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Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 1:59pm On Feb 24

Dr please can you interpret this. I have a 3 year old and I am ttc. Should I be concerned about the pelvic adhesions? I have had 2 surgeries, myomectomy and CS

Normal body internal space of your womb or uterus. Spillage of contrast identify with an opened functional uterine tube.

Pelvic adhesion could have resulted from the operation done, this may have certain effect on getting pregnant but you will to try for some time more before seeking help on the pelvic adhesion.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 1:51pm On Feb 24
Good day Doctors in the house. Thanks for the good works.

My wife had 3 C.S (2009, 2011, 2013,). she used to complain that the C.S point hitches her once a while. We report to the Doctor and they said it's due to healing that it will stop.

The major issue here now is that in the last two years, she used to bleed at any slight provocation, scaring, of anything that cause her to fear/panic. This happened between few hours and two days. This is nothing to do with her normal mensural cycle. She is 44yrs.

Please what could be happening.

Where is she bleeding from?
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 1:48pm On Feb 24
Hello Doctors
Is surgery the only way to get rid of a bartholin cyst?
It is not infected (abscess) and I have had it since April 2020.
Are there other ways to make it go away? I really don't want to get a surgery done.
Pls help, thanks.

Surgery should be the last options. So your doctor may not be opting for a surgical procedure in treating your inflamed Bartholins gland if the options are yet to be tried upon.

You may want to have a Sitz bathing for some weeks with use of antibiotics as a follow up, just to see if the cystic condition is improving. And if it is barely a bigger one draining the cyst in the doctor's office may just be the common next option at hand.

Surgical procedure may only be next for any existence of recurrence.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 1:36pm On Feb 24
Good day Doctor, I am presenting my fiancée's case, she is in her 30s, last year November, a surgery was carried out on her, she has an ovarian cyst, a very big one, cuz i saw it after the surgery. After the surgery, the doctor told us that, they had to remove one of the ovaries,( i got to know that women have 2 ovaries) so, she is left with one, the doctor later advice that she gets pregnant on time. Another issue is that, her MC is very irregular before and even after the surgery. please Doctor, what is her chances of getting pregnant? she can't even calculate her ovulation stuff because of the irregular MC and all. Please Doc, i need your medical advice on this. there is one other issue, but i want to know something about this first.

Her chances of getting pregnant is much as the same as one having both ovaries since the most occurring event has only an ovarian follicle to initiate ovulation.

Compensatory changes and functional alteration after an oophorectomy may have had effect on the cycle, this is a normal expectation. So it is expected for her to be patient awhile to see if the menstrual cycle can return to her regular basis and length.

How bad is the irregularity? If she is finding it hard to monitor her ovulation, she could request her doctor to have him/her to at least monitored 1-3 cycle(s) of hers, before concluding how to place an ovulation date for her.

Should you find this difficult to do, you can use my online service line on WhatsApp to write me on it( Use the profile signature for that). Terms and Conditions following.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 10:39am On Jan 14
please can she get pregnant with this result asking for a friend. Can she do womb flushing or use yoni pearl?
Report is okay except for the moderate size multiple fibroids. Thus, this report does not cover any event or condition that may or may not warrant that flushing exercise.

You may want to give reasons for the flushing, and why the use of that Yoni pearls.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 10:28am On Jan 14
hello doctor, Pl what is the antibiotics recommended for
sal typhi
sal para typhi (a,b&c) ?
Prescription should be done with selected sensitivities. I will only recommend in line with written sensitivities on your test report.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 6:16pm On Jan 07
Should you feel okay writing privately, kindly use the numbers on the signature to reach me on WhatsApp for a session. Session creation follows with little charges anyway.

I wish everyone a happy new year.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 6:00pm On Jan 07
Good day doc, I have two kids (the last is 2yrs old) and I recently started trying to concieve unsuccessfully. My doctor refered my for a HSG which showed I have a cervical polyp. Please do I really need to remove this polyp for me to get pregnant. Thanks.
While size and location matters, if no other reasons for infertility is remarkable then a polyp removal may be necessary. However,a decision to have a removal must follow with a try to conceiving for some period.
See your doctor for further directives.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 5:47pm On Jan 07

Hi good evening ...please is it possible for fibroid to cause a false positive pregnancy test?
I don't think so.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 5:46pm On Jan 07
Good day Doctors,
I have this pelvic pain that comes after ovulation, I had it before my myomectomy in June, It stopped feeling it. Tried for a baby in September but had a blighted ovum in October.
This pain came back in November, even now. I have had a transvaginal scan in Nov and HSG in Dec, everything fine. The pain feels abnormal.
Having not written on pain severity, it is okay to assume that your written us could only have happened to frequent discomfort it is causing.
Yet, it is not enough to possibly guess what may just be the cause of your pain. Should the pain revolves around your ovulation, then it is possibly normal especially if this discomfort is unilateral.
Apart from this occasion, lower abdominal pains are common days before and during menstruation.

Bearing in mind that a lower abdominal discomfort is usually not only of reproductive origin, it is advisable to seek a doctor's help to fully examine you for other causes related to others systems of the body.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 6:16pm On Dec 21, 2020
Doctors in the house..pls what does this mean
Your question is not complete, I guess.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 4:33pm On Dec 02, 2020
Good day doctors,
My sister had CS to deliver her baby in the second week in January, 2020 and she is 8weeks pregnant as of today.

Is she's safe to carry another successful pregnancy and what measures she needs to put in place to ensure she's perfectly okay.


Between the time C-S was done and getting pregnant again, it is enough to plan for another conception if she and husband wished to. There is nothing to be cautious about save for what she could do as preventive measures to avoiding preparing for another C-S.

Just let her be if she is already pregnant.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 10:37am On Nov 25, 2020

It is well!
Thanks doc

You're welcome.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 5:37pm On Nov 18, 2020
Good day doctors in the house.
Please, cant one have a successful 9months and safe delivery with these fibroids sizes & location?....

Is surgery not too early to be considered?
Please, help look into it.
God bless!
The dimensions aren't disturbing. One would have never thought of a myomectomy except for the several locations, the kind of pressure it would mount on the baby in utero may be something else if fate have it those uterine masses grow out of line during pregnancy.

Try to talk with your doctor again and see from his reasoning why surgery may just be something to consider or to overlook.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 6:48am On Nov 17, 2020

Thank you doc. But the vaginal spotting I had was after my miscarriage which was from 1st to 5th of this month. I usually don't have any symptoms or anything. Infact I think I'm ovulating right now.
Please can you tell me more about the factors that could aggravate the fibroid size I need to prevent?
Secondly can I carry a pregnancy successful pregnancy with the fibroids?

If you are ovulating, carry on with doing sex, there's actually no problem getting pregnant at all.

Since fibroid tissues responds to estrogen levels, the growth and recurrence of growth even after remover are mere functions of the estrogen concentration level, in other words fibroid tends to get growing in size if the estrogen concentration level is somehow high.
You may want to avoid using substances or diet plans that could increase estrogen concentration level such soy, flaxseed etc. Apart from this, controllable risk factors such as overweight or obesity, being diabetic, some medications etc could be managed and review again all over with your doctor.

Yes! You can carry a successful pregnancy to term. You will need to have your doctor also explained to you the possible complications one being pregnant with fibroids can face. I think the former will completely reassure your confidence of his been able to handle your days through pregnancy to term.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 7:17am On Nov 14, 2020

Good evening doc. In respect to this I did the scan and was told I have fibroid, and the doctor said I should just try and get pregnant again. I was given vitamin e to take. Here is the result. Is there anything you think I should do?

Already the anterior aspect of the uterus has started coming with a large submucosal mass dimension and then the other one below. These masses may be the reason to plan a future myomectomy (remover of the fibroid). Besides their locations are significant to affecting fertility in small percentages and a bleeding duress.

If you have no other complaint added to your vagina spotting, there is little to bother about. Seeking pregnancy should be done with little worry. Another pelvic ultrasound (>3months from the time the first was done) should be done to know if the dimensions are becoming remarkable or not. And if pregnancy has not occurred within this time, you may want to review your fertility status again with your doctor just to be rest assured if the masses were the reasons for your infertility or subfertility.

You may have to prevent use of tangible factors that could aggravate fibroid size. You may want to discuss with your doctor those factors. Meanwhile, the safest relief is remover of these masses.

All the best!
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 6:44am On Nov 14, 2020
gud evening doc. Pls how can one conceive with endometriosis. I have done HSG, tubes are open, I ovulate well cos I normally do TVS and my hubby's sperm is very ok yet I can't conceive.pls any advice?Will be grateful

Kindly use my online private platform for this. This is not an invitation but an online service. Thus, charges may follow. If it doesn't sit well with you, you may have to see a fertility specialist on this.

Link to privacy: https:///2349075560712
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 6:18am On Nov 14, 2020
Good morning all, pls doctors in the house I want to do general test to know the state of my reproductive organs, I called a lab and they said it must be done based on doctor's report...where can I do these tests on my own in Lagos pls?

What kind of tests you wanted to do that a medical diagnostic centre required a doctor's written note?
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 12:56pm On Nov 13, 2020
Good evening doc ...please I was prescribed ciprofloxacin because I had an infection in my pregnancy am 14wks now ..I want to know if I should discontinue my prenatal meds for now till I finish it or can I still take them ?

And secondly is ciprofloxacin safe for 14wks pregnancy? In respect to treatment of infection

Risk to teratogenicity is fair or average. It can be used in the absence of any other antibiotics. It is safe for a 14weeks pregnancy.

Using this drug together with your prenatal routines is obviously the choice of the doctor to make. While not hear from him regarding this.

All the best!
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by 2Ballz(m): 7:50am On Nov 10, 2020

I can't really say because I don't really do anything stressful, I'm a graphic designer and a photographer.

Yeah...she felt the lower side of my stomach

It was a bit worse

You may want to see another doctor to further examine the lower aspect of flank again for inflammation of your vermiforme appendix, check for herniation if any sort or review your medication once if usage has any impact linked to it.
Health / Re: Thread For Male Urinary And Reproductive System. by 2Ballz(m): 7:38am On Nov 10, 2020
I took 2 tablets 2 times daily. I didn't take any herbs or supplement except camusunate. And it's d first time I noticed it. I spoke to a doctor but she said the weekening effects of the camusunate will wear off which actually happened but then it still takes longer to ejaculate and I can't proceed to next round within 30 mins of ejaculating unlike before.

Alright. If this complaint were as a result of the Amoxicillin use, by now it should have leave off this effect. You will have to be patient a little more longer for a full recovery, and when it is not improving or getting worse, kindly report to a doctor again for full health review.

Or, use my signature to plan an online private session with me.

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Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 7:22am On Nov 10, 2020
Good morning doc, it's been a while I checked in here. Hope you are great?��

I'm the lady you counseled last time after I had a miscarriage and I'm glad to announce to you I'm expecting again, praise God. I've a concern though.
I took Fansidar for malaria when I was fifteen weeks gone, this is not my first pregnancy so before then I used to feel slight flutters. Now, I noticed that since after taking that medicine, I no longer feel the flutters at all. I am saving for my 20 week ultrasound, otherwise I'd have just gone for scan to be sure my baby is doing okay. I need some expert opinion or reassurance, whichever is appropriate ����

Except benefit of use is greater than risk, it is not advisable to use Fansidar in the first trimester or early weeks to the second trimester. Having written this, use of this drug during pregnancy should be in line with a doctor's directives.

Meanwhile, you have nothing to bother about until you have full checking on the fetus during an ultrasound. This is because several other factors can affect flutter including your being sick.

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Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 7:09am On Nov 10, 2020
Good afternoon doc. I had a miscarriage last week at 6 weeks and I started bleeding with tissue on the 1st of November and it ended on the 5th of November. Right now I'm having just brown spotting. Do I need to go for evacuation or everything has passed naturally.
It is normal to have spotting around days of onset of a miscarriage. This is purely functional.
Since the pregnancy has not gone of age, it is expected and natural to have a complete loss of products of conceptus by normal uterine contraction automation.

Do a pelvic ultrasound (since it was 6wks) to confirm for retained products of conceptus, and if there is, a proper evacuation may be necessary.
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 6:56am On Nov 10, 2020
Good evening Doctor

Thanks a lot for this group.

I would like to ask.......I had not taken the prenatal drugs before I got pregnant but since i did, i started taking the regular folic acid and minerals.....after sometimes....the drugs nauseas me very badly....I cannot stand the smell neither can I take them. Pregnacare was suggested which I started taking.

Do you think I am on the right track? Kindly advice.....I am about 9wks......I believe it's not too late to get on track

It's normal to have irritation to the prenatal routine meds after times of use in the beginning of pregnancy especially for first timers. You should not really get bothered about that.

If smells of your routine were your only problem, you could severe your breath for awhile until you have them taken, and move a certain distance away quite sure of having none of them at sight before freeing your breath.

If dosage were the problem, take the least dosage for each, maintain this for awhile before going back to normal use.

Or, spread normal prescribed dose intake over hours of day so that even if you do not have them taken all out once, you would eventually have them taken on different time daily.

It is understandable the need for supplements, however the necessity is not 100% as most of every nutrients is accountable in a well nourished balance diet and fruit and veggies.

You are certainly not wrong supplementing with Pregnacare. You may want to try the other listed choices earlier on to continue use routines.

All the best.
Health / Re: Thread For Male Urinary And Reproductive System. by 2Ballz(m): 7:05am On Nov 08, 2020
Good day doctor. A doctor gave me camosunate and ammoxyl about 2 months ago to treat malaria. He said d ammoxyl was the main or original one from china. I discovered dat after taking it, it took me longer to ejaculate. To the extent i cant go more than one round within a short time unlike before and my ejaculate became smaller. What could be the cause and remedy?

Sorry for replying late.

Can I know the dose used by you?

Can I also know if you took along any medications/herbs/supplements/others together or not together with your Amoxicillin?

Is this your first time of have having this experience?

Also, have you reported this issue to a doctor?
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by 2Ballz(m): 7:01am On Nov 08, 2020

Like two month

Heartburn ? Once in a while
Visits toilet at least once a day
Right side looks normal but I feel like there's something like a ball there when I lie on my back
Not really
Currently seeing a cardiologist for left atrial enlargement
On bisoprolol and cocodamol

Visited a doctor recently had an abdominal scan done and nothing was detected so I was directed to use antimalarial, antibiotics and deworming

If pain seemed to get worse in the evening, do you want to agree with me that it does not:

•increase with stress
•affect your daily activities
•show up with being active

Also; before the abdominal scan was done, did your doctor physically examine the region of complaint?

Was there any relief after you took treatment for malaria and the rest of it?
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by 2Ballz(m): 11:51am On Nov 07, 2020
Hello good evening, I usually feel pain in the my lower abdomen, general stomach pain, feeling like there's something in the right part of my stomach and fever.. please what' can that be?

How long has this pain been?
What's the degree of pain?

Does the onset of pain start from the:
•neighter right nor left.

Does pain worsened :
•before a meal?
•after a meal?
•during a meal?

•before urination?
•after urination?
•during urination?

•morning period?
•afternoon period?
•evening period?

How do you position your body for a relief?
Does this pain radiate halfway to the upper back?

Do you feel full immediately you start eating?
Low frequency in using the toilet?

Can you describe how the right side of your lower flank looks like?
Does it appear tendered by touch or pains are normally observed on a deep push?
Do you feel serious pains on when it is being touched?

Any history of smoking?
Any history of STI?
Any history of UTI?
Any history of any health complaints you have had for the last three months?

Any history of drugs and medications use (good or bad)?

Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by 2Ballz(m): 11:32am On Nov 07, 2020

Yes Doctor, this is my first experience before my menstruation. This issue got me worried doctor. I need solution on it. Thanks for your response.
Sorry to not have answered you this long. I do hope this complaint of yours have been attended else where. All the best.
Health / Re: Ask Me Anything On Drugs And Supplements by 2Ballz(m): 11:12am On Oct 24, 2020

Please, what type of supplement can you recommend for my aged parents. They are 76 and 63
Why are you searching for supplement for them?
Is it for nutrient relief?
for any special conditions?
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by 2Ballz(m): 7:09am On Oct 05, 2020
Good evening doctor...last 2 weeks while I was playing football..I observed that I was having headache while i run around the field.. it was strange because it has never happened to me before..the headache will reduce its intensity while I rest but when I come on again it comes back..I took paracetamol when I got home, it subsided and came back later in the evening..since that day the headache has refused to go..went to my company clinic was.tested for malaria and typhoid..all came out negative was giving amoxil and one other pain relieving medicine but still the headache refused to go..sometimes I have blurry vision..someone suggested cafergot..took it first day.. it went came back took it again it subsided but still keeps re occurring..
Visited general hospital..was asked to do urinalysis, FBC..did that but am yet to collect the result.. I feel the test recommended are not related in anyway to the way I feel.
Now the headache doesn't show in the morning but comes in the evening but whenever I want to do my morning exercise..it shows up..am tired I don't know what to do..plz help am getting scared hope it's not something serious cry cry

Can you post your laboratory report now?
Did you screen for low or high blood glucose concentration too?
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by 2Ballz(m): 9:30am On Sep 11, 2020
Hi doc in the house.... please I want you to recommend drugs that can boost libido in woman and also drug to boost ovulation and then drug for increase in sperm count for men..... thank you
We can't make prescription here for avoidance of blatantly misuse and abuse. We will appreciate if you take this step further in your hope of getting a solution to your physical doctor to necessitate your request into relevance.

You may choose to write me privately (Charges following) for this using https:///2348176371308 for consideration to this request. Kindly understand that, prescription will not be made until:

1) laboratory report done to confirm/rule out abnormality to your low sex drive.
2) laboratory report done to confirm/rule out causes to your anovulation.
3)laboratory report done to confirm/rule out causes for the low sperm count.

Note that you can make a session to as well get direction to initiating management to this complaint of yours.
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by 2Ballz(m): 9:12am On Sep 11, 2020
Please what is the best way to deal with fibroid and poly cystic ovarian syndrome...Also,please how much is AMH test in Nigeria and where can it be done?

If your fibroid is <4.0cm and not symptomatic in anyway, kindly let it be where it is. But if it is >4.0cm, equally symptomatic and situated within the nidus of your uterus as a pedunculated body, then you may have it removed by a doctor.

The best way to deal with PCOS will be provided by your doctor after some sessions of physical examination and proper signs and symptoms observation from him.

Treatment and management depends on signs and symptoms associating with PCOS.
You may likely choose for a treatment if you have any of the following signs and symptoms :

•Infertility or subfertility
•Excessive bleeding after a long time of observing your menstrual period.
•Growing hairs in male peculiar regions of the body
•Acne due to thickening of the skin
•Nipple discharge
•Increase weight gain

AMH test costs 20-25k but could differ with laboratories in different locations of the country.

Should you want more Online assistance (Charges following), write me on: https:///2348176371308

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