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Kiss Me One More Night - Episode 2 / Sophia Amaka's Story: Accidental Baby Mama(a Fan Fiction) / MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by tijehi(f): 11:47am On Jul 24, 2018
Thanks again Rosemary. Your updates are so interesting.
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 4:44pm On Jul 24, 2018
Episode 14

Anger was gradually boiling inside Grace, she held her desk firmly as if that would help her ease her anger, Imelda was still sobbing, Grace closed her eyes throw her head backward, breathe deeply,

“It’s him, it’s our boss, isn’t it?” she asked again

Imelda couldn’t answer, she couldn’t get herself together to say any word. Grace come to her, put her arms around her, giving Imelda the opportunity to lay her head on Grace’s arm as if her head was becoming too heavy for her neck, and cried loudly.

Chuka peered inside the office as the sound of a woman crying caught his attention, he was walking back to the general hall,

“Ma’am, I thought I heard you crying” he said before noticing Imelda’s moving shoulders to the rhythm of her sob.

“What happened? Has she been sacked?” he asked, giving Grace one of those unpleasant looks.

“No Chuka, she has not been sacked, now can you continue your walk back to your desk?” Grace challenged

“oh” he continued “ hope nothing serious sha” Chuka said as he left for his desk, he was a little bit disappointed that it wasn’t his ‘Straight Jacket’ boss who was crying, that would have been a good sight to behold, secondly he couldn’t get the gist of whatever that was making Imelda cry, he wouldn’t mind seeing the girl sacked, she has been acting bitchy since he asked her out,

“Common Dinner date o, the girl turned me down” he has told his colleague Yusuf.

Yusuf had laughed at him so hard that he felt little.

“Why are you laughing na, abi I no reach to toast that babe? Wetin she get sef, she carry Gold?” he had asked Yufus out of anger and defence.

Seeing her cry now gave him a little satisfaction, though he would have wanted her humiliated more,

“well, I will get my chance one of these days” he console himself.

“It’s okay Imelda, calm down and tell me everything” Grace was saying to Imelda.

Imelda wiped her eyes with the back of her hands, she looked around for the wipes her Madam used to keep on top of her table, sensing what she was looking for, Grace offered her hankie to her, she wiped the mucus from her nose, while shaking her head in the negative.

“No… no Oga is not responsible Ma” she said in a low voice

Grace was more confused, she knew Imelda had lost her father, and her mother couldn’t be the one beating her up and leaving marks on her body.

“But …But who is responsible?” Grace asked, she had walked back to her chair
Imelda was quiet for a while, she had never wanted to talk to anyone about Ahmad, she felt Ahmad would feel betrayed if he get to know that she told anyone about his constant beatings, since he had always promised to change once he get a job and become financially buoyant.

“Imelda?” Grace called her, demanding answers

“He didn’t meant to treat me like this Ma, Just that he is frustrated” Imelda said

“Who is this ‘HE’” Grace asked

“Ahmad…my boyfriend” Imelda rreplied

“What?” Grace exclaimed

“He wasn’t like this before, but as he couldn’t get any job for more than three years now, he took to drinking and smoking, and … and… and hitting me” she said, looking away

“How long has this been going on?” grace asked

“I can’t remember again ma, just that it’s became frequent since last year ma, he is feeling that I’m indirectly insulting him because he has no job and couldn’t pay his rent” Imelda said

“Where does he stay?”


“I asked you where your Boyfriend stays at the moment” Grace emphasized

“Ehm… he stays …with me” it was difficult for her to say this, knowing what her Madam would think

“And he is the person you have been borrowing for? You have been spending your salary on?” Grace was more surprised that angry, she couldn’t understand how an enlightened young girl would fall prey to this kind of emotional blackmail

“He will pay me when he finally get a job …”

“And how did you know that?” Grace cut in

“I don’t know… he said he will… I trust him Ma”

“Yet he beats you at every provocation? Treats you as a piece of dirt? Take away your radiation, your life and your money? What made you think he will not leave you once he gets a job?” Grace asked

Imelda said nothing, she couldn’t answer those questions herself, she was beginning to have doubts on her relationship with Ahmad, and if Ahmad truly love her

“So when is he getting this Job, and what effort has he made to get this dream job?” Grace asked, relaxing backward on her chair.

“We are trying Ma, but you know Lagos now, it is not easy to get the king of Job he said he want” Imelda defended

“Hmmm!” was all Grace could say

“I even pleaded with Oga, our Boss to help me secure him a job” she said this before she caught herself “Though I told Oga that he is my Brother”

This revelation brought back the picture Grace saw some weeks ago, at Mr Ogungbeso’s office, the sex, the look on Imelda’s face, that wasn’t ecstasy like she thought, that was pain masked with acting just to please her boss. Grace Narrowed her eyes and looked directly at Imelda,

“I saw you having sex with Oga the other day…”
Imelda was shocked, she looked at Grace sharply before looking away.

“Does that explain anything?” Grace asked

“I didn’t want to do it o, he forced me…”

“He forced you? I don’t understand… like he raped you?”

“No Ma, but …but he said he will not help me get Ahmad a job if I don’t sleep with him”

“How many times have you slept with him?”

“I slept with him once, I told him I won’t do it again, but he kept coming back”

“Has he gotten your boyfriend the job he promised” Grace asked

“No ma, he said he is working out something for him, that I should be patient” Imelda answered

“Then why do you allow him use you like this, not that he even has the right to blackmail you into sleeping with him in the first place” Grace was visibly angry

“He threatened me that he will sack me if I do not continue with him”

“What? This is serious, your Dumb ass boyfriend has been manipulating you and abusing you for long, your boss is equally taking advantage of your vulnerability, and you are not speaking out? Young lady, what is wrong with you? Do you enjoy being used?...”

“Ahmad will change, he only need a jo…”

“Will you shut up? Shut it! If you were my sister I would have slapped some senses into you, gush! I can’t believe this”

Grace was trying without success to control her Anger, she closed her eyes for a while, took a deep breath and opened her eyes again

“So do you still want to continue having sex with your Boss in exchange of …whatever?” grace asked with a dramatic wave of fingers

“No Ma, am just scared of losing my job too” Imelda answered

“Don’t worry about that…”

“Ma please don’t confront him, don’t let him know I told you about this” Imelda Pleaded

“I said you shouldn’t worry yourself” Grace assured

“We also have to do something about your crazy Ahmad”

“Ah! Ma… no o o, Ahmad will kill me M, please don’t do anything, don’t report to anybody , I know how to handle him, he is a sweet person if you get to know him better, he is just frustrated..” Imelda pleaded

“I see how sweet he has been to you, with the designs on your body, guess that is a tattoo of love abi?” Grace said with disgust

“Imelda… its late, go home and think about what you want, think whether you deserve the treatment you are getting now, also ask yourself when last you got yourself something nice from the salaries you have been paid here so far”

Grace scrabbled her address on a piece of paper, and handed it over to Imelda

“Here, find your way to my house when you finally make the decision”

As she watched Imelda leave, with shoulders sagged and head bowed in dejection, she wondered:

Maybe, Just maybe she needed a perfect plan to put an end to the intimidation being meted on this young lady, and Mary would be a perfect ally for that plan to work, as for Ahmad...

"hmm..." she sighted, running her fingers on her chin unconsciously


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by SweetBwoy: 5:03pm On Jul 24, 2018
hmm.. you should script a movie.. e go sell die...
Enjoyed every fvcking episode so far.. more update please.


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by tijehi(f): 5:11pm On Jul 24, 2018
You are too much Rosy. Thank u for this update. You too correct.

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Ann2012(f): 5:11pm On Jul 24, 2018
Ahmad and the Boss needs to b dealt with

Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by afolabiwunmi: 5:46pm On Jul 24, 2018
Thanks for the update, more megabyte to your phone

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by kingBenedict: 6:03pm On Jul 24, 2018
Good one...really good one...

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by skubido(m): 10:38pm On Jul 24, 2018
lmenda u better gbera. (Aja 4).

some boss na animal dem b

Ahmed abi Ahmad wetin den dey call u, u dey form super man for woman. God go soon punish you.

Grace u better go settle with your bobo,

OP Weldon joor.. u try. jah bless ya hand work

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by BuzoDeGr8: 2:03am On Jul 25, 2018
What am enjoying in this your story is that, every bit of the story line and episodes are very much interested. Keep it up Rosemary33!!! But please remember that am Oliver twist in disguise oooh, thanks.

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by chara019(f): 7:56am On Jul 25, 2018
lovely!!!!! always looking forward to your episodes, I love it!!!!!


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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by queenitee(f): 9:27am On Jul 25, 2018

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by bimberry1307(f): 11:35am On Jul 25, 2018
ehn? which kind love be that? I'm feeding you, paying your bills yet you have the nerve to beat me up, ah! ko le werk. thanks for the update, I hope Emelda will borrow some sense.

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by PrudySara(f): 1:14pm On Jul 25, 2018
This Imelda girl sec.. She needs to buy or borrow sense. Who calls that kinda thing Love??.
She had better realize that what she has with Ahmad is rubbish love....


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by PrudySara(f): 1:14pm On Jul 25, 2018
This Imelda girl sef.. She needs to buy or borrow sense. Who calls that kinda thing Love??.
She had better realize that what she has with Ahmad is rubbish love....

Thanks OP

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 1:46pm On Jul 26, 2018

“Oga Ken, good evening sir” Chinyeaka greeted with excitement

She has been seeking for a way to get his attention for a month now, yet her efforts seem to have no avail on her element of attraction. She was the newest sales girl to Chief Ezenwanma who was generally known at Odun Ade Building Material market, for sacking sales girls for little or no reason and replacing them with new ones fresh from secondary school.

It was said that no sales girl has ever lasted eight months in his shop without him accusing her of either theft, sleeping in the shop while she was supposed to be making sales, or looking seductively at his male apprentices popularly called ‘Umu boy’

The last girl that left before Chinyeaka was employed was accused of shaking her massive buttocks deliberately to entice Uche, Oga’s head boy.

According to Chief Ezenwamma, the evil intention of the poor girl was to seduce Uche into a relationship where both of them will start using his money to enjoy life, eating ‘nkwobi and isiewu’ the girl must go, so she would not corrupt his boys.

The Oldest sales girl in his shop is Ukwuoma, and she has been with him for a year and four months, when asked why he has not found fault in Ukwuoma, Chief would answer:

“Nwata nwanyi ahu wala anya eji akpota ndi afia (that girl is very smart and knows how to bring costumers”

“Ehen… Kedu ka imere? (How are you doing)” Ken replied absent mindedly

“Am very fine sir” she replied wiggling her body like a warm on a hook

Ken and Edu were about leaving the Restaurant where they had eaten Onugbu soup and fufu, when Chinyeaka entered.

“Chinyeaka didn’t you also see me here?” Edu rebuked the girl angrily

“Sorry Sir, I no remember, no vex” Chinyeaka pleaded

“Umuaka kitaa (Children of these days)” was all Edu could say

“Oga Ken Gonye nu m nri kam rie, (buy food for me to eat)” she said, disguising her voice to sound like that of a child, smiling and batting her eye lids.

“Ehmn who has the one you want to buy kwanu?” Ken asked with toothpick hanging from his mouth.

“Na my madam get am o, she say make I buy food for am” Chinyeaka said while moving her body to the rhythm of Mr Flavour’s “Ukwu nwanyi owerri” blasting from the old speaker in the Restaurant,

“Nwanyi Owere! Biko Nye nwata nwanyi a nri ka orie, ya akarikwana two hundred (Owerri woman, give this young lady food to eat, it must not be more than two hundred naira worth of food” Ken said while walking out with Edu

Chinyeaka never wanted to eat anything, she just had her normal big pepsi and gala, she only wanted to establish a conversation with the Man of her dream, Ken.

“Madam abeg use the two hundred give me dry meat, I dey watch my weight” she said when she was sure Ken and his friend were gone


“Anambara man! Ewo! You no dey play with money o, see as babe wan make you buy food for am, you dey give am only two hundred naira food” Edu teased, pushing him softly by the shoulder

“Watin she wan chop? Na elephant? Me how much I chop? If not that I will be going to bible study from here, I wouldn’t waste my money buying food here, I for take time arrange my own soup, you know na” Ken defended

“Abegi… no dey tell me about your food again, the one you will not share with me after cooking, like you did the other day” Edu accused

“Ehen, who was the babe that you arranged that ‘ofe-akwu ‘ for the other day I was in your house?” Edu asked

“Edu please don’t start again, ah ah! I said there was no babe, at least not what you are thinking” Ken said

“Eehee? So there was a babe but not what I’m thinking… okay… oya tell me, what type of babe was she? Your sister?” Edu Probed

Ken couldn’t keep it secret to his friend and best man that Grace do visit him once in a while after they got divorced, and that it was Grace whom had kept him looking out of the window from his sitting room the day he prepared the ‘ofe-akwu’ waiting for her arrival

“It was Grace” he said

“You said who? O boy eh… I thought you guys are no longer together” Edu asked

“No… I mean yes… Edu you will not understand, this whole thing is complicated”

They have gotten to Ken’s shop, the one he used as his main office, edu would have wanted them to stand there and finish that discussion, but Ken dismissed him with a joke

“My man, tell me more, so you have been strafing something… no wonder you never took the advances from these ladies serious” Edu said, giving ken a knowing mischievous look

“onweghi mgbe idighi ekwugheri (you always talk rubbish) who is strafing who? She only came few times to pick somethings that was all

“Few times cha! My friend I must hear the end of this story o” Edu was excited

“ Nwokem jebe na shop gi, go to your shop its already five thirty, I want to start going to church” Ken said while laughing

Edu had already turned towards the road leading to his shop, but he was not satisfied with the little gist giving to him by Ken, he had always prayed that him and Grace would realize their mistakes, settle their differences and come together again

According to him, no woman fits Ken perfectly like Grace did, though both of them came up with this incompatibility nonsense, as the reason why they were getting divorced, he did not believe that.

“I must show for your house this night o, we must finish this discussion” he said as he walked away

“Go and get married so you can stay with your wife in the night, stop disturbing people when they are supposed to be sleeping” Ken shouted behind him

It was past eight thirty before Chinyeaka got to her house at Moshalashi Street, a one room apartment she shared with her cousin, it wasn’t so difficult to convince her cousin that she was coming back from a church program she was invited by one of the sales girls earlier that day.

“And when did you start attending to church programs” her cousin had asked

Knowing very well that Chinyeaka was not one who would lose her favorite Telemondo series ‘King of hearts’ to attend to any church program, besides, Chinyeaka has not even been to any church for the past one month.

“As my wahala don plenty na, na him make I follow my friend go deliverance for their church, see eh! That man of God too powerful, if you see as him dey command devil like say na him senior am…” Chinyeaka Narrated

“Did he pray for you?” her cousin asked curiously

“Yes now, the Man just dey command every spirit of stubbornness to die by fire, na so I dey shout, Amen! Amen!! Amen !!!, no be small thing o” chinyaka was dramatizing the section

“Thank God for you o” her cousin said with joy

“Halleluya!!” replied Chinyeaka.

Chinyeaka never knew she was this good at lies and fabricating stories, she had followed Ken to Church, just to be able to establish a cordial relationship, she already knew his days of weekly activities so she had decided to play her cards well.
She had carefully scanned through the pews and spotted him at the third Role, she had taken her seat two roles behind his, immediately after service, she located his car and hung around it.

“Oga Ken good evening sir” she had greeted

“Oh! Nne, do you attend this church? I have not seen you here before” Ken had asked,

“Yes sir, I always sit at the back sir” she lied so smoothly

“Okay, I didn’t know o” ken said

Chinyeaka make towards the church gate, while praying seriously that Ken would call him back for a lift.

Ken walked towards his car, opened the driver’s door, brought the car to life, drove toward her close to the church gate and stopped

“Which side are you going, so I can drop you”

“I no dey go far sir, just the other road o” She pretended not be interested while she prayed in her heart for him not to change his mind.

“No worry, it’s already late, make I drop you”

The interior of his Toyota Avalon 2014 model blew her away, the cold air from the AC hit her in the face and sent a cold chill through her body down to her toes, as she sank into the soft car seat, she blessed the woman whom had left Oga Ken for desperate girls like her.

The sensational voice of Rihanna ‘we find love’ saturated every part of the car as they drove in silence, Chinyeaka sang along, wiggling her body and making sure her voice was noticed by Ken.

When he dropped her at the junction that led to her street, she wished he would have stayed a little longer to watch her swing her hips for him as she walked home, but he zoomed off immediately her legs touched the ground.

She sat on her side of the bed, which also served as cushion, her cousin was fast asleep after the heavy Eba and egusi soup they eat, but she could not sleep, she kept reminiscing on the beautiful moments in his car, the scent of his collagen, the feel of his hand on her bare arms as he helped fasten the seat belt, she wanted his hand to linger, but it was over before she knew it.

She needed to get closer to him, so he can see her not like any other sales girl but as a woman capable of satisfying him and filling his loneliness, she must come up with a plan.

The thought lingered in her mind and sent her to sleep finally.

That same Night, Grace woke up to a tape at her door, she was afraid to open at first, but when she peered through the door hole, there she was, standing in her night gown, her hair unkept, her eyes swollen and red, her lips with a bruise, Grace quickly opened the door, pulled her into an embrace and allowed her cry on her shoulder.

She didn’t ask her much question, Ahmad had beating her again, dragged her out of the house in her night gown and shut the door.
Imelda refused to eat, she stared at nothing like a deranged woman, grace took her to her room, cleaned her bruises covered her with the only duvet in the room and went back to the sitting where she slept till morning.


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Otarkpa: 1:50pm On Jul 26, 2018
We have a lot of Imelda in our society. I know 1 or 2. Stupid girl all over the place. No sense
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 2:11pm On Jul 26, 2018
We have a lot of Imelda in our society. I know 1 or 2. Stupid girl all over the place. No sense
grin grin grin
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by skubido(m): 2:44pm On Jul 26, 2018
OP tanks a lot for the update. jah bless ya hand work.

lmenda receive sense in Jesus Name
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by afolabiwunmi: 4:41pm On Jul 26, 2018
Imelda should use her senses before Ahmed kill you
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by queenitee(f): 5:02pm On Jul 26, 2018
I seriously don't know the kind of love that girls like Imelda has. I've never had that kind of love sha and I don't pray to
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by BuzoDeGr8: 6:18pm On Jul 26, 2018
Thanks very much Rosemary33 for the update. Needs some more plz!!!
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by tijehi(f): 9:05pm On Jul 26, 2018
Imelda is staring at the wall trying to justify Ahmed's beating.......breezy brain.

Thanks Rosy for the lonnnnng update.
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by HarmonyJael(f): 10:11pm On Jul 26, 2018
Nice story op. Imelda needs two-rooms deliverance 4 her inability 2 have sense. Pls don't let dah yeye sales girl carry out her plan oo.
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by profjones(m): 7:39am On Jul 27, 2018
i'm nt surprised dat imelda is still holding up to Ahmad despite d regular beating, in reality, it has always bin like dat. Some Ladies sha, i dnt no aw dia brain works, wat seems very unreasonable to an average human being is wat dey will consider as reasonable. All d best 4 dem oo.
Rosemary, i own u a kiss for d fun-filled updates....
i've neva bin disappointed anytime I open dis thread.
kudos madam!!!

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 9:46am On Jul 27, 2018
i'm nt surprised dat imelda is still holding up to Ahmad despite d regular beating, in reality, it has always bin like dat. Some Ladies sha, i dnt no aw dia brain works, wat seems very unreasonable to an average human being is wat dey will consider as reasonable. All d best 4 dem oo.
Rosemary, i own u a kiss for d fun-filled updates....
i've neva bin disappointed anytime I open dis thread.
kudos madam!!!
thank you so much to you and to all of you who is taking time to read my story, am so grateful

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by zeko172(m): 10:56am On Jul 27, 2018
Why do I keep feeling like before the end of this story something is going to happen between Ken and either Chinyeaka or Imelda? Well I will be here watching with spiritual eyes. Good job so far Rosemary
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by habeeb4mech: 12:49pm On Jul 27, 2018
I have been following this story since the day it was online please am waiting for the next episode before I finish my popcorn

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Dapsy07: 1:20pm On Jul 27, 2018
Pls tag me in ur next update, great story

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 7:22pm On Jul 27, 2018
Why do I keep feeling like before the end of this story something is going to happen between Ken and either Chinyeaka or Imelda? Well I will be here watching with spiritual eyes. Good job so far Rosemary
grin grin
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 12:33am On Jul 28, 2018
[b][/b]EPISODE 16

Grace was still consumed with the thoughts of Imelda’s predicament. She left her house as early as 7 am, to beat the hold up that is capable of turning a sane man insane.

She had wanted to talk to Imelda before leaving but met her still asleep, she didn’t want to wake her from her troubled sleep so wrote her a note, telling her not to bother coming to work that day, where to get toiletries, fresh cloths to change after taking her bath, and food to eat.

Grace was still joggling the thoughts concerning her unannounced night guest and the call she had received from Ken that night before Imelda showed up at her doorstep, she absent mindedly bumped into Mary.

“Hei! Didn’t you see me? Abi I don small for your eye? Girl friend… tell me what occupies you mind this morning?” Mary asked

Before Grace could utter any word, Mary screamed in an exciting shrilled voice, jumped and clapped repeatedly

“I totally forgot!” she took Grace by the hand and practically pulled her towards her office

“What is it now Mary, take it easy you go pull my hand comot o?”Grace said, running after Mary and bemused.

Grace was amazed to see a bunch of white flowers, two boxes of chocolates and a note on her table, she couldn’t figure out who could have sent these things to her this early morning, she had spoken with Ken last night but he never drop any hint on sending her a surprise packages.

It was a cordial and beautiful conversation, one of the very few good conversations they have had after their divorce, she had spoken to Ken about Imelda, and like a calm and calculative Man he was, he gave a reasonable advice. They spoke about many things and finally settled with her agreeing to come to the birthday party with him on Saturday, he would be picking her up at noon, he was very happy that she could hear that baby like laugh of his, that laugh that comes out whenever he either heard a goodnews, eaten a delicious meal or want to seduce her into having sex with him.

‘Maybe this is his way of expressing his joy, but… Ken has never been a flower or chocolate lover’ she thought as she checked out the flowers and boxes of chocolates

She slowly picked the little card inside one of the boxes of chocolates, and read:

‘You have occupied my mind from the first day I met you, please go on a date with me tonight, Grace- from a love sick Man’

“This doesn’t sound like ken” she muttered

“Of course it can’t be from Ken, no be Anambra Man again? Has he finished counting his containers and his monies? he is not this romantic Abeg” Mary said with a hiss

“Eh eh! Please stop it, don’t insult him please, he may not be as romantic as you described but he was enough for me” Grace defended

“Hmm, yet you left him” Mary said, making a face at her friend

“I didn’t leave him because of being Romantic, he was romantic enough for me while we lasted, it’s wasn’t his fault that we divorced” Grace said solemnly

“Ehm… am sorry for bringing this up, but all these did not come from him” Mary said

“It’s okay, so who brought them?” Grace asked

“Oh! I don’t know o o, it was brought here by a delivery Man, you were not around so I received them” Mary said with a mouth full of chocolate. She had already opened a box, inhale the sweet aroma and stuff her moth with two balls.

“You don’t know and you are already eating? Mary you will die off longer throat one day o” grace joked

“How that one take concern me? My own is to chop, your headache is to figure out where they came from” Mary said, stretching her hands to collect another chocolate, Grace snatched the box from her, took the flowers and hurriedly left for her own office

“See, don’t finish those chocolates o, you go get runny stomach” Mary shouted while laughing

“And don’t forget to gist me on who our Romantic dude is” she added

“Mary mind your business o” Grace responded from her as she walked down the hall.

She had barely taking her seat when she got His Message

‘Was I able to convince you into going out with me tonight? I really missed your and would want to hear from you again my elegant woman’

She dialed his number:


“Hey” he replied

“You really shouldn’t have gotten me all these, I won’t change anything about what I told you the last time” she said

“I am not asking for too much Grace” He replied

“I told you that I will not date you, not now not tomorrow not ever, please just find another woman who would appreciate you” she explained

“Why?” he asked

She did not answer immediately, she did not even know why, probably what people would say, she just got Divorced and was ready to jump into another relationship within six months? What about Ken? How would he feel about it, hearing that she had moved on with another Man?

She caught herself before she went further with that thought, how could she be considering how Ken feels in a decision that concerns her private life now, after all, he may also be hanging out with another woman.

“Are you still there?” he asked from the other side of the phone

“Ye…yes.. just don’t bother about the reason why I won’t date you, I just can’t, alright?” she said

“Is it because of your Ex Husband?”

The question hit her right in the head, even though she wouldn’t admit it, deep down she had wanted Ken to come back, to forgive her and love her again, she had wished it was Ken that brought the flowers and chocolates, she had wished it was Ken asking her for a fresh Date not Morgan, and she had wished she was strong enough to forgive herself and let ken know that she was dying for his love, that she wouldn’t mind starting all over, that her world had been empty without him, that she had no one to celebrate her successes with and no one to cry with, that she had touched herself most nights with the thought of him in her head…

“Please don’t … don’t ask me that, I just want to be alone to sort myself out, that is all” she said

“Ok, I don’t have any problem with that, but at least go on a friendly date with me tonight, I will not pressure you into reciprocating my love attraction to you if you don’t want to” Morgan said after a long pause

“Just a Date?” she asked

“Just a date” he assured

“Ok, I will try”

“I will gladly pick you anywhere you want me to”

“Just give me the venue, and I will find my way, that if I don’t change my mind later”

“Don’t break a man’s heart by saying ‘NO’” he joked

“That’s emotional Blackmail and it’s not fair” she said while smiling

She hurriedly ended the call as she saw her boss’s line buzzing on her office line, wondering why her boss would be calling her line instead of shouting down the whole firm like he always does, not that she has not gotten used to it anyways.

She made to his office after dropping the Receiver, Mr Ogungbeso wanted to see her in His Office.

“Come in Grace!” Mr Ogungbeso ushered her in with a brightened face

“Good morning sir’’ she greeted

“I got good news from Wilson beverages, they are singing your praises over there? He said, with a sparkle in his eyes

“Oh that’s good” Grace said happily

“Very good, according to their records, sales for the sugar free drink has picked up again and in the next few weeks, they may be at the top chat in sales” He laughed loudly, bringing the wrinkles on his face together into an uneven lines, that reminded Grace of the look on his face when he released the loads on his old joystick inside poor Imelda.

“I don’t know what magic you did there but all I know is that it is working, people are responding positively to it, Keep it up” he patted her on her arm

“Thank you so much sir” she said with a smile

“Sir can I go now?” she requested

“Yes sure… ehm… where is that PA of yours, I didn’t see her at her desk today” he asked, pretending to be busy with dome documents.

“Your hand itches to touch her breasts or pull her panties rather” Grace thought

Grace knew that was the reason he called her into his office, he wouldn’t want people in the hall suspecting anything when he ask about
Imelda, since she wasn’t working for him directly, she knew he was worried that she had not come to massage his sick desire.

“She would not be coming today sir, she took ill” she replied

“Without telling me?” he didn’t know when those words came out before he could stop himself

“Sir? I thing she has done the right thing by telling me, since she work for me directly” she replied

“yes …yes… don’t mind me, I am worried about you… how you are going to cope without her, if she had told me, I would have made arrangement to get someone for you just for today” he tried to remedy the situation

“Don’t worry about me sir, I will be fine” grace said and was about leaving the office when she heard him say:

“And she makes amazing coffee, I have not tasted any coffee as sweet as hers” he said

“Of course you have not tasted any coffee as sweet as hers… including that of you your wife at home” Grace said with a snare, looking him directly in the face.

She came back to her office to meet Mary seating comfortably in her office

“As I no hear anything again na, I say make I come drag the gist comot from your mouth” she said

“Mary, is not too early to gist” she said, turning on the AC in the office

“Gist no get time o, besides, am not doing much, my HOD has not come in yet so…”

“Eehh… and you want to come and disturb me way get work abi?” Grace accused

“Which work you get? Abeg make I hear word. Ehem… who be the correct guy way send that Orishirishi come” Mary asked with excitement

“Oh that, someone I met during one of my presentations to one of these companies” Grace said with lack of interest.

“Yes! My girlfriend has found love!” Mary screamed dramatically

“Mary please, it’s nothing! Probably a ‘thank you’ gift for helping his company out”

“And he is asking you out just to say ‘thank you? Grace please say something else” Mary said

“Anyways, do I know this guy?” Mary asked

“Must you know everybody in this Lagos” Grace challenged

“Try Me”

“Okey, he is the Chairman, Board of Directors, Wilson beverages” Grace said

“Shut up!”Mary exclaimed

“you mean Mr Cookey?” Mary asked

“Do you know him?’’ Grace asked her

“Who doesn’t know Morgan Cookey, one of the most desirable widows in Lagos, hmm… girlfriend its like you don’t really know that man o”

“he is just a client that’s all I know”

“And he is asking you out, Grace what did you do to make this Man look your direction?” Mary asked her friend

“hei Mary you have insulted me, na so I ugly reach for your eye, so I no go fit catch Man again” Grace feigned anger

“No na… that’s not what I mean, you know na, you have always be too straight Jacket that you hardly flirt with men” Mary rolled her eyes

“Na you sabi” was all grace said

“Anyways, so he is asking you out for a date, what did you say to him?”

“That I will thing about it”

“Just that?”

“What else would I have said to him, Mary abeg free me” Grace said

“So… will you be going?” Mary looked her friend in the eyes, smiling mischievously

“I don’t know yet Mary, look, I just got divorced alright, I don’t think it’s right going on a date with a Man barely six months after separating from my husband”

“Ex husband” Mary corrected

“Alright Ex, but it makes no different, what would people say, what would Ken say if he knows?” Grace explained

Mary sighted, folded his arms and placed them on the table in readiness to giving her friend a lecture:

“My friend, you have blamed yourself enough for this divorce, you have shut every emotion down and grieved, I have watched you become a shadow of yourself, you hardly go to parties, you don’t hang out any more, you just buried yourself in this hole we call job, if you ask me, I thing you need this date, go and have some fresh air, let your hair down for ones, maybe you could even find love again” Mary admonished

“I don’t want to find love again, I want Ken back’’ she wanted to say

“I don’t know Mary, I guess I will think about it and give an answer before six pm’’ Grace said rather

Mary threw her hands in the air in triumph, but her triumph was cut shut by Grace

“It’s only one date o, before you start getting ideas in your head” Mary cautioned

“Whatever… ehen I have not seen your PA, is she on her day off? Abi she has been beaten up again by boss Madam?” Mary pointed out

“Mary I thing we got it all wrong about her, I actually wanted to come over your desk so we can talk, That lady has been going through emotional black mail and physical abuse and had kept it to herself all this while” Grace said

“Are you serious? Hope she if okay sha” Mary said.

“For now yes… we will discuss this later, we have to go back to work before Una Oga finds out we have been engaged on idle talks since morning.


Meanwhile somewhere at Ade Odun, a man sat dreaming with his eyes open in his office, reminiscing the conversation he had the previous night with the woman he doesn’t know if he would stop having feeling for, the voice he had always desired to hear,

“How soothing it was to sleep with her voice caressing me through the paradise of dream land” Ken thought

He had wanted to put a call across to her immediately he woke up, but he didn’t want to push things, he didn’t want her to think he was taking advantage.

“Oga Ken good afternoon o, I bring food come for you?”
Chinyeaka announced with excitement, waking Ken up from his fantasy and bringing him back to reality. Ken looked at gazed at her like one who was lost, wondering when he demanded food from her, and why she would go through the hassle of making food for him

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