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Religion / Re: Deeper Life Lost Most Of Her Pastor From Steven Akinola To Olu Itiola. Tell What by ApBlaze10: 5:55pm On Nov 28, 2017
@Poster, Do you know if Gbile Akanni was also a member of Deeper Life?

so, Tunde Bakare also left Deeper Life, No wonder,

Suprise! Where did Olukoya get his fire prayers since most deeper life are outwardly quiet in Prayer and unenergetic.

I am so curious, you seems to know know them by thier names. Is Pastor Kumuyi your Father?
grin grin grin grin grin

Nope. you got it wrong man. Gbile Akane was not a member of Deeper Life.
Business / Re: How Sandra Iheuwa Became CEO Of 5 Companies (Photos) by ApBlaze10: 3:53pm On Oct 10, 2017
Does this lady even know what it entails to be truly a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company let alone five (5) companies.

Nigerians and bragging ennn! Everybody na CEO now. Even if na one roadside buka or one photocopy shop you get, you don become CEO

Chai! The ignorance of so many Nigerians stinks to the heavens; even among the so-called educated ones.

So much work needed in this country to fix the many years of backwardness and stupidity.

its possible. Go and learn how. No wonder we fail most times. Understand what is a company man.
Religion / Re: African Woman Preaching With Microphone On London Streets (Photos) by ApBlaze10: 3:03pm On Oct 10, 2017
what she is doing may look stupid and senseless to some people but that is what people needs today - the gospel. Some may say she's jobless but thats the job that pays best and last longer - both now and eternity. May God grant her work succes IJN - Amen.
Sports / Re: Why We Won’t Appeal Disallowed Goal Against Nigeria – Zambia FA by ApBlaze10: 2:55pm On Oct 10, 2017
It reminds me of the hand-ball Thierry henry scored for France against Ireland to qualify for the world cup! Ireland prostested, but FIFA refused to rescind the ref's decision....

Nemesis caught up with france in that World Cup. They didnt do anything reasonable in the tournament. they fell out of the groug stage. You remember?
Religion / Re: Church Members Flog The Devil With Canes In Church (Pics, Videos) by ApBlaze10: 7:08pm On Sep 12, 2017
So the devil resides in their church? undecided
my brother ask meee oooh!
Religion / Re: Church Members Flog The Devil With Canes In Church (Pics, Videos) by ApBlaze10: 7:07pm On Sep 12, 2017
Imagine if someone mistakenly wipes your buttocks as you're bending down to wipe devil... Fight go burst. grin

bro na real fight go burst o. yu go see aw pesn dey gnash im teet forget imself throw fight for church. God go help open these people their eyes. Hmmm! Naija meee!
Religion / Re: Church Members Flog The Devil With Canes In Church (Pics, Videos) by ApBlaze10: 6:59pm On Sep 12, 2017
Madness.... Nothing works out. That is just a jamborine. AT the end they go home and still suffer terrible defeats and torments of the same devil they said they flogged in church. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to pulling down of strongholds....by the arms of the flesh shall no man prevail...its not by might, not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord.

My advise:
Go and make your life right with God
Live Holy before God
Fear God
Run from Sin
Be Reconciled to God
Read your bible
Pray always
Guide your heart with all diligence....
Resist the devil, etc
.....and the devil will flee and run from you and fear you
Politics / Re: Buhari's Daughter, Zahra Buhari Indimi, Stuns In New Photos by ApBlaze10: 6:05pm On Sep 12, 2017
My...Looks like her mom Aisha. I appreciate her beauty.
Religion / Re: Bolu Adubi: Pastor Adeboye’s Only Daughter (Photo) by ApBlaze10: 5:14pm On Sep 12, 2017
Thank GOd for her and may GOd bless her work and reward her, keep her till the end. AMen!!!
Religion / Re: Bolu Adubi: Pastor Adeboye’s Only Daughter (Photo) by ApBlaze10: 5:06pm On Sep 12, 2017
All these pastor's daughters

They might look calm


Their stories will shock you.

Only the Christian Yahweh knows what she did when she was younger.

Sorry ma...Not all have a rough past.... God preserved and still preserves...for His purpose. Moreover, Please be careful with your words directed to God's anointed. THank you
Politics / Re: "Wetin Dem Know Wey Be Biafra?" - Obasanjo Speaks On Agitation On BBC (video) by ApBlaze10: 4:46pm On Sep 12, 2017
Hello Nigerians....
there is no point insulting or calling anybody derogatory and abusive names (like OBG is a monkey, Chimpazee, MAggot...etc) and there's no need getting angry over what our leaders are doing. if they dont cater for you, cater for yourself. dont blame anybody if you dont make it in life. everybody who is a star today and of high repute was once in the grassroot or his father, or grand father....many built on their parent's legacy to become whatever they are today.

All of us are craving for greatness and manifestation in some way or the other but many find out they are not up to what they are craving...(Life's not fair anyway) many say. but then, everyone of us is accountable to and for ourselves.

What i advise everybody to do is to bear your RESPONSIBILITY. Please young people lets be responsible for once.
some of us keep blaming Mr. Presido and the Governor, etc... check up bro were you able to pass that terminal exams in the secondary school? are you dilligent with your studies? How about the excessive and prodigal spending of your little money? no financial plan or budget...studends in the Universities and higher institutions are becoming lazier than ever before. Lets speak the truth - Can you really attempt or answer your exams questions on your own without assistance? can you write exams on your own and get at least a pass on that subject or course? that is where it begins. this is where we know those who are serious with their lives and those who are not.
Please young people Lets try to be responsible first with and to ourselves. There is a saying (not from the bible) that HEAVEN HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. that is true to an extent. If you want to be responsible God will help you be responsible.... its very important.

Secondly discover your purpose and be determined to live and die for it no matter what. there is no magic to success. All of us are in the gutter but the difference is that some of us look at the stars thats why we are shinning says an inspirational speaker.

I think i will find time to come out with a better article on this but for now just manage the little sense that is contained herein.

Finally someone please help tell me how to make a headline here in nairaland forum...am new here.

Thanks and God bless you all.
Sports / Re: Stephen Odey Signs 4-Year Deal With FC Zurich by ApBlaze10: 3:09pm On Sep 12, 2017

Alexis Sanchez is fat and all Arsenal players are growing fat...does it mean they're lazy? In fact Arsenal players are now lazy guys because Chilea FAns said of Sanchez "You are becoming fat and lazy...." since he started dating his current girlfriend.

Arsenal fans please spare i dont intend to attack your team in anyway...am just trying to make a point....we have many other fat players in the top leagues in the world.
Sports / Re: Stephen Odey Signs 4-Year Deal With FC Zurich by ApBlaze10: 3:03pm On Sep 12, 2017
Which tribe
Its either Bekwara, Obudu, Obanliku or Ogoja all of Cross RIver State. Thank GOd He's my brother. good luck to him.


Celebrities / Re: Kanayo O Kanayo In 1985 (Throwback Photo) by ApBlaze10: 11:30am On Sep 08, 2017
the Man like blood money tins erh! i think say na only me notice
Romance / Re: I Am 30yrs, Earn 35k A Month And Will Marry A Student In A Months Time. by ApBlaze10: 10:59am On Sep 08, 2017
Bros I d Mellow down for you. I dey off cap stand straight. Much respect sir. God bless you. As a matter of fact i am copying this to my archives. its really an epistle. I wish you all the best in your adventure. God bless you
Nairaland / General / Re: “RIP To Myself” — Ayanfe Bassey, Nigerian Lady Wishes Death Upon Herself by ApBlaze10: 10:34am On Sep 08, 2017
She lack Peace of God and Peace with GOd and Joy and Satisfaction and fulfilment. Lady I think Jesus is in a better position to help you out in your depression. Try JEsus.

God bless you
Celebrities / Re: Jim Iyke Petting Lions & Cheetahs (Photos) by ApBlaze10: 9:59am On Sep 08, 2017
dem never bite you....wait.
Religion / Re: Difference Between Old Time Church Service And Modern Time Church Service by ApBlaze10: 6:16pm On Sep 05, 2017
The ancients answer altar calls with tears rolling down their faces. The modern do the same chewing gum - this is so pathetic...very sad. God help today church

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Religion / Re: Pastor Arinze Okoli Mmaduabuchi: "Gay Is Not A Sin” by ApBlaze10: 6:07pm On Sep 05, 2017
Ye shall know them by their fruits. thank GOd for you man of God... I dont know the GOd you re serving and the kind of bible you are reading but I am sure it is not the God of Heaven and it is not the Holy Bible that has 66 books where Jesus Christ is the central message.
Romance / Re: I Am Leaving Behind My Love, For Greener Pastures Abroad. by ApBlaze10: 5:46pm On Sep 05, 2017
Hmmm! I really appreaciate all your ideas and contributions to this issue. Its not easy. I have not been in love before though....i dont know how it feels but i know some day i will be - when God lets me see her.

WHat i have to say here is that IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU AND I TO HAVE A CLOSE WORK AND WALK WITH GOD....THE KIND OF CLOSER WALK GOD WANTED FROM ABRAHAM WHEN HE WAS 90 YEARS OLD AND 9. The bible says [b]"I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shall go...and i will guide thee with mine eye" (psalm 32:cool. You see its very important that God should be the center of your living. He has the master plan for everyone. God gave Adam Eve and I believe He Has an Eve for you and me, too and for everyone.

My advise? get into a closer walk with God and He will guide you.

God Bless You.

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Education / Re: Fire Incident At Anchor University (Photos) by ApBlaze10: 5:06pm On Sep 05, 2017
Hmmm! A.p my money follow dey here o. and i dey plan serious admission for this school die. well...God is still on the throne. Deeper Life Forever in my heart.

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Education / Re: Fire Incident At Anchor University (Photos) by ApBlaze10: 4:50pm On Sep 05, 2017
The fire is there just to spark up their boring lifestyle.

Man be careful what you say. God rewards every word you speak and every idle word you speak shall be accounted to you before the judgment. I know a Deeper Life member may have offended you one way or the other it dosent mean all are the same. Be careful!

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Sports / Re: Super Eagles Players Rock T-shirt With Carl Ikeme's Face On It To Show Him Suppo by ApBlaze10: 5:11pm On Sep 01, 2017
When cancer is involved....? only God can. Let God please intervene for him o.
Crime / Re: 17-Year-Old Housewife Poisons Her Stepson In Bauchi (Photo) by ApBlaze10: 5:08pm On Sep 01, 2017
Biko let the husband divorce her oo let her go and face her life. what kinda tin is this one. marry at 15? habba!
Family / Re: Mothers And Daughters Who Look The Same Age (Unbelievable Photos) by ApBlaze10: 5:00pm On Sep 01, 2017
Crime / Re: Girl Burnt Her Lover & Herself To Death In Lagos (pic) by ApBlaze10: 4:49pm On Sep 01, 2017
Thats why its good to be born again.... it would save you a lot of troubles of this life. The marriage process would have been no troubles for him. God knows how to lead His own
Crime / Re: Girl Burnt Her Lover & Herself To Death In Lagos (pic) by ApBlaze10: 4:45pm On Sep 01, 2017

Advantage: they won't feel d pain that much when they arrive hell

on the contrary. Its just a fore taste of hell. Already they're suffering it.
Sports / Re: Pictures From Super Eagles Last Training Session In Uyo by ApBlaze10: 4:31pm On Sep 01, 2017
Bunch of failures

Dont say that again. Just a word of encouragement lady, and they'll be fine, and we too. come on lets support the eagles!
Fashion / Re: Eleberi Jerry, A Nairalander, Contesting For Mr Model Africa (Photos) by ApBlaze10: 4:27pm On Sep 01, 2017
you mean I should you go nude? God no gree bad tin.
Romance / Re: Pre-Wedding Photos Of A Military Man And His Military Fiancee by ApBlaze10: 4:13pm On Aug 30, 2017
their concept dey drive me crazzzy!
Sports / Re: Chelsea Agrees Fee With Arsenal For Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain by ApBlaze10: 10:30am On Aug 29, 2017


P. Cech = 10m
Monreal =2m
Kosielny =5m
Bellarin = 3m
Mustafi = 30m
Chamberlain = 7m
Ramsey = 8 m
Welbek = 13m
Ozil = 40m
Lacazate = 44m
Xakha = 4m
Walcott = 4m
Giroud =6m
Sanchez = 38m

Total = 222m

NEYMAR = 222m


One good head is better than many foolish ones


easy bros
Sports / Re: Chelsea Agrees Fee With Arsenal For Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain by ApBlaze10: 10:28am On Aug 29, 2017

Wenger should jst go already na...haba..na curse dem curse us wit dis man?

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