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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 8:49pm On Aug 13, 2020
Chapter 9

Sierra Nevada,. Canada

"Diana! Please tell me you didn't hack into another government anthropological data base again" Trucker was really running a tight rope due to his 16 year old daughter's habits of "accidently stumbling in" on classified datas which had on countless times made him hav verbal confrontations with persons he would rather not talk to on a normal day.

If it wasn't a classfied dig that had even the White House interested in dead and forgotten four thousand year old rotten bones of an ancient king, it would be a secret research into extinct predator and their hunting traits and their application to build superhumans. Infact things that he, on an ordinary day would believe as fiction,was privily to information that made him wet his pants literally.

He didn't want to scare his daughter or hide her intelligence but he also didn't want to be on the run for he was trying to give his daughter a somewhat stable home since Alicia, her mother abandoned them for the great beyond

"My assignment and term paper are coming up tomorrow and I've being searching for a good material all over the internet but there was none. So I help myself to the good stuff" she replied non-chalantly

" And it didn't bother you that perhaps maybe just maybe you went in to far this time. And broke into the National Scientific Archives, which I might add are looking for a reason to take you away from me after your last stint. Do you have any idea what I sacrificed to keep them away from you? Are you bloody nuts? Is this a joke to?" Trucker was visible angry with his daughter and he didn't bother to hide it.

"And it didn't occur to you that they might noticed your intrusion? Might have done a back Trace that would lead them back to to us" he shouted causing Diana to flinch. Seeing her reaction to his anger, he controlled his anger by taking steady breaths.

"You will go back and make sure nothing and I mean nothing is traces back to you or this house. Then tomorrow, when you are done with school, you are going to your uncle's in L.A. Go FRUSTRATE him too"he said before storming out of the house

After she watched her father leave probably to go calm down, she returned to the desktop and checked up on her work first before ensuring that they truly had not back traced to piggy back on her signature to be able to find her. Luckily, whoever they put incharge of monitoring the satellite activity was either dumb or just plainly didn't care. After she double checked that all was cool and calm, she finished her assignment logged off and setout In search for her father
As she walked towards the small pond not far from the property yet secluded enough for privacy, s place were she knew he would go as he once said that the water calmed him down,her mind wondered to the strange feeling she had been having for the past two weeks. It felt as though she was sbeen held down and in captivity. As if something was trying to hard to break loose, to be set free yet the time was not yet come. And yet she was restless that she easily snapped at anyone at school. A reason she had tried so hard to avoid her friends in order not to lash out on them. The thought had being keeping her sleepless and restless for days on end.

That she hacked into NASA was out boredom and nothing else. She didn't have any term paper to present nor project work to prepare. She did it so that she wouldn't go crazy with hysteria of her overworked mind.

As she approached the pond, she saw his back and knew he was a bit relaxed and proceeded to remove her slip-ons before nearing him and taking a sit by his side on the concrete stone edge she and her dad had made together while sliping her feet into the water and resting her head on his shoulder.

For so seconds, they both didn't say anything,but she took a deep breath before speaking

" I'm sorry dad.i know I shouldn't have done it and put our lives at risk again"

He heaved out loud before he replied
" And I'm sorry for shouting at you even though you can be a major pain in my ass"

She smiled " I know but you still love me any way and I'm stuck with you"

" It's not easy raising you alone. I for know if Alicia was here you would be in serious trouble. So please,cut me some slack kiddo"

" I Know that and you're doing a pretty good job at it under the circumstance"

" Yeah right. That doesn't get you off the hook young lady. Tomorrow you are off to your uncle Ian's. Go put him on edge for two weeks. Besides I need some breathing space before I die of a heart attack"

" Dad! I'm hurt. You're pushing your Koko Puff away." She held her hand over her chest in mock heartbreak

" Pushing" exclaimed Trucker "- I'm not pushing, I'm throwing the Koko and the Puffs away for two weeks. Two weeks of freedom. Imagine the things I would do without you" using his index finger to tap the side of his head using his side eye to watch his pouting daughter before bursting out in laughter

- -++++++++++++++++++++-----

True his words, he literally rushed her to the Airport for a late flight to L.A. and here she was two days later in a public library with No laptop,no desktop,no smart phone. Just a second generation handset with no internet connection. Damn uncle Ian could be mean when he puts his mind to it she thought. Don't get her wrong, she loved her uncle to pieces, sometimes she often wondered who she loved more, her dad or her uncle. That's because she had them both growing up.

Ian always said that she was a mini Alicia in every way possible including mischief making in which they both unleashed on her father sometimes. He and Alicia had being close. So much that they often knew intuitively when something was wrong with the other.

Her mother's death had hit uncle Ian so bad that her dad had to leave Canada for two years to be able to pull him out of his depressed state. And in those two trying years, lan had said that it was her presence that help him pull out of his "lacuadistic state" as he used to call it
So here she was reading her sorrows away in the mythology section of the library.she had always been a fan of myths and legends as they often captivated her

Today, she was reading pre-babylonian era and her choice of read was the fall of Babel and rise of a new world order

So engrossed was she that she didn't take cognisance oo some standing next to her place
The person cleared her throat to gain her attention

" Go away you're distracting me" she replied without raising her head up

" Well you see, that's the book I've looking for for more than two weeks and you're reading it" the young lady replied.

Diana finally raised her head to scope the owner of the voice as it sounded foreign. From her quick observation, the female was probably 3 or 4 years her senior with dirt blonde hair, a nice physique that screamed badass chick and an accent that most definitely was Scandinavian in origin. On the accent, she knew because of her aunts and uncles from her father's side of the family and he visits to Finland. That got her interested in making a conversation with the young lady.

" So it seems we're are in a dilemma, as I just started reading him" Diana said while pointing to an image in the page of the book she was reading

When the young lady saw the image Diana pointed to, she raised her brow in Surprise before covering it up with a huff.

" I'll tell you what. Why don't you read up on it 'cos he's also the person I'm researching on. And say by this time in two days, we meet up here and you can tell me all you read on him." The young lady offered

" That's like telling me to do you homework. So sorry, no will do" Diana retorted

" What a shame, I'll just go book it down with the librarian and. Take it from your possession them. Too bad, you seem to have gotten attached to it"

" You are evil you know that right. "

" I'll make you a deal, I'll bring cookies, lots of it along with Starbucks or soda..... your choice"

" You are evil, you know that right"

The young lady smiled because she knew she already won. As a last ditch attempt at the tempting offer, Diana decided to bargain.

" What's in it for me?"

The lady smiled again, something she seemed to be doing very often than she wanted though not a bad thing in her eight months of staying hidden .

" A chance to read more rare books on certain individuals that were otherwise lost to history as I take it you are one with curiosity or shall I say thirst for myths and legends, Yes?

" You strike a hard bargain of which is very tempting" Diana faked pondering as she already accepted the offer in her head

" And you won't pass it"the young lady insisted

" And I won't pass it" Diana answered

" Good then it's settled" the young lady stretched forth her hand to shake and introduced herself

" I'm Alva Glenda"

" Diana Rutherford" and they both shook hands. It was at that point both ladies felt as if something snapped into place within them as though what had been missing had been replaced. In Alva's case, it all her will power to quieten down the sudden surge of power within her.

Both girls schooled their features and acted as though nothing happened

" So... Here by 9am then" Diana said to try break the awkward situation they were in

" Be looking forward to it" replied Alva and with that excused herself, while Diana took the book to the librarian to go register it to be taken home but her thoughts were still on the sudden change she felt.
It was as if all the restlessness she had been experiencing had just upped and vanish which suddenly became bothersome to her, but decided not to dwell on it for long as he had a book to read and research to do

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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 8:50pm On Aug 13, 2020
so guy I'm baccck
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 10:17am On Aug 14, 2020
I understand that there a lot of typo must especially in the beginning chapters, pls bear with me but I won't be editing them until I complete this book. it long over due for completing.
life was what happened that being the reason for the long pause of the book
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by silverlinen(m): 12:38am On Aug 15, 2020
Superb work this is .... I'm loving it but please try to correct the spelling of some words..Big ups
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 10:43am On Aug 15, 2020
Superb work this is .... I'm loving it but please try to correct the spelling of some words..Big ups

like I said any correction and proper editing will be after I finish book 1
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 10:43am On Aug 15, 2020
next chapter shud be ready later today or tomorrow
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 10:45am On Aug 15, 2020
So here is chapter 3 so wat do u guys think
Oh and row call
Please invited others I couldn't mention

guys I'm back. no vexs I take His name beg una
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 1:21pm On Aug 15, 2020
Ann2012 Lightqueen Abelranking Silensa Mhizv Kimberlywest Skubido Olisamax Izaray Aprilwise Amauwana BIGGIE121 Adesina12 Flourish19 Ven97 Iamgprince Chizim Francium001 Remite011 Makuazini Toyhin123 Tonyspecial Queenite Treasure17 PweetygiftofGod Mychiveous Genius43 Shezkid Taniaa Vickyuchy VivienD Lessonlearnt
I no forget una too
abeg no vex I don return from my sabatica
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 9:25pm On Aug 15, 2020
I don't need views I need comments to point me in the right direction . so please guy constructive criticism is highly welcomed
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 11:23am On Aug 16, 2020
as of right now I have 2 chapters ready. if I don't see comments to know if people are enjoying this work or even critic the work then I will end this book here
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 2:49pm On Aug 16, 2020
Chapter 10

The next two days came faster than Alva anticipated, making her excited and nervous at the same time. She laughed at herself when she thought of the nervous part. She, Alva, nervous. It take more than a meeting with a girl she was probably older than to make she nervous.

Her thoughts wandered to the handshake they both shared. The moment they both shook hands, a surge of live force was shot through her entire being. It was as though her powers had been amplified a thousand times over and it took all the self control and will power to calm down

"Could it be? "

She asked herself, then shook her head and answered her question within her head
It's impossible. She's human
she thought. But then again nothing was ever impossible with humans as her mother always told her underestimate the humans at your own peril.

Her mind again drifted to her mother as she had not seen nor been able to contact her mother since that fateful day of the attack eight months ago and it was killing her not knowing what happened and if she was even okay.

She finally willed herself to get out of bed in order to get ready for today's activities. First she would eat to calm the raging beasts in her stomach then she would be going for appointment with Diana. Then depending on the out come of her appointment, she would the be taking a trip to Tennessee to go find her ever illusive cousin she had never met before, whom she might add was a dysfunctional werewolf or shall she say lycan from a dysfunctional royal bloody lines of lycans,a very aggressive lot.

They took propriety ownership of the mates like they were a property bought and owned, outrightly possessive, and craved sex and attention like hummonal teens newly experiencing sex for the first time and not adding the fact that they were downright arrogant and overbearingly emotional and she knew because she'd come in contact with some packs here in America and even made friends with some, so she got to see firsthand what it was like

The more, she thought of being owned the more it agitated her. What in the heavens drove her aunt Annabel to submit to such babaric way, she would never know . But definitely, all hell would freeze over before any of those fur balls get to do that to her.

She enjoyed her freedom and no man or beast will dictate how her life would be and what direction to take. Imagine seeking permission to go and come, never having freedom to make your own decisions. She shivered at that thought alone

"Could her life not get any more complicated"
She thought as readied herself

As she trugde her wayslowly towards the library making sure she was not followed by any unwanted fellow, she was just skimming through random thoughts when it occurred to her that she forgot the most important thing to bring along

"Food.!! Damn it Alva. What were you thinking about""
she muttered to herself quietly as she diverted from her original destination to the nearest fast-food that was opened

After making her purchase, she began the journey back to library. By the time she got there, she found a deeply engrossed Diana skimming through through text after text with all seriousness with other books scattered around her in a disorganized way. Had it being any other time, then Alva might have found this scene funny but now was not the time to laugh. As she approached Diana Abit noisely, as not to startle her before dropping her backpack and food beside the table and sitting down on andl empty seat opposite her.

"Hey you" Alva greeted

"Hi back" Diana replied

" It seems you've been busy" Alva joked

" And it seems you brought food" Diana smiled while pointing at the packed paper bags

"Yeah well,I couldn't keep a girl hungry

" Okay, first thing first, a run down of what I discovered so far.

And Diana began explaining all she had been able to gather from the books sprawled all around her about Nimrod, from his heritage to his occupation even his betrayal and supposed death

All the authors gave various version of his seeds and seemed to correlate with the other. The only thing they seem mostly not to agree on was how he died. As that too had different versions.

From Diana's little insight into these over powered demi gods, was that they seem to like to throw people off their backs so they could live in peace and isolation till that generation was wiped off then they would resurface again.
So it meant that they ( in this case, Nimrod)had stylishly inserted himself into history in other distort facts about who he truely was. Which made her draw the conclusion that he would be an immortal and very much alive and living his life.which to her was very impossible

Another thing was that they only mentioned him as the son of cush, which begs to question if he had no other siblings or was it his significance in history that made the others fade into the back ground.

The two girls kept at it for hours , putting fact straight and removing fiction from it, only taking break to eat stretch and go to the bathroom.

By the end of the day they had come to the following conclusion

For the fact that nobody new how he died, given that everyone had a different opinion to his death,there might be a possibility that someone far back in history wanted that fact hidden so as not to dig deeper to his life to uncover any hidden tales. Which begs to question, what really happened in the tower of Babel incident

Secondly,he was not in good terms with his immediate extended family because of his activities that circumvented the way of the Almighty.

Thirdly, he had siblings mostly like sisters but they were left out of history's tale as the authors probably thought they were irrelevant to Nimrod

Fourth of all he was arrogant, proud, boastful,and seeked to turn man against God in every way possible and wanted to be a mortal god himself. Infact he wanted men to ascribe all their success to themselves through him.

He had a bone to pick with God for no reason (or was there one) and if a man like Nimrod was alive today then he definitely would want to try again and fight Him

By the time, the girls were through, it was 3:55pm which meant it was time to go

" So....."Diana began and paused

" So..." Alva replied
"Thanks for the help on this - em- research. I'm very grateful for your help' 'cos I would not have achieved what we achieved today. Here's another book that I promised and you can keep it" she said, picking a book from her bag and handing it over to her

Diana collected the book and brushed through it's cover, admiring everything about the craftsmanship and the best part was that it was written in English. She opened the first pages and glanced through the first words then closed it back to thank her.

All through, Alva watch attentively as she saw her open the first pages then glanced through some lines as if to have a feel ofhe content. The book was written in a dead language that had taken her painstaking years to understand. But here this girl was glancing through it as though she understood the language.

This had been the test her mother had asked her to perform one anyone she thought to be the LEGACY OF KNOWLEDGE.

Curiosity got the best of her
" Won't you tell me what the book is all about?" Asked Alva

" It about Atlantis. It's rise to power and it's fall. The real tale".
Came Diana's reply excitement could be seen all over her

" Oh , good. I think I best make my way home as you should" Alva said trying to hide her own excitement over the discovery. They both stood and cleaned up their mess of both books and food waste and began to exit the library.

" Say could we do this again, say next week asked Diana when they got to the main exit of the library

" Sure why not" answered Alva " let me have your number in case you need anything" she added
After exchanging numbers, Diana drew Alva in for a hug the said

" I know the "research" you are doing is the kick-ass, saving the world grade. So if you need any further aid don't hesitate to ask. I love kick-ass adventure" and with that she let go and was on her way, surprising Alva as she least expected it. If she was in doubt before, she no longer doubted

She had just found the Legacy of knowledge

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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 3:14pm On Aug 16, 2020
Chapter 11


" When is the blood moon's next occurrence?" Asked Nimrod

"In thirteen days from today my Lord." Replied his chief astrologist

He nodded and excused the man so that he could be left to his thoughts

In two weeks,he would finally meet that old hag again. In two weeks,he finally show those pompous feathered flop the strength of vengeance. In two weeks,war began

The last time he had tried was during his reign as King. The tower had just been a cover for it's true purpose- opening a portal that led straight to the heavens and releasing the watchers from their prison in other to conquer Earth and wage war onthe heavens but that Old fool had to just come disrupt his plans

<÷÷÷÷÷÷÷ Flash back ++++++++>


" Nimrod what have you done" a distraught Cush asked

" What father? Are you not happy that I wage war against the heavens and that Arrogant ball of light that almost wiped out our race from existence"Nimrod shrugged casually

'" No son of mine who has seen the greatness of the Creator should wage war against Him. It madness, it's sucidial to do so. No matter what you think or have been promised, you and they will not win. So I ask- no I beg you end this madness right now" Cush begged his son

" Sorry father,the gates of the prison shall be opened and once again we shall reign along side FALLEN"

And with he sent a powerful force that push his father far from him and caging him in an invincible force while he began reciting again from the scroll before him

He was almost through reading the book when a loud noise was heard. An explosion had rocked the tower and the force threw Nimrod some distance away from the pulpit that held the scroll.

He stood up an tried to move back towards the scroll but found that he couldn't move. He was being held down by an invincible force.
He search around to see the culprit when his eyes landed on three figures, whose presence scream authority and whose Aura manifested raw power

He could recognize two out of the three as Uriel and Gabriel because of their frequent visits to Earth. The third who seemed to be their leader held a grace so strong that it overshadowed the others

"Oh son of Cush, have your rebellious nature not learned from the mistakes of your forbearers that wrought down the anger of the Almighty on them?" Asked their leader.

True to him being rebellious, challenged back at them

" Do shut up. Your voice feels like grater to my ears. That Old hag needs a lesson or two in kingdom management. He sits up there dishing out orders while you, and those lap dogs go about it licking His ass to please his ego. I just want a change in leadership so that I can show him how it's done rightly. "

For the insolence in his reply, Uriel put his hand on the hilt of his sword ready to draw it and strike him but he was stilled by the raise of a hand by their leader, then he spoke

" Your insolence and rebellious nature precedes you. Truely the imaginations of man is continually wicked and I also see that in unity they hold a formidable strength. And that drives his purpose to Excell.

But for my promise to Noah shall I not revisit judgement on Man neither shall I let you go unpunished

I shall take away that which unites you and watch you break ,crumble and scatter amongst sands of the earth untill you are nothing.

Your name shall be a curse to the living and a reproach amongst the dead

Your days shall be greatly multiple in sorrow and your nights in pains

Nature shall be your enemy

You shall die a thousand deaths of a fool yet death shall flee from your domain

You shall know no sleep in rest neither shall you slumber in peace

Strive shall u face by day and terror by night. Until the appointed time were you shall face judgement for transgressions and the very power in which you seek shall be your very own destruction"

Upon those pronouncement, , Nimrod fell to his knees and blacked out only for him to wake up and find the portal destroyed, the scroll gone and his people scattered and in dis array as they could not understand each other anymore
With all the strength he had shouted to the heavens and a great cataclismic thunderbolt struck the tower bringing it to rubbles"

<=======FLASHBACKS ENDS========>

Soon, I shall have my revenge old idiot and no force in the Heavens or here on Earth shall stop me" Nimrod spoke to himself with a firm promise of resolve then left the prison to go visit his new favorite punching bag

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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 3:23pm On Aug 16, 2020
Welcome back @op,
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by ashatoda: 4:02pm On Aug 16, 2020
this is what is called interesting. please continue
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 2:20pm On Aug 18, 2020














pls invite others . I cannot come and be writing without spectator

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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Adewale94(m): 9:19pm On Aug 18, 2020
Can't wait o..
Thanks for the story,, it really interesting
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by divinelypruned(f): 2:01am On Aug 19, 2020
Am here, where is the driver nah
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 5:04am On Aug 19, 2020
Am here, where is the driver nah

I dey here ooo . will try and post next chapter today
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 12:32am On Aug 20, 2020
Chapter 12

Tennessee, USA

Come on Oby, let's hit the club before those loosers get the fine chikas and we are left with ugly ones. I might be Hot but I gat taste" Andre complained as Oby fumbled with lace of his Snickers.

How the hell did he get himself into this?
He thought to himself

" I'm coming, I'm coming" with that took one last look at himself in the mirror before leaving the room to go join his friend who was impatiently waiting for him to get ready.

" Finally"

he exclaimed as he stood up to leave

At the club, the place was packed full with bodies - lots of bodies grinding against each other,sweat and body odor stinking high and booze flowing steadily. It was times like this that he cursed his sensitive nose.

But just as their custom had been for the better part of 3weeks, they' d come seat at the corner and scope out the babes. Any they felt like it would end up in a night of hot sex romp underneath the sheets, they went for.

That was the life

They sat patiently as usual, waiting, scoping and giving tactic body language to choose for their pick,who they would spend the night with when one caught Oby' s fancy. He excuse himself and did the knuckle shake before going for his catch
Andre also had made his choice out of the many and was about to stand when he was intercepted by a girl with a Raven black hair, dressed in clothes that accetuated her curves in the right place

This lady saw him starring and rolled her eyes before sitting opposite from him

" Keep it in your pants dear cousin,you are not my type" were the first words that left her mouth

"Do I know you" asked a flabbergasted Andre. He didn't even remember having a cousin

" Alva Glenda and you are Andre Alvarez
Fibonacci" she stated

"You're Aunt Agnes daughter" he stated and she nodded

" If you know me then you know what I am. You have 50 seconds so make them count" he threatened

" Actually I do,. Runaway shielded and sheltered son of King Fernandez Fibonacci. Took more to his mom's side than his dad's werewolf genes. So save your threats for someone else. Right now you and I don't have that luxury

" What do you mean by you and I?! There's no you and I. I barely just met you" he fired back

" Listen to me, I --" he cut her off

" No you listen to me young lady, you don't come here and dictate to me what I know nothing of. Now if you would excuse me, I have a nice chicka I'm going to dance with and probably Bleep tonight" he said and made to go

" Aunt Linda is in trouble and she needs you help" she hastingly lied and he paused his movement and sat back down

" You have my attention. So make it count"

" How much has she told you" she asked
He looked at her cautiously, thinking of what to tell her and what not to

" That I'm a legacy holder. Legacy of Power. Whatever that means" he said, testing the waters to see what she knew. She looked at him expecting more but hen he said nothing more , she gave an exasperated sighed

" I don't fucking believe this. Just bloody great. That's all she told you?" She asked and he nodded

So you don't know who Nimrod is and his threat to humanity?" She asked again

He shook his head in negative. And this time genuinely curious

" Not even what or who those legacies are?" She asked again. And he shook his head again. She almost pulled her hair in frustration as she ran her fingers through it.

" How was I to know when I only got a thirty minutes crash course before l fled the country" he argued

"As I speak to you , Nimrods men are on the hunt for the legacies,two of which they know. The third, I happen to meet by chance of fate or Divine intervention, the last is still unknown to me. O and Aunt Agnes and Linda and still in hidding."

" In hidding? Aren't they supposed to be the most powerful witches there are or something?" Andre asked

" First off , we aren't witches,just a name that decided to stick with us through out the ages. We are Protector and the last line of defence against people like Nimrod.

Secondly the earliest we find the fourth legacy and give Nimrod a good send off, the soonest you can go back to being the Bleep boy, manwhore you so like.
Here's my number and address.
Call if you change you mind" and with that she stood up and left

Andre sat pondering over the thing she was just told. He just about lost his groove and was about to leave when Oby'came back with a friend on his face

" Oby what happened" Andre asked his friend, worried of what could have happened

" I don't know. One minute I'm dancing and having a good time and the next, im having this nasty foreboding and every cell in my body is standing attention" he replied truthfully

"Then let's get out of here" he said glancing left to right to detect any sign of harm. Or persons that might be out of place. Seeing no harm they left

On their way home, none of them said anything but Oby kept glancing back to see if they were followed. He could get the nagging feeling of he mind

" Oby relax nobody is following us" Andre tried to allayhis fears

" You remember the first time we met. The day I was sleeping in the floor outside my apartment. The same thing happened. Call me crazy but I ran like a mad dog. That were I lost my keys.

" Yeah I remember" how could he forget the day that he was blessed with a good friend

"Well when I past by the place the next morning, a murder had been committed as the cops had cordoned off the whole area. The freakish part was that the victim had his head gruesomely ripped off his neck and had claw marks allover body" that caught Andre attention

" How come I don't know about this? " He asked no one I particular.. Just then his phone ran startling them both due to the tension and both laughed at their childishness

Andre answered the call but soon turned to nervous glances at his friend which made Oby more confused. By the time he ended the call , he had parked the car and glanced behind to ensure they were not being followed

" What happened" Obv asked ,worry etched on his face as he watched his friend shaken by what he was told on phone

" The club was just bombed," was all he could manage

"Wait. Wait. The same club we just left some minutes ago was bombed or another one?"asked Oby not sure he heard well

" The same one. There were heavy casualties" with those words it became clear to both of them that any single minute more wasted in the club and too might have been amongst the casualties
After some minutes of clearing their minds, Andre drove them home and he went straight to bed so did Oby.

They both had had enough excitement to last them a life time.

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Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by ashatoda: 7:00am On Aug 20, 2020
could Oby be the fourth person Nimrod and his fellows are looking for? he's ability to sense danger won't just be ordinary and probably fate brought him and Andre together for a reason. wetin I know waiting patiently for more good job @Emempaul
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 7:37am On Aug 20, 2020
could Oby be the fourth person Nimrod and his fellows are looking for? he's ability to sense danger won't just be ordinary and probably fate brought him and Andre together for a reason. wetin I know waiting patiently for more good job @Emempaul

that's the fun about the suspense ���
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by germaphobe(m): 8:51am On Aug 20, 2020
could Oby be the fourth person Nimrod and his fellows are looking for? he's ability to sense danger won't just be ordinary and probably fate brought him and Andre together for a reason. wetin I know waiting patiently for more good job @Emempaul
Same thing i was thinking, but what do we know?
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by dawno2008(m): 9:37am On Aug 20, 2020
Thanks for the update
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 11:03am On Aug 20, 2020
next update shud be btw Friday or Saturday provided farm no cover my eye
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 10:21am On Aug 22, 2020
Chapters 13

It had been day since the incident of the bombing and nobody claimed responsibility.
The headlines went on a frenzy with captions like
"Terrorism on American soil again" or "America on fire again" in reference to the 9/11 that had happened some years back. News networks dedicated hour after hours of live news feeds. Updating viewers of the latest insights into the bombings.

Hours turn to days as the initial excitement had died down to political debates of politically correct and morally right

While all the excitement were ongoing, two friends were busy fighting their demons.

Oby had been having a afternoon nap when he felt summoned spiritually. He fought the powers that ascending him against his will till he felt the power brush past him and his ascending resided.
When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the abberation of the chief high priest sitting on a chair in his room. Initially Oby was shocked by the surdden intrusion on his privacy but it was for only a few seconds before he hardened his mind

"Eyib Ndem(blood of the ocean) What do you want " asked Oby with a snarl, expressing his disgust at the uncerimonious Breech of his privacy. He sat down straight on his bed ,all traces of sleep gone

" You can't runaway from your destiny young prince" he informed Oby

I am not your prince and I will never be."Oby replied vehmently. This guy was beginning toget on his nerves

" Even before you were born, it had been written in the stars signifying you destiny to hold the throne" his patience was beginning to run very thin

" Now listen old goat, my father rejected that throne for a reason and he wanted nothing to do with it. What makes you think I have any intention of reclaiming it."

The priest smiled but not the kind type. It was a smile with a sinester meaning.

" Your mother would love to hold her grandchildren from her male child. don't you think. You wouldn't want to miss out on that would you? Or your sister,heard that she just had a safe delivery. Wouldn't want that child to miss out much in life would we?"

Oby read the threats issued in-between both statements and his heart skipped a bit as he knew he was threading dangerous water here. His family was just being threatened right in his face and he couldn't do it say anything. But then again, he had promised himself that he would never be helpless again and no fool, irrespective of who they thought they were would make him helpless again. Nobody, absolutely nobody threatens his family and goes free. He stood slowly from the bed make sure he let the old goat see his rage

" Eyib Ndem, a bo nso ( what did you just say)?

Eka nmi ke a threaten (is it my mother you threaten)?

Eyen yen Eka nmi ke a threaten ( is it my mother's grandchild you threaten)?" His rage that had been simmering was beginning to boil over as he began to understand the implications of his threats


Oby declared and it infuriated the high priest as he shouted and standing at the same time

"Never!!! We refuse your rejection. The council shall summon your mother and she shall answer for this crime of rebellion you take". That was the last straw as nobody threatened his family again and again. Oby did the thing his father had taught him before he died,if the cult refuse to back down and push became shove.

He walked closer toward the abberation of the high priest, called upon the powers that had laid dormant in him.
As he closed his eyes, he felt as he and the life force behind the power became one, like friends who had not seen for years and were joyful at their reunion

He felt calm come over him but it was the calm before the storm, for when he opened his eyes and they met with that of the high priest.

It was no longer Iniobong Esuna, the crowned priest prince to the dark throne of Nbiam Eyib Ekpe, he became someone more powerful, more potent, more pure, more disastrous than what they ever thought. No,this was no longer Iniobong they could control, this new being would be their undoing. The priest was shaken with fear that he bowed his head in submission t to a far superior power

Iniobong raised his leg and hit it on the floor, immediately a perfect circle was formed, lit with a strange light that glowed bright and fierce, with strange unworldly symbols in it. The priest was shaken by what he saw and the raw power that engulfed the area. And when he spoke,it was like his voice was gone, replaced with a deep baritone

" This will be the last time you threaten my family. Hear this, for I shall say this once. Any man or woman who contends with I and my family's right to life, water,air,fire and Earth shall all stand in judgement against them. For death would have been a better reward for their transgressions than what fate shall befall them. I have spoken"

with that , Oby sent a powerful force within his mind to break any ties, spiritual, emotional, telepathic or otherwise with the cult.
He felt all links shatter and the abberation of the high priest disappeared.

Once that was done oby felt himself weaken as the high of the power he had just welded began to reside back to were it came from, only this time, not to sleep but ever ready to please. He wondered to himself

What just happened

He felt lighter as though a heavy load had been lifted off him. He also felt stronger and more powerful that even he began to fret about it.
Then there was what he did. What his father had taught him was way different from what just happened.

While his father had taught him how to summon his inner powers if push came to shove, it was always dark energy,that whispered malicious intent. He had to reign in such thought before he could actually use it. But what happened today was a different ball game, It was as though he had used these powers before but couldn't place where,as though he and the power were familiar with each other and instead of malice that the dark powers, promised to unleash, this one was calming and soothing yet domineering and commanded reference.

He was brought out of his thoughts were he remembered the threats to his family and mother in particular.

He needed to tell her of this new development and warn her of the impending threat to everyone at home. They needed to be proactive now and watchful. He was confident that they could handle themselves but they needed a heads-up
So, he picked his discarded phone and checked the time.

Good, they just earily into the night over in Nigeria and proceeded to call the number he knew by heart. At the fifth ring, she picked up the call

"Iniobong, nsi do( what happened)" she asked knowing that her son doesn't call twice in a day and this was the first time, meaning trouble was in the air

" Mommy, there is fire on the mountain oooo" he said in a firm tone and his mother replied

" And I'm not running anywhere"

( Language spoken = ibibio)



Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 2:54pm On Aug 22, 2020
now I believe you are beginning to see things revealing themselves. why he was warned not to return until he was told to. And the kind of family he is from. More will be revealed. but then again well are still looking for the last legacy so it's
#operation find the last legacy
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 3:04pm On Aug 22, 2020
So it's no longer a secret who the last legacy is But what is his legacy?

for the first person who can guess what Oby's legacy is wins a prize


Alva------ legacy of life
Andre------ legacy of Power
Diana -------- legacy of knowledge
Oby --------- legacy of.........??
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 3:09pm On Aug 22, 2020

come see action
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 3:17pm On Aug 23, 2020

Andre was not having it any easier, as some days after the bombing, he told his friend he was going on a trip to clear his head as he wasn't in a right place now,and might be gone a day or two.
His intentions were to meet up with Alva in L.A so that she could help him fill up the missing pieces of this whole legacy deal 'cos 'twas driving him insane with questions.

Secondly, the restlessness he felt was since meeting Alva was gnawing at him. Almost the same way he had been before meeting Oby, restless nights and all coupled with the fact that news of the bombing on every radio and tv station was not helping matters.

His plane had just tourch down and he went to the nearest taxis and asked to be taken to the nearest nice hotel were he would lodge for the days he was to spend before he made contact with Alva for a meet.

After the taxis had dropped him off at the hotel which,he might add,was nice and quite expensive, he proceeded to book a room for three days,supplied the necessary information and went up to his room. Later that evening he decided to have dinner outside and went to the nearest restaurant to eat. It was nothing fancy, just that it was neat.

As he walked into restaurant and made himself comfortable, he suddenly felt his hackles rise. Strange it was as he had no wolf, so how had a projected image of hackles rising come into his mind. Placed an order for his food while tatically scoping the place out for possible dangers.

He might not have a wolf or be able to transform into one but, he definitely knew when trouble was close but whoever they were didn't know who they were up against. And if they thought he was a push over then they had something else coming their way.

So he sat down, relax waiting for his food to come when he felt it again but this time the figure,a domineering male stood opposite of him and asked

" Is this seat taken"

" This is not a table for two as this is not a date'" replied Andre in a non-committal voice
The fellow drew the chair and sat down without his permission

" I wasn't asking. Now what are you doing in my territory.?" He asked Andre, waiting for a reply

" As you can see, I am in a restaurant waiting for my food to be served to me ,which I might add is here." He paused and politely thanked the female waiter who delivered his food and dug into the dish without minding the male in front him who was trying and woefully failing to impose his dominance on him

" Who are you?" Asked the agitated Alpha. An arrogant smirk appeared on Andre' s face as he set his cutlery down.

" You see Alpha- whoever- the- hell- you- are,there are things in this life you don't fight against -" he paused to lean closer to him"-and one of them is your superior. And no matter the amount of warriors you've called here for back up, won't stop me from coming and going as I please. So I suggest you tell your men to BACK OFF and stay the hell out of my way or a whole lotta people will end up hurt" he emphasized the warning with anger accidentally losing control and letting a pinch of his Aura slip for a few seconds before he gained control of it again. But what he didn't anticipate was for the whole restaurant to bow in submission towards him.

"Yes your highness" answered a now bowing Alpha. Those few seconds of slip was enough for the alpha's wolf to recognize the his bloodline and immediately submit and his submission meant others in his pack submitted also- like a chain reaction

Andre stood up and called the waiter who seemed to be either oblivious to what just happened or was good at acting and asked for his cheque which she hurriedly went to get so he sat back down and waited for her return.

" May we be of service to you, your highness, as our will is to serve you and the royal house."

" Leave me to my business and ask your wolves to stand down. I don't need any protecting.

Secondly, my presence must go unnoticed as very dark and dangerous people are after me. Should they get any hint that I have been here the trouble is bound to follow.

Thirdly, should my elder brother and crown prince drop by, which I am counting on it in the next twelve to twenty four hours, tell him to go Bleep himself." A male waiter walked towards them with his bills which he paid for and left to go back to the hotel.

Things were about to get very complicated very quickly he mused to himself.

His freedom just about went down the drain


Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Emempaul(m): 8:02am On Aug 25, 2020
it's seems no one is ready to win the recharge card so make I je jely chuk my card for pocket
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by michael123pelemo(m): 5:35pm On Aug 25, 2020
Great story, can't wait for an update
Re: LEGACIES - THE HARBINGER OF DEATH ( Book 1 Of The Supremacy Series) by Nobody: 7:44pm On Aug 25, 2020
The answer is legacy of destruction or death
very nice story please can the updates be a little more joor im really loving it

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