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Travel / Re: Traveling To IRELAND ''Dublin'', etc. by Vicjustice: 5:28pm On Oct 29
10s Oga vicjustice its all about latvia studies , i have already enrol to riga technical uni and i have received my conditionally accepted offer package and my result has gone for validation , here is the issue now on my WAEC CERTIFICATE THE DATE OF BIRTH ON IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE ON MY PASSPORT AND I HAVE A THIRD NAME INCLUDED ON MY WAEC CERTIFICATE WHICH IS NOT ON MY PASSPORT , PLS OGA VICJUSTICE I WANT YOU TO ADVICE ME ON WHAT TO DO , SO I WONT HAVE A PROBLEM WHEN I AM APPLYING FOR MY VISA. THANKS ALOT
Please, be considerate to use standard spellings.
Well, bear in mind that the number one personal verification method in Europe is a person's Date Of Birth, therefore, as far as international matter is concerned, these two documents (your birth certificate and your passport) can never be used together: you have to get one sorted to match the other.
Travel / Re: Traveling To IRELAND ''Dublin'', etc. by Vicjustice: 5:05pm On Oct 29
Thanks for the reply. The skool is giving me 7 days supplementary accomodation. Which is clearly stated of my offer letter. After that 7 days I intend moving to my family frends house. So I can den settle down to look for a suitable accomdtion. Should I bring in my family frend, with introduction letter and biodatapage of irish passport. Or is there any other way I can handle the accomodation issue. Or how is the accomodation issue handled in the visa application.?
Things to consider are:
1) The Location of the family friend's accommodation
2) Tenancy agreement document and utility bills in his name
3) Adequate room availability
4) Property owner's consent document.
5) Documented terms and conditions of your staying.
If he has all the mentioned, then, you can declare him, otherwise, he is irrelevant to your application
Travel / Re: Traveling To IRELAND ''Dublin'', etc. by Vicjustice: 9:25am On Oct 29
@ Oga vicjustice mawin Sir , I really need your help and advice on some travelling related issues I ve sent you a lot of pm's which you didn't respond to , can you pls drop your contact details so I can discuss this issues with u.
I'm sorry, but I don't respond to private messages when I know that the matter of concern can be addressed here: if you really need my attention, you would state the "travel related matter" here.
But if you are contacting me for other matters different from what I'm already offering here, then I would consent
Travel / Re: Traveling To IRELAND ''Dublin'', etc. by Vicjustice: 1:06am On Oct 29
Boss dem in the house. I am currently applying for my study visa. I wanna know if it is necessary to include flight itenerary. And if its necessary can I book a return ticket of after 18 months
Boss justwise and victjustice. . . I greet u sirs , either of ur assisstance dey needed in this thread.
1 I am applying for irish study visa, my previous visa was refused earlier, so I wanna repackage my self again nd reapply..
about the accomodation issue, my skool is giving me 7 day suplementary free accomodation. Its clearly stated on my offer letter. Can I include the details of my family friend in ireland. With an introduction letter. Stating that they will be assiting me look for an accomodtion upon my arrival. ?
It is not a requirement to make flight itinerary, and as a student visa applicant, other itineraries are not necessary for you. Do not make the mistake of booking a flight before your visa is issued, your money would be forfeited if your visa is refused.
It is also unnecessary to bring the "family friend" into the picture, he will be useless in this situation unless he is the one accommodating you
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 1:11pm On Oct 28
Good day,people!!
Please,I'd like to know if I need a transit visa while waiting for my connecting flight at Manchester international Airport.
I have a USA student visa,with my visa can I leave the airport cause I have a long long wait at the airport in Manchester..I will arrive by 12.45pm in Manchester and wait till 11am the following day for my connecting flight to New York.
I hope to get candid replies.
You can travel to the US via a UK airport without a transit visa provided you stay at the airport even if your onward flight is several days away, but you need a transit visa to leave the airport
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 11:17am On Oct 28
after the first visiting visa all other ones are business visa I was applying for, the company am buying the goods from gives me IV.
I actually responded with tourist visa in mind, you should have revealed this to make things easier for us.
Well then, why did your agent advice you to conceal your business activities since your visa was issued on business ground?
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 10:29am On Oct 28
I just received this below email now as a reply from the email i sent to yesterday.
28 October 2014
Dear Mr.Bleep
Thank you for your email.
Please be informed that these applications have been processed. You are free to contact the visa application centre for collection.
Yours sincerely
Correspondence Unit| UK Visas and Immigration | Home Office

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:23am On Oct 28
PLS I NEED ADVICE. In 2012 I applied for a UK visiting visa and they refused me I reapplied and they gave me, I traveled and spend two months and two weeks, came back and after three weeks traveled back and spend a month and two weeks and came back, I did business in both trips but when I want to reapply the agent helping me then said I will not add those document for the business I did there, and after we submitted they refused me up to three times and I got a lawyer that helped me and the embassy called me to stay as I stated, I then traveled and stayed two weeks and came back loading one container and traveled again and stayed two months and two weeks buying two container, now applied for two years visa and they gave me six months, so my main help now is that I applied for two weeks stay but there is no way I can finish the business in two weeks, the list it can be done is one month, so what do I do with this six months visa so as to get two years after it?
Long term visas are not given on the basis of sequence, but on necessity.
As I can see, you seem to have the necessity for a longer term visa as you have proven to be in frequent need of one: therefore, (as a frequent traveller) I suppose the embassy will deem it necessary to grant the 2 years visa in your next application.
But why do you need an "agent"?
I don't wish to ruin people's businesses, but yet I like to encourage you that you don't need one, and to warn you of the danger of using an agent, you don't want to get banned, do you?
Contrary to your agent's advice I warn you to never hide whatever activity that you are involved in whilst in the UK, you could be investigated and nabbed:
And while it is not logical to state that you're doing BUSINESS with a tourist visa, it is ok to do some shopping with it.
When you travel again to the UK, use the opportunity make business contacts (and necessary documentations) so you may use them to apply for a business visa in your future application. This is way safer than to conceal information as your agent had suggested.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 6:38pm On Oct 24
Hello Everyone
Please i need advise about the best way to go about this.. I am a Nigerian student in the UK, doing my masters at the moment, I am married to a Danish Citizen, i will like to apply for a Uk resident Permit based on been a family member of an EEA
I will like to know the document i need to submit?
Is it ok for me to apply during my masters here in the UK
Does it matter that my wife is presently in Denmark at the moment?
What is the best way to go about this and how long does the processing takes?
I am looking forward to your response.. Thanks
You are not eligible to apply for a UK permit if your wife is not a habitual resident in the country
Culture / Re: Want Love Date And Integrate Dating Cultures? by Vicjustice: 1:27pm On Oct 21
bias judge, pele o
Good observation, i suppose.
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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: An Easy Place To Find Free Love by Vicjustice: 1:25pm On Oct 21

got it, was only kidding
OK then.
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Adverts / Re: Find Love And Make Money While Finding It by Vicjustice: 1:24pm On Oct 21
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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: An Opportunity To Become A Model Of Any Category by Vicjustice: 1:23pm On Oct 21

do you lack the ability to understand a humour?
Good question, lol.
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Adverts / Re: Are You Still Single? Find Free Love Now! by Vicjustice: 1:22pm On Oct 21
^^^ ha did you really take me serious, i was only joking. no vex o
Where does my post show any element of a vexing man lol cheesy cheesy cheesy ?
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Adverts / Re: Encouraging You To Find Free Love by Vicjustice: 1:20pm On Oct 21
am no longer available for fishermen, am now for diamond hunters.
By this, are you saying that you have found love already at
Politics / Re: The Politics In Integration by Vicjustice: 1:19pm On Oct 21
am not an internet or a computer expert, but I think those who are expert can manipulate any function. Btw my browser seems to be on and off with the spelling help, it doesn't highlight wrong spelling nowadays
You don't need to be an expert to do that, it is automatic.
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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Chat For Free And Meet With Other Singles For Love. by Vicjustice: 1:16pm On Oct 21
Donkeys never look happy nor do they have the facial expression of an animal having fun, they always wear that long face that look sad. Have you not noticed that?
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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 1:10pm On Oct 21
I posted this yesterday but im asked to re post it. This attached letter is given to my nephew as refusal letter at uk embassy. My nephew is almost 65 and i told them in letter i will be sponsoring her but they keep on refusing her. I want to know if i can appeal this case and how to go about it. Thanks.
Yes. We approached them the second time we reapply even we added pictures of my nephew and i on my wedding day but the consular is unbent that is why i want to know if we should reapply or appeal. Thank you.
Your rights of appeal is limited, it means, you can not appeal the decision as you need the FULL rights to do so.
By the way, you are referred to as a nephew to the applicant who is a 65 years old woman, therefore, she is your AUNT, not a nephew as you described her. Also, you may want to look up the word, Niece
Travel / Re: Video Of Dublin City by Vicjustice: 10:55pm On Oct 20
Seeing these things in this video makes me glad that i am in Ireland as seeing them regularly

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Travel / Re: Scam: Four Men Of Nigerian Descent Jailed by Vicjustice: 2:44am On Oct 19
This is how 419 has always worked by pandering to the greed of the potential victims. It Serves those women right.
Negative. Many of such (female) victims are not really greedy, they actually have in their minds the good intention to help their lover-men recover or redeem the money which they (are fooled to) believe is rightfully theirs.


Travel / Re: Up Parcel by Vicjustice: 2:34pm On Oct 16
Hello house, please is there anything like UP PARCEL? Cos someone sent me some goods from London but am having some doubt of mind. Pls if there is anything like that, how reliable is it? And how did they deliver the goods?
How are you asking these sorts of questions in this age when everything can be searched for in the net, how about using ?
Travel / Re: Who Schooled And Worked In The Uk?.how Did You Do It?. by Vicjustice: 8:46am On Oct 16
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:43am On Oct 15
I have this pressing query. I submitted application for a UK Visitor Visa and statement of Acc. Does it mean i wont have to make any transactions with the account until VISA Approval? Do they even get to contact the banks involved? Because i have pressing need to make withdrawal. Thank you.
Usual activities can continue in the account in normal ways, you can deposits money into it as well as withdraw money from it as regular, but it would be bad if you are withdrawing a significant sum of money: by the way, it is also bad if you deposited lump sum of money into the account in the first place.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 12:44am On Oct 15

They obviously are. Cos I've been issued a visa with a passport I renewed using my maiden name in July of this year. Going to abuja wasn't appealing. And they didn't have a problem with it.
I see.., In my wife's case, her passport became invalid after 6 months, she was instructed to do all the legal procedures with the ministry of internal affair during the 6 months period.
By the way, she is not a Nigerian.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 1:29pm On Oct 14
please house, i will like to know what to take with me to the appointment center. please i applied as a visitor to the uk using my company as my sponsor. please note that im the sole owner of my company (enterprises) and i have already gotten an IV from my sister who is a british. please i will need this asap cos my appointment is for next tuesday.
Didn't the system instruct you on what (if anything) to take with you?

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 8:29am On Oct 14

Hello, pstfrancis,
I got married in 2012 and have done a change of name in the newspaper and all of that bit. But cos I refused to go to abuja in Nigeria to change the name, I renewed my passport in my maiden name. Rmbr in the newspaper change of name notice, it states that all documents remain valid. All ur wife need do is to include her marriage certificate and the newspaper clipping in her applications or whatever. That covers it. I've never had a problem with this for over 2 and a half yrs.
Hope this helps.
Yes, all existing documents remain valid, but I don't think that include the future documents or the documents that are renewed after the change of name
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 10:59pm On Oct 13
hello house,
pls i got a sponsor to UK with my family under tier 2 Religion and my wife passport has expired, we were thinking of just renewing the old bearing her maiden name instead of changing it to the new name she is bearing, pls i want to know if their is any danger in still retaining her maiden name even though we are married with a child. will it affect us in UK or it doesnt matter. the reason we still want to just renew her maiden name is because of the stress involve in doing change of name.
thanks for ur response honourable house
There would be no danger if she has not officially adopted your surname and has not signed the document to that effect, but if she has signed the (surname change) document, then, a future passport bearing her maiden name is invalid.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:05am On Oct 11
Good morning @vicjustive, @justice, @3sha4lyf and all please i need ur urgent advice. I plan to travel with mom on the 29th of October 2014, and we both have an appointment for 14th October. The mistake on the submitted application was that mine was 9th October for planned travel date instead of 29th which is intact on mom's form. Please i sure can't change this again, can i point this out on the point of submission or maybe a sticky note pointing this out will help? Thanks for your response house
Add a note explaining the error, remember to enter your application Ref. Number
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 1:08pm On Oct 10
Thank you, sir vic justice, for all the privileged informations you have been aiding us,
Looking at the above line, one would think you read the opening article before making your comment, how come you still asked the questions that are addressed in it?
Travel / Video: "Nigerian Pastor BUSTED For Running A 419 Scam Church In Malaysia" by Vicjustice: 10:39pm On Oct 09

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 9:56pm On Oct 07
After the lengthy post, you just replied with two words "Not Possible" >>> Arrrhhh Not fair oo!!
Mr. Supervisor,
Why would he need to write a long irrelevant story if he can give a perfect answer with the "two words"?
Travel / Re: Statement Of Account by Vicjustice: 8:23am On Oct 07
I want the whole house to help me out on this, i intended going to India for a short course to start for September 20 in India. But during the processing, my interview date was changed. I had printed my SOA which was stated for June to August, but when my Interview date has been changed to October now, can i still use that same Statement of Account?
I suspect that there is something fishy with the statement of account because, if it is genuine, what makes it difficult to get an up-to-date statement?
Well, if my suspicion is right, do not try that with a western country.

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