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Politics / Re: The Nation Newspaper Headquarters In Lagos On Fire by akinwun(m): 3:09am On Oct 22
The Nation Newspaper headquarters on Fathi America stree in Mushin, Lagos state set on fire

Watch here


Tinubu is by no means a pious man, but directing the anger of this time at him is sheer act of cowardice. He wasn't the one that sent Nigeria economy into recession, he wasn't the one that place maina as a proxy to steal the nation dry, he wasn't the one responsible for the lopsided political appointments we have witnessed in this administration, he is not the head of the army, he is not the one directly leading Nigeria. Why then should he pay for all these sins. The attack on him as I see will be the undoing of all these protests and agitations. Tinunbu may go down, and many will jubilate and celebrate, but it will be a mere hollow victory. Let us please remind ourselves some facts, that before 2015, Nigeria's economy was number one in Africa, Buhari came and lead the economy into recession, between that time and now, price of commodities have skyrocketed, companies have folded up, many workers had been laid off from companies struggling to survive, Fulani herdsmen kill with impunity, there is so much hunger in the land, youths' life are stagnant etc. Why can't we direct the anger at buhari, why must it be Tinunbu. I firmly believe in that saying that "whatsoever is what doing, is what doing well", let us do this well once and for all, it is buhari that needs to leave the scene not Tinunbu. Let the ember of the anger be fanned on him.
Travel / Re: Luxembourg Makes Public Transportation Free, Becomes First Country (Pics) by akinwun(m): 4:50pm On Sep 27
Explorers is showing us
computer generated pics
we all know thats not the real pictures
the Luxemburg i know is a small shit hole
with poor people... that can't afford basic amenities
education system not recognised
what's their GDP
who knows their musicians
who knows their actors and actresses

Nigeria is bad
but economically and infrastructure wise its well better than that village...
how many billionaires do they have

dangote alone can buy that hamlet
Could this be a joke, Luxembourg at a point was the richest country in the world
Religion / Re: Wearing Seductive Clothes To Deposit Lust In The Heart Of Others by akinwun(m): 12:43pm On Sep 27
There is a woman who owns a multi-destiny cutting salon and she has a lot of female workers cutting short the destinies of (young) men.
Her name is Delilah and her salon is "Delilah's destiny cutting salon".
Whenever you lie in the bosom of any immoral woman, you're patronising Delilah's multi-destiny cutting salon and that woman who is one of Delilah's destiny barber is sapping away your strength.

Be warned!
Nothing can be more of a spiritual counsel.
Promiscuous and seductive ladies sap away the strength of fulfilling destiny.
It's one of the most potent weapon with the kingdom of darkness
Literature / Re: Kola Onadipe's 98th Posthumous Birthday Is Today by akinwun(m): 5:44pm On Jul 14
This man wrote the Happy Birthday I suppose
Romance / Re: What Happens After A Failed Marriage Proposal? by akinwun(m): 6:26pm On Apr 15
No, it doesn't end there. You keep trying again and again until you are crippled by the effects of kneeling down. Then you start prostrating. undecided

grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Explosion Rocks Akure, Houses, School, Churches Destroyed by akinwun(m): 9:05am On Mar 28
Politics and terrorism are two ends of a snake, whichever end you grab, you still grab a snake.
Webmasters / OOP In Php For Beginners by akinwun(m): 12:11pm On Sep 06, 2019
Here is a video for those who wich to understand the concept of oop in php and also in any other programing language.

Webmasters / Re: Learn Web Design LIVE On Nairaland!!! by akinwun(m): 12:07pm On Sep 06, 2019
Here, you can learn oop in php

Webmasters / Re: Want to learn web developing by akinwun(m): 8:07pm On Aug 21, 2019
Watch it here and subscribe to this channel

Webmasters / Complete Html Form Tutorial by akinwun(m): 7:49pm On Aug 18, 2019
Html form is one of the most important element in htlm, it uses in developing interative web cannot be over emphasised. Here is a fancy form tutorial for newbies and prospective learners.

Programming / Flutter Custom Pageroute by akinwun(m): 8:07am On Aug 17, 2019
Are you a flutter developer or learning, you can create your own custom page route instead of using the MaterialPageRoute. Here is a link

Programming / Html Tutorials For Starters by akinwun(m): 1:22pm On Aug 15, 2019
Start you html tutorial today. Follow this link

Webmasters / Learn Web Design From Sratch; Coding All Through by akinwun(m): 7:20am On Aug 13, 2019
Here i have started a web development tutorial from scratch, coding all through for those who will be interested, this is the html video tutorial part 1 explained in details, on completion, css, javascript, jquery and php will follow. All of these with pure coding. You can start the journey into becoming a real developer now


Webmasters / Re: Learn Web Design LIVE On Nairaland!!! by akinwun(m): 7:15am On Aug 13, 2019
You can start the journey watching this video

Programming / Php Regular Expressions For Beginners by akinwun(m): 3:42pm On Aug 12, 2019
Regular expression is one of those difficult concepts in programing. Here itis well explained in php. If you are new to php, you can easily understand it watching this video

Programming / Php Date Functions by akinwun(m): 2:41pm On Jul 28, 2019
You can learn the necessary php date functions here


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Programming / Re: Free HTML5, CSS3 And Basic Javascript (jquery) Training by akinwun(m): 5:53pm On Jul 23, 2019
Programming / Php Crud Explained by akinwun(m): 5:01pm On Jul 23, 2019
Celebrities / Re: Regina Askia Reacts To Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Busola Dakolo Rape Allegation by akinwun(m): 9:55am On Jul 02, 2019
After a forensic analysis, nothing can be more true...
Facts are as follows.

1. Pst Biodun did not violently r@pe Busola. He manupulated her into agreeing to open her legs after being romantic with her.
2. Busola was a virgin prior to her experience with Biodun
3. They had multiple consentual s3x as at then
4. She fell madly in love with him as at then
5. He broke her heart as a result of a promise he couldnt fulfill. Maybe she expected him to throw his wife and marry her later on I cant say what that was its between both of them.
6. She became promiscuous due to the emotional trauma Biodun placed on her at an early age.
7. She left a trail of whoredom before she met Timi.
8. They started having crisis in marriage. Timi made her talk
9. Looking back at her life over the years, and how messed up it had been, she connected the dots back to Biodun blaming him for her misery
10. she then came up with the rape story because she felt that consentual sex at that age was still rape(she didnt know at that time tho)
11. shes a pained woman living in regrets of how she ruined her youth and blames Biodun for her mysery
12. She want to see him suffer thats the only way she feels she would heal..

"Hell hath no fury than a scorned woman"

Everyone who has lived a promiscuous life will always try to escape the shame by blaming someone else. She already had in it her to be able to knack the guy on a car bonnet.

We know them. Spoilt adventurous brats. Her sister too was the same and Biodun chopped that one too.

I have seen this exact thing happen to a couple before and they did blame someone else after the husband found out after 10 years that he married an ex runz girl.The man was furious and was pushing the wife to help him file charges against the accused figure. We advised him against it because of the revelations we knew witnesses will bring which his did not know about.

After all the drama they still went their separate ways. The Dakolo guy is in something bigger than he can handle and his wife will never tell him the truth

Guys like Dakolo who place themselves at the top level in terms of moral values never recover when they stupidly start digging up their wife's past. After the anger with Biodun ends it will refocus on the wife.

Biodun 15 years ago was a young boy like Busola with both their hormones raging. The Timi guy is a disgrace to manhood. You dig up your wife's whoring history and she easily manipulated you with the most basic lie that comes naturally to a girl cheesy cheesy "I was raped when I was 15" " I lost my virginity while riding a bicycle" That babe will wake up at night, go to the bathroom open Twitter and have a good laugh at how dumb the world is. I'm starting to like her now sef

Look at this way, fine clean boy Pastor with women throwing themselves at you. His mission was none other than CHOP ONE CHOP ALL. Let's not judge him by who he is now. Times were different in Nigeria then and clearly did not rape her.

He chopped her and the sister and still chopped her again after Dakolo came into the picture. He has a right to be angry. The pastor made an error of judgement and so did the spoilt brat.


"Got pregnant twice o...all for the choir master (Timi). got married in same church and received car gift from the same pastor.... Krest kee you there!"

Lol You did not also mention she got "raped" on multiple occasions. hahaha cheesy

Lol. it just shows u sexual promiscuity is in her body. She's still probably pained Biodun never made her his final choice. Also for her unfortunate husband, that one was busy feasting on her when he was choirmaster - thinking he was d sharpest man around. Gossip must have got to him later on in his marriage that the Pastor don chop him wife waka pass, clean mouth.

That must have been a real real pain and bruise to his ego. I feel for him. U know what it feels like to have sex with ur wife but keep seeing the image of someone who had got there before u. U cant understand the psychological damage. It serves men of his kind right: see the way he was worshipping his wife in his 'iyawo mi' video then; who would have thought she could have had such dark past?

Women may have some innocent-looking face or manner but u dont wanna know their secrets; where theyve been. U would be shocked! 90% of them!!
undisputable analysis from an expert
Politics / Re: We Have Evidence INEC Procured, Installed, Deployed Servers - Two Groups Claim by akinwun(m): 9:03pm On Jun 21, 2019
How the card reader works

Crime / Re: Don D Don, Cultists Surrender In Ahoada, Sign Peace Agreement In Rivers (Photos) by akinwun(m): 8:39pm On Jun 21, 2019
werey re o
Omode n se e
Crime / Re: Don D Don, Cultists Surrender In Ahoada, Sign Peace Agreement In Rivers (Photos) by akinwun(m): 7:42pm On Jun 21, 2019
To be honest, I'm tired of Nigeria. Nobody can predict what this country will look like in the next 10 years. I don't know if bokoharam would have expanded by then, what about Fulani herdsmen, kidnapping, would I be layed off from work due to bad economic melt down? What would be the new thing or group that will be killing people or causing misery by then? All these things keep going through my mind and making me wish I was not born here. cry
Let me tell you exactly what will happen in the next ten years.
1. Nigeria would have been practising full sharia law.
2. The fulani oligarchy would have gained maximum dominance
3. Yahoo yahoo will be the most vibrant and functioning industry and the largest employer of labour.
4. The educational system would have finally collapsed.
5. The Nigeria military and para military forces would have lost all respect and prowess to confront any serious onslaught, both within and without.
6. Larger percentage of the Nigerian youth would have become drug addict.
7. Baby mamry would have become a norm in Nigeria.
8. Venezuela case would have loaded in finally.

Let me just stop here, so as not to scare many.

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Politics / Re: Soyinka: I Won’t Participate In June 12 Celebrations by akinwun(m): 7:20pm On Jun 12, 2019
We were at Mivvo pac at Cotonou to buy car today, out of the blue, the white man asked us about what Nigeria is celebrating today to have declared an holiday. We all responded that it is our democracy day. Quizzically, he asked us whether Nigeria is a democratic country, we all responded "yes of course". Then he asked, is Buhari no more the president?

Buhari's reputation is well known beyond the shore of Nigeria.
Education / Re: UI 2018/2019 Admission Thread by akinwun(m): 7:21pm On Jun 09, 2019
Gud day fellas. This thread is created to prepare all prospective 2018 aspirants adequately for the forthcoming exams and to share ideas on how to ensure an excelled Utme score.

Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Biggest Life Lesson You Have Learnt? by akinwun(m): 12:55pm On May 27, 2019
All uncles are scams.
grin grin grin grin
Education / Do You Need Admission? by akinwun(m): 4:55pm On May 14, 2019
Have you been writing jamb for the upteen time and getting frustrated year in year out, or you want a direct entry into a higher institution to earn a degree. I have a piece of advice for that will help you get your degree without stress and sorrow. WhatsApp me on 07030790078.
Education / Re: Am I Too Old To Further My Education? by akinwun(m): 6:25pm On Apr 25, 2019
Do you wish to get direct entry and get your degree without hassle, apply to https://www.beninfo247.com/west-african-union-university-wauu/aff/1/ It is NUC accredited.
Education / Re: The Truth About Jamb UTME 2019 Results You Didn't Know. by akinwun(m): 8:26am On Apr 25, 2019
Are you tired of rewriting UTME or staying at home. You can get admission into Benin Republic university https://www.beninfo247.com/ism-adonai-university/aff/1/

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