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Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). / Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) / National Troupe Stages Death And The Kings Horseman To Honour Wole Soyinka (2) (3) (4)

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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Hollysaint: 9:56am On May 31
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by maridrug(m): 5:13am On Jun 01
Silver1996, your mates have finished stories wetin dey happen now. na long thing u come turn this story to now.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by chigozie1010: 8:43am On Jun 01
In Tu baba's voice "I dey see danger...wahala dey."
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by chigozie1010: 8:44am On Jun 01
The story is getting more complicated. Still I follow.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 12:46am On Jun 02

There's a certain level of tiredness that equates to insanity; for Francis it's when he'd like to temporarily dislocate his spirit from his body, as if he could ask God to take him out for just a short while, let his soul go wherever souls go to be zen....
He felt as though energy is been drained from his body, like he's leaking electricity ...,Every moment is a futile tussle of conflicting thoughts. He doesn't want to give up hope , not yet, he just have few hours to get to Mogula....

Judging from the lonely bush path Jerry has been leading them, he wasn't sure anymore if they know where they're heading, they could be lost and the stupid Jerry hasn't even realised it yet... ,his second voice chastises him, the longer he waits convincing himself that everything was alright with his love ones.., Katherine.. ,the more scared he was..

He sigh as her name echoed in his head, he really prays she's fine...,he clenched his fist when he thought of what King Jafar could do to her, what can he possibly do to her...
Rape her..
Make her a slave
Kill her..
His eyes burned with anger when the thoughts crossed his mind, he wonder how he'll react if he learns that dog violated her, his first love and probably the last...

"We should stop here to rest.. "

Francis jaw dropped, he look around, the bushes stare back at him, why the hell is Jerry taking a rest, for all he knows they are still far, or close and possibly lost..
He gritted as he watch Jerry clear a part on the ground to sit...
"Why are we taking a rest..?

"Am tired, and hungry.. "He muttered not bothering to look at Francis face

Francis swallowed, does he really think he's the only one walking to God knows where with an empty stomach...
"I told you i have to get to Mogula before nightfalls.. "He wasn't sure how loud his voice sounded but he needed to remind him...

Jerry hissed and turn away his face..

"Don't do this Jerry.. "Francis said softly, he wasn't sure how else to explain to him how important getting to Mogula was..

"Taking a little rest doesn't mean we won't get to Mogula, we are just a few miles away.. "He look at the cloud as if he was studying the weather ,he huff and revert his gaze on Francis.. "We'll get there before nightfalls okay.. "

Francis wanted to believe that, they've been on the road for the past two days, and those same silly words are the same words that ended the previous days, him repeating it again only meant their journey has been adjourned to the next day or probably never.., sometimes he wonders if Jerry doesn't want him to get there or he's just searching for a travel partner and he was a better choice.., why won't he be, after all they're both KA-RUs..
He wonder if jerry has been through the same things he had been through as a KA-RU..,been a KA-RU was nothing but a curse to him, the stupid KA-RU destroyed his life..

He sigh, a sigh of anger, deep anger churning within him, he blames the chiefs, the chiefs destroyed his life and ogini shattered every remaining hope he had left.., now he's left with nothing, the only person he has left in the world was at death risk...

"You know you still haven't told me how you ended up here.. "Jerry chimes in as if he was reading his thoughts

Francis sneered, he wasn't in the mood for discussion, his main priority now is getting to Mogula to make sure the only love one he has left was still alive and safe..
It's been long that word. 'safe' has had any meaning in his life, since the dead of his father, 'safe' totally disappeared from his life, he wasn't safe, nowhere he'll go, he'll be safe.., he's either fighting the chiefs, or fighting ogini or himself, his thoughts....

"When..? He ask callously when his gaze met Jerry's questioning look, why was he even asking, he should have just be quiet and let the question bury itself, his question will only arouse old memories, memories he wished never to remember, but will he be able to forget them, those memories are the reason his life was in shreds, a lost boy without a place to call home, a wanderer skating the defenses of every bush to survive..

He needed to believe that all will be well, that is the only way he can keep going, at this point of his pitiful life, been hopeless is not an option but he fears his optimism for a bright future might crumple to pieces right in his eyes and he will be left with no choice but to shut his eyes forever, perhaps after his death, nature will find someone else to mess up..

"First time.. "Jerry said resting his hands on his lap..., he was thirsty, he needed water but there is no way he will find it with the shortcut he has taken, he knew Francis wasn't telling him the whole truth, his mouth might talk the lie but his eyes and desperation speaks the truth.., the truth which he was yet to crack, their journey would have prove more difficult if they had taken the roads, king Jafar soldiers were everywhere, collecting ters from anyone who ventures into Mogula...

"I don't want to talk about it.. "Francis muttered, voice clipped

"Come-on, you've barely said two words since the last time we stopped to take a rest.. "

"That's because am reserving my energy to walk in this endless journey of yours.. "

"This is a short route.. "

"Your short route has proven to be the most longest route.. "

"Believe it or not, you wouldn't have gotten to Mogula without me.. "

"Am not there yet.. "

"Well you'll be.. "He pause to take a breathe.. "before nightfalls.. "

Francis scoffs, he wasn't in the mood to argue with him, he meant what he said, he's reserving his energy for the journey, that is if they're ever going to get there... "Admit it Jerry, we're lost.. "

"No we're not.. "

Francis wanted to believe it, believes Jerry really knows where they're heading to, because it will break his heart to find out he's been following a blind man...

"Look, we're almost there okay, just take a breathe.. "

Every breathe Francis takes makes him feel it's Katherine last, he needs to see her, needs to know she's okay...

Jerry took a deep drag when he realise Francis wasn't going to answer his question, he shift his gaze away, after a while, he stood up and hit the dust off his body...
"Fine, let's go.. "

Francis didn't move, he just stood staring into space, the thought that something might have happened to Katherine weighs him down and at the same time angers him.., he left her without saying goodbye, he wonder if she ever forgave him for that..

"Helloo.. "Jerry snapped

Francis quickly jolted out from his thoughts, his eyeballs widened as his eyes reverted to him...

"Where are you..?

Francis grunted, Jerry had no idea what he was feeling, if he knew, he wouldn't be asking such a stupid question....
Not giving him a dignity of a reply, he dragged his feet towards him, Jerry wink at him but he didn't bother looking at him, he trot forward and his stomach rumbled..
He grimace, he was hungry, the last piece of food they found a few metres back was eaten by Jerry, though Jerry gave him but he ate only a little, he thought food wasn't his problem but the little filthy scrab turns out to be a pain in the ass...

He's hungry, scared, angry, confused, what exactly has nature planned for him?, if someone had forseen this was going to be his life, perhaps he would have done everything in his power to make it the opposite, sometimes he wonder what his life would have been if he was just an ordinary boy with ordinary parent..., been a prince was a curse, a curse he has sworn never to carry in his next life if there will ever be a next life for him...

"You might fall into a trap with the way you're walking fast.. "Jerry said from behind him

Francis froze, he stood and spun round to face him, was he joking...?

"Most people do set traps on the roads, it takes only a smart one to notice.. " Jerry said with a smirk..

Nonsense, Who lays traps on the roads?, his purse pounded when he thought of the possibility, this was another world, a world full of crazy people, anything might be possible....

"Is this your new way of slowing me down.. ?Francis ask not admitting how frightened his words made him..

"Why would i want to slow you down...?

"Maybe because you don't want us to get to Mogula or maybe you don't know the way.. "

A wry smile folded Jerry lips.. "You've said that for the hundredth time, do you really think i will waste any second with you if i wasn't sure of where am going.."

"You're sure of where you're going, the question is where are you going..?

"You do know your question sounds stupid..?

Francis jaw dropped.. "It's a question.. "

"A stupid one that has no answer, but only a smart person like me can invent one for it.. "He took a pause to catch his breathe, then he blare it out.. "Mogula.. "

"Did you just say you're smart.. "He chuckled.. "Smartness must be redefined.. "

"You can't deny the fact that i brought you to Mogula.. "

"Brought..!, we're not even there yet, we're lost, lost in this bush, who knows, you probably led me here to be eaten by wild animals.. "

"Yeah, you already look like a walking dead, i will just be putting you out of your misery.. "

Francis curl his lips, it was obvious Jerry has just been wasting his time, he needs to embark on this journey on his own, he stare around, he doesn't even where they are, everywhere was just bush and trees and scaring creeping things.., where is Jerry really taking him,.who really is he..?

"Tell me if you're done pacing around.. "Jerry brushed in with folded hands

Francis eyed him, then he hissed... "Am not going anywhere else with you.. "

"Seems to me you're the confused one here, didn't no-one ever tell you not to challenge your leaders.. "

"You're not my leader.. "

Jerry gritted.. "Uh-huh.. "Since am leading the way, literally, am your leader.. "

Francis groaned as his eyes rolled around looking for a way out, there was no way out, Jerry had led him deeper into the bush and he followed him like the stupid fool that he is...

"Are you ready now..? Jerry ask, hands still folded across his chest.

Not giving him the dignity of a reply, Francis turn to walk away, he trot forward not giving a damn if Jerry was following....
Just as he was about to take another step, he heard a noise, footsteps, he wanted to look to his side but it was too late, he collapsed to the ground as something hit him, for a moment he couldn't tell if it was an animal or the wood of a trap, horror smacked him when he felt the hand of a human gripping his neck....

His grip was tight, hard, that he began to choke ,he was fading, dying, he couldn't breathe, but he knew he needed to fight...
His hands rim the dress his assailant wore, and he pushed him but he didn't move, didn't shake, and it scared him..

He tried again, and manage to turn his face to see his assailant, shock gripped him, his assailant face was rough, drench with mud but he could recognize that face anywhere, you don't forget the face of a person whose father employed you as a servant ...

Terror washed over Francis when his assailant hand move from his neck to a dagger...
Francis heart raced with tremendous speed when he held the dagger to his neck.., his eyes was dark, filled with fury and for a moment he feared he will slit his throat..

"V.. Vuga.. "He muttered

He heart stopped when he pricked his tender neck with the sharp edge of the dagger and he whimpered..
"Vuga... "He called out again, this time a bit louder than the first..

He breathe heavily as the he held the dagger tightly to his neck, pressing it on his fragile throat, in that moment, he realise there was no use calling him, his assailant was going to kill him...

Before he could utter his name again, his assailant slumped to the ground as Jerry hit his head with a wood..

Heart pounding hard against his chest, Francis rose up and rushed to him not minding the blood flowing from his neck...
"What have you done...?He boom out..

Jerry was stilled, the wood still in his hand, his legs trembling... "I.. I.. I think i killed him.. "

Sorry for the late update


Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ann2012(f): 5:53am On Jun 02
What has happened to Vuga?

Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by egwolopretty: 6:11am On Jun 02
I don't think Vuga is dead.
Thanks for the update.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by izaray(f): 10:29am On Jun 02
Well done
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Evold: 5:55pm On Jun 02
Vuga is insane as ever but he can't die like chicken. He might like to tell the story
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ibroslank(m): 6:27pm On Jun 02
My prediction are alway true just crown master p(look at all my prediction
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by purity23(f): 6:28pm On Jun 02
Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ibroslank(m): 9:35pm On Jun 02
Look i think that vuga will gain his conciousness and the all run into taka they will all unite to rescuit kathrine destroy jafar two karu against jafar +vuga and poison master jafar in trouble
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by skubido(m): 11:16pm On Jun 02
Tanks for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Jesubaby(f): 12:16pm On Jun 04
Vuga is angry that Francis left without telling him.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 1:47pm On Jun 04

Cassandra's eyes enlarged and the hairs on the nape of her neck bristled. A gaggle of goose pimples laminated her frigid, pale skin. Slow and deliberate, the door handle turned. She tried to scream, but the inside of her mouth lacked any moisture and a croak was all that issued from her gape. Finally, the door creaked open and she trembled, starting back on the wall.....

Her teeth chattered in fear and she whimpered when she once again saw the face of the men that had taking her captive....,a feeling of dread crept up from the pit of her stomach and her heart was throbbing in her ears, loud and irregular, but she barely heard it, for her mind was clouded with fear...

The more she kept thinking of who they where or who they worked for, the more lost she was.., her heart froze and her stomach turned icy when one of the three men who were holding her began to trot towards her..
She wring her hands, her fingers feeling the thickness of the rope they tied her hand with.., she swallowed and manage to raise her gaze to him when he stopped, his bloodshot eyes twitch uncomfortably, under his un-brushed, jet black hair, his black suit and trouser made him seem like a gentleman but his unsmiling face said the contrary...

She shush her lips for a couple seconds, her stomach churning, her eyes closed...,sweat sheen down her face, a bastion of warm comfort in a moment of primal terror...,she open her eyes only to see his dark eyes staring, glaring, she can't really tell, but his eyes sent shivers to every part of her..

"Who are you people.. ?She ask with shaking voice, she wasn't sure how she managed to say that but a part of her was glad she voiced it out..

She knew she shouldn't be scared, it was stupid to, she couldn't still believe it, believe she was actually abducted by some brutes, she didn’t want to anyway, she never saw something like that even in her worst nightmares. But that was only because her brain always woke her up before such a horrific image covered her mind. And now she was seeing something her eyes won't ever be able to erase.
The adrenaline flew over her veins like a carp through the river, but she couldn’t move a single muscle, not even to scream. The absolute horror completely paralyzed her, and the more she thought about run away, or simply moving a bit, the more she felt discouraged and utterly terrified.

She didn’t remember being that scared in her life, And that was just the beginning, the idea of what they want from her scare her more..

"It's not us you want to know.. "He said, his voice baritone..

His voice was intimidating, blooming without flinch but she won't let it scare her, nor their faces and build up.., she savored his words and it pricked the deepest part of her, it angered her, he kept giving her that same answer, perhaps it was time for her to change the question..

"Who are you working for...? Her voice was lit, probably because of her fear.., she had hope, believed that sooner or later someone is going to realise she's missing.., she was on her way to the hotel to stay the night till the next morning when she'll take her husband's body to the morgue until a proper burial is planned for him...

She watched him turn away his face and her fist clenched, the thickness of the ropes in her wrist reminding her of the menacing aura she was in...
Terror washed over her when his dark eyes reverted back to her, he didn't speak but his eyes cursed a deep pain in her chest, rendering her helpless....

"I told you you'll soon meet him.. "

"What do want from me..? She latched out..,voice thick, it was time she let them know she won't stand for this nonsense...

He crunched down to her sitting level and she glare at him, no longer would she allow his eyes to scare her, she needed to be strong and that's exactly what she intend doing...
Her muscles tensed when the other two standing at the end of the wall began to approach her, her voice must have drew their attention, she hasn't realise how loud her last words sounded until now..

"Look around you.. "Said the one closer to her..

She didn't want to but she did, she hasn't really paid attention to where she was till now, she stare round the room, the room was a bit large, boxes of God knows what were kept at a corner of the house, the only visible light were the two bulbs glowing their white lights on the room..

"Do you think anyone will care what happens to you here.. "He added

Frown lines encroach on her forehead and her breathe quickened but she didn't let it get under her skin, if his words poses death threat , then why haven't they killed her...
"You really have no idea who you're messing with.. "She really hope she's right about that, she was a chief wife, that should demand for some fear and respect.., she knew better, married to Carlos was the cause of her problems, her husband was a devil incarnate, who knows, one of his victim could be the one who have brought her here..

Many times she has told herself that her husband's enemies wouldn't be hers but blood they say is thicker than water, as the sins of the father are passed on to the son, so the sins of the husband to the wife.., she would have ended it when she had the chance, perhaps she was blind by his wealth and the luxuries she enjoyed, now she's been kidnapped and threatened by some thwarts who she could have trampled on if reversed was the case..

Her husband wasn't the best husband but his power and influence protected them, now he's dead, barbecued by God knows who, so his protection..

He laugh, his laugh was dry, taunting and it angered her more...
"Who else but the wife of a roasted corspe... "He riposte harshly, grinding it with a wicked grin..

"How dare you..? She scowled, her hand fighting against the rope on her wrists...

"Save your breathe Don.. "The other thug standing behind him chimes in.. "Let her be.. "

Don huffs and stood to his feet, he cast her a smile and spun round to face the other two..
"I was just making our guest comfortable.. "Don said

"The boss won't like it if she's worked up before he gets here.. "The other guy, Jonathan said

Don gritted, he doesn't like to be told what to do and what not, but his colleagues don't seem to understand that fact....

"Your boss.. "Cassandra muttered.. "What does he want from me..?

Her jaw dropped, her hands clenched, what annoyed her more was the fact that she has no clue who their boss was, but her instincts tells her whoever he is, he was somehow involved with Carlos, maybe one of the many people Carlos cheated on and now he was taking revenge, not on the dead man who caused him such a misfortune but the innocent wife who knows absolutely nothing.., her only crime was marrying Carlos....

"The boss doesn't tell us what he wants with his guest.. "Shedrack, the third thug said..

Guest!, Cassandra huffs, she was a bloody captive, they couldn't even have the decency of calling it what it is..

"But you'll soon find out.. "Jonathan chimes in..

Her eyes fluttered and fell on Jonathan, his face look calm, his shoulders built, but the way he spoke sound different from Don, his voice was less browbeat but he was wearing the black suit as Don and carrying a pistol and that made him dangerous..
But somehow, she felt safe with his presence, she might have probably choke to death if his likes were of Don...

"Damn it.. "She muttered to herself, she doesn't like been kept in the dark, Carlos did that and look where it got her..
"People will know am missing.. "She said, her voice strucked with fear, not fear of been kidnapped by three scary brutes but fear of what their boss wants from her...

"We know that.. "Don cut in and her heart raced...."Unfortunately, no-one will ever find you.."

His words sent her spines shivering, what did he mean by that, was her kidnapping indefinite....
"What..., what do you mean by that..? She queried, voice shaken ,she didn't want them to sense her fear but she couldn't help it..., Don's words floated to the bottomless part of her hearing organ and it consumed her from inside making all sorts of thoughts echoe in her head...

Don gave her that smile again, that taunting evil smile, then a smirk and there was nothing...

"I guess been married to the rich is not as pleasant as it sounds.. "Shedrack interjects, his voice clipped yet piercing...

Terror suck the very breathe from her, her instincts were right, this was about her husband and she's going to pay for her husband's crimes...
"Look.. "She muttered, pulse pounding against her temple, she try to breathe to relax her panic but she couldn't, the words pierce into her deeply than she thought it would..."Whatever my late husband did, am not aware.. " she bit her lips as the words flushed out from her mouth, what was she even saying, she didn't kill anyone and certainly doesn't know the people her husband wronged, period..

They cast her a look and it beat her head they didn't buy her excuse but what could she do, she was tied, guarded by three hefty men who will knock her out with one arm the moment she decides to try to escape...
She stare at the rope on her wrist, then at the door, escaping was not an option now, she's between life and death and only God can save her from these horror that's about to engulfed her...

"Don't tell me you're totally ignorant of your husband's detriments.. "Jonathan said, his right hand hoovering over his shoulder..

Cassandra exhales sharply , for a moment she'd thought he was the smart one between them.. "If you knew who my husband was, you'll know he's a man of himself..,he never told me anything.. "

"So are you saying you were just a snail inside her own shell..? Don cut in..

Insult or what..?,She didn't have the luxury of telling what it is, but whatever it was, it annoyed her.... "Just let me go, please.. "

When they glance at each other and Don brood a smile over his lips, she realise her pleads was heading to hell...

"Now.. "Don walk close to her again and she quivered... "Why would we let our guest go.. ?

"Because whatever this is, it's a waste of time, i know nothing.. " She butt out the words before wondering where the courage came from..

"And who said we want something from you..? Don retorted..

Terror washed over her, his words kept riding to the same destination...'Death'..
Their boss probably wants to kill her, to seek out some crazy revenge against her husband.....
"Please.. "She pleaded again, this time hoping their response sparks a little different from their earliest replies... "Let me go and i will give you guys anything you want.. "

"Anything..? John ball in..

She quickly realise how serious her statement was but she didn't give him the dignity of a reply..

"Do you really mean it..? Don added

Does she really mean it, will she been able to afford their demands, they were men and men have selfish desires but if it's what it takes to walk out of this room unharmed and alive rather than a corpse with a bullet in the head, she certainly have no choice...

A ringing tone invaded her thoughts, she thought it was her phone, then she realise her ringing tone wasn't that shady, but why would no-one call her now that she desperately needs a call, many unanswered missed calls could pass a message to the right person..
She watched as Jonathan dropped the call and head for the iron door, she wonder who'd called, was it their boss...?

The thought crippled her, leaving her breathless.., her pleas will crumple if their boss shows up to finish the task..
Colour drained from her face as the door creaks, then it opened, but before she could lay eyes on him, Don wore a hood on her face...

Her teeth chattered in fear and her legs trembled, she bit at the cloth..,her hands fighting to be freed from the ropes on her wrists..
Her heart raced and her stomach turned icy when the door close, then footsteps, loud, metric, began to approach her...,right there, she knew her chapter in this damn world was closed...

She breathe heavily when the hood was pulled out from her face, she blink, not once but twice, then she glance at the new face in the room, she couldn't believe it, was she dreaming...?

Heart pulsating, she blink again making sure it was him.., just then she uttered his name... "Mr Carter... "

A smile surrounded his lips but it wasn't a friendly smile... "Wrong name... "

She shrieked and her hands trembled in the face of terror... "I don't, i don't understand, why did you do this..?

He sniffles... "What do you think, your husband killed my father, your son killed my mother, do you still not know why you're here..?

Her heart raced, adrenaline flooded every reasonable part of her, all that was left was fear, fear her thoughts were right and about coming to pass...
"You can't do that to me.. "She muttered with pants breathe..

"You have no idea what i can do.. "He scowled, his eyes glaring deep into her making her see the fury in them... "Is blood for blood.. "

Sorry for the late update..


Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 2:47pm On Jun 04
grin grin grin
Look i think that vuga will gain his conciousness and the all run into taka they will all unite to rescuit kathrine destroy jafar two karu against jafar +vuga and poison master jafar in trouble
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 2:48pm On Jun 04
Vuga is angry that Francis left without telling him.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 2:54pm On Jun 04
What has happened to Vuga?

Thanks for the update
Welcome dear

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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by DCTEEJAY008(m): 3:05pm On Jun 04
Blood for blood This killing spree isn't going to end anytime soon lolGood story silver,More grease to ur elbows
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by showgoeson: 6:40pm On Jun 04
I don't think Pious intention is to kill her, he's not as cruel as Carlos.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by kilisi: 8:25pm On Jun 04
I believe Pious only wants to use Cassandra to know the location of Dillan. I think he's more interested in hunting down Dillan than anyone else.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by purity23(f): 8:41pm On Jun 04
Pious won't kill her, he will make her tell him where Dillan is and the idiot will be caught once and for all.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 1:38pm On Jun 05

The sun dipped lower in the sky until the trees that surround the bush stood as black statues silhouetted against the darkening sky, slowly their shadows melted away into the blackness of night making their shadows twice as long as themselves.. , Jerry felt the soothing breeze, become absorbed in the music of crickets, letting the gentle energy of nature wash in..., his childhood days crossed his mind, the days he was happy, his parents weren't that rich yet they were envied and that envy and unexplainable enmity led him here, to this world.., he was a happy kid who just wanted to fulfill his father's wishes but his dreams and father's were shattered the moment those bastards entered their house, they murdered his father and they made him watch, that agonizing moment change his life...

He gritted and reverted his gaze to Francis, what happened to Vuga wasn't his fault...,he thought he was some forest boy trying to kill Francis, he helped him, it's high time Francis stopped giving him that look like he was some kind of murderer...

"You shouldn't have done that.. "Francis whispered, his heartbeat pounding hard against his chest, he glance at Vuga's unconsciousness body, he prays he survives, he was helpless, there was no way he can make him sprung out from his unconscious state, if he were in his world, he would have been treated right away..

Jerry rested his back on a tree, he glance up at the fading light..."You know, you are an ungrateful brat.. "

Francis understood why he did it, yet he felt it was wrong, Vuga tried to kill him and he's anxious to know why, Vuga in his right senses will never attack him, he wonder how Katherine will react when she lay eyes on him, what exactly has king Jafar done to them.......

"He tried to kill you.. "Jerry muttered

Francis didn't reply, he knew it was bad of him to question his action, Vuga could have dig that dagger into his throat, he could have died, Jerry saved him...

"He could have killed you.. "Jerry added when no reply came..,it's funny he's trying to explain himself, explain the reason for his actions, anyone in his shoes could have probably done same..

Francis sigh, Vuga was still breathing, that was a relief.., not giving attention to Jerry's gaze, his hand reach for the dagger Vuga has attacked him with, his eyes fused on the sharp edge, the stain of blood on the slim point....

"You should be glad i saved your ungrateful life... "Jerry's voice rumbled low perked with vexation..

Francis sigh and glance to meet his gaze... "Thank you.. "He muttered..

Jerry expected him to rebut, to defend the prince and remind him he almost killed someone...

"Let's just pray he makes it.. "Francis quivered as the words bolted out from his mouth, he was the optimistic type but recently, he doesn't really know if his optimism meant anything to him anymore, seeing Vuga fight for his life only make his fear grow, fear of what king Jafar might have done to Katherine, he wasn't sure if he will be able to forgive himself if Katherine....

"The hit wasn't that hard.."Jerry cut in intending to escape from the guilt of killing someone..
Gosh.., he suck his teeth and hit the tree lightly, why would he even feel guilty, he did what was necessary...

"It isn't your fault.. "Said Francis as if he was reading his thoughts..

Jerry's stomach rumbled but he didn't say a word, nothing he say will change how he's feeling and he hated it...

"You're right.. "Francis voice rumbled low, he tense, glance at Vuga and face Jerry again.. "He could have killed me, i believe he isn't himself.. "

Jerry huffs but didn't reply, instead he crossed his hands against his chest and raise his gaze elsewhere...

"It's getting dark.. "Francis whispered, he wonder if Jerry heard it, the thought of something bad happening to Katherine has rendered his voice silent, broken through every strength and confident he has..."We should find some woods.. "

Not giving him the dignity of a reply, Jerry dropped his hand and took a few steps from him, it was dark but light enough to see some dry log of woods and stones to make a fire.....,he was fine alone, alone he survived for years, even though most times he thought of giving up and ending it all.., he will never forget the death of his parents neither will he ever get revenge on his parent's murderers and it angered him..
He was totally oblivious of the reason his parents were murdered, as if that wasn't enough, his parents murderers dare come after him, he shouldn't have run the way he did, he would have hid, fully prepare and march on the battle for a revenge but instead he ran like a coward and fell into the ogini river....

"Found some.. "

He took a deep drag after Francis voice jolted him from his thoughts, he spun round and trot towards him..
"I didn't find any stones.. "He said crisply..

Even in the darkness, Francis can tell when someone isn't himself, his behavior must have spark some bad feeling into him, he shouldn't have acted the way he did with him, he'll understand if he decides to leave now that he has found Vuga.. "Lucky us, i kept the ones we use last night.. "

He didn't say a word, instead he gathered up the few woods Francis found and put them together to make a fire, Francis tossed him the stones, he strike them and it ignite...

For few minutes, both boys just sat, warming their hands with the flames..., Jerry stretch his legs, he cast a glance at Francis but he doubt if Francis even noticed, not caring to know what was going on in his mind, he lay down and cross his hands behind his head, he look up and watch the flames dissolved into the clouds....

Francis sigh when he touch Vuga's head, he wasn't burning up, he was breathing but still unconscious, before now he believed been unconscious entails the non function of the body, Vuga has been out for God knows how many hours, was it up to, he can't really tell..
He glance back at the fire and muttered a silent prayer, he thought about home, about Pious and Giselle and everyone he left behind.., Pious must still be mad he left that way and he couldn't do anything to stop him, he didn't blame him though, he was sure even if Pious had believed him about ogini, what happened could have still happened.., it was his fault, Pandora warned him ogini will bring him back but he didn't believe, didn't even consider it possible...

His heart skipped when he felt a finger ticked him, he quickly glance to his side, his heart melted, replenish with an unbound joy..
"Vuga.. "He blared out the moment he opened his eyes..

Slowly Vuga tried to get up but quickly realized how futile it was when he support himself with his hand, Sharp pain lanced through his head and colorful spots flashed in front of his eyes, it felt like his whole body had been beaten and every movement caused some muscle or bone to ache. Regardless, he needed to get out of here...away from the people who're trying to hurt him.
Wincing In pain, he tried once again to stand but Francis hands held him back, he glowered at him and pushed him aside..

Francis hands almost touch the fire but he held his balance before it could happen...

Vuga's right hand slightly touch the injury in his head, he nibbled and his fist clenched...

Francis whimpered and slowly rose to his feet, Vuga's anger had a raw quality, the realness of a person consumed by a pain that knew no end or limit.....

"What is wrong with you..?Vuga lashed out

Francis expected it, but his only concern is knowing the reason for his ferocious outburst...
"Vuga.. "He muttered, his face reddened with a smile...

"Get away from me.. "Vuga scowled but Francis didn't butch...

"Brother.. "Francis voice rumbled low, perhaps a low voice could quenched the fire that burned in Vuga's eyes....,he trot further closing the distance between them, his eyes lour down to his nails digging into his palm but he didn't feel threatened, Vuga could be traumatized with everything that happened but he would never think of punching him, his servant, his brother...

He dared took another step despite Vuga furious breathing , the anger in his eyes.., he extended his hands, about to wrap it around him when a blow knocked him off....

The hard unexpected punch to the face sent Francis off his toes and stumbled to the floor, Vuga was about holding him again when Jerry grip him and push him aside...

"Are you insane.. "Jerry glowered, anger churning within him, not of him punching Francis but for regretting he actually prayed for him to live...
He rushed to Francis side and aided him up, Francis did deserve the punch for been such an ungrateful ass...

"I told you to leave me alone.. "Vuga hollered infuriated..

Francis spat out blood, he grimace and freed himself from Jerry's grip.... "You're not yourself... "his voice was flat, grave in low pitch...
He spat out again, his tooth hurt, he wasn't sure if he has lost a teeth but he pray he didn't...

"You hit me on the head.. "Vuga yelled

"You attacked us, stupid.."Jerry fling back

"You held a dagger to my neck.. "Francis chimes in recalling the event.. "You almost killed me.. "

"But i didn't.., did i.. ?He queried trying to justify his action

"Because i stopped you.. "Jerry interjects

"I thought you were the guards.. "This time, Vuga's voice was faint, he held his gaze... "It wasn't my intention to attack you.. "

"And the punch..?

Vuga didn't reply, instead he lowered his gaze and began searching the ground..

"What are you looking for...?

Vuga hissed.. "My dagger.. "

Francis exhales, the effect of the punch still ache him....."I have it.. "

"Give it to me..? His voice was authoritative

Francis swallowed.., his eyes went to his side and then at him.. "No.. "
He heard Vuga growl and his muscles tensed..

"Do you really want to die..?

Terror washed over him as Vuga's question sanked deeply in his ears..."You wouldn't kill me, am your friend.. "

"I don't care.. "Vuga lashed out, jaw rooted and gaze sharp as thunder..

"Am your brother.. "Francis said crisply wondering if that will spark a reminder to him..

"You're not my brother, now give me the dagger... "

Francis shook his head, he knew Vuga was still in there, no matter how angry he's now, he is the same Vuga he served for five years..

"Just give him the damn dagger.. "Jerry interjects, his gaze fixated on Vuga...

"No.. "


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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 1:41pm On Jun 05
Blood for blood This killing spree isn't going to end anytime soon lolGood story silver,More grease to ur elbows
Thanks man
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 1:41pm On Jun 05
grin grin
Pious won't kill her, he will make her tell him where Dillan is and the idiot will be caught once and for all.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Slimynonny: 4:09pm On Jun 05
Interesting as ever...more inspirations upon you silver
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by doctorexcel(m): 4:43pm On Jun 05
Bros you are mouthed.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ann2012(f): 6:34pm On Jun 05
Interesting, well done OP
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by showgoeson: 7:13pm On Jun 05
I thought Vuga will change after everything , but he didn't
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by kelvyncruz: 6:28am On Jun 06
Vuga is foolish as he was before, too much pride.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Brukx(m): 8:02am On Jun 06


Where it all began....

He scan his eyes around, there was nothing but grass and torn clothes in the hut.., he sigh when he realise his sister wasn't there...

He step outside and gaze at the sun.., he bug his Lips and look round the premises.., the trees, he felt his sister might be hiding behind one of those tall trees....

"Aluziya.. "He shouted but other than the echo of his voice..,nothing was heard nor seen..

He went forward barefooted....., it was tradition that until a boy turns 20, he isn't fit to wear shoes that was made of leaves and branches of trees...

Ludiba was 19, one more year and he will be confirmed into wearing shoes....

"Aluziya.. "He shouted again, this time more loud than before..

He was inclined to go back when he got no reply, maybe his sister didn't come this way...

He changed his mind when he said footsteps from nearby, it quickly occurred to him that his sister might be hiding behind one of those tall trees as he earlier thought...

With curiousness, he trot forward, his barefooted legs brushing the thick grasses that were turning into a wide range of bush..

"Aluziya, i can hear you..."He said walking more faster...
He grimace when he hit his leg against a stone.., he quickly lour down to look at his injured leg.., just then he saw something, a book, a book he has never seen before..., it was rough.., grasses littered all over it.., he pick it, he look at it wondering what it was or what it says.., he flip the pages... He scan the sides with his eyes..

"What is this..? He ask quietly..

He pick it up, look at the pages again, he wanted to drop it but then on second thought..., the book was something he hasn't seen before...

With inquisitiveness.., he pick it up and held it in his hands...

"Brother.. "

He quickly turn around and there she was.., his beloved younger sister... Aluziya....

"Where did you hide...? He asked

"I was in the hut..., i covered myself with those old rags.., i thought you would see me but you didn't.. I won.. "

He chuckle.. "No you didn't.. "

Aluziya gave him an eye shot.., then her eyes glance over to the book in his hands..."What's that in your hand..?

"Oh this..., i don't know, i found it here.. "

"Let me see.. "She said walking towards him..
Together, they opened the book..

"What does it say..? She ask curiously..

"I don't know, i don't understand the language.. "

"Do you think we should take it to grandfather.., he has lived longer than any of us.., he might know what this say... "

"Grandfather is sick..,he can't even look at his own self let alone this.. "

"Grandfather love this things.., besides am curious to know what is written in this big strange book.. "

Ludiba grunts..., he knew his sister will continue to insist... "Okay fine.. "

It wasn't long before they got home.., avoiding their parent, they went straight to where their grandfather was sitting...

"Grandfather... "Aluziya called out softly...

Azodukala the grandfather gently opened his eyes..

"Grandfather, we have something for you.."

Ludiba hesitated a bit before giving her the book... ,covering his nose because of the odour protruding from the grandfather's body... It was said that ogini struck the grandfather with that illness because he forgot to perform the ekusadu ritual of a newly born baby...

It was foretold that Azodukala couldn't sacrifice Aluziya.., because of this, the illness has been in his body.., no one dared to question the dark priestess of ogini...

Aluziya helped him up as he tried to stand up....

"What is it my child..? He ask dryly

Aluziya smiled,."We found something...."She said, slowly she placed the book in his hand..

As soon as the grandfather held the book, he felt something..., The dry scales growing in his skin began to pull off, he quickly received his strength as he was made whole...

Shocked.., he threw the book down..

"Grandfather.. "Aluziya muttered... "You're healed.. "

Shocked etched in Ludiba's face.., he stare at the book... "The book..., it healed you... "

"Priestess... "One of the low priestess shouted..

The dark priestess spun round to face her.....

"Something has happened... "The low priestess said..

The dark priestess quickly stood up and walked into the large shrine of ogini...

Fear gripped her when she saw blood flowing down from one of the scary skulls....

"Strange.. "She said picking up the skull... "This can only happen when a chain is broken..., someone has escaped ogini's wrath.... "

"Priestess, is that possible..?

The dark priestess gave her a deadly look... "Send a message to the king... Someone has broken loose..., i need to know who that person is and who set him free... Ogini must be appeased.., only then will there be peace..... ,ogini has shed blood.., blood must be given back.. "



Story officially starting on April 8...guys please bear with me till then...
Ludiba and aluziya? For the night is dark and full of horrors? I'm not going into conclusions yet. Let me continue reading KINGS
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by jawarareloaded(m): 2:48pm On Jun 06
You are the best

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