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Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Suspended By IGP Baba Usman by abbey621(m): 4:19pm

you want to intimidate me with “I live in the USA” narrative ? probably you got to the USA in the last 10 years or less that’s why you are bragging about “I live and breathe the USA daily” grin. little boy next month makes it 27 years I arrived in the USA and I have been a US citizen for the past 20 years…Now that you know wassup, let’s talk like adults without your unnecessary pride of living in the USA grin grin grin

Budget cuts - here and there, complaints about financial lags is like 5&6 when you relate to how the US deals with its agencies - the most talked about is the TSA and we all know that when we want to fly and see long queues - then we realize there is some government shut down here and there and that ends after some budget reconciliation in congress- BUT has that emboldened a terrorist to think of getting on an airplane because there are temporary budgeting issues in the TSA ? - NEVER

Because these are strong institutions that survived multiple recessions over the decades and currently the US economy is not in a recession so where is all these gibberish of DOJ budget will limit Kyari investigation coming from ?

So you that claimed to live in the USA, have you ever gotten something as simple as a common traffic ticket and because there is some hurricane or covid lockdown for months or government shutdown and that ticket was tossed away by the system ? the answer is NEVER

Because, when the dust settles, you will be requested to show up in court because these institutions follow through unlike Nigeria -

SO if one can’t escape a common traffic ticket because of temporary court or government shutdown, then why are you hoping that a major cyber crime like [email compromise] that can wreck a huge chunk of the US economy easily will be swept under the rug because of temporary DOJ budget issues?

And FYI - I never said the USA will conduct a military strike on Nigeria because of Abba Kyari and I sincerely don’t know where you got that idea from. … probably you have severe comprehension issues because what I said is that Nigeria could be heavily sanctioned and one of such is that the help or whatever financial assistance or military equipment purchase assistance or other perks Nigeria enjoys by being in AMERICA’s good books can be withdrawn or suspended

That is called the “carrot and the stick” method of diplomacy. Nigeria currently is in dire straits economically and you honestly think Buhari can afford to compound Nigeria’s economic and security woes for the sole reason of protecting Kyari?

You're still typing gibberish and honestly it just makes you sound like an educated illiterate. Comparing a traffic incident to international crime syndicate, really? Traffic tickets that you normally don't even go to court for, traffic tickets that people have gone months/years without paying here in Atlanta and never considered a felony. Your attempt to use senisble analogy completely ignored the point that I never said they would forget about it rather what I implied was simply this is not a case that would cause international beef between the USA and Nigeria. Furthermore, you said you never mentioned military strike but what does this statement by you mean:

If the US want Buhari to resign in 7 days time-Buhari will resign in the next 7 hours - know this and receive sense!

This was your initial quote and I fail to see how they can accomplish this without military force or rebels. Moving on, you can live in the USA but have no clue how budget and project management works, I do this for a living so I can't blame you for being on the dull side, when I said budget restrictions surely you know I am talking about the financial resources for issues outside the USA, surely you've taken the time to research how for the past 3 years, the budget for domestic cases increases while that of international cases decreases, surely you're intelligent enough to research this for yourself. In addition, not only have I been in a field that gives us access to exclusive database like the National Security State Budget, FBI's budget report, DOJ watchdog, Nexis etc but my father worked for the State dept for over 20 years, there are things you simply don't know and it is evident by your poorly formed analogy.

I implore you learn more about the FBI's most wanted list, their annual budget and how many cases still remains unsolved or abandoned due to budgetary concerns and other issues. The US might not be in a recession but priorities are being shifted all the time, Kyari is simply not a hot item on the FBI's list, do not mistake a warrant for an indictment, if it were easy Buruji would have been arrested/extradicted before his death, whether you believe this or not is YOUR PROBLEM not mine.

Finally, allow me to shock you once more, unless Kyari is seen as a threat to US national security, the FBI is powerless to do shin shin without the help of Interpol and corporation from Buhari's govenrment. The CIA is the body that handles international situations and more often than not they don't bother with financial crimes. Drop your pride and perhaps you'll learn a thing or two, your assumption that the US will sanction Buhari or Nigeria over this matter is pure FANTASY, the sooner you realize this, the better.....Stop overhyping shit and get your facts straight!
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Suspended By IGP Baba Usman by abbey621(m): 2:57pm On Aug 02

Bro, you think the US is a country that is so centralized like Nigeria with all authority on one individual like Buhari who gets overwhelmed by problems that it decides to ignore petty criminality or choose what to ignore ? Nah - the US has strong institutions to tackle everything that attacks her SECURITY, SAFETY, DOLLAR COUNTERFEITING, or LAUNDERING and ILLEGAL DRUGS

Unfortunately for Abba, he is dealing with the US whose Department of Justice has thousands of employees who have enormous powers to make decisions quickly and they are very independent from what the President of the U.S. thinks or wants - so do not hope that this matter will “slip through the crack” like it happens in Nigeria with your corrupt politicians -

The US State Department has thousands of employees with enormous powers and only 2 will be assigned FULLY to this case and they will follow through to the letter and close it efficiently - and if need be, those 2 officials will recommend “neck breaking” sanctions on Buhari and Nigeria and the Secretary of State will only sign it within days and it takes effect INSTANTA

YOU REALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW THE USA WORKS - that is why you think this is just another petty stuff.

Guy, For the FBI to go to UAE and deploy massive assets to get Hushpuppy and bring him to the USA to face Justice, you think they are playing, right?

They will get to the bottom of everything because EMAIL COMPROMISE scam, the type that Hushpuppy did will wreck havoc on the US economy if they don’t stop it and trust me many more powerful people will go down soon.

I believe Hushpuppy is just a smaller fish in the chain - the barons who run the show behind the scene will all be fished out….

Hushpuppy is singing already - Once they get Kyari - he too will sing - so be ready to dance grin

It amazes me how much of what you wrote is purse hogwash. If I did not live and work in the uSA, I might have fallen for it.....lol. The DOJ is scrambling to stay in budget due to Covid 19 and Hush's case is not even top 50 on their list. You can't school me about the USA's justice system because I live and breathe it everyday. You clowns thinking military intervention or punishment from the USA over a relatively minor case like this will happen is just plain comedy. I don't know where you got this mythical thinking that the USA will ruin diplomatic relationship over this issue but get it out of your head right this minute, you are simply speaking from a place of emotional sentiments rather than logic. What is more likely to happen is that the State dept will offer some sort of concession to Buhari and he'll sacrifice Kyari, either way forget the sanction or military intervention idea, it is simply a fantasy!
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Suspended By IGP Baba Usman by abbey621(m): 4:41pm On Aug 01

know that ordinary warning the US Embassy issued against rigging Edo election, Buhari abandoned the APC and allowed Obaseki cost to victory - If the US decides to twain Buhari matter if he fails to give up Kyari, where will your lord and savior Buhari go to for medical treatment ? don’t you know the UK and US are like twins ? ok he will go to the UAE ? the UK is the diplomatic houseboy of the US ?

If the US want Buhari to resign in 7 says time-Buhari will resign in the next 7 hours - know this and receive sense!

You really believe ordinary case like this is important to the US government? I can tell you now that the US government does not view Nigeria as top 10 problem in the world and will not use military or force on this matter.
Romance / Re: How Do Guys Get Intimate With Girls They Don't Truly Love? by abbey621(m): 7:12pm On Jul 31

By being honest do you mean telling her straight up you want sex?


Yes o, girls nowadays are more open minded than before. Friends with benefits, knack kanck and so on, it's a free world.

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Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Best Advice Someone Has Ever Given You ? by abbey621(m): 4:28pm On Jul 31
Best Advice: Life is one big comedy horror show, don't take it too seriously because no matter what you do, in the end, no one makes it out alive!

Worst advice: Invest in 9ja, no place like home(Broda Lasisi, if I catch you ehn angry angry angry)

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Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Sent His Photos To Hushpuppi - FBI (Pictures) by abbey621(m): 3:33pm On Jul 31

Unfortunately, the US doesn't work that way unless for their selfish interest. Anything they're doing is to recover money lost by their citizens. Sorry, but they don't really care about corruption in Nigeria.

Most people won't understand what I just said, yet if I say more you'll call me a conspiracy theorist.

Just ask yourself; why did they grant Pantami visa to visit the US despite public outcry in Nigeria about Pantami's relationship with terrorists? The answer is that they don't care as long as Pantami is pursuing a policy that would allow the US access to Nigeria's phone and NIN database (in order to solve crimes for US citizens). So even as Pantami represent a bigger threat to them but they don't care........ for now.

They are not doing this to help Nigeria, rather they're fighting for their own citizens. This is the part Africans and their elites and leaders don't understand.

It's all about interest.

AS THEY SHOULD! Any government that does not put its citizens first is a failure....E.g Nigeria, UAR
Romance / Re: How Do Guys Get Intimate With Girls They Don't Truly Love? by abbey621(m): 3:29pm On Jul 31
Some people in life too dey act script....Nigga you ain't more attractive than the average Joe, in fact any average guy can get women to look his way with just one constant, MOOLAH! Now to the bigger issue, what's love got to do with bumbing of skin? The sooner you realize physical attraction does not require emotional attraction, the better you are at fixing your situation. There's a reason why professional therapists recommend young people to date as much as possible, to experiment and have fun so that, when they finally do decide to pick a lifetime partner they would be experienced to know there's nothing out there they haven't explored. They would be 10 times more likely to focus on emotional bonding than physical. Just have sensible fun, be honest with the girl and leave the rest.


Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: How FBI Arrested Three Of Abba Kyari’s Co-Accused by abbey621(m): 2:59pm On Jul 31

Well, initial documents published stated that his messages or calls (redacted) has..... "Job" (sic) and the likes in their conversations.

Again that might be referring to the torture of the guy and job can mean anything, it's going to take way more than that for them to actually extract him from Nigeria. They need to prove not only did he collect money but that he assisted Hush in defrauding the business. FBI doesn't do things halfway so I believe there's much more that we don't know.....Grab your popcorn grin

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: How FBI Arrested Three Of Abba Kyari’s Co-Accused by abbey621(m): 2:55pm On Jul 31
however which way it ends kyaris career is done. It's already proven that he Recieved payment from hush so whether it is for a native or gucci material its of no point. He's not getting any promotion and how long before he's removed from that office. Scandal destroys political reputation, where's magu today.

This is 9ja remember, traditional logic does not apply, he might even prepare him for a political appointment grin grin
Sports / Re: Tokyo2020: Blessing Okagbare Provisionally Suspended For Failed Drug Test by abbey621(m): 1:41am On Jul 31
Chai.....Ble Ble, man must not live by bread alone


Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: How FBI Arrested Three Of Abba Kyari’s Co-Accused by abbey621(m): 12:27am On Jul 31
so you think there's no evidence proof?let's wait for the coming days

On the contrary, what I'm saying is that it is too early to know.

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: How FBI Arrested Three Of Abba Kyari’s Co-Accused by abbey621(m): 12:16am On Jul 31
So far Kyari's case looks simple, the burden of proof is showing that he knew about the illegal act involving the Qatari business rather than putting a Nigerian citizen in jail. The Vincent issue/torture na small one, intenrational force does not have authority over that so the main issue here is tangible proof that he knew about the fraud scheme and assisted Hush in carrying out the act.....As long as Kyari maintains denial and there's no written, video or audio evidence to prove otherwise then it's a dead end, anyone can issue a warrant, an indictment on the other hand is another ball game.

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Family / Re: Girl Confesses That Her Mother Gave Her Rat Poison To Put In Her Father's Food by abbey621(m): 5:53pm On Jul 30
The future is female, it's either you accept it peacefully or you accept it via rat poison, stabbing, hot water etc, A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE, disregard women at your own peril, as for me I gentle o, awon iya wa, mama the mamas, i hail o


Crime / Re: American Man Jailed 205 Years For Killing Five Members Of His Family by abbey621(m): 3:35pm On Jul 29
In America this happened with guns,but here in nigeria witchcraft activities has done more havoc than what is happening in America nobody is taking them to court for judgement

Try and prove the witchcraft in a competent court and see what happens grin
Politics / Re: FG Not Bothered By US Lawmakers’ Moves To Halt $875m Defence Equipments by abbey621(m): 1:23am On Jul 29

Tell Buhari to stop going to the white man's country every time just for ordinary cough. grin

Buhari has contributed millions to white men's countries at the expense of his own.

Guy wake up, you still believe say na medical checkup him dey go do, baba don get fresh pekus to keep his blood flowing right, all the bad bad things wey dey happen 4 9ja too dey shock baba, he needs relaxation grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty - Kemi Olunloyo by abbey621(m): 9:46pm On Jul 28

Are you sure its 20 years MINIMUM jail sentence?

Crime / Re: Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty - Kemi Olunloyo by abbey621(m): 8:25pm On Jul 28

Has he been sentenced?

Nope but he just pleaded guilty to an offense which carries maximum 20 years jail sentence.

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Politics / Re: Court Acquits, Discharges El-Zakzaky And Wife, Orders Immediate Release by abbey621(m): 5:04pm On Jul 28
Let's await the real judgment from Buhari's court, all these yeye courts are secondary.
Crime / Re: Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty - Kemi Olunloyo by abbey621(m): 4:06pm On Jul 28
I meant a day,

Oh then in that case, you're still wrong because most inmates are not even paid at all and the ones that are paid are not making anywhere near $15 per day because they are unskilled. This link will give you more information:


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Crime / Re: Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty - Kemi Olunloyo by abbey621(m): 3:49pm On Jul 28
20 years in yankee jail no be beans. If he gets serious he might be earning 15$ every month from jail working as a cleaner,cook,tailor,furniture maker. U can't earn less than 15$ a month while being an inmate. So by the time he has do e 20years he should be out with atleast 108k dollars. But I doubt if he would survive jail. She he get tattoo for body,he go do more join. If he refuse to join dia own Confra(prison gang) den na OYO cos dem go just poof am for shower room. Since cam no dey there. Hahahahahahaha
Hush puppy like play like play, your time don up. That useless yankee pidgin wey be,You know am saying,u know what I'm saying. U sef go begin speak like them . Convict..hahahahah


How does $15 a month turn to $108,000 in 20 years? Even at generous compound interest rates it would still be less than $8k after 20 years.


Crime / Re: Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty - Kemi Olunloyo by abbey621(m): 3:43pm On Jul 28

What "generous sentence" did he get?

He was facing over 60 years for the initial charges against him, 20 years na huge deal.
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Accuses Nigerians In Diaspora Of Financing Secessionist Groups by abbey621(m): 3:22pm On Jul 28

U are not making any point yet and u haven’t disputed what I said either. I never said Hong Kong isn’t under China, everybody knows the British based on an agreement have control back to China bt not as a communist government style. Taiwan doesn’t recognize itself under China. China is using is new found powers to claim such rights and its only Normal for country’s with same powers to fight against it if all UN countries can’t. Hence US and UK stepped in to check their excesses.

2. With all China’s mouth as u claim have they fired a single live bullet at any peaceful protesters even the violent one they haven’t tried it bt yet Nigeria have gone way and beyond that to attack peaceful protesters with live ammunition and u are here disgracefully backing their disgraceful activities up. undecided

As far as Hong Kong is concerned Nigeria has committed more human rights abuses than China sofar.

U say UN can do anything do u know the country’s that make up UN u think America and UK are playing there? Just try none sense like Iran or Russia and let them take up ur matter.

If China try’s nonsense also in Hong Kong or Taiwan they will take up their matter. For now China is all mouth and no actions. Let them invade Hong Kong or Taiwan 1st.

Again gibbersish, UK, USA didn't step into shit! They openly refused to recognize Taiwan as a country and China has openly called Taiwan its territory, educate yourself man! Moving on, do you have proof that 9ja fired live bullets at protesters? Even the Lekki toll gate shooting the international community (UN, usa, uk) kept shut, shouldn't that signal to your brain that something is wrong? With all the so called evidence, shouldn't the wrath of the USA, UK and UN fall on Buhari and his goons, how many more people have to die before they act? You can keep on defending the indefensible and playing the sheep hoping one day daddy UN will come and save you but like PAC said, STILL I SEE NO CHANGES.......Continuing this argument is an insult to my time and intellectual capacity....So this shit stops now, feel free to argue with your keyboard....PEACE!
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Accuses Nigerians In Diaspora Of Financing Secessionist Groups by abbey621(m): 1:28am On Jul 28

What are u even talking about or comparing China is only one country and I stated why they are an exception. Crack Down on protest cos they were violent and destructive bt protest have gone on In Hong Kong whenever they wanted to. So where was the crack down? undecided

Hong Kong has never cracked down on peaceful protesters. Never! They have not shot a single live bullet at protesters like Nigeria that did and then denied.

I don’t know where u get ur false information. Like I said why can’t they make any of them communists like China? Hong Kong is a democracy, period. Same for Taiwan. Deal with it.

If Nigeria crosses the line they will be sanctioned and addressed. It is guaranteed. If Nigeria is communist like China let find out. If u think it’s a joke try it. Simple.

Iran, Russia, Venezuela have been sanctioned. They know what if feels like. Nigeria that is import and majorly oil dependent will cry. There are many ways to deal with out government bt more especially vulnerable Apc/Buhari government.

Again you've misssed the point and chose attack instead of comprehension. Should UN allow such exemption? What makes china so special? Inferiority complex, this is the definition of your condition. Now to your other falsehood, peaceful protesters were never silenced? Read man, read!


China has publicly stated that Taiwan and Hong Kong are not independent territories but under China and anyone that tries to recognize them as a nation will face its full wrath. Keep blabbing about democracy and other fantasy, when it comes to China they have repeately spit in the face of the UN and UN couldn't do shin shin. In Nigerias's case, Buhari has repeatedly crushed all separatists and if your UN was really as powerful as you think, shouldn't the sanctions be pouring from left to right? I hate repeating myself but your hypocrisy stinks and you clearly don't know what you're talking about trying to make excuses for China while condemning your own country...
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Accuses Nigerians In Diaspora Of Financing Secessionist Groups by abbey621(m): 12:14am On Jul 28

Is China a democracy?? There are still questions and observations being done against China. If they cross certain lines they will be sanctioned appropriately trust me. China only being given respect or leeway because of their undemocratic style of government and their position and desires to include them and not alienate them because of long historical ties to the US, China has been an ally of the US for years bt they still criticize them and the relationship is getting frosty.

Mind u China control on Hong Kong and Taiwan is limited and careful being watched. It is not do as u like for them even with all the powers and position in the UN which like I said b4 is out of inclusiveness, encouragement and acceptance of certain democratic rights they are trying to open up to very slowly.

Nigeria is a democratic nation not communist state. It is not even is position of China’s level.

Is also amazing bt typical of Apc government in particular to shop for bad examples to compare themselves to as excuse to abuse rights and do what they like not what the constitution says. Soon they will compare themselves with Indiami of Uganda.

Also u should wonder why China can’t turn Hong Kong and Taiwan to communist states and see what will happen.

Like I said secession has a process and criteria I’m yet to see any democratic country lawfully follow it and u arrest them and kill them. Unless ure a madman and u will eventually be addressed as that by the world.

Is China part of the UN or not?
Did they sign and agree to abide by UN's human rights laws or not?
Who drafted the human rights documents? You'll be surprised china wrote majority of it!

Finally, the comedy you wrote does not take away from the simple fact that China has cracked down on self determination, it does not erase the fact that the UN has silently watched as they crushed Hong Kong citizens or any form of protests yet you seem to have a different set of rules for Nigeria? Why? Because you feel there should be two dfifferent rules for heavyweights and African countries? Different rules for democratic countries and communist countries? Human rights is human rights my friend stop this tomfoolery! How can you be comfortable supporting an organization that can't practice what they preach? Don't tell me you're an hypocrite as well?
Crime / Re: Baba Ijesha: Princess Identifies Two Other Suspects by abbey621(m): 11:18pm On Jul 27

betterstill, an offender can go free with the aid of incompetent prosecutor and lack of overwhelming evidence.

You've just defined Nigerian Justice System.....Someone give this a man a cold beer grin

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Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Accuses Nigerians In Diaspora Of Financing Secessionist Groups by abbey621(m): 11:16pm On Jul 27

Actually u are wrong there is a laid down procedure and process and criteria for secession by UN of which Nigeria is a member and signatory. If that is a joke to then the joke is on You.

On freedom of expression u are very correct there isn’t freedom from Consequences if and only if it goes against the law and and Not because the government of day doesn’t like it. Do u understand this?? undecided

So yes freedom expression isn’t right to abuse other people’s rights etc...

Lastly Nigeria is a sovereign state yes like any other country bt it is also democratic so this isn’t anything usual and yet the UN recognizes and says to every sovereign nation that is part of it and a signatory that right to self determination is a democratic right.

This law isn’t just for Nigeria bt applicable to every nation via the right and lawful process irrespective of the government of the day.

This is simple English and laws that’s Nigeria can contest if they feel they are wrong and stupid. Many sovereign nations more advanced than Nigeria are signatories and aware. Nigeria can chose to leave in denial or accept it.

Finally No sovereign nation is an island. This is a simple proverb and logic do I won’t expatiate.

Only a mad man will say a peaceful and lawful secessionist is a criminal. Mark those words carefully.

Can you name a country that the UN has successfully prosecuted due to secession? What about human rights abuse due to freedom of expression? Even one of the biggest abusers of human rights(China) who is also a signatory to the UN laws has always been pampered by the same UN, surely you see the hypocrisy here? I suggest you educate yourself more on these issues and use the example of China to stop this charade. The UN is a toothless bulldog and the soonest you accept this, the better!
Politics / Re: Kanu Drags Nigeria & Kenya To African Commission On Human And Peoples Rights by abbey621(m): 10:10pm On Jul 27
Yeye dey smell, African Commission of?? of all bodies, ordinary Mali dem no fit control na 9ja dem wan rebuke? Komot here my friend before I open my eyes angry angry


Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin Boasts He Can Hit Enemies With An Unpreventable Strike(pics) by abbey621(m): 9:11pm On Jul 27
coolThe combined strength of NATO cant overwhelm Russia. U heard me right. Biden started the boast, perhaps he didn’t remember who he is dealing wit? If the US can, let dem go and deliver Ukraine from Russia, since it is one of their NATO members

Like I said neither country will fight based on missiles or rockets, it would be stupid, the real war is biowarfare and espionage.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin Boasts He Can Hit Enemies With An Unpreventable Strike(pics) by abbey621(m): 8:57pm On Jul 27
coolU are really blind. grin Russia is far ahead in everything. Sorry to disappoint u. And as for flexing muscles, it was Biden who started it. Wit his NATO. So it’s important Putin show dem wot exactly they are up against

Did you intend to say something factual or you just want to keep rambling?


Crime / Re: Baba Ijesha: Princess Identifies Two Other Suspects by abbey621(m): 8:56pm On Jul 27

the lawyer was for crossexamination, to dilute/balance the evidence from the other counsel, the lady was close.
let's call out the main culprit which is baba ijesa (although not convicted) and any other person(princess) that's secondary.

This is why they're in court right and no longer using social media justice! Let both lawyers do their job and let the court decide based on evidence provided. A guilty man can walk free with the help of a genius lawyer and an innocent man can rot in jail due to an incompetent lawyer....May God help us all!
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Accuses Nigerians In Diaspora Of Financing Secessionist Groups by abbey621(m): 8:25pm On Jul 27

I will give u 2 sounds reasons why it is legal and maybe add a 3rd.

1. We are in a democracy and there is freedom of expression even tho Apc government is yet to understand the reality and full commitment of democracy. They are seriously struggling.

2. Under the UN which Nigeria is part of, it is signed law that secession and self determination is a democratic right that can be attained by certain steps and stages legal. Nigeria is a signatory. Pls Confirm!!!

3. I will keep this and leave u to ponder on those ones for now bt I assure u nobody can arrest a lawful secessionist. U can take that to the bank anyday.

Here's your rebuttal:

Freedom of expression is not freedom from consequences. The soverignity of Nigeria dictates nobody can hold the country ransom, the law of the land is the Constitution and if it does not recognize secession then what are we talking about here? Neither the UN, the USA or World Bank can infringe on this soverignity.

The right to secede might be recognized by the UN but does it lay out the process for actually implenting it? It's high time we stop looking at these bodies for their mere words and look at their actions instead. before Kanu, there have been many letters and requests detailing the plans to secede, formal requests to secede and so on but all were denied and the UN kept quiet like imbeciles. I like to believe you're a well educated and wise human being, tell me does their actions match their words? Why do you think this is? Not one single sanction, no trials, no comments just plain silence....FUNNY!
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Accuses Nigerians In Diaspora Of Financing Secessionist Groups by abbey621(m): 8:04pm On Jul 27

Read what I said again. I said peaceful and lawful secession. I don’t know about burning or whatever. Secession can be accomplished easily without any violence bt only the intellectual will understand how to go about it.

Those fighting are touts not real secessionist.

And like I said sponsoring peaceful and lawful secession whether denied or not Aslong as its peaceful is NOT a Crime!!!

That's the problem, the Nigerian Constitution does not make provisions for secession in fact it treats all separatists as treason, this is why they can arrest anyone pushing such narratives so in short there's nothing like legal secession as far as the Nigerian constitution is concerned, only available option is a National Referendum which majority of those in politics will never allow.

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