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Travel / Re: Meet The Nigerian Who Built Nigerian Village In USA, And His Reason For It by Bifwoli: 3:34am
Exactly what the man wants, he wants his village settings there
But in USA you have to get building approvals and have sewer,water and power provisions in the buildings plan. I don't see how any state or local govt would approve these mud shacks and no homeowners would want these next to their neighborhood coz it lowers the value of homes nearby them.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari To Unveil eNaira On Monday 25 October 2021 (Photo) by Bifwoli: 3:29am
Bound to fail,
More avenue to loot this country dry, by digitalizing the currency so it won't have any trace.

Invest at your own peril
So you have no faith/belief/confidence in your country Nigeria ? Those who built America ,China, Japan ,Singapore into world powerhouses had lots of "can do attitude" in their own nation's destiny.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Drug Trafficker Jailed For Life,fined Sh 180 Million by Bifwoli: 3:08am On Oct 23
Flat head
He's still 100% Nigeria , don't deny your own.
Education / Re: Sec. School Girls Mob Male Student To Death For Sneaking Into Their Dormitory by Bifwoli: 3:06am On Oct 23
Vagina people at it again. They just killed the innocent boy for nothing...

He and his friends probably went there to give the girls some "private lessons". I don't see how that is a crime.

But these Kenyans just have a funny way of being in the news.
But in Nigeria you're the ones decapitating each other for ritual sacrifices and you think its just ok ? I've lost count of how many headless bodies or human heads i've seen.
Travel / Re: Battleship Island: Once World's Most Populated City Abandoned 47 Years Ago(Pics) by Bifwoli: 2:56am On Oct 23
Wow! Masterpiece
Its far better than Makoko .
Politics / Re: Kenyans Are Far Behind Nigerians In Every Aspect – Fani-Kayode by Bifwoli: 2:41am On Oct 21
Yes we are big.We are now waiting for people to open up borders for free trade,we will hit them big time since our cost of production is lower.
Some folks will cry tears
That's because your workers are paid slave wages thus they can only afford living in slums like Manzeshe ,Kinondoni,Tandale etc .

Tanzania's lowly GDP per capita is still only $1,100 per year....which says a lot about your productivity.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Hosts President Tayyip Erdoğan Of Turkey (Photos) by Bifwoli: 2:15am On Oct 21
I hope he is here to advise Buhari on how to run government policies with human face and not how to be active member of the Organization of Islamic Counties, OIC.
How can a ruthless dictator like Erdogan have "human face" in running govt?
Politics / Re: Angry Mob Kills Kenyan Serial Child Killer Who Escaped From Police Custody by Bifwoli: 2:55am On Oct 17

You wouldn't have featured in this life if not for a male child that became your father.
...and by extension Candidlady is a curse too bcoz she's a product of some male chromosomes.

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Politics / Re: Angry Mob Kills Kenyan Serial Child Killer Who Escaped From Police Custody by Bifwoli: 2:53am On Oct 17
Ever heard of white widow? Yes, that's true she's wanted for the deaths of at least 71 people and possibly more.
Politics / Re: Kenyans Are Far Behind Nigerians In Every Aspect – Fani-Kayode by Bifwoli: 2:06am On Oct 15

I note the following.


Westland office space is bigger than the entire Accra CBD.

Nairobi is far far more developed than Accra 5:22

Nairobi retail sector is incomparable to Accra.

Nairobi tech is light years ahead of Accra 7:48

Nairobi security is on another level - as compared to Accra.

Nairobi infrastructure are just more advance than those in Accra 6:10.

Malls in Nairobi are classy and huge with storey floors - not the same in Ghana.

Nairobi is cooler than Accra.

Nairobi is more diverse in culture as compared to Accra.

Power sector. In Accra, lights can easily go off unlike Nairobi grin

Nairobi is addictive, I don't wanna leave it.

In Accra, there are alot of people on streets selling products not the case in Nairobi.

-ve feedbacks.

As compared to Accra, food in Nairobi are not that delicious and spicy.

For a diasporan who wants to have an African taste for a holiday, Nairobi is not the place.

Whites are given privilege on car parks - this is not true.

Hebu ona hawa mafala ...inconsistencies galore :one minute Nairobi is developed cuz its run by foreigners ,the next minute its simply bcuz of its sheer size.One minute is Nairobi is owned by foreigners ,the next minute Ghana is celebrating all the latest foreigners who pick Accra.

Even the gist of this lady's video that "Nairobi is developed cuz its owned by foreigners,Accra is less developed cuz its owned by Ghanaians" is itself inconsistent .


Politics / Re: Kenyans Are Far Behind Nigerians In Every Aspect – Fani-Kayode by Bifwoli: 1:41am On Oct 15

leave her *washing of panties, weather, US travel time/distance to Kenya and food* issues aside she was right on many of the stuffs she said cool

-She said Nairobi looks a bit developed than Accra, basically because of Nairobi's sheer size.

-Nairobi have more Malls, restaurants, and better banking services than Accra.. Accra has more shops and few Malls.

-There are white dominated communities in Nairobi something she never saw in Ghana even though there are a good number of Labanese in Ghana.

-Accra is run by Ghanaians unlike Nairobi where foreigners own and run the city. The best infrastructures in nairobi are owned by foreigners

-Nairobi is for foreigners whereas Accra is for Ghanaians.

-She sees more homeless and poor Kenyans suffering in nairobi streets grin

-The citizens revere the whites especially Indians in their own country, something she never experienced in Ghana.. Whether black or white we are all treated the same in Ghana.

- There's thight security in Nairobi than it is in Accra.

-The streets of Accra is always busy with hawkers than in Nairobi.

We'ren't you Ghanaians the same folks recently celebrating wildly cuz you were "chosen" to host Twitter and one other foreign firm's head office ?Aren't you the same folks celebrating you have more Chinese? Aren't you Vankelvin the one sayin you've got lots of Lebanese?

That's the hypocrisy of celebrating "being owned by foreigners" while Ghana's kettle is looking just as black if not more than another person's pot.

And nope you're wrong its not "just by sheer size" because quite a number of Lagosians (20m people) who've visited say it is ahead of Lagos.

Mscheewww , you're lost sheep with lots of bias.


Science/Technology / Re: Woman Flees Her House In The Middle Of the Night After Finding A Python by Bifwoli: 12:08am On Oct 15
Landlord cheesy

For him mind, come and shit here today tongue if I no bit your bumbum.

Lucky is not in naija, them for done turn it into pepper soup. Regardless of where it was found.

So you mean some people can eat snake right out of a sh1tty smelly and germy toilet ? Eish ,some folks have no self respect or standards.
Travel / Re: Australia Based Nairalander Shows Off The Deers He Killed While Hunting (Photos) by Bifwoli: 1:46am On Oct 14
This is cruelty,you should be cooling your head in jail.
He should be decomposing in a grave . He killed animals ,so he should meet the same fate .
Education / Re: Kenyan Secondary Student Dies During Fight Over A Woman by Bifwoli: 3:00am On Oct 13
One life gone, another about to get life sentence, all because of a woman...
And we the human race also fell off Garden of Eden bcuz of a woman...so did Samasom fall bcuz of Delilah and King David got God's cursed bcuz of Bathsheba.

Oh ,and one more thing ...Bill Clinton almost fell bcuz of Lewinsky .
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Zambia Ready To Assist Nigeria, Says Envoy by Bifwoli: 2:52am On Oct 13

Nigeria and the vehicle below has something in common grin
And what's that ? No driver?
Travel / Re: Which African Country Would You Like To Marry From? by Bifwoli: 2:48am On Oct 13
Thick thigh saves lives.

If you like thick women, then women from Southern Africa are endowed.

Slim beautiful women, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

Women from Lesotho have very fine skin texture.

If you are like tall, ebony beauty, visit cities in Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal.

If you're interested in the complete manual, it's #1,000.

The manual is easy to read. Contact in signature.
On the tall women part you left out South Sudan and Rwanda they have really tall women.

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Science/Technology / Re: Anaconda Wraps Itself Round A Deadly Caiman In Brutal Fight For Survival(Pics) by Bifwoli: 2:43am On Oct 13
Iazy caiman. If it was a human being, it would bitten off the head but common anaconda, it could not bite.

Please watch this Caiman ...
Science/Technology / Re: Anaconda Wraps Itself Round A Deadly Caiman In Brutal Fight For Survival(Pics) by Bifwoli: 2:28am On Oct 13
Animal Fight Club! grin

Meanwhile, Jaguar is skilled at humbling crocs.
That's why tourists love going to eastern and southern Africa cuz they can capture many many wild animal battles raw and bloody.West Africa ate all its animals for pepper soup plus pap.

And nope you're very wrong....
Travel / Re: My Experience In Ukraine: A Must Read by Bifwoli: 12:28am On Oct 12

Didn't say Ukraine is the poorest, they are the second poorest after Moldova. Read the post again
Read again and again and again ....you said "Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe" ...end of quote.

But Ukraine is an industrial power to reckon with....they built the largest plane in the world "AN -225 Mriya" and they have a large arms industry ,sold to China its 1st Aircraft carrier and they've exported fighter tanks to many countries.They also have a large homegrown car industry....this country won't stay poor for long is what i'm trying to say.
Politics / Re: Heavy Police Presence At Lekki Tollgate (Photos, Video) by Bifwoli: 12:08am On Oct 12
God punish bucowri
Respect the president ...its a requirement.

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Travel / Re: My Experience In Ukraine: A Must Read by Bifwoli: 5:19pm On Oct 10

Abroad get grade bro.. Ukraine is not one of them
Small correction : Moldova is officially the poorest country in Europe ,not Ukraine.
Travel / Re: Countries With The Highest Number Of People In The Diaspora (photo) by Bifwoli: 4:33pm On Oct 10
Of course it had to be a list of countries with high populations and shaky low tier economies. The UK was the only exception.
Travel / Re: Countries With The Highest Number Of People In The Diaspora (photo) by Bifwoli: 4:30pm On Oct 10

Nigerians wanna leave their country in their millions but can't afford it.


Where's all that fantastic Nigerian oil billions going to?
Travel / Re: All Embassies Should Refund “visa Fee” After A Visa Denial. by Bifwoli: 4:26pm On Oct 10
It’s a complete scheme designed by the white supremacy to scam people of colour.
So you mean the Chinese ,Ukrainians ,Maltese and Ecuadorians who come to USA are being scammed too? People of color, my foot.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Drug Dealer, George Nabbed By Immigration In Thailand by Bifwoli: 4:22pm On Oct 10
George! No surname. To know the surname and where he comes from check the head. He is as you guessed before opening the thread, a developer.
Maybe he's from Ibadan ,Jos or Maiduguri .

Stop stereotyping the fine Igbo people.

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Politics / Re: Top Politicians Who Broke Defection Vows by Bifwoli: 4:18pm On Oct 10
Our politicians are shameless.

There should be a law, any politician that defects will in office, his/her office should be declared vacant. And election should be conducted.
Are there any Nigerian politicians who are led by principles and ideologies? Just political opportunism, right ?
Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Celebrates Her 21st Birthday With Beautiful Photos (Video) by Bifwoli: 4:14pm On Oct 10
Fine gal.... Happy birthday mama
But she's an Oyibo wanna-be she has no pride in her African roots.That's definitely NOT FINE.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Lebanon Runs Out Of Power , India And China To Follow ( Pics) by Bifwoli: 2:39am On Oct 10
Who cares for a bottle of beer? This is none of our business !!!
Hahaha ,you're funny . The Lebanese are under heavy economic strain and they use West Africa as their business colony and shock absorber yet you think its none of your business? Self delusion must be sweet. cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy.
Health / Re: Kenyan Man Burns His House, Digs His Own Grave And Commits Suicide (Photo) by Bifwoli: 2:32am On Oct 10
That's why they say Kenya is far ahead of Nigeria
Nigeria is far ahead in human body parts rituals. grin grin grin
Health / Re: Kenyan Man Burns His House, Digs His Own Grave And Commits Suicide (Photo) by Bifwoli: 2:30am On Oct 10
Can kenyan people stop doing weird things ?
They will stop once Nigeria stops its own violent Fulani cattle armies ,daily kidnappings and human sacrifice rituals.
Entertainment / Re: Kenya Bans 'Kwara Kwara' Dance For "Increasing Immorality, Teenage Pregnancy" by Bifwoli: 2:01am On Oct 09
Anything that has to do with sex leave it for Kenya they are good at it
Do you know how many times i've read the word "ashawo" by Nigerians? And how did Nigerians get to be 210m people if not for the love of sex?
Crime / Re: Baby Found Abandoned In Delta Community (Photos) by Bifwoli: 1:47am On Oct 09
This is getting out of hand. Why are women dumping babies to die anyhow. This is callous to say the least
And where are the reckless fathers who sired these babies? Don't pick sides Fahdiga .


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