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Politics / Re: Can General Buhari Do This (see Pix) by Vicjustice: 3:31pm On Apr 25
If this makes front page, I'd treak from my place in Akpajo to Oil Mill Junction!
You should be on your way by now...

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Politics / Re: Over 2, 000 Boko Haram Terrorists Force Soldiers To Flee Lake Chad by Vicjustice: 3:08pm On Apr 25
But the title...
Since when did Boko Haram become a "terrorist force"?
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 5:45pm On Apr 24
Thanks and God bless you so much the only thing written in the Remarks is C - VISIT, same on my wife's Visa except for our daughter that says C - VISIT - CHILD ACCOMPANIED, Only valid if acc by either my passport or my wife's passport
As your own passport does not carry such restricting remark, then, you're good to travel with or without your family.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 12:10pm On Apr 24
Justwise, Vicjustice and the experts in the house, i greet you all.
I, my wife and baby girl which will be 2yrs 25, May 2015 applied for six {6} months UK Family Tourist Visa last year April 2014 and we were all granted.
We all traveled same April last year during Easter and we all spent six {6} weeks and return back to Nigeria.
We only travel once with the 6 months visa and in November we all applied for two {2} years, i was called and later receive an email that our package is ready for pick up which i pick up our package and we were all granted, we intend to travel December for Xmas but due to some family occasions we couldn't make it
I and my daughter that will be 2yrs 25, May this year 2015 wants to visit London before her birthday as my wife just got a job and wont be possible to go with us because we will be staying three {3} weeks.
Now my question is this;
Since it's a Family Tourist Visa can i and my daughter go without my wife ?
Also can i go alone if probably i cant go with my daughter due to some other reasons ?
We will be staying in a hotel
Your query is well understood, therefore, i can confidently say YES to your both questions, NO PROBLEM.
The only instance in which you would have a problem is, if there is a remark (on the visas) stating that you can only be admitted into the UK if you traveled together with your family. In the absence of such clause, there is absolutely no problem if you or your wife travel alone.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 12:07pm On Apr 24
Dear house,

I was suppose to attend a conference in Liverpool from 16-18 April, 2015. I applied for a UK 2 years visa on 30th March 2015 on a new passport and the visa was issue on the 10th of April, but teleperformance did not return my passport until 17th April, so I missed the conference. I have no immediately plans to visit the UK until September 2015 for another conference. My question is will my waiting till September 2015 have any effect my entry into the UK to attend another conference? Should I just take a short trip now for holidays before the planned visit in September 2015. Note I also have valid US and German Schengen visas on my previous passport.
It is a multi-entry visa therefore, it can be used for subsequent travels if the purposes are deemed valid.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 12:03pm On Apr 24
hey guys, picked up my visa today...thanks y'all, justwise and vicjustice, God bless you.
I am appreciative of your appreciation.
Politics / Re: Obiano Declares APGA Next Opposition Party, Wins In Taraba, Bayelsa by Vicjustice: 10:24pm On Apr 21
NYSC / Re: NYSC: Corpers Nationwide Angry Over Incomplete Payment Of Election Allowance by Vicjustice: 9:30am On Apr 20
"I am the ousted President Jonathan.
What nonsense are you talking about, you want me to pay you for the election that i did not win?
Com'on, get out of my sight before i transfer my aggression on all of you!
Or you think i didn't know that you were supporting Buhari despite the 2 trillion Naira that i lavished on all of you?
Go to the Buhari that you voted for to pay you... Nonsense!
Look, don't come near me again or i will loose my dogs on you. You were the bad heads that costed me my presidency. Stυpid betrayers!
Come and ask me for the money again, and you will see ya heads!

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Culture / Re: Check Out How Ondo People Are Appeasing The Gods For The Epidemic Disease by Vicjustice: 7:33pm On Apr 18
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 2 by Vicjustice: 5:25pm On Apr 16
Hi @vicjustice @justwise trust u r doing great, I will like to visit France ( or Schengen country )for 8days, I've been refused italy and spain last year but still have a valid Uk 2 years visa..Would like to go France via my next visit to the UK ( euro star or easy jet).

I'm a youth corper and run a car business for my uncle (most funds run thru my account) how do i go about my application?

Thanks & Regards
Does your question make sense in its context?
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 9:58am On Apr 16
This is Second time South African denied me a Visa. The reason for denied me the first Application is "Insufficient fund to make the trip" with the balance of #700,000. After 6month for operating my account In&out transaction I apply again with the balance of #8m plus, i was denied again on the 20/03/2015 with the excuss of "Documentation Lacks Credibility"
Please the all house Advise me on Next Step or any adjustment again?
From ₦700.000 to ₦8m within a short period?
"Documentation lacks credibility" means fraudulent documents. Now, you are asking for advice on the next step?
Well, the next step is to STEP away from South African embassy for good.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 9:51am On Apr 16
Thanks a lot for the advice @Vicjustice..in the case of reapplying. .can I use d same travel health insurance doc which was returned back to me? And do u think I stand a better chance with an explanation to those crack heads, won't they think am getting desperate now? Just my tots
Why are you asking me the question that you have a better answer to? I have not seen the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, nor do i know its validity. So, why did you ask me?
Well, i am corresponding with you with the understanding that you are a gentle someone, but if you are going to resort to cursing or swearing at people, i would differ.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 8:32pm On Apr 15

Tourist visa..wanted to go there to establish a business contact for future biz. ..and I explained that to them..had visited EU (Uk) b4 and also countries in Africa n Asia without any immigration issues..my travel date was 2 months from application date..enough time to prepare for the trip..I submitted application on the 18/03/2015 denial stamp reads 20/03/2015 even though they asked me to return for collection after 15 working days...I feel d decision is somewhat hasty and not justifiable enough..d VO didnt pay much attention to all proof of my finances and also the fact I have never defaulted in previous travels
In this case, a re-application is better than appeal.
I recommend that you make another application: write an additional information and explain why you think the previous refusal was an error, and explain whatever you think the visa officer needs to know or take into consideration.
This is way cheaper, easier and more effective than hiring a lawyer to plead your case; fighting for a tourist visa of which you have no legal rights.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 6:49pm On Apr 15

They mentioned lack of proof of sufficient fund for the duration of the trip...I dropped my bank statement n receipts/invoices for past transactions of my biz
So, in your opinion, you are judging that the visa officer was wrong to have refused your application for reason of the "lack of proof of sufficient fund..." because you dropped your bank statement and receipt...?
What type of visa are we talking about?
Politics / Re: INEC Fixes Imo Supplementary Election For April 25 by Vicjustice: 4:07pm On Apr 15
Sorry, what is that Fela's song that says "Demonstration Of Crase", and the other one about "Kata-Kata" ("Confusion Every Where")?
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 4:06pm On Apr 15
Greeting to NL Peeps..
My ITALY visa application was refused ..going to appeal it, as i was told i can in the doc presented..They said appeal should be with the assistance of a lawyer, what lawyer? local or foreign lawyer?
Also i want to know if it is something i can do myself, if it is, how can i send the appeal to T.A.R(Administrative Regional Court) of Latium, and with what format should i use to write the appeal.. the suckers didn't put no address or email to which i can send appeal to.. Does anyone know the right address?
Can someone please tell how it's done, will really appreciate
Sure, you can appeal the decision yourself, you don't necessarily need a lawyer for that.
But how can anyone tell you how to appeal it when the reason for the refusal remains your secret?
Culture / Re: Can You Date Or Marry A Person With Tribal Marks? (Graphic picture) by Vicjustice: 5:38pm On Apr 13
I have those marks but am still pretty. It doesn't define my person, it just makes me stand out in the crowd.

# though I would have loved the marks to disappear cos I wanna be on TV screens but still I am grateful I have them. It doesn't restricts me from being a unique and creative being.
Good to see that you are in good spirit despite the marks. but like you admitted, you would have preferred the marks to disappear

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Politics / Re: President Jonathan's Message Ahead Of Tomorrows Election. by Vicjustice: 4:28pm On Apr 10
Eeyah, what a nice guy he is.., anyway, get ready to go


Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Wife Wants INEC To Rig Rivers’ Poll – Amaechi by Vicjustice: 1:24am On Apr 10
So, this woman is still active... She lost an Elephant, now she is fighting for an Antelope embarassed

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Culture / Re: Can You Date Or Marry A Person With Tribal Marks? (Graphic picture) by Vicjustice: 1:16am On Apr 10
I'm happy this culture is fast dying out. Its too barbaric abeg! See the way that person is just tearing that poor child's face. For me o, I can't marry someone with tribal marks. The person you marry should be visually appealing to you and I find tribal marks offensive.
I'm with you

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Culture / Re: Can You Date Or Marry A Person With Tribal Marks? (Graphic picture) by Vicjustice: 1:16am On Apr 10
Only with evidence that such a fellow fought with a tiger. I can for his or her guts.
You got humour lol
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 1:14am On Apr 10
Hi guys,

i booked appointment for a hotel and it has been cancelled but i have booked another one. i have already filled the old address in my application and submitted. can i just correct the print out with PEN or can i just submit the cancelled booking along side with the new booking.

its urgent please

Thank you
No need to tamper with the print-out form with a pen, just submit the cancelled booking along side with the new booking and explain the development as additional information
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 7:51pm On Apr 08

Yes the two months salary thing does not apply to such category of people.

Somebody with 5million in the account but earns 80K must be a money doubler
Lol, money doubler....
But what about those who are furtunate enough to inherit money or properties worth millions, what if they sold a property (let's say) 2 years ago?
Such people could be earning 50k monthly and yet have 5 million Naira in their account.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 10:37am On Apr 08

Your salary will do if you will not spend more than 2months of it for the trip, so basically if the trip will cost you 280 in total then you may stand a chance.
This issue of "spending more than 2 months salaries" is usually when the applicant doesn't have much money as account balance, but if the applicant has substantial amount of verifiable sum in his account, he can actually get the visa even if the cost of the trip will take 10 months salaries: there are people who have 5 million in their account even though they earn 80k monthly
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 10:25am On Apr 08

Hi justwise,

Well, you are absolutely right. But for me to be able to cross the border, spent a night and exited without staying back. Anyway what would you advice on my case on how I would be issued a visa again? I was a victim of a travel agent the landed me on 320, even tho back then I wrote to the embassy and got a reply that I can apply whenever I wish to do so but if the Eco isn't convinced I will be refused under paragraph 320 again.

Thank you
It is unwise to stubbornly apply for a visa knowing very well that you are banned for 10 years.
Now, this is how it works: Once you submit your application, and the moment they enter your name and DOB into their system, there will be a red allert with the warning that you have been banned, an Entry Clearance Officer does not have the power to proceed with your application as the computer system will not let him, therefore, it would take an Entry Clearance Manager to overrule it. So, your application would be automatically refused without any question
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 11:40pm On Apr 07
Hi @vicjustice @justwise and everyone in the house. I was banned for 10years in 2008, last month on my way to US via British airways my connecting flight departed before my arrival, so British airways arranged accommodation for me in london and scheduled me for a flight the following day. To my surprise the immigration just asked me a few questions,stamped my passport and said welcome to london. My question here is does that entry waives my 10yrs ban? Can I apply for a visa now? Or does the ban still stands?

Thank you
As a person traveling via a UK transit, there will be no red flag on your name and data since your ban is in relation to visa application, therefore, the immigration officer (at the airport) probably did not make extensive check of your record: in your situation, they are more interested in ensuring that you do not pose any threat.
Crime / Re: Photo Of AAU Female Body Found Close To School Gate by Vicjustice: 6:40pm On Apr 07

I totally agree with u, her body, her clothes will be covered with the hair,sweat and other kinds of DNA of her evil killers, I am pretty sure under her fingernails there will be debris of skin and tissue from her killers, by just tracing her last whereabouts and examining the people and property(there is footprints, DNA on cups, spoons, traces of fabric of her clothes e.tc) she was last seen with and at, any competnet police force must be able to catch her killers, if she was dumped then it follows that a vehicle was used, look at the list of suspects and acquaintances, how many of them have access to a car, draw up a list, examine these vehicles, it will be full of scientific evidence, normally in a case like this the boyfriend (he should be examined for scraches to the arms, face and body) or whoever she had been dating or seeing is at the top of the list, the police should interview her friends, her neighbours, they should build a picture of what happened prior to her discovery
MY condolences to her family and friends
I'm glad you absolutely got it right, you analysis suggests to me that you're either abroad or you know how it is done in advanced countries: unlike those who mocked me for saying that the killer can not get away with this sort of murder.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 6:01pm On Apr 07
Tnx for ur response bros .. I dont think my expenses for the trip can take more than 250k . Since my cousin going to host me over there , in terms of accomodation, feeding all are guaranteed .
I am positive that you will be refused the visa with this budget. Flight ticket alone will exhaust that amount...
Refer to this link:
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 5:32pm On Apr 07
hello guys, good job to you all, i'm a new user, i wish i had found out this forum earlier.. i have been reading from page 1 and still reading, but please i have some questions,
i have been recently refused a uk visa and i want to reapply. i found out that the box for reason for refusal is not enough to input the reason, please how do i go about it?
i also intend to attach a letter to address the previous reasons for my refusal, is there a particular format for this?.

I have a letter from my employer adressed to the ECO, british high commission, i hope that is the right address.

looking forward to your replies. God bless

thank you very much for your response, vicjustice, will do just that. i hope i can type the additional letter or should it be hand written?
One more thing please, the issue of the space given for reason for previous refusal, i was refused for not showing evidence of strong social and economic ties to Nigeria, and something about the cost of the trip being more than 3 times my monthly salary. the space provided is not enough to input these, please how should i go about it?
... thank you once again.

thanks a lot for taking time to write d lengthy reply... yes you are right i am a novice in this matter oh..lol
considering that i was refused just last month, and that i intend to address the 2 reasons for the refusal in the additional note, i dont think i'm allowed to write 'i cant recall' in the box. lol

i just thought i should pick the reasons one by one and explain why i think the ECO dat first refused me erred in reasoning
. i am also attaching a letter of leave from my employer which i didnt include in ny previous application. i hope that will serve as an evidence of ties to nigeria.
looking forward to your response, God bless.
I did not suggest that you write "i can't recall", i only said it is ok if someone writes that: it is not an infraction so, you can't be refused a visa because you can't remember the reasons for previous refusals.
Yes, the letter will be of help.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by Vicjustice: 5:30pm On Apr 07
Gud day Vicjustice nd Justwise kudos Sir .. Plz i need guidelines on my application . I apply for uk tourist visa in 2013 when i was still in skul but i was denied due to the reasons below .... The Eco stated that you have provided your uncle's nd cousin's employment documents, bank statement, tenancy agreement and wage slips to demonstrate maintenance,however i note that these are all photocopies. But to my best of understanding the documents are originals as sent to me frm my cousin. Now i want to apply again , my cousin nd his wife ( the wife is british citizen while my cousin his holding ILR ) want to invite me . Am nw a graduate nd working fulltime at one Science and Technology Supplies Company with gud salary. The following are the docs i want to provide ... Reference letter on previous application, my appointment letter , payslips , marriage cert , my son birth cert , running bank statement with the balance of 650k since am going to be host by my cousin , land docs and pictures of my wedding including pictures of my son naming ceremony. Am i gud to go like dis or wot other docs did you think i can add with this documents ? Is the balance of my bank statement ok or i shld add more ? ... Tnx alot in anticipation of ur repply Sir.
Refer to this link:
By the way, how much money do you intend to use for the entire expenses?
Crime / Re: Photo Of AAU Female Body Found Close To School Gate by Vicjustice: 3:23pm On Apr 07

Bros, that should be abroad, a developed country and not my dear Nigeria jare....We can never, and I mean never be like the developed country.
I know,what you mean, Nigeria is actually a country where such dead body is taken away without forensic observations, and is buried without medical examination: and the murderer is at large to commforenit more murders
Crime / Re: Photo Of AAU Female Body Found Close To School Gate by Vicjustice: 12:46pm On Apr 07
4 ur mind ... Too much hollywood dey wori you jare
I guess this is the way you talk to your superiors....

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