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Politics / Re: Ohanaeze President, Iwuanyawu, Visits Nnamdi Kanu In DSS Custody by bennynaza(m): 4:06pm On May 31
Nwoke m noro ofu ebe

This minute you are here praising the nonsense government and the other minute you are forming a patriot of ndi nke anyi

Stop behaving like ndi ode Mmanu of ihu abuo

Stay one place and take to task of what you are there for

It's was the real OHANAEZE led by iwuanyanwu that released the nonsensical statement praising Tinubu. It was a rogue faction masqueraded by the rogue isiguzoro
That seat is for you to represent and voice out for us, not doing like onye mma ihu abuo when you are not onye ofe Mmanu
Politics / Re: Deputy Speaker, Kalu Charges Abia APC To Deliver 100% For Tinubu In 2027 by bennynaza(m): 7:02am On May 11
This Kalu don dey get dirty for brain these days.
He started out as one of the smart ones, but campaigning for Tinubu for 2027 just one year into his reign of unimaginable hardship for Nigerians is a a very callous thing to do.

A politician never thinks of the next generation, but of the next election


Crime / Re: Olamide Shanu Who 'Made £2 Million' From Sextortion Of Boys To Appear In Court by bennynaza(m): 6:59am On May 11
the problem is this one will be sentenced to a jail abroad. them for sentence am to serve in kirikiri. make body tell am

He might use bribes from his proceeds of crime to bribe his way out of prison in Nigeria or at least buy preferential treatment.
But the prisoners in US jails will mess him up big time.
They don't cut any slacks for people who commit crimes against kids.


Crime / Re: Olamide Shanu Who 'Made £2 Million' From Sextortion Of Boys To Appear In Court by bennynaza(m): 6:56am On May 11
I don't know how people feel comfortable enjoying the proceeds of scamming people of their hard earned money.

Worst is, they don't know when to stop, where to draw the line.
Even if it costs their victims everything including their lives, they still continue without remorse.

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Travel / Re: Concrete Vs Asphalt Roads: Which Is Better? by bennynaza(m): 3:51pm On Mar 31
Concrete is a stronger material and can withstand heavier loads and harsher weather conditions.

It also does not soften in high temperatures like asphalt can, which can lead to cracks and potholes. However, if repairs are needed, they can be more expensive and time-consuming for concrete roads.

Asphalt softens because the constructor was economical. If they had applied more stone/chippings than asphalt, the road shouldn't have that hot temperature worries.

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Politics / Re: How The Igbos Built world First Private financed Airport In IMO State*photos* by bennynaza(m): 8:13am On Sep 19, 2023

Onwuka Kalu the Okpuzu 1 of Abiriba was the highest donor with the sum of 105k, nobody or group donated 5 million naira.

Emmanuel iwuanyanwu was the highest donor as a single individual, with 500k.
People's club gave 5k as a group.
Don't argue it. The evidence is there in the walls of the airport. Though Onwuka Kalu was the first person to donate.


Politics / Re: Group Raises Alarm Over Billion Naira House Linked To Uzodinma’s Aide, Nwaneri by bennynaza(m): 6:49pm On Sep 10, 2023

150mill per plot? You drink gammalin?!
Abi the land get oil bloc?!
Oga, if you dey find attention go release your own sex video.

It is true. Land in that area of Owerri could sell for that much
Culture / Re: RCCG Pastor, Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye Is The Soun Of Ogbomoso by bennynaza(m): 9:00am On Sep 04, 2023
David was a king and a priest in the bible

bible is a balance good book

David was never a priest. He wasn't born a levite
Events / Musical Stage Scaffolding by bennynaza(m): 12:08pm On Mar 04, 2022
Do you know anyone who can build this?
Call 08068021774

Romance / Re: Don't ask What We Bring To The Table, Women Aren't Suppose To Bring Anything by bennynaza(m): 7:46pm On Feb 03, 2022
Most times I see men asking the question of what ladies bring to the table.

Seriously, we aren't created to bring, we are to process, the man is the provider, he will bring everything for us to process.

If u give us bring sperm, we give u babies
If u give us groceries, we have to give u food
If u give a house, we give u a home
Give us frustration, and trust me, i will surely multiply it and give u hell.

In the bible, Adam had everything and had dominions over it, the woman only came to help him harvest his raw materials.

When it comes to finance, Oga it is 100% ur responsibility, I could only assist when my husband isn't making much and he had future plans or if I earn better than he does.
U can't share financial burden with me and still expect me to cater for the children, wash, cook, clean all alone and still gather enough strength for ur wahala at night.
Bringing money is the only thing a man does, why on earth will u share that very one with me? When I object, u will call me a feminist, Oga masculnist, I will not share.
Every other responsibility in a home belongs to me, while financial responsibilities must be shared abi.
Note: sharing financial burden and helping are two different things.

Oya let the insults pour 123 go.

I'm a very traditional man and while your opinion might be considered outdated by some, I think I respect it.
That's the original order of things.
A man provides and a woman organizes the provision.
Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home: Asari Dokubo Blasts Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Again by bennynaza(m): 8:07am On Feb 02, 2022
How is Dokubo taking IPOB and Kanu personally.
IPOB and Kanu no even send am

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Education / Re: 13 Things Only UNN Students Will Relate To (Photo Illustrations) by bennynaza(m): 2:33pm On Nov 27, 2021
Till now i don't even know the meaning of SUB

Students Union Building
Crime / Re: Two Arrested As Police Uncover Syndicate Manufacturing Fake Drinks In Rivers by bennynaza(m): 5:33am On Nov 05, 2021

They are just wicked..... imagine consuming those fake drinks and drugs......

In my opinion, those guys should executed without trial

There has to be a trial of course. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
Crime / Re: Two Arrested As Police Uncover Syndicate Manufacturing Fake Drinks In Rivers by bennynaza(m): 5:33am On Nov 04, 2021
I can forgive fake shoes.
I can forgive fake clothes.
I can even forgive fake electronics and gadgets.

But when it comes to what people are supposed to put in their body (food, drinks, medicine), come on...

Where conscience dey naa?
This is unacceptable under any circumstance.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Olakunle Beloved: Sex Before Marriage Is Not Sin (Video) by bennynaza(m): 9:11pm On Jul 20, 2021
One says: Give me 300 Youths, I will make them Millionaires by giving them 1 Million Naira each.

The other one said: 300 people who want God to make them Millionaires should come and drop 1000 naira on this altar.

One is called a Ritualist, while the other one is called a Pastor.

Awake Black Child!!!


Education / Re: Peace Ufuoma Who Rocked 'Aggressive Malpractice' Shirt Lands In Trouble by bennynaza(m): 9:56am On Jul 13, 2021
But how can the school prove she was referring to her academic exploits

This would be a good defence for her if she has enough sense to apply it
Politics / Re: Gulak’s Death: It’s Too Early For Uzodinma To Assume Assassination – Wike by bennynaza(m): 8:05pm On May 31, 2021
He that brings home an ant infested firewood should be ready to entertain lizards!

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Agriculture / Re: A Nairalanders Palm Oil Mill by bennynaza(m): 8:52am On Apr 26, 2021
Good job, I can see that you have grown your business

Yeah, I do what I can. The economy isn't helping. It's difficult, but we are making gradual progress
Crime / Re: 'Why We Beheaded Businessman Whose Wife Raised Only N40,000 Out Of N5m Ransom' by bennynaza(m): 9:10am On Apr 25, 2021
Very ambiguous story!

Was a man kidnapped and killed?
Kidnapped with a bike?
Okay, but still suspicious.
Trekked for "hours" into the bush with a kidnapped man?
Killed a man in a forest and still carried his body out of the forest in a wheelbarrow?
Hmmm. What for? Doubtable too.

And to top it all off, Fulani men (on the way to the mosque to pray), intercepted the criminals.?
What a way to make fulani moslems look good.

And yes, an Igbo man (now at large) somehow had to be fingered as part of the crime?
Of course!

Well done, police investigators!

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Career / Re: Why Do Morticians Knock At Door Before Entering The Mortuary? Scary Experiences by bennynaza(m): 6:44am On Feb 25, 2021
funny, I used to be like you too until I started questioning everything I was very superstitious to the core Thank God I'm free of all those nonsense!! I don't answer my name at night, I don't like cats especially black, If I experience dejavu I start praying when rain want to fall and the wind is too much I start praying I believe everything thrown at me, There was a point I believed I was jazzed my family was jazzed there was a point I believe there was a witch in My family, guy I was really F*cked up I never knew I could be able to snap out of that Delusion I just hope you'd be free too and see things for what they actually are. I realized that every supernatural thing that happens is either a lie or has a logical Explanation, I don't think there's any Thing that will make me go back to how I was and surprisingly, Ever since I threw that Nonsense away I started progressing I realized it was me all along and my belief that has been holding me down I'm getting better every damn day every year I'm in my peak. smiley

Career / Re: Why Do Morticians Knock At Door Before Entering The Mortuary? Scary Experiences by bennynaza(m): 6:43am On Feb 25, 2021
Morticians don't just knock whenever they go in but also take a bow when they leave the mortuary.

Not at the morgue where I kept my late father. We walked in an out without observing and ritual or reverence.
Both the morticians and I.

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Career / Re: Why Do Morticians Knock At Door Before Entering The Mortuary? Scary Experiences by bennynaza(m): 6:40am On Feb 25, 2021
you guys are really Something else grin which kinda Lies be this? how dead body go buy food for what?? which body him want feed?? the one that's dead?
even though I dont believe this stuffs, I still won't enter mortuary alone cause the Human Imagination can play Nonsense Mind games!

I went to inspect my father's corpse four times in the mortuary, including at night.
I never observed any code or ritual. I always walked in, checked if his body was being properly treated, sometimes poked him, then I'll turn around and leave unceremoniously. On one occasion, I walked into the Hall full of dead people without the knowledge of the attendants.

The mind is powerful. It can scare the life out you with what you fear. The same reason people have nightmares!

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Religion / Re: Why You Shouldn't Lose Your Virginity To Premarital Sex Even If You're A Sinner by bennynaza(m): 8:18pm On Feb 22, 2021
Imaginary until you get there...

Do good for goodness sake, not for a pretend reward or punishment.

Religion was invented when the first scammer met the first fool.
Romance / Re: Man Gifts Lover N30 Million Tesla Car For Valentine's Day Celebration (Photos) by bennynaza(m): 8:45pm On Feb 15, 2021
short bigass ladies are a menace.

Car Talk / Re: Help, I Bashed My Friend's Car by bennynaza(m): 8:13pm On Feb 15, 2021

Panel beater to restore bonnet and bumper to their original look and position.

Replacement of grill

Painter to spray the bonnet and bumper.

Budget between ₦25,000 to ₦50,000.

The only problem is that colour of the repaired part will slightly but noticeably differ from the rest of the car
Pets / Re: Man Buries His Dog In Style In Anambra State (Video) by bennynaza(m): 8:02pm On Feb 15, 2021
How is this a "first class" burial?
Couldn't even buy a casket for the poor dog

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Religion / Re: Why You Shouldn't Lose Your Virginity To Premarital Sex Even If You're A Sinner by bennynaza(m): 6:33pm On Feb 14, 2021
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but yourself can save you.
If you want to live a life of morality, do it because you think it's the right thing to do not because you are afraid of an imaginary hell you read in a book without proof of it's existence

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Events / Re: Pastor Essay Oggory Refuses To Join Couple Because Of Bride's Lateness To Church by bennynaza(m): 8:44am On Feb 07, 2021
I don't understand why a full grown man would need the permission of another man to be/live with his wife when he already has already paid the bride price.
According to our culture, the only man whose permission you need to take a woman as your wife is the woman's father.
And not a stranger called Pastor or imam.

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Music/Radio / Re: What's Your Best Nigerian-Foreign Collaboration? by bennynaza(m): 2:13pm On Jan 23, 2021
Ojuelegba. Wizkid ft Drake and Skepta
Beautiful Onyinye. Psquare ft Rick Ross
Brown skin girl. Beyonce ft Wizkid
Soweto baby. DJ maphorisa ft Wizkid
Flex . 2baba ft R Kelly
If I gat it; T pain, ft Akon 2baba
Rainbow. 2baba ft Tpain

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Celebrities / Re: Makeup Artist Transforms Her Client To Chika Ike by bennynaza(m): 5:47am On Dec 31, 2020

I think it's done for marketing purpose. Showcase your talent so the world can see and patronise you.

Fair enough then. A good point
Celebrities / Re: Makeup Artist Transforms Her Client To Chika Ike by bennynaza(m): 8:56pm On Dec 29, 2020
I still don't understand the point of transformative make up. Especially when it's not for a movie or skit.
What is the point of temporarily looking totally unlike your real self?
Just to scam a person or group of persons who in the long run would see your real face!

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Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi Receives Enugu State 2020 Maltina Teacher Of The Year Champion by bennynaza(m): 6:27am On Dec 17, 2020
Way to go. Encourage excellence in useful ventures.
Not those clowns that host receptions for bbn slackers

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