. I am sure if it was clear that I needed to pay taxes it won't have been a problem for the company to comply.
The Nigerian system does not criminalize minor scale businesses that do not comply with taxation, therefore, business owners are not compelled to pay taxes for their employees, and the embassies know this: and as an employee, they do not consider you a corrupt worker. But the disadvantage is, you can not apply for a visa with such emplyment condition for reason that:
A) The credibility and standard of your company can not be evaluated without tax compliance.
B) Your type of employment is unofficial, having no normal contract letter outlining the details and the terms and conditions that are signed to.
C) The absence of tax record
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 11:42pm On Feb 25

Thank you. My question is what are the documents I will need to provide and steps to take in order to get a visa for a fully sponsored training? The company is willing to provide all documents requested from them.

To your questions:
1.The contract was agreed over email two years ago. So there is no paper contract.
2. My salary is based on volume of work done for a month. It is between 150-200k (company can provide records of payments).
3. I haven't paid any taxes before.
4. After the training, I will take over remote management of parts of the business on my return.
1) Then, there should be a printable page of the contract text.
2) Good salary range, enough to convince the visa officer.
3) That is a minus.
4) It is encouraging, but yet, with the shortage of tax compliance, it won't look good.
Tax compliance is the preferred means that the embassy checks your eligibility and the credibility of your employer: right now, it is questionable that a company that does not pay your tax is now intending to sponsor you to study abroad.

As for the documents, you might want to take your phone and ring the ambassador to enquire.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 6:13pm On Feb 25
Please Mr Justwise, VicJustice, Lexusgs340 I am still counting on your replies. Thanks.
What exactly is your question?
By the way, what documented contract do you have with the company?
Whats your salary rrange?
Is your earning tax complaint?
Why is the company paying for your training
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by Vicjustice: 5:53pm On Feb 25

What I actually mean is i have a salary account that has up to 6 million naira in it. I also have a reasonable pension SOA. my parents have a landed property. what I ask is can I use these to file in for application without a co-sponsor statement of account?
You have a "salary account with 6 million Naira" and you are suggesting a "co sponsor"?
What are you trying to say?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by Vicjustice: 4:33pm On Feb 25
Goodevening House,

I have an issue bothering me and decided to share with us all so that I can get good advice. Please can I use my salary account of 6 million to present as SOA to the embassy for TRV and also back it up with my pension account Statement and also include a landed property document from my parents? Please assist me here. Thank you
What are you trying to say?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by Vicjustice: 4:30pm On Feb 25
Hello fellow NL I have been a silent follower of this thread and I am pretty much new here. Please I want to find out the chances of applying for a student visa for MSc without an employment letter or leave letter. I have seen similar questions asked before but no response yet. Finished Masters in 2012 and worked for a while then resigned for personal reasons which was after a year and some months work. Now I have got admission for a Masters degree and I want to apply for visa. I have sponsors my parents and I have landed properties and a building with tenants in my name but not much money in my a/c like 300k.
Please any advise from the gurus will be highly welcome and appreciated.
Except perhaps you are employed by a company that is sending you abroad to study, i don't think you'd need employment letter or leave letter from Nigeria if you're going to Canada to study.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 3:42pm On Feb 25

Thanks for your reply Justwise ,but I'll be having 600 and I don't want to spend more than 400 , I'm getting only 3 weeks leave and I intend staying for 10 days.
How much do you think will be okay for this trip?
Nothing extravagant oo.
Your job and occupations are ok, but these sort of compilations by which you intend to accumulate the fund for the travel puts you in the position of disqualification.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 12:01pm On Feb 25
Hello House, I just stumbled on this thread and i'm hoping I can get some answers or directions?
I just got married 2months ago, my husband is a Nigerian with British Citizenship, we had plans to apply for a settlement visa for me but it's been tough ever since they passed the financial requirement of 18,600pounds. We are thinking now that maybe I should just get a Family visitor visa now (so we can be together for a while smiley) while he works to meet the settlement visa financial requirement.
My dilemma is this:
1. I run a cake business here in Nig but never got round to registering it, so how do I prove or show evidence of employment and financial details?
2. Will my applying for a visa to visit my husband spoil any chance of getting a settlement visa in the future?
1) If it is not registered, then it is not registered and so, it can not be used as a proof of a registered business that complies with tax regulation: therefore, it can't provide official documentation for visa application.
2) This sort of application will by no way affect your chance should you apply for a settlement visa in the future
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 1:08pm On Feb 24
I replied you before without looking at your history, now i did and realized who you are...a visa agent,
You placed several visa ad here before asking people to contact you for visa including spouses visa.
Here its your hubby but in this thread is your boyfriend in Canada
Another unintelligent scammer busted.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Things Never To Say In A Job Interview by Vicjustice: 12:12pm On Feb 23
How Much Is My Salary: You are definitely going to get paid for your work, bringing up this issue early, sends a red signal to the interviewer. I advice you wait for this issue to be brought up by the interviewers.[/url]
I strongly disagree with this one, you are encouraged to ask and know what your salary would be like
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 1:47pm On Feb 21
Trust everyone is having a weekend.Regarding the visitors visa for my graduation which my dad will be fully sponsoring, will his bank statement of 6 months, consent letter and my birth certificate suffice?His statement only shows withdrawals,no deposits. But the balance is over 12M.
Your dad will be sponsoring your application for visitor's visa to attend your own graduation in the UK?
Romance / Re: My Neighbor's wife Won't Stop Disturbing Me by Vicjustice: 10:05am On Feb 21
I reckon the OP is a fraud, how did this make the front page:
Check this quote and the below link and see what I mean:

she requested for my number & i gave her with a clear conscience, since then she has been sending me some crazy messages
few weeks ago she pleaded to take me out but i declined yet she wouldn't stop asking
the question now is, how do i make her stop
aside involving her hubby
N.B: i have advised her but to no avail
here are some of our conversations
Sports / Re: Here's What 20 Of The World's Best Footballers Looked Like As Kids by Vicjustice: 9:12am On Feb 21
Cristiano Ronaldo is cuter as an adult that when he was a kid.
Sports / Re: Here's What 20 Of The World's Best Footballers Looked Like As Kids by Vicjustice: 1:26am On Feb 21

Sports / Re: Here's What 20 Of The World's Best Footballers Looked Like As Kids by Vicjustice: 1:15am On Feb 21
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Sports / Re: Here's What 20 Of The World's Best Footballers Looked Like As Kids by Vicjustice: 1:12am On Feb 21
No Comment

Sports / Re: Here's What 20 Of The World's Best Footballers Looked Like As Kids by Vicjustice: 1:08am On Feb 21
No comment

Sports / Here's What 20 Of The World's Best Footballers Looked Like As Kids by Vicjustice: 1:03am On Feb 21
I chose not to add any comments on their names and profiles, but if you are not sure of their identity and have any question, just ask...

Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Free Dating Site To Find Free Love by Vicjustice: 11:16pm On Feb 20
I for sure
Adverts / Re: Find Love At Babefishing Free Dating Site by Vicjustice: 11:16pm On Feb 20
Still looking, lol
Is it not taking too long?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Become A Model Of In A 100% Free Dating Site by Vicjustice: 11:14pm On Feb 20
^^^The reflection of silence?
Adverts / Re: Still Single? Babefishing 100% Free Dating Site Is For You by Vicjustice: 9:22pm On Feb 20

Love or partner?
Oh, you're here again... welcome back
Adverts / Re: Encouraging You To Use Our 100% Free Dating Site by Vicjustice: 9:20pm On Feb 20

Again, finding a partner is one thing, and finding love is another
So, what are you looking to find?
Politics / Re: The Politics In Integration (Free Dating Site) by Vicjustice: 9:18pm On Feb 20

Finding a partner is one thing, but finding love is another.
To many people,finding a partner is enough
Don't talk about "many people", how about you talk about yourself?
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Babefishing, The Free Dating Site by Vicjustice: 9:17pm On Feb 20

Nice one, but most people in this forum are faceless...
And that include you, not so?

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