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Religion / Re: Pastor Shaibu Butchered To Death By Muslim Youths In Masu, Kano (Graphic Photos) by BePrepared: 6:43pm On Sep 25

Same stuff been also happened in jos and other parts of Nigeria, Muslims from southern parts weren't spared and like kano they're mostly tribal based on not religiously based, Islam is only used as a disguise. Am ok.

Afghanistan, ISIS, Somalia, Yemen, Alqaeda
Boko Ha ram, Fulani Herdsmen etc are all tribal based, I understand....
Islam is a religion of pEACE
Religion / Re: Pastor Shaibu Butchered To Death By Muslim Youths In Masu, Kano (Graphic Photos) by BePrepared: 4:13pm On Sep 25
These are what successionist groups should be showing in front of the UN while buhari is in New York.

Still. This doesn't represent Islam or all muslims the problem isn't Islam but northern leaders who have decided to use it as a political weapon. Generalizations only make the problem harder.

May the Pastor rest in perfect peace and I hope the killers repent and change their ways.
You said this doesn't represent Islam, are u OK at all? Do u what what happened in this same Kano in 1991?
Religion / Re: Pastor Shaibu Butchered To Death By Muslim Youths In Masu, Kano (Graphic Photos) by BePrepared: 4:11pm On Sep 25
Ilthis is very unacceptable, I am beginning to question this type of Islam, cos I am ashamed of this evil act

I am a Muslim and I condemn this heinous Crim, subhanalilah embarassed

Thank you

But still know that Islam is a violent religion, on the facade they may seem peaceful but inwardly there are more to the eye, ask God for the right way
Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: Ladies Stop Filming Sexual Intercourse, Nudity With Your Partners by BePrepared: 10:13pm On Sep 23
I've been a victim.

Saphiere, plz marry and don't give randy men ur body

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Celebrities / Re: Olakunle Churchill Shares Photos From His Son's Christening Ceremony by BePrepared: 9:17pm On Sep 23
This man is a trouble maker. Always posting about his family whenever Tonto Dikeh is emotionally down. Should anything happen to Tonto, we know who to hold.

Is Tonto ur mentor hanty Saphiere

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NYSC / Re: Nigerian Army Reacts To Officer Pouring Dirty Water On Corper In Calabar by BePrepared: 9:11pm On Sep 23
they are reacting bcoz e enter nairaland n e trend..
I kbowsay so many prominent figures for naija dey this nairaland..
d likes of ffk, don jazzy, abba kyari, osibanjo n even reno, I know dier moniker...mk i no cast dm

Plz don't expose us o
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Official: Strict Punishment, Executions Will Return by BePrepared: 9:06pm On Sep 23
Islam is a religion of peace.

What figure of speech is that?

Present impossible tense

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Official: Strict Punishment, Executions Will Return by BePrepared: 9:06pm On Sep 23

Bro I'm not in support of any religion
Aside loving your neighbor as ur self
Every other thing is scam

Which religion brought the doctrine of Loving your neighbor as yourself?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Official: Strict Punishment, Executions Will Return by BePrepared: 9:05pm On Sep 23

Go and read the Qur'an before you base your conclusion on the actions of a brainwashed terror group.

Did Allah's prophet marry a six year old girl

Yes or No

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Health / Re: What Happened To Me Today In A Brothel by BePrepared: 11:13am On Sep 23
Some people really hate themselves.

OP I'm sorry to inform u that ur misery has started...

To avoid what lay ahead kindly seek God for mercy...

Or u may chose the route of insult
Romance / Re: Why Do Ladies Like putting up This Behavior.. by BePrepared: 8:25am On Sep 22
As much as this thread tries to make premarital sex normal, I assure you that God will bring every premarital sex to judgment

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai: Only Buni Knows Why Fani-Kayode Was Allowed Into APC by BePrepared: 7:44am On Sep 22

Femi: Had dinner with my brother and bosom friend, His Excellency The Executive Governor of Kaduna state, El-rufai what a kind and loving man he is.
Religion / Re: The Lords Chosen: Instant Miracles From Taraba State Crusade by BePrepared: 7:08pm On Sep 21

Who did God kill himself? God always send someone. I have tens of verses here if you want. If you claim God was the one killing over there, the people you claim Muhammad killed weren't killed by God. Are you saying God had no knowledge of deaths? He didn't permit the death but it just happened?

Common sense isn't common truly!
You can reply if you need the red Bible verses where God send people to slaughter in revenge. A Prophet even killed 42 kids that abused him and God killed them.

'Who did God killed himself'

Genesis 38:7 KJV
And Er, Judah's firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the Lord ; and the Lord slew him.

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Religion / Re: The Lords Chosen: Instant Miracles From Taraba State Crusade by BePrepared: 12:29pm On Sep 21

One day? Probably after her death!

But Jesus fed thousands at the same time too. What a contradiction. Na food miracle he get pass but not healing miracle right?

But haven't we agreed that Yahweh killed more than anyone in the old testament. And since Yahweh and Jesus are one, na same throat slicer them be.

God created them, so he has full right to kill anyone he created, same way a shepherd has the right to take any sheep from his herd, Muhammed created no one so he has no right to slice throats.

Common sense isn't that common

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Romance / Re: Man Collects Food He Bought For Ladies That Refused To Go Home With Him: Video by BePrepared: 12:54am On Sep 21
Ffk sisters

Those boys are still irresponsible anyway
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye In Worship Mood (Photo, Video) by BePrepared: 7:23pm On Sep 20
Damnnn niggar
Dinno my niggar

Dramatic man worshipping one low budget ass son of a carpenter whose mother was a prostitute...claiming to ba a virgin and deceived Joseph the simpliton to believe she was conceived by the Holy spirit and gave birth to one overrated dumb son with delusion of
grandeur through him the world have been deceived that there is one imaginary being up there in the sky that oversees the affair of the universe

U have finally confirmed my suspicion

Hope u are typing this from an asylum
If not please go and register

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Celebrities / Re: 2Face Idibia Rocks Muslim Attire, Preaches One Love Religion (Photo) by BePrepared: 1:11am On Sep 20

If it is for the sake of like, we would have left here long ago.
We are not here to give you what you want to Hear or what will make you feel good.

We are Here to give you the Gospel truth that will save your soul, at Every Opportunity Irrespective of whether you Like it or Not or if it is Convenient to you or Not.

We are not after pleasing men! We are after Pleasing GOD who sent us.

My Duty is to put out the Undiluted word.
Your duty is to receive or reject it.
GOD'S duty is put you send you to where you belong based on Your Choice made.

Carry on my brother, your first and only audience is Jesus and not to please some guy


Religion / Re: Discovery Of Galilee Boat From Jesus' Time Proves Bible Accurate - Video, Photos by BePrepared: 6:43pm On Sep 19
The Spiderman comics also features New York and London. That does not make Spiderman a real figure.

The Harry Potter book also contains some real life locations but we all agree it is fiction.

Your book may contain actual locations and books, but that does not necessarily mean the stories and claims about the locations and objects are true.

Let's take a look at conradictions for example:

Hallmark of those designated for destruction, whatever u show them their warped brain must try to argue it, I weep 4 u
Politics / Re: Fani-Kayode May Emerge As APC Spokesperson, Four Days After Defection by BePrepared: 4:51pm On Sep 19
Someone should help me plz I'm still confused, how can a grown man go from one extreme of criticizing something openly consistently to the direct opposite of praising same thing openly, This Fani issue still they confuse me oo oo, how can a man lose every iota of shame


Religion / Re: The Lords Chosen: Instant Miracles From Taraba State Crusade by BePrepared: 4:28pm On Sep 19
Idiots have started again, we did not see instant miracles for covid victims, the idiots have started again. Make isis or iswap intensify their duties on these idiots

Ten thousand of you and ur iswap brothers CANNEVER STOP THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST.

when covid patients were sending their testimonies to Living Faith Church I knew u were chewing ur gworo and drinking kunu
Religion / Re: The Lords Chosen: Instant Miracles From Taraba State Crusade by BePrepared: 4:25pm On Sep 19
Come to mortuary and heal make we see!

I think Lord's chosen should stop going to hospitals as miracles plenty for there.

And I have a Lord chosen woman selling wares in from of my house that needs these healing. And she no dey get money go HQ for worship most times.

Na to just dey watch pastor Lazarus on TV they claim miracle for the past several years.
One day her turn will come, our Jesus didnt heal all same day, when he went to Bethsaida out of multitude he healed only one.

'Prophet' Muhammed didnt raise a dead fly, the greatest miracle he did was slicing throats
Religion / Re: The Lords Chosen: Instant Miracles From Taraba State Crusade by BePrepared: 4:22pm On Sep 19
All na wash

As u said it so it is with you

Religion / Re: The Lords Chosen: Instant Miracles From Taraba State Crusade by BePrepared: 4:21pm On Sep 19

I strongly love and believe in God and in His Christ. Because of this, I wouldn't want the name of God and His Christ to be used for fraud in any way. Therefore, I have to use this opportunity to say what I noticed about miracle reports today (in case there's someone willing to make clarification on this).


I noticed that pastors would tell you to "name it and claim it" and "let the weak say I'm strong". Because of this, many people who did not get healed would come up to say they were healed - in the name of naming it to claim it. So, they end up telling lies while marketing the Pastor's deception to huge crowds of needy people.

This is totally wicked, ungodly, and different from what is reported about Jesus. You will never read where Jesus asked people to "name it and claim it". Instead, Jesus would heal you and you discover you've been healed and you jump up SPONTANEOUSLY to celebrate it out of joy.

Jesus said that those who believe in Him would do the SAME work that he did, and do GREATER work than he did (John 14:12). So, if Jesus healed people with a word, believers in Jesus should at least heal people with a word too INSTEAD OF THE "NAME IT AND CLAIM IT" STUNT.


I once read one of Pastor Muoka's 'brochure of miracles' and noticed this: Someone was said to have been deaf and dumb from birth. The person came from Benin Republic. When pastor Muoka mentioned the person's case, he came up and got healed. I wondered how someone who was DEAF knew that his case was mentioned.

This is contrary to what Jesus did and said whenever he healed. Jesus attended to public cases known to many people.

For example, when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he said, "Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I know that you hear me always, BUT BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE WHO STAND BY, I SAID IT THAT THEY MAY BELIEVE..." (John 11:41-42).


God is not happy about these deceptions being done in His Name using His Holy Word.

I understand ur candid concern, truth is that even the men of God aren't perfect in all these, we all are learning, but as for the question if there is divine healing going on in Lord Chosen of course there is. One can't deny that.

N.B. Am not their member, I disagree with most of their doctrine, but My brother, God is in Chosen indeed.
Romance / Re: My Married Ex Pestering Me For Sex by BePrepared: 2:01pm On Sep 19
Most of u here think its a good thing if someone is chasing u like this, not knowing death is romancing you, at 28 see how u are wasting ur youth with illicit sex, if u don't remedy your life with the little time you have now it may be too late.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Burnley Vs Arsenal - ( 0 - 1) On 18th September 2021 by BePrepared: 5:16pm On Sep 18

Be it so unto u as you have spoken.

Go on ur knees now and beg God for forgiveness, see how youths destroy their destiny.
Sports / Re: Guardiola Refuses To Apologise To City Fans. by BePrepared: 4:46pm On Sep 18

You have something against spending personal money on a leisure activity like viewing football, yet I am almost certain you even spend more on your very own definition of leisure or fun.

Come now, leisure is subjective and the one who claims a higher ground to insult others for what gives them joy is the very one who needs to receive sense!!!

What players earn can't be any more ridiculous than the millions actors and actresses earn for their idea of entertainment... Shall we talk about the billions Nairaland, Facebook, Instagram, etc make to enable you have the sense to call others senseless??!

Oga u can't compare being on fb to spending money on football, I know many people making money on fb, and yea there are free ways to enter fb, like I usually do.

N.B I never said those watching football were senseless, like people are quoting me.
Sports / Re: Guardiola Refuses To Apologise To City Fans. by BePrepared: 11:02am On Sep 18
I'm really sorry 4 anyone wasting his money on football in the name of fanship, dude like you is earning $500 000 a week, u still they bring from ur meagre income plus time come give them. As much as I love football, I also have plenty sense.

Anyone reading this receive sense

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Politics / Re: My Defection To APC Is Not Finance-Related - Femi Fani-Kayode To Seun Okinbaloye by BePrepared: 3:46pm On Sep 17
If PDP win 2023 FFK will still come back

Shame was eaten by mice from his school dictionary
Sports / Re: Mikel, Okocha Or Kanu: Who Was The Most Successful Nigerian Player by BePrepared: 8:04pm On Sep 16

All are Igbo's oo
Igbos are really making Nigeria proud o
I envy them
Romance / Re: Tanzanian Lady Storms Streets In A Wedding Gown In Search Of A Husband by BePrepared: 7:47pm On Sep 16
HMMMM! It is well. Dear God please let my story be different. Let it not get to this point of carrying placard IJN

U want to marry and you bearing 'future is female'

Aunty plz remove it first
Celebrities / Re: Tacha Shows Off Her New House, Splashes Champagne To Celebrate by BePrepared: 10:46pm On Sep 15

Na deliverance from toxic feminism you need, dear. MFM Awaits you!

Chai make una free this gal o abegi

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Politics / Re: Muhammad Umar Graduates From Regent University London (Pictures) by BePrepared: 6:37pm On Sep 15
The same way people from one religion promoting LGBT and evil on earth love UAE?

Civilization changes, when hisba Nations brought light to the world West was in full darkness!

My brother you are really funny, hisba nations brought light to the world, lolz u really made my day.

Are u aware no single individual from the hisbah nation has won 1 single Nobel prize in sciences meanwhile the Jewish people have won many.

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