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Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free - Season 2 by betran65: 3:57pm On Oct 25, 2013

Yes o. It doesn't matter which currency you use or spend,they automatically convert and deduct it from your account. So just use the normal GTB Naira Mastercard if you have

Does one need to activate internet banking first before he can use the GTbank master card?
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free - Season 2 by betran65: 8:17pm On Oct 24, 2013
Good day fellow nairalanders, please I need your help, I was about making my first order but they kept telling me my GTbank naira mastercard number is not correct.
Please what do I do?
Romance / I Don't Want To Loose Her by betran65: 9:47pm On Aug 14, 2013
Please fellow nairalanders I need your advice, I have been dating this girl for over 5years now and I really do love her,we have had our difference which is normal in every relationship but we still find each other compartible,now I want to take the relationship to another level by getting married to her but my parents don't want her for any reason,I wonder how come they disapprove of a girl they don't know about. I can't afford to loose the love of my life.
Now people what do you advice me to do? Can I do this without their approval? Or should I allow my parents to lead me into an unhappy life course? Your comments would be appreciated
Education / Re: List Of Lecturers Sacked In UNIBEN For Their SEXCAPEDE by betran65: 5:24pm On Jul 29, 2013
I graduated frm Maths department n yes I passed thruogh dis men, though I neva had problems wit Osageda nor Isikwene bt God knows dat the ones I had problem wit dat are not on dis list shld b praying ooh cos weda dey get sacked or not wen am ready 4 dem Benin is nt far @ all,well enof said na their wife n children I dey pity 4 sha. I hope Dr Ewere is listening
Celebrities / Pique Becomes A Father by betran65: 7:47am On Jan 23, 2013

Barcelona defender Pique becomes a father

The baby boy, named Milan Pique Mebarak, was born on Tuesday night in a hospital in the city and is the Spain international's first child with pop star Shakira

Milan Pique Mebarak was born at 21:20 on Tuesday evening at Teknon hospital in the city, and is the Spain international's first child with his girlfriend of two years, pop star Shakira.

A statement on the singer's official website read: "We are happy to announce the birth of Milan Pique Mebarak, son of Shakira Mebarak and Gerard Pique, born January 22nd at 9:36pm, in Barcelona, Spain.

"The name Milan (pronounced MEE-lahn), means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification.

"Just like his father, baby Milan became a member of FC Barcelona at birth.

"The hospital confirmed that the couple’s first child weighed approximately 6lbs. 6 ounces, and that both mother and child are in excellent health."

The news is the latest in something of a 'baby boom' at Camp Nou: Lionel Messi's son Thiago was born at the end of 2012, while David Villa, Cesc Fabregas and Pedro are all to become fathers this year.

Pique has been dating Shakira since 2010, and the couple announced their pregnancy after Spain's successful Euro 2012 campaign in Poland and Ukraine.

Health / Re: UNIBEN Denounces Prof's HIV/AIDS Cure Claim by betran65: 12:45am On Jan 10, 2013
I graduated from UNIBEN n frm all dis it proves to show dat Prof Ibeh has nt joined d cult wia does other Profs belong,abi no b uniben again rubbish sch
Romance / Re: Matured Minds Only by betran65: 4:35pm On Dec 31, 2012
Tnx all and those who said I should try talking to my parents fine I will but I know it won't work cos they are not the type who listens theirs is final or it would mean war
Romance / Re: Matured Minds Only by betran65: 4:31pm On Dec 31, 2012
olumaxi: 5yrs relatnshp?.mehn,d bal dei 4 ur court o..hey,apart 4rm d tribe tin,wat oda tinz did ur parents say is wrong wit ha?

Religion though we are both christians den she is 2 years older
Romance / Re: How Have People Tried To End Your Relationship? by betran65: 4:24pm On Dec 31, 2012
Her ex came an made troubles,nw my mum n dad don't want her cos she is Deltan and 2 years older and not of the same religion but av dated her for 5years only to love her more cos she is nice
Romance / Re: Matured Minds Only by betran65: 10:17am On Dec 31, 2012
Pls bro, let me give you a very harsh reply..

Pls listen to your parents.. (I didn't say you should dumb the girl).

I know some people would call me names like tribalist.. smiley
Why don't you listen to what they have to say about the characters of the descendants of her tribe.

Most tribes here in Nigeria have issues..I mean bad generational issues.

You may want to say 'oh, I love her'... you see, those that divorced their wives/husbands 2yrs after marriage said the same thing. Love can not, I repeat, can not break generational issues.

My mum said her mum warned her about that tribe and she adhered to it and so her own children must follow same trend,moreover the tribe they allowed her to marry from isn't that good as she tought(my Dad) cos their own marriage too na war.
Romance / Matured Minds Only by betran65: 9:43am On Dec 31, 2012
Av been dating this girl for 5yrs now with no regrets and I want to marry her nxt year but my parents would not approve of it cos of her tribe of which I dnt see any reasons with them. Now am determined to go ahead with my plans but going to see her people would require my parents and its making me go crazy or does anyone here have kind and encouraging words for me?
I would let out my details if questions arises
Health / Re: N.16m ‘Smart Bra’ Detects bosom Cancer by betran65: 12:31am On Nov 01, 2012
Pls oyibo pple d best we are expecting is Pussy n Jolomi activity rate meter rated in Percentage wit a red led indicator coupled wit a loud sounding alarm
Politics / Re: Lagos: Ripples Of Hurricane Sandy May Hit – Commissioner by betran65: 2:51am On Oct 31, 2012
We that live @ Lekkia Ajah should we park? Or go n buy canoe
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Crazy People Wanted. by betran65: 9:44pm On Oct 30, 2012
blink182: $1 a video, you are so heartless.

What's your problem? If you can't do the job you can get yourself out of here nairaland is big enough to contain your wisdom. Thing like dis is encouraging get paid a dollar bill for a crazy video? It fun jare
Romance / Re: How To Convince Your Boyfriend To Wait For Sex? by betran65: 3:29pm On Oct 30, 2012
Wait oo me no understand,Does it mean babes no dey feel Hot? Wetin dem go take scratch dat place? Una jst dey yarn like say guys na devil our joystick na destroyer,make una take time o...me I prefer to b a girls maye dan to b her boy friend
Politics / Re: Governor Suntai’s Aides Flown To Germany by betran65: 3:19pm On Oct 30, 2012
If they had already recovered and relating with friends and family that's fine kudos to our medical system but they probably have to go to Germany for small groove but in all we tnk God no life was lost
Health / Re: Why Do Mosquito Bite Some And Leave Others? by betran65: 2:07pm On Oct 30, 2012
The solution is simple
Go to bed high like me and they would stay away except on their celebration nights when they want to get drunk that's when they suck me,but apart from dat am safe n free


Politics / Re: Gov. Suntai Of Taraba Flown To Germany by betran65: 7:18pm On Oct 27, 2012
HMmmm I neva knew people don't die in Germany oo,well on his way back he might have anoda plane crash n only him wldnt survive... Nonsense
Business / Nigerians Lead Africa In Private Jets Acquisition by betran65: 4:33pm On Oct 26, 2012
Nigerians lead when it comes to acquisition of jets. Or which country has over 100 individuals buying jets in one year? And the Naija people are simply unstoppable. According to the president of the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers,the acquisition of private jets by Nigerians, for business or pleasure, has increased in the last three years.  ‘In the last one year, the number of private jets acquired by wealthy Nigerians have more doubled. 123 Nigerians which includes billionaire business men like Mike Adenuga, Ifeanyi Ubah, Aliko Dangote, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Peter Odili, Nduka Obaigbena, ex bank MDs, politicians, business moguls, oil companies and banks have spent over N500 billion buying very expensive private jets.’ In the last one year, at least five Hawker 900 XP jets have been bought and each cost $14.9million. Five 800 XP at $13 million and at least two Hawker 4000 at $21 million have been bought. Many of these private jets are parked at the apron near Arik Air hanger and at the General Aviation terminal near Aero Contractor’s terminal. It costs at least N80 million to maintain these jets annually and over 500 expatriate pilots and engineers working on these private jets.
Business / Re: Is There Anyone Want To Start A Business Or Expand Your Business??? Let Us Talk. by betran65: 11:43am On Oct 26, 2012
I av a very good business idea but all I need is land space wit mayb an accomadtion on it or close to it,no building required or construction. I and owner would make agreements on owners benefit while space owner also learns d business and its worth it, could make a million a yr
Business / Re: How Does This Affect The Price Of Garri Question by betran65: 11:32am On Oct 26, 2012
Oya sorry over sabi poster, now hw does this foolish thread after d price of d tin dey use in making Eba Mtcheeew
Family / Re: Does The LOVE For The Neighbor Still Exist? by betran65: 11:10am On Oct 26, 2012
Yes it exist in Nigeria especially d Aluu community...mtcheeew time is coming wen secondary sch kids wld av their pistol cos dey no longer rely on d government
Travel / Re: Plane Crash Involving Governor Suntai Of Taraba (Pictures) by betran65: 11:04am On Oct 26, 2012

Thank u my brother. If these people feel they can do better dan those elected, let them come out and contest or shut the fvk up. I am sure most of them can't even convince their immediate family members 2 support them. I doubt if any of them can mobilise support of 100 people from their entire town/city cos their people would rather see a goat elected dan these low lives. If they think am wrong, CONTEST

U dat is talkn people like won't elect gud leaders cos wen dey av shared 1k each for all of u and helmet u wld vote this people in but they end up biting ur finger. Am sure u ar 1 if doz benefitn 5% n above cos ur friend or family member is a politician...THIEVES dats wht u all are if u cnt stand up against d 1 peeing on ur head den u cnt stop smelling pee,jst say d truth dis people are thieves,hw much do dey earn?
Imagine Anenih highering private jet for 6 of his children to attend a wedding ceremony in abuja plus him making 7 n guess hw much dat wld be.dnt question cos I worked in Benin airport den
Travel / Re: Plane Crash Involving Governor Suntai Of Taraba (Pictures) by betran65: 8:30am On Oct 26, 2012
I wish ur Father Or any of ur Loved 1 was a Politician, and u wil knw the type Of Pain u get when seein this Type of Comment above from a Stupid Nigerian who Cant Be Great In Life.... #arrantRUBBISH!

Who u b self Its like u ar one of those eating frm d money those thieves are looting.weda ur fada,or uncle,broda or any of ur family member is among dem u had beta warn dem as d money dey sweet na so swear dey follow am,tel dem oo make e no go b their turn tomoro


Jokes Etc / Riddles by betran65: 7:43am On Oct 26, 2012
I am something when I was contesting I shared helmet,when I became Governor I distroyed peoples bike. What am I?

The winner get a bike in Lagos state
Travel / Re: Plane Crash Involving Governor Suntai Of Taraba (Pictures) by betran65: 7:38am On Oct 26, 2012
redcliff: [size=20pt]no my question be this, who go pay for the plane wey him spoil since he still dey alive

a. the governor
b. the state governement
c. the pilot wey allow the moumou no-sabi-fly-plane governor
d. the ashana wey him dey try impress inside the plane
e. all of the above.[/size]

Funny question wen u knw its d state cos dey wld tell u dat he ws using d jet for official duties
Travel / Re: Plane Crash Involving Governor Suntai Of Taraba (Pictures) by betran65: 7:36am On Oct 26, 2012
Since dey refused to do our roads for us and d poor are dying evryday on our roads,let their blood b ask from dis politicians who feel since dey cn fly about thr is no need to listen to d voice of the people. Gov na God save u make we c weda ur head go correct small if nt next time our voice go make I blind and deaf na rock u drive enter. Foolish men
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 3 by betran65: 10:17pm On Oct 25, 2012
I no fit talk,I jst dey laff myself.well. my account don over full so te bank dey beg me make I carry mopol come take my money...mtcheeeewwww

Wia all dos my guys wen don quit make I folo dem go play ludo jare nonsense footballer na nw I knw say dem no jst sabi ball common ball ooo angry sad
Politics / Governor Of Taraba State Is Dead by betran65: 8:40pm On Oct 25, 2012
B*R*E*A*K*I*N*G News!
Governor Of Taraba State Is Dead.

The Governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Dan-Fulani Suntai, the Executive governor of Taraba state is Dead.
Gov. Suntai died in an Aircrash few minutes ago at the Yola airport in Adamawa state.
His body is yet to be recovered from the wreckage of the small plane he was piloting himself.

Na wa ooooooooooo

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