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Phones / Re: The Top 151 Fastest Phones In The World!! See Where Yours Stand. (Android/iOS) by bootyeater: 8:40am On Sep 02
Wait o I didn't see Red Magic on the list I also didn't see Xiaomi Blackshark 3
Phones / Re: Another Reason Why You Should Avoid Transsion Devices by bootyeater: 11:31pm On Sep 01
Phones / Re: How Transsion Holdings Are Cheating And Lying To Nigerians by bootyeater: 11:26pm On Sep 01
Why did this make fp?
Romance / Re: See What Silhouette Challenge Made Me Do (graphic Pics) by bootyeater: 5:03pm On Feb 01
Bro, I get it that the videos are good but this is too dn much

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Phones / Re: Advise On A Missing Phone by bootyeater: 11:49am On Nov 11, 2020

That's what I'm yet to figure out if i actually activated it. Though whenever I swap my Sim card, I'm always asked to enter MI cloud password...which I often click on cancel and it will take me to my homepage.

Please is there anyway to check with another phone if I activated it on not? My wife is using Redmi also
If you have the account detail, you can just lock your phone
Its very simple
Romance / Re: I Watched A CURSED XVIDEO And This Happened by bootyeater: 11:48am On Nov 11, 2020
awe op can you share link to the hot video?

there's nothing like making out with a sexy and masculine man to dominate you
Oh no the video is currsed...sharing it will give me another evil nutt which is bard
Phones / Re: Advise On A Missing Phone by bootyeater: 10:36am On Nov 11, 2020
If you have an active Mi Cloud account, just go ahead and lock the phone from another phone bruh
Romance / I Watched A CURSED XVIDEO And This Happened by bootyeater: 10:33am On Nov 11, 2020
it was a lonely saterday night and i wuz chilling on xvideos with my dick flopping out looking for gay incest rape vids. i was getting frustrated cause there wasnt really anything good but i came across a video called "CURSED VIDEO DONT WATCH" so my slow ass watched it LOL.

at the time it seemed like a good idea because it was the hottest fucking video of a dad pounding up his sons guts with force. i nutted with such intensity it felt like my organs were about to burst out my rooster.

I didnt bother cleaning up because i felt rlly tired after my big nut, so i just went to bed nude covered in jizz. i woke up the next morning and all the jizz was gone so i thought "oh, my dog must have licked it off while i was sleeping."

i went downstairs to make my favorite breakfast (corn flakes and water), and felt like someone was watching me. lo and fucking behold i open my cupboard and MY NUT FROM LAST NIGHT IS IN THE PANTRY AND ATE ALL THE CORN FLAKES. it walked around like some sort of slow kangaroo and moaned every time it took a step like a humpback whale. it was the scariest fucking thing i have ever witnessed in my life.

i ran upstairs screaming and locked myself in my room and started smashing my ballsack with a hammer because i never wanted to bust a nut again. all of a sudden i hear knocking on my door and my nut says in a terrifying voice "aye bruh whats the wifi password" and now im utterly horrified. i barricaded my door and tried to call the police but they didnt pick up because they saw that my number called them 800 times in the last month asking for help with my math homework. so i was stuck by myself. i tried to distract myself by listening to lil pump and watching anime. "TRAPPER UH DA CENTURY! TRAPPER UH DA CENTURY!" i screamed to myself but i still knew that my nut was still outside my door.

i must have fallen asleep due to sleep deprivation and lack of food, because i blacked out and woke up like 36 hours later. i pressed my ear to my door and listened for my nut walking around the house. i couldnt hear anything, so i inched the door open slowly and walked out to get something to eat.

i creeped carefully around the house and tried to open the freezer when i heard those godawful footsteps and moaning noises. i tried to hide in the fridge but there were too many greek yoghurts so i just fucking slipped out and smashed my head on the floor. the room was spinning around me, everything was blurry. my nut slid up to my ear and whispered "lmao my nigga your dick small as Bleep" and i realized i was still nude. THIS WAS THE MOST EMBARASSING MOMENT OF MY LIFE. i was blind with rage at that moment. with all the remaining might in my body, i punched the shit out of my nut and send his goofy ass flying across my living room. i forced myself to stand and started jerking my dick furiously. i screamed and yelled in pain as i stroked my wiener. my foreskin had become red and numb, but i pressed onwards.

through what felt like a fucking strand of barbed wire coming out of my dick, i created another living nut, specialized to kill my other evil and malevolent nut. i named it evan. i witnessed as my two globs of cum splashed upon each other, wildly swinging ropes of jizz at each other until Evan held my evil nut in a chokehold and it died slowly.

I gave evan a high five and a starbucks gift card and let him go and live his life in the big city. i burned the body of my evil nut and threw his ashes into the toilet. sometimes evan still calls me and we play video games together. i will never watch gay incest rape porn again.

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Phones / Re: The Top 151 Fastest Phones In The World!! See Where Yours Stand. (Android/iOS) by bootyeater: 3:28pm On Oct 24, 2020

Antutu only features phones that have world wide recognition and attention
They also feature phones that have certified IP4/IP6 ratings, which is in other words, the global seal of authenticity of a product. Both of these which tecno/infinix/itel phones lack or don't have entirely.
I'm not surprised not to see them there
Its sad that the brands Nigerians run from are the ones who give the best quality and most durable devices.
Phones / Re: The Top 151 Fastest Phones In The World!! See Where Yours Stand. (Android/iOS) by bootyeater: 3:25pm On Oct 24, 2020
Samsung or nothing!

Xiaomi or nothing!!

Iphone or nothing!!!

Those who know the truth and still insist on getting trashion devices ehn. ... grin

Keep suffering and smiling cheesy


Politics / Network Is Down In Different Part Of Nigeria by bootyeater: 10:05am On Oct 21, 2020

Internet speed has been throttled. Reports of sluggish network from MTN and Glo from different parts of Nigeria have been reported.

This might be to prevent uploads of video and audio content to the net! They don't want people to see!

Please forward to any group you may be in!
Romance / Re: I might die before I clock 30 by bootyeater: 2:11pm On Oct 17, 2020
Nairalanders have been advising this one for 2 years now... his condition didn't change.

this one doesn't want to be helped. either that or its a fake account filled with fake stories and loves to use sympathy to seek attention.

no sympathy from me to you. you no wan hear word. nothing way you go say here way them never tell am before. Goat. Keep at it eh?
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by bootyeater: 11:33pm On Oct 16, 2020

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Phones / Re: The Redmi 8A Battery by bootyeater: 9:06pm On Oct 16, 2020
I'd like your phone battery usage statistics please
Family / Re: What Is KILLING Us More Quickly And Silently Than SARS by bootyeater: 12:27pm On Oct 16, 2020

Wasteland? The Us has more oil than Nigeria, has more land for agriculture than Nigeria.
How much does Nigeria generate from petroleum annually?
How much does the US generate fron agriculture alone.
Dubai/UAE has same oil we all sell, yet they are 100x better than Nigeria.
The sooner you stop thinking the whites became great by magic, the better

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Family / Re: What Is KILLING Us More Quickly And Silently Than SARS by bootyeater: 12:26pm On Oct 16, 2020

Wasteland? The Us has more oil than Nigeria, has more land for agriculture than Nigeria.
How much does Nigeria generate from petroleum annually?
How much does the US generate fron agriculture alone.
You speak as if the US and Nigeria use the same machines.
Romance / Re: men are brainless slowpokes, filled with egoistic attitude they deserve death by bootyeater: 11:32pm On Oct 15, 2020

My sister, I quite understand. You are completely right.

But please, don't take the law into your own hands. Charge them to a court of competent jurisdiction and convince the judge they are men, which is an offense punishable by death.

God bless you.
person day talk say you deserve to die for nothing and you day tell am say "you completely understand"

who raised you bro?? if na you be this, then they failed to teach you how to have self respect as a man


Family / Re: What Is KILLING Us More Quickly And Silently Than SARS by bootyeater: 10:55pm On Oct 15, 2020

do know what is a 3trillion dollars military budget?

if you do u will understand even in the next 40yrs we can't spend that much money on our military.

Even your current Dubai can't spend that money it is just madness
you have still refused to give a GOOD reason why Nigeria under the right hands won't be able to spend that amount of money after 60 years in the right leadership

I have given my reasons, you are evading and being vauge.

the US you are worshipping, what resources do they have that we don't? in terms of natural resources, the US is a wasteland. but they had SMART PEOPLE. People who outsmarted our ancestors who couldn't see beyond their Noses due to greed and they are still as greedy as ever.

they took our human and terrestrial resources, took them home and shaped it into the society they are today. they NEEDED resources, the same resources Nigeria had and still has in bountiful supplies. The difference was that they made sensible use of their limited resources they got before George Washington stopped that Labour siphon fiasco in the late 19th century. Slavery ended and neocolonialism began. A more insidious and effective state of black slavery. Don't believe Me? then ask yourself why our leaders are scared if they take away their precious US visas and passes. a big side effect of neocolonialism is inferiority complex on the psyche of this victims.

if you reply me with one vague and nonsensical answer without historical and factual backing, I will ignore you.

I pass the ball onto you


Family / Re: What Is KILLING Us More Quickly And Silently Than SARS by bootyeater: 10:43pm On Oct 15, 2020

because we don't have the money even the entire Europe don't ....
now listen you this IGNORANT FELLOW.
I am guessing you're a very young boy who has never seen the times when Nigeria was still riding on the oil boom.
Do you know the amount of grants Nigeria received for close to 60 years post covid19?
Do you know the BILLIONS we made from oil every year post covid19?
Do you know the BILLIONS worth of raw, natural resources lying unused in our soils due to the sheer ignorance and greed of our "leaders"?

no, you don't know. if not, you would've terminated this nonsense that came out from your mouth before you said it.

go and educate yourself. Nigeria didn't start in 1990


Family / Re: What Is KILLING Us More Quickly And Silently Than SARS by bootyeater: 10:36pm On Oct 15, 2020

Nigeria is not the U.S..... you can't spend the billions of dollars they spend on their military.

why? why can't we spend such amount?
give me good reasons

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Family / Re: What Is KILLING Us More Quickly And Silently Than SARS by bootyeater: 10:22pm On Oct 15, 2020
Nobody likes SARS yes....
but from what I know SARS has been fighting boko haram too
and because of SARS A lot of communities in Rivers states enjoyed peace....
now that they are gone insecurity some riverine communities has increased.
There are a lot of things to protest about
bad government?
food security?
ASUU strike?
it is just a waste of protest and energy.
in 2016, the state of Georgia discovered during an investigation that 4 high ranking officers were into dirty deals.
in the next month >90% of the police force were sacked and replaced.
yet here you are convulsing cause a part of the NPF was terminated. squirms like you disgust me

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Education / #endsars Is Gathering Momentum And Suddenly The Government Remembers ASUU by bootyeater: 10:17pm On Oct 15, 2020
and the old men (still the same set of people) collected what ever benefits FG gave to them to get this show of the road.

I have never seen such a country where the elderly doesn't care about their children.
ASUU has sold out the Nigerian students

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Phones / Re: Nokia 2.4 Review - Best Affordable Stock Android Device by bootyeater: 3:23pm On Oct 15, 2020
it's not my TECNO, I don't own or work with them. This Nokia 2.3 is same price with a Tecno device of same spec so I'm wondering what the fuss is about. Who also said people dont get software update?
strange that you refused to tell us those people who received updates from transsion


Phones / Re: Just Got The Redmi 9c by bootyeater: 10:47pm On Oct 14, 2020
So I was at slot this afternoon to get the redmi 9c (3/64) for my lil sis for just 54900 and yes I collect 100 naira change grin

Phone is quite nice, battery is doing well, i don't like the plastic back sha but my sis is into it laidat. Fair camera(not too good, not too bad) miui 12 issa madness grin grin screen is quite good and system updates are all ready to download and yes I typed all these with the device grin

If you need a phone around 55/57k the redmi 9c will surely do. Thanks
i wanna buy this device

how is the Ui like?
is it snappy?
how sharp does the display look?

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