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Crime / Re: God Why Are You So Wicked To Me?" Woman Cries Out (Photos) by aycorporat(m): 6:40am On Sep 08
The moderators should verify this harbinger of bad news information before rushing it to front page. The reason is that it could be a hacked account like.someone up there said because while I went through the Facebook page, it was actually posted in Community help

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Kill Pregnant Policewoman In Front Of Family, Mutilate Her Face by aycorporat(m): 7:57am On Sep 06
It's a pity that the Americans came in and destabilized things the more.

I pity the rest that are caught up in this Melee. kiss
Politics / Re: Tolu Ibitola Awards Scholarship To Miss Ilogbo, Olabisi Ogunleye by aycorporat(m): 7:42am On Sep 06
There are two issues to this

Either he is trying to contest for a position and is doing all to achieve Fame


Trying to achieve some other things.
Why not organize contests for academics as Ekiti is known for academic excellence
Politics / Re: Bashir Magashi Pledges Support For Military Widows Of 1992 Planes Crash by aycorporat(m): 7:59am On Aug 19

IBB the evil genius murdered them in cold blood.

Politics / Re: Bashir Magashi Pledges Support For Military Widows Of 1992 Planes Crash by aycorporat(m): 9:19pm On Aug 18
Seems like yesterday when that Ejigbo disaster happened. It was toured that the then military administration terminated the lives of these young Majors. So sad.

Kudos to the Buhari administration for this rightful step.
Politics / Re: Okorocha's Ogun Chieftaincy Title Withdrawn By Eselu, Akintunde Akinyemi by aycorporat(m): 9:59pm On Aug 09
This is a real blow on Okorocha o.

How would he feel now in his closet?

I pray God grant him succour

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Investment / Re: Gloria Osei (Landlagos, Porkmoney, Hyberfactory And Porkoyum) & Husband Wanted by aycorporat(m): 10:03pm On Aug 04
Fraud money dey sweet. When E dey enter to spend am na sosay. Cruises, flights,best food ,new cars etc. But when E bite back. When you start to vomit am E go be like say you never see money before. And the biggest depression na from person wey get before wey no get again. Funniest part be say dem go find death them no go see. For their eyes everything wey them build go dey scatter. Hushpuppi own show because he flaunt. Many people dey chop sand like this. Those wey dey aware in the nineties this name go dey familiar...kes....een. Na hair product. Where he dey now? Upon all the fraud and cash him pikin dey sell weed for ejigbo.

In summary, stay away from fraud please. I beg you
Waoohhhh Baba
I remember kessingshin hair cream.
What later happened to the owner?
Politics / Re: Namadi Sambo Celebrates His 67th Birthday Today by aycorporat(m): 8:32am On Aug 02
Namadi Sambo was a true definition of loyalty as being exhibited by Prof Yemi Osinbajo today.
He never wavered in his commitment towards the JEG administration unlike one administration where the VP was at loggerheads with the President.

Happy birthday to you sir. More good things to come your way


Culture / Re: Buhari Oloto Is Dead by aycorporat(m): 8:02am On Jul 30
He was a toast of many musicians back in the days. The song that readily comes to mind is that of Adewale Ayuba and Sir Shina Peters.
Rest on baba

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Celebrities / Re: Suruche Arrested For Having Tattoo, Tagged A 'Cultist' (Video) by aycorporat(m): 8:35am On Jul 15
At least he is getting the attention he needs now as Nairaland no gree blow am.
Nairaland / General / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? Share Your Experience! by aycorporat(m): 8:34pm On Jul 14

So you no clean your nyash?
Hurry hurry clean up type grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? Share Your Experience! by aycorporat(m): 8:33pm On Jul 14

Hope it's not the same senior Tope in a school in Sapele
Sapele ke?
This one is in a school in Old Ondo State precisely
Crime / Re: Lady Kidnapped & Raped In Enugu, Paid N2m Ransom, 2 Others Killed by aycorporat(m): 4:25pm On Jul 14
So sorry about the loss of humans butchered in your presence.
The whole scenario gives the impression that this thing wouldn't stop in a long time as the kidnappers would boldly tell you that if you like call the police.

Would you blame them when even the DSS as alleged used Cutlass to cut into pieces one of Igboho's aides.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? Share Your Experience! by aycorporat(m): 4:21pm On Jul 14

Why didn't you show dem where you threw your own?
Baba, read well.
I flung it somewhere which might have scattered all over in the bush behind the dormitory. So how we go start am?
Nairaland / General / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? Share Your Experience! by aycorporat(m): 2:21pm On Jul 14
Back in the days in secondary School, it was a boarding school in the south west and in the night I felt the urge to poo.
There were surrounding bushes but I couldn't go out into the bushes at that time of the night and so I had to quickly do it somewhere and threw it away.
Then in the morning, there was a solid poo on the corridor of the hostel. Someone who saw me the previous night said it's me, I denied. Then I was in JSS1, then the seniors gathered and said I should remove my panties and they saw small traces and said I was the one. I cried that even though I excreted previously the night before, I wasn't the one who did that.
I was told to wash the whole poo and I cried while doing that. I knew deep within me that the culprit was somewhere close.
Senior Tope, you did a bad thing ooo

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Religion / Re: T.B Joshua: Why It’s Difficult For Me To Display My Wife by aycorporat(m): 2:13pm On Jul 14
A real man of God not god of men.

I didn't know who the wife was for a very long time and we already have some GO's children releasing controversial statements and displaying opulence.

Rest on the true servant of the most High God.


Education / Re: 6 Students Died In Adeniran Ogunsanya College Of Education, Acoed Within 2 Days by aycorporat(m): 12:43pm On Jul 13
The IROKO MAN And the Wood Carver.
So you've read that wonderful book?
Politics / Re: Shagari Lighted A Cigarette, Smoked While The PM Was Addressing An Audience by aycorporat(m): 1:18pm On Jul 09

Yes. Jean Boyd must have been proficient with the Hausa language. The most notable white personality in terms of contribution to early Hausa literature was Rupert East. It was he who recruited Abubakar Imam(author of the popular Magani Jari Ce) to translate books in Hausa for school children.
Oh I see!
Even Magana jari ce was later adapted into TV series with Uncle Gaga as one of the lead actors then. Then I was in primary school acting kidivision 101.


Business / Re: Which Business Can A 65-Year-Old Man Do With ₦3.5M Capital? by aycorporat(m): 1:11pm On Jul 09

I'll suggest you go for any of the following 10 profitable monetizing process with just #1m out of the #3.5m to for a 20% ROI monthly.
They can be done from the comfort of your home or workstation with very little time consumption and stress @65yrs with such money then your money should be working for you no matter your location(Ibadan).

# Dropservising.
# Consumables.
# eCommerce.
# Digital trades.
# Whiteboard Animation Sales.
# Tech Hub leasing.
# B2B Broker.
# E-Sport Broker.
# Youtubing via Paid Sub4Sub.
# Online Product Distribution.

For more details or breakdown feel Free to engage....FYI all the above Ventures does not require your money out of your hands or possession....you'll be in total control of your investment funds and may only need hands as you expand in earnings and activities.

All these for a 65 years old man trying to do business?

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Celebrities / Re: Tb Joshua Funeral Wife And Children With Foreign Wife At Funeral (video) by aycorporat(m): 12:18pm On Jul 09
Do not waste your data to watch this crap.
I repeat
Politics / Re: Shagari Lighted A Cigarette, Smoked While The PM Was Addressing An Audience by aycorporat(m): 6:44am On Jul 09
They were intellectuals who are well grounded and brilliant, teaching job those days is more prestigious than today and the teaching jobs were taken by smart people like them for strategic reasons.

Imagine these leaders, especially Sardauna, getting our neighbouring countries then as far back early 60s when we were barely a republic o, to agree not to dam the River Niger so we can build ours and these countries, they all signed up to it!. This is a task current day Ethiopia could not achieve with Egypt and Sudan that it's been taken to UN with Egypt threatening grave repercussions if Ethiopia still plans to fill the grand renaissance dam in Ethiopia with water from the blue Nile river.

Below's a textbook authored by late Shehu Shagari but most people don't know that these guys are intellectuals as well . How many teachers those days or present day politicians like Sowore et al write textbooks for students? Yet the same late Shehu Shagari smoking in the video wrote probably more than one educational textbook and published, this one below is a textbook on Geography and History of Nigeria in Verse that was published just after Nigeria's civil war.

Our heroes past shall not be in vain. God bless Nigeria.
Thanks for bringing this up.
I was actually born in Sokoto and grew up there though a Yoruba boy and I must say I got good knowledge on the life times of Alhaji Shehu Shagari as I often visited his house at Sama road.
I visited Rabah at one time and discovered that the house of the Sardauna has been converted to a Local Government Secretariat. Good old times!
It's a pain that the security and homely feeling then might not be there again due to the incessant insecurities in the north as I left Sokoto over ten years ago.
We need more history on this great men from the northern region and their achievement.

By the way, I discovered that name Jean Boyd is almost on every Hausa publication. Was he a colonialist with good knowledge on the Hausa language?

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Education / Re: The Tree Of Life, Cedars Of God & Other Famous Trees In The World (Pictures) by aycorporat(m): 12:34pm On Jun 23

He makes things tiring. He ruins interesting threads by derailing and talking off point( I wonder why mods don't remove his derailing comments). He makes things less appealing and will always rush to book space. You'll never see him have REAL intellectual discussions; he gets embarrassed whenever he does. So, he'll continue to spill cliché things. Immediately I saw his moniker, I already knew how the comment would be like. There's religious section, I wonder why he chooses to constitute nuisance in other sections. He makes Christianity to be mentally exhausting, even for fellow Christians. People like him easily get sacked at work, especially abroad.

Chief this your comment almost made me fall from my chair laughing...

I am still laughing....
Business / Re: SCAM ALERT: Theobarth grant disbursement by aycorporat(m): 7:56am On Jun 23
You know the funniest part is that they claimed they were going to hold a praise night in Enugu two years ago, I mean the one they call SEM and I thought they were going to invite people like Nathaniel Bassey and the likes, they ended up inviting some low budget artiste in the mould of those igbotic churches. Worst part is the flyer was poorly designed and their press release is just wack.

We have finally confirmed that the OP is the one with the recent moniker who has gone haywire.
Let us pray that he doesn't enter the market naked as you guys peeps4u and tplayer are really bombarding him. He is going nuts already.

Titles and silly positions are plenty in all these moronic grants na.

Check out some of the strange and funny leadership positions in TELPECON. gringrin Got it from their website (TELPECON dot org).

Elizabeth Praise (mama ishiba) is a Prof and a diplomat in TELPECON gringringringringrin. In case you don't know, she's the lady with the HIV cure. Yes! Hundreds have been cured already. Order for some vials/capsules when you start collecting your fake grant o.

Enjoy the list





PASTOR UDOH, DANIEL D.Theo, Bsc Public Admin

Adapted from this thread: https://www.nairaland.com/6163262/know-anything-telpecon/25#101204596

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Business / Re: SCAM ALERT: Theobarth grant disbursement by aycorporat(m): 7:51am On Jun 23

grin grin grin grin Professor, Director.. I like your big names. You don't expect me to memorize what he said verbatim.. but you just confirmed the question was asked. It's fun hearing you bleat... Lol

You really burst his bubble my brother

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Politics / Re: Nicholas Mbah Released After 8 Months. #EndSARS People In Kirikiri More Than 500 by aycorporat(m): 8:05am On Jun 21
This is sad.
I hope he wasn't arrested for something else because people hid under the gab of protesting to carry out other nefarious activities.

Thank God for him coming back safely.

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Crime / Re: Salimot Azeez: Mother Of Ramon Azeez Killed In Ibadan Mayhem Demands Justice by aycorporat(m): 7:18pm On Jun 20
This is a time for Governor Seyi Makinde to prove himself that he is indeed a Governor of the masses.
This case shouldn't be swept under the carpet because I see no reason to warrant stabbing of this innocent man.
The real culprits should be fished out.


Crime / Re: Micheal Usifo Ataga's Murder: Lekki Airbnb Owner In Custody, Suspect At Large by aycorporat(m): 7:12am On Jun 20
You no well with this your caption.

Hahahahahahaha grin grin
Business / Re: SCAM ALERT: Theobarth grant disbursement by aycorporat(m): 9:01pm On Jun 19
Still on the bogus amount always promised by these uninformed scammers.

Dangote, business man and richest man in Africa for about 12 consecutive years or so now is the only individual who has ever accessed highest loan, NOT EVEN GRANT, as an individual. He signed $3.3bn loan for his refinery (less than theobarth 20trillion grant or TELPECON 350trillion grant) after contacting 12 local and international lenders, meaning he couldn't even get if from one lender, this was a loan that to be paid back with INTEREST and not GRANT given out freely, yet he couldn't get it with a lender.

Again, I ask who is Apostle Theophilus to have access to 20 trillion as a grant, not even as a loan when Dangote could only get lesser amount as a LOAN with 12 lenders?

Let's be educated please and let stop these uninformed people scam you with their illiogical scamming format. All these grant scams can easily be busted with a sound or even a little knowledge of finances and economy.

While you're dishing out the truth without mentioning anybody's name, there's a particular moniker that keeps barking at you.

That means you are doing a good job. Keep it up brother.

Nigeria is serious debt and one person says they are in custody of trillion naira? We need more people like you.


Business / Re: SCAM ALERT: Theobarth grant disbursement by aycorporat(m): 8:08am On Jun 19
God bless you peeps4u and tplayer. Peks, you are wonderful too. Continue to expose them. The funny thing is when they give statements on updates, the English is impassable like peeps4u said and yet you'll see graduates seriously waiting for a non existent loan.
What surprises me most is the energy one daft agent here has been using to attack you guys claiming you are jobless while in actual fact he is.

Please continue with the expose as God will help you and give you more wisdom to bring them down.

Peeps4u should I burst your brain?
Look up, another mumu in the making just dropped his/her account details!

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