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Romance / Re: I Lost My Boyfriend And It Was All My Fault by BaeMercy(f): 7:41pm On Mar 30, 2021
Maybe if you had told Paul the truth about the money he could had help you raise it
According to you he is an understanding guy

The problem is you, for thinking the other guys really loved you
Sending a guy your nude? what for?
Never make such mistake again

Secondly, The other guy didn't give you the money and care he promised because you were so desperate so he took that advantage to brainwash you

Be very careful

Don't do anything for money


Celebrities / Re: Lilo Aderogba: "Men Don't Like Good Girls" - BBNaija's Lilo by BaeMercy(f): 1:17pm On Mar 30, 2021

I think you mean, a woman who is sexually romantic but will ONLY be like this for the man in her life.
She's down to earth, sexually exploratory, standing by the man and is principled in her approach to relationship.

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Celebrities / Re: Lilo Aderogba: "Men Don't Like Good Girls" - BBNaija's Lilo by BaeMercy(f): 1:01pm On Mar 30, 2021

You are wise ma'am.... I am ready to shoot my shot but then a smart lady as u will probably be married or engaged. smiley
I'm 20
Celebrities / Re: Lilo Aderogba: "Men Don't Like Good Girls" - BBNaija's Lilo by BaeMercy(f): 1:00pm On Mar 30, 2021

You are sensible and right. Sounds like a thoughtful lady. smiley
Can you clarify on the bold line? Can you define this type of a woman? What is she like?
How do you identify one? I am willing to learn grin
A woman who is bad for one not for the street
Celebrities / Re: This Is Anti-christ And Ghetto Rubbish - FFK Reacts To Toyin Lawani Outfit by BaeMercy(f): 10:00am On Mar 30, 2021
Evening newspaper looking for more customers
She's a woman with beauty and a good stature
But this dressing sense of has is a no no for me
Celebrities / Re: Lilo Aderogba: "Men Don't Like Good Girls" - BBNaija's Lilo by BaeMercy(f): 9:44am On Mar 30, 2021
Men love civilised ladies
Let's put it that way, OK?

Men don't like bad girls, men like naughty girls
No man will see a bad woman and marry her unless he wants to ruin his life

People do say bad girls marry faster than good girls
Ask yourself why marriages don't last this days like it used to back then? because the bad girls are the ones being married to these days
You can't turn a bitch to a wife
A bad girl is there for the gain and when you can't provide anymore she goes back to the street then you men come online to cry that women are wicked
you better open your eyes and marry a naughty (smart) woman
Don't because of sex ruin your life
Ones an Olosho never retires
Marry such women, travel; your mind won't be at rest because na sex dey run that kind of women
Be Wise!

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Celebrities / Re: Woli Arole To Wed Yemi (Pre-Wedding Photos) by BaeMercy(f): 9:39am On Mar 30, 2021
FTC for the first time

I wish them a lovely home
Happy married life in advance

Admins please remove that no God but Allah thing on my profile
I'm not a Muslim

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Culture / Re: What Items Are Needed For Marriage Introduction? by BaeMercy(f): 5:55pm On Mar 26, 2021
Go to search engine for it
But for me I prefer you buy drinks, Wine is enough and groundnut etc

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Baptist College Changed Dress Code To Accomodate Hijab In Australia by BaeMercy(f): 9:40am On Mar 26, 2021
In the verse he quoted it refers to as unbelievers
Not Muslims
Unbelievers can be anybody

But your Qur'an said Christians and Jews
I see pure hatred for Christianity in your Qur'an

Check Bible from beginning to end you will not see the mentions of Islam or Muslim

I see what Boko Haram is fighting for
Your book label Christians as enemies

You guys should stop the war and start preaching love
Lemme Educate you
Even the Bible refers to Christians who don't follow the word of God as Unbelievers
If you don't follow Christ you're an unbeliever

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Romance / Re: Married Ex Wants Me To Manage Her New Business by BaeMercy(f): 11:51pm On Mar 24, 2021

You have got killer lines!
Romance / Re: Married Ex Wants Me To Manage Her New Business by BaeMercy(f): 9:06am On Mar 24, 2021
The lady in question is a b*tch and will always be a bitch
How can you be married and still want your ex?
Her intentions are not genuine
If it was, she would have informed her husband about you
Some women can never change
Like you said she married a big guy, if you have an affair with her and he later finds out
Don't you think he can harm you? Don't lose your life over an unrepentant cheat if her husband is not enough let her find someone else

Marriage don't change people, people change for marriage

Before you marry a big lady who wears designers investigate her source of income most of them are into sex business so you won't end up paying for DNA test up and down

Chase a chick, never chase a bitch
Don't take her offer

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Celebrities / Re: Larissa London Celebrates Her Son, Dawson, On His 1st Birthday (Photos) by BaeMercy(f): 8:42am On Mar 24, 2021

Making money indeed! Where has she ever worked and what does she do for a living?
Occupation-- Davido's 4th baby mama.
Person wen dey use Davido money buy pant!
Audio money that she cannot even produce a car she bought for herself, not to talk of buying a property nor establishing a business. Mtchew.
You are talking how she is richer than people but not stating if you are inclusive.
Audio money!
Your arguments are baseless
Stop killing yourself over people's lifestyle
Go and work for your own money
Audio money, are you the one feeding her and her kid?
Omini knowest
I don't have time for this worthless arguments
Don't mention me on your long Epistle again
Celebrities / Re: Larissa London Celebrates Her Son, Dawson, On His 1st Birthday (Photos) by BaeMercy(f): 9:40pm On Mar 23, 2021

You are the one arguing blindly here because I wrote it up there that it is an added advantage. He should have been a governor now. Why is Obaseki in and out of courts? If you are educated, you learn how to take stock to save your business. What about legal agreements? Have you not seen people being tricked into legal agreements because they are not enlighten?
She is parading herself as a chef, but she is not. If she had gone to a catering school after losing the contract, she should have gone back to negotiate for it, which should have opened more doors but decided to be flaunting, once more, education is an added advantage.
oga na your headache
she's making her money more than you
keep. sweating on it
no time
Celebrities / Re: Larissa London Celebrates Her Son, Dawson, On His 1st Birthday (Photos) by BaeMercy(f): 8:00pm On Mar 23, 2021

Can you recollect why Davido's uncle lost his governorship seat? Why did the Chioma lose the N100m contract? They detected she was not a qualified chef. Instead of enrolling in a Catering school, she is flaunting wigs, clothes and watches on the Internet.
Why did Davido and his family bother acquiring degrees if it is not important? Education is an added advantage.
More qualified as what? She knows next to nothing about catering, Davido says he has a chef.
So, if Sheraton or any big name wants to employ chefs, they will leave the graduates who are well trained with experience to employ a drop out who doesn't even cook in her kitchen because she is carrying a tag of Davido's 4th baby mama?
You dated a rich guy for about 3 years, you can't boast of a foreign degree, car, property nor business you made through him. Only wigs, clothes and
What a fool!
Education is good but it's not a ticket to wealth
Stop arguing blindly and digest my words
He lost his Governorship title but still richer than many graduates including you and many graduates out there
Celebrities / Re: Larissa London Celebrates Her Son, Dawson, On His 1st Birthday (Photos) by BaeMercy(f): 9:34am On Mar 23, 2021
Eyah chioma, eyah, your people had high hope for you, now you're number 3, sad, just go back to school and complete your education.
Going to school doesn't mean success
She's more qualified than some graduates now and she's doing well
Going to school doesn't bring money oh, but hard work does
Life is in favour of the smartest not the most intelligent


Romance / Re: What Is Your Opinion On A Girl Making The First Move? by BaeMercy(f): 10:21am On Mar 20, 2021
One that did that to me turned out to be a nymphomaniac.... Jeez

her Konji no the finish..

Fvck no be fulltime job abeg.
most of dem na disease carriers
Let him be careful
Romance / Re: What Is Your Opinion On A Girl Making The First Move? by BaeMercy(f): 10:17am On Mar 20, 2021
She want give am disease tell him to be careful and do check up before getting intimate with the lady oh
Family / Re: A Black Woman Lecturing With Her Baby Behind Her by BaeMercy(f): 10:13am On Mar 18, 2021
African woman na Gold

We sure know how to pet kids

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Romance / Re: Akwa Ibom To Evacuate Prostitutes From The State by BaeMercy(f): 10:10am On Mar 18, 2021
Dem too like sex for that state even pass food

I have never met an Akwa Ibomite who has low libido

Both their men and women
What kind of Gene is that?
Nairaland / General / Re: Help:i Mistakenly Transferred Money To A Frozen Account. by BaeMercy(f): 6:30pm On Mar 17, 2021
I think you have to follow him to the bank and hear for yourself
To me,it seems he doesn't want to refund it
Good luck!
Celebrities / Re: Barry Jhay Innocent: CCTV Shows Kashy Godson Fell To His Death by BaeMercy(f): 2:59pm On Mar 16, 2021
Kashy is a drug addict and not just that but also a Yahoo boy
Since he was caught by EFFC his charm failed or something
we know what it means to be a successful Yahoo boy not just scam
He started acting weird before his suicide

May he rest in peace

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Nairaland / General / Re: Can She Change? by BaeMercy(f): 12:40pm On Mar 11, 2021
front page
Foreign Affairs / Re: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Interview With Oprah: Top Takeaways (Pictures) by BaeMercy(f): 10:47am On Mar 09, 2021
I'm happy for her that Archie is white like his Dad...

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Politics / Re: Hijab: 10 Kwara Schools To Remain Shut For Safety Reasons by BaeMercy(f): 7:09pm On Mar 08, 2021

Very trashy war-mongering dolts. If the colonialists wanted, they would have easily converted all of them from Islam but they chose not too and respected their space yet these idiots wouldn’t respect other people’s space.
Abi, don't mind them jare

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Politics / Re: Hijab: 10 Kwara Schools To Remain Shut For Safety Reasons by BaeMercy(f): 10:08am On Mar 08, 2021

Have you ever seen Mary the Mother of Jesus before with your eyes? Do Rev Sisters do so in the schools or in their church? Is a school the same as a church? Also, the Bible admonished women to cover up. Are teenagers and pupils in the schools women? What age does womanhood begins? Use your head.
They want to turn schools to mosque
That why I support their imams, these people don't deserve school they should just be going to their mosque to learn Quran
Western education is not for them


Politics / Re: Hijab: 10 Kwara Schools To Remain Shut For Safety Reasons by BaeMercy(f): 10:06am On Mar 08, 2021

Am not from kaduna and don't know if its better or not, what am saying is, when u push people too much, they'll push back
You're the one pushing yourself
Stop fighting for your God
If they are doing bad by letting your people not wearing hijab let your Allah fight for your people

You Muslims are always fighting for your God
We Christians leave it for God to fight

I see you're a terrorist who want war in Kwara state see how it is sweeting you to condemn Christianity
Dragging the Bible
If you feel Christianity is false, just say to yourself that if Jesus didn't exist and not the true son of God, let you yourself die
I dare you then you're know the truth when you get to the other side

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Celebrities / Re: ‘Keep My Name Out Of Your Sewage Mouth’- BBNaija’s Erica Attacks Samklef by BaeMercy(f): 9:40am On Mar 08, 2021
This IDK lifestyle kind of girls
It must have pained her but she just want to form street by doing as if she doesn't care
I respect prostitutes who stand on the road than all these women who go to BBN to have sex
I wonder how people named them as celebrities
Because she went on TV to have sex and dance then became popular she thinks she have liver now and can insult samclef anyhow she likes

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Celebrities / Re: Singer Barry Jhay Accused Of Killing His Record Label Boss.... Photos And Videos by BaeMercy(f): 8:05am On Mar 08, 2021
The suicide looks too fake He didn't commit suicide It seems some assassins pushed him down to make it look like suicide
Politics / Re: Daughter Of Prince Iyen, Obaseki's Late SSA Calls On Her Dad's Pic On Poster by BaeMercy(f): 6:53pm On Mar 07, 2021
"Unable to raise complete money for his treatment"
The Governor wasn't supportive enough

My message to all Nigerians, please always find time to do general check ups no matter how busy you might be

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo To Pentecostal Fellowship: We Are Purveyors Of Justice, Voices Of Peace by BaeMercy(f): 10:42am On Mar 04, 2021
The saint that is not a saint, Osinbanjo always claiming to be a saint just like his oga who is also claiming to be a saint
The Bible says, practice what you preach
If only Mr VC can practice what he preaches Nigeria would have become a better place


Politics / Re: 2023: 6 Former Governors Eyeing APC Chairmanship Seat by BaeMercy(f): 11:36am On Feb 27, 2021
Nigerian politicians are politician prostitutes
All of them....
Education / Re: The Vice-Chancellor’s Lodge, University Of Ife (Now OAU) In 1968 (Photos) by BaeMercy(f): 7:33am On Feb 26, 2021
Afonjatic school
If not for politics and bad belle, Unizik is way ahead of OAU but anything Igbo is always detested in this country
The way you dey para, I no even sure say you go university
If you did, no sane graduate will sound like you just did

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