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Education / Re: Video Of JAMB Officer Saying Snake Swallowed N36 Million Released by auwalyau: 10:54am On Feb 16, 2018
One of the best thing is that Jamb had stopped the sell of scratch cards for registration. The money goes to account (TSA) straight. No wonder Jamb was remitting mere 3M, 4M, 5M annually upon millions of candidates that register and sit for Jamb exams annually.
Career / Re: Chevening Scholarship Or A N240k Job? by auwalyau: 2:29pm On Feb 15, 2018
Go for Chevening

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Politics / Re: 2018 Budget: FG Votes N5.30bn For Grazing Reserve Development by auwalyau: 10:55am On Jan 24, 2018
Better than N100B voted by GEJ but embezzled and nothing happened.
Politics / Re: Five Prominent Buhari's Former Supporters Who Have Turned Their Backs On Him by auwalyau: 10:22am On Jan 18, 2018
The five people op listed has no political value.
1 ) DELE MOMODO -- no political value right from his ward

2) TUNDE BAKARE -- no political value right from his church

3 ) WOLE SOYINKA -- no political value right from his state ogun

4 ) ATIKU ABUBAKAR -- has money but no political value

5) fr. FRANK MBAKA -- IPOBIANS being lying with his name since 29.may 2015


Spot on!
Romance / Re: ₦40,000 Per Hour, Inside Germany's First Sex Doll-Only Brothel(Photos) by auwalyau: 12:34pm On Jan 17, 2018
End of the world things. Continue until the trumpet is blown!
Crime / Re: Unidentified Old Woman Found Dead On The Street Of Kaduna (Photo) by auwalyau: 10:40am On Jan 10, 2018
Person as old and this slumped and died, yet someone is blaming Buhari. Continue...
Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsman Dies After Fight With Female Farmer In Delta by auwalyau: 10:19am On Jan 10, 2018
15 year old Muhammed Haruna? This is fulani herdboy, not herdman.
Religion / Re: "What My Mother's Pastor Said About Dangote That Made Me Walk Out Of Church" by auwalyau: 12:41pm On Jan 09, 2018
I thought must of you are told that riches are for those who God loves or worship Christ. Dangote and many other multi billionaires do not worship Christ.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: "I Am Eating Suya With Your NNPC Application Letter For 2017 Job" by auwalyau: 4:34pm On Jan 08, 2018
NNPC does not recruit via paper application. Find something else to say.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: "I Am Eating Suya With Your NNPC Application Letter For 2017 Job" by auwalyau: 4:34pm On Jan 08, 2018
I know a few people that got NNPC jobs without any intervention.

Some would say it's untrue but we know better.

I am one of them! Knows nobody, only wrote 2 different aptitude tests and interview and landed the job. All Praise Be to God.

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Politics / Re: Malami Asks Court To Stop Senate Probe Of Maina’s Recall by auwalyau: 3:35pm On Jan 08, 2018
I don't believe this source!
Politics / Re: Whose ‘Handiwork’ Is Kaduna-Abuja Rail? Obasanjo Or Jonathan? by auwalyau: 3:02pm On Jan 08, 2018
the three both of them grin grin grin grin grin... on a serious note though, it's not about who starts nor who ends it. In my opinion, it is about what the masses stand to benefit from it

Well said!


Family / Re: Woman Slams Her Husband's Side Chick, Her Brother -In-Law Supports Side Chick by auwalyau: 12:28pm On Jan 08, 2018
You people are always saying one man, one woman but stories of 'side-chick' are now order of the day. Just passing by!
Career / Re: Driver Returns Missing Wallet With Cash To Passenger (Photo) by auwalyau: 11:03am On Jan 05, 2018
May Allah reward this driver; brother Abdullah.
Politics / Re: Mamman Daura Is Dead. by auwalyau: 9:18am On Jan 05, 2018
He is the one. NTA News just aired it. Except NTA came up with the wrong picture. This is the picture I saw on NTA.

NTA immediately apologized for using the wrong picture when ending the News at around 10pm. Except you did not watch to the end.
Politics / Re: Hijab Saga: MURIC Submits Memorandum To House Of Reps by auwalyau: 5:12pm On Jan 03, 2018
What i know is, if a thing won't cause discomfort to other citizens, it should be allowed.

How will wearing a hijab cause discomfort to other citizens if they are tolerant?
Politics / Re: Prof. Olufumilayo Adesanya-Davies Declares Presidential Ambition For 2019 (PIC) by auwalyau: 3:59pm On Jan 03, 2018


In the midst of the darkness that engulfed the world, the divine revelation echoed in the wide desert of Arabia with a fresh, noble, and universal message to humanity:

"O Mankind, keep your duty to your Lord who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate (of same kind) and from them twain has spread a multitude of men and women...". [Noble Quran 4:1]

A scholar who pondered about this verse states: "It is believed that there is no text, old or new, that deals with the humanity of the woman from all aspects with such amazing brevity, eloquence, depth, and originality as this divine decree."

Stressing this noble and natural conception, them Quran states:

"He (God) it is who did create you from a single soul and therefrom did create his mate, that he might dwell with her (in love)..." [Noble Quran 7:189]

"The Creator of heavens and earth: He has made for you pairs from among yourselves" [Noble Quran 42:11]

"And Allah has given you mates of your own nature, and has given you from your mates, children and grandchildren, and has made provision of good things for you. Is it then in vanity that they believe and in the grace of God that they disbelieve?" [Noble Quran 16:72]

The rest of this paper outlines the position of Islam regarding the status of woman in society from its various aspects - spiritually, socially, economically and politically.

1. The Spiritual Aspect

The Quran provides clear-cut evidence that woman is completely equated with man in the sight of God in terms of her rights and responsibilities. The Quran states:

"Every soul will be (held) in pledge for its deeds" [Noble Quran 74:38]

The Social Aspect

a) As a child and an adolescent

Despite the social acceptance of female infanticide among some Arabian tribes, the Quran forbade this custom, and considered it a crime like any other murder.

"And when the female (infant) buried alive - is questioned, for what crime she was killed." [Noble Quran 81:8-9]

Criticizing the attitudes of such parents who reject their female children, the Quran states:

"When news is brought to one of them, of (the Birth of) a female (child), his face darkens and he is filled with inward grief! With shame does he hide himself from his people because of the bad news he has had! Shall he retain her on (sufferance) and contempt, or bury her in the dust? Ah! What an evil (choice) they decide on?" [Noble Quran 16:58-59]

As a wife:

The Quran clearly indicates that marriage is sharing between the two halves of the society, and that its objectives, besides perpetuating human life, are emotional well-being and spiritual harmony. Its bases are love and mercy.

Among the most impressive verses in the Quran about marriage is the following.

"And among His signs is this: That He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest, peace of mind in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Lo, herein indeed are signs for people who reflect." [Noble Quran 30:21]

According to Islamic Law, women cannot be forced to marry anyone without their consent.

Ibn 'Abbas reported that a girl came to the Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and she reported that her father had forced her to marry without her consent. The Messenger of God gave her the choice... (between accepting the marriage or invalidating it). [Ibn Hanbal No. 2469]

As a mother:

Islam considered kindness to parents next to the worship of God.

"And we have enjoined upon man (to be good) to his parents: His mother bears him in weakness upon weakness..." [Noble Quran 31:14] [See also Quran 46:15, 29:8]

Moreover, the Quran has a special recommendation for the good treatment of mothers:

"Your Lord has decreed that you worship none save Him, and that you be kind to your parents..." [Noble Quran 17:23]

A man came to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) asking:

O Messenger of God, who among the people is the most worthy of my good company? The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, Your mother. The man said then who else: The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, Your mother. The man asked, Then who else? The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, Your mother. The man asked, Then who else? Only then did the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) say, Your father. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

A famous saying of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is: "Paradise is at the feet of mothers." [In An-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah, Ahmad]

"It is the generous (in character) who is good to women, and it is the wicked who insults them."

Economic Rights of women

Islam decreed a right of which woman was deprived both before Islam and after it (even as late as this century), the right of independent ownership. According to Islamic Law, woman's right to her money, real estate, or other properties is fully acknowledged. This right undergoes no change whether she is single or married. She retains her full rights to buy, sell, mortgage or lease any or all her properties. It is nowhere suggested in the Law that a woman is a minor simply because she is a female. It is also noteworthy that such right applies to her properties before marriage as well as to whatever she acquires thereafter.

"Unto men (of the family) belongs a share of that which Parents and near kindred leave, and unto women a share of that which parents and near kindred leave, whether it be a little or much - a determinate share." [Noble Quran 4:7]

Even with such deviations three facts are worth mentioning:

The history of Muslims is rich with women of great achievements in all walks of life from as early as the seventh century (A.D.)

It is impossible for anyone to justify any mistreatment of woman by any decree of rule embodied in the Islamic Law, nor could anyone dare to cancel, reduce, or distort the clear-cut legal rights of women given in Islamic Law.

Throughout history, the reputation, chastity and maternal role of Muslim women were objects of admiration by impartial observers.
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze: Pastor Calls God On Phone In The Church As Sheeple Rejoice by auwalyau: 11:57am On Jan 02, 2018
Most churches worship their pastors and not God himself. They can believe anything

"They have taken as lords beside Allah their rabbis and their monks and the Messiah son of Mary, when they were bidden to worship only One God (Allah)". Qur'an Chapter 9: verse 31

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Politics / Re: 2017 Calabar Carnival : Ben Ayade And Wife Appear In Scorpion Like Bike (VIDEO) by auwalyau: 2:12pm On Dec 28, 2017
This is not a bike mow, more like a Qaud!
Politics / Re: We Can’t Be Intimidated By Your Arrests, Muscling; Secondus Tells Buhari by auwalyau: 4:57pm On Dec 22, 2017
As PDP chairman’s name be SECONDUS, na so PDP go dey carry SECOND for all elections, including 2019 general elections

Even if they choose Festus to be their yeye party chairman, they will come 3rd behind APGA etc

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Politics / Re: Hafsat Abiola Costello Reacts To Hijab Controversy by auwalyau: 1:18pm On Dec 22, 2017
A call to bar in Kenya with CJ in the middle. What is wrong with us as a country?

Mere hatred for Islam period. It wont go any where.
Politics / Re: Hafsat Abiola Costello Reacts To Hijab Controversy by auwalyau: 1:17pm On Dec 22, 2017
Binta Kaseem Mohammed wrote:

I don't know why it's so difficult to understand another person's decisions about his body. Let who want to cover be allowed to do so and one who loves to uncover also do so. Nobody should force his views/ideas on the other. Muslim women simply do not feel comfortable moving around with open heads and human comfort is a fundamental human right.

Well said my sister. Jazak Allah bi khair.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Are Muslims Allowed To Eat Christmas Food? by auwalyau: 1:00pm On Dec 22, 2017

Dear Mallam,

As a Muslim, we are not allowed to celebrate Kufr(Disbelief) in any way. We are permitted to eat food from the Christians if it's naming, wedding,etc. But on their festivals like Christmas or new year, we do not eat their food or even greet them in any way. We do not support them in any way. Why this? Because they are celebrating birthday and birthdays is not part of a Muslim's celebration. Because they are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ who they call son of God. Celebrating with them means you agree with them on their Kufr.

Pastor Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry said:

“We don’t celebrate Christmas. It actually came from idolatrous background. That is why you don’t hear us sing what they call Christmas carol. Never! ... When you find anybody coming in, or any leader, trying to introduce the idolatry of mystery Babylon that they call Christmas, and you want to bring all the Christmas carol saying that is the day that Jesus was born, and you don’t find that in the Acts of the Apostles or in the early church, then you don’t find that in the church either. If you don’t know that before, now you know.”


So if this christian leader agrees without being ashamed that Christmas is idolatrous, wetin concern us Muslims?

JazakAllah bi khair


Politics / Re: Eight APC Governors Will Join Atiku By February 2018– PDP Chieftain by auwalyau: 11:02am On Dec 22, 2017
Wishful thinking. PDP is dead for good. They want to come back and loot us all to dead, abi?
Foreign Affairs / Re: UN Jerusalem resolution: How each country voted by auwalyau: 8:51am On Dec 22, 2017
That confirms it.
Nigeria is an islamist nation

And I add, just like England, France, Germany, Japan etc are right? You mean all those that voted for are Islamic nations?
Religion / Re: Peace Ibiyeomie Of Salvation Ministries Showers Widows With Christmas Gifts. Pix by auwalyau: 11:40am On Dec 21, 2017
Somebody said no religion can boost of this rather than Chiristianity. This untrue. Christianity does not have Zakaat, the compulsory charity from the rich to the poor. There is also voluntary Zakaat ul fitr in Ramadan and numerous recommended acts of charity in Islam.
Politics / Re: What Will Happen If President Buhari Attempts To Rig 2019 Elections- Reno Omokri by auwalyau: 12:53pm On Dec 18, 2017
What is this Idiot talking about?
Politics / Re: Fresh Crisis Rocks PDP 5 Days After Convention by auwalyau: 11:00am On Dec 14, 2017
PDP's way is always impose whoever they want and later set up an ineffective reconciliation committee that could not solve the problem.
Education / Re: An Open Letter To Agbami Scholarship Board by auwalyau: 3:29pm On Dec 13, 2017
Don't do this next time. Nairaland is not forum to reveal issues with something of a priviledge and not a right. If they eventually find out your true identity, you may end up loosing the scholarship. I am an experienced person talking.

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Events / Re: Couple Wed After 9 Years Of "I'll Go & Make Money, Come Back & Marry You" by auwalyau: 5:10pm On Dec 12, 2017
Weldone NYSC. And some people will say scrap NYSC?
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan Bags International Global Peace Award In Tanzania(photos) by auwalyau: 3:35pm On Dec 08, 2017
Mama Stone! Person that asked others to stone others, receive award of 'mother of peace'. What an irony.
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe And Son Share A Kiss As They Light Up Their Christmas Tree by auwalyau: 12:39pm On Dec 08, 2017
This woman is spoiling her child already.

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