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Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 8:18am On Jul 24
Hi guys. I have a pressing question which i need opinions on.
I interviewed as beneficiary to a us dv lottery applicant which was refused back in 2012. Must i answer yes to having being denied a visa before? It confuses me because i wasn't the principal applicant then as such, my name was not on the refusal letter. Any input will be appreciated. If it helps, the refusal was on grounds of ineligibility.
If you have been refused a visa, then tick YES, and if you have not been refused a visa, then tick NO.
In this case (that you explained ), it wasn't your own application that was refused, so tick "NO".
Politics / Re: Man Who Met Gudaji Kazaure On A Plane Shares Experience. Photos by Vicjustice: 9:59am On Jul 08
In my honest opinion, these guys do not look good in the plane...
Career / Re: When Nigerian Labourers Were Earning 50K For A Day's Wage. by Vicjustice: 10:47am On Jun 21

Funny. You know most people will assume 50k stands for 50 thousand instead of 50 kobo.
Exactly, that's the point of this thread
Career / Re: When Nigerian Labourers Were Earning 50K For A Day's Wage. by Vicjustice: 10:39pm On Jun 18
50k back then was fifty Kobo, but now, 50k is fifty thousand Naira.

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Career / When Nigerian Labourers Were Earning 50K For A Day's Wage. by Vicjustice: 4:18pm On Jun 18
Gone are the days when Nigerian labourers were earning 50k as a day's wage.

Travel / Re: How To Write Invitation Letters by Vicjustice: 2:03pm On May 26

What if he just says "relative" cos he is from my mum's mum's side. I don't know if you get me?
The question would be, "what is your relationship with the man", would you say "relative"?
Travel / Re: How To Write Invitation Letters by Vicjustice: 9:01am On May 25
Hi Vicjustice,
I have my mum's brother who wants to invite me to the UK. As my uncle we do not have the same surname. Do I need to provide any proof of relationship or we could just go ahead with his deeds and council bill and statement of account as well as the invitation letter?
Also I would like to ask how long it takes to get a UK visa in Nigeria.
Thank you for your kind responses so far. I have been reading.
The Visa Officer would expect you to prove your relationship as it is not uncommon for visa officers to hear Nigerians calling anyone a brother, sister, uncle, auntie, cousin, even daddy or mommy, so it is up to you to prove the relationship.
Birth certificate or age declaration document can help, and since he is from your mom's family, then her family name should correspond.
Celebrities / Re: Fela Effigy Built At Allen Roundabout Lagos By Ambode by Vicjustice: 9:06pm On May 21
Why headless, abi na Meluza?
Celebrities / Re: Harrysong: "I Am No Longer With Five Star Music, God Bless E-money & Kcee" by Vicjustice: 9:59am On May 18

For Apple..

A won space Bookers twaale o grin grin

If you came here to read comments..

Drop a Bleep. (like) cool
I learnt that from you guys, no be me start am smiley smiley grin
Celebrities / Re: Harrysong: "I Am No Longer With Five Star Music, God Bless E-money & Kcee" by Vicjustice: 10:20pm On May 17
Hip! Hip!! Hip!!!
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 8:19pm On May 17

This info is absolutely wrong. There is no crime in giving birth in the USA and no VO will refuse you for saying you are going to birth. Many people get medical visas everyday, its just for you to prove that you are prepared by getting Doc and hospital correspondences and also prove that you are financially capable.
No, it's not wrong, Visa Officers do not appreciate pregnant women applying for tourist visa, and like I indicated earlier, pregnant women who want to give birth should be applying for their visas on medical grounds.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 9:37pm On May 16

Ok thank u but I actually did fill in medical reasons and also told her I want to go birth my baby but before I could tell her about my medical condition, she cut me short. However, please how do I explain to them that I've been working as a pharmacist for almost 3 years now and just worked for 6 months at my present job because I just got married and relocated? I really appreciate this
Your previous 3 years employment can count as employment history which can enhance your credibility, but your current status is weightier: The reason for requiring a minimum of one year employment is because, they want to be certain that your employment is one that is credible and is sustained as it is difficult to evaluate employments that have not had tax returns.

Visa officers do not appreciate pregnant women applying for tourist visa especially when they know that the intention is to give birth in their country: and it is worse if you are a first-time traveler unless if there are compelling reasons why you think giving birth to your baby in Nigeria is not a safe thing to do.
Most people who travel abroad to give birth are holders of long term multiple entry visas which were issued them before they got pregnant or before their pregnancy became obvious.
Travel / Re: How To Write Invitation Letters by Vicjustice: 9:20am On May 16
plz can someone help me on how to go about this..i have a friend who wants to visit me from south africa to here in nigeria..plz what must i do? i mean what are the process?
Click here: www.google.com
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 8:43am On May 16

Post this question here
I think the query is OK in this thread because, she wants to know the reason that her visa was refused, and this is what the thread is about.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 8:23am On May 16
Please, I need help and I'm actually new here. Went for the interview today and was denied but the VO Didn't ask many questions or asked to see my docs. My husband is sponsoring me and she didn't ask how much he earns, also, I have a job (pharmacist) and earn 120k monthly,she only asked of that and how long I've been working with the current place of work which is 6 months cos I just relocated to lagos because of marriage. If only she had asked for financial capacity she would have known I'm more than capable but she didn't sadly. Please, i would like to know what I did wrong as shxe didn't even ask to see any documents at all.Can anyone reply my post pls? Was going to go to Atlanta and the doctor and hospital Bill was like 8k and we budgeted 13k but the VO Didn't even ask if I had made any prior plans. I want to reapply cos edd is July but I really want to know what went wrong so as to avoid it next time. It is actually sad
It is an express ground for visa refusal if you have not stayed for the minimum of 12 months in your current job: although, some visa officers do overrule this clause.
Another possible reason for the refusal is that you seem to be applying for a visa of the wrong category, for example, applying for a tourist visa where-as you intend to travel for medical reason (without revealing it to the visa officer): the visa officer might have observed something that you did not volunteer in your information, for example, pregnancy.
Travel / Re: Genuie Info About Turkey.i Want To Travel There. by Vicjustice: 8:11am On May 16
@sloye5, nice one bro, nairalanders need someone like you, justwise, vicjustice, etc.
I'm really impress with the way you answer question.
Will be applying for Turkish visa soon at their embassy in abuja.
Looking forward to linking up with you @ Istanbul or wherever u staying....
Hi. I do not live in Istanbul, I only stayed there a couple of days.
Tell me you're not planning to go and live in Turkey, or are you?
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 7:56am On May 11
Good morning house. Please I need cogent advice. I have never travelled out before. I just finished my M.Sc. program here in Nigeria and I applied for a 3 month research training scholarship in Spain . I got the scholarship fortunately just a week after I got married. I'm to start the research stay in September and end in November ending. I have a funding of 4,900 dollars. My question now is can I apply with my husband so he can come later and spend 2 weeks (his annual leave ) with me. Note that he will be able to come join October for 2 weeks before going back to his job while I will be resuming September. What are his chances? Do we have to apply for his own separately or can I do it along with mine? Can I use my maiden name passport to do all this and apply for him, bearing in mind that my scholarship is in my maiden name. (we are married legally) Thank you. I don't want to make any mistake when I start processing.
The mistake that you don't want to make would be made when you and your husband make the visa application together..
The both of you can apply together if you're going for family trip, but if you're applying for a student visa, then I recommend that you make it more appropriate by formally applying for a student visa alone: you don't want to give the visa officer the impression that you're migrating, do you?
I'm aware that there are circumstances when it is appropriate for the both of you to apply for the visa together, so I suggest that you first find out whether your situation falls in the circumstances.
As for discrepancy in your surname, that shouldn't be a problem provided you have documents that shows and link the surnames to you: and if you need to explain anything, use affidavit.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by Vicjustice: 8:21am On Apr 29
Please there is a part of the visa application that asked that 'What money is available to pay for your initial expenses such as accommodation, feeding yourself and any other dependants (if applicable)?
I have already filled in a portion earlier on on travel expenses, accommodation, and living costs. How is this any different so I wnt give a contradictory info. How best do i answer this. Thanks.
The first one that you filed is about the cost of the mentioned items, while the other question is in regard to the total amount that you have set aside for the entire trip which includes the costs of other miscellaneous items that are not mentioned, and might accumulate during the course of your stay in the country. For example: if you stated that the cost of your...
Flight ticket: N350k
Accommodation: N150K
Living costs: N100k
Total: N600k

Remember that these fixed amounts do not include the costs of other miscellaneous items like tour bus rides, taxi fares, tickets for events, souvenir shopping, etc: so, that question is intended to make you state the total amount that you have budgeted for the trip to cover every cost both the foreseeable and unforeseeable expenses.
Does this help?
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by Vicjustice: 8:13am On Apr 29

He said her wife has £8000 which is about N3.2M!!
Thanks for pointing that out, i didn't realise it, i actually thought i saw eight hundred Pound Sterling.
Thant means, she is financially capable and worthy of sponsoring her family.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by Vicjustice: 10:20pm On Apr 28
Hi @Vicjustice, @Ekpotek, and every member on here, keep up the good work guys. I need your opinion in regards a situation.

My family and I are planning on visiting the U.K for 2-3weeks holiday. My wife and I have been married for over a year and we have a 9months old baby. We intend getting a 6months U.K visa for myself and our baby as it will be our first time, my wife still has a valid U.K visa. We plan on visiting in 2months but intend to have the visa processed immediately but we have a situation.
I am currently out of job almost a year now but my personal savings account with every now and then debit and credit transactions has about 350k naira balance in it. We intend indicating my wife as a sponsor (her savings account balance is 1.4m or thereabout), her salary account balance is less than 300k naira (she has been at her job for over a year). But she has a UK bank account in her name that she uses in collecting rent every month from her late dad's property that she manages and pays service charge on the flat.. with a balance of about 8000 pounds or thereabout in it. We will be staying at the property while visiting, hence there wont be additional accomodation cost/expenses.

*What would your expert advise/opinion be in regards how to go about the application?
*Should we go ahead and present her to be the sponsor on the form?
*Do we include her savings account with 1.4m in it? Or Her U.K bank account statement with 8000pounds in it? or Both? And also include my own savings account with 350k naira balance in it?
*Do both my application and our baby's application stand a chance of being approved?

Any additional information and advise would be appreciated. Thanks

NB: She has visited the U.K over 10 times in the last 25years+, had her Masters and BSc there. I have never applied to the U.K, my current passport is new, but i have been to South Africa 3times and Swaziland once in the last 5years on my previous (Lost/Stolen) passport.
The issues will not be about your wife sponsoring the trip as it is allowed for a spouse to be a sponsor, but the ECO could have issue with the total amount in your wife's account (which is N1.4m) because, if she bought tickets for everyone from it, how much would be left to live on?
This said, i recognise that your wife has another £800, plus your N350k, therefore, the whole thing now comes to credibility and merit: and as your wife already holds a visa, and does not pose immigration risk, her baby's visa is almost guaranteed: therefore, i am of the opinion that your own visa would be approved if things are done orderly.
Include the both accounts of your wife and add your own account. Good luck.
Career / Re: How Do You Feel When Sales Sail Southwards? by Vicjustice: 7:22am On Apr 19
It is one thing if the poor business performance is due to your inefficiency, and it is another if you're giving it your all and yet the business is not doing well.
Travel / Re: Likely Questions To Expect At The Port Of Entry by Vicjustice: 12:59am On Apr 06
Hello house,i got a visa through my company for a media conference which i eventually didnt go for,6 months after i intend going but this time on another religious conference but personal since am on leave and have a letter to attest to that,have my to and fro ticket and hotel bookings do i still need to be scared cos the initial conference was media related but this is religious and also personal i.e not on my companys behalf
Are you on the same visa (that wasn't used for the original purpose) or you're on a new visa?
Politics / Re: Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia Is Dead! by Vicjustice: 1:16am On Mar 17
How old was he?
Travel / Re: Benin Vs Warri - Which Place Is Better For Relocation? by Vicjustice: 6:31pm On Mar 13
I need apartment in Benin can u be of help....
I'm not in Benin city at the moment
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Vicjustice: 10:14pm On Mar 07
Hello vicjustice. Here is my case; I work with a state govt with a salary of 150k after tax, but am being owed up to 6months. At the same time, I am a partner in a company co-owned with a friend, but we are not collecting salary yet from the company. Now my question is how best can I make use of the fund from the company for my visa application? I want to visit UK to write a professional exam as well as my partner.
Thanks as I await your response.
You said that you've not yet started getting paid, so what fund are you talking about?
If you're hoping to use the company's fund, that would be unacceptable for 5 reasons:
1) You do not entirely own the company.
2) The company hasn't yet been through the test of time to prove that it is one that is credible and is sustainable.
3) Even if you solely own the company, the fund therein is supposed to be managed within the company's interest.
4) You'd need to satisfyingly demonstrate how the company would benefit from your travel.
5) You'd need evidence of approval from the company's co-owner, and explain why s/he is allowing you to use the company's fund.
Celebrities / Re: Funny Bone Disses Toke Makinwa & Tonto Dikeh Yesterday At Ushbebe’s Show by Vicjustice: 1:58pm On Feb 27
Who are they?
Travel / Re: Likely Questions To Expect At The Port Of Entry by Vicjustice: 12:51pm On Feb 27
what of a visitor visa and a conference visa what ar the likely questions to be asked at POE?
They are in the category of tourist/visit visa.
Travel / Re: Likely Questions To Expect At The Port Of Entry by Vicjustice: 12:42pm On Feb 27
Good morning VO, I would like to ask if one has a b1/b2 visa, after paying for flights and hotels, how much cash is the non immigrant expected to be with at the POE?
What is required is evidence that the person can conveniently sustain himself without recourse to public fund: so, how much money is up to the discretion of the entry clearance immigration officer.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerian Python Killers Vs Latino Anaconda Conservationists by Vicjustice: 8:52pm On Feb 15
Guy u dey vex oh, it's like you are a snake activist, and you have been keeping all these pictures for a day like this kudos, with this recession who wount appreciate a good snake meat certainly not me, I heard it's very tasty. You should give it a try. grin grin
It may be tasty, but Nigerians should be careful with the rate at which these amazing creatures are being killed, they will soon go into extinction, and that will be regretful. There used to be Elephants in the south of the country, but now, they have been wiped out.
The problem is that Nigerians eat almost every animal, even giant rats (which they call "rabbit"wink. It is consolatory that most Nigerians do not eat Lizards like they eat in Imo state, otherwise, those lovely creatures would have been extinct long ago.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerian Python Killers Vs Latino Anaconda Conservationists by Vicjustice: 5:39pm On Feb 14
See more here:

Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerian Python Killers Vs Latino Anaconda Conservationists by Vicjustice: 5:38pm On Feb 14
War on snake

Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerian Python Killers Vs Latino Anaconda Conservationists by Vicjustice: 5:37pm On Feb 14

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