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Romance / Re: What A Mess! I Slept With A Married Woman In A Hotel by buzorcharles(m): 3:59pm On Dec 06
confess to ur wife n her husband am sure u will be fine las las.. trust me, if u do dis u will never cheat in ur life again. come! make nobody quote me again, give ur own advice leave me.

U are the 2021 world adviser of the year.
Politics / Re: To Finish Nigeria Patapata, Make Any Of These Men President by buzorcharles(m): 6:27am On Dec 01

Nigerians won't go for wrong choices if they let our votes count in 2023

Ur votes always count that's way they share money at voting centers. Only problem is rigging by inec staffs or using children to vote
Celebrities / Re: Drowning: DJ Michelle Recounts Near-Death Experience (Photo) by buzorcharles(m): 12:46pm On Nov 29
Science/Technology / Re: Raccoon Caught In Gods Island In Ibeno, Akwa Ibom (Pictures) by buzorcharles(m): 9:44pm On Nov 23
That's a civet not a raccoon.
Sports / Re: Iheanacho, Awaziem, Omeruo Organised Sex Party On Eve The Super Eagles Game by buzorcharles(m): 4:07pm On Nov 23
No wonder they were playing rubbish that day. We'll be blaiming Gernot Rohr while the players lack discipline.
Change start from the players not the coach alone. Athletes having sex before a game is a very wrong thing to do.

In case anyone need a content writer, kindly check my signature.

So u think cr7 n Messi don't Bleep their woman b4 game starts? Bro sex 5hrs b4 game no dey affect stamina rather it will make u sharper.
Romance / Re: Is Two Months Too Short To Start Asking For Sex In A Relationship? by buzorcharles(m): 5:21am On Nov 20

You can be serious with her without sex. Or since when is sex used to gauge seriousness in a relationship?

Since billing is involve sex should be introduced. Love is plain no Bill no sex
Celebrities / Re: P-Square Reunion: Jude Okoye Hugs Peter Okoye's Wife, Lola (Video) by buzorcharles(m): 5:10am On Nov 18
Peter broke away from Psquare, he made us know Psquare had parted ways. He called the lawyers and made videos in Keyamo's office. He released his solo singles first. In that order, we want him reverse everything.

So u Didn't notice he knelt down b4 hugging his big bro?


Family / Re: I Hate Seeing People Succeed Including Family Members by buzorcharles(m): 5:04am On Nov 18
Always say a prayer" thank u for be an Angel sent to help me" when u receive from anyone.
Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Only White Paper Report Can Confirm Alleged Lekki Killing – CDS Irabor by buzorcharles(m): 5:21am On Nov 17
"So in the meantime until I see the full report I may not be able to… but I can assure you that the armed forces of Nigeria are well disciplined and we do not engage in any ignoble acts"

He will still do nothing like the others becos his hands is tied to corrupt practices

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Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Desmond Elliot Reacts To Judicial Panel Report (Video) by buzorcharles(m): 8:43pm On Nov 16
Desmond blow ur head in shame.
Education / Re: African American School Boy Slaps His Mother In Viral Video by buzorcharles(m): 5:31am On Nov 16
[s][/s] Bros, it seems your ignorance didn't allow see that slap as the equivalent of assault , which happens to be punishable in prison for adults, and juveniles hall for minors . Anyway, I pray your own child slaps you soon . Say amen to it

If am high on cracks Amen!

Crack guy seeing nothing wrong in a mum take crack
Education / Re: African American School Boy Slaps His Mother In Viral Video by buzorcharles(m): 7:40pm On Nov 15
Where are those clueless fools that say "beating a child should be stopped " ? My prayer for them is that their children should land them heavier slaps than this . Nonsense people

Oga zip it if those slaps will redirect the mum from cracking am kool with it. Bad mum
Family / Re: Do Wives Owe Their Husband Sex ? by buzorcharles(m): 5:15pm On Nov 14
If everyone starts to do things only when they're in the mood or only when it's owed. How do you think the world would be like.

What do you think will play out in the family if the man wakes up one morning and decides he's not funding the house for a whole month because he doesn't feel like, or not in the mood. Or decides that he needs to quit his job and get a break because he's depressed and stressed out.
He's been doing like 3 side hustles, plus his main job. Things he entirely doesn't feel like doing. He needs a break, but he's not taking it.

If a woman naturally turns cold. A reasonable man would understand. But most times women just use it to show defiance.
The same woman that has 3kids and now cold, is the same woman that will go and be feeling kinky with a colleague in the office. Even when the said colleague is not doing anything to attract her.

Have sex with your partner is one of the simple things someone would do if there's still a tiny bit of attraction left in the union.

Men do a lot of things that is actually against their will. They go through biological changes too. All those stuffs you wrote up there has a masculine version of it. But if everyone starts making a long case out of simple things just like you did. Then nothing will ever work out and happiness will elude everyone at the end.

I wonder how people think like this sef. Simple something undecided

A married woman with 2kids from this nairaland once told me that her husband is not giving her enough sex. That she wants it more now, than when she was without child. And she is a busy woman.
How come she's not cold?

May my God continue to bless u with more wisdom. U just bared my mind.


Family / Re: Help!!! My brother is down as his wife got back in contacts with her Ex by buzorcharles(m): 9:18am On Nov 14
Ur bro is not yet ready for marriage. Soon his hrt will get broken


Family / Re: An Igbo Marriage And Bride Price List Worth ₦1.187.000 (Photo) by buzorcharles(m): 6:15am On Nov 14
Tomorrow she will shout equality. After been bought as a slave
Romance / Re: She Is Into Runs Should I Still Marry Her? by buzorcharles(m): 6:11am On Nov 14
I brought up this topic two years ago, it was about a girl i loved so much we were good friends, but she is Just into a kinda flashy lifestyle funded by runs. She always posts twerk videos on her Instagram and whatssap status and of course she is very beautiful and the kind of woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Hoestly I don't know why I love her, it's just crazy. Last year I deleted her number and pictures from my phone, because we had a fight over the tatoo she drew on her upper arm so I avoided her..

But yesterday I saw her in my street, meeen this girl don fine scatter and she is looking so fresh like those men are really paying her well. She called me and I answered we talked and believe me all the nuts in my head was loose because I talked to her.. embarassed,i felt all the old emotions back again and it was so strong again. I immediately collected her number and she sent me a hi on WhatsApp so we begin talking again, we chatted all Night and she told me how she missed me so much and all.

Is it sensible iI take her in, i am 29 now and rounding up for marriage and she is the only one i see but i am afraid because i feel runs girls don't really retire even after marriage..

Elders please i need your help..
I need

Guy use ur head b4 u lose ur head
Romance / Re: My Fiancee Uses Foul Language & Curses Me When She Is Angry by buzorcharles(m): 6:10am On Nov 14
Help Me! I'm Fed Up

I've been dating my girlfriend for about 3 years now and she has been a good woman through and through. I've met her parents and we're discussing on the next step. She has been supportive, responsible and caring despite our tribal difference.

However, the problem I'm having with her is that when she's angry she tends to use foul languages and curses on me which I don't like. She end up apologizing after the ranting but I'm tired of going over this. Please how can I deal with this attitude of hers?

I need honest contributions to this thread.

U will still quit later so it's better to quit now
Politics / Re: Identities Of Soldiers Killed By ISWAP Terrorists In The Askira/Uba ambush by buzorcharles(m): 6:08am On Nov 14
I wan join army, I wan join oooh. But I have a question, this freedom fighters the young chaps are fighting for, regardless of the oath you took and sworn, have they asked her Superior what manifesto brought about this blood shed in Paramilitary and Bloody Civilians.
Well my conscience wont let me shoot the Aboki because I feel we are friends, but my Superior claimed they are the targets for my promotion.
Then take the gallant soilders to their enclaves, cos it's not here just as the U.S did. Did Osama brought Isisi to Yankee...NO! Stop using primates as pun.

When do we seize fire? When do we call the white flag. When do we stop embazzling funds on armoury and offensive manslaughter toys.
Until this questions are answered in a nutshell...
They are building up and it will be like an "Anthill of the Savannah"

Who used the plane to collapse the world training centre thereby killing thousands of Americans in one day?

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Romance / Re: Meet Esther Bamiloye, 55-Year-Old Virgin Bride In Osun State (Photo) by buzorcharles(m): 9:17am On Nov 13
Nonsense. I pity the man unless he doesnt want sex.
Romance / Re: 4 Ex Girlfriends Left Me With The Same Story, I Am Confused by buzorcharles(m): 11:05pm On Nov 11
Go look for a girl way no get pastors number and live forever happily after
Family / Re: Jealous Wife Thinks Her Husband's Regional Manager Is His Side Chick (Video) by buzorcharles(m): 10:00am On Nov 11
If am the regional manager I will ask Tunde to chose btw his job or his gf
Family / Re: Since You Know Your Partner Is Not Satisfying You, Why Accept To Marry & Cheat by buzorcharles(m): 10:14pm On Nov 10

I wonder how come. I wonder if she's ever had an orgasm

Yea she does but its not enough to make her want sex. She was circumcised.
Business / Re: Kuda Bank Called EFCC On My Friend Over N800k - Bryson Adah Cole by buzorcharles(m): 8:54pm On Nov 10
He should clear his name and leave. Anyway don't trust anyone maybe his account was reported and was under investigation


Family / Re: Since You Know Your Partner Is Not Satisfying You, Why Accept To Marry & Cheat by buzorcharles(m): 8:05pm On Nov 09

The way I see it is that both partners should be open to learning how to please the other. What's stopping those men from teaching their wife how to satisfy them?

Guy pray ur partner likes sex and enjoy it.

A wife doesn't like sex. Its painful and she doesnt want anything to do with sex like kissing and smooching
Phones / Re: 5G: Deployment Won't Affect Nigerians Health - NCC Assures NASS by buzorcharles(m): 10:21pm On Nov 08
Shame on pastor chris
Family / Re: Husbands, Never Force Your Wives To Split Bills by buzorcharles(m): 10:19pm On Nov 08
Oga shut up. Am married to a feminist that believes everything among us is equal so the bills must be shared 65% to me-35% to her

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Religion / Re: Mildred Okonkwo: You Can't Be Angry At Pastors Flying Jets by buzorcharles(m): 1:03pm On Nov 08
Nigeria Christianity Na scam


Family / Re: Since You Know Your Partner Is Not Satisfying You, Why Accept To Marry & Cheat by buzorcharles(m): 1:01pm On Nov 08
what of those men that loves their wife but the wife can't satisfy them?


Business / Re: I Owe A Microfinance Bank 600k, They Threaten To Jail Me, I Need Your Advice! by buzorcharles(m): 4:36pm On Oct 27

What do you people gain from putting fear in others? Check the post before yours, it is reasonable and highly professional, it speaks volume of the person that wrote it. However, read what you wrote again and compare it with yours? Now, I assume you could have seen the reflection of how wicked you are. Must you say nonsense? Evil!

Evilspirit keep patting his back till the bank catch up with him. If u think microfinance banks are joke go and take loan from them. Fool

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Business / Re: I Owe A Microfinance Bank 600k, They Threaten To Jail Me, I Need Your Advice! by buzorcharles(m): 9:41am On Oct 27
Hi Everyone,

I took a loan from a Microfinance bank sometime in 2019. The loan was N600,000 and I was asked to pay back on a monthly basis for 8 months. I had actually requested for 1.2million naira loan to get an important tool/machine to enhance my business but I was only offered 600k. With 600k I could not afford to get the tool, so I diverted the money to another business. After repaying a portion of the loan for few months, the business failed and I could not afford to payback afterwards. The business was meat distribution to households and offices. It failed because of inadequate structure that gave way for customers to receive products but not pay back. Debt killed the business. I have been struggling to survive since then.

At a point, I called the company early this year, when I got a new job that I know the months of my repayment have elapsed but I am ready to start paying a percentage of my new salary, but they insisted I should pay in full since my repayment is overdue.

Recently, I have been getting several threats from the company asking me to make full payment or else the case will be reported to the police and I would be jailed for absconding with the company's money. I know I am indebted to them but I can't afford to refund all the loan now since I am only managing to live with a job that I am doing now which I earn 40k salary. My concern now is that I need clarifications from the legal practitioners, IT experts and public prosecutors in the house on the following:

1. Is this case truly a criminal case as they constantly remind me or is it a civil case?

2. Can the Police actually track my location to arrest me as they threaten? Please note that I use a small Nokia phone and I am in a remote area outside Lagos.

3.What is the worse thing that can happen; so I can get ready for it because I am not financially buoyant now to cough out 600k now.

Thank you all.

"With 600k I could not afford to get the tool, so I diverted the money to another business"

Why take it?

1 u can be jailed. I have 2 ppl jailed for owing microfinance

2. U can be tracked with the help of police and mtn

3. U can end up in jail if u try to hide.

Mind u the interest / accrued fee is been added too. Microfinance banks pays interest for the money they loan to u so that's why they are evil in debt recovery. Look for something to sell and pay back because they will never give u peace.


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