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Politics / Re: Port-harcout Was Named After A Rapist: See Him by Allen102: 5:30pm On Jun 14
If this is true, then the name should be changed
Change to what?
Politics / Re: Port-harcout Was Named After A Rapist: See Him by Allen102: 5:28pm On Jun 14
Harcourt does not mean anything to us. Igweocha does
And who are the We? undecided
The name is Port Harcourt and Port Harcourt it is.
If it does not mean anything to you or your people, that is your business pal!
Besides, what's the meaning of Igweocha? undecided

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Allen102: 5:38am On Jun 06

These people should never interfere with our history.
It's Ok.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Allen102: 1:14am On Jun 05

I will not exchange words with you,but I am going to disgrace you in front of all the world. People will know that you igbos are just like the devil, no truth can be found within you.
Okochiri people forefathers are from Abam indeed,bloody igbo liar. grin grin
That's enough! You have prove your point.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Allen102: 4:42pm On May 31
You see how these igbo people are trying so hard to rewrite our history? If we are not here on NL that's how they will spread fake narrative about us.
Apart from Ibaka,i don't know any clan in Wakirike Bese who have Kalabari Origin.
Yep,you are right! It is Ibaka people who break out of Kalabari. They are the only clans in Wakirike Bese who have Kalabari Origin.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Allen102: 4:22pm On May 31
Mr man stop taking about my people history that you know nothing about, we are not Ikwerres who don't know their history or where they come from. Igbo man like you can not tell us our Origin or defined us that will never happen. Okrika people are ijaws who migrated from the delta, present day( Baysela and Delta state)

Okrika is 90% ijaws We didn't break out from Kalabari.
Leave Okrika people alone, you have been trying so hard to create hatred between my people and ijaws from other state,but you will fail and will continue to fail because blood is thicker than water.
Well said Iyo
Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Allen102: 6:46pm On May 19
Taa, which downfall. That one na noise. Igbo people don see una finish.
See us finished for where? the last time I checked,you are the ones forcing your unnecessary brotherhood on us, something we don't want.
Stay clear off our lands,we are not interested in any brotherhood or any Biafra whatever let it sink into your skull.

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Allen102: 6:00pm On May 19
They want to claim port Harcourt by all means,that's why they are trying so hard to remove ijaws from Rivers State lol
Na we be their problem,and na we go be their downfall.

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Allen102: 5:59pm On May 19
Okrikans identify themselves as ijaws not igbos,if Okrikans are ok with the ijaw tag then you igbo man can not decide for them, it is not your place to tell others Where they belong.
People identify with those they are comfortable with,if Okrikans are comfortable with the ijaw tag then they are ijaws.
My help brother help me tell them oooo people.
People way no our history more than us no wan allow us rest.

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by Allen102: 5:26pm On May 19
When we say there are no Ijaws in Rivers state, it's not out of fiction. It’s reality. Ijaw were only know to be indigenous to Southern Bayelsa and South Eastern Delta, no pun intended.

Kalabari, Okrika and Ibani claim to be Ijaw happened due to coercion and force. Ibani own was even subtle as they had to claim Ijaw to avoid the onslaught of the 15th Brigade. And all this occurred all thank to survival tactics the three groups displayed after the war. The three aforementioned groups, inclusive of the Abuans and Oduans were never part of Isaac Boro Niger-Delta republic. If P/H Ijaw can provide the map where they were included, then he wins.

This was why during the creation of Bayelsa in 1998, the three group rather clamoured for Port-Harcourt state with the rest of the uplanders. Nembe would have remained in Rivers state but the pro-Ijaw forces in that section dragged her into Bayelsa - the likes of Diette-Spiff and Alagoa.

Secondly, in the old eastern region there was nothing like Ijaw language. The only language spoken that was mutually intelligible in the old Degema division was Kalabari. As a matter of fact, it was the major language spoken after Igbo. Kalabari was even among the 6 approved languages spoken in the old Eastern region, and it was in this language that Cardinal Rex Lawson sang. If in doubt check the major languages spoken in the Eastern region and you’ll see the following in that order.

2. Efik
3. Ibibio
4. Kalabari
5. Ejagham
6. Ogoni
Okrikans do not claim to be ijaws,Okrikans are ijaws! I wonder why igbo clown like you think you can tell us where we belong. What kind of fvckery is that?


Politics / Re: Wike Bans Meeting Of Igbo Group In Oyigbo, Rivers State by Allen102: 10:35am On May 08
Okrika people are not igbos you idiot since when did igbos became our aunties and cousins? are you suffering from down syndrome or something ? yes igbo people invade my hometown rape,kill and kidnaped my people this is the truth clown like you and your people don't want to accept. But no matter how hard you try to deny it,it won't change the fact that igbos brought destruction on my people.
It is you who know nothing about Rivers state,igbo man like you who is not from Rivers State shouldn't be talking about Rivers affairs, the last time I checked, there are no igbos in Rivers state so mind your business igbo man and concentrate on your 5 eastern state where you truly belong clown.
Bere Oooo. These igbos are funny creatures i swear lol.

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Politics / Re: Remembering The Isheagu Massacre Of May 1968 by Allen102: 10:44am On May 05

You are just too empty and [/b]obviouslyhas nothing to offer to this discussion.
Isn't it obvious? I'm not here to have any discussion.
I'm only here to set the records straight which you are trying so hard to rewrite.

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Politics / Re: Remembering The Isheagu Massacre Of May 1968 by Allen102: 10:28am On May 05

You are nothing but cheap liars.
All you have to back your stories are lies.
No one takes you serious.

This was how Saro Wiwa went and killed his fellow Ogoni people because they were pro BIAFRA and never saw things through same prism as him, only to later turn around and start blaming Ndiigbo for crimes that never happened.

Good a thing Abacha is unforgiving type. If not he (Wiwa) would still be alive and be corrupting the more Ogoni youths with lies in the name of being an elder.
When it dose not suit your purpose it's all lies, typical igbo man with inferiority complex who thinks he knows better than everyone.
Like I said,some of us still have relatives who witness the horrors cause by your fathers to this day,So this your attempt to defend or should I say paint your father's in a positive light or try to remove them from the genocide they carry out against my people will not fly.


Politics / Re: Remembering The Isheagu Massacre Of May 1968 by Allen102: 9:50am On May 05

No one killed and raped your people, those were lies your shameless parents made up and passed on to you.
Asari Dokubo had to admit that your parents told you lies and he went on to narrate the real truth about what took place in Minority areas.
I had already posted it.

Many people don't know that Saro was killed by Abacha because he murdered in cold blood Ogoni chiefs who were pro Biafra during the war, using his violent followers.
Igbo people invade our community rape, kidnapped and kill our people unprovoked,no matter how hard you try to defend the actions of your fathers the truth still remains that igbos terrorize my people for no reason.
Someone of us still have relatives to this day who are a living witness,so you using a confused hungry clown like Asari or calling my fathers liars will not,can not change the truth you igbos love to hate.


Politics / Re: Remembering The Isheagu Massacre Of May 1968 by Allen102: 2:12am On May 05

I have been in Ijaw threads and Those of them honest to themselves would tell you that what happened in Ijawland was a mini civil war between Ijaws who were pro BIAFRA and those who were Pro Nigeria.
They fought among each other, and when the pro Nigeria group won, they decided to bury their hatchet and transfer the blame to Igbos.

Even Asari Dokubo admitted this.
What is shameful is that it took him coming to beg us to vote for GEJ for him to say the truth about that part of our shared history.

Let me go fetch Asari Dokubo quote on that.
Igbo people invade our community, rape,kidnapped and kill our people unprovoked! No sane Rivers ijaw man will tell you otherwise,because it is the hard-core truth you igbos don't want to accept. No body decide to blame anybody it is the gospel truth you igbos don't want to hear.


Politics / Re: Wike Bans Meeting Of Igbo Group In Oyigbo, Rivers State by Allen102: 1:22pm On Apr 29
I've been watching you sharing you arguing and labelling everyone who said there are ijaw in Rivers State tonye.
Now let me break it down for you i am an Okrika man from Ogu/ bolo, i have no other tribe than the ijaw tribe. Igbo people who invade Okrika during the war,rape our mothers, sisters and force their husbands and brothers to watch are in no position to tell us where we belong. Our fathers were proud ijaw fighters who fought against yours for our freedom and we their children will not disrespect their memories by claiming something they fought against for.

We Okrikans are ijaw people and our territories start from new road down to Okujagu waterfront all in slaughter.
Your plans to get rid of our identity so that you will make us fourth class citizen in Rivers state will fail and will always fail till the end of time.
Now I know you will call me tonye but who cares? i've made my point which is loud and clear.
Mbre! Don't waste your time on that clown he's igbo,they are very arrogant and full of pride,but a rude awakening await them soon.


Politics / Re: Wike Bans Meeting Of Igbo Group In Oyigbo, Rivers State by Allen102: 1:15pm On Apr 29
Yes, I’m a proud Igboman and will never deny my ethnicity. Now, get it into your thick skulls and focus on your useless Bayelsa. Imagine Ijaw clowns from Delta and Bayelsa coming to tell us how to run our state. When that one start? You people should be careful.
Oh you are igbo! No wonder! i regret even replying you self.

All I can pick from your write-up is nugsukvdazyknbiiyrwzvnlllmoitee%$_£¥€_%^£
lol. The Tonye you are busy accusing me of being is an Okrikan man whose a proud ijaw citizen,i know it's pains you to your bone that we Okrikans are proud of our ijaw roots while the Ikwerres denied being igbo it sucks i know lol.

Keep up with your delusion he go shock you like film.


Politics / Re: Wike Bans Meeting Of Igbo Group In Oyigbo, Rivers State by Allen102: 11:39am On Apr 28
Stating facts? Lol!
The same way you and Tonye nearly got HBP when someone posted how Okrika people chased you Izon midgets from their Facebook page. Nairaland doesn't forget. Attache by force. Only you Izon clowns go about brandishing Okrika-Ijaw Kalabari-Ijaw, Ibani-Ijaw of which the indigenes of these tribes have warned you countless time to desist from doing. What business do we have with Bayelsa criminals in Rivers state affairs?

Even the Bayelsa that was created for you to flex your Ijaw nationalist muscles is already crumbling like a pack of card, how much more Rivers state where you were banished from. Yenagoa has denied you, Ogbia has denied you, to the extent that Nembe have warned you clowns to stop adding them into your Ijaw ethnic identity.

As far as we know, there are no Ijaw in River state. Ijawland ends in your 2by2 Bayelsa. Wike has already threatened to arrest any Ijaw criminal constituting nuisance in P/H. Most especially those useless IYC/INC youths hosting the useless Asawana meeting in another man’s state. The same way he threatened to banish the political Kalabari King who collected bribe from Dickson to help gift our oil wells in Soku to Bayelsa. Since that incident, the Ijaw madness some people were brainwashed to brandish in Rivers state got cured.

Never worry, at the fullness of time after Wike might have finished his tenure, a new Governor who isn't influenced by Mama Patience will reign in Brick house. Infact Mama Patience is your saving grace as she isn't really aware of the nuisance you homeless criminals constitute in P/H waterside. But at the fullness of time, those shanties will be demolished and every occupant sent packing to Bayelsa and Delta where you rats emerged from. Greater Port Harcourt of which Ameachi was trying to implement must be actualized in our lifetime. As that is the only answer to your Ijaw madness in Rivers state.
I know this is none of my business but I need to come in here since you have mention my people.

We Okrika people are ijaws never for once have we been brain wash by anybody or anyone,from the moment we are born it is written on our birth certificates that we Okrikans are Izon citizens so I don't understand where you get this your brainwash stuff from. undecided

As an Okrika man i am an Ijaw man from Rivers State,you Ikwerre man abi na igbo can not define me or my people that will never happen. Okrikans will never warn our fellow ijaws brothers to say out of our business In fact, we are the ones begging our ijaws brothers to help us because we are tired of you Ikwerres ruling Rivers state and developing the uplands and your local goverment while we suffer and our place remain undevelope.

I as an Okrika man i share nothing in common with Ikwerres or igbos my kind and kins are my ijaws brothers.

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Politics / Re: Wike Bans Meeting Of Igbo Group In Oyigbo, Rivers State by Allen102: 7:05am On Apr 12
Abeg scram you this worthless Akwa Ibom sewage rat,it seems like all the savage,barbaric behaviour you animals practice in that jungle Akwa ibom of yours has decimated your cognitive ability to even articulate yourself properly, you low-dirt groveling waste of human existence, na your pathetic ashawo mama I even blame for playing away match with aggregate scores before birthing a biological aberration with down syndrome like you! I asked you one simple question, list the Akwa iboms man or woman who has stamp their foot in the sand of time instead of you to mention one,you are just typing gibberish. grin.Truly you Akwa ibom degenerates are truly a waste of time and internet bandwidth, the final solution deserving of you unproductive subhumans who keeps running away from that hell hole Akwa ibom of yours would be to just pack all of you like sardines into your backwater sewage disposing ramshackle sh*t hole of a state in Akwa ibom and drop nuclear bombs with the worst kind of radioactive effects on you despicable bastards! grin grin grin
nawa ooo you and that NikeAustin get problem before?
Politics / Re: Why Is The Nigerdelta Silent? What's Our Use In This Forum As Regards Sovreignty by Allen102: 12:14am On Apr 07

These are the tribes in Rivers..
Igbo (Etche, Onelga, Omuma, Oyigbo)

Okrika is an ijaw clan Mr, you can't know more than me because I am from there.


Politics / Re: Why Is The Nigerdelta Silent? What's Our Use In This Forum As Regards Sovreignty by Allen102: 10:36pm On Apr 06

Then you must have moved in there recently from Bayelsa state.
I am not from Bayelsa
Politics / Re: Why Is The Nigerdelta Silent? What's Our Use In This Forum As Regards Sovreignty by Allen102: 12:17pm On Apr 06

You're even generous. There's no Ijaw in Delta state and Rivers state. Ijaw are only present in Bayelsa state which is the smallest state in Nigeria with just 8 LGAs and they even share the state with Urhobo, Ekpeye, Ogbia, Engenni, Nembe, Bomu, Epie, Abureni, Isoko and Oduah.. Urhobo is currently the Deputy governor and by 2023 it'll be the Urhobo's or Ekpeye's turn to be Governor. The state is 70% occupied by water in form of creek, Land is just 30% so you can't tell me there'll be 1.3million people living there unless you're also counting the population of the mermaids and water creatures, The entire population in Bayelsa isn't up to 1.3 million talk more of the Pure Ijaw Population. The population should be around 700, 000 with Ijaw been around 250,000. Because of the presence of many tribes in Bayelsa, Pidgin has become the language of communication cos a Nembe man will never understand the language of a Sagbama man.

Ijaw should be contented with their Bayelsa state and stop trying to claim some tribes in Delta and Rivers state. Bomadi and Patani are close to Bayelsa state but that doesn't give Ijaw the right to claim them.
I am an ijaw man from Rivers State igbo man. Always acting like you know everything when In reality, you know nothing.


Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 6:10am On Mar 04

Firstly learn to articulate yourself in proper English first, cause it's hard to even understand your garbage. Secondly what the hell does your post actually prove? So looking up every random negative news about some unknown Igbo person committing a crime that means the whole Igbos are bad? once again you're proving why most Nigerians consider you Ijaws as unintelligent! What if I begin to post the countless Igbos that are making Nigeria proud by their accomplishments home and abroad in various fields of endeavor? cause I can listing them out till this thread runs out of space you moRRon!

Maybe all Ijaws can be tagged stupid, brainless and worthless militants/criminals who blow up pipelines and engage in cultism because of the actions of some of your people!
My Engish is perfectly fine,it's not my fault that you can't comprehend anything.
Igbo people are know notorious criminals that is your trade mark.

You commit the biggest fraud in U.S. history
You are the first ones to rob a bank in U.A.E.
You gang raped married woman in Ghana and force her husband to watch.
You terrorize south Africa with human trafficking, prostitution and drug dealers.
You have turned India, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and co into your crime haven.
You terrorize us here In Nigeria with your fake products, one chance criminals, kidnappers, baby factories, prostitutes and ritualist.
Woe be to anyone who compare themselves with an abomination like you igbos.

Low IQ monkey .


Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 4:08am On Mar 04
The people I mention are all pure ijaw breed,I don't understand your flapdoodle.
Talking about appearance, I've seen what igbo women look like (they are in every brothel here) and I won't even dream of comparing those creatures with normal women.
Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 3:57am On Mar 04

This is a very daft and fallacious submission, but I'll patiently try to dissect your daftness piece by piece.

There are millions of successful Igbos resident in Yoruba land and Northern regions, Yorubas and Igbos might have their sociopolitical issues but they integrate well and marry each other with no problems, the most successful Southern Nigerians making waves in the diaspora especially in the academia are predominantly Igbos and yorubas and they relate very well.

Igbos and Northerners aren't in the best of terms because of our strained history- the coup, counter coup, civil war are major factors why Igbos and Hausa/Fulani don't get along with Igbos, but there are still lots of Igbos who are pulling the strings especially in areas of commerce across the Northern states, likewise in the East where they are many Northerners who have integrated well with their host communities in the East.

Again you are displaying your ignorance and myopic stupidity. The Abia Akwa Ibom border crisis is a isolated situation where both communities are pretty much the same in culture but have disputes over a border expanse of land( this happens everywhere in Nigeria you fool). There is peace between the two warring communities as the border crisis panel responsible for restoring peace have prevailed over the situation. On a wholesome basis, the Igbos and Ibibio people relate very well and inter-marry among themselves. Lots of Akwa Ibom men marry Igbo women and vice versa, some Akwa Ibom top politicians and ex-governors are married to Igbo women.

Ikwerres are our brothers and we understand their problem is a complex issue of identity crisis, where is the evidence Ikwerre people murdered Igbos in Oyigbo? or are you trying to reel out your ogogoro-induced fallacies again? Wike's tyrannical actions in Oyigbo against his own people was largely condemned by Ikwerres all over social media, and the Nigerian army that raped women as alleged with no compelling evidence isn't something to celebrate cause your army are known to be very ill-disciplined and primitive, and that's why they are getting slaughtered by Boko haram in the Northern region, and are getting killed like chickens in the East by "suspected gunmen" who are ESN operatives showing them shege!

As for the Ijaws, remember these salient facts:

Your people were nearly wiped out in Odi by just a battalion of the Nigerian army, they raped all your women and sacked all your communities with such brutality that it made international headlines, Timaya even carry am sing in his "Dem Mama" debut album.

Ijaw land is the epicenter of pollution, your villages are wastelands, your rivers are gone, your natural resources plundered, your people live in the poorest of human conditions across the Niger Delta, nobody dey even send una cause your people are seen as animals and economic loots for the collective interest of corporations, private investors, oil companies and Nigerians at large. Your people are the porn industry of Nigeria, everybody dey Bleep you from all sides.

You are hated by all your Niger Delta neighbors cause like the Fulani herdsmen your presence portends crisis... in Delta state we the Aniomas collectively hate you cause you are seen as parasites who contribute nothing to your immediate growth and interest. The Edos have warned you to stay out of Gelegele, your people are still dragging Gelegele with the Edos who are teaching you a serious lesson. All the ethnic crisis we've had in Delta state has been caused by Ijaws, you fought for control of Warri with the Itshekiri's who butchered you like barbecue porkchops, you had a problem with the Isoko people, you had a crisis with the Urhobo people, Ika people etc like whom una never fight for Delta state? even across the Niger in the East it's the same thing, you are fighting the Akwa Ibom people over Eastern Ibolo, fighting the Ikwerre, Degema, Ndoki, Etche, Egbema, the whole of ONELGA has been infiltrated with your cultism and militancy nonsense. Every killings going on in Rivers state as per cultism always has Ijaws at the center of it.

Never compare yourselves to the Igbos, it's an insult! Igbos may have their flaws here and there, but even at their worst they are FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR better than your people in all ramifications of life.

Igbo people are a cursed upon mankind normal people shouldn't compare themselves to abominations like you igbos.



Crime / Re: Nigerian Arrested In South Africa For Holding Girlfriend Hostage by Allen102: 3:48am On Mar 04
Igbo people are a curse upon mankind.

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Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 11:45am On Mar 03

Check this thread again and see who stared the insults.... Igbos have shown the Ijaws nothing but love even ppculminating to the unflinching support for him despite receiving numerous genocide threats all over the country... They supported him hard thinking he was a "brother" as Ijaw people were shouting then, only for them to show their true colour and hate when Jonathan left the sit. Everyday with new anti-Igbo threads immediately after 2015, with so much venom.
No one want your love, give it to that needs it.
Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 11:40am On Mar 03

Leave Niger Delta out of your madness and don't drag them into your Igbo hating mudslinging rhetorics. I've met lots of Niger Deltans from all walks of life who have very cordial relationships with Igbos even though they don't agree with Biafra... so the problem is apparently just you Ijaws, also remember you are hated by your Niger Delta neighbors who see you as cancerous land grabbers. And for the record I'm a proud Igbo man of Enuani stock from Ibusa, and I have absolutely no connection with an Ijaw person even though we're in the same state and geopolitical zone.

As for your insults of the Igbos, I don't think the best of the Ijaw nation put together can hold a candle to just a clan or subgroup in Igboland when it comes to all forms of human achievements, just Enuani alone will beat you hands down if we begin to reel out the heavyweights and highflyers vs the best of the Ijaw population.
Name one tribe or ethnic group who likes igbos? The yorubas hates you with great passion, the hausas/ Fulanis don't even wants to see your shadow, the Akwa iboms are killing you in abia, the ikwerres who you called brothers, who you have supported all these years murder you lot in oyigbo, they use the Nigerian army to rape your mothers and sisters.
No one likes you cause you are unlikeable.

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Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 9:57am On Mar 03

Jonathan never claimed to be Igbo (I dare you to provide the proof if he did) you Ijo swine! it's inconsequential if he adopted Azikiwe as his name because Rotimi Amaechi has a yoruba name "Rotimi" yet isn't yoruba, get it now? the onus is on you to prove that Goodluck Jonathan called himself Igbo!

Hilda Dokubo is an Igbo woman and she has made that clear enough (unless she's ashamed to proudly admit she's Ijaw), her last name doesn't mean anything cause she could be mixed with Ijaw from her maternal side, but she identified herself as Igbo and that's all that matters!

Those bleach bleach hairy Igbo women with bear bear have dominated and won various categories of beauty pageantry in Nigeria and even have even represented Nigeria in international Miss Nigeria competitions as well! the only "pretty" Ijaw woman we've heard of (even though she's very average looking) is Agbani Darego, and it's an anomaly how she even won that award sef. The average Ijo woman is a physiologically specimen of stomach-turning ugliness: short, stockily built like a man that lifts weights, black like my shoe polish, has no curves or feminine allure, and extremely dirty. Even your only saving grace - Nengi from BBNaija is getting her arse clapped by an Igbo boy from Owerri! grin
Worworboy ask you one question what is the meaning of Dokubo in Igboland and since when do you igbo monkey start bearing Dokubos as names? instead of you to answer the damn question,you start running around like the igbo chimpanzee that you are.
Hilda Dokubo is from Buguma, Buguma is a remote village in Rivers state and falls under the ijaw clan not igbo her mother may be heboo but it doesn't count, Jonathan once said he's igbo even Amaechi confirms it.
ijaw women are bla bla but the first black woman to win miss world is an ijaw woman, something your miserable Wh0re of a igbo women can' achieve till they leave this word. Talking about undesirable, igbo apes of a women are the most undesirable Negro on this planet, they are only good as sex objects nothing more,that why your monkeys of a women are all in the bothel and baby factories in Nigeria and beyond being use as sex slaves.
That's why the likes of Kiddwaya turn that your Wh0re of a sister Erica into his sex slaves fvcking her 3 hours non stop everyday.
That's why the like of el rufai son craves to hear that igbo sound cause your daughters and mother's are all worthless wh0res, even fkk is not left out, fulani heardsmen are not left out, The Nigerian army are not left out .
Ijaw women are the most desirable women alive,that's why that gay brother of yours Ozo with woman vagina as lips a keep chasing Nengi like the igbo pig that he is, you monkeys lust after ijaw women so much that you create fantasy of you getting married to ijaw women all the time. Nengi is not a igbo LovePeddler,the like of you igbos seeing her pants won't happen, not in this world.

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Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 8:37am On Mar 03

Jonathan once said he's an igbo man he even adopt the name Azikiwe is Jonathan igbo? grin come tell me igbo man i want to see how your empty head really works.

While you at it,tell me what's the meaning of Dokubo in igboland and when did lost jews like you start bearing Dokubo as names.

Talking of clean,I've seen what your bleach bleach,hairy looking bear bear face igbo women look like, I won't even dream of comparing those igbo Apes with ijaw queens grin
Kill me grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 8:04am On Mar 03
What is the meaning of Dokubo in igbo? When did igbos start bearing Dokubo as names ? you can't even answer the question you are just running around in circles.
One of her parents being igbo ( maybe her mother) doesn't mean anything, in Ijaw land a child is asked Who is your father not Who is your mother. Seeing that she bears Dokubo as name indicates that her father is ijaw which means she's ijaw and nothing else.
Hilda Doukubo look exactly like ijaws I've seen a lot of of ijaw women who are more beautiful than her eg.
The likes of Ibinabo Fiberesima, Anna banner, Dabota Lawson and so on.
Well said. meanwhile have seen a lot of igbo women who looks like king Kong
e.g. Chinyere Willfred. grin
Politics / Re: Ijaws, If Nigeria Breaks, Biafra Will Break And Niger Delta Wi Also Break by Allen102: 7:54am On Mar 02
How does it change the fact that your useless, gobbledygook eyed, hairy, igbo mother's ,sisters ,nieces, daughters are all prostitute and future prostitutes? grin I'll keep repeating this same lame words (according to you) anytime i meet a death row pig like you,to remind you of your place.
You are a son of a igbo wh0re, your words are all useless just as your mothers are all useless,I don't rate my people with worthless and useless beings. grin grin
Ouch! grin


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