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Politics / Re: Tinubu Expresses Sadness Over OPEC Chief, Barkindo's Passing by adewuyia2014(m): 11:08am On Jul 08
But they see clearly in the dark.
Politics / Asiwaju Radio Goes LIVE In The City Of Baltimore by adewuyia2014(m): 12:42pm On Jul 02
Asiwaju Radio goes LIVE in the city of Baltimore, USA. You can tune in online on https:///bsZJTFRJgY from anywhere in the world. Powered by BAT Vanguard
Politics / Tolerance Becoming Crime: We Are Batified by adewuyia2014(m): 9:06am On Jun 19
By Dr Chinedu Akabuike

1. Why do we hate Tinubu? What for?

2. Tinubu never worked with federal or Eastern Nigeria let alone stealing money from Ndi Igbo.

He never worked as Minister or taken any Federal Appointment!

3. He never joined APGA let alone sabotaging our Party's interest?

4. Tinubu didn't meddle in Igbo internal affairs either!

5. Why do we call him thief? What did he steal?

6. We call Yoruba "slaves". We never reflect on what it means to be slaves in the true sense of the word.

7. We are putting mouth in Lagos politics without caution, yet we have a proverb that says it is the foolish housefly that follows the corpse into the grave.

8. Can Yoruba man become an Association or Local Government Chairman in the East? Let us be sincere with ourselves. Yet we enjoy all these privileges here including Assembly Membership!

9. Why asking for what we can't give?

10. We are here helping the "slaves" to develop their land. Who then is a slave?

10b. You call their city a no man's land so that we can further be enslaved slaving to develop it, and our generations are wasted gloating over mere privileges. Who is a slave. Do we actually think?

11. Can Yoruba tell Okorocha "o to gee" in Owerri? He doesn't even need it. He is too intelligent to die for a pot of ofe manu or nothing.
12. After the civil war, for many of us who were old enough to have witnessed it, the Yoruba were the first to open their arms to receive and accept us as we were, crude savages in search for means of survival. It was regardless of what we equally did to them before and during the civil war. No party to the civil war was innocent! I also remember not paying any rent among Yoruba guys without a penny for my first 3years in Lagos and another 2 years in Ibadan.

13. Can we survive Yoruba attack in Yoruba land if they actually mean to? Will an Mbaise man cooperate with the Nsukka or Afikpo, or the Imo with Anambara?

14. If we all decide to relocate at once, Babangida send me home phenomena is still in the memory of some of us who survived the incessant and uncontrollable spate of robbery across the Onitsha bridge. How many people will want to go in spide of our empty pride?

15. If Yoruba people are as foolish as we foolishly think, why agitating? How will agitating be to our benefit?

16. Why not "O to gee" in Abia, Enugu or Owerri?

17. Can a man from Aba become a Commissioner or P.S. in Enugu State Civil Service? Yet it happened here! Why not be careful.

18. We adopted APGA and but "wisely" voted PDP. How was Tinubu our headache. Was he the cause of our downfall? Why always blame others for our inabilities and want to take glory for any small thing we think we have done well and even overblow it?

19. We claim we were so creative during the civil war. Now history. We also claim every made in Nigeria is from Aba. But go to Oyo and Oshogbo to see what "lazy" mechanics are doing quietly in the automobile industry, yet we make noise that other ethnics are either mumu or lazy except we (alagbara ma mero baba ole; the most hardworking humans who cannot develop their own land unfortunately).

20. Why looking for avoidable problem? Why?

21. It was you in the North being attacked, in Malaysia being killed, in Gabon and Ghana being molested. 99.9% of Nigerians killed in South Africa are of Igbo extraction, and sometimes by fellow 'hardworking' Igbo. Why?

22. We choose Kanu and he dictates to us without consultation with any one of us. They choose Tinubu who becomes a hero among them by bowing to or adopting the choice of their majority. Why are we angry?

We choose Azikwe and they choose Awolowo. How are they more mumuish followers than ourselves?

Zik became a president and we gained from it, Awo was only a premier, but we are only struggling to beat their records in all ramifications including education till today. How are they mumus?

We choose APGA and they choose APC, why agitating?

➡ Yoruba are yet to say Tinubu is their problem why do we want to die for nothing?

Why working in APGA but planning to collect salaries in APC?

I pray for the success of Biafra, but do we still remember that as Igbo we will automatically become foreigners on the streets of the Lagos we call a no Man's land?

How many of us will actually want to relocate home, should Biafra actualises or if if citizenship is on the condition that you relinquish all other citizenship in Africa? I leave that answer to the individual.

Nwayo nwayo biko unu.


Politics / Re: Fayose: Tinubu Mounted Pressure On Me To Join APC But I Refused by adewuyia2014(m): 2:23pm On Apr 18, 2021
Lecture going on, can you join me.

Romance / Re: Why Are Men Always complaining About women. by adewuyia2014(m): 2:21pm On Apr 18, 2021
I'm here for now

Religion / Re: Five Pillars Of Islam According To Bible by adewuyia2014(m): 10:46am On Apr 16, 2021
Isn't the bible supposed to be a corrupt book according to Islam. How come you found so many verses to support Islam in a corrupt book?

The reason why many muslims don't believe in Bible is because it has been subjected to too many edit, most of the fact from the book has been removed?
Religion / Five Pillars Of Islam According To Bible by adewuyia2014(m): 2:52am On Apr 16, 2021

1. Shahada (Mark 12:29)

2. Salat (Matthew 26:39)

3. Zakah (Hebrew 10:24)

4. Fasting (Matthew 4:1-1)

5. Hajj (Psalm 84:5-6)



Leviticus. 19:27
Leviticus. 21:5
Jeremiah. 9:25
1 chronicles. 19:5
Exodus. 30:17
Exodus. 40:30
John. 13:4

Exodus. 28:1

Ezekiel. 13:17
Corinthians. 14:34-38
Tito. 2:3
1 Timothy. 2:11
Revelation. 2:19
1 timothy. 2:8

Genesis. 17:1
Psalm. 95: 6
Ezekiel. 43:3
Kings. 18:39
Psalm. 5:7
Numbers. 20:6
Nehemiah. 8:6
Matthew. 26:36
Matthew. 17:1
Revelation. 7:9

Leviticus. 11:7
Deuteronomy. 14:8
Isaiah. 65:3
Proverbs. 31:3
Isaiah. 4:11
Amos. 6:5-7
Habakkuk. 2:15
Leviticus. 10:8
Isaiah. 66:17

Genesis. 49:10
Genesis. 16:7-14
Deuteronomy. 18:18
Deuteronomy. 34:10
Jeremiah. 34:18
Isaiah. 21:13
Isaiah. 19:19
Daniel. 7:13
Mathew. 21:33-43
Galatians. 4:21
John. 1:19-22
John. 14:30
John. 16:7-14
Act. 7:37
John. 14:15
Revelation. 7:9-12
Revelation. 19:10-16

Deuteronomy. 6:1
Deuteronomy. 13:-1-11
Deuteronomy. 22:13-22
Deuteronomy. 21:18-21
Deuteronomy. 22:25
Mathew. 15:3
Joshua. 1:18
Hebrews. 10:28
Leviticus. 20:9-16
Leviticus. 20:27

According to the Islamic doctrine, Muslims should believe in all the prophets sent by Allah almighty among the prophet are Adam, Noah, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and lives (Quran 3:84)

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Politics / Legislative Watch Will Make Kwara Lawmakers The Best In Nigeria by adewuyia2014(m): 2:32am On Apr 16, 2021
*Legislative Watch will make Kwara lawmakers the best in Nigeria- Hamzat*

A leading Pro Democracy group, Kwara Must Change, which recently launched an assessment report for legislative accountability tagged Legislative Watch, has assured Kwara lawmakers that studying Legislative Watch report and attempting to improve their engagement based on the indicators of the report will make Kwara lawmakers the best in Nigeria.

This position was made today by the Convener of Kwara Must Change, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, while speaking on Royal FM morning program in ilorin.

Hamzat explained that, the report is like a double edged sword that will either assist lawmakers improve and be the best or expose inefficiency.

According to him, Legislative Watch is a tool for good governance, not politics and the project present an opportunity to deepen our democracy.

"While we understand that some people might misconstrue the aim of the project, we assure them that we are partners in progress and we have their best interest at heart, because only in their success, can the people rejoice, he said.

Hamzat however concluded that, whatever misunderstanding that might have been generated by the report will be strengthened, as the organization will be meeting all the legislators to discuss their reservations and agree on mode of engagement ahead of the next edition.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: In Which Organisation Would You Wish To Work? by adewuyia2014(m): 5:12pm On Apr 15, 2021
Alright.. The man wants to know the job industry/sector you fit in wrt your discipline (what you studied in school) orrr skills you've acquired overtime. In other words, he wants to know what you can do.. Here are various job industries/sectors;

• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Commerce
• Construction
• Education
• Food & Beverages
• Financial services
• Information Technology
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Media
• Oil & Gas
• Public Services
• Real Estate
• Transport, etc to mention but a few

Good luck in finding your niche.

Information Technology
Romance / Re: How To Show Love To Your Man by adewuyia2014(m): 5:06pm On Apr 15, 2021

Very simple........
1. give her money
2. give her another money
3. give her money again

Women and money they are like 5 and 6, may God be with men in the house.

Make una show us love abeg

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Romance / Re: How To End A Love Affair Without Bitterness! by adewuyia2014(m): 2:51pm On Apr 15, 2021
Thaink you, Mr experience lover we look forward to hear more from you. Romio

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Politics / King Of Yoruba Muslims In Kano State Wishes All Muslims Happy Ramadan by adewuyia2014(m): 1:22pm On Apr 15, 2021
The aare muslim of all yoruba living in kano wishes all Muslims happy ramadan. May almighty Allah be with each and everyone in this holy month.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Leave My Bank Job For A Chinese Owned Multinational Telecoms Company? by adewuyia2014(m): 1:04pm On Apr 15, 2021
Hold your bank job ooo, if you work with chinese or india, your life will never remain the same,
although bank job is not easy too but is far better than chinese jobs in Nigeria.

No talk say i no tell you oooo
Politics / Re: Afe Babalola: "Extend Retirement Age Of Supreme Court Justices To 100 Years" by adewuyia2014(m): 12:45pm On Apr 15, 2021
What will the young graduate will be doing? These people don't want youth in this country they just want to have everything by all means.


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Science/Technology / Re: This Caterpillar Mimics A Scary Skull To Keep Predators At Bay (Photos) by adewuyia2014(m): 12:41pm On Apr 15, 2021
God is wonderful, protecting his creature through different means.
Politics / Kwara APC Family Gatthering In Ilorin by adewuyia2014(m): 4:55pm On Mar 11, 2019
At the All Progressives Congress Family Gathering, a thank you programme organized by the Kwara State APC, to appreciate the stakeholders for their unwavering and their unrelenting effort to achieving the freedom for Kwara.


Politics / Congratulatory Message To Kwara State Gov. Elect From Senator Elect Lola Ashiru. by adewuyia2014(m): 4:20pm On Mar 11, 2019
There is no doubt that your success at the poll is deserving, your acceptance by the people is due to your selflessness and determination to take Kwara to the #NextLevel.

On behalf of the good people of Kwara South, I congratulate and wish you the required grace and wisdom to pilot the affair of Kwara State.

Be rest assured of our continuous support and prayers.

Arch. Lola Ashiru
Kwara South Senator Elect.

Politics / Gov. Ahmed And PDP Gubernatorial Candidate, Atunwa In Heated Fight Over Election by adewuyia2014(m): 2:11pm On Mar 08, 2019
Razak Atunwa, the gubernatorial candidate of PDP and incumbent governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed are said to be at war over the sponsorship of Saturday's gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections.

Maigida was said to have taken the back seat after they lost the Presidential and National Assembly elections which the PDP lost.

Maigida is troubled with the recent ruffling of his appointees who are in EFCC net. The silence of Bukola Saraki on the matter is really another dilemma he has to deal with. Some of his close aides are saying that their boss feels neglected and fears going down alone in case the incoming government decides to go after all financial dealings of his administration.

Atunwa on the other hand is unhappy with Maigida over his lackluster support for his ambition. He (Maigida) failed to release fund, and muster the needed support for his ambition.

Saraki has been quiet and won't give financial support to the election holding on Saturday. He claimed he was scammed by the stakeholders after they failed to spend the money he gave them during the Presidential and National Assembly elections.
Politics / Arch Lola Ashiru Senator Elect Meet Artisan by adewuyia2014(m): 6:15pm On Mar 07, 2019
Arch. Lola Ashiru, the Senator-Elect for Kwara South Senatorial District, today, meets with Offa Artisan to appreciate them and to seek for their support, come 9th of March gubernatorial polls and State House of Assembly election.

In the same vein, the Senator-Elect visits the Igbo community in Offa/Oyun Local Government to also appreciate and so seek for their support for APC in the forthcoming election.

The both groups, again, pledged their unalloyed support towards the actualization of a new Kwara that will work for all.

Politics / Gbenga Olawepo Urges Kwarans To Vote Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq by adewuyia2014(m): 5:06pm On Mar 07, 2019
Full statement

May I congratulate the “Ó TÓ GÉ” movement and indeed the entire good people of Kwara State on the successful ballot revolution during the National Assembly election held on February 23rd, 2019.

I urge you to finish the job by voting massively for Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq as the next Governor of Kwara State on Saturday March 9, 2019. Abdulrahman is a reliable man, a good friend and brother. One of the trio of Shaibu Yaman and my goodself, who laid the foundation of the change movement, exactly 20 years ago.

I endorse the platform, APC, which the “Ó TÓ GÉ” movement has chosen as the vehicle to free Kwara State in the 2019 election.

I salute the efforts of Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who is currently providing leadership to the movement and other leaders such as Senator Suleiman Makanjuola Ajadi, Senator S.S. Ajibola, Professor Oba Abdulraheem, Alhaji Kunle Suleiman, Prince Sunday Fagbemi, Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo, and others too numerous to mention here.

We should not also forget in a hurry the contributions of those who have fallen; great patriots like, H.E. Mohammed Alabi Lawal Omo ‘Morilewa Omo Laderin and General Abdulkareem Adisa rtd.

The struggle in the next few days will be fierce. I urge no complacency. With hardwork, by the Grace of God, Victory is sure.



Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim.
Kwara Must Change

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Politics / I Won't Interfere In Traditional Institutions"- Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Kwara by adewuyia2014(m): 4:57pm On Mar 05, 2019
The APC gubernatorial candidate, Alhaji AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq who was accompanied by some of the party stalwart which include Kwara Central senator-elect, Dr. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, DG AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq Campaign Organisation (AACO), Amb. Abdulfatai Yahaya Seriki and many others today visited Balogun Fulani Compound to appreciate the Alanguas for their support during the Presidential and National Assembly elections which APC won convincingly. He informed them that President Muhammadu Buhari himself will be coming down to Kwara on Wednesday, 6th of March to appreciate the good people of Kwara for solidly supporting the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He added that the oncoming election which is the Gubernatorial and the State House of Assembly elections is the most important as the outcome will be the determinant of the development Kwara state will start experiencing.

Furthermore, he gave clarity on the rumour that is being circulated all over the social media on what will be his intervention on the role of the traditional ruler after his emergence. Mischievously spread as altering the traditional institution's structure and coining out "Oba of Ilorin" title.

The rumour that is concocted and sponsored by the drowning dynasty which is purposely to misinform and spawn sympathy within the good people of Ilorin Emirate. Also, to diversify Kwarans and create foe amidst them. After successfully draining the state treasury for their own personal interest and the good people of Kwara state have spoken loudly at the poll that they have completely rejected them.

Then, they decided to cause there last havoc by causing controversy among Kwarans, which by the grace of God they will not succeed in.

Alhaji AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq explained that the only role he will play concerning the traditional rulers in the state is to support them and enhance a smooth relationship among them so as to ensure the Kwara of each and everyone's dream is achieved.

AbdulRahman who greeted the Alanguas in the traditional way of according respect to the Emir of Ilorin and his cabinets assured them once again that the rumour has nothing to do with him.

He concluded that if he is supported to be the next governor of Kwara state, he will be for every Kwarans regardless of their religion or tribe as government of inclusiveness has been a watchword in his campaign and every Kwarans will participate to the governing of the state.

Politics / Re: Court Affirms Senator Rafiu Ibrahim As PDP Candidate For Kwara South by adewuyia2014(m): 4:52pm On Feb 12, 2019
ARCH. ISA LOLA ASHIRU is the only language in kwara south they should please combine Fatai and Rafiu.


Freedom of kwara is eminent........

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Politics / Re: Bukola Saraki: Riding High In Kwara by adewuyia2014(m): 5:11pm On Feb 06, 2019
Fake news.... O to gee in Kwara

Politics / Re: Buhari, Tinubu Arrived Ekiti State To Flag Off Presidential Campaign - Photos by adewuyia2014(m): 2:47pm On Feb 05, 2019
Enough is enough in Kwara.

Business / Re: Chevron Rakes In $3.7bn Net Income, $14.8bn Annual Earnings In 2018 by adewuyia2014(m): 12:00pm On Feb 05, 2019
..............Next level

Politics / Re: Kwara Inspired Otoge Takes Over Nigeria - Mrrights by adewuyia2014(m): 11:57am On Feb 05, 2019
O To Gee!

Politics / Re: Shehu Sani Exposes Ways Governors Buy Votes, Rig 2019 Election by adewuyia2014(m): 4:09pm On Feb 04, 2019
Next Level thing......

Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Reacts To Afenifere, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Others Endorsing Atiku by adewuyia2014(m): 10:56am On Feb 04, 2019
Next level loading........

Politics / Re: Top 10 Hilarious/powerful Responses From Atiku/obi NG Candidate Interview by adewuyia2014(m): 10:33am On Jan 31, 2019
Next Level all i know..............

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Updated-New Job Vacancies by adewuyia2014(m): 9:12am On Jan 31, 2019
This is the nationwide whatsapp group link for the candidates who saw their names on the BRISIN list.


Let's meet and share vital information here. Thanks.

Please add me to the group 08054290958.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Those That Saw Their Names On BRISIN List. Meet Here. by adewuyia2014(m): 5:33pm On Jan 30, 2019
[quote author=Succes4real post=75246203][/quote]

Please add me to the group 08054290958 the link is not accessible
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Brisin Recruitment What's The Next Line Of Action For The Shortlisted Candidates by adewuyia2014(m): 6:42pm On Jan 25, 2019
No shortlisted candidates yet. Whom have you seen that have been shortlisted?

Two of my friends are shortlisted already i have even check their names to confirm....

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