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Re: Choices by Nobody: 9:47am On Sep 19, 2016
Col. Lieu. General Favour reporting for duty.... Solo long time o, keep the updates pouring in. Solomon you sure say u for no review dat price for okadabooks so, like 2bay abeg.
Re: Choices by IamLukas(m): 10:07am On Sep 19, 2016
Bros,U didnt have to quote the entire post just to say this...stopeet biko

M tayad of all dis if only if only..... Let d game begin naa
Re: Choices by Missmossy(f): 10:09am On Sep 19, 2016
Nice..ride on Joe, missmossy come and see o..
Thanks dear kiss

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Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 8:05pm On Sep 19, 2016

How one’s status in life can change in just a second and the very things that eluded you or you just avoided because you weren’t heavy pocket-wise will come to you naturally. I settled down to write and brain storm on what was my needs and my wants after having my shower that afternoon. I left Tolu to practice his new dancing skills on what he termed as “victory well deserved” but I didn’t see the so call called victory in a supposed lady that has been screwed left, right and centre by different persons and will still be screwed in the future. If she were to ‘tear rubber,’ then yes it was victory well deserved but not in this case, anyway I knew such ‘new products’ will be quite hard to find in a university, so one must do away with the resources at his disposal.

What do I really need? I asked myself after I was finally given the quietness I craved for as Tolu and his friends finally left the room after he told them all in details how he pounded the girl from different angles, her screams and how he quickly muffled them. I shook my head at what he called an achievement and I vowed never to join myself with a wh.ore no matter how much I must have spent on her. Tolu might think he had won but the truth was just that the girl played him good. For her to have willingly released her body to him, he must be very important to one particular need that she craves very much and neither I nor he had any idea what that need was. But then, it could actually be to the fact that he was actually a ‘very-good-bad-guy’ as he usually calls himself as he was very religious, a no nonsense cele member. But the very guys who do bad things were quite religious, a trend very popular in a country like ours. A few minutes with him after his little party will confirm if he is the player he claims to be.

For now, I will need some food supplies as the holidays draw near and some other necessities such as polish and a brand new mathematical set. I might visit the famous Sango market to get some cheap wears but that would be it. I had my mind for the next session, not too far away and I wouldn’t want to bother my mum over petty things, I was tired of disturbing the poor woman. The NLNG scholarship will soon be opened and that was a big target for me, there was MTN too but all this will need my G.P.A which I hoped would be released soon. I got dressed and headed for the bank with an unusual swag but still I didn’t have fifteen naira to board a cab from the hall to the gate instead of walking all the way. When I arrived at the gate, it was already evening, quickly I dashed to the other side and walked briskly to my customer’s shop but as I got closer I suddenly remembered my promise last week to the goddess I met while my customer wasn’t around. I immediately crossed to the other side of the road and got myself in between the people walking from and towards the university.

I had completely forgotten about her as I have been very hungry plus my mind had been on my books and of course, the enigma – Francess. As I approached her shop, I thought of the lie I would tell her but then she had my number, why didn’t she call after more than two week? I walked into her shop to find her engrossed with her phone; she was seated on a chair and sat up immediately when my body frame blocked the light coming from the local lamp on the table. She rolled her eyes when she saw it was me and the smile forming on her face quickly disappeared. I could tell she was angry but why I wasn’t sure why. I was irritated by her behavior but that feeling didn’t last long due to how hot she looked on the short bum she was sporting and a very tight shirt which made wonder how she was able to breathe.

As I thought of what I was going to say to reduce the tension in her native tongue, I suddenly remembered that I haven’t made any withdrawals. I dropped my bag and dashed back to the road leading to the school. She asked where I was going, I thought she was forming angry just now, I dropped my bag and quickly hit the road waving my ATM card. She got the message as I didn’t hear her complain again. I ran all the way to the school gate but when I saw the queue at First bank, I turn around and headed for FCMB, I made a withdrawal of twenty thousand and ran back to my goddess. I got there and started panting, she saw me and started laughing, and she came closer and rubbed my head a little before she patted my back. As she was doing that, I was like, when this one start, we only just met. I straighten myself after bending a little and pointed to the things I needed. I didn’t want to talk to her because of what she did earlier, I mean must I be the one to call but then she might have been scared of what I might think of her if she was the one who called first.

I told her I was sorry for not calling after spending at least 6k at her shop alone. I brought out the bundle of money with me and brought out the 6k and handed it her. Her face was emotionless whiIe I counted the money but she still didn’t turn her eyes away.

“I am sorry too.” I heard her say as she counted the money I handed over to her. I was shocked because of the clear English she just uttered and stared back at her for an explanation. She bursted into laughter when she carried her head up to look at me after she was done counting.

“You really think someone like me wouldn’t be able to converse in English at my age, common, I expected better from you.” I was both surprised and happy at the same time,

“Alright, I hope your name wasn’t a lie too.” She rolled her eyes and arranged the food stuffs in my bag.

“How much does one need to get an apartment around here.” I asked as I knew there and then that my life would surely get complicated from now on.

“Depends on what you want but they are all start from thiry-five thousand upwards, what do you need it for anyway?” she asked. This girl will be quite nosy and I am actually getting it because of people like you, I said within me. I ignored her question and instead said,

“Tantalizers is not too far from here. Are you free on Wednesday?” she looked surprised like she wasn't expecting it. she twitched her lips a little and nodded, lord; she was damn hot. I smiled and took my bag and decided to leave. She stared at me as I walked away and I wondered why she was doing that, I raised my eye brows,

“Is that how you say your goodbyes?” I chuckled and gave her a warm hug but then I felt that was too early. Nevertheless I hugged her and promised to call her. As I walked back to the school, I knew what I always wanted had begun. I had a beauty in Francess strangely interested in me because I had “guts” but this goddess’s reasons I knew not but I will get them on Wednesday. Both beauties were far superior to Adesuwa and her irks but then, I had the plan but not the tools to get what I actually wanted – to be with a woman for the first time in my life. And I was certain that one of Francess or Bukky would be the first but that wasn’t to be so as fate would have it.
..... Tummyyoung, misspeggy, elMacho, Trypa, zelaws, nawtiblayse...,

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Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 8:07pm On Sep 19, 2016
Col. Lieu. General Favour reporting for duty.... Solo long time o, keep the updates pouring in. Solomon you sure say u for no review dat price for okadabooks so, like 2bay abeg.
... Alright bro, I don review the price, make una show some love though.... Thanks..
Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 8:08pm On Sep 19, 2016
Nice One
But" If I Wish" Is Just Too Much Sha.....Lol
Lol.. No blame the guy jawe..
Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 8:10pm On Sep 19, 2016
Nice piece as usual Mr solo, following bumper to bumper

Sorry I arrived late.
Welcome to the party, bro....
Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 8:11pm On Sep 19, 2016

M tayad of all dis if only if only..... Let d game begin naa
.... Lol.. The game don set.. No vex...
Re: Choices by bettycullens: 8:13pm On Sep 19, 2016
nice one solo

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Re: Choices by sleemoon(m): 8:31pm On Sep 19, 2016
Bros,U didnt have to quote the entire post just to say this...stopeet biko

Xorry biko.... Intentionally did it ni to vent my anger..
Re: Choices by Aliyullahi(m): 9:03pm On Sep 19, 2016
Nice Story you got going on here, Mr Solomon. I commend your effort, More Mb to your modem or phone. Whichever It is.
Re: Choices by Hurklan(m): 3:53am On Sep 20, 2016
Waiting !!!
Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 9:29am On Sep 20, 2016

I felt I had enough on my hands already with two beautiful women on my hands but fate had something else in store for me, that weekend actually became the most important ever since my day of birth. I took a cab back to my hall for the first time in ages and immediately dropped the food stuffs in my wardrobe and checked the key lock properly I left the room. No one was in the room so my stuff was safe from scrutiny, I decided to enjoy myself that day and branched at the indomie centre and spoiled myself. I ordered for the #400 value of the product and washed it down with a bottle of Cway peach as that was the Rich kid food those days as no one would spend such an amount when Exam was very close. I decided to get some deserved rest as soon as I got to my room but I was wrong as Tolu and his friends kept talking about stupid topics and music and arguments from other residents in the hall prevented me from closing my eyes from more than three seconds. I angrily packed my Engineering math textbook and some photocopies and walked out from the room, heading for my sanctuary – the library.

My phone rang with my mum promising to send something on Monday but I told her not to that God had showed me favor. She screamed of joy after I told about the scholarship and advised against wasteful spending. I promised and arrived at the old building.

Reading was quite a struggle as I was really tired from the sprints and kicks I made my legs go through earlier that day. I finally gave in to nature and slept off around midnight. I was rudely awoken by someone and despite my best efforts to ignore whoever it was, I couldn’t as the person was quite stubborn. I opened my eyes and in a fit of rage, I turned to lambast whoever it was but I stopped when I saw the comical face of Francess, I held back my tongue and simply returned to my previous sleeping state but I didn’t stay there for long.

“What do you want?” I heard myself ask. I waited for an answer but none came so I returned back to my sleep. I later woke up to find her still reading; I called to her but she didn’t answer. She had started with her games again but waking someone up like that was just annoying. I wasn’t ready for her shenanigans, so I faced my books but I just couldn’t read. I checked the time, it was past four already which got me on edge. I had lots of clothes to wash and I knew that I wasn’t only the one who had such plans in the hostel. I closed my book and decided to leave for the hall but I knew deep down that if leave without at least getting her back to her good mood, it might be the end of us. Girls like her had a lot of pride in them, I called out to her again but she still refused to answer, I sighed and dragged the book she was reading from her.

“Give it back.” She ordered with a very stern face, I still held on to it thinking she would come around but when she came at me and started dragging the book with me. I released the book, took my things and left the room. I went over to where I kept my bag, kept my things in there and headed back for my hall. I was barely out of the faculty of Arts when I heard hurried footsteps behind me with someone asking me to wait. I kept on walking as I knew it was her, I was really pissed at what she did back there. I hated being in the spotlight and worse still if it’s for the wrong reasons. Folks were in that room when she was screaming her head off, embarrassing me after she started the whole thing.

She ran and later caught up with me but I didn’t stop which forced her to drag me back.

“Let go.” I said with a scowl on my face, she did after I pulled my right wrist from my grasp. I continued walking,

“I needed to talk to someone but you were busy sleeping.” I heard her whisper when she caught up with me again. So, I was now the one to blame now, she disturbed my sweet sleep just because she wanted to satisfy herself.

“Don’t you have friends you can talk to, roommates and classmates, besides does that give you the right to wake me up so rudely. You are rude, that’s just it.” I replied her and increased my pace as I got closer to my hall.

“I know you’re angry and in no mood to talk but at least walk me to my hostel, it’s still quite dark.” Once again, she failed to apologize and instead went on another ordering spree, asking me to walk her to my hall like I was been paid to that. I chuckled and simply went down the dark valley just opposite Tafewa Balewa P.G hall; she followed me too and changed her tune to saying that I was rude and ungentlemanly of me to leave her stranded in the dark.

I stopped my walk and just stood, wondering the sort of person this girl was. I knew I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything were to happen to her seeing that it was still quite some minutes before five in the morning. I walked back towards where she was, passed her and headed for the long path that leads to her hall, she followed closely behind and when we were just past the university clinic, I heard her say,

“I actually thought you had guts, now I know you are just a tout, a literate one.” I stopped my walk and busted out laughing at what she just said, this girl will be quite a handful, I said to myself.

“What’s so funny about leaving a lady stranded, huh?” She asked with a scowl on her beautiful face.

“You are no lady, you‘re simply a spoilt kid.”

“……..and you are what, the adult?”

“Yes, at least I don’t go about disturbing people and demanding that they walk me to their halls like such services was included in their tuition.”

That kept her quiet for nearly the rest of the journey but she spoke up when we were close to her hall,

“…….you don’t particularly look it but then looks can be very deceiving, I just hope there isn’t something extra for walking me here again.”

“When you are ready, you know where to find me; my life doesn’t stop because of you and whatever you agreed to do, have a great day, Kid.”

I turned back and headed for my hall,

“Fvck you, brute.”

I chuckled and picked up pace after I saw her walked into her hall. I got to the hostel in time to find a few people washing and I quickly followed suit. My roomies were still asleep and it took close to three hours to wash my clothes and footwear. I decided to cook beans that day; I didn’t particularly enjoy doing so because it always brings about unwanted attention. Once boys see anyone carrying beans or even smell it, it’s over. It’s certain that one won’t be eating that food alone.

I decided to risk it and it nearly paid off as it was if boys didn’t have my time that morning but when I opened the pot to check the water as I loved dried beans, just then one of them stepped into the kitchen.

“O boy, wetin dey sama for there, hope say na wetin I dey think so.” I ignored him continued with my checking, he came closer and soon as he discovered it was beans, he jumped up, turned around and headed for the exit.

“Boys oh, food don set, oya make una set una exchange down.” Immediately, I heard plates and spoons all over the place and doors opening with boys rushing to the kitchen. I shook my head at the display of hunger among my pals. I simply took my share and left the pot for them, thanking God for making my case different.

I read for a while and watched the matches for Sunday before I had my shower time as service was close. I planned to join a service group next session but that didn’t stop me from getting to church before it started. When it was time for praise, I danced my heart out, out of sheer gratitude. When it was time for offering, I brought out the envelope where I already kept my tithe, I dropped it into the basket and just after, I heard,

“Hmmm…..big boy.”

I turned to the direction of the voice to find an unusual beauty; smooth and shiny brown skin and a wavy hair on her added this distinctive look to her face. I smiled and faced the preacher before we became the topic of the night. That was the beginning for me; the night I lost my being to the sweet hole, the night I met Madison.

......... You guys should help a brother and get the book, link is on the first page. ..
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Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 9:32am On Sep 20, 2016
Nice Story you got going on here, Mr Solomon. I commend your effort, More Mb to your modem or phone. Whichever It is.
..... Thanks bro.... Keep reading...
Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 9:33am On Sep 20, 2016
Waiting !!!
.... Delivered....
Re: Choices by bettycullens: 12:19pm On Sep 20, 2016
ride on solo

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Re: Choices by osnova(m): 12:29pm On Sep 20, 2016
Keep em coming ............solomon
Re: Choices by Missmossy(f): 12:36pm On Sep 20, 2016
Interesting, nice descriptive skills grin thumbs up.


Re: Choices by Hurklan(m): 7:25pm On Sep 20, 2016

.... Delivered....
thanks, In wizkid's voice : gimme some more, don't be wicked

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Re: Choices by sleemoon(m): 8:17pm On Sep 20, 2016

... Alright bro, I don review the price, make una show some love though.... Thanks..

I tried to buy d book tonight.. It was giving me problem.. Xo i just can't buy it directly, i ve to credit my okada account first... Meanwhile 1000naira is d least amount to credit.. I can't afford to credit it cos its only ur book m buying...
Re: Choices by Nobody: 9:42pm On Sep 20, 2016

I tried to buy d book tonight.. It was giving me problem.. Xo i just can't buy it directly, i ve to credit my okada account first... Meanwhile 1000naira is d least amount to credit.. I can't afford to credit it cos its only ur book m buying...

Sleemoon me too wan buy am, you fit use Etisalat take refill ya account e dey der, but e go take at least 24hrs...
Re: Choices by sleemoon(m): 10:31pm On Sep 20, 2016

Sleemoon me too wan buy am, you fit use Etisalat take refill ya account e dey der, but e go take at least 24hrs...

How much etisalat is needed to buy d books... More dan 200naira?
Re: Choices by Aliyullahi(m): 10:54pm On Sep 20, 2016
Keep Dropping it like Kasala wey wan bust. Thumbs-up Bro
Re: Choices by Tobadein(m): 12:24am On Sep 21, 2016
Chapter 1 continued

The 2nd semester examinations was close and I wasn’t up to date with my books, I had been more busy trying to get something to eat the last few weeks and arguing who would win the champions league.
.... Tobadein ....
Thanks for the mention bro.
Re: Choices by Nobody: 2:42am On Sep 21, 2016

How much etisalat is needed to buy d books... More dan 200naira?
I will advice you to buy 3h cos der is vat charge of 5% on each refill .
Re: Choices by sleemoon(m): 6:58am On Sep 21, 2016

I will advice you to buy 3h cos der is vat charge of 5% on each refill .

Ok thanks.. I appreciate
Re: Choices by Nobody: 8:33am On Sep 21, 2016
Solomon as promised I have me copy, please do all you can to publish the second book b4 October end so I don't lose interest... Thanks I no dey like half stories.
Re: Choices by Nobody: 9:11am On Sep 21, 2016
Solomon as promised I have me copy, please do all you can to publish the second book b4 October end so I don't lose interest... Thanks I no dey like half stories.
Solomon abeg u fit help me with PDF file of msdoc file. Thanks
Re: Choices by zelaws: 11:06pm On Sep 21, 2016
Thanks for the mention King Solomon. I am following...

I have been going through horrible punishment by whatever company who supplies electricity in this part of Abuja.

I need the LWseries o
Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 7:00pm On Sep 22, 2016
Chapter 2 continued

“…..Being in school and free from one’s parents doesn’t mean we are at liberty to do what we want. We should always remember there will always be a reaction, repercussions of whatever choice we make now. It might evade us, but what of our generations? We must be guided by the word….”

I listened with the whole of my being as that message has kept on hunting me for a long time now, but then I made my choice, I will live with it. We hold hands as customary after the close of each service and proceed to sing the ‘jewels’ song after which we all leave for our homes. The strange lady held on tightly to me which I thought was unusual and after we gave ourselves hugs and smiles, she still refused to let go. She wanted my attention and so I gave it to her;

“Do you worship here frequently?” I didn’t think that was the best way to go about it but then I didn’t ask for any of this in the first place. I was forced to face her when I asked the question. She smiled before answering, a smile I have failed to get out of my head up till this very moment. Her lean face became even more prominent with her straight nose spreading along with her lips. Her brown eyes were soft as she spoke,

“I do but not all the time as I stay off campus. I am Madison by the way.”
I nodded and then replied without a smile on my face,

“Solomon, pleasure to meet you.” I walked her to the church bus that drops members who stay off campus before heading for my room. Madison filled my head as I made my bed that night, she was lean but carried some weight at the right places. Did I mention she was putting on a very tight gown which brought out her prominent features; I slept off that night with the message of the service clashing with the face of Madison. Perhaps, I should have paid more attention to that but I didn’t.

Monday which began the last week of lectures for the semester saw me at the CBN building at the far end of the Chemistry department where we had our last teachings in Physics and Math. I saw Francess but I decided against seeing her, I wanted to clear my head of such things as Exams drew near. As soon as we had our last class in GES 101 in another weird meeting as we never had any really had any stable lecture room since we started that course. I went home to find my roomie watching a movie on his system; I dropped my bag and joined him as I was really tired.

“Wetin dey bubble na, you and Adesuwa dey love up and down. The other day you dey para for here, wetin come change.” I asked him.
He paused the movie and looked my way,

“Why you wan know wetin your papa dem do, you be small boy na. I know wan spoil you.” I laughed,

“Who tell you say knowledge dey spoil pesin, I just wan know how I go tey dey deal with girls as I no too sabi for that area.”
He didn’t sound convinced but he continued nonetheless,

“Alright, I no say you be bad guy but you just quiet. Anyway, the first thing you must know about girls be say them no wetin dem want as far as men dey involved. You go hear dis one say she like dark guys, some say the guy must be tall, others say dem like guys with big pocket and so on. But if you as a guy no wetin you want and how to express yourself, I swear down, you fit get almost any girl. I say almost because some girls no dey gree fall, all those ones na witches dem be. But before I go any further, tell me, wetin you wan use the information for, hope say you no wan dey chop and clean mouth.”

“uhm… that one my own decision to make. If babes dey carry demself come, wetin man go do?”

“Chai!!....O ri pe jare….” He gave me a high-five and continued with his talks.

“The first thing you must understand be say when you dey school, girls dey always dey attracted to intelligent guys because despite their waka waka, dem know say the koko na the certificate, every other thing na jara. So, if you wan get the best and classiest babes for this school, forget about money, forget about swag , the most important thing be say; you must be intelligent. If you are not, you go struggle with babes and will be forced to settle for awon jati jati them, you feel me?”
I nodded and then ask,

“……But me no think say Adesuwa dey level of dem classy babes now. No vex oh but na my opinion be that.”
He chuckled and then said,

“If you dey watch Barca team very well, you go say na decoy dem dey use for number nine position, na false nine oyinbo dey call am. Some teams no sabi use am but teams wey sabi am, na wahala dem be for defenders as pesin no fit know the exact person to mark. Na wetin I dey use be that, Adesuwa na the babe wey everything think say I dey follow but truth be say I get other girls and na this time wey Exam dey come, na him I dey see better and classier ones. The ones wey normally you no fit greet talkless of talking with them, dem go come dey find you as you suppose don know lecturers for this school no dey block person. Most of them na sadists but me I dey do my thing outside with those girls. I know say Adesuwa no clean but I no fit allow her go because if that girl handle you eh, Jesu Christi, you fit do anything wey she ask you.”

“Alright, I understand but say I must wait till Exam period before I fit get those girls?” I asked.

“….No now, most of them go dey use style come your side if you sabi book but if dem notice say you be bad guy, dem go wait till Exam, sweet talk you small and the mumu go help them pass but if your eyes don open, you go chop as many as you like before test come sef. Work go dey easy for you as dem go carry their self come meet you but if no sabi book, you spend unnecessary money, you feel me?”

I nodded and thanked Tolu before crashing on my bed. My alarm woke me up and I quickly hurried off to the library. As I walked through the famous quadrangle, I saw the chairman of the hall with a few other residents who held important positions talking and arguing. There have been whispers of a planned protest to the distribution area of the campus where the residents of the hall planned to take their grievances to over what they termed as “unfair treatment” as they have been little or no supply of power over the last few weeks and Exam was just two weeks away. It was true that other halls especially those close to the V.C office were supplied regularly and that wasn’t right as we all paid equal tuition and all but I didn’t want to get into any trouble with the disciplinary committee.

I got to my favorite seat and quickly plugged my phone and sat to read. Francess soon joined me, as usual with what she has been doing lately, she refused to greet me and instead faced her books but she won’t stop following me around. Few minutes past ten, I heard the screams of excited boys, jumping and shouting. I knew deep down that they were my boys,

“We no go gree, we no go gree.” Were the words that filled the air late into the night. I was smiling and hurried to the weird looking windows of the library to see them but I couldn’t.

“My boys.” I heard myself say.

“Barbarians.” I heard francess say.

“…They are happy that way, unlike you who is always bitter and angry over everything.” I replied her.

She didn’t say anything but I was sure she heard me clearly. Deep into Tuesday morning, I decided to close my books and calm my head a little but the rude beauty had other ideas.

“You know, you should apologize for the baseless accusations you uttered few hours ago. I find what you said insulting and demeaning.” She whispered.

“Is that the reason why you have been on my neck the past few days, apology?”
She looked surprised at what I said but quickly regained herself,

“There you go again, thinking you know me and coming up with baseless things about me. Dude, you know nothing about me, stop trying to be smart. You know, I still don’t know why you are cocky, it’s not like you are better than I am, academically or even richer, because we are not even close when it comes to that. So, tell me what fuels your pride?”
What she said really pissed me off, how dare she call me poor. I changed my sitting position and faced her,

“Is that a challenge, you really think you are my better academically?” She smiled and nodded.

“Alright, add a second meeting to the first because God help me, I will fvck you up, that’s a promise.” I said angrily.

“Game on.” she said, smiling.

“Our first meeting beckons, prepare yourself.” I said as I prepared to leave the library. She laughed really hard before she answered me,

“What makes you think I will do that?”
She was right, why would she do it? She was staring at me, I had to think of something as I knew deep down my next statement will make or mar my ego in front of her.

“You would have gone against it vehemently the first time I mentioned since I know you are very proud and also you would have avoided me at all cost but instead you kept coming to me. The bottom-line is; you want me as much as I do.” I said and quickly I took my books and left the hall as she was lost in her thoughts after my little speech.

Tolu was right after all, she had been tailing me all this time. She only became closer to ascertain if I was a mumu as he called it or a bad girl. I am sure she now knows the category I fall into, she was the hunter and I was the prey but now we are both hunters. As I walked through the early morning of Tuesday, which was a free day for me, I knew I had my stepped up my game and it was confirmed when I felt her little hand slip into mine.
....... ************************************......
.... Sorry for the delay guys...
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Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 7:03pm On Sep 22, 2016
Thanks for the mention King Solomon. I am following...

I have been going through horrible punishment by whatever company who supplies electricity in this part of Abuja.

I need the LWseries o
.... Na wetin me sef dey pass through .. No light for rainy season... Hian.
... Anyway, I am working on the third installment really hard.... The second is on the way and the first has been released.. Link is on the first page...
... Use this tory cool down..
Re: Choices by solomonbrown64: 7:04pm On Sep 22, 2016
Solomon as promised I have me copy, please do all you can to publish the second book b4 October end so I don't lose interest... Thanks I no dey like half stories.
... ... Thanks bro, I will work on that....
... I don't have the pdf, just the epub...

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HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz / Iyawo Nylon Bag / why my blood is black. extremely 18+

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