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Roses / Kisses & Roses / Purple Hibiscus By Chimamanda Adichie:who Do You Think Really Opposed Pa Eugene (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Purple Roses by bossy512(f): 10:08am On Aug 29
Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 3:33pm On Aug 29
Phew, at last
George has known the truth
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:14pm On Aug 29
Episode 16
She gasped for the thousandth time as she crossed a huge hill made of shiny glass. She had never seen anything like it before and she was amazed. The trees there were tall and the fruits on them were either made of gold or silver. It was incredible. She approached a river that had sparkles on it. She noticed her reflection as she saw herself for the first time. She was dressed in a pure white, long flowing gown which shone like the sun. She had a crown of different flowers on her head, and her face shone like gold. She felt her face and knew she was a completely different person now, and in a completely different place.

She squatted and touched the sparkly river. It was cool as ice, and she felt alive when she poured some on her face.

"Where am I? Is this heaven?" She asked herself.

She stood up and crossed the bridge made of shiny glass. She approached the other side where the grass was much greener. Butterflies of different colors danced around her and flew with her wherever she went. She smiled at them and approached row of different colors of beautiful flowers that were shaped like a heart. She plucked one of them and smelt it. It smelt like heaven.

"I must be in heaven" she concluded. She noticed some children, all dressed in white, playing under a huge tree, with never ending pink flower petals falling from it. Some of the children came to her and danced around her. And she danced with them too. When they were gone, she fell on her back and let the softness of the green grass tickle her. She admired the beautiful shapes the clouds formed, and the many rainbows that stood behind the golden coloured sun. Finally, she breathed loud and said.

"I could stay here forever"

"Uhhh, that's not possible" a masculine voice behind her.

She turned quickly and saw the man. He was also dressed in a white suit and matching trousers. He was quite handsome, and he looked his mid twenties. But he was very familiar

"Who are you?" Gift finally asked after looking at him.

"Oh Blessing, don't you remember me anymore?"

She widened her eyes in shock. Only one person ever called her Blessing, and that was her father, Ikenna.


"Yes my dear?" He asked and grinned.

Tears welled up her eyes. "Papa!" She cried and hugged him. Both of them held each other for a while, but Gifts grip was tighter. She let the tears flow, and after sometime, released him.

"I can't believe it's you Papa. You look so young...and handsome!"

He shrugged. "Heavens grace. Anyways, I heard you talking back there. And I've come to tell you that you can't stay here"

"What, why?!"

"Because you don't belong here. Your mission on earth isn't over yet. You need to go back"

You're joking. You want me to go back home so that my suffering will continue? I don't think so"

"You're not the only one suffering in this life you know"

"I don't care. How can you talk like this papa? Don't you see everything I've been through? Dont you have pity on your daughter? Someone tried to get me killed for crying out loud!!"

Ikenna sighed and walked closer to her.

"Look, I know it's a hard decision for you to make, but if you die now, what will happen to those you love? What's going to happen to your ailing mother, to your family, to your friends?"

"I don't have any family and friends"

"Ok, then what's gonna happen to Uchenna, the man you love?"

She didn't respond.

"You do realize that if you die now, he'll be devastated? While youre here sniffing flowers and dancing around like some ballerina, he'll be down there suffering, slowly destroying himself knowing that you left him. Common Ngozi, have a conscience"

Gift broke down in tears and fell on her knees. "I know everything you've said I true, but it's so hard to do. I'm sick and tired of suffering, of this world in general"

He approached his daughter and held her shoulders. "Look, sometimes life can be difficult for us, but we should never let our problems defeat us my child. You're supposed to fall them head on. You can't give up yet my dear, please"

He raised her up and held her hands. "And besides" he smiled. "Things are about to get much better for you now. The Lord has heard your cries. Although you will still have little obstacles on your way, you must crush them like the fighter you are, okay?"

"Okay, but, how are things about to get much better?"

He tapped her right cheek. "You'll find out soon. In the meantime, I have something for you"

He put his hand behind him and brought out a beautiful purple rose.

"Here, take this"

"What is it Papa?"

"It's your identity. It's who you are. Take care of it"

She smiled and gently took the unique, heavenly plant.

"Thank you Papa. I miss you very much"

"Ahh, but we shall see each other again... very soon. Now give your old dad a hug"

"You're not so old here" she laughed and hugged him. "I love you.."

Immediatley she said that, a very bright light shone which caused her to close her eyes. And soon, she felt herself flying.....

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Re: Purple Roses by Investorrtbankz(m): 8:55pm On Aug 29
My person don update, thanks stblessing
Re: Purple Roses by Shola2019(f): 7:47am On Aug 30
stblessing nice one
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 3:09pm On Aug 30
Susan and Rose will be sober once they know the truth about Gift

Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 8:29pm On Aug 30
Susan and Rose will be sober once they know the truth about Gift

Thanks for the update

If I hear those ones are without hearts.
Re: Purple Roses by Investorrtbankz(m): 8:33pm On Aug 30
Madam, hafa na, no update today?
Re: Purple Roses by Jane1234f(f): 8:37pm On Aug 30
This is so breathtaking, thanks for this
Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 10:24pm On Sep 01
Op where art thou... It's been days you know.
Re: Purple Roses by PrudySara(f): 11:47am On Sep 02
Thanks for the update... but we're waiting for more
Re: Purple Roses by retake89(m): 4:33pm On Sep 02
Thanks for the update... but we're waiting for more

Hello PrudySara, how's your day going?

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Re: Purple Roses by YoungBruzzy: 12:51am On Sep 03
Thanks for the update OP
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:56pm On Sep 03
She woke up when she felt her spirit fall into her body. She turned and saw Uche beside her, she woke Him up and he quickly went to call the doctor. She then realized she was in the hospital.

Meanwhile, George had gone to go and visit Amaka. They both went to the hospital where she was being treated. When Uche saw him, he was reluctant to let George see Gift, but Amaka begged him and he was allowed. Then he saw the purple medallion on her neck. He was more convinced now.

Meanwhile, Dr Zora, the doctor in charge of Gift tells Uche that Gift has lost a lot of blood. Gifts blood group is AB negative, But Uches is B negative. They don't match. Zora tells Uche look for a suitable blood donor or Gift might die.

George over hears the conversation and meets Zora. He tells her that their blood matches and he wants to donate. He also tells her to conduct DNA test from there.


Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:58pm On Sep 03
hey guys, sorry I had to summarize the post. Something came up, and I had to hurry. please don't be offended as tomorrow will be much better than this. Thanks and God blrsd

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Re: Purple Roses by bossy512(f): 9:16pm On Sep 03
Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by YoungBruzzy: 10:45pm On Sep 03
I've missed you so so much stblessingcheesycheesy Thanks for the short update though..
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 11:16pm On Sep 03
I can smell reunion smiley
Re: Purple Roses by Emex100(m): 9:33am On Sep 04
stblessing you are not doing me well o
we (i & myself) miss you plenty. Thank you small cos the update is small

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:47pm On Sep 04
"I want you to conduct a DNA test from there doctor" Said George as he held the doctor.

"Why?" she asked with a raised brow.

"You will know later. I'll really appreciate you if you can do this favor for me doctor"

She thought for a while. "Okay, I'll see what I can do about that. You'll have to pay for it though".

"Any amount needed, thanks doc" he smiled.

"You're welcome. Come first thing tomorrow morning for the blood transfusion. Good day" she smiled and went into her office.

"Good day"
George heaved a sigh of relief when she was gone. Even though he was more convinced about Gift now, the DNA result would be his last convincing. He hoped things would work out well.

He went into Gifts room and bade her the final goodbye. Earlier, he had told her about how Uche had had Rose arrested unjustly. He had hoped that Gift would convince her boyfriend to drop the charges against his daughter.

When George was gone, Gift asked Amaka to leave her alone with Uche. She was clearly angry. When she was told about Roses arrest by George, she was shocked and almost threw a fit.

"Why did you do it?" she asked when Amii was gone.

"Do what?"

"Get Rose arrested. What on earth was that for?"

"Did I do anything wrong by having the person who tried to kill you arrested?"

"We don't know about that Uche, don't be so judgemental"

"But even you know very well what she's capable of doing. She wasn't afraid of hurting you in the past, she could have decided to go a little further"

Gift kept quiet for a while. She knew Uche had a point, but she wanted to do the right thing. She knew that even if Rose tried to get her killed, it was her fault. She was the one that hurt Rose first, so she wouldn't fight fire with fire, and add more fuel to the fire.

"I don't care. I want you to drop the charges against her now"


"Drop the charges against her now, or it's over between us!"

He dropped his jaw in shock. He stared at her for a while, and noticed the fire in her eyes. She was dead serious. Finally, he frowned, folded his arms and turned away.


"Thank you"


George arrived home late, feeling exhausted. He saw Susan waiting for him when he got inside. She was clearly pissed off.

"Where have you been George?"

"Nowhere" he slouched on the couch.

"Anyways, that one is your business. I hope you realize Roses trial is tomorrow right"

"Oh yeah'' he shut his eyes tight. He had forgotten.

" I just reminded you so that you'll know the next step to take"

"Actually" he sat up. "I won't be there tomorrow"

"What, why?"

"I have a lot of things to do, I don't have time"

She shook her head in disappointment. "You never seize to amuse me. Well, do as you wish. I don't really care. You've always been a bad father to your only daughter anyway. Goodnight" she spat and walked out.

George shook his head at her. If only she knew..........

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:48pm On Sep 04
stblessing you are not doing me well o
we (i & myself) miss you plenty. Thank you small cos the update is small
My dear no vex. Family issues dey spoil something's sometimes.
Re: Purple Roses by Investorrtbankz(m): 7:19pm On Sep 04
Thanks stblessing, I b don dey vex
Re: Purple Roses by Emex100(m): 8:39pm On Sep 04

My dear no vex. Family issues dey spoil something's sometimes.
Family first my sister. They are very important. So you are forgiving for your family's sake
Re: Purple Roses by YoungBruzzy: 10:00pm On Sep 04
Stblessing where are you ooo Pls give us more update biko

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:19pm On Sep 05
Episode 17
"Mr Okoye, the results" said Doctor Zora as she handed him a brown envelope. He gulped hard and took it from her.

"Thank you doctor, I don't know how to start thanking you for your immense help towards me. I'll forever be grateful to you"

She smiled. "No problem Mr Okoye,anytime" she nodded and walked out.

George stared down at the envelope in his hands. Right there was his long anticipated result. The DNA result.

Its been up to week now. George had successfully carried out the blood transfusion and Rose had been granted bail. He was called earlier this morning to come and take the results, and the test was conducted in the hospital laboratory.

At first, he was excited and anxious to have the result. But now,he was scared and reluctant. What if the result turned out to be positive? Where would he start from there? How would he go about telling people about it? His colleagues, his friends....his family? Somehow, he hoped it would be negative, even though he new that was almost impossible now.

He decided to open it in his car. He was no longer anxious. He walked slowly, dragging his feet as he did. He came across a waste bin. Maybe he should just throw it away and forget that all this ever happened. Maybe he should just burn the diary, and pretend that he didn't see the medallion around her neck. But he couldn't, he wasn't good at pretending.

Finally, he arrived and entered his car. He began to slowly open the envelope, not wanting to even rumple it. His heart beat rapidly as he did, and after a long while, he slowly brought out the paper, unfolded it, and fixated his itching eyes on it. He couldn't understand any of the figures written down there, until his eyes landed on the ultimate word written down with bold capital letters, 'POSITIVE’.

At this point, he broke down in tears. It was true. There was no running away from it now. Ngozi Gift Okonkwo, the maid that has been working for them for the past three years, was his long lost daughter..... Daisy Chizaram Okoye.

"God, what kind of life is this bikonu? How on earth did this happen?" he asked as he wiped his eyes. He was confused and felt betrayed. Destiny and God had played him for a fool, and now, it was too late to see that now. Too much damage had been done.

First of all, he drove himself to a nearby bar and drowned himself in alcohol. By the time he was true, it was already night fall, and he was so drunk, that to even stand up was a problem. He had to hire a taxi to take him home. Home....where his wife would be by now.

He paid the fare and staggered into the house with Yahayas help. Susan must have heard him coming in and came downstairs to meet him. Rose wasn't around by then,she had traveled to Port Harcourt to stay with her aunt for sometime, so she could clear her head, and relieve herself from the trauma.

"So, you now result to getting yourself drunk, is that what you have been busy with?"

"Have a look at that Susan" he replied her and pointed to the result he had kept on the table earlier "

"What's this?" she picked it up and went through it for a while. "A DNA result?"

"Of me and Gift. Susan... Gift is our daughter... Gift is Daisy...."

She opened her mouth and dropped the paper on the floor. Her eyes were about to pop out of her head by now.

"It all started a few days ago. I discovered Iniobongs diary as we were clearing her room. I went through it and discovered she was the one responsible for Daisy's kidnap. She said Gift was Daisy because she saw the purple rose medallion around her neck. I did the investigation myself, and I discovered she was right. That's the DNA test result to prove it" he explained and broke down.

Susan just stared at him, dazed and unsure of what to say. Finally, after a long while, she asked;

"Have you finally lost your mind George? How dare you insinuate that that daughter of a witch...that....that nobody is my daughter? Are you mad"

"That 'nobody' is our daughter Sue, believe me or not. I could...."

"Save your sorry explanations to yourself you buffoon. Now you come back home drunk and start blabbing nonsense, what is wrong with you?"

"Suz, you have to believe me, Gift is our daughter"

"THATS ENOUGH!!! Our daughter died years ago. She was taken away from us, so she died in our hearts. I refuse to believe some mere maid is our daughter,so you can save your stories and fallacies to yourself, you hear me? Nonsense" she hissed and ran upstairs.

George broke down in tears again when she was gone.

"Oh Lord, please help me. Don't let me do this alone, please....."


Re: Purple Roses by Investorrtbankz(m): 6:41pm On Sep 05
Thanks stblessing for the update
Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 8:43pm On Sep 05
Ann2012 I told you Susan and Rose are heartless... She's not even happy that her child is alive.

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Re: Purple Roses by YoungBruzzy: 9:11pm On Sep 05
Blessing baby cool thanks for the update..
I'm expecting more ooooo bikonu
Re: Purple Roses by YoungBruzzy: 9:11pm On Sep 05
Blessing baby cool thanks for the update..
I'm expecting more ooooo bikonu
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 6:33am On Sep 06
Tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by Shola2019(f): 9:50am On Sep 06
thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by PrudySara(f): 11:04am On Sep 06
Going well, thanks..

Hello PrudySara, how's your day going?

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