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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:13pm On Aug 26
Chapter 14

" So you're saying my legacy will never permit me to become a werewolf" queried Andre.

He was beginning to understand why he could not morph to become a werewolf. Apparently, his mother's genes had suppressed the wolf gene till it became dormant and non active. All his sharp reflexes and enhanced senses were all from his mother's side. He had been fated to become one of the legacy due to a prophesy long foretold.
Alva nodded in reply to his question

" You were never destined to be a wolf, never destined to walk the path your ancestors walked. You are an anomaly in the line of succession, singled out to achieve far more greater things than you can imagine." She said encouraging him.

She knew and understood what it was like to be alone yet in the midst of friend and family. Her enlogated life had been a curse yet a blessing to her as she had come to know some of the best hearts man could offer but pained when she would see them wither in death. Lonely she was even when she had both her aunts and mother there for her.

Andre had passed through the same thing howbeit differently. While others could transform to wolves,he was at the background watch, treated like a china doll that could break. All his life he had been sheltered by his father and brother afraid if people knew he was of royal blood yet could not Protect himself, harm might befall him coupled with fact that he didn't know what a mother's love felt like.
If only they knew that it was they who needed protection from

" So how do we go about this ? " Asked Andre

" Well first we find the last Legacy,of which we are running out of time. The blood moon is in six days from today and we don't have a lot of time. According to the prophecy, when the appointed shall come, the legacies shall find each other "like souls connected by the strings of fate". I really do hope fate knows what she's doing" Alva explained hoping and praying to all that was holy that they wouldn't be too late"

"So we just depend on fate? Is there no other way? Is that how you discovered the legacy of knowledge?

"Yes, it was. We were arguing over a-" she paused closed her eyes to concentrate while Andre quitely watched. When she opened her eyes she stood up immediately

" We have company and they don't seem to be smiling" she said as she walked around gathering important things and stuffing into her carry on bag.

" Who are they?" A rather confused Andre who watched as she packed things to gether while changing into clothes that would make her move freely.

" Trust me they aren't hear to play catch-up with you and me. I hope you've mastered those powers of yours 'cos the only way we getting out of here is we fighting our way through them." Instructed Alva

She created a portal and threw the bag into it and it closed back.while Andre preped himself for battle. Taking a battle stance beside Alva just as the door imploded sending wood shafts allover the place.

Then walked in majestically, a man, whose presence screamed authority and whose Aura scream power. His crooked smile whispered evil to beholder

" I would say, its not an easy feat finally meeting not one but two legacies in person and in the same room sharing the same bloodline." The man said . His stance calm but eyes watchful

" Fate. She really has a strange sense of humor and I can't seem to understand" Andre responded, mimicking his opponent and sizing him. He definitely didn't come alone as he could sense the other coming closer to the room

" Why if it isn't the abomination prince himself. You gave us a slip while in Spain but not again. Aunty and mummy dearest ran into hiding when they couldn't take the heat any more. So how is this going to be the easy way or the hard and may i add, I'll pretty much prefer the latter. Makes things more interesting" the man said, still maintaining his devilry of a smile as the others came to join himby his sides.

" You see, Mr. monkey smiles, mama and Aunt dearest know we are capable of taking care of ourselves. If you think you've hit the jackpot then you're sorely mistaken because--"her hand lit with power "-- you just signed your deaths."

" Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sherach. Nimrod's right hand man. I you died by my hands today." His hands lit up, glowing in fire -red orange

And thus the battle began.

Andre immediately raised a shield to protect himself just as Alva also did immediately after she threw her force bolt. Fencing off attack after attack .

Nimrod's men had expected the legacies to put up a fight howbeit weakly. What they didn't expect was to stand against seased warriors who could hold their own in combat. There was no way they could win these unless they alternated it with weapon combat. Only then did they have fighting edge so he communicated this new tactic with both his men and they immediately readied themselves to switch.

Andre was no fool as he knew that soon these fools would want to take drastic actions so they needed to either get out of there fast which was fast becoming impossible as the three men had effectively cornered. The only other option was going to be messy, he just hoped Alva could handle a weapon as fluidly as her power bolts.

" Alva I need you to listen to me, they are bound alternate between weapons and force bolts. Can you deal with their leader while I take on those two?" Andre hurried asked d as watched them take an attak stance again. Alva quickly searched her head for a spell or counter and came up with just the thing.

" When I give the signal open the shield and kee those two away from me" Andre nodded. Alva readied herself before shouting

"Now !!!!"

Andre collapsed the shield and immediately sent a force bolt big enough to make them duck to avoid it hitting any one of them all the same bringing out their weapons in ready but that was enough time for Alva to react

The width of the force bolt was wide enough to divert their attention and concentrate on dodging the attack as Alva use it as a cover to get close enough to her Target. Once within reach of her target, she created a portal behind him propelled her body with enough force that caught Sherach off guard.

Sherach was caught between protecting himself from the impact of the force bolts which sent splittering woods and shrapnels towards his eyes, protecting now exposed body from the Daredevil of a girl and using his weapon all of which were useless to him as he felt himself being pushed and him falling into a portal.
When he regained himself he saw himself in another realm. As he looked around, he saw the girl watching him with a smirk on

" Welcome to my world"


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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:28pm On Aug 27

The battle between the two of Nimrod's men and Andre was fierce and brutal as all three men were spotting scrapes, gnashes and sores allover but none stood down their assault.

Andre was breathing hard after the last assault which saw one of the men impaled, with the sharp edge of a broken stool and a kitchen knife stuck to its hilt in-between his eyes. It was now a one on one combat and odds, tiped in favour of Andre as he spotted lesser wounds and his stamina still holding but the same couldn't be said for his opponent who was barely stand only out of sheer will

" I'd ask you too give up and walk away from this madness in one piece. Nobody will hold it against you. But you're too far gone to believe in second chances so the choice is yours.
Go and live. Stay and die "
Andre warned his opponent praying that he would choose the first option and walk away but they were always a very proud and arrogant lot who felt that they would rather die than accept the help from the opposing side.

" I would rather die serving the dark lord of Lord's than accept your kindness" the man spat and prepared himself for his final stand

Andre closed his eyes and wished it didn't come to this as he held no pleasure in killing but there was nothing he could do. When he open his eyes, he solidified his resolve

" So be it" Andre replied as he raised a bolt and formed it into tiny projectiles, sending it in full force towards the guy. It might have been a battle till death but he not as cruel as to deny him a quick death. The projectile went through the guys body and came out on the other side immediately dissipating

The man fell on his knees first, before landing face first to the ground. Death was instantaneous. Andre heaved a sigh of relief but remembered Alva was fighting some were else with their leader.

Was she alright? He thought to himself. Just then, a portal opened and body came flying out and landing on the Floor with a thud., Face facing an unnatural direction and both arms and legs twisted in strange angles.

When he assessed the body, he discovered it was that of a male and the leader who called himself Sherach. He released his breath that he didn't know he was holding as it was not Alva.

Alva walked out the portal, bag in hand, casually as though nothing happened with no wounds littering her body or clothes spotting a tear

" You look........ Uhm.... Like you just came back from battle with Zeus himself." She mocked

" And you look like someone out of a fashion show. How is it that you came out without a scratch and I'm bleeding allover"
he said as he collasped on the ground, suddenly feeling the effects of the battle and the adrenaline rush wash away.

Alva ran to him and sat him right. Don't try to heal yourself, it will take more energy from you and you might faint. Just relax,I'll heal you"
Alva instructed and she began using her powers to heal him untill he was whole again

" Thank you" he whispered and he stood up to test himself and flex his muscles.

" We have to go. I don't know how they found me and this is the second time. I'm not sticking around for a third time. You go back to Tennessee and I'll go get Diana and come meet you there. Be careful"
she had just finished talking and had walked outside her house when a hand stopped her and turn her to face him. She was engulfed in a hug

" Please be careful. I don't want to cry over you when I've only just known you." He spoke softly
They withdrew from each other then she answered with quirky smile

" You won't"

She stepped back given her enough space and perfect circle with a pentagram appeared and burning bright. She stepped into the pentagram and vanished along with the pentagram.

He turned an headed towards his car.

Well his visit was more entertaining than he thought. It was time to get out of here before his brother found him

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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:36pm On Aug 27
next chapter be coming b y Saturday or earlier depending on my farm activities.
so how do you guy rate this chapter 14. I not too good at writing action scenes so bear with what you saw

and I still haven't gotten my answer to the question I asked and if I don't get an answer before tomorrow 7 pm then the gift is off the table.

goodnight people
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dragonstar14: 7:59pm On Aug 27
next chapter be coming b y Saturday or earlier depending on my farm activities.
so how do you guy rate this chapter 14. I not too good at writing action scenes so bear with what you saw

and I still haven't gotten my answer to the question I asked and if I don't get an answer before tomorrow 7 pm then the gift is off the table.

goodnight people
i answered you two or days ago,you ignored it.well i said legacy of death or destruction.
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 8:09pm On Aug 27
i answered you two or days ago,you ignored it.well i said legacy of death or destruction.

sorry for not responding to you but thats not the correct. answer.

Read Oby's part well and try again ����
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:08pm On Aug 31
Chapter 15

2243 BCE

Kingdom of Akkad,

City of Babilus,

Plains of Mesopotamia

The fire burned bright and hot disintegrating the funeral prye. As the last of the well arranged prye crumbled under the intense heat,what was left of the burnt body fell deeper into the raging fire
Three figures were hurdled together close to the scene watching the flames lick through the arranged woods with intense sorrow and sadness. For within those flames, laid the remains of a father who never got to see his first child, a husband that left his wife all alone to face the hasrh realities of life, a man so loved by his family, a life who made a point of contact to fight for others and for Justice.

Keshar, together with her sisters Anunit and Dinah watched the remains of Arshaka burn to ashes with heavy hearts. Kesha absent mindedly robbed her baby bump with was beginning to become noticeable as her two sisters stood on either sides of her. She was deep in thought on their tyrant of a brother who was unsurping all the Creator stood for, making men believe that it was by their own sheer will and hard-work and not any Divine help that has made them who they were.

Namrud-sin's tyrannical heart had made him to revolt against the Creator and made himself a crown and declaring himself King over men. Those that refused to bow before him and regard him as their king were met with a certain death at his hands. People like her Love, Arshaka were examples of the extent Namrud-sin would go to subjugate men to his rulership.

" These has got to end now and I fear we are the only ones that can do it" Keshar said with a conviction to both her sisters

" He is too powerful Keshar. How do we even make it close enough to end him. He uses strange powers that makes him command the elements, he even commands fire and thunder with the snap of his finger. How do we then fight against that. In case you haven't noticed, we are mortals,flesh and blood and can die while he has become something else. Something powerful and evil. You saw how he killed Arshaka.
So no Keshar, we can do it except we have help from the creator himself." Anunit said trying to desuade her sister from whatever madness she was thinking.

"Whatever you want to do at least wait until this child is born. Let this child be held in your hands and enjoy the gift of live you are so willing to throw away for a foolhardy quest we all know is impossible unless we have have help from above" Dinah admonished

Keshar couldn't understand why they wouldn't support her
" You both seen the tower he is building, and you've seen plans of what lays atop the tower. And we all know that those fools who follow him blindly don't know his true plans. Are going to let him truely go on with it?" Asked an angry Keshar

"Keshar, we are not saying we won't stand by you, we are saying we won't stand by you so long as you are with child. Let that child have a gift of life we fight for so that should we die trying, then we are remembered through her eyes that we fought for her freedom" Anunit fired back

The rational part of Keshar finally began thinking again as she had never once thought about the child. She was being selfish for not considering the life that grew strong within her.

The life that grew within her, had a whole new world to explore and she wanted to destroy that life due to her emotional insecurities and instability.
Then she was no better the Namrud-sin.

Dinah held her hands and squeeze lightly to reassure her.

" First we mourn, then we bury our dead. After your child is born, raised and taken care of,then Namrud-sin becomes open season. He doesn't hold the monopoly of being the hunter." Dinah said with conviction and that brought a wry smile to Keshar's face. One that hadn't been seen in a long time

The fire had began dying down to ambers as the three women looked on. And as the life and chapter of one ended in ashes, another was about to be begin, and that life was worth fighting for. As the ambers died down to billowing ashed, determination cemented in the hearts of three ladies willing to take on a tyrant with no aid whatsoever

But they were never so wrong, for their cries had reached the heavens and a plan that included them was beginning to take shape

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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 11:20pm On Aug 31
so chapter 15,16,17 and maybe 18 will tell a back story of wat really transpired in the past( all those millennials ago and how come they still live till present day and go under different names)

Pls bear was the me that this explanation came late
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 11:21pm On Aug 31
somewhere around before chapter 22 will hold an excerpt from book 2
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 2:03pm On Sep 01
You are doing a great job, interesting story
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 3:17pm On Sep 01
na because of the few of you that manage to comment that makes me keep writing this work

next chapter will be dropping today so watchout and like I said earlier, the action pace has begun
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 3:59pm On Sep 01
Chapter 16

Many moons had come and gone and the city along with the tower built by the tyrant Namrud-sin waxed stronger and taller by the day. For day and night, the people worked tirelessly in unity and in praise of their own strength that they were able to accomplish such a fit.

While Namrud-sin praised the people on one hand sighting their diligence and perceiverance in accomplishing a feat that even the Creator envied ascribing it to their sheer will alone on the other within himself, mocked their stupidity for being herded like cattle with no clear sense of direction unless direct. So inept in stupidity that they didn't argue with him whenever he ordered them around and the few that try to challenge his orders, were quitely removed.

If only they knew what he had in stock for them maybe they wouldn't have been this stupid.
Then there was the case of his sisters. They were becoming a thorn in his flesh. Instigating riots and mutiny in some quarters. Keeping him on his toes. Those three witches have been a nemesis to him. But all that was bound to change as he had finally reached the peak of what he wanted and no body would stop him from achieving it

The blood moon was in three day, then it was show time. Time to show that righteous fool who the boss was


"I telling you Dinah, Nimrod is upto no good. You remember that parchment scroll I said I saw one time with Grandma? The one that had shinny handles that glowed under the sun? She asked both her sisters hoping they remembered

" The one that Grandma made us swear never to tourch. How could we possibly forget about it "replied a heavily pregnant Keshar who due to birth any day

" I saw it with him three nights ago. That parchment is evil personified. I didn't tell anyone this but when we were much younger, my curiosity got the better of me and when I opened the scroll, so much dark energy poured out of it so much so that it took Grandma and Papa to wrestle it off my hands. Since that day, I haven't seen that scroll again until three nights ago. " She recounted trying to convince her sisters.
Something was definitely not right but she didn't know what.

" News from the tower is that there would be a celebration starting tomorrow till the blood moon rises in two nights. Don't you find that strange? Namrud-sin might actually be planning something dark and sinester and from what Dinah explained just now it means that parchment might have everything to do with it" Anunit hypothesized. That would have meant that the building of the city and the tower was just a cover-up for something more darker and more evil.

" Oh God of creation!!! That vindictive fool wants to truely fulfill his childhood promise of fighting against God." Keshar exclaimed as everything started piecing itself together.

The parchment scroll, the tower, the blood moon, the celebration or in this case the worship. All this while, he had everything figured out and patiently pushed till he achieved his goal.

Namrud-sin had held a grudge for as long as she could remember against the Creator for wiping off their ancestors due to their transgressions. He reasoned that He should have found another way instead of mass murder. Now he wants revenge

"That stupid fool!!!! " she exclaimed
" We can't let him finish whatever it is he is planning" Kesha said hurriedly

" In case you haven't noticed we don't know were he will be doing whatever it is he'll be doing, Keshar. We're stuck and we have no help" Anunit

"I wouldn't say, you have no help. You just haven't asked the right people" a voice said which startle the ladies in fright. For they feared that they might have been discovered by their crazy brother.

Two figures appeared revealing themselves to the ladies. The women saw in whose presence they stood and immediately went ontheir knees in reverence bowing their heads in submission

" Rise daughters of Cush,most favoured of them all."one of the celestial Beings praised as all three women stood up but Dinah was first to speak as she was the most inquisitive of them

" My Lord's, why have we found most favour in they sight when it is our brother who constantly challenges your authority at every given chance"

" Dinah?!!" Chided Anunit for being so matter of factly.

" Let her speak freely. Yes you three have been favoured because it's only you three that have been able to see through his guile and deceit. Your roles have yet to come, even the little one that yet fights to born has her role to play in the coming ages yet unknown." Said one of the Beings standing before them.

Keshar was the one who spoke this time as she didn't understand what this Celestial was saying

" Please my Lords, speak to us as one who don't understand the language of the Creator"

One the Beings smiled as it looked at frustrated mortal female

" Namrud-sin's time has not yet come for he must first pay atonement for his transgressions in time times abundant time till his cup of iniquity is full and the Deciever is made manifest. Only then shall he be judged according to his deeds and his punishment served"

" My Lords, please do not be swift to anger with us and see us but yet unworthy to understand your words. Do you mean the our brother will not be killed but instead be punished for an extended period of time? Then why the stress unless there is more to it than meets the eyes and you are just about to enlighten us further" Anunit asked earning her a smile from the Celestials'

" This one is quick minded and bright"
mused one of the Beings before going on to answer her question

" Within the scroll that lay in the possession of the Cursed one, is the life force of a Being so powerful yet cunning in antics that it escaped the great purge. We cannot destroy the book because it yet hold forbidden knowledge that must first be returned to its original keeper before judgement can be passed. That is why we must first wait till it's fullness of time is completely."

" Where does our brother and the tower come in play" asked Anunit

" The Cursed one had made a very evil and dangerous bargain with the Deceiver, one which unfortunately must be fulfilled before the Deceiver is made manifest. But we cannot let that bargain yet happen until the appointed time set aside for judgement." One of the Celestials explained allowing the ladies to understand the ramifications of what they said

" We must go now but we shall return to make light what shall befall you four and your site when the time of judgement be due. Stay well and trouble not your heart for Namrud-sin's sake for your battles lays wait far in abundance of time and time shall know not the threshold of your home till it be proclaimed otherwise" and with that , the celestials vanished

" Did they just say......" Anunit couldn't complete her statement as she was still in shock of the revelation. Keshar hands went to her protruding stomach as if to calm her baby

" Only time will tell, Anunit. Only time will tell" Keshar said as she move to sit to make herself comfortable.

" Well look on the bright side Keshar, atleast help finally came even if it wasn't the ending we hoped for but for now, this will do." Dinah encouraged her elder sister.

Anunit said nothing, as her mind wondered back to the discussion they just had with the Celestials This gift that they had just been given came at a price, the question was its cost she wondered as she moved closer to her sisters to join in the discussion they were having

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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:40pm On Sep 01
Please any mistakes and errors I need you guys to point it out for me so as to make corrections

Secondly, all my ogas in the house why have you guys refused to comment to encourage me. I know say una dey read the novel try and encourage a brother

thirdly once this book is finished here, it will go in for editing for onward publishing. so enjoy this story while it's here

Lastly, the names from chapter 16 till present may seem different and very confusing ones at that, but worry not for I am here to explain

Since this chapters were set in the past, in ancient times,(4000years ago) names that befit the period and location have been used, in this case ancient MESOPOTAMIA male and female name

So here is the breakdown

Namrud-sin = Nimrod
Anunit = Linda Delacruix
Keshar = Agnes Glenda
Dinah = Arabelle Alvarez Fibonacci

( all four of them are children Cush whose great grand father is Noah)

Keshar's baby = Alva Glenda( Agnes's child)
Arshaka = Keshar's husband ( Alva's father)killed by Namrud-sin

any questions, please ask to be clarified

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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 11:41pm On Sep 01
Lovely update, so the sisters were given the gift of time ie ever young so as to face Nimrod in the present day.
Devilish Nimrod even had "sin" as part of his name "Namrud-sin" angry

Weldon,it's coming on smoothly.
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:57am On Sep 02
Lovely update, so the sisters were given the gift of time ie ever young so as to face Nimrod in the present day.
Devilish Nimrod even had "sin" as part of his name "Namrud-sin" angry

Weldon,it's coming on smoothly.

Yes they were. Even the child that Keshar was carrying was not left out and like I said the pace of the book is beginning to peak as the action has began

the 'sin" in Namrud-sin means he was dedicated to the MESOPOTAMIAN MOON GOD "SIN"
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by ashatoda: 8:33am On Sep 02
it will be a grave sin not to comment on this masterpiece. this is one of the type of stories I love trying to build around a legend. more ink to your pen. meanwhile only God can explain the real mysteries surrounding our evolvement since creation that's why I always say this world and life generally is a mystery you only know in part and speak from the minimal you know. ride on please
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 9:26am On Sep 02
it will be a grave sin not to comment on this masterpiece. this is one of the type of stories I love trying to build around a legend. more ink to your pen. meanwhile only God can explain the real mysteries surrounding our evolvement since creation that's why I always say this world and life generally is a mystery you only know in part and speak from the minimal you know. ride on please

thanks alot. my head they swell ooo, but make e no burst so I go fit push more for una
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:46pm On Sep 02
tomorrow is my birthday so here's and update to celebrate

Chapter 17

The celebration was in full swing and had entered it's second day. Wild jubilation and unhinged celebration ruled the atmosphere. The drummers and musicians gave wonderful display of harmonious tunes, dancers moved to the beat of drums and flutes and harps that chunned out rythm that went with the flow In the air

Namrud-sin watched as they entertained themselves in folly. It was almost time for the sacrifice as the moon was almost at its highest
As he stood up from his revered chair, everyone present recognized his presence bowing and giving him space as he walk towards the raised platform. As he ascended the stairs, the noise and music died down to silence, giving an audience to their king.

" People of Akkad, sons, daughters men and women. I am proud to be called your leader. We have toiled in sweat and by our hands have we built this edifying City. By our hands have defied the Exalted One and waxed strong in unity.

Too long have we been mocked by the Creator, too long have we left our destinies in His hands in deciding our fate.
Brothers, sisters not by any entity who calls himself holy, nor any Celestial who sits in the clouds and desired our fate but by our hands have we taken our destinies. Our blood and sweat have we built this tower so If that old goat who calls himself God decides to send another flood, this time we will be ready

How would He say he loves us and we're created in his own image yet he sent heavy waters to destroy our ancestors?! Never again shall we stand we be controlled by the Celestials, never again shall we not have the final say in our affairs

For in unity we have strived, in oneness we have built, in togetherness we shall stand, with one voice we speak and in boldness WE CONQUER"

shouts of euphoria rang In the air. The noise was so loud that it could be heard even up to the heavens.
The moon finally at its highest, Namrud-sin smiled for it was time for the sacrifice to be paid and these fools didn't know that they were the sacrificial Lamb, for the moment they tasted the wild wines, their soul no longer belonged to them anymore. They now belonged to his master Samayaza.

As he descended the platform and exited the celebration grounds, his heart was merry in anticipation for what was to come. He ascended the stairwell that led to the topmost floor of the tower were everything thing had already been set by his faithful servant.

" Is everything set" he asked and he nodded

" Good" he said as he walked to the center of the room. The entire room was bare save for the elevated stand that held the scroll standing at the exact center of the room. On the floor was a big circle with a pentagram drawn in it such that each point of the pentagram touched the edge of the circle. Each of the triangles held a strange inscription in it. As Namrud-sin walked closer to the scroll, all the inscriptions began to light up in a red glow as though welcoming him tight embrace of a lost friend.

Namrud-sin began to read from the scroll the words that would enable him summon fire from the sky and consume all the people on the celebration ground, binding their souls energy, harnessing its power to open the prison and releasing master's comrades from their chains.
He was half way reading when he heard his name being called.

It was is father

" Hello father. So glad you could join us"


He felt his body on fire, hislimbs we're as though being wedged by a boulder, his mind, disoriented. He head and body were not in agreement but after several tries, his body started cooperating with him. First, it was his limbs, then his legs. Finally he turned his body to the other side, all the while not opening his eyes for they still felt heavily glued.

After awhile, he finally tried opening his eyes. Slowly as he did, images of what happened started flooding into his mind, sending signal to his head to open his eyes wide and search. But what he was searching for, he had no idea.

Steadily, his disoriented mind started piecing together event by events, allowing his to recollect what happened. The Celestials, the powerful one who cursed him, the tower , the scroll, his Father, the sacrifice, the people, his vengeance, his pride, his kingdom.

They all came at him all at once as he managed to pick his body up from the floor and onto his knees and surveyed the destruction of his pride and arrogant that lay wasted.

No stone stood on another, a testament to true and destructive power of the Creator that he was not to be mocked. And as his eye zeroed in on what was left of the tower, he gave a loud cry of despair just as he saw a powerful thunder strike the tower turning it to dust, a final mockery to Namrud-sin.

As he gathered his strength and walked toward the gathering of people that also watched the destructionnin fear and trembling, he noticed that they hurdled together in different groups. Wondering what was wrong tried to asked but found out that they could not understand him and neither he ,they. He then proceeded to another group and another but still they couldn't understand him.

It suddenly began to Dawn on him that this was another work of the Creator, for he had confounded them with different languages, so that they could not be United as one.
He laughed out loud and everyone thought him crazy. But only he understood what was happening.

He took away their unity and gave them disunity. Took away their language and gave the laguages. He took away their boundage in unity and gave them freedom in diversity so that they would never again be able to challenge Him ever again

Namrud-sin stood from his half crazed daze and looked up with bitterness and malice and swore within his heart

" By all the I hold, through sweat pride and power, I shall avenge my defeat and disgrace against you old fool"

As he swore, he felt the power stir in his mind, he smiled as stretch to embrace the dark powers that resided in his mind.He then knew that hope was not lost. It was time to get back to work

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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:48pm On Sep 02
refer back to chapter 11 to complete what happened after he meets his father
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dragonstar14: 8:07pm On Sep 02
refer back to chapter 11 to complete what happened after he meets his father
happy birthday in advance bro
i love your stories
please we need more updates
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by ashatoda: 8:35pm On Sep 02
happy birthday to you great writer may you live long to enjoy the wealth of the world. thanks for the update
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 12:19am On Sep 04
Happy birthday Emempaul may you age with grace,enjoy your day.
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:11am On Sep 09
pls don't be mad that i haven't updated. the next chapter is giving me a tough time
I have mistakenly deleted it 3ce without saving coupled with the fact that I was not satisfied with it's outcome so pls bear with me please

let's see if I can get you a chapter today or tomorrow
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 1:23pm On Sep 09
Chapter 18

900 years later.......

Alamut Valley


Since the devastating destruction to the city of Babilus, life had somewhat returned to normal howbeit differently. The plains that had once been filled with activities of commerce and trade that made the kingdom of Akkad most popular had become a waste land.

Human activities siezed in the plains as everyone now feared the wrath of the Creator and His swift and brutal judgement to offenders. They feared that if they returned, they would again incure His wrath, so everyone moved away abandoning their former homes for new area, fertile lands and unclaimed regions to make for their new homes. But none of them ever forgot the events of that night, those many season's ago.

And as Time passed, the plains laided wasted in ruins as nature reclaimed its own. Blocks weathered to dust, wood rotted to uselessness, the pillars that stood strong and proud were not spared as the rains storms flooding and desert wind wasted its strength until it became nothingness, until final all succumed and a florishing empire because forgotten in the sand s of time, a testament to the Creator anger
Travellers transversed the plains, now visible to them as an outcrop of rock not knowing that there laid a once thriving city. Caravans of traders used it to rest the tired backs. Tales became stories, stories became myths,myths became legends, legends became obscurity until all was but lost in the memories of man and the slow decay of time.

But in the back ground, nothing was lost, nothing was forgotten , nothing was forgiven.......

The horse nigh again in warning of the sudden load placed on it. The young lady held the reins gently and rubbed its head, whispering calming words to the horse. The horse had been her companion on many trips and for many seasons and adventures as well as saved her countless times from enemy's pursuits. It's was bred from the stock of the Arabian desert runners fabled for transversing the deserts climes with ease and dexterity. It had been a gift from those Arabian princes that they had had dealings with during their journey in hidding.

" Amarah listen to me-" her mother called out to her

"- we don't have much time as your uncle is fast approaching and we don't know how much longer we can hold him. Ride hard, cut the path through the Masadaran hills, till you Kaqwataff, get to the port and book your journey for ice wastelands. Follow the guidance of the map till you get to the brotherhood. Give them that letter and hand over the scroll to them then return and live this lifetime away from us.
Don't worry Amarah,we will find you wherever you are."
Her mother instructed giving her a firm hug knowing she was going to be far from them for a long time

" Amarah , you have to go now. He's coming"
her aunt Dinah shouted as she ran out of the woods hot on her heels, barely crossing the barrier before a black stallion emerged out of the woods that Dinah had just run out from.

Immediately she crossed the barrier, she blurred out the barrier blinding him from seeing what was going on, as he knew not the existence of Amarah. She ran towards the house as Amarah mounted the horse and prepared to go, when her aunt Dinah reached inbetween heaves and heavy breath and gritted teeth

" Don't stop for anything till you get to that port. " she said after finally being able to control herself.

She then turned to the horse and instructed it
" Take her safely and return to us on the mountains" the horse nigh in response and immediately sets for a soft throttle.

As they near the barrier, Amarah said some words and the barrier opened onto hidden path and as she cross the threshold of the barrier, it closed back. She stopped, turned but there was no going back. This would be the first life time she would spend away from her mother and aunts.

She immediately steeled her mind and willed herself into the journey of uncertainty she was about to undertake and set out in full gallops.


Not long after Amarah had crossed the barrier and any traces of her, well hidden, the barrier was Breeched and in strolled an arrogant and haughty Nimrod, full of malice and hatred. By his side where ten of his men with equally intimidating statue.

" So finally reunite after all this while. How was I to know that the ones I called my family would be the once betray me? Imagine my surprise when I learned of your betrayal

And I must say I am also curious as to know who granted you everlasting youth. Definitely not that pumpous, egocentric fool. He's too greedy with that. That leaves the other option that you must have found some hidden knowledge to aid you. Well congratulations" Nimrod's vioce held no hint to betray his emotions, but his eyes said it all that he felt betrayed.

" Dear brother, so you feel betrayed? It's funny seeing that it was you who had my husband killed based only on rumours. You never gave him a chance to defend himself and yet you come here preaching about betrayal?!! Funny. Atleast we have our priorities straight, the same can't be said of you, who fights another Being's war. Who was willing to sacrifice countless lives to please a greedy entity."Keshar replied back but also kept her emotions in check at the reminder of her dead husband

" I was doing it for all of us. We would have been Kings and queens and demigods but you choose to side with that nonetity" irritation could be heard in his voice

" Speak for yourself Namrud-sin. While we speak for ourselves. Don't put us and stupidity in the same sentence"Dinah fired back. Gaining the attention of Nimrod

" Ah! Dinah. So you finally grew a backbone for yourself,no longer hidding under the shadows of your wrenches of sisters. And by the way it's been a long time since I have been called by that. Thanks to the humans and their stupid curiosity, I am safely hidden from them.
But enough of this chitchat, I've come here for what's mine and I don't intend on leaving until I get it."

" Finally, he speaks of his mission which might add was an effort in the waste because it's not here" Keshar sickly sweet voice was beginning to grate on Nimrod's nerves.

" We can either do this the easy way or the hard way your choice either way,I will get what I want" he smiled deviously

"Nimrod, you don't get it do you, it isn't here, and it will never be yours, ever again" Keshar spat back at him which infuriated him

" So be it. I will tear this entire world down searching for it, and I will find it and woe betides any in whose possession it lays" he turned to his men

" Kill them" he ordered his men stepping aside to watch his sisters death as he had no love for them

They immediately took formation, and matched towards the two ladies, with precision and tact while the ladies watched intently readying themselves for the fight coming their way.
Dinah noticed the seal on their cloaks for the first time and immediately recognition set in. It bore the head of the mythical fire beast.

These men they were up against were no ordinary foe, they were the

" HAMS ALMAWT - The Death Whispers.

An elite league of assassins within the Persian empire, who use dark strange magic as well as unearthly weapons to ply their trade

" Keshar, Ibn sawadd Nasif" She spoke quietly to her her sister beside her

" I know, Dinah.'" she replied understanding the the code Dinah spoke

Ibn Sawaad Nasif was one of the few people that left the guild of the death whispers sect but not without a huge price that was paid for his freedom. At the time they met him, he had been running for his life, mortally wouded and emotionally exhausted with heavy a bounty, placed on his head. Coincidentally,they had been chasing after the local assassins causing havoc to the villages around. The same ones that were chasing him.

The way and manner the ladies had taken care of them made Nasif pledge his life to them as a token of redemption. They healed him and nursed him back to health and in exchange , he taught them all he knew about the Hams Almawt, their teaching, fighting techniques, weapons and how to defend themselves from their attack as well as their beliefs and ideology.

One of the few things they learnt that unnerved them, was the way he said they communicated with each other. He said that they had this strange box like object that was neither iron nor bronze, whose front was made of strange glass that was neither soft or strong and that glowed anytime the face of their commander appeared and he talked to them through the box as though he was there with them. This intrigued as well as frighten the women the extent to which this assassin's had advanced in their evil trade and witchery boxes.

He had once described their seal, to them - THE FIRE BEAST.
He told them that the brotherhood worshipped this Fire beast as their deity and it was from this diety that they drew their powers from. He also told them a strange yet magnificent creature that was terrible sight. From whose mouth fire poured out and whose roar sent even the most valiant of men to run like frightened children.

Once in a while, the beast was summoned out from the depths of hell to instil fear and coerce submission to the order, one he would never take sitting down. So At the slightest chance he got , he ran , not looking back.
His price for the freedom he enjoyed till his dying days, was him never seeing his family again - a painful and tough yet only decision to make.

The two women knew that they had to take out these guys swiftly, and any attempt to go on a head to head combat with them was to their disadvantage

Secondly, they needed to keep Nimrod as ignorant as possible to the extent of their powers, which meant that they had to use as it as minimal as possible - situation she hoped and prayed ,favoured them even though she also weight the consequences of their exposure.

" Dinah get ready. Make it quick" she instructed as quietly as possible so that only her sister heard.

Keshar then summoned her powers , just enough to to be able to defend themselves, enough to give them an edge to fight their way through and escape. As the men nearer them, they fanned out to surround the women pulling out their swords at the same time, in readiness to attack. There was silence for some seconds, as the Hams alwmat observed their target.

They must have thought that the women were are quick target to pick out and them being impervious to all known magic would aid them hence their stupidity to attack all at once
Both women stood back to back, making sure they their eyes set on the enemies. Arrogance leaked out of the men and it showed in their stance, which was their number one mistake. Their number two mistake was their attack. They moved in sync, hoping to kill them both in one swft strike

Keshar closed her eyes as they closed in waiting patiently untill they were inches from death strike from the blades when she opened it again, sending out a powerful explosive impulse that had the men been thrown several metres high in the air. Dinah knew it was time to take them out as she made countless blades materialize from nothing.

Time slowed down literally almost to a stop in Dinah mind as she leaped into the air enough to see her targets and setabout with her business By the time she was landing back on the ground, the dead bodies of the Nimrod's men were also land, with blades sticking out from everywhere on their body.

Nimrod was enraged that one of the best sects in the world were bested by two women. As watched the scene unfold, he began to wonder were these sisters of his had gotten such powers and for the first time he finally asked himself the question that had bugged him.

How was it that they survived this long without aging The creator had cursed man never to live long, so why the exception for his sisters " he thought to himself. Something wasn't adding up and he was going to find out what.

Nimrod surveyed the Carnage of what was left of his men, men who were spoken highly of. Men who couldn't even defeat mere women. That thought alone enraged him the more so much so that the ground started quaking and huge boulders and fallen trees that resulted from the earlier explosion began rising to to the air. His eyes were red with anger at the disgrace he had gotten from this women, he unleashed his fury at them send all the debris that had been levitating behind him at Dinah and Keshar

Dinah and Keshar saw the attack and immediately raised a shield but their defense was no mach for the force in which Nimrod put in to throw those debris at them. Keshar barely held her shield up as the force of the constant bombardment was weakening her hand, make her to falter a bit and that was all it took. No sooner had she wavered that Nimrod sent his power to transform all the boulder into a fist and ram her shield which so much force that it penetrated into the shield and slammed a heavy Punch at her, sending her flying far from were she she had once stood

" Keshar!!!" Shouted Dinah, watching her sister writh in agony. She bore witness to Nimrod's wrath, but there was no way she would watch her sister in pains.

Nimrod walked through the chaos like he had no care in the world. All the looses stones, boulders and fallen trees were swiveling around them like a vortex, effectively caging them in with no way out except he allowed them to go. He stood in front of Keshar, assessing his awesome work.

" You thought that I am a mortal that you could contend against? You thought your petty palour tricks and cheap conjuring could withstand me?
Pathetic!!!" He turned to Dinah " I haven't forgotten about you Dinah. Your time will come. Save your life and that of your sister, tell me were the scroll is" demanded Nimrod

Dinah was angered by the insults he threw at them but she bidded her time. If was going to rescue them both the she would have to be calculative and decisive in her actions not impulsive. She stood from her kneenling position just opposite Keshar yet a bit too far from for comfort

" Yet you call us pathetic when you, who ascribes himself a god, condescends himself to ask we, mere mortals were lies his scroll??
I now wonder who is more pathetic" her intention was to draw his attention from Keshar and focus on her, giving Keshar enough time to recuperate and knowing Nimrod had a short fuse, capitalized on it by goading him.

And Nimrod fell hook and sinker for it, for no sooner had she those word that he came at her with full wrath and vengeance. But this time she was prepared

Using telekinesis, he sent jagged edged rock s and tree stomps at her but this time she just pushed them into the vortex that was still swiveling around them. Next, he summoned raw power to the palm of his hand and started shooting them her in which she dodged gracefully, all the while, getting closer to her target.

She decided it time for her to go on the offensive. Once she satisfied that she was close enough, summoned her own powers but instead of throwing it at him, she sent it to the ground while also dodging a blast that missed by inches although the heat of the blast did graze her but she held in the urge to scream in pain.

" Next time learn to shoot at your target." Nimrod mocked her for what he thought was a miss. She smiled back at his stupidity

" Actually, I didn't miss. It's quite on target " no sooner had she said it, that ground around him began to glow and before he could exit the trap set for him it was too late. He was slammed with high volts of lighten.

Dinah took that as her que, ran to aid her sister get up and both made for the vortex that was crumbling due to the fact that the one how had control over it was busy receiving the sock of his life. Immediately they crossed the threshold to the other side, she shouted some words and a portal opened up to their secret location on the mountains. They had barely made it across when they heard Nimrod screamed both in agony and perceived vengeance

" I will find you were ever you go"

Keshar wisphered back

" I counting on it. Only this time we'll be ready"
The portal closed finally separating both parties from each other

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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 2:44pm On Sep 09
@Emempaul you are doing a wow shocked job,and I quite understand the pain and frustrations when things are not going the way you want.
I believe I speak for so many readers (your fans cool) that I'm ready to wait out for you.thanks for giving us something nice and different from the everyday stories on nairaland.
Pls again watch out for those naughty typos,and you are doing fine so far.
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 2:48pm On Sep 09
@Emempaul you are doing a wow shocked job,and I quite understand the pain and frustrations when things are not going the way you want.
I believe I speak for so many readers (your fans cool) that I'm ready to wait out for you.thanks for giving us something nice and different from the everyday stories on nairaland.
Pls again watch out for those naughty typos,and you are doing fine so far.

Thanks o. those naughty typo almost had me delete it again ooo. na him I vex say typo no typo make I post am. then I can edit it from here on nairaland
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:33pm On Sep 10
Chapter 19

Present Day

Palacio Del Poderoso Rey,

Alfa de Alfas,

Lupus Heights,


Fernandez was very disturbed as it had been days since Linda to shatter their world with a strange truth that he was yet to wrap his mind over. A strange revelation that made him question his believes and life as a whole

----+++++ Flash Back +++++++((++++

" How much of the Christian religion and their holy book are familiar with" Linda asked

" Enough to know that they are a crazy lot. Just look at the Inquisition of the dark ages. In modern times, they would be term terrorist." Replied an irritated Fillipe

Linda scoffed and shook her head
" What if I said that all in their book wasn't wrong. That things were even left out purposefully so that certain truths were never revealed to man??"

Linda was testing their reasoning capabilities and so far Fillipe was falling short. Fernandez on the other hand remained qiuet and listening.

" I would say that it can't be true." Insisted Fillipe

" Well then I suggest you take a seat ''cos this is going to be long and I'm about to rock your world " Linda gave a half grin and waited until he was seated close to his father

" Now let's start from the beginning. God created the heavens and the earth blah blah blah blah blah. Then came the fall of the Watchers about three hundred of them or there about. But for this tale, I will be sticking with the two most important of them all.

These Watchers did nasty things that angered God so much so that they were captured,chained, imprisoned and their prison was still encased and chained and keys thrown away. Their crime, they had sex with the daughters of men. Sex with beast of the air and land. The experimented on humans and beast. Taught man things they were Never to learn. Expanded man's capacity to do awesome and amazing feats even before his time.

God was vexed. But even in anger, he still search for a family that he could save. And when he found that family, He set the ball rolling for the flood that was to come."

" What are you getting at Linda?" An inpatient Fenandez asked

" Patience Fez, patience" she cajoled the king.

" Now were was I, ah yes. Of the three hundred or so defectors, two stood out. They were Samanthiel and Samayaza. While Samanthiel was the crazy scientist experimenting on animal breeding, Samayaza taught men the art of portions making, spells and enchantments as well as other forbidden knowledge meant only for the sons of God.

Now why did I pick these two? It's because they were the wisest of them all. When God decided His patience was exhausted, these two already had their escape plan in place. Samayaza poured his life essence into a scroll he had created solely for this purpose and cunningly had the book inserted into the ark as a heirloom for Noah's wife. Samanthiel transformed into a beast and smuggled her way into the ark during the culling of animals. Then came the flood and the rest, you very much know" she paused as if she remembered something then shook her head.

" In came Nimrod. The most ruthless and brutal of them all. He had always been a rebel from the beginning, rebelling against anything and anyone rebellable and the saddest part is that he is my brother"

That caught the two men by surprise

" Wait, are you saying that the same Nimrod who is over four thousand years old is your brother" asked a perplexed King short for words

" I knew that ladies liked hiding their age but damn Aunt Linda, you are old' Fillipe joked, still not believing
" What?! A girl is entitled to her secrets."

" That would mean Anabelle was....."

" Yes Fez, she was. So back to our topic. In his craziness, he decided to build a tower-city that could withstand a flood. At that time, earth had a single language so it was easy to communicate with them coupled with the fact that Nimrod we grew up with, was a charmer. He could talk his way our of hades and still convince the heavens that it was a nice piece of real estate that could fetch a good price.

But he had other plans for the tower. Now remember the scroll, Nimrod had secretly stolen it from our grandma hidden Chambers. And had been studying its evil content and had unwittingly summoned Samayaza essence to rise. I don't know the specifics,but it led to the building of the tower-city, with a sole purpose of opening a portal connecting the prison. In other words the alterior motive for building the tower was for a jail break

At the point were he thought he had everything worked out, the heavens paid him a visit. A visit that I will not wish for my worst enemy. He was left unconscious and we stole the scroll from him"

A memory played at the back of her mind of the days way back when they had to hide in cave in other to evade Nimrod. She immediately shook it off and walked towards a chair so that she could sit down. She was about to drop the bombshell and it was best if she did it sitting. She look at both men who looked bored that this story was getting too long and impatience was boldly inscribed on their heads

" Samanthiel, looking for the best candidate for her science experiment, was more than pleased when she ran into Nimrod in Egypt. In his genes held the last of the blessings of true man-nature (prolonged living). In his soul held the curse of undying vengeance. In his personality held arrogance, rebellion, thirst for power and above all, raw dominance. A very perfect specimen for her trials, she manipulated her way into his bed and finally got the success she waited so many centuries to get.

She finally had her chance, to play "god", to create a speice that saw her and only her as their creator. She wanted to be call "God" so badly and now, she finally achieved it. There, within her, laid the first fruits of success, the product of her labour and her rise to be exalted, her chance to be called " God "

For wiithin her, grew a precious seed, Anubis, the first Alpha King of Kings"

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Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 11:35pm On Sep 10
if I look confusing pls don't worry. The completed part of this chapter would be bposted either on sun day or Monday depending on my farm activities.

Updates might not be as regular as before as we are into the planting season so pls bear with me in advance
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by ashatoda: 8:28am On Sep 11
thanks for the update but you are a farmer and the planting season about to start which part of the world please? just curious
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 9:48am On Sep 11
Thanks for the update
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:49pm On Sep 11
thanks for the update but you are a farmer and the planting season about to start which part of the world please? just curious

Ogun state Nigeria na. the second half of the planting season has commenced hence I might be updating erratically
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by ashatoda: 4:55am On Sep 12

Ogun state Nigeria na. the second half of the planting season has commenced hence I might be updating erratically
just wondering cos I know about the rainy season alone and I believe that's when we plant that's why I am confused cos we are about moving into the dry season. best of luck
Re: Legacies ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 4:25pm On Sep 13
ulfilled hence the decree to your kind. Fate played on Selene's stupidity and messed around with her priced creation, pairing their leader with Anabelle, effectively setting the ball rolling for her and her lover's downfall. Andre's wolf was now replaced with a legacy. And true to his bloodline, became the Legacy of Power" Linda explained, finishing Fenandez thought in the matter.
" How do we help him" Fenandez asked, with a new determination that he would aid his son defeat this threat to all

Empty, that's how the palace currently felt like. His two sons were out there saving the world while he sat in his office reading through black ink that dotted the many pages of paperwork stacked in files upon file half heartedly. His mind went out to his sons as he closed his eyes prayed to whatever God or God's that were out to guide and protect his children
True to her words, Linda's revelation had shakened him to the core as he began to few the world from a different perspective


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