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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:12pm On Sep 13, 2020
ulfilled hence the decree to your kind. Fate played on Selene's stupidity and messed around with her priced creation, pairing their leader with Anabelle, effectively setting the ball rolling for her and her lover's downfall. Andre's wolf was now replaced with a legacy. And true to his bloodline, became the Legacy of Power" Linda explained, finishing Fenandez thought in the matter.
" How do we help him" Fenandez asked, with a new determination that he would aid his son defeat this threat to all

Empty, that's how the palace currently felt like. His two sons were out there saving the world while he sat in his office reading through black ink that dotted the many pages of paperwork stacked in files upon file half heartedly. His mind went out to his sons as he closed his eyes prayed to whatever God or God's that were out to guide and protect his children
True to her words, Linda's revelation had shakened him to the core as he began to few the world from a different perspective

please disregard this update as it incomplete I was trying to update and it got cut off. some just called me to tell me about it
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:17pm On Sep 13, 2020
( Chapter 19 continued )

Both Fenandez and Fillipe bursted out in incredulous laughter not believing what Linda just told them and Linda was expecting such a reaction. When they were able to control their laughing fit, Fillipe spoke first

" Aunt Linda I love you and all but do not insult our intelligence. You want us to believe your cooked up stories that we are a product of some Hot celestial being, who wanted the be worshiped.
Newsflash aunty, we are werewolves, we were created by the moon goddess, we worship the moon goddess, she is.....our..... moth....er" Fillipe stuttered as he began to understand the implications of his statement in relationship to what Linda had just told them.

Linda smiled, knowing Fillipe just began to understand while Fenandez on the other hand was yet to grasp the revelation. So she decided to throw and shocker at him.

" Have you ever wondered how the scar on the chin of your oh- so -precious goddess came to being? And why it is that despite the fact that she claims to be immortal and even bestowed on you fast healing, she can't seem to heal her scar?"

"How do you know this? " Asked a surprised Fenandez.

The goddess only appear to their kind when she wanted to communicate an important message to the entire wolf-kind. Be it a warning of praise and that scar was the only blemish in her perfect and immaculate skin. Sometimes, he found himself asking why she couldn't heal her scar since gave them the ability to speedily heal themselves.

" Well let's just she learned a hard lesson, that goading Anabelle to anger was never in your best of interest. And if you still don't understand what I mean, then yes Anabelle gave her the scar. And yes, the same Anabelle, your mate, my sister, the same one, even if it was quite a long time before you both met." She explained which made Fenandez open their mouth in shock and surprise and awe at how powerful Anabelle was.

You're saying, my Anabelle did that?" Queried Fenandez when he found his voice.

" Yes, she did. And that Samanthiel still holds a grudge against her"

" Wait my mama actually fought with the goddess and came out unscathed. Who really are you ladies?"

Linda nodded in response

" Wait you said Samanthiel. Selene is our goddess. How do these two correlate to each other 'cos I'm not understanding their correlation" asked Fenandez. Both Fillipe and Linda rolled their eyes not believing that Fenandez was yet to piece it together. Or he had pieced together but was still doubting and needed confirmation.

"Samanthiel is Selene and Selene is Samanthiel"
Fenandez stood up from his chair and worked to the window still trying to process all the information together.
Without turning from the window, started asking questions that he needed confirmation to

" The same Samanthiel that was doing a mad scientist work on genetics on men?"

" Yes " Linda replied

" The same Samanthiel that bleeped Nimrod to creat our kind, is the same as Selene?"


" The same Samanthiel that was amongst the watchers that fell is the same as Selene?"

" Yes Fenandez"

Fenandez turned to faced Linda

" What has this got to do with us. Why should we be concerned with a war that has nothing to do with us?"

" By a prophecy long foretold, Andre was blessed to be among the chosen, to bring an end to to Nimrod's reign of terror, hence the attacks you had being experiencing before I aided Andre in fleeing.


" Wait. You helped Andre flee? And you didn't see it fit to tell us? You had us run about, chasing shadows while you knew were he was all this time?" Barked a very angry Fenandez who seem to be losing the battle to control his wolf, Rex.

Rex felt betrayed, that one he took as family could betray them and hide their pup from them. His protective instinct was kicking in and in overdrive as he fought hard for control with his wolf, he could even feel his fur begin to sprouts. But the lady before him was anything but scared. Infact it was as if it mused her much, which made Rex more infuriated and hell bent on gaining control

" Oh put a sock on to Fez. You caged the boy under this roof for three bloody years. Do you know how depressed he was. Do you even know what he was going through. what were you expecting. He reached out to me for help and I rendered it. " Shouted Linda

" He was safe" Fenandez fired back

" He was dying in isolation" Linda retorted

" I Never caged him . He was free only within the palace ground" Fenandez fired back

" You call that freedom. He had no friends, no life. People didn't even know him as a prince not to talk of being your own son" Linda shouted back at him

" Know your place woman. I am seconds away from letting Rex have full reign over my body and you are toying with those seconds" Fenandez commanded, his voice going an octave deeper, showing Rex was almost at the surface

Fillipe couldn't interfere. It was as if he had been glue to the chair and his lips sealed unable to speak. He was feeling the waves of dominance hitting from all angles both from his aunt and father. He was just a spectator.

Linda was not going to take that command sitting.

" Did you just command me? Oh, I know my place Fenandez Aguerrior Fibonacci. Do you, as a father know yours?" Bitterness laced in every single word

" Linda Delacruix, you will submit to your Superior and your better " commanded the King and that was the last straw for Linda as her eyes turned blue and an Aura of pure light engulfed her and when she spoke the library shook, the grounds shook probably the entire lupus heights shook due to her anger. And when she spoke, visible cracks were seenon the wall of the building due to the raw power that enamated from her voice

" You dare command I, Anunit, daughter of Cush ??!!! You dare try to dominate me to submit?!!! I, a true descendant of Noah and Protector of the legacies?

You, who are offs..." She paused catching herself before she could descend too low as to utter insults that she would later regret. She controlled herself and let her powers reside taking deep breaths in other to calm her agitated self, only to see a visibly shakened King who was on his knees, head bowed in submission and an awestruck nephew, who was also on his knees.

She stumbled towards the office desk to rest her weight on it. Long had it being since last used her powers to that extent. It was exhilarating as it was draining .

" I release you from your bounds. You bow to not to us Protectors but ones higher than us" At her utterance it was as if heavy weight was lifted from their shoulders.

" I beg you, never push our buttons Fez, it never ends well" she pleaded with him to understand the implications, that even Agnes and Alva were not to be messed with. The king nodded in response but Fillipe gave the verbal agreement

" No way am thinking of messing with aunt Agnes after what I just witnessed. I don't have a death wish. And from what I just saw, I can now understand how mom was able to give Selene that scar. Bad ass." Fillipe could behave like a ten year old at times when excited and it was grating his father's nerves.

Linda smiled at Fillipe's outburst shaking her head in wonderment of his display while his father grinded his teeth at the painful reminder that Anabelle was no more. Linda interrupted his thoughts before it could go any deeper

" Your being paired with Anabelle and subsequent mating was a sign that Nimrod rise was finally come. Trust me, Anabelle didn't take the news well and she fought tooth and nail to rescind the mating, even going as far as summoning Fate to plead to have it changed, a feat, I and the others still don't know how she acheived it.

Her request was denied outrightly.
The rest, you are aware of. In birthing Fillipe, he was not choosen, as he already had his fate sealed to the throne. Waiting almost a century before Andre was conceived was by no means her fault, but it coincided with the destruction of the last dwelling place of the scroll. Now that the scroll was in the open, it was only a matter of time.

Fate chose it a best time to begin work. Fate chose Andre, a champion from the northern mountain heights, yet unknown, yet untested, yet tainted with the blood of the forbidden, whose lineage runs in greatness, yet whose bloodline is tainted with a curse, shired by a unnatural relation.

He shall be tried and tested and shall thread his path through adversity valiantly until he is not found wanting only then shall he take up task to challenge the Man of Chaos

For only power contended power and blood contended blood. For he shall bear the legacies of a failed kingdom. A Legacy of Power."

Linda recited the part of the prophecy that concerned Andre to them, for them to get a better understanding of the matter.

"I want to understand something here. Anabelle is your sister, yes?" Linda was about to give a smart reply but held back when Fenandez said

" Humor me will you. I'm trying to make sense out of something" he explained

" Yes, she was"

" Nimrod, your brother right?,"

" Yes, he was"

" And I am a descendant of Nimrod right"

" Yes you are."

" That would make I and Anabelle related by bloodline howbeit distantly right."

" True" she replied wandering were this was leading but was Patient to wait and not lash out at Fenandez

" Fillipe and Andre were birthed by an unnatural relation between a were- king and a Protector, a cursed race and blessed heart , a sister and a nephew, even though it's a thousand times over. No wonder Andre never got a wolf as it is forbidden by Selene herself for such a pairing to take place either forcefully or by consented agreement. As no wolf, which was the pride to our kind, would be bestowed on their offsprings as a sign of punishment" Linda smiled, knowing that Fenandez began to understand the hidden truth that started him on the face all this while yet he couldn't understand it.

" Selene knew about this prophecy, understood it's meaning and tried to stop it from being fulfilled hence the decree to your kind.
Fate played on Selene's stupidity and messed around with her priced creation, pairing their leader with Anabelle, effectively setting the ball rolling for her and her lover's downfall without her knowing. Andre's wolf was now replaced with a legacy. And true to his bloodline, became the Legacy of Power" Linda explained, finishing Fenandez thought in the matter.

" How do we help him" Fenandez asked, with a new determination that he would aid his son defeat this threat to all


Empty, that's how the palace currently felt like. His two sons were out there saving the world while he sat in his office reading through black ink that dotted the many pages of paperwork stacked in files upon file half heartedly. His mind went out to his sons as he closed his eyes prayed to whatever God or god's that were out to guide and protect his children and bring them safely, back to him

True to her words, Linda's revelation had shakened him to the core as he began to few the world from a different perspective


Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 9:02pm On Sep 13, 2020
That was one deep historical analysis, hmm,can't wait for the battle of all battles.

Thanks for the update and how is the planting season going?
I wish you bountiful harvest.
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 6:48pm On Sep 14, 2020
That was one deep historical analysis, hmm,can't wait for the battle of all battles.

Thanks for the update and how is the planting season going?
I wish you bountiful harvest.

you still have to wait 20 or so chapters to that action. I am about to introduce the last 2 characters. These are behind-the-scene characters that manipulate situations to fit their purpose

I have briefly introduced them some chapters behind, but their manipulative work will continue until Book 3.

next chapter will be in 3 or so days time and it will be short but make sure u pay attention to these two characters 'COS THEY'RE THE GAME MOVERS

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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:03pm On Sep 15, 2020
Chapter 20

Unknown location

The sun was see rising above the horizon. Gracing the plants of the wild with light and the birds chirped happily at the arrival of the dawn. The entire funa greeted the yellow hue, anticipating its warmth and ambience with reckless abandon

There , perched on a slab of rock, watching and admiring the activities that greeted the arrival of the sun, were two Beings whose presence went unnoticed by the activities of the little community

" That star, it never sizes to amaze me. Its entrance commands respect, yet it is gentle and calm. Regal in its own but not proud" said one of the Beings to the other

" Its the sun for crying out loud. We've seen it millions of times. It's boring" replied the Being's companion, whose eyes, were red in color

" Still, it is amazing." The first Being countered as to have the last say. Both were quiet for some seconds before red eyes asked

" So what are we going to do now that he has the scroll.?"

" We wait for him to make a move"

" Shouldn't you be informing the boss about this" asked red eyes

" Naaaa. The last time I did, it took his Father's calming words to bring him under control. You be the harbinger of bad news this time, Although, I doubt he would react negative, seeing that this time we are more prepared than before." Replied his companion.

"And the Protectors?" Asked red eyes

" On their toes as we speak, making sure that the legacies succeed"

" Good. By the way, nice thinking on creating the legacies, I wouldn't have done it any better, if I had thought of it"

" It was the only way to make sure Samayaza, the scroll and Nimrod were completely taken out of the equation before we moved to the much bigger fish" red eyes companion explained

" And I think you are being summoned to the Holies. You best not keep the Big ' G ' waiting

" And I think you have a message to go deliver, don't you"

Both vanished to go answer their respective engagement
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 11:07pm On Sep 15, 2020
Weldon sir, wasn't expecting this, but gracias,
So in comes the "real players" cool
Just loving their stylish entrance.
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 3:06pm On Sep 21, 2020
Chapter 21

2096 B.C.E

Tall el-Hammam ,

City of Sidamu

Plains of Jordan

The night was calm, with mild winds cooling the leftover of the scorching heat of the day . Insects chimed carelessly, calling to one another in their habitat. Caravans in their numbers sat idle, as the carmels that towed them rested their weather beaten bodies to recover strength in preparation for the next journey. Traders gathered around camp fires to either warm themselves, tell tales of long forgotten legends, share experience of their journeys and adventures or just listen to others speak.

Life to these tradesmen and women were as mundane as it could get. But none were prepared for the wonders and terrors of the heavens and the riotous anger of the earth that they were about to witness. Nor were they aware of the secret meeting going on not too far from their location

" My Lords have mercy on that city for it may yet hold innocent people, who donot ascribe to the wicked ways of the people there" pleaded Anunit on behalf of the City of Sidamu. For her lover in whom , she had a child with resided there.

" I am so sorry blessed daughter, but the man in whom you seek to defend yet lies breathless as we speak. His blood along with those of the numerous innocent cry out to the heavens for vengeance." Red eyes informed her. Anunit immediately broke down in tears as she gave a heart wrenching cry over her loss,not wanting to believe this news yet within her, knew that it was the truth.

She wept bitterly over her lose of her lover and best friend, one who had stood by her through thick and thin. She wept for her son who would never know a father's love and kindness. As she wept, a hand rested on her shoulder to comfort

" We truly are sorry for your loss and cannot say we know how you feel 'cos truely, we don't. But what we can do is to make sure that it never happens again.

Nimrod have pervaded their hearts to become hauty and turned them away from the Creator's love. Stories of their lust for strange powers and immoral acts of blood drinking, needless massacre, human sacrifice and idolatry have not gone unheard by the Creator. For he, Nimrod, still seeks the powers he once lost. An act in futility.

Amorah's iniquities are numberless above numbers, and Sidamu's atrocities are countless beyond count, for they have been found wanting. For their transgressions have come to completion.
Now judgment is passed and sentence is proclaimed

Wept not blessed daughter, for even in death, he never turned astray from the path of righteousness neither did he forget his love for you. Be rest assured that when the time of times comes to fulfilment, you both shall meet again."

" How long shall we continue like this? How long shall we continue to pay this heavy a price with the lives of our loved ones because of the selfishness and greed for power of one man? How long, my lords? How long?" Anunit wept on, bitterness and anguish writhing allover her. The red eyes companion moved closer to her placed his hands on her head and whispered in a gentle voice

" Be still and weep no more. Rejoice that that when that time comes, the offspring of your progeny shall recompense, in like manner, Nimrod, for his folly. For fate is not blinded neither shall retribution not be paid with its due wage." Immediatey those words were uttered,
it was as though all the sadness, grief and pain, washed away from her body leaving her free and light like a heavy load was lifted from upon her.

The red eyes companion continued

" Rise Blessed One and stand strong, for though your child not be chosen, within him yet grows a seed in which a sage of wisdom shall arise. That seed shall draw from you, a fountain of knowledged, discerning the times and season and hidden truths within the famed truths. A pinnacle of knowledge shall that seed manifest to counter the lies of the Man of Chaos. And you shall stand by your Legacy and your legacy shall stand by you. For wisdom begat wisdom and knowledge enthroned knowledge.

A Legacy of knowledge shall that seed be. Rightly unveiling the secrets behind That Man of Chaos." The red eyes companion prophecied concerning her Child and that new knowledge alone strengthened her. Putting herself together, she stood and bowed her head in thanks to Beings before her, then asked her question that bothered her.

" What punishment awaits Amorah and Sidamu? I have witnessed first hand the works of their hand. Their hearts are vile and their essence stinks of evil and wickedness in high places. I sense the kind of Aura that once pervade Babilus, thick and choking. Of evil and malice and malevolence,stirring deep within the hearts of people." Anunit explained her observation of the inhabitants of Sidamu and Amorah's to the Celestials standing before her

" We know. Nimrod has done this in order to enable him harvest the souls of the innocent to fuel the resurrection of his master. It seems that they both must have formed a bond before we were able to server the connection, hence they are still able to communicate with each other.
As for the punishment of those two cities, why don't you take a look for yourself" gesturing for her to look down the hills unto the plains. What she witnessed was awesome yet terrible to view.

The ground trembled and caved in, splitting into two halves. Erupting firestones shot out from the ground into the atmosphere and rained down on the surrounding cities and the screams and cries for help could be heard for miles on end but no aid was to come as judgement was served.

The fire engulfed the entire kingdoms of Sidamu and Amorah as well as it's neighbors who condoned their wickedness and evil acts. The cries were stifled and houses razed down to ashes and no stone left standing - a testament to the Creator's anger and retributive judgement

" Go your way blessed one and take care of the young lad. We shall me again soon." Said red eyes in farewell and both vanished. Anunit took a deep breath and summoned her courage. She had to spend this lifetime alone as agreed with the others. She had to put herself together and get ready for the task of grooming her son to be a fine young man all alone and she was definitely going to have to be ready to be up to task. Ebed was a handful, even as young as he was, heavens only knew how he would be when he grew up.

" Here goes nothing" she psyched herself and disappeared to go meet her son even as the caravans of traders still watched the destructive power of the fire that raged on but didn't extend pass the city's boundaries

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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 3:09pm On Sep 21, 2020
Enjoy this one oooo
I am non partial but I love the new trend in politics
Kwara - O togeh Edo - edo no be Lagos
I wonder what Lagos slogan go be and even ondo sef����
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 3:45pm On Sep 21, 2020
Weldon op, but the typos were too much, and for the new lagos slogan, I'll suggest #we own our lives embarassed
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 4:30pm On Sep 21, 2020
Weldon op, but the typos were too much, and for the new lagos slogan, I'll suggest #we own our lives embarassed

soooo so sorry about that. was too lazy to edit but will be running and edit on it in 30 mins to an hours time.

just wanted to put up something for u guys
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:48pm On Sep 21, 2020
Weldon op, but the typos were too much, and for the new lagos slogan, I'll suggest #we own our lives embarassed

I've just edited it. Sorry once again for the typos.

for those of you who don't understand the chapter, it's a retelling of the catastrophic end of Sodom and Gomorrah from the view of Anunit ( Linda ) and whom she also lost in that destruction.
It also tells of Nimrod's role and how he poisoned the hearts of the people of these cities to commit such dastardly act and the reason for his actions.
It also gives a glimpse of Diana's fate long before she was born and who she was related to

Sidamu - corrupted over the years from Hebrew to greek to be pronounced as Sodom

Amorah - corrupted from greek - gama, Hebrew - raha and seimetic - Amarah. to become Gomorrah

Not only Sidamu and Amorah were destroyed but two other cities that failed to caution them were included in the destruction. Only the city of Belah was saved
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:49pm On Sep 21, 2020
Weldon op, but the typos were too much, and for the new lagos slogan, I'll suggest #we own our lives embarassed

I've just edited it. Sorry once again for the typos.

for those of you who don't understand the chapter, it's a retelling of the catastrophic end of Sodom and Gomorrah from the view of Anunit ( Linda ) and whom she also lost in that destruction.
It also tells of Nimrod's role and how he poisoned the hearts of the people of these cities to commit such dastardly act and the reason for his actions.
It also gives a glimpse of Diana's fate long before she was born and who she was related to

Sidamu - corrupted over the years from Hebrew to greek to be pronounced as Sodom

Amorah - corrupted from greek - gama, Hebrew - raha and seimetic - Amarah. to become Gomorrah

Not only Sidamu and Amorah were destroyed but two other cities that failed to caution them were included in the destruction. Only the city of Belah was saved

source- wikipedia
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:51pm On Sep 21, 2020

I like the sound of these slogans
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:26pm On Sep 30, 2020
Good day guys, sorry for the wait. I am putting finishing touches to the next chapter and will be uploaded hopefully in 30 mins. stay tuned.
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:55pm On Sep 30, 2020
Chapter 22

Present Day

Alva ran her hands through her hair in frustration. Frustration at the fact that she was no nearer to finding the last legacy than she was, one week ago and the rise of the blood moon was fast approaching.
Sitting in the car beside her was Diana,worry etched allover her face , for her friend.

" If you keep doing that, you might just succeed in creating a new stylishly hair-do were you will be more or less bald" Diana attempted cheering up are friend, which didn't seem to be working

" We have less than three days to the blood moon and no legacy in sight. Going bald would be the least of my problems. Add the fact that my oaf of a cousin decided to change our destination last minute. I hate last minute changes" Alva complained.

Andre had called last minute to inform them that San Francisco would be their new destination as that was were Aunt Linda had called to inform him they were to go and the Aunt Linda and her mother would meet them there.
So here they were, sitting the car at the address given to them, but none were prepared to exit the car.

Convincing Diana that she was a Legacy had been a bit tough as she didn't want to believe that she was to become like the heroines she read in books that decided the fate of man with her actions. To her, life just got too real for comfort, that holding the fate of man in her hands and with her decisions was not what she was cut out for.

----------- Flash back-+++++++++++

" Have you ever wondered why you have an unhealthy obsession with ancient mythology" Alva asked Diana who was browsing through a book given to her by Alva. They were currently sitting in Diana's kitchen

" Naah..... I just find it fascinating, that all. Those tyrants and heroes, gods and titans, their stupidity, cunning, outright flamboyance and show of power. They also hold a rich tale kingdoms rise and fall, Kings who lived like gods, men who rose to become powerful kings and don't get me on those promiscuous gods and goddesses and their indiscretions as well as the way they play with the fate of man. Truely fascinating are their myths" she concluded and the way she talked showed how her eyes lit up in excitement at her words

" What if I told you that you were meant for more, like stopping tyrants from exacting tyranny and pompous overpowered domineering He-diots from exacting authoritarian rule" she paused to gauge Diana reaction.

When satisfied with what she saw, she continued

" What if I told you, that the one man, you and I have been researching for the past week, is one of those said Tyrant-king, who feels it, his birthright, to unsurp man and subjugate all of mankind with the aid of his friends from the underworld' she concluded just as Diana eyes widened in surprised and disbelief at what she just heard and was about to respond when Alva interrupted her

" What if I tell you that you and I are both special and are part of a blessed few, entrusted with the power to bring down this Tyran-king before he wrecks havoc on this world as we know it. What would you say or do

" I'll shake my head in disagreement, tell you to your face that you are crazy, then walk away from you" Diana stood to walk out of the kitchen. Alva quickly made to stop her as she couldn't use use her power of compulsion on her because it wouldn't work. She had to talk her way through this

" I'm just sixteen years old for crying out loud. I have a whole life ahead of me, not thinking of battling a deranged tyrant like Nimrod. "

"We don't have a say in this Diana as we don't get to choose our fates here. Granted we are up against a formidable enemy, one that has had enough to time to master the art of cunny and deception, but if we don't stand united, you nor I may not get to live the life we so cherish" Alva admonished

" You make sound so easy. You read in the books, he went against God himself, what makes you think he hasn't learned his lessons and up his game. You are up against a very proud and powerful semi-mortal, he won't be taking chances again.
Secondly, how do you know that I belong to these group of special individuals. There's nothing special about me. I'm not a pryokenetic or a telekinetic, I don't have any special abilities. I'm just plain I'm me"

" That were you're wrong Diana. For the past few days, you've been reading from a book,-" Alva said pointing to a book currently on the table "- whose language is dead and has taken me many years to master. But you read it as though, it's common english. Not only that, you interpret its meaning spot on as though you are its author.

You don't need to shoot fire from you hand or move objects around or even control the elements to be powerful 'cos that's my job.
Sometimes, the most powerful ones are those that can read in-between lines, foresee hidden truths, decipher uncanny riddles and save mankind without raising a finger. That who you are. Thats what you are meant for. So rise to the challenge Diana, or we've failed even before we began"

Diana's resolve began to crumble. Sure she had her fears and insecurities but was it enough to run away from this new responsibilities placed on her? The reasonable part of her mind urge her to walk away and not look back. She was not cut out for dangerous fights that could lead to death. The unreasonable part of her, wanted her to see it as a new thrill, an adventure of a lifetime. And everyone knew she never listened to her mind of reasoning when it came to adventure and thrills. Her mind was made up

" I didn't ask for any of these Alva" she protested weakly

" Neither did I or the others but here we are, aren't we, knowing fully well that the wrong choices would lead to nothing good".

After some minutes, seated,and both girls deep in thoughts, Diana decided to ask a curious question

" For Nimrod to repeat such a feat, don't you think he would have to build a structure somewhat similar to the tower, in terms of strength and durability? Let's not forget the secondary aim of the tower - to protect it's occupants against nature's harsh elements, example flood, hurricanes and earthquakes " She queried

" Would have thought so, but there are countless structures that match such a description. It's like fishing for needle in a hay stack.

" Not quite. Can the ritual performance be restricted to a particular place or can it be performed from anywhere?" Asked Diana, wheels in her head turning

" It can be performed from any location provided there is a clear view of the blood moon." Alva replied.

"Do you know of Nimrod's current location? Questioned Diana

" He's currently in the States"

" Good. That narrows our search." Diana said excitedly as she opened her backpack, took out her laptop, powered it on and waited for it to boot up.

" How do you intend to find such a building" a confused Alva asked, watching a smiling Diana tap on keys of her laptop.

" Watch and learn"

After some minutes, she announced

" Only forty-five buildings match that description in the entire States. The most recent one, opened for business three months ago. Its called the DORMIN LE' BAB TOWER, owned by french man Ruddy Dormin Le'bab. Multi billionaire who owns interest in oil and gas, mining and real estate."

" Were is it located?"

" San Francisco. I watched it's commissioning on television four months ago."
No wonder they changed their meeting point to San Francisco. They must have figured it out.

".......... minute?!" Alva was brought out of her thoughts. she saw Diana take a pen and paper, writing down something she saw on the screen of her laptop. When she was through, she noted the excitement in Diana's eyes which meant she had discovered something interesting.

" I don't believe this!!! Right under our nose"
she exclaimed and showed Alva the paper. For some seconds, she didn't understand what she was seeing until the haze cleared and she finally understood. Right under their noses. In open view, Nimrod had built and completed another tower.
He used is name, spelt backwards, to commission a new tower. In order words, the DORMIN LE'BAB TOWER was actually The Nimrod Babel Tower

" And it gets better, the tower can withstand a level 10 magnitude earthquake, a tsunami, a category 7 hurricane etc. It truely is the tenth wonder of the world" Diana said, quoting from the write up that was attached to the picture on her screen. She turned pale as Realisation struck her

" My father just got a job there and is billed to resume there on Wednesday. Two days from now"

" Just Fan-freaking-tastic!!! It so happens that Wednesday is also the day of the blood moon and will be seen clearly from San Francisco" Alva was beginning to get aggravated. Things just began to get more complicated than planned

" We have to go me up with my cousin in San Francisco, who so happens to be another special person in the group." Informed Alva

" I can't. My uncle Ian won't let me" complained Diana

" Leave that to me" and as if on que, Ian's car pulled into the driveway of the house

" Miss me girls" Ian asked

" When I'm grounded and returned the prehistoric computer age, I don't tend to miss my uncle, who actively connived with my dad to send me there" Diana said in mock anger

" Unfortunately, you my dear niece, are still grounded. So unless you want me to inform your father that you suddenly agreed to transfer to L.A under this fine living conditions, then I suggest you be polite to me" lan playfully threatened Diana

" You are evil" she said burying her head on the table

" I know right, that's why you love and I love you too. So are you gonna to give me a hug or not."

" I'll pass"

" I'm hurts" Ian feigns heartbreak

" You'll live"

" You are wicked"

" I know right. That why you love me and I love you too" she said, throwing her uncle's words back at him to which he huffed

Alva watch the exchange between uncle and niece with amusement and wonder back to when she and her mother had exchanges like this. She quickly killed the thought and focused on the objective before her
She summoned a pinch of her powers to the surface and willed it to her tongue. When she was sure that she had its mastery, she acted immediately

" Hey Ian, I wanted to ask for permission to take Diana with me to San Francisco. I promise that we wouldn't stay long. Say 3 or 4 days at most. I'll have her back by weekend.

" Sure. Why not. Just take care of yourselves would you."

" I promise she's in good hands"

" Okay then. If you need anything, I'll be at the back." He said and left the girls

Diana open her mouth, flabbergasted, as she watched her uncle walk out of the kitchen

" What just happened? "She asked surprised at her uncle's quick agreement to let her travel on her own

"I just mended his mind to be a bit more agreeable" supplied Alva

" In other words, you hypnotized him" Diana stated matter of fact"

" No, I would never do that. Hypnotism is mind control and very traumatic. I would never do that. This is way more milder and he is well aware of his actions and it wouldn't even disturb his sleep." Alva corrected

" Okay then. I best start getting ready to leave" Diana announced, standing up to exit the kitchen."

------- Flash back end-------------

So here they were, having finally summoned the courage to exit the car were sitting in Andre's apartment in L.A, deliberating on their next line of action, while factoring their set back of not find the last Legacy.

They heard a knock on the door and all looked at each other in surprise.

" Don't look at me, it's your apartment" shrugged Diana

Andre stood up, mumbling something along the lines of

Smart tongue, pain in the butt

as he matched to open the door.

The opened door revealed the two women who had set the the ball rolling for this party

" Hello Andre"


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Chapter 23



" Is everything set for the summoning?"
Asked a calm yet calculative Nimrod. He was observing the view of the busy jungle of human bodies merging together with vehicular movements. His mind elsewhere, high on anticipation of the Summoning

"Yes my Lord. The Portal is ready, according to your specification" the man answered

" Any word from Sherach yet."

" No my Lord"

He was then save to assumed that he was dead and unable to complete his mission in retrieving the legacies. Sherach had never gone this long without contacting him. He heart pained him for the loss as Sherach had been one of his most loyal and faithful servant for over a thousand years. He pushed the pain away in preparation for what must be done. He would avenge his death

"What about the prisoner?" He asked

"He's been fed his final meal"
Nimrod smiled evilly, knowing what that meant

" And the security, just in case we have any unwelcomed visitors?"

" Every thing is in place sir"

" Good. We wait."
he said, dismissing the guard.
He couldn't help but smile to himself at the feat he was able to achieve right under their noses. After the Summoning, the world, as man knew it would be changed forever. With him as the head of the new world order, under the possession of Samayaza's spirit.

This had always been his game plan from the onset, fulfilling the wish of the blood bind and unleashing the true essence of power - the life essence of Samayaza. With that power, he could break his fellow fallen Watchers and bring down chaos earth and in heaven.

He smiled again to himself. Things were about to change permanently and he was about to give that Old Clout a run for His throne

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Chapter 24

Unknown location

" How was your meeting with the Big "G"?"

" I'd rather not talk about it. What about you? What was the Boss reaction when you told Him?"

" Calmer than expected, considering the fact that we were prepared this time around"

" Any word for the Watcher and cursed one ?"

" They both die and their life essence, bloated out of existence never to be remembered or granted a second chance. That is their judgment"

" So be it. And the legacies?"

" One of them came under an unexpected situation"

" Is he harmed? Do we intervene?"asked red eyes, hints of worry in his voice

" Calm your graces. He's fine just unconscious but should be alright in a couple of hours" he said, calming his companion

" We haven't come this far just to meet with unfortunate and unforseen circumstances and complications. We need to be very careful. What about aid for the legacies?" Asked red eyes

" One their way as we speak and almost there "

" Good"

" I've been meaning to ask. What about Samanthiel ?"

" What about the Watcher?"

" Sam has been hidding pretty well. Infact, so well is she hidden, that we unable to trace her to effectively monitor her movements. Doesn't that pique your curiosity?"

" I know and it truly has piqued my curiosity . You are also not far from truth on your thoughts about backstabbers and betrayers to the Holy One" red eyes informed, also speaking out loud his companions thoughts on the matter

" So how do we flush the traitors out Seph ? And then, there's Sam to think about, seeing that she is one of our primary targets ?"

" Patience Chebs, patience. All in good time. First things first, let's get these two pieces off the the board and out of the way before moving onto our next target"

" Okay then" replied Chebs. Both Celestials talked about other trivial things before each went their way


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Weldon @Emempaul, and finally get the two arch angels ie cherubim and seraphim,the two most powerful angels are fully on board.
How is the planting going? We pray for bountiful harvest.
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 6:29am On Oct 04, 2020
Weldon @Emempaul, and finally get the two arch angels ie cherubim and seraphim,the two most powerful angels are fully on board.
How is the planting going? We pray for bountiful harvest.

That's why they are called the MOVERS. When the make appearance things happen. They make more have more action in book 2 and 3 and trust me the next few chapters chapters are not for the faint hearted

fair warning. one or two chapters will contain detailed description of debauchery and outright ritual sacrifice of innocence. please when we get there a warning will be issued. Even I, when writing it, shivered in disgust and even crazy cried from the loss of innocent young lives but it had to be done for you to understand why certain things were allowed and what goals had to be achieved and why their punishment was outright bloating out from existence. if you don't have a hard mind to read please you are adviced to skip

we're through planting and observing growth, thanks for asking
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No problem, bring it on as hot as it can be, cool

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Chapter 25

San Francisco,

Chapter 26

San Francisco,


" Hello Andre" Linda first spoke, giving him a strained smiled

"Hello Babyface" Agnes also greeted, her face lighting up at the young man standing in front of her. It had been ages since she last saw him about which time he was just entering into his pre-adulthood

" Well it's about time you ladies showed up" he said, taking both his aunts in a big hug. Then he stepped aside to allow them enter his apartment.
" Mom!! Aunt Linda!!" Alva ran, first, to give her mom a bone crushing hug. And Agnes, whispering calming and soothing words to her daughter who was in tears. It wasn't as though they were never separated before, but the circumstances that led this particular separation was what made it tough for her.

After Alva had calmed down somewhat, she released her mom and went to hug her Aunt, Linda. It had been a while since she last saw her Aunt and her presence here was a calming balm to her soul. Many times when she was at daggers drawn with her mom, Linda had always there to her defence while smoothing things out with her mom. She was her other pillar and sure-foot when challenges seemed too insurmountable for her.

" Okay ladies enough with the teary reunion, hugs, kisses and all that mushy stuff. Let's get to business. How d - " he paused then looked around

" Where's Diana ?" He asked tentatively. Before anyone could answer, a voice replied from his kitchen.

" Trying to feed her hungry stomach" Diana walked out holding a carton of juice she had kidnapped from Andre's fridge. Meeting with new set of faces and with all eyes on her, she instantly became nervous and self conscious of herself, like a deer caught by the headlight.

Two gasp were heard causing Alva, Andre and Diana to switch their attention back to the two women standing in their mist looking dumbfounded at Diana.

Linda was shocked to stupor so much so that words failed her to speak. In her mumbled mind she first thought she was seeing a ghost, but then sanity returned and reasoning set in as she looked on at the person in front of her. Had she not been currently looking at this female or that the resemblance was to a certain male, or even, that the said male died in her arms at a good old age, she would have thought that this female standing before her was him.
For standing before her was a photocopied image of her son, Abed, in the person of Diana

Agnes was also too dumbfounded to speak. It was as though Abed had been returned to them howbeit in a female's body. A boy so loved by them both, in whose presence, there was never a dull moment. And when that boy grew to become a man, he was and enigma and an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. When he grew old with age, wisdom along with a childish demeanor for clownish acts never left his abode. Abed stood for Justice and equity and never failed to fight for the weak. And When he died, it was on his own terms surrounded by family.

Agnes was the first to find her voice and immediately allayed the fears of the young lady standing before them as she noticed how uncomfortable her was in their presence..

" Please bare with us as your uncanny resemblance invokes a very high emotion within us. You hold a striking semblance to onenof our own we knew a long time ago." She smile in reassurance to the young lady.

Alva didn't understand what all the fuss was about but kept quiet and promised herself to ask her mom or Aunt later on. She went on to introduce Diana to them

" Mom, Aunt Linda, this is Diana. She's a legacy. Legacy of kn-"

" Legacy knowledge. We know." Agnes interrupted Alva while Alva scrowed at the rude interruption. And how the hell did they know

" Diana these are my mom -" she said pointing to Agnes

"- and my Aunt, Linda" she pointed to Linda's direction

" Nice to meet you ladies" Diana said , shyly stretching her hands out for a handshake. Linda hesitated to take the hand for some seconds but couldn't bare the emotions any longer and outrightly squished the girl in an emotional hug that had her in tears. Diana was cut off guard by the sudden hug as it knocked the breath out of her as well as she became tense hugging a stranger, but with the hug came a somewhat sense of familia bond as though she had known this lady for a long long time. It sizzled behind her mind, like flowing stream whose movements was being truncated from moving forward by a strong barrier. She felt a sense of protectiveness and motherly love projecting from this lady.

As she relaxed her tensed self and hugged the lady called Linda back, that barrier she felt were holding her back suddenly came crashing down. She felt herself become different like a strange fire had being ignited within her soul, humming for release. She also felt as though her soul was realigning and reuniting with old, old friends. She also felt herself glowing and feeling light like she was floating but she also felt immense joy.hugging this lady and never wanted to let go
Diana and Linda were unaware of the commotion they were causing around them

Alva her found her way to her mother's side just as Andre was whispering a question to her

" Do you mind telling us the back story, Aunt Aggy?"

" That's not my story to tell Alvarez. But I can tell you this, she went through a lot to survive Nimrod."

He look at her strangely

" What?!" Agnes asked as she noticed him stare at her

" Nobody calls me that. In fact nobody knows that name. But you are the second person to call me by that name"

She smiled, look away from the still emotional hugging pair to Andre and then to her daughter who was close enough to hear the question and she instantly shook her head and made a puppy eye face to beg her mom not to tell him but he Agnes smirked and was so not going to giving to her please

" I and Alva gave-" she felt a sudden change in the atmosphere within the room so did Alva and Andre as they turned to the direction of the almost forgotten hugging pair
Diana had began to glow and so did Linda. Bright hue of yellow encapsulating them Both.

" Oh my God" Agnes exclaimed

" They're bonding" Alva interjected

" And Diana is awakening" added Agnes

" What does that mean? Is it a good thing or bad thing" asked a confused Andre

" Good for us, bad for your apartment. Alva, I need you to create a different dimension were they can complete their bonding and awakening with less destruction and send them through it. When they are through, Linda can find their way back to us."

Alva immediately set to work calling on her powers to surface and willed a portal to open. Once that was done , she stretched forth her hands and levitated both parties into the portal and closed it.

" Woah!! I wish You could teach me how to do that" exclaimed an awed Andre.

" Sorry big boy, it comes with the genes. " Alva informed him.

" Oh"

" Yeah. Oh".

" Alvarez could you do me a favor.?" She pause to gauge his reaction properly. "There is an unconscious man at the back sit of our car."

" Could you help us carry him up to your apartment ?

When we got to your apartment in Tennessee, we met a young man there. He seemed to have been startled by our presence and took to defend himself while we thought he was a burglar and knocked him out"

" You what!!!" Andre exclaimed

" That's my friend for crying out loud. Please don't tell me you left him there unattended to?" He questioned, anger and panicked already rising as he feared for his friend's health

Agnes watched Andre with a slight frown

" Like I said Alvarez, he is at the back sit of the car and unconscious"

Agnes said firmly. Andre grumbled and mumbled words in the line of crazy aunts and don't bloody call me Alvarez, bloody call me Andre, as he stormed out of the apartment, carefully yanking the keys from Agnes fingers. Anges mused at Andre's pertulent act. When he was out the door, she turn to the one person still in the room

" I can't believe you were going to tell him. You would have embarrassed me mom" Alva chided her mom for her earlier stunt.
Agnes smiled at her daughter

" It would have been fun seeing you go all tomatoes in embarrassment" she guaffed at her daughter's misery. After a while when she had calmed herself enough to give her daughter another hug in reassurance that she was there, alive and in good health, she asked her for details for her adventures of eight months and Alva only gladly recounted them to her mother who listened ernstly

Some minutes passed by when Andre finally returned to the apartment bearing his friend in his shoulder. He kicked the door shut using his right leg and the trudge passed Alva and Agnes to his room where he then laid the unconscious Oby on his bed . When his was sure that Oby was comfortable, he left the room quietly to go meet up with the ladies. Just as he was entering the sitting room, a portal opened up and out came Diana, who seemingly loooked as though she had matured overnight and Linda, who couldn't seem to stop smiling

Andre was anything but happy and seeing his Aunt smile only served to make him more agitated.

" Now that you ladies decided to grace us with your "oh so mighty and powerful presence", can we now know what plans you have in stopping that monster from achieving his sadistic life goals" asked Andre in a not so happy manner

" What's got your panties all twist by the way Andre" questioned Linda not understand his sudden hostile behavior. Anges leaned on Linda's side and whispered

"His friend that we knocked out" she just shrugged and then her attention was once again on Andre

" We apologise for the error on our part as we were least expecting anyone there in your apartment. That been said we await the final set of company needed to achieve our goal

" Company " Asked a puzzled Diana. Andre didn't like the sound of it as he had a feeling he knew who these _ company" were

" Let me guess - the brother" Alva stated which earned her a sly smile and a nod from both older women, while Agnes looked to find a fuming Andre

" Alvarez whether you like it or not you knew this was bound to happen. The sooner it's done and over with the better for you"

" You could have atleast given me a heads-up"

" We just did, Andre so sock it up. Do you mind getting your dearest aunties some food to the eat." Linda did a 360⁰ switch in character in appealing for food, plastering the best sweetest smile she could muster to be able to cajole Andre togo buy them food

Andre mumbled and grumbled words along the lines of "crazy aunts and puppy eyes with overbearing attitudes and bossy manners" as he walked towards the door grabbing his key and his jacket along with him

" We heard that"

" You were meant to'

" I'll go along with him" Diana volunteered trying to escape the scrutiny of the older women

" I'll come along" added Alva, trying to escape her mother and Aunt's question. Both girls exited the apartment

" Really Linda. You are over bearing"

" Says the one who wouldn't let Alva out of sight for two centuries as well as blocking her powers"

" Overbearing bitch"

" Bossy witch"

Both women making themselves comfortable on the sofa and both women falling into comfortable silence for some seconds before Agnes spoke

" How to long before the others get here?"

" They should be here within the hour"

" Good. Then we start planning. We just have a small problem, the last Legacy. We are yet to find him or her. So long as that scroll survives, we can never really conquer, Nimrod or his Master."

Linda sighs" I Know but what can we do. We can atleast try our best."

" Let's just hope and pray we can pull this off"

" By His grace Agnes, by His grace, we will."

We apologise for the error on our part as we were least expecting anyone there in your apartment. That been said we await the final set of company needed to achieve our goal

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Beautiful update,just igniting the sleeping passion again, welcome back @Emempaul ,good to have you back,how's the farm going, I pray for bountiful harvest for you and all the farmers.
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Chapter 26

Oby felt a throbbing head ache as he tried to wake himself. His disorientation was messing with his memory as he couldn't put a fix on what memory was true and which was false. He pried his eyes opened but was met with an intense light that was aggravating his throbbing head. Raising his body up trying to stand, he groaned loudly as his head had other plans of not cooperating with him, so he sat back on the bed, rested his head on his palm to try and get hold of himself and his mumbled and jumbled memory.

After some minutes when his was sure that he wouldn't get nauseous due to his uncooperative head, he decided to survey his surrounding and know what or who he was up against. First , he discovered that he was in a room that was not the room he knew to be Andre's - but likely a male's room based off from simplistic and male centered deco. Secondly, the air freshener smelt awfully familiar but couldn't place where he perceived it before.

He tested himself again to see if he could stand and fortunately for him, he could without any episode of dizziness and nausea and so he stumbled towards the door he felt was exit to the the room, which thankful it was. Opening the door, putting his head out first, he surveyed the apartment to get a feel of who his potential captor or caregiver was. He was about to step out of the the room when he heard a clearing of the throat. He nearly jumped out of his skin as he was pretty sure he had looked at the direction the sound came from and no one was there......


He slowly turned around to see who his captor or caregiver was only to be meet with the female who had challenged him and whom he had also challenged at Andre's apartment. He stood there assessing the threat level of the lady and from the looks of it, she was assessing him also

" Linda, back off. Young man sit down"
a second lady walked in on them doing the starring competition, and commanded the other Lady whose name he now knew as Linda to lossing up a little while telling him to sit down. At first, he wanted not to obey but his head had other plans and choose that very moment to attack him with a nasty ache followed by dizziness. He stumbled and nearly fell but was quickly caught by the second lady. She helped him up and directed him towards the sofa were he grounded his ass as not to make a fool out of himself again

" Who are you?" Linda bloted out still assessing the young man with caution and high alert. She had sensed great power within him and it unnerved her that he was staying with Andre.

" Linda!!!" The other Lady gave Linda an exasperating look.

" What Agnes??!!! Can't you feel his powers? And don't get me started on the dark Aura he's been shooting off since he woke up."

" ENOUGH!!!!" Thundered the lady Oby now knew as Agnes" and turned to the young man.

"Sorry about that. She's been paranoid and overprotective about our nephew."

" For good reason" Linda muttered under her breath but loud enough for both Agnes and Oby to hear

" Shut it Linda" Agnes admonished firmly. And turned back to the young man and smiled warily.

" Sorry we got off on the wrong footing and also, forgive us for the punch. We were not expecting anyone to be in the apartment hence we came down tough on you. My name is Agnes and that fuming volcano is Linda. We are both Andre's Aunts and it nice to meet."
Agnes concluded stretching forth her hand in introduction
Oby took the hands and shook it while introducing himself

" My name is Oby, short for Iniobong. I'm from Nigeria and am Andre's close friend. And you can be as blunt as can when speaking to me 'cos I know you have questions you want to ask me just the way you know I have my own questions." The young man's bluntness and insinuation was also a surprise to her. She looked to Linda for help but she just shrugged and walk away. She tgen turned back to Oby and asked the first question that came to her mind, since Oby had already laid the ground works for the interrogation

" Who are you?"

" I should be asking you that question, seeing that it is a huge feat trying to knock me out, but one of you did and practically too, with just one punch and I was out for God knows how long" Oby replied, trying as much to assess the female and to know what category of treat to place both women

Agnes decided to play along in Oby's game of bait and get

" That you are up, in less than 24hours, after such magnitude of blow gotten from Linda is a feat in its self, which go s to say alot of who you are not"

Oby smiled knowing that she was unto his game pushed further

" For one, you both are not witches of any guise - black, red, yellow, blue, white, green or whatever name they call themselves, as they can't stand my presence. Two, Your projected Aura and potentially grace is such that makes me be wary and to thread cautiously."
Oby paused to digest what he just observed about the two ladies that then it all clicked together, connecting all the missing dots to one straight line, with an arrow pointing towards one conclusion

" You are both graced by the Heavens"
with that conclusion, he immediately raised his threat level assessment to extremely dangerous. He had to thread very very carefully here as he was walking on thin ice. And did they say that they were Andre's Aunts. He was really in deep shit.

" Relax Oby, nobody is going to hurt you" Agnes soothed.

" Yet" interject Linda While Agnes ignored her. That the young man was able to do an onspot assessment about them and got it right was really unnerving. Who was this young man and what was his role in this game fate had set in motion. For with fate and her antecedence, nothing was a coincidence.

"...... Haven't answered our question" Linda cut in as she saw Agnes mind had wondered off

" And you are beginning to grate my nerves woman"
Oby fired back through gritted teeth as he was fighting a numbing pain in his head.
Linda was shocked at Oby's resistance and resilience to her, probing his mind which only few and by few meaning Agnes, Alva, Anabelle and to an extent Andre. He walls were so thick to penetrate that it made her wonder who truely he was

Oby felt an intrusion in his head and mind, like someone trying to ram into a door that was heavily fortified. It was then it all clicked, the throbbing was not due to the blow he received but of someone trying to access his mind without his permission. Its not that he had anything to hide but his mind and thoughts were his to own. And he suspected one person
Immediate he raised a more fortified shield and sent a strong force to to push the person out with a strong warning

" Get.out. of. my. mind. NOW!!! " He enunciated each word with a powerful command at the end within his mind but the result was seen in the physical as Linda was pushed some paces from him

" And stay out"
he vocalized in anger for the intrusion of his privacy of his mind. He felt like a ton of weight was being thrown off him and felt as though he could breath for the first time since waking up. Standing up from the sofa with eyes set on Linda with disgust, while Agnes just grinned like as though she just won a bet

" I did warn you not to probe his mind, didn't i? " Asked a smiling Agnes

"- that will be fifty box. So pay up".

Now it was Oby's turn to be shocked. They did actually bet on him and she did actually win the bet

"Damn!! He has one hell of strong defence barrier. Couldn't even scratch the surface"
Linda had righted herself and walked towards Oby as though nothing happened and she had not previously declared a strange animosity towards him for reasons best known to her.

What was really going on

he thought to himself

" Linda cut the boy some slack and put him out of his misery. You can actually see the wheels of his head turning to figure out what happened"
Agnes chided while Linda smiled on at a confused Oby

" It was just a test to see who you are and if you were a threat to us or Andre 'cos let's face it , your Aura did come out strong and intimidating at the beginning. Which brings back to our original question, who really are you and don't gives us that crab of not knowing, since you are more than capable of mastering your powers enough to put up a strong defence against me which I must add isn't an easy feat. It means that you had training, very high grade , proficiency level ten training. Not to talk of the fact that you read us like and open book and all you uttered were spot on accurate"

Oby just stood there surprised at the three sixty degree shift in character of the lady called Linda. These were women he wouldn't want to mess with. He walk toward to sofa to take his seat again

" Lady, Even I would not know were to place myself"
he huffed and picked up the remote he pressed the button to switch on the television and get his jumbled mind together while ignoring the weird ladies in front of him

Oby was browsing through the stations when he suddenly saw the image of one he once thought to be a dream - a figment of his imagination. He rubbed he eyes severaly to be sure of whom he was seeing. His mouth suddenly went dry and his heart beat raised to an alarming rate.

It couldn't be!! It was not even possible?!! How was it even possible??!!. Was he really there?

Those questions taunted him as he jumped off the sofa and started pacing. If he was here then that means he was looking for him. How do you begin to run from a diety, a demi god who can hunt you down with the snap of his finger?


This was never part of his plans. But he'll be damned if didn't go down without a fight. And a tough fight that would be. His mind started working out different scenarios which included his family and how to prote t them from the fallout

" Oby what's the matter?"
Asked a worried Linda, cutting through the haze of thoughts and calculative permutations of Oby's mind, even as she starred back at the the image on the television, no doubt of who the person on the other side of the screen was, but what was his connection to the young man pacing about infront of them wearing away the floor linen. When Oby finally spoke, it was not the voice of the confident young man that challenged them but of one who was scared or frightened and panicking and defeated

"I don't know how to say this but that man is a diety who reeks of evil and maleovence of the highest order. His words are malice and his actions vengeful mischief. His very essence is evil personified" both women were stunned once again at Oby's outburst and detailed description of their brother. Which begged to question once again who he was and how they knew each other

Oby continued " We know him as the Man of Chaos.whose words are death and whose breath is destruction. His name is -"

" - Nimrod"completed Agnes which surprised Oby that she even knew who that man or should he said diety was

" How do you know him" she snarled wanting answers and wanting them now

Oby knew it was no use hiding it as he felt that he could trust them with this secret that he had been carrying for years all alone

" Untill some weeks ago, I was the territorial heir-pricinpality that was to take charge of the West African bloc, for one of the most powerful and treacherous ocult the which the world has ever known, whose origin, according to the oral tradition of the occult, stretches back in time to its first Creation in the City of Babilus before the the Great Confusion.
And whose branches, tentacles and reaches span the entire globe

The occult's name in question is The League of Infernals and I am a direct descendant of that demonic diety you see on the screen. "


Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 10:12am On Nov 07, 2020
Wow @Emempaul thanks so much for the wonderful and interesting update, it all coming together nicely,
Can't wait for the next update,weldon Emempaul.
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Oh yeah yeah
This is getting more interesting
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 6:19pm On Nov 22, 2020
Chapter 27

Andre and the girls had been out for over an hour and were unawares of Oby been awake. Here they were seated at a nearby dinner, waiting for their door to be served the girls chatting together mindless of him, when his mind decidedly drifted off to both his elder Brother and Father.

He wished things had turned out different were he didn't feel caged and chained within his home at the palace. But then again he wouldn't have had the chance to experience life from a different perspective and appreciate the values of freedom even if it came at a heavy cost- one he suddenly felt reluctant to pay.

And he learnt a very important value to freedom through the eyes of the humans- luxuries of life were earned through hard and smart work, trust and loyalty was earned through patience and love. He began to appreciate the humans.

Though they had their own flaws but they were special. To him they were the most powerful species he hard ever known, thriving were others failed, loving were others hated rising above adversity and traversty to build empires and creating a bond of love so strong that it revivaled their own so called mated bond that made them mindless robots to their emotions

He was still deep in thought that he didn't notice when the food was served nor did he note the stranger slipped into the empty seat opposite them and was starring intently on him. It was only when Diana spoke with a loud and firm voice that he was brought back to reality and felt something off - or someone

" Hey Mister, you don't just badge in on a group without an invite and feel comfortable with yourself" Diana warned.

Breaking the glaring contest between Andre and Filipe and inadvertently turning Filipe's attention on her. Anger and betrayal had been plastered allover Filipe's face while looking at his brother for answers while also trying hard to reign in his emotions and not create a scene in the midst of humans within the dinner.

An angelic voice brought him out of his struggle stpuor with his emotion with just some words even if those words were a reprimand of his unwelcomed intrusion into their midst.

He couldn't help but stare endlessly into the eyes of this beauty that entrapped him so easily. Infact he was so enchanted by this little delicate flower meant solely for him that he he did not take into consideration that his actions were making her uncomfortable neither did he remember what his primary mission was and why he had left Spain three months back and was currently seated in this dinner - well that was until his brother cleared his throat loudly and it took all his strength and will power to tear his eyes away from her back to his primary objective - Andre

Two thoughts hit Andre the moment Filipe's graze was directed at Diana. One, being that he was looking at Filipe in person and boy was he in big trouble as he knew for sure that if he was going to be killed, it would be by Filipe's hands and then be brought back to live, chained to the palace ground so that he didn't run away again or else he will just be killed again by him.

The second thing that hit him was that Filipe just found himself his mate and other half which was a good thing seen that finally he could now settle down and end his manwhoring days but from all indicates, it seemed he was going to have his hand full, taming Diana's hyperactivity from the little he was able to garner from his chat with Alva a while back

Clearing his throat his decided to save Diana from the building tension

" Lipe, what are you doing here?"

Filipe slowly, gradually and intentionallyturned his face from Diana to face Andre, all traces of emotion gone from his face leaving him looking stoic and intimidating but that didn't faze Andre one bit

" Would you mind explaining to me why despite knowing the dangers we were facing decided to run away and throwing the entire kingdom into chaos?" Filipe asked while within him, a raging storm was brewing and one wrong word would lead to catastrophe.

" You don't get to ask me that. You don't get to demand answers from me when you and I both know the answer to those questions. You don't get to believe that you are in charge of my life when In the real sense I dictate my life, Filipe. I don't get to explain nothing to you and I don't regret my action. Give me another chance and I would still make the same decision I made ten months ago." Andre carefreely addressed his brother

" Even if it threw half the kingdom in turmoil and confusion, thinking that their prince was kidnapped?! Or your family, who early ran amock searching for you?!" Filipe asked, irritation becoming visible in his contenance at seeing Andre nonchalance

" Don't you f**king dare guilt trip me. Worried about me? You were worried about me?" Andre was seriously trying to keep his anger at bay while not disrespecting his elder brother

" Were seriously thinking about me when you decided against me will that I be refused from leaving the palace grounds. Did you consider my emotional stability when you and father felt that I was to fragile to even have friends and the only ones I did have were too intimidated to come visit me at the palace. Did you or father care to consider me when I was isolated from attending functions because father felt ashame of me being different -

" oh his too human and can't endure the rigours of our kind"

" That I became sudidial due to the fact that my own father felt that isolation was my best protection"

The anger brewing with in Filipe over Andre's inconsideration suddenly died out when he heard for the first time Andre's pent up anger against him an their father. And what he went through all alone. What they had felt was for his own safety had become counterproductive and had forced him into depression.

Andre threw caution and respect out the window as was forced to relieve those days again within his mind. Anger burning white and hot, his control slip and his Aura seeping out the pores of his skin. Bitterness coating his tongue with ill tunes

" - you don't get to decide my future or my fate. You don't get to Tell me What to do about my life. You don't get to tell me that the whole kingdom was worried about me when I don't even know to tell between friend or foe. I would rather I forgo and forfeit all the claims to the royal bloodline and be happy than return to that beautfied palacial prison as a matter of fact, I Andre Alvarez Fibona-"

" Enough!!!!" Filipe bellowed, his rage unsheathed,his Aura, surged out encompassing the entire dinner and his dominance rising to the surface forcing all the humans and his wolf guards within the dinner and around the vicinity to bow in submission to the raw power and authority that was at display

" E V E R Y B O D Y. O UT!!!!" He thundered and the entire dinner emptied at Filipe's order. For the first time they both remember having two other spectators and Filipe wondered why his command didn't affect them even his mate

"That includes you both"

Alva was about to give Filipe a piece of her mind when Andre interfered

" They go nowhere"

Filipe ignored his mate and the other young lady whose face seemed familiar, for the time being and faced his Andre once again

" You will not reject your bloodline and heritage. You are forbidden from uttering those cursed words. Is that understood"

Andre gritted his teeth but said nothing mustering all his will to forcing the command out of his head

" IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" Filipe pushed more to ascert his dominance on Andre.

Andre grinded his teeth more before surrendering

" Yes"

" Good"

Filipe finally allowed his Aura and dominance reside to the back of his mind. His eye wondered back to his mate whom he saw watching him back but with eyes narrowed at him and a set determination in her face. She didn't fear him but what he was able to read from her emotion was indignation and disgust. He had a feeling that after his little display of dominance, he just about sentenced himself to a one ticket for rejection

Alva had just about had enough of this dyfunctional family reunion and stood to leave but she wasn't going alone. It was time for her to intervene. She grabbed Diana's hand and as she stood and turned to Andre

" We would like to take our leave Andre, please can you take us back"

Andre stood up eyes not leaving his brother

" And who said you could leave?" Questioned Filipe whose eyes were slowly training towards the young lady that bore a familial resemblance. He felt the girl's Aura rise to show dominance and authority. Internally, he scoffed at the petite witch who was seriously trying to intimidating him

" And gave you the right to question our coming and going" Alva fired back not backing down on her challenge.

She never liked his high and mighty personality right from a tender age that made feel proud and untouchable and right now, just see the way he tried to dominate his brother just made her dislike him more

" You will do well to know your place young lady" she was beginning to grate on his nerves by not backing down and the way she held on to his mate like as though she wanted to take her away from him did not settle down well with him.

She let go off Diana's hand in other stand her ground properly and stared right back at him taking up his challenge

" Or else what" she countered now this was getting very interesting. Did he really think he stood a chance against her. She took threatening steps towards him

" Alva" Andre warned.

This situation was getting out of hand very quickly as he watched Alva step closer to accept Filipe challenge. And once a challenge was initiated, there was no backing down from it. For heavens sake this was his brother and his cousin here about to challenge each other. While he was confident Filipe could hold his own and win any challenge, this was Alva and from the little he had watch Alva do, Filipe was outclassed here

Filipe didn't back down.

Alva didn't back down

" Is that a challenge, whoring witch" Filipe growled trying to rivile her with insult to make her angry

" Filipe" begged Andre.

He knew what the insults was meant to do. Coerce tactics 101

" Is that an acceptance, rabid mutt"
Alva snarled, dishing and equal insult at him.

And she knew just which buttons of insults to press, for no sooner had she said those words that Filipe growled at the insult. His claws beginning to break through skin as his wolf was forcing a shift for the challenge and canines breaking gum to prepare for attack. Right there in the dinner Filipe was about to acceptance the challenge when everything about him just froze surprising even Andre who had been thinking of ways to intervene.

Alva walked up to him in calm calculated steps as he struggled hard to even twitch a muscle. When she stop head to head with him, she spoke voice that sent chills down Filipe's spine

" The only reason I didn't let this challenge proceed any further is because Andre would never forgive me when I killed you. Your mother, my aunt would have my head on a wooden stake literally when she returns and get to hear what I did. And let's not forget my own mother,your aunt. She would kill me ,bring me back and then kill me again only to bring me back and repeat the process allover.

So count yourself lucky Filipe, that you are blood and I am quite very fond of that nephew of mine over there. But take this warning very carefully, the next time you attempt to ascert your will and dominance over him thereby losing his free will, I will cut your balls and feed you your testicles piece by bloody piece. Is that understood ? "

Filipe's mouth suddenly was free to speak but he had to choose his words very carefully. If this was the infamous daughter of his Aunt, Agnes, then he was way out of his league with this one. A snap of fingers close to his face brought him back to reality and he answered immediate

" yes"

" Good" she replied back throwing his words back at him as she made to leave the diner. The power that held him bond slowly released him from it's hold as he felt himself gaining control of his body.

Diana had passed him by without giving him so much as a glance I other to meet up with Alva. Andre was about to pass him when held stopped him by raising his hands to block his path. After what seemed like an eternity, without looking at Andre for fear of seeing the raw truth , pleaded

" I'm sorry"

Andre didn't know what to say as the apology had caught him off guard as he least expected it from Filipe. He loved his brother and all but an apology was what he never heard being uttered from his mouth. But the emotional pains was still fresh in mind but Andre guessed it was time to let go

" Do you know how it feels to be alone? No you don't because you were surrounded by friends who looked up to you, never leaving you alone. You were never restricted from going out and experiencing life at its fullest.

Do you know how it feels when people who are meant to be family, end up referring to you as some distant visiting relative all because you face is not familiar to. Imagine me, a king's son being a refered to a cousin to the King In his own home.".

He smiled sadly at a memory of the past when he encountered his friends waiting for him

" David, Steve and Leo had been waiting for you at one of the reception halls . They must've probably be there for quite a while when I happened to stroll by, at first they thought I was one of the helps and ordered me to go get you. I ignored them and tried to walk passed them. They felt insulted and tried to block my path. Had one of my guards not intervened tactically living out my identity, Its better left to imagination how that day would have ended.

Now how would they not know me unless my brother and my father somehow choose to selectively forget I was part of the royal family and not inform the kingdom of my existence. "

As Andre verbally recalled the incidence, he found out that he no longer held any animosity or anger towards them. Secondly he was trying to sensor anything concerning his powers. he wasn't ready for them to know how powerful he was, well not yet.

What actions they thought to be for his protection ended up doing more harm than good. Yes they had been over protective of Andre after the rouge attacks started some twenty years back and had outrightly commanded him to be in doors, due to the fact that his couldn't shift, inheriting his mother's human genes over his father's shifter own.

Hearing first hand what their actions had caused him to become, he nearly broke down. Their actions had been borderline repressive and antagonistic to him. He was more or less a prisoner in his own home

Remembering the promise he made to himself after his mother's disappearance to protect a very young Andre, he wondered how he had lost his way so badly that he had failed in his promise. This was a kid he he watch take his first step, had sleepless nights over, lost his first teeth, bickered childishly over silly and mundane thing, he loved this boy to pieces. And yet he failed him

He turned to look again at his younger brother

"I'm truely sorry. I apologise u behalf of father and i's action towards you please forgive us. We thought we were doing it for your protection but didn't know when crossed that line. Words can truely not express our regrets...." Filipe was short for words to say and Andre sensed his brother's contenance in wreck and decided to save him

" What's done is done. "

He said in a cliped voice

" It's best we get Aunt Linda and Agnes food else where seeing that you ordered everyone out. You're pay the bills for commandeering this diner" he added



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Nice update,
Waiting to see my nigerian legend in action
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Hey @Emempaul welcome back,but watch the typos
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sorry about the typo. was in a hurry to post this . pls bear with me
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 6:58pm On Nov 23, 2020
Chapter 28

As they exited the diner making their way to the car were Alva and Diana were waiting for him, it struck him that Filipe wasn't surprised at the mention of both their Aunts presence which meant one thing, he knew of their presence with him. He didn't know whether to see it as a good thing or a bad thing, but he decided against bringing the topic up in the already tensed atmosphere.

They had just about reaching the car when three figure approached him which immediately made him to tense up and prepare himself to fight. Filipe noticed his brother's tensed stance and immediately went on the alert readying himself for a possible confrontation. He traced his Andre's line of sight to see what spooked him only to discover that it was his three childhood friends Dan, Leo and Steve

He relaxed his fighting stance but Andre didn't back down and held them eye to eye, preparing for any possible attack from them. Filipe frowned at this and looked back to his friends who suddenly found out that looking at anywhere else was more interesting than looking at him. The clogs of the wheels within his mind started working on overdrive as he looked to Andre and back to his friends and then back to Andre. He pieced together a rather troubling scenarios and his anger boiled over this time directed at his friends. His rage was reaching it's peak and could barely contain it

"What did you do to my brother' he demanded. A demand that had all his men cower and fall to their knees , baring their neck in submission, his three friends included.

A hand rested on his shoulder, to calm him but it more or less increased his agitation when he saw whose hands it was. Andre tried to calm his brother's Wolf that was almost taking over. If nothing was done fast, they were bound to lose their heads very soon. A decision he was bound to regret once the craze was over.

" Lipe please. Please don't do this. Don't make a decision you will regret." It didn't seem to be working as Filipe shaking, trying hard to wrestle control with his wolf. When he shrugged his hands off him and took dangerously close steps towards his three friends, he knew that Neptune was winning.

Neptune was and ancient wolf that was not to be triffled with, a wolf who swa life from a rather unsettling perspective.
A Happy Neptune was a crazy Neptune, an angry Neptune was a dangerous Neptune. But a mad Neptune, most especially one whom was over protective, was a disaster in the the making and this Neptune rising was a mad Neptune.

Andre tried to stop him again and plead on their behalf but Filipe's eyes had lost his cerulean blue and and bright green, and indication that Neptune was in charge

" Move away from my path little one" Neptune demanded but not with the alpha command. It was one thing Neptune never used on Andre, reasons best known to him

Andre refused and held unto his brother, blocking his path to those three useful idiots

" Please I beg you , no I beseech thee to tamper justice with mercy." Andre pleaded

" Did they tamper justice with mercy when they spat derogatory words at you"

" It doesn't matter"

" It matters to me little one. Now step out of my way" Andre knew he had lost this one and move out of his path

Damn!! Damn!! Damn!!

He thought to himself. He had to do something fast. If only he had a mate that could calm him this would have been much more.....

Wait a minute.

A mate!!

His mate!!
He did have a mate!!

And she was sitting not more than a couple of feet away from him. He quickly ran back to the car to go get Diana before this place became a blood bath zone. Neptune was enrage at the possibility that this three humans he had bonded with had the effontry to harm a child of his mother, his own flesh and blood, a seed o the royal bloodline.

" For how long have you been tormenting my brother." Neptune asked with a deadly calm. Fear permeating the area with its stench. It was a known fact that when Neptune rose all hell broke lose.

Dan was the courageous one or rather stupid one to speak, his head not rising as not to incure the wrath of the prince

" Your highness we plead for mercy. We failed the throne and have brought harm to the royal household in which we swore to protect, howbeit unknowingly.

" We excuse not our actions for antagonizing the prince but we knew not to whom his alliance laid. He scented neither wolf nor supernatural but only scented pack and of slight dominance which confused our wolves to in knowing if he were friend or foe"

" Do not take me for a fool Daniel lightfoot Meteraz. That he had the pack scent should have been enough for you to take him as one of your own yet you disregard the one unwritten rule of pack mates

An injury to one is an injury to all

" And you, Leonardo Rodriguez, you should've know better than to pertake in this. I am highly disappointed. Your punishments for bringing harm to the royal bloodline....." He paused is judgement as a sweet intoxicating scent of sweet basil in morning dew waft pass his nose. He turned to see his mate stand close to his brother.

Andre saw that Diana had got Neptune's attention and stepped aside to give some distance between him and Diana. He was trying to save those ungrateful lot from being massacred, not end up being of them.

" Diana go to him."

" Easy for you to say not were your faced creature of myths and legends"

" He would never harm you. We just need him to relinquish his hold and give it back to Filipe"

" I wonder why I agreed to this" she muttered to herself and walked forward towards the man beast standing in from of her howbeit shakingly.

Judgement long forgotten and eyes on his mate who was nervously walking towards him. He spotted a lopsided grin as watched his mate move closer.

When Diana was about sure she was a safe distance from the man beast standing before her, stopped and swallowed a deep breath then exhailed and immediately began talking to easy her own tension but not before glaring at Andre

" My name is Diana- " she waved nervously at him " - I'm sorry but you cannot harm those people"

" Why? " mused Neptune. He'd give it to her she did have guts to even talk to him even in his current state

" Hello, glad one of us is finding this situation musing but they are your people. You don't just go about deciding their fate like it's just the weather forecast for the day. Yes they erred and admitted to their failure, which I must add is partly your fault. If you had done more to take you brother along with the current situation as at that point in time maybe we would have avoided all this crimes, judgement and execution parade that you are put up now."

" Are you saying that it's our fault that Andre had to suffer from the animosity of the pack" He beginning to get irritated as at were she was going and he wouldn't accept it. He couldn't

" You're not as dumb as you look" she tried to joke but it got a negative result because next she heard a loud growl that would make lesser men wet their pants. But she was no man, she was a woman and currently she was shaking terribly within her.

The man beast took deliberate slow steps towards her closing the distance between them and stopped right in front of her

" Be careful how you address me, mate, ' cos I am not above teaching you manners"he whispered suggestively as his raised his hand to stroke her cheeks in an endearing way which had her leaning closer to him.

" Neptune...... please.... Let them go" she could hardly control herself as the feeling was intoxicating but the lives of the people were in her hands

The way his mate called his name sent pleasant shivers round his body. He never knew that having a mate could be this addictive. Just for some minutes, it was just two of them and nothing or nobody mattered to them - well that was until they heard loud clearing of throat and both mates turned to see who interrupted their moments.

Eyes narrowed on Andre who shrugged casually and pointed in the opposite direction. When both mate to look the direction he point, it fell on Alva who get a sacastic laugh

" Sorry to crash your moments and all but we really need to get back, I tired,cranky and getting bitchy. So unless you alot want to see the bitchy side of me , I suggest you release your men from theirr knee bending exercise and let's get a move on.

Oh and Neptune, it's nice to see you again but your human has really got a white hot rod shoved up his a**" Neptune rolled his eyes but didn't take offense in the way she spoke to him ' cos he knew better. It was kind of an unspoken truce between them long ago

" Amarah you never change. Always the drama queen. And attention seeker and cockblock."

" I know right. Now get on with it will you Agnes and Linda are quite ansty when they don't get their food on time."

He turned back and walk to his men who were still on their knees though a bit relax now. When him came to the three culprit he put on his mask of anger again.

" You are lucky that my mate is a reasonable distraction and Andre has pleaded your case before me. You are favoured that I will harm none of you today. But make no mistake a single tear from Andre's eye and you become open season to me. Mark my words for they are no empty threats." And with that Neptune relinquish his hold and gave control back to Filipe. His eye changing back to its original cerulean blue and narrowing back at his friends

" This is not over. NOW GET. OUT. OF. MY. SIGHT" he growled at his three friends enunciating each word as they stood up and scrambled out of his sight.

He turn to find Diana who had rushed back to Andre's car. She was embarrassed the open display of affection right in the middle of the road with huge crowd of guards/soldiers/warrior whatever as their audience. She definitely was not going to show her face out fo the next year, assuming they survived till a new year.

Filipe smiled at her childish display and smirked. His mate was shy and he would enjoy teasing her to build up boldness after all, she did stand up to him a while back. He was going to enjoy every bit of this mate of his. But first they needed to take out this current threat that they faced.


Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:00pm On Nov 23, 2020
I wanted it to be a continuation of the previous chapter but found out it was a long one so I made it into a chapter instead. so enjoy

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