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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 2:34pm On May 12

Please help

Thanks. I used the search engine but didn't gather much information. Moreover I would appreciate tips on how to prepare my body since it's quite different from fresh transfer

Not too sure there is much difference between a frozen and fresh cycle preparation except the egg quality prep part. Ou can detox b4 yiu start n treat for infection. The lining of the uterus and everything not concerning eggs are the same so follow same route with endometrium building. You will be given estrogen (progynova) by ur Dr. and Five days to ur transfer you will be placed on cyclogest. Depending on d clinic you are using baby aspirin n viagra may be added. After transfer, use the water routine, plenty of water helps a lot before and after transfer. Some people said pineapple core n cranberry juice helps few days after transfer. There isn't anythg much to do that is different from fresh transfer like I said earlier aside the long term preparations to improve egg quality. I hope this helps. All the best with this circle.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Disquiet In NAMA Over Secret Recruitments As Half Of Candidate Are From Katsina by Blendy77(f): 1:10pm On May 12
When people hear change next time they will ask questions. This government gave all the signs of being a tribalist and religion fanatic before election and people refused to listen when warned. Someone who could not call his people to order when Non Northern Youth Corpers were being slaughtered cos he failed elections nai una see to vote as President. You all shd enjoy your change and stop complaining. Its just d innocent blood being shed daily that is very very worrisome.

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 8:38pm On Apr 28
Good evening mamas
Quite a roller coaster journey.......
7 eggs retrieved
Only 2 fertilised
Was called upon to discuss day 3 transfer as we only have 2 embryos left and it's better to transfer than wait till day 5.
Grade A 8 cell embryo was transferred finally.
Still on progesterone support alongside folic acid.
Do we have someone that did a successful day 3 transfer?

Started taking pineapple core today and daily avocado#banana smoothies.
Any support ideas during this 2weeks wait?

Trusting God for his miracles over this cycle. Amen

Baby dust.

My twins were day 2 transfer because Dr Emeka hasn't started day 5 then. Its the grade of embies transferred that is the koko and from u description ur Day 3 embies are very good to go. Have faith Sis, all the best


Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 5:27am On Apr 28

Good evening Blendy77.I only said what i felt on the day and someone explained it to me and i understood.So no i never was vexed we all feel differently and take corrections from others.

If u can modify that post it will help a lot since d intent is not to cause any harm n like u said its the way u felt that day. I later read where u explained what u meant by insensitive etc. Sis best is just modify or delete since that day has passed and you are now seeing it in a different light. A lot of us already quoted you but it will still be nice you take it out cos anyone who reads it will have a wrong impression about u and even respond like I did and like u said, u may not hav meant any harm. We shd rejoice with one another and be willing to help others even though we are not there yet. Even u can answer her question based on what u kno or have read from others. If everyone who achieves pregnancy moves to pregnancy thread or everyone who gives birth leaves ivf thread who will guide others and answer their questions? Some people feel more comfortable with a particular thread n people they are used to hence people like us even delivery we pin here from ivf. We will all get there very soon with our baby/babies its just a matter of time so let's be calming down o. I kno its not easy but support groups like this helps a lot. One love Sis.


Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili: "I Have Been Rejecting Ministerial Appointments Since 2007" by Blendy77(f): 5:58pm On Apr 27
Carry ur lie lie go front. Reject say who u be na? This woman is obviously jobless
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 5:53pm On Apr 27

I feel this is more of a TTC forum and it is a bit insensitive to ask this question here,please take your question to the pregnancy/mothers forum.I wish you well.

Na wa o Sis, please be calming down. Wetin dey vex u?

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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Excited As Her Son, Jayce Goes To School (Photo) by Blendy77(f): 4:50pm On Apr 23
Politics / Re: Why I Am Shocked And Saddened – Buhari by Blendy77(f): 8:07pm On Apr 19
Misplaced priority. All the killings in Naija never shocked you its Chad's own. It's possible all the insinuation that this guy is a foreigner is true cos this utterances can't come from a president whose house is on fire. Tufiakwa

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Politics / Re: How Talle Mai Ruwa Was Burnt To Death In Bauchi For Blasphemy - Residents by Blendy77(f): 2:06pm On Apr 01
The fact that people still get converted to this religion with all this blood everywhere baffles me.

How can anyone believe they will go to heaven by taking the life of another man? Life that is sacred? You are a muderer if u don't know. Tufiakwa!!!!!!!


Politics / Re: One Killed In Southern Kaduna As Soldiers Shoot At Protesting Women by Blendy77(f): 6:51pm On Mar 24
I dont even understand this people anymore. Why are these people so blood thirsty? Imagine boko Haram kidnapping kids from schools yet army is never there to rescue or protect them but will take delight in shooting armless protesters, women for that matter. There was once a country, this is the worse government Nigeria has ever produced. RIP Ma, unfortunately your country failed u cry cry cry cry

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Health / Re: Surrogacy, another alternative for waiting couples before adoption by Blendy77(f): 4:18pm On Mar 18
I still belief that it's not all situations that need surrogacy. pls what is the treatment plan for PCOS .I 've tried severally.can u help pls

Of course surrogacy is not for everyone. If u can get pregnant easily on your own whether thru IVF, IUI or naturally, you definitely don't need a surrogate to carry a pregnancy for you. But if your situation is one that you have done IVF multiple times with no result even with no known issue, or you are advanced in age and iVf is also not working as well, or u have medical issues and can afford someone carry ur baby/babies for you then you should look towards surrogacy instead of moving from one prophet to d other looking for solution where there is none. Sad thing is a lot of those who can afford this and are advanced in age will rather not look this direction because of what will people say syndrome
Health / Re: Surrogacy, another alternative for waiting couples before adoption by Blendy77(f): 4:11pm On Mar 18

My dear, surrogacy is a very good option, if people only had an idea of how long they will wait before conceiving they would have embraced surrogacy co s at the end of the day its still your baby


Treatment for pcos is to take herbal supplements that boost estrogen level from cd 1-13 and take supplements that boost progesterone level from cd 15 till your next cycle, before 5 months your body will follow the rhythm and you can be taking maintenance dose.

vitex all through your cycle
maca all through your cycle
red raspberry all through your cycle
red clover cd 1 to 13
wild yam cd 15 till next cycle
royal jelly, bee propolis and bee pollen

give yourself 3 months on consistent use of this hebal supplement sand you will be fine, abstain from sugar and clomid

You are very correct here. A lot more people are embracing surrogacy which is a plus and it's no longer a hush hush hidden thing as it used to be before now
Food / Re: The Fish I Caught In My Compound by Blendy77(f): 6:53pm On Mar 12
Its a mud catfish. It has scales n very tasty. Sweeter than normal catfish
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 5:46pm On Mar 06

Pls check your mail ma'am

Av replied you Sis, twice sef grin
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 7:21am On Feb 25
This is a good deal. Please, who had reviews of this hospital?
Has anyone used before?

Thank you

Highly recommended. Most of my group members have used them and many are enrolling for the program. Av spoken to the Dr one on one and he surely knows his onions. He is one of the pioneer Drs in Diff before leaving to start his own thing. The prog is sponsored by donors hence the cheap price. Bear in mind that this price favours those using own eggs and own sperm. If you are above 35, there might be additional costs like hormonal tests, donor eggs n sperm if need be and probably additional fsh. But overall pricing is still very good n affordable compared to what is charged on a good day. Best of luck to everyone hoping to patronise them. May God crown your effort with BFP �
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 7:10am On Feb 25
Mama@blendy77,please check your mail ma.Thank you.

Seen and replied Sis
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 7:09am On Feb 25
Who as done IVF with the hospital details shown below and get results.

What is the success rate and price.

Medisson Specialist Hospital, Lekki Oniru, Lagos.

We use a Dr who uses their facility for her IVF and so far the results are good. She's not d owner of medisson though. Dr Ivie is her name
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 12:21pm On Feb 10
Please can you recommend any good on in lagos for iui or ivf?

I have 2 boys and was recently pregnant but I want gender selection for girls.

Thank you.

Iui is the same as sleeping with your husband to get pregnant just that in this case eggs are monitored i.e like ovulation so iui for sex selection won't wont work in this instance. If its real sex selection you want, your best bet is ivf then u pay for sex selection. Now sex selection is not cheap, Olive Branch charges as much as 7m for sex selection while Kingswill before his death told us 3.5m. You can equally gamble and just do iui or ivf for a 3rd child and accept anyone you get at the end cos for someone who has 2 boys, its up to you to kno if you want to go all the way to spend that much when others in this group are looking for just one. Since you get pregnant naturally, just focus on getting pregnant and leave the sex to God.


Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 10:34pm On Feb 07
Good evening our mamas
I want to know the recent reviews of fertiaid clinic Abuja and the cost
Thank you, may God grant us our heart desires

1.2m or thereabout. They are still one of the best

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 10:32pm On Feb 07
I want to be a Single Mum by Choice. Is there a Sperm Donor Bank in Nigeria? Is there a Forum for Co-parenting where Single Mothers can find other Single Fathers by choice? Or do I have to go with whoever my Hospital provides as a Sperm donor? I want to know my Options please... Anyone?

Most ivf clinics have sperm donor program. You give them d spec of the type of man u want they provide the sperm for you. About co-parenting, I doubt if that is obtainable in Naija. Sounds like janded thgs
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 10:29pm On Feb 07
Please sisters, is it possible to get successful IVF with both tubes blocked? Without removing the tubes?

Depending on the type of blockage u have. If blocked at the fimbrai ends close to the ovaries ur chances might be limited compared to when blockage is at the beginning of the tubes close to the uterus. This is because of retained fluids or hydrosalpinx which might be toxic to the embryos. Also blockage at the beginning of the tubes close to d uterus are easier to open via flushing n serra. So check your xray results
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 10:24pm On Feb 07

My Blood work came out perfect so the Doctor was Suprised. Truth is I didn't prepare my Body before the IVF procedure... I didn't take nothing. Asin nothing. But I have started taking something to Boost egg quality. Hopefully it will work out the next time I try. Thanks Sis.

Maybe the protocol used didn't work well with u. Atimes long protocol yields better results while atimes its s other way round. You could discuss with your Dr to change protocols and see. All d best
Romance / Re: Lady Embarrassed As Boyfriend Kneels Down To Propose To Her At The Market by Blendy77(f): 1:42pm On Jan 21
This man better run for his life. Wt the way the lady was screaming, she will beat him after marriage. Some women sha, even if you were embarrassed why disgrace your man like that? Na wa o

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Education / Re: 12-Year-Old Student Impregnated By Katsina Vice Principal Puts To Bed by Blendy77(f): 12:11pm On Jan 21
Someone with 3 wives still finds delight in sleeping with his child's mate. Somethg is obviously wrong with some of these people. Even if the religion permits 10 wives, the story of raping and sleeping with minors won't change as it is. This one don pass curse. Tufiakwa!!!!

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Health / Re: Sanwo-Olu: Decision To Open Schools Is Not "Cast In Stone", Reviews Continue by Blendy77(f): 6:15pm On Jan 20
Yeye people. Av always known its all about the school fees. After one or two weeks they will ask schools to revert to online. Confised bunch of idiots. Adults should work from home while kids should go to school. Who is fooling who?
Politics / Re: COVID-19: Lagos Orders Civil Servants To Work From Home Till Feb 1 by Blendy77(f): 3:55pm On Jan 16
If civil servants can work from home then is it school children that are exempted from covid that they want them to resume on the 18th? I dont understand these people playing politics with proprietors of schools. God forbid bad thg

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 6:19pm On Jan 14

God bless you sisterly for your support to GTC FAM even after you've gotten your twin ,you still make out time to assist others In this journey I pray may our God lord bless you beyond your imagination's ..I told her to try with her own eggs ,she was giving herself -vibes that her age this/that I told her not to write herself off because I've read of women in their 50ths carry pregnancy to term..

At 47 her eggs may not be viable so she's right cos no Dr will allow her use her eggs at that age but she can carry a pregnancy. Donor is still her best bet

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 6:15pm On Jan 14
Don't let him go Scot free he is guilty of this. Many people have complained about him, he blocks people who failed IVF with him on social media.
Mama be careful of him

Are u serious? He blocks patient with negative results? Thats wickedness if true. May God help us in this journey
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 9:39pm On Jan 13

God bless you Oni ovo.She ain't using her eggs she want to use a surrogate mother.Her period ceased for sometimes but one ijaw mama gave her treatment the period came out but scanty.She's 47 and has a daughter that is in her mid -20s..

Even with surrogate its never advisable to use the surrogate's eggs o. No clinic will advise her to do that because d surro can start bonding wt the baby knowing its her biological child. So its serious wahala she will put hersef. Its best to use annonymous donor eggs even if a surrogate will carry the baby. The clinic can even transfer to both of them as in both she and the surrogate mother can carry the embryos. We have seen cases where transfer was done to owner who has never been pregnant before despite several ivfs and young surrogate wt kids, and the surrogate was negative while the mum was positive at almost 50 years so only God understands how these thgs happen.

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 8:31pm On Jan 13

OMG! @Blendy77 Sisi what happened? My G.Os wife was planing on seeing him ending of Jan.Please ma'am,can you recommend another ivf center for surrogacy please..May God rest his soul.

It is well Sis, we are not too sure about what killed him so I don't want to speculate. His clinic will still be running since he has Drs working for him but depending on your GO's wife's budget and the type of surrogacy she wants to do, she can use Dr Ivie @ medisson for 900k if her eggs and 1.2m if donor. Dr Emeka is on the high side now, like N1.5m and above and Dr Kunle of Clearview also gave us N1.2m. As it is Kingswill is still d cheapest we have for Lag so let her still work with them. The clinic is not closed from what I learnt.

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 10:56am On Jan 13
And Dr Kingswill joins the saints. This life no balance at all.
Very very painful cos even though he had his lapses,he was a very good man with a good heart. Aside from giving us a discounted IVf of 850k He gave some of my members free iVF and some were to cycle wt him this month as compensation for a failed cycle or those who had issues with eggs not fertilising. It is well honestly. May God rest his soul. This is a big blow to our IVF and TTC family.

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 8:52pm On Jan 09
You will pay 10k for consultation and you will be told on the test you will do, you don't ask questions, because she is the boss, you do as she says and atimes your message takes time before been especially if you don't message her. Success rate No idea, but if you are in Benin visit her hospital

This one na bad market o Sis, no need refering anyone there except the ivf is free of charge. U can't ask questions? She be god kwa? It is well with ttc wahala. Make God just open all wombs lets see how many of them will still be in business. Yeye Drs feeling funky


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