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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 10:59pm On Mar 10, 2020
I hail o my people and I give respect to my elders. I also remain loyal and humble.

I need all your assistance and advises. I have a step sister (the same father but different mothers) who is a citizen of Canada which we got to know each other 3 years ago. This means my details are not in her records of siblings in Canada because she was not aware I existed as at the time she became a citizen and now I'm about to dive into the express entry pool.

The question is what other documents will I need to submit to show the proof of relationship asides from our birth certificates and my step sister's prove of citizenship?

Please help me sirs and mas.


The birth certificates with same father is good. If you want you could write a letter of explanation stating what you just said in addition
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 4:35pm On Mar 10, 2020

Hello...pls Ma, I’m working towards getting my 1yr work Permit for Canada.

What are my chances to getting PR after/before my 1yr work permit expires?? I’m skeptical about going ahead with the visa.

Pls Ma, I’ll appreciate a response. Thanks

How are you going about getting this 1 year work permit? Hope its not some agent

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 4:43am On Mar 09, 2020
Hi guys

I am running out of options.
My work permit is expiring fast and my PR is in process but I lost my job attached to it.

I am looking for work asap
I live in Saskatchewan but I’m willing to relocate
Finding it so hard to get a replacement job

Anyone who can help please pm me

IRCC designed Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) for this kind of situation . Google it and you’ll see all the requirements, the main one is the Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) of your e-APR(electronic Application for PR)

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 8:35pm On Mar 04, 2020

Abeg when will this thing come down to the 460s?

Sad to say but now I dont see it coming below high 460s.

The influx of high scoring candidates is insane. And when the FST draw happens scores are gonna spike even more.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 11:10pm On Jan 29, 2020

Any suggestions on what can be done please?

As others have said , there is no way round this that wont result in refusal and possibly a ban.

Is your brother planning on moving back anytime soon? Maybe during the summer break where he'll be actually residing in Canada?

Don't submit what you posted because it wont be accepted
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 8:33pm On Jan 29, 2020
Can anyone please advise me? I am filling out my ITA, and I indicated that I have sibling in Canada. But he doesn't maintain an address there already as he's away in another country completing his PhD. He's been to Canada to pick up his PR card anyway.
Items required of me to as proof are:
1. proof of PR
2. proof of residency in Canada
3. proof of sibling relationship.

I can sort out 1 and 3 easily. But the challenge now is about 2- proof of residency in Canada. He's suggesting we try using the attached file- a doc showing address of his friend where he stayed briefly and his PR was sent to.

Do you think this is sufficient? If not, what alternatives do I have?

This could end up in misrepresentation and a ban. They have ways of checking if he is really resident in canada and if they find out he's not and you claimed he is...

Quoting from their site , acceptable proof of residency : "... a residential lease, mortgage documents, utility bills, etc.). "


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 3:02am On Jan 27, 2020
PLEASE I NEED ADVICE From financial expert and experienced people please how can i invest 50,000cad in Toronto to make profit or what business or best i can do with the money in canada ..it just on my account over a year now

First and foremost set aside your emergency fund(this should be enough for 3-6months if you had no other source of income).. around 10K is good for this. Put this in a High Interest Savings Account

Check how much contribution you have in your TFSA and RRSP via CRA website , fill that up and then purchase index funds that appeal to you OR if you don’t want to stress yourself at all get a Roboadvisor that will invest for you . Any interest through this means is tax free or tax deferred

Do the same with whatever is left except this time you’re not tax sheltered..

Once the money grows a bit start looking into real estate, buy somewhere you can renovate and start renting out

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 5:48pm On Jan 23, 2020

Ah! Transport for London aka TfL is among the top 3 best transportation systems in the world.

As for healthcare, services like ambulance and other paramedics are free, even child birth. Visitors can also benefit from their free A&E services. In some provinces in Canada, if not all, those services cost a huge amount or are paid by health insurances.

Nevertheless, the UK is hostile with their immigration policies in comparison to Canada.

Canada is a great country, I'm not disputing the fact. That's why I'm also hustling their PR. I just have my own preference if I had a choice.

Are you sure of the bolded? As far as I know all PR, Certain Work Permit holders and Citizens in Canada have all medically necessary services covered. So long as you have a health card.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 4:29pm On Jan 23, 2020

To be honest, I really can't wait for the UK to start their own, if it'd be similar, I'll rather take their offer.
Their promixity to Nigeria, favourable weather conditions and free health care are what beat Canada in my opinion. One more thing, transportation system in London is mindblowing, so efficient. Given I lived for almost two years and birthed my child there. I must commend their government.

I dont know about all of that . It really depends where in canada you live. I live in a place where I can easily access Subway, Train , Bus or Streetcar .. I dont see how the transportation could be any better than that.

Although I dont know too much about UK Health Care but I imagine its similar to canada where it is "free" a.k.a paid for by your tax. Proximity to Nigeria might be a factor if you want to frequent Nigeria which isnt the case for a lot of people. I have plenty of relatives in the UK who have visited nigeria only once or twice in the last 10 years.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 5:37pm On Jan 22, 2020
I saw this analysis on Canadavisa, So I say how una see am? (it was posted yesterday)
As per recent trend, 2,000 profiles per week are entering the pool having 450+ score which I think will slow down a bit to 1000 - 1200 per week. (Just an assumption..will be confirmed with tomorrow CRS distribution pool table). There will be roughly 8 draws till the FST draw in 2nd week of May. If the number of ITAs per draw remains at 3400,then 27,200 ITA would be issued before the FST draw in May.
After the last draw on January 8 2020, 16,000 would have been left with 450+ scores.

Profiles left: 16,000
New profiles that would enter the pool (From January 2nd week till May 1st week) - 1200*15 = 18000
Expected ITAs = 27,200

Balance = 6756

My prediction is that CRS would drop down to 455-460 in April hopefully.

If tomorrow pool table shows a total of 18k candidates with 450+ CRS, then there is hope for people having score 455+.

Stay positive and goodluck everyone

My only problem with this analysis is the assumption that profiles entering will slow down to 1000-1200 a week. There is no reason to think that , considering the influx of international students and EE awareness.

Like I said in an earlier post I believe scores will drop at a rate of 1-3 points per draw up until the FST draw sometimes late april or may. By that calculation , the scores will be low 460s(461-464) by the last draw preceeding the 4 week gap due to FST.

One thing however I see reducing the pressure on EE and the pool inflow is other countries such as the UK becoming more [i]immigrant friendly. [/i]They are re-introducing the Post Study Work VIsa for 2 years and it appears they will be launching a Points Based Immigration System like Canada and Australia by year end.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 1:07am On Jan 17, 2020
Hi Everyone,

Please I need a quick clarification on my PR application. I have a permanent job offer with LMIA and I've claimed points for it in my profile. I'm already working in Canada on temporary work permit from the LMIA.

Do I still need a letter that says I will be employed for one year after I get PR? My company said they don’t give such letters but they will give a letter that says my job is permanent. Will this suffice?

A letter saying you will be employed on a permanent basis after PR should suffice

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 5:07pm On Jan 09, 2020
after migrating via PNP, how many months or years before you become a PR, and can live and work anywhere?

This is always a tricky topic. Technically being PR gives you right to live anywhere in canada BUT with PNP you are obligated to make reasonable efforts to live in the province. From what I've read seems like a year or two is the safe minimum otherwise one might have problems when applying for citizenship and even risk losing PR status


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 5:18pm On Jan 08, 2020
Congrats to those who got ITA.

Some analysis for those who are yet to get ITA :

- The draw size today was only 3400. Ive crunched some numbers and in order for IRCC to meet their target for 2020 , they need to issue an average of 3600 every two weeks.. From previous patterns they will likely maintain 3400 for some draws , 3900 for some draws and then 3600 draws , the average of this will be ~3600.. Once they increase the draw size there will be sharper drops in the CRS required.

- The CRS is gonna have another sharp spike in Late April / May due to the FST draw which means a 4 week gap for FSW / CEC candidates. But until then we can expect CRS to drop between 1-3 points per draw. Which means if there are no back to back draws then the CRS score before the FST draw in late April / May will be around 461.

- There is a good chance of back to back draw in January judging from last years trend . This will likely be Jan 22 and 29th and if this happens scores on Jan 29th will be around 466 - 468.

Disclaimer : I dont work for IRCC , this is just my guesstimation from studying previous draws and some math. However , I dont think my predictions will be too far off so plan accordingly wink


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 10:49pm On Dec 26, 2019
Trying to decide whether to go for clb 10 and gain 3 extra points to 469...or just wait it out till February ending before spending 75k

I’ll advice to be a bit patient . There’s a strong possibility of back to back draw at the end of january , if it doesn’t happen and or scores are 473+ then you can explore ways of increasing scores

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 5:35am On Dec 06, 2019

Please may I have your house address? So I can come eat christmas food at your place. How only you go just eat $300 foodstuff in a month when I dey hungry? Abeg pm me your house address.

bro dkm! I’m a big guy so that doesn’t help matters but still there’s no way i could spend less .. and these prices are me shopping at walmart buying Great Value products whenever possible

3 good meals a day , I really don’t see how you could spend less than that in GTA / Ottawa / MTL.. Can’t speak for other places

Also relationship between household size and food cost aint proportional .

family of 1 spending 300 on food doesn’t mean family of 2 spends 600 and family of 3 spends 900


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by canadaman18: 5:38pm On Dec 05, 2019

I wrote this some days ago ...I have reposted below but removed some information which I felt was unnecessary.

If you can get visa for 1 year PGC from Nigeria in a program of your choice, there is really no need going for a second program. You can get a NOC job once you are done with your one year PGC which qualifies you for PR.

Once you are done with your one year program, you wait for your program completion letter (usually 2 weeks after program end date) and then apply for PGWP. Once you have applied for PGWP you are allowed to work full time (not before applying for PGWP). PGWP takes about 3-4 months before you get it.

About one month to the end of your program, you start applying for jobs in your industry. Apply to jobs in your city, province, outside your city and outside your province. I can assure you, you will get a job before your PGWP comes out (infact, within 2 months of graduating from your program tops). This saves you paying $14,000-16,000 for another PGC.

One Indian girl finished her PGC program in London, Ontario August, she got a job in September in Winnipeg. She had to move from London to Winnipeg. She spent 1 month on the job, she got bored and kept applying for jobs and got another job in Ottawa paying her $23/hr.

According to her, she sent out over 50 applications, went for 7 interviews and got 3 job offers from August till date.The money is small, applying for over 50 jobs can be stressful but if you ask me, the stress is worth it, if it saves you paying another college money.

You should only go for a second program if you have the money and it is absolutely necessary. You will get a job on completion of your first program if you have a good result, willing to move around Canada and attend a good college.

Before I forget, if you decide to go for a 1 year PGC or 2 year PGD, if your program has a co-op option, you should choose it. An opportunity to get work experience before graduating is always a bonus. While doing co-op, the company may retain you or you can network from there.

I wish you all the best.


8 months PGC gets you 1 year PGWP

I just checked my email and noticed it took my school 3 weeks to send me program completion letter. On the program completion letter, it states 1 year as program duration even though the program was for 8 months

Bolded isnt a guarantee. Although 1year PGWP + 3months waiting period is a fair bit of time , its still kind of tight .. But keep in mind one needs to have gotten AOR to apply for BOWP.. Otherwise you have to go back to nigeria to apply for PR.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by canadaman18: 7:09am On Dec 05, 2019

In a nutshell, the applicant should enrol for an additional 6 months program after the previous one (8- months) and apply for study permit extension within Canada. This will qualify the applicant the chance to be granted 3 years PGWP.

This has to be done in a continuous manner right ?

And would 8month + 6month get them 3years? Isn’t that just 2years+ programs?

Nice and selfless work you’re doing here bro
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 7:04am On Dec 05, 2019

Indians have so colonised this EE that Nigerians have also started giving IELTS. grin

LOL this is funny as hell cheesy


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by canadaman18: 6:13am On Dec 05, 2019

As per the bolded, such application with payslips to show financial stability and income can easily scale through for applicants applying for Canadian visa from top rated countries like Brazil, Ireland, France, Germany, etc. not a third world country like Nigeria, when the visa officers are fully aware that most Nigerian applicants seeking for study permit are looking for the slightest opportunity to leave the country without any future intention of returning back after studies given her current socio-economic condition... The visa officer's are also informed that some Nigerians don't go to school when they arrive Canada. So, It's very surprising to see he got approval with just 1M statement of account without funding from the school and also putting into consideration IRCC requirement as per financial sufficiency for the first academic year of study in Canada. Whereas, applicants from wealthy/average backgrounds here whose financial resources meet this requirement with fat bank statements were refused of their visas.

Now, to your last question, once he is done and dusted with his program in Canada he is qualified for a post graduate work permit (PGWP) for the length of his program before being able to file for a permanent residency application within Canada.

An 8month PGWP is typically not a lot of time if considering PR subsequently .

The way things are looking with EE, one needs 460+ to be invited.

Make sure you simulate your score but with no canadian work experience (because you need minimum 1 year to count anything and 8months work permit is really really tight, you essentially have to start working the day after your results are published but even then you’ll probably still be a couple weeks off the one year mark when your work permit expires)
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 5:59pm On Dec 04, 2019
My values are average using Alberta and Sask as examples. Cost will vary for provinces and within cities in a province too. e.g rental may be cheaper in Red Deer compared to Calgary. Car Insurance will be cheaper in Winnipeg compared to Toronto.
Miscellaneous (some important and some are not)

Food: $150 per family member

Clothes: $30 per month (This has been averaged as well)

Entertainment/refreshments and eating out: $150

Gym: $50

Sports participation for those with kids: ($50 to $150)

Daycare: $1000 per kid for full-time

Personal care and Healthcare: ?

Amazon (people that love shopping): ?

Car maintenance:?

Costs are monthly. I hope this helps someone or families preparing to land.

Others can add or subtract since this is just an opinion.

Some of these estimates are quite conservative lol.

I live in the GTA and the minimum spend on food if im cooking every meal and not going hungry skipping meals to save money is $300 a month(and even that is tight)

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 7:46pm On Nov 22, 2019

To be honest, it's not wanting my kids to be like me...

The Canadian culture is very very ALOOF... Younger me wanted to be British... Damn the rest of world... Older me, I now understand culture better...

Everyone is saying they want Canadian kids... Yet... Get invited to a prayer meeting in this same Canada and see parents praying the Nigerian way and the children are looking completely lost...

This are things the environment teaches... It takes more than parents to raise a child... The environment also contributes...

My reason for leaving Nigeria is very different from every other person...

The same people saying let's leave our children here at some point will go back home... And now whether I like it or not... For better or worse... Nigeria is home

I also belonged in the school of thought... If I die here (Canada)... I'll just get buried here... It took me a long while... But Nigeria is home...

And the way I'll raise my kids is to be able to switch being Nigerian and International seamlessly without the culture shock...

By praying the nigerian way , you mean “somersault and die” ? cheesy

At the end of the day the simple truth is you can’t have the best of both worlds .. Sending your kids to nigeria in teenage years would completely affect how they reintegrate back into Canadian culture .

At the end of the day Nigerian parents need to learn to take decisions with their kids interests and not theirs

Even if I end up living in nigeria and having kids there I cannot raise my kids the way so many nigerians do i.e with fear and intimidation. All that does is breed fantastic liars who tell you what you wanna hear to your face


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 6:14am On Nov 22, 2019

Sometimes, I also think of sending my children to school in Nigeria at some point but then the questions I ask myself are: would I teach my children how to use typewriters? Would I be teaching them how to play VCRs? If I look on those things as archaic and unimportant to their development, then why do I want to teach them about my former life of bad roads, no stable power supply etc? What use would it add to them if they would be growing in an environment where knowledge of those things add no value to them?

PS: it's not like the youths they would be rolling with in Naija sef are morally better than those they would go to class with here.

Bless you for this . People like to talk as if nigerian teens / youth are saints. Just look at the high rate of fraud and gambling . At the end of the day nigerian kids do a lot of the same things kids in the west do , only difference is it’s done lowkey.

Not to mention middle / high school is when a lot of kids here really start to develop in sports such as bball , football or arts (dance , music , arts) and even tech .. Are any of these encouraged in nigeria ?

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 5:52pm On Nov 20, 2019
In light of all these posts I’ll share some of my own experiences :

1. Job Hunting : The truth is if you want a good job , you gotta be prepared to work your ass off. Now theres a God factor (or luck factor for non religious folks) but truth of the matter is people often don’t put in the required effort. The required effort is :
- Spend plenty of time on your resume , pay professionals if you have to . This is the first impression potential employers have
- Apply to A LOT of jobs . When I was searching for my full time job , I applied to well over 100 positions and keep in mind I do have canadian experience from internships
- Study hard for the interview ( this applies more to highly skilled jobs e.g tech , wealth management) .. I’m in the tech field and I spent a couple hours every day for 1-2months studying for interviews. I went through dozens of past interviews on Glassdoor , Reddit, anywhere tha could help .. Studied on the bus even (How many people have done this and still find a hard time getting interviews/ job offers ?)
Also, let’s not use racism as a crutch.. As someone who now is on the other side of the interview table ,I can tell you companies work extremely hard to eliminate bias and employment decisions are point / merit based . Imagine not getting a job and thinking “It must have been cos they were racist” only to realize that the person who got the job was another immigrant, same nationality as you .. Rather than get into negative thinking , ask yourself “how can i be so good that it will be impossible for any employer to pass up on me”

Summary : Take looking for a job as a job on its own

2. Relationships : Ive seen many people complain here about how hard it is meeting girls or guys bla bla .. If you live in a decent sized city especially in Ontario , BC It should be super easy . From my personal experience: looks will get you in the door i.e initial interest but the thing with girls here is they have to be able to vibe with you for things to go further . I struggled with this initially, go on dates but the girl loses interest and I realized it’s because I’m not being exciting enough . Small talk does not cut it , you gotta be good with puns, jokes e.t.c .. How did I get better at this ? By constantly putting myself out there .. I started going for events people invite me to or sometimes even “self invite” and I stopped restricting myself to a Nigerian only circle (believe me when I say this is one of the best decisions I’ve made) .. People move here from Nigeria , India etc and choose to only eat food from where they are from or talk to only people from where they’re from or do the same things they used to do when back home and then complain about feeling isolated or bored ... Worse, some of them will even laugh at you for trying new things .. I remember trying to learn golf this summer and some Nigerian guy was laughing at me for being “white”.. Not knowing your ability to play Golf could be the reason you get closer to your boss who also plays golf and partly the reason you get a life changing promotion ..

Summary : Step outside your comfort zone

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 4:57pm On Nov 20, 2019
Hi Guys,

I must confess, this page has been so helpful. I have been a silent follower of this page and would like to make some clarifications. My sister applied for EE. she has two years experience and used one year NYSC experience in my family's company to make her work experience three years. However, she did not state that it was NYSC and she did not even do the NYSC in our family's company. She just used this to make up for her three years experience.

Is this a problem? Like would they know that she did not do NYSC in the company? We plan to give her a reference letter to support this experience. Has anyone been in this situation?

This sounds , smells , feels and looks like misrepresentation.

She better drop the 1year before she gets what she deserves .


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 10:10pm On Nov 13, 2019
Congrats to the ITA clinchers.

You need to see the kinda assumptions people were making on canada visa threads before the draw was held :

- IRCC is freezing Express Entry
- IRCC deliberately wants scores to go up
- IRCC is switching to monthly draws.
- IRCC is going to exclude some countries

These statements are nothing more than fake news but the way they say it ,you'd really think their father is Ahmed Hussein and he personally told them.

My advice is do what you can and leave the rest to God


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 10:29pm On Nov 12, 2019
My organization has this matching plan and I have tricked myself to live and budget with what i get paid. I elected to max my contribution for maximum matching from the organization and I've been living ok and debt free. In my subconscious, what I get in my account is my laundry not what I have before deductions. I started in May and i already have some decent change in the plan. cheesy

Sharp guy !

The savings usually end up in an RRSP too which mean temporary tax shelter .

Also when you’re filling tax return your RRSP contribution is deducted from taxable income which means you’ll get a couple thousand refunded. Best thing to then reinvest this refund and keep repeating the process yearly .. You’ll be shocked at how much one can save this way

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by canadaman18: 6:29pm On Nov 12, 2019

And it affects everyone. It doesn't matter if that person or family is earning 200k a year or 40k a year. I was shocked when my family doctor (a Naija) told me about his colleagues that were also in such situation i.e. living paycheck to paycheck. Anyone could be a victim.

It is best to live within one means. A mortgage approval of say 800k does not mean one should max it out or start shopping for the biggest or luxury house one can buy. If a 1600sq ft house could fulfil one's need, why go for an over 2000 sq ft house or an expensive custom built one? If a Toyota can get one from point A to B, why go for a BMW? This is the question people need to be asking themselves before accepting accepting all those juicy and tantalizing offers from sales representatives. Nothing wrong if one can afford the luxury and still have lots left over to bank, but stretching finances to afford such is what creates the problems.

Well said!!

Another thing to add/emphasize is everyone should get into the habit of saving. No matter how small.

Most companies offer some kind of Savings plan for their employees and a lot of companies will even match your contributions (to a certain limit) . They take off the money before you get your pay cheque and so you dont even really feel it. Before you realized you've saved a few thousands which then encourages you to save more.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 5:29am On Nov 12, 2019
Please I have some challenges:

My first job was Dec 2016, I plan to use 4 different jobs for work experience but between those jobs, I have like 2 weeks gap (meaning I didn’t start another job immediately after quitting the present)

I created my profile mid oct, I was on 447, only for me to login today to see 472 which means they used dec 2016-nov 2019 as 3 years

If I accept ITA on Wednesday, what effect might that have on my application?

Also is it mandatory that the exact day of the month when you started work is put in your reference letter?
Has anyone here gotten PPR without the exact resumption day on the work reference letter?

Please help me clear these blind spots.

I’ve done some digging on this issue as it is quite common. It seems the system wrongly “rounds up” to the nearest month

For example :
Someone submits work experience from Jan 18th 2019. By december 1st the system awards the person 1year experience. This is because it takes the whole of jan as 1month even though person only worked 12days and takes whole of december as 1month even though person only worked 1day.

The common advice is to decline such ITAs as they will be deemed invalid eventually. But as someone said, to avoid denying a legitimate candidate an invitation , try to take yourself out of contention for draws till you actually get the full year


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 5:12pm On Nov 08, 2019
You are too busy to use the search bar but not too busy to type about post-ielts dream undecided no you are not busy, just lazy.

If you have read ALL pages you would have found your answer to no. 2. undecided

think the OP is being sarcastic lol


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by canadaman18: 3:38pm On Nov 08, 2019
see this adr lol

LOL imagine the person had lied, he’d be in deep shit .. these VOs man� Also to the person asking about falsifying docs , you really wanna sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life ? Even if you make it initially , at any time be it 5months or 5years from now , you’re discovered to have lied, you’ll be subjected to a removal hearing , deported and banned


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