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Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide By Hanging As Girlfriend He Trained In School Dumps Him by Bifwoli: 7:40pm On Feb 16

It could be painful but he didn't come to this world to sacrifice his own life for one who never thought him worthy.

It requires strength, but it requires even more wisdom.

Not the first person I've seen rejected by one they love, but I've seen people overcome.

This was totally unnecessary.
You're speaking outta ignorance.Depression is a major problem and its not always out of "rejection in love" or being "a weakling"

Hundreds of tough US soldiers commit suicide each year after being in the battlefront and i've see hundred of teenagers in US schools die of their own hands after repeatedly being bullied and picked on at school. Let's not talk of the 30,000 Japanese citizens who commit suicide each year.Your post is totally out of line i hope suicide never happens to someone close and dear to you.

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Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide By Hanging As Girlfriend He Trained In School Dumps Him by Bifwoli: 7:31pm On Feb 16
Why did she leave him?
Not just leave him ,she used him badly and i hope she pays a dear price for that.
Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide By Hanging As Girlfriend He Trained In School Dumps Him by Bifwoli: 7:28pm On Feb 16
you're 1000% right
only those that has never been through such will bash the guy
depression kills hundreds of teenagers in US yearly
a very bad situation and it takes a strong selfless mind to scale through

but one good thing about it is that if you manage to get through you'll become emotionally stronger and nothing will shake you or suprise you emotionally again
These ignorant fools don't know what depression can do.For someone to say this guy is "a weakling" show major disrespect to science and to thousands of strong battle hardened men who've committed suicide after wars.In 2018 alone about 400 active duty US soldiers committed suicide and then Japan is the leading country with suicide rate - 30,000 Japanese per year commit suicide.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 2:27am On Feb 12
Dar es salaam Tanzania
This is a small portion of a city,this is not a CBD

But some 70% of Dar es Salaam is slum type structures though. That's according to the UN ,so yes this is just a small hand picked portion of the real Dar.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo In Kenya For Burial Of Daniel Arap Moi (Photos) by Bifwoli: 2:19am On Feb 12
May the soul of President Moi Rest in peace and Maude God continue to bless and guide the VP, Prof Osinbajo.
Rest in peace you say? How about all those families who lost loved ones to his brutal dictatorship and people who lost valuable assets they had toiled very hard for? Don't you think these people lacked inner peace and sanity during his whole brutal rule?

Good riddance to this brutally abusive and thieving old fart may he rest in hell.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Daniel Arap Moi Is Dead, Aged 95 by Bifwoli: 9:05pm On Feb 04
Baba Moi showed us pepper after the failed coup during his reign.Kenya became a one party state.Roads, schools & other public institutions were named after Moi. He had divorced his wife 4 years prior to taking over power & the word out there is that the children who supported the mother ended up poor. A dictator such that people could be somewhere & if one painted Moi in a negative light, they’d disappear without a trace.Thank God when Kibaki took over power in 2000, he amended the constitution, so a president can only rule for 2 terms.

I for one DO NOT mourn his passing its good riddance to him. He had too many evils tied to his reign - economic stagnation,death of many institutions , death of parastatals ,deaths of prominent people ,tribalism ,endemic corruption ,he illegally stole a white farmer's land (Kabarak High school land) which he later "donated" , stole Mr Kanyotu's 50% share of Corner Hse Nairobi, illegally took another lady's Shs 4b land in downtown Eldoret ,detained Kenneth Matiba & Rubia ,brought one party dictatorship ...and so on.

ITS GOOD RIDDANCE to that old thug actually.May he pay for his many evils in hell.
Travel / Re: Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City by Bifwoli: 10:36pm On Sep 22, 2019
Travel / Re: Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City by Bifwoli: 10:35pm On Sep 22, 2019
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 10:48pm On Aug 13, 2019

In.all honesty I think you should be ashamed of this.it shows how unimportant and unrecognised your city is. In africa . they are less than six cities in africa (lagos,johannesburg, casablanca, cairo,Algiers,capetown) world never misses most especially on weather forecast and trust me nairobi is not one of them as your city is mostly excluded only for you guys to keep reminding they that people live in that location despite the handful of international presence you have there from BBC to UN

Lol @ "despite a handful of international presence". You're so deluded is the same Lagos that constantly ranks amongst the worst cities for quality of life it only matters in weather? .The same Lagos where internationals won't even settle and make it their home?

Cue this post from a Nigerian like you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 10:41pm On Aug 13, 2019
What Nigerians say about Kenya grin

What other Nigerians were saying...

Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 10:27pm On Aug 05, 2019

Ghana is doing so great. I hope that reflects also in Ghana's citizens quality of life. I think African countries should do more in developing manufacturing industry. Kenyans has been bragging here of diversified economy but in reality is just Tea and flowers.
Don't fall into the wrong temptation to think economic diversification = how many products you exports.You can export little but still be more diversified .Economic diversity refers to the products and services that a country produces to be consumed by its economy.Last time i checked the economic complexity index Kenya came at number 89 ,Ghana at 111 Nigeria at number 124.


Religion / Re: Fake Jesus, Michael Job Is Not Dead (photos) by Bifwoli: 9:54pm On Aug 05, 2019
Jesus have rise again. today makes the third day, bloggers killed him...........

Jesus of Manchester City FC (Gabriel Jesus )has risen many more times to score a header for his English club.

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Sports / Re: FIFA Announces New Rule, Racists Will Now Get Automatic 10-game Ban by Bifwoli: 12:37am On Jul 14, 2019

Please stay on the topic. If tribalism and racism are very similar problems, why has racism been the issue with FIFA and why hasn't any bann been issued against tribalists?

I'm picking on this issue because most people who haven't travelled out or experienced racism tend to make it look permissible or of lesser effect than tribalism, so my question is this; if racism and tribalism are similar problems and according to you, tribalism is worse, why isn't it a FIFA problem and why hasn't the football organization issued a bann on it?

Those racists at football matches who abuse black players as "monkey' should look at themselves 1st.They're more monkey-like than we are .

A monkey has straight hair - whites also do.
A monkey has thin lips - whites also do.
A monkey has pale skin if you remove their hair - whites are also pale skinned.

So who's the real closer cousin of monkeys here?

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Travel / Re: Drone View Of Major Roads In Edo State - Photos by Bifwoli: 3:53pm On May 19, 2019
That's more like a major view of the many brown roofs in Edo.
Travel / Re: Drone View Of Major Roads In Edo State - Photos by Bifwoli: 3:50pm On May 19, 2019
Sometimes we really can't appreciate the beauty of a landscape until when we view it from the outer space. Edo state has been in the news lately and this is due to the road construction and beautification the state governor embarked on recently.

This is Oliha Market axis of Siluko Road... Ehaekpen/TV road is first dualized road project by Governor Godwin Obaseki's administration. These are some of the drone images of some major roads at Siluko, Edo State.

Images courtesy: OB360 Media

This looks more like a major view of many brown roofs in Edo.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 10:47pm On Apr 13, 2019

Your post is false.for instance ghana's gdp is estimated to trend around $51 billion this year and by 2020 it will trend around $60..
Nigeria gdp is estimated to trend around $441 billion by first quater of these year and $690 billion by 2020

Hahaha ,this is the biggest BULLSHIT lie i've heard in a long time.

So the Nigerian GDP is gonna grow a whopping sum 56.5% from $441bn into $690bn in one damn year? Truly you people cook the GDP figures when i know fully well that the official growth figures will barely scratch 2% .

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 10:41pm On Apr 13, 2019

Okay i have never thought the sun was that scorching hot in the USA

Ditch that thought completely its NOT like that in USA you can't use Kenya weather model to understand their weather .Sunshine here doesn't automatically translate into hot day- there can be sunshine but once you step outside its bone chilling cold.Its more of whether its humid hot air or there's cold pollar air around.Even in Canada ,Norway ,Japan ,China ,Russia people die of summer heatwaves yet that's coldest region of the world.Enjoy the Kenya weather coz you just don't know how great 254 really is weather-wise until you step into other lands..

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 3:16am On Apr 12, 2019

Kwani umegrow up USA ndio unaogopa jua hivyo
Huku Kenya SAA hii jua inatumaliza

Its not heat like that its not a question of hot of direct sun like in 254. Believe me even the heat of sun there is more bearable Kenya is really blessed to be high altitude country and you get under tree or indoors you're fine .In USA the scorching summer heat and very high humidity means that everywhere is oppressively hot like 40 degrees Celsius. The only saving grace is either swim or be inside air conditioned buildings at all times.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 3:07am On Apr 12, 2019
Hey you! It’s been a minute.See you’ll make my head swell.LOL.You are too kind.Btw, maybe relocating by the end of the year.
Okay Princes Cindarella it's all good i hear you .Tell me you're gonna relocate down to our dirty south? Sometimes its not as hot as cities further north.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 10:38pm On Apr 10, 2019

dang it...kazi will be like the fake indexes grin

What did the IMF say about code 254 ,did they also cut the growth forecast too?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 10:37pm On Apr 10, 2019

Tylann is from Africa particularly Kenya
What about this stranger called beey where is she from cool

I can confirm she's from Kenya somewhere in Kikuyuland ,lives in Boston Mass and she's beautiful too.
Travel / Re: The Sorry State Of Benin-lagoss Expressway (photos) by Bifwoli: 10:34pm On Apr 10, 2019
That's a vehicle swimming pool not a real road.
Travel / Re: Dangote Trucks Destroyed After Driver Killed Young Apprentice In Delta by Bifwoli: 10:32pm On Apr 10, 2019
Saw the truck while returning to Benin.

They should destroy the brown roof poor homes instead of the truck.
Travel / Re: Kenyan Government Clears Blocked Drainage Ahead Of The Rainy Season (PHOTOS) by Bifwoli: 10:51pm On Apr 09, 2019
I see no much difference btwn Some parts of Nigeria and Kenyan cities in terms of cleanliness... From what I see this is just a temporal thing sooner or later they will block those drainages with dirt. Typical of African mentality.
That's like comparing stage 1 cancer to stage 4 cancer.

In the 1st country at least the drains are not even a 1/4 full yet they recognize their problem and are doing something about it.But in the 2nd batch of pics the drains are choke full to the brim and level with the roadway no zero effort to do anything about it.True the African mentality is rotten and maintenance culture is lacking ,but when it comes to 2 evils its always better to go with the lesser one.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Tottenham Hotspur Vs Manchester City: UCL Quarter Finals (1 - 0) Live by Bifwoli: 10:44pm On Apr 09, 2019
Full Time!

Not a comfortable scoreline to take back to Ethihad, spurs should not celebrate yet

Jesus will rise again at The Etihad and see ManCity thru.

This Son who rose today and scored is a fake ,he's an impostor .

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 11:09pm On Apr 04, 2019

Understood. Is the wife inheritance tradition still practised? That one is very strange, I must say.

It's almost like we all have things in common as Africans.
So far I've concluded that Kikuyu people are similar to my tribe, while NairobiWalker's tribe has similarities with the Venda people or as they're called VhaVenda. Interesting stuff smiley

Regarding tribes don't accept everything you're told here coz i've seen a few posts that are quite misleading .Stereotypes and personal biases are aplenty so some posts here have a lot of loose ends and blind spots bcoz they're not based on hard facts.`Nuff said.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 10:19pm On Apr 01, 2019

Then you guys are accepting less than what you deserve. A house that is literally falling apart, but somehow electrifying it is the most important thing. Very odd. Misplaced priorities.

Awulunganga xhosaNostra your point is countintuitive actually. Tis more expensive to light a house for a poor man coz paraffin is relatively expensive compared to electricity.The savings from expensive paraffin can be redirected to improve the house ,children get to study under better lighting (this beats poverty in the long run too) and indoor air pollution of these smokey lamps is eliminated thus saving further on health and related costs. Do a research on indoor air pollution and see how badly the 3rd world folks live with the consequences.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Politician Commission A Mud House He Built For A Widow by Bifwoli: 10:31pm On Mar 29, 2019
When you think Nigeria is useless, then comes Kenya

That tells me your judgement /analytical skills are wanting.

Look at that mud house its surely NOT newly build you can tell the posts and mud have settled in for a long time even the thatch roof grass looks old. Me thinks he's there to commission the newly installed electricity service.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by Bifwoli: 4:00am On Mar 18, 2019

I have always felt the same. I hear people castigating SA for Xenophobia but which African country would allow over 5 million foreigners within its borders? Kenya probably has the second highest number of African immigrants and that's why we never get this entitled. I find it laughable how Tanzanians are always boasting how they are South African saviors and how a South African would give up his air ticket for a Tanzanian if he realizes it's a Tanzanian. Here in East Africa, Tanzanians usually claim that Kenyans in South Africa have to pretend to be Tanzanian to get better treatment. Just imagine how laughable that sounds.

Same thing with Nigerians. Imagine, Nigerians. grin grin grin

On this thread, they claim they spend $50 billion to rid SA of apartheid. cheesy cheesy cheesy

Interestingly, I have never heard a Zambian boasting about saving SA yet here you are, a South African, acknowledging them.

cc. kazikazi kumamoto.
Perhaps I've been away for too long but i'm continually amazed at the African diversity in now Kenya.I was surprised to see so many people from Madagascar resident in Nairobi welcoming their president recently.Also amazed to come across Nigerian ,Cameroonian and even Peruvian residents associations .The only African foreigners I used to see before I left was a handful of Ethiopian and Rwandese refugees with an occasional sighting of a Ugandan teacher here and there.

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Travel / Re: Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crashes With 157 People On Board by Bifwoli: 10:45pm On Mar 10, 2019
I think most of these nationalities were heading to the UN environment conference which is also being attended by French president Emmanuel Macron. R.I.P to all nationalities involved.
Travel / Re: My Travel Experience To East Africa by Bifwoli: 10:40pm On Mar 10, 2019
Predestan did you fly Ethiopian Airlines?

Good for you nothing serious like today's Ethiopian airliner crash happened on your trip.
Travel / Re: List Of Nationalities In The Crashed Ethiopian Airlines Plane by Bifwoli: 10:38pm On Mar 10, 2019
Painful loss of life for 157 people and their families.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to all the victims families and friends of all nationalities involved in this tragic Ethiopian Airlines accident.


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